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Love Is A Game By Onyeneke Abel / Novel: Caught In The Moment (house Of Earl Fashion) Written By: Onyeneke Abel / Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel (2) (3) (4)

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Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 8:44pm On Jul 16, 2017
Ab fiction stories/poems
Warning: Please no section of this novel should be published, printed, copied and pirated without the solemn permission of the Author..My humble self�
Facebook username: Onyeneke Abel
Email: osadebamen222@gmail.com
Contact: 08160830305

Episode 1

The best way to a man's heart his thru his stomach..This is a fact most pretty ladies has failed to accept..
No matter how pretty you are, your relevance in your kitchen determines how long you would keep your Man..
Listen, my story is quite funny, promise you won't laugh..cooking wasn't one of my top priority, yes..it was a waste of time to me..my family is well to do, lots of money to squander..I was the top in my school gang, and I graduated with a first class as a medical student..
I met Wilson..the dream guy I dated for four years, we were so in love, trust me in serious love! My parents wouldnt accept him at first but my stubborn self wouldn't allow such, both families had to accept by fire by force..
Finally we got married..What a bliss! But the second week after our blissful honey moon..I needed to face my worst nightmare..The kitchen! I had succeeded in fooling Wilson for over four years..making sure the maids do the cooking while I take the credit..but nemesis had caught up with me..As I stared at the empty pots, I contemplated on the best excuse I could possibly give to save my ass..sadly there was none..And so i made a disaster that landed my husband in an hospital bed for weeks..not my fault though.. just that back home I always noticed the maids put Maggi cubes into every food and the way they tasted it..it really looked like Maggi cubes were the magic
Don't laugh but I added 7 Maggi cubes to a grated tomatoes all in the name of preparing stew..Wilson loved me to the extent he took poison right into his stomach..
It was decided then..the family concluded I wanted their son dead..And so my marriage, well planned for good four years, ended within a week!
All my plea fell on deaf ears..I begged for a chance to learn how to cook..but even Wilson surprisingly paid a deaf ear..and within a week my mother in-law had danced in with one village tattered girl
"My son, this one will cook for you well, she is the daughter of chief Amadi, I hope you remember him"
I watched with tears welled up in my eyes..Wilson had even served me a divorce without even thinking about it..
I had no choice left, I took my bags and went back to my parents, all my friends couldn't help but laugh at me..Flora my bosom friend remained but still, at some instance she still took time to laugh when I cried my eyes out again and again.. it didn't make sense to me, so just because I can't cook Wilson ended our marriage
"But you almost killed him nah"
Flora always reminded me whenever I tried to place the blame on Wilson..eh, I can't blame him but at least he should have given me a chance..
Now, I made a decision one morning, I needed to prove to Wilson that I can actually cook..I resigned from my job as a medical doctor and announced to my family one evening that I am want to be a cook..Infact I had enrolled for an academy where they train and specialize on foods preparation and designs..
They all laughed and concluded i was running mad because of my recent divorce..so I decided to shock their livers when I packed my stuff announcing again that I had been admitted to the academy already..
I wrote love out of my dictionary..I have to prove to them all that I wasn't a failure..Although, sometimes I wondered if what I was doing was right, but then I couldn't think of anything else..this is were my mind leads..Am sure it wouldnt be much trouble..or so I thought..
My dear readers, Just call me Nadia..you'll get to know my full name later on, For now..let's travel this adventure together..

Just A Taste

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Precious111(f): 5:46pm On Jul 26, 2017
More updates PLS...
Welldone writer

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 8:25pm On Jul 27, 2017
Ab fiction stories/poems
Just a taste
Episode 2

