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Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Clemzy16(m): 2:51pm On Sep 29, 2016
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This literature is purely a work of fiction.

This work exclusively belong to the
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plot, characters, settings, quotes are
properties of the author. No part of
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electronic or otherwise. Contact the
author at Clementayo@gmail.com


The central hub of the city was locked down as a result of heavy traffic congestion that marred the free flow of vehicular activity along the ever-busy Effurun Road, Warri, Delta state.

Jude was restless as he was practically held behind time by the erratic traffic situation while on his way for a special Robbery operation.The "Go-Slow" was so severe that it had paralyzed almost half the entire city. No vehicle could gain entrance into the main city, and no vehicle was seen going out. This traffic gridlock occasioned across Warri metropolis was usually pertinent; especially on a Monday morning, and little wonder this Robbery attack was slated for this day, soon to be referred to as "Black Monday!"



Time was tickling very fast, emotions were becomming more heated. Seconds turned into minutes, and the moment was approaching gradually. Information had reached the Gang members that a particular Bullion Van would be conveying Millions of Naira to a New-generation Bank at about 8:00a.m, and their plan was to attack the Bullion Van at Gun point and cart away with the money, despite being held under tight security by the special anti-robbery squad.

For about a period two-year, the city of Warri had been plagued with several crisis emanating from a particular Gang of Robbers specialized in the act of Robbery activities of various kinds ranging from 'Invading of residential buildings, to Car hijacking, Kidnapping, Mall attack, Breaking of shops and stealing of its goods during the Night and so on. The most striking thing about this Group was that nobody knew who they were, or where they came from, but then, they somehow manages to carry out their criminal activities successfully without any trace for the agents of social control to keep the hoodlums perpetuating the crimes behind bars.

Today, this same Gang of Robbers were about to carry out yet another most tasky attack which proved to be their hardest operation so far; especially as it was to be done during the daytime, and not business as usual. Whether they would succeed or not was yet to be known, but one thing was for sure, their lives were at stake as some members of the Gang had already been fortified spiritually with protective charms by a supposed powerful herbalist, and anyone that tried to get in their way would surely be going down, just like the Naira; and that included the Police.

Jude kept checking his wrist-watch by every flying moment, but the Road situation was yet to make any great improvement as vehicles were only able to move at a slow pace. Upon seeing that the traffic situation remained stagnant, Jude promptly excused himself out of the tricycle, popularly called "Keke-Napep" which he had boarded about thirty-minutes earlier, forgetting that he had not paid the Keke Rider his transportation fee, and just about then, his attention was called back by the Rider who quickly made out and demanded his fee while giving Jude an inquisitive stare of "You nor go pay me my money?!" look. Not having time for any drama, Jude then thrust his hand into the right pocket of his Pens trouser, and handed the Rider a neat two-hundred Naira note supposedly for a distance which he didn't reach and bothered not to demand for his change, but not after he had given the Rider a deadly and scornful look that could pass for a thousand words before leaving the scenery and continued his journey on foot. Only but if - the Rider knew that Jude had with him a Pistol Gun, definitely, he would rather not have demanded for his money while pulling such an attitude.

Surprisingly, Jude was well- responsibly dressed, clad in a long-sleeve top and a Plain Black pens trouser, having touched the shirt into his pants, and wearing a Black-coloured designer shoe to match with. His appearance could pass him for the Manager of a reputable coy, unknown to many that he was the second-in-command of the most Dreaded Gang terrorizing the whole of Warri. All of these were an attempt to conceal his true identity, as he had always proved not just to be a Robber, but a highly intelligent one at that. indeed, he was a baggage too much to be predicted.

Despite coming from the creeks, Jude was formally a decent individual having bagged a degree in Psychology at the renowned 'Delta State University, Abraka.' at the age of twenty-two, until he later furthered his education at the Prestigious 'University of Ibadan' where he obtained a Master's degree in Criminology at the age of thirty. Thereafter, he was thrown into the labour market without any good job to his intelligence and degrees put together, except for some few working places where he was offered peanut as salary. Hence, he decided to apply his knowledge into something more productive by becoming a professional thief.

After trekking for approximately five minutes, Jude finally made it out from the traffic congestion and into a nearby area which was a semi-dilapidated slum. Although, he had a personal car to himself, but regarding the plan for this operation, he had to arrive the scene in person, and alone from other Gang members.

Shortly afterwards, Jude received a phone call from one of the Gang members whose name was 'Preacher.' He became Jude's closest rival among the circle - after he lost out in the bid to become the second-in-command of the Robbery squad - of which Jude won by popular demand. Ever since then, their friendship became held bound with a pinch of salt, as they categorically became sworn enemies but only cooperated with each other during an operation; while in reality, they both wish each one of the other was dead.

