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I Fit Be Second Jesus(sex Na Food 2)the Return Of Spana By Youngzubi / Any Crime Story Here Better Than Tarasha Suggest / Tarasha Season 2 (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by povicky1(m): 1:53pm On Oct 22, 2018
ɮօss աɛ aʀɛ stɨʟʟ աaɨtɨռɢ օօօ
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by povicky1(m): 1:55pm On Oct 22, 2018
ɮօss աɛ stɨʟʟ ɖɛʏ աaɨt օօօ
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 12:08pm On Oct 23, 2018
Tarasha 2 Chapter 19 Part 6
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
All Rights Reserved
Location: Presidential Quarters, Lagos
Time: 7:40am
Elvis Richards wiped the soles of his feet dry on the foot mat at the door of the bathroom. He walked slowly but straight to the large mirror and stood in front of it, staring at his reflection for a couple of seconds. After a moment, he took the towel off his waist and stared at his Unclad body.
He heaved a sigh as he remembered how strong his body was when he was younger, especially when he just joined the police force. Or maybe it was how strong he thought it was because he didn’t think anymore he was ever strong at any point in his life. How could he say he was strong and wasn’t strong enough to impregnate his wife that she had to bring b******s home to him as his children.
He focused his eyes for a while on his male organ. The sight of the organ seemed to disgust him the longer he stared at it. As far as he was concerned, it had been useless in real life. The only thing he had used it for was having fun. He had slept with several other ladies before and after he met his wife. So he himself hadn’t been faithful to his wife. He never had any specific extramarital relationship but he did one night stands with ladies and slept with anyone that presented him the opportunity. His wife’s unfaithfulness though was painful to him wasn’t the most heartbreaking part of the situation. She had made the situation worse by her sainthood pretense, the man she cheated with and also deceiving him with children that were never his.
He began to wipe his wet body with the towel, still standing in front of the mirror. He imagined how the pain of the man who cheated with his wife would be when the death of the man’s own children were announced. He didn’t care if they had been friends or not, all he wanted was to make him feel the same pain he was feeling. The only person that gave Elvis Richards some joy about the discovery of his wife’s unfaithfulness and the children’s real paternity was the fact that the real father also did not know about the paternity of the children. Chima Bright had told him (Elvis) that his wife had always told him not to tell the man about their visit to the hospital or anything he hears from the hospital and because of the tips the driver gets from the woman, he indeed never told his boss about the visits to the hospital.
Elvis Richards was desperate to keep the truth about the three children’s paternity to himself and if possible away from the children themselves. He would love it if he died with people thinking that he had kids than dying with the whole world knowing he wasn’t able to father a child. He also determined not to lose all in life, he would not allow his childlessness affect the other areas of his life and other goals he was pursuing.
As he turned back after drying his body and flinging the towel into the wardrobe, he heard a knock at the door.
Without answering, he proceeded to the wardrobe first and took out his briefs. The knock sounded about thirty seconds after when he had put on his boxers and was putting on a white singlet.
‘Who’s at the door?’ he asked as he turned briefly towards the door.
‘Ayo,’ his PA’s voice came through.
‘Give me a minute to dress up,’ he said and turned back towards the wardrobe. After some seconds of searching, he pulled out a robe and stripped it on.
‘Ayo, you can come in.’ he called out to the person at the door and sat at the edge of his bed.
The door opened and Ayo stepped in. ‘Good morning sir,’ he greeted, bowing slightly. ‘Your breakfast is ready,’ he added.
The man sighed, not knowing what to do for a moment. ‘Bring it in for me,’ he said.
‘Okay,’ Ayo bowed and turned to leave the room.
Two minutes later, Ayo was back. This time with a lady carrying the tray of food. Ayo pulled the stool to the right position beside the bed and the lady dropped the tray on it.
The Vice President who was busy with his phone looked up at that moment and caught a glimpse of the lady. It was unusual for the ladies working around there to come into his room when he was in and he didn’t know the reason Ayo had brought this one at that time but he wasn’t bothered much about the reason, the only thing that bothered him was the heaviness of the backside of the lady.
It had been a long time he had been attracted to ladies because he had been more focused on acquiring wealth, but it seemed his discovery of his childlessness and reported unproductiveness of his male organ had awoken the urge in him and now he felt like putting it to test again.
‘Please, call me sir if you need anything else.’ Ayo’s voice sounded distant to the Vice President as he was full of thoughts on what to do. He thought of asking the lady to wait but he didn’t want Ayo to have a clue or imagine what would transpire after. As the two got close to the door, he suddenly realized that he needed not to hide anything from Ayo, if Ayo could know about his other dirty secrets, then there was no need hiding this from him.
‘Hey you!’ he called loudly as the door was opened. The two turned back. ‘Ayo can leave, you come over here.’ he said pointing to the lady.
Ayo wasted no time in stepping out and shutting the door but the lady still stood at the door wondering why the Vice President asked her to stay back.
‘What can I help you with sir?’ she asked, bowing her knees slightly in respect.
‘Come over here,’ Elvis Richards replied. He watched her as she walked briskly towards him. She was not dressed in any provocative way nor did her uniform expose any part of her body.
‘Come sit here,’ he said, tapping the space beside him on the bed.
The lady was reluctant to sit and when she did, she sat at a far point from him.
‘Come here,’ he insisted, tapping the same place he showed her the first time.
She moved closer but didn’t still move so close enough to him. He moved towards her and closed in the space between them. ‘What’s your name?’ he asked as he placed his hand around her shoulder.
‘Janet,’ she replied and shifted uncomfortably.
‘Hey! Stop behaving like a kid,’ he said to her in a stern voice. ‘Do you know I can change your life totally?’
She gave no reply and didn’t look up, but gave less resistance as the man began to rub his fingers on her knees and gradually go under her skirt.
A knock sounded harshly on the door. She shifted and the Vice President took a quick glance angrily towards the door.
‘Who’s that?’ he shouted.
‘Ayo sir,’ his PA’s voice sounded.
He hissed and continued to go dip his hand further under her skirt, rubbing her thighs.
‘I’m busy now, come back later.’ he said nonchalantly.
‘It’s really very urgent sir,’ Ayo’s voice sounded disturbed.
The Vice President stopped and hissed, he shrugged and signalled for the girl to get up. ‘You may leave, I’ll call for you later.’
She adjusted her skirt and shirt properly before heading towards the door. Ayo stepped in after she got out.
‘What is it?’ Elvis Richards asked in an angry tone.
Ayo moved closer to him, holding a tablet device in his hands. ‘Sir, see what we found in the news this morning.’ he said as he proceeded towards the man.
‘Stop!’ Elvis Richards shouted at him angrily. ‘Can’t you tell me what it is?’

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 12:09pm On Oct 23, 2018
19 Part 6 contd

Ayo moved closer to him, holding a tablet device in his hands. ‘Sir, see what we found in the news this morning.’ he said as he proceeded towards the man.
‘Stop!’ Elvis Richards shouted at him angrily. ‘Can’t you tell me what it is?’
Ayo stopped as he was commanded. He sighed before he began to talk, ‘The Inspector General was kidnapped this morning by Samantha Osman.’
Elvis Richards widened his eyes in shock. His fingers held the mattress for support. Not that he felt pity in anyway for the IGP – he had stopped pitying the Chief since he found out the truth- but he didn’t expect that Samantha Osman could stop the man from travelling. ‘How can that be? Rikau is supposed to travel this morning and we made sure that his convoy would be heavy and impossible to defeat or penetrate.’
‘Sir, she kidnapped him from the Staff House, very early in the morning.’
The Vice President picked his phone and checked the time, it was just few minutes to eight, the time for the flight was still hours away. He wondered how Samantha knew that the IGP was at the state house and how she knew he was going to travel. The IGP’s whereabouts and travel plans had been kept as top secret.
‘Bring that device, I need to read it myself.’
Location: Ongoing Flyover Construction Site, Badagry Expressway.
Time: 9:55am
Different construction plants could be seen on the site and engineers with their site wears and helmets could be seen standing at the different points along the Flyover Construction Site while other manual laborers which were more than the population of the engineers also went about their own jobs.
A part of the road which was untarred had been left for the movement of vehicles along the road. It was usually hooked up by several vehicles at busy hours but at that time of the day many people had left for work already and other motorists were avoiding the place. The rate of traffic jam was quite low even though there was a hold up at that moment. As the cars began to move slowly forward at the both directions of traffic, a black Corolla with tinted glasses appeared from the left side behind. The back glass slowly wound down a little and there appeared the mouth of a long gun.
Engineer Jimoh stood beside the plant erecting the precast concrete members, giving instruction to the trained labourers and inspecting the work. A beep sounded from his pocket and he dipped in his hand to bring out the communication device.
‘Hey Engineer Tunmise,’ he said into the device. He turned his back to the manual labourers and walked away. The labourers and the equipment drivers continued with their work when the sound of a gunshot was heard. All the workers ran for cover immediately as no one knew where the sound came from.
After some seconds of no activity, the workers began to come out of their hiding places and they found Engineer Jimoh on the floor, a bullet had pierced into his back of his head.
They looked towards the moving vehicles from where the sound came. They couldn’t tell from which of the vehicles it was. The traffic jam was less now and the cars were moving at a faster rate.
‘Ah Oga!’ the driver driving Rex’s vehicle exclaimed at the sound of the gunshot. He had seen through the rear view mirror how Rex brought out the long gun and placed it at the top corner of the window. He was shocked but Rex flashed a warning look at him and he could not utter any word. Rex did not shoot immediately until the vehicles began to move, and not just when the vehicles were moving but just at the moment the road became totally clear. The driver did not see who the bullet hit as they did not wait to watch but he saw the reaction of the people after the gun was shot.
‘Shut the f*** up and concentrate on the road,’ Rex said to him as he returned the sniper into the bag. His tablet device was still on his laps, he picked it up and continued to watch until their car appeared in the video. He had been monitoring the traffic from the front through the NSCC cameras, so he knew exactly when it was free and the time to shoot that would allow them escape easily.
‘Drive faster,’ he said and placed the tablet beside him on the seat. They had now gotten to the tarred part of the road away from the site of construction.
Rex phone began to ring and he reached for it, the Vice President was calling.
‘Hey man! I killed the first dude,’ he said as he answered the call.
‘Uhm… Where are you now?’ Elvis Richard’s voice sounded disturbed.
‘On my way to find details of the lady amongst the targets,’ Rex replied. The driver in front shivered uncomfortably. Rex raised his gun and put it close to his neck.
‘Do you have a solid plan against Samantha Osman?’
‘What do you mean by solid plan?’
‘Do you have a plan that would surely kill her?’
‘Yes, I do. This new job is a distraction but I’ll still finish her up in less than two weeks.’
‘I think I have a hint.’
‘What hint?’
‘Samantha Osman kidnapped the Inspector General of Police again just this morning,’ Elvis Richards began. ‘He was scheduled for a flight out of the country by ten o’clock this morning.’
‘The knowledge of his flight and whereabouts is supposed to be kept as top secret within the top police officials and the Presidency, so it means she must have gotten her information from the people involved.’
‘Ermm… How can that help?’
‘I think we can come up with a plan and pass a secret information through this same channels too, it would leak to her and she could try to take actions against me and then we trap her.’
It took Rex some seconds to reply, ‘Sounds like a nice idea.’
‘Yes, so you think it would work?’ The Vice President asked, already having a victory note in his voice.
‘Yes, it would. I would come up with a plan and get back to you later.’
‘Okay,’ the Vice President replied and the call ended.
Rex took the pistol away from the driver’s neck. He rested his left hand on the driver’s seat and his right on the passenger’s and with that, he helped himself to get to the passenger’s side at the front.
‘Pull over,’ he said in a command tone to the driver.
The driver quickly looked for a good space and parked the car.
‘Get out,’ Rex said after the driver parked.
The man opened the door and stepped out quickly, raising his hands up as Rex’s gun was pointed at him.
Rex moved to the driver’s seat, he fired a shot into the man’s chest before closing the door and driving away.
Location: Ilorin, Kwara State.
Time: 11:46AM
In a pensive atmosphere, three men in a living room and putting on white shirts on black trousers all sat looking sad and disturbed. The living room was a large and beautiful one. The black leather sofas were clean and sparkling, so also the tiles and the centre table. The wall was painted with a mixture of white and wine colour, not in a conventional way but in a way that would make a visitor awed by the creativity of the painter. The ceilings were also made of shiny white and spots of wine materials. On the walls were hung different photos of people. On the right side were three photos of a man, one in his younger years another during his early marriage year and the third several years after marriage. On the left was the picture of a woman who was obviously his wife, three of them, in the same pattern as the man’s. The pictures on the wall behind the long leather sofa were that of the man and the wife in the middle, the man, his wife and his three grown up children on the left and the children without the couple in a picture at the left. All the pictures had wine coloured frames.

