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Alfred Akawe-Torkula, Tor Of Tiv Is Dead / I Want Know About Tiv Culture / Tiv, Wives Of Tiv(non Tiv Married To Tiv People), Friends of Tiv This Way Please (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Tiv Forum by ngusha(m): 10:18am On Feb 08, 2010
msugh tyo yam tiv cii. mtsa geren kwagh hen dedo kpa ya mlu a kyalen e geren ka na ha la. ne bam nena ne o aka ha tiv doo. hpe 2 kip it up
Re: Tiv Forum by dominique(f): 7:08pm On Mar 28, 2010
i love luv loff the swange song by six foot plus. the beauty of it all is that he's actually an Idoma and if you are familiar wiv that area, you'll know that the tivs and idoma don't always see eye to eye. swange ooh aaah cheesy kiss

Re: Tiv Forum by wakes(m): 2:38am On Jun 01, 2010
Tyo i Tiv ka ior mba taver shima, ka ior mba ve fe kwagh kpa i kuma ve yo. me hide me va shin tar sha kwa har kpa me lu ortiv! aya tutu ka uno? ka se,
Re: Tiv Forum by nat138: 1:15am On Jun 02, 2010
Msugh tyo cheii, ne ba nena?
I am glad there is a forum like this on nairaland, so good to know
one's people are represented. Have gone through all the posts and there
are good, amazing and truthful ones as well as some misinformed and misguided ones
as well, but I guess every ethnic group in Nigeria has a particular kind of stereotype
attached to it so is not anything new. Meanwhile TIV people lets continue to mark our marks
in our own little ways. Kai, I miss genge so much, though am not a fan of draw soup, also I miss nune stew.
Hope you people know the nune stew that the nune is not grinded?
Hope we catch more fun on this thread.
Re: Tiv Forum by janedoe(f): 2:59am On Jun 02, 2010
Wakes man nat138,msugh ne da van, smiley
Re: Tiv Forum by Abuloma80: 9:58pm On Jun 04, 2010
ngusha: Am Fulani, heard many tales from the elders. I was made to understand how we came about calling the Tiv "Munchi" (meaning we have eaten). Legendary has it that "A Fulani man after gracing his cattle for sometime in the Tiv land decided to leave the cattles behind in the hands of the Tivs, and went to see his family far away in another settlement.

When he came back and asked for the cattles the response from the Tiv man was "Munchi" the Fulani man joyfully believed that the "caring Host Tiv man didnot just kept the cows but that given them to other Tiv men called "Munchi" for further up keep. He kept counting his cows are with Munchi. Till today the Fulanis call the Tivs Munchi because the cows are still in his cutody.

Personally had many memorable encounters with the Tivs. First around 1978 as a Federal schools student from up north going back to school down south (Port-Harcourt) had a train derailment at Makurdi. Spent 5days waiting for the train to continue the journey. In those 5 days all the trains from the North and West heading to South all arrived and waiting to proceed to South. IT was school resumption time so almost all the students (Federal schools) from North and West going back to South were at the station. These in addition to other passengers, being a student at the station for 5 days at the situation, the suffering was overwhelming. Everybody had exhausted what he had on him for sustenance, left with nothing.

Then a suggestion was made, that delegates be made from each School to go and see the Governor, that was around 2pm. The delegates went and saw no one but the Gorvenor, by 5pm uncountable Luxurious Buses were at the station to convey us to different schools within Makurdi. State Schools had not resumed, but within these few hours all the required staff in those schools were there to render what ever was required.

Yes this is where I will Unforgettable enumerate the hospitality of the people:-
(1) A bucket full of hot water to bath, after 5 days cold water dry cleaning!
(2) Steaming soft boiled yam with fresh fish, after 5 days of what ever I can afford!!
(3) A bed with mattress, 5 days of sitting and sleeping on a hard bench!!!
(4) (1) and (2) above repeated!!!!
(5) Comfortably seated in Luxurious Buses back to each and every School down South (2 to 3 buses to about 12 schools)

Good Lord I weep with joy whenever I recall this occasion.!!!!!!!

