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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 6:45pm On Dec 10, 2018
The officers stared at him in silence. They decided not to answer his stupid question because they were sure he knew his crime.
‘My car brakes went bad,’ he continued to talk when no one the officers gave him an answer. The officer behind him held him by the shoulder and turned him towards his car.
‘Get into the backseat,’ the officer ordered.
‘Please officers, let’s settle this here. I don’t need to get to your office,’ Cole pleaded as he walked to the back with the officer pushing him behind. He looked left and saw the Camry sports car being checked by the security at the gate, Tarasha glanced towards him. She had an expressionless look and acted just like she didn’t have an idea who he is. The security guards at the gate gave them a pass and they drove in.
‘Get into the car,’ the officer pushing Cole said in a command tone. He tried to open the door to the backseat but it was locked.
‘Only the driver’s side is unlocked, I have to unlock all other doors from the control.’ Cole said to him.
The officer turned him back and directed him towards the driver’s side. Cole laughed inside him. He knew the officers would have no choice than to take off the manacles, there was no way any of them could drive the car or open any other door because of the way it was set.
‘You turn back once you drop me in here and go after Cole,’ Tarasha began to give Nicholas orders as they drove towards the car park. ‘Ensure that the officers don’t go with him, and get back to me once he’s free.’
‘Okay boss,’ Nicholas answered with a nod.
They soon parked the car and Tarasha put on her sun shades before stepping out of the car with her hand bag.
She was dressed on a milk coloured armless gown which stopped slightly above her knees. Her black high heeled shoes gave her a lady like look just like ther ladies at the place who had come to catch fun. She walked some steps away from the car and looked towards the eatery where Cole had agreed to meet with Patricia. She checked her wristwatch as she began to walk towards the eatery. She flashed another look at Nicholas who was trying to drive out of the park and reminded him to give her updates on the task she gave to him.
Time: 05:47PM
Right at the same car park, Eric was seated at the driver’s side of a black Zenvo with Lizzy seated at his right. Lizzy was dressed sexily in a cleavage baring orange mini gown. Her makeup was light and her well styled hair all packed to the back. She looked impatient and anxious.
Eric on the other hand was dressed simply in a black T-shirt and black Jean trouser. He had a relaxed and calm look on his face even though he also couldn’t wait to get out of the place with Victor.
‘It’s ten minutes left, he should be close.’ Eric broke the long existing silence.
‘He arrives on time every time we have an outing, so I don’t know why he is not here already.’ Lizzy replied.
‘Have you seen anything yet? Like any sign that he’s arrived?’
‘No, none yet.’ Lizzy replied. ‘It’s strange, he always comes early.
‘Our guys are all around the place and I’m sure they’ll tell us once they see him.’
Lizzy let out a breath.
Eric placed his gaze on her face. ‘You’ve got to relax girl, you look too anxious, are you scared of meeting him?’
‘Then stop acting weird, don’t mess things up.’
Lizzy took in another breath. She couldn’t explain her feeling but she knew it wasn’t fear. They already had a good plan in place and she was sure there was no way Cole could hurt her with the several eyes watching.
Eric’s phone began to ring. He picked it and checked the screen, Carl was the caller.
‘Hey Carl,’ he said as he answered the call.
‘He’s here already but he was followed to the gate by officers and he’s being arrested for disobeying traffic rules.’
‘Have they taken him already?’ Eric asked.
‘He’s still arguing with them and he’s denying them from using his car but some other officers just brought another vehicle.’
‘So, that means we can get him from the officers?’
‘Yeah, but there’s a problem.’
‘What problem?’
‘He came alone, there was no one else in his car.’
Eric was silent for a while. ‘They could be around, we’d watch out as the officers take him.’
‘You can’t drive the car, it’s customized for me alone. It’ll give you problems at every point on the road.’ Cole repeated to the officer.
‘No problem, just wait till our vehicle comes.’ the obstinate officer replied.
Cole was still handcuffed behind. The officer who cuffed his hands had tried to uncuff him when the one who seemed to be the leader of the group noticed the settings of the vehicle at the driver’s side and stopped it.
‘But Oga, I told you I have an appointment and I’m running late already. Let’s settle this here instead of getting to your office, I can pay the fines right now if you want me to.’ Cole replied the man. He looked towards the gate at that moment and noticed the Camry sports coming out again, only Nicholas was in it now.
‘I told you already that we are not authorized to collect any money from you, if you were in such a hurry, you would have agreed to drive us in your car to the station where we can do all the settlement.’
‘But Oga…’
‘Oh! Here,’ the man interrupted him as he sighted the Hyundai Van coming.
Cole heaved a sigh of frustration. Things were getting messier than he expected, he couldn’t imagine how the boss would react if the operation was unsuccessful because of him and how worse it could even get if the officers were successful in getting him to their station.
Tarasha’s eyes continued to move to and fro behind her shades. She walked as slow as she could but fast enough not to cause anyone to suspect her. Her phone was in her hand and she occasionally raised it up and played around with the keyboard to make it look like she was chatting as she walked. She had spotted two suspicious men around the restaurant already, both of them at different positions but keeping watch at the entrance of the eatery Cole was supposed to meet with Patricia in.
She got to the eatery and stepped in slowly, immediately she noticed three people looking firmly in her direction with expectation in their eyes. She took a cursory look around the eatery as she proceeded towards the counter. Even as she looked in different directions, she tried to minimize her head movement as best as she could and the shades covering her eyes helped to make the movement of the eyes not obvious.
She walked to the counter and requested a list of snacks and prices, one of the attendants handed her the menu and pointed the section where the snacks were listed. She looked around from the counter again, she had noticed two more people, a man and a woman.
‘Two meat pies,’ she said to the attendant. She looked again and made an observation. One of the first men she saw just finished answering a call and another just answered a new call. The first man got up from his seat and made a face signal to another seated elsewhere. She continued to watch them as they began to get up one after the other. She watched as they tried to go out without causing suspicions that they were together.
The lady she noticed with them also got up and a thought struck Tarasha’s mind at that moment.
‘Here ma,’ the attendant said to Tarasha with the snacks packaged separately but placed in a nylon bag.
‘How much is it?’ Tarasha asked absentmindedly, forgetting for a second the price she just checked in the list. ‘One thousand naira,’ she said with a smile before the attendant could answer.
‘Yes, one thousand naira.’
Tarasha dipped her hand in the bag and brought out a purse, she took out a thousand naira note from the purse and handed it to the attendant before hurrying off with the nylon of snacks. She took out a tiny device from her purse before returning it into the handbag.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 6:48pm On Dec 10, 2018
20 Part 2

