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Hidden Diamonds / Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) / Dirty Diamonds Of Boko Haram (Part 1) ....By Eze Eke (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 1:28pm On Nov 10, 2015
Hahahaha cheesy cheesy.....what do you expect?, Nina is doing a good job on her kids.
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by waslek(m): 2:36pm On Nov 10, 2015
Begining of the start. Nice wright up
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by nellyme(f): 3:19pm On Nov 10, 2015
So Alex the slow poke lipsrsealed, sorry gentleman is now the don't toy with me guy. Hehe, nellyme must hear this.
Nice one ironkurtain

*drags seat closer for a hug* sweety so sweet of you to invite me...awww...I'm blessed. Got to catch up with you though...see ya around. Lest I forget, I missed you...
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Essyprity(f): 3:31pm On Nov 10, 2015
Ironkurtain u don come again o! This is on a new level. Am feeling it all d way.
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by m003: 8:38pm On Nov 10, 2015
TIGHT UPDATE BRO *pass Him a bottle of Orijin and Kuli kuli* grin
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 10:44pm On Nov 10, 2015
TIGHT UPDATE BRO *pass Him a bottle of Orijin and Kuli kuli* grin

*drops the pen and the Alomo to accept the Orijin* Bro you can keep the Kuli Kuli.
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by alleazardous(m): 11:00pm On Nov 10, 2015
After much anticipation, i have decided to drop the second part of my first story: Bloodline part one[the family] https://www.nairaland.com/2268155/bloodline.......part-one-family.

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Contact the author at damien0224@gmail.com

Criticism and grammar or spelling corrections are highly welcomed.

This work contains alot of explicit language and highly graphic contents......readers discretion is advised.
welcome back boss me don miss ur story gann
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 2:59am On Nov 12, 2015

Three months later.

Dante gently wiped his wet face with the clean white towel while standing infront of the bathroom mirror. He dropped the wet towel on the floor and parted his lips open to inspect his front teeth. Feeling satisfied with their clean white colour and his clean gum, he picked up a cologne bottle and applied its content on his body while whistling a tune. When he was done, he unwrapped the wet towel around his waist and went into the bedroom, towards the underwears and the neatly folded cloths on the bed. He picked up the remote and switched on the flat screen t.v facing the bed. And gave the woman lying on the bed a bright smile.

Dante.....Dante's full name is unknown. He is a hitman and an international contract killer. One of the best in the field and he only accept jobs that involves high level individuals. In the underworld, he is known as the "Dead-ringer" because of his uncanny ability to impersonate anybody, which is one of his many talents. Due to how efficient he is in carrying out and completing his killing tasks, the nickname got mispronounced alot. Some called him Deadbringer, Deadstinger and even Deadfinger. Some have gotten confused on which one that was actually his nickname. But they all know one thing for sure. He is one of the coldest killers alive.

Dante gently buttoned the cuffs of his white long sleeve shirt as he watched the news and turned his eyes at the woman in bed. The woman's n@de body was partly covered with the bedspread. Her youthful bossoms that looked irresistible despite being stuffed with implants, were exposed. And covered with blood.

There was blood on the pillow beneath her head and on the side of the king size bed she laid. The distant gaze in those unblinking cold eyes of hers showed that she was dead. The agonizing pain she must have had before life slipped away from her body was still written on her somewhat beautiful face. Her red lipstick painted lips parted open, as if she's waiting for a kiss.

Dante buttoned up his grey coloured suit jacket as he stood beside the woman's body and stared at her face. Then he bent over and gave her a kiss on her cold lips. He glanced at her slitted throat and the several stab wounds on her tummy.

"Thanks for the file baby", he whispered into her ears and straighten up.

Dante picked up the usb flash drive on the bed-side table and proceed to wipe everything he had touched with his handkerchief.


The elevator reached the ground floor and slided it's flowery designed stainless steel door open. Dante stepped into the brightly lit hotel lobby and took casual glances at the few people hanging around the pristine place. Humming quietly to himself and nodding with a smile at whoever cared to look at him, he headed towards the front desk with steady strides.

"Good morning", Dante began, smiling at the male receptionist.

The friendly looking receptionist left the computer technician he was talking to and attended to Dante.

"Good morning sir", the man began politely. "Checking out sir?", he asked Dante.

"Yeah....", Dante replied and handed the key card to the man. He looked at the computer technician who was typing on the keyboard and glancing at the monitor on the table. ".....Is the computer having some problem?", he asked.

"Yeah......the cameras in the tenth floor are not working", the receptionist replied with some concern in his voice and glanced at the monitor that had some blank windows. "Probably a problem with the software".

"Maybe....anyway have a nice day", Dante smiled. He glanced at the blank screen, his handiwork, before heading towards the hotel revolving door.

Dante paced around the hotel premises and watched the taxis and car drive in and drive off. He took out a pack of cigarette, he lit one for himself and looked at his wristwatch. Five minutes had passed and he was still waiting for the car that will pick him up. Dante sighed and took another drag from his cigarette. He blew a cloud of smoke and paced towards the smoking area after seeing one of the hotel attendant politely motioning at him to go over to the place.

Then a grey 2012 Mercedes S 500 rolled into the hotel premises and grinded to a halt in front of Dante. The driver and another man sitting on the front passenger seat scrutinized him for a few seconds before they got out of the car.

"Good day sir", the driver began indifferently while the other man quickly opened the passenger door for Dante. "We are here to pick you up sir".

"You are five minutes late", Dante began as he glanced at his wristwatch and stubbed the cigarette in the ashtray. "Why are you five minutes late?", he asked and stared at the driver.

"I had to pick up my breakfast", the driver replied and stared back at Dante.

They stared at themselves in silence for a while before Dante lowered his eyes and patted the driver on his back with a grin.

"A man gotta eat before going to work for sure", he said to the driver, still grinning. He glanced at the other man who was still holding the door and slide into the back seat.

Then both men hopped into the benz after glancing around the hotel premises. The driver hit the gear and the gas pedal, making the benz to roll into the light traffic on the main road.

