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The Enemy Within - A Tale Of Love, Lust And Betrayal / Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. / DAYO'S ANGEL( Love, Lust And Betrayal) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: United In Betrayal by Tgold1(m): 9:59pm On Apr 20, 2017

I know, i appreciate it. Thank you boss
mostly welcome ma.
Re: United In Betrayal by PamelB(f): 9:01am On Apr 24, 2017
Doctor James wore a sad smile as he addressed Micheal who was crying uncontrollably in his office.

"She had called me the day before and we had fixed an appointment for today. Tell me, what happened?"

Micheal sobbed loudly, looking at the doctor helplessly.

"I pushed her. I didn't know she was pregnant I swear. We had a misunderstanding and I pushed her. I hate myself. I hate myself."

"Its okay Mike. You should know something. A man should never hit his woman. They're fragile and needs to be handled with caution."

Micheal stood up and cursed loudly. He had messed up big time. No wonder the changes in her. It began to fall into place now. If only he had known.

"Can I see her please?"

"Of course. I'll take you to her."

Claire was sitting on the bed and staring into space. A loud mouth nurse had told her she miscarried her baby. Her own husband had pushed her, he had made her loose the first egg she had hatched.
A stray tear fell from her eye and she wiped it off. She wasn't going to cry, no, she won't. She has to be strong, for her dead child, also, she needed to be strong in order to know what's wrong with her husband.

The doctor came in followed by Micheal.

"How're you Claire?" The doctor asked professionally

"Outside the pain in my lower abdomen and this burning headache, I'm fine."

"The nurse will get you some drugs for the headache. In a day or two, the abdominal pain will stop okay?"

"Thank you doc."

"You're welcome Claire. There are other things I'll love you to know but that'll be later."

"Can I still get pregnant doctor?" Claire asked, expecting the worse

Micheal shook in fright. He was afraid for his wife and his marriage. The answer the doctor would give now would either make or mar their lives.

"Of course. Don't be afraid Claire. You're okay but you still need that appointment with me."

Claire smiled while Micheal heaved a sigh of relied.

"Thank you doc."

"You're most welcomed. I'll leave you two now."

Claire nodded and bent her head. James touched Michael's shoulder before leaving the private room.

Micheal stared at his wife in shame. He had messed up and he had no good reason. Just a night of bliss in Sarah's arms and his family got a big shake, a bad one.
He wanted to speak but Amara rushed into the room immediately. She ran to her sister and they embraced themselves, breaking Claire's resolve not to cry. They both cried in each other's arms while Micheal stood beside the bed, sobbing and pretending to be strong.

"Gertrude called me. Sister call the police. This man doesn't deserve to be with you or any woman."

Claire shook her head and wrapped her sister in her arms.

"Nne, he's sorry." She looked at Micheal, "Right?"

Micheal nodded and thanked God in his heart. At least, his wife has forgiven him.

Amara released herself from her sister's hold and walked to Micheal.

"You pushed your wife because she asked you the perfume you're wearing. You didn't give an answer, instead you pushed your wife, your pregnant wife Micheal."

That was the first time she would be calling him by his name. It surprised Micheal as much as it did Claire.

"Amara I'm sorry. I know nothing I say justifies my action ........."

"Let me get you clothes and things you would need okay? I wasn't there for you sis but I promise, I'll never leave your side again. I'll be right back."

Claire nodded and watched her sister leave. Her sister had grown into a tigress and she didn't even notice.

Husband and wife said nothing to each other. It was the entrance of a nurse that made Micheal leave after watching his wife falling to sleep.

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Re: United In Betrayal by Feyikemi12(f): 2:42pm On Apr 24, 2017

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Re: United In Betrayal by Timson01(m): 3:45pm On Apr 24, 2017
nyc update
Re: United In Betrayal by gtin(m): 3:53pm On Apr 24, 2017
Amara defender of the innocent


Re: United In Betrayal by gentlebeeholar(f): 10:09pm On Apr 24, 2017
Nice piece

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Re: United In Betrayal by PamelB(f): 6:40pm On Apr 25, 2017
Two days after her discharge, she had still not said a word to her husband and it was eating him up. Kelvin had called to inform them of his visit the next day.
Micheal dressed for work while his wife laid on the bed, backing him.