20 Minutes Later
Cole was feeling angry with himself as the vehicle moved. He was seated in the van with two officers, his hand cuffed behind rendering him partially useless and unable to make any escaping move. He was desperate to be free. Getting him to their office with them will mean more troubles for him and for the team as any officer could possibly recongize him as a wanted criminal.
They were twenty minutes into the drive to the road safety office when Cole noticed that the camry sports car had been following them. The last time he had seen the car was when it was driven out of the ICM and then he only saw Nicholas. He felt some joy in him, even though he wasn’t sure Tarasha was now in the vehicle with Nicholas, he was sure that he and Nicholas could take care of the officers in the vehicle.
Nicholas could see the vehicle in front, he continued following at a safe distance according to Tarasha’s instruction. She had told him just to follow and carry out no action until she says so. The Road Safety Office was still some distance away and it would take close to forty minutes on road to get there. Nicholas believed that Tarasha was trying to block them from the front or join him in the vehicle before they stopped the vehicle and help Cole from the officers.
‘Nicholas, are you on?’ Tarasha’s voice sounded in his earpiece.
‘Yes boss,’ he replied, eagerly expecting her next instruction.
‘Stop following them,’ she said.
‘Huh?’ Nicholas widened his eyes, he thought he had heard her wrongly.
‘Stop following, stop and change your direction towards Egbeda.’
‘Ermm… Okay,’ Nicholas replied. He felt like asking her why she gave such instruction but he decided not to question her authority but obey the command as it was given. He was however still relucatant to change his direction. The new direction was a totally opposite one from the direction of the office the officers were taking Cole to and Nicholas wondered if Tarasha wanted to leave Cole without help. Her new order seemed to totally contradict the initial command she gave to him.
‘You located the Camry sports?’ Carl asked, speaking into the mouthpiece of his phone. He was now with Eric in the same vehicle Eric was in with Lizzy. Eric was still driving while Lizzy had stopped followng them with the excuse that she had other assignments to carry out for the NIS that day. They had to let her go as they already noticed her nervousness.
‘Yes, it’s been trailing the road safety van for more than twenty minutes.’ the voice at the other end of the call replied.
‘It must be one of Samantha Osman’s man sent to help Victor,’ Carl said. ‘I’m sure he’s gonna try attack the van, you would take care of him while we get Victor from the Van.’
Tarasha was seated at the backseat of a cab, busy with the device in her hand and at the same time listening to two different things. There were now two earpieces in her ears, both receiving sound from different devices. The one in the left receiving from the talkon communicator and the other receiving from the tracker she had placed on the body of one of the guys she had seen in the restuarant.
She had asked Nicholas to stop trailing the road safety officers’ vehicle and meet her at Egbeda where she was also headed to, even though it was a different direction from the road safety office. Her tracking had giving her information about the direction of Patricia’s men and she was going after them, that was why she needed Nicholas to be with her.
Her phone began to ring and she took it out of the bag, Henry was calling.
‘Hey Henry,’ she said into the phone.
‘Tara, the man is off duty now.’ Henry said.
‘Okay, that makes it easier for you. You can follow him and take him at when you get to a suitable place.’
‘That’s my plan,’ Henry replied.
‘Be careful, don’t get caught.’ Tarasha warned.
Location: Ayobo.
30 minutes later
Cole was getting anxious now. He had not seen the camry sports car for the more than thirty minutes and that was a sign that Nicholas had stopped following. He wondered if Nicholas had missed them or if something else had gone wrong. He knew he was in trouble if something wasn’t done to set him free. He looked at the officers seated with him, they had their guns with them and had their hands free, they could shoot him dead if he tried to attack them. Also the vehicle was still moving and there was no way he would get down safely even if he attacked those two men and got rid of them. The best option he could think of was waiting till they get him to the station and hoping they would release him after making him pay the penalty as stipulated in the law.
The vehicle suddenly came to a halt and some strange voices could be heard in front. One of the officers seated with Cole behind got up to check what was wrong but got more than he bargained for as a bullet hit him and he fell down instantly.
Cole was scared at first but then he relaxed his mind. Nicholas must have taken a shorter route and got to cross them at the front or maybe he was now with Tarasha, Cole thought. He heard sounds of two more gunshots, the other officer seated with him jumped out of the vehicle and ran into the bush for safety.
That was when Cole looked around and observed that something was amiss. He noticed that they were now in a residential area with untarred roads and so many houses. Then he looked forward and saw a vehicle coming towards them.
The vehicle stopped some distance behind and four strange men and a woman came out, all armed with pistols.
Someone appeared into sight from behind. Cole stared at his face closely, he noticed he wasn’t a Nigerian. Cole was sure he was in trouble.
‘Get down Victor, we are taking you to Pat your sweetheart.’ Carl said with a mischievous smile.
Is Tarasha aware of Carl’s plan or she miscalculated? And what is she doing at a different location? Find out in the next episode.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/tarasha-season-2
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 6:50pm On Dec 10, 2018
@Oyinprince,I sight you sir.Welcome.
Thank You sir. I replied your PM
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by C8t8(m): 7:11pm On Dec 10, 2018
Thank You sir. I replied your PM
Ok sir,so when are you resuming Tarasha 2 on your blog?
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by itsmaoaom(f): 7:42pm On Dec 11, 2018
Ahaaa! This is not enough for all the days u have been away now. : sad sad
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 10:59pm On Dec 11, 2018
Ahaaa! This is not enough for all the days u have been away now. : sad sad
Are you following only on Nairaland?
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 10:59pm On Dec 11, 2018
Tarasha 2 Chapter 20 Part 3
® 18 + SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Someone appeared into sight from behind. Cole stared at his face closely, he noticed he wasn’t a Nigerian. Cole was sure he was in trouble.
‘Get down Victor, we are taking you to Pat your sweetheart.’ Carl said with a mischievous smile.
Cole did not obey promptly, he waited until Carl raised a gun before he got up from his seat. He was full of shock, but not so much of the shock of being caught but shock from confirming that Patricia was working for the enemy. He closed his eyes as he bowed his face for a moment and shook his head in pity for himself. He opened his eyes and was about to raise his head when he noticed something on the floor of the van beside his left leg. It was the key to the manacle used to cuff his hands which must have fallen from the officer that was shot. He placed the sole of his shoe on it before looking up.
Carl turned to his front, now standing behind the van and pointed the gun at his chest.
Cole heaved a sigh. He bowed his face and let out another deep breath, pretending to be very weak. He dragged both feet on the van floor noisily and with the same sluggishness to prevent the man from suspecting that he had something hidden under his left foot. The key was a very small one so it made very little sound as it was dragged against the floor of the van. Cole hoped the man was not someone like Tarasha. If it were to be Tarasha, he was sure she would notice that the sound from the dragging of his left foot was different from the right.
Carl noticed he was dragging his feet and got irritated by the gesture. He cocked his gun to make Cole realize that he was serious and not ready for nonsense. Cole had already managed to drag himself to the tip at this time.
‘Get your damn feet to the ground,’ Carl said angrily.
‘Hey, relax man.’ Cole said, trying to use a weak voice.
Carl placed a stern look at him for a while and then turned for a moment to the other men behind to give them orders. Three of the officers returned to the vehicle behind while two others proceeded towards Carl.
Cole used the opportunity of the few seconds Carl turned away. He gently bent his knees and then lowered his right leg and placed it on the ground first and followed with the left immediately placing his bum on the key which he had already dragged to the tip. He raised his bum slowly and used the fingers of his cuffed hands behind to pick the key.
Carl was now staring back at him. ‘This way,’ he instructed, pointing him to a direction which would make him turn his back and walk beside the van from which he came down to the front. He dropped the key into the back pocket of his trouser and followed the direction given by Carl.
Carl observed him from the back for a moment and did not notice anything even though he was suspicious. He stepped closer to him and dragged him by the hand forward to the car used to block the Road Safety officers’ van.
Surprising to Cole, the two Road Safety Officers seated in front of the Van were still there. The one seated on the passenger’s side was the one who seemed to be the leader of the team that arrested Cole at the ICM gate.
Carl made a sign to the officer and the officer also replied him with a sign and a smile.
Cole could not interpret what was happening. It was obvious to him that the road safety officers who arrested him knew the enemies and had made arrangements to deliver him to them but what Cole was confused about was when the road safety officers began to work with the enemy. Was it after he was arrested or before; which would mean that his arrest was planned all along? None of the options seemed sensible to him. He didn’t hear the officers at the front make any phone call or say anything that suggested their plan during the journey, so there was no way the plan to deliver him to the enemies could have started after his arrest, it had to be before. But how also did they know the direction he was coming to the ICM from and how did they know he was going to break a traffic rule?
The questions and the answers he could find all seemed absurd to him. Then he remembered what made him break the traffic rule, it was seeing the man who Patricia introduced to him as her father. It didn’t still make sense to him, was the man deliberately standing there for him or was it a coincidence.
He couldn’t find reasonable answers to the questions on his mind. He entered into the opened backseat of the car and Carl entered with him. Another man entered through the other side, leaving him in the middle. Someone was already at the driver’s side and another man joined him at the front seat. The car engine was still on so all the driver needed to do was adjust the gear and continue driving.
Cole who was seated uncomfortably with his hands at the back still managed to turn his head back. He saw another car following them from behind and the road safety officials vehicle making a reverse.
‘They lost track of the Camry sports,’ the driver of the car said, taking a glance to the guy seated at the right hand side of Cole.
The day was dark already and the traffic warder was yet to leave the place although he had stopped directing traffic. He was now seated in a Sienna parked where the road safety vehicle was parked previously. He was seated at the middle seat of the car, a lady who also putting on the traffic warden uniform was seated at the back seat and a man in plain cloth was seated at the driver’s side.
Henry was in a different location which wasn’t far from the intersection, he was seated at the passenger’s side of a car but placed an eye of the man through the live stream from the NSCC cameras. Tomi was seated at the driver’s side with her head rested back and her eyes closed.
He was getting impatient already. It had been more than one hour since the man got off duty and he hadn’t made any reasonable move from there. The only move he made was to buy a bottle of Coke and Beef roll to eat in the sienna.
At exactly ten minutes to eight, Henry noticed a lady joining them in the sienna. She got into the vehicle and sat beside the male traffic warder. Henry zoomed in the video and tried to see the lady’s face but it was impossible even with the bright street lights around. The camera couldn’t capture her face clearly inside the car through the closed window glasses.
‘We might need to move now,’ Henry said and took a glance at Tomi who opened her eyes and glanced back at him immediately.
‘Is the Sienna moving now?’ she asked in a weary voice.
‘A lady just joined them and the driver has kicked on the engine,’ Henry replied.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 11:06pm On Dec 11, 2018
‘Mr Matthew,’ Lizzy greeted as she settled in the middle seat with the traffic warder.
‘Lizzy, did it work?’ The traffic warder replied her.
‘I guess it should have, they saw Victor alone without company. The Road Safety Officers would have delivered him to them,’ she replied without much enthusiasm.
‘You didn’t follow them again?’
She forced out a chuckle. ‘No, I didn’t. I had other things to do.’
The driver turned on the engine of the car and glanced back to ask if it was okay if they left immediately but nobody spoke to him so he left the engine on and kept waiting for instructions.
Lizzy turned to look at the woman seated behind. It was the woman who had acted her mother on the day of Victor’s visit to her arranged house. ‘Mrs. Olushola, did you notice anyone pass your way?’
‘No, nothing.’ the woman replied in brief words. She had also been positioned to act like a traffic warden at the other direction which Cole could have passed if he did not pass through the man’s direction.
Lizzy heaved a deep sigh. She tried to imagine what was happening with Eric and Carl at that moment, if they had caught Victor or if Victor had managed to escape. She wasn’t sure what she wanted and couldn’t explain why she was not feeling good about the whole situation.
‘Mr Matthew, how did you see Victor?’ She asked. She had been wondering how the man had spotted Victor in his car with the several cars he had to direct through the intersection.
The traffic warder’s plan was actually a plan B which was borne after she, Eric and Carl began to try refix their previous plan. Their main plan was to attack and take Victor and kill whoever comes with him and tried to resist but she herself had brought the idea of having the people who acted as her parents stay as traffic wardens when Carl had asked if they could come along to the venue to beg Victor with her and make the scene look so real to Victor before he was finally captured. She brought up the traffic warden suggestion and explained that if Victor was the one who spotted the warder, it would cause a distraction to him and may make him try to attempt interrogating the warders whom he knew as her parents. And if it were the warders who spotted Victor they would report him to officers for traffic law violation even if he did not commit any and he would be pursued and arrested. Either ways, he was going to be captured. The idea had come to her head as she dreaded the reality of having to face Victor and deliver him to Carl and Eric herself. She didn’t know what it would feel like and was scared of the hurt it would cause, not to Victor but to herself.
‘He saw me, I wasn’t the one that saw him.’ Mr Matthew replied. ‘He stopped at the middle of the intersection when he saw me and I think he was trying to look at my face well or even take a picture of me with his phone, so I reported him immediately for answering calls in the middle of the road.’
Lizzy heaved another sigh. She didn’t feel so good with what the man told her but she knew it was better than having to face Victor by herself and delivering him to his enemies which happened to be her own team.
‘I want to ask again if you noticed anyone else with Victor?’ Lizzy spoke up after about a minute of silence.
‘No, he was the only one in the car.’ Mr Matthew insisted.
‘And you did not see any vehicle that could be with him?’
The man was silent.
‘Did you check the vehicle that followed after his?’
The man closed his eyes as he tried to remember. He opened his eyes partly, ‘A jeep was following after him but a woman was the driver.’
‘Young or old woman? And what type of Jeep?’
‘I can’t really say if it was a young woman or not, I can just remember that she was putting on native attire and… I think she’s middle age though.’
‘What type of Jeep?’
‘A pathfinder jeep, old model. I’m not too sure of the year.’
Lizzy nodded gently. With the description the man gave, the vehicle which followed Victor’s could not be owned by a member of his team.
‘Okay, congrats for a job well done. You two would receive your payments before the day runs out,’ she said and glanced at the woman seated behind also. ‘I have to be on my way now.’
She opened the door and stepped out gently. She took a cursory look around before walking away.
The vehicle found it’s way into the road thirty seconds after she left them.
‘They’re moving now, just go straight.’ Henry said to Tomi who had also ignited their car engine.
For the first ten minutes, the journey went on silently but slow due to the several holes on the untarred road and stagnant waters deposited by the heavy rainfall in its season.
‘Is Lizzy still unreachable?’ Eric who was driving the car asked, looking at Carl through the rear view mirror.
‘The b**** is not answering the call,’ Carl replied.
‘We do not need her for now, so lets give her some time to come back to her senses.’ Eric said. As he approached a turn into another street, he looked at the side mirror and saw the vehicle in which the other men were some distance behind. ‘Those guys are driving slow,’ he said and shook his head.
‘They don’t have to follow us closely,’ Carl replied, he turned his head back to see the vehicle and noticed they were really far away. he couldn’t look for more than five seconds as Eric turned their vehicle into the other street.
The street was a straight one and they could see the end of the road from where they were, it wasn’t too far away but would take them nothing less than four minutes to get there because of the bad condition of the road and the darkness of the night. What made their experience worse was their unfamiliarity with the road; they kept getting into holes which they couldn’t tell the depths because of the water covering. Some of the holes were deep and it caused a struggle for them to get out after getting in but they were able to overcome because of the strength of the vehicle. They were not bothered however because that street led straight onto the tarred road and there would no longer be much wasting of time once they got out of the street.
About twelve metres from the position of car was a building at the right hand side with it’s gate opened. They could see the reflection of the backlight of a vehicle outside and it seemed as if it was just parking inside the compound or getting ready to drive out. As they got closer Eric noticed it wasn’t a car but a truck used for transportation of construction materials.
‘Hope you know the way from here,’ the guy at the backseat of the car asked the driver.
The man at the right hand side in front glanced at him, ‘Are you scared of getting lost?’
‘No, I can’t get lost in Lagos. I don’t just want us to miss those guys, they could get angry with us.’
‘I have to drive like this, I can’t drive as fast as they are driving. Their car is way stronger than this and have less chances of getting stuck in the marshy part of this road,’ the driver replied. ‘I know the way once we get out of this place to the main road.’
The turn which the other vehicle had taken was some metres away from them but it would still take them more than a minute to get their due to the speed at which they could use the vehicle.
The driver flashed a look at the side mirror, he noticed something and looked again. There was a car coming from behind, he wasn’t sure what kind of car it was.
‘Guys, I thought that Camry Sports Car lost it’s track of the Road Safety Vehicle,’ the driver said.
‘Yes,’ the man beside him answered. He noticed he was staring at something in the side mirror and he turned his head to look through the rear window.
‘Is that not the car coming behind?’ the driver asked.
The two men seated with him in the car turned back and tried to confirm but they could not ascertain what colour it was because of the distance it still was.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 11:07pm On Dec 11, 2018
20 Part 3

