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"Sweet Pain" by Darch: 6:45pm On Jan 04, 2017

As the days go by, events shape our lives. When the pain gets dull and acceptance sets in, you'll begin to notice that the pain isn't so bad. In fact, it can be a favourite past time. Something that takes your mind away from the happenings around.
'm Max and this is my story. Ever since I knew right and wrong, I realized that the only thing that can set a man free is to be found in his God given purpose. So I worked with every focus I could muster. I excelled in my chosen field and was crowned with all the recognition that came with success.

In my final year in the University, something happened that altered my perspective a bit. I saw a girl for the first time in my life. Don't get me wrong. I've seen girls before, but didn't pay attention to them until I met Jessica.
I was on my way to the office of the Dean of engineering. I got into the massive building and made my way to the stairs. Reaching the top of the stairs, I made a sharp turn to the left, that was when I collided with her. Her head hit my chest with such force that I went back two steps.

Watch it! I said in annoyance. Can't you look where you're going?

That was when I noticed her face. Other than the fact that she was so beautiful, she was crying. Her makeup was all over the place. The sight softened my heart and I became compassionate to how vulnerable she looked.

I'm so sorry, she said. My mind was someplace else. I'll be more careful next time.

That's alright. Is there anything I can help you with? You look like you could use some help. I said.

Don't worry, I'll be fine. She replied.

All this while we were looking at each other. Then her eyes went to my chest and she said 'oops'.

I looked at my chest and saw a red lipstick smeared on my white shirt.

Now my girlfriend will have my head for this, I said to her.

I'm so sorry, she replied. Please let me make it up to you. She opened her purse to bring out a white handkerchief to clean the lipstick.

By this time her crying had stopped.

You can make it up to me by telling me why you were crying so much in an academic building such as this. She looked at me for what seemed like a long time, but was only a few seconds, and said it was quite personal. I told her that a problem shared was already half solved, while leading her to a nearby seat.

When we sat, she asked me if I wasn't going somewhere anymore and I told her that all business comes second to the business of saving life. In fact, after talking with you, I'm going to see my friend Mr. Ben,right after I meet with my Dean, I added. When she heard the name her eyes widened.

Mr. Ben is your friend? She asked.

Sure. We've been friends since 100 level. He saw me as a promising student and decided to take me under his wings. Why the surprised look? I asked. She burst into tears again.

I have to go, she said. Getting up to leave.

Now, I hate situations I can't control. I've been trained as an engineer to be on top of situations and these situations are usually predictable. But how do I handle a woman's emotions which can catch anyone off guard, just like it did now?

Hey! Wh..what?! Not so fast. I can't let u go out in this condition. I said, trying to 'control the situation'.

Your FRIEND wants to sleep with me! She blurted out.

How does anyone respond to something like that quickly?

I must have had the dumbest look on my face because I wasn't expecting that at all. she continued.

Yes! You heard me right. Else he'd fail me. I don't know what else to do. I have prayed, I have begged him, all to no avail. He's such a wicked man out to ruin my life. If I had my way I'd s....

Stop! I said.

She stopped and took a deep breath. It looked like she finally unburdened herself.

I'll take care of it, I said to her.

She was looking at me funny this time around.

What's your name? I asked.

Jessica. She replied.

OK good. Jessica, go home. He won't bother you again.

You sound so sure it's creepy. Are you partners with him in this sort of thing? She asked.

I burst into laughter. If you don't want my help you can say so, Jessica. I said.

No o. Please epp me. She replied.

Alright. Now run along.

What's your name? She asked.

I'm Max. Call me Max.

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Re: "Sweet Pain" by Darch: 7:11pm On Jan 04, 2017

After she left, I felt numb. Could what she said about Ben be true? But she looked so distraught. Can someone decide to act this way just to rubbish someone else's name? Well, this na naija, anything fit happen. The only way to find out the truth was to ask Mr. Ben, and I would. I went to my Dean and sorted my issue with him and then headed to Ben's office.

Mr. Ben is a different type of lecturer, at least by Nigerian standard. He's friendly, funny and always ready to help. He is very approachable to students and he can be crude sometimes in his expressions. He is a very young lecturer,hence the reason why he flows so well with students. For some reason he feels quite free with me,even to the point of making naughty jokes around me.

I got to his office door and knocked.

You can come in. He said from the other end.

Opening the door, I went in. Good afternoon sir. I greeted.

Max my friend! Guy I go miss you when you finally graduate o. In fact me and all those fine girls disturbing you will miss you. He said laughing.

Ah! Oga wey the girls dey na? I countered

Max, as you tall reach, come fine, you want to tell me you don't have any girl? Haba bros,dis your lie dn old o. He replied.

We both laughed at that. Like I said earlier, he can be naughty around me. As if a bulb just went on in my head, I suddenly knew how to plead Jessica's case.

Actually, that's the reason I came to see you. I said. Now is the time for my best acting, I said to myself.

What's the matter, Max? He asked.

It's about a girl, sir. I replied.

Hahaha, he laughed. Max my boy! If it's dating tips you want, you don't need to act so formal. He said.

It's not that sir. I finally got a girlfriend after all this while, but there is a problem. I paused.

I'm listening. He said.

She told me, forcing out a tear, that will fail her if she doesn't go out with you, Sir. I even met her on my way to your office.

Wait! He said.

I thought I'd blown it.

Jessica is your girl? I can't believe this. Have you seen the a.ss on that girl? How did you do it? Do you know she has refused to date any guy in this environment, so I've heard. He continued.
I didn't have the slightest clue as to what he was saying. Jessica seemed quite popular and only me was not in on it. Anyway, that's not my business. I just have to continue my acting to help her out.

It wasn't an easy something. That's why we decided to keep it on the low, she doesn't want people to know she dating yet, sir. But what about, umm, you and her? I asked

Max forget that thing. There is no me and her anymore, if there was ever. She's all yours. I'm quite happy for you, Max. At least no be only book you Sabi. He said laughing.

I appreciate this so much sir. I said,standing up to take my leave.

It's no problem at all. But before u go, Max, I need to tell you something. I'm sure you have wondered why I took an interest in you all these years, haven't you? He asked.

Definitely sir. I have. I appreciate it. I replied.

You look exactly like my younger brother. He's in far away Russia. The first time I saw you, it was like seeing him after so many years of being apart. So all the love I have for him became channeled to you as well. So you see, you are more than just a brilliant student to me, you are like my younger brother. He said

Thanks sir. I appreciate.

Now go be with that hot number of a girl. And clean that lipstick stain from your shirt or else you won't have a girlfriend much longer. He said laughing.

Right away. I got up and left his office. Whew! At least I have done something good for someone today.

* * * * * *

It wasn't until two days later that I saw her again.

I was coming out of the engineering complex, my mind on my project,when I heard a female voice call my name.

Hello Max.

I turned to the direction of the voice and It was like a wave hit me. Perfection hit me. She was wearing a blue gown that stopped at her knees. Her earrings sparkled in the sun. Her face was so beautiful. Her hair was weaved in a particular style which I didn't care to find out. But it framed her face so gorgeously. She had a pointed noise with natural red lips. The sun seemed to intensify at that point, which I concluded as jealousy because someone more beautiful was on display. The sun rays seemed to bounce off her chocolate skin. I wondered about the type of cream that made her skin so radiant. My eyes traveled to her chest and what I saw could make a suicidal man rethink his choice. Her bo.obs were big and seemed to fit her body structure perfectly. Then her hips. So curvy with the best legs any girl could wish for. Then a pair of black sandals completed her dressing.

Still with that dumb look, Max. She said.

Huh? I was just thinking about my project. I replied.

Where on my body is written Engineering project? She asked.

Now that's a trick question, I thought to myself. Because Everything on her body was project worthy.

After distracting me you still want to know? You should have waited till I finished my calculations. I replied trying to get out of an embarrassing situation.

She was having none of it.

Alright Max, finish your calculation. She said.
Not under this hot sun. Changing the topic I said, no lipstick today?

Nah, Didn't want to stain your shirt again.

We both laughed.

As we both made our way out of the complex, I made way for her to pass, ladies first and all that. That was when I saw her a.ss for the first time. I didn't get the chance to look her over during our first meeting. I've never even felt attraction for a female before but this girl seemed to be my first in everything woman related. When she went down the first, second and third steps, with the accompanying a.ss jiggle, I knew I was an ass man. I didn't even know when I exclaimed.


What? What is wrong? She asked looking back with concern in her voice and on her face.

