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Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Ultimategeneral: 8:06am On Jul 02, 2016
i hope ur mama no go die of heart attark when she finaly learnt of what u do for a living
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by plainmirror(m): 10:20am On Jul 02, 2016
Nice write-up thus far.
Your momma's reaction to your sudden massive wealth within a short time frame is so un-african for women.
No amount of wealth can becloud the inquisitiveness of Women especially in this part of the continent.

Anyways thumbs-up!
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Preciousbouy(m): 1:50pm On Jul 02, 2016
Nice write-up thus far.
Your momma's reaction to your sudden massive wealth within a short time frame is so un-african for women.
No amount of wealth can becloud the inquisitiveness of Women especially in this part of the continent.

Anyways thumbs-up!
she go soon ask am nah
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by PWEETYWIZZY(f): 11:25pm On Jul 02, 2016
Nice one. Kip it up
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 1:33pm On Jul 03, 2016

After about 20mins of our arrival in Dubai, myself and Great-kali decided to take a Trail tour.
We wandered around Dubai in the city of Al-Barahah, searching for the next thing to do. We ended up reaching the train station and thought that maybe it’ll be cool to check out their Stadium.
We didn’t put much thought into it and next thing we knew, we’re on a cab towards Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure on earth, probably the first place you will be referred to in Dubai.
It was quite a hassle getting to “Burj Khalifa” but we found it to be a cool spot to chill out.
However, we failed to realize that there will be a pull-out of crowd and happening that late afternoon.
We lingered around too long only to find a cop pointing his gun at us.
Before I could asked what the problem was he shot Great-kali on his forehead.
The cop mission was to spoil our trip to Dubai, I couldn't control myself as I felt the coldness of Great-kali palms. The cop pulled the trigger and was about blasting me...
SHARON: Wake up abeg, since when you start to talk when you dey sleep?
ME: Ohhhh!!! It was just a dream. Where is Great-kali?
SHARON: Himself and Parcy are eating in the dining. I brought your food here for you
ME: Thanks. When did you prepare this meal
SHARON: I didn't prepare it myself, after I finished dancing we all went to Sizzlers to get it. We are just coming back
ME: Okay, thanks
(collecting the tray of food from her, placed it in between my legs and have a taste)

Sharon left my room immediately.
I joined them in the sitting room, after i've finished eating. We gisted together and made some strategic plan on how to get my wicked uncle Mr. Jude.
We really enjoyed our discussion that night, but I couldn't tell them about the dream I had, even though it sensed a bad omen.

-- -- --


I went to my family's house, and waited for them to get ready for our outing...
Immediately they are fully prepared, we left for the shopping mall.
Getting there, my mother didn't bother to pick anything, Joy was the one shopping for herself and my mum.
Lucky took all he needed in his cart, and we held straight to the cashier to pay for all we bought. I only collected a Rolex Cellini Prince golden wrist watch worth N450,000, I knew if I go for the one of N1.5Million Joy will be the first person to shout.

We were about walking out through the down floor, after the payment when we saw my wicked uncle.
He was surprised to see us all looking good;
MUM: Good morning my husband
UNCLE JUDE: Morning, but what are you all doing here
(Joy who hardly closes her mouth answered him)
JOY: Eli brought us here for shopping, as you can see we got lot of expensive jewelries, clothes, foodstuffs and others so numerous to mention
UNCLE JUDE: Good, so Eli where do you work? Sorry I haven't come visiting I heard you are now a graduate
ME: Yes I am by Gods grace, am now a general contractor. You will get my complimentary card soonest
UNCLE JUDE: Oh! God is good, I have to go now emmh. I left my office in hurry to get something here
MUM: Okay