After about ten minutes of a smooth ride in silence, Dante shift his gaze from the screen of his smartphone he had be staring at, to the scenery flashing by outside the car. They were now outskirts of the city and cruising in a sparsely populated area at a steady speed. Dante glanced at his smart device again and looked at the rearview mirror infront of him. He could see the driver's hard eyes watching the road keenly as he worked the steering wheel and drove the vehicle.

"Stop the car", Dante suddenly said.

"For what?", the driver asked surprisingly and looked at Dante through the rearview mirror.

"Stop the car", Dante said again as he gently placed his phone on the seat and took off his suit jacket.

"Why?", the driver was baffled. He then glanced at the other man sitting on the passenger seat beside him "The boss said we should drive to the villa and make no stops at all".

"I want to take a piss".

The driver scoffed and glanced at the man beside him again.

"Just pull over", the other man sighed.

The driver gently decelerated the car, murmuring, "Why didnt he take a piss in his hotel room".

Dante gently placed his suit jacket on the seat, making sure it didn't get rumpled and got out after the benz halted beside the road. He walked around the car and stood infront of the driver's door. He stared at the driver for a few seconds and then knocked on the winded up door window. The driver stared at him and then hit the wind down button.

"What is it now.......", was all the driver could say before a blow from Dante's left fist landed squarely in his face, sending spit, blood and some teeth flying out from his mouth. Dante grabbed the man's head and slammed it viciously on the benz wood grain steering wheel, busting his lips and making the car horn to blare out loud. Dante slammed his head on the steering again and knocked the man out. Then he opened the door and dragged the unconscious driver out of the car.

The other man got out of the car and watched in silence as Dante laid the driver on the ground and proceed to punch him in the face with some stomping and kicking. This went on for some time and the man did nothing but stare at Dante savagely beating up his colleague.

After exactly five minutes of a callous beatdown meted out on the driver, Dante bent over the man. He brought his wristwatch close to the bloody mess that used to be the man's face.

"That is for the five minutes you kept me waiting", Dante said quietly and tapped the face of his wristwatch.

Then he straightened up and zipped his trouser open. He brought out his manhood urinated all over the unconscious man.

"That's for making me hold my piss", Dante said when he was done and zipped up. "Put him in the trunk and drive", he ordered the other guy and opened the back door. "Make sure am in your boss' villa in the next fifteen minutes", he continued as the man opened the car trunk to do as he was told.

Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by nimat158(f): 5:42am On Nov 12, 2015
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Ice4jez(m): 6:32am On Nov 12, 2015
God bless me op . Following u alway
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by labaski(f): 7:04am On Nov 12, 2015
this one wicked o.chai!!! thanks iron. expecting more
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 7:30am On Nov 12, 2015
"Thank you", Dante said kindly to the big and gorilla looking man who ushered him into the spacious living-room. He made a quick survey of the place with his eyes as he walked in, glancing at the painting and portraits hanging on the cream coloured walls.

The living-room had a high ceiling and a large sliding glass door that gave a good view of the mansion's front lawn. The furnitures were modern design and expensive. The rich lush black sofas were perfectly positioned in the right places. The place smelt of money, alot of it. And Dante was sure that a ton of it was stashed in a hidden safe somewhere in the villa.

"Good day gentlemen", Dante began at the three men present in the living-room as he approached them, the heels of his shoes clicking audibly on the polished marble floor.

The men who were sitting on the sofa regarded Dante with disdain when he came over. One of them who seems to have an air of authority gazed at him with an expressionless look on his face.

"Sorry am abit late. I had to deal with some issues", he continued and took a sit on one of the sofa.

The three men stared at him in silence for a while.

"I heard what you did to my nephew", the man with an air of authority then said with a sigh.

"Well, i wanted to instill some respect in the boy", Dante replied. "Gus, you know very well that we all need to have that.......especially in this kind profession".

"And your way of doing it is to have him almost beaten to death like he was nothing?",

"Maybe that's what he is......nothing".

"Maybe i should just kill you right here, right now in my house", Gus was trying to control himself from making an outburst.

"And we dont mind that happening", another man put in. He was quite built up and looked mean with a deep scar on his chin. He was sitting next to the third man who stared at Dante with a funny look on his face.

Dante shift his stare at the man with the scar. "Santos .....", he began and looked at the man sitting next to him. "......and you Hector. I heard that you and those uncontrollable animals you called your men are still into robbery and kidnaps. So when are you guys gonna stop wallowing around with the dregs of the underworld?", he asked.

Both men were highly insulted. Santos made an attempt to get up. But he was held down by Hector. Dante stared at both of them with a sneer.

"You should have allowed your associate to make his move....", Dante dared Hector. ".....and watch me kill him right where he is seated".

"Do we even need this punk?", Hector asked irritatedly and looked at Gus. "This job could be done without him".

"Of course we need him.....even more than we need you and your entire men", a deep voice came out from the speakers of the telephone on the center table in the living-room. All the men focused their attention at the phone in silence. "Good day Mr Dante, i'm glad you honoured the invitation", the voice continued.

"Good day sir", Dante began cheerfully and crossed his legs as he rested his back on the sofa back cushion. "Last time i heard your voice, we were on the opposing sides.......it was quite a pleasant surprise to hear that you of all people wanted my services", he smiled.

"Well in some situations, we have to turn an enemy into an ally", the voice said.

"Hm.......this must be some serious desperate situation you got in your hands", Dante rested his clasped hands on his thigh.

"Don't flatter yourself Mr Dante....you know very well how things could go in this profession",

"Yeah......always a dog eat dog situation in our world".

"Correct Mr Dante".

"And since you know me very well, you would have known that i always work alone", Dante grunted and glanced at the other men.

"I know you always work alone Mr Dante"

"Then......why the f@ck!.....are these two piece of sh!ts here?",

"Hey f@ck you man you aint sh!t!", Santos retorted angrily and got up from his seat.

"You gonna be the first to get killed if i happen to have a change of attitude....so shut your mouth and sit your ass down little man", Dante said calmly to the angry man without looking at him.

"Motherfucker you gonna be the first to be killed after i've chopped your legs off and shoved the severed limbs up you own ass", Santos barked back.

