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Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel / Novel: Caught In The Moment (house Of Earl Fashion) Written By: Onyeneke Abel / Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel (2) (3) (4)

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Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 2:06am On Aug 13, 2017
Abel�����: Abfictionstories.com
©onyeneke Abel .August 2017 all rights reserved
Warning: No portion of this novel should be published, printed or used without due permission from the Author.
Facebook username: Onyeneke Abel
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The moon is said to be a planet of its own. Often seen as a science part of the continent. Makes one wonder, if there could be species in human form. If there be survivors, or maybe a whole world of technology. Perhaps it could be a desert of snow.
Whatever it is, it remains my imaginations.
My own world is rather complicated than people presume. I am cursed.
Cursed with the grief of others. Cursed to carry their endless doom.
Last night I had another dream. My cousin would have an accident. But then, I can't tell a soul. Else I'll be spotted as a witch and burnt to appease the ancestors, says the religion.
So my life is not just a pain, it's a secret I have kept for a long time.
I am a seer.
"Hey Sara"
Tori butt in to steal a glimpse of Sara's Diary.
Not as smart as Sara though.
"No way Tori, it's personal"
Tori frowned with folded arms.
"Ok ok. Mum said Jade is coming over. So you bake the cookies. Am off to Brenda's party"
Sara could remember the clear picture. Jade, her cousin won't make it to the house.
"Jade shouldn't come"
Sara suggested.
"Trust me, mum wouldn't oblige. Jade has her treasure remember? Am off".
Sara prayed one more time and picked her jacket. It was winter. And Canada was best known for the wind.
She lit the warmer and dried her feet against it.
It was vacation period. And Tori would spend hers in night parties she sneaks off too.
Well she would love to tag along, but her curse wouldn't let her. She sees the past and future of anyone she touches.
That wind came again. It called out to her.
She dropped her coat and stole thru the back door.
She could hear the voices, whispering.
The breeze she felt was more humane than any natural motion, no... She could feel it, this was the supernatural. The exact dream she had, it was coming to reality.
[8/13, 12:55 AM] Abel�����:
The same pathway.
Katherine called. She had noticed her daughter try to sneak off thru the back door
"Where are you going?"
Sara stammered. No perfect lie had surfaced yet
"To the.. To get. Just a free stroll. Mum"
Katherine's eyes down to her legs made her realize she wasn't on her boots
"A stroll, barefooted. I totally get it"
Sara saw that look.
"Am not crazy mum"
Katherine wasn't convinced
"Honey, we've gone over this countless times. Don't you think it's best... We consider the Rehab?"

Sara had to push her way thru to her room. She can't blame her mum for suggesting the Rehab. She had been acting strange. But, the connection was strong. Someone was calling out to her. Someone hurt and in pains. She dreamt about it. It was clear, someone needed her powers.
Though she tried to suppress the urge. It was strong, too strong. She stole out at night, thru Tori's perfect sneak out window.
Into the woods. The whispers was slowly crafting to a perfect voice. Slow, soft but hasty.
"Help me"
It was full of pain. She could sense it. She stopped when she saw him.
A sword embedded in his chest. Yet no blood to touch.

Moon Walker
©onyeneke Abel .August 2017 all rights reserved


Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by Toyin223(f): 8:00am On Aug 13, 2017
Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by damsel14(f): 9:45am On Aug 13, 2017
OGA HOW many story u dey update...ehh finish one before opening anoda thread.....
Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 4:52pm On Oct 20, 2017
Moon Walker�

Sara was trembling with fear. A part of her wished she was close to him. Another wanted her to run.

"Help me"

His head was bowed. The length of his brown hair covered his face. She couldn't diversify his appearance. He knelt with his hands on the sword. Scales began to appear on his arms. Grey veins stretched towards his neck.

"Sara, pull. pull it out"

She shivered. How he knew her name became a mystery. But it so appeared that he was dying.

She mustered courage and took her steps towards him. Her barefoot was getting sored and cold, her lips dry as she approached him. It seemed she was aging fast. Her hair aged, and pulled off with the wind. But she couldn't stop herself, her feet was icing up. Eyes getting deem, and when she touched him, it brought her to her knees. His breathe was hasty. His skin so cold. She began to freeze up right from her feet.

"Pull it out Sara. Pull it out. Now!"

She was taking too much time. With the last strength she had she pulled the sword as blue fireflies blew out from his chest, and sent her backwards with force.

She regained herself, touched her face to discover her youth had been restored.


He startled her. She jumped to her feet to face him.

