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The Enemy Within - A Tale Of Love, Lust And Betrayal / Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. / DAYO'S ANGEL( Love, Lust And Betrayal) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: United In Betrayal by light4life(f): 11:35pm On Aug 26, 2018
You know, it beats me, how they don't get ''...pulled by real life commitments'' in the beginning when they start out, when they open the floodgates and update very frequently everyday. And to think this applies to almost all writers here... It amuses me more. But then again, what do I know!

Thank God for some very committed writers here like souloho19 who has never compromised his standard of commitment and consistency. He's an example of good folks that still exist.

I sincerely pray that PamelB and other nairaland writers who have been sidetracked by one thing or another would eventually get everything back in order and return to thrill readers like us wink With mind blowing stories again.


Re: United In Betrayal by activistnofear(m): 8:53am On Sep 06, 2018
This is my first comment here. Pamelb, u ve done a nice job here and undoubtedly, u ve earned yourself an accolade that befits a noble writer. Ride on angel.
but wait, does the whole story ends dere?
Re: United In Betrayal by icekidmuktar(m): 7:56am On Sep 08, 2018
I just think we all should forget this story, even the writer has lost it already,

since! the writer just hang us for middle of nowhere
Re: United In Betrayal by Wheezdohm(m): 4:44pm On Sep 24, 2018
Truly interesting story by a talented writer.... Keep it up dr
Re: United In Betrayal by Elviswifey1(f): 1:31pm On Oct 23, 2018

Oh..... I'm very much married. With 2 cuties to show for it. It's because I'm married that I stand on that decision. Our sole aim of creation is not marriage. Imagine that Kelvin Didn't come homenwhen he did, we would have been reading about Claire's burial by now. My decision is not because mich is a cheating idiota, rather it's because he is inhumane. Twice now he has nearly caused Claire's death. Should she really wait til death do them part? When there is someone else out there for her

Secondly, it's worrying how we have come to see men's infidelity as a norm, it is not!! I read comments suggesting Claire should be good, win the husband back ND punish the sister...lol oh lol... .this is why men keep acting like cads. I have always been of the opinion that if the man wants to taste other soups, there should be a mutual arrangement where his woman should be allowed to sample other deeks too. There is a name for it, open marriage. Because, Wat is good for the geese is good for the gander too .

Do not try to preach religion because that will entail that the husband should be faithful to his wife too. Men's infidelity is not a norm and we should stop treating it as such.

I would walk out if I were Claire, yes I would. [/quote]


Re: United In Betrayal by chibertha(f): 11:39am On Jan 21
Na belle nau
No part of this work should be copied or reproduced in another form without the author's notice and confirmation.


The voice of the man could be heard at the gate as the house helps listened, at the same time, pretending to be occupied with their chores.

"You're too lazy, what's wrong in waking up early to prepare me a decent meal? I go out every morning and come back late because I'm struggling to keep this family in line with whatever is in vogue, all I expect is your loyalty and submission but no, you lie in bed and ask the maids to prepare my meal and you know I don't like it."

Claire didn't say a word. She was battling with morning sickness and she doesn't even know why. She suddenly has the urge to throw up at the smell of food, she feels weak each morning or is it the saliva that has started forming a lake in her mouth. She watched her husband shout, he deserved to be angry. For the two years they've been married, she'd singlehandedly prepared all his meals, he doesn't eat out except snacks so she gives him breakfast, takes his lunch to his office and then makes dinner before he returns. She only goes to her mall during the weekend when she gets new supplies. She left the mall in the care of her younger sister who just graduated from ANSU last year.

Her marriage has been perfect until she started feeling strange two weeks ago so she understood that Michael, her sweet husband has the right to be angry.

"You can lie in bed all day if you want but I'm not eating that food. Don't make me eat out because if I do, Claire Njama if I eat out, you won't like it."

Claire sat up at once, she tried to speak but her mouth was filled with saliva so she ran into the bathroom, washed her mouth and came out, only to meet him about leaving the room.

"Baby, I'm sorry okay, I've not been feeling too good and ...."

"That's what you've been saying for two weeks now Claire. If you're tired of being my wife, tell me." Michael interrupted angrily.

"I love you Michael and I won't get tired of performing my duties but look at me nau. You know I'm not like this biko.'

Michael looked his wife over. She had added weight and he didn't like it. Topping it, she's started ignoring him. She must be seeing another man.
He hissed loudly, opened the door and walked out.
He went downstairs and walked to the dinning where he met Amara who was dishing out from a bowl of egg sauce. Beside her was a plate of white yam.

"Good morning bro Mike. How was your night?" She asked with face full of smile.

"Morning Amara. Who made that?" He asked eying the egg sauce which was so inviting, with the tiny pieces of liver he could see sleeping in it.

"Oh! I brought the sauce from the deep freezer, sister Claire must have made it sometime, then I boiled the yam"

He smiled and sat down, signalling to Amara to serve him. What is white yam? It doesn't mean anything since its his wife that made the sauce. Hr finished just as Amara was about putting away her plate.

"You're ready to leave for the mall right?"

"Yes bro Mike. I'll just clear the dishes and leave immediately."

