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Re: BloodLine by Nobody: 12:32pm On Mar 24, 2016
Nigerian version of the TV show "The originals" ...I'm following
Re: BloodLine by Damilola69(m): 12:22pm On Mar 26, 2016
baba u no try fa... Why did you open up in the first place no offence sha... Just saying my mind
Re: BloodLine by jjagz: 11:21pm On Mar 26, 2016
I'm sorry for the over delay. Diff stuff jus coming up. Here is an update. enjoy.



Beth felt a great relief when she walked into Tasties the next day to find Matt on the very seat she had been on to wait for him the past two days.

The very moment she entered Matt turned around and their eyes locked. It was that kind of awkward moment. Beth smiled shyly and Matt did the same. However what ran through their minds were very different.

"Hey" Matt said, getting up to act the gentleman and pull out a seat for her. "Good morning"

"Good morning" she replied sounding unsure. "How have you been?" she asked, but the real question that her head was screaming was "Where the F have you been"

"Been good. Even better when I heard a cutie has been on the lookout for me" Matt answered grinning from ear to ear.

"Boys, all the same"

"Say what?"

"Matt, you are a cute guy and all. Under different circumstances, the oestrogen in my body may have had me pining for you" she started.

Matt looked confused. Crestfallen almost.

"Awwn, did I hurt your feelings?" she mocked
"Anyway, we need to talk. In a quiet place. Away from school preferably"

"What could this girl want?" Matt wondered as he stood up and led her out of Tasties while Idara winked at him and he responded with a forced smile

Matt wondered the safe quiet place to take her and finally decided on taking her to the apartment. It was still morning so the cover of night wasn't there to help.

On getting there he dropped his bag and turned to face her and offer her something but she wasn't up for the niceties.

"What are you?" she asked

"What do you mean?" Matt replied, looking genuinely shocked. He wondered if she knew about wolves and more importantly how?

"Oh! Don't gimme that look of ignorance. You know what I'm talking about" she spat.

"Seriously babe, calm down. You're acting crazy"

"I know you like me. How long have you been stalking me huh? Taunting me with weird dreams to build up to when you meet me? What do you want? Ifot!"

"Hahahahahaha" Matt began to laugh in relief. While he still need to know about her dreams, he found it funny she thought he was trying to charm her into liking him

"What's funny? Scaring me as a half man half wolf in my dreams is funny huh?

Matt's reverie was cut short. This was getting interesting "What did you say?"

"Oh. You remember now?"

"Calm down Beth. Calm down and talk to me. Can you describe your dreams to me?" He asked coming closer to her.

"Don't come any closer, just answer me. What are you!"

"If you need answers, I need to know your dreams. Tell me your dreams. I promise to give you answers to the best of my knowledge.

"They started when I turned eighteen, they start with me running in the woods...." she went on to describe her dreams in detail. When she was done, Matt was almost as confused as her. The only difference was, he was a Wolf.


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Re: BloodLine by jjagz: 11:22pm On Mar 26, 2016
The room was pitch black. Belying the fact that it was early hours of the morning. Eli sat in this darkness, enjoying the uneasy calm it brought him and concentrating on his meditation.

Being an experienced wolf he heard when Matt came into the apartment. Normally that was not enough to break his concentration. However, he felt an aura, a disturbance in the very fabric of the atmosphere. A second presence that worried him. He kept his calm and tuned into the conversation going on in the sitting room. He could tell it was a girl. Hadn't he warned Matt to kept involvements away from the apartment? When he heard about the dreams however, even he couldn't really understand them. He had his hypothesis, but they all seemed unlikely.

All that threw him into a remembrance of events of the past and how he and the fate of the Wolves of Old Calabar were where they were today.

Truth is, the beast of Duke Town was a werewolf. His name was James. He was the son of a slave captured from the shores of the area that is now Liberia and a Slaver who was a werewolf. He was brought to the Old Calabar area as a measure to keep the people in check. They were getting too bold.

The beast of Duke Town did murder the elders of Old Town. But it was because he had been caged up as a beast for so long and denied freedom that when he was set upon the Old Town elders he could not restrain himself. He tore them to shreds.

