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Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 - Literature - Nairaland

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"The Sinister Defence" A Thriller Story. / Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge / The Fulcrum (an Action Packed Spy Thriller) (2) (3) (4)

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Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 3:47pm On Aug 30, 2015
This story is about a Lady Assassin who was trained in Russia, specially skilled in the art and carrying out the job with no fears, restraints or apologies.

She became so powerful and was greatly feared by several of her male counterparts, including some of the masters who trained her. She hated so many things, God was number one on her hatred list.

She came down to Nigeria and was still involved in her profession until she met someone who was willing to help her start a new life.
But people from the past came into her life bringing back old memories. Then she met her match, another fierce assassin


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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 4:17pm On Aug 30, 2015
Hello guys, I'm starting this new work tomorrow and you're all invited. I'll be posting here on nairaland and my blog too. You can find all the chapters here. http://www.youngicee.com/search/label/Tarasha

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Nobody: 5:40pm On Aug 30, 2015
Hello guys, I'm starting this new work tomorrow and you're all invited. I'll be posting here on nairaland and my blog too. Check the link below for more info


Am in......pls always make d update frequent.All d best

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 9:35pm On Aug 30, 2015
Am in......pls always make d update frequent.All d best
Thank you mam, I'll try my best.

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by hadease(m): 9:55pm On Aug 30, 2015
ride on......

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by RashMe(f): 10:24pm On Aug 30, 2015
Thank God i caught u early.......ride on


Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Nobody: 10:42pm On Aug 30, 2015
cant wait 4 d story 2 start

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by aprilwise(m): 1:10am On Aug 31, 2015
Lemme follow dis story before water go pass garri.

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 8:47pm On Aug 31, 2015

Copyright © 2015 by Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel


All Rights Reserved:

This work exclusively belongs to the Author and is protected under copyright laws.
The title, thoughts, plot, characters,
settings, and all its contents are properties of the author.
No part of this work, either in parts or in whole should be reproduced in any format, electronic or otherwise without permission from the author.

DISCLAIMER: Characters included in this story are COMPLETELY FICTIONAL. No similarity to any person either living or dead, places(real locations) and organizations is intended or should be inferred.


The leaves spread out widely, gladly receiving the heat from the sun as they stuck firmly to their respective branches on the different trees. The wind contributed to the happiness of the living things as it blew heavily across the forest occasionally, making some of the lighter branches collide against the stems of taller trees and other unmoving branches.

Danjuma cleared the way for his wife who followed him happily as they took a stroll around the forest, he stopped when he got to a cleared path and waited for her to catch up with him. They smiled at each other as they continued walking through the forest hand in hand, recalling how they met for the first time in that same forest.

Ten years ago, Danjuma and two of his colleagues had come for a research on wildlife in the forest, they were inspecting a special breed of lizards when they noticed a movement at a thick bush opposite their direction, they paused to observe properly. At first, they thought it was a wild animal that hid behind the bushes and they brought out their defence weapons, ready to attack whatever it was. However, it didn't take long before a young lady in a Doctor's coat appeared, three of her colleagues who appeared to be Doctors too followed. Lydia and her team had come to collect some special herbs for manufacture of drugs required to cure an epidemic disease that troubled the village close to the forest.

Danjuma got happily married to Lydia in Lagos two years after they met. They had their first boy in the same year they got married and had given birth to two other boys after. After living in Lagos for eight years, Danjuma relocated with his family to Borno State.

Nine years later, Danjuma brought his wife to that same forest on their wedding anniversary hoping to bring back good memories of the past to her which he succeeded at, as Lydia clearly showed her delight while they walked through the forest together.

'Wow' Lydia released her hand from Danjuma's grip and ran forward playfully, turning round a spot. She laughed happily as she looked at the sky, making her long hair fall backwards.

Danjuma followed after her and wrapped his hand around her body. He looked straight into her eyes, and placed a kiss on her cheeks

'Nine years ago, I was standing here when I ...'

'Shhh... Quiet' Danjuma hushed, 'let's just enjoy this silence and the cool breeze'

'I ...' A cry interrupted her and she paused to listen carefully. The cry became louder, it was the cry of an infant.

The couple looked at each for a moment before they traced the sound carefully. They saw a woman lying helplessly under a tree with a baby laid on a wrapper spread beside her. The couple quickly rushed to the scene.