These Damn stones! I replied without thinking.
There are no stones here, Max. The floor is as smooth as they come. She said.

Not everything is seen with the Unclad eyes, I answered. I know I was appearing more dumb to this lady. What's even wrong with me?!

You are one weird, guy. She said.

We made our way in silence to the main road leading outside the school.

So what's up? I asked her. You found my hideout, so you must have something important to tell me.

As a matter of fact, I do. Mr. Ben called me and said my boyfriend came to see him. I almost said I had no boyfriend before he mentioned your name.

Oh... Well, that seemed to be the best option I could come up with within the time period I had. Sorry it wasn't the most ideal but it worked. I replied.

No worries. I actually think it's brilliant. She said.

Well, I have to be on my way right now. I have some cal...

Calculations to do. I get it. She said interrupting me.

Do u always interrupt people when they talk? I asked

Yeah. When they act like they are the only ones that came to school to read. She replied.

I chuckled. But I was being honest. I really have work to do. I said.

OK, at least let me buy you a drink. In appreciation for what you did for me with Mr. Ben. She said.

Jessica, you really don't have to. I replied.

I insist. She said walking towards a nearby relaxation spot.

That a.ss again. I'll follow that a.ss anywhere. Off we went to have the drink.


Re: "Sweet Pain" by Darch: 7:20pm On Jan 04, 2017

We sat down and almost all eyes were on us. I felt uneasy because I wasn't used to being under the gaze of so many people at once.

J, is there something strange on my head? I asked

No. Why do you ask?

I don't know why people are staring at me. I said

Have you considered that they might not be staring at you but me? You see I'm quite the big deal around here. I'm the face of school of Management, two years running. She said with her tongue out at me, all the while smiling.

See you. Pride has finished this one. I replied.

She giggled.

I continued. Have you considered that it could be that a tall guy walked into this place with a short girl? I finished with an eyebrow raised.

I'm not short, she replied. I'm 5'6.

Well to me you're short. Tell me, what were you doing when they were sharing height in heaven? I don't know why, but teasing her felt good.

Max you look so quiet but you have a bad mouth. Troublemaker. She replied.

I laughed hard. Don't mind me, I can be playful a times. No hard feelings, right?

None at all. Just that I'm not used to people making fun of me. She replied.

Unto Queen Elizabeth levels abi? I shifted back in mock pretense of expecting a punch from her.

You for stay na. To punch you dey hungry me. She said.

We both laughed.

We ordered our drinks, all the while people seemed to be watching our little drama. Well, let them look, I said to myself.

So, she began, how tall are you.

6'3. But I'm sure you know it's not transferable.

Puhlease! Who needs your height? She said

Says the girl who refused to eat beans when others were eating it. I replied.

Beans made you this tall? She asked. Maybe it's not too late to start eating some.

Hahaha.. in all honesty, I don't like beans. Unless mixed with rice. It's just my nature. What's your department and level? I asked

Accounting 500L. You?

Electrical/electronics engineering 500L. I said.

No wonder you carry book for head. What's your cgpa,if you don't mind? She asked.

You are very direct aren't you? I replied.

It's the way forward. She said laughing.

4.79. You?


No way! I said

Max, do you know you just insulted me?

I'm sorry, I began. I didn't mean for it to come out that way. It's just that you look like...

Like someone who knows nothing? So someone who looks like me can't be a first class student, Max? Why do you think I was scared of Mr. Ben's threat? It was because I didn't want anything to affect my good record!

I'm really sorry, Jessica. I really am. It's not everyday one gets to hear a good news like that. I was just surprised, but in a good way. Forgiven?


Hian! Which kind wahala be this now, I thought.

What else should I do to make you feel better? I asked

Call me the nickname you gave me earlier. She said

I didn't give you any nickname. I replied.

Think well. There is something you called me other than Jessica.

You mean J? I asked.

She smiled a bit but covered it with a frown again.

OK OK, I'm sorry, J. Forgiven?

Yeah Yeah. She said smiling that so beautiful smile.

I can see you checking your watch from time to time. Let's finish up and get you going. She continued.

We downed the rest of our drinks and got up to leave. I brought out my wallet to pay.

Don't worry, she said. I got it.

No. I choose to pay, J. I said

I noticed her ear twitched when I called her J.
Don't worry. When you take me out, you will do all the payment. She replied smiling. Then she gave the sales boy 100 naira for the two bottles. We left the establishment and headed for the road.

So you gave him 100 naira and you are acting like it's a big deal. Because I know if I take you out that amount will be child's play compared to what I'll spend. I said in mock accusation.

Troublemaker you have started again. Moreover, you don't have to spend big to take me out on a date. She said.


We walked in silence for a while. Each with their own thought. We walked a while before I realised we were holding hands. How and when it happened, I don't know. I was just lost in my thought to notice. It was already getting dark.

J, I guess you stay in the female hostel? I asked

Yeah. She replied. I suppose you live off k?


I wouldn't want you to be on the road when everywhere is dark. So I'll let you head home. We'll see again, Max, won't we?

Absolutely, J. Absolutely.

We parted ways and each of us started walking towards our destination.

One more thing, J. I called out.


After the anger episode you displayed in that drink shop, who is the real Troublemaker between the both of us?

You, Max. You will always be my Troublemaker.

With us both smiling, we turned and went home.

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Re: "Sweet Pain" by Darch: 7:31pm On Jan 04, 2017

They say a girl knows if she will let a guy kiss her few moments after meeting with him. I knew I wanted Max to do more than kiss me. Gosh, who wouldn't? Those strong arms and broad chest, piercing eyes..hmm. I wanted him to make me his, spirit, soul and body, in and outside of the bedroom. I'm a very direct girl. Once I know what I want, I pursue after it. I want Max and I'm going to get him. My thoughts were suddenly cut short.

See this one. What's with the stupid look on your face and what happened to your make up? Said Bisi, my friend.

Hey babe. I'm just coming from Ben's office. That man is bent on ruining me. I met this guy who promised to help. I said.

There it is again. Why did your face change from anger to stupidity when you mentioned this guy? What's his name? Bisi asked

Max. I met him, sorry, ran into him, literally, on my way from Ben's office. I said.

Is he a student? Bisi asked


Tall, dark and very handsome? She continued

I didn't like that description coming from her. Yes, I replied suspiciously.

Oh my gosh! You talked with Max? There is only one Max I know of or even care to know of in this school. He's very brilliant from what I've heard, but he can mumu.

I didn't like her abusing Max but I needed to hear more.

In fact, wait let me buy this detergent then I'll gist you more. Bisi said.

Mallam abeg take your money. Ehen, let's go. She said after paying for her detergent. We began walking to our hostel room.

Why do you say he behaves like a mumu? I asked.

That guy is a robot. He rarely speaks to anyone. I'm even surprised he spoke to you. He doesn't even have a life outside his books. How did his voice sound? Very dry I suppose because I doubt he uses it at all. Bisi said laughing.

On the contrary, he every bit a normal guy. He has a very lovely voice and also he's very compassionate. He went out of his way to help me even when he didn't have to. I replied. I like him.

You've never liked any guy in this school. Did he touch you? Bisi asked

Yes. At a point he did.

No wonder. Na Jazz! The Jessica I've know for 5 years can't say that unless she was jazzed. Bisi continued.

Hahahaha. I assure you nothing like that happened. There is something about Max that agrees with me. If what you said is true about him, then he's going to be a pleasurable challenge. I replied

Walking into our room.

If you fail in getting him, while putting away her detergent , I'll give him a try. She said. Honestly I thought he was a robot. That's what most girls call him. I didn't even know he liked girls.

Let's see how it goes. I replied.

That night I had a dream. Max and I seemed so happy. We were lying down under a tree,just talking and laughing, when suddenly Max got up, distancing himself from me, said 'You caused this'. He looked so sad,my heart went out to him. Then he was gone. I woke up covered in sweat.

I wondered about the dream and concluded that it was caused by the hot weather. I didn't consider it again. I should have, I really should have.

While preparing for school the next day, I got a call. Looking at my phone I saw Wickedness as the name on my screen. I knew it was Mr. Ben.

Reluctantly I answered.

Hello, Sir. Good morning.

Morning beautiful damsel. Meet me in my office this afternoon by 1 pm. Don't be late.And the line went dead.

I wore a blue gown and a black sandals. Picked my bag and went into school. By 1 pm, I went to see Mr. Ben.

Knock knock.

Come in.

Good afternoon sir. I greeted.