My mum was the first to confirm if I had not taken some kind of intoxicating drugs to knock me off my senses. She quickly drew me aside and snatched my well packed bags, we stood staring at each other for couple of minutes before she made the first attempt and spoke out, You know that awkward moment when someone is trying to understand if he or she is not attending to a mental patient
©Onyeneke Abel
"Nadia are you OK? Are you having any mental... You know, issues?"
I attempted to say something but she continued
"It's just a divorce Nadia, it's not the end of life, or are you planning to run mad because of this?..not that I really liked that Wilson"
I took my time, used lots of grammar to try and convince her, but it wasn't working..
Next she consulted my father and brother to see into the issue, mehn, I wasn't make headways... So finally, I lied that I was just trying to pull their legs. I understood their point anyway, how can a medical doctor just wake up one morning and abandon such a professional career to become a cook? Like who does that?
So I just lied that I was going to spend a month with Flora, just to clear my head a little
©Onyeneke Abel
After much persuasion, they allowed me leave the house.. I was metres away from Benin City to Lagos when the lie expired
"Nadia where are you for God's sake?"
My mother voice rang in my ears
"on my way to Lagos mum"
I heard her scream, the line went off, I am sure it must have fallen from her hands..I quickly switched off my phone, because I was sure next would be my Dad and my brother, then my Uncle...In fact, the whole extended family, trying to talk Nadia out of this, but I was certain and my mind was made up
"I love you sweetie"
The girl beside me caught my attention.. She was on a phone call, I was guessing it would be her lover, or husband.. I remembered that was the last words I told Wilson before he ate my poison..
Well don't blame me, but for that singular reason I hated the girl to the extent I felt like pulling her tongue from her throat, I couldn't help it
©Onyeneke Abel
She ended the call and caught me staring at her like a wounded lion.. She was startled that her phone fell from her hands
"Hello, good afternoon"
She greeted nervously, i didn't respond. Immediately she quickly adjusted her sitting position, a little farther from me...She made sure her cornered eyes never left my position, just in case I decided to strike..
The bus stopped suddenly, What was going on?
"Driver wetin happen nah..?"
"Which kind wahala be this self?"
The passengers shouted at the driver until he couldn't bear it, he screamed back
"No be the motor I dey try do so?! Abeg una go come down make we push am small"
Chai! I bit my finger, because of my mum's suspicions I decided to leave my car behind..God why now? Why did you lead me to this kind of public transport?
"Madam abeg come down make we push dis thing, no dey form ajebo for here"
One of the dark huge passenger lashed at me..I dare not reply, his baritone and his size intimidated me already, I just simply came down and acted like I pushed with all my strength
"Madam push dis thing, you no dey push anything, you think say nah you AC car you dey?"
Same man again, what was is issue with me?
I opened my mouth again, but his muscular arms made me swallow my saliva with the words I had, down my throat. I needed to think, I had no back up, my family was not even in support of my journey, so lemme just mind my business and condole the rubbish
The Bus started, hallelujah! Only to break down four more times before we got to Lagos..
I was seriously stressed out, I equally found it difficult to locate the place till late in the evening..
It was boldly written
Wow, my name sake!
My face beamed with smiles, the house was transparent, I could see lots of people with bags just like myself, going to and fro... I could spot some cooks on their costumes, some other persons on suit... I guess those would be the supervisors.. Without wasting much time I hurried in.. I noticed almost everyone going into a particular sector, and after few minutes, they come out with toothpicks, some with well packed food..
Thank goodness, I was starving..I quickly searched thru my pause and hurried in.. I had to gasp at the sight...It was exquisite, the counter was crystal built, the food selection was arrayed on a tray that was on rotation..I hurried there to notice the person in charge screwing thru her phone..
written by:
©Onyeneke Abel
It took her few minutes to raise her head to listen to me..'I no blame am'
"Just take your pick, its free for new interns"
Her words sent my stomach ablaze, you know how Nigerians react to that slogan
Without wasting time, I filled my plate with a combination of different type of food I have never had in my life, despite my extravagant life.. I made sure it was stocked with meats of different kind..
Chicken suya wrap, toasted turkey, toasted snail and fried chicken
I noticed people giving me that look, but I didn't care..I dived into my food and ate every last crumb..
When I was certain my stomach couldn't take more I tried my best and pulled myself up..
Metres away I heard the announcement
" All new interns report to the Hall"
I quickly joined the crowd and hurried there..
A woman on suit was standing on a podium, with a microphone attached to it... I could tell she wore a very expensive Cologne judging from the way she stood with pride in her eyes..who is she self, the president's wife?
©Onyeneke Abel
We settled down on the seats provided, despite the crowd, we all fitted into the Hall, with lots of space left to cover
"I welcome you all to Serena foodies, I believe you all came here with one goal in mind; which is to become a professional cook..."
Her words slowly went faint in my ears..my stomach was trying to have revenge me, I had eaten way too much...
I seriously needed to gas out, and I was 100% sure that it would create a massive confusion..I shut my eyes and tried to noticed who sat beside me
Gosh! Both sides where cute, handsome guys..I broke out in sweat, the more I tightened my ass to push it in, the more it came back in full force..
I used my jotter to try and blow breeze on my tummy, it wouldn't listen still..The guy on my left side had to look at me to ask
"Are you OK miss?"
At first I was shocked, but I quickly forced that smile
"Yes I am..I am..why wouldn't I be?"
I replied nervously
He laughed..'God who send am' cos the moment I tried to force the laughter..my worst nightmare escaped from my ass, and exploded into the atmosphere..

Just A Taste

Copyright ©Onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all right reserved

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Precious111(f): 11:27am On Jul 28, 2017
Lol Thanks man. I look forward to this book

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by omonifamily(f): 4:38pm On Jul 28, 2017
great job, well done

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Precious111(f): 11:16pm On Jul 29, 2017
Oops no more update

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Precious111(f): 9:16pm On Jul 30, 2017
PLS update now

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by lahrra(f): 3:56am On Jul 31, 2017
Am loving this story, please don't keep us hanging come and update biko.