The lady, actually a teenager was almost gasping for breath when they got to her. A faint smile appeared on her face as she saw the couple, she turned her face to look at the baby and looked back at the couple.

'Her name is...' She coughed out heavily.

Deborah knelt beside the teenager and gently placed her back on her hand, trying to calm her down. 'What happened?'

'I named her Omotara' the teenager struggled to speak.


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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 9:22pm On Aug 31, 2015

The breeze blew gently on her skin through the opened window as she peeped outside. The moon lit the earth brightly, working with the well lighted streets to reveal every road and blocks on the streets. Tarasha looked up at the shining stars, they seemed to communicate something to her which she didn't understand. She turned back into the room and glanced at the wall clock which seemed to be her only companion in the large bedroom as the tick tock sound it made was the only other sound that could be heard in the big house.

She closed the window and walked to her planning table; she switched on the laptop and waited patiently for it to finish booting before she clicked on a folder icon on the desktop. The folder opened, revealing a Microsoft word document which she opened and began to scan through.

She stood up a minute later, obviously satisfied with the details gotten from the document. She glanced at the wall clock again; it was fifteen minutes past 1am already. According to the information she was given to work with, the Nanl gang would move the targeted van by 3am.

She walked to the drawer and bent as she pulled it out, she didn’t think she would require a lot of instruments for this job as she was only required to pick up a carton from a van that wasn't heavily secured. She picked out her favourite tool, a Walther PPK which she fondly referred to as “baby”, she inserted it into the pocket in her jacket with a silencer and closed the drawer. She picked up a small black piece elastic material from the table and stuck it into her back pocket as she walked out of the house.

In no time, she drove out of the compound and hit the main road. The road was very free as it used to be at midnight, so she got to her destination in less than ninety minutes.

She parked her car at a reasonable distance from the house which was located at a T-section part of the road, in a very dark corner on the street where she was able to get a clear view of the warehouse. Not too long after, she could hear the sound of a vehicle engine being started, she glanced at her wristwatch, it was 2.58am. She quietly came out of the car through the other side and hid in the darkness, looking around to be sure no one was watching her. She sat on the car bonnet, pulled out the mask from her back pocket and wore it, the mask covered only part of her face having holes that allowed her see and talk freely. She also picked some black hand gloves from the car and put them on.

At exactly 3 o'clock, the screeching sound of the opening gate was heard. Tarasha changed her position and bent down by the side of the car as the opened gate now revealed a vehicle whose front lights shone brightly, illuminating the compound.

She watched as the van was driven outside the compound and the gate closed. She noticed that his two men seated in the van, one of them spoke as they got close to her car. She couldn't make out what was been said but she knew they were talking about her car as the driver looked towards her direction.

After they drove a little bit far past her, she got into the car and waited for them to make a turn at the junction before she started the car engine and pursued after them.

'Look, isn't that the car we saw parked a by the road side now?' The driver of the van asked after spotting the car racing after them through the side mirror.

'Yes' one of his companion answered him, "looks like a Lady is the driver"

'A lady? What does she want at this time of the day?' The driver was amazed, he made space for her car to pass beside the van.

'I've got something of mine in your van' Tarasha shouted as she already levelled up with them. "Park your van and let's talk"

'Are you crazy wo...' The driver couldn't complete his question as one of the van tyres deflated at that moment. He struggled with the steering wheel but was able to avoid an accident since the van was on a low speed.

'What happened?' The other guy asked the driver.

'I don't know' he replied as he opened the door and came out of the vehicle. Tarasha's front car light shone brightly into his eyes.

He was vexed and he approached the car in anger where it was parked behind them, the car light was turned off as he got closer. The Lady came out and faced the opposite side, waiting for him.

'What on earth do you...' A blow landed on his face he staggered backwards, almost falling.

He charged towards her but she dodged his attack and sent him another blow on his stomach. Tarasha held his head before he recovered and hit his head on the car bonnet which sent him sprawling on the floor with a loud cry.

The other man in the car was already rushing towards her with a iron rod but she bent down making him miss his target and almost falling down. Before he could make another attempt, she sent his legs off the ground with a sliding kick that made him hit his head on the floor, after which she hit his head his head with the butt of her gun, knocking him out.

She picked up the other man who was already bleeding through the nose and dragged him to the back of the van.
'Open it' She commanded as she placed a gun at the back of his neck.