Jessica my favourite girl. He hailed. Come have a seat.

I cautiously sat in from of his desk.

So, what brings you to my office? Missing me already? He said grinning.

Sir you asked me to come here this morning. I replied.

Don't mind me, just kidding. He said. Your boyfriend came to see me yesterday. He said

I don... I almost interrupted

Max told me about your secret relationship with him. He continued.

Oh. I said. I didn't know what else to say.

He's such a special guy. You are very lucky to have him. I've never heard Max say anything about a girl since his 100 level, until yesterday. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that you have nothing to worry about anymore from me. Just take care of my boy, that's all. He finished.

I didn't know what just happened. This wasn't the way I imagined our meeting to go. I thought it was going to be another round of debate.

Just like that sir? I asked

Yeah. You can go now. He replied.

Thank you sir. God bless you sir.

He grunted a reply and went back to writing something.

I gently left his office. I must have stood at the corridor for about 20 seconds before it dawned on me that it was for real. I needed to find Max. I went to the engineering complex and sighted him talking with another guy,whom I suppose was also a student,while walking towards the door. I decided to wait for him by the door, but a little hidden from view. He came out alone and walked past me. Then I called his name.

Hello Max.


He turned around. He was so handsome. He recognized me and then began scanning my body. I don't think he realised what he was doing. I could have stopped him, but I enjoyed the way he looked at me. I never wanted him to stop looking at me like that. I decided to help him snap out of it or we might not get anything done for the rest of the day.

Still with that dumb look, Max. I said.

He was lost for words. It was so funny to watch but I kept a straight face. He struggled to find what to say but he bounced back pretty quickly. He said something about calculations. I think that's his default mode. His comfort zone. I don't think this hunk of a man even knows how stunning he looks. And no, he is definitely not a robot. Just a guy that has little or no experience with ladies.

After our little exchange, we headed out with him letting me lead the way. I remember thinking that it was a nice gesture from him. That's when he exclaimed. I'm a very smart lady and I know when things happen because of me. I'm blessed with a backside that makes men drool. It lands me in trouble sometimes, just like the issue I had with Mr. Ben. He said that was the final straw that made him chase after me.

What? What is wrong? I asked him. I honestly thought he was hurt.

Then he said something about stones. There wasn't any stone in sight. I put two and two together. I guess my a.ss was the stone.

After a little persuasion, he agreed to have a drink with me. I realised that if I allowed Max to take the lead, it'll be a waste of time. All he cared about was books. That's all he knew. If I was to get him hooked on me, I'll have to take the lead,dropping hints here and there until I had him all to myself.

I found out Max was quite playful, though his jokes tended to hurt a little. I'm not used to having my faults pointed out. I hardly believe I have any. He didn't seem to be intimidated by me, like every other guy. In fact he was so in control that I was scared. He might actually be the one to make me long for him instead of the other way around. I could feel my admiration for him growing stronger.

He even gave me a nickname, though not intentionally, but I loved it all the same. When he first called me J, my heart fluttered. It made things appear more personal between us. He kept checking his wristwatch discreetly but I noticed. I decided to let him be on his way. I wanted us to see again and so I asked him. His reply made me glad. He wanted that as well.

As I was walked towards my hostel, I hoped he was checking me out again. Then I heard him call to me.

One more thing, J. He said

Yea? I replied

After the anger episode you displayed in that drink shop, who is the real Troublemaker between the both of us?

You, Max. You will always be my Troublemaker. I said smiling.

'My troublemaker'? I hope I don't appear desperate to him. I thought.

We both continued on our ways.

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Re: "Sweet Pain" by Darch: 7:33pm On Jan 04, 2017

I couldn't say I was familiar with the way I was feeling. I've never felt this way for anyone before. It felt so right, yet so confusing. I got home when it was almost dark. I got into my Lodge and received what I'll call a hero's welcome.

Max-o, Max-o my Lodge mates chanted. I almost ran out because my mind was still wrapped around Jessica and the sudden shouts frightened me a bit. The guys started coming one by one to Pat me on the back.

I never knew you had it in you, one said.

You are my hero, another said. Mock crying.

Please teach us,oh great master how you did it. Said yet another.

Guys,guys what is all this? I hadn't a clue as to what was happening.

Max-o, bro we all saw your handiwork this evening. Said Steve. Steve is my closest friend in this school. We became friends in our first year and have lived in this Lodge since then, though in separate rooms. I love my privacy, so I didn't agree to share a room with him or anyone else. He understood.

What handiwork? What are all of you talking about?

We saw you with Jessica, bro. He said.

I tried to recall the people I saw in the shop. Steve wasn't there.

But I didn't see you at the shop. And who are the 'we'? I asked.

All man for here. Person snap you with Jessica come forward am to another person. Then that person forward am to another... you get the gist? Here,let me show you, he replied.

He brought out his phone and showed me a picture of me and Jessica laughing about something. If I must say so myself, we both looked good in that picture. I didn't know whether to be flattered or angry at the person who took the picture. No wonder people were staring, obviously someone among them took the picture.

Guy delete that thing sharply. And all of you should remove the picture from your respective phones. I said to Steve and the other guys. It's disrespectful.

And miss seeing this epic capture? Impossible. In fact, I'm going to enlarge the picture and place it in front of this Lodge, so that everyone will know that the greatest lives here, one of the guys said.

Everyone burst into laughter. I laughed too because it was just hilarious. I shook my head and went to my door and opened it. I went inside with Steve following.

Wey your phone? Steve asked

For wetin? You wan send me the picture too? I replied.

No, I just wan check something. He said.

I gave him my phone and he began scrolling. He did this for a while.

Guy wetin u dey find? I asked

Her number na. Wey Jessica number?

Give me my phone Jor, I said,snatching it from his hand.

I didn't collect her number. I told him

Guy u dull true true. How will you be able to reach her now? He asked

Don't worry. We'll find ourselves again. I replied. By the way, why the thing come dey sweet you for body like this, which one come be your own?

Nothing o. I just dey happy for you. I never see you show interest where woman dey before,na why. I just want you to get it right with her. If you play am right, you fit chop am clean mouth. Maybe sef you fit pass am to me, as your mannest man. Steve said laughing.

I didn't find it funny. My fist was already prepared to punch his lights out. When he saw my countenance had changed, he back pedaled.

Bro na joke. I'm just playing with you. He said.

Don't make such jokes,its not cool. I replied. I need to get some assignments done.

Ok,later na. We're cool, right? He asked.

Sure,as long as you don't say anything disrespectful about Jessica. I replied.

Mr lover boy! Later dude. With that Steve left my room.

After doing my assignment, I ate my dinner and decided to sleep so I could read later in the night. But as I lay on my bed, Steve's words came to my mind, ''Mr Lover boy''. Was I in love with Jessica? But I had only met her twice. I picked up my phone and opened Google. ''Signs that you are in love'', I typed. The search results came out and I began to read. What I read what exactly how I felt. I put down my phone and stared into the darkness. And her face was all I could see.

I have a photographic memory, so I was able to recall exactly my time with her. Her smile, the way her eyes squint when she laughed. The signature high note of her laughter can make anyone laugh when they hear it. It's infectious. Her ruby red lips. Her perfect white teeth.

Oh Lord, I'm done for!

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Re: "Sweet Pain" by harameede99(f): 8:05pm On Jan 04, 2017
Guy u sure say dis is ur first?its so gr8 as in very nice for a first kudos to u nd i tell u m wit u on dis frm start to d end
Re: "Sweet Pain" by Darch: 8:45pm On Jan 04, 2017

All these happened a year and six months ago. Today we are graduates and employed. I got a job in one of the leading oil companies in Nigeria, while Jessica got a job in a bank.

We went on that date and many others and eventually I asked her to be my girlfriend. She said I took long enough to ask, and it was a yes from her. Our relationship waxed strong. Some people envied us while others were happy for us. Till today it still feels like a dream.

I had something important to discuss with, Jessica, so I informed her of my coming. I drove over to her house and made my way to her door.

Knock knock

Who's there? She shouted from within.

It's the landlord. I replied.

Opening the door, she stood with folded arms.

But I'm not owing you rent, Sir. She said

Actually the rent got increased this morning by 30%. So you see, you are still owing me. 

Is it just me or is everyone in this building affected too?

Everyone. But I can make an exception for you if you are nice to me. I said.

Hmm. I think I can handle that. I'm only concerned about my neighbours who have nothing to bargain with. She said.

Oh about that. I can always think of something for those two beautiful ladies living downstairs.