‘I think that’s the car,’ the man seated beside the driver said. He had a curious look on his face. ‘Even if it was still tracking the road safety vehicle, the vehicle has turned back already, why is it still following?’
‘It’s coming after us,’ the driver said with certainty in his voice. He could see the speed at which the car was coming, it was obvious the driver had a target in front and already had mastery of the road.
Nicholas could now understand the need of the android game Tarasha had made compulsory for the whole of the team to play during his few days of staying with them. She had made it compulsory that they all got to the highest level of the game in six days time which wasn’t complete yet. The highest level was level ten but he had not been able to exceed the fifth level. However, he was lucky to have mastered the stage which made him master the streets and routes all in and leading to the particular area where they were. So, he had stored in his mind already the positions where the holes and barriers on the streets were and that made him able to drive faster than it should have been on the bad road.
He picked the gun on the passenger’s seat and placed in on his knee in readiness. He wasn’t far away from the vehicle being pursued anymore, he picked the gun with his left hand and pointed the gun out through the window, targeting the left side tyre of the car.
Eric watched as the truck slowly protruded out of the compound in it’s reverse mode. He had to slow down a bit to give enough space for it. He wondered why that kind of vehicle was still working at that time of the day. He looked at the faces of the other men in the car with him and they all had the same look as he except for Victor who wasn’t looking up.
Carl’s phone began to ring at that moment and he took it out of his pocket to answer.
‘Hey, what’s up?’
‘We just saw that Camry sports behind us now,’ the voice from the other end of the call said.
Meanwhile, the whole body of the truck was already out of the compound and it was trying to turn forward. Unluckily for the truck driver, the back tyre at the right side got into a marshy spot and got stuck. The driver struggled to drive out but the tyre kept on rolling and splattering mud around. Eric’s team car was at a far enough distance and was safe from the splattering mud.
‘I thought the car lost track of the road safety vehicle,’ Carl replied the caller. Eric turned to glance at Carl, already having an idea of what was been discussed on the call.
‘It showed up suddenly again and I think it’s coming after us now,’ the voice from the other end replied.
‘How…’ Carl was about to ask a question when he heard the sound of a gunshot through the phone speaker. The men around him also heard the sound through the phone speaker and also live because the distance wasn’t far from them.
‘Oh s***!’ the man on the other side of the call cursed. ‘It’s here for us.’
Carl looked up and noticed the truck at the front in it’s struggle to get free was now taking a reverse back. He glanced towards Eric and their eyes met. Both of them could tell what was happening. They suddenly remembered at the same moment how the second child of Chief Afeez was killed. It happened with a truck and at night time.
Cole was now looking up and from the conversation of Carl on the phone and the situation he could see, he was sure Tarasha was around.
Eric was the first to step out of the car and began to shoot at the truck immediately. Carl also ordered for the other men to step out and they obeyed immediately and jumped out to take different positions with their guns.
Carl was the last to step out of the car. He pulled out a bag from under the back seat and jammed the door. He hurried towards the driver side of the car carefully and locked the other doors of the vehicle. He took another glance at the truck, it had stopped moving. The rest of the men were still shooting at it and watching for him. He bent down and took out a three by three metres box shaped device from the bag, he opened the cover and in the box was a wired explosive. He connected two wires together in the box and a red light turned on by the side and began to blink. He carried the device and placed it at the top of the vehicle without covering it back.
Tarasha put a halt to the movement of the truck and looked at the side mirrors. She picked a rod beside her and smashed the front window glass. She couldn’t step out through the doors as a bullet could hit her from there, she had to go through the smashed window. She picked her backpack beside her and strapped to her right hand. She looked at the side mirrors again and pushed her horn of the vehicle before jumping out through the window.
Location: Tarasha’s New Base, Lagos.
Time: 8:42PM
Stephanie walked into the living room taking a look at her wristwatch. It was almost nine o’clock and there were still no signs of anybody apart from the doctor in the house and her mother who was already asleep in the room. She looked around the living room, she had checked thirty minutes ago and the doctor was still in the living room then watching the television but now the TV was off and the doctor was no longer in the living room, a sign that he had also retired to bed.
She looked towards the dining area. She had prepared dinner that night and was hoping that the rest of the team would arrive early so she could serve them and return to join her mother.
She sank into the three seater sofa and crossed her legs, wondering what they had all gone out to do.
A question popped up in her mind. She wondered if they had gone to assassinate someone that night. If it were so, the target must be a very tough and well secured one for the whole of the team to go out for him, she thought.
As she enjoyed the silence of the house, a thought struck her mind and she remembered Dave immediately. The doctor had gone to sleep and no other person was in the house, it was the right opportunity she had to go into that room to see him.
Her heart began to beat fast as she stood up from the chair and headed towards the rooms section. Like a programmed robot she just kept on moving without direction until she got to the door of the room. She took in a deep breath before placing her hand on the knob, she looked around again as she turned the knob. She pushed in the door gently and stepped in.
She stayed behind the door for a while, staring at Dave from she was. After a minute of no action, she walked gently to the bed and stopped at the side. She stared at his face for a while, he looked conscious but in a deep sleep. She looked sideways and her heart skipped a beat s she saw the drip bag hung on the stand. She was scared that the liquid could be something harmful like the one that was passed into the Inspector General’s blood. The fluid wasn’t a transparent liquid like other common intravenous fluids but it wasn’t the same colour as the one administered to the Inspector General. She stepped closer to the drip stand and was about to hold the drip bag and check the label on it when she heard her name. She froze in shock.

