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ADAM (rebooted)--dark Fantasy/sci-fi / Supernaculars [the Renascence] A Sci-fantasy Novel / The Hole (sci-fi) mini -series (2) (3) (4)

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GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 11:16am On Nov 10, 2016

i wanna try my hands on something Sci-Fi

A short story i would want it to be

just relax, read and enjoy


lemme call them sha

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Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Hollawayn05(m): 11:27am On Nov 10, 2016
Biola.. pls bring my Arm chair..

Chilling On my FTC with my Cold bottle of Fura dinunu

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Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 4:18pm On Nov 11, 2016
Biola.. pls bring my Arm chair..

pls take this kunu and pop corn

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Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 4:20pm On Nov 11, 2016
This story is dedicated to
All Nairalanders
Guests on this forum
And my Bosses

feel free to give honest observations and comments

Fasten your seat belts as we skyrocket to the land of Science Fiction!!!

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Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 4:26pm On Nov 11, 2016
Copyright: © 2016 Ololade Edun

All rights reserved.
No part if this publication should be copied,replicated or rebranded without prior notice to the author.
Plagiarism kills, let make a nice move to stop it.
You can contact the author via:

This is a purely fictional story as all characters, locations and illustrations belong solely to the author's imagination.

Title: Grand Finale (Sci-Fi)
Author: Ololade Edun

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Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 4:32pm On Nov 11, 2016

Thousands of years ago, a planet was formed from the crumbles of a galaxy, it was found to support living, over billion of people dominated this planet.
Many were born gurus and others were made. They were politically and spiritually diversified. Internal battle tore them apart.
In the course of their existence, they were attacked by Kryptonites from another planet.
Where did this Krytonites come from? What is their Mission? Who sent them?.

a must read for all

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Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 4:35pm On Nov 11, 2016
dedicated to Bibijay,divepen, skarlettt, lleigh, leriebloom, fifaknuel (for dragging me here)
Hollaway05 (fct)
Tgirl, herzern, ololadewrites ( for their motivating spirit)

Chapter One

Jasmine Einstein

It was a cold, windy evening, the weather seems unpredictable, the clouds gathered together, Weather Broadcasting Station once said we are moving towards summer solstices, to me it was like the rain would start any minutes from now.
I was coming back from my daily class of science freaks when I started having that feeling of being watched, I looked around, I was the only one walking on the lonely road that leads to my house, most of the houses looks deserted, they were built with little or no spaces between them, the roofs all competing for space above the soil, I picked up speed a little bit, I started walking faster than normal, then it all started, five boys came out of their hiding place and they started giving me a hot chase, I looked back they were putting on synthetic rubber masks, it was perfectly fitted to their faces, they were chasing me with all their might, I ran with all my might, they were fast to gain enough speed and distance on me.

How I wish I had learnt the scientific way of causing whirlwind, I would have used it to carry myself down to my house, I looked back for the last time and I got the shocker of my life
One of my attackers was James Curie - the only competitor I have in my class, he tried covering his face but I have seen it already, I stopped running, I didn’t know where the boldness to face them all came from.
I stopped, turned sharply, I stood rigid facing them, I watched them stopped few meters to where I was, they stood facing me, I gave them a very bad look then I remembered the sayings of my father’s friend “A little bit of mined nitrogen with hot oxygen could attract lightening”
I smiled, I quickly dipped my hands into one of the pocket of my bag, I brought out powdered Nitrogen, I sprayed it towards them, I was about to blow hot oxygen from my breath when I saw them retreating back.

“No!!” I heard James shouted and they started retreating back, running for their lives
I blew the oxygen, so fast like flash I watched as a very strong lightening rushed towards where I was with speed, it carried me straight out of our planet, I was floating on air, moving with speed, I kept struggling and the more I tried releasing myself, the stronger the lightening carried me farther, I looked towards where I’m moving to
A very big mass of floating rocks was close to me, with no doubt I will hit my head on the piece of matter, I tried ducking it but it’s too late. I hit my head on it, I could feel the bursting of my cranial nerves, I tasted the fluid that splashed out of my brains, I watched as my head split to pieces.

I woke up sweating, so it was all a dream.

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Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 4:41pm On Nov 11, 2016
dedicated to: missuniverse, spadazzy, olanshile2016, supersurupe, shoulad, tadese76, (always monitoring me like spirit)
maryclaire1, adeculate, jagugu88li, katchycouture, desperado121, tonaydo ( for their encouragement)

Chapter Two:

The Universe was a very big moving ball of fire; it moved with such great acceleration that only the great minded scientists could calculate its speed. Inside this ball of fire, were galaxies of different origins and characteristics.
Some of the Galaxies were: Fruity Way Galaxy, Milky Way Galaxy, Antemeridian Galaxy, Postmeridian Galaxy and many others not yet discovered. Our own very galaxy – the milky way contained several planets in one of such, is the planet where I came from, scientific records shows that many years ago, some group of learned minded people collectively named it “Earth”.
Now my Story Begins.
Earth was born many years ago, many said it was from crumbles of the other planets that it was form, well i knew not than to believe this unproven fact.

