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Hidden Diamonds / Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) / Dirty Diamonds Of Boko Haram (Part 1) ....By Eze Eke (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Essyprity(f): 7:46pm On Nov 24, 2015
Wow! This kind father sef! I wonder what d boys are going to do seeing they don't hv any idea what these diamonds really are. Biko ironkurtain continue o. Seems u really are very busy of late. Am following like always
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 10:15pm On Nov 24, 2015
Wow! This kind father sef! I wonder what d boys are going to do seeing they don't hv any idea what these diamonds really are. Biko ironkurtain continue o. Seems u really are very busy of late. Am following like always

My dear.......we are very very busy o. I started this story because i thought we wont be that busy (things are usually slow during the winter). Anyway updates will be coming soon.

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Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Jumizie13(f): 10:58pm On Nov 25, 2015
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Orlolahdey(f): 1:32pm On Nov 26, 2015
Ironkurtain, ironkurtain, ironkurtain ooooo..come and update o before I open my eyes
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 9:50pm On Nov 26, 2015
Alex hurriedly made his way through the crowd of people standing infront of the gate of the Philips mansion. He got past the policemen guarding the gate after identifying himself and headed towards the mansion in quick strides. He saw the police yellow tapes around the entrance of the Philips mansion and the forensic team collecting evidence. Spent bullet casings littered all over the place with several patches of bloodstains on the floor.

Alex breath quickened as he approached the entrance and saw five bodies on the ground covered with white sheets. Then a man among the team of policemen inspecting what seems to be the scene of a fatal shooting saw Alex and approached him.

"Mr Alex?", the man asked.

"Yeah thats me", Alex answered eagerly with a horrified look on his face as he stared at the dead bodies on the ground. "What the hell happened", he asked as he made a move to go check the covered dead bodies.

"I am inspector Adams......sir you have to calm down", inspector Adams held Alex after showing him his i.d card.

"What do you mean calm down!", Alex bawled and forced his way through. "What happened to my family!!", he demanded as he made a move to uncover the white sheet of one of the bodies. But several policemen held him back.

"Let him be", inspector Adams ordered the men and they gently left Alex.

"What the hell happened!", Alex asked again as he stood over one of the bodies and stared at it.

"Some unknown gunmen attacked your family's house", the inspector replied.

Alex bent over and gently uncovered the the face of the body on the floor.

"Three of the house helps and the gateman got killed", inspector Adams continued. "But if not for the family chauffeur, the gunmen would have killed more", the inspector looked at another covered body. It had alot of blood around it. "He is dead too.......he died protecting your mother and your brother and sister".

Alex left the dead housemaid he had uncovered to check the body inspector Adam was staring at. He bent over it and slowly uncovered it. And sighed heavily when he saw it was Rogers.

"He stayed alive long enough till we arrived after we got the call of a massive shooting from one of the neighbours".

Alex covered his mouth and shook his head as he stared at the dead man.

"His last words were......'tell my boy that i'm very sorry'.......which boy was he talking about?", inspector Adams demanded.

Alex ignored the question and placed his hand on Rogers head. Then he sat on the ground beside the dead man and buried his face in his hands as he tried to control his emotions.

"My mother and my siblings", he then began and looked up to the inspector standing beside him. "Where are they", he asked with red eyes.

"Inside the house", the inspector replied.

Alex could hear Agnes shouting at the top of her voice and raining curses as he stepped into the living-room. A female police detective was unsuccessfully trying to calm her down. Daniel and Victoria held Nancy's hands and tried to comfort her as she wept uncontrollably. Agnes saw Alex walk into the living-room and regarded him with alot of disdain and anger.

"Yes i'm sure he is one of them!!", she barked and pointed at Alex. "He and his mother!......they must have made the plan with that useless man who calls himself my husband to eliminate us.......", she bawled. "Arrest him!.......arrest that fool!".

Nobody did anything. Agnes continue barking at the policemen present in the living-room to do what she said while the female detective keep reminding her that she has to give some statements on what she had seen during the shootings. Alex ignored Agnes and went over to Nancy who got up and threw her arms around him and wept louder. He hugged and comforted her as much as he could and looked at his siblings. Victoria and Daniel seemed quite happy to see him and nodded at him when he turned his eyes to them.

Alex had gone to the mansion earlier in the day to pick up some documents he needed for Nina's treatment. And told Victoria and Daniel about the shooting when they incessantly demanded what was going on after seeing how frantic he was as he searched his bedroom.

Even though Nina topped their list of the people they hated the most, Alex siblings sympathized with him when he told them that she had been shot. Daniel even offered to accompany him to the hospital which he declined. Before Alex left the house, he told Rogers about the new development and told the man to call if he happen to notice any suspicious activities within or outside the family home.

"What are you people waiting for?!", Agnes almost screamed. "I say arrest that boy......he definitely knows something about those men that attacked us!!......if not one of them!".

"Nobody is getting arrested here!".

Everybody in the living-room turned and saw Eric standing at the entrance door.

"Dude i told you to stay in the car!", Alex began. Then Suzanne rushed into the living-room, almost pushing Eric out of the way. "Aww.....damn!", he sighed and glanced at inspector Adams who also stepped into the room and stared at the family with his arms folded.

Agnes was shocked. Her glare jumped from Eric to Alex, and then back to Eric. Daniel and Victoria stared at Eric with their mouth open despite Suzanne hugging them and tearfully asking them if they are alright. Everyone in the living-room seemed shocked, except Nancy who went over to Eric, saying if he had being in the house, her husband wouldnt had been killed. The female detective who had gotten tired of trying to get a statement from Agnes, gently dropped her weight on one of the sofas and stared at the twins. Not knowing where to begin.

"What the hell is going on here!", Agnes managed to find her voice. "Nancy!, what is the meaning of this?, do you know anything about this?", she asked the cook as she stared at her being comforted by Eric.

"I thought you were out of the country", Victoria said to Suzanne. "And who is this guy?", she asked, pointing at Eric.

"He is.....my twin brother", Alex replied to the question quietly and looked at Eric with a look that says he had just escalated the situation. "We are actually twins.......dad didnt tell you guy that", he continued.

"You.....have a twin brother?", Daniel asked with a furrowed eyebrow. "But why didnt dad tell us?".

"Because your father is a cheap liar!", Agnes barked. Then she turned to the detective. "Now you can see why i am telling you to arrest this boy.......they liars. Both of them and their father as well. They are all liars. And this one that just walked in must have planned with my husband to kidnap my daughter. That's why he lied to us that she had gone out of the country".

"Stop!......mom could you please stop!", Suzanne said to her mother tearfully.