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 7:10am On Jul 31, 2017
Ab fiction stories/poems
©Onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all right reserved
just A taste
episode 3

DANIEL: Hey there! Come on now, don't tell me you were expecting this story to be written based on just Nadia's view, I am a part of it too..And just so you know, I am the guy who sat on her right hand side, and equally the guy who was the first to be blast by her thunderous fart. I should have minded my own business, till today she blamed me for making her laugh nervously. Was it my fault? I was just trying to help
©Onyeneke Abel
ok let me explain how I got into the picture. My father died when I was just 8 years old. I was extremely devastated, not just for his death but because there was no one to defend my nonchalant attitude. I was left with my strict mum. The family has succeeded in setting up a massive plaza where both the whites and the blacks patronizes.It was a company inherited from generation to generation. And luckily I was the only son, so without much deliberation I knew I was next in line..
©Onyeneke Abel
There is just one fact, I hate cooking. I believe it's a job for the women, come on! Am a man for God's sake! But my mum wouldn't agree"How can you tell if a food tastes well if you cant cook?"She always ask me when I try to defend my right ..and so she enrolled me in SERENA FOODIES with a strict warning to keep my identity hidden from the public eye. No one must find out that I am the Son of The Kayode's Kitchen else I would be given special treatment. I have my own plans though; there is no way I would stay in the dunk house for long. I miss my friends. I miss the clubbing, the beer and the girls..
©Onyeneke Abel
I am not ready to be a man yet, but that woman wouldn't listen!And then I saw Nadia approaching the Hall, God! She was a beauty to behold. A tall sexy Damsel, her lips were full and juicy, her hips were so visible as she hurried into the Hall..she was so well shaped, with this her American pointed nose..instantly I swore to have her on my bed before I make my plans to escape from this prison. Just that I never imagined that she would blast me with that fart. Seriously, I need to confess.. For a minute or two there I couldn't remember my present position. The stench could tell that she had eaten way too much. Just as I was about to scream with the crowd, a thought came to my mind.
NADIA: You know that awkward moment when you feel like vanishing into thin air, I shut my eyes and just wished I would melt like ice. Immediately the devil broke free from my ass, it didn't even hesitate, it went to work immediately..
©Onyeneke Abel
First it overtook the center roll, and then the left to almost the very end. A Slow uproar was created, with different complains"Who did this now? Gosh!"The ajebo girls
"Wetin be dis, who mess here"The ajekpako ones..The woman on the podium had to complain when she noticed the attention of the Hall was being divided, until the devil got to her, and made her confused.. She left the podium and promised to be back in a few minutes
©Onyeneke Abel
Curses arises from different angles"Na God go punish that person, e yansh go block"Silently in my mind I was just pleading
'God forbid'
I had actually thought no one except the guy on my right knew I was the one who actually originated the confusion. Until the guy on my left planned to expose me"Why did you do this, even with all the beauty you can still disgrace yourself like this"On a normal ground, I would have slapped a tooth of his mouth, but I was guilty as charged, I refused to open my eyes and he was just about to expose me when the guy on my right tapped him and extended a bundle of cash to keep him quiet..
©Onyeneke Abel
with my head still bowed I turned to spy at him..he had a smile on his face, just by a look I knew this one was a total pervert"Hi, I am Daniel.. And I just saved your ass"That's great, but was I supposed to say Thank you?

Just a taste
©Onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all right reserved