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 12:10pm On Oct 23, 2018
19 Part 6

One of the men seated on a one-seater sofa with his arms folded across his chest and his lower lip folded in shook his head in sadness as his eyes met the face of Engineer Jimoh in the picture of the children.
‘Hmm,’ the man hummed out loud and shook his head. ‘How are we going to tell this woman that her first son was shot dead on this same day we’ve been running around about his father?’
‘I tell you, this is not a good thing.’ Another man joined in. ‘How can she even take it? They’ve been living in peace all these years, only for them to retire and enjoy their lives and the enemies would not let them rest.’
‘Seriously, something must be done about this nation. We need drastic change,’ the thrid man joined.
Just as the third man said his last word. A woman putting on a native attire rushed into the living room in a grieved manner. She had her scarf tied on her loosely and her wrapper almost falling off as she supported it with her hand. The three men got up to their feet immediately they saw her.
‘Please, tell me it’s not true. What happened to my son?’ she wailed as she rushed to the centre of the living room.
Location: Tarasha’s New Base, Lagos.
Time: 8:23PM
‘Tara, you can’t tell me you had nothing to do with the Inspector General’s kidnap, there’s no way I’m going to believe you.’ Henry argued, following her into the room.
‘Please Henry close the door,’ Tarasha said to him, reminding him that he forgot to lock the door of the room.
Henry stepped back and closed the door. ‘Tara, I asked you a question.’ he reminded her, seeing that she paid no attention to him but was taking off her clothes.
‘I gave you the answer you need already,’ she said as she folded the top she just took off and threw it into the basket.
‘You didn’t tell me what you did with the Inspector General,’ he questioned further.
Tarasha turned to him and gave him a stare. ‘What the hell is wrong with you man? How is that your business?’
‘But Omotara, we agreed that we should no longer kill anyone except it happens by error.’
‘So who told you his death didn’t happen by error?’ she replied.
Henry’s mouth was left agape, he shone his eyes at her for some seconds before he spoke again. ‘So you killed him already?’
She didn’t give him a reply but continued to take off her clothes. She threw her trousers into the same basket she threw the top, leaving her body only covered with her bra and pantie.
Henry sank into a chair tiredly.
‘What’s the time now?’ she turned and asked him as she took off her bra. He didn’t answer her or look towards her. She picked her phone on the bed and checked the time. ‘Do you have sms or email subscription to a news website?’ she asked Henry.
He still did not answer.
She dialed Cole’s number on her phone. ‘Hey Cole, I’m gonna rest for a few hours after taking a shower. Please forward links to me whenever a news site gives update on the Inspector General.’
Henry flashed a look at her as he heard the mention of the IG but she said nothing to him anymore.
She dropped the call and continued with her undressing.
After some seconds, she walked past Henry’s front into the bathroom.
He stared unmoved at her Unclad behind until she was out of his sight.
His phone made a beep sound. He picked it out slowly after letting out a sigh. There was a new message, it read;
We’re still expecting your feedback .
He was still thinking of what to do when another message popped in.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/tarasha-season-2

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Teajay665(m): 2:52pm On Oct 24, 2018
thumb up sir oyin I LOR dis post[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][/font]

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Lordpeckxy(m): 3:29pm On Oct 25, 2018
<b> still on track oyinprince fire on </b>
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 12:08am On Oct 28, 2018
Tarasha 2 Chapter 19 Part 7
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Henry was still thinking of what to do when another message popped in.
He clicked open and the message displayed fully, it was a news update from a news portal he subscribed to.
BREAKING NEWS – Inspector General Of Police found in a hotel room. Read more here.
He flashed a quick look towards the bathroom after he clicked on the read more link. The link opened on the Google chrome browser. He scrolled past the heading to read the content of the article.
The Inspector General of Police, Chief Rikau Rafiu was discovered in a brothel some few minutes ago. The police command has sent men to the brothel and confirmed the news.
The brothel; Full Heights Hotel in Gbadolo, Gwagalada Abuja is known for its notorious dealings and accommodation of criminals and suspects and is usually being raided by the police officials from time to time. However, the police did not discover the Inspector General on a raid but were called by the hotel officials after they discovered the IGP in a room which was previously booked by a lady. The hotel official which attended to the lady when she checked in claimed that she didn’t come in with the man but only with a very big traveling bag and a backpack.
The police have refused to disclose the state at which the Inspector General was found in the room but according to a source in the hotel who pleaded anonymity, the IGP was found in the hotel room laying in the bed sleeping, with a intravenous fluid bag hanging beside him and the liquid running into his body through a vein in his left hand. The source claimed the liquid only remained few drops in the bag at the time of discovery.
The brothel official who called the police told our reporters that this discovery was made because the lady that booked the room only paid for twelve hours and she had not checked out at the time it expired. The hotel workers and security officials claim not to have seen how and when she left the hotel.
Investigations are still ongoing and more details to be reported later.
Henry heaved a sigh of relief after reading the news. She did not kill the Inspector General after all. But he couldn’t understand why she told him she killed him, was it to get him angry with her or was it her way of telling him that he was disturbing her too much?
He was still in thoughts when she stepped out of the bathroom with her towel wrapped around her chest.
She walked past him to the wardrobe and began to wipe her body clean.
He watched her in silence for a while, not knowing how to restart the conversation with her since he ignored her questions previously.
‘Tara, I’m sorry if I’ve been disturbing you a lot,’ he finally began. ‘I’m just too scared of killing people, I don’t want you to be seen as a wicked murderer or an assassin.’
Tarasha wanted to ignore him before but the last phrase he mentioned caught her attention.
‘Don’t you understand yet that an assassin is who I am?’ she asked, flashing a questioning look at him.
‘That was who you are, but you can change and make people see you differently.’ Henry said.
‘I don’t give a damn about how people see me,’ she replied him without looking back. ‘I came here to kill and that’s what I’ll do till I leave.’
Henry was quiet for a while, pondering on her words. They had been on this same line of argument severals times before and it has become like a circle which they have to keep going round in.
‘I can’t watch you continue to kill people,’ he raised up his head and looked at her. She was Unclad, with her back turned towards him. She had finished using the towel and was putting on her underwear. ‘I know you didn’t kill the Inspector General of police, but I beg you to keep it that way. You don’t have to kill others too.’
She flashed a look at him and turned back to continue what he was doing.
Henry had a rethink. He remembered that the IGP was found on drip. Could it be possible that she had decided to kill the IGP slowly through a poisoned fluid? He decided to keep his thoughts to himself and wait and watch what happens to the IGP after.
Tarasha put on a sleeping gown after putting on her underwear and turned towards Henry. ‘I’m here to kill and I would not make apologies for doing what I was born to do,’ she said in a stern voice. ‘I gave you the option of moving away from me already, if you can’t do that, you’d have to support and kill with me or you die trying to stop me.’ she said and bent to pick her phone on the bed.
‘I can’t leave you Tara,’ Henry said in a sad voice, shaking his head as he really wished he could leave her and choose a peaceful life instead of the one of hunting people everyday and also being hunted.
Tarasha unlocked her phone and raised her eyes to stare at his face, ‘Make no mistakes Henry, I’m going to kill you if you ever try to stop me or come in the way.’
Henry could tell she was serious with her words, but he didn’t know if she could really do it if it got to that point.
She sat on the bed and swiped down the notification bar of her phone. Cole had already sent her two links as she requested. She clicked on the message and opened it. ‘We still have some work to do this night,’ she typed and sent to him in reply.
After that, she laid in the bed and rested her head on the pillow gently.
Location: Andreas Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos State.
Time: 9:32pm
There was something strange about the Estate that night and it was the street lights, they were off and no one knew the reason.
Two people; a couple; are seated in a moving Toyota Camry 2028 model. The husband at the driver’s side while the wife is seated at the passenger’s side in a very sad mood. The wife was the younger sister to the late Engineer Jimoh who was shot dead that morning and they were returning to their own residence from the residence of the late man where they had gone to pay a condolence visit to Mrs Jimoh.
Signs of dried tears could still be seen on the wife’s eyes while the husband’s face was without tears but gloomy. The news of Engineer Jimoh’s death had come as a shock to them and the way he died was more devastating.
The husband took a glance at his wristwatch, they had spent a lot of time being with Mrs Jimoh and he was driving at a high speed to ensure they drove out of the estate before ten o’clock. Ten o’clock was the closing time for the estate gate and he didn’t want to have to speak with the security guards before they would be allowed to go out. He took a look at the side mirror, the vehicle which had being behind them was now running at a lower speed and he guessed that the user had almost gotten to his destination. He wondered why that kind of vehicle was still on the road at that time of the day. It was a medium sized truck, the type usually used for the transportation of sand, gravel and similar construction materials.
There were usually very few vehicles passing through the estate, and at that time of the day the road users had become so few. Only those two cars could be seen at that part of the road.
‘Have you received any call from Esther yet?’ the husband asked his wife.


Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 12:09am On Oct 28, 2018
‘No, but she sent a message that she’s put Craig to sleep already.’ the woman replied. Esther was the name of their house help and Craig was their two year old son.
‘Okay,’ the husband replied. He took a look at the rearview mirror. He noticed that the vehicle behind had suddenly increased speed again and was coming forward with a very high unreasonable speed. He wondered what was wrong with the driver.
They were approaching a turn. The husband moved to the slow lane, hoping that the driver speeding crazily from behind would make use of the available space but all of a sudden, like a vehicle with a drunk driver whose brake had lost control, the truck headed straight towards the couple’s vehicle and crushed it into a fence.
Thirty seconds after the crash, Rex jumped out of the truck and turned to the right hand side. He stopped by the side where the wife was seated. The woman already looked dead as she was crushed in the car with blood rolling down her face already. He took out a syringe and injected the liquid into her shoulder to make sure she doesn’t survive.
He turned back and looked around to see if anyone was looking at him. He quickly hurried away to a car which he had parked some distance away.
‘Cole,’ Tarasha’s voice woke Cole up. He had slept off in the computer room, in front of the control system with his forehead on the table.
‘Boss,’ he said and got up to his feet as he saw her coming towards the main control system. She was dressed in jean shorts and an armless blue top and she had a backpack with her.
‘Get seated,’ she said to him as she sat on the chair in front of the main control system. She put the bag she came with on the table while Cole sat in front of the next computer
‘Where do you have Henry’s data?’
‘He stored them here, I don’t think he shared it yet.’ Cole replied, referring to the computer in front of him. He adjusted himself and faced the desktop before him after pushing the boot button on the CPU.
Tarasha tapped the space bar on the main computer keyboard to turn the desktop on.
‘I just checked the articles in the links you sent, did you read any of them too?’
‘I read only one,’ Cole replied. ‘I read the one on the Youngicee website, it’s a reliable source.’
‘Has there being any update since then?’
‘I’ve not checked, I slept off after dinner.’
‘Why did you chose to sleep here?’
‘I didn’t want to be too relaxed since you said we still had work to do tonight.’
Tarasha turned to her system without replying him. The system in front of Cole had also booted completely. The browser on Tarasha’s system was opened and the homepage youngicee.com was already fully loaded. She opened another tab and then typed the log in address to her blog. She logged in immediately and clicked on ‘create new post’.
‘I’ve just shared the folder,’ Cole said.
‘Okay,’ she replied and minimized the browser. She opened the file explorer on her desktop and navigated to network places. She soon found the folder and copied it to the desktop. She opened the folder and found four images and a microsoft word document, she opened the images one after the other and confirmed them as the DNA test results and summary. ‘What’s in this word document?’ she asked as she clicked on it.
‘Some news articles with their source underneath,’ Cole replied.
‘Did he get this from the hospital too?’ she asked.
‘No, from the research he made here.’
She scrolled through the document as Cole continued to explain.
‘Two doctors were kidnapped two days ago, we found out that they were the family doctors of the Elvis’ at different points in time during late Mrs Elvis’ years of child bearing.’ Cole expatiated.
‘Oh! Good job by Henry,’ Tarasha said as she nodded gently. Her mind flashed back to her conversation with Henry few hours before that time and remembered the look on his face when she threatened to kill him. He had slept beside her few minutes after and she left him sleeping after she got up. ‘You can go to bed if you’ve told me everything necessary.’
‘Ermm… Won’t you need me for something else?’
‘Not tonight.’ she replied briefly.
Cole got up and slowly walked out of the room.
Location: Presidential Quarters, Lagos.
Time: 10:25pm
‘Wow! Rex, you did a really good job today, I didn’t expect it’ll go that smooth.’ The Vice President said, elated with the news of the death of two of the children of his late wife’s cheating partner.
‘The third one will be dead by morning tomorrow,’ Rex said in reply, ignoring the compliment. He got up from the seat in the dark room and turned towards the door.
‘Rex, what about the clue I gave you on Samantha Osman?’ Elvis Richards asked.
‘I’m still working on it, I’m putting a structure in place already and by the time I’m done. Samantha Osman would not be able to overcome the bait.’ he replied.
‘Okay Rex, I’ll be waiting to hear from you.’
Without saying anything else, Rex walked out of the place.
Elvis Richards got up, he felt some kind of delight knowing that the man who slept with his wife would also be feeling pains and sorrows that moment but he still didn’t feel the kind of fulfilment he longed for. He could still tell that there was something missing, he didn’t know what it was. He began to think of what he could do to fill the hole in his heart. He thought of taking alcohol to clear his thoughts for a moment but he remembered the doctor’s warning for him not to drink alcohol anymore. Then he remembered Janet who he met in the morning, he felt a bit relieved.
He picked up his phone and dialed his PA’s number. ‘Hi, Ayo, I’m coming inside the house now. Sneak that girl Janet into my room and let her wait for me.’
‘Okay sir,’ Ayo replied from the other end.
‘After you do that, I want you to also take away the two doctors and Bright Chima from this place. You can wipe off Doctor Reuben’s memory and leave him alive but kill the other two and dispose off their bodies safely.’
Location: Ilorin, Kwara State.
Time: 10:30pm
The same expensive living room of engineer Jimoh’s parent’s house. Two of the men who were there earlier could be seen there but now putting on different clothes from the one they had on in the morning. Four other people in the room, three women and a young man in his mid twenties. Two of the three women were in their mid ages while the third one was a woman of about seventy year old. They all sat in silence, all with gloomy face.
A younger woman who bore a striking resemblance to Engineer Jimoh’s mother walked into the living room from inside. She was just walking through to the kitchen.
‘Is she asleep now?’ one of the elderly men asked her.
‘No, she’s not sleeping. I left her with Shefau,’ the woman replied before walking into the kitchen.
‘You people should talk to your elder sister, she’s old and she doesn’t need hurt herself.’ the man said, turning to the middle aged women seated in the living room. ‘At least, her husband has been confirmed alive by the doctors and is already receiving another drip. God is the only one who gives and takes and we don’t know what he did with this occurrence.’

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19 Part 7

The women sighed and whispered to each other. After that one of them got up from her seat and proceeded towards the room section. The woman who had gone into the kitchen came out at the same time and joined the other as they both went into the room.
A phone began to ring in the living room and one of the elderly men took it out from his pocket. He squinted at his phone’s screen for a moment before answering.
‘Hello… What!’ he shouted and jumped up in shock at the same time, alarming the other people seated. ‘Ah! Okay, I will call you back.’
‘Baba, what happened?’ the women in the room began to panic and the second elderly man stared at the man’s face.
‘It’s nothing, please calm down everyone, don’t mind me. It’s my farm, I just heard that one of my workers applied excess herbicides and killed a lot of the growing crops.’ he lied as he rested back in the seat.
The lie seemed to make the people calm down a bit but they kept staring at him as if they were expecting him to say something else or like they did not believe him completely. He ignored them and remained quiet.
After about five minutes, he got up to his feet and turned to the second man.
‘See, Baba Musa, let’s talk. I need to leave here and see my farm manager immediately.’
‘Okay,’ Baba Musa replied and also got to his feet. ‘Remain here women, I would be back in a minute.’
The men walked out of the living room to the front yard of the house. They stopped when they got to a distance where they were sure no one could hear their conversation.
‘See Baba Musa, another wahala has happened o.’ the man who received the phone call said.
‘Which wahala is that again?’ the other man asked.
‘That call I received was from lawyer Lateef and he said that Aishat, the second daughter of Chief was involved in a terrible accident on her way back from her late brother’s house.’
‘Kai! Allahu Akbau,’ Baba Musa shouted and placed his two hands on his head.
‘Don’t shout Baba Musa,’ the other man cautioned, looking towards the windows and doors of the house to see if anyone was watching them from there. ‘Look here,’ he continued. ‘She was with her husband in the car but she died instantly while her husband is in a critical condition at the hospital.’
‘Ah!’ Baba Musa wanted to shout but quickly covered his mouth with his hands. ‘This one is too much now,’ he said panicking. ‘God, what have we done to deserve all these?’
‘Hmm…’ the first man heaved a sigh of frustration, placing his hands on each other across his chest. ‘I don’t just know what to do.’
‘Kei! Can this be told at all? A family who just lost the first child, the father’s life was just saved by God today and the second child is now dead by accident.’ Baba Musa lamented.
‘Look Baba Musa, it’s not time to cry now. Go back inside and behave as if nothing happened,’ the first man instructed. ‘I’m going to see Alfa Kazeem right now and when I come back, we will know what to do.’
Location: Tarasha’s New Base, Lagos.
Time: 11:02pm
Tarasha clicked on schedule after reading through the post again. The news will be posted automatically at exactly six o’clock the next morning and she was sure it would shock Elvis Richards and the nation at large. The post scheduled successfully and she closed the tab. She returned to the youngicee website and scrolled through the list of amazing fiction stories. She then opened the news section of the site to check for new updates, there was a trending news headline at the top.
She raised her brows as she saw the news headline. She had seen a similar headline reporting Engineer Jimoh’s death earlier but she didn’t read it then since she didn’t know who Engineer Jimoh was but it now seemed she needed to know who he was since the news made it appear like his family was an important one in the nation. She clicked on the link and it loaded completely in less than five seconds.
She read through the well detailed news of how a truck whose driver lost control had crushed the car of the couple. The wife had died instantly and the man was on life support in the hospital. The driver of the truck was found still alive and being treated in the hospital. The driver was found drunk and only slightly injured by the accident. From that article, she followed a related post link to read the one detailing the story on Engineer Jimoh’s death. The details of Engineer Jimoh’s death caught her attention, the distance from which a single bullet was shot and hit the target in a very good area was noteworthy. She knew it wasn’t just a random shooter or assassin.
She returned back to the news on Aisha’s death and read through again, she began to have suspicions. She knew the country had strong laws against drinking and driving and wondered how a man driving a truck could have gotten himself drunk. She knew it was possibly not a coincidence like everyone else was made to think and it was also not a coincidence that it was happening at a time there was more than one assassin from the Vilary clan in the country.
After some minutes of thinking, her mind wandered off and she remembered Madam Henrietta, her mother. She minimized the browser and opened the tracking app. The last time Cole spoke to her about it, he had told he already set up the app to track the new phone he bought for her.
It took sometime for the app to load and it brought the result of the previous activity. It showed the details of the device being tracked and the position on earth. When Tarasha clicked to get more information about the position, she got the location of the device. But it wasn’t what she expected. The location gotten was the airport address at the US and not a residential address. She refreshed the app and waited for some minutes but it still brought the same location.
She didn’t know what to think. Was it that Madam Henrietta had not left the airport yet or she lost the phone at the airport? The latter could mean it would be quite difficult to find her again.
Location: Miami, United States.
‘Thank you,’ Madam Henrietta waved off the cab man after he dropped her at her residence. She turned towards her house with her bag in her hands and heaved a deep sigh of relief. She then proceeded towards the entrance. She stopped at the door and pressed the bell. Someone opened in a few seconds.
‘Hey Henrietta!’ the woman shouted her name in surprise. She drew her into a warm embrace and pulled her in. ‘What happened? I was scared something bad had happened to you?’
‘I’m fine,’ Henrietta said with a light smile. She sank into the comfortable cushion and dropped her luggage beside it. ‘I returned since yesterday but lost the phone I brought with me at the airport, it’s a long story my friend.’
Agnes kept staring at her as if she had seen an alien. Agnes was her friend and housemate who ran the same business with her and also left Nigeria at the same time. Madam Henrietta estranged husband was staying somewhere close to the house.
‘You need to rest now, you’d tell me the story later.’ Agnes said, rushing into the kitchen to get something for her friend.
Henrietta rested her head and heaved another sigh of relief as she remembered Nigeria. She remembered Stephanie and Atinuke. She was glad she was finally away from the troubles. She wasn’t sure she was going to be returning to Nigeria anymore. Stephanie was almost done with school and could see herself through and the girl seemed glad to be with her mother with her. She had nothing more to do in the country, it would only remind her of bad memories. All she needed to do now was focus on her business and make more millions from it.
To be continued