Have you used a knife to scrape your hair before? She asked

No. Why?

Because if you try what you just said, you will have a first-hand experience of what it feels like. She said.

I laughed so hard and grabbed her for a deep kiss. You know I love you baby.

I know, naughty man. She said walking back into the house.

I followed, closing the door behind me.

Sitting down in the living room, I scanned the all so familiar environment. I looked at our picture hanging on the wall. Then I admired her beautiful interior design all over again. My girl has good taste.

Something smells good. I think your neighbours are celebrating something. I said

I'm coming your favourite, she replied from the kitchen.

You can cook? When did this happen?

Keep up with the teasing and you won't have any of this food. Mr.Troublemaker


Ah! Sorry, no vex, I said while bringing out my phone to check the message I just received.


Interesting, I said to myself. What could this mean about my life being a lie? Well, let me humour myself and see what's inside.

What I saw changed my life forever.
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space booked. carry on Mr loverboy
Re: "Sweet Pain" by Darch: 10:41pm On Jan 04, 2017
How do I wake my spirit cold ?

We always say when our history’ s told

If only we knew the things we know

There’ s a question ages old

Let me down easy, let me down slow

If all good things ever come and go

Let me back down in a place I know

Hold the nail for the hammer stroke

* lyrics from Tall Heights, Spirit cold*


No, no, no.

I felt the chill first. Then came the sweat. My hands began to shake. My world was crashing right before my eyes and I was helpless to stop it.

My heartbeat was so heightened that I thought my heart was now in my ears.

In my hand, I saw a video of my Jessica, in all her glory, riding the di.ck of another man. How did I know she was the one, you might ask. Jessica has a birthmark on the top of her right a.ss cheek. It's big enough to go unnoticed. That aside, she has this high pitch sound which she makes only in the throes of passion. I couldn't miss that. Again, the hair style in the video matches the one she is having RIGHT bleeping NOW!

For crying out loud, she made the hair 4 days ago. So this act occurred not long ago. Did she make the hair for him? For his pleasure? What a fool I was to believe her when she said it was for me.

His di.ck glistened with her wetness while she moaned his name, Doug.

Doug? Doug? Where have I heard that name before?

Then it hit me. DOUGLAS! Her freaking first boyfriend! The guy who deflowered her. But she told me he was abroad. That means he came back and Jessica had been in contact with him. That in itself isn't so bad. Hiding that information from me was the crime.

Was she using me to pass time till he returned? Was she planning on leaving me? Did she ever love me? How could she play me like this? How stupid was I not to have noticed this? All these thoughts kept crashing over me like a wave. Her voice startled me.

Why are you so silent all of a sudden? It's unlike you to keep quiet for long around me.

I jerked at the sound of her voice and looked towards her direction. I couldn't see her clearly. I blinked my eyes and huge tears poured out. That was when I realized I had been crying. I saw the most beautiful lady ever staring at me in confusion. So this was never real, I thought.

JEEZ! She exclaimed. Max! You're in tears! She was greatly disturbed for some reason. Why would ordinary tears disturb her when she had already snatched my heart from my chest and squeezed it to powder?

Baby are you okay? She said rushing towards me to probably hold me.

Immediately my reflex kicked in. I literally jumped away from her.


Max, you are scaring me,she said cowering on the couch. What have I done wrong?

You see, I have never raised my voice at Jessica before,until that moment. And I never swore too. Seems like something came out with those tears. What it was, I didn't know yet.

Jessica, what did I do that you didn't give me a chance to fix? Now the tears were falling like a fountain. I didn't even know I could produce such amount of tears.

Then I played the video.

Ugh ugh ugh, yea baby.

Did you ever forget me, sweet pea? Asked Doug.

Mmnnh ohhh... I never forgot about you, Doug.

Stop it! Stop the video! Jessica screamed crying.

What happened next could only be described as sensory overload. It started from my ears. I heard a long, single line of static. My vision blurred. I was going down and I couldn't help it. My head hit the floor.

Like in slow motion, Jessica sprang to her feet, with hands stretched out, running towards me. From a distance I heard someone crying and calling for help. Its peaceful here now. At least I don't have to deal with the pain anymore.

Then the light faded and there was nothing.

Nothing but Darkness.

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Eeyah, J fell your hand big time.
Nice twist but we want more
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Aww pls dnt tell me dats d end its so sad donno y pple cnt b satisfied wit wah dey av
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Gud job! pls continue ......following.....
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Sounds of rolling tires on tiles permeated my ears. Chaos was all around me. I tried to open my eyes but was too weak. My mind was a confused sea of thoughts trying to make sense of what was going on.

My eyes opened, albeit little. The sky seemed to be moving at a high speed. No, that's a ceiling. I seemed to be on a stretcher.

Baby please, come back to me. I knew that voice but I couldn't quite place it. I slowly turned my head towards the direction of the voice and saw a beautiful woman running alongside the stretcher. She seemed to know me and she was crying. What reason is good enough to make this lovely lady cry? I thought. Then my eyes went to her hair. Something I couldn't explain caused my body to go into spasms.

Doctor! We're losing him! He's going into shock! A female voice said. Maybe she's a nurse.

I drifted in and out of consciousness.

Quick! Sedate him!

Darkness enveloped me again.


Beep Beep Beep

I heard a steady sound of precised frequency. It seemed to come from my right side. I tried to open my eyes and when I did,the flood of light hit me.

Ohhh, I said rather weakly, trying to shield my face. There was something attached to my hand and I was too weak to move.

Doctor! Doctor! He's awake, screamed a female voice from within the room. I wasn't alone here.

I was finally able to open my eyes. Just then a nurse came in.

Welcome back, Mr. Max ,she said smiling.

Just then a doctor walked in. He looked very young,probably 28 years old.

Hello, Max. For a moment we thought we had lost you. We're glad you made it. He said smiling.

I... clears throat.. how...

Nurse give him water, said the doctor.

The nurse brought a bottle with a straw and put the straw in my mouth, then I took a sip. I found out that I was very thirsty,so I began to drink in ernest.

That's enough, nurse,said the doctor. Let's not hydrate him too much.

The nurse too the straw away from my mouth. I was still thirsty.

Doctor, what happened to me? I asked.

You had a cardiac arrest, though a minor one. Said the doctor.

Cardiac what? I asked.

Arrest sir. It could have been fatal if you were brought in 15 minutes late. Even at the time you were brought in, stabilizing you was a huge challenge. I'm glad you pulled through. You are a strong man, Max. Said the doctor

Wow. Then I have you to thank, doc. Thanks for saving my life. I said.

I was only doing my job. But you can thank her, he said pointing towards the window. If she didn't act fast by rushing you here when she did, you would have been dead. The doctor said.

I looked towards the direction of his finger and saw her. Then it all came rushing back.

bleeping bitch! I screamed.

The heart monitor began to Beep rapidly.

Max, you need to calm down, said the doctor. That's your girlfriend. She brought you here, she saved your life,he continued.


Her eyes were all swollen and red. She began to cry again.

Please Max, let me stay. Jessica pleaded.

Go be with Doug, your precious Doug. I said trying to get up and remove the drip in my hand.

The heart monitor sound was still beeping loudly.

The confused doctor had to make a decision.

Nurse, please escort the young lady out of the room. She seems to be making our patient uncomfortable.

Please Max, I'm so sorry, Jessica called after me while being escorted out.

Then she was gone.

Beep Beep Beep

The monitor sound normalized.

You need to relax, Max. We wouldn't want your stitches opening. Said the doctor.

What stitches, I thought. Looking down I saw a big plaster on the left side of my chest. I hadn't noticed it prior to this time.

Sensing my confusion, we operated on your heart, Max. Said the doctor.

Will the scar it leaves be noticeable? I asked

A little. Replied the doctor.

How long was I out? I asked

Three days. You slept for three days. Said the doctor.

Please I need my phone. I need to attend to some work matters. I said.

No problem. I'll see to it that you get it. Get some rest, you are in the clear now. The doctor said.

He began walking to the door.

On more thing, doc, I began.

Yes, what is it, Max?

Get that lady of my visitors list. I don't want her anywhere near me, I said.

As you wish, Max. Said the doctor.

And he left.

I was finally alone. All that kept me company was my thought.

And the burning rage within me.

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Keep it coming following
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Space booked. Chilling with my bowl of popcorn and a bottle of chilled zobo.
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Keep it coming cheesy such an enthralling piece.
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I ran to Doug's house with so much joy.