'The key is in the car' he replied shakily. She escorted him as he walked to the driver's side and picked the key.

'Get me the carton labelled "grin" ' she ordered as the man busied himself with the key.

The man switched on his torchlight and begun to offload the neatly arranged cartons. It wasn't too long before he saw the carton labelled 'D'.

Tarasha made him carry it to her car boot then she knocked him out with the butt of the gun and drove off after making sure nobody saw them.

She checked her time as she parked car in her compound, it was 3.50am already. She left the carton in the boot and walked into the house. Before she laid on the bed, she sent a text message to an unsaved number from her phone.

*10am, same day *

'Damn! You idiots' Don exclaimed angrily as he scattered the objects placed on his table. He picked his gun and walked closer the two men kneeling at the front of his table, there were other five mean looking men standing in the office.

'So you two mean an ordinary lady knocked out both of you?' He continued angrily.

'Sir... I... I...' One of the men kneeling down stammered, he was the driver of the van.

'You what? And you still laid helpless till the police found and arrested you'

'We are sorry sir, we promise to get her and recover the carton' the other man replied, fidgeting all over.

'Idiot, what did she look like? Can you recognize her?'

'No, she was wearing a mask, we didn't see her face'

'Idiot, how do you intend to get her?' Don barked angrily.

'We ...' The man began to speak but couldn't continue as Don fired bullets into the chests of the both men.

'Dispose them off' he ordered the men in the room.

Four of the men carried the bodies outside, two carrying each one. The remaining man who seemed to be the next in command walked closer to the table as Don walked back to his seat.

'We should have sent more capable men' Don said as he sat down.

'We were not expecting any attack and this isn't the first time of sending both of them on errands like this, they've never failed'

'So how did this happen?'

'It must have been well planned, I think we were played'

'Played? Do you think Felix can play a trick on me, knowing the kind of person I am?'

'I believe that the carton was returned to that warehouse, no one else knew about the transaction'

Don picked up his phone and dialed a number, placing a stern look at the man standing at his front as he waited for his call to be answered.

'He's not picking' he announced to the waiting ears of his subordinate.

'I told you' the man said boastfully.

'Go get my stuff for me and bring Felix down here in two hours' Don ordered in a gruffy voice.


Tarasha rode speedily on the free expressway, the breeze making her jacket fly backwards. She loved the attention she got when she occasionally sped past cars, the look on the drivers' faces was always a questioning look of how a lady should be riding so crazily. But it was her hobby, that was the way she relaxed. She slowed down a little bit when she looked at the side mirror and noticed someone waving and calling.

'Hey' Henry shouted, slowing down the powerbike speed as he levelled up with her.

'Hi' she replied him.

'I'm Henry, can we stop and talk a little?' Henry asked, increasing his speed to level up again as she increased hers first.

'What do you have to say? I don't have enough time to stop and chat'

'Sorry for disturbing but are you new around here? I've never seen you with us at the bike riders association'

'What bike riders association?' She asked, increasing her speed again.

'Nigerian bikers association, you don't know about it?'

'We'll... other time' was what the guy heard due to obstruction by the breeze before she sped off.

He concluded that she must have said to him that they'll talk some other time. But how were they going to meet again, they didn't even see each other's faces as their helmet concealed their faces

He decided to race after and catch up with her, but even after rapidly increasing his speed and riding crazily for some minutes, no trace of her nor her bike was seen.


'It looks like we have someone who's still alive here' Inspector James summoned other officers to where he squatted, a wounded body was laying in front of him.

'He's still breathing' an officer who also squatted beside him added.

'He needs medical attention immediately, take him to the hospital' James said to the medical officers approaching with a stretcher, as he stood up from his position and gave way for the officers to carefully carry the body.

He watched as they carried the body into an ambulance and sped off. He looked around and saw the medical officers packing the already dead bodies into their vehicles.

'The manager of the warehouse is missing and there are no traces of him or his body around the place' he said to his colleague who was standing beside him.

'Yes' came the reply, 'we can't tell if he was taken away by the attackers or if he was killed and dropped somewhere else'

'That's possible, but we have to confirm first that he's not at home or somewhere around town. We have to reach members of his family and his friends'

'I've sent men to his house already, they'll be back with a reply soon'

'Good' James turned and looked around the warehouse again, the look on his face turned to a more confused one. 'I'm just wondering what kind of people attacked this place'

'I wonder too and it doesn't look like anything was stolen, all the packaged goods are still intact', the colleague added.