"Honey" he called soothingly.

Claire turned and faced him. He sat on the bed and held her hands

"Please forgive me."

Claire looked at him, bitterness filling her throat while she struggled to be her polite self.

"I should have just told you what delayed me. All this wouldn't have happened. I promise to make things right but please, stop doing this to us. I'm sorry."

Claire stood up and left the room. She went downstairs and made tea for him, placing four slices of bread and the choco pop pack, just the way he liked his tea.
She was about leaving the dinning when he came down.


"Have breakfast Micheal. You're running late."

Finally, she spoke to him, she even made breakfast for him. He hugged her, said thanks and settled down to eat.
She sat opposite him, looking to find what was wrong with the man she married.

"Thanks honey. I'll leave now."

He pecked her just as Amara walked in all dressed to leave.

"Good morning sis. Good morning Micheal." She greeted, sitting beside her sister

"Morning Amy. How was your night?" Micheal asked but got no response in return. He left the two sisters.

*Amara, that man is my husband I hope you know."

"Yes sister. I also know that he just denied me an opportunity to be an aunt."

Claire smiled.

"More kids are on their way. So please, don't treat Micheal that way again."

Amara rolled her eyes and nodded.

"I'll see you when I come back." Amara said and stood up

"I'm coming to the plaza."

"Eh? Sister its not Friday o."

"I know. I need to change some things that I've not been doing right. So, wait for me."

Amara smiled.

"Alright then. I'll inform the others. See you soon."


Amara left and Claire heaved a sigh.

"Gertrude!" She called out

"Yes madam."

"There are some changes that will be made from today. Tell the girls, you all will start living here from next week. You'll only be allowed leave once in a month. Anybody who's not comfortable with that should leave immediately. Am I communicating?"

The surprised Gertrude replied in the affirmative.

"Go and inform the others and get back to me. I need to make lunch and dinner now cause I'll be visiting my plaza from today."

"Okay madam. I'll inform the others right away."

It was clear. There would be drastic change in the Njama's family. What we are yet to know is if it will be for good or not.

Micheal stepped out of the elevator and heaved a sigh. He was feeling excited and he didn't know why.
Sarah had always sent him text messages since his wife's miscarriage and those messages always warmed his heart.
He walked into the large hall that housed the secretaries and they all greeted him. They also sympathised with him and he replied with his warmest smile.

He got Into his office and the sight before him made him feel special, like a teenager experiencing love for the first time.

On his desk was a huge bouquet and a red card. He touched them lovingly, reading the words on the card.
He had missed her too.

Just when he picked the bouquet, Sarah walked into the office. She was dressed in a lemon gown which didn't hide her hour glass figure. The gown had a zipper from up to bottom in the front.
She locked the door and walked straight to her knight in shining armour.

They kissed passionately, showing each other how much they had missed themselves.

"How're you bae?" He asked, pulling her to himself

"Outside the fact that I missed you, I'm good."

"I missed you too honey. Show me how much."

"Hmmmm. You're sure you wanna know?"

"Of course my Darling. Show me how much you've missed me."

Without another word, she unzipped the gown and Micheal dropped his mouth in awe. She was n@ked under the gown. She had this mischievous smile on her face.

Micheal carried her to the table where he laid her and opened her legs wide. He buried his face in her wet kitten, lapping the juices like it was the last time he was gonna taste them. Sarah's low moans kept ringing in his ears and it got him unbuckling his belts. Just when he was about inserting his huge member, she sat up.

"Top rank hotel, room 312. If you missed me as much as I did, your lunch will be waiting there for you."

"Fu¢k!" Micheal cursed.