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Tarasha 2 Chapter 20 Part 4
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Location: Obadore
Time: 9:12PM
‘I’m going to drop at LASU gate,’ Mr Matthew said to the driver of the Sienna.
The driver gave no reply, he was too busy checking his side mirrors and the rearview mirror.
‘Did you hear me? I would stop at University Gate,’ Mr Matthew repeated.
‘I hear you Oga oo,’ the driver said. ‘It is this car I’m looking at, it appears as if it has been following us.’
Mr Matthew turned to look back. There was a vehicle behind them but to him it did not seem to him like it was following them. The person in hit was an elderly man.
‘It’s not the one directly behind us, it’s the one after it.’
Mr Matthew tried to look again but he turned back almost immediately and sighed. ‘Just don’t take me past the gate.’
The driver relaxed on seeing that Mr Matthew was less worried himself. They soon got to the University gate and the driver parked off the road to let the man step out.
Tomi and Henry had been following closely but waiting for the right opportunity to stop the car and take the man. They slowed down and allowed two other cars overtake when they saw the indicator of the Sienna turned on, a sign that it was about to turn or change direction. They increased their speed again when they saw their target step out of the car.
Henry put on his face cap and still covered his head with the hood of the jacket he was putting on.
Mr Matthew had just taken his load from the sienna and watched it drive off. He was about to turn when another car pulled up beside him.
‘Hey!’ he heard someone shout and he glanced back to look but quickly turned back again, thinking he was not the one being called.
A guy stepped out of the car and jammed it hurriedly. Mr Matthew turned back again to look, a gun was already pointed at his chest.
‘Get into the car,’ Henry said to the man pointing to the car behind him.
There seemed to be a cease in the flying of the bullets for a while. Tarasha picked the bag which she hung on the window before jumping down. She strapped it to her back while taking out her two revolvers from her pocket.
There was silence for a moment and Tarasha used the seemingly silence to listen to ‘noiseless’ movements around her. She positioned her revolvers well in both hands. Slowly, she moved to the left and took a quick peep. She could see another vehicle turn into the road from the entrance far behind and the reflection from the front light of the vehicle made it uneasy to locate the men shooting the gun.
She peeped for a second time and she could see clearer, she located two of the men standing at the right. She also located a concrete electric pole at the opposite direction from where she stood. She cocked her two guns and took in a breath before stepping out of her hiding place. She pointed her guns towards the two men and released shots as she ran towards the pole. The bullet hit one of the men in his chest and missed the other one narrowly giving him the chance to respond to her shots with several shots which he missed.
She stopped behind the pole and hid with her side entering the space in between the two edges of the pole. She peeped from there and could see more from where she was now. Three of the men were standing at different positions around the car and pointing their guns in her direction. She quickly hid herself back as a shot flew past her face. She tightened her grips on the guns as she pondered on what to do. She was still thinking when she heard the name ‘Samantha’ being called and someone talking to her. She peeped and saw one of the guys coming in her direction from the car, he had his hands raised as he stepped closer slowly.
‘Can we talk?’ Eric asked. He stopped close to the back of the truck and kept a careful gaze on her.
She stepped out from behind the concrete pole with the guns in her hands but lowered and pointing to the ground.
Location: Tarasha’s New Base, Lagos.
Stephanie stared down at his face in shock, she never expected he would wake up. His eyes were now opened and he was staring at her face.
‘Stephanie,’ he called softly. He raised his hand up as much as he could and tried to make a signal to her but she didn’t understand. She held his palm and wrapped her fingers around his.
There was a moment of silence between them and it seemed each of them did not have words to say to each other.
‘What are you doing here Steph?’ Dave finally spoke.
She remained silent and kept staring at him, not knowing what response to give.
‘Are you comfortable living with Samantha Osman?’ Dave spoke again.
She tried to open her mouth but found it difficult to pronounce any word.
‘Steph, you don’t fight evil with evil. Why did you let your desperation to get back at the Vice President make you work with an assassin?’ Dave asked.
‘Samantha Osman is not evil as you think, she’s not.’ Stephanie said with a teary eyes.
Dave took in a breath. He tried to adjust himself so he could place his head comfortably but the straps holding the different parts of his body to the bed did not permit. She didn’t understand what he was trying to do but just sat on the bed to get her body closer to him. She placed a palm on his forehead and began to use her fingers to play with his hair.
‘Okay,’ he said with his breath covering the voice. ‘First things first, how can you help me get out of here?’
She stood up from the bed immediately and released his fingers from hers. She shook her head and let out a breath.
‘I can’t do that, there’s no way it would work.’
She tried to move farther away from him but he was able to hold her hand and stop her.
‘Steph, you could at least try,’ he said with a convincing look on his face.
She shook her head, ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about Dave, Samantha has guarded this place heavily, you can’t get away even if I try to free you. It would get you into a deeper mess,’ Stephanie said.
‘What mess can be deeper than this which I am in already?’ Dave asked in a pitiful voice. ‘I would get killed soon if nothing is done to get me out of here.’
‘You won’t be killed, Samantha would not kill you.’ Stephanie said with a shaky voice, although still sounding confident.
‘Why are you so sure?’
‘I am.’
‘No, she would not let me go just like that,’ Dave argued.
‘I’ve been told you would be allowed to go when it’s time,’ Stephanie reiterated.
‘Steph,’ Dave called in a tired tone and let out a breath. ‘Even you do not believe that they would let me go, you’re forcing yourself hard to believe a lie.’
‘No Dave, I trust Samantha, she keeps to her words.’ Stephanie argued.
‘But what’s that look full of doubts I see on your face?’ Dave said and stared deeply into her eyes.
She was silent for a while and then she closed her eyes and turned away. She didn’t doubt initially, but Dave through his intelligent play of words had made her believe she wasn’t fully persuaded and it became as so.
That was the confirmation Dave needed, he was also now sure Stephanie was also afraid of what could be done to him.
Stephanie shook her head thoughtfully with her eyes closed. She wanted to trust the doctor’s words that Samantha had no plan to kill Dave but with the recent report about the Inspector General who developed an incurable sickness after the fluid from the drip bag mixed with his blood, she couldn’t tell if the mixture being prepared for Dave was going to be harmless.
‘Steph, even if they’re going to ever let me go, I’m sure they won’t let me go this same way. I’ll be turned into a dummy or an invalid being, someone who cannot tell his right from left because they would never want me to be a witness against them or problems. So what would be the difference between me and a dead person?’ Dave said, almost in tears.
Stephanie was in tears too but refused to look at his face. She sniffed in as she pondered on Dave’s words. She still felt like she could trust the Doctor who said he wouldn’t be hurt but Dave’s words that they wouldn’t want him to be a threat to them made her rethink.
A thought suddenly struck her mind. She sniffed in and wiped her eyes before she turned to look at his face. He expected her to say something but she didn’t speak. She took a step forward and turned her back to him. She turned towards the door and proceeded there.
‘Steph,’ Dave called as she took the fourth step.
She stopped without turning back and waited for him to speak on but he remained silent, without taking another look at him she walked out of the room.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 10:52pm On Dec 13, 2018
Location: Miami, FL USA.
Time: 04:22PM
Madam Henrietta drove into the car park by the side of the house and turned off the car engine. She stepped out of the car and locked the front door. She opened the door to the backseat and picked out the bags containing the items she had gotten from the grocery store. She closed the door and then locked it with the remote key.
She noticed some uniformed men standing outside the car park as she walked out of the place.
‘Good day Madam,’ one of the uniformed men greeted as she stepped out. He displayed his Identity card, ‘I’m Agent Wright from the CIA.’
‘Good day officer, how may I help you?’ she asked with a curious look.
‘You are under arrest for coming into the US with illegal travel documents and you’re also being wanted by the Nigerian police,’ the officer replied. The officer standing beside him unclipped a manacle from his belt and proceeded towards the woman.
Madam Henrietta’s mouth was left agape as the bags dropped from her hands. She had thought she was free from troubles but never knew she would have any course to still be reminded of her ordeal in Nigeria. She began to wonder how she was traced and she realized the mistake she had made. Samantha Osman had provided new card details and identity to be used by her for a specified period after she got there but in a bid to forget about her ordeal in Nigeria quickly, she had thrown off everything given to her by Samantha Osman and continued to use her personal details.
She let out a deep breath as she was beng handcuffed. Her housemate happened to drive in at that moment and quickly parked her car and stepped out.
‘What’s happening here?’ Henrietta’s housemate asked, looking baffled as she stared at the handcuffs on Henrietta’s wrists.
‘Your friend is being arrested for impersonation and traveling with fake documents,’ an officer replied her. ‘Please, give way,’ he quickly added as he directed madam Henrietta towards their vehicle.
Tarasha stared closely at the remote control in the man’s hand which he raised up. She glanced again at the explosive at the top of the car. She knew the type of explosive device placed on the car. It would only take a tap on the remote control button and the car will go up in flames. The uniqueness of the explosive was in that it would cause very little vibration and it’s effect would be solely on the object it was placed upon and any other objects in contact with it.
‘What do you want?’ Tarasha asked.
‘You,’ Eric replied with a smirk.
Carl who stood beside the vehicle made a phone call to the guys coming in the vehicle behind and asked that they stopped the vehicle and step out.
‘Here I am, come get me,’ Tarasha offered, she said raising her hands up.
Eric kept his gaze on her and was silent for a moment. They had not planned for this moment and they wondered how Tarasha had been able to track them to that place. All he was trying to do there was impromptu.
‘Put down your weapons or we burn up your man,’ Eric threatened.
Tarasha glanced at the explosive at the top of the car again. She was about to say something when she heard Nicholas voice sound through the earpiece in her ear.
‘Boss, I’m about to turn into the new road, should I go ahead with the plan?’
She was silent for a moment. She kept her gaze on Eric but at the same time tried to look above the car parked some metres behind the car which Cole was in to check for signs of the Camry sports. She couldn’t raise her head well enough to avoid Eric from suspecting she was trying to check for something, but she decided to trust Nicholas’ word.
‘Yes,’ she replied Nicholas and continued with Eric. ‘Yes, I’ll put my weapons…’
She couldn’t complete her statement when they began to hear sounds of gunshots from behind. Tarasha quickly raised her gun and fired a shot at Eric as she zoomed back to behind the pole.
Eric was fast and was able to make Tarasha miss her target as he dashed to the back of the truck immediately he saw he raise her gun. But he still wasn’t able to escape the bullet totally as one scratched his shoulder and he got a minor injury. He positioned the remote control well in his palm and his thumb went in direction of the red button.
All the while Cole had been watching them while carefully setting himself free. He couldn’t do it at a quick speed as Carl was standing beside the car and would have noticed his movement if he had done it in a hurry. He had unlocked the handcuffs already and was waiting for the perfect time to release the car doors from the front control and step out of the car. The new rain of gunshots offered him the opportunity he needed. He jumped to the front of the car as soon as he saw Carl distracted by the gunshots. He unlocked the door and quickly stepped out of the car. The car went up in flames at that moment.
Tarasha opened her eyes in shock as she saw the car go up in flames. She suddenly realized that Cole’s life was being ended in the flames and that gave her a new reason to act more drastically. She pulled out a long gun from her back pack and she began to release the shots in quick succession as she proceeded towards the burning vehicle.
From the back of the truck Eric could see Tarasha approaching. He had two revolvers with him but could not risk stepping out from behind to face her as the new gun which she now used had more energy and sent the bullets at a very high speed.
He stayed behind the truck for a while but as he sensed her presence closer, an idea came to his mind. He bent quickly and crept under the truck, hiding himself behind the back tyres at the right side of the vehicle. He watched carefully from there for Tarasha’s leg or her shadow formed on the floor.
Carl who had stepped some metres away turned back and saw the car in flames. The brightness of the light and the heat radiated did not make him quickly see that Cole was out and when he saw it, Cole was already running towards him. He raised his gun and tried to shoot but Cole grabbed him by the arm and redirected the bullet up to the sky. Cole quickly followed with his elbow into Carl’s belly still holding the arm with his left hand.
He gripped Carl’s wrist with his right hand and tried to twist it to collect the gun but Carl maintained a strong stamina and sent an unexpected kick into Cole’s belly.
Cole almost fell forward but held on to Carl’s hand and dragged him along with him. The gun in Carl’s hand eventually dropped and they both collided into each other in struggle to get the gun but missed it, it sank into a small hole filled with dirty stagnant water. Both Cole and Carl stared at the ground for a moment but couldn’t tell where the gun fell to instantly. Both traced the mark made on the wet sand beside the hole and realized at the same time that the gun had fallen into the hole.
Carl was the first to launch another attack on Cole. He sent a kick to the chest of Cole who was still trying to find his feet and got Cole crashing into muddy water behind him.
Nicholas pushed the door of the car open and stepped out quickly bowing his head as he ran to the back of the car. The front window of the car had already been shattered by bullets from the men he shot at. He got to the back of the car and quickly reloaded his gun, then he moved to the edge and peeped to see the positions of his attackers. He saw one of the men coming close to his car and also shooting at the car. The man also saw him and directed a shot towards him but Nicholas quickly hid himself back behind the boot. He saw something which looked like a stone in front of him and quickly picked it up. With a sharp movement he tossed the stone towards the man to cause a distraction and quickly followed with two gun shots. The second shot entered into the man’s chest and he fell to the floor.
Tarasha was careful as she got closer to the end of the truck. She constantly glanced back to see if Eric had gone round the truck to appear behind her but she really doubted if he would. There was a large stagnant and deep water at the left side of the road where she parked the truck and she knew there was no way he could pass through there on legs without struggling for minutes.
The shadow of the truck was already casted behind it so she could not tell if there was someone hiding behind. There were only two options, either Eric had tried to pass the other way and was struggling in the marshy hole covered by the stagnant water or he was hiding somewhere in the shadows.
She stood on the spot with her gun still ready in her hands and she ceased her breath for a moment to listen to the sounds being made around.
Eric peeped from behind the tyres and could now see her legs close to where he was hiding. He held his gun firmly in his hand and tried to put himself in a position where he could fire a shot at her. He gently moved his legs and directed his gun towards her knees.
Carl and Cole’s fight was hidden from Tarasha and Eric by the flames burning the car by the side. They could not also see what was going on at the other side.
Carl pulled Cole by the feet and dragged him out of the water. Cole tried to get up immediately he was dragged on to the sand but Carl gave him no opportunity to make moves as he delivered punches to his face sending him back to the ground. Carl then pulled him up by the collar of his shirt and turned him towards the burning car.
Cole held on to Carl’s shirt as the former tried dragging him. He tried to resist by giving Carl a headbutt in the chest but it had only little impact on Carl.
Carl released his grip on Cole’s collar for a moment and let him try to launch an attack. Cole decided to take the opportunity thinking that his headbutt had weakened Carl, he stepped forward quickly and launched a blow which Carl dodged easily and responded to him with an uppercut. Cole staggered back but quickly tried to stop himself, he was getting closer to the burning car and he could already feel the heat so strong on his back. He picked him a stick from the floor and rushed to strike Carl with it but Carl grabbed the stick easily with his palm and kicked Cole in the chest. Cole’s head flung back and he staggered but still tried not to go too close to the fire. Carl followed him with another kick in the chest intending to push him into the fire.

Cole staggered back again, he was now less than a metres close to the fire and could feel it already burning the skin on his back. Carl stepped closer to him, ready to finish him up with a heavier kick.
To be continued.