Doug, I just gained admission to study accounting. My name name came out on the merit list. Have you checked yours? I asked

About that, Jessie. My admission to that American University came through. I won't be studying in Nigeria anymore as we planned. Doug replied.

I wasn't expecting that reply. I knew about his application to an American University but I thought it wouldn't work. We were supposed to go to the same University here in Nigeria.

Doug and I grew up together in the same neighbourhood and have been friends since childhood. When we became teenagers and started experiencing sexual urges, we decided to explore it together. We didn't have sex until we turned 18. But we kissed and did some light petting long before that time.

He was my first in everything and I was his. We learnt about our bodies together. I wouldn't say I was ever in love with Doug, but I cared deeply for him. We have never been apart from each other since we were kids, and now he was moving to another continent. I didn't want him to go and leave me all alone. It was selfish of me but still I didn't want him to go.

Doug, you will just leave me and travel? Why not wait till your masters,please? I whined

I wish I could stay, sweet pea. I just want the best education I can get. It's better I get it right from my undergraduate days. As soon as I'm done, I'll come back for you, he said holding my face with his two hands.

I was really going to miss him. He was the closest friend I had and also an intimate one. A tear rolled down cheek.

Don't cry, sweetheart. We'll keep in touch. It's not like I'm going into space or something. He said.

When do you have to leave? I asked

In three days time. I need to be in my school in time for the orientation. He replied.

The tears were now pouring out.

I want to make love to you, Jessie, before I leave. I want to leave with the sweet memory of you etched on my mind. I believe that will keep me motivated to return to you as soon as possible. He said.

I was already feeling so sad that I didn't have any reply for him. Then he started kissing me and after a while my body succumbed to his touch. He took me to his room and made love to me. After it ended,we cuddled for a while.

I need to be on my way now, Doug. Will you come see me before you travel? I asked.

Of course, sweet pea. I'll come to your house tomorrow or next.

I dressed up and he saw me off.

I went home feeling so sad. I felt so alone. I told myself that he was only going to be away temporarily, he'd return soon.

For the next two days I expected Doug. But he never came. I tried to call him but his number was unreachable. It was a week later that I received a call from an international number. It was Doug telling me he was now in America. I asked why he didn't honour his promise of coming to see me,but he said preparations were too much for him within those days to get away. He apologized.

I accepted his apology and we kept in touch. For months we exchanged mails. Then it stopped. My mails were no longer replied. At a point I stopped sending any more mails. I concluded that he had found a new life over there and decided to ditch me. I made up my mind to face my Academics and not have anything to do with any guy, at least till I'm done with school.

I was true to my commitment until I met Max.

It was like my sealed feelings were suddenly opened and I began longing for a man again, but I wanted that man to be Max. After his intervention on my case with Mr. Ben, I knew I needed such a man in my life. Making him notice me wasn't so easy at first but as time progressed he became more comfortable with me.

Eventually he asked me to be his girlfriend which I gladly accepted. I was already head over heels in love with him. The first time we made love in his school Lodge, that was when I knew I had found my soul mate. Sex with him was so good that I would have doubted he wasn't a professional with women if I didn't know him well.

He took me to Heights I never knew existed. Heck, Doug paled in comparison to Max. I came so much that the bed was soaked. I had found my man and I wouldn't let him go for any reason.


Phone rings

Hey sugar, how are you? I said into the phone

I'm good, J. What time will you be home today? There is something important I need to discuss with you. Said Max.

5pm is fine. Since you're coming, I'll have to branch to the market on my way home from work. I want to prepare your favourite. I said smiling

The woman after my heart. You just know the right things to say, said Max laughing.

My aim is to give you a pot belly. I said.

So that later you will say I'm no longer sexy? It won't work, Max said.

You will always be sexy to me, Sugar. I replied.

I'll see you by that time, sweet J. Bye . Max said

Bye, I replied.

The line went dead.

Max arrived by 5.30pm while I was cooking. I let him in and he started teasing me immediately like he always did. I love him for that. He knew how to make me laugh. Even though he's a quite man, he drops that whenever he's with me. I see a side to him that no one sees, his playful side. I went into the kitchen to check on my cooking.

At a point I wasn't hearing his voice anymore. I thought it strange because Max rarely keeps quiet around me. There was always something to talk about. I covered the pot after putting the last ingredient and decided to check on him.

When I stepped into the living room, I saw him hunched over his phone, looking at it with rapt attention. His shirt was soaked in sweat. His head and neck had sweat running down. Strange I thought because the fan was on.

I called his attention and it startled him. When he turned to look at me, I saw the most painful look I'd ever seen on his face. The pain seemed to originate from deep within. He blinked his eyes and tears poured out from his eyes. My gosh! I've never seen Max cry or even in such a state. I instantly needed to hold him, to comfort him and let him know that whatever the problem was, we would overcome it together.

He jumped away from me as if I held a snake towards him. I had to look at my hands to make sure I had nothing dangerous on them. Then he shouted at me to never touch him again. What just changed in the last few minutes? I wondered.

Max never raised his voice at me,even when we disagreed. He was the calmest guy I knew. His shout destabilized me and I fell on the couch he previously sat on, in fear. He looked enraged, like... like his life was over. I didn't, I couldn't understand what was going on. Even in his rage, I knew Max would never hurt me.

What have I done wrong, I asked him in a shaking voice.

Then he played the video that would rock my world, and no, not in a good way.


My phone chirped. I looked at it and saw a whatsapp message from an unknown number.

Hello stranger

Hi. Please who is this?

Your one true love.

Max must be playing one of his games with me again. But this isn't his number, or did he just buy a new line? I thought.

Max I know it's you. Your game has been spoilt even before It began. I typed

Max? Who is Max. So you have already replaced me,Jessie?

Only one person calls me Jessie. I always told people to call me by my full name.


At least I'm not totally forgotten. He typed.

How? From where? How did you get my number? I asked.

I went to your house. Your mum gave it to me. He replied.

Wait! You are in Nigeria? When did you get back?

Last week. He replied.

I can't believe my mum saw you and didn't tell me. I just spoke to her this afternoon. I typed

I told her not to say anything to you. I wanted to surprise you and it worked. He replied.

Wow. Are you back for good?

Nah. But I came back for you like I promised. He typed

I think you are late. I'm with someone now. I replied.

With the guy you mentioned earlier,Max? Anyway we'll talk more about it when we see. I'll come to your city in a few days to catch up with you. I'll notify you of my movements. He typed

That'll be great, Doug. I'm so glad hearing from you after all this time. I replied

Same here. Later, Jessie. He typed.

Bye. I replied.

Wow! Doug of all people? I decided to check his profile picture after adding him to my contacts. I recognized his face. He still looked handsome but more mature now.

I'd told Max about him, when we first started dating. Should I tell him about Doug's return? I wondered. No, not important. Since he said his return was temporary, no need. He'd soon leave again. I thought.

I remembered he said something about coming back for me and I laughed. Like I'm willing to give up Max for anybody or anything. He'd have to find himself another woman.

A week later, I realised that I needed to make a new hair because the one I was carrying needed to be changed. Max came around that evening so I decided to ask him for his input.

Baby, I want to make a new hair. Do you have any style you'd like to see on me? I asked

Of course. Why not do the style called mallam? I want to see if your scalp is shaped like a bicycle seat. He said laughing.

I punched his arm.

Shey na me find your trouble. I said

Somebody cannot play with you again? He said still laughing. But honestly I don't know any style to tell you. You look beautiful in anything. You are the most beautiful lady I've seen, he continued.

Flattery will get you all you need, Mr Max. You know I love looking good for you. I said

I know baby, I know. Just do any style, I'm sure it will be perfect on you. He said.

So the next day I went to a salon and made a new hair. When Max saw it he loved it. I love the way he looks at me all the time, like he want to ravish me every chance he gets.

Few days later, I got a call from Doug, saying he was in town. He said he was lodging in a hotel. I recognized the name when he mentioned it. He asked me to come meet him there. So I went, not knowing that that decision would cost me everything.

When I got to the hotel, I called him and he told me his room number. I know you must think I'm stupid, I think so too. But at that moment, I had no evil plan in mind, I was just going to meet with an old friend.

I got to his door and knocked. He opened the door and smiled when he saw me.

Hello sweet pea he said hugging me. Longest time.

He looked taller and more filled out.

Yeah, it's been long, I said returning his hug.

Please come inside. He said leading the way.

