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Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 3:24am On Jan 01, 2016
This work exclusively belong to the Author, and is protected under copyrights laws. The title, thoughts, plot, characters, settings, quotes are properties of the author. No part of this work either in part or in whole should be reproduced in any format; electronic or otherwise. Contact the author at Clementayo@gmail.com


Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by LogoDWhiz(m): 3:26am On Jan 01, 2016
Nice one Clemzy. Let's do this again!
Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 3:37am On Jan 01, 2016

At the top of the hour, the music was blaring hysterically, the branded "OX" standing fan was ventilating at a top motion, the average-sized 'LG' plasma television hugged on the centre-wall showcasing FRESH music videos from sound city was paid little attention, while the queen-sized furniture was vibrating vehemently, as though a landslide was about to occur. All these forces were working together for a common purpose, as Nosa and Nancy were positioned stark unclad on the bed having another round of hot intimacy.

In what appeared to be a marathon sex, Nosa was copulating his girlfriend without protection for the sixth round in 24hrs since she came visiting, this was against the norm as they started off their relationship using protection. Although, Nancy had suggested that they use the condoms, as she had previously become pregnant for him on three several occasions in the past, thereby opting for an abortion, but Nosa kicked against the idea as usual, stating that he only enjoys the sex - when he could feel the warmt of her vagina. This issue of protection had always been the leading cause of dispute in their two-years long relationship, but Nancy who appeared seemingly emotional would always compromise by succumbing to his verdict in order not to lose her man.

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Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Freiden(m): 3:40am On Jan 01, 2016
Nice one Clemzy. Let's do this again!

#in chipmonk's voice

Let's not over do it grin grin grin

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Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 4:30am On Jan 01, 2016


8, May, 2006

It all started on this particular day, Nancy had left the premises of '1000 lecture theatre' of the University of Benin (UNIBEN), after finishing a GST Class, she was a bit famished, then, she proceeded to a nearby canteen, where she intended to have breakfast.

On getting there, the place was a beehive of activities, as students had flooded the cafeteria, for their eating pleasure and relaxation. Sooner than later, she was able to locate an empty round table, whilst she made to make her orders, before proceeing back to sit; all by herself. About five minutes later. A stranger approached towards the table where she was seated, he was holding a plate of jollof rice on his hand, and a bottle of beverage. Nancy soon noticed his presence, and slowly she looked upwards before giving him an inquisitive stare; eventhough, he was quite a popular icon in the university environ.

"Do you mind if I join you?" He asked calmly.

"Definitely not! I mean, is this how you go about looking for some lady to sit with in every cafeteria!?" Only if she had said that... "Yes, you can." She replied abruptly, albeit, in a reserved manner.

He adjusted the chair, and joined her shortly, while Nancy continued eating her fried rice garnished with sallad, as though she cared less about his presence. They both went silent for a while, before he finally broke the silence by starting a conversation.

"Hmmm.. I don't mean to disturb your peace, but I'd like to know why a pretty lady like you would prefer to eat in a canteen all alone. I know it's really none of my business, but I'm just curious, don't you have any female friend?" He enquired obviously meaning the opposite of what he had said, as regard the 'female' friend part.

"Well, I felt like eating alone, last time I checked, it wasn't a crime, innit?" She answered his question with a rhetorical question coated with a facial expression which suggest that she wasn't offended.

"C'mon, you don't need to sound rude. I'm only concerned, I actually figured out that you'd probably be - needing a bit of company, and so, my instinct brought me to you. My apologies if you're offended in any way.

"No, I'm not. I'm not offended." Nancy slowly blurted, as she practically feigned a fake but cute smile on her face.

"...so we're good?" He chipped in, - whilst raising his right hand a little upward, for a high-five, hoping to ascertain whether she would reciprocate the gesture, or bluntly turn him down. "Sure!" Nancy muttered stylishly, and then clunched her hand together with his, before they both retracted their hands from each other.

At that moment, alot was already going through her mind, ranging from his soft palm, to his cute white eyes, his dimples and pink lips put together. She couldn't help but wonder how he wasn't only handsome, but also a sweet gentleman. His behaviour apparently changed her previous perception about him being the only son of a wealthy politician who drives a Toyota convertible car, live in a well furnished 1-Bedroom flat at Ekosodin, and have every campus girl wishing to be on his bed.