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by EvaJael(f): 6:35pm On Jul 31, 2017
Terrible embarrassment
Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Precious111(f): 9:28am On Aug 01, 2017
See embarassment,
Thanks for the update though short..
Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 9:25am On Aug 02, 2017
Ab fiction stories/poems
Just A Taste
Copyright©Onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all right reserved
Episode 4
NADIA continues: The day I would never forget in my entire life..I gently slit my hand into my purse and handed a bundle of cash back to him"Thanks, you can keep the change"I forced it into his hands when he hesitated, smiling mischievously..Before he made another attempt, the woman on suit reappeared..Of course what she had to say was paramount, so all attention turned to her.. I still noticed Daniel with my cornered eyes, he had his eyes on me.. Maybe he thinks I am one gullible girl he can cajole just like that"You would be given a ticket at the exit of this Hall which would carry your room number, find your room and prepare for tomorrow"Immediately she left the podium I jumped up and hurried thinking that Daniel was behind me, surprisingly he wasn't..whoa, what a relief
©Onyeneke Abel
I quickly picked my ticket and tried to locate my room..You won't believe that I had to drag my bags to the third floor, I was sweating profusely, breathing so hard and finally when I got to the room, it was open..At first, I dropped my bags and peeped in to make sure I was not walking into a dead trap..before I carefully entered.."Hey!"My heart left my chest, I almost lost my balance in shock only to later discover it was the girl I had wanted to slit her throat on my journey to Lagos"We meet again!"Shit! No one told me I was going to have a roommate..she didn't seem scared of me this time..I sighed, I really loved my privacy and a quiet environment to think
©onyeneke Abel
But just one look at this girl, I could tell she was a very talented talkative..God why?And I was right, she kept on blabbing about heaven and earth.
First she asked why I gave her that malicious look on our journey to the academy"oooohhh..you have no idea"I thought in my mind and settled on my bed..Thoughts of that Daniel flooded my mind again..God what an embarrassment, only the ladies would really understand..if only my tummy cooperated with me, I wouldn't have to face such an embarrassment..I just tried not to think of it..I didn't even know if I would ever be able to face that guy again"Young woman, I gave you that look cos at that moment I felt like killing someone..and don't you underestimate me when it comes to murder"
I warned my roommate, when she wouldn't stop pestering me and it worked the magic, instantly she became quiet and ran to her bed..Thank goodness.. that night, lots of thought disturbed my sleep..Wilson, how could he? I imagined how he could even stay without calling to say Hi.. How that dirty girl would be all over him now..and then my family, they must be searching all over for me..do they still think am running mad..
©onyeneke Abel
Well as normal I slept by 1pm, after chatting and watching lots of videos on my phone.. My dear readers, that was the worst decision I had ever made in my entire life"Up! Up! Rise and shine!"I couldn't see clearly till a pail of water was splashed on me..It was 4am! What are we rising for nah? To shine where?! Where is the sun?"What's going on here?! It's just 4am for God's sake!"I lamented at the lady on a styled one buttoned suit and an high heel..who is she self?"Slap yourself"It was like my ears stood at attention"Excuse me? You emptied a pail of water on me, disturbed me from my Precious sleep! And now I should slap myself? You must be mad"All this while, as I ranted in anger, she didn't say a word..and my common sense didn't smote me..until she pressed a button on my doorpost and spoke to it"Security, someone just got expelled"Jesus! Her words gained weight in my ears.. I fell to my knees immediately.. It was very cold but at that moment, perspiration appeared on my forehead..expelled? God no..I pleaded my eyes out, it was then I noticed my roommate wasn't even in the room..
©Onyeneke Abel
After much pleading, she sent the security back and ordered me to follow her..without hesitating I changed into my shorts and white polo as she instructed and ran after her.."What can you confidently cook?"A question the lady who was introduced as our supervisor asked everyone of us..it was one small girl, I knew I should even be her elder..i was confident about it..We were divided into groups, floor by floor..I was in the third floor, and the academy had six floors in total..
©onyeneke Abel
you can imagine, of all the six floors, that Daniel had to be in the same third floor.."You, want can you confidently cook?"The question startled me a bit, I was busy checking Daniel out as he threw winks at me..I noticed no one actually admitted they couldn't cook anything.. And I didn't want to be the first
Everyone had picked one or two food they could confidently prepare.. So to look the best I blew the lie with confidence"I can prepare..anything"Daniel alone burst out laughing.. That stupid boy, what was wrong with him"Madam know it all, why not cook something for us!"He raised the suggestion..and despite my inner prayers to cast and bind the idea, the supervisor bought it"I am Brenda, your supervisor, I would be listing lots of African dishes we would practice for the week..but before then, Madam Nadia, who can cook anything, will prepare a fruit salad for us"
Just A Taste
©onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all right reserved

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by omonifamily(f): 11:19am On Aug 02, 2017
Mo gbe oooo!!!!
Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by omonifamily(f): 11:20am On Aug 02, 2017
Sorry, you're delaying d update

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 3:07pm On Aug 02, 2017
cos av not finished writing dis one..I just started
Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 3:07pm On Aug 02, 2017
cos av not finished writing dis one..I just started it
Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Precious111(f): 8:26pm On Aug 02, 2017
Thanks for the update
Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Nmaglit: 7:54am On Aug 03, 2017
i can't stop laughing nice one dear pls More update