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Oh! My heart
Cole must survive oooo
Oyinprince it's a warning
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Tarasha 2 Chapter 20 Part 5
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Nicholas wondered where the other men had all gone. Since he shot the last one, he hadn’t seen anyone shooting at him again. He moved to the other edge of the car without standing up fully, he peeped and saw no one, he began to move back towards the opened door of the car. As he got there and closed the door to pass, he noticed a lady’s body on the floor. She was one of the enemies and she had been hit by a bullet but was still alive and probably crawled to that place. He fired two shots into her chest to hasten her death.
He stopped for a moment and looked forward from where he was. He noticed the burning car positioned close to the middle of the road about ten metres away from him. He could see two people beside the car at the left in a hand combat. He stepped over the dead lady and was about to step out from the cover of the bonnet area when a shot hit the headight of the car at his side. He quickly took cover in his previous position. He took in deep breaths before positioning himself to peep again. He noticed the shot came from the back of the car he had pursued to that place. The car was parked on a paved area in front of the gate of a residential building. He peeped again and saw the person who shot at him. The man was sitting on the ground weakly, pointing his gun towards his direction. It seemed the man had also gotten hit by a bullet.
Nicholas peeped for a third time before he turned and proceeded back to where he moved there from. He looked again from the boot of the Camry sports to where the weak man had shot from. The man was already trying to move away. He quickly fired two shots at the man and the man fell flat on his face.
He hurried back to the side of the bonnet where the dead woman was. He looked for some seconds to try recognize the men fighting. He realized that one of them was Cole and that the other man who was a member of the enemy gang was having a upper hand. He checked the pocket of the lady and picked a gun from it and proceeded quickly to the fighting men.
As he approached them, he raised his gun and targeted Carl. He cocked it and pulled the trigger but realized that there was no bullet in the gun. He quickly tossed it away and rushed towards the man.
As Carl was about to raise his leg, he caught a glimpse of someone through the side eye running towards him. He saw the man toss off a gun and charge crazily towards him. He turned away from Cole to face the new man who was coming from his right.
Tarasha could hear some little sounds and she knew that something moving under the vehicle behind her. She calculated the position of the sound and took a step forward, getting ready to make a swift turn.
Eric watched carefully as she moved a step forward, he refocused his gun. He was about to pull the trigger when she made a swift turn and fired in quick successions at the tyre he was hiding behind.
‘s***!’ He cursed aloud as he hid himself back behind the tyres. He took a one-second look and saw her moving farther from him, he could tell with the position of her legs that she was moving back without turning. She continued shooting towards his direction and he knew there was just a little time for the bullets to pierce through the tyres and into his body if he did not move away from where he was. He crept out from under the vehicle facing towards Tarasha’s direction, without targeting he fired some shots at her as he moved to the left side of the truck to take cover.
Tarasha kept moving back and shooting. She redirected her shots towards him as she saw him creep out of the place but no bullet touched him as he was fast in changing position. She took a glance back, looking for where to take cover but there was none. The only thing behind her was the fence of another compound and the gates of all compounds there had already been locked by the residents since their gun war started. A car which was brought by the enemy was some distance away and was in front of the second gate from where she was. The quickest option she had was another electric pole and she quickly hid behind it.
Nicholas struck blow to Carl’s face as he got there but Carl dodged easily and grabbed Nicholas by the arm. He placed a firm grip with his fingers on Nicholas arm positioned very close to the shoulder and also grabbed him by the belt. He raised Nicholas up and slammed him to the ground on the other side.
Cole had been able to gain some stamina and charged towards Carl but Carl was quick to stop his first blow with his hand. Cole threw another blow towards Carl belly but Carl met his fist with his and shifted a step back. Cole stepped closer and threw another punch with his right hand directed to Carl’s cheek but Carl dodged it and grabbed Cole by the wrist. Cole tried to throw another punch to Carl’s neck but Carl blocked it again with his arm and twisted Cole’s right hand. He grabbed Cole by the arm close to the shoulder with his right hand and dodged another blow thrown by Cole as he bent and swerved to the other side, turning Cole’s hand to the back, he grabbed Cole’s wrist more firmly and twisted it. Cole let out a scream as his wrist made a snap sound.
Eric spent some time by the side of the truck, making sure his two revolvers were filled before he began to walk to the bonnet. He caught a glimpse of the fight beside the burning vehicle and he looked a bit longer to see what was happening. He turned back and headed for the front of the truck when he confirmed that Carl was the one in charge in the fight.
He walked carefully and stopped at the right side edge at the truck’s front. He leaned against the truck and peeped to check where Samantha was. For the first look, he didn’t see anything. He looked more carefully the second time and he noticed the shape of a long gun formed in the shadow behind the electric pole. He stared intently at the place to see if any part of Tarasha’s body was not covered by the pole but it was difficult for him to tell. However, he pointed his two guns at the place and began to fire shots at her.
Tarasha had just positioned her gun well in her hand when the first shot hit the pole. She was shaken at first and tried to make sure her body was well covered by the pole. She was sure the person shooting at her could not see her but must have noticed a shadow. The black clothes she was wearing was supposed to act like a camouflage in the shadow. Two more shots hit the pole and Tarasha knew it was time for her to leave there, the challenge she had was where to move to and knowing the direction from which the shots were coming. She looked in front of her and right there was a fence which wasn’t too high to climb, there were also no spikes or other security items at the top of the fence. She hung the long gun around her shoulder and stared at the fence for a moment. She calculated the duration in seconds which it was going to take her to scale over. She had to bend down as the shots at the electric pole continued and were coming faster, some little parts of the concrete pole were now dropping to the ground. Though she knew that the little parts dropping were not enough to make the pole collapse or weak, she also knew it was reducing the surface area of the pole shielding her slender body. She waited until there was a cease in the shots.
Nicholas was already up on his feet as Carl made Cole dropped to his knees. He rushed a blow at Carl but Carl bent and he missed. Carl landed a quick punch on Cole’s face before turning to face Nicholas.
Nicholas grabbed Carl’s body and tightened his grip to make Carl unable to use his hands but Carl was stronger and could not be stopped from using his elbows to prod into Nicholas’ belly. Nicholas shifted back and his tight grip loosened but he refused to let go yet until Carl used his elbow on him two more times. He let out a scream and held on to his belly.
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20 Part 5 cont'd

Carl turned to him sharply and sent him three quick blows on the face. Nicholas fell with his knees to the ground and used his hands on the floor to support himself and stop his body from falling completely to the ground.
Carl turned sharply towards Cole who was already standing up again. Cole saw him and launched another blow but it was easy for Carl to hold his fist as Cole’s punches were now weak. Cole was also very dirty from his constant falling to the ground. Carl sent two punches at him, one to his chest and the other to his face. Then he released his grip on the fist and punched his chest the last time to move him closer to the burning car. Cole was a metre and half close to the car. Carl turned again to Nicholas and dragged him up by the neck, he turned him forward and pushed him.
Nicholas staggered backward but struggled to stand after three steps. Carl hurried towards him and Nicholas expected another blow but Carl grabbed him by the neck instead and dragged him back to Cole who was coming forward with a blow. Carl stopped Cole’s blow with his left hand and released Nicholas’ neck to punch Cole with his other hand in the face again. He grabbed Nicholas’ neck almost immediately again, this time from the back and also grabbed Cole’s neck in the same manner. He slammed their heads against each other and both fell to the floor in pains.
He stepped back a bit and looked at them briefly for a moment. He searched his pocket for a pistol and took out one. To his disappointment, it was empty, he tossed it away angrily. He had dropped his bullet pack in the car since he didn’t prepare for a gun war at that moment and also wasn’t planning for the car’s explosion. He had only handed the explosive control to Eric for him to threaten Tarasha with and not to burn up Victor yet.
He took out a knife jacket from the back of his shirt and took out the knife from the jacket. He stared at both Cole and Nicholas again, wondering who to stab first with the knife. Both were still on the floor, struggling to get up and had not seen him with the knife. While he was still yet undecided, his phone rang and he decided to answer the call first. He brought out his phone and answered while keeping his gaze on both men.
‘Lizzy,’ he said with a bass voice into the phone.
‘Get yourself ready, I’m three minutes close to getting your a** out of that place .’ Lizzy’s voice sounded from the speaker.
‘What the f*** are you coming here for?’ Carl asked angrily.
‘Don’t you know you’re surrounded by police officers already?’ Lizzy questioned. ‘The only reason you haven’t been attacked yet is the sophisticated machine Samantha Osman is using. The police scared of the sound and cannot attack till other troops with better weapons arrive.’
‘And how do you know other troops are coming?’
‘I was summoned to also join the SSS men coming.’
‘Can’t you delay those security forces a little longer?’ Carl asked, not too happy that they might have to leave without finishing what they came for. He wasn’t sure yet if Eric and the other men had been able to capture Samantha or kill her.
‘I only delayed them for some minutes, so I can get there to pick you before them.’ Lizzy replied. ‘Some of the police officers in the station nearby are already around you guys but have refused to come closer because of their low power weapons.’
‘How long will it take you to get here?’ Carl asked. He stepped forward as he saw Cole already getting up. He wiped Cole a kick in the neck and Cole fell back to the ground.
Eric began to move towards the pole and firing shots with every step he took. He noticed there was no movement behind the pole and couldn’t also see any shadow anymore. He stopped for a second, realizing that she must have left the back of the pole while he was reloading his guns. His eyes searched around sharply but he couldn’t still locate where she could have moved to, he hastened his steps towards the pole with his eyes dancing to and fro carefully. He got there in less than seven seconds and noticed some dirty spots on the fence of the compound. The dirty spots had been created by the muddy soles of Tarasha’s shoes when she climbed over. He headed towards the gate of the fence immediately. He tried to push the smaller entrance to see if it wasn’t locked but it was. He fired two shots at the lock and it opened. He kicked in the door to the smaller entrance but quickly hid his body behind the fence. He didn’t get any response from inside but he knew Samantha was aware of his closeness to the compound. He peeped again from where he stood, he could see a car parked close to the wall. The compound was a small one and had very little space. He targeted his gun towards the fuel tank cover and fired a couple of shots, two of the shots pierced in through the cover and the car went up in flames after five seconds.
With that he got the response he wanted as a heavy rain of bullets on the gate started. He hid himself behind the wall safely and made sure his eyes were looking all around to ensure he wasn’t shot from another direction. The gunshots at the gate stopped for a while and he took a quick look into the compound. He quickly hid himself back as his eyes met with Samantha’s who was now standing at a straight direction from the smaller entrance of the gate.
‘It’s time to settle this, don’t you think it is?’ she shouted with a loud voice from inside the compound. She was now standing in front of the corridor. With the gun in her hand raised up above her head.
Eric peeped and saw that her gun was raised even though her grip was still firm on it. He knew she was suggesting a fist battle. He stepped out from his hiding place and also raised his gun up. ‘You want to go hand to hand?’ he asked.
‘Step in and let’s see if you’re a man,’ Tarasha offered.
Eric stepped in cautiously. He took a quick glance at the gate and stepped closer to the middle without taking his eyes of Tarasha. He used his legs to raise the locks on the floor and he kicked open a side of the gate with his feet. He pushed the other side open too with the other foot. He stepped back and pushed each side of the gate well back to leave whole entrance opened.
Tarasha understood his message with the opening of the gate. He was telling her that the space in the compound might be too little for him to trash her, so he had to create enough floor for the trashing.
He shook his hands in the air, signalling to her that it was time to drop their weapons. Both of them bent down slowly and drop their guns. Then they began to step closer towards the centre of the compound.
Eric had an evil smile on his face as they got closer to each other both giving only a space of a metre between, their eyes looking into each others. A drop of sweat rolled down Tarasha’s face as she positioned her hands for the fight. The heat and smoke from the burning car in the compound was filling the whole place.
Eric was the first to launch a blow. Tarasha dodged it easily. He followed up immediately with another blow to the other side but she blocked the blow with her hand. He took a step back with his right leg and swiped a kick with the leg in the clockwise direction but Tarasha bent and his leg swung above her head while she sent a blow to his belly making him stagger backward.
He stared at her and smiled when he regained his stamina. He knew she was a well trained assassin so he wasn’t expecting the fight to be easy. She moved closer to him this time and launched a kick but he blocked it with his hand. She grabbed his neck and tried to run her fingers nails into it but he hit her with both hands on her shoulders and she staggered a step back. He directed a blow to her face but she hit his fist away, he followed with a knee kick to her belly but she still met it with his fist and jumped a step back to balance herself. He followed immediately and began to rush her blows but she stopped each blow from hitting her other body parts with her hands. He directed her blow to the side of her head and she bent and swerved to the right side and was able to land a blow on his chest which made him stagger back and stumble.
Carl moved towards Cole and pulled him up, he turned his face to him and was about kick his groin with his knee when Nicholas grabbed his waist from behind and pulled him back. Carl staggered back a bit and unfortunately for him, his right foot entered into a marshy area covered with water. Before he maintain his balance, Nicholas dived and grabbed him by the waist again, he pushed him to the ground and both fell into the dirty stagnant water behind.
Angrily, Carl began to punch Nicholas’ face even in the water and pushed Nicholas’ body away from himself as he tried to get up from the floor. He wasn’t able to stand to his feet as Cole sent him back down with a kick. He fell again into the dirty water. The knife he was holding was no longer in his control and had cut into his hand severely. Cole rushed to him in the dirty water and dealt him blows on the face nonstop for a minute. He pulled him out of the water and dragged him to a drier ground. Nicholas also got up from the water and moved towards them.
Cole grabbed Carl by the neck and tightened his fist around it while Nicholas held Carl’s feet to minimize his resistance but Carl was stronger than they thought. He was able to grab Cole’s neck and send Cole a punch in the face which made Cole fall back a bit. He pulled Nicholas closer to himself with his leg and grab Nicholas’ head and pushed him away to the side. He got up from the ground immediately and tried to clean his face with the dry part of his clothes. He was now as dirty as Cole and Nicholas were.
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20 Part 5 cont'd