"I trust you won't keep your woman waiting my love." She zipped her gown up, gave him a peck and walked out of the office. Her destination was the restroom where she would get herself to reach an orgasm.

Damn! This woman was driving him nuts and as crazy as it was, he was enjoying her craziness.

Come lunch break, he won't miss it for anything in the world.

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Re: United In Betrayal by Alennsar(f): 7:56pm On Apr 25, 2017
I hate infidels with everything in me


Re: United In Betrayal by princedami: 8:22am On Apr 26, 2017

IV man this IV letter no go reach na, print some more so that we gonna invite p rincedami, X amilola and the rest of them.

Thanks bro. I'll read.
Re: United In Betrayal by PamelB(f): 3:15pm On Apr 26, 2017
Claire stepped out of her car and made for the elevator. She was wearing a white chiffon top and a penciled jean. She completed her outfit with a white booty snicker and a silver purse. Her make up was on point as usual. She gently carried the lunch box where she'd parked I'm the coconut rice and grilled chicken she made for lunch.

As was the usual routine, she dialled her husband's number and he didn't pick, only to send her a message when she was almost on his floor.

"Bae, I'm iin a meeting with some potential investors in my office. I'll call you once I'm done."

Claire smiled. Thank goodness she was dressed this way. It would feel nice to let this investors know he has a beautiful lady as a wife incase there are ladies amongst them.

She stepped into the hall and there was nobody on the floor.
"Maybe they're all in the meeting" she thought.

She tapped on the door to her husband's office and after some seconds, she opened the door. There was nobody in the office. She hissed a sigh and dropped the lunch box on the centre table.

Why would he tell her they were in his office? Maybe he had seen her and was playing a prank on her. She brought out her phone to call him but something on the table caught her eye. A bouquet.


So, he's playing a trick on her. He had seen her after all. It reminded her of the day he proposed to her. She'd gotten a call from Kelvin, that Micheal was with another woman. He had given her a room number and the name of a hotel. She had gone there, ready to tear the said lady into shreds only to find herself alone in the room. Petals were used to write the words, "will you marry me" on the bed.

She was about calling Kelvin, to tell him she was I'm the wrong room, only for Micheal to appear from the bathroom, with some of their close friends. She had been so excited that she cried like a baby.

She was sure that's what he's doing now. This was his own way of apologising for the feud between them, then, the package in the lunch box was her own way of showing him how much she appreciated their relationship.

She smiled and walked to the table.

Oh! There's even a card beside it. She opened the card and stared at the letters. This wasn't her writing, and it sure doesnt belong to her husband. The wordings of the card broke her heart and she found herself sitting on the floor, reading the words over and over again

"Yes! Oh yes! Spank that a$$ baby. Fu¢k me harder with your big rooster." Sarah screamed.

To Micheal, this was the perfect lunch. He was digging her glory hole from behind, her kitten, milking him with its tightness. This was the third time they were going at it since they got here. He didn't want this to stop.

Sarah pulled him out of her and made him lie down. This was his favourite part, when he gets to watch her melons jiggle in excitement.

She lowered herself to him and he grunted, closing his eyes to enjoy this feeling. She started grinding herself on him, swaying her hips like an Indian dancer

"Yea baby. Hmmm." He moaned shamelessly.

Sarah increased her speed, riding him like a furious cowgirl. She was a p°rnstar, ever ready abd full of experience.

"Uhhh! I'm gonna cum baby."

"Yes. I'm close." Sarah responded, grinding her waist with all fierceness.

Their moans and grunts filled the room after which they fell into each other's arms and forgetting every other thing in the world.

Claire drove for an hour nonstop. She had no destination. She had carried the lunch box, making sure not to leave anything that would give away her visit.
The words on the card kept ringing in her ears, "I can't stop thinking about that night we spent together, loving each other and forgetting the boss/employee relationship. To me, we are more than that and I've missed you since that very night. I'm glad you're resuming today and I promise to utilize every means possible to show you how much I love you."