'I don't think those who carried out this attack are thieves, I believe they came on a different mission'

'Yeah, that's true'

'Felix Felix' Don taunted the already tortured man as he walked into the large room. 'I see you're playing games with me'

'No Don, I swear. I don't plan the attack on your boys'

'Then where is my carton?'

'I don't know, we arranged the carton with the other cartons and labelled it differently according to our plan'

'Who else knew about this our deal?'

'No other person knew, even the men that packed the cartons didn't know that there was anything different in it' the man.

'Who did you send to do the repackaging after it landed in your warehouse?'

'I did the repackaging myself , I removed it from the beer carton and packaged it in the tin milk carton'

'Who saw you while you were doing it?'

'No one did'

'Hmm, then why is it that it was that same carton that was taken from my boys?'

'I don't know sir , maybe someone here knew as about our conversation'

'Huh? Someone here?' Don barked loudly and stared fiercely at his men surrounding them, who all shook in fear.

'Yes, someone in your organization must have leaked out the secret'

'Them?' Don gave a short laugh and stopped to stare wickedly at his men again. 'These ones dare not sell me out, most of them weren't even aware of the deal'

'Then, maybe you...'Felix stammered out of fear.

'Maybe I?' Don barked as he brought out his gun and pointed it at Felix. 'Now, tell me where and who you took it to'

'I swear, I don't know anything about this. Believe me, I did everything according to the plan and made sure no one was aware' Felix answered, shaking terribly at the sight of the gun.

'Okay, stand up and get out of this place' Don lowered his gun.

'Ehn?' Felix eyes widened in shock, not believing that Don would allows him go.

'I said get out before I change my mind'

'Thank you Don' Felix picked up his shoesyou and stood up from his kneeling position. He straightened up his shirt and headed for the door immediately, he was about to open the lock when he bullet went in through his head.


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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Nobody: 9:52pm On Aug 31, 2015
9ce storyline

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Missmossy(f): 7:31am On Sep 01, 2015
Present grin beautiful piece Oyinprince.
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by nimat158(f): 9:41am On Sep 01, 2015
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Nobody: 10:33am On Sep 01, 2015
Am enjoying dis.Kudos
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Nobody: 12:13pm On Sep 02, 2015
oyin,you have started another beautiful story. Keep up the good work. Am definitely following.
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by SPDAZZY(f): 4:05pm On Sep 02, 2015
[quote author=Oyinprince post=37495442]Hello guys, I'm starting this new work tomorrow and you're all invited. I'll be posting here on nairaland and my blog too. Check the link below for more info


make I siddon. Land bought. no trespassing! Beware of ngwa dogs!!!

nice piece

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 5:50am On Sep 03, 2015

'Good morning Chief' Tarasha greeted on phone.

'Good morning Tarasha' a harsh voice responded.

'Chief, have you gotten the stuff you asked me to get? I dropped it in the car parked in front of your office according to our plan'

'Yes, I've seen it' the voice answered

'You've seen it? But why haven't you called me then? You didn't keep your part of the deal'

'What deal?'

'What do you mean Chief? Didn't you say that I would get the bank alert for my balance two hours after you get the carton?'

'Yes I said that, but you broke the agreement first'

'What? How?'

'You said you would do the job without killing anybody'

'Yes, I didn't drop anyone'

'But it was all over the news yesterday, all the labourers at the warehouse were found dead yesterday'

'That wasn't me, that happened in the afternoon. I carried out the job around 3am'

'How am I supposed to believe that you really did the job by 3am?'

'What the hell are you talking about Chief?' Tarasha flared up. 'I see you don't want to keep to your part of the deal?'

'I will send you the balance once I'm sure that it wasn't you that carried out the killings' the call ended.

Tarasha was fuming with anger as she dropped the phone, it wasn't as if the balance meant so much to her but she was angry at the obvious fact that the Chief only wanted to cheat her and she wouldn't take that from anyone. She checked her wall clock and pondered for a while before shr picked up a pistol and a mask from her bedside and stormed out of the house.

She tapped a button on the remote control and the door to the driver's seat of her Zently 2027 model opened. She slid into the car and the door closed back automatically, she inserted two bullets into the revolver and hid it safely under the car seat after which she started the car engine and drove towards the gate which opened automatically and closed after she was out of the compound.

