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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 8:36am On Jan 15
Tarasha 2 Chapter 21 Part 8
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Madam Henrietta was surprised to find herself alive when she opened her eyes. At first, she thought she was already dead, but after she looked around and saw the medical equipments and other things in the room, she confirmed she was still on the earth. She got up and sat at the edge of the bed but wasn’t able to move around because of the drip connected to her hand.

She stayed awake for more than thirty minutes without seeing anybody or hearing anyone’s voice. She found herself lost in thoughts. All the worries she had while in the police’s custody returned to her mind and she began to worry about being in Samantha Osman’s custody. She also wondered how she survived the gunshot in her belly. She raised her cloth up to check and found the place already covered with bandages.
She was so lost in thoughts that she did not hear the sound of the door opening. Not until Tarasha almost got to her front before she realized that someone else had joined her in the room. A sudden shock gripped her heart as she saw Tarasha’s face, she trembled and almost left her skin as Tarasha stopped in front of her.
Tarasha let out a light smile on seeing the woman’s face. She couldn’t explain the feeling she had inside her but she knew seeing her mother alive was the cause of the feeling.
‘Good morning madam Henrietta, how are you doing today?’ she greeted with a smile.
‘Fine,’ Madam Henrietta replied briefly with an expressionless face. She was afraid but at the same time wondering why Tarasha as smiling at her.
‘Sorry, I had to shoot you yesterday,’ Tarasha apologize as she moved closer. She rolled up the woman’s blouse to check the wound behind. ‘I had to do it to help us leave that place easily.’
Madam Henrietta stared carefully at her as she checked the wounds, pondering on the last sentence she said.
‘So, you didn’t shoot to kill me?’ she asked with stammering lips.
‘No, I don’t have a reason to kill you,’ Tarasha replied as she covered back the wound. ‘We came there to help you out.’
Madam Henrietta was speechless. She stared at the young lady’s face in awe.
Tarasha turned back and located a chair behind. She pulled it closer and sat on it.
‘The wound would heal quickly as far as you keep feeding well,’ she continued talking after crossing her legs. She unlocked the phone which she had taken out of her pocket and checked the time. ‘You must be feeling hungry now, aren’t you?’ she asked. She did not wait for the woman to answer before she continued. ‘Your food would be brought in soon.’
Madam Henrietta couldn’t find words to say even though she felt she needed to apologize for what she said in the video made by the policemen.
There was total silence for a couple of minutes. Madam Henrietta had several thoughts running through her mind. She had doubts about Tarasha’s intentions. She couldn’t understand why she would say she had no reason to kill her even with the video that was recorded. She also wondered what was next after that, she wondered if she was going to be set free again or if she was going to be punished for not following instructions the previous time. Her eyes widened as she suddenly remembered someone.
‘What about Stephanie?’ she blurted out.
Tarasha raised her head and stared into the woman’s eyes. ‘She’s fine and with her mother.’
The woman closed her eyes and heaved a sigh of relief.
‘What about your own daughter?’ Tarasha asked.
Madam Henrietta had a confused look on her face as she opened her eyes. She narrowed her gaze on the young lady’s face, ‘Steph… Stephanie is the only daughter I have.’
Tarasha felt hurt at the sound of her reply. She was quiet for close to a minute before she spoke again. ‘Stephanie is the daughter of Lewis and Atinuke George, I’m asking about your own daughter.’
‘My daughter?’ the woman seemed more puzzled. ‘I don’t have a daughter apart from Stephanie.’
‘You never had a child of yours?’
‘A child?’
The woman stared blankly for a moment and then let out a deep breath.
‘I never had a child of mine,’ she replied, shaking her head slowly.
Tarasha squinted at her with so much confusion in her heart.
‘How long will it take you to locate any of their security installments?’ Rex message popped into Nicholas’ phone.
He tapped the space and the keyboard came on. ‘It’s completely hidden safer than the previous place, I’m sure only Samantha has full information and even Cole doesn’t have.’ he typed his reply and sent to her.
‘Do they not have a control room in the facility?’ Rex’s reply came in.
‘They do but I can’t gain access yet, the systems are locked.’ Nicholas replied.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 8:37am On Jan 15
21 Part 8