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 7:01am On Aug 05, 2017
Ab fiction stories/poems
Just a taste
Episode 5
©Onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all rights reserved
DANIEL: I know some people might wonder if this wasn't the same girl I had plans to woo to my bed.. Yes, it's the same girl.. But my mission doubled when she made me feel like an infidel back in the hall.. I saved her from a big disgrace, a simple 'Thank you' I did not get, instead she shoved it right back at my face..For that she must pay.
©Onyeneke Abel
First I would make sure I frustrate all her efforts, and then finalise it when I have her on my bed..And so we all watched her as she looked around for a clean pot and was about to lit the gas to prepare a bowl of fruit salad! Hahahahahaha fruit salad, she was actually gonna cook it?
NADIA: OK guys, remember when I started this story, I urged you all to promise me not to laugh, even if it's quite funny..
©Onyeneke Abel
Now imagine yourself asked to do what you don't even have a glimpse of..just because of your 'oversabi'
I was dangling with both pots and frying pans..The Hall we assembled was equipped with all cooking utensils and a cooking gas. I could hear giggles from behind me when I lit the gas to put a pot of water on it"She is actually gonna cook us a bowl of fruit salad"Brenda said as everyone burst out laughing, like they had been holding it in for long
What wrong? I was going to cook of course, I was perfectly sure when I was done, they would all be hospitalized."Nadia, you don't cook a fruit salad, you prepare it"I really didn't understand still, until she gathered lots of fruits and carefully sliced them into a bowl"This is a fruit salad, a simple mixture of sliced fruits..quite different from the normal vegetable salad you know right?"
©Onyeneke Abel
I wasn't paying attention, my red eyes where on Daniel, when he chose not to keep his mouth shut"So much for the madam who can cook anything"he said..They all laughed again..I chuckled, If only Daniel knew Nadia..the top in her gang back in school..there is no mischievous act I can't perform.. I was gonna make him pay"Get your jotter ready..We have lots of African dishes..but I would be listing 3 we would practice for the week..first is
-Hawawshi: its a food eaten in Egypt. it is meat minced and spiced with onions and pepper, parsley and sometimes hot pepper and chillies..placed between two circular layers of dough, then baked in the oven
-Funkaso: A dish from Nigeria. it is a dish of millet pancakes, containing millet, butter and sugar..best eaten with a cup of tea-
Banga soup, widely eaten in Nigeria and Cameron ..it's a soup made from palm nuts and it's primarily eaten in the southern and mid western"
©onyeneke Abel
I wasn't really paying attention, in fact I was getting bored with the whole talk, let's just get to the practical stuff
She pursed and made sure she had our attention before she continued"Now I want you all to pay absolute attention, because at every end of the week, there is an inter group challenge, and these foods am gonna teach, any of you might be chosen to prepare it"As soon as my ear picked that, it stood in full attention..What if they now decide to pick me.. 'Hmm, I reject it in Jesus name"After Brenda had finished all her boring lessons..we were given a break that would last for two hours..Immediately I heard that I stood up, hurried and quickly caught up with Daniel
©onyeneke Abel
"Hey, Daniel.."He stopped, and I could see how his expression brightened, he was actually smiling.."It seems I have offended you, please am sorry"He was about to say something but I was quick to hug him..When I was done with my mission I attempted to let go but he held me still, sniffing my neck like how those Calabar dogs sniff expired bones..His grip was becoming too tight, perhaps too passionate..Before eyes begin to linger on us I pinched his arm and got myself free
'Stupid boy, you want to tap current you did not pay for'
I said in my mind, but as normal now, I smiled at him"I will be going now"I said and made sure he turned to go before I called out"Hey Daniel, your shorts is torn o, I can see your ass from over here!"He was shocked"What?!"He grabbed his butt to discover his trousers had been torn open..Not just our group now, but everyone who were in our floor could see this..they laughed their bellies off, some even took pictures and videos as he ran off. I had snatched a blade from my talkative roommate and gently put the big line down his trousers.. The guy was not even on boxers, bad for him..Hahahahahaha, perfect for me!

Just a taste

©onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all rights reserved

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Folasima(f): 5:23pm On Aug 05, 2017
So so hilarious, u made my day!

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Precious111(f): 12:15am On Aug 07, 2017
Thanks for the update but kindly make it faster

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by bilirayz(f): 1:59pm On Aug 07, 2017
Please more more, I can't wait, more ink to ur pen

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 9:44pm On Aug 07, 2017

What I saw next, well.. I wouldn't call it cooking, she was manifesting. She had a scotched egg in her pan and a loaf of bread in her hands.
Like a speed of lightening she threw the already fried egg up. My eyes went wide, of course it's gonna fall, but then she caught it with her pan.

My dear reader, I was SALIVATING.
click the link to read full episode�
Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Nmaglit: 1:35pm On Aug 26, 2017
Abel am following this story on ur page, i must confess u r doing a great job been t wait Nadia is too stubborn she would have listen to joyce

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 7:02pm On Aug 26, 2017
thnks thnks.. no mine her.. I go flog her fr u
Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 9:54pm On Aug 26, 2017
​Ab fiction stories/poems

Just a taste�

Episode 6

©onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all rights reserved

Egyptian hawawshi�

DANIEL: I never envisioned in this planned adventure of mine,that one rookie girl would have the guts to humiliate me to the cor..That morning I had woken up early, but as usual I took my time in the bathroom, forgetting I was not in the comfort of my spacious bathroom back home.. My roommate was so glad he had his bath before me..