In grief for his actions, he rebelled against the Colonial British who brought him to Old Calabar and began living the life of a Nomad. But the youth and warriors of Old Town wanted no explanation, they only feared what the beast could do and wanted revenge for the lives they lost. Several attempts were made on James life. However, he wasn't called a beast for nothing. The attacks became incessant and more coordinated. This out of necessity drove him into the open and awaiting arms of Duke Town who were ready to provide him protection and asylum in exchange for him making their men like him. His hands were tied. He took the deal. If only he knew the pain that was to follow. He would have chosen death.

"I'll give you the truth as I know it" Matt started. "I'm a werewolf"

"Seriously, is this twilight or some joke like that" Beth replied.

"No, it's for real. I'm a werewolf. The last one I once thought. Now, I don't know how many are out there"

"How did you become one? Am I a werewolf? Where is your pack, I mean that's what the books say right? How is this even real? Why are you or your look alike in my dream? What's the dream about? A coming of age ritual? Talk to me please" Beth fired the questions rapidly with eyes wide like a child asking for candy. If only she knew almost no one had the answers she sought.

"Cool off. I honestly do not know how I became a wolf. I do not know if you're a wolf. I do not have a pack. It is real. I never had any dreams before I first turned" Matt answered honestly.

"Wow. That's so helpful" Beth said.

"Look. Werewolves can be born or made. Born wolves had a parent or both with the "werewolf gene" and inherited it. Made wolves are turned by the bite of a Born Wolf if their bodies and minds are strong enough to accept it. Made wolves can only turn humans into wolves if they belong to a pack with a Born wolf as Alpha. Any wolf could be the Alpha in a pack, provided he was the strongest. Historically, born wolves were the Alphas most times for obvious reasons. A made wolf cannot pass the gene down to his offspring"

"That's a start" Beth urged him on.

"As a werewolf, all the senses are heightened, reflexes are split nanoseconds. We are stronger and faster. The full moon as most fiction puts it, is the peak of our power. We also heal very much faster and age more slowly especially when we are still active transforming"

"Lemme see. From all I have heard from you. Unless you were born or made a long time ago, which seems unlikely due to your lack of answers,if as you claim you have no knowledge of how you became a werewolf, how do you know so much about the werewolves, including history. Don't even tell me the Internet, I've been there" Beth asked.

Matt hesitated, he did not know if to mention Eli or how Eli would react to whatever decision he took.

"I taught him all of that" came a voice from the dark corridor.

Eli said that as his staff heralded his presence and he stepped into the light.

"I taught him" Eli repeated.


Re: BloodLine by Damilola69(m): 7:33am On Mar 27, 2016
now that's more like it...kudos
Re: BloodLine by ashatoda: 1:06pm On Mar 27, 2016
pls dont stop this getting interesting
Re: BloodLine by Rex1(m): 4:03pm On Mar 27, 2016
On a criouz note no, on a criouz textbook am really really!! Enjoying this story. 2 my fellow crossriverian n writer of dis story or should i say, novel "more grease 2 ur elbow, more ink 2 ur pen, more inspiration 2 ur aspiration n many more wishes i couldn't think of right nw". But conclusively, have a wonderful weekend n happy Easter 2 u.
Re: BloodLine by Tobadein(m): 12:56pm On Mar 28, 2016
Jjagz, if you no mention me I go mention myself.
Every post makes me yearn for more...
Update this thread now 'cos I can't wait to read more
BTW, where is Solomonbrown64?

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Re: BloodLine by David49: 8:56pm On Mar 28, 2016
I Think Am In Love With This.
Thumbs Up Jjagz Yearning 4 More Episodes
Re: BloodLine by heemah(f): 9:45pm On Mar 28, 2016
And Donkross1 said na me dey waka pass when Dandypearl is already a landlady here? Sageez be my witness.
btw, jjagz, I'm following already but please the updates ae short...
Re: BloodLine by DandyPearl(f): 10:47pm On Mar 28, 2016
And Donkross1 said na me dey waka pass when Dandypearl is already a landlady here? Sageez be my witness.
btw, jjagz, I'm following already but please the updates ae short...
grin na so nah. Welcome. Comman sit here
Re: BloodLine by jjagz: 10:17pm On Mar 29, 2016
Sorry for the delayed update. No data stuff. and I like to get feedback on a chapter before I move on. This chapter is a little Longer.