‘You can have an idea of the security facilities they have in place by just looking around,’ Rex replied.
‘Henry spends almost everyday in the control room, there’s no way I can get in and start looking around without him suspecting me.’ Nicholas complained.
‘You gotta find a way man and stop wasting time like a dumb ass, remember that your mother and son’s lives are at stake.’ Rex threatened.
‘I promise, I’ll find my way and get back to you as soon as I can.’ Nicholas typed his reply and sent. It marked read and he waited for some seconds to see if Rex would reply but Rex went offline less than a minute after.
Rex put the phone on the table and got up from his seat. He knew he had to find his way to get to Samantha Osman and wasn’t depending on Nicholas, Nicholas’ input might just be a plus for him. He opened up the laptop on the table and tapped the boot button. His phone began to ring while he waited for the computer to boot.
He picked up the phone and checked the caller, it was Elvis Richards. He felt tempted not to answer the call as he did not know what to say, he had failed the man terribly and he understood that no excuse was acceptable.
It stopped ringing and began to ring a second time. He swiped the green icon hesitatingly add delayed for some seconds before taking it close to his ear.
‘Rex… Rex,’ he heard the Chief’s voice at the other end.
‘Hello Chief,’ he finally spoke.
‘Rex, where are you? I need you to come to Abuja as soon as you can,’ Chief Elvis said.
Rex wondered what the man needed him for in Abuja. ‘Do you have a plan against Samantha or you have another task?’ he asked. He was not ready to carry out any task that wouldn’t lead to or increase his chances against Samantha yet, all he wanted to do was to finish off Samantha Osman before considering any other task.
‘You have to come around Rex, Samantha Osman already won against me but I need you to help me go out of this unhurt. You have to be here,’ the man pleaded.
Somehow, Rex felt indebted to the man. He decided that if the man had a good plan that would work to make him get out unhurt really, then he was going to get involved. Getting the man out unhurt would also mean Samantha did not win at the end.
‘I don’t know if there’ll be a flight to Abuja today,’ Rex said.
‘Yes, there is. It leaves for eleven o’clock this morning and I’ve booked your space already, I’m send you the necessary documents immediately after this call.’
Elvis Richards heaved a sigh of relief, now knowing that Rex was coming to Abuja. He stared at James who was sitting in front of him and expecting a reply eagerly.
‘He agreed to come here,’ Elvis Richards said to James.
’That’s good, I really do hope he would have a good strategy to get you out of here safely,’ James replied.
‘I trust he would,’ Elvis Richards replied confidently.
‘But where did you get him from?’
‘I told you he’s an agent from an assassin clan in Russia, he’s one of their bests and it cost me a lot to bring him down here,’ Elvis Richards replied.
‘I’ll trust your word since you believe he is our solution to this.’ James replied concludingly.
Location: Lagos
‘You never had a child of your own, does that mean you are barren?’ Tarasha asked, her voice seemed a bit shaky. She was disturbed in her heart at the thought that Madam Atinuke could have told her something incorrect, perhaps the woman wasn’t in her complete senses when she told her Madam Henrietta was Omotara’s mother.
‘No, I wasn’t barren. I actually got pregnant twice, my womb was destroyed after I aborted the second child.’ Madam Henrietta answered her.
‘And what happened to the first pregnancy?’ Tarasha asked her.
The woman drew in a deep breath, she stared at Tarasha’s face for a little while as she tried to put words together. ‘I gave birth to that baby alive but it was never mine because I gave it out the same day and heard that she died eight years later.’
There seemed to be a sudden release of tension in Tarasha’s heart. She let out a deep prolonged breath which she had held in for seconds.
‘Who did you give the baby out to?’
‘Doctor Danjuma and his wife,’ she answered in a low tones. She looked remorseful as tears began to form in her eyes. ‘They saved me from death that day and also saved my child, they tried to help me and promised to watch me as I train my child but I was too scared, I was scared of my past, I was scared to be a mother yet. I had so many dreams that I thought I could never fulfill with a child.’ she stopped and exhaled deeply. Tears had begun to roll down her cheeks slowly. ‘I was forced to breastfeed the child the only day I did, it felt annoying to me, it wasn’t the life I desired at that time. Even though Mr Danjuma and his wife showed me love, I still could not erase the voices of the people in the village who told me I was a shame to humanity and a disgrace to my mother and my father’s house. That baby was the item of shame and disgrace, every time I looked at it, I remembered the shameful process by which I got pregnant. Our only few days together were horrible for me, I had nightmares everyday of that man touching me again with his filthy hands and I remember how he denied raping me and lied that I tried to seduce him in his office. Nobody believed my side of the story because he was an important and responsible man in the village, only my mother believed me. But the same problem killed her, her small thriving business went down because no one in the village wanted to do business with or associate themselves with the woman who taught her daughter how to seduce the village benefactor. I watched her die of pain and I couldn’t do anything to save her, I was heavy with the baby and everybody I ran to never listened to me because I was an item of shame and even the kind hearted ones had been warned by the village elders not to involve themselves in anything that concerned me or my mother.’
She paused to sniff in and clean her eyes.
‘I tried to take my life after my mother’s death but I wouldn’t just die and everytime, the baby would still kick to inform me that she was alive and still willing to come out anytime soon,’ she let out a brief smile at this point and sniffed in before she continued again. ‘But everytime she kicked, I was reminded that I was an item of shame and the living thing kicking inside of me was the reason. Sometimes, I had dreams that the baby would become someone great and be a solution to the problems of many if I kept it but everytime I woke up to reality and found myself on the streets of the village, streams and farmyard, the people and environment constantly reminded me of how the child came and how shameful it was to keep it. The torments overshadowed the good dreams and as the delivery period drew closer, I began to have only nightmares. I couldn’t keep the baby because I thought I would die of the memory, but…’ she took another pause and closed her eyes briefly. ‘I wish I had listened to the Danjumas, perhaps, I could have gotten a better life and the baby would have remained alive if I kept it myself.’
She ended her story and wiped her face again with the white sheet on the bed. She looked up and was surprised to see tears in Tarasha’s eyes.
Tarasha saw the surprised look in Madam Henrietta’s face and realized that the tears in her eyes was the cause of the surprise. She quickly tried to wipe her face but it was late, it had already created an effect in Madam Henrietta’s mind.
‘What’s wrong? Is anything the matter?’ Madam Henrietta asked. For the first time, she clearly saw the humanity in Samantha Osman. She had always thought Samantha was a ruthless assassin who had lost every iota of feeling and sympathy and always believed that her seemingly kind acts were just a pretense to get her prey.
‘Nothing,’ Tarasha forced out a smile. ‘I only remembered a similar story.’
‘You had a similar story to this?’ Madam Henrietta asked. She had suddenly become interested in the assassin’s personal life. ‘Can you share with me your story?’
‘Don’t bother about my story, you would find out very soon.’ Tarasha replied. She drew in a breath and wiped her face with a handkerchief. ‘So do you know the baby’s name?’
‘Her name was Omotara,’ she replied.
‘So how did you confirm that she died?’
‘She lived with the Danjuma’s family and they were reported to have died in a terrorist attack. At first, the kids were reported to have been kidnapped alongside other children but few days later, all the kidnapped kids died in an accident.’
‘Were the names of the kids involved in the accident listed out?’
‘Yeah, two of the Danjuma’s kids including my Omotara was listed.’ Madam Henrietta’s eyes got filled with tears again as she answered.
‘What if you found out that your daughter did not die in that accident?’ Tarasha asked.
Madam Henrietta raised her brow. She had never considered the possibility of her child having survived the accident announced.
‘If she did not die?’ she mumbled, staring at Tarasha’s face and wondering what she was driving at.
‘Do you know anything about the said accident?’
‘No, I don’t.’
‘So, why would you say it is possible my child survived out of those that died.’
‘I didn’t say that, I only asked what you would feel if you found out she did not die in that accident. That could mean she was never involved in the accident,’ Tarasha replied.
Madam Henrietta stared thinly at Tarasha’s face without words to say. Tarasha seemed to be confusing her unnecessarily with her words.
‘So, you were raped by a Chief right?’
‘He was also a lecturer who you went to seek admission help from?’
‘Yes…he was,’ she replied slowly, trying to remember if she had mentioned that the Chief was also a lecturer.
‘So you gave birth to the baby in a forest and you were taken to a hospital by the Danjuma’s but you fled after three days of being admitted?’
Madam Henrietta was unable to close her mouth from the shock she got from Tarasha’s mentioning of the details she did not speak about.
‘Who are you?’ she asked in low tones, staring narrowly at her face.
Tarasha smiled. ‘So tell me, who was this Chief Lecturer who molested you?’
Madam Henrietta trembled in fear, still squinting at Tarasha. It seemed to her for a moment that she was sitting in front of a person with supernatural powers who was reading her past.
‘Who was the Chief?’ Tarasha asked again, seeing that she delayed the answer.
‘Chief Gabriel Oluwamurewa,’ she replied.
‘Is he still alive?’
‘Yes, I believe. He was sentenced to prison a long time ago and it was rumoured recently that he got out but no one knows where he is now.’
‘Ermm…’ Tarasha squinted as something rang in her head. ‘What did you call his name?’
‘Gabriel Oluwamurewa,’ the woman answered.
‘He was arrested for importation and distribution of fake and substandard drugs couple with some other financial crimes?’
Tarasha’s heartbeat increased without her consciousness. The description given by Madam Henrietta perfectly matched Chief Gab’s. She felt it strange that he could be her father, after working with him for several months there had been no connection whatsoever. Even the books which contained his past which he shared with her never contained the records or any information linking to her birth.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 8:38am On Jan 15
21 part 8 contd