Read the rest on www.youngicee.com/category/tarasha-season-2


Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 11:03am On Oct 28, 2018
Tarasha 2 – Chapter 19 Part 8
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Location: Presidential Quarters, Lagos
Time: 8:24am
Elvis RIchards was woken up by a knock on his door. He stretched and yawned angrily under the blanket. He opened his eyes and looked at his side, it was empty, Janet had gone. The last night had not been an eventful one like he had hoped for, his male organ had disappointed him again. Even though the first round had been fair, he had hoped for a better second round but to his disappointment, a second round could not happen because his organ did not respond anymore to Janet’s touches and attempts to arouse him, instead it remained flaccid like it went after the first round, leaving Janet totally unsatisfied and unhappy with him. He wasn’t surprised that she did not tell him before leaving the room.
He was angry with himself and angry with life. Life had not been fair to him. There was nothing he had been able to enjoy in peace, not even a nice time with a lady. But then he remembered it had not always been so, especially when he was young and he also reminded himself that he had now grown older. He remembered Janet, asking him if he needed a sex enhancer so that she could bring one along with her the next time but he couldn’t remember what answer he gave her, all he could hope for was that she would bring it along the next time so he could enjoy his time with her more.
The knock sounded at the door again, reminding him that someone was there.
He didn’t reply in a hurry but picked his phone first to check the time. He saw the missed calls signal at the notification bar and he swiped down to check, he had gotten three calls in the last twenty minutes which he didn’t get to answer as his phone was on silent mode.
The knock sounded again the third time.
‘Come in,’ he shouted, looking towards the door.
It opened and Ayo stepped in briskly, he had a worried look on his face.
‘What is it again this morning? Has Samantha Osman killed the Inspector General?’ He asked on seeing the look on Ayo’s face. He had seen Ayo’s device in his hands, the same device Ayo always brought to him whenever he had a news article or something to show him online. He sat up and rested his back against the headboard.
‘Good morning sir,’ Ayo greeted first. ‘No, there has been no news about the Inspector General’s health yet but there’s something else going around the internet since seven thirty am and it has also been reported on the news this morning. It’s concerning you.’
‘And what could that be?’ The Vice President raised his brows.
Ayo raised his tab and unlocked it, he wanted to read out the news but he could not complete the first word. ‘Sir, I think you should see it yourself.’ he said and began to proceed towards the man.
‘Stop! What in the world is wrong with you?’ Elvis RIchards shouted angrily, mad at Ayo for already making his morning worse than it was.
Ayo stopped. He was already close to the bed.
‘On what site can I read it on? I want you to get out so I can check it myself,’ the Vice President asked.
‘You can visit the news section of the Youngicee website to read, the news videos can also be found on Youngicee Online TV.’ Ayo replied.
‘Okay, you can go out now,’ Elvis Richards said, dismissing him with a wave of the hand.
He watched until Ayo stepped out before he picked his phone. He quickly opened his browser and logged on to Youngicee.com, he found the headline of the news relating to him on the first line.
His whole body froze in shock and for a moment it seemed like he was going to pass on but somehow he remained alive. His body continued to tremble and his phone fell off his hands. The secret he had promised himself would never leak out was already out and would have been read by several thousands of people in the nation and outside the nation as well.
How could it have leaked? Could the doctor have let it out to someone else who told a journalist? Or did a journalist visit the hospital after seeing that his children had visited there previously? Or had the doctor told the children the results of the tests after he warned him not to? All these questions were formed in his mind. He knew however that it was impossible for a doctor working in a hospital of that calibre to let out information about their patients talk more of such a sensitive information.
A thought came to his mind. One of his children could have stupidly confided in a friend about the DNA test and the friend had taken the news out on the internet without verifying. He hoped that was the case as he picked up his phone which had dropped to the bed. He unlocked it and clicked on the link. The page loaded in a second and he began to read through.
Hitting the internet early this morning is a new post from the Samantha Osman blog giving some dirty secrets about the Vice President.
Elvis RIchards paused and took in a deep breath and exhaled deeply on seeing Samantha Osman’s name in the news. He knew if it was Samantha Osman, it would be more devastating than he was expecting.
On her blog, the assassin made dangerous claims about the potency of the Vice President and the paternity of his children but she didn’t just make the claims, she had evidences to support her claims.
In the past week after the Vice President visited the hospital to treat his ill health, his children were also spotted in the hospital after he left and their visit to the hospital had been to do a DNA test whose results all confirmed that they were fathered by a different person who is still unknown. Pictures of the results can be found below.
Elvis Richards widened his eyes in shock as he saw pictures of the test results which had been sent to him through email. His lips and fingers trembled. There was no way he was going to claim that the results were fake, the pictures showed the signatures and stamps from the hospital. He managed to continue reading the article.
Samantha Osman has supported her claim by referring to the recent kidnap of two doctors, Doctor Musa and Doctor Reuben. Her findings have proved that the doctors were kidnapped on the same day the test results came out. Doctor Musa happens to be the gynaecologist who was in charge of the three kids birth while Doctor Reuben happened to treat the Vice President during an accident. She claims on her website that the Vice President had kidnapped the doctors after finding out that the children were not his. However, she did not tell what the Vice President would do or would have done to the doctors.
This information being reported was posted on SamanthaOsman.com in a very insulting manner this morning by 7 o’clock and our reporters have been trying to verify all her claims. As at this time of reporting, female artiste Vivy who is the only ‘daughter’ of the Vice President has been reached through her manager and it was confirmed that they really went for a DNA test but claimed that have seen the results of the tests yet. Efforts to reach the Vice President and the other children have proved abortive. However, our reporters are currently on duty, some at the hospital to make some verifications.
More details to come as we make more verifications.
Elvis Richards got up angrily and smashed his phone on the wall. He picked the pillow and blanket on the bed and flung them away. His hands reached for the footstool and he also flung it to the mirror, shattering the large rectangle object noisily.
Ayo opened the door of the room and barged in without permission. He seemed to have been expecting such a reaction from the man so he waited outside the room. Two other men which were alerted by the noise been made stood outside behind him.
‘Is everything okay sir?’
‘D*** you, nothing is okay.’ he barked at Ayo, looking around for something which his hands could reach so he could fling but he found none.
Ayo stood looking at him as he paced about angrily. His secret had been leaked to the world and there was nothing he could do to hide it anymore. The whole world would now see him as impotent and without nothing in the world. He had thought life wasn’t fair on him earlier that morning but after reading the news, he concluded that life was indeed very cruel on him.
A thought struck his mind and he stopped pacing for a moment. He decided he was going to lose everything just like that. He wasn’t going to let his name be tarnished totally, not before destroying every other person that could be destroyed too. He needed to make sure some things were in place first.
He turned to Ayo, ‘Which boys did you use in getting the doctors and Chima Bright?’
‘Sir, some of our boys here and officers.’ Ayo replied.

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He turned to Ayo, ‘Which boys did you use in getting the doctors and Chima Bright?’
‘Sir, some of our boys here and officers.’ Ayo replied.
‘Make sure that none of them say a word about it, they should all deny if they are asked. We have nothing to do with the doctor’s kidnap and their deaths,’ he said, shining his eyes widely at Ayo.
‘Yes sir, I instructed them already.’
‘Good. Now, we have to get that doctor at the hospital…’ he paused as another thought struck his mind. He had thought of sending men to kill the doctor who carried out the DNA test but he remembered that it would deep him further into the mess. He began to pace about the floor again. Then he stopped and looked up. ‘Go back and resume your activities as if nothing is happening.’
He watched until the door was closed before he returned to seat at the edge of the bed. The whole place was dead silent for a couple of minutes until he began to hear the sound of his phone’s ringtone. He looked around to locate where he had flung it to. He got up and proceeded to the place to pick it up. He checked the screen to see who the caller was but the phone’s screen had gotten completely damaged and the ink could be seen covering the entire surface. He placed a finger at the fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone to answer the call.
‘Hello,’ he said into the mouthpiece.
‘Hello Dad,’ the voice that replied him was the least person he expected to hear from that morning.
‘James, how are you?’
‘I’m fine, where are you Dad?’ James asked.
‘In the presidential quarters,’ Elvis Richard replied.
‘I’m on my way there already, we need to see.’
Elvis Richards took the phone off his ear slowly without replying James. He wondered what the boy was coming to see him for. Was it to hear a verbal confirmation that he wasn’t their father or was it to ask who their real father was?
He felt afraid to meet with the boy but he drew in a deep breath. He returned to the bed. He had already developed a headache. He thought of taking his own life before James arrived but changed his mind on a second thought. It would be the most cowardly thing to do because that way, he would have assisted his enemies in defeating him totally. He was not ready to go down yet, at least not before his enemies.
Location: Tarasha’s New Base.
Time: 9:15AM
‘Apart from the ingredients we left at the other Base, do we need to get anything extra?’ Tarasha asked Doctor Ekwueme.
Both were in a large room. The doctor was seated in a comfortable plastic chair beside a hospital bed, Tarasha was standing by the window close by and Dave James was in the bed, his hands and feet fastened to the bed with straps.
‘I’m not really sure, I’ll only be able to tell after we retrieve those ingredients.’ the doctor gave an answer to Tarasha’s question.
‘We should get them before the end of today,’ Tarasha said. She stepped closer to the bed and placed her gaze on Dave James who was awake and listening keenly to them. ‘I don’t want us keeping unnecessary people with us, we should let him go as soon as possible.’
‘Yes, he should be free once the mixture is ready.’
Tarasha took a glance at the doctor’s face and again at Dave James’ face before walking out of the room.
The doctor stood up from his chair and flashed a look at Dave James. He looked at the drip bag hanging on the stand beside the bed as saw the content had finished already. He glanced at his wristwatch and nodded.
Dave understood his nod. He had been alive and sound but left immobile on the bed for days. His method of feeding had been through the intravenous fluid mechanism. The doctor always came to change it at meal times and it had been helping to keep him alive but Dave was tired of being fed artificially like a puppet, he was in dire need of natural food and he didn’t know how longer he could survive without it.
‘Doctor, what mixture are you preparing for me?’ Dave asked as the doctor turned towards the door.
The doctor glanced back at him and raised his brow. ‘We are preparing something that will make you free from here,’ the doctor replied.
Dave remained quiet. He hoped that the mixture was not going to hurt him in anyway. He somehow had some trust in the doctor for the fact that the doctor knew his parents and had helped him before and he had also explained that he was trying to help the doctor when he was captured by Samantha Osman.
The doctor heard no more words from Dave as he stepped out of the room and closed the door.
Location: Police Headquarters, Lagos.
Time: 10:50AM
‘Please, excuse me, I have other things to attend to right now.’ Officer James said repeatedly as he shoved his way through the crowd of reporters waiting in the compound to interview him. The reporters couldn’t follow him as he climbed up the verandah of the building, other officers were there to barr them for proceeding further.
Agent James hurried through the offices, responding to some greetings while ignoring others. He could literarily feel the eyes of the other officers on him as he passed through. He knew the news about he and his siblings being ‘b******s’ would be the talk of the moment even at the police headquarters, though everyone was silent as he passed.
He found his way to the Superintendent’s office and got in after going through some procedures.
‘Officer James,’ the superintendent replied as James saluted him. ‘Please have your seat.’
‘Thank you sir,’ James thanked the man as he sat.
‘So what brings you to my office?’ The man asked.
‘Sir, I’m here to make a request and I would be eternally grateful if you grant the request.’
‘What could the request be?’ the superintendent asked, squinting his eyes. He folded his arms across his chest and rested his back.
‘Sir, I want to get involved in the kidnap cases of Doctor Musa and Doctor Reuben. I want this because I really want to get to the end of the matter personally.’
The superintendent fixed his fingers into each other as he stared at James. ‘I don’t understand your reason for wanting to be involved yet but don’t you think it’ll make the scandal get messier?’ the man asked.
‘Sir, I think it’ll help in clearing my father and my family’s name.’ James replied.
The Superintendent stared at him silently for a moment. He felt the urge to ask if Samantha Osman’s claim about he and his siblings paternity was wrong but he resisted it.
‘So you don’t think the officers in charge of the case are capable of handling the case?’
‘No, I’ve not said that yet…’
‘But that’s what you’re implying by requesting to handle the case,’ the superintendent cut in.
James shook his head, he already knew his request would not be granted. ‘I would handle it more passionately if I do.’
‘Agent, those handling the case are also well trained officers. They know what they’re doing and would get to the root of the case. They will find out if they were really kidnapped by your fath… I mean by the Vice President like Samantha Osman claimed or if someone else kidnapped them. I think you already have enough tough cases in your hands you need to focus on.’
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 11:05am On Oct 28, 2018
19 Part 8

