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Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 1:16pm On Jan 09, 2017
"My heart made its choice, and it chose you".
-Colleen Hoover.
Hamdalah and Abdur Rahman have something in common. They both face the deep pain of losing their loved one and they both seek their heart desires.
Fate brings them together and they see that they cannot live without each other.

Chapter One
Hamdalah walked to Al-Amqar library after closing from her work place. As she walked along the road path, she listened to Sheriff's motivational talks with her ear piece and watched people perform several activities. It had become part of her daily routine to watch people on the road.
As she did so, she imagined how people have different lives to live. Some sold their goods while others drove. Hamdalah examined them and saw that people have right to their happiness.
Hamdalah wanted to borrow a book from the library. It was that written by her mentor; Sheriff Ali. 'Learning from Pain' is a fabulous book that teaches people how to face their pain and learn from it. She had always wanted to read the book and since it was Thursday, she planned on borrowing it from the library to read during the weekend.
The public library was just opposite the road but Hamdalah decided to stop by a shop for a bottle of cold drink.
She walked swiftly to the shop, her black veil soiled from the sun's heat and her long pleating skirt moving along with her.
The shop was filled with different buyers but Hamdalah walked her way through the crowd to quench her thirst.
"Can I have a bottle of yoghurt?" Hamdalah said to the seller but she noticed that her voice had chorused with another.
She turned to see a man standing beside her. They both laughed at what happened but their eyes seem to lock with each other.
Hamdalah thought that she had seen the most handsome man on earth. He wore an expensive suit and his tie was weary due to his tiredness. His eyes were just beautiful and his smile was captivating.
Abdur Rahman had drove to the public library after work.
"You really need that book Abdur Rahman. I guess you should borrow it from Al-Amqar's library. It's at the drive back home". Mansur had said a night before.
Abdur Rahman decided to borrow the book on his way home from work. Thirsty and dehydrated, he decided to buy a cold drink before walking to the library.
When Abdur Rahman's face met with Hamdalah, it was a difficult task to lower his gaze. He had seen countless of beautiful muslim ladies but Hamdalah was just different.
Her face lit up in the sun and she had a shy smile on her lips. It was like something magical had happened because for seconds, Abdur Rahman didn't know where he was or what had happened to him. He managed to regain himself and greet the damsel standing beside him.
"Asalam 'alaykum". he smiled at her.
"Wa'alaykum salam". Hamdalah replied.
"I'm really sorry but there's only one bottle of yoghurt remaining. You guys asked for it at the same time and I don't know who to give it to". The seller said matter-of-factly.
"Don't worry Ma'am," Abdur Rahman shrugged, "You can have the bottle of yoghurt".
"Seriously, I'm just okay. I think you should take it".
"I also insist you take it". Hamdalah said relentlessly.
Abdur Rahman took a moment to think of how to handle the situation. He had a brilliant idea.
"Do you have disposable cups?" Abdur Rahman asked the seller as she brought it out.
He divided the yoghurt into half and gave Hamdalah her own share.
Hamdalah couldn't stop but think of the awesomeness of the man. He wasn't only handsome but he also had a good character.
She tried to shrug off the memory of the unknown man as she crossed to the other side of the road and entered the library.
"Good day Ma. Please, I want to borrow a book written by Sheriff Ali. It's titled 'Learning from Pain". She spoke to the librarian over her table.
"Alright. Please fill in your name and basic information. You are to return it in a fortnight".
Just then, Abdur Rahman entered the library to see the same woman borrowing the book he came there for.
She might be beautiful but I won't give up on this book just like I did for the yoghurt. Abdur Rahman thought to himself as he walked up to meet them.
"It seems we are meant to bump into ourselves everywhere we go today". Abdur Rahman joked as he placed his hands on his pockets.
"Yeah", Hamdalah smiled shyly, "I just came to borrow a book". Her gaze met his and she pulled away blushing.
The sweat on his handsome face made him more lovely and he let out a sigh from his tiny lips. It was something that swept her off her feet. She tried to forget the feeling and remain her composure before they noticed what had just happened to her.
"This is the only one we have in our collection". The librarian plainly said.
"I guess we can't divide the book into two halves". Abdur Rahman chuckled.
"You would have to wait till two weeks for this lady here to return the book. Why don't we do this? You'd contact yourself and get the book from her when she's done. What I clearly know is that the book will be returned in a month's time...You can also fill in your details sir".
Abdur Rahman gestured to Hamdalah to see if she concurred and she nodded in agreement.
As he filled the form, Hamdalah placed the book in her bag and set to leave.
"Thank you". She said to the librarian and walked out of the library knowing full well that the man would be after her.
He at least needs my contact so that he can get the book in two weeks time. He needs to stop me! She thought to herself, trying to fight the tension from her mind.
And just then did he call after her. "Hey!" he yelled trying to meet up with her.
Hamdalah's heart leapt. She almost jumped off her skin. She struggle to fight off the redness of her cheeks but it was still apparent.
"I should at least have your contact. Do you mind?"
"Um...no". Hamdalah said absent-mindedly as they exchanged phone numbers.
"I'm Abdur Rahman".
"Hamdalah". She smiled at him.
He entered his car and drove out of the street while she walked in the opposite direction.
However, they both had something in common. There was a big smile plastered to their faces as they parted ways.