Nancy was inwardly elated having had the privilege to have a personal conversation with such a talked-about personality, and it seemed as though her world would crumble before her if he doesn't ask her out, she was definitely enjoying every moment that they were spending together, but there was need for caution as she needed to put her acts together, so as not to appear cheap and desperate.

"Anyway, my name is Nosakhare. I'm a 300 Level law student. I came here to update my stomach infrastructure with my friends over there, before the beautiful lady sitting directly opposite me caught my attention, and stole me away from them." Nosa said pointing towards an adjacent table where about three guys were comfortably seated gisting without any evidence of food on their table, and the trio took turns to wave at him with a huge grin on their faces. Nancy, who was oblivious that he came with friends swiftly threw an handkercheif at him - in a playful manner. " Like serious!?, so you came along with your friends, and you left them hungry while you're here eating. That's really bad of you, I mean, who does that? Can't you see that they refused to eat anything because of you." She almost entirely uttered every word while trying so hard to hold back laughter, as a symbol that she was really upset with him, but her antiques was rendered futile, as she practically chuckled until the end.

"Honestly speaking, whatever must have made them not to eat was entirely their decision, and had nothing to do with me." Nosa got the jokes as he played along by conceptualizing on her sense of humour, and they all had a good laugh, including the boys.

"Anyway, you're forgiven, but not completly, until you apologize to your friends, and you have to do it right about now!!" Nancy blurted with a tone of finality with her mouth pouted forwards, and her eyebrows raised up.......

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Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 5:35am On Jan 01, 2016

"That's no problemo, I'll do anything if it would make you happy." Nosa said.

"Most certainly! I'm still waiting.." Nancy added as though expecting the worse to happen.

"Alright! I'm sure you guys can hear our conversation from over there. 'I'M SORRY BOYS!!!, Anything to make 'MI LADY' here happy!!" Nosa magically cooled down boiling tempers with his humility, as he made for her left hand which he slowly grasp towards his lips before planting a succulent kiss on it. For a moment or so, all eyes were on them, as their actions had attracted everyone's attention.

"You're forgiven bro, Go and sin no more!" Ochuko who was the funniest amongst the boys said indinstintively.

Nancy instantly felt butterflies all over her stomach, her joy knew no bound, as she had just had the most romantic moment of her entire life, coming from someone whom she seldom know much details about. Her impatience grew as she could barely wait to get to know him better, but that could only be determined should he take the bold step by asking her out. Her thinking faculty was operating at a rather high percentage as she thought of the best possible ways to become afflicted with him more, but every possible cues suddenly eluded her. Her disposition was hinged on - trying to avert a scenario where, one moment, she had found the prince-charming she could ever crave for, and the next moment, he had disappeared into thin air, or so she thought.

"My name is Nancy Iredia. I'm 20yrs old, the second child from a family of five. I'm a christian, and I stay with my Aunt who's a Lecturer here in UNIBEN. I'm currently a 100 Level student, studying foreign languages, and I hope to become a diplomat when I'm through with my education." Nancy said but halted when she noticed that the countenance on Nosa's face had suddenly turned to a straight look, she was so confident that she gave too much information about herself in such a short timing. "Anyways, if there is any other thing you'd like to know about me, kindly ask, and I'll be glad to respond." She had opted for the latter, in order not to further speak out of place.

Nosa purposely ignored her question and continued staring at her with a straight look, as if strucked by lightening. Nancy soon noticed the change in his facial expression, and then slowly scrutinized her body to see if anything was wrong with her, but then, she found nothing. Just when she thought the worst was about to happen, Nosa, again, proved her wrong as he weathered the storm by complimenting her in the most romantic way.