‘Is there a problem?’ Madam Henrietta asked as Tarasha got up. She had noticed a change in the young lady’s mood and did not understand her reactions.
‘No, there’s none.’ Tarasha replied without turning back. She couldn’t face the woman for the fear of revealing her weakness.
‘Do you know anything about Gabriel Oluwamurewa?’
‘No,’ Tarasha replied, still without turning back. ‘Sorry, I have to go now,’ she quickly added. ‘Your food would be brought in soon.’
Madam Henrietta watched in awe as she walked out of the room.
Tarasha walked straight to her room to find Henry seated at the edge of the bed. He had his head bowed with the forehead resting on his palm and the elbow resting on his knee.
Tarasha’s mixed feelings temporarily disappeared on seeing Henry’s position, he didn’t bother to take a look up even when she entered. She knew something was obviously wrong with him.
‘Henry, what’s wrong?’ she asked as she moved closer. She sat beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder.
He lifted his head slowly, his eyeballs were slightly red and his face gloomy.
‘I’m feeling a terrible headache, I can’t even think or do anything properly.’ he managed to reply.
‘Have you told the doctor?’ She asked.
‘Not yet,’ he replied. ‘I’m still wondering what’s happening to me.’
‘Let me get the doctor immediately,’ she said and tried to get up but he held her back.
‘What did he say happen to me the last time?’
‘Which last time?’ she asked as her eyebrows gathered together slowly.
‘The last time I collapsed and was in coma for some days, I’m feeling the same way I felt when I woke that day and I’m scared I may collapse soon again.’
‘No, that won’t happen.’ Tarasha got up. She remembered the collapse story that was told to Henry and recalled it was only made up but it wasn’t time to tell Henry the truth about it yet. ‘I’ll go get the doctor for you now.’
She walked out of the room and returned to minutes later with the doctor who walked straight to Henry.
‘Henry, please tell me exactly how you feel.’ the doctor said..
Henry explained in details to the doctor the feeling he had. After listening for few minutes, the doctor took out a thermometer to check his temperature..
‘I think this is a result of stress,’ the doctor gave his verdict. ‘You’ve not properly recovered from the last time and you’ve been giving yourself so much stress recently.’
‘But what really happened to me the last time?’ Henry looked up and asked.
The doctor flashed a brief look at Tarasha’s face and she looked back at him expressionlessly.
Henry caught the doctor’s gaze and detected that he was hiding something which Tarasha knew about.
‘So much of work then, barely time to relax and calm your nerves.’ the doctor fumbled.
‘I see….’ Henry replied and then looked at Tarasha’s face.
‘Let me get some drugs for you right away,’ the doctor said and excused himself.
‘Tara, talk to me. Is there something the doctor is hiding from me?’
Tarasha stared at his face. ‘Hiding?’
‘Yes, it seems like I have a terrible health condition and he doesn’t want me to know yet.’
‘There’s nothing of such Henry,’ Tara replied.
‘Please Tara, tell me the truth.’ Henry pleaded.
‘Nothing man, no one is hiding any truth from you.’