He was broad and tall. The scales on his hands had disappeared. His brown hair covered part of his eyes. His skin shone like the moon, so alluring. she couldn't stop herself from moving towards him. The connection was like a whisper to her heart.

she tried to reach him but she got stuck. And then moved to another direction with the speed of lightening. He hunged her up in the air, with his mind. And then he turned to the enemy at hand.


He muttered

"Show yourself"

She struggled to set herself free. Her heart raced and throbbed against chest

"Put me down!"

Slowly she heard whispers. Arising from the shadows. With a common phrase

"It's the Moon Walker, he lives".

Her eyes went wide. Monstrous creatures she couldn't describe  rose from the woods to surround him.

Till a man, with the same skin stood face to face with him.

She was guessing that would be Marcus.

"Arthur, you survived."

He laughed and shot a gaze at Sara still stuck in the air.

"And saved us from the stress..you brought us the seer"

Arthur eyes went dark blue. His sword remained stuck to his back.

"Bring me the seer, master would be so pleased to have her alive. So he could tear her limbs out himself"

Marcus instructed

"Anyone who touches her. Dies first"

Arthur promised. But still, they had to dare him. 

Sara watched as the first to dare was squeezed up and tore to pieces. Yet, Arthur remained where he stood.

Marcus turned to him.

"Kill him. Now!!"

They swung to action and charged at him.

But then, they were rather too slow. Time stopped for seconds. Sara couldn't tell what happened next. His speed was beyond their reach. His claws picked them before they made a move. And simultaneously they fell all pierced dead.

Marcus was in rage now, his eyes went dark blue as he drew out his sword.

Arthur sped at him but he was quick to knock Arthur down and forced him metres backwards with his feet.

Arthur stood back on his feet and released his sword.

It shone bright blue. And blinded Sara for a second. It took her another 2minutes to get her vision back. She could see clearly now. But Marcus was on the ground. Bleeding. 

Arthur picked him by his neck and brought him off the ground

"Arthur. Arthur. Spare me please. We are friends Arthur, remember? Your father forced me. We are brothers Arthur!"

Arthur tightened his grip till Marcus couldn't talk, but choke.

"Deliver my message to my Father. I am coming back"

He let Marcus go.

And before Sara could try and understand what was going on. He whisked her off, and stopped a mile from where the table lamp in her room became visible.

"Who are..."

Before she dropped the word he placed his lips on hers. And sent her hormones in a world of pleasure. She didn't want him to stop. It was her first kiss. She had never fathomed in her entire life that it would be this pleasant.

He let go and cupped her cheek in his hands. His eyes locked in hers.

"You would not remember me, or any of what you saw this evening. You had a beautiful dream. That's it"

She had wanted to stop him as he said this. But as soon as he dropped the words. She passed out.

And woke up the next morning safely tucked in her bed.


Tori woke her up the next morning.

"Next time you wanna sneak out. Keep your shoes on. Where did you go last night?"

Sara tried to understand, but nothing was coming up.

"Nowhere. I was asleep"

Tori scoffed at her response. She hated it when Sara tries to feign the holy mother Mary.

"Then why are you legs full of mud?"

©onyeneke Abel .October 2017 all rights reserved.


Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 7:32pm On Oct 23, 2017

Moon Walker

Chapter 3

©onyeneke Abel .October 2017 all rights reserved

Chapter 3
It was reality now. Jade had an accident. Sara could sense the moment he had brake failure. Good thing is, he could still breathe. There was still hope.

"Mum is off to the hospital"

Tori announced while she applied her makeup.

"And there Tori sits with her mirror"

Sara scorned.

"So? it's not like they would have hit jamz in an hospital Ward"

Tori turned to meet Sara's hard gaze.

"What? He'll live girl. I can't miss the chance of seeing Arthur at the party"

Sara frowned now. The name sounds familiar

"Yes. Arthur. Trust me, he is so cute"

Tori replied with a giggle. She tried to elongate her fantasy, but then she noticed the frown on Sara's face.

"Sara, he is off limit. Don't you dare"

She had to make her point pivotal. Sara's beauty was a threat to all her pending crush.

"That's not it. It rings a bell, that's all. You know what? forget it. Go on. Run off to your party. I'll join mum"


Arthur had taken his time to get prepared for his revenge. Meddling in his father's plan to get rid of the seer, wasn't his initial plan.

He was a cast out. A moon Walker. Although he Brain washed Sara, it wasn't his fault she couldn't remember her past life.

He could perceive a goblin from where he meditated, settled on a tree.

"You lost your way?"

He called out, with his eyes still close.