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Re: Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 10:58am On Jan 16, 2017
Preview of last week's episode
Hamdalah and Abdur Rahman met on their way to the Al-Amqar's public library but they seem to be very attracted to each other. They bumped into themselves on different occassions and the straw that broke the camel's back was when they had actually come to lend the same book.
Hamdalah and Abdur Rahman exchanged contacts so that they would each benefit from the book but a smile is seem to linger on each other's face as they parted ways. Why do you think so?
Happy Reading!
Chapter Two
It was late in the night. Hamdalah, on their night dress sat on her bed and stared at Abdur Rahman's number for the millionth time. Strangely, she found staring at his contact very interesting, the way his name was being saved along with his phone number.
She felt the urge to click on the 'call' button but she wouldn't dare.
Why would she say was the reason for her to call?
Hamdalah felt very strange and unusual thinking of an unknown man but she just couldn't help it.
Do I like, have interest in him? No! Never! He may never see me the way I do to him . Hamdalah fought the thought out of her mind.
"Hey you!" Maryam, Hamdalah's elder sister snapped her fingers of her.
Hamdalah came back to reality as she watch her sister raised her eye brow in question.
"Oh...when did you enter the room?"
Maryam ignored her question. "You've been acting weird since you arrived from work.
"What happened?" She questioned Hamdalah as a big sister.
"Nothing really. It's just...forget it". Hamdalah shrugged.
"Really? Well, I'm not willing to forget it. Tell me". She insisted.
Maryam had been Hamdalah's closest friend and elder sister. After their Parents death, they lived with their Aunt's family and they've always cared for each other.
"I met this man at the library today and there's something wonderful about him. I can't keep my mind off him no matter how much I try to". Hamdalah pouted her lips.
"Who can't you keep your mind off?" Zara laughed as she interrupted their conversation by entering the room.
"It's nothing Zara".
"It should be o. My engagement ceremony is in two weeks time and Maryam would be next in line. You should start repairing for yours so that you wouldn't be the remaining adult at home".
Zara was Hamdalah and Maryam's cousin. She was the only daughter to their Aunt and in turn, they lived together in one house.
The two sisters didn't like Zara because of her bluntness and arrogance.
Her marriage was fixed in a month's time and the whole family have known no peace because of that. Maryam's marriage was also immediately after hers and Hamdalah was the only one left to find her own husband.
"It's not like I'm complaining". Hamdalah retorted.
'Yes", Maryam said, "Leave Hamdalah alone".
"I'm not holding her before. I'm just concerned that she's hardly connected with someone. Hamdalah hardly receive calls like we do and I see it as being strange". Zara bluntly said.
"Look Zara, the reason why I don't want get admirers like you is because men truly know my worth. A large percentage of men that disturb you do not truly love you but they are only after your physical qualities. It takes a good man to know a good heart and a woman that truly believes in love. The fact that I don't have admirers like you does not make me strange. It only means that a perfect man who knows my worth is somewhere in store for me and we would meet ourselves by fate". Hamdalah admonished Zara.
"Love by fate indeed. Goodnight everyone". Zara grimaced as she brushed her hair as she left the room.
"That was really nice of you. You managed to shut her up". Maryam laughed.
"Yeah. She needs ten times that".
"Uhumm. You've not told me about your new admirer". Maryam gave her sister a knowing grin.
"There's really nothing to talk about". She turned around to cover her light pink coloured face.
"Alright then. If you don't want to talk about him, you can at least drop your phone and go to bed. Remember you have an early morning interview with the C.E.O of Beep Publishing company.
'Oh yes. I almost forgot". Hamdalah switched off the light and placed her phone beside the bed.
She had given up. Abdur Rahman was never going to call that night. More so, she had interview to do the next morning and she needed to wake up at the late part of the night for prayers.
Hamdalah worked as a journalist in the Guide Newspaper house. She had loved journalism right from when she was young and she derived passion in her chosen profession.
Hamdalah laid on her bed and closed her eyes but instead of sleeping, her mind played back to the little time she spent with Abdur Rahman . She had never felt that way towards any man before...but the question she has was "Did he feel the same way?"
* * *
Abdur Rahman was bothered about the same question.
Why do I think of her so much like this and what if she doesn't feel the same towards me? It would be just love from one side. He sighed deeply as he there his fork back to the plate in disappointment.
Maryam jumped up in fear as he furrowed his eyebrows at Abdur Rahman. They sat on the dining table and ate dinner but Abdur Rahman had been absent minded. He picked at the food while deep in thought.
Mansur watched his mood and wondered what could be wrong with his friend.
Mansur and Abdur Rahman were close and childhood friends and they lived together in the same house.
'Whoa! Are you okay?" Mansur asked concerned.
'Why would I be when my mind can't stop thinking of her". Abdur Rahman yelled as he raked through his hair in frustration.
His mind wandered to her captivating smile, her wide black eyes and her full lips soiled with strawberry lip gloss.
"Hamdalah?" Mansur asked, knowing it would be the lady his best friend could stop talking since he returned home.
Mansur chuckled. "That's a good sign."
After Abur Rahman went through the pain of losing his mother, he felt that there was no essence of getting married when love ones would still be lost.
It was the first time that Abdur Rahman was attracted to a woman and Mansur saw it as a good sign.
"I don't think she likes me".
"You can't be so sure of that". Mansur said.
Abdur Rahman looked at his phone and attempted to call Hamdalah but he fought the urge.
'Goodnight Mansur". he got up from the chair.
'What the heck! My food is going to waste".
"Not to worry Mansur. I'll eat it tomorrow". He took the plate to the kitchen and covered it.
Abdur Rahman walked to his room but all he could think of was Hamdalah.
What do you think of Hamdalah and Abdur Rahman? Do you think that they would both discover that they actually feel the same to each other?
...to be continued
Re: Love By Fate by waliyarh01(f): 10:28pm On Jan 16, 2017