To all my readers, Twale! Untop all my years for nairaland I no sabi how to mention person for post.

Can sombori teach me?

Anyways enjoy the update and I hope to see ur criticism and comments, thanks.
Re: BloodLine by jjagz: 10:19pm On Mar 29, 2016
Over 200 years ago, exact time unknown....

Duke Town, Old Calabar...

The voices were tense, the atmosphere was heated. The sentences came rapidly.

"You have to help me. The attacks are becoming incessant"

"That is not our problem"

"Those deaths were on your behalf"

"On your masters orders!"

"I have no master anymore"

"Your problem too. We do not need you in our territory. That is an open declaration of war with Old Town"

"You don't know it yet. You are already at war with them. If they take me down, who do you think is next"

"The white men killed their elders, not us"

"Tell that to who cares. I was the killer. How come you all were spared"

"He has a point. Wait outside, let us deliberate"

James was escorted outside while the Duke Town elders deliberated. The voices came as rapidly as the banter with James seconds ago.

"He is right. Old Town think he is aligned with us" One voice started. The fearful.

"But he isn't " Yet another voice. The arrogant.

"It doesn't matter to them" the first voice again

"We might as well protect him. If he dies, Old Town will have the nerve to attack us" Came a third voice. Deep and carried a bruteness in it. The warrior.

"Most of our warriors are always away on Slaving raids and we can't afford to stop the raids" A new voice. Carried greed in every vibration from the vocal cords that produced it. The Slave Trader.

"I suggest we provide him protection in return for his making more like him. He surely must have knowledge of how to do it" The third voice again.

"Yes, that will strengthen our military power. Protecting us from Old Town and making our raids into the hinterlands easier" A fourth voice. The concurrer.

"But we need to be cautious. Even the white men, his original masters could not control his anger. His roaming freely without retaliation from them is a testament to that". The first voice again.

"Call the Chief Priest. We shall make the oddest request of him. He must dine with the strongest of witches to find us a way to limit the power of the beast if we ever need to" A fifth voice. Grave and light like the speaker had to struggle for breath with each word. In this voice, even the deaf could hear the cunning and wisdom that comes with age.

"It is decided then, the beast shall come under our protection, in return for making more like himself for us. As insurance, we shall have the witches find a way to limit the beastly power, should we ever need to" came a sixth voice with finality. The Leader

5 years later,
Somewhere in the hinterlands, around current day Aba...

The punch glanced his chin as he got out of the way just in time. It would have dislodged some teeth had it connected properly.

"Ini! Watch out" James shouted. But it was too late.

The man he was fighting was a leopard shapeshifter. Some as the punch had missed, he continued with his hand wrapping around Ini's neck and morphing to the leopard form in the blink of an eye. The hand around his neck became a strong paw whose claws dug into his neck.

Despite the searching pain, Ini put all his weight into his right arm as his own claws went slashing the leopard man's abdomen follwed rapidly by a direct blow to the stomach. The leopard man stumbled backward and his grip on the neck loosened. Seeing an opportunity Ini tried to use his left hand to remove the claw in his neck.

It was an error, for as soon as he concentrated on the claws the leopard man began delivering a barrage of blows to his stomach.

The pain was horrible. He was bleeding from his mouth and nose. He felt his lungs literally search for air as he was getting breathless. He began to sink to his knees. The leopard man saw it as the ripe time to finish this and roared, opening his jaws wide and clamping on the throat of Ini.

"May you dance eternally with Amadioha's thunder, you filth of the white man" the leopard man thought as he had Ini firmly, ready to be killed.

James noticed his connection to one of his pack was waning and quickly scanned the battle field and saw Ini going down. Meanwhile in that split second, a foolish enemy had thought it was to spring a surprise attack from behind. James could feel his every movement in the disturbance of the air and vibration of the ground around him. As he man from behind threw a punch, James sidestepped it and it hit his fellow warrior square in the nose breaking it in the process.
Re: BloodLine by jjagz: 10:22pm On Mar 29, 2016
Momentarily confused, James used this opportunity to bash both their heads together with his claws around their necks. He hit them together with so much force that even mashed potatoes had more substance than what was left of their heads.

