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Choices by Oyinprince(m): 2:04pm On May 19, 2017
Marriage is something more than child's play. The both partners should work together to make the relationship undefiled.
"Choices" is a romance story about Teniola and the choices she made, how these choices affected her marriage and life.

This is a story by Tunde Oni which I think is worth sharing. The story is on http://www.youngicee.com/2017/03/new-romance-story-choices.html?m=1 but I'll be posting here also from tonight, one episode every day for the next ten days.

Enjoy and invite others too

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Re: Choices by Oyinprince(m): 8:45pm On May 19, 2017
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Welcome ladies
Re: Choices by Oyinprince(m): 8:47pm On May 19, 2017
Copyright © Tunde Oni

This work is protected by copyright laws and should not be reproduced in any format either online or offline in parts or whole without the express written permission of the writer.

I enjoyed the feel of the liquor as it burned down my throat while I swayed to the music that was blasting loudly in the crowded club. I definitely enjoy nights like this when I finally let go and have all the fun possible.At 27 years old, I can boldly say that life has been great for me. I am young, beautiful and confident. I make my choices and I live by them. I try my best to come out with my girls at least twice a month. What is the whole point of working so hard and being young if I can't have fun. The dull life can start when I do eventually get married and even then I hope I don't get tied forever to a dull face.

I am a Masters degree holder and I have a good job. I also have a boyfriend whom I am in love with and we have been together for two years now. All our friends and family have already started planning the dream wedding on our behalf but I try not to think of it. I look forward to a real surprise proposal after all. Beside me, Tola and Chinonso were already getting high beside me and we were having so much fun dancing and drinking in the VIP section. We have had constant supply of drinks since we walked in from different guys hoping we'll give them some attention but we were pretty seasoned at warding off unwarranted attention. After all, how many husband material guys do you meet in clubs? My thoughts though. So basically, every time we go clubbing, we dance like our lives depend on it, we tease all the guys and we go home and sleep it off at home. We share an apartment and we're absolutely loving it. Our parents stay far away from Abuja where we all work. All except for Chinonso who doesn't have an eight to five job like Tola and I but has a fashion outfit. Her ready to wear outfits are trending all over social media so we kind of get a lot of free outfits.

This particular night was actually funnier than the others because Tola had been trying to ward off one handsome guy that had been attaching himself to her all night. The guy just was not taking no for an answer and I could see she was getting irritated. I really did not see the need for her to be so angry, it is not like she has a boyfriend but hey, this was girls night and guys were not allowed to spoil the fun, even my loving boyfriend, Uche knew that. I looked all around the club with all the scantily dressed females, not excluding myself and I knew some guys were getting lucky tonight. Sometime around 3am, I knew we had had enough and I mercifully went to rescue Tola. I drank the least since we had all decided I was driving tonight. We made our way finally through all the sweaty bodies and drove out of the club straight home. As soon as we got home, we all crashed on our beds.

I woke up earlier than every one the next day and early was around 12 noon. I decided to shower and go give my boo a surprise visit. I usually sleep all day after any girls night out so I knew he was not expecting me. He was always considerate and giving me my desired space knowing how pissed I get when I start feeling crowded. I branched a Chinese restaurant somewhere in town and got us some food. Uche is a terrible cook so expecting to meet food in his house is just a dream. He had given me a key to his apartment about six months ago. I already saw his car parked in the compound so I just unlocked the door and walked in, happy I did not come on a wild goose chase. As soon as I walked in, I could feel that something was wrong before I even saw it. Everywhere was unnecessarily quiet which was unusual because Saturdays was Uche's television marathon day.

I walked straight to the bedroom and stopped cold when I saw Uche on the bed having hot sex with a slut. Yes I called her slut because she is shacking my man.

"What the hell is this?''

It is weird that all the movies talk about how the girlfriend either walks out immediately or starts crying or faints and all of those dramatic reactions but I just literally bust out laughing. I could not hold the laughter.

I watched while they scampered around and Uche pushed the slut out but I just sat on the floor laughing my head out. I could not stop the laughter. I thought about the last two years and for somebody who prides herself on being too smart, I was so disappointed at my own stupidity.

"Teni, It's not what you think. The girl came to seduce me''.

As soon as he said that, I started another round of laughter. I could not hold it.

''Really? Uche, Is that the best you could come up with? She seduced you?''

"Teni please I am sorry. Please forgive me.''

''Wait Uche, I want to hear the end of that story, when she seduced you, what now happened? You could not send her out? You had to have sex with her simply because you were not getting any from me?

''No babe, it was not like that, I swear this is the first time this is happening. You know we're getting married, I will never disrespect you that way''.

''We are getting married?'' I stared at him in mocking surprise. ''How come it is only you that knows that my love?''

"You know me better than to think there can be any relationship between us after this Uche. The moment you touched that slut, you made your choice and it is quite sad that you chose wrong''.

''Teni, please don't do this''

''It is already done babe''.

I stood up and walked out of his house for good, He followed me to my car but I refused to even spare him a glance as I drove out of his compound. I drove straight home. By the time I got into the house, Tola and Chinonso were in the living room watching television. Immediately they saw my face they knew something was wrong.

"I caught Uche cheating'' was all I said before Tola pulled me on to the sofa and wrapped me in a hug and I finally let the tears fall. They both knew me well enough. That relationship is definitely over. Some things I will never condone and cheating was one of them. Two years I had given wholeheartedly and two years I had wasted. I guess I am back in the dating pool once again.

Culled from www.youngicee.com

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Re: Choices by Oyinprince(m): 11:46am On May 20, 2017
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Re: Choices by Oyinprince(m): 10:44pm On May 20, 2017
Episode 2

By Tunde Oni

Okay so I was beginning to think maybe I did not love Uche so much after all. All I gave him was about 30 minutes tears and that was it. Tola and Chinonso started to reminisce about all the hot guys we met at the club last night and Uche's treachery lay forgotten. As expected, he came knocking at about 5pm that evening and thanks to Chinonso, I didn't even have to face the stress of dealing with him. She gave him the talk of his life right at the door and asked him never to come back. We always had each other's back like that and Chinonso especially does not take crap from anyone. She is usually our mouth piece. The combination of both of us was usually more fun. Tola was the level headed one. Never wants to get into trouble.