This planet contained two distinct set of people: the science freaks and the non science freaks, the science freaks were called the SciFians while the non science freaks were called the Litians. We both lived in the same planet occupying the same geographical location and we have tried to live as peaceful as possible.
I was quite unfortunate or rather let me say I was quite fortunate to be a SciFian because sometimes I wonder how well I would relate with the Litians if I was privileged to be one, the Litians really enjoyed lot of privileges which we the SciFians doesn’t enjoy an iota of it, maybe because we sent our entire life in the Laboratory mixing chemicals, carrying out researches, in the jungles working on the animals or plants, wearing freaking clothes, no time for fashions, always in groups with same genders, carrying out experiments and testing potential equipments and chemical potions.

I was once told during my discussion time with other female SciFians that the Litians go to a place to worship an imaginary God, Do he answers prayers?, dose he always help them?, I heard they wore clothes that reveals their breasts and bums, I heard they have sex when here only adults can do such, I heard they also attend parties, i wonder what they do there, Can you tell me?, well I pray curiosity will let me find out.
My name is Jasmine Einstein, the only daughter of Lord Albert Einstein, my mother Peace Einstein died during childbirth, when she tried giving birth to who might turn out to be my younger sibling. Since then, father never married again, in fact he gave his body and soul to his laboratory because he rarely sleeps or relax.
My father, won the best Scientist thrice in a period of three years, he was the only one to have ever won such, that made others envious of him. But he cared less and work more.

My elder brother Alban Einstein is in the third year in Earth School of Science, he is doing quite well as he had already start making himself famous. He created the thumb printing device; he is currently working on plumoretina encryptor – a high technology security device capable of locking files or machinery that can only be opened with the aid of the correct heartbeat and retina of the right owner.
I took everything I have from my parents, the beautiful look from my late mother, the sharp brain from my father, the quick sense of reasoning from my mother and the versatility from my father.
I attend Jet Schools, the only one in our planet, I’m currently in my fourth year, I have two more to go before joining my elder brother in his school,
The SciFian were quite much in population, but we aren’t in the seat of government, nor heads of offices, though advises were asked from our leaders.

The Litians n the other hand were quite much also, they dominated the seats of government, prestigious positions and most sectors but they have shallow mind, selfish obsessions, quite corrupt and they were greedy.
I wished for a change, where the SciFian will take the positions of the Litians and they will turn out to be our slaves.

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Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Nobody: 4:44pm On Nov 11, 2016
oya comman read

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Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Nobody: 4:46pm On Nov 11, 2016


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Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by herzern1(m): 4:46pm On Nov 11, 2016
Walks in with my Chair.....

I just hope the story worths my time....

Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Nobody: 4:50pm On Nov 11, 2016

and many more............
com man read oooooooooo

*Starts Sharing Pop Corn with Akamu*

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Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Lleigh(f): 5:18pm On Nov 11, 2016
Leaving the other room and coming over
Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 7:16pm On Nov 11, 2016
Leaving the other room and coming over


update coming tommorow
Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by SuperSurupe(m): 7:27pm On Nov 11, 2016
wasbas ericlove4all chinnyness122 missmossy skarlett
supersurupe silenzer127
Present! its show time...
Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Nobody: 7:59pm On Nov 11, 2016
Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Lleigh(f): 8:02pm On Nov 11, 2016
That school will be able to save the world...so many brainiacs. ...

Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Nobody: 8:35pm On Nov 11, 2016
Following .... coolFollowing ....
Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 8:46pm On Nov 11, 2016
That school will be able to save the world...so many brainiacs. ...

you must be a science nerd to have noticed fast.

anyways, let watch and see if it goes that way

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Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Lleigh(f): 8:55pm On Nov 11, 2016

you must be a science nerd to have noticed fast.

anyways, let watch and see if it goes that way

Alas I am
Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 9:03pm On Nov 11, 2016
Following .... coolFollowing ....
thankz jawe
take kunu and bread pop corn yaff finish
Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Nobody: 9:54pm On Nov 11, 2016
wasb as
ericlove 4all
chinnyn ess122
missmo ssy
skar lett

supersuru pe
silenzer 127

Now following
Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 11:33am On Nov 12, 2016

Alas I am
whao!! I yaff bin looking for one since

oya take bread and okro soup
lets eat
Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 11:34am On Nov 12, 2016

Now following
fenkz jawe
Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 11:34am On Nov 12, 2016
Walks in with my Chair.....