She drove as fast as possible, hissing every time she had to stop because of traffic signals and other road users. After almost an hour drive, she got to Gravl Avenue, she parked at a very far distance to the Chief's house.

She gave a wicked smile as she glanced at her wristwatch. In few minutes, the driver and the bodyguard that accompanied the Chief youngest daughter to school would be returning. She took the revolver from where she hid it and kept it in her purse, reason that she wasn't properly dressed; the clothes she wore would show signs of the gun if pocketed.

She got out of the car , carefully making sure no passerby was watching or noticing her and she walked a distance closer to the Chief's house.

With her dark goggles on, she stayed by the side of the road and placed one hand on her waist, acting like one who was waiting for a cab. After two minutes, she sighted the driver and bodyguard from afar, returning in the car.

As they came closer, she started to walk through the road pretending not to see the coming car. She got the driver confused as he struggled to bring the car to a halt but not after he had gotten so close, almost hitting her.

'What's wrong with you ma'am? Didn't you see a car was coming?' The driver shouted angrily at her.

'I'm sorry' she pleaded, holding her chest like someone who was deeply horrified. She turned to the driver's side to apologize.

'You should be careful next time' the driver continued, more calmly now.

'I'm sorry' she said, gasping for breath and coughing as sweat drop from her face in the hot sun. 'I think I've lost my way, I was going to Eden hair salon at Gravl Avenue'

'You're at Gravl avenue already, just walk a little bit further and you'll find it by your left side'

'Please can you give me a lift there?' She pleaded.

'Okay yes' the driver replied, looking at the bodyguard by his side who shrugged in confirmation. 'Enter the back seat'


Inspector James sat on a chair facing a man on the hospital bed, the only survivor of the warehouse attack. The man was conscious and was talking already, narrating all he knew about the attack.

'So you don't know any of those who attacked you people?' James interrogated

'Yes, I've never seen any of them before' the injured man replied, he had a bandage tied round his forehead and one round his belly.

'And they were not thieves?'

'Yes, they were not thieves. I believe they were looking for something, they said a carton was missing among the goods they collected last night'

'Last night? Which goods?'

'I overheard them saying something about 3am'

'3am? Do you people work overnight?'

'Sometimes, we fill up some cartons and arrange them overnight but I'm not aware that something like that was supposed to happen last night'

'Who was supposed to be on duty last night'

'Ermm... No one, except the security men'

'But the security men have been killed already, who else was on duty?'

'No the two security men that was killed yesterday were not the ones on shift that night'

'Oh! I see, do you know how we can reach them?'

'No, I have no relationship with them, we only greet when resuming and vacating the office'

'I think its enough already' the Doctor interrupted as he walked in. 'He needs rest'

'It's okay' James replied the Doctor and stood up, he turned back to the injured man.

'We're really sorry for what has happened and we promise to get to the root of this as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation, we'll contact you as soon as we need your help again, I wish you a quick recovery' he said and walked out of the ward with the other officer.

'But what do you think that hoodlums would want in a beverage warehouse?' James asked his colleague as they proceeded out of the hospital to their car.

'I don't know, I think the best people to give us the answer would be the security men on duty that night' he answered.

'Okay, what you would do now is to go back to the warehouse and check their logs, we need to get those men' James instructed. 'I believe they know about the incident'

'Ok, I'll just go straightaway sir'

'Good, we also have to be on the lookout for the manager Mr. Felix, there are still no signs of him everywhere'

'Tarasha! ' Chief Gab called out immediately the call was answered.

'Hello Chief' she replied in a cheerful voice.

'Tarasha! How come you went that far on a little issue?'

'Was that Chief?' She asked mockingly. 'Or have you seen my gift?'

'Tarasha, you shouldn't have gone that far. I was going to send the money to you'

'Alright' she answered more seriously now. 'I should get the alert in the next fifteen minutes else your daughter would be in danger too'

'No o, Tarasha. Don't try that at all, that would be big trouble for you' the Chief tried to sound brave.

'You're the one who shouldn't try me Chief, send the money within fifteen minutes after this call ends'

'Okay, I will see what I can do'


'I said I'll see what I can do'

'Don't play pranks Chief, if you think you can move your child out of the school and stop me from reaching her, then you better think twice because I can already see that your men are outside the school gate and there's no way they'll escape me'

'What!' The Chief was in shock. 'How did you know that?'