‘It’s okay sir,’ James replied with a bow. ‘That would be all,’ he said as he got up to his feet.
‘Okay, officer James.’ the superintendent stretched his hand out for a shake and James met with his respectfully. ‘I wish your family luck in handling this scandal.’
James replied with a smile before turning away. He proceeded out of the office immediately. He had not really come to get permission to get involved in the case, he had only come to inform the superintendent because even without the permission he would still involve himself.
James was sure there was no way any of the officers handling the case would get to the root except an insider betrays Elvis Richards. He had taken some time to talk with the Vice President but he did not bother to ask if the DNA test results were real, he was sure they were. And he also did not try to ask who his real father was, he knew it would be an insult to Elvis Richards as his late mother would be the right one to answer the question. However, he did not care what the world would think or say, he decided to keep recognizing Elvis Richards as his father. To him, fatherhood was not about donating the sperm cells to make the children but raising the children and making sacrifices for them which Elvis Richards had excelled in. So he wasn’t going to turn his back in Elvis Richards at that point, he would try his best to get the man out of the mess he was in.
His phone began to ring as he walked to his own office in the building. He picked it out and checked who the caller was, Inspector Dakolo.
Location: Sango Ota, Ogun State.
Time: 11:24AM
Taofeek sat at the back of the Jeep dejectedly. Two of his friends were at the front and one other was seated with him at the back.
The news of his elder brother’s death had come to him as a shock while he was in a business conference he traveled to the state with his friends and fiance for. He had wished to return immediately but his friends had insisted he stayed and they all leave the next day. It was more devastating when he heard the news of his sister’s accident and death that morning. His friends had seen it online the last night but kept it from him, he had woken up that morning to see a push notification from a website he subscribed to. He couldn’t hold back his tears and it took more than just pleading for his friends to make him calm.
Taofeek’s phone began to ring as they got close to a bridge. The friend who was seated at the passenger’s side in front was with the front and he raised it for Taofeek to see the screen.
‘Your girlfriend,’ the friend said calmly.
Taofeek stretched his hand out to get the phone and he was given. He answered the call.
‘Hello baby, where are you now?’ the girl’s tiny voice sounded through the speaker.
‘On my way to Lagos already,’ Taofeek replied lifelessly, wondering why she was asking him the question. They already talked that morning and he had told her he was traveling to Lagos.
‘Okay, I just left the hotel room now and I’ll be on my way to Lagos too, I’ll call you when I get there.’ the girl said in a shaky voice.
There was something strange about her voice but Taofeek was too dejected to notice.
‘We are close to the bridge, should we wait for you?’
‘Ermm…’ her voice trembled more. ‘Yes.’
‘Okay, don’t keep us waiting.’ he replied and ended the call. ‘Please guys, let’s stop and wait for Bisi to join us.’ he said to his friend.
The friends agreed and they soon found a reasonable space close to the bridge and parked.
‘He’s waiting,’ Bisi said in a trembling voice as she dropped the phone.
‘Cool,’ Rex said with an evil smile.
They were both seated at the backseat of a taxi and the driver who was putting on dark shades was alone at the front.
‘Tell me once you see their car.’
Taofeek checked his time. It had been ten minutes since they had parked to wait for Bisi and she had not showed up yet. There was no traffic jam which could have been her only reason for staying so long. He picked up his phone to call her again.
It began to ring but it wasn’t answered. He tried a second time. He turned his face to the right as a moving taxi got close to them. A gun was pointed from the taxi and before any move could be made, a bullet ran into Taofeek’s forehead and the taxi sped off.
Location: Orile, Lagos
Time: 11:32pm
Carl kicked the door open and rushed in with his gun. The room was completely dark except for a small phone’s Torchlight at the corner. Eric entered after him and stopped by the door. He took out his phone and pointed towards the direction Carl was going, there was someone there, tied to a chair. Eric followed Carl to the corner.
‘Is this not the f****** girlfriend?’ Eric asked aloud.
‘I think she is,’ Carl replied as he took off the tape from the girl’s mouth.
‘Where are those with you?’ Eric barked.
‘They went out just now,’ Bisi said in a shaky voice.
‘Where did they go to?’ Eric barked.
‘I don’t know, I don’t know them.’ she answered.
A third person walked in and Eric flashed a look back.
‘I found nothing and nobody in this building.’
Carl walked to the other corner to pick the phone with the switched on torchlight there. He turned to the screen, the SMS application was opened. There was a draft at the top. He clicked on the draft to read.
Cole, you haven’t been answering the calls. We’ve got the Taofeek’s girlfriend in the building at Orile, what do we do to her?
‘You guys need to see this?’ Carl said as he walked back towards Lizzy and Eric. He got to them and showed the text message.
‘Cole,’ Lizzy voiced out thoughtfully.
‘Do you know him?’ Carl asked.
‘You don’t remember Victor?’ she asked him with a raised brow. ‘Samantha Osman’s man, remember he’s the same as Cole.’
Carl chuckled. His face met with Eric’s and they had the same conclusion in mind. Samantha Osman’s team had carried out the murder of Taofeek and that of the older siblings.
‘We need to leave here now guys,’ Carl said loudly. ‘The police would have also tracked and located this place.’
‘Let’s get going, I can’t wait to lay my hands in Samantha Osman.’ Eric said in a determined tone.
They all turned and began to walk towards the door.
‘Please, get me out.’ they heard a voice from behind.
That reminded Carl that he had taken off the tape covering her mouth. He quickly turned back and covered her mouth back with the tape.

Read more here- www.youngicee.com/category/Tarasha-season-2
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Keep it up baba. I'm always here to witness this to its end. I enjoy reading this, and in it I have learnt lot of lessons.

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Thanks for updating again bro. More data to your phone. Please,words from chapter three of season one can't be copied,help us out please.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 6:31am On Nov 04, 2018
Tarasha 2 Chapter 19 Part 9
®18 + SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Somewhere in Mainland, Lagos.
Time: 05:08AM
‘If the boss’ claim is true, then could it mean Samantha works for the Vice President?’ Carl asked aloud, directing his question to no one in particular. He was seated before a large screen in a dark room, on the screen were pictures of the dead bodies of the three siblings; the first son by the right, daughter in middle and the last son by the left. Eric and Lizzy were seated somewhere behind Carl in the room and they all had taken some time to analyze the deaths of the three siblings. They concluded it was a well planned operation; everything was completed less than thirty hours before any one could even think the first and second deaths were connected.
‘I knew it, it wasn’t an accident,’ Lizzy spoke out loud. ‘She was seated in front of a computer and was going through some recorded footages.’
‘How?’ Eric asked. He got up from where he was seated and walked towards her.
‘Here,’ she zoomed in a picture. ‘This man tampered with the solar system which powers the street lights, he did before night fell.’
Eric squinted as he looked at the very blur picture.
‘They must have wiped out the NSCC footages, these are just some already caught up in the cache, that’s why they are blur.’
‘It only shows us that someone was there, it doesn’t show us the face.’ Eric commented.
‘Could have been one of her men,’ Carl joined. ‘She has quite a number of new people working with her now.’
‘I still don’t get how she could be working for the Vice President,’ Eric said with a confused look. ‘Past reports says she had tried on several occasions to kill him.’
‘But she failed,’ Carl put in. ‘Why didn’t she fail in her attempts to kill the previous victims?’
‘Her attempts on the Vice President were too real and close to be regarded as made up.’ Eric noted.
‘I don’t believe either that the Vice President pays Samantha, but the boss seems convinced about it.’ Carl said.
‘That man is in a very bad state now, you can’t expect him to make valid conclusions.’
‘Whether or not he is right, it all points to the fact that we need to get Samantha real quick.’
There was silence for a while and Eric returned to his seat. A phone rang.
Lizzy took out the phone and answered the call, it was the NIS Chairman calling from the other end.
‘Special Agent Elizabeth,’ the chairman saluted.
‘Good morning sir,’ Lizzy greeted in an official tone, wondering why the Chairman was calling her so early.
‘Have you started work on the Chief children murder?’
‘Yes sir, I have but no other agent was assigned to work with me.’ Lizzy complained even though she knew the Chairman must have ensured the case was assigned to her because he knew she was already working in that direction and she also had external people working with her.
‘I know, start reporting updates on the case progress and I would ensure another agent is assigned to you when the time is right.’ the man replied.
‘Okay sir.’
‘I called to ask you about Agent DJ, he’s not been seen around for a long time. Do you know his whereabouts?’
‘No,’ Lizzy answered and got up to her feet. She had really been concerned about Dave but decided not to bother herself since Dave also never showed concern for her when he ought to, he only was concerned about Stephanie George. ‘I stopped communicating with him when he started lying about his location to me.’
‘So you no longer work with him?’
‘No, I think we lost that connection with each other.’
‘So, what happened between both of you.’
‘Dave is very intelligent sir, he could have sensed that the information we shared together was used against him.’
‘But you only stopped working with him few days ago, or probably some weeks ago.’
‘Yes, it’s enough time for him to have suspicions.’
‘Well, I would say don’t reach him for now. Sometime ago we noticed his presence in Abuja, but his hotel room was claimed to be found empty without him paying the hotel officials or taking some of his things away. Something could have happened to him but we’ve not been able to trace him in any way.’

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19 Part 9 contd

‘Well, I would say don’t reach him for now. Sometime ago we noticed his presence in Abuja, but his hotel room was claimed to be found empty without him paying the hotel officials or taking some of his things away. Something could have happened to him but we’ve not been able to trace him in any way.’
‘Oh!’ Lizzy felt some fear in her mind as she heard that something could have happened to Dave. She immediately felt the urge to reach him even though the chairman asked her not to.
‘Always remember to feed the office with updates girl,’ the man said in a conclusive tone.
‘Okay sir.’
Lizzy hung up. She saw Eric and Carl staring at her, obviously waiting to hear what she needed to tell them about the call. ‘That’s the NIS Chairman,’ she explained to them. ‘Office matters.’
‘Oh!’ Eric and Carl said in unison and returned to the work.
Lizzy picked up her phone. Her mind was no longer at rest. She searched for Dave’s number on it but realized that the phone it was stored on wasn’t with her.
Location: Tarasha’s New Base, Lagos.
Time: 07:47AM
‘Hello,’ Cole said into the phone after answering the call. He continued to stir the tea in his hand, holding the phone to his ear with his shoulder as he walked to the dining.
‘Cole, it’s me Nicholas.’ a voice replied from the other end.
‘Nicholas?’ Cole sounded surprised. He quickly dropped the tea on the table after sitting and held the phone with his hand. ‘Where the f*** have you been?’
‘I escaped that night but I lost my phone in that building and I haven’t been able to reach you since then. I just found your number in one of the old emails we exchanged.’
‘Mehn, you’re crazy, I’m glad you’re alive.’ Cole said with a very brief smile. ‘ So where are you now?’
‘Hiding somewhere in Badagry?’
‘Who else have you made contact with?’ Cole asked, he continued stirring the tea with his right hand while holding the phone in his left.
‘None yet.’
‘Okay, I will get back to you once I report to the boss.’
Time: 07:57AM
‘We should have something interesting to see on the news this morning,’ Cole turned on hearing Tarasha’s voice, she was walking into the living room. ‘Have you read the news this morning?’
‘Not yet boss, Good morning.’ Cole greeted. Now he was busy with some slice of bread and the tea.
‘The Vice President has replied to the allegations.’
‘Oh! Interesting,’ Cole chuckled.
Tarasha picked the television remote control and settled on the three seater. She turned it on and waited a few seconds as it processed, she switched to the news station, the broadcast was about starting. Cole changed to a seat where he cold watch the television from and continued eating.
The news broadcast began and the newscaster started with reading the headlines and as expected the Vice President’s reply was oen of the headlines. After reading for about fifteen minutes, the newscaster began the news about the Vice President.
Vice President Elvis Richards through his social media handles has denied knowing anything about the kidnap of Doctor Musa and Doctor Reuben. However he affirmed that he truly had childbearing problems which he and his wife knew of and both agreed to get children through another way. He said that the DNA results were done to clear some issues arising between he and his children and he was not surprised by the result.
Through a series of tweets and facebook posts, he blasted the hospital management and the doctor in charge for allowing such sensitive personal information of a patient out to the public and he also warned bloggers and the public to desist from sharing unverified news. He complained that Samantha Osman was out to spoil his name and tarnish his image and was so sure that she kidnapped the doctors and she did it at such a time as this to accuse him falsely.
He pleaded with the security agencies to investigate deeply and make the world know the whereabouts of the doctors. He further reassured the nation and the world that he is committed to the path of integrity and focused on making the nation a better place and would not let anything distract him. In his words, ‘The enemies who are trying to stop me from contesting in the next elections are the sponsors of Samantha Osman and they will never be able to stop me because I am God’s chosen one. They will all be put to shame.’
President Emeka has also reacted to the news through his spokesperson and he urged every Nigeria to remain calm. Thorough investigations on the matter have begun and the police hopes to reveal the whole truth soon.
‘Interesting,’ Cole commented after the reading finished.
Tarasha reduced the volume of the television.
‘I didn’t expect him to accept the allegation so easily,’ she said aloud. ‘But now that he has, he might get some sympathy from the public since our claims that he kidnapped the doctors are mere speculations.’
‘Boss, I think this could be a really good time to strike,’ Cole suggested after few seconds of silence.
‘Not now, I have a plan already,’ Tarasha replied.
There was silence for about a minute. Cole wondered what plan she had but he was rest assured that he would know about it at the right time.
‘Boss, Nicholas called me. He survived the last attack we had,’ Cole spoke.
‘Nicholas? One of the seven men?’ Tarasha asked.
‘And what did he say?’
‘He said he just found my number in one of the emails we exchanged long ago and he decided to call me. I told him I needed to tell you about him before getting back to him.’
‘Okay, so are you sure it’s the same Nicholas who was working with us?’
‘Yes, it was his voice and accent.’
‘That’s not what I mean,’ Tarasha corrected. ‘Are you sure he’s still the same Nicholas on our side?’
‘Ermm…’ Cole thought for some seconds. ‘I can’t say.’
‘Ask and find out what he wants, if he still wants to continue working with us, select a different location and ask him to meet you there.’
Four Hours Later
‘Cole,’ Nicholas’ voice echoed in the building. He paused and looked around, the place was broad and empty and there were no signs of life around. He took some steps further and called again, ‘Cole’. He turned towards all corners of the building and shouted the name but there was no response. He checked his wristwatch, he had arrived there early, ten minutes before the time Cole asked him to arrive and now it was forty minutes past and Cole was nowhere to be found.
‘Cole!’ Nicholas shouted again, turning around to see everywhere in the building. He picked out his phone and dialed Cole’s number again, it rang like it had been ringing but wasn’t answered.
Nicholas heaved a sigh. He closed his eyes, thinking of what to do. He wondered why Cole had asked them to meet there without showing up. His eyes were still closed when he hear some sounds. He opened his eyes and turned back to see Cole standing close to the entrance behind with a faded crooked smile on his face.
‘Cole,’ he called in a soft voice, heaving sigh of relief.
‘Nick,’ Cole called back.
Nicholas proceeded towards him and stopped right in front of him. Cole offered him a handshake.
‘How did you do it?’
Nicholas cleared his throat, he knew Cole meant to ask how he escaped that night.
‘I was attacked and they left me probably thinking I was dead, I crawled away from where I was wounded, the darkness helped me to hide myself.’ Nicholas explained, deliberately not mentioning the fact that it was one of the hostages that attacked him, he knew Cole would question him on how the hostage got free enough to attack him and that may cause Cole to ask him more questions or even arouse suspicions.
‘So, how did you get to Badagry?’ Cole asked.
‘I got into the next compound and I was lucky to find some clothes still hung outside the building. I changed my blood stained clothes and left the place, then I found my way to the bus stop and did some pick pocketing, with that I was able to get to Badagry.’
Cole remained calm and fixed his gaze on Nicholas’ face so sternly as if he was trying to examine if he was saying the truth or not.
‘So who else knows that you are here?’ Cole asked. He took a look around the empty warehouse as he took out his phone from his pocket.
‘No one knows, just the two of us, except you told someone else.’ Nicholas replied.
‘And you’re sure you were not being followed as you came here,’ Cole pressed further.
‘No one followed me,’ Nicholas said in a confident tone.
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19 Part 9 contd