"Aye sir, something caught my attention tho.. And I know you've got it. Moon Wal..ker"

Arthur smiled. He could sense the goblin's fear. But then, goblins are evil and trickery creatures who would do anything for gold. And viola! He had more than enough to spare.

With the speed of lightning he sped and stood face to face with the goblin, picked him up and hanged him up with his mind.

"And you wanna fight your way to my gold?"

He questioned, letting loose the bag that held all the gold the goblin had.

"No no.. I dare not. But I have an information that might be of use. For a price of course"

Arthur scoffed and tightened his grip to make the goblin choke.

"It concerns the seer"

It spoke thru his clenched teeth.

Arthur released his grip, the goblin had his attention now.

"What about her?"

The goblin chuckled and gesticulated for his price first.


Arthur glared blue eyes frightened it.

"Ok ok. Gaza wants her dead, he wants her powers"

Arthur scoffed.

"Yes, I know that"
"But do you know why?"

Arthur let him down now.

"Should I? Am going to kill him anyway"

He strapped his sword to his back.

"You can't kill him Moon Walker. Only the seer can. It is written in the prophecy".

"Yea I know all that prophecy nonsense. What can she do? She is nothing, all she does is see the turmoil of mortals. She is a mere mortal. I'll kill Gaza myself"

The goblin laughed till Arthur stopped him when he made him choke.

"Ok. ok let me go"

He beckoned, cleared his throat and continued.

"Sara is the most powerful moon priestess to walk the planet Arthur. Her powers surpasses both Gaza and yourself. It surpasses all the Moon elites"

Arthur couldn't make sense from what he heard.

"Sara? That girl is fragile."
"Yes, yes. For now Moon Walker, but soon enough her powers would begin to emanate and when she evolves, she would be unstoppable. And so killing her and harnessing her powers is what saves Gaza. If you want revenge. Protect her till she evolves. Don't let Gaza succeeds. We both know we are all doomed if he does"

Arthur cursed from his clenched teeth and sent a tree down with his fist.

His rage could tell he had wanted to be the one to slit his father's throat.

"Easy easy Arthur"

The Goblin warned as he gathered his split gold back to his bag.

"When would she evolve?"
"The next Eclipse of the sun. The priestess would rise. If she dies during her evolvement, it's over Arthur. The whole world of the Moon elites crumbles. Protect her at all cost"

Arthur threw a bag of gold at the goblin. With widened eyes it scrambled off into the shadows in search of more gold.

"Dammit Gaza. It should be me. You have to die by my hands. So my mother's soul can rest. You murderer!"

He cursed and caused the wind to spring forth fireflies. It so happens whenever he raged.


School had resumed, and Sara was prepared to give her best and keep the title of the best student in high school. 

Although, only Jessie, with whom she shared her secret, knew she could confidently read the minds of the teachers and equally share their knowledge of whatever question they set.

Piece of cake, she never opens her book to read.

"Good morning"

Her class tutor walked in with his marker, A young boy whose blue eyes she would have sworn she saw in her dreams, followed from behind.

The girls went crazy. His appearance was a drug that intoxicated their hormones.

"Ok class, this is Arthur. He a transfer student from beacons high school. Be nice"

Immediately Sara mind controlled the teacher and suggested in her mind to have Arthur take his seat next to her. Oh yes, she could do that too.

"Davies, move out. Arthur, take your seat next to Sara".


Moon Walker

©onyeneke Abel .October 2017 all rights reserved


Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 7:42am On Oct 24, 2017
Moon Walker

©onyeneke Abel .August 2017 all rights reserved

Chapter 4
Arthur's presence was a drug to her system. She had this unusual feeling, that she had seen him some where, she had this feeling of attraction.

Perhaps, they were a couple in her past life.

The rest part of the lesson for that day was divided. All attention was on Arthur. Although, he didn't breathe a word. Mortals were pest to him. He even had to have a good shave to make him look young, how pathetic, he valued his beards, But he just had to take all the nonsense to protect Sara.


She made a bold move. He simply smiled at her and faced the board.

At first she was satisfied, but later on, she desired more.

"I'm Sara"

He didn't respond.

"What's your name?"

She asked deliberately, so she could read his mind the moment he thinks of it.

But then, she couldn't penetrate, he locked her out. She persisted as she shut her eyes tight. Still he remained impenetrable.

She tried another means when she touched his arm. It was cold. So cold.

She tried pushing her way into his past and future. He locked her out still. She pushed on till a tip of blood dropped on her jacket. Another dropped, and another. She reached for her nose to discover she was bleeding already.

"Are you OK?"