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Re: Love By Fate by Lolsd: 4:33pm On Jan 17, 2017
still chilling

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Re: Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 10:51am On Jan 22, 2017
Chapter Three
Preview of last week's episode
Hamdalah and Abdur Rahman feels strange and unusual because their minds seem to be locked towards each other. They don't understand if love could be that strong that it would overtake them just like that.
They both had the same doubtful thought of whether they felt the same way.
Hamdalah got up very early and after saying her morning prayers, she got ready for the exclusive interview.
Abdur Rahman was scheduled to be interviewed by a journalist.
Monday was the beginning of the week and a fresh start for new achievements. Abdur Rahman smiled at himself in the mirror while he dressed up for work. During breakfast, he wrote his daily activities as well as his plans for the week in his journal.
Mansur sipped his coffee while he stared at his friend. He looked very different.
"Now what Mansur? Why can't you keep your eyes off me?" Abdur Rahman asked while he still wrote in his journal.
"You just seem very happy this morning... and you look different" He smirked.
"Thanks man. Can you get back to your food?" Abdur Rahman rolled his eyes at Mansur.
Mansur raised his hands in surrender, laughing very hard. "Of course"
* * *
Hamdalah read "Learning from Pain" in the taxi that took her to Beep Publishing Company.
She couldn't stop smiling since she woke up and Maryam had given her a suspicious look before leaving the house.
Smiling, she got down from the taxi and adjusted her red veil while entering the company. She had never been to Beep Publishing Company but it was a very popular and renowned company and most of all, she was going to speak with the C.E.O.
"I have an appointment with your Manager please". Hamdalah approached the secretary.
"You are Hamdalah Mustapha?"
"Yes I am".
"Okay. Please give me a minute ". The petite secretary said as she made a call.
"You can see him Ma. You have to enter the office over there" She pointed to a large door.
"You are always welcome". She smiled at Hamdalah.
Hamdalah entered the large office and wondered the reason why a single person would occupy such a big office. It was very beautiful and nicely decorated . The whole accessories in it was made of blue and white colour.
Hamdalah couldn't stop but stare at the whole office in awe.
When she got to his table, the C.E.O turned his seat aback while he spoke on the phone. She waited patiently for him to finish his telephone conversation.
When he turned to face her, they were both shocked to see themselves again.
It took seconds for Abdur Rahman and Hamdalah to finally realise that they were actually seeing themselves again.
"Whoa! You're Hamdalah Mustapha?"
"And you're Abdur Rahman Ibrahim?" They both laugh at themselves.
Abdur Rahman was very excited to see Hamdalah again. He knew he was definitely going to see her but he hadn't expected it to be so soon.
She looked very beautiful in a red veil. She wore a black gown and red blazers but he didn't fail to notice how elegant she looked.
Hamdalah had thought she was dreaming but she was well aware that she was standing in front of the very man who had taken her breath away.
"Well, Asalam'alaykum. Please take your seat".
"Wa'alaykum salam" She replied as she sat down.
"You're really a journalist?"
"I wouldn't be here if I'm not one". Hamdalah grinned from ear to ear.
He let out a chuckle."I didn't figure you out as a journalist".
"I also didn't figure you out as the Chief Executive Office of Beep Publishing Company".
"Seriously, I didn't imagine you as a journalist"
"Why?" Hamdalah frowned but it didn't take a second to turn into a smile.
"Journalists are creepy" He said matter-of-factly.
"Really. If I was really creepy. I would have created a news that the C.E.O of Beep Publishing Company borrowed a weird book from a public library". Hamdalah laughed as he joined.
"Wait and see. Are we still having this interview?".
Abdur Rahman sighed in dissapointment . He was so enjoying the conversation.
"Okay. Why don't we grab a cup of coffee at a cafeteria and have the interview". Abdur Rahman suggested as they both walk out of the office.
* * *
Abdur Rahman and Hamdalah had their interview at the company's cafeteria. They didn't finish till it was Zuhr (the afternoon's prayer) where they went to a nearby mosque to perform salat (prayer).
After prayers, they returned back to back to the cafeteria and this time, they had lunch.
"So I took over my father's company. I'm helping him run his business while he lives in London. You read journalism in school?"
"No. I actually read Accounting".
"I went to school of Journalism after graduating from the university. It's a course I have deep passion for".
"That's nice. So tell me, why did you borrow Learning from Pain?" Abdur Rahman asked.
"I'm a big fan of Sheriff Ali. I love his books and I listen to his motivational talks very often. What of you?"
"My best friend introduced me to the book .It's the first time I'm hearing about the author. You know, I'm not a big fan of reading. Do you have some of his audios on your phone?"
"Oh yes. I can send it to you. Give me your phone". Hamdalah said as she collects the phone and sends the audio.
Abdur Rahman was quiet for a while as he watched Hamdalah get busy with the phones. He let out a deep breath as he thought of how to tell her that the reason why he wanted the book was because of the deep pain that he still felt inside of him.
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Re: Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 3:19pm On Feb 08, 2017
Chapter Four Of Love By Fate
Hamdalah blushed openly as she made pizza in the kitchen. She felt uncomfortably cheerful not just because she just received a call from Abdur Rahman but because Maryam, who sat on the cupboard of the kitchen wouldn't let her be. Maryam gave Hamdalah a suspicious smile as she grinned widely, trying to concentrate on what she had in front of her.
"Maryam?" Hamdalah grinned shyly as she stuck some strands of her hair beside her ear.
"Yes. I'm just happy that the pizza would be very delicious today". Maryam smirked.
"Why do you say so?".
"Because you're happy".
"Why do you think so?".
"Oh stop the questions small sis. We both know that it's because of Abdur Rahman" Maryam bluntly said.
Hamdalah's face turned redder as she turned back focused on what she was doing.
"You're very lucky Hamdalah. I've not seen Abdur Rahman in person but with what you've said about him, I know that he is religious, handsome and very rich.
Hamdalah, he's the C.E.O of one of the most successful Company in Nigeria".
"That's the main reason why I'm nervous. He's kind of too perfect for me. How can I think that he would be interested in me. I'm just a simple journalist with no house of my own and who go about in public transport". Hamdalah grimaced.
"It doesn't matter Hamdalah. You don't have to think that way. I have an idea. Why don't you invite Abdur Rahman to Zara's wedding ceremony. Since you're to give him  the book in two weeks time, you can use that opportunity to give him the book".
"I don't think that's a good idea," Hamdalah protested, "We're not that close".
"Give it a try dear". Maryam passed the phone to her, "Call him now!"
"Okay". Hamdalah took the phone nervously and dialled his number.
Abdur Rahman picked immediately. "Hello Hamdalah". His melodious voice struck through her whole body like an electric shock.
It took seconds for Hamdalah to gather what she was about to say.
"Hello. You there?" He noticed the silence.
"Yeah. My cousin's wedding is in two weeks time and I'm wondering if you would like to attend the wedding ceremony. I could use that opportunity to give the book". Hamdalah bit her lip in anxiety.
"I would love to see you in two weeks time"
"Bye Hamdalah". He hung up.
Hamdalah grinned at her sister as she held her breath in delight.
She wanted such moment to always happen.