'Let me get the alert quickly' She said and ended the conversation.

The Chief was in panic as he dropped the phone. He wondered how Tarasha knew that he had already sent men to safeguard his daughter. He wasted no time as he picked up his tablet device and transferred the remaining balance of ten million naira to Tarasha's account and called her immediately to notify her.

'I just sent the money'

'Good, I received the message alert already' she replied him.

'So is my daughter free now?'

'Of course, I have nothing to use her for' she said with a chuckle.

'Okay, we need to see. I have some other jobs for you and I need to explain to you personally'

'We'll see on Skype'

'Huh? I need to meet with you, I need to see who I'm working with'

'I don't think there's any need for that, we see on Skype already, isn't it?'

'But you're always wearing a mask to hide your face'

'No, that's my face you see; that's Tarasha's face' she added.

'What do you mean?' Chief Gab questioned.

'The face behind that mask doesn't have any business to do with you' she said with a strict voice.

'I ...'

'If you don't mind Chief, I've got some other things to do' she interrupted him and ended the call.

'Damn' he cursed as he put down the phone. He held his jaw with his hand, remembering how he had been told to deal with her carefully.

He was calm after reminding himself that he couldn't get angry with Tarasha now, he still needed her in the work he had to do; his revenge mission.

He recalled his younger days as the minister of marketing and sales before he was sentenced to ten years imprisonment for drug trafficking and management of the country's funds after being probed and found guilty by the new government at that period. He was angry and determined to punish all the government officials that aided his arrest and conviction especially those who were also involved in some of the illegal businesses he did.

With the little he had seen Tarasha exhibit and the way Vladislav had spoken about her, he concluded that Tarasha would be of great importance to him in his revenge mission which was even the sole reason he had paid Vladislav several billions to send her down to Nigeria.

'Hey' he called out to one of his guards who stood at the doorside in the sitting room. 'Tell Edet to come here immediately'

The guard went out and returned with a very tall dark man with a slender body. The man bowed in courtesy to the Chief.

'You called for me sir'

'Yes, I did' Chief begun, 'two of our guys were killed this morning and I was told you were the one who saw it happening live from the surveillance cameras'

'Yes sir, I alerted them downstairs immediately'

'Yes, but I was told that the person left before they got to the gate'

'Yes, it was a Lady...'

'Shhhh... Don't worry' the Chief shut him up, standing up from his seating position. 'Let's go, I want to see the video footage myself'

'Okay sir' Edet replied as he led the Chief to the security room.

Chief Gab spotted himself on a laptop screen as he entered into the room, that laptop was the one connected to the camera in the room. He looked around the room to check if any change had been made to the room since the last two months he visited. The only change he noticed was that the room was darker than before as no bulb was turned on and would have been completely dark if not for the reflections of light from the several desktop screens in the room.

He sat down and rested properly into the chair he was motioned to and faced the desktop as Edet tried to open some files.

'Here's it sir' Edet explained as a video played. 'She wasn't wearing mask when she drove to the gate, but she wore the mask before she came out of the car; that was when I suspected something'

'Take it back to where she was in the car' Chief Gab said as he watched with great interest.

'Here' Edet rewinded a little, then zoomed the video. 'Only her jaw us visible, the rest of her face wasn't captured by the camera; from this we know her skin colour'

'Okay, play on'

'She wore a mask and came out of the car, I don't know how she knew where our camera was placed' Edet explained as the video showed Tarasha with her mask on, facing the camera. She pointed to the part of the mask which covered her forehead, showing them the name 'Tarasha' which was inscribed on it.

'So we can't get any useful information from this?' The Chief asked angrily.

'We know her complexion' Edet answered.

'Are you crazy? Do you know how many people in this city alone has the same complexion?' The Chief slammed.

'I'm sorry sir'

'Sorry for yourself' Chief Gab hissed and left the room.


Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by aprilwise(m): 7:26am On Sep 03, 2015
Ride. On .