"Alright. Hurry up so I can drop you". He said, picking his briefcase and walking out.
Amara smiled. She was tired of trekking to the bus stand. Maybe if she wakes up early everyday, he would help her by dropping her at the mall which was in the centre of town.
She carried the plates to the kitchen where the house helps were gossiping and cleared her throat. They scampered to different corners of the kitchen.

"Its still not 9 and you're already gossiping, useless things."
She jammed the plates on one of the girl's hand before dropping them and walking out.

"She is just a sister to madam and she's like this, chukwu ekwekwala ihe ojoo (God forbid bad thing)". One of the girls said

"Upon say she fine like this" another one added.

"Beautiful girls are the ones with the disgusting attitudes". Gertrude, the head maid said. " let's just go back to work, she's not worth the time".

Claire watched from the window as her husband and younger sister got into the car and drove off. He had taken time as she had been standing there since he walked out. Maybe he drank tea or was just waiting for Amara so he can drop her. She sighed and sat on the bed, bringing out her iPhone to send him a text.

"I'm sorry baby, tell me what you want for lunch and I'll bring it to you okay, don't be mad at me for long. I love you to the moon and back."

She sent it and hoped for a reply. Tomorrow, she would go to the hospital and get some tests done. She won't ruin her marriage because of some illness.
She laid on her back, hoping to get some rest only for her to fall asleep.
It was that bad.
Re: United In Betrayal by chibertha(f): 1:38pm On Jan 21
Michael Michael Michael many times did i call you will soon know the meaning of hell
Morning guys, please keep the comments and encouragements coming.

"What? Can't I get some peace and quiet? Why are you bugging me? You're stalking me? What is your problem?" Claire screamed

"Woh. Easy please."

"Get out." Claire barked

Phil gave her an unusual stare.

"You've been crying huh? I'm not here to cause a fuse."

She sniffed and the tears ran down.

"Just go okay? I want to be alone now. Please." Claire pleaded.

"I can't leave you like this. I was driving past and I recognised this car as the one I bashed the other day. You can talk to me okay but I can't leave you here, like this."

"But I don't wanna talk. It's my problem. Let me deal with it."

Phil held her shoulder and before she knew it, he pulled her to himself. She felt relaxed, she felt at home as she cried out her frustration.
He led her to his car after making sure she locked up hers and picked her stuff.
He drove her to a hotel where they went up to a room without meeting any receptionist.

Maybe he stayed lived here for now or this was his place of rest, Claire thought.

She sat down on the king sized bed and he pulled a big sofa and sat opposite her.

"So, I'm all ears. Tell me why a pretty lady like you would be crying by the road side. You're beautiful, I can swear that you're rich, so tell me, what's up?"

"I just found out my husband is cheating on me with his secretary." She said without emotions.

He didn't see that coming? Damn it! She was married, but how? He had always dreamt of her as his own the very first day he had met her. Why wasn't she wearing a ring? Jesus Lord.

".........and I've loved him with everything in me." Phil heard her say.

He stood up and started pacing the room. This woman whom he had loved the very moment he set his eyes on her, this woman who was evading his dreams and thoughts. This woman he was willing to care for till his last breadth. She was married. A tear fell from his left eye and he wiped them immediately. He went to her, sat beside her and held her hands

"It's okay, believe me. No woman deserves a cheat for a man. You're a good woman and he just went astray because he ......"

"He would have talked to me. He would have taught me if I wasn't satisfying him enough. He married me all innocent and timid. I would have learnt happily. He was with her all night and when he came back, it was to push me and make me loose my baby." Claire cried.

Now, he felt like hitting this man straight in the balls. He hugged Claire, letting her tears wet his shirt. He would make her happy. He would take care of her with everything he had. He swore.

Micheal got back to the office a satisfied man. To him, this was the peak of his life. He was having so much fun. He had a wife who spent her entire day in the kitchen, cooking for him. Then, he had a girlfriend, who made his satisfaction her topmost priority.

His phone rang and he picked it. Kelvin.

"Hey man." He greeted.

"Mike Mike. How far nau."

"I just dey here. Hope you go still show tomorrow."

"Why not? I'll be there, live."

They both laughed.

"Ask Claire to make a special delicacy for me. I've missed her meals."

"You don't say. Just get your lazy behind down here and watch how my wife will take care of you."

"Ah! I can't wait o."

"Na you go run."

"I fitn't."

They laughed and said their goodbyes. Of course, he was a happy man.

"Phil, thank you very much for today. I ....."

They were back to where she had left her car. He had made her day fulfilled. They had gone from one place to the other; an eatery where they had lunch, the beach, window shopping and he got her a headset when she told him she enjoyed listening to songs.

"You don't mention Claire. What are friends for? I just want you to be happy."

Claire smiled.

"Thanks Phil."

They shared a hug and she got into her car. He watched her drive away, praying in his heart that she'll see through him and know what he truly felt for her.
Re: United In Betrayal by chibertha(f): 1:49pm On Jan 21
Michael now you are about to start an avalanche of furry.
2 sisters on you ...ahhhhhh
Good morning y'all. I'm super excited that this thread is getting lively now. At least, its giving me encouragement to move on.

At exactly 10:42am, Kelvin and Micheal drove into the compound. Micheal had gone to pick him from the airport, his personal reason being to tell Kelvin his own side of the story before Claire tells him he had pushed her. He had told Kelvin that she had fallen from the stair.