I woke up the next morning which happened to be a Sunday to the annoying sound of my alarm. I groaned and rolled over putting my pillow over my head. I contemplated whether I really wanted to go to church. I was feeling really lazy but my mind was made for me when Tola opened my door and walked straight into my room. She knew me so well already and we had this argument every Sunday. She rolled her eyes as she laid on my bed,

''Don't even try to wriggle yourself out of it Teni, we are going to church''.

I groaned and I covered my head again, "I deserve the day resting after being cheated on''.

''Nope, more like you deserve spiritual cleansing after being cheated on, get up and start getting ready, I don't want to be late and I still need to wake up Chinonso''.

I laughed at that, Chinonso was always harder to talk into going to church which was very funny because she danced and had fun the most once she stepped into church. She was always in her zone.

''Good luck with that babe, I will be ready on time joor. Now leave me to finish loading''

As soon as she left, I relaxed for a few more minutes and finally got up to ransack my wardrobe and sort out my outfit. We finally walked into church at about 10 a.m, while the praise and worship was going on. As soon as I sat down and dropped my purse on the sit, I saw him. He was sitting beside me. I was pretty sure he felt it just as much as I did. The attraction was instant. He had the most gorgeous face I had ever seen. I quickly composed myself and averted my eyes after ogling him for over a minute when I heard the Pastor say,

''somebody shout Halleluyah''

I tried my best not to look to my right after then, I kept my attention on the stage and on Tola who was sitting to my left. I passed her a note I secretly scribbled, "I just experienced love at first sight sitting to my right, Oh my God!" I saw her pass the note to Chinonso who turned and winked at me. I was so jumpy through the service and listening to the Pastor's sermon was a strain. It did not help that he was sitting so close to me. I caught his eyes on me so many times and the smile he gave me each time was melting my heart. I had to remind myself I do not even know the guy and I just broke up with Uche the day before. I really did not need a guy right now. My rising heartbeat was definitely telling me otherwise.

I somehow managed to finished the service without embarrassing myself and I quickly picked up my purse to escape when I felt him tap my shoulder. I took a deep breath and turned to face him,

''Hi'', I needed to keep this short so I don't give myself away.

''Hi, my name is Josiah, my friends call me Josy. What's your name please?''

The sincerity of the smile on his face was so contagious, I felt myself smiling back at him and saying,

''I am Oluwateniola, my friends call me Teni''.

''Okay Teni, can I see you again? I would really love to know you better''.

I began to contemplate if I wanted to dig myself deeper into this. I knew without a doubt that this guy was definitely danger to my heart.

''Please don't say no. Just give me your number. I promise not to be a pest''

''Okay here's my card'' I said while handing him my card. " My friends are waiting by the car so I really have to go''.

''Okay Teni, I'll call you''.

I turned and walked away and as soon as I got to the car, trust Chinonso to start bombarding me with questions.

''So how was the your love at first sight? Full gist abeg''.

I gave them the full details of what happened and Chinonso started singing a ridiculous song..

''Teni has found her love and future.... Her voice was so ridiculous, we burst out laughing.

As soon as we got home, we started cooking jollof rice. not up to an hour later, my phone started ringing. We all looked at one another's face and suddenly I saw Chinonso running to grab my phone. She definitely thought it was Josy calling. I saw the disappointment on her face as she handed me the phone and knew she was wrong. I checked the phone screen before picking the call,

"Hi mum, happy Sunday" I said as I walked away from the kitchen. My mum and I were quite close so I had to give her the full gist of Uche's betrayal and since she had always had some reservations about him. I was not surprised she just told me it was good riddance. As soon as I finished speaking to my mum and eventually my dad and other three younger sisters, I ended the call and went back to join the girls in the kitchen.

I kept checking my phone throughout that day waiting for it to ring but it never did. By the end of that day, I was really angry with myself for not getting his number.

''What if he lost my card Tola?'' I asked later that night.

''If you guys were destined to meet, you definitely will Teni. Stop being such a baby, He is just a guy''

''He is not just a guy Tola, he is the guy, don't you get it?''

Chinonso just had to cut in not long after, '' Teni relax, I know the guy will call. He's probably trying not to be too pushy''.

I went to sleep that night and yours truly, I just had to dream of that gorgeous face in my sleep. By the end of work the next day, I had to tell myself, he is probably not as into me as I am. I walked out of the office at about 5:30 p.m and went to my car only to find him leaning sexily by the side of my car.

''Hello gorgeous''

I was so shocked, I left my mouth hanging open. It took a few minutes for me to compose myself.

"What are you doing here? How did you know where I work?'' This was such a pleasant surprise but I could not tell him that. so I kept a straight face.

''You gave me your business card remember and it has your office details on it. The security guard showed me your car and told me when you were coming out''

''Wow! quite impressive, I did not expect to see you so soon'', I said truthfully.

''I did not expect it either. I hardly know you but I just feel so drawn to you and I have felt like that since yesterday. Anyway, let me take you to dinner''.

''Okay, I'll drive behind you''.

We got to a cozy chinese restaurant somewhere in Wuse 2 and talking to Josy was so easy. We talked about everything and nothing in particular. We both avoided the serious fireworks that was obviously happening between us. There was no avoiding it, we definitely had serious chemistry. As soon as we finished eating, Josiah said,

"Teni, I really like you and I am definitely attracted to you. Can I get to know you better?''

I knew I felt the same way exactly and there was no reason trying to be modest about it but before I could reply, he said,

''Wait before you decide, you need to understand something''

I raised my eyebrows at that.