"Gentlemen.....gentlemen!....", the voice boomed out of the speakers as Santos took a seat while Dante stared at him with a sneer. ".......we here for business and everyone have their own part to play in it, nobody is gonna be working with nobody. So let's put our differences aside for now and get down to the business......Gus, i want you to hand the men their respective files.

Gus sighed and got up. He picked up the two files lying next to the telephone on the glass table and handed Dante and Hector each. They opened their files and stared at the documents and the pictures in it.

"So gentlemen , these are your subjects", the voice continued. "Now the question before we start talking business is, can you get the job done?", the voice asked.

Hector and Santos studied the three photographs in their file keenly and nodded several times. Then Hector looked at Gus and gave a faint smile.

"Just tell us when and where you want it to be done sir", Hector replied.

Dante remained silent. There was only one picture in his file. And he kept staring at the face in the picture with an expressionless look on his face.

"What about you Dante, what's your answer to my question?", the voice asked him.

Dante sighed and closed the file. Uncrossing his legs, he leaned forward and dropped it on the center table. He move his body back to its former position, back resting on the sofa back cushion and making the leather of the furniture to crinkle. After a few seconds of staring at the file thoughtfully, he glanced at the other men with a smile that seem to irritate them and looked at the telephone infront of him.

"Can you get the job done", the voice asked again, abit firmer this time.

"As long as there wont be any interference from you or those wild animals from any so call gang", Dante replied.

"Ok then.......So gentlemen, do we all have an agreement?, any question?" the voice then asked and the men in the room remained silent. "Alright then......you will be paid the amount of money you all requested..... half now and the rest after you have completed the job", the voice continued. "Tell Gus the bank you want your funds to be transfered. And he will notify you if i want to make contact with any of you".

Then the men hear the line click. Hector and santos got up with Santos holding the file. Both men straightened their three piece black suits and looked at Dante who was sitting and still staring at the file given to him with an expressionless look on his face.

"What is the matter boyo?......did he give you the job only done by the dregs of the underworld?", Hector asked intently and smirked. "You can pass it on to me and my associate to do it for you......we would even be more than glad to do it if your picture is also in that file", Hector and Santos laughed.

Dante got up slowly and picked up his own file. He opened it and took out the picture in it. Dropping the file and sliding the picture inside the inner pocket of his suit jacket, he glanced at the other men with his lips curving into a faint smile.

"It a pleasure meeting you guys", he bowed respectfully to the men and headed towards the living-room door.

"That guy is quite odd", Santos noted after Dante left the room.

"Anyone who goes by the nickname "dead-ringer" is definitely an odd fellow", Gus smirked as he went over to the mini bar in his living-room. "And the kind of fellow who would willingly accept that job given to him", he continued as he poured some shots in the three glasses he had set on the bar table.

"What do you mean by that?", Hector asked Gus as they accepted the glasses he handed to them.

"Only the craziest son of a b!tch in this planet would wanna do that job given to Dante", Gus said and gazed ahead. "And the guy that just left us is the only guy who can succeed in completing that task because he is the craziest son of a b!tch in this planet".

Santos and Hector glanced at each other and stared at Gus thoughtfully. Then Gus turned his gaze at Hector.

"So how many men do you have?", he asked.

"How many do you need?", Hector replied the question with another question.

How many do you have?".

"Well, we have alot of fresh recruits......very efficient, county jail big bodies......real no nonsense men with no conscience and only understands violence".

"And more than enough to go to war with any group", Santos added.

"How good are they in handling weapons?", Gus asked.

"Quite good. Most are robbers with some years of experience", Hector replied. "Some are just muggers and stick up kids. Fairly good with guns....unless when they are up and close. But very good when it comes to any 'heavy-lifting' to be done without weapons".

"Gus pursed his lips with a nod and raised his own glass. "A toast to a new era that is about to begin in the underworld........more money to our pockets and positions being elevated higher".

Even though Hector and his associate didnt know what Gus meant, the word "money" made both of them to make a toast with the leader of one of the crime families in Easthill. Money was also the only language they understood and they have just gotten a contract that will give them money. Alot of money

They made a toast and swallowed their hard liqour. Gus proceed to pour another round of shots and then started another discussion with the men.


Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Shakyroh320(f): 8:16am On Nov 12, 2015
u've got a grt story here,for blood realy,more mb to ur phone and brilliancy to ur brain .
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 5:37pm On Nov 12, 2015
Waiting for your comments.....
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by princessadeola(f): 6:20pm On Nov 12, 2015
Humm, hope they did not ask him to kill Eric, cos it will be disaster for him.
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by mzzkismet: 8:12pm On Nov 12, 2015

*drags seat closer for a hug* sweety so sweet of you to invite me...awww...I'm blessed. Got to catch up with you though...see ya around. Lest I forget, I missed you...

I missed you too dearie

Oga Ironkurtain, what's with the Dante guy. Hope it's not about Eric sha. No, I think it's about Nina
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Luckymay(f): 11:14am On Nov 13, 2015
Bloodline (the family) was the first story i read in this section and i must say it made me crave for more. Am so happy i wasn't disappointed. Keep up the good job oga ironkurtain
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Osaze20091: 12:07pm On Nov 13, 2015
Let me guess who they ask Dante to eliminate.Eric must b d hard nut to crack
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Orlolahdey(f): 1:31pm On Nov 13, 2015
Hope am not late bayii..let me quickly go and read from d beginning
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 5:10pm On Nov 14, 2015

The two nude bodies remained entangled as the kissing continued, but it was less intense. As they kissed and keep feeling up each other, they rolled over gently and the woman positioned herself on top of the him. Brushing her long hair aside, she lower her trunk and continue with the kissing. Then she withdrew her lips from the man's own after she noticed that he wasnt that active. He seems to be losing interest in their love making. Then the woman slide her hand down to the man's waist and furrowed her eyebrow when she felt the "thing" inbetween his legs.

"Nina......i'm sorry, am not in the mood today", the man apologized and gently moved her body to his side.

Nina laid on her back and stared at the hotel room ceiling for a few seconds, and then got out of the king size bed. The man stared at the silhouette of her n@de body in the dim-lighted hotel room as she went over to the chair facing the drapes covered window. She sat on it and picked up the pack of cigarette on the table standing next to the chair and lit herself one. Slightly pushing the window drapes aside, she smoked silently and stared at the activities going on below from the window of their tenth floor hotel room.