©Onyeneke Abel

But then I heard the alarm and a senior was heading to our room already.. I couldn't tell if it was a female or male, so I quickly reached for my trousers before the guy entered.. It was actually a male, but it would seem awkward to pull off my trousers in his presence.. The guy would not even let me do any other thing than put my white polo on and follow him out..Now I was breathing so hard, burning in flames.."that Nadia has touched the lion's tail..ooohhhh and it gonna bite her hard, and chew her up..and crack her bones!"I ranted and paced to and froAkin, my roommate could only laugh and laugh till his eyes were red.."Dude what's funny?"I asked with bitterness in my tone"Mehn, how are you ever gonna recover from this one.. I never knew you had a black ass until now..like she tore your trousers open and you didn't know? Are you stiff or something?"His question was indeed one to ponder on..I wasn't stiff, back there I was in another world..God, her scent..she smelt so good..

©onyeneke Abel

The electrifying passion her body and skin were transacting.. Any guy in my shoes would feel the same way.. I was lostThere I go thinking of her again..No, I quickly waved the passionate part, back to my initial anger.."All interns report back to class"The instruction was normal..but was really abnormal to me.. Like two hours just ended like that? So soon? How do I face the group?NADIA: My mission wasn't complete..and I was sure Daniel was gonna bounce back..Part of me warned"Nadia you are bigger than all these pranks na, I thought you left them in school"Eh, I did but the guy pushed me..We all gathered to meet Brenda, I was actually trying to spot Daniel..and I found him trying to sneak Into the Hall unnoticed.."Daniel, you are late"I announced..and in unison, just like they've been waiting for him to surface, they all burst out laughing..whispering among themselves until Brenda cut them shut"Pick your aprons and let's get to work"She instructed and we followed..©onyeneke AbelI was getting scared now, Daniel red eyes were on me, to the extent I almost missed my steps"The name hawawshi would create an awkward dish in anyone's mind who hears it for the first time, but be rest assured that it's one of the most delicious pie you've ever had"Brenda started, I was paying full attention, this was what I paid the sum of 200thousand for.."Wilson, you.. I will show u shege"I thought and reached for the chopping board as Brenda requested and began the preparation-How to prepare hawawshi-Add flour, black pepper, salt and oil to a bowl and mix-mix very well-Add warm water and mix well with your hand-Now your dough is ready.. Divide the dough into parts just asyou want it ..but for this lesson, divide in 16 parts-now start preparing the vegetables, cut two big tomatoes..Note:without tomato seeds-cut two big green pepper-cut one big onion and one carrot and some chopped celery ifavailable-Add salt, black pepper, spiced boiled beef, and paprika to the beef-mix all chopped vegetables to the beef e.g carrot, tomatoes,celery and green pepper-Now divide the mixed beef Into the 16 parts like the dough-put on the table some of the oil to prevent it from being sticky and a ball of dough-roll out the dough as a circle-put your mixed meat in the middle-roll the meat ball as a circle-close the dough on the meat-put it in the oven (300) for 15 to 20mins- serve hot with vegetable saladWithin an hour we could all savor the aroma of the Egyptian hawawshi.. I was salivating already.. But then my stomach reminded me of our past struggle so I relaxed and took just one to eat..

©onyeneke Abel

Later that night, I actually found Joyce, my roommate to be interesting when I Met her crying..I wanted to ignore but she wouldn't keep quiet"Aaarrrrggghhh!What's wrong Joyce?"As if she has been waiting for the question"He broke up with me..after all we've been thru..after all this while"Oh, I was guessing it was that her lover boy she always called..and they would be using 'I love you' and 'I love you too'to disturb my ear..judging from her explanation.. I was thinking their relationship would have lasted for years"How many years?"I asked as I sat down with her"Just two months"Her reply almost prompt me to pinch her mouth"Mtcheeeww, just two months and you are crying like a baby..my friend wipe those tears before I slap them from your face"With immediate effect she did when she saw my Stern face..I was thinking it's high time I recruit a new gang in this academy, after all..its a school too..first I will recruit this cry baby, Joyce

©onyeneke Abel

I wasn't foolish this time, I slept early, but never failed to thinkof what Daniel might be planning now..only for my phone to ring and disturb my precious sleep..I angrily snatched the phone and was about to switch it off when I recognise the number..It was Wilson..God should I pick this call?

Just A Taste


©Onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all rights reserved

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 9:54pm On Aug 26, 2017

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Who wants a bite?��

Just A Taste

Episode 7

©onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all rights reserved

NADIA CONTINUES: I didn't have to think twice, I picked the call...there was no way I would see Wilson's call and ignore, ah! for what? I wouldn't dare"Hello?"I called out when I picked"Nadia, how are you? Where are you? Everyone has been searching?"He asked, I was a bit disappointed. He didn't really hit the nail. I was expecting. There was no
'Nadia, I miss you. Please come home '
If he had said that, I don't mind abandoning whatever goal I had and hurry back to him. I cleared my throat and replied with the most polite tone I could think of"Am fine Wilson, I can take care of myself"He was quiet, and it felt awkward. So I chipped in"Am in a food academy, am learning how to cook".He remained quiet, and then all of a sudden he burst out laughing. I wondered why, foolish me I laughed with him. Thinking he was actually happy for me until he burst my bubbles." Nadia, we both know you are horrible at that, what could you possibly learn? You would still come out a failure. Or probably make a fool of yourself".