"I am married'' he said.

''What?'' I shot up from my seat immediately like I had been burned. ''Is this a joke? Are you mad? You are married? You have a wife?''

''Yes being married means I have a wife'' he said looking confused

''So what the heck are you doing taking me out to dinner?'' I did not even bother to sit down again. I already picked my bag, thankful that I came in my own car.

''Teni, please don't go yet. I am in over my head. I have never done this before. I am not a habitual cheat but I have never felt so drawn to anyone at first glance in my life like I felt with you. I know you feel it too''.

I was so angry at the rubbish he was spitting out. ''Look here Mr Josiah, I don't care if you cheat on a daily basis or monthly basis. Whatever stupid thing we could have felt evaporated the moment you mentioned the 'M' word. I do not date other people's husbands. I cannot be your mistress. Tear up my card and do not ever call me again''.

I stormed out of the restaurant and it wasn't until I had my car finally on the road before my anger began to dissipate. I cannot believe I wasted 24 hours crushing over a freaking married man.

...to be continued

Culled from www.youngicee.com


Re: Choices by Oyinprince(m): 10:47pm On May 20, 2017
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Re: Choices by Audrinakane(f): 12:44pm On May 21, 2017
Nice one. Following.
Re: Choices by damsel14(f): 12:47pm On May 21, 2017
following.....nice write up,keep up the good work..oyinprince pls is this story on ur website cos i doubt if u will complete it here
Re: Choices by queenitee(f): 2:09pm On May 21, 2017
Awwn, I'm loving this . Teni is my kinda woman

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Re: Choices by mizxpensive(f): 2:57pm On May 21, 2017
present ma'am... following....bumper to bumper
Re: Choices by Nobody: 5:39pm On May 21, 2017
Awwn, I'm loving this . Teni is my kinda woman
I Hope U Will Not Regret Saying Dats After U Finnish Reading D Story.
Re: Choices by mhizgap(f): 8:40pm On May 21, 2017
oga oyinprince,
Hope this story is complete over the blog you posted.
Re: Choices by Chizzyjoyce(f): 12:20am On May 22, 2017
Really gluing me to this page

Nice one

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Re: Choices by OluwabuqqyYOLO(m): 8:32am On May 22, 2017
The piece is enthralling, good job.
Re: Choices by Oyinprince(m): 4:55pm On May 22, 2017
Episode 3

By Tunde Oni

At times I wonder if my beauty is a blessing or a curse. Attracting both the good, bad and the ugly. I wondered what was it about me that just drew men in. I just cannot get over the fact that I had almost entered one chance with a married man. Just remembering the crap he was giving me about never cheating on his wife before he met me. I really was angry and totally pissed. I knew the girls were going to totally have a field day laughing at me when I gave them the gist. I decided to stop over and get them some pizza and chicken to appease them.

"Hello, how may I help you?'' The cheery voice of the woman working at the counter kind of pissed me off because of my mood and I just visibly glared at her.

"I want one large spicy pepperoni pizza and 3 pieces of peppered chicken." I murmured quietly, avoiding the gaze of the extremely good looking guy standing beside me. It was quite annoying seeing that I was not even in the mood for guys.

The pizza place was quite full but I still found an empty table towards the back since I still had to wait for the pizza to be freshly made. I tapped angrily at my phone answering Tola who was chatting me on bbm asking where I was. I looked up when I felt somebody sit at my table and I was already angry when I recognized the guy from the counter.

"Is it okay if I sit here with you?'' He asked with a genuine smile on his face and I scowled at him,

"You've already sat down so why bother to ask?"

"I am so sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I will just move to another table." He said politely and I immediately felt guilty.

"No, it is okay. Sorry I snapped at you. I am just in a really bad mood".

''No it's okay. It happens to even the best of us doesn't it? Do you want to talk about it? My sisters always say I am a good listener"

He sounded so genuine that I decided to give him the full gist. I was quite surprised at myself because I am usually closed up to people I don't know. He actually laughed at me when I told him about how I was making a full of myself on Sunday and when I rolled my eyes at him he stopped laughing. By the time I finished the whole story to the point where I walked out of the restaurant and stopped over to buy pizza, he actually bust out laughing and people around actually turned to stare at us.

"Now that you have had a good laugh, can you see why I was angry?''

"Yes, I get it but I guess the guy was just captivated by your extraordinary beauty.'' He said and started laughing again.

They brought our orders at that moment and I just got up. "I am happy I could be your amusement for the day. Good night Mr." I walked away.

I wasn't surprised that he caught up with me just as I was getting into the car. "Can I at least know the name of the beauty that makes even married men weak?''

I raised my brows at that.''Seriously, you ask for a girl's name by mocking her?"

He just shrugged,''It works at times. My name is David by the way, David Oke."

"My name is Oluwateniola Williams, my friends call me Teni. Thanks for listening though. It was nice having company while waiting for Pizza.''

"So are you going to give me your number so I can at least check up on you and make sure your broken heart is healed?''

"Thanks for caring David, I do not have a broken heart,'' I said as I got into my car and drove off waving to him and smiling. I was definitely not giving out my number so soon after being fooled once.

''See who took a lifetime just to get pizza, I should have just had dinner instead of waiting for you,'' Chinonso said as soon as I entered the house.

''I did not ask you to skip dinner because of pizza madam. This was just an extra after all I already ate Chinese food before stopping over for dinner.

Typical Chinonso style, she just rolled her eyes and snatched the bag of food from me and settled down to eat.

''Okay, I have gist for you guys, I saw Josiah today." By the time I was through with the full details we launched into full gist of how horrible some married men can be and I was so glad that making fun of me was the last thing on their minds.

Soon after pizza, I was about to go to my room and retire for the night when we heard the knock on the door. There was confusion on all our faces as nobody was expecting guests. Chinonso was at the door in a jiffy and I heard her talking briefly with whoever was at the door and giggling. That got Tola and I curious and my jaw literally dropped when she walked back in with David smiling behind her.