She parked beside the road and cried. For herself, for her baby and for her marriage. What had she done wrong to deserve this? He had married her a virgin. She doesn't know what it feels to be with another man, yet, he's doing this to her.

She heard a tap on her window and she looked up. She was surprised to see the guy who had bashed her car the day before. She came down fr the car and faced him, excited she just found a victim to pour out her anger and frustration on.

"We meet again." Phil said with his trade mark smile

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Re: United In Betrayal by Nobody: 4:13pm On Apr 26, 2017
Michael is about to turn sweet and innocent Claire into a monster. cry Phil, don't let the devil use you

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Re: United In Betrayal by gtin(m): 4:29pm On Apr 26, 2017
Phil nd Claire will soon hit it up, ride on sis
Re: United In Betrayal by Tgold1(m): 5:18pm On Apr 26, 2017
Michael is about to turn sweet and innocent Claire into a monster. cry Phil, don't let the devil use you
used by the devil already....

and this guy go bang Claire like say tomorrow no dey.

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Re: United In Betrayal by crislyn(f): 7:36pm On Apr 26, 2017
used by the devil already....

and this guy go bang Claire like say tomorrow no dey.
And I can't wait for that to happen.

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Re: United In Betrayal by charytea(f): 9:51pm On Apr 26, 2017
Ahh Micheal! How could u cheat on Claire lyk dis, no remorse whatsoever even after loosing ur 1st offspring ehn!

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Re: United In Betrayal by Nobody: 10:31pm On Apr 26, 2017
Ahh Micheal! How could u cheat on Claire lyk dis, no remorse whatsoever even after loosing ur 1st offspring ehn!

to think I thought he was remorseful angry

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Re: United In Betrayal by rosalieene(f): 11:14pm On Apr 26, 2017
truth is, once you start cheating, no going back. so its better not to start at all.... .
to prevent stories that touches.


Re: United In Betrayal by Nobody: 7:21am On Apr 27, 2017
pamelB good morning. Ayam starving please sad
Re: United In Betrayal by PamelB(f): 9:58am On Apr 27, 2017
Morning guys, please keep the comments and encouragements coming.

"What? Can't I get some peace and quiet? Why are you bugging me? You're stalking me? What is your problem?" Claire screamed

"Woh. Easy please."

"Get out." Claire barked

Phil gave her an unusual stare.

"You've been crying huh? I'm not here to cause a fuse."

She sniffed and the tears ran down.

"Just go okay? I want to be alone now. Please." Claire pleaded.

"I can't leave you like this. I was driving past and I recognised this car as the one I bashed the other day. You can talk to me okay but I can't leave you here, like this."

"But I don't wanna talk. It's my problem. Let me deal with it."

Phil held her shoulder and before she knew it, he pulled her to himself. She felt relaxed, she felt at home as she cried out her frustration.
He led her to his car after making sure she locked up hers and picked her stuff.
He drove her to a hotel where they went up to a room without meeting any receptionist.

Maybe he stayed lived here for now or this was his place of rest, Claire thought.

She sat down on the king sized bed and he pulled a big sofa and sat opposite her.

"So, I'm all ears. Tell me why a pretty lady like you would be crying by the road side. You're beautiful, I can swear that you're rich, so tell me, what's up?"

"I just found out my husband is cheating on me with his secretary." She said without emotions.

He didn't see that coming? Damn it! She was married, but how? He had always dreamt of her as his own the very first day he had met her. Why wasn't she wearing a ring? Jesus Lord.

".........and I've loved him with everything in me." Phil heard her say.

He stood up and started pacing the room. This woman whom he had loved the very moment he set his eyes on her, this woman who was evading his dreams and thoughts. This woman he was willing to care for till his last breadth. She was married. A tear fell from his left eye and he wiped them immediately. He went to her, sat beside her and held her hands

"It's okay, believe me. No woman deserves a cheat for a man. You're a good woman and he just went astray because he ......"

"He would have talked to me. He would have taught me if I wasn't satisfying him enough. He married me all innocent and timid. I would have learnt happily. He was with her all night and when he came back, it was to push me and make me loose my baby." Claire cried.

