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Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 4:02pm On Aug 15, 2016
I have a mini-series of anthology stories I'm working on, and I want to share the first with everyone here.

The name of the first season/book is Trapped: In between worlds

This story is a paced telling of how good things can go wrong at the unexpected twist and turn of life, and how we as humans mostly react to our emotions and not reason.

It's short, just ten episodes, and will be posted as fast as possible, so sit back and relax for a swift storytelling. I hope to hear what you think about the story when it's completed.


This work is purely the figment of imagination of the author - Talius Dike. In no way is any similarity intended to mock or announce your situation to the world, all characters are entirely fictional.

No part of this work may be reproduced or stored indiscriminately without the expressed, written, and signed permission of the author - Talius Dike.

FF, tweet @taliusdike

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 5:00pm On Aug 15, 2016

In Between Worlds (Book One)

E1: Genesis

"Tommy, you promised. This was supposed to be my day, and you're turning me down again. Just know you've let me down once again. Add it to the many other times you've done same this month" Amanda's anger could be felt a thousand miles away, her rage directed at the one person best suited to make her happy. In that fit of anger she didn't mind where her mobile phone had fallen after the delirious call she had just received.

Tommy's the boyfriend who lately hasn't been forthcoming, always having a suitable excuse for his inability to see through any activity they had planned. Amanda couldn't bear it anymore, no, she wouldn't, it was driving her mad. She had the height many would kill for, an all round complete package she had that body many men would love to bed on a regular basis, so she didn't deserve the constant headache she got because of this man who meant the world to her when there were a thousand men in the world who would die for her attention. She suspected him of cheating on her, but she had no prove; in fact, she has no single reason to capitalize her theory that he was a cheat other than her constantly tingling feminine gut. Her internal conflict and mental battle got the best of her, soon she drifted off into a deep slumber to calm her head she felt was on fire.

The hours ran by, and the day flowed with the passing tide, Amanda was asleep, her troubles bubbled from the physical into the imaginary and back to the physical, the incessant clattering inside the apartment woke her up. She popped up from her bed - the combination of the growing darkness and the continued noise made her fearful. She looked up to her wall clock, and repeated the time it told her, "Half past seven." Fear continued to grip her, but she summoned enough courage to pick up the 'kondo' she kept under her bed and went after her unknown burglar.

"Ah! Bimpe, it's even you." Amanda cried with relief when she finally saw her intruder, she let out an audible hiss. The atmosphere received an overhaul of relief - The intruder was her best friend.

"Lol. I didn't even know you were in," Bimpe said in her defense as she slightly brushed pass Amanda who stood on her way at the corridor.

They both had a good laugh when Bimpe turned back and saw the kondo Amanda hid behind her. They've been friends for a very long time, and so each had complete access to the entirety of the other's property. Bimpe walked to the room and instantly saw the need to spread her touch to the place they had messed up in the morning.

Hours later ...

"Tommy hurt me again" Amanda made to swerve the topic towards her as she usually did, but Bimpe wouldn't allow it today no matter what came up, she also had important things to say and she wanted to go first. "Do you always have to bring up the bad recap first. Haba!" Bimpe stylishly cautioned, keeping her selfish motive to herself she went ahead with her narration.

As customary for them, after dinner each weekend they spent together, they'd share recaps of the major experiences in the outgoing week. Normally, they'd cast a lot on who goes first, but this hadn't been in practise for months now because Amanda always got too excited and had the floor to herself, but today, Bimpe was paying her back I'm her own coin, irrespective of her implied pain. Amanda waited patiently for her turn, they laughed over some of Bimpe's juicy details, ranging from her ever annoying boss to her non-available boyfriend amongst other frivolous matters she raised up.

When she was done, Amanda swiftly turned the atmosphere moody again as she tried to do before, she played the part of a scorned and heartbroken woman perfectly - They were her trademark. Her voice began to hurt, and soon the sincerity of the matter wouldn't let her differentiate between an act and her reality: she couldn't help but relate the way she actually felt on the inside, Tommy was killing her slowly, and he probably didn't even know it.

"Take it easy, you don't want headache over a man who's probably in his house right now watching football over a bowl of fries," Bimpe's first set of consoling words flew.

It suddenly struck Amanda. Bimpe could go over to Tommy's and talk some sense into him. She could even go there now, it wasn't too late as she understood from the time piece on the wall she quickly turned to read.

"Look at the time, it's late." Bimpe tried to downplay her urgency with respect, just as she did every time she didn't want to attend her friend's need over her own comfort.

"I know, but do this for me please. He's the love of my life, this you know," Amanda pleaded and shook her to see reason why going over now would have greater effect and make the difference. "He won't expect to see you. He respects you," Amanda spewed reason after reasons to better convince her.

Bimpe adjusted her position on the couch and looked the other away, silently praying Amanda didn't use their magic words next.

"Do it for me," the bomb dropped from Amanda's lips.

The words were out, the words that made either weak whenever it came out the mouth of the other. Bimpe had no choice now, she was trapped, and the sooner she left for Tommy's, the faster she'd get back. She dressed quickly, and left with the hopes of accomplishing her mission and returning before 11pm.