"Seriously, are you stalking me? What the heck are you doing here? How do you know my house? Is this a joke?'' I bombarded him with all those questions at once.

"Which of those questions do you want me to answer Teni? He asked with an annoying smirk on his face.

"He is so cute, who is he? '' Tola whispered into my hears beside me.

I was still a little bit pissed and wary so I fired him straight, "answer all of them now." I snapped.

''Okay, I was not stalking you. I was just driving home after you drove off and I noticed we were driving in the same direction. Coincidentally, you stopped here which made me realize you live just a few houses away from me. I live at No 30. I went home and decided to come back and be sure you feel better now and to introduce myself to my neighbor and no, this is not a joke. Does that answer all your questions? I am really sorry I scared you".

I was quite dumbfounded but Chinonso and Tola quickly ushered him to sit down.

"Okay as you can see, I am fine. Thanks for checking, you can leave now''.

Chinonso was the one to reply me, if you want to go to bed then please do, we will gladly keep him company. I sighed and sat down finally. I kept silent and listened intently while the girls grilled him about his life. I had felt quite free with him in the restaurant and I didn't quite understand why I was feeling quite scared now. Maybe because I thought I will never see him again but now it is obvious I was wrong it scares me. I have not exactly had the best judgement with men of recent. About an hour later, he finally left the house after succeeding in getting my number from the girls since I refused to give it to him the second time. Amidst all the hoos and haas from the girls about how hot he was, I finally ran to my room and locked the door. Thoughts of David filled my mind throughout that night and I wondered why once you get out of a relationship, one just gets surrounded by guys.

...to be continued

Culled from www.youngicee.com


Re: Choices by Oyinprince(m): 4:57pm On May 22, 2017
Episode 4

By Tunde Oni

The last three years have been the most fulfilling of my life.

When you marry the man of your dreams, it just makes everything okay doesn't it?

At times, I still try to pinch myself just to be sure I am not living a dream.

I am now Mrs Oluwateniola Oke, wife to the amazing Mr David Oke and mother to the breathtakingly beautiful Princess Oke. I still wonder why her father insisted on naming her Princess.

I dated David for a year and we got married and had Princess immediately after which is why I have been married for two years and my daughter is a little over a year.

I turned over in bed that morning stretching my arms to the right so I can snuggle my hubby only to find his side empty. I was first confused, then startled.

I expected David to have come in already while I slept but as I checked my phone for the time, I already knew what to find but seeing it eventually did not make it any easier.

It was 5am already and my husband never came home.

I got up hastily just to check around and be sure. I checked our ensuite bathroom, the sitting room, kitchen and finally Princess's room but I came up empty. I sat back in bed and dialed his number but like previous times, he did not pick up my call.

I had just about an hour before Princess woke up so I just went back to the bedroom and laid down. I was not scared he was hurt because this was not the first time this was happening. This is in fact the 11th time in the last 2 months. It has always been the same excuse, he went to hang out with his friends, it got too late and he decided to lodge in a hotel alone to clear his head. Which responsible married man leaves his family at home to lodge in a hotel?

We had some serious screaming matches the first five times but afterwards, I have met him with plain silence. Apparently, I am so bad that my beloved husband needs time away from me. I think what surprised me more was this was so out of character for David who has been a model husband and father till now.

Tola who got married not long after me, thinks I should just keep trying to talk to him about it till I get through to him and Chinonso who just got married six months ago suggested we go for counselling. The girls and I are still as close as ever.

"Mama", the sound of my baby at the foot of my bed brought me out of my thoughts. I did not even hear her coming into my room. I quickly picked her up and showered her with hugs, kisses and tickles. The sound of her laughter was enough to bring me out of my down mood. I knew that her nanny was awake and will soon get her ready since I could hear sounds coming from inside the house already.

An hour later, I was just strapping Princess into her car seat so I could drop her off in preschool before heading off to work when I saw David drive into the compound. I quickly rushed into the driver seat, dropped my bag on the passenger seat and drove off. I faintly heard David calling my name but I did not even bother to spare him a glance.

I saw about ten missed calls from David all through that day and I did not dignify any of his calls with a response. I got a text from him in the afternoon saying he was already picking Princess from school and I just rolled my eyes because I knew that was him trying to apologize with kindness. I got two more messages towards the end of my closing time about how much he loves me and all which I conveniently ignored.

The sight that I met when I walked into our home at about 6pm that evening definitely softened my heart. Princess was in her high chair covered in biscuit crumbs watching Max and Ruby on Disney Junior while my husband was dressed in shorts and a t shirt with an apron over it and setting the table. He had obviously made dinner to appease me. His face lit up as I came in and I could see even in his eyes he was trying to say sorry. I walked over to Princess and gave her a big kiss on the lips. She immediately started grumbling because so I was blocking her view of the television. I laughed at that and just simply walked past David into the bedroom.

I looked up from the floor where I had been busy taking off my high heeled sandals when I heard him walk into the room.

''Babe, I am sorry for staying out overnight''.

''Please stop apologizing for what you are going to do again next time. There is nothing to be sorry about. I am getting used to it".

"Haba Teni, what do you mean you are getting used to it like it's a good thing?"

"Oh! Oh! so you know it is not a good thing yet it is okay to do it? How exactly will you feel if I decide to stay out all night?''

"Why will you do something like that? It is not the same thing besides who will take care of Princess?''

" Can you just listen to yourself David, listen to you giving advise you cannot take.''

''See, I don't want us to fight about this. I am sorry I got too drunk last night that I had to stay out overnight. I am sorry I wasn't here to cuddle you during the night, I know you missed that.''

''Seriously? I did not even notice you were away.'' I rolled my eyes and sighed. I knew I had lost my battle on this one. I didn't even have the strength to argue.