By the time he looked up Cole was already close to him and had raised his hand for a punch, he quickly made a move to block the punch but it still did not save him from the impact as he staggered back. Cole moved closer and directed more punches to his face but he was able to block them better. Cole had the intention to push Carl into the fire like Carl had been wanting to do to him but it appeared Carl strength was going to make it impossible.
Nicholas also got up to his feet and charged towards Carl like he had been doing, trying to grab Carl by the waist again and push him to the burning car but Carl was swifter than he was, he saw Nicholas coming and swerved to the side, making Nicholas miss him. He grabbed Nicholas by the shoulder and pushed him to the car instead. Before he could look up Cole had sent him a kick on the face. He fell to the ground.
Nicholas body touched the burning car and he quickly moved away but he was shocked to see that his cloth had caught the fire even though it was wet. He rolled his body on the floor for a moment but the fire did not go off until he rolled his back into the dirty water beside.
Carl rolled away immediately his body touched the floor but Cole followed him. He turned his face up and saw Cole’s feet coming to his face and he quickly grabbed Cole by the leg and dragged him to the floor. He managed to get up before Cole.
‘Hold on Misters,’ a lady’s voice brought their fight to a halt.
Lizzy had arrived the place and come out of a vehicle to meet them without anyone noticing her arrival. They all turned to her and saw her pointing a gun at them. Carl was relieved on seeing her and he stepped back towards her.
‘Kill the two ba*****s,’ Carl said in an angry voice. He glanced at Cole’s face again and looked at Nicholas who was still on the ground.
‘Get into the car Carl,’ Lizzy said to him. She didn’t hear what he said, her mind and senses had become unstable immediately she saw Victor.
Carl did not wait to see any other thing but walked straight into the car whose headlights he could see on behind.
Cole who was panting heavily before and had his heart beating faster now that he saw Patricia, his mouth was left agape and he did not know if he should speak before she finally shoots him dead or just let her kill him without talking.
Nicholas who had seen the new development refused to get up from the floor and hoped he would be taken as dead by the lady and that Carl would not return.
Lizzy took a glance back to see if Carl had entered into the car already and he already did. She took out another gun from her pocket and fired two shots into Cole’s belly.
‘Where is Eric?’ she asked Carl as she stepped back into the car.
‘I don’t know,’ Carl replied. ‘Let’s check that building,’ he said, pointing to the compound with the opened gate he could see with signs of fire in it.
Tarasha rushed towards Eric before he could gain his balance and punched him hard twice in the face, he dodged the third punch and grabbed her hand, intending to twist it and bend to the back but she grabbed his neck and pulled him back as he made his move.
They got separated for a moment and maintained the initial distance between them. Eric used the opportunity to straighten his neck and stretch his muscles while Tarasha also stretched her fingers and arm.
They continued in a rotary movement for some seconds while staring each other in the eye, the movement lingered for a little longer as both of them were waiting for the other to make the first move.
Eric finally made the first attack again. He threw a punch and Tarasha dodged by swerving to the side, he threw another to her abdomen and she blocked it with her hand as she turned and wiped him in neck with the side of her palm. She rolled to the other side as they changed position and she threw a punch with her left hand but he managed to block it, he blocked another from the left and raised his knee to kick her groin but she escaped it by moving her feet back and she sent another blow to his belly which he blocked again.
There was another five seconds of inaction as both in a rotary manner made one-eighty degree movements. Tarasha attacked first with a dummy blow to his right and he made move to block it but she swiftly sent another to his left hitting him in the shoulder.
He let out a slight groan as he stepped back. The shoulder where she hit him was where the bullet scratched earlier.
Tarasha noticed his pain when her fist hit the shoulder, it wasn’t a very heavy blow, so his reaction to it gave her the knowledge that he had an injury there.
‘Eric!’ someone shouted from an unknown direction and gunshots followed suddenly. Both of them ran for cover immediately.
A car drove in through the opened gate of the compound and Eric heard Lizzy call his name.
‘Get in Eric, we can’t finish this today. The police are on their way,’ Tarasha had gone to hide at the corridor of the house and could see her gun from there but someone was shooting from the car in her direction and she couldn’t step out yet.
Eric was reluctant at first. He looked towards the direction where Samantha ran to and wished they could kill her before leaving.
‘Eric, get into the car, security officials would be here in two minutes.’ Lizzy warned again.
Eric had no choice than to rush join them in the car. He entered into the backseat and the car reversed out of the compound.
Tarasha got out of her hiding place, she picked her gun and her backpack and then rushed out through the gate immediately. She stood on a spot and began to fire shots at the vehicle but she noticed her bullets were bouncing to the floor. The car was bullet proofed.
She glanced back and saw another car coming, it was the Camry sports car. Sounds of sirens of police vehicles could now be heard.
She held her gun ready and pointed at the car in case an enemy was the one driving the car.
‘Get into the car boss,’ Nicholas said as he stopped by her side. She quickly joined him at the front seat and they journeyed in the direction the enemy’s car went.
Tarasha glanced at the back, no one was sitting there. She glanced at Nicholas’ face.
‘What happened to Cole?’ she asked.
‘He was shot, twice in the belly.’
They could see some police vehicles coming from behind as they turned into the main road. Nicholas increased the speed of the vehicle.
Two of the police cars followed after them while the others coming from behind turned into the untarred road which they had driven out from.
To be continued.

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Tarasha 2 Chapter 20 Part 6
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
‘What happened to Cole?’ she asked.
‘He was shot, twice in the belly.’
They could see some police vehicles coming from behind as they turned into the main road. Nicholas increased the speed of the vehicle.
Two of the police cars followed after them while the others coming from behind turned into the untarred road which they had driven out from.
‘Is he still breathing?’ Tarasha took another look at Cole was was laying lifelessly on the space between the front seat and the backseat. Part of his body was resting against the wall of the car and a hand was placed on the seat. The blood stains on his stomach were so visible even as his whole body was dirty.
‘He was breathing when I carried him in, and that’s why I put him in that position.’ Nicholas replied.
‘But how did he get out of that vehicle?’ Tarasha asked, still baffled that she could see still see him when she already thought he would have been burnt to ashes.
‘I don’t know, I just saw him fighting with another guy beside the burning car.’ Nicholas answered.
Tarasha took her eyes away from Cole for once and looked at the side mirror to see the position of the police vehicles coming after them. Then she turned to look at Cole again. She stretched her body from the front and placed a finger on Cole’s neck to see if he was still alive. She returned to her seat after confirming he was still breathing.
‘He requires quick treatment,’ she said to Nicholas and looked back again to check the cars coming after them. ‘We need to get these guys off our trail.’
‘Boss, they must have seen and identified this car already, even if we get them off our trail, they would find and trace us to the base through the security cameras.’ Nicholas complained.
Tarasha thought for a moment. She wasn’t surprised Nicholas was making such complaint as he was new in the gang and didn’t know most of their secrets. The other members of the gang already knew the spots in town where they had extra cars hidden that could not be covered by the security cameras.
‘Drive back to Egbeda,’ she said to him.
He flashed a quick look at her face, surprised that she was asking him to drive in an opposite direction to their base when she just talked about the need to get Cole medical attention quickly. He knew there was no hospital anywhere that would agree to treat Cole except they see a police report, so Tarasha could not be asking him to drive to Egbeda for them to get medical treatment.
Tarasha knew he was confused but did not bother to explain further since he asked no question. She took out the long gun from the backpack and reloaded it with bullets. She took a glance back again, the police vehicles were still following after them and making announcements through a megaphone for them to stop. She locked the door firmly before winding down the window glass totally. Then she turned and put half of her body outside the vehicle, facing the back with the gun in her hands.
‘Drive on the right side,’ she said to Nicholas as she began to shoot at the police vehicles.
It was easy to get rid of the first vehicle as the police officers did not expect the gun shots and could not respond to it without thinking deeply because of the other innocent road users.
She shattered the front glass of the first vehicle and continued firing until a bullet hit the driver and the vehicle ran off the road giving her a full view of the second vehicle.
Tarasha had to move her body a little into the car as the police officers in the second vehicle had begun to respond with their guns too.
‘Drive in a not-too-sharp zigzag motion,’ Tarasha said to Nicholas.
Nicholas for a moment did not understand what she meant. But after looking again at the gunshot exchange, he could tell the reason for Tarasha’s order was not make the officers shooting at them not be able to get a clear target at any part of the car or at her and knew in what manner to drive.
The policemen in the vehicle appeared to be smart as they followed the Camry sports as it changed directions. Tarasha had to focus her aim on the tyre at the left side which she could see and fired three times before a bullet hit it. That made the police vehicle slow down a bit but they kept on pursuing. Tarasha turned off the light at the top of the car and moved to the backseat, the glass window was already shattered by the officers bullets, so she put her gun through the window and aimed her shot straight at the driver of the vehicle, she fired three times consecutively. The police vehicle swerved and ran into the drain by the side.
Nicholas heaved a sigh on seeing that Tarasha had been able to stop the vehicles from following them, he could now drive without having to bend his head to dodge the bullets. He waited for Tarasha to return to the front before speaking.
‘Boss, one of our back tyres got hit by a bullet already.’
‘Go a little bit further, we would get a car to hijack.’ Tarasha replied him.
‘Do we still need to drive to Egbeda?’
Location: Tarasha’s New Base.
Date : June 3, 2031
Time: 12:23AM
Henry was waiting outside when the Camaro drove into the compound. Tarasha had called to inform him that she would need help getting injured Cole into the house. She had also called the doctor to get the tools and materials needed to treat Cole ready.
Nicholas stepped out of the passenger’s side immediately the car halted. Henry had already moved close to help them. He opened the backseat and Henry joined him as they both carried Cole out and rushed him into the house.
Tarasha turned off the car engine and stepped out. She had been the one who drove after they changed the car as Nicholas was feeling so weak from the fight and discovered he was already bleeding from an injury he got on his right arm. He had to tear off his cloth to tie the face of the wound lightly.
Tarasha walked in after them and locked the door behind, she headed straight to the medical room where they had rushed Cole into.
Tomi and Doctor Ekwueme were already set to receive Cole in the medical room. Henry and Nicholas laid him on a bed and Tomi tore off his cloth as the doctor began to check his wounds immediately.
Tarasha stood at the entrance of the medical room for a moment, she took a look at Nicholas who was supporting his injured arm with the other one. He was dirty just like Cole was and they both looked like children who had played in dirty water and stayed several hours without cleaning up themselves.
‘Get seated somewhere and take off that dirty cloth from your wound, you need to get treated before you get yourself an infection.’ Tarasha said to him as she stepped into the room, she walked towards the left side and entered a washroom. She washed her hands with warm water and a sanitizer and returned to help Nicholas treat his wound.
‘Henry, help clear the NSCC records of our movement from Egbeda.’ she said to Henry who was standing by the side.
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20 Part 6 contd