In the phone call, Preacher made it known to Jude that every other member of the Gang had converged at a spot and set to carry out the attack as soon as the Bullion Van arrives. Whereas Jude, the supposed leader of the Gang, in absence of the overall General, was no where to be found, and that he would now take over the mantle of leadership with or without the arrival of Jude; But Preacher didn't just end there, he wanted more stressing that Jude should be ready to be overthrown by him, claiming that Jude wasn't fit for the position he occupied, as he had failed to perform his role judiciously.

Jude then ended the call with disgust, without him uttering a single word to his partner in crime - who for some reasons had just changed his mood. He was instantly reeled with anger and contempt which was quickly evident from his facial countenance.

The battle line had been drawn. It was only a matter of time before the battle of superiority would soon clash with one of the hardest Robbery attack ever.

Indeed, This meant war!!!


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Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Clemzy16(m): 2:46am On Sep 30, 2016

The sounding alarm of Police siren soon overshadowed the atmosphere in a rather sophisticated manner. Two black Police hilux convoy had just accompanied a Bullion Van carrying bundles of money amounting to Millions of Naira into the premises of a new generation bank located around a suburb area of Warri, Delta state.

The sudden presence of these highly sophisticated men in uniform already sent panic into the air due to the approach in which they mounted the bank environment. Some persons at the ATM stand who wanted to make withdrawals were immediately shocked as cold shivers were sent travelling through their spines in a split second, while some other persons could be seen vehemently shaking, and this was not an exaggeration.

The Bullion Van, together with the Police escort vehicles suddenly drove into the bank premises immediately the gate was let opened by the security guard, and just when everyone thought everything was back to normal, they were taken aback by surprise, seeing another set of two White Hilux SUV arriving the scene almost immediately. The first Hilux then quickly followed the Police escort that was already inside the bank premises. As soon as the Bank security guard on duty realized that these new set of Hiluxs' were not assigned to the Bullion Van, he attempted to swiftly lock the gate, in order to prevent them from gaining full entrance into the bank, and just then, a bullet was shot directly trailing his head; he was hit instantly and died on the spot. It was until then that it dawned on the bank customers that they were trapped in the middle of a robbery operation. The panic attack which the ATM users felt earlier tripled rapidly, and they were now scared to the bone due to fear of the unknown.

The first Hilux vehicle from the robbery squad was inside the bank compound, while the second one was parked outside. The robbers alighted immediately in commando style and surrounded the whole place in the speed of light. They were fully armed with assorted rifles as they had disguised themselves wearing facial mask and Army complete uniform. The Gang had ten members on arrival, but twelve members in total; excluding Jude who was yet to show up, and the overall General, the main leader and First-in-command of the Gang. More so, they christened themselves "The twelve disciples" as part of their ritual and gang orientation. These men from the underworld had aligned for this operation by moving underwater having utilized a boat from a nearby riverbank. Although, referred to as "Men from the underworld" two female also belonged to this gang of robbers, but during their ritual and initiation process, their thinking faculty had thoroughly been changed, so that they could begin to think and act like their male counterpart. They no longer had a soft conscience anymore, and showed no mercy before pulling a trigger.

There was pandemonium everywhere, the bank customers that earlier stood at the ATM stand were now all heads flat, lying on the ground with fear written all over their faces. Also, there were five members of the Gang of Robbers that entered the bank with the first Hilux, while the remaining five remained outside to ensure that nobody tried to leave the scene until they were gone, and also to exterminate any intruder that wanted to infringe on their way to finishing the operation successfully. Amongst them was 'Preacher,' the self-acclaimed new second-in-command of the Gang.

Sooner than later, the five gang members inside the bank premises stood strategically at different positions and began shooting sporadically at the police men - who in turn fired back, but were eventually overwhelmed by the robbers as their bullets practically had no effect on them. Put differently, the bullets didn't penetrate into their bodies which was a crystal clear sign that they had been thoroughly cooked by the witch doctor that prepared their protective charms. The entire police men were dropped dead in the blink of an eye and this paved way for the robbery operation to progress into the second phase; except for the Bullion Van driver whose life was spared.

The coast was more clearer now that the police men were erased from the picture; Preacher then walked inside the Bank gallantly, and came back minutes later with the Bank manager who was physically shaking like someone strucked with lightening. He was holding a key on his hand, as he was made to open the Bullion Van to behold a truck-load of money wrapped in bundles. Their excitement knew no bound as they started packing the money into the 'GHANA-MUST-GO' bags that became five bags filled.