"I don't mean to make you upset dear......", the man began and sat up on the bed with the bedspread covering him from his waist down. "Its just that this bad situation am facing. I don't know.....",

"Barry, what situation?", Nina sighed and interrupted with a low tone of voice.

"You know what am talking about", Barry replied and looked abit confused. "Agnes of course.......not only does she want a divorce, she also wants to take everything that i have earned. She is trying to vote me out of my own company......and she is getting alot of support from the board of directors".

"So why are you here with me?", Nina asked indifferently. "Aren't you suppose to be at home trying to mend your marital problems with Agnes?, or in the office trying to save yourself from being bumped out of your company?", she turned and looked at Barry. "Whats your reason for this meeting?.......are you looking for a shoulder to cry on again or what?", she asked again.

"This problem is really beyond me dear", Barry replied and causally got out of the bed. "I came to meet you so as to see if there are any solutions you can.....or we can come up with".

"I thought i've already told you what to do.....so why ask me again?".

"Aw come on!......you know i cant do that. This is Agnes for crying out loud......why would you suggest that i eliminate her?".

"Well do you still love her?"

"No, i told you several times that there is no more love between me and Agnes".

"Then go ahead and waste her......i told you i will help you ensure that there will be no trace".

"Nina no!, that's murder and i wont take part in that crazy plan".

"Then look for another solution to your problems", Nina said with a non-committal voice.

"My problem?", Barry asked surprisingly. "So this have become my problem?, as far as am concerned, this is our problem.....you and me. And you are not helping with this lackluster attitude of yours nor are you providing a sensible solution"

"So what do you want from me?", Nina retorted angrily. "I have told you the only solution that i know.....the only solution that i understand. If you dont have it in you, then you should go ahead and sign those divorce papers Agnes lawyers gave you. Give her the mansions she is demanding and let her take over your company".

"No, that will not happen. I spent most of my life working so hard to build all that", Barry sighed. "I just can't standby and do nothing while she f@cks me over like that".

"Why wont she f@ck you over after finding out that we f@cked each other?", Nina asked. "I warned you, didnt i?........i had always warning you about this relationship we are having and its consequences. But you never listened. You were so caught up in your fairy tale dream of spending your life with me even though you know the kind of person i am......the kind of damaged human being you are dealing with".

"So what does that suppose to mean", Barry asked. He was irritated by those words.

It means that you have to deal with your own mess and you alone have to do the cleaning", Nina replied coolly. "Because i too have my own mess that i have to deal with".

"Well yours is not even much of a problem!......or even mess!", Barry retorted. He had lost his patience with Nina. "So dont bring up that 'wrath of the Sosai' crap because am beginning to doubt all that bullshits. I dont understand why the so called Sosai wont want you to be with the man you want to be with.......are you still a teenager or what?, you can always tell that man to get lost if he doesnt like and respect your wishes.......you are in your forties for heaven sake and not a child",

Nina laughed. "I should go tell the Sosai to get lost?", she asked, still laughing. "Agnes got your ass all shook up......and you think it is advisable to go tell the man who even makes the president of this country to wet his pants to get lost if he doesnt like the fact that his daughter is secretly dating the son of his greatest enemy?".

"So?,.....this is a free society and anyone can make his or her own choice", Barry replied.

"Yeah we are in a free society. But in this free society, the Sosai is the last person you would wanna f@ck with", Nina reminded him. "Get on his wrong side and he gonna put you in a place where you could live up to two hundred years and never see the sun".

"But it didnt stop you from being with me", Barry said. "You were able maintain our relationship for four years without him noticing anything. That's why am asking you.......begging you to help me find the best solution to this problem am facing". he pleaded.

Then silence settled between them in the dim-lighted room. Nina head was bowed, her eyes staring at the tiny red flame burning the tobacco in her cigarette. Barry remained standing and stared at her, wondering what she was thinking; wondering if she would give him a better solution that doesn't involve spilling blood.

"So.....", Nina then broke the long silence and stubbed the burning end of the cigarette in the ashtray. "......you earlier said something about you being the man i want to be with".

"Yeah", Barry said.

"What makes you think that you are the man i want to be with?", Nina asked.

"I know i am the man you want. I had always known that i am the one", Barry replied with alot of confidence. "Beside why would you risk the wrath of the man who, according to you, makes the president to wet his pants to be with me?", he asked.

Then Nina got up and switched on the light of the hotel room. She did it so that she can look Barry in his face. Barry stared at her as she stood infront him; the look on her face was dead serious.

"But am i the woman you want to be with?", Nina then asked Barry.

"Of course you are the woman i want to be with", Barry replied and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Am i the woman you really want to be with?", Nina asked again.

Barry pulled her closer and looked her in her eyes. "Yes you are the woman i want to be with. And the woman i ever wanted to be with", he replied and then brought his lips closer to hers to kiss her.

"Then i want you to give up everything".

Barry stopped midway and gently withdrew his face as he stared at Nina with a furrowed eyebrow.

"I want you to sign the divorce papers.......give Agnes everything she is demanding", Nina continued. "Leave everything. The company, the houses.....everything she wants to take from you. Then you and i go live somewhere else. Somewhere no one, not even the Sosai, will ever find us".

Barry heard those words and his hand gently slide down and away from Nina's shoulders. He turned away and quietly paced around the room with a thoughtful look on his face.

"What you are asking me to do is very difficult", Barry then said without looking at Nina. "It's almost impossible", he continued and shook his head.

"How?", Nina demanded and stared at Barry as he paced around the room

"Nina......", Barry began and looked at her. "All that i am, all that i've achieved and my family legacy is here in Easthill".


"You want me to leave everything and disappear with you?".

Nina nodded. "You said this is our problem....so this is the only solution for the both of us", she said.

"And running away like cowards is the best solution for the both of us?".

"Well since you are not brave enough to stop Agnes from bothering you forever".

"What do you think all the people that i know and.....and my kids will think of me?".