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Missmossy(f): 7:45am On Sep 03, 2015
Makes sense, kudos.
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by totalhouse(m): 8:24am On Sep 03, 2015
Thank you mam, I'll try my best.
oyin, no dey leave me out of this story of yours now.By now you should know that I'm one of your fans on nl...u should have given me a mention when you are starting this.Anyways badamuwa.Carry go...I'm religiously following
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by princessadeola(f): 10:19am On Sep 03, 2015
nice one
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by hadease(m): 11:06am On Sep 03, 2015
dis tara is not too bad let c more of her...tanks 4 d update oyin more ink to ur pen
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by SPDAZZY(f): 2:46pm On Sep 03, 2015
I'm so loving this

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Feyikemi12(f): 3:25pm On Sep 03, 2015
Thank God I came in early. #following
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Bb4u(f): 4:47pm On Sep 03, 2015
Making sense...ride on oyin
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Nobody: 2:36pm On Sep 04, 2015
ride on oyin,am loving this. Why am I reading crimes and revenge this days

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 9:15pm On Sep 04, 2015

oyin, no dey leave me out of this story of yours now.By now you should know that I'm one of your fans on nl...u should have given me a mention when you are starting this.Anyways badamuwa.Carry go...I'm religiously following
I mentioned you bro

you're welcome smiley
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 9:41pm On Sep 04, 2015

'You don't know anything about the attack that morning?' James questioned the elderly man.

'No, I don't'

'So why have you been trying to avoid talking to the police?'

'I didn't deliberately hide from the police, I was scared that those that attacked the warehouse may also come for me' the man replied.

'You were scared because your hands are not clean'

'No, I don't know anything; my hands are clean'

'But you were involved in the illegal business that happened that night'

'It wasn't illegal, sometimes we work overnight and we get paid extra; that's what happened' the man explained

'What kind of product did you people sell to them?' James continued

'What else do we sell my son? We sell beverages'

'But you have several beverage products'

'Yes, the one those guys came for that night was tin milk'

'Okay, those guys. Do you know them? How frequently do they patronize you people?'

'I don't know them , but it seems Oga Felix knew them from the way he related with them'

'Hmm' James paused and scanned through a book. 'There's no record of that night's sales in the sales book'

'Ermm, I don't know about that. My job was just to load the van'

'That means you joined Mr. Felix to carry out an illegal business; there are no former records of the goods in your stock and there are no records of the sales'

'No o, its not illegal' the man replied, already frightened.

'It is...' James phone rang, interrupting his interrogation.

'A body found?' James eyes widened as he stood up from his seat.


'Okafor Nnamdi' Chief Gab called loudly and squinted his eyes, as he and his friend, Chief Nonso stared at the picture of the man bearing the name he called.

Okafor Nnamdi was the NAFDAC president appointed to work during the years 2016 - 2020. He was appointed few days after the new President was sworn in. He carried out his job perfectly nabbing several fake drug producers and marketers including Chief Gab, he also rejected Chief Gab and other offenders at every attempt that was made to bribe him which made him become hated by several corrupt politicians and government officials but loved by citizens of the country for his good job.

Okafor Nnamdi was the first person but least important on Chief Gab's revenge list, he was desperate to make the man breathe his last.

'Can you carry out this job?' Chief Gab turned to a huge muscular man who stood by his side, the man was the head of Chief's thugs. 'I want him dead'

'Hmm Chief' the guy gave a short timid chuckle. 'This one might not be that easy; killing him might not be hard but getting away will definitely be, due to the tight security system'

'Shut up! Idiot' the Chief barked angrily at the guy and turned to his friend. 'This is what am saying; these guys are bunch of lazy goats, I know that they won't be able to carry out this mission'

'Its okay Gab. I think if we are able to supply this guys with everything they need, they'll be able to carry out the job' Chief Nonso supported the guy, looking at his face for confirmation of his suggestion. 'Or isn't it?'

'Chief, you don't understand; it's not about killing him but after killing him' the thug began his explanation. 'It might not be too hard for us to break his personal security, that'll be done if we get...'

'If you get?' Chief queried as the guy paused, looking more confused now.

'There's no how we can even get to him' he said after thinking deeply. 'There are security systems and cameras that would have announced our presence before we get to him'

'Just get out of here and stop talking lazily' Chief Gab ordered.

'So what's the other plan now?' Chief Nonso asked.

'I knew these guys aren't capable since when they messed up and almost implicated us the last time, so I already ordered for a trained Assassin from Russia'

'From Russia? How?'

'Huh? You're asking me how?' Chief Gab laughed loudly. 'From one of my business partners in Russia; he sent me a Nigerian, a product of one of the raw materials I sent him over fifteen years ago'

'I don't understand' Chief Nonso looked confused.