©onyeneke Abel

My heart rent in two, his words went deep into my membrane and stuck there. I dropped the call and buried my face in my palms"You would still come out a failure"It kept repeating in my head. He called back, but I wasn't going to pick this time. A tear dropped from my eyes and another, and another, till I was now sobbing"Hey, look who's crying"Joyce tapped meI quickly sniffed and wiped my tears, trying to hide the fact that I have failed as a leader of my supposed gang"I heard everything, your phone was on loudspeaker bae"Shit, I didn't even notice, I was just too excited and eager to hear from Wilson"He doesn't love you, forget him"She finally said and went into the bathroom. It was 4am already, so we had to get ready for our lessons. Although I expected Daniel to somehow have his revenge, I didn't realise it would be sooner than I expected. Just metres to our training Hall, I was bathed with a mixture of substance whose stench was probably the worst in the whole wide world

©onyeneke Abel

I was close to the Hall already, and everyone could see this. Daniel raised the alarm"Is that Nadia?"Brenda hurried to take a peek, I looked like someone who escaped from a sewage dung..Brenda stopped everyone from laughing and instructed I sit out that particular lesson"Go and change, you look disgusting"Daniel gave me that wink, I didn't bother, I just felt I deserved it anyway. I was too broken to even fight back.

©onyeneke Abel

I just bowed my head as people gave way, holding theirs noses to help escape the stench I was emanating. I was close to my room when I bump into someone, we both fell."Am sorry ma, am sorry"She was an old woman, God what was I thinking? She was holding a broom and dust bin. But it was all spilled when I bumped into her. I didn't even watch where I was going.

©onyeneke Abel

My guess is she was one of the cleaners. But what would a woman this old be doing with this kind of job? She has got no grown up children to take care of her?"Don't worry my child, I can take care of these"She suggested when I attempted helping her gather the dirt I had spilled. But I persisted and helped her till we've gotten to where she was to dispose them. I was still wondering how she was able stand the stench on me"Thank you"She smiled at me, I smiled back and hurried back to my room to freshen up

DANIEL: The remaining part of our lessons that day was on how to design the Egyptian hawawshi. Trust me it was fascinating, as Brenda designed it into different shapes"Appealing people to your meal, is not just by the taste, but by the appearance and packages. You can make them salivate for it even before having a taste"I agreed, it was really true. The way she placed it carefully on different tray, one marched with a vegetable salad, another with a fruit salad. The last with a cup of coffee. I was salivating just as she as presumed. My mind trailed off to Nadia, I had arranged for some boys who could be bought with little change to bath her with disposed sour foods just when she was close to the Hall. They did their job well. My mum was a psychologist, so I learnt from her, and I was able to understand what I saw .My planned revenge didn't seem to have any effect on her, I felt bad. I felt guilty. Because she was broken even before my attack.

NADIA: Face it ladies, there this one guy in the whole world who we've given that power to smash our whole world, trusting them not too. Bad news is, they always take advantage and eventually break our heart. And until you learn to break free, they would still have that hold over you. My hurt was turning to anger, Joyce was taking it funny now when I repeated the same words Wilson had said"The guy really hates you bae"I went out for a walk, Joyce was adding more fuel to my anger, I had to resist the urge to break her scattered set of teeth. And the only way to do that, was to go out for a while"You again?"That old woman bump into me again. It was my first time strolling out. I didn't know if it was allowed, but I didn't care. I was so scared, and so when I bump into her, I didn't need a prophecy to tell that my skeleton would jump out of its skin."It's ok, come with me. There is something I want to show you"I hesitated for a while, but then a guard shouted and hurried towards us"Who's there?!"I quickly followed her? What can this old woman possibly do to me? If she tries anything stupid, all I have to do is just give her one heavy blow, case closed."Why do you want to be a cook, Nadia?

"Jesus? How did she know my name. Immediately I remembered all those Nigerian movies I had watched about familiar demonic spirits. And horrific part is they are all old women. I stopped and took a step backwards"Don't be scared, I knew your name today, you are popular already, when you tried to cook a fruit salad"I didn't know when I laughed. So my fame is building up."So answer me, why do you want to be a cook?"I boldly followed her, although I still resolved in my mind to carry out my plan If she tries something fishy"To have revenge on my ex husband"I muttered out when we entered her supposed room..It was the most beautiful in the whole academy. Stocked with kitchen equipments of different types. I gasped In shock"Wrong answer, if that's your motive, you'll never learn. And you'll fail"I nodded my head. My eyes was still surveying my present environment. She took off her coat and ordered me to seat"Allow me teach you Nadia. Be my private student"Without thinking twice, or even once, I jumped at the idea"Of course ma, of course!"