"They are already seeing you as the asshole who lied and cheated on his wife, so what else do you want to present yourself as to them?"

Nina was right and Barry knew it.

Ever since Agnes confronted him in their bedroom one night with pictures of him and Nina taken in a restaurant, his family had been falling apart.

The night of Agnes' discovery, he decided to come clean, or rather half clean and gathered his family to make a confession. Then he told them everything they didnt know; about Nina, how he met her and the circumstances that led to him meeting her. And he also told them the result of the illicit relationship he had with her; their adopted brother, Alex. But he didnt tell them he had a twin brother. He also didnt tell them that for the past four years, he and Nina had been meeting and going at each other like a priest and a nun who just renounced their vows.

As expected, their reactions wasnt good. Daniel his other son expressed his disappointments and immediately left. Victoria his first daughter called him a shameless man and left too. Agnes poured out her venom on him for hours before leaving the house to go stay in her sister's place.

Since then, except for Suzanne, his second daughter who wasnt there when the revelation was made, his wife and his other children showed little or no respect for him. Agnes, who happened to be a major share holder in his company, started an agressive campaign to have him voted out of the company. And she is winning.

"Besides, what people will think of you will be the least of your worries if my father finds out about this relationship", Nina said, interrupting Barry in his thoughts.

"But you assured me that he wont find out", Barry said and looked at Nina.

"Yes.....but how did someone take that picture of us in that restaurant?", Nina asked. "I was the one who set up that meeting and my personal bodyguard watched every movements in that place", she said with some concern. "Maybe we might have slipped up.....or maybe not".

"Do you think your father knows?", Barry asked. He too had some concern in his tone of voice.

"I don't know and i'm confused", Nina said with a downcast gaze. "If he knows, we would be dead by now. But that man is very unpredictable. Sometimes he will take immediate action. And sometimes he will just keep watching you and act in ways that will give you some clues that he knows what's going on......his way of 'mind f@cking' you so as to get you all paranoid. Thats when you start making unnecessary mistakes....and exposing more of the things you are hiding from him. Then he will deal with you accordingly".

"But recently, did he in any way display some sort of behaviours or say things that made you feel that he knows what's going on between us", Barry asked.

"No....none that i can think of", Nina replied. "But like i said, he is very unpredictable", she sighed. "So that's why we need to act fast".

Silence took over the room again.

Barry quietly went over to the bed and sat on its soft mattress with his head bowed. Nina remained standing.....n@ked with her head slightly tilted sideways as she stared at him. After a few seconds, she turned towards the table near the chair to lit herself another stick of cigarette.

"I think we should stop seeing each other".

Nina paused with her hand over the pack of cigarette when she heard those words. She glanced at Barry with an expressionless look on her face and picked up the tobacco.

"I think we should stop seeing each other......", Barry repeated as she sat on the chair and lit a stick of cigarette. "......stop seeing each other till everything cools off", he continued.

Nina crossed her legs and blew a cloud of smoke with a smirk. She pushed the drapes aside to stare outside the window. Her beautiful face felt the warm rays of the bright morning sunshine as she stared at the roof tops below and the city skyline.

"You didnt come here looking for answers to your problems", Nina then said quietly.

"What do you mean?", Barry asked almost immediately.

Nina shift her gaze away from the window and looked at him. "You came here to tell me that you are done with this relationship......but too much of a coward to say it initially", she said.

"No.....it's just.....", Barry began slowly.

"It's just what?", Nina interrupted him, trying to control her anger. "Things have gotten too hard for you to handle?........you are too scared of my father?", Nina chuckled. "......oh i get it, you are scared of losing your company which is more important to you than any other thing", she scoffed.

"My dear please dont get me wrong", Barry protested. "But think about it.......your father's threat.....and my company......yes you are right about me losing my company. But i'm not being selfish.......this is what i have spent almost thirty years of my life building......i.....i can't just leave it".

Nina listened quietly as Barry continue making poor attempts to explain to her why they should put a temporary stop to their relationship. She smoked and scoffed at every reasons he gave. She just can't believe this man. Some minutes ago, he was almost beating his chest when he told her how she was the woman he had always wanted to be with. Now he is talking about temporary separation when presented with what it will take for them to be together......as he had always wished.

"Barry.......Barry!", Nina cut him short as he keep explaining. "I want you to go", she said quietly.

"What?", Barry looked worried.

"I want you to put on your cloths and get out of here.......and get out of my life".

"Aw come on......do you have to be so dramatic?". Barry came over to where Nina was sitting and placed his hands on her shoulder.

"Take those dirty hands off me or i will complete that mission i failed to do over two decades ago", Nina warned with a cold tone of voice without looking at him.

Barry stared at her as she lit another stick of cigarette and stared out of the window. Then he proceed to put on his cloths quietly. Nina continued staring outside. She was doing so to hide the tears rolling down her cheeks.


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Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 5:28pm On Nov 14, 2015
Nina exit the hotel building and made her way towards the parking lot in the hotel premises. Adjusting her darkshades, she glanced at her wristwatch and saw it was almost 4 pm. And the swiss gold watch brought the thoughts of Barry because it was a birthday gift he gave to her.

After Barry left her in the hotel room, she laid on the floor and wept uncontrollably. She had expected the only man she ever loved to be with her, no matter the situation they find themselves in. Even if it means losing everything, including their lives. Perhaps she was expecting too much from him......and perhaps they being together was just a big mistake. And her thoughts of them getting married some day, an unrealistic dream.

She wept for so long that it drained all her energy so much as to make she sleep on the cold floor, beside the puddle of her own tears. After a few hours she woke up, took a shower and cleaned herself up with a new resolution; never to love or fall in love again. To her, love is a weakness. Love is dead.....f@ck love!.

And as she left the hotel building, she had decided to go back to her old ways and old self; the woman of zero emotions with a bloody and grimy state of mind. This made her to take off the twenty thousand dollar gold wristwatch. She stared at it for a while before throwing it into the trash can in the parking lot. Then she adjusted the left cuff of her shirt and headed towards the white range rover sports parked a few metres away from where she was standing.

