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Romance / 80 Good Morning Sms For Him/her by 360crest(m): 9:04am On Apr 30, 2020
Want to bright up the day of your friend, family member, relative or spouse ? the best way to draw a smile on there face is a well-written heartfelt Good Morning SMS or message, wishing the person all the good things there is in life, expressing how precious and dear the person is to you,
Of course, coming up with something unique and well articulated can be quite a pain, we decided to save you those stress.

A smile is like a Sim card & Life is like a cellphone Whenever You insert the Sim card of a smile, A beautiful day is Activated ? Good morning & Keep smiling

One day Monday went to Tuesday too see Wednesday and ask Thursday wheather Friday has told Saturday that Sunday is a Fun day…. Good morning…

So the SUN Can Rise… Flowers Can Blossom… Birds Can Sing… Bcoz All R Waiting 2 See Ur Beautiful *~SMILE~* GOOD MORNING

In A Cool-Cool Morning A Hot Coffee For U There Is No Cup & Coffee? Your Cell Is Cup & My SMS Is COFFEE.. Wish U A COOL Morning

It is the same life whether we spend it crying or laughing.. Good Morning..

view more -> https://truelovemessages.com/80-good-morning-sms-for-him-her/
Health / Rice Water For Hair Growth by 360crest(m): 2:37am On Feb 01, 2020
Rice water contains vitamins B, C, and E which help in hair growth, in this article i would share some DIY (Do it your self) tips which you can carry out once or twice a week and you would notice a sharp increase in your hair growth.

This method is tested and proven, it doesn’t affect your hair color nor your hair it self, i would recommend you give this method a try, and join the list of those who would testify

1. Wash your hair with shampoo

There are different type of shampoo out there, some of them are cheap and affordable some are quite cost and efficient, i would recommend you use anyone you find affordable or perhaps cost effective

2. Rinse thoroughly with water from the tap

Rinse your hair with running water, while you scrub all sides of the hair, to make sure the shampoo goes of completely.

Gently scrub with your finger from back to top of your head.

3. Pour rice water onto the hair

Par-boil rice, and leave to cool off completely, then pour then water on your hair, bending your head down.

4. Massage the rice water into the hair and scalp

5. Leave it for up to 20 minutes

6. Rinse the hair thoroughly using warm water from the tap

All done, thank me later

Source : https://104fashion.com/rice-water-for-hair-growth/

Webmasters / Re: I Need To Design Site Like by 360crest(m): 2:31am On Feb 01, 2020
check out this site and tell me if you like it - https://104fashion.com/ i can build something like that for u.
Webmasters / Free Web Design Tutorial - The Complete Wordpress Website Beginners Course by 360crest(m): 12:42pm On Nov 11, 2019
Hello everyone, Good day.

My name is Oziri Emeka Emmanuel, I am a web developer and a Software engineering.

I would love to introduce us to an online course I recently lunched on udemy.com


Please guys the course is completely free, you don't have to pay the regular $200 subscription fee, all I request is we enroll in the course and drop our honest star rating.

The course has 7hours of video playback

62 lectures and you get a certificate on course completion.

Udemy is recognized all over the world, your certificate can be verified anytime with your cert.id

Please let's keep the love going.

Just a five star rating for my efforts.

In the course you would learn how to build a website using WordPress with absolutely no coding experience.

I taught all about the nooks and crannies of WordPress like tho we didn't have any prerequisite knowledge of building a website or about WordPress.

In the course we built 3 type of website, and also worked with local development environment where we used XAMPP which most of us are already familiar with.

In exchange for my hard work and my continues effort to help others learn for free, all I request is we drop our honest review after enrolling in the course.

Thank you all in advance.

Fashion / Latest Ankara Gowns – Current Ankara Styles 2017 by 360crest(m): 1:51pm On Apr 25, 2017

Fashion / Re: Male Fashion - 70+ Cool Agbada Styles For Male by 360crest(m): 8:20pm On Apr 20, 2017
web address is incorrect.

Tanks bro.... Corrected
Fashion / Re: Male Fashion - 70+ Cool Agbada Styles For Male by 360crest(m): 4:17pm On Apr 20, 2017
No Ankara styles for men??