Claire was clad in a jean short and white singlet while Amara was dressed in a mini gown. They were doing the remaining dishes when Kelvin and Micheal got to the house.

"And where is my wife?" Kelvin asked loudly the moment he stepped inside the large living room.
Claire came to him, throwing her light weight on him. She had missed him and now he was here, he would distract her from her problems.

"Welcome Kelvin. Look how robust you look." She said, sitting beside him

"Don't forget the handsome face please." Kelvin added and they laughed.

"You're welcome man." Micheal said

"Thank you bro. I've missed you two a whole lot. Don't worry, I know the feeling is mutual."

They laughed again. Amara came out that time, causing Kelvin to pause.

"Wow. Claire, isn't this the small Amy I know?" He asked.

They all laughed except Micheal

"Brother Kelvin I'm not small o. Welcome." Amara said, settling beside Claire

"Thank you my dear. I've missed you all like kilode."

"The feeling is mutual bro."

"I'll show you to your room so you can freshen up and then come down. I know you and your friend have a lot to talk about." Claire said, standing up.

"Of course young lady. And Micheal, hope you've got something that will burn my throat."

"You'll have to see for yourself. For now, just do as the madam of the house has said." Micheal replied.

He shook hands with Kelvin who stood up and followed Claire's trail.

It was past his time and he was yet to show up. She was missing him already. She couldn't get an hour of sleep last night. She picked up her phone. She would call him and know what's delaying him.

Phil sat in his chamber. He was occupied by the thought of this married woman who was driving him nuts. He had cancelled all his appointments for the day. He wasn't himself anymore and to think that she was not happy in the marriage. He would help her, maybe a distraction from her cheating husband but he was going to make her happy. A thought came to him and he smiled. If he won't have her, a cheating husband doesn't deserve her as well.

Micheal's phone rang. It was on the table and Amara was closer to it.

"Pass me the phone please." He said.

Amara picked the phone and gave it to him without looking at the caller ID. She hissed and went to the dinning area to inspect how the girls were handling the fruit. Micheal smiled upon seeing the caller.

"Hello bae." He said into the receiver.

"Hi hun. I've been waiting for you. Hope you're on your way now."

"Hmmm. My baby girl is missing me huh?"

"Yea. Please tell me you're coming." She pleaded.

"No dear. But I'll......."

She hung up. It was clear she was disappointed. Micheal had to call her back. He didn't want to upset his sex goddess. He dialled her number and she picked after the second ring.

"Why didn't you tell me yesterday? I wouldn't have been so......."

"Calm down honey. We both got carried away yesterday. You sent me outta the world, I couldn't think straight hun. I'm sorry."

There was silence at the other end so he continued

"My best friend came to visit me and I can't leave the house the same day he got here. I'll make it up to you okay? I'll see you tomorrow alright?"

"You're spending the night at my place tomorrow. Have a nice day." She concluded and hung up.

How would he pull this stunt. Okay. He was sure Kelvin would cover up for him. He would tell him the truth, besides, both of them are birds of same feather. The only difference was that Kelvin wasn't married. That was a part of Kelvin he had hidden from the world. Micheal smiled, tomorrow night would be great, he thought.

He didn't feel it. He didn't know. The two sisters had heard him. One from the stairs, and the other, from the dinning area. He was the hand that would break the bricks used in building his home. He was yet to understand that.

Claire slowly went upstairs to her matrimonial room. She was surprised that the tears were not falling yet. This was the height of it. She still found it hard to believe that her Micheal was cheating on her with a common secretary. She can't share this room with him anymore. Come tomorrow, she would move her things to her own personal room.
Kelvin's voice interrupted her thought. He was calling her from downstairs. She stood up and went to the dressing table, remade her face and gently walked downstairs. She won't let a cheating husband change her calm nature. It won't stop her from performing all her duties to him as a wife. All, except allowing him between her legs again.

Re: United In Betrayal by chibertha(f): 2:00pm On Jan 21
I am loving this "team Kelvin"

Though the breakfast was late, it was worth it. That was part of the many reasons why Kelvin loved the Njama family. They knew how to get to someone's stomach in a nice way.

They returned to the sitting room and the maids began to clear the table. Amara excused herself and made for her room, boiling with rage. She needs to know this woman who has the mind to come between her sister and the husband.

"So Claire dear, I heard what happened. Please accept my condolence."

This was the opportunity she was waiting for. God isn't a joker. He sure knows how to take sides with the righteous.
She forced a smile and nodded.

"You should be more careful please." Kelvin added

"Thanks Kelvin. I also blame myself for it, so, I've decided to start visiting my plaza, instead of staying at home the ........."

"What! Who will prepare my meals." Micheal asked softly

Your secretary will. That was what she wanted to answer him but she swallowed it. Kelvin looked on.

"I've given Gertrude my recipes. I can't be staying at home all day Mike. It's gonna weigh me down and ......"

"I won't take that. Amara should continue with the plaza. You know I can't eat out."

"You won't be eating out Mike. Gertrude ......"

"I did not marry Gertrude. I eat food prepared by people I love and cherish. You ain't starting work Claire. We'll leave it as it has always been." He said and walked out.

"Man." Kelvin called out

But he was already upstairs. How dare she. He wants her for himself alone. He can't and won't allow other men looking at her. He won't grant that permission.