Coincidentally, she and Tommy arrived his gate almost the same time. Bimpe took a while to look at him, head to toe, she couldn't help but shake her head, he was a mess and skunk-drunk, but somehow was still in control of most of his body gestures, she stopped as fast as she had started to wonder how he was able to drive himself home safely, she acknowledged men had very high tolerance level when it came to alcohol, and a strange kind of luck whenever they gulped too much of it. She helped him up the stairs to the entrance of his half of the twin-duplex he called home, she unlocked the foor with the keys she collected from his wobbling-hands, and straight to his bedroom. She turned away after assisting him to his bed, she contemplated what to do next, and decided to place a call to Amanda, to intimate her on the heavy change of plans.

As she long-awaited the terrible network to connect the call, she felt a hand on her waist.

"Oh my God! This is not happening," she thought out to her hearing.

She turned around, and saw Tommy, standing in all his glory, and smiling sheepishly like the drunk he was at the moment. She immediately turned away, to prevent further soiling of her eyes that bore holy-stares. That was her cue to leave, before things spiralled completely out of control. She turned to move towards the door, but a hand of glory was stretched forth to keep her in her position, Tommy's hand of glory. He approached her with a force that seemed as though she has been on his waiting list of seeds to be crushed.

"Remember Amanda. Remember I'm her best friend. Don't do this!" Bimpe struggled to maintain a distance and also to avoid soiling her eyes with the imagery of his charged pecker. Tommy kept pressing forward, all her pleas sounded like encouragements to his ears and like reverberating sounds of cheers from the crowd at a gladiator's arena urging him to go on.

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 5:59pm On Aug 15, 2016
E2: The Exodus

The words Bimpe could utter to save herself from Tommy's ravaging caresses were impotent, all her pleas remained in the bossom of deaf ears, Tommy took note of none of them up till the point he finished having his way: Even his drunk-self knew how not to relent until hitting the final target.


Bimpe's world had just gotten more complex than she thought possible: A clear line had been crossed because she loved her best friend to a fault, and wanted to help her solve a nonexistent probpem, but how does she explain that to anyone without he or she looking at her like a cheap LovePeddler; people would always look for a person to focus their frustrations on in other to entertain themselves. Her phone rang, drifting her from her depressing thoughts. She stared at it and saw it was Amanda calling. She picked up. "Perfect timing. It's positive. What do I do?"

"Positive!" Amanda repeated with audible fear.

"Positive. Are you sure?" A worried male voice seconded her worry from her end.

"Who's that? Don't tell me he's there with you. I can't talk or face him yet," Bimpe's voice began to breakdown, she had tried her best to remain strong within the past three weeks and it was because she had avoided every means of communication with Tommy. Amanda understood her sob, and ended the call to save her friend from further heartaches.

"You bastard! Look at what you've done, for not been able to keep your poo together, and package that thing between your legs." Amanda pointed aggressively at the edge of the inverted V of the space between his legs-spread-apart-shorts. The confrontation was swift, she didn't give him any chance to process the news that he would soon become a father courtesy of the most unexpected person in the world.

"I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt you, or Bimpe." Tommy started his apology. He began to narrate how stressed he had been lately, and that the fateful day of the rape was his worst day at work - He lost a huge sum of money in a business deal gone totally wrong, and was seriously wallowing in depression, "That was the reason for our cancelled date that evening," he said, the explanation caused Amanda some guilty feeling. His colleagues arranged for an immediate visit to the bar to drench and forget their sorrows. How great was his pain that he broke his three years vow of bottle-abstinence, he never envisaged anyone would come by his place, especially not Bimpe, because he acknowledged he had a bad record with alcohol.

"By the way, why was she here that night?" He gathered enough morale amidst Amanda's hard knot face to ask the very important question irrespective of their present predicament.

"Why would you be asking me such after the damage you've already caused?" Amanda fired back. She wondered out loud why the reason that brought Bimpe there that night was of any importance now that the worst had happened.

"She's your friend, you should know what brought her here that late," Tommy maintained.

"I don't know."

He ignored her for a while, and asked what they'd do now that the worst had indeed happened.

"An abortion of course, that's the only option."

Amanda started to walk away but Tommy quickly pulled her back by the arm. He looked at her with disgust, and utter disbelief, her words had shocked him so much that he dropped all the possible ideas his head was giving him on how to handle the situation.

"I can't believe you just said that now. You mean you'll end an unborn child's life without even giving it a second thought?"

Amanda fought to free herself from his firm grip. "This isn't easy for me you know. She's my best friend, but if it comes to choosing between her and what is good for my future, I choose me a thousand times. We wouldn't be in this mess if you had just taken me on that date as we had planned that day."

Tommy couldn't believe his ears, the angle from which Amanda was drawing her argument from was barbaric and heartless. This is the woman he's supposed to get married to in a few months, yet he'd never seen this side of her which scared him to his marrows. His blood was rising, and so was his anger. He picked up his car key and walked out on her, before things got uglier than they already were. He was the one at fault, the one who complicated their already complicated lives, and he was the the one best suited to fix it.

He drove straight to Bimpe's apartment. It was his second time there, the first was when Amanda forced him to come visit her when she was very ill that they feared she might die - He smiled to himself as he remembered that day, it was the day he got the chance to know how beautiful her soul glowed - She just didn't deserve to have her life complicated as he had done to her, this and many other thoughts passed through his mind as he stepped out of his car.

He knocked on her door, unsure of what exactly to say when the door opened and they come face to face. His fright was heightened the moment the door began to unlock from the other side. It opened, and Tommy heaved a sigh of relief, the face that greeted him wasn't Bimpe's. He stared intently at the face, it appeared familiar, just like Bimpe's but older - "It's her mother" he said to himself.