What do you think of this chapter? Why do you think Hamdalah is so happy? Watch out for the next episode.
Re: Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 3:41pm On Feb 17, 2017
Chapter Five
Two weeks passed in a haste. While Hamdalah was very busy with the wedding preparation, Abdur Rahman looked forward to seeing Hamdalah's family.
It was finally the wedding date. Abdur Rahman was dressed in a kaftan and cap. It was the outfit that he always love to wear on special occasions. He usually got them ordered from India.
Abdur Rahman gave a last look in the mirror, like he always did before he goes out. He looked at himself and saw the young picture of his father. He had the same small bright eyes, handsome face, dark skin and tall stature.
"Abdur Rahman!" Mansur startled him. He called from the living room.
Abdur Rahman hurriedly wore his wristwatch and came downstairs.
"You called me". He walked to Mansur who sat on the sofa watching TV.
"Hmm". Was all he said.
"I'm used to you," Abdur Rahman shrugged, "Are you still bent on not attending the wedding?".
"Yes I am". Mansur replied flipping through stations with the remote.
Mansur dropped the remote and faced his friend.
"I want you to spend time with Hamdalah. You can even express your feelings to her today".
"Oh well. You can even get to see her".
"I don't have to. I'm sure that my best friend will never make a bad choice". He grinned.
"Okay then. See you later Mansur".
"Go for it. Bye!".
* * *
Hamdalah, Maryam and their Aunt's family prepared hard for the wedding ceremony.
It was a stressful work for Hamdalah but she did her best to make sure that Zara's wedding come out as a success.
The guests arrived in no time and the wedding ceremony began.
Hamdalah and Maryam walked the bride to the altar as they imagined how their day would be.
Hamdalah had spent time scanning through the crowd but Abdur Rahman was nowhere in sight.
"Thanks a lot. You're more than sisters to me. I love you so much". Zara said as she hugged both of them.
"You're welcome dear. We can do anything for you".
"I'm also sorry for always troubling you Hamdalah. I promise to never do that again".
"It's okay Zara. Now go meet your husband. He's waiting eagerly for you". Hamdalah patted her as she walked to the altar looking very radiant.
Hamdalah pictured herself as the pretty bride walking down the altar and then, Abdur Rahman smiling at her and thinking of how happy they would be forever.
As she drifted out of her daydream , she remembered him again.
She scanned through the crowd again but he had still not arrived.
"Chillax," Maryam said sensing her tensed mood, "He's going to come".

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Re: Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 2:55pm On Feb 20, 2017
Chapter Six
Hamdalah sat in the living room and watched TV with her family. She hadn't been herself after the incident at the wedding. It took a long time before she confessed to Maryam the reason for her sadness.
She had given up on Abdur Rahman.
Despite Maryam's attempt to convince her, she never accepted that he could ever love her.
I was so stupid to fall in love with him. I always knew that we were different and that he'd never see me the way I do.
Hamdalah thought as she scowled at the TV. Everyone raised their eyebrows at her.
"Are you okay Hamdalah? You've been acting really weird for days now". Her Aunt asked concerned.
"I'm fine Aunt." Hamdalah said as Numan entered with a parcel.
Numan was Hamdalah's younger cousin and he was only twelve years old.
'Here's a package for you sister Hamdalah. A man came here saying that someone has sent it to you". he gave her the package covered with red designs.
'Who would have sent it". She murmured to herself as she surveyed the gift.
"Dunno. It probably would be from a boy". Numan chuckled.
"Go back and continue your assignment". Her Aunt dispersed him as he left the living room still chuckling.
Hamdalah went inside the room to open the gift. She felt very nervous as she untangled the gift wrapper.
Who can do this be? She thought.
In it was a silver box and a hand written letter. She decided to first open the letter. It was written by Abdur Rahman. It read:-
Dear Hamdalah,
As you read this, I'm currently on my way to London. I so much hate to leave Nigeria but I have to see my dad. He's the only one I've got and I have to make him happy.
I really don't know why I have this strange feeling leaving you behind for just a period of time. I haven't experienced this before and I don't know why I am now.
More so, I don't know why I feel this way or why I even decided to write to you.
I have something really important to tell you when I come back but till then, I hope you take good care of yourself.
Yours Faithfully,
Abdur Rahman.