As she approached the car, the big man standing beside the car and wearing a black leather trench coat with darkshades, nodded at her. He was her bodyguard. Nina nodded back with a smile when she came over and looked at the man's face.

"What is matter?", Nina asked him when she saw the worried look on his face.

The big man leaned toward Nina. He whispered, "The Sosai is here", to her and shift his gaze behind her.

Nina paused for a few seconds and then looked over her shoulder. She saw a black 2014 Rolls Royce phantom parked not very far from where they are. The car was surrounded by five men all dressed in black suits.

Nina bowed her head with a sigh and pursed her thin lips. Then she looked up at her bodyguard. He looked quite scared as he stared at the Rolls Royce. Nina have never seen him display such emotions and it made him look kind of awkward.

"Max, dont worry", Nina assured the big man and pat him on his big arms and shoulders that look like that of a Mack truck. "Nothing is gonna happen to you", she continued and forced a smile.

"What about you?", the big man asked. He still looked worried despite Nina's words of assurance.

"Oh dont worry about me.....he is my father, isn't he?", she smiled. But she too was worried but didnt show it. And wondered how her father, the Sosai, got to know her whereabout.

Nina left the man and head towards the Rolls Royce with steady strides and an expressionless look on her face. When she came over, one of the men opened the back door of the vehicle and respectfully motioned at her to get inside. Nina did so and saw herself sitting next to an old man who seems to pay no attention to her.

The old man is an average sized fellow in his late sixties but looked deceptively younger. His eyes were very keen despite the eyeglasses he wore and his face had the hard look of a veteran of many battlefields. He had some scars on both hands, though most had faded with age, and a calloused knuckles; evidence of an entire youthful years spent hitting hard surfaces with bare hands and knuckles.

Despite the old man's rather hard image, he was well dressed. He wore a grey designer three piece suit with a dark grey fedora hat that had a black ribbon around it's crown. And a black muffler scarf neatly placed around his broad shoulders. His right "butcher" hand held a walking stick that has a hand grip made of gold and his thumb keep rubbing back and forth on the lion shaped handle.

"Good day father", Nina began and took the old man's left hand. She kissed it respectfully and placed the hand in its original position; the man's left knee.

He didnt respond to the salutation. He just motioned at the driver who bowed politely and brought life to the car engine. The men guarding the Rolls Royce immediately hopped into two other cars, both a black 300c Chrysler, and followed the Sosai's car as it rolled out of the hotel premises, towards the main road. Nina looked through the tinted door glass and saw Max, her bodyguard following them in the Range Rover.

After about ten minutes of being driven to an unknown destination, Nina decided to ask her father what was going on.

"Father where are we going?", she quietly asked the old man.

The old man remained silent for a few seconds. And then said, "I just want to take a ride with my daughter", then he looked at Nina. "I haven't seen you for quite a while my dear.......it like you have being busy", his voice was surprisingly soft for a hard looking old man.

"Yeah father.....i have being very busy recently", Nina tried not to sound nervous.

"Oh really?", the old man murmured and looked away. "Busy doing what?", he asked.

"Handling the family business and running a few things of my own", Nina replied calmly.

"Okay......anyway speaking of the family business, Bernard is in town".

Nina heard the name and stared at the old man in silence. The nervousness she had been hiding started showing on her face.

"He will be taking over all your operations", the old man continued without looking at his daughter.

"When did he came back to the country", Nina asked.

"A couple of weeks ago", the old man replied. "But you were to busy with family business and the few things of your own to know that he is in town".

Nina thought for a while with a downcast gaze. "So what will i be doing if Bernard takes over all my operations?", she then asked and looked at her father.

"I will let you know......but first there is something i want to show you", the old man replied with a faint smile and looked at his daughter. "By the way......are you armed?", he asked.

Nina sighed and dugged her right hand inside her suit jacket. She pulled out the Glock 19 handgun from her shoulder holster and handed the weapon to her father. The old man examined pistol and handed it to the man sitting in the front passenger seat. Then the driver diverted the car from the main road to a minor road leading to a building that looked like a factory.


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Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Mutaino7(m): 7:19pm On Nov 14, 2015
ghen ghen!!!!!! i talk am ... don't pause OP

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Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 11:01pm On Nov 14, 2015
Nina patiently followed the old man around with three of his men as he inspected the machines and other equipments in the meat processing factory. Another man who was dressed in white overalls was showing them around the place. The tag on his breast pocket says he was the company supervisor.

The meat processing plant is one of the many processing companies owned by Nina's father. One of his several enterprises in his vast business empire that stretches across the country. But of all the places Nina wanted to be, the meat processing plants is the last place in her list. She hated the smell of the place. Even though it was kept very clean with regular check ups by the government health workers, the smell of the place never agreed with her sense organ. Maybe it's just her being too sensitive to the peculiar odour of a meat processing factory.

But it was the absence of the workers running the company that got her wondering what was going on. Especially for the fact that the company runs both day and night shifts. And only closes during the weekend or public holiday. Today is neither the weekend nor a public holiday.

"Dont you sometimes marvel at how machines work?", the old man asked as he stopped and inspected one of the big industrial meat grinding machine. "You just set the programs, hit the button and then watch the machine do the job", he continued as he looked at the buttons and the conveyor belt. "It will keep doing the job.....non-stop, no complains or even any disobedience....till something in it breaks down.

The old man looked around the machine, then at Nina and the other men. "Technology......isnt it a marvelous thing?", he asked with a smile.

The supervisor nodded sheepishly while the other men remained silent. Nina gave a faint smile and looked at the machine; a way to avoid looking at her father.

"You said this machine is new?", the old man asked the supervisor.

"Yes sir.....it was installed three days ago after we removed the old one", the supervisor replied with a sheepish look on his face.

"So can you show us how it works?".

"Oh yes sir.... i can do that".

Then the supervisor hurriedly entered the refrigeration and came out, pushing a trolley carrying the boneless hind part of a cow. He hauled the meat onto the conveyor belt and went over to the machine control panel.

"You switch this on", the man switched on the standby button and a low whirring sound was heard. "And then this", he continued and pushed a green button.

