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If You Were Left Behind On Rapture Day, Would You Accept 666 Mark Of The Beast? / Soul Winning/evangelism – An Instrument For Church Growth / 666: Reasons Why You Will Take The Mark Of The Beast! (2) (3) (4)

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Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by kpakpandoN(m): 6:28am On May 28, 2017
Just as it is needful to pray and fast, it is also needful to win souls to God’s Kingdom regularly. Don’t just win one, two or five souls and stop, continue to win souls at all times. John 15:16 says,
“Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.”

Do you know that regular evangelism can keep you in shape spiritually? If you belong to Christ, you are like a living tree that produces fruit (Psalm 1:3). Any tree that produces good fruit will definitely be appreciated by its owner. Bearing spiritual fruit is one obvious sign that you are still spiritually alive. If you are winning souls often, it shows you are growing spiritually. It takes obedience to the Holy Spirit and partnership with Him to win a soul and to give life to the spiritually dead. If you are not bearing fruit, it could be because you are dead or separated from God. A dead fellow cannot be used as an agent of life. Moreover, in the course of soul-winning, there are some ideas, teachings and abilities that the Holy Spirit will endow you with which you may not easily access through any other means.

The truth is that those who go out for evangelism never go out alone. Why? Since they are out to obey the Lord’s command, which is so important to the Godhead, the Trinity works with them (Mark 16:20). The Lord sees to it that the word of the evangelist does not fall to the ground (Hebrews 2:3-4). The evangelist is a true fellow-worker with God. On the other hand, the fellow who does not win souls is not bringing joy to God’s heart and is also not showing signs of spiritual life. If you continue your Christian life without leading others to Christ, you may be cut off from your Source (John 15:2, Luke 13:7). It therefore follows that if you want to grow spiritually, you must make soul-winning a regular activity. You must win souls and continue to win more souls. If you are actively winning souls, you will experience God’s special love and attention. God will also answer your prayers more easily, and increase your capacity to be fruitful by taking away hindrances to fruitfulness from your life. Using your attitude to soul-winning as a benchmark, are you dead or alive?
Written by Pastor E.A. Adeboye.


Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by sunnysunny69(m): 6:58am On May 28, 2017
Go yet into the world and preach the gospel to all creation . He that beliveth and baptised shall be saved. Mark 16:15

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Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by Beno3: 6:58am On May 28, 2017
A good food to eat, if only we can allow it to digest.
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by proprince(m): 6:58am On May 28, 2017
Very true

Praise Jesus.
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by lampard01(m): 6:59am On May 28, 2017
No church ?

Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by Kingdollar28(m): 6:59am On May 28, 2017
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by Tender1(m): 7:00am On May 28, 2017
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by mikool007(m): 7:00am On May 28, 2017
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by nairalandbuzz(m): 7:01am On May 28, 2017

We can also win souls by the way we live and by praying for lost souls.
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by fran6co(m): 7:01am On May 28, 2017
grin grin
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by udumosam23(m): 7:02am On May 28, 2017
Do not mistake the fruits of the spirit for souls. See Gal 5 for and eph for the fruit of the spirit.

Its a wrong concept to claim you can win a soul, only God wins a soul, we only have the responsibility of evangelising.

When you preach and someone heeded and follow, its not because you're convincing or persuasive. Its because God will have His own back to himself. If such individual is not of the lord, no matter how much you try, he/she will never yield.

So, my point is, do your part of evangelising in fulfilment of His word. Allow God to do His part of conviction and soul winning. For you don't know who is of God or not.

Evalsam 2017.

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Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by robertjenks: 7:02am On May 28, 2017
Though we're all called to preach the World to all nation but it takes the GRACE from God to do such. Most especially this country we are (Nigeria), you must evangelize wisely so as not to die untimely.

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Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by codemaniacs: 7:03am On May 28, 2017

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Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by dbanjj1629(m): 7:06am On May 28, 2017
[color=#006600][/color]soul winning: the most profitable kingdom advancement endeavor.
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by Oluwamuyeewa(m): 7:07am On May 28, 2017
Honestly I don't see how we can make heaven... we All know this deep down ourselves that we can't meet the terms and conditions but that doesn't mean we should stop trying anyways...our aim should be how to make this world a better place for each and every one of us... climate change,global warming,poverty and so many more problems of the world,spreading love and trying to heal this planet should be our goal.

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Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by biz9ja(m): 7:08am On May 28, 2017

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Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by Juni4jay(m): 7:08am On May 28, 2017
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by hysteriabox(m): 7:09am On May 28, 2017
Winning souls- mark of life...