Kelvin looked at Claire. She was a strong woman and he envied Mike. He was doing his wife hunting now and he hasn't seen anyone that matches his desires, wants or needs

"Do you two have issues?"

"No we don't. We don't."

Kelvin went and sat close to her.

"With what I heard now, you mean to tell me that you spend your entire day in this house?"

"I go to give him lunch. Then during the weekends, I go to the plaza to check my stocks. But I'm not complaining you see because he's my husband. But right now, I'm emotionally down. I can't stay here without doing anything. If he will be spending time at home then I don't have a problem. I need to be busy, to forget the events of this past week."

Kelvin heaved. And Micheal had the guts to say she has changed. Sweet and innocent Claire. Kelvin knew instantly that something was amiss. He would definitely find out.

"I understand Claire. I'll talk to him okay? Don't bother your self. I'll talk to Micheal."

"Thanks." Claire murmured.

"Please, excuse me."

He stood up and walked upstairs. This wasn't the way he had planned to start his short holiday.
He found Micheal in the living room upstairs. He was drinking from a vodka bottle. He walked to the bar and sat opposite his friend

"Man. What's the problem?"

Micheal hissed and took a long sip from the bottle.

"Sarah has changed. Does she expect me to eat another woman's food?"

"Hmnmm. Who's Sarah?" Kelvin asked throwing micheal off guard.

He had mistakenly called Sarah instead of his wife. Now, he just had to deal with it. He looked around, just to be sure nobody was around.

"Man, my secretary is driving me crazy." He said with a grin.

So that was it. He was the defaulter and not Claire after all. A part of him was excited that Claire wasn't the culprit.

"Your secretary? Are you doing your secretary?" Kelvin asked innocently.

"The manchi. Na your lane I dey follow nau."

Kelvin smirked. Micheal started his own game at the wrong time.

"Man, you still remember you're married eh?"

"Leave that thing. You need to see this lady. She's beautiful, she's got height, the curves, the body. And bloody Mary, she's thick."

"Are you okay? You just bluffed to me the other day that Claire was adding flesh and you hate fleshy women. Now, this? Come on man. Is she as beautiful as Claire? The stupid curves, I'm sure hers must be fake. What kinda work will you two be doing in your office? Jeez man. If you wanna cheat, cheat with someone you can strongly compare your wife with."

He took the bottle from Micheal and sipped from it, leaving Micheal in a confused state.

"But you haven't even met her. Why the hate?"

"Because she's your secretary. See man, this kinda ladies, they'll grace your bed as long as you're handsome and rich. You're here, calling your wife by her name but I'm sure she'll be ready to screw the next available guy."

"Sarah won't do that. She's into me."

Kelvin laughed hard, leaving his stool and going over to his friend.

"I'll be here for two weeks. You'll give me the testimony yourself."

I'm game. Anyways, I'll be crashing at her place tomorrow. You're gonna cover up for me here. I need to be screwed outta my senses."

"As long as your d!ck doesn't turn green but seriously man, just tomorrow. Claire doesn't deserve it and so saying, she's resuming work tomorrow."

"No Kelvin. She needs to prepare my meals."

"You're crazy. Then get ready to tell Claire what you'll be doing in your mistress's house tomorrow. We spent years together before you met Claire. You ate whatever Nana and her girls made. You just turned this into a stupid habit. Allow Claire to make friends. Let her associate and get into the world of business. She deserves it for being your wife."

He sipped from the bottle and made to leave.

"I'm going to tell her to prepare for work tomorrow. You need rest cause you're taking me to town by five. I'll be in my room." He concluded and left.

He made up his mind to get to this Sarah, fu¢k her like the wh°re she is and get Micheal to see that women of her calibre don't get committed to their spouses.
Another thing, he had found a wife.
Re: United In Betrayal by chibertha(f): 2:23pm On Jan 21
Kelvin I am with you all the way.

Happy sunday y'all.

She smiled, stylishly cupping her bosoms. Kelvin smiled. He had noticed she had removed her bra, he had also seen the way she would rub her hand against her melons. It was clear, she was just made for sex. This got a plan running in his head. He was going to ruin this bitch who wants to ruin Claire and other married men. He would do this, to save the marriage of his best friend.
Re: United In Betrayal by chibertha(f): 2:50pm On Jan 21
Oh dear you lost me

Clair woke up with a heavy bang on her head and body pains. She had found herself on the floor with an empty bottle of vodka. She hissed and drew her cupboard for pain killers. She won't be able to go to the plaza today. She looked at the wall clock and it was just 6;28am. She needed something hot and she hoped Gertrude and the girls were already up.

"Good morning madam." One of the helpers greeted as soon as she came down.

"Morning my dear. Where's Gertrude?" She stifled a yawn

"In the kitchen madam."

Claire nodded and matched to the kitchen. She felt like throwing up her entire system. She ran back to her room, closing the door with a loud bang.

He woke up. Who could be banging the door so early this morning. He looked around and felt lost. Pink and white wall, teddy bears around, feminine smell and Jesus Lord, he was n@ked. He looked at the figure lying beside him and he almost screamed. Amara.
Memories of last night came rushing to his head and he hated himself. Her face was swollen, like someone who escaped jungle justice. How would he explain this to Claire and Micheal?
He began to dress up, picking his properties from different corners of the room. He looked at her one more time, checked her temperature and slipped out of the room. She was running a fever.