Immediately done with that, he leaped towards Ini, tackling the leopard man down with a diving shoulder spear. The leopard man quickly regained his feet and threw three quick jabs at James, all of which were easily dodged. The fourth was parried and returned four times over to the side of of his face. He was going in for the kill when suddenly the leopard man dropped to his knees. Dead.

As he fell, James saw another one of his pack Ekerette standing behind with the leopard man's heart in his hands and a wolfish grin (pun intended)

Eventually the battle thinned out and the Duke Town warriors overran the hinterlanders and pillaged their town, taking the able bodied for slave trade and leaving the extremely weak behind. Children were taken to be used as servants back at Old Calabar.

The whole business of raiding innocent towns and carting away their people for salve trade was beginning to tire James and he was being haunted by memories of his numerous killings.

The journey back was slower due to the increased traveller load and the slow speed was annoying to James. With only his wolf pack, they covered the distance in less than a day. Now with these weaklings it would take 4 to 5 days.

James was broken out of his thoughts by Ini. The young wolf whose neck he had literally saved. He had healed completely, but it seemed the leopard man poisoned his claws, there was still a crescent shaped scar on his neck from the attack.

"Ekamba Owo" he hailed James

"Nsido?" James snapped angrily

Ini expected it. James was a brute beast. He lead his pack and protected them fiercely like his own. He always had minimal casualties. However Ini was too grateful for his life being saved and was bent on having James over for dinner with his family. Not surprisingly James turned it down with a sharp retort and Ini returned. Well, it just meant his father would have to invite James. He must have his thanks. He had a present for James.

James for his part scoffed in his mind at the invitation. The boy was sharp no doubt, but he wasn't ready for all this. Of course he didn't want him in the pack. But his father was an elder and his influence got in him. If not for the fierce loyalty he had for his pack he would have left the boy to perish.


As the messenger left his place. James almost regretted saving Ini. The brat had gotten his father, The Arrogant one to invite James over. Now he couldn't refuse. It would be seen as disrespect.

Ini had never seen James around a lady. Not that the maidens of Duke Town hadn't gotten enough warnings to stay away from the beast. He wanted to change that today. While pillaging the hinterland village, he had found an exquisite beauty and had ensured she was kept hidden and he had he prepared, scented and pimped for James. He was so sure there was no way he would resist the girl. She had a full figure and radiated a certain innocence and calm that had a way of drawing one in. He was sure James would be drawn in too.


Seated around the feast prepared for him that evening were quite some people. None of them interested him. The Arrogant one. Ini. The Warrior, who was the first person he turned and was now a trusted lieutenant. The first wife of the elder. His Akpan. And some other neighbours and town dignitaries. James drowned away all the conversation and replied only with a cursory nod and short one word answers to all questions he was asked. No one at the table was surprised. That was how the man was. It was just an excuse for them to engage in another social gathering.

James was getting tired and about to announce his intention to retire when it hit him. A scent so beautifully sublime and smelling of fresh flowers. The voice came next, it was melodious, the kind a person hides to listen to, for fear that she might stop talking. And then she laughed. James was almost beside himself. As he turned to locate the one wrecking this havoc on him his eyes met hers, large boring eyes that seemed they could see into the very depths of your soul. She had a petite figure, which was unlike most maidens who were more voluptuous. She was light skinned and radiated like the warm morning sun caressing the skin. That was all he could make out. For she was covered up from head to toe, much like a hijab. As their eyes locked, she blinked and looked away shyly.

That was the moment he knew he wanted her above all things.

That moment, was the beginning of his end.

In present day...

The leader of the 14 old town stood before the mirror and dropped down his cloak.

It had been an eternity. But the end was coming soon. It was all going to end now.

He was old. He looked like a well kept 60 year old. The appearance belying the agility beneath. His face was unsmiling, as if cast in a permanent scowl. Dark eyes with bags under then thinning as they came together at the bridge of his nose to taper into a short stiff nose.