Eric gently sat Nancy on the sofa and started approaching Agnes. Alex immediately went over and stood inbetween them. The three policemen also made a move to intervene but inspector Adams gestured at them to stay put.

"Hey hey......cool it man", Alex said, trying to calm his brother down.

"I just wanna talk to her", Eric said quietly.

"Nah....no need for that", Alex knew that Eric's 'just wanna talk', meant spitting some serious venom. The one that will make the receiver have some serious thoughts about suicide.

"Alex....i just want to speak to her......that's all", Eric said and looked at Alex.

Alex saw the dead serious look on his face and gently stepped aside, hoping that whatever he intends to say doesnt make someone end up dangling from a rope tied around the neck and a suicide note.

Eric stood infront of Agnes and stared at her for a while with an expressionless look on his face. As usual, Agnes remained mute with a somewhat scared look on her face whenever she got stared down at with an unblinking eyes. She doesnt usually get that kind of look from people. And after what happened in Alex's room five years ago, such an expression makes her get worried. Worried for her own safety.

"Can i have a word with you.....in private", Eric then began quietly and kindly.

Agnes stared at him and glanced at the rest in the living-room. "You want to have a word with me?", she asked.



Then Eric got closer to Agnes who backed away abit and whispered something in her ear. Agnes heard it and looked at him with a surprised look on her face.

"So are you willing to hear what i want to tell you?", Eric then asked.

Agnes stared at him for a few seconds and glanced at the inspector who shrugged with a gesture that says he is okay with it. She looked at Victoria and Daniel who stared back at them and wondered what was going on between their mother and that person who looks exactly like Alex.

"Why don't we go upstairs", Eric continued and started ascending the stairs leading to the bedrooms. Agnes hesitated abit and reluctantly followed him upstairs. Alex stared at them as they left and heaved a sigh of relief. He thought something nasty was about happen.

He had seen the look on Eric's face on their way to the mansion and knew that his brother was in a very bad mood. And after he seeing their mother lying in the hospital bed with bandages, trying to survive the attempt made on her life, he was probably making his plans. Not plans on the type of action to take because he always had that in mind. But plans on how to carry out the action; the meanest way and the intensity of the savagery to put in the work.

Alex had tried to calm him down in the car. And tried to convince him that the situation is best solved quietly, just as their mother had wanted. Only for them to arrive in the Philips' house and find out that Rogers, the family chauffeur and Eric's good friend had been murdered in cold blood.

After about five minutes of Alex's anxious glances at the stairs and his siblings trying to comfort their heartbroken cook, Eric descended down to the living-room quietly. Agnes followed him behind. She was very quiet with a downcast gaze and a somewhat moody look on her face as she stepped into the livingroom. She paused and glanced at everyone. Then she looked at the female detective.

"I am ready to make my statement", Agnes said to the woman and gently dropped her weight on the sofa.

Alex stared at Eric as he went over to the Nancy with a look that demanded what he had to the woman upstairs. Eric hugged Nancy and wiped the tears in her.

"Don't worry.......those men gonna pay for what they did", he assured her and then headed towards the door of the living-room.


Alex slided into the driver seat of the Genesis sedan and slammed the door shut. He heaved a sigh and glanced at Eric sitting on the passenger seat beside him. Eric was staring ahead with an expressionless look on his face.

"Do you think it is the Sosai", Alex asked and also stared ahead. "Do you think he is going.......nuclear......just as mom said he would if he finds out about us and who our father is?".

Eric didnt reply the question.

"I thought he gave us seven days to bring the diamonds he wanted", Alex continued. "Why would he wanna kill everybody?", he said with some fear in his voice.

Eric sighed. "The last time i called Rogers......", he began slowly. ".......he was so happy.......because Nancy was carrying his baby. He wanted me to be his baby's godfather.......i told him i will pay him a visit by the end of this month", then Eric frowned. "Only to see him today, lying on the ground in the pool of his own blood", he muttered.

"We have to meet our grandfather and see if we can.......", Alex began.

"Dude cant you see this situation is not one of those negotiating assignments mom always send you to do", Eric interrupted him. "And neither is it those jobs in which the target doesnt know what is coming till it hits him.........this is a major crisis going on and diplomacy should be the last thing in mind".

"I understand what you mean.......but this is the Sosai Family that we are talking about", Alex looked at his brother. "Eric i am very scared", he said with a sad tone of voice. "You have seen what his men had done......and what they are capable of doing. Let's just solve this sh!t going on the way mother had wanted it to be solved.......let's meet the old man..... and negotiate", he concluded.

"Well i ain't negotiating!!", Eric barked out angrily and glared at Alex. "Those motherfuckers are out for blood and i am more than willing to take theirs by the gallons!"

Alex stared at Eric. He had never seen his twin brother get so pumped up and furious. Eric sighed and looked away.

"Alex, now is the time", Eric continued. "The time mother had always told us about......the time she had been preparing us for", then he placed his hand on Alex's shoulder. "The time has come and so is our moment of truth......I dont know about you man, but i am ready for war".

Then Alex took out Nina's cellphone from the pocket of the black jacket he wore. He stared at the device for while and looked at Eric.

"I still strongly suggest that we set up a meeting with the old man", he said. "Try to see if we can sort things out".

"What if it doesnt work out and he decides to kill us right where we are standing", Eric asked.

"Well it's better than staying alive and watch your loved ones die and you being unable to do anything about it",

"Dude you know very well that i ain't going down without a fight"

"Then we kill as many as we can before they drop us" Alex handed the smartphone to Eric. "You know the password to unlock it".

Eric stared at the device for a while and started working his fingers on it's screen. He unlocked the phone and proceed to the contact list. Then he dialled a number and handed the phone back to Alex when the line started ringing.

"Carson cleaners company, please how can i help you?", a jovial female voice answered the call.

"I want to speak to the Sosai", Alex demanded.

The voice paused for a few seconds. And asked, "You want to speak to who".

"To the Sosai himself", Alex replied, hiding the nervousness in his voice.

"Sir there is nobody here by that name.....i think you called the wrong.....",

"Lady, i f@cking know who and where i called because i am the son of the owner of this phone", Alex almost barked. "So cut the bullsh!t and just put me through......tell him it is Nina's son.....",

Alex paused and listened to what Eric was whispering into his ears.

"Tell the Sosai that we got his diamonds......tell him to give us a location to meet", Alex then continued.

"Hold on", the jovial female voice suddenly became a hard one.

"After what seems to be a very long pause, the female voice came back.

"Tomorrow at the Easthill cemetary......11 am prompt.", the female on the other line said in a matter-of-fact voice. "Bearing arms will attract serious consequences......you are warned".