She felt someone touch her neck. He was awake already. She watched him leave through the corner of her eyes and her eyes turned misty. Last night had been great. He was a good man who loved trying out new things and so was she. But why? Wasn't she good enough? He had told her she has a nice body, so why would he mention someone else's name when he reached his climax? It meant one thing, he was either crushing on her or they both are having an affair. She was beginning to like him but he didn't feel anything for her, he had her sister in mind, he was in love with her sister.
She won't take that. Her boyfriend had cheated on her after everything she had done for him. Now, her sister wants to cheat her too? She won't let that happen. If she won't have Kelvin, none of them will.

Gertrude rang the intercom, inviting everyone for breakfast. Micheal was not back yet.
Amara and Kelvin were the first to come down. She had showered and changed into a bum short and basket ball singlet. Kelvin couldn't look at her in response to her greeting.
A short while after they came down, Claire joined them. She was shocked to see her sister in that condition.

"Jesus, Amara what happened to you? Who did this to you?" Claire asked going to her sister

"My boyfriend, I mean, my ex boyfriend."

Both Claire and Kelvin were shocked.

"Is he crazy or something? He just messed with the wrong girl. I'll make sure he rots in prison for a very long time."

She started dialling the commissioner's number. Amara expected that. She won't let her ex go Scot free. He had been surviving through her. His apartment, his feeding and clothing allowance all came from her. He would pay for cheating on her and allowing that call girl slap her.

"Yes please, send your boys to the house please." She heard her sister say.

Claire ended the call and turned to her sister.

"Tell me, what did you do? Did you cheat on him? Did you say anything?"

Imagine! A cheat asking me if I cheat too. What a funny world, Amara thought.

"Check your phone. I sent you a text telling you I would be going to his place. Only to get there to see him with this wretched excuse of a girl. She slapped me and when I retaliated, they did this to me." She said, throwing a glance at Kelvin who was still tongue tied

"He won't know what hit him. Have breakfast okay?"

Amara nodded and began to mix cornflakes in a bowl.

"Good morning Kelvin. You see what you men do to us eh?" Claire said, sitting beside her sister

"Morning Claire. But, don't you think this guy acted out because he was drunk? Calling the police on him won't change........"

"Any man that does this to a woman, drunk or consciously doesn't deserve mercy. Look at my sister's face."

Amara shot both of them heavy glances, she picked her bowl and excused herself. She couldn't stand the pretence. They should look for a two year old to pretend to.

"She's shaken by it. Men eh. What would you have?"

Kelvin weighed his options and settled for cornflakes. They ate in silence. Kelvin knew he had messed up and someone else was going to pay for his own crimes. He needed to speak with Amara before the police gets here.

"I'll be upstairs." Claire said, interrupting his thoughts.

"You won't visit the plaza?"

"No. I'm not too strong myself. But just let me know if you need anything and you're friend isn't back yet."

Kelvin nodded and watched her leave. She was filled with grace and elegance. What other men needed, Micheal had it in abundance and still has the guts to cheat. He shook his head and continued eating distractedly, thinking of the best way to approach the issue at hand.

"I knew you would come." Amara said, bolting her door
They faced each other, it was moment of truth.

"I'm sorry for last night. I don't recall all that happened but believe me, I'm sorry."

"You don't remember calling my sister's name when you were cumming?"

Her words hit Kelvin hard.

"poo" he cursed

"So I need answers. What are you both up to? Same thing Micheal and his secretary are doing?"


"I know Kelvin so tell me."

"Amara, your sister is a nice woman and I can't bring myself to defile her home. I don't have anything sexual to do with her. Outside what you see from the surface, there's nothing inside."

"Then why call her name? We were doing so well Kelvin. You were touching places no one has touched, I felt a connection with you, tell me."

He held her but she pushed him off.

"Amara, I won't lie to you......."

"You're lying. Why her name? I was the one who took the beatings from you, the lashes, tell me why she would be in your thoughts?"

"Because I see her as my goddess. She's my goddess Amara that is why I respect her so much, that is why she's always in my thought. I'm sorry Amara, for last night. I also felt that bond between us but now, I don't know anymore. Think again about what you said about your boyfriend. Don't let your heart mislead you because you're hurting. Excuse me please."

"Wait Kelvin."

He paused in his track and turned to her.

"I'll ask my sister not to involve the police if you'll take me again this morning."

Re: United In Betrayal by chibertha(f): 6:09pm On Jan 21
you can say that again
It's official!! Michael is a dog!!
Re: United In Betrayal by chibertha(f): 9:37pm On Jan 21
Claire you are dreaming.
She looked at him and smiled. Exactly the reaction she had expected.

"I was out with Kelvin."

"Your husband right? Is that how shameless you are? You've forgotten that you're a married woman. Look at the time and tell me why you should be out by this time." He barked

She breathed out and clutched her phone very tightly.

"I'm talking to you Claire."

"I know it's late Micheal. I'm sorry."

Ebere and Chika walked in bearing huge shopping bags. They walked past the couple and went upstairs to Claire's room.

"My foot. I'm very sure you're having an affair with Kelvin."

"Excuse me?"

"Excuse you loose woman. And I thought we could start afresh and work things out properly. I........"

"Enough Micheal. How dare you?"

She dropped her phone on the table and approached the surprised micheal.