I just hope the story worths my time....

i hope it does sir
Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 11:35am On Nov 12, 2016

Present! its show time...

fenkz for showing up
u never dissapoints
Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 12:11pm On Nov 12, 2016
to all great nairaland writer, very conscious readers, ever observant critics and motivators

Chapter Three

Students of Jet’s Senior High School filled their assembly ground, they were all putting on their freaking white long sleeves with black trousers or skirt, their long black overall adorned their body, most of the students were between the age of sixteen to twenty, they were all gisting or chit chatting about the just concluded visit of the president of the planet who visited the school last week.
Rick Faraday was seen in the midst of his friends, he was a tall boy of seventeen, broad chest, with sprouting beards, long legs with that heart imprisoning pink lips, that made many of the young females Scifians fall for him, he was in his finals in the school, his father Faraday died last year while working on electricity, Rick had taken the charge of continuing where his father stopped, he has started harness the electricity his father discovered.

Ric walked to the Janitors room where other prefects stays, he wants to go call them to start their prefectship duties., he bumped into Jasmine whom he was crushing on, he quickly asked for pardon, Jasmine was too shock to speak, her last night’s fearful dream still having it effects on her.
She tried to mumbles some replies before walking to where her friend was.

James Curie entered the school compound with high shoulders, he walked like the foolish prince he was, he was the only son of four children of his parents – Perie & Marie Curie. Almost every student dots on him, well maybe because he won the most handsome student in the school or because his parents were collectively given the ‘most prestigious scientist’ the same year.
James was exceptionally brilliant, he had won the best student twice, most intelligent student and the most promising scientist once, his only rival was Jasmine Einstein, he hates the girl like poo, maybe because she doesn’t dots on him like others or because she seems to be his most obvious rival, he hates it when their teachers debated on who is better between him or her.

He walked to meet his friends; Tim Bohr, Mac Darwin. They were the naughty trio, mostly found in the fields making fun of others, testing chemicals on Scifians like them they were too stubborn to be cautioned, if not for the influence of their parents, the school management might have long rusticated them.
James moved silently to the back of Mac, then he pulled his ear with force, nearly tearing the ear from the poor boys body, they watched as Mac yelped in pains and they all burst into laughter.

Janet Darwin walked past the trio, she was the only friend of Jasmine in the whole school, she is a young petite girl with beautiful face, she was holding three small container filled with three different species of Wild Spider, she was moving to the Bio-Science dept, to give their biological science teacher the poor animals she found on field trip with her only friend.

“Hey, Can’t you greet?” James had stopped the girl who not only gave him a bad stare but also hissed at him
‘I can see that you aren’t only [proud but dumb also, because I don’t expect me to say one word to a gullible, tall senseless dumbie like you’ she replied
“I can see you’re too proud of yourself, just get lost” Tim chipped in
“Don’t blame the poor girl, her father spent all his lifetime working on pea plants” Mac added
They all burst in uncontrollable laughter

Janet was boiling with fury, no one dared abuse her father, she decided to pay them back in their own coin
While the three boys were still laughing at their foolishness, she gently opened the lid of her container and she threw the contents at the boys
The three wild spiders fell on each boys and bit them
The trio had jumped up in pain, hitting their hard ass on the floor, their cries had attracted other students around, they watched as the boys roll on the floor trying to get rid of the three spiders on their body, the more they struggle, the more the spiders got afraid and bit them harder in different places on their body

Jasmine had walked to the scene; she joined other students to laugh at the foolish trio. She walked to her friend
Jasmine: bestie, good morning
Janet: *still laughing but managed to reply her friend* morning dearest
Jasmine: I knew what is happening to those stupid trio is your handiwork, now free them please
Janet: let them enjoy the pain, in as much they enjoyed insulting my father
Jasmine: for my sake, stop the spiders

Janet: are you crushing on them?, why vouching for them now?
Jasmine: no crush bestie, but just stop, lots of students had gathered now, yet the boys are still shouting,
Three prefects approached the scene
Jasmine: look, three prefects are coming from the janitors room, you better let get out of here, you may be punished for using dangerous animals on fellow students
Janet: that’s true
She quickly whistles and the three spiders jumped from the body of the boys yelping in pains into their former habitat – the container
The two girls quickly moved away from the scene into their biological science laboratory which is few blocks from the scene before the prefects get to the scene.

They giggled as they walked away from the scenes.

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Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Nobody: 4:47pm On Nov 12, 2016
Let me call a few before reading.... nastynic shigo20 oya now, make una no say I just dey chop alone


A truck of popcorns please.....I'm here to stay
Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by olanshile2016(m): 7:26pm On Nov 12, 2016
nice one so far,continue sis
Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 12:03pm On Nov 14, 2016
nice one so far,continue sis
boss what will I do without ur encouragement?
thanks sire

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Re: GRAND FINALE (Sci-fi) by Horlorlardaey: 12:04pm On Nov 14, 2016
Let me call a few before reading.... nastynic shigo20 oya now, make una no say I just dey chop alone


A truck of popcorns please.....I'm here to stay
bestest sis
thanks jawe
take popcorn, akamu, kunu
anytin u want

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