The call ended before Alex could say any other thing. Then he looked at Eric.

"He wants to meet", he said with a nod. He smirked as he thought for a while. "By the way which diamonds are you talking about?", he asked Eric with furrowed eyebrows.

"I have some......but i have a different intention for meeting that old man", Eric replied.

"Huh?", Alex stared at his brother surprisingly. "Dude please dont do anything funny because that man can kill us without even batting an eye", he sighed and rested his hands on the car steering wheel. "I hope we can convince him to have a change of mind", then Alex looked at Eric. "By the way, what did you say to Agnes that made her mellow down and even agree to our suggestions that she, Daniel and Victoria should leave the country till everything cools off", he asked. "You turned her from someone who was screaming damnation at us to someone who is so willing to cooperate with us......how did you do that?".

"Well......i told her that i know Suzanne's real father is not Barry", Eric replied. "And i also told her that i know where Suzanne's real father is living, or rather hiding......and unless she wants me to make him sing a tune Barry and the lawyers in the divorce court would love to listen to before being handed to the authorities for another different case, then she better calm down for her sake and for the sake of everyone else".

Alex shook his head and murmured, "A goddamn nemesis". Then Suzanne opened the back door and slide into the backseat of the car. The boys glanced at each other and stared at her like they have never seen her before.

"What?", she began with a noncommittal voice and glanced at them. "I am coming with you guys........you cant leave me with them", she muttered.

"Them?.....your mother and your elder brother and sister?", Alex asked.

"Just drive......as long as her mind is made up there is nothing you can do about it", Eric sighed. We will drop her off at the hospital to stay with mother".

"So where are we going now?", Alex asked as he brought life to the engine of the car.



Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by dominicnuel(m): 2:33am On Nov 27, 2015
action n suspense filled pls can u mk ur updates regular
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 2:38am On Nov 27, 2015
action n suspense filled pls can u mk ur updates regular

My apologies for the slow updates......work related issue is taking up all my time but i will still try as hard as i can to make it regular.
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Osaze20091: 6:34am On Nov 27, 2015
I swear that Eric na very bad bad Guy...when Eric declear a war,War it is then...i salute you bro
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by boladex1: 8:36am On Nov 27, 2015
The sosai has declare the war and i said let the war begins and i am betting on Eric winning the battle and the wAR.

Ironkurtain thanks for the update
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 10:25am On Nov 27, 2015
Gus picked up the couple of glasses half filled with brandy and crossed the spacious livingroom to the sofa. He handed one to Hector and the leather sofa crinkled as he dropped his weight on it. Both men sipped their liquor in silence. Gus crossed his legs and glanced at the five bodyguards in the room; Three were his and the remaining two belonged to Hector, who was sitting opposite him. Then he crossed his leg and gazed at the news being broadcasted on the 50 inches wall mounted flat panel t.v.

Hector drank his shot and stared at Gus intently. He was summoned after his men had failed to accomplish the tasks given to them. He blamed Santos, his associate. Sometimes that man takes things for granted and end up making careless mistakes. But Santos told him they werent well informed.

"Your men seem to be finding it difficult to accomplish the tasks given to them", Gus began quietly without looking at Hector. "Care to explain this situation?", he asked.

"Just some strings of unforseen circumstances", Hector sighed as he leaned to his side to set his glass on the side table beside the sofa. "And the second task wasn't accomplished because of the tracker your 'invisible man' gave us. It placed the subject in his family's house but when my men got there, he wasnt there.

"Then what happened?......because from what i saw in the news, your men left some collateral damages".

"The family chauffeur........he got suspicious....somehow he got the wind of our plan and acted. He over powered and killed one of our men......Santos had no choice but to eliminate every witness. But the chauffeur gave the boys some tough time even though he was hit several times. He kept shooting till Santos and the guys had to leave on hearing the police sirens".

"And.....what about the first task?", Gus asked and looked at Hector.

"Our man was about to complete the job before the second subject showed up from nowhere", Hector replied.

"So?", Gus raised his eyebrows. "Your men could have killed both subjects immediately......there is no reason for them to still be alive now", he continued, waving his index and middle fingers at Hector.

Hector felt insulted by the finger gesture. "Well he shot one of my men twice.......the rest panicked because they didnt expect to be shot at", he said calmly. "They had to flee the scene because they didnt know who was shooting at them or how many they were",

Gus exhaled and turned his attention to the bright t.v screen on the wall.

"Anyway the tracker showed that subject is on the move again, probably the second one", Hector continued. "It made a stop at the general hospital where we are sure the first subject is at, probably in the morgue or recovering. We intend to......",

"The 'invisible man' is not happy with your progress", Gus interrupted. "He thought that the task should have being completed by now......but you are disappointing him", he sighed.

"And what about our 'wonder-boy'?", Hector asked with a smirk. "I am yet to hear any progress made by him in his own mission", he was talking about Dante.

"Dante is a very careful man", Gus replied. "Makes his plans carefully and he goes through his strategy over and over again so as to perfect it in order to avoid any unnecessary mistakes and slip ups......unlike some people".

Then Gus gave Hector a stern look. And said, "There is a good history between the both of us Hector......that's why i recommended you for this job. But when you start disappointing my business partner, you start disappointing me.......and that kind of disappointment, my friend, will make me start forgetting our friendship".

"Gus don't worry.....like i told you, it was just an unforeseen circumstance", Hector said with a smile. "We know where the subject is right now and i will tell Santos to get the men ready".

Gus sighed again and turn his gaze back to the t.v. "He said we shouldn't make any move on any of the subjects for now till he gives the order", he muttered. "But you have to tell your men not to get ready.......but to stay ready!", he said the last words quite loud. Then he stood up and looked at Hector. "Make sure you send the professionals.....not just men who are good with guns", he concluded and left the leader of the murder gang, telling him to leave whenever it pleases him.

Hector stared at Gus as he left the livingroom with his bodyguards and smirked. Then he brought out his cellphone and called Santos to inform him of the new development.


Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Essyprity(f): 11:54am On Nov 27, 2015
Wow! More! More!! More!!!
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by waslek(m): 4:20pm On Nov 27, 2015
This is geting badest. More mb 2 ur data
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by princessadeola(f): 10:36pm On Nov 27, 2015
whao, d man has gone too far and he will see d anger of Eric.
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 3:31pm On Nov 28, 2015

11:05 am the next day.

The cloudy and windy morning weather that rustled the leaves of the trees in Easthill cemetary gave the quiet graveyard an eerie kind of feel. The place looked gloomy and dreadful with all the gravestones that seem infinite in their number. Some were either tumbled, broken or had their inscriptions worn out. The place smelled of decaying leaves and death.