My gosh! Jessie look at you. You are now a supermodel. So all it took was for me to travel out? Unbelievable. He said looking me over.

What about you, you are looking good too. America must have been very good to you.i replied

What can I say? Please sit. He said. You want anything?

Water will do just fine. I replied.

What? You can't drink water on our very first meeting. He said bringing out a bottle of red wine from the fridge along with two glass cups

He popped it and poured the sparkling red wine into the cups.

So I heard you are an accountant now. Nice nice. You even came out with a first class degree. I'm impressed. He said taking a sip from his cup.

I beamed at his praise. It felt good to be appreciated.

Thanks. What about you, you studied business administration, if I remember correctly? I asked

Yes I did. Currently working in a company in the states. He replied.

So what brings you home, since it's temporary? I asked. Taking a sip from my cup.

You of course. I never stopped thinking about you. I didn't even let myself get distracted by any girl. I saved myself for you, baby. He replied.

His reply caught me off guard. I gulped my drink nervously.

Here let me refill your cup, he said, taking the bottle and topping up my glass.

But you stopped communicating with me. You expect me to believe what you just said? I asked.

You won't believe me, but I never forgot about you. I was in a tight spot academically. You know I'm not as brilliant as you are. I had to stop communicating with you because you were always on my mind. It didn't let me do any other thing. If I failed in school it would have been a disaster. So i cut off all communications with you. But you were never forgotten. I'd forget my name first before forgetting you. He said coming towards me and touching my cheek.

I took another long sip from my cup. Now my mind was buzzing and I wasn't thinking clearly. I don't take alcohol because I can't handle it. Max doesn't drink too, so it worked for us.

I never forgot the last time we spent together, he said. That was the sweetest experience of my life. It kept me in line all these years. I was and still am lost in you, sweet pea.

Remember what we shared. He said into my ear.

Then did I realise how close he had come to me. I tried to shift away but he gently held my waist. Turning my face to his, he said,

Baby, I love you. I never stopped.

I'm in love with another, I told him.

By now our faces were close to each other.

Let me remind you of something, he said. Tell me you don't miss this, he said giving me a soft kiss .

It was as if I was hypnotized. My mind screamed for me to stop him but my body felt weak to do anything.

He kissed me again and my lips parted for him. His tongue found its way into my mouth and then all reasoning escaped. Suddenly I was an 18 years old girl with Doug all over again.

Right there, we had sex. I Said some things only fueled by passion which cannot be unsaid.

When it was over, I felt dirty. I ran to the bathroom and scrubbed my body so hard, trying to wash off the stains of my infidelity. I rinsed my body and dressed to go.

When will I see you again, Doug said, with a satisfied grin on his face.

Never. I replied with as much contempt that I could. I have to go.

Now that's rather cold. You shouldn't say something like that to the man you love. He said.

Doug, I've never been in love with you. Yes I cared about you, and that is done with as of now. I made a terrible mistake by coming here. Please don't contact me again. I've hurt the only Man I love, who also loves me to bits, even though he doesn't know it. And he will never know. Stay away from me. I said.

Wow. So touching. Suit yourself then. He replied.

But of course, Max did know.


When he first played the video and I heard the sound of moaning, I thought he wanted me to watch po.rn. Then he turned the screen toward me. At first I didn't recognize anything, then it sunk in. It was me and Doug on the screen.

How did he get it? Doug must have recorded us and then sent the video to him. But why? Just to spite me?

Suddenly Max fell. His phone hit the ground and slid to a corner. I immediately ran to him. He seemed to have fainted. Fear gripped me and I quickly raised alarm. I started screaming and calling people, anyone, to help me. Luckily my neighbours heard my cry and rushed to my apartment.

I ran to the door and opened it when they knocked.

What happened? One asked

I don't know, I replied in tears. He collapsed. Please help me take him to the hospital.


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What a masterpiece of art!!! Nawa 4 u sweet jessie...
Re: "Sweet Pain" by Missmossy(f): 6:17pm On Jan 05, 2017
Awww so touching, love stories though. Ride on cheesy
Re: "Sweet Pain" by Darch: 8:39pm On Jan 05, 2017

Make way, make way! Said Jim.

Jim lived next door while the other guy who came with him lived opposite me. His name is Olu. Two ladies also came running to my apartment but they couldn't do anything to help, so they stood aside and looked at me with pity.

Guy I will carry his upper body while you carry his lower body, OK? Said Jim.

Ok, replied Olu.

My car is downstairs, let me get my key. I said running to get my purse.

This guy is huge. Your car won't carry all of us because we need to follow you to the hospital in order to help you carry him out. Let's use my car. Take my car key. You will need it to help us open the car when we get there. Said Olu.

OK, please let's hurry. I said pleading. 

The guys took their positions. 

One, two, three, Lift!

They carried him out and started towards the stairs. I hurriedly ran into my kitchen to put off the gas cooker. The food was beginning to burn. That's the least of my problems right now, I thought. Then I ran outside, locking the door behind me.

When I got downstairs, they were heading towards Olu's car, so I ran ahead of them to open the doors. Jim went into the back while Olu followed. I asked them to let me sit with him at the back.

The two ladies had already opened the gate for us. No wonder I didn't see them at my door when I came out the second time. I was grateful. 

Eyaa, sorry o. It's going to be alright one said when they came to the car's window. The other lady was just nodding in agreement. Thank you was all I could say.

Olu started the car and began to drive out. Jim sat with him in front. We made our way into the street on, then our way to the hospital.

Please drive faster, I said.

Ah! If I drive any faster we'll be flying. Replied Olu. I'm doing my best.

What did you say happened to him? Asked Jim

I couldn't tell them what exactly transpired now, could I? They'd see me as a monster, even though they won't be wrong.

I don't know for sure. Perhaps too much work. He stresses himself too much. I lied.

It's well o, replied Jim.

All the while I had Max's head on my laps. I was rubbing his head and silently praying to God to save his life. He looked so peaceful as opposed to the way he was a while ago. Then I remembered what led to this predicament and fresh tears ran down my cheeks. I really was a monster, I thought.

Oboi eh, Jessica, this your guy heavy o. E just be like say I gym. Olu said trying to make light of the situation. 

This is not the time to make jokes, I replied.

Sorry oh. He said.

Are we there yet? I asked

Two minutes away. We'll arrive in time, don't worry. Said Olu.

My mind wandered off again.

How could Doug do this to me? What is his aim? Obviously it's to ruin me. He has finally succeeded. God will punish him wherever he is, I swore in my mind. I was brought back to the present by Olu's voice.

We're here, Olu said. Sharp sharp, let's get him inside.

I didn't know what to do. I didn't know whether to join hands in carrying him or not. I just felt useless at that moment.

Run inside and get a stretcher and some nurses to help us, said Jim. He had been quiet all through the ride. He was a quiet guy.

I ran like a mad woman into the hospital.

Help nurse! Nurse! Nurse!

Calm down, Ma. Said a nurse running towards me.

Please we are outside, I began. Just then I saw the guys carrying Max into the hospital. Please bring a stretcher for him, I pleaded.

OK madam. Just stand aside. Said the nurse.

By this time another nurse came running with a stretcher and the guys lifted Max and laid him on the stretcher.

OK ma. You need to fill this form, the first nurse said, handing a form to me. Then you need to make a deposit first before anything can be done for him. She continued. 

What? No no, I have money. Just go ahead and treat him. Please.

Ma, we don't work like that. Hospital policy. Said the nurse.

I said I have money! It's in here, in my ATM. I will withdraw the money and bring it to you, I said waving my ATM card from my purse at her. If you let him die, I will sue you for all you have! I continued hysterically. 

Let me help, said Olu,touching my shoulder. Nurse, Dr. Tunde is my brother. Get him immediately and attend to this dying man. We will...

Max is not dying! He will not die! I reject it! I said immediately I heard that word from Olu.

Sorry oh, Ah. He won't die please. Said Olu. Nurse attend to him please.

Just then a young doctor came in.

Tunde please carry this dy.. I mean this man and take care of him. Said Olu.

What happened to him? asked Tunde

He collapsed. That's what his girlfriend said.

Nurse quickly, rush him to the ER!

They immediately got into action. They inserted drip into his hand right there in the hallway. Then they began wheeling him to the emergency room. I ran alongside them, holding Max's hand. Then Max moved. He opened his eyes a little and looked at me. I began to smile then his body started convulsing. 

No, no not again! I cried. 

Max! Max! I called him, crying loudly.

Doctor, he's going into shock! Said one of the nurses.