"Yes. Who do you want to see?" Her firm voice asked.

"Yo-ur, Yo- -ur daughter Ma," Tommy stuttered hard, but slowly found his voice.

The woman took a moment to laugh. "She's not my daughter, she's my sister's. You must be Tommy, the Tommy that doubled her problems. You may come in."

Tommy was worried over the woman's swift change of countenance, probably she had the intension of luring him in and letting him put his guard down before she pounced on him with her huge stature. His thoughts were halted the moment he saw Bimpe wrapped up on the center sofa in the sitting room. He approached her position, and went on his knees to apologize; for the past three weeks he'd been a friend to insomnia, his conscience being his judge, and Bimpe's silence to him, his executioner.

"I forgave you that night, the moment I left your house, so forget about asking for my forgiveness, and let's figure out what to do about this coming baby."

Bimpe's words shocked him and he wanted to reprise her wisdom with a shocker of his own, "Marry me," he said.

His reply took all three of them in the house by surprise. Ever since the incident occurred, he always had this in mind as the ultimate solution should she get pregnant: No child of his would be born outside wedlock, and he was no supporter of an abortion, he explained all these to a confused Bimpe.

Her aunt, who had been eavesdropping from the adjoining room, silently rejoiced, she eagerly awaited her niece to begin screaming, 'Yes, I will,' but she got none and her misery lingered in anticipation.
"I'll have to speak with Amanda first to know how she sees this arrangement. Should she disagree, I don't know what will happen. I'm not getting married to my best friend's man no matter what, without her permission." Bimpe's words pleasured him the more, he was making the right decision to legalize his child's birth with her. Maybe it was God's will to bring his first child into this world through the beautiful and intelligent Bimpe.

"Yes you're right. Know that I haven't said anything to her concerning my plans," Tommy chipped in.

"That's very wrong of you." Bimpe's caution came freely, she didn't want any form of rising conflict between them because of her. Tommy dismissed her worry, her safety and their unborn child were the things paramount to him now.

Tommy left, and her aunt ran out, visibly happy that her niece was going to get married soon. "Call Amanda now, delay is dangerous," she suggested.

After repeated trials and redialing proved ineffective in greeting across, until they finally did. "Finally," Bimpe announced for joy.

"You sound better now," Amanda's voice scored poorly compared to the energy Bimpe started the conversation with, she was still relishing in her fight with Tommy a while ago.

"Tommy was just here, and he asked me to marry him," Bimpe went straight to the point sensing that Amanda wasn't in the mood for any form of jokes. "What do you say?" Bimpe asked the second time because of the persisting silence. Amanda cleared her throat probably to hide her increased pain, "What do you want me to say?" She asked back, hissed, and ended the call.

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 9:26am On Aug 16, 2016
E3: Growing pains

Amanda's anger was on the forefront. To her, Bimpe had done the unthinkable - To try to steal her man was an unforgivable sin, even for her. She immediately got into her car, she needed to get to Tommy's as soon as possible, the hyper-sexual he-goat was going to explain o her what his marriage proposal to Bimpe was all about before hell is let loose. She kept spewing hate word after hate words as she drove, her anger was on the leash, the sooner she got her destination the better for everyone driving on the same road as she, heads needed to start rolling. Fortune smiled on her: Her car intercepted his at his gate just as he was waiting for the gatekeeper to do his job.

"Fortune has provided a great set for us to wash our dirty linens in public today," She announced as she opened her driver's door and rushed towards his, to block him from coming out.

Tommy forced open the door, and sent her falling violently to the rough floor of the road - This was the mean him, the one who wouldn't tolerate a woman wanting to murder an innocent child in the name of preserving her future.

"What is the meaning of this harassment woman?"

Amanda didn't want to believe what just happened, she tried to prepare her mind for the worst before hand but she wasn't entirely up to the task. "It isn't bad enough that you want to marry my best friend, you want to kill me as well so I won't hinder your plans," Amanda accused him on top of her voice. Now, the darkness of the early night provided additional cover to the calm of the estate that no one paid attention to the nuisance they were constituting.

Tommy didn't give her a second look, he was trying hard to hide his own sadness. He kept his head buried on his car roof, and had his back speaking to her.

"Is it my fault that you're a bingo, and couldn't control yourself? Why do I need to suffer for your own mistake? Why?" Amanda asked repeatedly, her tears escaped their feeble jars even as she rushed to wipe them away.

Tommy remained unshaken, he maintained his position even as she closed up to him, even as she hit him with every power she had.

"Is it my fault that you couldn't control yourself that fateful night?" She raised her voice as fast as she moved in search for his face. "Bimpe was just there to talk some sense into you on my behalf, and because your big man was more alive than you, all you saw before you was another conquest to add to your mighty list of conquered. Shame on you! Shame!" she yelled further.

At this point she had succeeded in drawing his attention, he raised his head to shower her a stern look. "I thought you had no idea why Bimpe was at my house that night. I clearly remember your words when I asked you that question." His angry approach scared her so much that she began to retrace her steps, away from him and his car. She didn't know what to say in her defense anymore, he had discovered her insignificant lie - the one lie she didn't think through before impulsively committing.

"You got her into this mess, Amanda. Your impatience and lack of understanding, made you send your best friend into a dangerous situation without you thinking twice. I can't do this anymore. It's over between us."

Amanda ran after him, she pulled her weight after him to stop her future from walking out on her completely. What has she done? If she loses Tommy to Bimpe, she's finished.