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/tarasha-season-2
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 11:57pm On Jan 19
Tarasha 2 Chapter 21 Part 9
®18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Henry inhaled deeply. His stare lingered on her face for a while and he wondered if she could be deceiving him. He licked his lips slowly and closed his eyes as he inhaled again. He decided not to ask about about the occurence any longer.
‘I need to meet the doctor and colelct the drugs from him,’ he said as he got up from the seat.
‘He’d bring it in,’ she answered him, wondering why he needed to get up. ‘You should take some rest after taking the drugs and not go back to the control room for now.’
‘I know,’ Henry replied her but continued towards the door stubbornly. He stopped as he touched the knob and turned back. ‘I need to go back even if it’s for a minute, the application recorded some calls already this morning.’
‘Oh!’ She frowned her face. ‘Is the application not user friendly, I could help you monitor it instead.’
Henry raised a brow. ‘It’s user friendly but I still think you should come with me right away, I’d show you what you need to know.’
Ten Minutes after Henry took the drugs the doctor gave to him, he sat in front of the main computer in the control room and Tarasha was sitting behind him. He had his right hand on the mouse as he explained the use of the software to Tarasha.
The software had already taken records of six calls and a text message. Henry took some few minutes to explain the use of the software to her before they proceeded to listen to the recorded calls.
The first call was from Agent James to the Vice President and the record was for twenty seconds. Henry played and they listened to it together. They heard James asking his father if he was still home and what his plans for the day were. The Vice President’s reply was that he had no plans for the day except for the interrogative session he was scheduled to attend. The Vice President also complained to his son that the President, the senate and some prominent citizens were intensifying the pressure on him to resign from office.
James reply to his father’s complain of pressure was what caught Tarasha and Henry’s attention more. Theyhad to replay the audio twice again. James had said to his father in an assuring tone not to sucuumb to the pressure that all will be over ny the next day. It got Tarasha and Henry thinking and they wondered what plan James had for his father that made him sound so sure that his father would stop facing the pressure from the next day.
‘Have you been monitoring James?’ she stopped to ask Henry.
‘Kind of, but not fully.’ Henry replied in a stressed tone. He was feeling weak but unwilling to leave the control room yet, so he put up a fake strong expression.
‘Do you think he’s trying to kill someone for his father?’
‘Well, I don’t know. But what if he’s trying to kill, are we gonna stop him?’
‘No, of course not. We’ll only capture him do and show it to the whole world after.’
‘Sounds like a nice plan,’ Henry chuckled. He clicked on play for the second audio. It was a call from James to an unknown number which was however revealed by the application. Henry copied the revealed number and minimized the software, he opened the real caller software and pasted it into a dialog box and pressed the enter button. He switched back to the previous software and continued to listen to the new audio.
‘Hello Mr Fidelis, Agent James on the line,’ James voice sounded first.
‘Agent James, I was about calling you.’ the call receiver replied.
‘Do you have all the documents set already,’ James’ voice sounded again.
‘Yea, I do. It’s only left for him to input his new signature,’ the voice replied.
‘Okay, I’ll call him to send his signature now and send it to you as soon as I get it.’
The audio ended and James switched to the real caller application. It had already finished processing and had the details of the user with the phone number displayed.
Name: Fidelis Omayin
Sex : Male
Date Of Birth: 29-06-1983
Marital Status: Married to Jenifer Omayin
Home Address: 34, Obalow, Kuje, Abuja.
Office Address: Block 54, Jewel Road Gwagalda, Abuja.
Occupation : Immigrations Officer
Place Of Employment: Nigerian Immigrations Service
‘Hey! I think this man is trying to flee,’ Tarasha raised her voice as it suddenly occured to her.
Henry turned to look at her face. ‘I think so too, he’s trying to get a new identity and leave the country.’
‘Lets check the next recorded file.’
Henry switched back to the application and played the next audio. The call was from Agent James to the Vice President again.
‘Dad, I already asked you to chose a new signature. Pleasd sign it on a plain sheet, take a shot and send it to me on whatsapp.’
‘Okay, I’ll do that right away.’
The call ended with that.
‘Can this application read their Whatsapp messages?’
‘No Tara, it’s quite difficult to gain access to Whatsapp messages as a third party. It would take a longer time for me to build something that can access user’s messages and they have enough competent employees that’ll probably detect the bug early and block it.’
‘Okay, let’s just go through the rest of the calls for now.’ Tarasha said.
Henry felt some more heaviness in his head as he turned his face from Tarasha back to the computer. He tried to hide his facial expressin from her but she took note of it.
‘I think you gotta rest now,’ she said as she got up from her feet and placed her hands on his shoulder. ‘I’ll continue with this and you’d catch up when you’re better.
He hesitated for a while before he picked his phone and stood up. She sat on the seat he got up from and watched as he walked out of the control room.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 11:58pm On Jan 19
21 part 9 contd