Please visit .. http://www.toomanystyles.com they are even senator suites styles you would love.
Fashion / Ankara Gowns – Top 10 New Ankara Styles by 360crest(m): 2:33pm On Apr 20, 2017
They have been some trending new ankara styles aroind the hood, and i felt like sharing us these faboulus ankara gowns, its infact the newest style we have in the internet.

Visit link below to view and download all 10 photos.

Source : http://www.toomanystyles.com/ankara-gowns-top-10-new-ankara-styles/

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Fashion / 10 Latest Short Gown Styles 2017 by 360crest(m): 1:20pm On Apr 19, 2017
Do you have a flare for nigerian gown styles,nigerian dress styles or ankara fashion, well then you are just at the right place , here are 10 latest short gown styles 2017

Visit source to view all.

Source: http://toomanystyles.com/10-latest-short-gown-styles-2017/

Religion / Re: Lagos Government To Execute Rev King And Others On Death Row by 360crest(m): 4:33pm On Apr 18, 2017
I heard abt his pending execution when i was in jss3 2006 and now i am tru wit my university program and here is anoda bushit story of his pending execution .. If nah person rob fone nah newspaper wnt pick it... Dats y it pays to be an internal thief.
Health / 15 Healths Benefit Of Eating Cucumbers by 360crest(m): 4:17pm On Apr 18, 2017
Cucumbers are fruits with alot of health benefit’s, in fact eating cucumbers almost every time could cut your risk of having cancer, And helps to keep you hydrated through out the whole day.

They are several health benefit of eating cucumber and today we shall cover 15 health benefits of eating cucumber.

1. Cuts the risk of cancer
Eating at least one cucumber per day cuts the risk of having cancer by 80%.

2. Keeps you hydrated
Cucumbers is 96% water, thus eating two or three cucumber is quite equivalent to a glass of water.

3. prevent heartburn
After eating proteins food like bean, eating cucumbers helps to prevent heartburn, believe me you, eating cucumber prevents heart burn alot.

4. Stop itchy skin and sunburn
pick a big long dark color cucumbers, cut from the inside out, and rub the inside surface on your skin, it helps to prevent sunburn and also if you have an unknown itchy skin.

5. Gives you vitamins A, B and C:
eating cucumber or drinking it as a fruit juice empower your body, and nourishes your skin.

6. Nourishes the skin:
Possess magnesium, silicon and others to help nourish your skin.

7. Helps fight kidney stone and flushes out toxins:

Eating cucumbers helps fight against kidney stone the 96% of water helps to flush away toxins and other harmful substance in the body.

8. Helps in weight loss
You would loss significant weight if you replaces your snacks with cucumber.

9. Helps to fight blood pressure
Eating cucumber helps fight against low and high blood pressure.

10. Smooths hairs and nails:
silica found in cucumber helps in the better growth of your nails ans hairs.

11. Keeps kidney in good health condition:
it lowers the rate of uric acid in the kidney thus keeping the kidney in good shape.

12. Best for patient with diabetics:
It poses some hormone that is needed by the cells in the pancreas to produce insulin.

13. Reduces the rate of cholesterol:
Sterol found in cucumber helps in the removal of bad cholesterol that may cause great damage in the body

14. Revives the eyes
Research shows that placing ice chilled sliced cucmber on the eye, helps in removing puffiness and under-eye bags.

15. Refreshes the mouth:
the water in cucumber helps to heal diseased gum, thus keeping your breath fresh.

Source: http://www.ashfarmsnigeria.com/15-healths-benefit-of-eating-cucumbers/
Fashion / 10 Amazing Short Ankara Dresses 2017 by 360crest(m): 3:55pm On Apr 18, 2017
​love short skimpy dresses ? Are you a fan of short ankara dresses, do you love short ankara gowns and style… Well here are 10 random must see short ankara dresses.

Click source link below to view complete list.

Source link: http://www.toomanystyles.com/10-amazing-short-ankara-dresses-2017/

Webmasters / Re: Webmasters/bloggers Let's Share Our Website URL And Get Traffic by 360crest(m): 2:20pm On Apr 17, 2017
Health / 25 Must Know Foods High In Potassium And There Percentage by 360crest(m): 1:26pm On Apr 17, 2017
Depending on your current health condition you might need foods high in potassium or low potassium diet, which ever case you find yourself, it is very essential to know foods with potassium, how to get them, plus there percentage.

it is very important to know the percentage rating of potassium in foods we eat. for instance People who take thiazide diuretics, often used to treat high blood pressure, may need more potassium. That’s because thiazide diuretics promote potassium loss from the body. Steroids and laxatives also deplete potassium.