Upon realizing the purpose of their assignment, they began carrying the bags to the Hilux vehicles that they came with; But then, they couldn't hide their joy, hence, they began spraying bullets into the air, unknown to them that the bank customers outside who were lying on the ground would become more petrified whilst hearing different sounds of gunshot ringing inside their head, as though they were knockout. Extreme fear instantly gripped about three of the bank customers who came for withdrawals, as they swiftly stood up running for their lives.

Preacher was vexed seeing that they tried to play a smart game upon his leadership manner, which didn't quite go down well with him. Hence, he shot three of them at intervals while they fell to the ground gasping for breath. Preacher then walked closer towards them, and again shot them several times to ensure that they died a pitiable death.

"Send my regards to the devil when you get to Hell.." He said aloud and made a sinister smirk.

Other members of the Gang were stunned as they watched with rapt attention how their new so-called leader had just pulled a stunt that people only get to see in movies. They had never seen Jude pull such a stunt before. Indeed, Preacher was trying so hard to outdo his closest rival, as he wanted his fellow robbers to acknowledge his Ruggedity.

Unsatisfied with the killings so far, Preacher walked closer to the ATM stand and started shooting every other persons lying on the ground, thereby killing them with a feeling of impunity. His intention was to ensure that anyone who witnessed the robbery do not survive to tell the story. He had succeeded in killing everyone of them but the last person who was a very pretty fair-in-completion lady; Just then, he halted for a second, while she was glued to the ground wailing and begging for mercy. For a moment, it appeared as though Preacher still had an ounce of conscience left in him as he kept scrutinizing the lady from her head down to her toe. Then he turned around and slowly began walking away as if he wanted to spare her life, but turned back almost immediately and aimed the gun at her head, while about to pull the trigger, and just then, something unexpected happened.......


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Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by movmentish(m): 9:52am On Sep 30, 2016
Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Osman1996(m): 11:52am On Sep 30, 2016

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Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Clemzy16(m): 8:34pm On Sep 30, 2016

A screeching sound emanating from the tyres of another troops of security vehicles and sirens were heard indistinctly approaching toward the scene of the robbery. This new development took the gang unawares as they thought their mission was already accomplished, hence, they failed to envision the possibility of more police personnel, men of the special anti-robbery squad (SARS), and Mopol arriving the scenario in unison. The robbers became alert as they began disembarking while carrying the bags of money as they made away. Preacher knew immediately that their cover had been blown, that way he decided to transfer his aggression on the innocent lady lying flat before him, as he wanted blowing off her head, then a stray bullet came from afar and hit him on his left chest, exactly on the spot where the heart is located. Then, he fell to the ground bleeding profusely and died a slow death.

Not long afterwards, Jude came out from hiding and began leading the Gang to their escape, but then, he forgot to mask his face, but when he remembered to do so, it was too late as the security camera situated at the bank had already captured his face. Apparently, Jude had been on top the branch of a huge mango tree from the outskirts of the bank area, thereby, observing everything happening with his 'Sniper-Lens' gun from the very beginning. He was responsible for the death of his partner-in-crime, Preacher, who was eventually killed by the one person he hated the most, and the most pathetic thing about him dying was that he died not knowing the cause of his death. Perhaps, now, he could greet the Devil himself.

The Bank Manager had earlier put a distress phone call to secret agents who later informed the police and other agents of social control just before Preacher had gone inside the Manager's office. These security operatives were shooting the Gang members back to back as they fled the environ, but before they could get to them, they had technically mounted the two white Hilux vehicles that they came with and started zooming off; This time, a bullet was shot at one of the Gang members who fell out of the SUV, and was apprehended before he could escape. Although, he wasn't dead but was badly injured.

The robbers drove as fast as they could but the security men gave them a hot chase. Seeing that they could get caught by these security officials, they reached a market area and began spraying bundles of Naira notes on the floor, in thousands, and in order to escape being caught. Their plan magically worked as Market women, Children and also buyers rushed in their numbers and started picking the Nigerian currency on the floor, while some fell inside the gutter filled with mud and dirty water. This eventually made it possible for the robbers to evade arrest as the security operatives were blocked from performing their duty.

The Gang of robbers finally escaped through water by crossing the local river, but not after setting the two Hilux SUV's on fire in a bid to destroy any evidence or trace.

Alas! After the whole drama had unfolded. Over fifty persons were killed on that Monday morning in an attack that lasted about half an hour. The only victim survivor from the Bank was the fair-in-completion lady who also barely escaped death.