"Don't talk to me like that ever again. I didn't sleep with my secretary or your brother so please, don't call me a loose woman ever again. There's a limit to what I can take from you so you better not cross that line."

She picked her phone and catwalked out of the sitting room.

He stood rooted to the ground. She had never talked to him like that before.
What was wrong with his wife? What has happened to his Claire? Has Kelvin fed her with rubbish? No!
He picked his phone and dialled Kelvin's number. He picked after the third ring.


"Hold it right there you traitor. What did you tell my wife? Why would you encourage her to insult me?"

"Insult you? Claire insulted you? That's not true. Claire can't do that."

"I see. Just get it straight Kelvin, I'll never forgive you for all you've done to me."

Kelvin laughed at his end, getting Micheal all confused.

"Don't forgive me Micheal. Please don't. You're beefing your best friend because he helped you get rid of the insect that was biting your scrotum. I've done my part as a friend, if you want to go back to Sarah, you can but don't ever call my line to talk trash."

He hung up before Micheal could speak further.

"Kelvin you won't get away with this, I promise."

She was done, putting everything in place and was about to hit the shower when her phone rang.

"Kelvin." She smiled and picked the call.

"Hello Kel. You called just in time."

"What transpired between your husband and yourself?"

"You mean micheal and I?"

"Do you have another man you call your husband?"

"Kel..... Kelvin you're angry. What's wrong?"

"Micheal called just now. He said you insulted him Claire."

"Kelvin, he called me a loose woman, said we were having an affair Kel. Besides, I didn't insult him. I only told him to mind his tongue. If I had not done it that way, I'm very sure he would have beaten me."

"Claire, you should have just walked away."

"What time are you leaving tomorrow?"

"My flight is for 10:00am."

"You should go to bed now. It's very late. Call me before you leave so I can drive you to the airport."

"No Claire. You......"

"I insist. Good night Kel."

He chuckled and ended the call.

She dropped her phone on the table and entered the bathroom.

He couldn't sleep. Claire was having an affair with Kelvin.
She wasn't even ashamed of it.
He was angry but he had wronged her first. He would start by making amends. He hoped that she would change and be that Claire he fell in love with.
He would talk to her in the morning so they can start afresh.

A text came into his phone and he checked it. Again!
He would deal with this one first and after that, he would go on a lunch date with his pretty wife. They would start from there.
He read the text message again and dropped the phone.
Tomorrow would make all things better.

A knock came on her door, waking her up.
She stood up and went to open the door, thinking it was Ebere. To her surprise, it was Micheal, bearing a tray of breakfast.

"Good morning baby."

She wiped her eyes to be sure she wasn't dreaming.

"May I come in?" He asked, smiling like a teenager in love.

She nodded and excused him. He walked into the room and dropped the tray on the bed.

"I brought you breakfast. Come."

She couldn't speak.
He pulled her gently to the bed and helped her to mix the beverages before opening the plate of home made toast.

"You go on. I've got something important to attend to before I leave for the office "

He took a bite from the toast and pecked her forehead before heading to the door.

"Uhm...." She cleared her throat.

He turned to her, looking so loving and concerned.

"Kelvin will be leaving by ten. Can I drop him at the airport?"

"Of course wifey. He's family but please, I'll pick you from the plaza so we can have lunch together."

She nodded and he left the room. He was glad that at least, she respected him by telling him about kelvin, then, she agreed to go on the lunch date with him.
He would get his wife back and they would start all over again.

She smiled. Lunch date with Micheal?
That was like decades ago. She would dress all hot for him and maybe, just maybe, they would try on having another baby.
She giggled and sipped from her tea cup, thanking God in her heart for saving her marriage again.

Re: United In Betrayal by aikman2k(m): 9:00am On Jan 22
Must you quote the whole page for that piece of nonsense you are posting? Haba!!
Claire you are dreaming.
Re: United In Betrayal by chibertha(f): 11:12am On Jan 22
Wow congrats Kelvin and Gertrude
Micheal loosened his tie. Memories of the past thirteen hours came rushing to his head. He flung the flower vase which was on the centre table and it went shattering on the floor

Ebere ran to the sitting room and found her boss pacing round. She looked at the pieces from the broken vase and she left to get a broom and parker.
Coming back, Micheal was drinking from a bottle of vodka.
She quietly picked up the pieces and made to leave the room when he called her back;

"Ebere right?"

"Yes sir."

"Where are you from?"

"Abia sir."

"Oh! You're from same place with my wife. That's nice. Go drop that thing and come back here."

"Alright sir."

She walked out as he admired her firm bu++s.

She was ushered into a suite big enough for ten people.

"Isn't this place too big for me alone Ruth?"

"We intend to make you as comfortable as ever Mrs Claire. So please." Ruth replied with a smile.

Claire nodded, sitting down on a single sofa while Ruth took the sofa opposite her.

"We've paid for your feeding and everything that will make your stay here memorable. The hotel has a spa, gym, game room and all sorts of outdoor events which you're free to use anytime because we've got that covered too."

"Hmmm." Claire hummed

"Our appointment with you officially starts the day after tomorrow. Do I read the programs to you now or tomorrow?"

"Please do that now."

Ruth nodded and began to flip through a heavy diary she's being carrying all along.