Quickly, sedate him. The doctor said.

The nurse brought out a syringe and stuck the needle in Max's hand. His body immediately became calm. By now we had reached the door to the ER. I tried following them inside.

Madam, said the doctor. You'll have to wait outside. We'll do our best for him.

Best? That sounded like something you'll say when you're unsure of an outcome, I thought. 

Doctor is he going to make it? I asked fearing the answer. My heart was already in shreds at this point. 

Like I said, we'll do our best. Please be patient, the doctor said. With that he went into the ER,shutting the door behind him.

I've never been more confused in my life like I was at that moment. I longed to be with Max inside that room but they said I couldn't. I didn't know what to do with myself.  My hands were on my head as I paced around the corridor. I looked up and down as I paced, at nothing in particular. Then Jim spoke.

Jessica, I'm really sorry for what happened. I believe he is going to pull through.

I could only nod as I never stopped pacing.

But we need to go to the ATM to make the withdrawal. You can give me and Olu your card to make the withdrawal for you if you wish, but I'll advice you to come with us. The change of scenery will help you feel better.

I didn't want to feel better. I wanted to suffer alongside Max. I'm the cause of all this! But stepping out could help me put things in perspective since there was nothing I could do from here to help Max. I thought.

OK, let's go. I said

We got into the car and started towards any available ATM. I checked the time and it was past 8pm. A good day ruined, I thought. I rested my head against the window. The evening breeze from the front windows felt good against my face, drying my tears.

Max said he wanted to tell me something important. I might never get to hear that anymore, I thought. Then I remembered Doug. That bas.tard is going to pay for what he did to me. I said to myself.

We're here, said Olu. Let's go get some MANAY! He said, trying to be funny.

This guy is never serious.

We climbed down from the car and went closer to the ATM. We met someone already using it.

Is it paying? Asked Jim

Yes. The guy replied. 

Ok,said jim.

We waited for the guy to finish with his transaction. But he kept bringing out one ATM card after another, so I snapped.

What is wrong with you?! Do you think we have all day? Dude this is not your father's house,its a public property. Do you business quickly and get out of there! I shouted at him.

Woah! Woah! Woah! Said Olu. Someone is about to get burned real bad.

The guy at the ATM stopped what he was doing and turned towards me.

Are you talking to me? You must be very crazy. If you needed money so bad, why didn't you come here before I did. Better respect yourself and wait your turn. He said angrily.

Bros no vex abeg, said Jim. She's had a very difficult night, he continued.

The guy looked at me again, shook his head and returned to what he was doing. Shortly he was done. On his way out he looked at me again like I was a crazy person.

Very effective. I support you 100%, said Olu grinning.

I went to the the machine and withdrew 50 thousand as down payment. Tomorrow I'll go to the bank and get the rest of the money, I thought.

We left for the hospital. When we go there, I went to the reception and paid the money and got my receipt. 

The guys stayed a while longer with me before saying they needed to leave. They offered to help bring my car in the morning, so I gave them my car key. Then they left.

I found somewhere to sit. I remembered my life with Max. From the very first time I met him. The ups and downs we went through together. And trust me, it was mostly ups. I remembered how he made me laugh. His compassionate heart. His selflessness. He didn't deserve what was happening to him in that room right now, he didn't deserve what I did to him. He didn't deserve any of them. I'd gladly trade places with him. I wanted to die for what I did to him. Fresh tears covered my face.

To be continued...


Re: "Sweet Pain" by harameede99(f): 9:05pm On Jan 05, 2017
Awwwn its so touching nd sad buh j bleeped up oo....jst because of few minutes enjoyment she ruined her happy relationship cos according to wah was dere he neva drugged her drink or anytin
Re: "Sweet Pain" by triplemmm3(f): 9:46pm On Jan 05, 2017
This story is interesting, Kudos to the writer. Following
Re: "Sweet Pain" by preciousuweh(m): 9:49pm On Jan 05, 2017
Awwwn its so touching nd sad buh j bleeped up oo....jst because of few minutes enjoyment she ruined her happy relationship cos according to wah was dere he neva drugged her drink or anytin
Right on point
Re: "Sweet Pain" by preciousuweh(m): 9:51pm On Jan 05, 2017
Thumbs up for you bro
Re: "Sweet Pain" by Darch: 9:53pm On Jan 05, 2017
Thanks guys. I get encouraged to write more when I see your comments.
Re: "Sweet Pain" by Ehmjay(m): 10:34pm On Jan 05, 2017
wink embarassed Bro pls why dnt yhu stop dz jessica part of recalling finz,it gettng d story less captivating.It a really nice story though but consider mai opinion bro...as we don dey ginger u up with comments,we fit c anoda update 2nyt
Re: "Sweet Pain" by agrovick(m): 11:47pm On Jan 05, 2017
wink embarassed Bro pls why dnt yhu stop dz jessica part of recalling finz,it gettng d story less captivating.It a really nice story though but consider mai opinion bro...as we don dey ginger u up with comments,we fit c anoda update 2nyt

Seconded... The recalling part is making the story monotonous, but if that's the way Darch can keep the story going then I go no worries.

Kudos Darch, following bumper to bumper. Story is 100 percent lit.
Re: "Sweet Pain" by xaviercasmir(m): 11:56pm On Jan 05, 2017
Intresting work you got here. Keep it up .
Re: "Sweet Pain" by Darch: 12:38am On Jan 06, 2017
The idea is to tell the story through their eyes. I'll write the story only from Max's perspective after this submission. I've already typed the last part of Jessica's story and I cannot delete it now. I hope you enjoy it.
Re: "Sweet Pain" by Darch: 12:38am On Jan 06, 2017
I must have slept off on the chair I sat,because I was awakened by the sound of rolling tires. They were wheeling Max out of the ER.

I instantly became awake and ran after them.

How is he, is he alright? Why did it take so long? I kept asking to no one in particular.

Just then the doctor came out from the ER.

Madam you are still here, he said.

Where else will I be, I asked.

It's late that's all, he replied. I thought you'd have gone home to return probably tomorrow.

This man is not making any sense, I thought. Perhaps the work he did in there have sapped all his brain power.

Please how is my boyfriend? Is he going to be alright? I asked.

Yes he is. It was actually a battle in there. Many times we came close to losing him. If you didn't bring him when you did, he would have died.

A chill ran through my spine on hearing the severity of the case.

Can I see him, please? I asked.

I'm sorry Madam, but he needs to rest. I suggest you go home and return in the morning. Said the doctor.

Not even a little peek at him? I whined

Don't worry about anything. We'll take very good care of him. Just come back in the morning. He replied.

I saw that he wouldn't let me near Max that night. But Since he said I'd see him in the morning, I'd be patient. So I picked my purse and left the hospital. I looked for a Keke and boarded one to my house. Everywhere was quiet. People must be asleep already, I thought.

I opened my door and went in. I locked the door behind me. Entering the living room I remembered the tragedy that occurred there earlier in the evening. I sighed and went into my bedroom. I removed my clothes and went into the bathroom. I freshened up and changed into my nightie. I went into the kitchen and checked on the food. This could have been enjoyed by Max, I thought. It was a little burnt, but still good. Perhaps Max may still get to enjoy it. So I packed it into a bowl with a lid and put it into my freezer.

I smiled when I remembered how much he loved my food.

I went into the living room to arrange anything that might have fallen in the course of tonight's incident.

I saw his phone on the floor. I quickly ran to it and picked it up. It was switched off. The hard fall must have switched it off, I thought.

What to do, what to do. I couldn't let Max see that video again. I need to delete it. I said to myself.

So I switched on the phone. When the phone booted completely, I went to his video folder but didn't see the video. Da.mn it! Where is that video, I asked myself.

Max couldn't have gotten the video unless it was sent to him. That means it was sent through the Internet. Voila! I felt like I had solved a secret mission case. I went to his blackberry hub and checked for any recent message.

I saw an email notification containing a download link. Good job, Jessica, I said. Maybe he decided to stream the video instead of downloading it, hence the reason I didn't find it in his video folder.

Quickly I deleted the email. Now that the source of the problem was gone, I'd have to try to win his love again by showing him how sorry I was for everything. This could actually work, I thought.

I plugged his phone to charge in case he needed it later. We both used blackberry so finding a charger for his phone wasn't an issue.

I went to my bedroom and lay down on my bed. I was so exhausted that I slept off almost immediately.