Silence had suddenly taken over the auditorium. The remaining nine members of the gang were strategically seated while waiting on the arrival of the overall general. The five bags of money stolen were kept at the alter, and just about then, the General stepped out from his office while walking majestically to the bags of money with his footsteps echoing loudly. He walked toward the filled bags of money, opened it and then heaved a smile.

"Glory be to God Almighty!" He muttered and clapped. "Welldone my Sons and Daughters. Today, you've once again proven yourself to be the true children of your father." The General added.

The General was the overall leader of the Gang. He was a fairly aged man who was in his early 60s, A priest and the founder (General Overseer) of a mega Pentecostal church named St. Clement Believers' Church in Warri, Delta State. He was also the spiritual father who always pray and blesses them before they embark on any robbery operation.

"My Children, why are you people not saying anything?, What is the problem?" He enquired asking nobody in particular; yet, silence replied.

"J3, I command you to speak now!" He shouted slightly raising his voice, while referring to Jude, the second-in-command whose nickname was J3.

"Father, it is with a heavy heart that I'm sad to announce to you that though, we succeeded in this operation, but we lost our brother Preacher, who was killed today, and Stone who's currently in Police custody." Jude slowly raised his head up and said.

"Hmmm... Is that all?" The General asked, but before Jude could respond, Small cuts in.

"Preacher would've been alive now if it wasn't for you. You didn't show up when the team needed you the most." Small fired.

"Will you shut up your mouth! Was I not also there to lead you guys to safety at last." Jude retorted trying to defend himself.

Truth is, they probably wouldn't have lost any life supposing Preacher wasn't hell-bent on spilling unnecessary blood when they were supposed to escape.

"Enough! This is not the time to put the blame on anyone. The deed had already been done." The General resolved and went further to speak. "And what about Stone, what happened to him?" He asked.

"He was shot and then fell out from the vehicle when we were escaping." Jude replied, albeit, with a faint tone.

"I'm glad that the rest of you are alive, hale and hearty. Now that two of our men are dead, be prepared for the initiation rites of two new members. As you already know, it is our tradition that once a brethren transit, another is installed in order to balance the lineage of this brotherhood. We are, The Twelve Disciples!" The General blurted amid evil laughter.

"Yes, Your Lordship!" The Gang members replied in togetherness, and bowed their head before General, the High Priest.

"But Father, we're not certain yet whether Stone is dead or not" Margaret said.

"Well, consider him dead tonight!" The General said and then Margaret stared at her boyfriend Jude with disbelief but 'J3' pretended not to notice her.

Margaret, also dubbed 'Maggi' was the first out of the two female to be initiated into the Gang. She was the official girlfriend of Jude, the second-in-command, but also the ceremonial Booty-call to every other male in the Gang.

Their tradition also demanded that they do not keep a close relationship with anybody other than themselves, so that their secret doesn't get revealed to an outsider, hence, they were forbidden to have girlfriends/boyfriends except making out with persons without any feelings attached.

After all was said and done, the General announced to the Gang that they would be hosted to a wonderful treat in celebration of their success and bravery towards the operation, he also assured them that the money realized would be shared judiciously according to their rank and advised them to start thinking of what to do with their various share of the money, because they may not need to go back to robbery anytime soon, as the money realized was enough to cater for their needs for the time being. They were instantly reeled with joy whilst chanting various jubilation songs of victory.

It was only a matter of time before reality would begin to pass its judgement on them. Karma they say is a B..I.T.C..H; It spares no one caught in the act of evil, and the evil that men do, lives after them...



Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Clemzy16(m): 8:35pm On Sep 30, 2016
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Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Anthony4578(m): 10:43am On Oct 01, 2016
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Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by movmentish(m): 12:57pm On Oct 02, 2016
Oga clemzy, you need hasten ur updates man or u fix time 4 d updates. Nice story
Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by ritababe(f): 1:10pm On Oct 02, 2016
Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Clemzy16(m): 3:26pm On Oct 02, 2016

It had been two months since one of the worst Robbery Attack ever recorded in the history of Mother crime hit the commercial capital city of Warri, South-South, Nigeria. The attack which recorded the killing of Fifty-Four people including Security operatives and Bank customers was described as the most unfortunate event that shook not only the people of that region, but the entire nation as a whole. The tragic event left the various families of the deceased individuals grieving for the death of their loved ones; while pleading to the government that the perpetrators of the act be brought to book. The Governor of the state headed to the plea from these pained families, thereby conducting a Mass burial for the dead, and assured the families that the government would definitely fish out the culprits stating that anyone of them caught would be tied to a stake and sent to the great beyond.