"Baby I'm sorry. Remember we're supposed to get married later this year," she tried her counsel for defense.

He ignored her fruitless attempt at resuscitation; it has online been a few minutes but he already felt as though a huge burden had been lifted off him. He entered his car, and drove away, he changed his mind to sleep in his house, he wanted her gone for good.

Amanda burst into tears, the memories of all her many sacrifices for this relationship played through her head. "It can't just end like this. This is not how my story ends. I refuse to be remembered as the pin that connected these two idiots together. It cannot end this way."

She rose up, cleaned her tears and bottled up her pain, she was going to do something nasty. She rused to her car and unlocked the pigeon hole to reveal a 9mm caliber.

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 1:39pm On Aug 16, 2016
E4: Origin

"Don't go!"

Those were the words that quietly dropped from the youngster's mouth as her parents waved goodbye and drove off, they left her to start a new phase of life.

"Hey! You, new girl, come over here and complete your registration," The House-mistress yelled at her, she had no special care for the girl who hadn't spent more than 80 minutes in this new place. What vexed her more than The House-mistress' interruption of her fantasy about eating chicken was the umpteenth request for her name.

"My name is Enitan!" The girl shouted from the distance. She sulked mildly to avoid the wrath of the middle-aged woman or those of the students around. As she approached the House-mistress, she felt the weight of the thousand and one piercing eyes of the senior girls staring at her; naive as she was, she stared back, unknowing that that was enough to grant her a two weeks all expense paid trip to servicing many senior girl's fantasies. One senior stood out, she appeared much different from the rest of the group even as she stood amongst the others, but that didn't matter now, the youngster needed to answer the call of the House-mistress, or risk being punished for her delay.

Later that night, all the new girls were lined up in front of the dormitory for the orientation night, where the new girls were given a sneak-peak of what they'd be facing for the next six years in State Community High School, Ijapa. School mother-daughter bonds amongst many other relationship dynamics were usually formed on this night. It was all part of their yearly custom for initiation.

Every new girl was to move forward, and be allocated to a senior girl. The allocation was done by the Hostel prefect and Senior prefect.

It got to Enitan's turn, and there was a stir. No senior girl wanted her, because of her small stature- In Community High Ijapa, every petite looking girl was treated as a minus, and no senior would want to be seen as weak for associating with a minus.

'I'll take her', a voice emanated from the dark corner close to where everyone was. Enitan looked forth towards the direction of the voice, she had been trying to figure out in her head for a while if someone had actually been seated there all these while. The girl came forth, and Enitan recognized her as the exceptional girl in the midst of the many she saw at The House-mistress' in the afternoon. The girl's to be in charge of everything that concerned Enitan in the school, and Enitan in return for the love and protection she'll get from her school-mother, who is a very powerful figure amongst the students, was to take care of all domestic things that concerns her school-mother.

"What's your name dear?' Her school-mother gently asked.


"OK Enitan, I'm Abosede Mandana, but like all my friends, you also can call me Amanda." A large smile appeared on her face, calling her self-given name always made her to smile, it made her feel better than she felt as the daughter of a farmer.

"You can also call me Bimpe, I prefer it to Enitan," the young girl smiled too.

"OK. It is nice to meet you Bimpe." Bimpe stretched forth her hand for a formal acceptance, but Amanda opened hers arms for an embrace and Bimpe wrapped herself in them - They both smiled, this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and they both could see it.


"Bimpe, your baby is fine, though it's still too early to tell the sex yet." The Doctor said to his beautiful patient who had been asleep for the better part of the antenatal examination.

"And thank you for been here with her, it means a lot," The doctor said again, this time to the person at Bimpe's side - Tommy. He had been engaging the doctor in series of powerful discussions, that took the better part of the Doctor's concentration, he didn't want to wake up Bimpe from her long nap while he examined her, for fear of ending his conversation with his intriguing guest. Bimpe was now awake, but still wanted to be absorbed in her memories; remembering the events of her past, her beginning with Amanda, made her very emotional. Tears escaped her tear ducts as she remembered the many instances in which she and Amanda had overcome the many obstacles of men, none had ever been this messy because none had ever involved a baby. The typical question would have been if she treasured their friendship, enough to abort her child to save it, but she already knew the answer - she already loved her child more than anything else in this world.

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by callmeomotee33(f): 6:13pm On Aug 16, 2016
I pity Amanda..pls bimpe Dont think of aborbting the baby since tommy is ready to take the responsibility

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by callmeomotee33(f): 6:15pm On Aug 16, 2016
Nice story Talius .....am enjoying it....keep it up

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 8:50pm On Aug 16, 2016
Nice story Talius .....am enjoying it....keep it up

Happy to hear from you dear!

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by callmeomotee33(f): 10:08pm On Aug 16, 2016
U are wlcm

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 11:16am On Aug 17, 2016
E5: Tommy

Tommy had just dropped Bimpe off at the new place he rented for her two days ago: A quiet and serene environment, perfect for the raising of their child. The entire drive from the clinic was in silence, she only dropped a thank you before she walked away. He could only speculate what he believed was going through her head, he knew she was not passing through funny times. He too had been doing a lot of thinking as of late, all revolving round the big question - How did his life get this complicated? He wasn't the type to run after anything on skirt; few years ago that would have been assurance enough that he'll never have ended up in his present predicament, but here he was, trapped in a web of complications, trapped in the twists of life.