Other drugs used to lower blood pressure, including beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors, raise potassium levels in the body, also people with kidney problem should reduce there daily potassium in-take.

you see!! the above are just few reasons you need to know and identify foods rich in potassium and also less in potassium so you know what one to eat, and what one to totally avoid. for instance, people treating high blood pressure should totally avoid Winter squash, sweet potato and yogurt which contains (896, 694, and 579 mg of potassium respectively).

Here’s how many milligrams (mg) of potassium you’ll get from these potassium-rich foods:

Click source link below to view - list and there percentage.

Source: http://www.ashfarmsnigeria.com/potassium-rich-foods/
Fashion / Male Fashion - 70+ Cool Agbada Styles For Male by 360crest(m): 1:15pm On Apr 17, 2017
If you like this image click the link below , share your views and share post.


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Webmasters / Re: Webmasters/bloggers Let's Share Our Website URL And Get Traffic by 360crest(m): 10:29pm On Sep 14, 2016
Fashion / Please Rate This Unique Danshiki Style For Female by 360crest(m): 10:25pm On Sep 14, 2016
Hello Very one i wanted to share this latest and trending fashion style, please rate kiss

Want more style like this ? Visit -> http://www.stylesonstyles.com/

Fashion / Nigeria Wedding Aso Ebi Style by 360crest(m): 8:31am On Dec 04, 2015
If you like this image click the link below , share your views and share post. [http://stylesonstyles..com.ng/2015/12/nigerian-wedding-aso-ebi-styles.html]

Education / Re: 5 Ways To Gain Self Confidence When Shy by 360crest(m): 7:49pm On Aug 25, 2015
Hello Mr Emmanuel. Please i need your contact

pin:26572A3D: and mynumber 09098200893 - Neon Emmanuel. 360crest@gmail.com - email
Webmasters / Re: 6 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Blog by 360crest(m): 12:23pm On Aug 20, 2015
Came here to buy land .
. . . . . . . . . .. . And this land . . . . Well lemmi leave the rest for others .
Education / 5 Ways To Gain Self Confidence When Shy by 360crest(m): 11:17am On Aug 20, 2015
How To Gain Self Confidence When Shy

Ever asked yourself the mind bugging
Question? “How to Gain self confidence when
shy?” – Marquee minds my words I didn’t say you
weren’t confident, but I mean how to gain self
confidence when shy.

perhaps your going to an interview been unprepared,
your defending of a project you didn’t personally
created, or perhaps reading a speech written by
someone, which you where to present as
an “IMPROMPT II“ in a hall full of respected
guest ?.

If you have ever felt been shy that very moment –
when you want to deliver a very extravagant delivery
but just then your hands get cold, your feet snowy
and you face sweating, trust me that happens
because of lack of confidence.

However if you are truly confident about your aim
goal, and what you really want to achieve, Screw
scripts! And written speech, you would make your own
remix on stage, with confidence you could present an
extravagant delivery even without making a single

Personally I was once unfortunate to defend a
project I knew nothing about the producer, but all I
did was find a key point I knew so much, I made my
lines, and saved the company’s head from a
presentation I knew nothing about.

That was because I followed these 5 Rules to Stay
Confident When I Get Shy

Say well to your self

One way I trick the heart when I feel I lack some quantity of confidence is “ place my heart hands on my heart, pause for 2 minutes notice the heart beat, feel my breath and say to myself all is
well” – yes like practicing Yoga!

the truth is the heart adapts to it environment, it
comes from your eyes, down to your brain to your
celebrum, and it’s been explained through our
thinking faculty and then your heart beat increase
due to your current situation in turn your self
confidence level decrease like the battery life of an
electronic Device.

Stop Comparison
You are the best maker of yourself and that
mentality should stick with you forever, I mean
forever. Comparing your activity in the office
with another work college only makes you look
lesser and limits your hidden potentials.

To build a high self confidence, smile to yourself
and stop Comparison, see yourself as the best in
any game you are into.