''I will make sure it does not happen again babe and to show you how sorry I am, I made you dinner. I made Amala and okro soup and trust me I made it all myself right from the scratch".

''What time did you leave work to be able to do all these?''

"I left around 2pm. I will do anything to make my wife happy.''


He pulled me in for a hug and we just stayed there nestled in each other's arms.

''I love you so much darling,'' he said. I was just about to respond when we heard Princess crying. We jumped apart and rushed to the sitting room but her nanny was already picking her up. We sat down to eat dinner.

That Saturday, Tola, Chinonso and I met up at the Salon to get out hair done and also hang out which is our usual hang out spot. That particular salon also had a lounge and spa. We had been busy sharing tales of all our respective husbands. We seemed to have totally separate battles we were dealing with but it was fine because we had relatively happy homes. I just finished fixing my nails and was going to use the bathroom when I saw him walk in.

Immediately his eyes met mine, he paused in recollection and walked up to me. I just shook my head and smiled. Even after over fifteen years, he had not really changed, I would recognize him anywhere.

"Teniola Williams in real life"

"Muyiwa Akindele!!! Oh my God! We hugged each other and immediately pulled apart to assess each other.

"Wow! Teni, I never thought I will see you again. You still look as perfect as you did back then"

"It is too early to start the flattery, haven't you dropped all that over the years?''

''Appreciating one of the rarest beauties I have been privileged to know? I don't intend to drop that anytime soon''.

''What are you doing here anyway?''

''I always cut my hair here. It is a unisex salon, they have the male section right at the back''

''I can't believe we haven't met before now. I have been using this salon for about five years now''.

''I actually just moved into town about 6 months ago. That might be why we haven't crossed paths''.

''Okay give me your card so we can catch up sometime. It is so great to see you again Teni''. I brought out my card from my bag and gave to him while he gave me his. I could not wipe the smile off my face when he walked off and I turned back to face Tola and Chinonso.

''Please don't tell me that is the same Muyiwa. Your childhood love Muyiwa that moved away?'' Tola said.

''Yup, that is indeed him in flesh and blood.''

''Why didn't you immediately mention that you were married?''

''Haba Tola, that question never came up''

''And it so happens to be on a day you forgot to wear your wedding rings?''

Chinonso saved me from further harassment from Tola, ''I am sure it is not a big deal and Teni knows better than to play with fire.''

''Thanks for the vote of confidence Chi.''

Deep down in my mind, I knew that the sparks I felt flying when I hugged Muyiwa even if it was brief was beyond real. He still invoked the same feelings in me that he did all those years ago. Muyiwa and I never dated but he was my one childhood love that I always had dreams of marrying some day. I knew being around him was fire but then I do not intend to play with such. I suddenly remembered I wanted to use the bathroom.

...to be continued

Culled from www.youngicee.com


Re: Choices by Oyinprince(m): 5:16pm On May 22, 2017
The piece is enthralling, good job.
welcome sir
Nice one. Following.
Welcome ma
following.....nice write up,keep up the good work..oyinprince pls is this story on ur website cos i doubt if u will complete it here
It's complete there already but I'll complete it here too

present ma'am...
following....bumper to bumper
Welcome Mhiz, I'm a guy cool
Re: Choices by queenitee(f): 9:08pm On May 22, 2017
Ah, Gobe on its way

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Re: Choices by Oyinprince(m): 1:43pm On May 25, 2017
By Tunde Oni

I could not get Muyiwa off my mind.

I love my husband and I love my family but I cannot explain how my heart skips every time I think of Muyiwa. The feeling is foreign to me. It reminds me of how they used to describe love in the romance novels I love reading. Though I am not that naive to think I love him but I know there is something there.

I made a choice not to call him though after thinking of him all through the following week. To further avoid temptation, I tore his card and discarded it. It is better to flee from temptation but fate had a different plan.

Through out the following week, I went through the motions of wok and home. Thank God for a great nanny, Princess did not stress me out too much. David on the other hand was a totally different scenario. I was sitting on the sofa around midnight on Friday, waiting for him to come home. Princess had gone to bed two hours before. To say I was boiling was an understatement. I picked up my phone the umpteenth time to call him and was surprised the phone rang:

"Hey babe, you still awake?" He asked just as he picked up the call.

"No David. I am sleep calling you. What is the meaning of this? Why are you not home yet?

''I am sorry darling, just hanging out with the boys, I will be home soon.''

''So you will rather hang out with the boys than your family right? Why won't you just stop stepping on my toes? Is it now your life's assignment to frustrate me?''

''Look babe I am sorry ehn, don't get yourself worked up, go to bed. I'll be by your side when you wake up in the morning.''

''Don't you dare tell me I am getting worked up David. You know what? Suit yourself.'' I hung up the call.

I decided there and then he was not going to be waking up by my side. I went to the front door, locked it and kept the key in the lock so he won't be able to open it from outside. I did the same thing for the back door. Then I felt at peace and went to bed.

As usual, I was woken up by Princess the next morning. Even though I try to sleep in on weekends, it never happens because Princess wakes up early all the time. We spent the next fifteen minutes giggling and cuddling. Then I remembered I had locked David out. I checked my phone and I saw 18 missed calls. He must have been calling when he got back home. I picked up Princess and went to open the door and he was not there. I did not expect him to sleep on the floor though. I noticed his car was parked out front so I guessed he was asleep in the car. I did not bother to go wake him up. He can walk in when he finally wakes up.

I walked back in and handed Princess over to her nanny to be cleaned up. The nappy was unusually full this morning. I walked into my bedroom to start my Saturday morning cleaning ritual.

The sound of the door slamming shut about an hour thirty minutes later brought me out of my reverie while cleaning out and folding cloths in our wardrobe. I was faced with a very angry David.

''Teni, this is the only time I will warn you about this, don't you ever try to lock me out of my own house again.''

''Ehn Ehn, if I try it, what will you do David? Please tell me because I need to know'' I said as I rose up to face him, the anger boiling out from every part of my body.

