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Kenyan Student Shares Photo Of Lecturer Giving Her Mouth Action In His Office / 'I Haven't Done Mouth Action In Such A long Time, I Miss Offset—Cardi B / Ladies Engage In Free Car Wash Services In Calabar. Photos (2) (3) (4)

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Action In Calabar (18+) by Pascalblinks: 9:55pm On Jun 08, 2017

Life as a struggling actor can be frustrating
which clearly explains the meaning of
Those days you go hungry just so you get
transport fare for auditions, those demeaning
things one had to do to make career ends
meet, no cash was coming in but the joy of
doing what you love maximized the utility I
craved for.
I studied Theater Arts in the prestigious
university of Ibadan, took numerous courses
in the field of film and Cinematography and
also acquired some skill in practical by
joining various drama groups. knowledge
wise, I am rich, and I’ve been told countless
times that I am the future of moving pictures
and it is better in my hands than anyone.
Despite my formidable CV in the theater
world, I still haven’t gotten my big break, the
industry does not know me, I have been in
front of cameras but not with ace directors
or the big cakes in the industry, so many free
jobs I did to just send my name out there to
someone who will love me enough to believe
in me.
This wait of mine is five years and it has
start to mess with my being, I kept on going
but instead of getting what I want, i got the
flip side of the coin, offers were coming but
as a lecturer!
This was good news to people around me
but It wasn’t to me, it made me feel like I
never will live that life I dream of daily, my
mother managed to convince me, saying it
could be a blessing in disguise and I should
see it more as an encouragement and not a
My mom is a pastor and she knows how to
use to scripture to pass her message across,
I was pinned to the edge of my thoughts until
I start to reconsider being a lecturer in the
theater arts, over time; I started to convince
myself saying it is better than nothing.
I went through my emails on the eve of my
birthday; I went through the mails sent to me
by various institution, i weighed them and I
considered the University of Calabar and the
University of Abuja, both attractive and the
pay was reasonable, first; I called the
University of Abuja and they told me the offer
was closed, the job have been given out. It
didn’t get me sad, instead I was irritated at
myself for thinking a job offered to me nine
months ago could still be available, I got
discouraged and didn’t call my second
option, until I was persuaded again by my
I called UNICAL and they confirmed to me
that the job was still very much available and
they have been praying I call. Reluctantly, I
told them I will join them as soon as I can. A
month later, after dangerous thoughts and
further persuasions from folks and friends, I
decided to go to Calabar, it seem to be where
God is for me.
I am here packing up my bags to journey
back to Nigeria, my country but I am not sure
I can call it home. I have stayed here in the
United kingdom for twenty years, going back
is both exciting and depressing
I thought of going there to learn in detail
about the culture and norms so as to project
it in moving pictures, it is my way of standing
distinct amidst the very competitive
environment I am in; theater arts is a big deal
here in the UK, so one need a strong and
formidable symbol that will single you out as
Unique. An excellent edge is needed.
After much deliberations, I was able to figure
that I have all I need within me, I just have to
harness the most potent factors to command
the results I seek. Nigeria my country have
over 200 ethnic groups with dynamic
cultures, distinctly different from each other,
the theater have not seen this and they have;
they have not seen it from my perspective.
I made a lot of findings, I picked my nativity
{Efik} as my focal point, It is going to be my
project. I have to show to the British filming
academy why they should love not just my
tribe but the other hundreds in the country.
This entails I will be transferring to the
university of Calabar for the next 18 months
to make my dreams come through.
I am excited about that, but the fact that I am
leaving my friends and folks here in London
to stay with an Aunt I last saw when I was
three was worrisome. I packed anyways and
in company of my folks, I made my way to
the airport. 13hrs flight journey was also
making me loose my cool but Its going to
worth the stress is the sentence I take solace
After bidding farewell and little outside
cuddles, I moved towards the exit terminal to
join the plane, it was then the most
anticipated moment came to life, I wept for
no definitive reason. Board the plane with
feigned courage and strapped the fuvk up so
as to journey to Nigeria and also journey in
my thoughts for the next 13hrs.
After getting all the necessaries from the
school such as my plane ticket, I packed up
immediately. It is unprofessional to stall the
school and since I am now a staff, there is a
status-quo I must abide by..
I was given 72hrs to reach my place of work
as the Vice Chancellor wanted to see me. I
got the most available flight ticket to Calabar
which was the following day by 7pm. I got all
I thought I will need, and also went through
the contact proposed to me by the school
with my lawyer friend Ndifreke who also is a
native of Calabar. We perused rigorously the
60 pages contract and he affirmed it was
satisfactory and secure. I was gradually
getting comfortable with the lecturing job,
though it is mediocre but it is that half bread
our people say is better than nothing.