Make Self Rules and don’t break it
To always keep your self esteem, you need to
make rules and try your possible best never to
break the, making rules such as this helps keep
your sanity, and from built sanity it develops into
pride and from pride to self confidence , yes self
confidence that shyness can never take away.

Don’t Change your Goal
One way to attain self confidence is to be
confident of yourself, gain and nurture self
confidence, if you have got a goal don’t change it
until you are sure its results satisfies you.
Keeping goal definitely boost your mural, it boost
your confidence level and takes you out of a low
thinking capacity that you can’t do better.

Keeping your goals makes you really sure of what
you are going for and it just don’t wave your
confidence level like that of the sea.

Don’t buy other Ideals – Build Yours
To be confidence don’t buy others ideal about
confidence, read there’s and build yours, by the
sidebar are list of top rated self confidence
building books your could buy.

Read the ideal of others and don’t make it yours,
it keeps your sanity and self confidence that you
are the best even more than the rest.

Source :-
Webmasters / Social Media Marketing Vs E-mail Marketing by 360crest(m): 9:25am On Aug 06, 2015
Social media Marketing is Simply an act of
Marketing / Promoting and selling product through
social media platforms. It is also an act of “Viral
I.e Creating a Brand Name and an ( Online presence ) .

So Many Shops which emerged into E-commerce will
surely agree without any doubt that social media
marketing is a profound way they use in Marketing
there product just the way they want it, and where it should be.

Here my Comparison – 5 Benefits of social media marketing over Email marketing More reach
With [/]social media marketing you are 100% sure to reach more people [/b]who would really appreciate your product and service.

For instance a simple facebook share / Post boost
could reach over 23,000 – 69,000 people . Depending on price bargain. But on E-mail marketing you are only restricted to what you have. Say 500 Email subscribers.

More Fans
One way to build a Strong brand is to tell people who don’t know , you don’t become a star in eyes of your co-friend or perhaps some one who keenly knows all about you. Thus, to get more fans and

more Online presence
you surely need the social media platforms to get more fans. Unlike Email Marketing, you are only restricted as been a star to a fan of which figure you have , say 1 thousand or five hundred, remember the more your fans ( your mail subscriber) the more you pay the email marketing companies

More sales
“Convince a Fresher and he would buy, save your breath, he who knows a soup taste sour won’t buy it.” A new guy who just lodge into your website has 100% probability of buying, than a person on your mail list who probably has all ideal he needs and aint ready to pay a kobo.

Less spending
On social media marketing you spend when you want
to, and when you feel like.

But on E-mail marketing you spend every month,
always paying the mail service company a monthly
token even if you get an optin or not.
E.g Getresponse $15/monthly, Mail Chimp $25/

Also the more The subscribers the more you spend,
for instance if you have 1000 subscribers it would
lead to an increase in your monthly subscription fee,

but on social media, the more your fans,the more your
online presence get noticed and perhaps get more
social fan.

To Generate more subscribers
I know this is a bit controversial, but for you to get a better E-mail subscribers you need a do some social media promotions, which might earn you more newly subscribed members. In all social media gives your content more exposure and its a perfect way to get an extra box.

Howdy the ball is in your court those are my opinion and gesture . Thanks for reading Have you got any suggestion or any thing controversial to this , buzz me by the comment section below, I would be waiting

Source: http://shoutershub.com/5-benfefits-of-social-media-marketing-over-email-marketing/
Webmasters / 10 Video Optimization Techniques To Get 10+ Million Youtube Views by 360crest(m): 12:12pm On Jul 27, 2015
Who says Content is the only one that gets
optimized ?

Dull !!! You also perform SEO Optimization for
Videos to get more video views and Clicks to your
Youtube is also another Big search engine millions
are trooping in today.

Research shows out of 10 searches user the internet
to solve a problem, 8 out of 10 prefer a video than a
written article . And 80% of the content creator
would love to create a video, to get that rank from
youtube it self.
That means more stage fighting and more optimizing
work for you, to beat them and get to youtube first page.

Read On - »
Webmasters / Re: 15 Most Successful Blogs In Nigeria by 360crest(m): 8:40am On Jul 27, 2015
Y'all don't wanna do no cry now! angry

http://edscienceblog..com angry

You don't need to, I believe you are nigeria up coming Big Star, just stay on the dream, pursue it , and success would chase you pants down.