'Don't worry, you'll understand later. I will speak to her and send her the details we need'

'Huh? A female?'

'Yes, female. But she does better than a lot of guys' Chief Gab laughed again as he answered.

'When would she come here? I would love to see her'

'Hmm, that's the question to which I don't have an answer' Chief Gab smiling face turned serious. 'I've not even seen her face, she talks to me on phone and chats on Skype but she wears a mask to conceal her face'

'What? That's nonsense'

'No, Vladislav says she'll reveal herself when it is time. I only hope that the time would be soon'

'But where does she stay?' Chief Nonso asked more questions.

'She stays very close to Gravl avenue I believe, she refused to stay in the house I prepared for her before she arrived, she even ducked us at the airport when we went to welcome her'

'Hmm, interesting' Chief Nonso shook his head, trying to reason out all that he just heard about the female assassin.


'Hello Tarasha' a voice came on as Tarasha accepted the Skype call from Chief Gab. Chief Gab was smiling as he spoke, sitting by his side was another middle aged man staring intently at the screen.

'Good morning Chief' Tarasha replied as she poured the wine into the champagne glass cup.

'Do you sleep with your mask on?' Chief Gab asked jokingly. 'I didn't expect to see it on you this early morning'

'I'm in my office already Chief, the mask is part of the compulsory dress code for my job' Tarasha replied back with a cheerful tone.

'And you're comfortable sipping your wine with the mask on?'

'Chief' Tarasha called more seriously. 'I don't do jokes during official hours, so go straight to your reason for the call'

'I have another job for you Tarasha, I want you to take down someone. He's the country's Minister of health'

'Minister of health? Why do you need to take him down?'

'I have my reasons, yours is just to do the job'

'Yeah Boss, sorry for asking' She chuckled. 'Send me every detail you've got, I'll review and get back to you'

'I'm forwarding the details to your mailbox already, you'll get it in the next few seconds'

'Okay Boss, so hope you're not gonna play tricks this time?' Tarasha asked with scorn in her voice.

'No Tarasha' Chief laughed briefly. 'I think I'll go by our former agreement, I'll pay you monthly'.


'Yes monthly, that's the deal I made with Vladislav'


'But I can't afford much at the moment, lets make it five thousand dollars monthly for now'

'Five thousand dollars?'


'It's okay, agreed'

'Agreed?' the Chief face lit with joy, clearing showing his surprise at her acceptance of the deal.

'Yes, but you'll provide all the capital needed and...'


'Calm down Chief, the capital just includes the guns, bullets, cars, computer systems and other little things I'll make use of'

'Okay, I accept' Chief Gab reluctantly agreed, ignoring the awkward stares he was getting from Chief Nonso from time to time.

'Good, and the salary would always come in at the beginning of the month' Tarasha added.

'What tha...'

'Deal or no deal Chief?'

'I can't...'

'I'm not a market woman that negotiates; tell me if you're not ready, I've got other things to do' She said bluntly. 'Or why do you think I'm taking that little?'

'No o, it's not possible' Chief Nonso added with his shaky voice. 'How can...'

'Agreed Tarasha' Chief Gab cut in after thinking for a moment

'What? Agreed? What if she doesn't get the job done?' Nonso fumbled.

'She dare not fail' Chief Gab replied, calming his friend as he gave a strict look, his eyes facing the webcam directly.

'Good Chief, we're good to go' Tarasha finally spoke, after laughing out loud at the drama going on at the other side. 'Don't look at me like that, I won't fail you. I'll start working on the job once I get the alert for this month'

...to be continued



Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by damiperry(f): 7:02am On Sep 05, 2015
Wow,this is interesting
waiting for moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 7:21am On Sep 05, 2015
Good morning, I need more comments guys. Let me use this opportunity to invite some heavyweights here on NL, O need some constructive criticism.

Divepen1 LarrySun Royver Ishilove ArrowAssassin UjSizzle KingTom Faita D9ty7

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by aprilwise(m): 11:58am On Sep 05, 2015
This your story is an intriguing story. I wonder who is behind d mask.
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by SPDAZZY(f): 1:38pm On Sep 05, 2015
Oh I can't wait. this is breathtaking.

I want more!!!

ride on Oyinprince.

BTW, Is it five or ten thousand dollars

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