Few years ago when Barr.George gave him the opportunity that turned his life for the better, he swore to never relent, to never go back to the pit he was pulled out from. But, here he was, drenching slowly into an emotional bottomless pit, which felt much worse than his former life of abject poverty. Oh! His father would be ashamed if he ever got to know the full details of his son's present life - The same way he was when he heard of the abortion Amanda had committed late last year without telling him or anyone. His father didn't hide his feelings neither did he mince words when he openly rebuked his son for been irresponsible, and negligent to the tune of having a love child, and then losing it. Ever since then his love for Amanda had dwindled, partly because his father's love for her ceased to be too. That was the genesis of their rocky relationship that got worse, and now has finally ended.

He didn't want to hurt Amanda, but she made things worse. If only she had given him the space he required, and not send her best friend after him that unfortunate night, all these complications, sadness, and heartbreak would have been avoided, and probably they'd be on their way to the merry wedding she had always hoped for.

He often wondered what she expected him to do - Reject his child? He wondered what he would have done differently - Establish Bimpe for life? Keep her comfortable with needed resources at her disposal to care for herself and their unborn child? - Arrgh! He couldn't decide which was more right; for his child he'd do anything and everything. He continued to growl in pain; he knew it wouldn't be fair to him or to Bimpe who didn't ask for this, nor to his unborn child who didn't decide the way he wanted to enter this evil world; no child would choose to be born in this kimd of situation.

"An incomplete home is a dysfunctional home," he cried out and punched his car steering repeatedly.

None of those options was to be considered, as far as he's concerned he made the right choice proposing marriage to Bimpe, and he'd stand by his decision no matter what, for the sake of his unborn child. This was not the life he wanted, certainly not the life Bimpe wanted, but they both have to work things out, for the sake of their unborn child they need to begin to love each other in all honesty if truly they want a future where they child will be safe and grow in love. He steered the car to the road side, and killed the engine - the sudden realization that he also needed to fall in love with Bimpe made him too emotional. The first tear to escape his eye, didn't get lucky enough to get down his cheek, but the one that followed did, and all the others after. He got tired of holding them back, and decided to let them all out. It was his opportunity to take off the bold and always-confident facade he showed everyone, and let out his pain and frustrations in the comfort of his air-conditioned car, packed by the roadside of a major expressway - His secret was safe here: What happens on the expressway stays on the expressway. For the love of his unborn child he was ready to do a lot of things he wouldn't have thought possible less than a year ago, he's going to get married to Bimpe, and nothing was stopping it - his dad should see him now making pragmatic life changing decisions.

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by callmeomotee33(f): 7:04pm On Aug 17, 2016
Poor tommy...the deed as been done Amanda, u need to accept the fact that u can't get married to tommy...I pray u find a beta man that will love u

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 7:12pm On Aug 17, 2016
E6: Attack on a titan

It's been two weeks, since Amanda made her resolve, to rain fire, and brimstone on Bimpe, and Tommy's new found relationship. She spent the entire first two days locked indoor, hoping Tommy would come back to his senses and rush back to her on realizing what he'd been missing. But, that never happened, and it dawned on her that Tommy had moved on with his illusion of a better life with Bimpe, which she just couldn't accept. Her actions now were centred on her strive to ensure the planned wedding didn't take place. She stared at the occupant of her passenger's seat she had just picked from the airport to aid her campaign of war and destruction - she couldn't help but wonder if the stress would be worth it at the end; her thoughts were cut short the moment she recognized she had arrived her destination

"This is where you enter," She intimated her company, who obliged with a nod and alighted, the next set of gestures showed movement towards the gate Amanda initially held in reference.

Amanda drove away, hoping the company was capable of executing this duty. The stranger pressed the bell at the gate, and was attended to almost immediately.

"Yes. Who do you want to see this late evening?" The agile old man on security uniform asked.

"Your madam. I can assure you she wants to see me," the reply
came instant and direct.

In a short while, the security man was out, and following closely at his back was Bimpe, who really wanted to see the man who had much confidence that she'd be happy to see him.


Her voice held joy and surpise closely within. She ran towards him with happiness all over her face, and gave him a long lasting hug that got the gateman, the house dogs, and all the birds around very confused. He followed her closely as they walked into the house. Bimpe couldn't help but release the tear she'd been suppressing with all her strength outside the house - Thank God for Mike's broad shoulder, ever ready to condone her tears and sobs, his soothing hands to console her with soft caresses. Mike's the non-avaoilable boyfriend, the one who made her heart squeak constantly, even as he has been thousands of mile away for months in the search for a better paying hustle. Even after months away, he still knew how to touch her right.

Matters just got more complicated with Mike's arrival, he was the main reason Bimpe had a conscience all along in her delay to get married to Tommy. She initially took solace in the fact that he was far away in Canada, and before he'd know of her betrayal she would have already become a wife to Tommy.

"You obviously know it's Amanda who brought me back to Nigeria"

"I do, but it doesn't matter. I'm getting married in less than two weeks," Bimpe turned her back the other wey from where she sat, she tried to hold her ground to sound tough, her hormones raged harder the other way.

"I love you Enitan. It doesn't matter what has happened, what people say, or what people will do. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I want to do it the right way," Mike's plea sounded genuine.

"Don't you get it? It's not possible. I'm carrying another man's child, and we're getting married. I'm going to see my future parents-in-law tomorrow for God's sake, there is no us anymore." The pain in her heart spread to her face - She burst into tears, and sunk harder into the couch because of her overwhelming emotions.