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Re: Action In Calabar (18+) by Pascalblinks: 6:57am On Jun 09, 2017
kudos, mature story
Re: Action In Calabar (18+) by Pascalblinks: 10:29am On Jun 12, 2017
Oh my goodness
Re: Action In Calabar (18+) by Pascalblinks: 1:20pm On Jul 07, 2017
Re: Action In Calabar (18+) by vjsmiles: 1:43pm On Jul 07, 2017
. angry

Re: Action In Calabar (18+) by Pascalblinks: 4:02pm On Aug 12, 2017
Re: Action In Calabar (18+) by Pascalblinks: 7:28pm On Aug 28, 2017
Jide Babalola was having a bad day.What worried him was not the fact that he seemed to be having a progressively bad day every day for the past three months. He was concerned because he was beginning to get used to it. And that was not a good thing.The kitchen of the Babalola household was redolent with the smell of something fried and spicy, but the ambience was ruined by the emotions running riot in the fragrant space. A plate on the counter washeaped with an appetising load of golden toast and fried eggs, a cup of coffee steaming beside it. As mouth-watering as the food looked, it was the object of dispute that morning. Jide stood over the meal, arms crossed as he faced his wife, who sat on the other side of the counter, pretending to be busy.“Patricia.” He said softly. His wife ignored him, and concentrated on furiously tapping the keys of the laptop in front of her. Early on in their marriage, whenever hecalled her full name like that, she would give him her full attention, because it usually meant he was in a serious mood. “Patricia, can you at least respond when I call you?”She stopped typing and looked up at him over the edge of the laptop. Her eyes were smouldering with anger; if looks could kill, he would have been vaporized by her gaze.“Am I deaf or are you blind?” she retorted. “You’re standing no farther than three feet away from me in this small kitchen and you want a formal acknowledgment to show I can hear you?”Jide clenched his jaw. “Is it a crime to ask for simple courtesy?”She glared at him for a moment longer, then tapped a few buttons on her laptop and closed it gently. When she faced him, arms folded on top of the laptop, insinceresmile on her face, he sighed inwardly. Her attitude was about to get worse.“Yes, lord and Master.” Patricia jeered. “Your servant is listening, please speak.”Jide sighed, and then chose to ignore the sarcasm in her voice. “Like I said, I’m running late so I won’t be able to eat this morning. I understand why that would upset you.”Patricia laughed. There was no humour in the sound. “Oh no, i don’t think you understand at all. But you will. Very soon.”“And what does that mean? Is that a threat? I’m sick and tired of all this, woman. Every day it’s one quarrel or another.”“Yes it seems that way, doesn’t it?” Patricia cut in. “Let me see, yesterday you were angry because I didn’t make breakfast for you, right? I apologized and explained I had a work deadline to meet but you stalked out. Today I wake up early to fry you eggs and now you’re saying…”“That’s why I am apologizing!” Jide yelled.Patricia raised a brow and allowed his shout to fade off before she clapped her hands slowly. “By shouting, right? You have a funny way of apologizing o…”Fifteen minutes later, Jide’s Sienna pulled out angrily from his compound. Setheing at the memory of his conversation with hiswife, he ignored the greeting of his securityguard and sped out of the estate where they lived, almost brushing a yellow tricycle into a gutter. He ignored the driver’s yell, increasing his speed as he took out his annoyance on the road, leaning on his car horn and yelling curses at any driver that dared to be slow.He knew it was just transferred aggression, but he couldn’t help himself. Despite all the self- help books he had bought and counselling documents he hadread online, his marriage seemed to be growing more strained by the day. He and Patricia had only been married less than two years and although he had been advised the point they were in would be the most stressful, he couldn’t imagine things getting any worse than they alreadywere.When Jide Babalola pulled up at the commercial law chambers where he worked as a brand communication manager, he forced himself to calm down before he left his car. He looked at his wristwatch and frowned as he realized he had actually reached work too early. His conscience pricked him as he rememberedthe things he had said to his wife in anger because he thought he was late, but he knew when he returned from work, the argument would continue if he dared to bring it up. He sighed and flipped down the mirror above his head so he could adjust his tie before he took the elevator tothe floor where his office was. He knew he looked good; the confidence of his long-legged stride was somtheing he had used years to cultivate. It was part of his job to project that corporate look and the admiring looks he received as he made hisway to his office attested to the fact.But Jide knew looks weren’t the most important thing. Peace of mind was. He greeted his secretary and breezed into his office and his practised smile faded as he settled behind his desk and sighed. He sincerely wished he could turn back the hands of time to this morning. If he hadn’t misread the time, he might have been able to eat a little of the breakfast Patricia had made for him…He frowned as his office door opened, then whipped up his professional smile a she recognized the person who had barged into his office. It was his colleague,Anita Bankole. Her tight dress stopped justabove the knee, sheathing her curves, the red colour the exact same shade as the lipstick heavily coating her mouth. He winced internally as he wondered if there was anything subtle about Anita. She was the personification of in-your-face attitude and her habit of bulldozing her way into his office without knocking was annoying.Jide was careful to keep his expression pleasant, however. She was one step above him on the corporate ladder; it wouldn’t be wise to show his displeasure.“Jide, my dear!” she squealed, walking over to him, her high heeled shoes clicking on the polished floor as she came around the side of his office table. He started to stand up, but she waved him back into his seat.“Good morning, Anita… oooof!”His greeting was cut short as she sat on him without warning and pressed her lips against his.And that literally, was how the first source of temptation fell into Jide Babalola’s lap….. Jolayemi has been unemployed since 3 years that he finished service and he is already twenty-five years of age…. He was walking down the road when he saw a signboard with vacancy written on it….he smiled buh it was short lived when he saw the condition attached…. 15 years of experience,abeg how old am I,he said aloud before walking away having one destination in mind….third mainland bridge
. click on the link below to continue reading www.naijanoisemakers.com/2017/08/12/eating-forbidden-fruit-part-1/