Henry had just stepped out of the control room when his phone vibrated. He looked at the screen to see what notification it was, it was a text message. He sighed as he already guessed the source of the text message. He swiped down the notification bar and saw another message challenging him about the safety of his mother.
Rex flashed a quick look around the airport after he took his last step down the plane. He began to proceed with the other passengers slowly, taking note of everything around him. He believed it was possible the Vice President had other motives for asking him to Abuja and he wasn’t ready to give any chance for himself to be deceived.
His phone beeped as he stepped into the hall. He dipped his hand into his pocket and took out his phone without bothering to stop. He unlocked it and opened the new text message. The address for him to meet Agent James had been sent. He read through the message twice and tried to see if he had been to the location before.
Another message popped in just as he exited the messaging app. This time it was a text message from his subscription to the Youngicee News Portal.
‘Breaking News: Inspector General Rikau to Undergo Surgery tomorrow.’
He was about to exit again when another message entered.
‘Breaking News: Vice President Invited Publicly by EFCC amidst pressure to resign.’
He locked his phone and returned it into his pocket immediately. He hastened his steps after gettingout of the building. He proceeded towards the car park and soon located the vehicle waiting for him.
Three people were seated in Chief Gabriel’s living room; he, his wife and Chief Nonso. They appeared to be in a joyous mood, each one had a pack of juice and glass cup in front. They were watching a comedy program on TV and were discussing about it. After the program ended, Mrs Gabriel got up and took an empty plate into the kitchen.
Chief Gab picked up the remote control and reduced the volume of the television, he shifted to the edge of the three seater sofa towards Chief Nonso.
‘Chief Nonso, so tell me what plans you have for the moment?’
‘I think I told you most of them already,’ Chief Nonso replied. ‘I’ve not made any changes.’
‘So you still insist on not contesting even after Elvis Richards is totally out?’ Chief Gab questioned.
‘I’m not pulling out because of Elvis Richards, I’m just being careful and strategic. If you carefully observe the situation, you will realize that my chances of winning the election this year are very slim. The best thing to do is to wait and contest in the next one.’
‘Well, I respect your choice and I can’t force anything on you.’ Chief Gabriel said. He shifted back towards the stool where his cup of juice was and picked the cup. ‘But what do you think about Samantha Osman’s job?’ he asked after taking a sip. ‘I think she has done better than we expected.’
‘I love the way she did not need to kill the Vice President but made sure he faces disgrace, I think that’s a crueller punishment than death.’
‘He still needs to die however,’ Chief Gab said. ‘The Elvis Richards I know is a stubborn one and does not give up easily, if we don’t silence him totally, he can spring up again at any time.’
‘Maybe you should remind Samantha that you need him totally dead,’ Chief Nonso suggested.
‘I don’t think she has forgotten that, I emphasized it the last time we met.’ Chief Gab replied.
‘I believe what she’s doing is weakening him first, she’d definitely bring him down.’
Chief Gab was yet to reply when he received text message on his phone. ‘Talk of the devil,’ he said to Chief Gab with a grin as he showed him the screen. ‘She just sent me a text message,’ he added as he opened the message. ‘She wants us to meet today, let me call her to find out when we should meet.’
Chief Gab dialled the number and placed it close to his ear. ‘Hello Tarasha,’ he said into the phone.
‘Chief Gab, good afternoon. Get dressed, I’m on my way to your apartment.’
‘Huh? You’re on your way here? I just got your text message,’ Chief Gab replied with surprise in his tone.
‘Yeah, I’ll be there in the next twenty minutes, get dressed.’ she replied.
‘Where am I going to? Where are you taking me to?’ he asked.
‘Stay relaxed man, we just need somewhere good to talk out of the usual environment.’
‘Okay, I’m waiting for you.’
Chief Gab took the phone off his ear slowly. He wondered why she wanted to take him out before they talked but there was something about Tarasha’s voice that sounded so different and made him feel unafraid about going somewhere out of his comfort zone with her.
‘What did she say?’ Chief Nonso who had been waiting for a feedback asked impatiently.
Chief Gab looked at his face and saw the eager look on his face. He didn’t feel like telling the man what Tarasha had just told him but their promise not to hide things from each other made him speak.
‘She asked me to dress up, she’s coming to pick me and we are going out to have a discussion.’
‘Where’s she taking you to?’
‘I don’t know, I didn’t ask but she says somewhere out of the usual environment.’
‘What does she mean by that?’
‘Well, I don’t know. I think she just wants to take me out from a place I’m used to.’
‘Hmm,’ Chief Nonso shook his head in a suspicious manner.
Chief Gab inhaled and exhaled noisily. Then he got up from his seat and picked the keys to his room from the centre table.
‘Let me go freshen up before she gets here,’ he said to Chief Nonso.
‘What? You’re really going with her?’ Chief Nonso raised his brows surprisingly at him.
‘Yea, do I have a choice?’ he blinked and proceeded towards the door.
‘Can’t you tell her to choose a known location?’
Chief Gab stopped at entrance of the hallway, ‘I told you I don’t have a choice, do you think we can stop her if she wants to do anything bad to us?’
Chief Gab’s words instantly brought something to Chief Nonso’s rememberance. He got up from his seat and walked slowly towards Chief Gab.
‘You once said we’d eliminate her after she finishes this mission, do you still have a plan for that?’
‘No,’ he shook his head. ‘Not yet but it won’t be difficult to get a plan. Even though she’s efficient in her job, she’s young and do not have the experience we have. We’d definitely defeat her with the wisdom of the elderly.’
Chief Nonso stared at Gab’s face for a while. Defeating Tarasha seemed impossible to him but he had learnt to trust Chief Gab, he believed Chief Gab would get it done just as he said.
52 minutes later.
‘Where are we going to?’ Chief Gab asked for the umpteenth time. They had been driving in the car for about thirty minutes and Tarasha had not mentioned any word to him apart from her greetings which she did before he entered the vehicle.
For some reasons, Chief Gab wasn’t scared even with Tarasha’s silence. She didn’t look to him like someone who had come to hurt him.
Tarasha kept glancing at his face every time he asked a question but refused to reply him. She had made up her mind not to say anything to him until she got back to the base with him. She herself did not completely understand why she was bringing him with her. She told herself that it was to confirm if he was really her father like her mother said but deep down inside she knew she was lying to herself but refused to acknowledge. She was bringing him with her because she was afraid. She couldn’t point to what she was really afraid of but all on her mind was to get the man to safety first. She believed Rex must have discovered that she didn’t kill Madam Henrietta but took her out alive and Rex would have began to make investigations on why she was so important to be rescued. She didn’t want to take any chances.
They drove into the new base fifteen minutes after and Tarasha finally spoke to him after halting the car in the park.
‘We are here now, we’d talk about everything we need to talk about.’ She said to him as she opened the door and stepped out. He also stepped out and followed after her as she led him into the main building.
She took note of a vehicle in the car park as she walked towards the building and deduced that Cole was back.
Cole was the first person she met in the living room. He was carrying his laptop in his hands as he proceeded to a sofa.
‘Welcome boss,’ Cole greeted as he spotted Tarasha. He smiled as he spotted Chief Gab behind Tarasha but did not say any word to the man.
‘Cole, how did it go?’
‘It went well, they agreed to follow all my instructions and yours too.’
‘Nice to hear that,’ Tarasha replied. She led Chief Gab on into the hallway and into an unoccupied room where there were only few furnitures. ‘You can take your seat,’ she said pointing a sofa to the man.
Chief Gab silently obeyed eveen though he had several awakward thoughts running through his mind. He couldn’t come up with a clear reason why Tarasha could have brought him to where seemed as their operation base, he knew she was up to something but whatever she was up to seemed weird to him.
She dragged a plastic chair to his front and sat on it. She took a moment to stare into his eyes and read the expression on his face. She however felt no connection to the man her mother called her father, or maybe it was just because she was already expecting too much.
Chief Gab knew it was time for them to discuss but the long stare Tarasha made into his eyes made him more confused.
‘Chief Gabriel Oluwamurewa,’ she called softly, staring into his eyes. He stared back at her. It was the first time she called his full name. ‘What do you know about me?’
Chief Gab squinted at her. ‘What do I know about you? I know you are Tarasha and you are from the Nefary Clan.’
‘What do you know about my past? What do you know about my origin?’
Chief Gab began to sweat. He knew she was Nigerian and one of the kids that must have been taken out of the country during the Boko Haram Insurgency period. He was scared that she about to connect him to the insurgency in the past and bring out his faults.
‘I… don’t know what you’re talking about,’ he stammered.
‘You were one of the men that worked with the terrorist group to transport young kids out of the country to the Nefary clan, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.’
‘Yes…I know, I always thought you were one of those kids. I truly regret all that we did in those days, I wished I was never part of them.’
Tarasha was silent for a while.
‘How many children did you have in the past before you married your new wife?’
‘Only three kids and they were all murdered by Elvis Richards men with my wife.’
‘You had no other child out of wedlock?’
He stopped to think and shook his head. ‘No, I had no child with any other woman apart from my late wife.’
‘Think well Chief, think.’
Chief Gab was puzzled. He searched his brain for a while but couldn’t remember anything.
‘I had no other child,’ he answered.
‘You had no other child with another woman which you rejected?’
‘No,’ he denied.
‘And you never molested any woman?’
‘No, I never did.’ he replied, raising his voice out of fear.
Tarasha was beginning to get angry. She got up from the chair and kicked it away.
‘Gabriel Oluwamurewa,’ she called out fiercely. ‘You worked as a lecturer in a reputable University in the country, did you ever molest any lady and deny her pregnancy?’
Chief Gab was now trembling all over. He regretted not listening to Chief Nonso’s advice not to go with her.
He closed his eyes and thought deeply. He was able to locate the incident she was referring to in his memory. His vibration increased out of his feeling of guilt.
‘You molested a teenager and refused to take responsibility,’ she barked at him.
He shook his head on fear, he was sweating all over and almost peeing in his boxers.
‘I…did…not,’ he denied.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/tarasha-season-2
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You are Truly Blessed
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it is really a wonderful story so far...... welldone my guy
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my o my. Guy you blew my mind. Danjuma Jerry. wow.
nice job bro.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 6:13pm On Jan 20
my o my. Guy you blew my mind. Danjuma Jerry. wow.