Hamdalah couldn't control the tears that swelled her eyes when she read the letter. What baffled her more was when she opened the black box.
In it contained the most sparlikng silver bracelet that Hamdalah had ever seen. Hamdalah wore the shiny bracelet and cried deeply. She was happy that Abdur Rahman had sent it to her.
Maryam entered the room to see her sister smiling and crying at the same time.
'What happened? Who sent you this?" Her eyes popped open as she touched the sparkling bracelet.

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Re: Love By Fate by Alennsar(f): 5:34pm On Feb 20, 2017
ma sha Allah. good writeup
Re: Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 1:49pm On Mar 01, 2017
Chapter Seven
Hamdalah tried to live normally without bothering about Abdur Rahman. She had loved peacefully before he came into her life, so why would he change everything in a sudden?
Hamdalah worked on the news on her table but it was hard concentrating. She needed to visit the new consultancy firm so that she can have an interview with the Manager.
"Miss Mustapha". The secretary knocked.
"Yes...come in please". Hamdalah drifted back to consciousness.
The secretary entered. "Sorry to disturb you but Mr. Wale wants to see you". She said.
"Thanks". Hamdalah said as she left.
Hamdalah walked out of her office to see her boss. Mr. Wale was the head of Business and Finance and he had employed her. Mr. Wale had always been a source of motivation. He never insulted or queried her but he encouraged and appreciated her hardwork. Hamdalah respected him more than anyone in the office.
"Good day Sir". Hamdalah greeted as she entered his office.
Mr. Wale was not alone. he had a young man of her age sitting in front of him.
The young man had a smile plastered to his face and he stared at Hamdalah when she entered the office. That made her a little bit uncomfortable.
"How are you Hamdalah?"
"I'm very fine Sir".
"Are you set to have an interview with the Manager of the consultancy firm?"
"Yes I am. I've prepared the set of questions and I thought that you should review them before I leave". She handed him a file.
He scanned through the document and nodded. "This is just okay Hamdalah...Oh, pardon my bad attitude. Hamdalah, this is my cousin Zayn and meet Hamdalah, my co-worker". Mr. Wale said.
Mr. Wale was a tall dark man in his mid-thirties. He was happily married with three children. Zayn was just a young version of Mr. Wale.
"Nice meeting you".
"Nice meeting you too". Hamdalah gave him an awkward smile.
"I've actually said a lot about you to Zayn. That is why he was very desperate in meeting you in person". Mr. Wale said.
"Oh" Was all Hamdalah could say, "Well sir, I should be on my way now".
"No Hamdalah. I have a big surprise for you". Mr. Wale grinned sheepishly as he winked at his cousin.
"What could that be?"
Mr. Wale brought out a white envelope.
"To satisfy your curiosity, the letter contains your promotion. I am pleased to inform you that you are the assistance chief editor of business and finance section.
Hamdalah squealed in delight.
"Alhamdullilah(All praises are due to Allah). Thank you so much sir for your support and encouragement, and for choosing me to work with you". She held her mouth in excitement.
"You're always welcome Hamdalah. I would always be proud of you".
'Thanks a lot Sir. I should be on my way now". Hamdalah set to leave but was stopped by Zayn.
"You are super excited Hamdalah. Why don't I drop you off" he suggested.
Hamdalah looked at Mr. Wale's face for a reply and he nodded with a smirk.
* * *
Hamdalah rolled her eyes in frustration as Zayn talked about himself and his achievements.
The drive to the consultancy firm was a long one and she wished that they would arrive there in no second.
"I studied petroleum engineering from the university of canada and I was opportune to get a good job with the help of Allah. I actually came to Nigeria in seraph of a wife that I would take along with me to Canada". Zayn said as he turned the steering wheel.
"Uhm" Hamdalh replied.
"So, are you single?"
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Re: Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 1:09pm On Mar 06, 2017
Chapter Eight
Hamdalah cooked earnestly in the kitchen for the whole family. They had decided to celebrate her promotion by eating her delicious meal.
"It's not fair. I shouldn't be the one cooking today". She stared out of the kitchen for the fifth time, where the rest watched TV.
"It's so unfortunate that you're the best cook". Her Aunt said as everyone giggled.
"You should own a restaurant. You have passion for cooking just like journalism". Someone mocked her.
Hamdalah grumbled in response. She knew that it would be one of her little cousins.
Hamdalah made fried rice, salad and baked chicken for the whole family. She also made pancakes.
"Hamdalah, your phone is ringing". Maryam called from the room.
"Who is it?"
"I don't know". She walked huskily to prevent Hamdalah from missing the call.
"Keep the phone with you next time". She threw the phone at Hamdalah and walked out of the kitchen.
"Hey! Asalam 'alaykum".
"Wa'alaylumu salam". Please who's this?"
"It's me, Zayn". The responder said.
"Oh. How did you get my number because I don't remember giving you".
"I got it from Mr. Wale". She heard a light chuckle and she held her fists in anger.
"About my request, I was wondering if we could go out during the weekend. Just say any place you wish to go and I'd take you there".
"I'm sorry but I told you my reasons".
"Yes I know, but I think you can shift out a little time during the weekend". He protested.
"I'll see what I can do. Bye".
"Bye Hamdalah".
* * *