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Re: Action In Calabar (18+) by Pascalblinks: 6:45pm On Sep 02, 2017

I have the priviledge to be in a family of four of AbdulKareems my dad is a God fearing man and also my mum. I also have one junior brother named AbdulRasheed but in our family we are lucky to have one special gift from Almighty God which is ME. Am Abdulsalam by name and most of my friends call me Vizkid but it happens that my nick name is well known more than my real name even it got to some extent that some of friends don’t know my real name. Am the gift to the family because am (beautiful) I mean am far from being call handsome(if you av watch iljimae the fanthom thief u would know what am talking about) some people even said God use a century to create me buh I feel dats just ordinary sweet talk (sorry guys I don’t know how to describe very well). In short am ladies man because of how beautiful I am (am not sure of that but there is no day that people wouldn’t tell me that) and my cool nd quite behaviour. With those features am ladies man, Maybe there is a magic that attract girls to me that I don’t know but unfortunately for them I dnt have any feelings for any of them at all because I do hear some of my neighbour who says that love is wicked or may be it is because am still small then. There is nothing I want that I don’t get, there are many things I am good at like football, cycling, Running let me jst say sports in general and both me and my younger brother are very very activated in terms of education nd social activites but the only challenges we are facing in our family is (money) though we are not rich or poor (you know those stuffs). My dad is a cab man nd my mum do all dis petty trade. We live happily with peace we don’t have any challenges after money. Our real story begin on the 15th of December (I don’t need to tell you guys the year nah) The day my parent leave the earth for heaven it happend 12 mid night of this particular day when gang of fully armed robbers broke into our apartment they stole all we have and kill them in front of us. This incident really affect me and my younger brother badly dat I even forget how to smile since then I always put on straight face we dnt know any of our family member stay with but luckily for us we are already in 3rd term of the session and my parent has already pay our school bill am in primary six while my younger brother is in primary four we jst grow up more than our age and our education is very fast am 8years den nd my younger borther is 7years, God also use our landlord as a helper to us he is the one that take good care of us and provide us food even when we have parent and teachers meeting in school he is the one that represent my parent. After the rent expires we leave the house with only the cloth we put on because that is what we are left with and when the landlord told us to leave d house that the rent has expire I don’t blame him or feel like what he did is not okay because he also have 20 children and two wifes and there only source of income is the house. After we left the house thank God we are already on vacation then like a month we kept wondering around begging for cloth and shelter at the end of the second day we left d house we ended up in a ghetto where the chairman is ready to help us he even give us a room and also provide us job (picking metals around the town from the waste bin) when we come back he might give us 500 each (at least that something) buh it happens that all other brothers that are older than us who are also in the ghetto would keep on cheating us asking for the the money or they beat us up sometimes I might ended up bleeding seriously but would make sure nothing happen to my AR (AbdulRasheed in short) because I felt he is all I got even if our parent don’t live to cater for us I made up my mind to cater for and be like a father, mother and a good brother to him so I do take all the beatings which lead me to getting stronger after recovering from every session of beating after a week of the routing. Something happened the following week. . click on the link below to continue reading http://www.naijanoisemakers.com/2017/08/14/game-legend-18-part-1/
Re: Action In Calabar (18+) by Pascalblinks: 10:27pm On Sep 06, 2017