Just A Taste


©onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all rights reserved

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Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 5:33pm On Aug 27, 2017

Just a taste

Episode 8

DANIEL: I was back in the comfort of my bed. Akin was fast asleep already and I was so happy for that.

I had planned to call All my side chicks that night, and I didn't want any interruptions.

But then, my mum called. The most devastating call I could ever think of at that moment. It took me another 5minutes, and an endless dials after 4missed Calls, to finally pick the call.

But then it wasn't my mum on the line.

My heart missed, did something happen to her?

"Hello, Daniel?"

I frowned now, it was my uncle. We where never in good terms, I just feigned to flow along with him. I knew he had eyes for my place in kayode's kitchen.

©onyeneke Abel

You can imagine that guy trying to steal what he didn't work for. And I know quite well, that the only way he would achieve that is if am dead

"Yes, Uncle?"

He was actually whispering.

"I just found out something, I'll text it to you. Your mum confiscated my phone because of this"

He ended the call, keeping me in hot suspense. Like water heated for more than 30minutes

NADIA: You know how God works? How he picks the neglected and good for nothing, just to shame the enemy?

That was my testimony. A private teacher? My hopes were so high. I forgot to ask her name. I forgot to ask her aim? I forgot to ask for the prize in return.

I forgot that all favor comes with a prize.

I got back thru a secret tunnel she led me thru..

I was back in my floor within few minutes

"See you tomorrow, 7pm. Same place".

She smiled at me. Although I was a bit nervous. It seems she knows too much? Who is she? How did she even know about this tunnel?

Why she working as a cleaner with such a extravagant apartment?

All these questions welled up in my mind as I watched the grin on her face.

But then, I smiled back

" Thank you ma"

Two days was for Banga soup.

As I approached, I was wondering what Daniel would look like now.

I had succeeded in recruiting two more girls to my crew.

And our most dreaded rule which enacts outright expulsion from the crew was

"Absolutely no one! No one! Is allowed to fall in love with any guy in this academy"

We've all been cheated by the man we gave our hearts too, in one way or the other.

And so as I wrote love out of my dictionary, I expected them to do the same

"Is it just me, or Brenda looks smaller today?"

Ok that's Jenny, the critic. She finds fault in anything.

"Emm, Jenny I think your eyes has grown black feathers"

Sharon said, we couldn't help but laugh.

That's Sharon, the comedian.

I guess you all know Joyce. The talkative. And she had to get us in trouble 

"Joyce and emm Nadia.. You four, you would represent us in this weekend's competition"

Brenda announced.. She has been noticing Joyce blabbing to the ends of the earth.

It was then I remembered the old woman.. I had completely forgotten.

After the boring lessons, with a promise to go Into the practical the next day. I tried to search for Daniel. He didn't attend that day lessons.

©onyeneke Abel

7pm that night I hurried to the old woman's apartment..I almost lost my way but then when a guard shouted at me again. I instantly remembered.


I called.

What I saw next, well.. I wouldnt call it cooking. She was manifesting. She had a scotches egg in her pan. A bread in her hands.

Like a speed of lighting she threw the fried egg up. My eyes went wide, of course it's gonna fall, but then she caught it with her pan.

She threw it again and this time caught it in between her bread.

I took my steps towards her. Her circus show was alluring all my senses.

She poured a little quantity of oil into the pan and added vegetables: 

Tomatoes, garlic, green pea, green pepper,  cabbage and a pinch of salt.

While it steamed she placed the bread with the egg in it. Straight into another pan with oil and used a big spoon to compress it.

She was actually toasting it. But she had a toaster, I could clearly see it. Why didn't she use it.

She looked back to her steamed vegetables, poured it out into a ceramic plate and placed her bread beside it. she had a boiled coffee already, so it took her a minute to prepare a coffee tea which she added a tin peak milk too

My dear readers..I was SALIVATING..

I swallowed hard countless times and licked my lips subconsciously.

She acted like she didnt even see me..

"Hello madam"

She stopped eating to look at me

"Welcome, you are prepared for your lessons?"

I nodded. And God knows I prayed so hard to just have a bite. If I had known this would happen, trust me.. I would have fasted and prayed ahead.

But to my greatest surprise, this woman downed the food, to the last crumb, she dried the cup and made sure there was no drop remaining. And then she turned and extended the dirty plates to me

"Let's start with you washing the dishes"

My head went loosed

What? You must be kidding me!

Just a taste


©onyeneke Abel .August 2017 all rights reserved

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Seguir adelante Abelosas222
Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by blueflowers(f): 9:48am On Sep 13, 2017
Wow!What a nice story.Following
Re: Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel by Kimkardashain(f): 10:01am On Sep 13, 2017
Hey, Abel, continue pls.

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