So nice you say it twice

Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by Nobody: 7:09am On May 28, 2017
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by Pastafarian: 7:10am On May 28, 2017
the bible said in Mark 16:15
And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

makes me wonder why we don't see Christians preaching the gospel to the goats and chickens around them, afterall they're "creature" too, aren't they
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by hezy4real01(m): 7:11am On May 28, 2017
May God help us to keep winning souls for him!
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by akubudejud(m): 7:14am On May 28, 2017
God Bless Op and the moderator for this....

I want to let you know that many people may not like post like this, but I want to let you know that this is just the kind of discussion that really feed the soul and not just all about fashion, sex and gossip.

Saturday 27TH was meant for all children of God to go out there to preach the Gospel (Evangelism) and win souls for Christ. I hope you participated? And if not, winning soul is a continue exercise....Bible says that. ...He that winneth souls is wise: prov 11.30b

The great commission is...GO AND MAKE DISCIPLE OF ALL NATION...!

God bless the moderator for even making this a double front page discuss .NOW let see how many comments and contributions. In any case Jesus Is LORD. Hallelujah!!!!!

Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by NnamdiKanu(m): 7:16am On May 28, 2017
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by realmindz: 7:17am On May 28, 2017
As copied from otematum, long but nice story filled with sense

Now I Omokwo have five children. And the names of my children were Ajanigo, Alolo, Ufedo, Ariga and Ebo.
2. Now before my face, four of my five children changed to the religion of the foreigners. For when they went to the school of the foreigners to learn, they were taught their religion, saying, after death shall be heaven and fire only.
3. And those who believe in Zeusus shall go to heaven while they who do not believe in him shall go to the fire to be there forever. Now I called my children and said to them, where do you think that your distant great grandfather Mona shall be now as we speak?
4. And they said, he shall be in the fire because he did not know Zeusus in his days.
5. And I said, why should he go to the fire because he did not know Zeusus? Does he have any fault for not knowing Zeusus? For in his days, Issa was he whom they told him about. And they did not even say that Issa died for the world. But he did not believe all their stories because there are greater stories here also which we pass from mouth to mouth to our children and grandchildren.
6. Now Alolo said to me, father, we do not wish that our ancestors should go to the fire, but the reality is that they shall be there forever. And Omokwo said, you children are making me laugh. For it is as if you are drunken with emu.
7. Now Ariga said, it is not an excuse that they do not believe in God while they were alive. And they shall by now be wailing in the fire. For they shall not be forgiven, no matter how they now plead for mercy. For there is no mercy in the fire of God.
8. Now Ufedo, being the last child of the family, who did not know much of the things which they spoke, was called apart by me. And I said to him, you are the youngest of my children, but I have made you greater than your four elder brothers.
9. And you alone have I accepted as my only child. And you are my first and last born. And all the things which I have are yours. And only through you should anyone come to me. Now have the key to my room.
10. Now Ufedo was very glad. And when his brothers sought after their father for food, he said to them, you are not worthy to be seen in my presence. Go and see Ufedo your little brother and accept him as your Lord and master. And if you do not accept him as such, you shall see my wrath.
11. For I have put in his charge all powers of this house. And through him alone can you be reconciled with me.
12. Now when the children of Omokwo went to Ufedo that he should give them the key to the storehouse so that they might take food and other things which belonged to the father, he said to them, call me Lord.
13. And they took him and beat him up in anger.
14. Now when Omokwo heard how they had maltreated his only acceptable son, he went after them and caught them. And he beat them with the rod and locked them up, saying, you shall be in that room forever. And I shall neither give you food or water.
15. Now the children of Omokwo thought that it was only a joke. And they cried out for help for three days, for they were very hungry. And Ufedo entered into the locked room after three days. And they said, now we have accepted you as the firstborn and even the only son of our father.
16. Now give us food and water to drink.
17. And Ufedo said, it is too late to do so. For the time when this was possible has long past. And there is no forgiveness for you.
18. Now at that time, Adeiza the grandson of Omini came from Okerune to see Omokwo. And he said, Omokwo the great one, I have come to do to you what Mona your ancestor did to Agidi my own ancestor. For in those days, Mona came even on foot to see Agidi my ancestor.
19. Now I have deemed it fit to come to see you in this place and share with you some experiences which are disturbing my minds. For even now, I have lost hope of the coming of anything or any god called Otem.
20. For rather than a saviour of our land from the religions of the foreigners, what we have is the massive conversion of our children to those foreign religions while they burn our own objects of meditation, calling them the objects of the devil.
21. Now I think there is no hope anymore. For even as I speak, my children have become Ishlamites. And they touched the ground with their foreheads to worship that which they call Alla.
22. Now I Omokwo said, I know that you Adeiza are an influential homo in Okerune and around. And you have much fame. And if you say that there is no hope, who am I to say that there is?
23. For even my own children are now Krishtenis and they see me as a demon and a devil now. And they say that my ancestors their ancestors are burning now in the fire. And they say that if I do not believe the story of that Zeusus who died in the land where I did not know about, then I shall be cast into fire when I die.
24. Now Adeiza said, let them come here so that I may talk to them so that they might change. For it is for the purpose of taking you to Okerune to talk with my own children have I also come.
25. Now let our hands help one another.
26. Now I said to Adeiza, I cannot bring those children to you here, for they are locked up in the room as a punishment for their wickedness. And they shall remain in that place forever.
27. When Adeiza could not persuade me to release them, I said to him, follow me. And he followed me to the place where my children lay. And Ufedo followed us also. And when we were in the place, we coughed greatly because of the ground pepper I had sprinkled there.
28. And Adeiza said, for how many days have you kept them here without feeding them? And I said, for three days. And Adeiza said, you are the most wicked being I have ever seen.
29. For what offence could have been so great committed against you to warrant starvation of your our creatures which you gave life to?
30. Now while Adeiza spoke, they groaned in pain and said, let us accept Ufedo as our lord now. Let him be everything and anything you have made him to be, but take us out of this hot room and feed us. For you are our father.
31. And I said, no, for it is not my principle to let you out forever. And Adeiza said to me, you are mad, Omokwo. Shall we chase a bad child to the tiger to prey upon?
32. Now set them free or else I shall set them free myself and go apart from you forever.
33. Now when Adeiza said this, I wept. And my children wondered why I wept. And I said, it is only the third day, but I cannot withstand the suffering I put my children to anymore.
34. How then shall there be a god who shall cast his homo in the fire forever without feeding them or forgiving them. Behold I say, such god should be given a chieftancy title in the kingdom of the monsters. For it is not possible for a father to subject his children to starvation and confinement for petty things done, let alone leaving them in a fire forever.
35. Therefore Ajanigo, Alolo, Ebo and Ariga, go and think about that idea of a fire burning your ancestors forever and relate it with the experience you have had here today.
36. For I tell you the truth, whoever makes an afterlife of fire for humanity is a devil and his rivals and superiors who are better than him shall not allow such kind of fire to remain burning. For even as Adeiza forced me to end this punishment, so shall the higher beings who are wise stop whoever that being is who made an eternal fire as a place to be after death.
37. For foolishness is the portion of Yahweh if indeed he ever nursed such kind of afterlife in his mind, let alone making it real. Therefore my children, forgive me for subjecting you through these three days of fasting and heat. For this I do to save you and your future from becoming useless to yourself by wasting your time worshipping a god who is a terrorist.