"I don't get to do this often, but I have to admit that you're the most beautiful woman that I have ever come across. I was lost in your beauty, but now, I'm very certain that I've found the treasure that I'd been searching for. I think this conversation is long overdue, and the food is already cold. I've lost appetite to eat, 'cause my heart is yearning for your love. Staring at you talk alone gives me goose bumps, and knowing that I could be somebody in your life triggers impulse of adrenaline all through my veins. In reality, if I don't get to say the words in my mind, then I'm indirectly torturing my emotions. Please, do not quench my burning heart desires! It's not anything else that I'd like to know about you, it's what else I'd like to require from you, if not to have your mobile phone number; so that we could stay in touch, atleast, to know ourselves better." After listening to him professing his love for her so quickly, eventhough, she had anticipated for it, Nancy wasn't sure whether to believe him or not, because everything happened so fast which was too good to be true. In the end, she was rendered speechless, but then, it was the best time for her to front a bit, atleast, before accepting his offer.

"I'm sorry! I don't give my number out - to strangers.." Nancy blurted then she grabbed her hand-bag and stormed out of the cafeteria in the speed of light, as though, embarrassed but Nosa was very pro-active, as he followed her abruptly without hesitation. Seeing that he was dancing to the tone of her music, Nancy halted outside the premises of the cafeteria, her plan was for them to have more privacy, and her tactics worked out exactly as planned.

Nosa didn't give up, he kept persuading her for the digits but she insisted that he wait for another time until they meet again. He wasn't sure when they would meet another time, and he didn't wanna take any chances, hence, he persisted. He had several girls cleaning up his sleeves whom he had turned down in the past, but something got him real stuck to Nancy; A feeling which he could hardly explain.....


Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 6:04am On Jan 01, 2016

In an attempt to leverage the situation, the boys decided to help out one of their own, as they stepped out of the cafeteria and positioned themselves strategically while Nosa and Nancy practically paused to observe the drama that was about to unfold. Emmy took the lead, then, Badmus followed suit, before Ochuko, as they began singing a song which they had composed in a record breaking ten seconds.

"Nancy! Nancy!! Please give him your number.." They repeated the song severally. Evidently, they had been eavesdropping on their conversation. After they had ended the song, Nancy made a shocking revelation, as she revealed her number to Nosa, who quickly saved the digits into his phone amid all smiles. It didn't take long before they both hugged each other warmly, then, Nosa offered to drop Nancy at her residence, and she obliged without hesitation.

Mission accomplished; They all hopped into Nosa's convertible car, and the rest was history.....

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Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 6:10am On Jan 01, 2016
Next update coming up later....
Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 6:14am On Jan 01, 2016
Nice one Clemzy. Let's do this again!
Woah! LogoDWhiz AGAIN!! I dunno if to call you my biggest reader or fan, you somehow manages to comment first in most of my stories since 2013.. Abeg I wan know the baba wey do the jazz for you.. Lol..

The next update is dedicated to you..


Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 6:15am On Jan 01, 2016

#in chipmonk's voice
Let's not over do it grin grin grin
Welcome on board Freiden.. grin
Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by ritababe(f): 7:34am On Jan 01, 2016
Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 9:08am On Jan 01, 2016
cc: Emyo, Emmyk, Elantraceey, ishilove, D9ty7, Foxy_Flow, adegwurulez, Therock5555, chistar01, swtangeljones, Lucentbeauty, Mynd44, slickest, Rocktation, sEGXY2..

Happy New Year to all the people whose names are mentioned above, please kindly join the train because this story will not be complete without your amiable presence...

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Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 9:09am On Jan 01, 2016
My Edo babe, you're highly welcome... grin

By the way, Iselogbe to you...


Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by bablononi(m): 9:10am On Jan 01, 2016
happy new year clem,nah so i see say i don dey automatically follow one tread.i come check see say nah u. pounded yam for the boys first
Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 9:27am On Jan 01, 2016
happy new year clem,nah so i see say i don dey automatically follow one tread.i come check see say nah u. pounded yam for the boys first
My Oga at the top, wish you the same bro.. This story promises to be consistent and intriguing.. Never gonna be a dull moment!!
Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by D9ty7(m): 9:48am On Jan 01, 2016
New year, new story.... Good job Clemzy.
But, I seriously think Nancy meeting Nosa in 1998 according to your flashback, there were no mobile phones then, or so I heard.
You have a nice start, just a little misspellings here and there like impartience( instead of impatience) and a few others.
I hope to read this to the end.