nice job bro.
Thank you sir cool
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Nellinis(m): 8:51pm On Jan 20
Aff bin following dis story up on ur blog. Nothing sweet me pass when Rex fell 4rm d skyscraper. Chai Oyin ur d best
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 11:24pm On Jan 20
Aff bin following dis story up on ur blog. Nothing sweet me pass when Rex fell 4rm d skyscraper. Chai Oyin ur d best
cool Thanks sir. Hope you'd follow my upcoming story

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 11:25pm On Jan 20
it is really a wonderful story so far...... welldone my guy
Thanks sir, Hope you'd read my upcoming story too
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You are Truly Blessed
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I've been following this three years ago, and to be sincere, this story is the best action story I've ever read.
Seriously, you deserve a prize from me for this piece.
May Almighty God continue to have mercy, protect you and shower blessings on you(amen).
More grease to your elbows, more funds to your bank account.
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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 4:32pm On Jan 21
I've been following this three years ago, and to be sincere, this story is the best action story I've ever read.
Seriously, you deserve a prize from me for this piece.
May Almighty God continue to have mercy, protect you and shower blessings on you(amen).
More grease to your elbows, more funds to your bank account.
Thanks sir. I hope to have you read my upcoming story
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 4:33pm On Jan 21
This is soo cool �
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 4:33pm On Jan 21
Oyinprince dear, u re simply d best. Ur story got me glued like kilode!!!
Pls kip d update cuming, weldone sire
Thanks sir.
The story is already complete on www.youngicee.com but I'll keep posting here
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The story is already complete on www.youngicee.com but I'll keep posting here

it pains me that COLE and CHIEF GAB , including the DOC, hwd to die,

nice plan from DJ,

great story

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The story is already complete on www.youngicee.com but I'll keep posting here
Finally, I just finished reading the last episode of one of my favorite story here.

OP (Oyin Prince), I have been following your story since day one .

You're Naija's version of Dan Brown and Josh Grisham. grin

Boss, you're very good at what you do, may your talent give you the millions in any currency of your choice.

Reading your story is like watching an action film, e goes well die.

I pray that you get BIGGER boss, all the Best! *thumbs up*
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Oyin, you're not just talented but a great writer. This is the best story action story on NL.
Keep on the good work & keep excelling.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 9:44pm On Jan 22
Finally, I just finished reading the last episode of one of my favorite story here.

OP (Oyin Prince), I have been following your story since day one .

You're Naija's version of Dan Brown and Josh Grisham. grin

Boss, you're very good at what you do, may your talent give you the millions in any currency of your choice.

Reading your story is like watching an action film, e goes well die.

I pray that you get BIGGER boss, all the Best! *thumbs up*

Amen, thanks man.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 9:44pm On Jan 22

it pains me that COLE and CHIEF GAB , including the DOC, hwd to die,
nice plan from DJ,

great story
In a war sometimes, you lose some and others remain. It's life. Thanks for reading. Hope you'd read RESTLESS too
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by do4luv14(m): 8:15am On Jan 23

In a war sometimes, you lose some and others remain. It's life.
Thanks for reading. Hope you'd read RESTLESS too