Hamdalah narrated Zayn's incident to Maryam and she listened attentively.
"Hmm". Maryam commented as she laid on the bed, placing her hands on the pillow.
"Hmm. Is that all you can say?" Hamdalah rolled her eyes at her sister who didn't say a word throughout the narration.
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Re: Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 8:14am On Mar 12, 2017
Chapter Nine
Hamdalah had received flowers from Zayn throughout the year. It was finally Saturday, which was the day fixed for their date. Hamdalah dressed up for her date but all she could think of was Abdur Rahman.
She remembered the first time they had met and the way he smiled when talking to her, and the way they laughed.
They hadn't spoken since he arrived London and Hamdalah had fought the urge of missing him.
He doesn't love me...but...why would he send the bracelet? Hamdalah stared at the bracelet again. It was as sparkling and beautiful as it has always been.
She knew that it must have cost him a fortune to get one.
"Zayn is at the living room". Maryam giggled as she entered the room.
Hamdalah eyes almost popped out of its socket.
"He's very cute and respectful. Aunt have been having chat with him for minutes now". Maryam grinned excitedly.
"Okay. I guess I'll just go meet him there". Hamdalah carried her bag but Maryam hugged her.
"You look very pretty sis. I hope you make the right choice". Maryam cried as she felt her sister's cheeks.
"Me too. See you later Maryam". Hamdalah pulled away from her, trying to resist the tears that was demanding to flow.
* * *
"You love the food?" Zayn asked, putting a slice of chicken in his mouth.
He had taken her to a very fancy restaurant and they both ordered paella and chicken.
"I love it. It's just that this place is too expensive".
'I'm not complaining. I can do anything for you Hamdalah". Zayn said as he sipped his wine.
The two ate their food in silence and when they were done, they drank their wine and discussed.
"Hamdalah, I'm a straightforward person and I would tell you how I feel about you. I love you so much Hamdalah. I love you from the first day I set my eyes on you and I'm willing to spend the rest of my life woth you. I want us to get married Hamdalah".
Hamdalah spilled wone on her veil as she hearc the last statement.
'You said what?" Hamdalah asked again.
"I said that I want to get married to you. Please say yes. We would get married and leave for Canada. Please Hamdalah, say yes. Will you marry me?"
"Uhm...y..." She was about to let out the three lettered word when her phone rang.
"Please excuse me". Hamdalah left her seat while Zayn nodded in dissappointment.
It was Abdur Rahman calling. As much as she was angry with him, she felt very excited seeing his call.
Smilimg, Hamdalah answered the call. "Asalam 'alaykum Abdur Rahman".
"Wa'alaykumu salam. I'm really sorry for not calling for a while".
Really? I'm happy hearing you again. Hamdalah felt unusually excited and agitated hearing his thick voice.
There was something about him that was just different from other men.
Judging from his voice, she knew that he was also super excited.
"Whatever". She rolled her eyes.
"Seriously Hamdalah, I'm super sorry. You don't know my dad. Whenever I'm with him, I hardly do anything. We would gist like kids and talk about every aspect of our life".
"Hmm. That's nice".
"Yeah. So, where are you?"
Hamdalah almost fell to the ground. If only he could notice how tensed she was.
Why would he ask her such a question?
"Hello? You there?"
"Ah yes. How are you?"
"I'm very fine. Are you okay?"
"Are you sure Hamdalah? You sound different".
"You don't have to worry about me Abdur Rahman. You need to have a good time with your dad...in London". Hamdalah frowned.
"Okay. Well, I have a good news which is not really new to you. I'd be back to Nigeria next week Insha Allah" he said cheerfully.
"That's sure good news. Looking forward to seeing you then...less I forget, Maryam's wedding is next week and I'd really love it if you attend".
"Okay then. Insha Allah, I would attend. Bye Hamdalah".
"Goodbye". Hamdalah hung up the call and walked back to the restaurant.
She caught glimpse of Zayn and she couldn't help but stare at him.
He was still the handsome and simple man she had met two weeks ago. He sat nervously on the chair and shook momentarily, his small lips quivering words she couldn't decipher.
She knew that all he wanted was for her to return with a 'yes' response...but how could she say so when she didn't love him. He was very loving and he had a good heart but she couldn't see herself falling in love with him.
Hamdalah couldn't control the tears as she walked back to her seat.
Zayn's eyes grew wider in anticipation as he showed his sparkling white teeth.
His smile turned into a frown as he noticed her wet eyes.
"Are you okay Hamdalah?"
"Yes I am". She sat on the chair.
"Then why are you crying? Who called you and why do you look so different?" he furrowed his eyebrows in concern.
"I'm okay. About your response, I'll think about it but I really need to go home now". Hamdalah said.
"Okay, if that's what you want". He picked his car keys and paid the bills.
Zayn studied Hamdalas's mood throughout their drive home and he wished that he could help her...only if he knew what bothered her.
He felt very disappointed for her hesitation to respond to his request but he had to make her happy. He would be patient till she gets better.
Hamdalah didn't want to hurt Zayn's feelings but she knew that sooner or later, he would learn to accept the truth.
Re: Love By Fate by Alennsar(f): 12:38pm On Mar 12, 2017
subhanallah love is really strange