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Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by ivolt: 7:20am On May 28, 2017
It's sunday again, the day of pretence.
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by gaskiyamagana: 7:28am On May 28, 2017
'' I was sent ONLY to the LOST SHEEP of the HOUSE of ISRAEL'' Mathew 15:24.
''....but go rather to the LOST SHEEP of HOUSE of ISRAEL '' Mathew 10:5-6.
'',,,,,I say unto you, you will not have gone through all the TOWNS of ISRAEL before the son of man comes '' Mathew 10:23
''. ..... you (disciples) who have followed me will also sit on TWELVE THRONES judging the TWELVE TRIBES of ISRAEL '' Mathew 19:28.
Winning Souls of Israelites, not Nigerians.
Quote not Mathew 28:19 & Mark 16:15 because they are confusing and contradicted verses above. Yet happy Sunday.
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by uvalued(m): 7:32am On May 28, 2017
i hate that image up that is termed Jesus Christ... pls remove it .. Christ in me is more glorious and powerful than that human assumption.

op u want thousands or millions... just raise the dead in isis or boko haramm backyard and you will know what revival is..#gotithings
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by Nobody: 7:35am On May 28, 2017
It's sunday again, the day of pretence.

Winning tithe payers should be the proper title. What has my soul got to do with any religion/body?

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Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by ojibole(m): 7:46am On May 28, 2017
Very interesting piece.
Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by VanBommel(m): 7:57am On May 28, 2017
Why is this being posted twice? undecided

Re: Soul-winning: A Mark Of Life by FitnessDoctor: 8:09am On May 28, 2017
Why is it that most soul winning and evangelism are done by Average or poor people...

Answer: Because they are the ones seeking the goodies from the Kingdom of God the most.. They are suffering on earth and they see heaven as their only hope to taste enjoyment and best of all for eternity..

Happy Sunday Guys...

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