and you had already put REX there
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oluwaseunliz(f): 4:57pm On Jan 23
How I wish the story still continue cool.
Looking forward to reading Restless
Keep it coming bro
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u are a genius ooo pls update soon how can i read restless
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 7:01am On Jan 24
Tarasha 2 – Chapter 21 Part 10
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
You molested a teenager and refused to take responsibility,’ she barked at him.
He shook his head in fear, he was sweating all over and almost peeing in his boxers.
‘I…did…not,’ he denied.
Tarasha stared at him in anger. She had a gun in her pocket and wouldn’t have hesitated to shoot him if she hadn’t learn that he was her biological father. However, her patience with him was slowly running out and she was sure she was going to do something crazy to him if he kept on denying the truth.
She decided to help me confess quicker by threatening him, she took out a knife from her left side and placed her hand on his shoulder, making the cold blade touch his neck.
His whole body shivered and his lips trembled as he stared into her eyes. He remained careful enough not to move his neck, he was sure the shiny metal would cut into his skin at the slightest mistake.
‘Tara!’ someone barged into the room uninvited.
She turned back angrily and saw Henry standing at the entrance. He looked surprised on seeing her in that position but refused to give much attention to whatever she was doing with the man.
‘You need to come now, we’ve got something to settle.’ Henry said to her in an urgent tone.
She took a look at Chief Gab again before returning her knife to where she pulled it out from. Then after a little hesitation, she turned and followed Henry. On their way to the computer room, she called Nicholas and asked him to take care of a new hostage she put in room AB.
Henry led her hurriedly into the computer room. After sleeping for three hours, he had woken up feeling better. He had taken his meal and drugs before going back to the control room where he found more calls already being recorded by the new application. It gave him more hints and with that he was able to dig deeper into the immigrations service website and pull out some information.
‘I returned here about an hour ago to listen to the recorded calls and I met new ones gotten by the app,’ Henry began his explanation after sitting behind the control system. ‘I have been able to connect their plans and I’m certain like you wrote in the notes that the Vice President is planning to escape.’
He stopped and opened a saved page on the browser. ‘Here,’ he said, pointing a line of texts to Tarasha. ‘He’s going to change his name and disguise as this new person,’ he said as he enlarged a new picture.
Tarasha chuckled. ‘They haven’t got time to do a plastic surgery, I believe they plan to disguise him with the use of makeups.’
‘Yea sure, that’ll make it a not-too-easy process for them.’ Henry replied and then continued with his explanation. ‘Luckily for us, the immigrations officer had his profile on Facebook public and had his profile email on it, I was able to hack into his email and extract some data. He also had the mistake of using the same password for his Google account, I was able to access his Google account and verify the log in without him getting a prompt on his device. With it we’d be able to follow his location and locations of all the devices he has signed up on.’
‘But why do we need to follow his location? Is he going to be with the Vice President?’
‘Yes, he’s moving with them to Lagos this evening.’
‘Is there no way to track Elvis Richards himself?’
‘For now, we can still track Elvis Richards but I don’t think we’d be able to keep tracking him,’ Henry replied.
‘Why?’ Tarasha asked.
‘Did you listen to the last phone call among the first set of recorded calls?’
‘Yes, the one with Rex. Rex’s responses were not recorded,’ Tarasha replied.
‘And that’s because the device he uses is highly secured. From the phone call, we know that Rex should be in Abuja right now. My thoughts are that Rex is intelligent enough to keep Elvis Richards not trackable to us. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons he was called over.’
‘By what time are they leaving for Lagos?’ Tarasha asked as she adjusted her sitting position and pressed the boot button on the CPU in front of her.
‘Tonight, they would make a night trip and get here in the early hours tomorrow.’
‘And what do they do after getting here tomorrow?’
‘I’m not sure but I have an idea I pulled out from available information,’ Henry cleared his throat. ‘I don’t think they’d be stopping over anywhere, they’d be moving straight out of Lagos through a different means of transportation.’
‘What other means are you talking about?’
‘I’m not sure of what it is, but I know they ain’t moving from here by land.’
‘We need to have a strong plan,’ Tarasha said thoughtfully.
‘What do you think?’
‘I don’t have a plan yet, I’m thinking how possible it would be to release their plans on my blog and make them fall into the hands of the police. Putting it on the blog will expose him to the world, and then the police catching him will give him some of the punishment he deserves.’ Tarasha replied.
Henry narrowed his gaze thoughtfully. ‘Setting them up to walk into the hands of the police is a great one but putting it up on your blog could totally destroy our chances of getting them.’ Henry replied.
‘Why do you say so?’ Tarasha questioned.
‘Rex is with them and he could make sure that they do not get caught by the police even if we feed the police with information, but putting it on the blog will make it so obvious that we are aware of their secret plans and it might be difficult to know what they’re doing anymore if they escape the police by chance.’
‘Hmm…’ Tarasha turned away and pondered on his wordc for a while. She realized he had analyzed it accurately and wondered why she didn’t think the same way. Her mind was filled with distractions which wasn’t allowing her focus on the mission.
‘But we can ensure that the police arrests the Vice President by being there with them, we can stop Rex from stopping them and then the officers will arrest the Vice President in his disguised form and show him to the whole world. It would be a huge disgrace to him.’
‘Nice plan,’ Tarasha shook her head and forced out a smile. She close dher eyes briefly and took in a deep breath, trying to refocus her mind properly. ‘The Vice President is already being watched by men of the DSS, how does he plan to get out of his house tonight without them knowing?’
‘I’m quite sure he’d get out without them knowing, that’s the reason for the disguise and the reason for Rex’s presence.’ Henry replied her.
‘Okay, we’d follow your plan. We’d let out the information to the security operatives and also be there to ensure that the Vice President does not escape,’ she said as she got up to her feet. She stared blankly at the wall for a moment. She needed to clear of her head so that she could concentrate on the task ahead. She decided she was going to settle all she needed to settle with Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta that night for her mind to be cleared before the next days’ task. ‘I’ll give instructions to Cole and Nicholas to start with the plans, I need to settle some other issues right away.’ she said to Henry before walking out of the control room.
Henry watched her leave. He had forgotten to ask why she had Chief Gab locked up in a room. It was obvious she was hiding a lot from him and the rest of the team but whatever it was, he believed that time would tell.
He closed the running process on the application and returned to the dashboard. He saw a new notification, the app had been able to fetch some of the NSCC footages he requested for. He download the footages into a folder.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 7:02am On Jan 24
Nicholas walked into the room where the hostage was with the rope in his hands. He wasn’t sure of what to do. Tarasha had called him to take care of the hostage and had also warned him to treat the hostage gently. Their treatment of hostages was usually not a gentle treatment and that was the reason for his confusion. He had the rope in his hands but he did not know whether treating the hostage rightly meant tying him gently to the chair or not tying him at all.
As he moved closer to the hostage, he realized that he was a very known man to him. He had at once worked with Don Dan on an assignment for the Chief.
‘What are you doing here Chief Gabriel?’ Nicholas asked in low tones as he moved closer to the seat.
Chief Gabriel stared at Nicholas’ face for a moment. It looked so familiar but he couldn’t remember where he had met him before. He didn’t know what reply to give Nicholas, all he could do was ask for help.
‘Please, how can you get me out of here?’ Chief Gab pleaded.