"Without you I am nothing Bimpe. I love you very much"

"You should go. I beg you, leave."

Mike crawled over to face her, he planted a light kiss on her lips.

"Please Mike you should go," her plea sounded weaker than they did the first time.

"I'm not going anywhere." He sounded authoritative. He planted more kisses on her lips which she received with little resistance. He pulled off his sweatshirt, to reveal his hard chest with a bold tattoo on it - A tattoo of a woman with a heart in her hand; his heart.

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 10:34am On Aug 18, 2016
E7: Mountain on fire

The degree to which they both missed each other was well detailed in the passionate way they had a feel of each the other's body, there was no doubt that each had missed such romps greatly.

At the peak of her climax, Mike hurriedly came. He then rolled away and settled on his back with his bare chest facing the ceiling. Bimpe rolled up close to him and began mildly stroking the tattoo he had inked up two years ago on her behalf, she matched up her left hand to reveal her own half of the larger tattoo-mystery: The matching tattooes were a constant reminder of the love the shared for one another. They began to talk, to catch up on lost times and also to regain their strengths. Bimpe told him about all the many moments she wished he was around, all the many times she wished he was here to make her smile, and all the many times she resigned to her fate that he wasn't coming back for her again; those times she hated herself for having the tattoo. He promised he wasn't going anywhere again, he'd be here for her, and her unborn child which he promised to accept.

With that he reached for his trouser, brought out a well closed designer case, opened it to reveal the kind of ring that she has only seen in foreign magazines.

"Will you marry me?" He popped the question. The atmosphere was perfect, Unclad in the light of day, no worries whatsoever.

Bimpe was full of smiles, her heart filled with joy, the man of her dreams was ready to settle down and he still wanted her with all her baggage. She ignored the question and kissed him. The kiss picked up pace, and ventured into violent territory, with each going hard to please the other. In the midst of that aggressive display, the room door opened.

Tommy walked in talking into the phone's receiver, he carried a basket containing the latest samples of materials Bimpe had requested for their asoebi, which they were supposed to show to his parents today. His eyes, which were looking down initially because of his been absent-minded, was drawn up to the bed position, by the chattering, and double commentaries his ears were involuntarily picked up. His brain processed what he saw - the mother of his unborn child, his soon wife-to-be, in bed with another man.

Mike laid peacefully on the bed, not minding there was someone else in the room - He was that confident with his size - Bimpe was uneasy, and was trying unsuccessfully to explain. She had a conscience, and she knew he wasn't supposed to find out this way, even if she was going to still say yes to Mike's proposal.

Many thoughts began to fly through his head, punch the man, stab them both, call the police. Finally, he called him out for a fight.



Both men stared ferociously at each other, bitterness and anger pumped through their veins in place of blood at this moment; Tommy felt his pumped fiercer because of his tight position in this situation

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by callmeomotee33(f): 2:12pm On Aug 18, 2016
Wah kind of a lady is this Bimpe sef.....ur wedding is on the way and u slept with another man and not only that u are also carrying his unborn child....wah a shame
Amanda really mean business oooo...by calling bimpe befrnd

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by callmeomotee33(f): 2:13pm On Aug 18, 2016
Wah kind of a lady is this Bimpe sef.....ur wedding is on the way and u slept with another man and not only that u are also carrying his unborn child....wah a shame
Amanda really mean business oooo...by calling bimpe befrnd....great work....am following u bumper to bumper.next update pls

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 8:49pm On Aug 18, 2016
E8: Tests

"What have we done?"

Bimpe was troubled. Mike was very much unconcerned about the whole Tommy finding out thing, he was even ready to fight the father of Bimpe's child had she not step in to quell the bad blood - He was more concerned with her returning to bed to pick up where they left their desires before Tommy's intrusion.

"He wasn't supposed to find out this way," Bimpe tried to make him see reason.

"How then is the best way he knows you're no longer his bride, but mine?"

She found Mike's words profane but surprisingly none-annoying.

"Let's just say things turned out the way they were supposed to," he finalized his words. He stood up and ealked towards her, they kissed for a while before he carried her to the bed without resistance.


"Brrh! Brrh! Brrh!"

"Hello, who's this?" Amanda asked into the mouthpiece, she wondered loud who would call her with an unknown number in this present times.

"Can you come over?" The voice at the other end asked.

Amanda recognized the voice instantly. Why wouldn't she? When she had been daydreaming about this particular request ever since the breakup.

"Of course, right away," she gave her reply.

He was a mess. He couldn't stop wondering why Bimpe would disrespect him so much, after being so sweet and loving to her. He knew she didn't love him, at least yet, but having sex with another man in the house he paid for was the greatest height of insult he could ever receive, and he wasn't known for handling insults well.

The door open, and his nagging thoughts closed as it did.

He looked up towards the entrance door, and saw her - she was enticing. And without much thinking, thanks to the 55% alcoholic drink he'd been taking non stop for the past twenty minutes, he rushed up to her, and kissed her. He kissed her nonstop and fondled with her sensitive body parts.

"You're drunk," Amanda pronounced.

"And you're hurt. Being drunk doesn't affect my performance, you can ask your best friend," he sounded scornful but cheerful. He began to roughly UnCloth her in the living room, and when he was done he took her roughly from behind, he lasted about two hours with just three positions. His pains took over and he could thrust no more, even without a release.