Re: Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 5:40pm On Mar 25, 2017
Maryam's wedding preparation was more tasky than that of Zara.
It was wedding season for the whole family and everyone got busy with its activities. Maryam didn't have time for Hamdalah as she worked effortlessly to make her wedding a success.
That was why Hamdalah didn't confide in her before splitting the truth to Zayn.
It was the worst days for her as she felt that she had broken someone's heart.
"I'm sorry Zayn. I can't marry you". She had blurted out the bitter but real truth.
"Do you love someone else?" his voice choked in anger.
His tone changed in an instance to an unhappy one and she felt that he was crying.
"Yes". Hamdalah cried.
'Does he know how much you love him?"
"I don't know...I don't think so".
"I guess he must be really special then".
"I'm very sorry Zayn for hurting your feelings. You're a good man and you deserve a better woman who would love with all of her heart. Hamdalah sadly said.
'Okay. Thanks for letting me know the truth". he said and ended the call.
It was the last time she heard from Zayn. She knew how devastated he must be feeling but in love, we sometimes have to let go.
Hamdalah used the period to read the Qur'an and ponder on its meanings. She opened a new book and started to read.
When she resumed work the following Monday, she met Mr. Wale at the doorstep and she tried to prevent herself from fidgeting.
She had rejected his choice and she never knew if he would ever forgive her for that.
"Asalam 'alaykum sir". Hamdalah greeted nervously.
"Wa'alaykumu salam". Can I see you now?" Mr. Wale dugged his hands into his pocket.
He looked just the way he had always been but Hamdalah still felt scared because of what had transpired between she and his cousin.
She followed sheepishly behind as he walked to his office.
'Have a seat Hamdalah" he signaled using his hand.
"Thanks". She sat on the seat that felt like boiling steam.
"My cousin told me what happened".
"Yes, and I'm pretty sorry. I didn't mean to break his heart sir. I wish I love him". She pleaded.
"You don't have to be. You did the right thing. You deserve to be with someone that would make you happy". Mr. Wale said.
"I still apologize for rejecting your cousin's offer. I know that he'd be angry with me". Hamdalah cried.
"The truth is always the truth. I should be sorry for trying to match make you. I wanted a responsible woman for my cousin. That was why I did it".
'Thanks for understanding sir. I really appreciate it".
"It's alright Hamdalah. One thing I admire about you is your courage and braveness. You always stand for what is right and that is a very good thing," he smiled, "Tell me, is there someone who has stolen your heart?" he smirked.
"Well sir..." She played with the edge of her long veil.
"You don't have to be shy. We're more than co-workers. We're friends". Mr. Wale placed his hand at the tip of his jaw, expecting more from her.
"Yes sir...but the problem is that he doesn't know about it". She frowned.
'Tell him how you feel".
"Yes Hamdalah. I'm sure he must have noticed your attraction towards him and he might feel the same way. Some men can be daft that they don't know when to propose to a lady. I'm an example. It took my wife courage to approach me, and that was when I discovered how much I love her". He smiled, thinking of the old days.
"How is Fatimah, Aisha and Muhammad?" She asked of his children.
She had last seen them when she attended Muhammad's naming ceremony. They were nice and lovely kids and Mr. Wale would be glad to have such wonderful children.
"They are fine and very stubborn. Muhammad is the most stubborn. He is the only male child and he is bent on breaking everything home". He laughed loudly.
Hamdalah laughed. "Makes me dream of having my own kids".
"I'm serious Hamdalah", he said maintaining his point, "It might sound awkward but you lose nothing by expressing your feelings. If you don't say it, it might remain like this and if you do and he doesn't feel the same way, then let go, All is fair in love".
"Okay Mr. Wale. Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate". Hamdalah said.
"You're always welcome. Whenever you need any advice, just come to me. I'll always be there for you". He said and she left his office with so much peace and happiness.
* * *
When Hamdalah got home in the evening, she met her Aunt making her lesson note in the living room.
Her Aunt worked as an English teacher in the community's secondary school.
"Asalamu 'alaykum Aunt".
"Wa'alaykum salam. How was work?"
"Alhamdullillah (All praises to Allah).
"Who is that guy, Zayn?"
"He is fine Aunt. I need to take a rest now". She quickly entered to prevent further questioning.
Hamdalah met her sister in the living room, getting dressed to go out. She greeted her reluctantly as she dropped her bag and laid tiredly on the bed.
"Hamdalah", Maryam said wearing her earrings, "You look very moody these days and I'm not happy about it. My wedding is in three days time and you're acting really weird. I don't care if it is Abdur Rahman or Zayn. All I know is that you must look happy for my wedding". Maryam said as she carried her bag and left the room.
Hamdalah sighed deeply as she opened her laptop and inserted her modem. She went to Ola Matem's site and read what she wrote about expressing one's feelings as a lady.
...You don't express your feelings like that to a man. He'd get scared. Let it be one at a time. Express it indirectly. Make him your friend and make him interested in you.
If you express your feelings to him in an instance, he would get scared and run away ): ...