Nicholas squinted. ‘I just asked what you were doing here,’ he said with a disgusted look on his face. ‘I can’t get you out of here, I’m here to make sure you don’t escape.’ Nicholas added with an evil grin showing him the ropes in his hands.
‘Please don’t do that,’ Chief Gab was terrified on seeing the rope, actually thinking that Nicholas would use the rope to flog him. He tried to get up from the seat but Nicholas pushed him back forcefully.
He took out a gun and cocked it to threaten the man. ‘You should allow me do what I need to do without struggles, I could actually decide to go the violent way.’
Chief Gab stared at him shakily but realized that the rope was so long and was for something else other than flogging him. Nicholas squatted in front of the man and began with tying the man’s hands.
‘Did she sent you to tie me?’ Chief Gab asked calmly. He did not put up any resistance
Nicholas considered the question as a stupid one and did not bother to reply.
‘Please, she’s getting this all wrong. If she would only allow me to explain to her,’ he protested only with wordc.
‘Tell me, what is she getting wrong?’ Nicholas took a pause and asked the man, hoping to extract some useful information. ‘She’s asking if I raped someone some years ago which I never did, I don’t know why she’s so sure I did.’
Nicholas continued immediately with tying his ropes. ‘If she is so sure you raped the girl, then you truly did. She doesn’t act on assumptions, she only acts on confirmed facts.’
Nicholas’ response totally shattered Chief Gab’s heart. Nicholas had not even heard an explanation from him before believing Tarasha’s side of the story. Maybe it was finally time for him to accept the responsibility which he had refused twenty five years ago.
Nicholas hurried to the living room where Tarasha had asked him to meet her. He found her standing at the centre, the centre table had been moved aside, Cole was standing some metres away and also facing her. He stood beside Cole and took a quick glance at Cole before fixing his gaze on Tarasha’s face.
‘Our sources just revealed to us that Vice President Elvis Richards would be leaving Abuja tonight to Lagos. He’s under close watch and we don’t know what his plans are but our plans are to welcome him when he arrives during the early hours of tomorrow morning. I’d lead the team tomorrow, all you’d need to do is listen through your earphones and act on every instruction I give to you. I want Elvis Richards dead but I must kill him with my hands.’
She stopped for a while and stared at their faces. She began to walk in an imaginary circle around them. She stopped in front of them and spoke up again after a minute. ‘Get the extra speed weapons ready, get the cars ready and get the maps ready. Remind yourself of the tactics used in the route games you’ve played, we probably would need them in this task.’ she stopped again and was silent for about ten seconds. ‘This could be our last task and we have to treat it carefully, no mistakes and no delays. No one should be a loophole,’ she stared at Cole’s face intently after her last sentence and then stared at Nicholas’ face for a shorter moment. ‘You can go start the preparations now,’ she said with a dismissal tone.
They both turned at the same time and headed into the hallway together.
Tarasha took in a deep breath. She looked at the wall clock and mumbled the time under her breath. She closed her eyes again, she needed to deal with her personal issue quick before it interferes with the task ahead.
She was horrified to find Chief Gab tied to the chair when she returned into the room. She stopped at the middle of the room and felt terrified by the horrific feeling she had when she saw him. She was scared for herself. It was obvious she had fallen so weak by her feelings and it could affect her if she did not apply caution. Her anger for him had suddenly vanished with the little space of time she had spent being away from him but she was sure it would return once he continues to deny what he was accused of.
She closed her eyes and took some time to compose herself before moving. She walked straight to him and took off the ropes.
Chief Gab watched in silence as she untied the ropes. He didn’t understand what was going on and how to react to it. She finished untying him and flung the rope to the ground. She then stepped back and stared at his face for a second.
‘Tarasha, would you allow me explain how it happened to you now?’
Tarasha was yet to reply him when the door behind opened and Madam Henrietta walked into the place followed closely by the doctor. Tarasha stepped away from his front to enable him see who was coming. She took a glance at the woman’s face and then looked at Chief Gab’s face to see his expression. She pulled a chair closer fit Madam Henrietta to sit.
Madam Henrietta recognized Chief Gab immediately she set her eyes on him. Instantly, tears filled her eyes as memories of the past returned to her mind. She stopped at the middle of the room for a while and began to weep. She had just seen the man who turned her life around, the man who because of his uncontrollable lust killed her dreams forever.
Chief Gab kept wondering who she was and why she was in tears. He stared at Tarasha’s face with raised eyebrows, hoping Tarasha will say something concerning what was happening.
‘Thanks Doctor, you may leave.’ Tarasha said to the Doctor who was still waiting for further instructions. He turned and proceeded out of the room slowly. ‘Please have your seat Mrs Henrietta,’ Tarasha said to her after the doctor had gone out. She turned to the other side and stood at the middle of the space between the man and the woman.
She stared at Chief Gab’s face again. He stared back at her with a confused look on his face, he still seemed not to know what was happening. She turned her eyes to Madam Henrietta. The woman was now seated and had wiped the tears off her face.
It suddenly occurred to Chief Gab that the woman sitting in front of him could be Adunni who he denied impregnating several years ago but he wondered how Tarasha could have found out about it and what business she had to do with it. He stared at the woman’s face for a little longer, it didn’t seem to him like she could be Adunni, she looked quite too sophisticated to be that village girl. Furthermore, he had heard several years after that Adunni ran away from the clinic with the baby and the two vanished into thin air and probably had died.
‘Do you remember this woman?’ Tarasha finally spoke.
Chief Gab shook his head. ‘No,’ he replied. Truthfully, he did not recognize her.
She turned to Madam Henrietta, ‘Do you recognize him?’
The woman nodded affirmatively while Chief Gab stared in surprise. ‘He’s the man, that lecturer who raped me and denied it.’
Chief Gab’s heart began to beat at an abnormal rate. His fears had just been confirmed. He never in his wildest imaginations think that such a day as this would come. He glanced at Madam Henrietta’s face briefly and then tried to picture the face of young Adunni. He could now see the resemblance, he could also see the striking resemblance between Madam Henrietta and Adunni’s mother. Adunni had grown up to look so much like her mother.
Chief Gab’s eyes met with Tarasha’s and he could see the fire in her eyes burning angrily. His bladder suddenly became full and he couldn’t control himself as urine began to drop from his organ.
‘I’m…sorry… I can explain all that happened,’ he stammered as he dropped to his knees.
Tarasha felt tears well up in her eyes but she raised her head up and sniffed in, trying to stop the tears from dropping.
‘I totally regret all that happened that year and…’ he prostrated on the floor before her in frustration as he pleaded.
‘Let’s get out of here,’ Tarasha said and stretched her palm out to Madam Henrietta. The woman held her hand and got up. They both walked out of the room without listening anymore to Chief Gab.
Henry was filled with anger after taking his time to watch the downloaded footages. He now had the explanation for so many things which he had been seeking for. He renamed the folder where the footages were saved. He maximized the browser and switched to a tab where he logged in to his Google account. After logging in, he clicked the link to Google drive and waited for it to load. He needed to save the footages online for future reference.
Tarasha walked with Madam Henrietta to the room she had been assigned since she was fit enough to leave the medical room.
Madam Henrietta sat at the edge of the bed and Tarasha sat beside her.
‘How is your belly wound?’ Tarasha asked, not looking at the woman’s face but facing the wall in front of her.
‘Better, thanks.’ Madam Henrietta glanced at Tarasha’s face. She noticed Tarasha wasn’t looking at her but appeared to be lost in thoughts. She wondered if Tarasha was really a caring person or if she was just putting up the act to get something she wanted. She concluded that it was this part of Samantha Osman Stephanie had seen which made the girl always comfortable being with the assassin.
‘What would you do if you see your daughter now?’ Tarasha’s voice sounded after a minute.

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