"Uhm! 7;30am, Breakfast with the MD, assistant MD, secretary and the new face of jiji, Mrs Claire Njama.
10;30am, meeting with the board of directors and the new face of jiji.
1;30pm, lunch break at the conference room with the same board of directors and the new face of jiji.
3;00pm, closing up of signed documents, necessary papers, terms and conditions and unveiling the number of years the new face of jiji would work with the company.
5;30pm, close up.
7;00pm, dinner with the CEO and new face of jiji."

She looked at Claire who was face full of smiles.

"Should I go on ma?"

"Madam." Claire corrected.

"I'm sorry madam."

They both smiled.

"Go on."

"The second day doesn't have much activities.
Breakfast with the same people at 7:30am, meeting with the board of trustees and the new face of jiji at 10;30am, lunch with them at 1:00pm, then close up at 2;30pm so you can get relaxed and ready for the dinner party at 9;30pm."

"Whoever wrote this needs to be flogged. New face of jiji huh? Who said I've accepted that?"

Ruth smiled.

"It'll be a pleasure to us if you work with us madam. I'll leave a pamphlet for you so you can go through our terms and conditions so as to make up your mind before the meeting. My number is also attached to the pamphlet so you'll call me if anything comes up." Ruth concluded, bringing out a pamphlet from the diary.

"Thanks Ruth."

"You're welcome madam."

Ruth stood up, looked around the room and heaved a sigh.

"It's been a long day madam. I'll leave you now to rest."

"Thank you Ruth."

They both shared a hug.

"I'll let them know that our special guest is here already and they'll attend to you. Take care for now."

Claire watched as the lady left the room.
The deal sounds interesting already and she already saw herself in every jiji advert.
She would call her husband to give him the latest news, then she'll call Kelvin to tell him she was in town.
A knock came on her door and she knew it was time to be treated as the special person she was.

Chika was on sick leave. That means it was just her and her boss. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a black sleeveless gown. She had always admired her boss and now, it was time to get laid. She removed her pants and bra. Thank God her breasts were still standing firmly. She put back her gown on. Easy assess she smiled.
She walked back to the sitting room and he smiled

"Come and sit with me so we'll drink together Ebere. I'm bored." He said

"But sir......"

"Don't stress. It's just the two of us here now."

She walked briskly to him and he pointed at the bar stool next to him.
He poured her a glass and handed it to her.

"Thank you." She said

"So tell me about yourself Ebere. Are you a virgin?"

His question came as a shock to her and she swallowed hard.
The ringing of his phone interrupted them.

"Take this bottle and your glass to my room. Spread eagle and wait for me."

Without sparing her another glance, he picked the call and started the conversation with his WIFE.

He just has to call her back. He called and she picked immediately.

"Yes I've bought the form and patiently waiting for the list to be out. I don't lie Mr Kelvin and I only called because you've robbed me of my sleep. I had to let it out somehow and seeing the manner which you talked to me, I regret placing this call at the first place."

Her voice still sounded melodious despite her attempt to be angry.
Yes she was angry, his words had hurt her and she had the right to vent.
He was in love with this woman for he was still on the call. No woman talked to him this way but he would swallow it. Because she was Gertrude.

"I'm sorry Getty. Forgive my words. I was excited that you finally called and I let it rob my sense of speech. I've also been thinking about you and I've prayed that you'd call soon or I'll canvas the whole of Edo state looking for you. I'm sorry."

"You've ..... You've been thinking about me?"

"Yes my love."

Then she hung up.
He smiled. Her reaction was expected. He has found a wife. He dialled a number and waited for the person to pick.

"Hello chief.'
Re: United In Betrayal by chibertha(f): 1:59pm On Jan 22
oh Miky so you can cry ah.
see how the high and mighty has fallen
"You're not serious. James, what are you saying? It can't be."

"Mike calm down. I've got the papers here with me. 28th February 2014. You had signed this papers two days after your wedding. Claire wasn't there with you. In your own words, you had said it was love. I remember warning you about it but you clearly shut me up."

"Jeez. How did she find out then?" Michael asked, looking at the silent Claire.

"I'll come in here. And while I'm at it, don't shout on my head." Claire said.

Micheal slumped on a nearby sofa. Everything has gone wrong. Everything.
James, his lawyer had walked in first, followed by another young man in his early thirties.
They had gone down to business straight and he found out that the only thing he owned was his father's company and a farm house somewhere in Abuja plus a Lexus 300 which happened to be an old one.
He was madly in love with his Claire that he had signed all he had to her name. He bought their cars with her name, he changed the property papers to her name. Who does that? He was sure he didn't tell her about it so how did she know?

"The day I moved out of our room, the girls had taken every file in my wardrobe. I saw it and kept it for you, hoping to give it back when you come home from work but what did you do? You came home that day and beat me to near death. I almost lost my life that day. But I still kept quiet. I still endured, struggled to get you back on track but you refused. And when you asked for divorce, I forwarded the papers to my lawyer and the rest is history." She concluded, looking at Michael's pity face.

Amara stood up and walked out. This wasn't happening. She won't leave this house for anybody. She stopped at the stairs and shot Claire one last look before going away.


It'll take a week for your divorce to be processed. I'll ask that you two take things easy till then. Claire, can I see you for a minute?" Barrister Alex said after everyone had signed the necessary papers.

Claire stood up and followed him outside.