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Webmasters / 15 Most Successful Blogs In Nigeria by 360crest(m): 2:51pm On Jul 25, 2015
Eloo Pals, I decided to make a list of my favourite
and best blogs in Nigeria do well to visit for a full list
Vist: www.shoutershub.com/15-most-influential-blogs-in-nigeria/

Click the above link to view information about the owners and there bio data, who know you could pick a synonymous success story.

1. Linda Ikeji
2. NaijaTechGuide
3. Ogboge Blog
4. Oscarmini
5. Geek NG
6. Tech NG
7. Bella Naija
8. NotjustOk
9. TechLoy
10. 360Nobs
11. NaijaLoaded
12. Ynaija
13. Too-exclusive

2 Space Left for you to add urs
Webmasters / Re: Challenges Facing Nigerian Bloggers by 360crest(m): 3:54pm On Jul 20, 2015
Well what can I say ? , in life some give silly exusess for there failure , and to me its your problem nt mine.

But on thing remains certain, not evey one wuld sucedded some wuld keep giving excuses while some succeed , yea , so some leave to tell the story.

The problem You are facing is not an inche closer to mine, let every one put there fears in there pocket, telling others wnt help solve the problem.
Fashion / Re: Please Rate This Ankara Lace Style by 360crest(m): 12:26pm On Jul 17, 2015
thanks buddy
Fashion / Please Rate This Ankara Lace Style by 360crest(m): 9:53am On Jul 17, 2015
Click this link -> for more article stylesonstyles..com/2015/07/ankara-lace-style.html

Webmasters / Recent Case Study On How Alexa Ranks Websites by 360crest(m): 12:40pm On Jul 10, 2015
For over 5 years, we studied how Alexa algorithm works and how it ranks sites based on
their site traffic data but we were badly surprised
when we saw how badly could this algoirthm be fooled because it is simply the most misguiding Ranking metric which has diverted both publishers and sponsors for about two decades .

Alexa did little to optimize the way they collect traffic data from
commercial websites and rarely provided convincing
customer support, if there is one thing that recently changed on their site is their Website design!

During our study we brought down MBT's ALEXA as low as 5K thus making it the first blogger blog to have achieved the Highest Alexa rank but today when our traffic is much better and smooth we are at 13K, Same goes for our other network websites. We touched the 5K benchmark through playing with our posting timings.

Surprised !! For example publishing posts during
midnights around the odd timings did massively
dropped the ALEXA rank by 100 units if your ALEXA rank is around 10K and it brought it down by a further 1000 units if your site is under 100K.

Surprisingly Asian midnight timings with odd numbers like 12:01
AM, 12:07 AM, 12:13 AM, 12:17 AM and so on dropped
our Alexa about 100-200 units each day and we
achieved that with daily posting. But the moment we stopped this trend or posted at a wrong even timing, our Alexa rose by 300-400 units in the reverse order
which badly demotivate us. Because we were often
busy with university exams and so were my authors,
we could hardly post daily, hence we could not kept
our Alexa rank stable at 5K.

After what we observed through trial and error, we came to a decision that ALEXA rarely monitored the rank based on visits to a site. There are sites with much better ALEXA compared to ones which have far
greater traffic and organic flow of visitors,

ALEXA surely miscalculated sites and provides false
analysis data which can rarely be trusted as further confirmed by many webmasters.

We kept a close eye on ranks of different sites and compared them with us, their posting frequency, publishing time, inbound links and organic traffic but rarely could we build a trend which ALEXA followed.

As far as those old tips of ALEXA widget, web
development tutorials, toolbar, reviews of ALEXA,
backlinks etc. are concerned, we applied every tip but rarely any worked out.

These are just suggestions found widely on internet but they never work accurately when applied practically.

PageRank too has not been updated recently for quite a long time because many webmasters found
miscalculations there too, but as far as the data for backlinks is concerned PR can surely be trusted but when it comes to judging a website traffic, ALEXA is never a wise choice Focus only on your backlinks and orgnaic traffic because sponsors do rarely care about ALEXA
anymore and this is one reason why many ad networks have stopped showing ALEXA rank stats which includes buysellads on the front.