Turning his back to face the mirror. He examined his neck. Stamped proudly, was a crescent shaped scar.
Re: BloodLine by BlizzydoDo(f): 10:33pm On Mar 29, 2016
Nice 1.
Re: BloodLine by Nobody: 11:50am On Mar 30, 2016
nice one dear.... more ink to your pen. following you till the end. But who is really Beth? is she also a werewolf or Matt lunar??
Re: BloodLine by DandyPearl(f): 2:45pm On Mar 30, 2016
Plz don't stop here...Continue
Re: BloodLine by Rex1(m): 9:48pm On Mar 30, 2016
Sawsong o, mbok Carry on am really enjoying dis story
Re: BloodLine by jjagz: 9:06am On Mar 31, 2016
sammyendowed ashatoda Jesusbaby6 joanee20 Omotayelolu adefunke62 Ashiat39 remiseyi DandyPearl ChizzyMaris Onodray Damilola69 joanee20 Tunechi1 Cylovee Nimzzy akpobi Rex1 Tobadein David49 heemah BlizzydoDo All the ghost mode people
Thanks for appreciating my art. Y'all make me write.
Expect something tonight.

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Re: BloodLine by heemah(f): 9:15am On Mar 31, 2016
All the ghost mode people

Thanks for appreciating my art. Y'all make me write.

Expect something tonight.
Anxiously waiting.. Dandypearl cutie, How was your night?
Re: BloodLine by SPDAZZY(f): 10:35am On Mar 31, 2016
I am finally here. Nice story you have here.

Kindly mind your tenses.

Keep the ball rolling!
Re: BloodLine by ashatoda: 1:19pm On Mar 31, 2016
sammyendowed ashatoda Jesusbaby6 joanee20 Omotayelolu adefunke62 Ashiat39 remiseyi DandyPearl ChizzyMaris Onodray Damilola69 joanee20 Tunechi1 Cylovee Nimzzy akpobi Rex1 Tobadein David49 heemah BlizzydoDo All the ghost mode people
Thanks for appreciating my art. Y'all make me write.
Expect something tonight.
cross my leg waiting expectantly for the update, but man i go dey luk tym sha.
Re: BloodLine by DandyPearl(f): 6:04pm On Mar 31, 2016

Anxiously waiting.. Dandypearl cutie, How was your night?
heemah heemah. I slept like a baby nii cheesy. I see you jare jjagz. Nightime it z den grin
Re: BloodLine by BlizzydoDo(f): 6:09pm On Mar 31, 2016
sammyendowed ashatoda Jesusbaby6 joanee20 Omotayelolu adefunke62 Ashiat39 remiseyi DandyPearl ChizzyMaris Onodray Damilola69 joanee20 Tunechi1 Cylovee Nimzzy akpobi Rex1 Tobadein David49 heemah BlizzydoDo All the ghost mode people
Thanks for appreciating my art. Y'all make me write.
Expect something tonight.
Yuu are doing a good work here, more ink 2 yur pen.
Re: BloodLine by jjagz: 9:37pm On Mar 31, 2016

Tailing the young wolf was very easy. The boy was still too ignorant of the info his heightened senses delivered to him and did no justice to the art of being one with is environment. Well. That was his problem.

Following the information he had gotten from Oko, he was able to track the boy and had been following him discreetly over since.

Today he met up with a girl. Ordinarily, he would have chucked it up to hormones. But the girl had a very different but powerful aura about her person. That aura was all so familiar to him. He knew what was his. He had found his wolf.

He heard them discussing and observed how the boy displayed total ignorance of the history of werewolves in the Old times. Eli had obviously not given the boy a proper lecture in history.

Talking about Eli. He knew the old bugger was still around somewhere, but no witch or bounty hunter was ever able to trace the Eli. So when Oko had come to him with news of being unable to finish off the young wolf because of the sudden appearance of the Night Terror. He was shocked.

Even up to the point Eli stepped into the room, he was still unable to pick up Eli's aura. He was not surprised nonetheless, Eli was a powerful and cunning old entity.

Seeing the three of them in the room. He decided the time was ripe for him to make his entrance.