Eric and Alex stood under a tree, aloof from the funeral going and watched the priest conclude the burial rites. The reverend father closed his bible and the casket got lowered into the ground; the deceased being laid to rest. The living relatives, all dressed in black, shook hands and hugged one another before heading towards their waiting cars.

Alex sighed as he watch them leave and shifted his weight from one foot to the other as he glanced around the cemetary. He was feeling quite uneasy being in that kind place. It gave him the creeps. Eric stood still with his hands in the side pockets of his black jeans and wore a black grey cardigan over a white tee shirt to keep himself warm. Alex was also casually dressed in an all black outfit.

"So what is the old man's game huh?", Alex asked Eric with uneasiness in his voice as he kept glancing around the cemetery. "Is he trying to tell us that this is where we gonna get relocated if we try to play games with him?".

Eric didn't answer the question. He just keep watching the cemetary grounds-keepers covering up the casket that just got put in the ground with dirt. Then Alex dug his hand into the inner pocket of his black jacket and took out a pack of cigarette. Eric stared at him as he took out a stick and a lighter.

"I thought you quit smoking", Eric said as Alex lit the tobacco and took a drag.

"Dude i'm stressed out right now", Alex murmured and blew a cloud the wind redirected to Eric's face. "And this f@cking place is not helping either", Alex waved the cigarette bearing hand at the gravestones.

"Still on that sh!t too?",

"You mean marijuana weed?, no man am done doing that.......why do you care if am still using it or not?, by the way it was you who introduced me to it".

"You were about to lose your virginity and came to me for something to boost your confidence".

"And i almost got addicted to it", Alex muttered and took another drag.

"Well i thought it would be a one-time experience", Eric sighed. "But i didnt know you would make the wrong decision of relocating your brains to that organ inbetween your legs.....and want to use more because according to you, it makes you get the best feelings".

"Well it's still make you get the best feelings......dont you think so?", Alex asked and smiled weakly. "Beside that was how that rich girl in Metrocity made you lose your virginity to her......why dont you try it and go meet your ex......am sure she wouldn't mind letting you hit it one more time".

"Yes but now there is a high possibility of us getting relocated to this place......and i don't think p@ssy and getting high should be the things on our mind", Eric said and trying not to think about what Liz did to him on his seventeenth birthday.

Alex took one more drag and dropped the cigarette on the ground. After stepping on it to extinguish it's flame, he looked up and saw a man approaching them. He looked quite built and in his mid forties. He wore a well ironed expensive black suit with eye glasses. He had a friendly look on his face.

"Good day boys.....", the man began with a friendly voice as he approached. ".....i hope we didnt keep you waiting", he continued with a smile.

"It's them", Eric whispered to Alex who stared at the man as he approached and cautiously glanced around the cemetary. "First, they come with the smiles and friendliness.......then they give you hell if you disagree with them", Eric continued with an expressionless look on his face.

The man stood infront of the brothers and stared at them for a while.

"It's good to finally meet you boys....", the man then said. ".....and i......wow you boys really resemble your mother.....and stare like her", he continued with a smile.

"Who are you?", Alex asked him.

"Well i am......",

"Mr Bernard......", Eric interrupted the man and looked at Alex. "He is known as Number two.....and the asshole who replaced mother after the Sosai kicked her out", he continued and looked at the man.

The man stared at Eric. "Your mother taught you well", he said calmly and nodded. "But your beef is not with me.....i am just working for the big guy....and obeying his orders.......the thing that Nina, your mother failed to do". Then he got closer to Eric and Alex. "If she had told me what was going on, i might have helped", he whispered. "By the way, how is she?", he asked.

"Getting better....and a good reminder that the Sosai has failed miserably", Eric answered rudely. Alex nudged him and told him to keep his cool. "So where is the 'big guy'?", he asked.

The man smirked. "Follow me", he said and started walking. "Oh by the way i hope none of you is carrying a piece", he asked as they walked.

"No we are not armed", Alex replied.

"Neither do i need one to f@ck him up......even though he is armed", Eric whispered at Alex.

"Is he?", Alex asked with a whisper.

"A hand gun....probably a semi-auto........in a holster on his left side", Eric answered. "The suit looks slightly uneven on that side".

The man lead them through the cemetery to a grassy empty plot of land with some trees. Eric could see several cars park ahead and sensed something around them, something moving. But he calmly followed the man.

As they approached the cars, several men dressed in black suits with darkshades came out from behind the trees and followed them. Alex saw them and got extremely nervous. The men where quite hefty and Alex counted ten of them. He kept glancing at Eric as they followed Bernard to see if he could get any clue from him about their situation. Eric already knew about those men and where each and every one of them was hiding. And also knew that if they remained calm, nothing is going to happen to them. Unless the Sosai decide that today is their last day on earth.

As they approached the cars, he fixed his gaze on one of them, a black Rolls Royce phantom parked in the center with the rest, three black Chevy suburban suvs, surrounding it.When they reached a few feet away from the Rolls Royce, Bernard stopped and looked at them.

"Wait here", he then said to them and walked towards the Rolls Royce.

Alex and Eric watched as Bernard went over to the car and said something to the man standing near the back door. The man nodded and opened the door. He extended his hand to help the old man coming out of the car but the old man waved it off.

The old man got out and glanced around the place. "This place brings alot of memories", he said and took a deep breath of the air with his eyes closed. Then he looked at Bernard. "I witnessed alot of people get killed here, Mr Bernard.......Even where we are standing right now once had it soil made muddy with people's blood.....alot were friends and alot more were enemies", he smiled.

Then he inhaled the air again and turned his eyes at the twins and gave them a condescending smile. Bernard handed the old man his walking stick and followed him as he slowly walked towards Alex and Eric.

"Please do keep your cool man", Alex murmured at Eric. "And let me do the talking".

Eric said nothing. He was busy staring at the old man as he approached them.

The old man stood infront of them and studied each of them from head to toe. He had his eyes mostly on Eric who didnt shift his gaze from the old man at all.

"Hm....this is interesting", the old man began in his soft voice as he stared at Eric. "It is very hard to tell who is who from the both of you......though i never had the time to study your pictures to see if i can see any differences......anyway since you are the sons of my enemy and whose mother is my daughter, what the hell am i suppose to call you boys?", he asked.

"Try grand enemies", Eric replied. Alex sighed and looked at him. "Yeah......especially for a man who wants to kill his own daughter and the father of her own children", he continued. "What i dont understand is why do you want to hurt every other persons they have had contact with?, those people are all innocent of whatever Barry's father had done to you.