After a while of lying face up on the bare floor, he rose up and got dressed. "I'll soon be back," he said, and walked away without awaiting a reply from her.

Amanda immediately rose up, and tidied the enter house within minutes, with the mindset of impressing him when he returned. She awaited his return eagerly, but it didn't happen. After a long while of waiting, she fell asleep, and woke up after two hours, she checked the time, and it read 9pm - It was time to leave..

A while later Tommy returned, he'd been at the bar downing his sorrows into more bottles of hard drink, until his high tolerance came under integrity check, he decided to unwillingly return home. All he wanted to do was sleep in peace and quiet. He walked straight to his room, opened the door, and climbed his bed. He rolled to the other side after a while of stationary posture, and he had something. Or someone. He pulled away the bed cover and is extremely shocked to see Amanda.

"What are you still doing here Amanda?"

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by callmeomotee33(f): 9:57pm On Aug 18, 2016
Hahahah talius this is suspence ooo....pls next update

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 9:24am On Aug 19, 2016
E9: A show of faith

Amanda felt heavily slighted by the words that came out of Tommy's mouth and began to shout on top of her voice.

"After taking my time to clean the house, that's all you can say. After having your way with me, you want to throw me out of your house like one of those cheap prostitutes your friend Uche sleeps with?"

"We're two adults who consented to have sex. Who said anything about strings attached?" Tommy yelled back.

"Waka! You and your strings, waka there!" Amanda cursed. She ran away to the living room. She hoped Tommy would chase her, even if he didn't care much would care little to bother about her hurt feeling. But, he didn't, she had lost him to a girl no longer in the competition for his heart.

She reached for her phone to dial someone.

Five days later...

The last few days had been a series of eye opener for Bimpe, with jaw dropping events that happened all around her, back to back, she was assured of her continued love for Mike, and his for her, and had decided not to marry Tommy out of pity; for his sake and for their unborn child's, her happiness should come first. Armed with this new found clarity, she found the courage to dial Tommy the day before, and like a gentleman that he'd always been, he agreed to a public meeting at a popular fast food joint in town.

By the time Bimpe arrived Tommy was already seated. He greeted her with a bright face and a smile that hid how hurt he felt inside the way things turned out. He gave her a peck and returned her greeting politely. They spoke for about an hour, and in that time Bimpe explained to him all that had changed and what prompted her new strain of decisions - What's best for their child. Suprisingly, he agreed without any hassle, saying things turned out this way for the best. They resolved to remain good friends for the sake of their unborn child, and they wished each other goodluck in their various love lives.

The last three days Tommy spent with his mother made him understand a lot of things; amongst which the popular saying 'What will be will be' was paramount; If Bimpe was truly destined to be his, she would have been, baby or no baby. This new found understanding was what made him agree to the meeting in the first place, he very much would be involved in her life, but not in the capacity that he previously wished for - not as her husband, but as the father of her child.

They left the restaurant together, and headed to the parking lot, their cars were parked close.

Bimpe was the first to get in, she wanted to give Tommy a considerable distance, and he wanted to see her drive off safely. She started her engine, and began to reverse while Tommy stood and watched. She ocassionally threw a glance at him though, trying not to lose focus of her steering, lest she bump into a moving car on the busy road behind her.

Her attention was drawn back to Tommy by the sounds of loud gunshots. She just saw Tommy hit repeatedly by bullets.

She screamed as loud as her voice would let her whilst still inside her car. She tried without success to locate the door knob.

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by callmeomotee33(f): 5:05pm On Aug 19, 2016
Talius u av post this episode before now....
Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 6:36pm On Aug 19, 2016
Talius u av post this episode before now....

I haven't dear. Look at it well.
Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by callmeomotee33(f): 6:39pm On Aug 19, 2016
Oops am very sorry...tot u have post it before ni

I haven't dear. Look at it well.
Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 11:24am On Aug 20, 2016
E10: Let us Fight

"How is he?"

Bimpe yelled at the nurse. This was the umpteenth nurse to come out of the emergency room, and the umpteenth one to give her a silent response. She was still in shock. It took the intervention of concerned witnesses to snap her out of it before she was able to drive a heavily bleeding Tommy to this hospital which was the closest to where the shooting occurred.

"Madam can you try and recount what happened "

The police officer she had been ignoring by her side asked her again for a statement of what occured at the crime scene the past hours. She couldn't bring herself to recount the incident, not when the father of her child was still battling for his life inside the theatre.

A little while later, Tommy's parents came around, Bimpe noticed how unusually calm his mother was. "She must be a very strong woman," Bimpe said to herself.

Another police officer joined them not too long after. "The shooter has been apprehended," He announced, but they needed Bimpe's statement before they could divulge further privileged details. He additionally told them the shooter was caught while trying the escape the vicinity by the angry youths around who tracked him from the angle from which the shot came, and caught up with him in no time.

"He obviously is not a professional, otherwise we won't have caught him so easily," the happy officer announced to all available to hear, that the police was very very active.

Bimpe hurriedly wrote the statement with guardiance from Tommy's mother constantly reassuring her that everything would be alright.