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Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Nobody: 10:19am On Jan 01, 2016

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Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 10:19am On Jan 01, 2016
New year, new story.... Good job Clemzy.
But, I seriously think Nancy meeting Nosa in 1998 according to your flashback, there were no mobile phones then, or so I heard.
You have a nice start, just a little misspellings here and there like impartience( instead of impatience) and a few others.
I hope to read this to the end.
Thanks my brother from another mother... I've corrected all errors..

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Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 10:21am On Jan 01, 2016
You're welcome snowangel... Next update coming up in a bit..
Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 10:46am On Jan 01, 2016


In the heat of the intimacy, they were both sweating profusely. Nosa was doing what he knew how to do best, as he was banging her mercilessly. On the other hand, Nancy was lost in riveria, as she concentrated less on the sex, haven refused to moan and clamour for more. Her attention was placed on Nosa all through the process; she kept staring at his face, while trying to catch a glimpse of his facial expression. Nosa who had levitated to cloud-9 was ignorant that she was staring at him, as he appeared to be having all the fun by closing his eyes, while his mouth was wide opened, and his tongue on display which depicted him as a bull-dog on heat. He must have located the center of gravity, or so I say.

Nancy was reeled with mixed feelings. She was a bit pissed by his behaviour, as she thought of herself being treated like a prostitute, eventhough she was making out with her boyfriend. As though that wasn't bad enough, Nosa noticed that she wasn't making any sound to sweetened the pleasure, then, he gave her a painful spank on her ass, and this got her really mad.

Nancy immediately pushed him away from her body, and proceeded to wearing back her clothes coupled with a sad look on her face. Nosa was taken by surprise, as he couldn't understand where he had gotten things wrong this time around.

"Babyyy! What's the problem? Hope I haven't done something wrong?" Nosa inquired obviously perplexed.

Nancy concentrated on what she was doing without uttering a word, she was more concerned about leaving his presence, rather than stay there and look at his face one more time.

Nosa remained cool, while trying to unravel the mystery behind her sudden change of behaviour, however, Nancy would have none of it. Not long afterwards, she was done wearing her clothes, then, she made for the door and barged out of the room, but not after dropping a tongue wagging bombshell.

"I'm your woman, Not your sex machine!" She said.

Nosa stood there unclad and confused, he wasn't sure whether to quickly put on his clothes and chase after her, or remain still and pretend like nothing ever happened, while hoping that the ground could just open and swallow him. He bounced back upon the bed like a confused fellow which he was at the moment, and just then, something caught his attention; It was Nancy's cell phone which she had forgotten.

It was indeed a nice asset to hold on to, 'cause it would definitely bring her back to him, without him having to do that by himself, or so he felt......


Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Nobody: 12:24pm On Jan 01, 2016
Nice one bro. This is making sense.
Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by sEGXY2(m): 1:32pm On Jan 01, 2016
Where d thumbs up emoticon? more updates please.
Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by LogoDWhiz(m): 5:07pm On Jan 01, 2016
Woah! LogoDWhiz AGAIN!! I dunno if to call you my biggest reader or fan, you somehow manages to comment first in most of my stories since 2012.. Abeg I wan know the baba wey do the jazz for you.. Lol..

The next update is dedicated to you..


Just an ardent follower. Enjoy your works.

Thanks bro

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Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by LogoDWhiz(m): 5:10pm On Jan 01, 2016

#in chipmonk's voice
Let's not over do it grin grin grin

grin. Sure!
Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 9:27pm On Jan 01, 2016

The following day, Nosa was all dressed up, about to stepped out of his apartment when the door alarm rang, he went for the door, and surprisingly, he met Nancy standing on the other side. He then opened the door fully after creating a pathway for her to step inside the room, and then he walked back slowly behind her after shutting the door. The both of them were silent for a while, before Nosa took the bull by the horn by apologizing for the ugly scenario that transpired the day before.

"No! You shouldn't have apologized. It was all my fault; I later realized that I probably took things a little out of proportion. I came hoping that we can forget about what happened yesterday and move on.." Nancy muttered with a faint tone, as though having a feeling of guilt.