The old man smiled and looked around the place. "Your mother didn't tell you that she was the one who brought it upon herself", he asked Eric, still looking around. "She made a promise not to meet your father and i promised not to harm him. She broke her promise.......i broke mine too. So young man, am i in anyway a bad man?"

"Perhaps it is because you are an old timer that's why you dont know that there is something called 'moving on'....", Eric sneered.

"Eric.....", Alex began nervously.

"Anyway......", Eric continued and ignored Alex. "......maybe it's because you have gotten lost somewhere in world history.....so let me keep you up to date......first my mother is no longer nineteen years of age.....she is almost in her mid forties, Mr Sosai. A decade past the age she can make any decision without giving two f@cks about what anybody thinks, especially you. Secondly, we are in a millenium where humanity hardly frown at same sex marriages. So getting all riled up because your daughter is seeing the son of the man whom you had problems with as far back as during the ripe young age when boys begin their quest of wolfing down countless beers and banging queefs out of as many LovePeddler as the number of times they had brushed their teeth, is just laughable......and quite embarrassing".

Alex stared at Eric; his mouth had run dry. He just stared at his twin brother and waited for the Sosai to give the order to have them blown to kingdom come and relocate their bodies to the cemetery. The old man just stared at Eric with a smile on his face while Bernard keep glancing at the old man with a furrowed eyebrow.

"But that doesn't mean you should send some men to have my mother gunned down", Eric said with a frown on his face. "Or send them to shoot up Barry's house and kill those innocent people".

The old man's smile slowly faded away. He glanced at Alex and stared at Eric again. Then Eric dug his hand into his jean pocket. All the men immediately drew out their weapons and pointed it in his direction. Alex slowly raised his hands as he stared at all kinds of automatic weapons pointing at him.

Eric gently pulled his hand out of his pocket to reveal the small pouch he was holding.

"The diamonds.....", he began and showed it to the old man. "It may not be the one Barry's dad took from you but these ones are the rarest and there is a considerable amount.......enough for my mom and dad's freedom", he continued.

The old man nodded at Bernard who then went over and looked at Eric before collecting the pouch from him. He dipped his fingers in it and took out the gem stone. He studied it carefully before putting it back into the pouch that contain about ten of them and handed it to the old man.

The old man held the pouch away from his face and stared at it for a while. Then he looked at Eric with a smile on his face and handed it back to Bernard.

"Give it back to him", he ordered Bernard.

Bernard glanced at the old man and went over to where Eric stood. He examined the diamonds again and looked at Eric with an expressionless look on his face. Then he face lit up with a forced smile and he handed the pouch back to Eric. The old man shook his head and motioned at the men who started entering the chevy SUVs.

"Arent you gonna take it?", Eric asked as the old man was about enter the Rolls Royce.

The old man paused and looked over his shoulder. "You just wasted my time......and i could have killed you for that", he said to Eric. "But i know better than doing that.......what you showed me is not diamonds. Go get my diamonds......and now you have only six days", the old man concluded and handed Bernard his walking stick to enter the car. Then he paused again and looked at Eric. "I didn't order the hit on your mother. I never ordered any hit on anybody. Ask your mother who shot her. She was in the habit of carrying out unauthorized hits and made alot of enemies".

Eric stared at the old man with a surprised look on his face when he heard what he just said. The Sosai slided into the car and the convoy rolled out, leaving the boys and a cloud of dust behind.


Alex dropped his weight wearily on the drivers seat and slammed the door. He stared at Eric as he sat on the passenger seat beside him and heaved a sigh.

"Dude i just feel like punching you in the face till i break my knuckle bones on it", Alex began as Eric shut the door and buckled up his seatbelt. "Are you out of your f@cking mind?........yes i know you are out of your f@cking mind 26 hours a day.......but you have taken it too far".

"It is 24 hours", Eric corrected.

"I said 26 hours because even if God decides to add two more hours to see if you will act normal for just two f@cking hours, you will end up disappointing Him!", Alex retorted. "Thank heavens that we are still alive after all those sh!ts you said to him", he sighed.

"Why do you say so?", Eric asked with indifference.

"What?, dude that man is one of this continent biggest black mob!!", Alex said out loud.

Then he placed his hands on the steering wheel and rested his head on it. After a few seconds he raised his head and looked at Eric.

"Anyway are you thinking what i am thinking?", Alex asked his brother.

"Yeah......some f@cking foul play going on here", Eric replied. "Atleast we now know that it wasn't the Sosai's doings, even though he still got dad. Someone else wants mother dead. Someone who knows about her and dad......and us too".

"Well.......", Alex brought life to the car engine. ".......we have to find out who that person is", he murmured and hit the gas pedal.


Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by princessadeola(f): 7:43pm On Nov 28, 2015
Weldone. can't wait for more
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by boladex1: 9:53pm On Nov 28, 2015
Luv Eric way of doing things and am sure sosai will respect him.
Who wants them dead

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Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by segsbenks(m): 6:42pm On Nov 29, 2015
waow!its getting hotter,cnt wait for d next update.more plssssssssssssssssssssss!
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Osman1996(m): 11:35pm On Dec 01, 2015
let it keep going me gbadun it nigga
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by boladex1: 7:27am On Dec 03, 2015
Checking for update
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 12:09pm On Dec 03, 2015
Checking for update

Lol......i dont know how to apologize for the late updates........it is the seasons so i have been crazy busy. But by saturday night, it will be ready. Pls bear with me.
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by boladex1: 12:57pm On Dec 03, 2015
Saturday night is about hours away, no wahala we are waiting.


Lol......i dont know how to apologize for the late updates........it is the seasons so i have been crazy busy. But by saturday night, it will be ready. Pls bear with me.
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by labaski(f): 4:58pm On Dec 03, 2015

Lol......i dont know how to apologize for the late updates........it is the seasons so i have been crazy busy. But by saturday night, it will be ready. Pls bear with me.
ok we'll be waiting. God be with u.
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by shegs2009(m): 8:03pm On Dec 04, 2015

Lol......i dont know how to apologize for the late updates........it is the seasons so i have been crazy busy. But by saturday night, it will be ready. Pls bear with me.
Take ur time bro but make ur update worth d wait*if u know wat i mean*
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 2:03pm On Dec 05, 2015
The old man stared out of the window of the black Rolls Royce in the convoy heading to the destination he had ordered them to go. He was lost in thoughts. The distant gaze in his eyes confirmed it. And he looked quite bothered, no matter how he tried to hide it from his men and from his number two.

Mr Bernard, the number two man in the organization and the person in charge of their operations overseas is in the front passenger seat. He was reading the financial report of one of his companies from a file. But the old man didn't hear a single word of what he had being saying.