''I will show you that I am the head of this home. What gave you the right to think you can lock me out of this house''.

''What gave you the right to think you can stay out at an ungodly hour David? I laughed mockingly, ''head of the home indeed. Just try it again and you will meet the same result. Absolute rubbish''.

He grabbed my arms as I turned to walk away, ''Don't you dare walk away from me Teni. I am not done talking to you''.

''Do you want to beat me David? Your grip on my arms is already bordering on physical violence. Get your hands off me right this minute.'' He dropped my hands immediately. Let me warn you Mr head of the home, your actions are totally irresponsible and this your new character traits will never be tolerated.''

''Teni, I can see you are out to provoke me today and I will not give you the satisfaction. Just know that I am not a child. What I do with my time is none of your business. I have provided for your every need so keep your mouth shut and do not give me instructions''. He walked into our en suite bathroom and slammed the door shut. I was so angry, I picked up my phone, changed into my running clothes, instructed my nanny on my daughter's breakfast and left the house.

I started out running a full sprint and by the time I got tired, I sat down on the street corner trying to catch my breath. I heard my phone ringing in the next breath and checked the screen to see who could be calling 9am on Saturday morning. The number looked unfamiliar but I still picked the call,


''Hello, am I speaking to Teniola?

''Yes please, who is this?

''Teni, it's Muyiwa''.

''My heart skipped a bit. Muyiwa how are you?''

''You sound out of breath, are you alright?''

''Yes I am fine. I just took a run and I am just trying to catch my breath''.

''Okay nice, still as athletic as ever. I hope I am not calling you at a bad time.

''No it is fine. I am taking a run to be distracted so the call came at a good time''.

''Okay, what do you need distraction from? Making money?''

Laughing out loud, I replied. ''Naaaaa, just argument at home''.

''Home as in your flatmates or something?''

''Nope, Muyiwa, home as in husband and I have a daughter too''.

''What You are married? I didn't see a ring the last time''.

''Muyiwa, I am married. I forgot my ring at home the last time''.

''Okay, how old is your daughter now?

I sat and spoke to Muyiwa for over an hour. He could not believe the fact that I was married and when I asked why he was still single, he told me the story of how he discovered his fiancee had been cheating 3 months to their wedding and he had not found anyone since then. By the end of the call, we had exchanged blackberry pins and he had totally taken my mind off David's silly attitude. I also told him about the fight that made me go for the run. He told me to just relax and not get bitter. As soon as he dropped the call, I got a text from him,

''If he will rather spend time with his guys than with you, then he doesn't deserve you. You are special Teni, don't let anyone make you feel any less''.

I could not wipe the smile off my face and I was still smiling when I walked into my house 2 hours after leaving. David and Princess were playing on the floor of the living room when I came back and I quickly gave Princess a kiss before heading to the bathroom. I had a quick shower and headed down to the kitchen to make breakfast.

David and I were completely ignoring each other. We took turns playing with Princess until early afternoon when she went to sleep. David sat down to watch television. We usually do that together on Saturdays but I had something better to do and I was still super pissed with him so I went into the bedroom and started chatting with Muyiwa on bbm.

I knew David was going to apologize eventually but right now I did not care. I had not had such care free conversations with any one since I got married and Muyiwa had always been my person. I could not help but wonder if I would have been happier if he had resurfaced in my life before I got married to David.

...to be continued

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Re: Choices by Oyinprince(m): 1:44pm On May 25, 2017
Episode 6

By Tunde Oni

I sat on the floor of Muyiwa's living room with him and we had drinks in our hands. I looked into his face and he smiled so sweetly at me. I relaxed in his arms and faced the television visibly distracted from whatever was showing by the feel of his fingers rubbing gently up and down my arm.

He turned me swiftly, took the glass gently from my hands and put it on the side table and crashed his lips to mine and my hands went round his neck pulling him down with me. All my body parts were filled with heightened pleasure and I could feel the effect of the kiss down to my core. The kiss kept going deeper and deeper. He moved away for a few seconds when we needed to breathe and began to kiss my jaw down to my neckline and I could feel his hands raising up my dress and caressing my thighs. He brought his lips back to mine and I just could not stop myself from saying,

"Muyiwa, I want you.''

I was suddenly jolted awake by the sound of my alarm. I moved swiftly to turn it off and fell back on the bed with a frustrated groan. I could not believe that was a dream. It was so intense and I could still feel the effects in between my legs. I turned to my left to look at my hubby who I thought was still sleeping but he was actually staring at me.

''Bad dream?''

My heart skipped a bit. I hope I did not mention Muyiwa's name in my sleep.

''Yes but it was not so bad. I was just startled. I am fine''.

He started rubbing his hands over my stomach and I already knew where he was heading but I just couldn't stand another session after the intense dream I just had.

''David, stop it. I am not in the mood abeg''

''What do you mean you are not in the mood''

I quickly kicked the duvet off me and jumped off the bed.

''I mean I need to be at the office early today so no time for lovemaking this morning''

''Babe, not even a 5 minutes quickie? In fact just 2 minutes''.

''Nope, no time'', I said as I grabbed my dressing gown and left the bedroom to go check on Princess and start my morning routine.

I sighed quietly as I sat in my office later that morning brewing over the events of the last few days. It has been three days since I first had that dream about Muyiwa and I could not shake off the guilt I was feeling. It didn't make it any easier that Muyiwa and I chatted and talked everyday and we were getting quite close. We had not yet seen each other and he was asking if I could come over to his house and see him. He was quick to tell me how his feelings for me had never changed and I could not shake away the feeling I kept having that maybe I was destined to marry him instead.

I could not say that things at home were bad because David was putting more effort since the last fight we had and was no longer keeping late nights. The only issue is that I have been constantly refusing to have sex with him simply because my nights and dreams were filled with Muyiwa. It was exhausting and weighing me down.