Rex was seated silently in the dark room. His laptop was on and staring at him. He had seen what happened between Tarasha’s team and the junior assassins team. He wasn’t too happy about the outcome, he had wanted it to go in either of two ways. He preferred to have had the two assassins injure Tarasha badly but would have still liked the outcome if it was Tarasha who injured both assassins or killed them, any of the outcome would have made him worry less about one of either teams. That was the reason he set them up against each other by placing Nicholas’ phone where the junior assassins found it. With Nicholas back in Tarasha’s team now, he was sure they would soon find out how they were set up but it didn’t bother him.
He picked his tobacco and took in a long drag. The outcome was not totally bad in itself, it had gotten both teams weak, which means they would be susceptible to his attack if he launched one which was very soon.
‘We made a total mess of ourselves today,’ Eric complained, a nurse was standing beside him and treating his shoulder wound.
‘Not a total mess I believe,’ Carl replied, another nurse was also in front of him, one of her knees was placed on the ground and a first aid box was beside her as she treated his wounds. ‘Lizzy killed the two b******s that fought with me and we’ve reduced her team with that,’ Carl added.
Lizzy looked up from where she was seated. She had been absent minded all the while until she heard her name mentioned. She tried to reason what Carl had just said about her. She made attempts to recall if she saw two men or just one and she suddenly remembered that she had seen two men fighting with Carl the last time she checked the NSCC cameras stream before getting to the place but on getting there she only remembered seeing Victor fighting Carl. She pondered more deeply and recalled that she saw a body on the floor, she realized that he must have been alive for Carl to expect her to kill two people.
‘Who was the second man fighting with you?’ Eric asked Carl.
‘Nicholas, the one whose phone we found.’ Carl replied.
‘Yea, I know he was there, he was the one driving the Camry Sports.’ Eric said. ‘Who was the second person?’
‘Victor,’ Carl replied with a curious gaze. He realized that Eric must have thought Victor died in the burning vehicle. ‘I don’t know how he got out of the car,’ he added before Eric could ask him. ‘He came out without the handcuffs.’
‘How’s that possible?’ Eric asked, looking at him stunned.
‘I was as surprised as you are now when I saw him outside,’ Carl said.
‘F***it! That b****** didn’t die,’ Eric seemed to be angry about it. ‘So you fought with him and Nicholas?’ Eric asked, another question rising in his mind.
‘Yes, the two of them.’
‘And you said Elizabeth killed the both of them,’ Eric said and flashed a suspicious look at Lizzy. He had been watching Lizzy closely and wondered how Lizzy who was fidgeting and didn’t want to capture Victor with them had the boldness to kill him. He suspected foul play.
Lizzy kept her gaze on his face without wavering. She knew he was doubting her and knew he would be so sure she didn’t kill Victor if she showed any sign of weakness. ‘I shot at both of them,’ she defended herself.
Eric kept staring at her quietly.
‘I shot both in the belly,’ she added another lie.
Eric still did not believe her but he kept his mouth shut and looked away from her to the nurse who was talking with him.
‘You have to be careful not to let this wound expand,’ the nurse said, referring to the wound on his shoulder which she had treated and put a plaster on.
Eric nodded in reply and flashed a look at Lizzy again.
‘We now have to focus on getting Samantha Osman herself,’ Carl said. ‘I don’t think we should take any break.’
‘Yes we shouldn’t but what steps can we take immediately?’ Eric asked.
There was silence for some seconds.
‘They have Mr Matthew,’ Lizzy broke the silence.
The two assassins looked at her, it seemed the announcement had brightened their mood.
‘They took him on his way to his house,’ she continued.
‘He has a tracker on his body, have you tried to track him yet?’ Carl asked.
‘No, I was tracking you two.’ she replied. ‘Except they take him somewhere else which isn’t their primary base, I’m not sure we’d be able to find them by tracking him.’
‘But the tracker was just a Plan B,’ Eric cut in. ‘Our main idea was for the man to lead them into our trap.’
‘Yea, we’re still going to get it done,’ Lizzy said.
‘I hope Samantha acts on it quick,’ Eric put in.
‘I hope she acts quick too, now that she’s got two men down, she’ll fall easily if she takes the bait .’
Eric took a glance at Lizzy again and Lizzy stared back at him. She also hoped that Samantha would take action immediately now that Victor would still be down, it will help keep Carl and Eric from knowing that the bullets she shot at him were only tranquilizers.
Location: Aso Rock, Abuja.
Time: 08:05AM
Elvis Richards was seated at the backseat of the car comfortably, his PA and the driver seated at the front, an escort vehicle in front of the car and another at the back. They were on their way for his meeting with some foreign delegates at the ministry of mineral resources. He took out his tablet device and decided to check for news updates while they were on the journey.
He opened the youngicee website and navigated to the news section. The first headline he saw was an update on the missing doctors, it read; ‘Man confesses to have thrown doctors’ bodies into the river, claims he was sent by Samantha Osman.’ He opened quickly and read through. The article explained how a man had been caught by the police during investigation after they found the bodies of the missing doctors in a river. The man had claimed that he worked as an informant for Samantha Osman and she brought the bodies to him in a car one night and asked him to dump them deep in the sea. When asked by the police to take them to Samantha, he said that she never revealed her location to him but always found him when she needed to.
‘Good job,’ Elvis Richard muttered under his breath. James had done just like he promised and that way his name was clear from the murder of the doctors.
He turned to the news homepage and began to go through the other headlines. A text message popped up on his phone and he paused to read.
BREAKING NEWS: Samantha Osman releases shocking confession video of the Inspector General. Read more here: https:///2xEdPLc
He reacted in shock as he saw the message. He wondered why he didn’t find such a headline on the youngicee website. He returned to his browser and reloaded the news page, the same headline was on top as the page loaded. It occured to him that the news was just posted.
He clicked on the headline and waited anxiously for it to load. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath to calm himself down while he waited. He needed to maintain a calm composure for the meeting he was going for. The page was already loaded when he opened his eyes, there were only few texts on the page and a video.
‘Who has an earpiece here?’ he asked aloud and was handed an earpiece by his PA.
He plugged in the earpiece and clicked on the play icon on the video.
A lady with a masked face appeared at the beginning. Part of her face could still be seen, but the mask covered alll features that could make her recognizable.
‘Hi Nigeria, I’m Samantha Osman.’ she started and paused to smile. ‘Well, you may go ahead to record and sample this voice if you like but I’ll warn you to treat the owner carefully because I only borrowed it.’
‘Since I started my blog, it has been receiving massive followership and we’re close to a million subscribers from all around the world already.’ she paused and smiled again. ‘I have therefore come with a new strategy that would get my readers entertained and would keep them engaged on the blog. I’m starting with a new video series and the main actor for the first episode is the one and only Inspector General of Nigeria.’ she smiled again. ‘In today’s video, the Inspector General talks about how he started his life and how he met Elvis Richards in the police force. It’s an interesting story, I tell you. Enjoy!’
Elvis Richards heart began to beat faster as he heard his name being called. There was a transition and the Inspector General was seen sitting in the hotel room where he was found and he began to talk.
‘Good day everyone, I’m Rikau Aliu, the Inspector General of Police for the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I want to tell you how I started my journey in the police force and how I got to the level I am today…’
‘Is everything okay sir?’ the Vice President’s PA interrupted. He had noticed the man was acting strange.
‘Yes, no problem.’ Elvis Richards took off a part of the earpiece to reply.
He continued with the video and listened as the Inspector General narrate his early life briefly and tell how he grew up and joined the police force. That part of the video ended after twenty eight minutes and Samantha was seen again full of smiles.
‘That’s it for today, the next episode of this series would be posted on Thursday. I hope you hit the subscribe button. See you on Thursday.’
The video ended with that and returned to the news page. Elvis Richards heaved a sigh as he scrolled down to read the comments. He could see that several people were excited about the video series and were willing to get more of it.
A notification tone sounded just as he unplugged the earpiece, he had a new email. He swiped down the bar and clicked on the new message. His heart skipped a beat as he saw the name of the sender, ‘Samantha Osman.’
Hey Man! I guess you must have seen today’s video, if you haven’t, go check my blog before you continue reading this message.
I guess you must have seen the video now. Thursday’s episode would be very interesting. The Inspector General talks about how he joined the terrorist group Boko Haram, hope you also subscribe to my blog.
Elvis Richards was confused, he didn’t have an idea what she intended to achieve to do with the email. He was however sure that he needed to stop her from posting the remaining videos, he was certain that the Inspector General must have revealed several of their dirty secrets in the videos.
He returned to the news homepage and reloaded it again. There had been several other news updates in the last forty five minutes. He quickly scrolled through, two of the new headlines caught his attention. The first one was ‘Nigerians react to the new video series by Samantha Osman’ and the second was ‘Inspector General Rikau’s health worsens’ .
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20 Part 6 contd

Location: Tarasha’s New Base, Lagos.
Time: 8: 15AM
Cole felt a palm touch him on his arm gently, then he felt fingers on his face gently stroking his hair. He opened his eyes slowly. His vision was at first blurry but after some seconds it became clear.
At first, he thought he had already died and was surprised to find himself in heaven. The room where they were was painted all white and Tomi who was standing right in front of him was also putting on white. He didn’t quickly realize that she was only putting on her nurse gown.
‘What happened?’ he asked as he tried to get up.
‘You shouldn’t get up yet,’ Tomi held him by the shoulder and tried to push him back down.
Cole laid his head back as he realized he had a drip connected to his right hand. He closed his eyes and tried to recall what happened. Then his memory suddenly came alive, he remembered Lizzy pointing a gun at him and firing twice at his belly. He quickly placed his second hand on the belly and met a bandage already around the place. He realized he was Unclad and only covered by the white bed cloth. He looked at Tomi’s face again and wondered if she was the one who had cleaned him up.
She smiled at him and stroked his hair again, ‘You’re alive and you’d be okay soon.’
Cole squinted at her, wondering the reason for her unusual kindness. He was now sure she was the one who bathed him. She must have seen his male organ and played with it in the process and was now imagining having it inside her again. That was the only reason he could think of for her unnecessary kindness.
His thoughts shifted to Patricia and he remembered the look on her face as she fired at him. He didn’t know what to think, he had thought she would consider the good times they had together and not shoot him but she proved him totally wrong. He was however grateful he was still alive, she had thought him a great lesson needed by an assassin. Love was not something to be considered by assassins, it made them weak and vulnerable.
To be continued
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Oyin, when is the story finally ending? undecided
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Oyin, when is the story finally ending? undecided
It'll finally end when it ends sir
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It'll finally end when it ends sir