He left us in disbelief. It was so obvious that he wasn't happy with us and our achievements.
I felt is high time I attend to him once and for all, before he made any move to hurt me, because his heart is fully coated with evil.
I excused myself from my family, lean on a car far from them and dialled Great-kali's phone number;
ME: Guy afar?
GREAT-KALI: Fine bro, how are you guys enjoying your shopping?
ME: It went well, we are about going home and I will be with my family for the next 1hr. I saw my uncle here, and I will want you guys to go kidnap him right now
GREAT-KALI: How do you want the job to be done?
ME: I gave you guys his house address, and his office address yesterday right?
ME: Now he will be heading back to his office immediately he leave this place, so go wait him in his office and deliver the job
GREAT-KALI: Just assume the job has been done. You will hear from us soon
ME: Thanks

I ended the call and went back to my family.
We drove down home and checked all that we bought from the shopping mall...



Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Nobody: 2:07pm On Jul 03, 2016
First to read. Nice one. Please drop another one. Cant wait for d next one
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by tunderay(m): 4:47pm On Jul 03, 2016
Well done my guy, may God continue to grant you knowldge and understanding. Waiting for more.
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Skipuru(m): 5:17pm On Jul 03, 2016
nice one bro, keep moving God dey your back.
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by robbase: 7:37pm On Jul 03, 2016
Very beautiful write up, keep it up. Bless you.
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by 007Nasky(m): 11:38am On Jul 05, 2016
interesting. Waiting 4 d next episode
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Fernandowski(m): 9:20pm On Jul 05, 2016
nice one bro...

just keep it up

I got ya back
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 12:02am On Jul 06, 2016

The time I spent with my family, really shows the intrinsical power of wealth...

My mum prepared a very delicious vegetable soup with assorted meat, which we ate together.
We played so many games, and enjoyed some sweet stories that were told by my mother.
I never wanted to go back home, as I kept on enjoying my stay with my siblings and sweet mum.
My mum was about telling us a story about slavery, when my phone started ringing.
I brought it out and realised it was a call from Great-kali;
ME: Hello!
(walking towards the exit door, after excusing myself from their midst)
GREAT-KALI: Brother where are you?
ME: I'm still in my family's house
GREAT-KALI: You have to show up now, we are at the grave yard with your uncle
ME: kai.... Which grave yard, you guys should go to any uncompleted building or forest to wait for me
ME: Wait oo Great-kali ! How can you do such a thing? Graveyard!!!
ME: Please hurry up to somewhere better, and send me the address immediately
**call ended**

I went back to my family, and started listening to my mum's story.
I haven't even spent 5mins after the call I had with Great-kali, when a message beep my phone;

" Meet us up at the uncompleted building behind standard secondary school, we are waiting for you... "

l stood up and told my mum that, the client who gave me the contract of 1billion naira just sent me a text, which i must respond to.
My mum didn't complain about me leaving, even though she enjoyed my company and will miss my presence;
MUM: My son, when are we expecting you again?
ME: Mummy, you know we are all in Lagos now, so seeing each other won't be a problem
MUM: I would have love you to pass the night here today, something inside me is fighting intemperately against you leaving
ME: Funny, I'm not a baby Mum. If I don't respond to their call now, they won't give me more contract
MUM: Okay my son, but please take care
ME: I will Mum. Lucky and Joy make sure you don't move around any how, and always take care of mama
LUCKY: Brother, we will always keep mama busy. So don't worry
ME: Okay, bye bye
( I gave Joy and my Mum peck on their chick, and hug Lucky before I left)