Although, a member of the Gang was caught on that day of the operation whose identity couldn't even be identified as he suddenly lost his ability to speak. This was the handiwork of General who made sure that Stone do not say anything to the police torture unit that institutionalized him in a solitary confinement. He was later beaten severely until he passed away and his body thrown into an inferno.

The Bank attacked was almost in the blink of liquidation until the federal government intervened and offered them a loan from the federation account, so that they could proceed with business. The money stolen was reported to be over 7 Billion Naira, but it wasn't certain whether the figure was altered to suit personal favours.

Coincidentally, the lady who was the only victim survivor from the attack was a Reporter working with the State owned television station, and she was now secretly working with the FBI/POLICE in order to nab the criminals who nearly took her life.

Jude had just had another heated argument with his ON/OFF girlfriend Margaret. The cause of their crisis always revolved around her sleeping with other members of the Gang. He had warned her several times to desist from such act - of which she promised to change, yet was still being intimate with General. On this day, he became vexed and decided to cool his head off at a cinema by seeing a movie. Jude then made out of his apartment shortly and went directly to his garage where his fleet of cars were parked. Regardless of the big brand of cars which he had in his garage, he decided to step out with his Toyota Camry vehicle. On getting to the cinema, he was walking towards the Theatre after purchasing the ticket, just then he received a text message from his estranged girlfriend, Margaret. In the message, Margaret had informed him that she was leaving his house and travelling to Abuja to return back to Warri in due time and wished that he should have gone back to his senses before she would return.

Jude was reading the message with excitement whilst paying attention to his phone, just then, he mistakenly bumped into a lady and she immediately fell to the floor yipping in pain. Jude was then instantly full of apology as he helped raised her back to her feet. Their eyes soon became interlocked, and then they froze admiring each other as though their lives depended on it. The lady was a full-blown beautifully created specie of human. Her eyes were as white as the cloud, and her fair-in-completion sleek skin was glowing like the sun. Jude was immediately lost in riveria as he could barely phantom when he broke the silence and striked a convo with her.

"Permit me the honour of knowing your name ma'am.." Jude muttered confidently still gazing into her eyes. Evidently, he was oblivious that the lady before him was the same person whose life he helped saved at the Bank when Preacher almost sniffed breath out of her.

"Uh! My name is Elo." She managed to utter while curling her weavon backwards. Elohor Emmanuel was one of the most sought after News Reporter across Niger-Delta. Her findings had greatly influenced the success of the Nigerian Army toward curbing the menace of militants activities terrorizing that region. It became of - greater interest upon her now that she was investigating another act of terrorism while working as a secret intelligent undercover together with the police, and especially as she was affected by their attack. Her role was to act as a research observer; while her motive was to expose the criminals with the aim of reporting their story, and also helping security operatives to reduce crime to the bearest minimum.

"I'm Jude, you can call me Jude. Please forgive me, but I'm triggered to know, why is a pretty lady like yourself would be walking all alone in a cinema, or - perhaps, are you here with someone?" He enquired slightly raising his eyebrows upward in a bid to appear more handsome. Jude was instantly flirting with her. However, he wasn't bad looking either and he also had the structure of a body-builder.

Jude had built virtually every part of his body as he was Muscular, had his chest pushed-up and a very attractive collection of biceps to match with. He was also Heighten, Dark-in-completion and had full facial beard. His appearance could best be linked to that of the Veteran Noolywood actor, Desmond Elliot.

"Actually, I'm waiting for someone, my Elder brother. We were supposed to see the movie together." She lied. "Hmmm... Lemme even put a call through to him now!" She said and quickly brought out her phone from her handbag, and pretended to be calling her imaginary Brother. It was - all an attempt to perfect her plan in order to avoid any suspicious antiques.

After a while, she made a grimace look and then informed Jude that her brother was caught up in a meeting at his work-place and would not be able to show up anymore. She looked disappointed and slowly started walking away in a dejected manner, not until Jude interrupted her and said that they could watch the movie together; she succumbed immediately and they started walking together into the theatre.

The dance movie started in due time and everything was going smoothly until Elo started pulling some attitude. All of a sudden, she pretended to be dozing off while resting her head on his bosom. Jude was quite uncomfortable with such attitude of hers owning to the fact that he barely knew her, but still, he let it slide and feigned ignorance.