Chai! O ja mi lara je. grin
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Nice one oyinprince for not giving up on this story
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I love this story in particular
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I love this story in particular
Thank you ma
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Chai! O ja mi lara je. grin
In a few weeks we'd see the end, I believe
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 9:44am On Dec 18, 2018
Nice one oyinprince for not giving up on this story
Thank you sir, we're gradually coming to the end
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Preetiex(f): 10:33am On Dec 18, 2018
Oh I have missed this story
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 1:10pm On Dec 18, 2018
Tarasha 2 Chapter 20 Part 7
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Tomi turned back as the door opened and the doctor walked into the medical room. ‘He’s awake Doc,’ Tomi said to him as she walked to the other side to check the drip connected to Cole’s arm.
‘Great,’ the doctor walked to Cole with a smile. ‘You’re alive,’ he stared at Cole with fatherly eyes. ‘But you’d need a lot of time to rest and regain your strength.’
‘What happened to Nicholas?’ Cole asked, closing his eyes tight for a moment. He was now feeling a headache.
‘Nicholas is fine, he brought you home.’ the doctor replied.
Cole frowned as a lot of thoughts ran through his mind. His mind flashed back to the fight with Carl and he recalled looking up to see Lizzy standing at his front and pointing a gun at him.
‘Kill the two bas*****,’ Carl’s voice echoed in his head again. It made him wonder how Nicholas was still alive and was able to bring him home.
‘Was he shot too?’ he asked the Doctor, not being able to curtail his curiosity.
‘No, he wasn’t.’ the doctor said.
The Doctor’s reply made him think more. How come Patricia shot him only and left Nicholas alive? Could it be that it was because he was her main target and she had no business with Nicholas?
‘You were lucky,’ the doctor said and Cole’s eyes moved to his face. He was preparing an injection. ‘I’m sure the girl did not know that the bullets in the gun were tranquilizers.’
Cole looked away again. He tried to recall the scene again. He could see Patricia pointing the gun at him and taking out another one which she shot with. He flashed a look at the doctor’s face again. He was now confused. Why would she have shot him tranquilizers if she really wanted to kill him?
He was distracted from his thoughts as he felt a touch on his hand. The doctor slowly disconnected the drip bag from the **** and inserted the opening of the syringe chamber into it.
Time: 9:54AM
‘You’ve got to stop her Rex, it would be disastrous if she releases the remaining videos. It would destroy my life completely and make me worthless before the country and even myself, it would…’
Rex listened absentmindedly to the Vice President’s rant on phone. His eyes were fixed on his computer’s screen and his right hand on the mouse as he scrolled gently.
‘Send me your email username and password,’ Rex interrupted the Vice President’s rant.
‘Huh?’ the Vice President seemed not to be sure of what he heard.
‘Yea, you heard me right.’
‘What do you need it for?’
‘You got to stop asking questions if you want Samantha to go down quickly, you delay my job with too much unnecessary questions.’ Rex replied.
Elvis Richards sigh could be felt over the phone. ‘Okay, I’ll send them to you once I drop this call. Please, do not do anything unethical with it and please act fast and…’
Rex did not allow him complete his statement before cutting the call. A minute later, a text message entered his phone. He checked the message and confirmed it was the email login details he asked for. He exited and opened his dialer where he dialed Stainless’ number and asked him to meet him in the room. Stainless joined him in the room two minutes later.
No words were exchanged between the both of them for the first five minutes after Stainless entered. He only stood behind Rex and watched what he was doing on the computer.
Stainless had not had any outing with Rex since he was replaced in the police cell as an effect of the Vice President’s manipulations. He had been working from their base and most times feeding Rex on the field with information.
‘Look here,’ Rex said to catch his attention. Stainless moved closer. A browser was running on the computer and the citizens directory was opened as the only tab. A particular man’s profile was being viewed on the directory. ‘I’ll send this profile to you email and leave you with the assignment to confirm who he really is.’
‘Okay boss,’ Stainless replied.
‘Get back to me as soon as possible.’
‘Right,’ Stainless replied. He watched until Rex downloaded the details and forwarded it through the email application to his own email before walking out of the room.
Rex opened another tab on the browser and typed in the web address to the Vice President email service provider.
Location: Tarasha’s New Base, Lagos.
Time: 8: 25PM
Tarasha sat quietly on a comfortable plastic chair, her back rested and her hands on the armrest, staring into the face of Mr Matthew who was seated on a chair in front of her, with his hands and legs tied. She had been that way for close to five minutes. Henry was also seated on a stool close to the door, watching and patiently waiting for Tarasha to start asking questions.
Mr Matthew kept on staring at the ground, avoiding Tarasha’s eyes. His body was hot and trembling. He couldn’t wait for her to take her piercing eyes off him.
‘Mr Matthew Rufus’ Tarasha finally began. They had run a research about him and found out about his occupation and family. It surprised Tarasha on seeing that the citizen’s records also had it that the man was a traffic warden. She had thought she would find something totally different which would have supported her suspicion that the man was deliberately planted on the road to distract Cole.
The man looked up at the sound of his name but couldn’t stare directly into her face.
‘Who was the lady that joined you in that Sienna last night and what was her purpose?’ Tarasha asked. She had seen the footages saved by Henry and also seen the blur picture of the lady.
Mr Matthew looked up again. ‘That was Patricia, my daughter.’
‘Your daughter, what was she doing with you there?’
Mr Matthew squinted at her, ‘She came to see me briefly.’
‘What job does she do?’
‘She used to work with an online market store but she recently got a new job and is on her training here in Lagos,’ the man replied.
‘Do you know her fiance?’
‘Yes, his name is Victor and we once met when I was on vacation in Abuja.’
Tarasha stared at him thinly. He was playing his game very well and giving her no reason to doubt that he was really Patricia’s father and that his presence on the road at that time was not arranged.
‘When last did you see Victor?’
Mr Matthew was careful in answering, he stared at her silently for some seconds. ‘I met him only once in Abuja, since then we haven’t met again.’
Tarasha was silent for a moment. ‘Did you see him yesterday when you were at your duty post?’
‘No,’ the man replied, shaking his head.
He watched as Tarasha snapped her fingers and wondered what she meant. Henry got up from where he was seated and stepped out of the room. Five minutes later, the door opened and Henry walked back in slowly, supporting Cole by his side.
Mr Matthew’s shock was evident on his face. He had thought Victor would be long dead or be captive in Lizzy’s team since Lizzy claimed that the Road Safety officials had been able to pick him up. His eyes met Tarasha’s eyes and he suddenly realized that she was reading the expression on his face.
‘Vic…Victor, what are you doing here?’ He asked staring as Cole stopped about two metres close to Tarasha. Cole gave no reply.
‘Did you see him yesterday?’
‘See him?’ Mr Matthew said, looking boldly at Cole’s face. ‘No, I’ve not seen him since we met at Abuja.’
Tarasha took a glance at Cole and saw the surprise on Cole’s face. Cole did not believe that the man could deny seeing him.
‘You gave the FRSC officers signal to pursue a man yesterday, do you remember his face?’
Mr Matthew squinted again, looking very confused. ‘Yesterday was kind of a rough day and our officers went after several defaulters.’
Tarasha chuckled, she had caught him with a lie and that was all she needed to confirm that all he had not been totally truthful.
‘We’ve checked the NSCC footages, and you only gave the signal for them to pursue once yesterday.’
‘Ermmm…’ the man’s voice trembled, his confidence level dropped. ‘I don’t really remember.’
Tarasha stared at his face for a while. She realized there was no need to beat around the bush any longer, she was already very sure he had something to hide.
‘So, who is Patricia?’
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 1:14pm On Dec 18, 2018
20 Part 7 contd

‘Huh?’ the man raised his brows. ‘My daughter,’ he stammered in a low voice.
Tarasha took out a gun and got up from her seat. The man stared at the gun fearfully, his lips trembling and his eyes blinking. She suddenly looked up as if she remembered something, she turned back and proceeded to the door.
She walked through the hallway to the control room. She was surprised to meet Henry inside as she entered but she was more surprised at his reaction when he saw her come in.
She stepped closer and stood behind his seat for a while, she didn’t ask him any question to prevent him from thinking she was suspecting he was doing something bad. She could see his fingers shaking on the mouse but no window was opened on the computer and that made her more suspicious but she decided to keep quiet still.
‘I didn’t know you were here,’ she broke the silence.
‘Yeah, I just came in,’ Henry replied, stuttering. ‘Have you finished with the questioning so soon?’
‘No, I need to confirm something before I continue.’ Tarasha replied as she took the seat next to the main computer which he was seated in front of. She pressed the boot button on the CPU and turned again to Henry as she waited for it to load. ‘I thought you came here for something, why are you just staring?’ she asked.
‘Oh yes,’ Henry finally came back to his senses and realized he had been staring at her ever since she entered. ‘I wanted to check some of the data stored here.’
Tarasha took her eyes off him and focused on her computer, she opened the browser and logged on to the citizens’ directory portal. She opened Mr Matthew’s profile again and scrolled to the section that contained his family details. She saw Patricia being listed there as the man’s only daughter. She clicked on Patricia’s name to view her profile and it loaded in ten seconds. She scrolled through the profile and saw some details on Patricia, the Easy Shoppers Company was still registered as her place of employment. He returned to the man’s profile and viewed the man’s wife profile, it was exactly the woman Cole described.
Even though the details were accurate, it all still seemed fishy to Tarasha. She didn’t expect Patricia to have taken Cole to her real parents. She believed the records had been manipulated.
‘I’m done, I’m going for dinner.’ Henry announced and got up from his seat.
Tarasha watched him walk out. She stared for a moment at the computer he just finished using, she knew it will not make much sense to try check the history of the applications ran. Henry would have made sure she could not see anything from the history.
She turned back to her computer. Whatever Henry was hiding, she needed to find out from him.
After ten more minutes, she was through with what she came for and decided to check her email which she hadn’t checked for hours. She saw several new messages which were mostly notifications from her blog posts but her eyes caught a different one as she scrolled. It was a reply from the Vice President. She clicked on it and it loaded in two seconds.
Hey Samantha, what do you really want from me. I’m ready to give anything for you to stop releasing those videos.
She read through the message more than thrice and took sometime to ponder on what his message could really mean. There was actually no options of being stopped from posting some of the videos as she already had them scheduled and they were going to post automatically except she changes her mind and decide to stop them from posting before the scheduled time and date. She clicked on reply and typed a short message.
‘I want your life,’ she sent as her reply.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/tarasha-season-2

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Oyinprince, God bless you, bless your brain with more knowledge. The enormity of joy you bring me whenever I read your updates is simply unexplainable.

Lots of love kiss

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