Now, he felt like hitting this man straight in the balls. He hugged Claire, letting her tears wet his shirt. He would make her happy. He would take care of her with everything he had. He swore.

Micheal got back to the office a satisfied man. To him, this was the peak of his life. He was having so much fun. He had a wife who spent her entire day in the kitchen, cooking for him. Then, he had a girlfriend, who made his satisfaction her topmost priority.

His phone rang and he picked it. Kelvin.

"Hey man." He greeted.

"Mike Mike. How far nau."

"I just dey here. Hope you go still show tomorrow."

"Why not? I'll be there, live."

They both laughed.

"Ask Claire to make a special delicacy for me. I've missed her meals."

"You don't say. Just get your lazy behind down here and watch how my wife will take care of you."

"Ah! I can't wait o."

"Na you go run."

"I fitn't."

They laughed and said their goodbyes. Of course, he was a happy man.

"Phil, thank you very much for today. I ....."

They were back to where she had left her car. He had made her day fulfilled. They had gone from one place to the other; an eatery where they had lunch, the beach, window shopping and he got her a headset when she told him she enjoyed listening to songs.

"You don't mention Claire. What are friends for? I just want you to be happy."

Claire smiled.

"Thanks Phil."

They shared a hug and she got into her car. He watched her drive away, praying in his heart that she'll see through him and know what he truly felt for her.

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Re: United In Betrayal by Alennsar(f): 12:46pm On Apr 27, 2017
WHEN ONE door close God will open another one.

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Re: United In Betrayal by smokeydrinky: 1:00pm On Apr 27, 2017
WHEN ONE door close God will open another one.

Is this God? Will God send another man to a woman who is still married? Even though her husband is a cheat.

Now the Name is beginning to make sense... .united in betrayal.....

I have always said a cheating man deserves a cheating wife.


Re: United In Betrayal by Alennsar(f): 1:09pm On Apr 27, 2017
[quote author=smokeydrinky post=55967949]

Is this God? Will God send another man to a woman who is still married? Even though her husband is a cheat.

Now the Name is beginning to make sense... .united in betrayal.....

I have always said a cheating man deserves a cheating wife. [/quot. they deserve their self

I just thought d guy helped her but seriously Mike does not deserve Claire. maybe she made a mistake in choosing dat idiot.
Re: United In Betrayal by Nobody: 3:19pm On Apr 27, 2017
I seriously don't like the path sweet Claire is about to toe.

pamelB, one update is not enough cry

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Re: United In Betrayal by charytea(f): 8:27pm On Apr 27, 2017
Really.. It wldnt av mattered if Phil had come jst as a friend! D problem is that he loves her! PamelB, kudos! Pls make sure Micheal will suffer wella.. He goat lyk him. A gud cuk at home and a peddler at work! U go soon regret!

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Re: United In Betrayal by Jsaviour(f): 9:09pm On Apr 27, 2017
When you don't value what you have, another will take it away from you and the shock will be like film trick. I like the way it's going. Let Michael suffer for his stupidity.


Re: United In Betrayal by PamelB(f): 10:04pm On Apr 27, 2017
She was setting the table for dinner when he came in. She was dressed in a basketball singlet and a little short. Her hair was parked in a messy bun. She was the perfect picture of a new wife on honeymoon.

"Good evening baby. Welcome." She greeted with her perfect smile, advertising her dimples and gap teeth.

"Thank you hun. How was your day?" Micheal asked, giving her his briefcase and jacket

"My day was good. When I called nd found out you weren't around, I stopped at the market to do some window shopping. I'll run a bath for you and then you'll come down and have dinner."

"Alright my love."

He tried to kiss her but she turned, making him peck her cheek.

"Naughty boy." She giggled and ran up the stairs. He didn't notice. He didn't see. His wife couldn't look at his face anymore.