"It's alright.. I understand how you must have felt. I would have come looking for you, but then, I found out that you forgot your phone here, and I was trying to avoid a situaton where I'll come looking for you at your Aunt's house when her husband would be at home.. Remember what happened the last time I came." Nosa lamented, and ended his statement with a chuckle.

"It's a good thing you didn't come without my permission, I'm not sure he has forgotten so soon." Nancy said. "But there's something I really wanna talk to you about.." She added.

"Please go ahead, I'm listening." Nosa said in a subtle manner.

"Okay.. I've not seen my period for this month. I'm afraid I may be pregnant again. I'm really scared." Nancy said and slowly turned to look at him straight into the eyes. Nosa remained still for some seconds, his white-turned-red eyeballs didn't blink, nor move, not even a bit.

"Are you serious about what you're telling me?" He asked a rhetorical question.

"Don't talk like that! Have you forgotten that for the past two weeks, we've been having constant sex without protection! After my last abortion, the doctor warned me not to have another, otherwise, I may not survive it, or betterstill, lose my womb. I don't wanna die!" Nancy complained almost in tears.

"I know! I know!! You won't die. You're not sure yet if you're pregnant or not. I suggest you conduct a pregnancy test first, and when the result is out, we would know the next step to take. Believe me, everything will be all right!" Nosa affirmed trying to pacify her.

Nancy turned and gave him a stern look that could pass a thousand words, she was beginning to lose the trust she had in him, but still gave him the benefits of doubts.

Nosa then opened a drawer and brought out a cash bundle of money from where he calculated fifty thousand naira, and handed it to her. Nancy reluctantly collected the money and waited to hear what he had in mind.

"I'd advice you go to the clinic and use this money to conduct the test, whatever the result comes out to be, endeavour to let me know as soon as possible." He said.

Nancy heaved a sigh of relief, hoping his words alone could comfort her for the time being, but whatever that happens, she was very certain that she would not have another abortion, and nobody on earth could change that decision, not even the devil could convince her this time around.......

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Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 9:28pm On Jan 01, 2016
More updates coming up tomorrow...
Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Mztemmy(f): 7:52am On Jan 02, 2016
Nyc start......keep them coming
Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by ritababe(f): 9:24am On Jan 02, 2016
More updates coming up tomorrow...
we are waiting
Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Nobody: 9:42am On Jan 02, 2016
Following 2d end....nice story clemzy
Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Nobody: 12:30pm On Jan 02, 2016
Baba abeg give us something...
Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 7:32pm On Jan 02, 2016

Later that same day, Nancy had gone to the clinic to get a doctors' report about her maternity status, and the result came out positive, that she was actually with child. Apparently, it was the same doctor who had aborted for her on three several occasions that also conducted the pregnancy test. However, he didn't hesitate to re-affirmed his earlier advice to her not to have another abortion done, otherwise, she may as well lose her life. And two wrongs does not make a right, so, it's either she keep the pregnancy, or she keeps the pregnancy. It was a one-way traffic. A harsh decision which must be taken, since she was still a student in her second year in the university, and considering the magnitude of embarrassment that it would bring upon her, especially amongst her classmates, loved ones and family members. Her reputation was bound to be tarnished, but there was nothing she could do, as the deed had already been done. Except of course, she wanna take the risk of exterminating the unborn child, and being prepared for the aftermath. Perhaps, she may not wanna consider doing that, while the person who got her pregnant would be made to go scott free, and probably get another lady pregnant, while she ceases to exist. These thoughts kept running through Nancy's mind, as she concluded to keep the baby, irrespective of what people would say, and regardless of the damage that it would render on her image.

Nancy went back home and locked herself indoor, as she soaked her bed in tears, she kept pondering about her future and how she had deliberately brought doom upon herself. High points of her worries was how she'd be able to combine pregnance and her education together, and perhaps, her Aunt's husband may insist that she drop out from school when he eventually finds out. This would definitely thwart her dream of becomming a diplomat in the nearest future. She also thought about how her siblings at home, and most especially her mom would embrace the shocking news of her daughter being pregnant out of wedlock.