After the movie had ended, they were dispatching from the hall, and suddenly Elo developed cold feet. She was shivering and could barely stand upright. Jude had supported her to walk properly as she felt it was convenient to rest a huge part of her body on him. As though that wasn't enough, she lamented that she could not board a cab to her area alone at that profane hour of the night due to high rate of crime present there. Her excuse being that the situation would have been better supposing her Brother came along.

Jude thought about her ordeal for a while and offered that she pass the night at his place. She gleefully hugged him and showed appreciation for his kind gesture. Not long afterwards, they made for Jude's parked Toyota Camry vehicle, but not after Jude had ushered her inside using Chivalry. About then, he ignited the car and zoomed off almost immediately.

Finally, they reached Jude's multi-million Naira Duplex apartment which he had all to himself, and thereafter, things started going against plans....



Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Clemzy16(m): 3:29pm On Oct 02, 2016
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Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Clemzy16(m): 3:34pm On Oct 02, 2016
Oga clemzy, you need hasten ur updates man or u fix time 4 d updates. Nice story
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Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by cyberprince8(m): 5:06pm On Oct 02, 2016
Good day bro Clement, I love this story of yours and would like publishing it on my blog www.Classicpluz.com or make you a author,pls I need your feedback as soon as you read this,Thanks
Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Greenbullet(m): 7:19pm On Oct 02, 2016
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nna why u mention me.
Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by movmentish(m): 7:22pm On Oct 02, 2016
Noted movmentish.. I've just updated, but this section seems kind of dry these days..

Dude, u've got 17 posts,still on page zero, catch chill pill mana. If the story is tight-which IMHO it is- people will flock here and drive u nuts for updates nd critics too...
Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by yorhmienerd(m): 7:35pm On Oct 02, 2016
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Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Clemzy16(m): 7:44pm On Oct 02, 2016
Good day bro Clement, I love this story of yours and would like publishing it on my blog www.Classicpluz.com or make you a author,pls I need your feedback as soon as you read this,Thanks
You're permitted to post the story in your blog, but please endeavour to acknowledge the author.


Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Clemzy16(m): 7:56pm On Oct 02, 2016
nna why u mention me.
No vex bros.. I tagged everyone following me, though you're welcome all the same..
Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Clemzy16(m): 8:00pm On Oct 02, 2016

Dude, u've got 17 posts,still on page zero, catch chill pill mana. If the story is tight-which IMHO it is- people will flock here and drive u nuts for updates nd critics too...
I understand your point, but then I forgot to mention that this is a short-story and I may probably end it before this week runs out..

It's all good though..
Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Clemzy16(m): 8:02pm On Oct 02, 2016
Observing... clemzy16 RIDE ON
Thanks man
Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by movmentish(m): 9:23am On Oct 03, 2016
Howfar today update?
Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Clemzy16(m): 11:33am On Oct 03, 2016

The Night was fast approaching and the atmospheric condition was relatively cold prior to little drizzle of rainfall that reflected on the moment. The cozy breath of nature emitted fresh breeze that circulated around every nook and crany of the house which eventually made it unnecessary to power the air-conditioner regardless of stable electricity from the generator power plant mounted in the house. Jude was living the life of a king and could afford almost anything he needed as a man, yet was unmarried as a result of his occupation, even though he wasn't getting any younger.

Often times, he wished he could wake up every morning as a responsible individual and not someone who would have to steal or kill to survive. He had thought of changing that status several times but could seldom phantom the feasibility of that ever happening.

The door to the parlour was soon opened and they both stepped into the sitting-room which was practically a mini-heaven. Elo could hardly believe her eyes as she had entered the most expensive house in her entire life.

Jude positioned her comfortably on the sofa located at the southern flank of the room, and proceeded to his home-theatre system that instantly began playing slow RnB rhythm which was dimly volumed. He then started pulling off his shirt while Elo surprisingly watched and started imagining how she was about to be molested by a criminal. Although, she would have freely given-in to sex because her assignment as an undercover was more important than being f***ed once by someone she barely had feelings for. Everything seemed set for a perfect romantic night of intimacy which would have been one of a kind should Jude had capitalized on the opportunity. Instead, Jude walked back to the couch where she was seated and sat beside her before enacting a conversation

"You're welcome to my crib ma'am, please do not hesitate to feel at home." He said and then curved his lips into a cute smile. Elo replied in appreciation and again, she stared directly into his eyes but what she saw was a loving man with a good heart, who was unfortunately wanted for robbery.

"So Elohor, tell me more about yourself. I mean everything." Jude said and leaned his back closer toward a small pillow near him, and raised his eyebrows up whilst looking interested.