The old man sighed and looked at the handle of his walking stick; a golden lion with one of its paw on a globe. He studied it as he slowly ran his thumb back and forth on it.

It was a family symbol; his family symbol. A family once known for breeding warriors, both heros and villians. Warriors that were hunters and served as the king's guards in the old times to fearsome soldiers and war mercenaries in the modern times. A family with a long line of men and women who had spilled blood, guts and wasted countless lives throughtout history. And also a family of people who lived short lives. Most died in a horrible and violent way, either by the hands of an enemy or that of a fellow relative. The family curse.

None of the family member lived a long normal and peaceful life. From being in the frontline in a battlefield, bringing death to the enemy during conflicts to hunt monsters or protecting people from them in time of peace. Generations after generations got wasted, but some lived long enough to have offsprings who grew up, only to continue the family business. And the cycle continued.

But it was the civil war that was fought in the country about fifty years ago that totally decimated the family. The conflict divided the family and sides had to be taken.

By the time the peace accord was signed, after more than five years of a protracted bloodshed in an enormous scale, only one member survived. A teenage rebel soldier. And if the history of the war was written correctly, he was the one that planned and lead the attack that changed its outcome. But as usual, it was the top brass in the rebel army that took all the accolades. It made the boy swore never to serve any man again just aa his father and forefathers did. So he broke out and started a local street gang. One that used the type of viciousness his family was known for. And as the years went by, the gang grew to become the biggest and most powerful mafia in the continent.

That teenage rebel soldier is the old man sitting in the Rolls Royce phantom. And now one of the wealthiest man in the country. He could have being the president of the country. But he chose to be the kingmaker, the power behind the throne. He had installed two heads of states and brought one down like it was nothing.

Now, sitting in a luxury car specially made for him, he is staring at the handle of his walking stick. And asking himself what's the point for this kind of cruel and deadly lifestyle the family had chose to live and keep on living.

"......so thirty percent increase in profits in the third quarter shows that the oil company is doing very well", Bernard concluded. He closed the file and looked at the old man. "I think the company board of directors are doing a very good job", he continued. "I think they took the ultimatum you gave them quite serious".

Then the old man sighed. "Do you think am being too hard on them?", he asked, still staring at handle of his walking stick.

"Sir you mean the board of directors?, of course not!", Bernard replied. "They are not being paid to sit around doing nothing and attend every party the company sponsors".

"No......", the old man looked at Bernard. "......i mean Nina and that her......man friend or whatever he is", he said. "Do you think i am being to hard on them?", he asked.

Bernard closed the file and placed it on his laps. "People might say you went too far......especially Nina being your own daughter", he began quietly. "But to command respect, you have make sure that everyone follow the rules that you make. And also make an example of whoever breaks any of them......even if the person is your daughter.

Bernard paused to take a deep breath and exhaled gently.

"Nina disobeyed you sir......and i think she deserves whatever punishment you gave her", he continued. "Besides she did something you forbade her to do......which is having interaction with an enemy. Sir, if the Family under bosses know that you are having second thoughts about your decision on her, how much more you making the decision to be lenient on her, then they will think you are getting weak. With time you will start losing your control over them and the organization in general".

The old man sighed and stared out of the car window.

"What that brat said to me.......", he murmured and stared at the scenery that flashed by as the car cruised the road. "......i hate to admit it, but he got a point.......maybe am holding on to this grudge for too long", then he looked at Bernard. "But i just cant let go.......not after what that man's father did to me".

"Sir you should have taken care of that fool right there and then", Bernard said. "He disrespected you infront of your men.......do you want me to take care of him?", he asked.

"No", the old man waved it off. "Besides, what i had expected to see is not what i saw".

"What do you mean sir", Bernard asked.

"I thought i would see two fools who would probably wet themselves on seeing me. Apart from the other one who seemed scared because he saw they were out numbered, that one that spoke to me.......he is something else. And that look in his face.......", the old man sighed thoughfully. "......it reminded me of what i saw each time i stared in the mirror, during my youthful days......those bloody days", he murmured. Then he looked at Bernard. "I need more bodyguards.....the best in this country", he ordered.

"Sir, i suggest we eliminate them immediately if you......", Bernard began.

"Just do what i said!.....i dont need your suggestions now!", the old man interrupted irritatedly.

"But sir, our men are the best in this country.....we train the best security in this country", Bernard said.

"Then train more!......and make sure they get the best and hardest training".

"Yes sir"

"And i want you to get all the informations on those boys, especially that one that was talking tough.....i want to know every goddamn thing about him.....where he eats, the people he had being with, even what he is thinking. I want everything".

"I will be on it immediately sir".

The old man pursed his lips and exhaled gently while Bernard made a call with his cellphone. Then he picked up the book lying beside him and started reading. It title says "MY SUPER VILLIAN", written by Lisa Richard.



Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 2:07pm On Dec 05, 2015
9 : 45 pm.

The elevator reached the thirteenth floor and the door slide open. Eric and Alex got off with two nurses and they walked along the corridor of the General hospital private ward with the twins following the nurses behind. The nurses were talking in a low tone and going through their files. While the twins casually but cautiously monitored every activities going on in the corridor and everyone that passed them. Then the nurses entered a room and closed the door. Eric and Alex continue walking, heading towards another room.

"This place is safe", Alex began when they stood infront of the door of a private. "I dont think she gonna need that", he said and pointed at the black duffle bag slunged on Eric's shoulder.

"We still have to take every necessary precautions", Eric murmured as Alex knocked on the door and quietly opened it.

They entered the room and saw Suzanne and Esther sitting beside Nina and discussing quietly. Both of them turned to the boys when they entered the room.

"How is she doing?", Alex asked and stared at his mother lying in the bed.

"Her condition has improved alot", Esther replied. "But yet to wake up from her coma.......the doctor said it is better she remained in a coma to help her heal faster......and also not to experience the pains because there's alot of it, especially for someone with multiple gunshot wounds".

Eric unsling the bag and gave it to Suzanne. She felt its content and nodded at Eric. He did the same and stared at Nina in silence.

"So how did it go with your grand father?", Esther asked as she glanced at the bag Eric just gave to Suzanne.

"The old man said what we gave him are not diamonds", Alex sighed.

"But......you gave him diamonds right?",

"Of course they were real diamonds and among the rarest. But he didn't take it........he didnt even look at it. Now we have only six days.....and dad's situation getting worse".

Esther sighed. "So what are we going to do?", she asked and looked at Eric. "Are you sure that man is talking about diamonds or something else?", she asked again.