The sound of my door opening pulled me from my thoughts. Tola came into my office smiling and immediately slid into the sofa on the side.

''What are you doing here? I didn't know you were coming''

''Do I need an excuse to check up on my best friend?''

''Yea you do... Especially if it's during working hours''

''Relax joor, I came to see a client on this road and decided to stop over since my meeting was pushed back for an hour''

''That's great, how is your husband doing?''

''He is fine and how is my baby and David?'''

''Hmmmm. they are okay''.

''Teni, you don't sound great. What is wrong?''

''Sincerely? I don't know what I am doing Tola... I am playing with fire.''

''What happened?''

I told her all about my problems with David, my dreams of Muyiwa and our conversations and messages.

''Teni, you know better than to be doing this.''

''Tola, I get you, I am supposed to know better but it does not change how I feel, it does not change the fact that I feel like Muyiwa actually listens to me and gets me more than David does these days. I feel like Muyiwa is my soul mate that just came back into my life too late.''

''Teni. how can you say that? You and David have such a strong bond between you. How can you not see beyond this fleeting infatuation you are feeling towards Muyiwa and I can't believe he is actually encouraging this attention knowing you are a married woman.''

''Tola you know what? Forget I said anything, you cannot understand this.'

''No problem, I hear you. Love is a choice though. You make a daily decision to love your husband and you stand by it''.

''What I am feeling for Muyiwa is not a choice, It is a force. I have no choice in the matter''.

Tola and I went back and forth on this issue and she ended up getting angry and frustrated with me and eventually left my office angry, warning me not to make a mistake.

I got back home that evening and seeing Princess run into my arms just brightened my day and made me momentarily forget the turmoil in my heart. I knew without a doubt in my mind that I love my family. David and I have been through some tough times while dating and married and I love him but I could not place what I was feeling for Muyiwa. Looking at Princess that evening, I decided to invest more time in my marriage and draw back from Muyiwa a bit to cool off my feelings for him. Little did I know life had a way of always playing a joke.

I woke up that Saturday morning to the sound of the bathroom door closing. I looked around the room and realized that David was actually just coming in. He stayed out all night again. I jumped from my bed to give him a piece of my mind in the bathroom but the sound of his voice speaking to somebody on the phone stopped me.

''Yes she is still asleep... Oh sure, I had a good time... You know how much I love spending my nights in your arms...''

I did not wait to hear the rest. I stumbled away from the door and my mouth hung open in horror. I could not process the fact that David had been cheating all these while. It was inconceivable. I didn't bother to remove my pajamas. I just picked my phone and my car keys and left the house. I called Muyiwa as soon as I got on the road and he gave me directions to his house. I was surprised to even get there in one piece because the tears in my eyes made the whole journey blurry. He was waiting outside his house when I drove in and as soon as I got out of the car, he put his arms around me and I wept uncontrollably.

My phone had been ringing non stop since I started driving and I could see it was David. About an hour later, he was still calling incessantly and I decided to switch off the phone. I took my bath and changed into Muyiwa's t shirt which was stopping at mid thigh. I had told him what happened in between my tears. He tried telling me I should have waited to confront David about it but I told him immediately I did not want to talk about my husband. We had breakfast in silence and I decided I was going to give into the pleasure I had been dreaming of and denying myself. I knew it when I was driving here and now I did not have to feel guilty about it. I did not have to wait to Muyiwa to make the first move. As soon as we settled on the sofa after breakfast, I pulled his head to me and kissed his lips just as I had seen in my dream.

...to be continued

Read more on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Choices by EvaJael(f): 2:24pm On May 25, 2017
Nice story...following

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Re: Choices by queenitee(f): 2:47pm On May 25, 2017
Eh, I can't ignore this. I'm following

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Re: Choices by Oyinprince(m): 1:48am On May 28, 2017
Episode 7

By Tunde Oni

In the space of two minutes that Muyiwa and I started kissing, I knew I was going to sleep with him. It wasn’t just the heat and passion of the moment, it was the deep sense of betrayal I was feeling coupled with the pent up desire I always had for him. It felt so inevitable. As he carried me into his bedroom, he looked into my eyes asking for silent permission to take this further. That was my undoing. He was still being such a gentleman, not taking it for granted. As I nodded and pulled him close to me, all thoughts of what led to this moment lay forgotten. It was pure, raw, hot sex. As we crashed side by side about 30 minutes later, I expected to feel bad or guilty but surprisingly I was just blank. Muyiwa turned to me, uncertainty all over his face;

‘’Are you okay babe?’'

‘’Why do you look so worried Muyiwa? I am fine. Don’t worry I am not going to start screaming or crying that you took advantage of me. I needed that’’.

‘’Teni, are you sure?’’

‘’Okay now don’t piss me off…What is there not to be sure of? Two consenting adults had sex. Drop it abeg.’’

‘’Okay I am sorry, I didn’t mean to get you worked up. So what do you want to do now?’’

‘’What do you mean?’’

“You can’t hide here forever, you will need to go home sometime and it is almost noon already. So what do you want to do?’’

‘’Okay, I will just change back and go home and take it from there. I’ll talk to you later right?’’

‘’Okay that sounds alright. Where are you going to tell your hubby you have been though?’’

‘’I will cross that bridge when I get there don’t you think?’’

Few minutes later, I was out of Muyiwa’s house and driving home and that was when I really processed what I had done. I cheated on my husband. It felt surreal. All the messages from church, all the movies, all the books I had read and all the insults I had hurled at women who could not keep their legs closed and I did the exact same thing without any shame. Thinking back to David’s conversation I eavesdropped on this morning did not even assuage my guilt.

As soon as I drove into the compound, I could not shake off the feeling of dread that I could feel creeping all over me. I walked into the house and saw my nanny sitting on the sofa shaking and crying. My mind immediately went to Princess,

“Where is Princess and where is my husband? What happened?’’