Elo was instantly reeled with goose bumps as though she was about to be interviewed by the devil himself, but then, she managed to coordinated herself together as she started telling about herself.

After she was done telling about herself, she purposely told the truth about some things, and lied about some other things; but above all, she omitted the part where she was a television reporter. It became Jude's turn to give a hint into his person and he equally did the same thing, telling the truth and also lying about himself, especially on what he does for a living.

In his story, he started by narrating from the early days of his youth while he was struggling as a young adult from a poor hardworking background. He was the only child his parents had and they virtually gave and sold all they had ensuring that he was able to acquire formal education. He was the only hope his pauper parents had to enjoy the little benefits that life had to offer before they would eventually migrate to meet with their creator. His mother, though, wretched, yet sold her clothes and other belongings to send him through school. His late father also took loans to pay for his tuition fees, accommodation, feeding and social well-being while he was still an undergraduate. At a point, his father was unable to remit the loans he had borrowed, then the monetary institution that granted the loans teamed up to take possession of their only farmland which was initially used as collateral and left them with nothing. It wasn't until then that he was offered a scholarship to study abroad after he finished as the best graduating student in his department while in the university; but his mother had no money to pay for his travelling ticket, hence, he rejected the offer. Few years later, he was able to have his Master's done in Nigeria, at the University of Ibadan but was left stranded in the labour market with no profiting job to his degree. Then, his mother was struck with a severe illness. They couldn't afford to take her to the hospital, that way, they began treating her traditionally, using medicinal herbs. To make matters worse, his mother later passed away while he was holding her helplessly, he clearly asserted that watching his ailing mother die slowly and unable to do anything to help was the most traumatic event that had ever happened to him.

As though that was not enough, he started losing the people he called his friends, his longtime lover also abandoned him, and then it seemed as if society had rejected him. Jude stressed that he contemplated committing suicide many times, perhaps, heaven would accept his soul. He then accepted the fact that his story was undoubtedly touching, but failed to acknowledge to Elohor that his life eventually turned around when he met a man called "GENERAL."

By this time, Elo was already covered with genuine tears and didn't know when she started narrating her worst ordeal ever experienced. She reflected on a particular robbery which took place in the city two months earlier, it was one of the worst act of terrorism ever experienced in the land, and even had international news desk 'CNN' reporting it to the world. Elo revealed to Jude that she was the only survivor in that attack which almost terminated her life until she was saved by an unknown person who shot dead her supposed killer.

Jude was immediately shocked after a mystery was unraveled; he had to find out that he was a hero to a strange lady he barely know, and whom he recently met at a function. He was uncomfortable still, but nonetheless, he had no worries having a close interaction and friendship with someone like her regardless of the secret they shared among each other. Although, it was against their code of ethics to keep close relationships with the opposite sex, let alone having a conversation with someone involved in one of the attack they carried out. Perhaps, he thought it was only an instance of coincidence, only if he knew that the lady beside him was working in cooperation with the FBI/POLICE in order to have him and his team arrested.

"You're a good man..." Elo slowly uttered while stressing the 'Good' part. "...and you should be thankful to God that your story has changed today." She added. Elo immediately started having a strong emotional feeling toward him, unknown to her that she was taking the worst decision ever...


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Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Clemzy16(m): 11:34am On Oct 03, 2016
Howfar today update?
I've just updated.. I may drop another one later..
Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by alexblazzzer18(m): 12:06pm On Oct 03, 2016
Following like bumper 2 bumper... Ride on bro

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Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by tommynico(m): 1:13pm On Oct 04, 2016
Make e dey roll... cool
Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Osman1996(m): 2:27pm On Oct 04, 2016
Jude no Bleep up
kudos #

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Re: Black Monday - A Crime Fiction by Clemzy16(m): 5:45pm On Oct 05, 2016

It had since passed bed time, and was no longer a time to reflect on sad memories or long talks. Jude then suggested to Elohor that they should sign-off for the day as they both started walking beside each other through the staircase while Jude positioned his hand on her waistline and they finally made into his bedroom. The Masterpiece bedroom was dimly lit which had a Queen-sized bed at the Northern corner of the room. Despite having a large space which could occupy about five persons if the need was necessary, Jude insisted that Elohor sleep alone as he opted to spend the night at his Visitor's room.

Moments later, Elo switched back her cell phone from Airplane mode to behold tons of Missed calls and Text
messages from the collaborative unit
of the 'FBI' in conjunction with the Nigerian police. They had sent her
on this undercover mission and were
desperate to know whether she was
safe and to also ascertain what she was able to garner from her investigation.