My alarm woke me up by 6 am. I took my bath and prepared to go to the hospital. I warmed his food for him, in case he was hungry. I was sure he was awake by now. I wore a particular dress he loves. He said it brought out my curves perfectly. Looking appealing to his eyes might help him forget the horrors he saw the previous day.

I picked up my purse, took my phone out and called my boss at the bank. I explained my predicament to him and he was so kind to give me the rest of the week off. I thanked him and set out to my car, that was when I remembered giving Jim and Olu my car key.

I knocked on Jim's door. On the fourth knock he opened the door.

Jessica, what's wrong? He asked.

Nothing. Actually everything is fine. Max had to undergo surgery last night,but he's alright now. I'm on my way to the hospital now. Please do you have my car key? I asked.

Oh, yeah sure. He replied.

He went inside and came back quickly. He handed the key to me.

I'm happy he's okay. Have a nice day, Jim said.

Thanks. You too. I replied.

I got into my car and drove to the hospital. Walking to the reception, I met the nurse on duty.

Hi. I'm here to see a patient. His name is Max. He was brought in last night. I said with a smile. I was feeling a little happy.

Sorry ma. Visitations start by 8pm.the nurse said.

That's not what I was told by the doctor last night! I was beginning to get irritated. I want to see my boyfriend now!

Madam, I don't own this hospital. I only work here, and this the way we operate. She replied.

Before I could say another word, doctor Tunde came out.

I'll take it from here, nurse. He said. Follow me Madam.

I followed him but not before giving the nurse the meanest look I could come up with. We passed through the female ward and then into the male ward. He led me into a big room where there were about 15 other patients.

Doctor, isn't there a private room here,somewhere? I asked

There is. He replied.

I want Max transferred there. I want the very best of care for him. I said.

It costs more, Madam. He said.

Money is not a problem. Just give me the bill and I'll return later today with the money. I said.

As you wish. But he will be moved later,when the next shift takes over. He said.

That works for me, I thought.

Has he woken up at all? I asked the doctor.

Actually, there's something I need to tell you. He slipped into a coma. His brain shut down due to what he passed through. But it will help him recover faster, said the doctor.

My purse and food flask fell to the ground on hearing coma.

Did you say coma? Did you operate on his brain too? What are you talking about?! I asked getting hysterical.

Madam. I told you last night that this was actually a battle for his life. You are lucky to find him still alive. It could have been worse. He said

When will he come out of it? I asked

It could be now, tomorrow or in a year's time. He said. There is no way to tell when a coma patient will come out of it.

My legs couldn't carry me any longer. I staggered and almost fell but for the timely intervention of the doctor.

Here, sit down. He said leading me to a chair.

Why me? Why me? I said sobbing. Why does he have to suffer what I did? I should be the one on that bed, not him. I said to nobody in particular.

You can sit with him and talk to him. If there is a particular book he likes you can read it to him or even play his favourite song to him. It will help him come out of the coma quicker. The doctor said.

I have to attend to other patients right now, Madam. Don't forget to collect your new bill from the nurse at the reception since you requested for the private room. I'll speak with her now. Have a nice day. He said. He picked up my purse and gave it to me

Don't worry about the flask and its wasted content. Someone will come clean it up. And with that he walked away.

One year? One year? That's all I kept asking myself. I'm worse than a monster. A man that was so happy yesterday is fighting for his life right now because of me. If he has to stay here for a year, then I'll be here with him all the way. I thought.

I got up and went to the reception.

I'm here for the bill. I believe the doctor told you about it? I said with a straight face.

Yes, hold on. The nurse said. She began writing something on a form.

Here it is, ma. She said handing the form to me.

300,000 naira it read. I folded it and put it in my purse and walked out. I quickly got into my car and let my emotions run free. I cried so hard my body shook. After a while I felt better and stopped crying.

I brought out the little mirror in my purse and retouched my makeup. Then I started the car and drove to the bank. I made the withdrawal and returned to the hospital. After I paid the hospital bill, I made sure Max was moved to the private room. When I walked into his room and saw him with tubes all over him, I hated myself even more. I couldn't stand the sight so I ran outside. I picked my phone and called the devil himself, Doug.

Hey baby, I knew you'd be back. He said.

As.sho.le! You have ruined my life! Are you happy now? Douglas are you happy now that you have destroyed my happiness? I screamed into the phone.

Hey! Hey! Hey! I have no idea of what you are saying. He said.

The devil couldn't at least own up to his deeds. What a piece of sh.it!

Doug, you made a sex video of us and sent it to Max! Stop feigning ignorance! I insisted

Honestly, I don't know what you are talking about. Yes, I made a recording of our time together, but that was for my personal view. How did you even know about it, no one was supposed to know except me. He said defending himself.

I didn't know what to believe. If Doug didn't send the video, then who did? I couldn't deal with this right now.

You are still a lying piece of sh.it, Doug! Thunder go still fire you. Just wait. And I ended the call before he said anything else.

I went back to Max's room and sat with him. I talked to him, sang to him but he lay there not moving, only breathing. At least he isn't dead. I'm grateful he's still alive. I thought.

For the next two days, I stayed with him. I went to his room everyday. I decided to sleep over on the third day, so I arrived at the hospital in the evening. After gisting with him, reminding him about some funny stories from our University days, I fell asleep. Then a miracle occurred early the next morning.

I heard his voice, though it sounded dry.

My head sprang up immediately and I looked at his face. His eyes blinked and he tried to cover them from the sun. Max was awake! MAX WAS AWAKE! I couldn't believe it. I had already made up my mind that it'd take a full year before he came to. This was a miracle!

I quickly called to anyone available, screaming that he was awake. Then I went to the window and covered the blinds to shield his eyes from the early morning sun rays. The nurse and doctor came running in almost immediately.

I stood by the side, with my hand covering my mouth in unbelief. Tears ran down my eyes. I whispered a thank you to God for saving his life and returning him to me.

Things didn't go as I imagined because when the doctor pointed towards me and Max looked at me, he became agitated when he recognized me. He asked them to send me away. I thought I could feel no more pain but I was wrong. My spirit felt crushed. He looked at me with so much hate. Max always looked at me with admiration. His eyes were always undressing me. Now he looked at me like I was a contagion.

I called to him to see if he'd reconsider letting me stay, but he kept shouting that I be sent out. He really wanted me gone. With my purse in my hand, I ran out of the hospital in tears. I got into my car and wept. I'll kill Doug, I swore.

I cleaned my eyes with my handkerchief, started my car and drove home.

I got a call later in the day and it was from the hospital. I became scared that something bad had happened to Max, but I was assured he was alright.

Is he asking for me? I asked In hope.

No ma. That's not why I called. Said the female voice on the other side. He wants his phone brought to him, she continued.

OK. What about food? I asked

Yes you can bring him food as well. She replied.

Alright I'll bring them shortly. I replied and the line was cut.

I brought out the food I cooked for him from the fridge. I've been saving it for him. Then I warmed it and put it in another food flask. The previous one cracked when it fell in the hospital.

I mentally checked my previous activity with his phone and concluded that all dam.ning evidence was removed. So I dressed up and left for the hospital with his phone and food.

When I got there, I was told I was no longer on his visitors list. How much disappointment will I face today, I lamented.

At least take his food to him. I said while also handing them his phone.

I sat down on one of the chairs around and waited to take the empty flask home when he was done eating.

Sorry ma, but he rejected the food,she said handing me the flask. He said he doesn't want anything from you, that you should let him be. Said the nurse.

What? This is preposterous! I said.

If Max doesn't want to see me again, he has to say it to my face. I stood up and pushed her aside and started walking to his room. When I got to his door, I opened it.

Max honey, I know you are angry with me, but please don't shut me out. I want to be here for you. I said kneeling by his bedside.

In the coldest voice I've heard, he replied me.

You were there for me in the past, see where it got me. It got me a hole in my chest, he said looking at the plaster on his chest.

Is it when you kill me that you will be satisfied? He continued. Please go and be with Doug, I've made peace with that. He finished.

Tears streamed down my cheeks.

Sweetheart, there is nothing between me and Doug. It was just a stupid mistake on my part. Please let me make it up to you, I said pleading.

There is nothing between you two? That makes it even worse. That means you threw 'Us' away over nothing. He said. I'll like to be left alone, he finished.

Max, I'll respect your wish of wanting to be alone, but I won't leave you. Even if it means coming here everyday without seeing you. I love you and I'll forever do. I said. I got up and left his room. I walked back to the reception and picked up the flask that I left there and went to my car. I started it and drove home in sadness.



To be continued...

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