Yea on the lighter mood, 2ce had room mates in the university the Tivs, at the Basic studies and the Undergraduate program, Wallahi it was not by design but but accident. At the Basic studies it was Mshurshima, I always asked her to tell me the plurals of "thief" she never agreed to tell me.
At the Undergraduate level was Miss Ingah she taught me to say "kwaye ga" after Mde nena"

Tivs are very hospitable and accomodative people.
"Ssshhh my elders the Fulanis said we own them grin grin,
Re: Tiv Forum by ekoair(m): 6:46am On Dec 23, 2011
how do you say i love you in tiv and will you be my wife?
Re: Tiv Forum by tyange(m): 6:01pm On Jun 09, 2012
I like this bit! (Thank you for the post)!! Some more information about Tiv people, available at: www.ate-u-tiv.com; questions & answers about Tiv people at http://mbampin.ate-u-tiv.com

janedoe: Got this from face book,hope it helps?

-we are a warrior nation of Bantu xtraction originally from eastern Africa.
-Tiv had a wyf & 2 sons.

-we emigrated to our present location in d 18th century.

-when we were emigrating from the congo, a “friendly” snake called “ikyarem” laid on the river & became a bridge 4 us 2 cross over as an escape frm our enemies.2 this day the ikyarem dsnt hurt us, & neither do we.(pls don’t g playin w/ any green snake!lol…!!!)

-we 1st camped @ a place called swem, located on the cameroun hills bordering Nigeria.

- we are said 2 # abt 6m, & our ancestral homes are mostly in Nigeria & cameroun.

-on descending from swem we settled in d benue trough, b/c of it’s fertile soils, b/c we’re mainly farmers.

-b/c of our warrior nature, we displaced many tribes on arrival in d benue trough.

- in Nigeria our ancestral homes are found in plateau, benue, taraba, nasarawa, & cross river states, tho’ most tiv u’ll meet r frm benue.

-we put an end 2 sultan Othman dan fodio’s jihad on d eastern flank, we made a mess of his armies, who @ d time was more sophisticated.

-whitehall acknowledges that we were not “conquered” or “suppressed” like others by d british colonialists, they had to dialogue & negotiate.it is on record that we were the last tribe to be “pacified” by d british in 1903.

-D capital of tivland or tartiv ‘s gboko, said a2b d central location of tartiv (combu tar I tiv).

-gboko was founded in 1930 by capt Downes, a british admin officer.it’s named aft d hill on the western syd of d town.d hill’s in turn named after the shrubs that grow on it.

-the king or paramount ruler of tiv’s called d Tor tiv, his palce’s in gboko.among d many other tourist sites of interest in gboko’s d late senator J.s. tarka’s tomb.

-senator J.s. tarka was a political ldr of tiv extraction frm d 50s up 2 1980 when he died.

-d symbol of d tiv’s d lion, d king of d jungle.d tor tiv’s title’s “begha u tiv” “d lion of d tiv” (more on d tortiv l8r).

-d supreme council of d tiv’s called “ijirtamen” or d tiv area traditional council.
-ijirtamen’s headed by d begha u tiv, & is held in the council chambers near d palace.

-ijirtamen consists of all traditional rulers in d area.

-d tor tiv’s d 1st clas ruler, there’r d 2nd class, 3rd class, etc. (more on that l8r).

-it’s called “tiv area, ” b/c we met sm tribes & they still inhabit tartiv, & r therefore tiv by osmosis.

-of d 518 distinct languages in Nigeria, tiv’s d only 1 without dialects.

-our official colour r black&white.prime & most significant clothing‘s called d “a’nger” it’s a black7white zebra-strippd piece of thick cotton cloth.

-d black & white represents relativity or yin & yang.

-d anger’s only worn ceremonially, not as an every day attire.
Re: Tiv Forum by Emary(f): 9:19am On Jun 14, 2012
Just stumbled upon this forum. I would like to find a long-lost relative, a Tiv man, Mr. Peter Sallah? who resided in Festac around 1984. I was very young when I last saw him but remember he was of average build, medium chocolate, wore a moustache and was around 6ft tall. I know he was married with kids but have no idea where any of them are or if they are alive at all but I would appreciate any information that I could use to contact them.
Re: Tiv Forum by Terry1(m): 1:47am On Jul 03, 2012
wow, am really glad i came here. feels like where i belong grin.
Vandeikya people, i'll like to see ur hands up. don't worry, just raise ur hand wherever you are, i will see you from here. lol... yes, i see through walls and distance, even through bush. super x-ray visiongrin grin grin
ayatutu ka uno ...?
Re: Tiv Forum by TheEvilNeo: 9:09am On Jul 12, 2013
Msugh Ne cii my Inlaws,