The Bank had provided the Police
with footage of Jude which was captured by the Surveillance camera
situated at the Bank Premises on the
day of the Robbery operation. For about two months, they had been
trying to unravel his identity without
disclosing this information to the public. The investigative unit further
went to secretly mount his finger
biometrics to every Supermarket, Event outlet, Bank, and other Business centres that had 'CCTV' enabled facility mounted in its organisation. Eventually, they found out his complete details and were able to put a tracker on him which later led them to his house. But trying to play smart, they decided not to act swiftly and resolved to set him up using a woman in order not to hinder their effort to apprehend other members of the Gang.

Elo then shortly put a call through to
the investigative unit and spoke with
the leader of the team. She spoke slightly below her voice, and made
known to the leader that she was doing all right but currently had no
knowledge of the suspect's whereabout. While she claimed to
have spoken with him and eventually
seeing the movie with him, she lied
that he failed to succumb to her tactics, hence, she was unable to find out further details about him. She lied again that he left the scene without her and she struggled out in the dark to get a cab back to her house, but promised to improve her game next time. It was evident enough that Elo was already becoming head over heels toward jude; She wasn't sure whether she was making the right decision but then, from the religious angle, she saw a God in Jude, and hoped that he could one day see the light and become a better man. Perhaps, God was using her to touch his life for good, or so she thought.
Betterstill, the Devil was once an
Angel, same way an Angel could turn
to become the Devil, but either way;
she wanted to have a perfect blend
between Good and Evil as a way of
reporting the story in the most exceptional way. More so, when you
decide to Dine and Wine with the Devil, you should always expect the

Jude and Elo had been able to develop a greater bond between each other their rapport grew rapidly as though they had known each other for ages. After Elo left his house the following day, they kept communicating more frequently, met on several occasions and soon started behaving like lovers. Their friendship had suddenly transformed into an unofficial relationship, except of course - should Jude take a bold step in asking her to be his girlfriend.

However, Jude had planned to profess his love to her, and make his intention known toward her as he had fixed a date for the both of them
at a Classy Restaurant. The Night for
the date finally came and they met at
a Rendezvous. The tryst was beautifully decorated with good music, flashy lights and candle themed dinner. They made their orders to the server and the foods were shortly served. They discussed about different things, especially about themselves and it gets to a point when Jude magically unveiled a Black-box with a diamond ring placed inside, and then popped the big question.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Jude romantically enquired with a racing heart while squatting one of his knees on the tiled floor.

Elo was then shocked by his proposal; Even though she loved him, she didn't expected him to propose so quickly. But after remaining silent for a while, she broke the silence still.

"Can you die for love?" Elo asked while staring at him with a straight face. Jude became stunned by her question. He had not expected her to be sarcastic with such a serious matter.

"Pardon! Is that your own way of evaluating my love for you?" He retorted by answering her question with another question

"C'mon babe, don't be mad at the question. I don't mean to trample on your feelings. I just had a dream that..." She was saying.

"Ain't nobody talking about no dream here. This is reality girl. Be real with me. Is it a 'Yay' or a 'Nay'?" Jude interrupted and dropped the tongue wagging bombshell while switching to the African-American diction which had a huge influence in his original accent.

"A'ight! I'm sorry Babe.. Didn't mean to offend you. I'll gladly be your woman anyday, Yay!" She accepted his request and smiled while they lovingly stood up to hug one another. Just then, Elo saw two detectives from the police station whom she could clearly identify wandering about at an extreme in the restaurant, then her mood suddenly changed.

"You know what Babe, as a matter of urgency, I think we should start leaving!" She Lamented.

"Start leaving?! We had barely finished our meal. Why the sudden rush?" Jude asked a thousand questions at once.

"It's nothing. I just have a bad sensation that something uncool may happen here tonight, and we may as well be doomed if we don't leave here right now." She asserted and held his hand firmly while they began leaving the venue following another exit route.

In the end, Jude kind of suspected that something fishy went on, but decided to allow the thought slide not wanting to start up an argument.

They eventually reached Jude's apartment without having much to say to each other before arriving home. Somehow, Jude was able to weather the storm as the date practically continued at his sitting-room. He had reached for a bottle of wine from his shelf filled with collection of assorted wines and alcoholic beverages. They made a toast, drank and danced to the fullest, the mood was becoming heated and before you could say 'Jack Bauer' they started stripping themselves unclad, and Jude proceeded to give her a hot blown sex of her life. After the deed was done, they both instantaneously forgot themselves and slept off half-unclad in the sitting-room, but in the dawn of the following morning, an uninvited guest crashed into the house and there was trouble...



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