Cole dialed Tarasha’s number on his phone. ‘Boss, I got him here, he’s alone.’
‘Bring him over,’ Tarasha instructed from the other end. ‘But look out for people following you.’
Time: 02:15PM
‘Rex, Samantha is destroying me already, can’t you see?’
Rex was quiet.
‘I need to know what you are doing about it, I really need to know.’
Rex flashed a look at his face but did not reply immediately. ‘I’m preparing a bait for her, I’m sure she would fall when it is ready. I would tell you how you need to get involved when you need to.’
‘When would that be Rex? It’s taking too long, I don’t know what else she has in store.’
‘I don’t what she has in store either, all I know is that she would go down in a matter of days.’
The Vice President shook his head in frustration. There was another long silence.
‘I would be returning to Abuja tomorrow morning, the President called for me.’
Rex looked at his face. ‘You should have told me that earlier,’ he said, then took out a cigarette and lit it.
Location: Tarasha’s New Base, Lagos.
Time: 3:00PM
Tarasha was in the control room, watching the videos made by the Inspector General when she got the notification of a new email on her phone. She paused the video and opened the email. It was from a Nefary queen.
The device is still at the airport but I’m monitoring and would let you know when anyone comes to make claim of it.
Tarasha had sent some data to a clan sister of hers in the US to help check the possessor of the device at the airport and the sister had replied to tell her the airport authorities found it and were waiting for the owner to make claims.
She closed the email. There was another message on her work email. There had been a new update on the security website Cole hacked into the last time. She turned back to the computer and minimized the video player, she opened the email application to read the message on the desktop. After that she logged in to the security website. The police were yet to detect that information about the Inspector General’s travel out of the country was gotten by a break in into the website and were still sharing information through the website since it was one of their most secure platforms.
‘The Presidency has made arrangements for the Vice President to arrive in Abuja tomorrow morning, please make your own arrangements to this effect.’
The message was from the Abuja Headquarters and it was supposed to only appear on the dashboard of the Lagos State Headquarters but Tarasha’s team had access to it as they were able to break into the site.
She wondered what to do with the new information. She knew it would be more difficult to get into the Presidential Quarters in Lagos than it was getting into the State Staff House in Abuja; there would have been an increase in the number of security officers guarding the quarters and those on standby ever since the news of the Inspector General kidnap had broken out.
She decided to ignore the information and focus on her plans of killing him after releasing the video of the IGP’s confession. She also wanted his death to come after the IGP’s death which she had already taken care of with the intravenous fluid that was passed into his body.
A knock sounded on the door and distracted her from her thoughts. Henry walked in without waiting for an answer.
‘Hey Tara,’ he said looking around the control room as he noticed some changes in the arrangement of the computers.
‘Hey,’ she replied him.
‘I just returned, should I hand over everything to the doctor?’
‘Yes, you should.’ Tara replied.
Henry looked around for a while. ‘I also need to talk to you.’
‘Okay, what do you need to talk to me about?’
‘Ermmm… I think I should see the doctor first.’
‘As you wish,’ she shrugged and turned back to the computer. Her phone began to ring as she turned. She picked it up and answered, ‘Cole, what’s up?’
‘I’m in the house, with Nicholas.’
‘Bring him over to the computer lab,’ Tarasha replied. She put the phone down and turned to the system to close the running applications.
In the Medical Lab
Fifteen Minutes Later.
Doctor Ekwueme turned to look back as he heard the sound of the door opening. He smiled and continued his setting up when he saw that it was Stephanie. He had been enjoying the girl’s company in recent times, the only thing he didn’t like her to do was asking him questions about his work with Samantha and he always tried his best to avoid getting into that line of discussion with her.
‘Well done sir,’ she greeted.
‘Steph, please come have your seat.’
She proceeded further and sat beside him.
‘I’ve not seen you since morning,’ the doctor said.
‘Yes, I’ve been with my mother, she slept off some minutes ago.’
‘Hope she’s doing fine and taking her drugs regularly.’
‘Yes, she is.’ Stephanie replied.
‘That’s good.’
There was silence for a minute.
Stephanie looked around the lab for a minute and noticed some new things in it. ‘I saw you and Mr Henry a while ago.’
‘Yes, he brought to me some of the things I needed to use in completion of the mixture.’
‘In that carton right? I saw him bring that carton in,’ she asked, pointing to a big carton on the table.
There was another minute of silence.
‘So what would happen to Dave after the mixture is used for him?’
‘Nothing, he’s going to be fine.’ Dr Ekwueme replied.
Stephanie did not know whether to trust the doctor or not.
‘But is anything wrong with him now?’
‘He’s okay.’
‘Then why does he need the mixture?’
The doctor looked at her face, ‘He needs to get out of here, without that, Samantha would not let him leave. If Dave has to live, the only option is for the mixture to go into his body.’
‘Is it the same mixture that Samantha used for the Inspector General of Police?’
The Doctor stopped what he was doing and quickly flashed a look at her face.
‘Who told you Samantha used a mixture for the Inspector General of Police?’
‘It’s all over the internet, the Inspector General of Police was placed on drip.’
‘So, what makes you think that it was Samantha who placed him on drip? Because the media said so? Don’t you remember that the same media reported lies when you were kidnapped?’
‘I remember,’ Stephanie said. ‘And I’m aware the media tells a lot of lies but this was not a lie.’ The doctor looked at her face again. ‘I saw the pictures of the mixture in the drip bag at the hotel.’
‘It was the same drip bag that was here few days ago,’ she said pointing to a corner where there used to be several drip bags hung, one of the bags was missing.
‘Is it only in this lab intravenous fluids are produced?’ the doctor asked, he was already tired of the questions.
‘No, but…’ Stephanie got up to explain. ‘The drip bag missing here had a liquid in it which colour was close to yellow and the drip bag found in the hotel room with the Inspector was of the same colour, is it a coincidence that the drip bag here is missing at the same time it was found there and at the time Samantha did not sleep at home through the night?’
Doctor Ekwueme stared at her with his mouth left wide open. He got scared that he had allowed for too much closeness between he and the girl.
‘Do you know you are making very serious allegations and it could get you into trouble with Samantha if she knows you are thinking this way?’
‘Sir, I’m only stating the obvious truth. I’m in no way against whatever she does to the Inspector, I know those men deserve whatever is done to them. I’m only concerned about Dave because he was only doing his job.’
‘And thats why we are trying to make him leave here alive and healthy,’ the doctor snapped.
Stephanie heaved a sigh. She shook her head in pitiful manner, ‘All I just want to know is what the liquid would do to Dave.’
‘I can’t tell you that Steph, but I can assure you that he would not be harmed. Trust me, we are doing the best for him and for us.’
Steph let out another breath. ‘It’s okay, can you allow me see him?’
‘No, I’m not in charge of that. You can ask Samantha yourself,’ the doctor replied.
‘I only want to see him, she has not made any law that no one should be allowed to see him, has she?’
‘No, but she has not also told me to allow anybody who wants to see him do so.’
‘But the door is always open, anyone who wants to go in can.’
‘And you think Samantha would not know if anyone goes in?’
Stephanie remained quiet. She still had it strongly in mind to see Dave but she made up her mind that she would do it without the Doctor’s knowledge, to save him from getting into trouble with Samantha Osman and also to ensure he doesn’t try to stop her.
The doctor continued his work in silence. He made up his mind to make sure Stephanie found out nothing more about the mixture he was preparing, for the next few days for which the mixture was going to be ready, he was going to keep to himself.
Cole took off his sweat filled shirt and flung it towards the wardrobe as he entered the room. He had left Nicholas to discuss with Tarasha. He looked towards the table in the room and saw a blinking red light on the phone he left there. He walked towards the table and picked the phone to check the notification. He wasn’t expecting anything serious on it, it was the phone he used in communicating with Patricia alone. He saw the missed call signal and swiped down the notification bar to see who called him. He was expecting to see the customer care numbers but he was shocked on seeing Patricia’s name there. She had called him up to ten times.