Micheal followed his wife in short steps. He was farmished and exhausted. Sarah is really a tigress. The thought of her made him smile and he anticipated their midnight chat when she would fill his gallery with her beautiful body. Why did it take him this long to realise the kind of gem he had as a secretary.

While they ate, Micheal gave more attention to his phone than his wife, a new habit. Claire would look at him and her heart would skip beats. He was doing this right before her, smiling at his phone like a teenager.

"Baby, how was work today? The meeting you mentioned." Claire was forced to ask when she couldn't bear his act anymore.

"What meet......... Oh! It was a huge success." Micheal said, catching himself before he would give his atrocity away.

"I thank God. But you missed lunch."

"It was worth the sacrifice dear. Ehen. You know Kelvin is coming tomorrow."

"Yea. You told me. How long will he be staying?"

"A week or more. It all depends on our hospitality." Micheal chuckled.

"Okay." Claire said, returning to her food.

"Hope you can handle it huh?" He asked, going back to his phone.

"I always do." She murmured

Sarah stretched on her bed uncomfortably. Why would she sleep alone at night when he'll be in the arms of that woman? Why can't he be with her at night when her libido was above normal. She sat up, picked up her ipad and turned it on. While she waited for it to boot, she stepped out of her nightie and laid back, spreading her legs wide and picking the iPad again.
She went to her p°rn collection and clicked on a new video she just downloaded from tastyblacks. A school girl was being molested by her teacher.
She was crazy and she knew it.

The video started and not before long, she found herself stroking her hard cl!t.

"Hmmm" she moaned.

The school girl's scream soon filled the room and she dropped the laptop, closing her eyes and allowing those fake innocent screams take her to cloud 9.

She inserted a finger into her vjay, then another. The slopping sound started as she f!ngered herself like there was no tomorrow. But it didn't help her. She wanted more than her cute fingers could offer.
She stood up and ran-walked to the kitchen where she brought out a d!ck sized cucumber. This would be her Micheal tonight and she knew it was gonna be a night full of fu¢k.

Amara stepped into the kitchen in her nightie. It was 6am and she was surprised that her sister had been able to make baked coconut rice. She was slicing the carrot for the salad.
Claire didn't hear her sister come in. Music from the headset was blasting heavily in her head. She had told everyone the night before that she wouldn't be waking them before their normal time because she wanted to tend to her guest herself. She would make Kelvin comfortable and once he leaves, she would stop using the kitchen and cincentrate on her business.

Amara tickled her sister and she jumped in fright, removing the head set

"Amarachukwu!" Claire screamed with mixed feelings

"Sister good morning. How was your night?" Amara asked, showing little or no remorse over what she did to her sister.

"Don't know you're no longer a kid. Stay there and be pulling stunts I nugo?(have you heard?)

" Sister nau. Do you need my help?"

"Ezigbo mmadu. Wash that beef there. And better behave yourself o. Kelvin is a husband material so don't let him get married to another girl after spending a week here o."

"Sister!" Amara exclaimed and walked out of the kitchen.

"Silly girl." Claire called after her

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Re: United In Betrayal by Eniqurl(f): 10:51pm On Apr 27, 2017
Nice one ma'am.
Re: United In Betrayal by TheBlessedMAN: 12:29am On Apr 28, 2017
Bae, u've gat me seriously addicted to this masterclass. Keep it coming, lov u sporadically
Re: United In Betrayal by Tgold1(m): 12:50am On Apr 28, 2017
please don't let Kelvin eat out of Claire's panmo o...

nice update though.
Re: United In Betrayal by PamelB(f): 7:46am On Apr 28, 2017
Bae, u've gat me seriously addicted to this masterclass. Keep it coming, lov u sporadically
love you too. Let your wife not catch me o
Re: United In Betrayal by PamelB(f): 7:47am On Apr 28, 2017
please don't let Kelvin eat out of Claire's panmo o...

nice update though.
tanx dear
Re: United In Betrayal by PamelB(f): 7:47am On Apr 28, 2017
Nice one ma'am.

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