"I taught him"
No sooner had the words come out of Eli's mouth when suddenly there was a loud sound of breaking glass and a dark character cloaked similarly to Matt's attacker came crashing through the windows.

"Terror of the Night" he said "I see you are still alive"

"Coward" Eli spat back "I'm not shocked your still walking this earth. What do you want?

The character took time to peruse Eli's appearance before replying.
"Time hasn't been so kind with you. It seems you have stopped turning. You look old"

"That is none of your business"

"Yes. It isn't. If you were still any good you would have trained your wolves better"

Matt and Beth watched the two elderly men stand off with the the agility of stubborn children poised to fight. Both of them had their different questions.

Matt wondered why the man called Eli Night Terror and seemed to insinuate that Eli was a wolf. Beth wondered why the man had also referred to her as a wolf while Matt and Eli did not seem to know what see was.

Turning to face them, the man spoke up "What do we have here. Little wolfie girl, what's your name?"

"I'm not a wolf" she replied.

"Oh you are, your aura says otherwise" the man said

"Leave them out of this" Eli interrupted

"Oh no. It is about them. Don't you see?" Facing Beth again "Give in to your inner nature"

On saying that, his eyes began to glow red, hairs springing out from his face as if he had overgrown side burns. His canines elongated and sharpened into frightening looking weapons of attack. This transformation was followed by him looking straight at her and giving a loud, earth shaking roar.

The whole scene reminded her of her dreams but while she did feel like something was calling out to her, unlike the in the dream there was no transformation.

This lack of change in her lead to an ever louder roar from the man. Lack of any transformation still caused him to be to reduce the roaring and look at the girl in suprise. She had the aura of a wolf. He had felt the power in hear presence. But he called out, wolf to wolf. He felt no flicker of response and no change. It was his turn to ask questions.

"What are you?" he asked suprised

"Same question I have been asking. You old fart!"

"You need answers then come with me. Or I will be forced to take you" the man said.

It was Matt's turn to transform and roar out.

"You'll have to get through me first"
Old Calabar,
Council of Elders, Duke Town.

"The time we feared is upon us" The fearful one

"What has happened? Is he unable to coordinate attacks anymore?" the Slave Trader

"The beast has gone out of control" The concurrer

"We need the priest and his witches to tell us how to subdue him" The arrogant one.

"James only acted as any man should. It is a conflict that can be resolved amicably" The warrior, who was the first turned wolf and now a trusted lieutenant of the beast.

"All these claims and counter claims. Can someone tell us what happened really before we start making conclusions and taking action" The wise one


Re: BloodLine by Omotayelolu(f): 9:44pm On Mar 31, 2016
Hmmm.. Nice update. First to read
Re: BloodLine by Damilola69(m): 9:47pm On Mar 31, 2016
sammyendowed ashatoda Jesusbaby6
joanee20 Omotayelolu adefunke62
Ashiat39 remiseyi DandyPearl
ChizzyMaris Onodray Damilola69 joanee20 Tunechi1 Cylovee Nimzzy akpobi Rex1 Tobadein David49 heemah BlizzydoDo
All the ghost mode people

Thanks for appreciating my art. Y'all make me write.

Expect something tonight.
am your wing man...you just bring it on
Re: BloodLine by SPDAZZY(f): 11:40pm On Mar 31, 2016
Re: BloodLine by Rex1(m): 8:05am On Apr 01, 2016
Ooh my! Time 4 world war iii
Re: BloodLine by HoluwaKoDeD(m): 10:55pm On Apr 01, 2016
carry go bro
Re: BloodLine by Rex1(m): 6:32pm On Apr 04, 2016
Jjagz jjagz jjagz! Hw many times have i called u so, fine! Nah who n who approve ur leave of absent because as 1 of board members of Nairaland, i cann't remember ever issuing out, approving or signing any 1 week leave of absent 2 any1 or worse more 2 u especially as u still have a major project(block buster story) at hand. So if u must know, the citizens of dis country are all clamouring for the continuation of ur project oo!
Re: BloodLine by joanee20(f): 6:36pm On Apr 05, 2016
Why no update yet na?? jaz abi na jjagz come and update o

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