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Tarasha 2 – Chapter 20 Part 1
®18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Date: June 2, 2031
Time: 03:00AM
Location: Abuja.
‘Are you guys efficient at all?’ the Chief blasted Carl and Eric who were standing before him. He was seated on a chair in the room, his hands on his knees and his lips fidgeting as he spoke. ‘It’s days after my three children were killed and you haven’t found their killers yet, I should have just left everything for the police which I have command over here to handle. Tell me, why am I spending so much money on you if you can’t yield results?’
There was silence for a minute. Anger was written all over Carl and Eric’s face. The Chief had invited them over and sneak them into his ward at the hospital at midnight, only for him to be laying blames on them for the death of his children who they were never responsible for protecting.
‘Are you guys dumb, can’t you explain yourselves?’
Carl took out his gun angrily and pointed it to the man’s forehead. The four security operatives with them in the room also brought out their guns and pointed at Carl in defense.
‘I’ll kill you old man and I’ll kill the rest of the men here without struggles,’ Carl warned in serious tone.
Eric grabbed his arm and signalled with his eyes for him to be calm. Carl shook his head, he looked at the man’s face again and then looked at Eric’s, Eric had a look on his face telling him to relax and allow him handle the situation. Carl lowered his gun. The security officials around also lowered theirs after some seconds.
The Chief stared blankly at Carl. He didn’t expect Carl to respond in such a way but he wasn’t scared of the gun either. All he wanted was to speak some sense into Carl and Eric’s head and make them yield results for him.
His children’s death had come as a big blow to him. He was at the hospital after a brief sickness when he heard about the assassination of his first son, he had thought that was all and he wasn’t told about the death of the two others immediately, he got to find out through the news. At the same time he also read about the Vice President and the DNA tests and he was so sure that the three children were his even though Mrs Elvis had always lied to him during her lifetime that Elvis Richards was the father of all the kids. That way, he knew Elvis Richards was already aware of his adulterous relationship with his wife and was the one who killed his children in a bid to take his revenge. He was mad at Elvis Richards but he wasn’t in a hurry to manifest his answer or lay a claim on those kids. He was going to teach Elvis Richards a bitter lesson.
‘Chief, we never had the responsibility of protecting your children, so we don’t wanna hear complaints about them whenever we are with you,’ Eric began to talk. ‘We told you we have plans set in place and we are bringing down Samantha Osman certainly.’
‘It’s taking too much time,’ the Chief said. ‘I’m sure she’s not done with me yet, even after taking my children she’s coming back for me.’
‘Do you still hold the belief that she is sponsored by your friend Chief Elvis Richards?’ Eric asked.
‘I’m not sure any longer,’ the man replied. ‘You confirmed seeing the property of one of her men there. Whether she works for him or not, I’m sure he killed my children. I’ll teach Elvis Richards a lesson but I need to get Samantha out of the way first.’
‘What about the Inspector General Of Police? Eric asked.
‘Rikau?’ Chief Afeez Abdulkadr let out a faint evil smile. ‘That guy is gone, I don’t he’d ever get out of the hospital. Make your work faster, find me Samantha Osman, then we deal with Elvis Richards.’
Location: Tarasha’s New Base, Lagos.
Time: 7:23AM
Tarasha was in the middle of her early morning work out sessions when she noticed Henry walking towards her. He got to her side and stopped. She paused to take a look at him.
‘Tara, have you listened to the news this morning?’ Henry asked.
Tarasha rolled down the machine and raised her brows at him. ‘We only watch the night news together, why are you asking me such a question this morning?’ Tarasha asked him, wondering why he was panicking so much.
Henry took in a deep breath to calm his nerves. He stood still without saying anything for a minute.
‘Why don’t you just tell me what you need to say instead of standing and staring at me like that?’
‘What did you do to the Inspector General?’
Tarasha squinted at him, wondering if the Inspector General had been attacked by someone else already.
‘What did you put in the intravenous fluid that you used on him?’
Tarasha concealed a smile, she looked away briefly and took in a breath. She knew Henry must have seen in the news that morning that the Inspector General had developed a new illness, that was the news she was expecting before she could proceed with her work against the Vice President.
‘What kind of question is that? Was I wicked to put enough solution to keep him alive until he was discovered?’ Tarasha replied him. She found herself still trying not to offend him by making him believe she had nothing to do with the Inspector General’s state contrary to her decision not to consider whatever he said.
‘But he was discovered with a new disease this morning, the doctors say they couldn’t trace the sickness to nothing else but the liquid in that drip bag.’
‘Do you believe what the media says, didn’t they report that the hospital could not tell what liquid was in the drip bag? How come they are tracing the sickness to the liquid they don’t know?’ Tarasha questioned. Wiping the sweat on her body with a towel, she got up from the bench and removed the palm protectors on her hands. She then proceeded out of the gym. Henry followed her.
‘Then how did he develop that kind of illness which he didn’t have before the encounter with you?’ Henry asked, following her as she walked away.
She didn’t reply him but he kept on troubling her and followed into the room. She walked straight to the wardrobe while he stopped close to the entrance.
‘Tara, if you can’t give me an explanation, then it means that you are responsible for whatever happens to the man.’
She still did not reply him but continued to take off her clothes. She stripped to her pant and bra. She cleaned her neck again with the hand towel.
‘Tara, please give me a reply,’ Henry said as he proceeded towards her.
Tarasha froze partially for a moment, she stopped all was doing and turned her face sideway, counting his steps as he came closer to her.
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Tarasha froze partially for a moment, she stopped all was doing and turned her face sideway, counting his steps as he came closer to her.
‘Tara, I’m not…’ Henry was trying to say something when Tarasha grabbed him suddenly by the neck and pushed him to the wall.
Henry was shocked. She tightened her grip on his neck gradually and her other hand pushed his chest to the wall. He couldn’t move an inch or push her away, she was way stronger than she looked. He saw the look in her eyes, it was like a fiery furnace ready to consume whatever came in contact with it.
Tarasha’s heart was filled with rage and she felt like choking out life from him but she was able to control herself. She released her grip on his neck and took a step backward and turned her back to him. ‘I’ll pull out your oesophagus next time you talk to me about this.’
Henry fell on his knees and began to cough profusely. His eyes were watery, his neck was engulfed in pains and he could still feel the tightness of her grip on his throat.
‘That damn man raped me, killed my parents and destroyed my family, he deserves more than what he’s getting.’ she said with tears in her eyes as she turned back to him.
Henry managed to get to his feet, he now felt sorry for her. He moved closer to her and held her hands, she tried to wriggle free but he managed to keep her palms in his. He was still trying to balance himself well by taking in deep breaths.
‘I’m sorry Tara, but I’m not concerned with what happens to that man. I’m only concerned about you,’ Henry said in a soft voice. ‘I don’t want you turning into the same heartless people that those men are.’
Tarasha pushed him and turned away. He almost fell but he supported himself by the wall and managed to stay on his feet. He proceeded back to her immediately and turned her to himself.
‘Stop this Henry, enough of the talks…’ Tarasha tried to warn him but she couldn’t complete her sentence as he covered her mouth with his in a fierce kiss. His hand was wrapped around her waist and he pressed her body to his tightly and their lips intertwined.
She found her hands going under his shirt and her fingers pressed his well formed chest and her thumbs touching his nipples. They gradually moved closer to the bed and slowly climbed with Tarasha on top. She ripped off his shirt quickly and flung it away. Their lips met each other’s hungrily again and the kiss continued for a minute until Tarasha suddenly broke away. She raised her head up and looked towards the door like she was expecting someone. She looked at him again, he didn’t seem to have recovered fully from the strangling encounter. Some seconds after, someone knocked on the door.
She climbed off Henry’s body and rolled out of the bed. She flashed a look at the wall clock in the room as she proceeded towards the bathroom. The knock sounded again.
‘Cole, I’ll join you in the control room in five minutes,’ she said before entering the bathroom.
Location: President Emeka’s living room, Aso Rock, Abuja.
Time: 8:25AM
‘Chief Elvis, I would advise you as a brother to quit the presidential race,’ President Emeka was saying to his Vice. ‘The party members are not happy with the way you’ve constantly been in the news, and now you’re being heavily investigated by the police, it might be difficult for you to even win the primaries and that would be a disgrace to you.’
‘Thank you sir,’ Elvis Richards replied. ‘But I still think there’s enough time to redeem my image. I don’t want to step down, if I do I would be giving the enemies easy victory and that’s what they want. All these false news going round against me are been pushed by the enemies to disqualify me from becoming President.’
‘You don’t seem to understand, there’s no one backing you anymore, even Chief has said you can never win the coming election.’
Fear gripped Elvis Richard’s heart as he heard Chief being mentioned. He knew the Chief that was being talked about; the same cruel Chief who slept with his wife. Even though he hated the Chief with all his might, he couldn’t but admit that the Chief was unarguably the oldest man who still had a say in the politics of the nation, with many political aspirants always seeking for his approval.
Elvis Richards didn’t expect the Chief to support him anymore even though he held the belief that the man would not know about his involvement in the death of the children.
‘I don’t think it matters, Chief Afeez is just one man. He can’t stop all others from supporting me,’ Elvis Richards said stubbornly even though he knew he lied.
President Emeka shrugged. ‘Well, if you decide to go ahead, I wish you well but I have to tell you now that you don’t have my support.’
Elvis Richards flashed a quick look at the President, surprised that the man could say that straight to his face.
‘I just wish that after the investigations are done, we’d find none of the accusations against you true. If we do, I’m sure you know they’ll be no soft landing for you. The international community is involved in this already,’ President Emeka said.
Elvis Richards remained quiet. He felt threatened by the president’s words but he refused to be afraid, he was sure he would find his way out of the situation.
Location : Lagos
Now clad in a white shredded jean trouser and a navy blue top, Tarasha sat in front of the main computer system watching some video clips and renaming them. The full Inspector General’s confession video was close to two hours and she had cut it into four different parts of about twenty five minutes each which she planned to upload on different days and had created a new YouTube channel for the purpose.
She minimized the video clips folder and switched to the running chrome browser, she had already opened some websites on different tabs on which she read different blog accounts on the new development on the Inspector General’s health.
The liquid she had passed into his body through the intravenous fluid mechanism contained the virus of a deadly disease which begins to manifest few days after the virus enters into the blood. The liquid was prepared in such a way that when it enters into the blood, it becomes one with it and could not be cleaned by taking any other liquid or medicine to wash the blood. For the virus to be taken out of the body system, the blood of that person had to be drained completely to the last drop.
She closed the tabs on the browser until she was left with only two tabs, she typed in the admin URL to her blog on the first tab and typed in the website of her email service provider on the second.
She switched to the first and entered her log in details before switching back to the second, the email was logged in already. She had new messages. She quickly scrolled to the email that caught her attention more, a reply from the Nefary Queen in the US. She clicked on it and it loaded fully in two seconds.
The mobile device hasn’t been claimed by anyone yet and would be transferred soon to the lost item store. There are very little chances that she’d ever return to get it
Tarasha could not give an instant reply, she wondered what else to do to track her mother. Stephanie claimed not to know the woman’s residence in the white man’s nation, and the woman may never go back to claim the device just like the queen suggested, she probably never knew where the device fell off. It would mean Tara had to do more than just tracking from Nigeria if she ever wanted to see her mother again. She would have to travel to the US herself, and that could only be after the mission was complete.
‘Cole, has she called again?’ Tarasha suddenly turned to Cole who has been seated with her in the room busy with a different computer system.
Cole turned to her, wondering who she was talking about.
‘Patricia,’ Tarasha clarified after seeing his confusion.
‘No, she hasn’t.’
‘You should call her this afternoon,’ Tarasha said.
‘Okay…’ Cole replied in a low voice, with a not too confident tone. He wondered what she was trying to do.
‘We need to take care of that flop now, soon we’d be going after the Vice President and it could affect us if we don’t take care of her first.’
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 6:49am On Nov 11, 2018
20 Part 1