The machine came to live with a somewhat loud roar and the converyor started moving. They all watched as the converyor belt fed the beef into the machine and the metallic monster pulverized the steak. The end product was forced through a feed pipe into a waiting container.

"Good......very good", the old man said with a smile as the supervisor turned the machine off. "Why dont you teach my daughter how to operate it", he suggested and looked at Nina. "Why dont you go operate it".

"Oh......no i will just watch you boys play with the new toy", Nina said nervously and gave a faint smile as she looked at her dad with a furrowed eyebrow.

"I'm not asking you......i'm ordering you".

Nina stared at her father and saw the seriousness in his face. She sighed and went over to join the supervisor near the machine control panel. Then the old man whispered at two of his men and they left after bowing respectfully.

"Oh we need to get another beef", the supervisor said rather nervously and turned to go get another beef from the refrigeration room.

"Dont worry we already have one here", the old man said and pointed at the men coming towards them. They were dragging a half n@ked man on the floor as they came over.

The man was Barry Phillips. His hands and feet were tied together tightly. And wore only a boxer. The men came over and dropped him on the floor like he was nothing. Nina didnt look at him nor at the men who brought him. She didnt look at anybody at all, not even her father. She just stared at the buttons in the control panel and said nothing.

"Show my daughter the buttons she need to press", the old man ordered the supervisor who seems to have gotten the idea of what was about to happen.

"First you switch the standby button", the man began, trying to control his trembling hands as he pointed out the button to Nina. "Then you press the green one", beads of sweats started forming on his forehead.

"Thanks.......now you can leave us".

The supervisor looked at Nina and quietly tapped another button before he quickly left the place.

"I want you to stand behind my daughter", the old man ordered one of his men. The man obeyed the order. "Now take out your gun and put it on her head", he ordered again and the man did so.

Then the old man looked at Barry with a scoff. "Put him on the converyor belt", he said to the other men.

The men grabbed Barry, lifted him off his feet and took him to the converyor. As they hauled him onto the converyor belt, he didnt put up any resistance. He just stared at Nina with the look of a man who had resigned to fate.

"I overheard your conversations in that hotel room.......by the way i had the place bugged", the old man began as he paced around Nina. "You seem to forget who i am......you also seem to forget that i have eyes and ears in alot places. And i thought you knew better than meeting that man again", he continued angrily as he stared at his daughter and pointed at Barry. "Anyway you have seen the kind of man he is", the old man muttered and looked at Barry. "And like his father, he is just a worthless lying scum not to be trusted. His father may have fooled me but that was the last time anyone ever tried to fool me".

Then the old man sighed and looked at the man that had a gun pointed at Nina's.

"If i give her an order and she disobeys, shoot her", he ordered the man. The man cocked the handgun and pointed it at Nina's temple with his finger on the trigger.

"Now my dear, i want you to press the standby button", the old man said quietly to Nina.

Nina hesitated abit and moved her hand to the button. The whirring sound started when her finger pressed it.

"Now be a good girl and press the next one".

Nina moved her hand slowly towards the next button and suspended her fingers over the green button.

"Press the next button", the old man repeated.

Nina slowly moved her index finger and placed it on the green button. Then she pressed it.

The roaring sound of the meat grinder took over the air and the converyor belt started rolling, moving Barry towards machine. The old man smiled and stared at Barry as he started making his way to a painful and crushing death. Barry did nothing but keep staring at Nina. Nina didnt look at him. She remained in a downcast gaze as his feet got nearer and nearer to the massive rotating blades that are waiting to mercilessly churn on anything being fed to it.

Suddenly, Nina hit another switch. The one the supervisor had tapped with his finger before he left. The switch killed the operating machine and also stopped the converyor. Barry was about to start losing body parts, starting from his feet before he stopped a few inches away from the massive blades when the conveyor belt finally came to a halt.

Then Nina turned to her father. She had tears rolling down her cheek.

"Father please......", she began, expecting to hear the gun go off and end her life. "Please dont do this to me......to us", she begged.

The old man stared at his daughter with alot of anger. But he motioned at the man holding the gun to lower the weapon. Then he stood infront of Nina and stared at her for a while as she sobbed.

"Oh Nina Nina Nina......you failed me once again", he murmured and shook his head. "You know very well that i never bode well with failures".

"But why are you doing this to me", Nina asked tearfully and looked at her father.

"Do what?, i didnt do anything to you.......rather, you are the one doing it to yourself", the old man replied. Then he got closer to her. "Have you forgotten?, have you forgotten that promise you made?.......i remember that you even swore on your own life that day", he whispered to her as he rubbed her shoulder.

Nina remembered the day he was talking about and recollected what happened that day.


Twenty-three years ago.

The girl left a trail of blood on the polished ceramic floor of the corridor as the men dragged her through it. She wore only a bra and a pant. She looked disheveled, extremely dehydrated and covered with blood. More blood was coming out from the numerous deep wounds on her back and shoulders and it looked fresh. She look like a teenager, probably nineteen years of age. But despite her injuries and the terrible state of health she is in, she still had a defiant look on her blood covered face with hard eyes.

The men dragged her into a spacious empty room and roughly dropped her on the hard floor. She moaned painfully on hitting the floor and made an attempt to get up. Then she looked up and saw a man infront of her, sitting on a chair. His arms where folded as he stared at her with a disgusted look on his face. He was flanked by two other men. One stood near the big screen t.v that was on a table beside them with a remote control in his hand.

The girl glanced at the two men and rested her eyes on the man sitting on the chair. She smiled and spat blood and saliva on the floor.

"Good morning dad......", the girl began as she tried to sit up. "......or should i say good afternoon.....oh....maybe it is evening. Am sorry i have being in that dungeon you kept me for so long that i lost track of time".

The man stared at the girl for a while. "It's like you have also lost your mind little girl", he said to her.

"Perhaps dad......but i havent lost count of the number of men you sent after me", the girl smiled. "And the number that i killed.....last time i checked, the numbers were equal".

"You think this is a game?", the man asked irritatedly.

"I am beginning to think it is one".

The man pursed his lips and motioned at the man holding the remote. The other man pressed a button and switched on the t.v. Then he took out his cellphone and dialled a number.