"What do you intend to do with the properties? Its not wise for these papers to be carried around daily."

"I know. But believe me, I don't intend to take anything except this house and I won't keep it either. I just want to show him a little of what I passed through with his betrayal and all that."

"Just be careful. Desperate men can go any length to get what they want."

"Thanks Alex. Let me walk you to your car."


"James, I'm finished for life. How did I put myself in this mess?"

"If only she didn't see the papers. But, Mike, what went wrong? Just two years and its like this, where is that love that made you put everything to her name?"

"James, forget that question first. How do I get out of this mess?"

"Talk to her. I know Claire, she's just putting up a strong wall. She'll listen."

"Are you sure?"

"Except you are the one who is wrong." James stood up. "I'll see you in a week."

"Okay. But I'll still call you."

They were about to shake hands when Claire walked in

"Sorry James, I couldn't offer you anything cause it was on a formal ground. But now, what do I get for you?" Claire asked in a pleading tone

"I'm good Claire. I've got other things to do. Besides, breakfast is still fresh in my stomach."

"Okay then. Take care."

James nodded and left while she turned to head to her room

*let's talk less about this. In one week, I'll be selling the house so don't talk much."

"What? You're selling my house?''

"No. My own house."

She glanced at the wallclock and hissed. 2;01.

"I beg to be excused please. My date will be here very soon and I've not even showered."

And with that, she found herself going up the stairs while Michael struggled not to let the tears flow
Re: United In Betrayal by chibertha(f): 4:01pm On Jan 22
Gertrude had already told Kelvin about her and Mike.

My take on this story
(1) I think Amara is not pregnant for mike, it's just a shenanigan to get Claire jealous.
(2) Mike is till not a change man( for those that till want them back together) he is already they dreaming of having sex with chantel.
(3) I think gartrud should tell kelvin the part were mike force himself on her, cus starting a foundation with secret is not idle for a relationship.
(4) as for Claire and Phil lipsrsealed can't say cus there relationship is just too complex.
Re: United In Betrayal by chibertha(f): 5:33pm On Jan 22
now this is getting scary
"I know someone she made friends with recently, we can indulge her and she will help us."

"That is very good, you should reach her as soon as possible. Enatel must be there now."

"I already did that Kelvin. Sent her a DM last night."

"Okay. I really wish i'm there to see what her reaction would be."

"Don't worry. I'll get everything on camera for you."

"Phillip, you know why i'm supporting you in this right?"

He heaved a sigh.

"Yes i do. And i'm grateful."


"Okay Mr Enatel. You know you're blocking the entrance to my compound right?"

"Yes i know but i just had to get your attention. If I'd parked somewhere there, you would have just gone out straight."

"Pathetic. Men. And you think blocking my gate is the best way to gain my attention? Psst. How do you even know where I live? Have we met before?"

"I followed you home yesterday, you'll have to forgive me for......."

"This is what I call the height of shamelessness."

"You say what?"

"You heard right. Look, get out of my entrance before I......."

"Hey. You don't talk to a man like that." Enatel said, getting pissed

"A man who follows a woman around? Just get out please."

"That's enough. Who do you think you are? What have you got that other ladies out there do not have? Listen, I won't stand here and watch you insult me. I'm only doing this for Phillip who's critically sick and is requesting to see you. You ain't up to the standa......"

"Where's he?"

She didn't see him smile. Her heart was now doing terrible somer saults.

"Where's he? Where's Phil?" She panicked

"Why not take your car back inside. I'll drive us to divine mercy. That's where he is."


She heard a knob click and she quickly stood up. Michael came out fully dressed, followed by Ebere who was tying the knot on the waist of her gown.

"Pack my breakfast hmm? I'll eat in the office. I'll like to have noodles and milk for lunch. You know how you cooked it yesterday? Dress nicely while coming you get?"

"Yes sir."

"And you better not address me as sir outside this house. Hurry up, I'm late already." He eyed Amara and quickly turned to leave.

"Michael please, let's talk." Amara pleaded while Ebere stole out to go do her boss' bidding

"Talk about what?" He turned to her

"If there's anyway I've offended you, please forgive me. Remember how much we love each other, don't make the enemies laugh at us."

"You've wronged me Amara, yes, you have. Domestic chore should be every woman's specialty. You don't want to work so why should I waste my time with you? Let me be with people who will do my biddings and not someone who thinks of bedmatics alone. Have a nice day." He turned and left the house.

Amara watched him.
She wont be defeated easily. Lunch right? She's so going to that office.


She had woken up that morning feeling excited but she couldn't place her hand on the reason for her mood. When Chika had announced breakfast, she was tempted to ask if there was a celebration but she thought against it.

Now, with the news of Phil's illness, she was tempted to doubt the superstitious beliefs that said that when you're too excited early in the morning, you're day will be filled with good news.

What happened to Phil? They were just together some days ago. Was it an accident? Or just an ailment?

The screeching of tyres brought her out of her thoughts and she looked up. A silver sienna had overtaken them and stopped right in front of their car, blocking their way.
Enatel cursed as four armed men came out of the car.
They made their way to Enatel's car and threw the doors open.
To her surprise, they grabbed her and put a blindfold over her eyes.

"Don't hurt me please." She cried but none of them responded.

She was pushed gently into the car and they drove off, raising dusts behind them

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