At a point, she felt her entire world was about to crumble before her very eyes. Tons of regrets started tripping into her head. She regretted the day she met Nosa, to the day she gave him her virginity, to the day he literally went down on his knees begging her to have her first abortion, and finally to all the times she foolishly allowed him to have his way through with her simply because she didn't wanna lose his love, and being known as the girlfriend to the biggest boy on campus. Alas! She realized that there was no point crying over spilled milk, hence, she braced herself up to break the news to her boyfriend.

Nancy stood up, wiped away her tears and proceeded to leave the house. Immediately she locked the door to her room, her Aunt stepped into the sitting room, and saw her.

"Nancy, why have you not eaten your food?" Mrs. Osadolor said.

"Hmmm... I'm not hungry ma." Nancy replied.

"...then, don't you have any lecture this afternoon?" She enquired again.

"No, the lecturer administring the course travelled, so the class won't hold." Nancy lied while trying to conceal her face from her aunt.

"So where are you off to?" Her aunt further asked.

"I want to see my friend, Jennifer, at the hostel, I'll be back much later to eat my food." Nancy blurted and left the house almost immediately.

Mrs. Osadolor was a bit skeptic about everything she said, as she could notice that her eyes were bugged out and reddish, she knew something was wrong somewhere, but she could barely place her hands on it.

About twenty minutes later, Nancy arrived at Nosa's residence but his entrance door was shut down which signified that he wasn't at home, she brought out her own spare key from her handbag, ignited the door open and stepped inside the room. She then put a call through to Nosa and asked him to return home as quickly as possible.

Nosa came back as soon as he could and met Nancy lying helplessly on the bed with her hair sprawled awkwardly, she looked really worried. Nosa walked closer to her and kissed her on the forehead. Nancy sat upright, brought out the pregnancy test result, and handed it over to him. Nosa scanned through the result while his heartbeat increased rapidly, and his eyeballs shooted out in disbelief as he discovered that the test result came out positive.

For a moment, he became speechless, only one thought crossed through his mind; 'ANOTHER ABORTION' but he was too scared to speak.

"What do you suggest we do now?" He finally spoke.

"I'm keeping the child." Nancy affirmed.

"You're doing what?!, you know I'm not ready to be a father right now.." He fired slightly raising his voice.

"So am I. I'm not ready to be a mom either. At the same time, I can't afford to lose my life." Nancy retorted........

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Re: Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story by Clemzy16(m): 7:56pm On Jan 02, 2016

"Oh, C'mon... Tell that to the marines, you've done this before, not once, not twice, you didn't die then, what gives you the impression that you're going to die now. That's preposterous!" Nosa defended.

"You see, that's the more reason I can't bear to take the life of yet another innocent soul. I'm fed up!" Nancy added.

"Preach my dear, Preach!! As long as the womb is yet to form into a foetus, you've not committed any murder. That way, you have no case, either with God or Man." Nosa muttered harshly.

"Nosakhare, look into my eyes and tell me that you love me.." Nancy said passionately.

"I love you babe! You know I do. You're the only woman in my life, and I'd love to settle down with you someday and have a family, but this is not the right time. I have a reputation to keep, and that of my father too." Nosa said as he tried hugging her, but she swiftly pushed his hands aside.

"If you truly love me, you'll be happy with my decision for agreeing to have a child for you, afterwards, you're not the only one who has something to lose, I have a reputation too, and the worst of it all, I could also lose my life. I'm sure you'll not want that to happen." She lamented.

"Of course, I don't want you to die, but I can't afford to be a father now." Nosa complained.

"Well, you should've thought about that before you slept with me, after I had told you several times that we should use the condoms." Nancy fired back, this time, sounding above her voice.

"Oh, really! It's all about me now, you're sounding as though you didn't enjoy the sex too, abi?" Nosa also retorted, raising his voice too, and the next thing that happened was shocking.

Nancy landed him a thunderous slap that could change one's destiny, hopefully, that would make him change his mind and come to a consensus with her. She angrily stood up from the bed and dashed out of the room almost instantly, and left Nosa stranded with awe...........

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