-- -- --

I went home, changed my clothes and fare straight to the address, where I meet the brave 'Lion Squad' all on black apparel.
My wicked uncle who was blindfolded, was laying helplessly on the ground. I turned him over and jiggled my head, as I watched him breathing so fast, and also quivering.
I removed the piece of sateen that was used to blindfold him, which makes him had an opportunity to whipped his face with his hands severally, before he could have a clearer vision of me, who was standing in front of him;
UNCLE JUDE: Eh Oluwa!!! Eli !!!
ME: Why the surprise
UNCLE JUDE: No wonder! So you are into crime?
ME: You have the guts to question me? Okay, Yes i'm into crime. Any other question?
(He kept on staring at my crew, whose faces possess no Joy)
UNCLE JUDE: Please let me go I beg of you, remember I'm your Uncle
ME: You are free to go
(He stood up and was about walking out of me, when Parcy used his gun to hit him twice)
PARCY: Mr. Man you nor dey fear face abi? I go use blender blend your brain just now, before you go wise. You think say na konkonli play we come here come do?
UNCLE JUDE: Sorry my brother
PARCY: Sorry for your head
GREAT-KALI: Old man, whether you like it or not, you won't live to see tomorrow, so you better cooperate
UNCLE JUDE: Eh! Eli my son talk to them na?
ME: Talk to who?
UNCLE JUDE: Your friends ooo
ME: So you now need my help? Aren't you the General overseer again? Can't you talk to them yourself?
UNCLE JUDE: **crying** I don't want to die oooo, please help your Uncle
ME: You won't die if only you tell me why you hated my family, and the secret behind my Father's death
UNCLE JUDE: I'll tell you, but don't let them kill me
ME: They will only do that if you lie
UNCLE JUDE: Okay... I love your father as a brother not until my mother made me realised that, he will be wealthy since he went to school and I will remain poor for not going to school. I had a rethink and planned to kill him, so I can convert all his wealth to mine
ME: But my Father did everything a brother has to to for you. He gave you a good business and even home
UNCLE JUDE: Yes he did, but my mother wasn't Happy with him. Before she died she instructed me to kill my step brother, so she can rest well. I kept on seeing her spirit reminding me of my uncompleted mission. That was why I poisoned your father when he came to my house to give me some document of his property to hold for him, since he wanted to travel out that week
ME: I knew you killed my Father all this years, but couldn't stand you then. How can I get back the documents?
UNCLE JUDE: They are in my bag here. I wanted to sell them out to someone today, that was why I carried them in my bag
ME: Who is the person that wanted to buy them?
UNCLE JUDE: The manager of 'Brighter Days Company', he was the one I went to the shopping mall to meet when I saw you and your family
ME: Have you collected anything from him?
UNCLE JUDE: No, he asked me to bring the papers first, that was why I went back to my officer, only to find these guys waiting for me in my car
ME: Good story. Well I would have love to spare your life, but if I do so my father's spirit won't be happy with me... I will advise you to talk to the spirit of your wicked mother to come save you now, because you are going down
UNCLE JUDE: Please Eli, I have some money in the bag too, you can have them, even the ATM to my 3 accounts are in the bag, you can go and withdrew from them
ME: What is the pin
ME: Thanks.... But.....



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Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Nobody: 8:34am On Jul 06, 2016
Nice writeup
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by mattyboy007(m): 3:09pm On Jul 06, 2016
Nyc one bro keep it coming
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 7:15pm On Jul 06, 2016
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by tdemo(m): 8:25pm On Jul 06, 2016
No let me Finish this my Can Origin before u update ooooo.... cry
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Nobody: 11:56pm On Jul 06, 2016
We are still waiting
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 12:17am On Jul 07, 2016

continuation from last scene, episode 29

ME: Thanks.... But I really don't think I can spare your life
UNCLE JUDE: Okay! Okay! What if I send your younger ones abroad to continue their education?
ME: Time up Uncle Jude, maybe in your second life you will be that kind. Guys let's leave this place
UNCLE JUDE: Are you leaving me here
ME: I'm leaving your corpse here **I pulled the trigger**
(The sound of my gun shot was heard trice, leaving Uncle Jude dead on the spot)
ME: Sharon pick up the bag, we have to leave here immediately...