"I guess your teachers taught you alot about technology in school right?", the man on the chair began and looked at the t.v. screen. "Well, you are about to see it for yourself", he continued.

Then a man sitting on a bench in what seem to be a park appeared on the t.v screen. The man seem lost in thoughts as he sat and watched the kids playing around him and the couples hanging around the place.

"That is a live streaming video of your boyfriend in the park......perhaps waiting for you", the man on the chair said as he stared at the t.v screen. "These days we can sit in the comfort of our home and watch activities going on live in another city or even another country......but the fun part is the camera is attached to a rocket propelled grenade being held by one of my men who had positioned himself on top of a building".

The smile on the girl's face faded immediately when she heard that and stared at the t.v screen.

"So all i have to do is call my man and give him the go ahead", the man continued. "Then we will all watch as that lovely park full of fun activities, go to hell".

Then a woman carrying a baby came over to bench and sat next to the man. He gave the woman a peck and took the baby from her.

"Oh look.......his wife and their new born child have just joined the party", the man sitting on the chair elated and looked at the man with the cellphone. "Is he on the line now?", he asked the man.

"Yes sir......he is waiting for the order", the man with the phone replied.

"Tell him to go ahead",

"No!.......please father dont do this!", the girl screamed.

"Too late my dear.....", the man shook his head. "You should have followed my order and killed that man. Now you gonna be responsible for the death of his wife and kid and every other person in that park",

Then the man turned at the man with cellphone and nodded.

"Father please.......i beg you dont do this", the girl begged. She crawled to the man sitting on the chair and held his feet. "I beg you.......spare him and i will do whatever you want father. I swear on my very own life......please!".

The man heard what his daughter said and motioned at the man with the cellphone to stop.

"You swear on your own life to never ever meet this man again?", he asked her.

The girl nodded vigorously with a defeated look on her face.

The man slowly moved his body from it's relaxed position on the chair and leaned towards the girl. "And what will i do if you ever make the stupid mistake of contacting or trying to contact him?", the man asked again.

"Father, i swear that will never ever happen......kill me if it ever happens", the girl replied.

The man heard it and smiled. Then he glanced at his men and smiled again.

"Okay then, you boyfriend lives, for now.......but i will make sure you never see him again as you promised", the man concluded and got up from the chair. Then he looked at the man with the cellphone. "Call the colonel......ask him when the next batch of soldiers will be leaving", he turned to his daughter. "Prepare her and make sure she is on that plane.......i dont care how you do it..... i want her to be in Congo before this week runs out".


"Do you remember now?", the old man asked Nina. "You made it clear yourself......you said i should kill you", he continued. "I heard the break-up in the hotel room. That's why i brought him here for you to complete the job you fail to do so that i wont have to kill you".

Nina wiped her tears and looked at Barry. He had the look that seems to be telling her that it is okay for her to go ahead and take his life. Nina stared at him for a while and shook her head.

"Father, isn't there anything i could do for you to set him free", she asked the old man with a surprisingly firm voice. "Something i could do to buy his freedom".

"The old man scoffed and shook his head. "Do you want to tell me that you still care for this fool?," he asked. "Even after making it clear to you that he treasures his business more than whatever feelings you have for him?",

"Father, tell me.....is there anything i can do to buy his freedom", Nina asked again.

"Well, my dear am sorry......there is nothing you can do for me", her father replied.

"Father, you sent me to Congo thinking that i will meet my demise there. But against all odds, not only did i make it, i also earned your respect and the respect of all the members of the family", Nina stated. "So what is it that you want that i cannot do?", she asked.

The old man smiled and shook his head again. "Oh now you think this is a game?......", he asked and looked away. Then he thought for a while and looked at Nina. "There is one thing that might earn his freedom", he muttered.

"Father what is it?, please tell me", Nina demanded eagerly.

Then the old man looked at Barry. "His father took something from me", then he looked at Nina. "If you can get it back, then he gets his freedom and i wont bother him again", he continued.

"I will do it......i will find it and get it back for you", Nina said.

"The old man chuckled and pursed his lips.

"Alright.....well in that case, you have seven days to bring it", he then said to his daughter. "Failure to deliver after seven day, i will cut him up and feed him to the pigs", he concluded.

The old man motioned at his men to take Barry away. As they did so, he started heading towards the factory exit. Then he paused and looked at Nina.

"And from now on you are no longer part of the family", he said to her. "So you are no longer under our protection and neither will any member of the family render any kind of help to you.......you are on your own now".

"Father wait!......", Nina called out as the old man turned to leave. "What did his father take from you?", she asked.

"The look on the old man's face suddenly became gloomy when he heard the question.

"His father took my diamonds", he replied and turned away. "Get me my diamonds and your man gets his freedom".


Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 11:08pm On Nov 14, 2015
I hope you all have a lovely weekend......please comment on the story and tell me your thoughts. I need to know if i am doing a good job or......a poor one smiley smiley smiley
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by mzzkismet: 8:12am On Nov 15, 2015
Someone should come save Nina from Ironkurtain and Baba Sosai's hands o.
Oga Ironkurtain, u are doing a great job here. Av a nice weekend
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Mutaino7(m): 9:10am On Nov 15, 2015
you're doing a fantastic work@ OP
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by auwalmandela(m): 9:54am On Nov 15, 2015
Good job OP,Keep it up, may God replenish your effort.
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 10:39am On Nov 15, 2015
Someone should come save Nina from Ironkurtain and Baba Sosai's hands o.
Oga Ironkurtain, u are doing a great job here. Av a nice weekend

grin grin grin
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 10:39am On Nov 15, 2015
Good job OP,Keep it up, may God replenish your effort.

Thanks bro.
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 10:40am On Nov 15, 2015
you're doing a fantastic work@ OP

Thanks for the encouragement.
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Essyprity(f): 1:51pm On Nov 15, 2015
Diamonds?!! The beast treasures diamonds more than his daughter? I hope those diamonds become his undoing. Ironkurtain,u are better organized in this story than d first part. I guess it's something to do with practice. Keep it coming!


Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by princessadeola(f): 8:17pm On Nov 15, 2015
love can do all things... .......lolZZZ. WELDONE OYINPRINCE

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