The doctor came out, and told them that Tommy was stable now, and that the three bullets had been removed from their hit locations predominantly his chest. Bimpe, who was in tears, was relieved to hear that. They all needed to know who the shooter was, and why he/she wanted to kill Tommy. A part of Bimpe told her it was Amanda's doing, but she refused to comprehend that Amanda would go to such length, just to get Tommy back. Everyone headed to the station to unmask the shooter. By the time the arrived, Amanda was at the entrance waiting, so they all could go inside together and unmask the hitman. She too was invited by the police. Bimpe was relieved to see it wasn't her friend who tried to kill the innocent man who got caught up in their world of drama. Bimpe impulsively hugged Amanda, and began to apologize for letting all that transpired between them get to the stage they were.

"I want to repair our friendship"

"As do I"

The younger and elder sisters embraced themselves. They all walked into the station together.

The shooter was seated on the bare floor, bloodied, as a result of the massive beatings he received from the youths, and the police to confess to his motives and involvement in the crime.

"Who's this?" Tommy's mother asked

"Mike" both ladies chorused, instantly recognizing the shooter.

The police said he had confessed to following Bimpe to the restaurant, and on seeing it was Tommy she was meeting with, he became instantly jealous and felt she was going to leave him. His anger skyrocketed and in that moment, he remembered Amanda's word before she sponsored his trip back to Nigeria - she said to him, "Do whatever it takes to get the love of your life back" and that is exactly what he did - getting the love of his life back fully, required him to kill off his competition, with the 9mm caliber Amanda gave to him when he landed Nigeria.

The police felt Amanda gave him motive to shoot Tommy, and therefore was an accomplice to his attempted murder. That was why they invited her to the station to be arrested and questioned.

"I'm truly sorry"

Amanda repeatedly said as she was handcuffed and taken away by a police officer; she was to be interrogated in the inner room. She pleaded with everyone present as she was escorted, that she didn't mean to get Tommy shot.

"I love him with all my heart" she said.

Bimpe was in tears, the father of her unborn child was fighting for his life, the love of her life was responsible, and her bestfriend was the one who premeditated the entire problem before them. "Could life get any more bitter"

Brrrrh! Brrrrh! Her ringtone interrupted her sob.

"Hello, who's on the line" Bimpe wiped her wipe to clear voice.

"This is Dr. Souza from Stars Hospital Ijesha. I'm calling on behalf of Mr. Tomiwa Martins. Is this Miss Enitan?"

"Yes this is Enitan. How is Tommy?"

Everyone's attention was drawn to the phone call at the mention of Tommy's name.

"Hello! Hello! I can't hear you, speak up ... Hello... You say?" Bimpe screamed one word after another into the inaudible phone call.


"Can you hear me Ma'am?" The Doctor asked into the phone one more time before finally giving up on the horrible network. His eyes lingered over the hospital bed with well covered body.

"What was the time of death again?" The Doctor asked the attending nurse.


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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 11:25am On Aug 20, 2016
The End of Book One. Thank you for reading.
Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by callmeomotee33(f): 1:50pm On Aug 20, 2016
Eyha so he finally die .....thanks
I really enjoyed it


Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by LabiaDestroyer(m): 3:03pm On Aug 20, 2016
Nice one op.....short and juicy Enjoyed it...


Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 7:38pm On Aug 20, 2016
Eyha so he finally die .....thanks
I really enjoyed it

Thanks for following. I appreciate you callmeomotee33 specially. More God's blessing.

Nice one op.....short and juicy
Enjoyed it...

He he! Thanks bro.

Cc: Obinnau, mynd44, lalasticlala, obynoscopy


Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by callmeomotee33(f): 9:37pm On Aug 20, 2016

Amen and you too
Thanks for following. I appreciate you callmeomotee33 specially. More God's blessing.

He he! Thanks bro.
Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Talius(m): 6:42am On Sep 14, 2016
My people,

Soteriahascome, princeOFprince, kongru, qhdr, Fidelismaria, missmossy, cutechicluv, Nmaglit, rmfunky, maximanuel, ped007, lordseb, vlip42, maggdon, humbleamanda, laikas, smartec, donhils, superman10, Fijumokesayo, kikayboss, lacasera14, loisemm, Lolaabokoku, ucheclub, silensa, davespog2, jubizy, faksy, nigelcoop, baxxx, ghostwriter, cutediva87, Venusbetty, maggielovely, slimzy2k16, bibijay123, heskeyw, Shakyroh320, Essyprity, yorhmienerd, BB4u, Maximanuel, Kerr9,

have you read this?

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Queenoma(f): 4:36pm On Sep 14, 2016
Another bibijay123 spotted..... Nyz work Sire. Oya chop kiss


Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by Fidelismaria(m): 9:46pm On Sep 14, 2016
talius my man
interesting piece
hope dis will surpass cracked sources

tanx for d mention
more updates pls

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by laikas: 10:27pm On Sep 14, 2016
My people,

Soteriahascome, princeOFprince, kongru, qhdr, Fidelismaria, missmossy, cutechicluv, Nmaglit, rmfunky, maximanuel, ped007, lordseb, vlip42, maggdon, humbleamanda, laikas, smartec, donhils, superman10, Fijumokesayo, kikayboss, lacasera14, loisemm, Lolaabokoku, ucheclub, silensa, davespog2, jubizy, faksy, nigelcoop, baxxx, ghostwriter, cutediva87, Venusbetty, maggielovely, slimzy2k16, bibijay123, heskeyw, Shakyroh320, Essyprity, yorhmienerd, BB4u, Maximanuel, Kerr9,

have you read this?

thanks man, nice story.

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Re: Trapped (an Anthology Series) by yorhmienerd(m): 7:07am On Sep 15, 2016
Good job

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