"That, we are still trying to find out", Eric said. "But there is another problem we have".

"What problem?", Suzanne asked.

"It wasnt the old man that sent those men who shot mother.....and the people that killed Rogers and our house helps", Alex replied. "Someone else is doing that and we still dont know who that person is", he continued.

"Oh God", Esther muttered and rubbed her head. Then she looked at Nina. "What kind of people was she dealing with?", she asked, still staring at the woman in the bed.

Then they heard a knock on the door. Eric glanced at Esther and Suzanne and cautiously went to the door. He opened it and saw Lisa standing infront of him.

Eric stared at her for a few seconds with a furrowed eyebrows and then looked at the rest in the room, with a look on his face that demanded for an explanation as to why his ex girlfriend is standing before him.

"Hi Eric", Lisa began as both of them stared at each other.

"What are you doing here?", Eric managed to ask.

"I called her", Esther put in and got up. "I had to let her know what was going on. That's why i called her".

"How is she?", Lisa asked and peered into the room.

"Recovering as much as she can", Eric replied and motion at her to come inside.

Lisa entered and gave both Esther and Suzanne a hug. Then she stood beside Nina's bed and stared at the wounded woman with a sad look.

"Oh my God", she murmured and looked at Nina from head to toe. Then she looked at Eric. "I heard what happened to Rogers.....how is Nancy doing?", she asked.

"Heart broken", Eric sighed and bowed his head. "And she is carrying his baby in her womb", he continued with a downcast gaze.

"Those animals", Lisa muttered and wiped the tears welling up in her eyes. "Why all these violence?".

Alex hissed and quietly head towards the door.

"Where are you going", Eric asked.

"I wanna go get me a drink", Alex replied and shook his head. "This diamonds that the old man wants.......trying to figure out what it is or even where it is, is giving me alot of headache", he muttered and reached for the door knob.

"Wait!......", Suzanne picked up Nina's cellphone that was being charged and waved it at Alex. "You have to take aunty's phone".

"Give it to Eric", Alex said wearily as he opened the door. "Check if there is anything in that phone that will help us", he said and left the room.

"I had to charge it because the battery just keep running down fast", Suzanne said and handed the phone to Eric. "Maybe the phone developed some kind of a fault".

Eric glanced at the phone and switched it off before sliding it into his back pocket.

"Suzanne, you will have to stay here with Nina. I take mother to a safe place where she will spend the night", he then said.

"No i can stay here with Suzanne", Esther protested.

"Mother, i insist.......you look very tired and i want you to get alot of rest", Eric said.

"Aunty, Eric is right", Suzanne added. "You should rest......i can handle it alone".

Esther sighed and nodded. Then Lisa went over to Eric.

"Can i speak to you in private", she asked Eric.

Eric glanced at Esther and Suzanne. And said, "Okay......lets go out",

Both of them remained silent while sitting on the chair outside the hospital room. Perhaps waiting for who should be the first to say something. Lisa decided to be the person after the silence seemed to be getting longer.

"So how are you doing?", she asked Eric without looking at him.

"Am okay.....except for this situation we are having now", Eric murmured his response, and also not looking at her.

Lisa sighed. "How long has it being now?", she asked again, looking at Eric this time.

"What do you mean?".

"I mean......how long has it being since we broke up".

"Well, six months......by the way, is this why you wanted to talk to me in private?", Eric demanded impatiently and still not looking at Lisa. "I thought i made it clear to you".

"Yeah you made it clear......that you were done with me", Lisa said quietly.

"And i gave you my reasons.....you can see one of them in that room", Eric jerked his thumb at the door of Nina's hospital room. "It is very dangerous for you to be hanging around with me. I wanted you to be safe that's why i broke up with you".

"I understand......but.....".

"But what?".

"I.....i really miss you alot Eric".

Eric sighed uncomfortably and looked a Lisa. She looked prettier than the last time he saw her. She added a little bit of weight, her curves had gotten lovelier and her bossom seems to have gotten a bit bigger. Her face is strikingly beautiful as ever with her hazel coloured eyes that could make words to flee from any man's mouth if they stared at the person.

Eric looked at her and somehow, deep inside him, he felt a little bit of regret breaking up with her. Looking at that her "body to kill for" kind of made him want to drag her into one those private wards and have her one more time. Lisa would probably be thinking the same and even wishing for it to happen. But he knows it will only set off a series of irreversible chain reactions that will lead to only one outcome; getting back together again. But he values her life and safety more than anything else. That's why he wants her to stay as far away as she can from him.

"I thought you would have moved on by now", Eric said. "I know how you feel......believe me, i know. But there are things you cant have.....all you have to do is let go and move on", he continued.

"What about you?, have you moved on?", Lisa asked.

"It was one of the toughest choices i had to make.....and like i said, it was for a reason", Eric replied. "And those reasons made me to be able to move on".

Then silence settled between them. Eric glanced at the nurses walking past them in the corridor while Lisa stared at her feet.

"Anyway i read your book", Eric decided to be the one to break the silence this time. "I loved it.......MY SUPER VILLIAN......was it a story about us?", he asked and looked at Lisa with a faint smile.

"More like a story about you", Lisa corrected and feeling happy that Eric smiled at her.

"I like that definition you wrote....the definition of a super villian....what was it again?" Eric asked.

"One who is well skilled in destruction, as well as building", Lisa reminded him.

Both of them laughed.

"I heard it was a bestseller.....you are on your way to becoming famous......and rich. So what are you doing these days?, travelling around the world and having fun?", Eric asked.

Lisa laughed. "Well i am still working as a reporter for The Easthill Times newspaper", she then said.

"Really?, i thought by now you would have resigned", Eric said. "So as to enjoy your success and perhaps have enough time and space to write another book to be published"

"Actually i enjoy working there....especially after we....broke up", Lisa muttered with some sadness in her voice. "It's just a way of keeping my mind occupied",
"So for the past eight months you havent gotten a new boyfriend?, not even a casual male friend?", Eric asked.

"Well......", Lisa pursed her lips and tilted her head abit. "Recently, this new guy in our office is making alot of effort", she said.


"We had lunch a few times".


"Actually i am keeping it platonic......i am still not yet ready for any relationship".

"So you want to tell me you haven't.......", Eric looked at Lisa in a funny way.

"Havent what?......no i havent had sex since we broke up", Lisa shook her head.

Eric kind of felt relieved. But he just dont understand why he felt that way or even why he suppose to have that feelings.

"What about you?", Lisa asked.

"Me?......well i have being too busy accomplishing Nina's tasks to even think about it", Eric replied.

"And what are those tasks?".

"Lisa stop pretending like you dont know what's going on.......you know what i do".