I am an Englishman who married one of your Tiv sisters around 20 years ago and I spent 3 years in Benue state a few years back.
I LOOOOOOVE TIV, I also now love Pounded Yam with egusi soup and goat, plus STAR beer followed by Fish pepper soup..mmmm my mouth is watering now!!
Ok, so I just wanted to say Hi and also to point out that while I was living near to Vandeikya, I was learning Tiv language and I happened to realise that Vande and ikya were recognisable words, so I asked an elder if Vandeikya meant `before leaf`,he laughed sooo much.. I had made a good observation but translated in correctly//
Vandeikya means MONKEY`s Rock on account of a troop of baboons that used to live on the small rock hill... I guess they no longer live there but just thought you may find it interesting since very few Tiv from that area seem to really realise.
Anyway, I wish all my 6 million inlaws well and God Bless eh? lol

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Re: Tiv Forum by Lois20(f): 11:36am On Jul 20, 2013
ne pande ver?
hope i got that right? i'm tiv and proud though i can't write it well, but can speak well.
Re: Tiv Forum by TheEvilNeo: 12:37am On Aug 07, 2013
Its spelt: `U pande ver?`
Literally translated means `How are you reducing?` {reducing as in the day is reducing as it is an afternoon greeting.
Un der ver is `Good Morning`

I only speak simple Tiv although I hear much more than I can speak but on the plus side I can spell in Tiv pretty well.

Not too shabby for an Oribo Inlaw!! hahaha
{I was twice called a `Man` whilst I lived there for 3 years..I`m told that is quite a compliment}


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Re: Tiv Forum by TheAgba(m): 11:48pm On Apr 29, 2015
I really wish this thread could just be resurrected.
I admire the positive accounts of those who have come in contacts with the Tivs have and it is awkward as to how some humans would choose to propagate falsehood out of a "hearsay" about a group. It doesn't just correlate with reality and a travesty of sanity it is.
To my fellows who have been here, it's a big thank you. Most of these things are indeed a motivation.
Re: Tiv Forum by ACM10: 7:33pm On Jul 25, 2015
msugh ne chi
Re: Tiv Forum by Vicben(m): 9:25am On Aug 18, 2015
Wan ter sugh tyo
Re: Tiv Forum by pillarmaria(m): 11:18am On Nov 23, 2016
wow, am really glad i came here. feels like where i belong grin.
Vandeikya people, i'll like to see ur hands up. don't worry, just raise ur hand wherever you are, i will see you from here. lol... yes, i see through walls and distance, even through bush. super x-ray visiongrin grin grin
ayatutu ka uno ...?
Representing Ihugh
Re: Tiv Forum by OgoofGod: 7:20am On Feb 08
Pls to the tiv pple.... How do you say sorry in your language?
Re: Tiv Forum by pillarmaria(m): 3:08pm On Feb 09
Pls to the tiv pple.... How do you say sorry in your language?

No actual word for it.
Re: Tiv Forum by Vicben(m): 12:19am On Feb 10
Pls to the tiv pple.... How do you say sorry in your language?

No actual word for it.
Yam anyi is the right phrase and Gba dem mo tso will mean sorry.
Re: Tiv Forum by pillarmaria(m): 7:44am On Feb 10

Yam anyi is the right phrase and Gba dem mo tso will mean sorry.
Yam anti should be 'eat my teeth'?

there is no literal word for sorry or perhaps I am yet to learn of it.
Re: Tiv Forum by sherlock229(m): 9:46am On Feb 11
how is the language pronounced?? tiv or tivi?
Re: Tiv Forum by Vicben(m): 11:25am On Feb 11
how is the language pronounced?? tiv or tivi?
Ti:v - the letter "i" is a long vowel sound.

Yam anti should be 'eat my teeth'?

there is no literal word for sorry or perhaps I am yet to learn of it.
You're yet to learn of it...simple

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