A/N: Please, please and please. I know I have to apologize for being absent for approximately two weeks. I'm really sorry...I'm too occupied with NYSC activities that I've not had time for my blog.
Well, the good news is that I'm fully back with loads of exciting and thrilling writings to blow your mind away.
Another great news is that 'Love by Fate' has just two episodes to go...yay! I'm sure y'all are glad to hear that. A new and exciting novel series is coming up and it'd be just as thrilling as 'Love by Fate'
Thanks to those who cared about reaching out to me and wondering why I was absent. Also to those who eagerly asked for the next episode. To all my lovely fans who sacrifice their time to read and follow this novel series, I say a big thank you to y'all.
The nitty wall also takes its fans as number one priority. Your satisfaction is therefore what we aim at.
Have a great day lovely fans.
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Re: Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 3:35pm On Mar 28, 2017
Episode Eleven
It was Maryam's wedding and the whole family was happy because they finally see the fruits of their labour.
'Ah. After this and that of Hamdalah, I know that I'd finally rest from wedding preparations". Her Aunt said tiredly as she packed the snacks into a cooler.
Hamdalah was very happy that her sister was getting married to the man of her dreams. However, she was sad that she would miss her sweet sister because she was finally going to live with her husband.
Abdur Rahman didn't arrive that week and he couldn't attend Maryam's wedding. He apologized to Hamdalah for his delay. She felt sad and disappointed but she had to forget about him.
She was going to focus on her sister's wedding and make sure that she enjoyed every part of its celebration.
Maryam was dressed as the most beautiful bride. Hamdalah wished that her Parents were alive to see such special day but she knew that Allah is the best of planners.
Hamdalah herself looked very beautiful and dashing. She stared at herself in the mirror and imagined how special her day would be. They drove to the wedding hall and Hamdalah kept on staring at Maryam.
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Re: Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 10:21am On Apr 03, 2017
Episode Twelve (Finale)
It was two weeks after the wedding and Hamdalah had gotten used to living without Maryam and Abdur Rahman.
Maryam was now married and Abdur Rahman may never come soon. She had given up on him or believing his flimsy promises.
Since she was promoted as the Assistant Chief Editor, she had more work to do and this made her busier than before.
Hamdalah worked diligently and did her best to pull all members of her department along.
It was Wednesday morning and Hamdalah supervised the works performed by all members of her department. Dressed in a long blue gown and gold veil, she had a coffee in one hand as she went through a file on one of the worker's desk.
He came in by surprise and Hamdalah hadn't expected to see him that soon, not even showing up at her work place.
Hamdalah caught sight of someone walking towards her and she turned to see the person she had longed to see.
He was dressed in his usual shirt tucked in a jean trouser. His dark hair neatly combed and creamed, and his skin looking fairer than before. His big black boots brought out his tall height and his hand was a pack of red flowers.
He had a plastered grin on his face and like Hamdalah, he seemed to have swept the whole crowd off their feet as they gazed at him in awe and admiration.
It took a great effort for Hamdalah to prevent the cup of coffee to slip off her shaky hand. She has no doubt that she was seeing the real Abdur Rahman. He was the only one that could make her that nervous and wobbly.
"Asalamu 'alaykum Hamdalah". He stood in front of her, flashing his biggest grin.
"Wa 'alaykumu salam". Hamdalah said shyly, not just because the love of her life is in front of her, but because of the crowd of workers staring at them.
'Here is for you". he gave her the bouquet of flowers.
"Could we at least go to somewhere more private?" Abdur Rahman said as Hamdalah dropped the flowers in her office and followed him out of the building.
Abdur Rahman was very happy to see Hamdalah again. He remembered how incomplete he had felt without her and he was glad to have her by his side.
"You love her Abdur Rahman. Tell her how you feel". His father had motivated him.
When he landed in Lagos, he took it as his first priority to stop at Hamdalah's work place and propose to her.
When they sat in the nearby restaurant, he felt a chill to his spine when he saw the bracelet he had sent her on her wrist.
While they drank their milkshake, Abdur Rahman talked about his stay in London and the nice time he had with his father.
Hamdalah pretended to be interested in the conversation but all she thought of was how to tell him how she felt about him.
"...That was how my holiday went". He said, finishing his story.
They both grew nervous all of a sudden as they hesitated to talk.
Hamdalah coughed. "Abdur Rahman?"
"There's something I want to tell you. I just don't know how to put it and how you'd feel..."
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Re: Love By Fate by abefe99: 9:36pm On Apr 07, 2017
jazakumllahu kairan
Re: Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 10:12am On Apr 08, 2017
Wa iyyakum
Re: Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 1:27pm On Sep 18, 2017
(Bonus Episode) #1

**After the Wedding**
Hamdalah still in her lovely wedding dress, held hands with Abdur Rahman as they ran swiftly into the car, in the midst of waves and cheers from the audience.

When they were finally on the road, she smiles satisfactorily, resting her head over his shoulder and holding his hand firmly with hers.

It was like a dream. She was finally going to be with the love of her life Abdur Rahman. She stares at the ring on both of their hands and she can never imagine any thought better than that...the fact that they're married.

"Baby", Abdur Rahman murmurs as he kisses her, "You know how I've longed to do this... to have you all to myself".

"Yeah, same here". She blushes shyly, returning his kiss.

"So what next?"
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Re: Love By Fate by MissRelly: 10:37pm On Sep 19, 2017

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Re: Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 1:39pm On Nov 30, 2017
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Re: Love By Fate by itsandi(m): 2:54pm On Nov 30, 2017
Interesting story smiley Please continue... Enjoy other cool stories on Tushstories via


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I hope your week ends with a bang!
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Wow... Nicely done.... How come I'm now reading this.

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Re: Love By Fate by mareeam802(f): 2:17pm On Jan 01
Wow... Nicely done.... How come I'm now reading this.

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