We left the scene without encountering any form of difficulty, and entered our car with Great-kali handling the steering.
We arrived home about 15mins later, and search the bag to see all that was inside...
So many documents were found inside the bag, including some properties I knew nothing about.
Papers to two buildings in Lagos was found, papers to the house Mr. Jude sent us out from. A paper to a very large estate was also found, and some documents of my fathers property in the village was inside as well.
I quickly removed them and placed them in my personal file;
SHARON: Don't tell me, your father is this wealthy?
PARCY: This man really wicked oo, abeg bring out the ATM cards make we go empty his account
ME: We can't empty his account because all ATM machine has a limited withdrawal that can be made for a day
GREAT-KALI: We will take the amount we can and even use the opportunity to raid the bank
ME: Error, we just raided a bank. I don't see it as a good idea to repeat it
PARCY: Anini na you dey talk like this? My money don almost finish oo, so I won top am back
ME: The only thing I can support is that, after we have finish with the withdraw, we can smash up the ATM machine and go away with the cash inside
SHARON: That idea nor bad sha, but how can we go about it?
ME: Very simple and easy. All we have to do is to go there when the bank must have closed, make our withdraw before going in to make complain to the security, that our ATM card has been seized by the machine
PARCY: Na so! My guy you enter class. As them won help us rectify am na patatatatatakpo
ME: Exactly, dynamite will be used to blow off the machine, and we will do go with the cash inside
GREAT-KALI: Are we using our car?
ME: No, we are going to hire a Lexus jeep, or snatch one
PARCY: No lele!! We must make am, nor be say na mouth

We concluded to carryout the mission that evening, and got ourselves engaged with other activities, while waiting for the right time for the movement...

-- -- --

Lion squad found in one of the banks, using their ATM machine

We succeeded in withdrawing N300,000 from the accounts which is a peanut to us. We made another attempt to withdraw but we were told that we have already exceeded the daily withdraw.
I was on mask while making the withdraw, so the machine can't capture my face.
I sent Great-kali who was waiting on the car, to carryout plan B.
He walked to the security post to inform them about our card that was seized by the machine just as planned.
We were still waiting for Great-kali to return when two young guys approaches us. They asked us to excused them, so they can make use of the ATM machine but met their doom instantly;
GUY1: Can you guys excuse others who wanna make withdraw too, I've been standing here for almost 10mins and haven't seen you guys made a single withdraw?
GUY2: I ba for them oo, see their head self
GUY1: Please i'm in haste, if its not paying you then give way so we can try
GUY2: Una dey whatsapp with the machine?
( Guy2 walking towards where we were standing, to check on us )

Parcy who lacks patience, blow him down before he could say a word.
The sound of the gun shot, got the security men informed of the danger, as the other guy (Guy1) ran away for his dare life.
It wasn't long, when we heard another gunshot from inside the bank....




Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by rhocephil(f): 12:50am On Jul 07, 2016
Bros u are too much this is my first time of commenting on nairaland
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Jubizy(m): 1:27am On Jul 07, 2016
Hmmmm....na till august abi.... undecided suspense is d word
Cos b4 e update us ehn...
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by dadido(m): 2:00am On Jul 07, 2016
carry go Eliboy we dey ur back
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Ultimategeneral: 7:28am On Jul 07, 2016
carry on i dey follow follow u for back
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Osman1996(m): 4:57pm On Jul 07, 2016
waoh this is something oo
hope I can AIT tight for this
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by tdemo(m): 5:24pm On Jul 08, 2016
I so much love and enjoy your writing skill from all your stories have read and still reading ..... but what baffles me most in this present one is how Robbing banks is so easy in this story.... still following
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by mattyboy007(m): 7:10pm On Jul 08, 2016
Nyc one keep it cumin
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Missmossy(f): 7:56pm On Jul 08, 2016
Interesting,ride on cheesy


Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by fakooblak(m): 9:23am On Jul 09, 2016
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Bibiangel(f): 11:26am On Jul 09, 2016
Eliboy, more updates please. Kudos!
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by ogboni76(m): 6:23pm On Jul 09, 2016
Bros oya update oooooOoo
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Osman1996(m): 12:28am On Jul 10, 2016
no let dis Fink's cold bro
hola hola update biko I don tight my seat

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