I was not that happy when I was forced to leave with my church pastor’s and his family. My pastor name is donald and he has lost his wife. He is quite rich,he had one son two daughters. The son was his firstborn and about 26yrs in age,his name is mark. His second born christine,oh christine was my senior. She is 18yrs of age that looks like 26 with her huge boobs and big backyard. His third born,Hannah in 17yrs of age with very large backyard even more than christine,she is my classmate.They are both very fair in complexion. Oh me,my name is jason,same age with christine,am a bit tall with wizkhalifa body,am the second and the last born. My father was the richest man in my area and my mother is a bussiness woman. Present “Jason,jason,jason” my father shouted from the downstairs angrily. “What’s wrong with this man gan sef”I murmed angrily. I quickly wear my knicker and ran downstair. To my surprise,my father was holding his belt,his eyes were red,I knew am dead. My mother knelt down and was crying profusely. My dad: Jason I heard you slapped your school principal’s daughter, true? *raising up the belt* Me: T…ru..e*stammering* He moved closer to me and said “hope you have a genuine reason?”. Oh God,I can’t tell him Eva(my principal daughter) try to kiss me,though it was a mistake I slapped her. My dad: Can’t you answer? Me: It was mistake. My mum: You heard him. He mistakenly slapped her My dad: Shut up this woman,you want to spoil his life?. Sleeping with Dorothy my friend’s daughter was also a mistake(oh that,she seduced me). Beating up his classmate outside the school is also a mistake(julia said I had small d–k). Be fully prepared,you will be living with pastor donald from tommorrow henceforth. Maybe you will learn your lesson then. He angrily dropped the belt and went to his room. Mama had this look “that’s okay by me”. I went back inside,unclad myself,I stare at my long big d–k “you implicated me” I said softly. I went into the bathroom and have my bath. I put on my uniform,collected my pocket money from mama not after several advice which I just pretended to hear and I went straight to school. One thing about my father,he hates spoilt kid,that’s why he never allow me near all his car,I love trekking and its fun. Oh,I was an ss2 student,same class with hannah,christine was in sss3 and also the senior gir.I was very handsome,fair but not too much in complexion with my killing pink lips I got to school to see many students outside the gate all knelt down,I knew am late and it was my dad’s fault. I walked nearer and I also knelt down,I raise my head to see eva and julia(julia,the one that says I had a small d–k). Eva was very beautiful and a gentle type,she had medium boobs and a-s and was very fair in complexion while julia is choco in complexion and had this huge a-s I’ve never seen though small boobs. Eva looked away the moment our eyes met while julia stared angrily. *weytin concern me,make dem die*. Eva: *finally speak* why are you late? *referring to me* Me: I woke up late. And you what are you two doing here,are you the prefect? Julia: Oh that, senior girl put us here Christine(senior girl): Hey jason,why are you late and why don’t you come to church yesterday? Me: I was very sick yesterday*lied* that’s why I woke up late today Christine: You may enter Eva and julia looked at christine. “What?” Christine asked them “Nothing” they both replied. I heard the rest student murmuring but who cares? Mtcheeeew,I entered smiling . click on the link below to continue reading
Re: Action In Calabar (18+) by Pascalblinks: 5:40pm On Sep 08, 2017
S£X AS SHE TAUGHT ME PART 1 (Completed) .