Article source : www.shoutershub.com/seo
Politics / Re: Tinubu Receives British Deputy High Commissioner (Photo) by 360crest(m): 9:31am On Jul 10, 2015
Came to buy land jawe .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Webmasters / Digital Marketing - 6 Ways To Reach The Right Audience by 360crest(m): 12:32am On Jul 07, 2015
Connecting the right audience in your niche market
matters a lot, for it saves you stress of irrelevance
and undue attention.

Why should I bother about connecting the right
Audience ? – and what does contacting the right
audience really means ?

Look :

Keeping a regular passive income generating blog
requires you sit tight and know your number one

Its no mistake a blog having just

50legit subscribers gets 50 constant read backs and a blog having 1k
subscriber having few or null read backs at all.
Its no mistake you ran a facebook ads and see no
leads, clicks or sales because you failed to set the
targeting option.

Its no mistake you don’t have persons to first
broadcast your latest release to – because you let
your readers sleep down the drain.

In all »

Targeting/ connecting with the right audience is
very important.
How do I find the right audience ? Are they in a
particular area or blog ? – fact remains the right
audience are every where .

They are one time subscribers who felt visually
compelled to your works and became an all time

Niche Marketing – 6 Ways to
Contact the right audience

1. Ask Friends to Invite There
Friends – (Make Friendship)

Friends share matters a lot, a friend who shares
same blogging interest with you would have a friend
who share same blogging interest with you all.

Its simple – “a friend invite or share your content
to his profile” , your “friend’s” get to see it on his
profile and get to like , it reflects on there profile
and then your friends friend “friend’s” get to see it
and then you are reaching out on new legitimate
audience – very simple.

All you need do is build relationship.

Why is this important –
Its easy you going to sites like blogengage.com to
boost viewership of your blog but its really not
advisable cause you could end up targeting /
contacting the wrong audience.
I mean , what does a hair condition blog article or
sales page has to do with “Blogenage” trust me , you
would get a bundle of tweets, likes and pins .

that’s not what really matter.
What’s the whole excess of getting 50 thousand
retweets ,likes and tweets if you don’t end up
getting any sales, leads and subscribers?.

2. Create Newsletter – gift
Its what the Pro bloggers do to contact the right
audience seamlessly, what they do is , they create a
gift, add it to a side bar on s pop-up on there blog
and interested (legitimate buyers ) would click to
get the free offer then they subscribe to your list ,for you to make a paid offer someday to them.

3. Gain trust from your subscribers

Yes – Gain trust from your audience , but first find
your number one audience . So you posted about phone today , tutorial tomorrow,
entertainment next tomorrow, and music the next day ?
Eloo, you are spamming your subscriber and you would
loose them more faster than you got them.

4. Practice Keyword research the right way

One simple way you personally loose your big bunch
of audience is practising “vail keyword research”.
In the 5th point of an article which had once shared I talked about how
you could lose 90% of your supposed traffic
targeting the wrong keyword research.
There I gave instance of a search result on
Samsung Galaxy s4 specification –

having 90,000 monthly search

And Samsung Galaxy s4 specifications – having 5,000
monthly search.

And the whole point of difference is the “s”
It thus reflect this way.

You don’t know where legitimate subscribers are ,
but you need as much traffic from keyword research
and optimization , probably you could get a legitimate subscriber from more traffic.

5. Join Conversation of groups/
pages related in your niche

the real audience is that buddy who probably loves all
about blogging, probably he loves gamming, and joining
forum / groups or conversation and making
meaningful contributions when warranted (linking to
your blog) – doing so can get you a small fish out of
the might crowd.

6. Setting the right options.

What right option ?

I mean every right option. Both the subscriber page,
the facebook ads geo-targeting option and any thing
that have to do with your audience.
90% of males won’t buy a bag online.
50% of female won’t buy a wrist watch online.
That’s the fact.
I prefer you do keyword research properly before
targeting your audience .
The more the search tag used the more the probably
people would love it if you promote the article.

Source : www.shoutershub.com/niche-marketing-6-ways-to-connect-the-right-audience/

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Fashion / Trendy Ankara Style Your Fashion Designer Won't Make For You. by 360crest(m): 11:10am On Jun 22, 2015
Love this Fashion style ?

Click here for even more »


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