3 Hours Later
Location: Vice President’s Quarters, Aso Rock.
‘James, how far have you gone with your plans?’ Elvis Richards asked his faithful son.
‘So far so good, I’m still trying to clear your name first. We’ve gotten a man who would take responsibilities for the death of the doctors. He would claim that he was sent by Samantha Osman.’ James replied.
Elvis Richards smiled at the brilliance of James. He was glad James was now on his side. He remembered the James used to be on the side of Justice and truth but it had all changed within a short time, James was now covering up his sins instead of letting them open.
James on the other hand was only determined to see Chief Elvis Richards go unpunished, if that could be the only payment he could give to the man who was cheated by life and by his beloved trusted wife.
‘Sir, what’s the relationship between you and Madam Henrietta?’ James asked. He had a file in his hands and in the file were pictures of the Vice President and Madam Henrietta walking out of an aircraft.
‘That lady…’ the Vice President took in a breath. ‘To be honest, she was my side chick. I met her for the first time while I was still working in the police force, it was in a brothel. I started visiting there regularly when I saw her there, just to sleep with her but she left the place after some time and I didn’t see her again until some years after, then she was working for Lewis Andrew George’s family and was running the IJMB program.’
‘So what else is between you guys?’
‘Nothing more, we’re more like friends right now and she called me after a long time recently. I invited her to join me for a flight from here down to Lagos.’ Elvis Richards replied.
‘Isn’t it connected to the case between you and Lewis Andrew George?’
‘No, that case has been long forgotten.’
‘And do you know anything about her disappearance?’
‘No, I don’t have anything to do with her and that daughter of Lewis.’
There was silence for close to a minute.
‘Inspector Dakolo is in charge of the missing persons’ case of Stephanie George and Mrs Henrietta. He found out through his investigations that the woman is now in the US. She was taken out of Nigeria with a hidden identity but she made the mistake of purchasing something with her former credit card. She’s been spotted in the US already.’
‘Well, that’s proof positive I know nothing about her disappearance.’
‘Inspector Dakolo is trying to find out the connection between you two and that was the reason he called me yesterday.’
‘But how did he find out she made use of her credit card?’
‘He contacted the US security who had the credit card details before and he was alerted when she used it.’
‘Hmm, that guy is intelligent.’ Elvis Richards commented.
‘Yes, I worked under him for sometime.’ James said.
There was silence for another minute.
‘James, I hope your siblings are well protected.’ the Vice President asked.
James raised a brow, ‘You mean your other kids?’
The Vice President nodded.
‘Yes, they’re fine. I ordered them not to move around too much and they’re also being watched by the police.’
‘Good,’ Elvis Richards took in a breath.
‘I’ve got to go now Dad, I’ll see you later.’ James said as he got up on his feet.
Location: Ikeja, Lagos
Time: 3:45pm
Carl and Eric are back from their trip to Abuja and had returned to their job. They had a goal of finding Samantha Osman and were doing it in two major ways, trying to get to get through Henry and through Cole. The latter channel seemed to have closed since Tomi was rescued but they still decided to keep trying. They were sure however that getting her through Henry would work, it could only take some time.
‘Guys, guess what?’ Lizzy beckoned to them from where she was. She got up from her seat with her phone in her hand.
The guys turned to her from their seats.
‘Victor is calling,’ she announced, staring at her phone with delight.
‘Calm down, let’s track it.’ Eric said as he quickly turned to his system.
The phone stopped ringing and it began a second time.
‘Now, you can answer.’ Eric said to Lizzy after opening the tracking app.
Lizzy answered the call and raised the phone with her left hand to her ear. She didn’t say anything and did not hear anything for some seconds.
‘Hello Patricia, how are you?’ Victor’s voice suddenly came through when she was almost thinking he wasn’t going to speak.
Her heart melted at the sound of his voice and she had a strange feeling overwhelm her, she turned her back to the men to prevent them from seeing the expression on her face.
‘I…I…’ she stammered for a while and let out a cough before she was finally able to articulate. ‘I’m fine.’
‘Been a while, I’ve been busy.’
‘Ermm… I’ve… Been busy too,’ she replied, still with stammering lips.
‘Are you still in Lagos?’
She was about to reply when Carl appeared in front of her and sat on her table, staring at her face directly. ‘Yes, I’m still in Lagos.’ she suddenly found her voice back.
‘When can we see?’
‘We can’t see Victor, I’ve wronged you and I don’t think I can ever forgive myself. I don’t know whatever you’re involved in but I’ve been used to get to you, I don’t think I can face you anymore.’
‘It’s okay, where can we see?’
‘You still want to see me?’
‘Yes Patricia, I’ve not stopped loving you.’
‘Can we meet at ICM?’
‘Okay, ICM. Is this evening okay?’
‘Yes, it’s okay.’
‘Alright, by 6pm.’
‘Okay, 6pm.’
The call ended and Lizzy turned back immediately. Carl also returned to his seat.
‘You act very well, I could feel the emotion in your voice.’ Eric teased.
‘ICM is an open place and they would like the idea of meeting there,’ Carl cut in.
‘Yes, but we need to refix our plan. I don’t think he’d be coming alone,’ Lizzy said.
‘You won’t be going alone either,’ Eric replied her.
‘She’s right, we still need to refix,’ Carl said. He then turned straight to Lizzy, ‘Make some calls, we need your men now.’
‘Good plan, we should have more numbers.’ Eric said

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/tarasha-season-2

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Every day, I reload this page just to check for new updates. I'm seriously waiting for you my man. I'm thirsting of your updates.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by itsmaoaom(f): 9:09pm On Nov 22, 2018
Oyinprince. Where have u been now? Hope all is well?
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by ashiko9(m): 11:01am On Nov 23, 2018
am sure Leah is not dead, i saw her working as a househelp in dakolo's home, leah is mrs danjuma
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by C8t8(m): 3:02pm On Nov 24, 2018
shocked Sweet Story[color=#990000][/color][b][/b]
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by C8t8(m): 8:00pm On Nov 24, 2018
Nonsense story
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 4:07pm On Nov 28, 2018
Oyinprince. Where have u been now? Hope all is well?
I'm fine o, I've not really had time to write. I'm in NYSC Orientation Camp
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by itsmaoaom(f): 7:03pm On Nov 28, 2018
[oh! Good to hear that. Congratulations. At least I will stop refreshing the topic. Take your time quote author=Oyinprince post=73382321] I'm fine o, I've not really had time to write. I'm in NYSC Orientation Camp[/quote]
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by C8t8(m): 10:12pm On Dec 04, 2018
Fabian is Dave and Esther is Jumoke
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 6:30pm On Dec 10, 2018
Tarasha 2 – Chapter 20 Part 2
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Location: Inspector Dakolo’s Residence, Abuja.
Time: 3:30PM
Dakolo and James sat on two different short chairs facing each other directly with a space of about half a metre between them. Dakolo had a paper in his hand from which he explained some things to James. After two minutes of both looking into the paper, they sat up.
‘I understand perfectly well and I’ve asked the Vice President but he denied having anything to do with the woman’s dissapearance,’ James said.
‘And you think he’s saying the truth?’ Dakolo asked.
‘Yes, it’s true. i believe he has nothing to do with her disappearance.’
Dakolo stared at James’ face silently for a moment, he let out a breath and rested his back.
‘I think we should go about this privately, once we let our colleagues know or submit a progress report, the outcome we would get could be influenced.’ James suggested.
‘I was considering that too,’ Dakolo supported. ‘How do you think we should go about it?’
Location: Lagos
Time: 5:03PM
‘I still don’t know what to do to her,’ Cole said into the communication device. He was driving in a black Range Rover. The mouthpiece of the device was attached to his collar while a wireless earpiece was in his left ear.
A blue coloured Camry sports car was following right behind the Range Rover and in it was Tarasha and Nicholas, Tarasha sitting at the back seat and Nicholas driving at the front.
Cole adjusted his rear view mirror to check if he could see Tarasha in the vehicle behind, not being sure that she heard his statement after some minutes of speaking to her and repeating the question three times without getting a reply.
‘Do nothing to her except she tries to hurt you,’ Tarasha finally replied at that moment, as if she observed he was tired of waiting for her reply. ‘All you need to do is to locate the points she has men in the facility.’
‘Okay boss,’ Cole replied.
The journey continued silently for some minutes. Another car which took a turn from the opposite direction road side had been allowed to come in between the cars but Nicholas maintained his speed in following.
Tarasha at the backseat took was viewing Patricia’s pictures which Cole had sent to her tablet device again. After viewing the face and observing all it’s features carefully, she was sure she would recognize Patricia once she sees her except a very good makeup disguise was used.
They gradually approached an intersection on the road where a traffic warden stood and directed the flow of traffic. Some road safety officials vehicles were parked neatly at a side off the road. The warden signalled a halt to vehicles coming from their direction and all the vehicles had to slow down. After two minutes of allowing people coming from the right pass and another one and a half minute of allowing those from the left pass, the warden signalled to those in their direction to continue moving.
The two vehicles in front of the Range Rover sped pass quickly but the Rover screeched to a halt just beside the warden causing other cars coming from behind to also halt involuntarily.
The traffic warder took a sharp turn back to see the vehicle which was causing a disruption to the flow of vehicle. He noticed a man in the range Rover, the man raised a phone to his ear and flashed the light. It appeared to the warder as if the man was answering a call, he raised his rod and began to step closer but the Rover suddenly fired on again.
‘Stop there!’ the traffic warder shouted to the driver but the driver sped on. He quickly turned to his colleagues seated under the booth who had been watching and made some signals to them. Three of the colleagues jumped on their power bikes immediately and began to chase the disobedient road user.
‘Cole, what was that for?’ Tarasha said into her mouthpiece on seeing Cole stop the car at the middle of the intersection.
‘Boss, I know that man,’ Cole had replied confidently before con.
‘Which of the men?’ Tarasha asked.
‘The warder directing traffic currently, I met him once.’ Cole replied.
Tarasha remained silent for a moment, wondering why Cole had to stop because he kenw the warder. She had questions for him to answer but it wasn’t the right time to ask. ‘You are just a few minutes away from the ICM, what do you plan to do with the new company you have?’ she asked the most important question at that moment.
‘Boss, that man is Patricia’s father.’ Cole replied, not minding the question she asked him. ‘Ermm… I mean the man she introduced to me as her father when I visited her parent’s home.’
Tarasha could now understand why Cole could not control himself but stop at the middle of the road. She turned her head back to look towards the intersection again, the man was still there doing his work.
For a moment, Tarasha had no idea on what instruction to give Cole who had now increased his speed because of the bikers chasing him. They were less than a kilometre now to the ICM and it would be impossible for Cole not to be disturbed by the law enforcers chasing him, and that would disrupt their plans.
She picked up her phone and called dialed Henry’s number, luckily Henry answered at the first ring.
‘Hey Henry, we need you right away.’ she said into the mouthpiece.
‘How do I come in?’ Henry replied from the other end, his voice showing readiness to help.
Tarasha continued to speak, conscious that Cole could hear her instructions to Henry. ‘Log on the NSCC portal and get the picture of the traffic warder at the intersection close to ICM when coming from Gravl Avenue. We need you and Tomi to get the man, alive.’
‘Ermm… You mean kidnap him?’
‘Hmm,’ Henry’s deep breath could be heard from the other end. The task seemed to be a big one for him. He had been once involved in kidnapping the Inspector General but this time, he was going to be spearheading it with only Tomi working with him.
Tarasha sensed his fear. ‘It’s an easy job, start with getting his picture from the security cameras first and call me once you’re ready to leave the base.’
‘Okay boss,’ Henry replied, his voice not sounding too enthusiastic like it was when he answered the call.
‘Boss, what do I do? I’m close to ICM,’ Cole’s voice sounded in Tarasha’s earpiece immediately she dropped Henry’s call.
She sniffed in gently, she needed to teach Cole a lesson for not knowing what to do after getting into trouble.
‘Drive towards the ICM and don’t bother about them catching up with you, claim that you don’t not know you were being pursued.’
Cole heaved a sigh at Tarasha’s response. He had thought she would ask him to keep driving until the men lost track of him but she was asking him to slow down at the ICM gate and allow the men arrest him which would disrupt their plans. He wondered what she was trying to achieve with the instruction.
He reluctantly slowed down and turned on the indicator. He looked at the side mirrors and saw two of the power bikes already behind his vehicle, then he saw some sense in Tarasha’s instruction. There was no way he could have kept the men chasing him for long, they would have still caught up with him because they had better chances of maneuvering the space on the road with their power bikes than he who was driving a vehicle.
The security men at the ICM gate raised a flag for him to stop as they normally did to check all vehicles going in, but there was no check on his vehicle as the officers chasing him on the power bikes stepped down and pointed their guns at him to step out of the vehicle. The security men at the gate directed him to move his vehicle to the side of the fence as he was obstructing a part of the entrance.
He obeyed and moved the vehicle off the entrance to the big gate and parked on the grass beside. He checked his pocket to ensure there was no gun in it before he stepped down from the car with his phone and car keys, he put his hands in the air.
‘Get down on your knees,’ one of the officers pointing a gun at him said. He obeyed and went on his knees. An officer standing beside moved closer to him and pulled his hands to the back and handcuffed him.
‘Hey, you’re not telling me why are you taking me?’ he protested as the officer in front directed him to get up.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by C8t8(m): 6:44pm On Dec 10, 2018
@Oyinprince,I sight you sir.Welcome.

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