I was naive as a kid,just a shy nerdy kid. s*x was foreign to me and i neva really found out about it till i was almost 19. Whenever my friends talked about their s*x escapades as teens, i would listen with keen interest,basking in the euphoria of the tale. It was as if i was living vicariously through their steamy stories. I rememba John’s stories d most,he was confident and had many older brothers. We looked up to him,although we were mates. Talking to girls was easy for him,and he had them around him always. I can recall vividly how he told us about having s*x in the school toilet with a girl named Clara. I felt hurt and intrigued at the same time because she was my ultimate crush,and we were just 14. I could not grasp it,how she could do something like that . Whenever i saw her walk by,the concocted image of John and her,writhing in S#xual ecstasy,would form in my head,and i would immediately avert my eyes,so as not to give away my emotions. Nevertheless i still enjoyed the stories,they were the highlights of my s*x life as a teen. I went thru secondary school without even kissing a girl. My fantasies were filled with them,hmmmm,girls,i knew when given the chance,i would take it with both hands. And that opportunity came,yes it came,with a bang,and i am forever glad that i was untainted,ready and willing. I met Stephanie when i was in 200level in the university. The second semester had just begun,i was at the bank to pay my school fees,as was alot of the oda students. I saw her standing near the queue, about 5 pple stood btw us. She wasnt beautiful,at least not in the sense that you and i understand. She was tall,dark and glamourous. Her slight hips protuded behind her,complementing her succulent firm bosoms. She had this dreamy look abt her,confident but s*xy**,independent but whimsical. Her inviting lips were doused with a touch of glossy wet lips. Kiss me till u die was literarilly written all over her. God!,i was lost, i stood there looking at her,gaping,wishing. I still rememba every single detail about that day. The sun was shining brightly,but it wasnt hot,a gentle breeze was caressing my face. Her dark skin glowed in the sun. I glanced around and noticed alot of guys eyes were fixed on her . I heard a guy talking behind me,he was telling his friend, “oboy u dey see that bird so ?! “,” i must cage am!”. My heart was beating fast,i stood no chance,there were better guys here,that would get this girl.That moment I wished she would say something,i wanted to hear her voice,so i’l carry it to my dreams,were i’d cherish it for eternity. I got tired of standing,so i sat on the lush,well trimmed grass,near the bank building. Heaven smiled down on me. About 10 minutes later she came n sat near me,i guess she was fed up standing too. I almost screamed with joy,it took alot of self restrain for me not to have shouted. She said sumtin,i didnt hear at first,ofcourse i was still in disbelief,how cud i hv been so lucky ?. “Are u here to pay ur fees ?”,she askd again,this time i promptly replied affirmatively. “This system is so stressful,i cant believe we’ve been here over 2 hours”,”i feel so tired n worn out”. I wanted to tell her she still looked gorgeous, and that would hv sounded corny. To this day,i cant still understand why she spoke to me. All i could say was sorry,it’l soon be over. She just looked at me,blinked her eyes and sighed. She stood up,turned to me n said tanx. I was confused . My eyes trailed her as she walked away,a fading dream,now i was back to reality. I finished my bank stuffs n headed out d banking hall,i had almost forgotten abt her,when i saw her again.This must be fate. This time i walked over to her,in my heart i prayed she still remembered me. “hi”, “hey you” she replied. “Guess your done ?” i answered yea. We chit chatted a bit,she said she would come bk d next day to finish up,as she had something to do now. I offered to come keep her company the nxt day,to my surprise she agreed . She asked for my phone,punched in her numbers and left. It felt so surreal,i couldnt believe it,even when i got bk home and told my friends,they too didnt believe it. Obviously she was older than me,i guessed maybe abt 5 or 6 years. I was almost 19 and she looked mid mid 20s. I waited till the next day to call her,if she gave me a wrong number,i wouldnt sweat it,i was contented already,and never thought things could progress this far. At the second ring she picked up,time paused,i was silent,i tried to talk,no words came out,it was her voice,it was unmistakeable. It was soft and serene,music to my ears. I hung up,trying hard to catch my breath. She called back immediately,i picked and mumbled something inaudible. She knew it was me. “Are you still coming?”, ” ofcourse” i retorted. “ok see u in a bit”. She dropped the call. . click on the link below to continue reading http://naijanoisemakers.com/2016/12/12/sx-taught-part-1/
Re: Action In Calabar (18+) by BlinksBlinkd: 8:55am On Sep 17, 2017
Re: Action In Calabar (18+) by BlinksBlinkd: 4:54pm On Sep 22, 2017
Re: Action In Calabar (18+) by BlinksBlinkd: 10:36am On Sep 29, 2017
Re: Action In Calabar (18+) by BlinksBlinkd: 5:06pm On Jan 06, 2018
Re: Action In Calabar (18+) by BlinksBlinkd: 4:31pm On Jan 07, 2018
Re: Action In Calabar (18+) by BlinksBlinkd: 1:36pm On Jan 09, 2018

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