Her voice shaking, she said, ‘’Oga has been trying to call you. Princess has been rushed to the hospital and he said I should wait here for you to tell you just in case you come back here before he reaches you.

‘’Jesus Christ!!! Why was she taken to the hospital? What happened? ‘’

I bombarded her with questions while we went to the hospital and I was able to gather that Princess was seen on the bed convulsing and foaming from the mouth and was rushed to the hospital. As soon as I got to the hospital, I spotted David Pacing relentlessly in the waiting room and I ran to him.

‘’David, what happened? How is she? What are the doctors saying?’’

He looked at me with a coldness I had never seen before, ‘’She is in the emergency room and I am waiting for the doctor to update me. Teni, where the hell have you been?’’

“I will tell you later, I just need to know she is okay’’.

As we continued to wait for the doctor, I cried and cried for the pain my daughter must be going through. I cried for the choices I have made. I just pray my daughter is okay because that is the only untainted thing in my life at the moment. I went on my knees in the waiting room weeping and praying,

"Oh God keep my baby for me. Let her be okay. Please don't use her as a punishment for my sin. I am so sorry lord.

...to be continued

Source: www.youngicee.com

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Re: Choices by bimberry1307(f): 7:33am On May 28, 2017
okay, following. but please, oyinprince, the update should continue to be frequent. well done.
Re: Choices by Oyinprince(m): 1:35am On May 29, 2017
By Tunde Oni

I understand what I have done, I know the implications and ramifications of the choice I made when I cheated on my husband and truthfully, I have no defense. When I think about it well, it was not even so much about the revenge for thinking my husband cheated on me, it was just something I wanted to do. I made that choice weeks ago. The process started when I saw Muyiwa after all these years, when I started chatting with him, when I had long conversations with him and unloaded by marriage problems on him and it culminated to me sleeping with him. I have no one else to blame, I did it.

I have no idea what is going to happen. It made it worse to hear David say he knew I was awake when he came in and made a prank phone call saying all those things just to joke around and see my reaction. Before he could catch up with me to explain it was a joke, I was already out of the house. How could one cruel joke push me over the edge as to make such a damning choice.

"Teni, Teni"

"Yes? Oh sorry I was lost in thought"

"Babe, what are you thinking about? The doctor has said she is okay and her temperature just ran too high for too long, you don't have to beat yourself over that".

I forced a smile and answered my husband, "David I know. I am very relieved she is okay. I just feel like I should have known or checked on her before running out. I feel like I failed as a mother''.

There was no way I could explain what was actually running through my mind. Princess was feeling much better and sleeping. We sat exhausted in the hospital, none of us having the desire to be anywhere else all day. Muyiwa had tried calling me but I sent him a text that I was in the hospital with my daughter.

"Teni, you never did mention where you went earlier when I was trying to reach you"

''Ehm... I .. actually, I heard you talking on phone and I thought you were cheating on me so I ran to Tola's house to cry it out''

"hahahaaaaaaaa"...The sound of his laughter filled the whole room.

"Seriously Teni, if you ever suspect I am cheating on you, try to talk to me about it first because it is most likely a misunderstanding. Nobody can compare to my wife''

''Uhm yeah, that is what they all say isn't it? Even the ones that cheat will never admit to eat but that was an expensive joke. What if I had sought revenge''.

David burst out laughing once again and I wondered what was funny. I had decided to test the waters with the truth and gauge his reaction.

"You? seek revenge? It is the most impossible thing on earth. I can make such jokes because I trust you of course even though you didn't seem to extend me the same courtesy''. He said while rolling his eyes.

''David of course I trust you. That was what made it more heartbreaking because I could not comprehend it''.

"Okay enough of all these infidelity talks. Let me quickly go out and get some food for us and change of clothes for Princess before she wakes up''

''Okay babe. See you soon.'' He stands up and kisses my forehead before heading out.

I picked up my phone to call once I was sure he was gone.

"Hello Tola''

''Hey dear, how is your day going?''

''Quite stressful, Princess is in the hospital''

''Oh my God, what happened? Is she okay? Are you in the family hospital?''

''Don't worry Tola, she is getting better. Yes we are in our family hospital. I called you for a favor actually''

''What do you need?''

''If it ever comes up between David and yourself, please tell him I was in your house all through this morning".

''I don't understand Teni, you want me to lie to David? Why? Where did you actually go?''

''Tola it is a long story. Please just do this for me and I will tell you when I see you.''

''Okay dear, anything you need. Hubby and I will stop by later to check on Princess''.

As I rounded up the call with Tola, I could not shake the feeling that I was roping myself in a web.

It had been three weeks since we left the hospital and that experience somehow brought David and I closer. I think we both realized that we could not afford to be in disunity so as not to affect Princess and so David was coming home early and I was having a fun time in my marriage. Of course, it helped that Muyiwa had been out of town on a business trip during this time.

When he called me that Saturday afternoon that he needed to see me, I decided to go see him so I can explain to him that last time was a bad choice and it was not going to happen again. I am definitely fully invested in making my marriage work. David and Princess decided to have their father-daughter fun day out and I left for Muyiwa's house sometime after.

Throughout the drive, I was fully prepared body and mind. I started rehearsing my break up speech and I was glad hubby had been making love to me regularly so I could not use being Hot as an excuse. What I did not plan for or expect was the wave of feelings that swept over me as soon as I stepped into Muyiwa's house and he crashed his lips to mine. I forgot how making love to him was the last time. The kiss took me to heights sex with David was not taking me to and I knew that making this bad choice for the second time was inevitable.

...to be continued


Re: Choices by queenitee(f): 7:14am On May 29, 2017
Ah *mouth open* Teniola

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Re: Choices by remiseyi(m): 1:52pm On May 29, 2017
i am through with the intriguing piece... one can't eat his cake and have it, you had it coming Teniola....
thanks for sharing this piece op, i am moved. cool cool

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