Lisa stared at him and sighed with a weak smile.

"Anyway the reason why i want to talk to you in private is because of your mafia grandfather", she then said. "He contacted me",

"What?!", Eric exclaimed. "Why?", he demanded and lowered his voice as he stole a quick glance around the corridor.

"He read my book", Lisa replied. "He said he loved it and wanted to meet me.......he wants a biography about him written and he chose me to do it", Then she looked at Eric. "I think i might be of some help".

Eric sighed and shook his head. "This could be a trap.....i can't let you do it", he muttered.

"I think i can.......",

"I dont want you to get involved!", Eric interrupted Lisa quite rudely. This made her to frown and look away.

Then Lisa looked at him. "By the way this diamonds he is talking about, do you even know where it is or how you will find it?", she asked irritatedly.

Eric stared and said nothing.

"Do you think you are the only one scared of losing someone?", Lisa continued. "I am also scared of losing someone too.....i am scared of losing you!", she almost barked at Eric.

Then Lisa took a deep breath and exhaled gently. Eric gazed at her thoughtfully for a while and looked away.

"I am a reporter and investigative journalism is also my line of work", Lisa continued with a calmer voice. "Dont you think it is better to have someone like me in your team?.....to help find out why he wanted that diamonds and what they really meant to him......and perhaps where to find them?".

Eric pursed his lips and nodded thoughtfully.

"Meeting him could be an opportunity to get all the answers", Lisa added. "And if we can get some answers, then this problem is as good as half solved......atleast we will know what we are looking for and where to look for it".

"But i dont want you to get hurt", Eric said with some concern in his voice. Then he looked at Lisa. "What do you want?", he asked.

"I made some investigations on both your paternal and maternal grandfathers. And found out they fought on the opposing sides during the civil war fifty years ago", Lisa said.


"I am searching for more info on Barry's father but am kind of hitting a brickwall......there isnt much about him.....all i know is he later joined the police force after the war".

Eric thought for a while and looked at Lisa. "There are some old files.....i mean, really old files Barry kept in a cabinet in his bedroom", he said. "The man said the file belonged to his father......i dont know if it is still there because he said he wanted to dispose it".

"Oh good!.....i would like to have those files", Lisa said eagerly. "Am sure there are some clues on what happened between Barry's father and the Sosai.....and how they crossed path".

Then Lisa's cellphone ranged.

"Oh hi Kelvin, i am abit busy right now. I will call you back later", she answered the call and ended it.

"His name is Kelvin?".


"I mean your co worker.....is his name Kelvin", Eric asked again.

"Yeah", Lisa murmured as she put her cellphone back into her handbag. "His name is Kelvin".

"Anyway i will tell Suzanne to get those files for you. When do you need it?",

"Please bring it as soon as possible because i will be interviewing your mafia grandfather by the end of this week".

"Okay i will let Suzanne know", Eric concluded and got up.

"Are you still using the same number?", Lisa asked as she got up too.

"Yeah", Eric replied. "But please call me only if it is very important, okay?", he said sternly.

Lisa smiled. "Dont worry, i will".

"Seriously i mean it.....", that was all Eric could say before Lisa threw her arms around his shoulder and gave him a tight hug, her bossoms pressing hard against his hard muscled chest.

"See you later", Lisa whispered to him and gently let go. And head towards the elevator that opened immediately as she approached. She still had a few seconds to look at Eric one more time before entering the elevator with the few people going inside it.


12 : 45 am.

".......thanks for the informations you gave me", Suzanne said with a smile to the tall and somewhat skinny female receptionist at the front desk in the lobby of the hospital ground floor.

"Excuse me", one of the three men in black suit that came over to the receptionist desk said and almost shoved Suzanne aside.

"Excuse me?", Suzanne protested and looked at the men that were quite hefty. One of them gave her a wicked look and then proceed to talk to the receptionist.

"This is inspector Peters of Easthill police department", the man began and showed the receptionist an i.d card. "We are here for this person", he dropped a picture on the table. "Can you tell us which floor she is in?", he asked and then looked at Suzanne who was trying to get a glimpse of the face in the picture. "Young girl can we help you?, or do you want to get involved in police business?", he asked and glared at her.

Suzanne smirked and quietly left the receptionist desk. She glanced at the three other men wearing police uniforms and standing near the building exit. One of them held a black bag and seemed abit agitated as he glanced around the lobby and at every person that walked by, despite the place being quite empty.

Suzanne gave them a weak smile after looking at their uniforms and head towards the elevator.

"She is in the private ward", said the nurse the receptionist had called to help identify the face in the picture. "Fourteenth floor......room 1408". Then the nurse looked at the black bag one of the men also carried. "What is that?", she asked.

"Police investigation equipments", the man replied indifferently and headed towards the elevator with the rest following him.

Suzanne stood infront of Nina's room. She took out her cellphone to make a call and paused. Then on a second thought she slipped the smartphone back into the pocket of her blue jean and adjusted her black hoodie sweater and zip it up. Then she entered the room and gently closing the door.

As the door closed, the elevator reached the floor and opened. The hefty men got out and immediately started checking every door in the private ward corridor. They stopped infront of one door. The number on the door is 1408, the door to Nina's room. Then the man carrying the black bag dropped it on the floor and unzipped it. The three men bent over the bag and started taking out automatic weapons; Uzi, Mac-11s and glock 17s with extended clips.

"Lets do this......lets finish this f@cking job this time", their leader said and cocked the hammer.

Then he kicked the door open.........and loud gunfires filled the corridor.

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Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by omotalkie(f): 5:13pm On Dec 05, 2015
Oh can I be anoliver twist for once? Dis story is just getting better and better,cant wait for more. Tanx for d update
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by dupsai(f): 6:58pm On Dec 05, 2015
Well done Ironcurtain, lm loving the twists, Nina must not die now oh.
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by exclusive7(m): 8:03pm On Dec 05, 2015
nice one ironkurtain.....those silly guys wldnt get a chance to shoot ..suzanne definitely blew dia rocks off

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Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by princessadeola(f): 9:50pm On Dec 05, 2015
whao, u hope d twins can conquer their grandfather. nice work
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Osman1996(m): 11:24pm On Dec 05, 2015
don't stop don't stop take ironcurtain pls just sweerie now more update don't gave an excuse o
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 8:14pm On Dec 06, 2015
don't stop don't stop take ironcurtain pls just sweerie now more update don't gave an excuse o

Lol ok bro.....i will try
Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by Osman1996(m): 4:48am On Dec 07, 2015
when will u give us update ?

really get interested in outcome of last update Nina must [] not die like that o

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