Arthur smiled at her. She should know that her mind games wouldn't work on him. She would only hurt herself.

She didn't return the kind gesture. Instead she asked

"Who are you?"

He didn't want the whole class to notice as he wiped the blood off her nose. So he stopped time for some seconds and wiped her nose clean.

"Am Arthur"

He said when he was done.

She touched her nose with haste.

"How did you do that?"
"Do what?"

She frowned

"You know what am talking about"

He was going to reply but the school Bell rang for closing period.

Just 10minutes ago it was just past 11am.

Arthur sighed. He had messed with time again when he wiped Sara's nose clean.

He headed straight out.

All the girls ran after him, including Sara.

Sadly, he was gone.



Jessie startled Sara.

"You've seen Arthur? He's cute, girl!"

Jessie thrilled in excitement and tagged along as they walked home.

"Yea.. I suppose he is"

The frown on Sara's face could tell something wasn't right.

"What is it Sara?"

Sara stopped and thought for a while.

"I might sound crazy but I've seen him somewhere before. Like I just have this feeling. This strong feeling about him.. The frustrating thing is.. Anytime I try to remember. I can't"

Jessie gave her that look.  She was careful to lower her tone before she asked.

"You dreamt about him? Or better still read his mind. It's that easy"

Sara scoffed at it and bring Jessie to continue walking.

"Trust me, I tried but he locked me out. He is not ordinary. Am guessing he is like me. A seer. Only a seer has the ability to lock me out"


Arthur was metres away from the school when a group of bullies had him surrounded.

He sighed. he had lived 490years on earth. Scavenging the earth. Escaping from his father's wrath. His father had decided to carry out the job himself when he struck him with the sword spelled by the elite wizards. The only sword that can kill a moon elite.

For a normal elite, it kills them instantly. But Arthur's powers elongated the poisoned sword for 3days.

Only a seer had the power to pull it out.

In all his travels and exploitations, high school was what he hated the most. Bullies always came around him. He wouldn't blame them. He was handsome and had every girl attention.

"New boy. Go on your knees"

Archer, the boss of the gang instructed.

He simply obeyed. Archer was fat, really fat. He had the money to throw around so it wasn't hard to have a gang of his own.

"Who do you think you are? Huh? Super candy?"

Arthur was quiet.

"Answer me you piece of poo!"

He hit Arthur with his leg till he was certain Arthur was down.

Archer had always wanted Sara as his high school Queen. He wouldn't sit and watch Arthur steal her.

"Listen, I rule the school. And I own every girl. You don't wanna play with me asshole. I don't wanna see you close to any girl, else I break your bones"

Arthur sighed. He was pretty sure that one fist on this Fat boy would end his sorry life. So he simply allowed them do what they wanted.

"Beat him up"

Archer instructed.


Arthur lamented as they charged at him with sticks. They hit till they were tired. Till they were sure he bled out.

When he was sure they were long gone, he picked himself up.

"Hi..am Joe"

He could tell with just a look that the young boy standing in front of him, had been a victim of the supposed bullies.

He took Joe's hand


Joe tagged along and helped dust off the dirt on his jacket.

"They are the tornadoes. They create fear on everyone. You are new so that's the intro. Be prepared to sacrifice your dollar too"

Arthur smiled at him.

"Are you scared of them?"

He questioned.

Joe chuckled nervously. Of course he was.

"Everyone is Arthur, you should too. It's an advice"

Arthur was pretty sure Joe wouldn't buy his reassurance.

"Don't be, I will protect you"

Joe stopped to take another look at Arthur.

"You? Yea I totally get it"

The tone of his underestimation was perceived just as expected.


Sara was busy with her laptop. She searched on the abilities of a seer.

She couldn't help but notice hers was a little different. No seer could mind control. But she could do that. She shrugged it off. Maybe it was just a bonus she had.

Arthur brushed her mind again.

"Tori, I have powers"

It was time Tori knew about it. She wanted to tell her about Arthur. And to do that, Tori must know of hers too.

"What's that? You getting sick again. Go back to sleep"

Tori treasures her sleep whenever it was a party free night. She couldn't understand why Sara would wake her up to say such rubbish.

"Tori it's serious. Ok just think of something"

Tori groaned.

"Ohhhh Sara!"

Tori gave in, and yes Sara could hear it loud and clear.

"You just called me an asshole"

Tori wasn't convinced.

"Nice try, that was a wild guess"

She attempted to resume her precious sleep when sara touched her hand.

"Tori at about 2am at Brenda's party yesterday, you were harassed. By Archer"

Tori withdrew her hands from Sara with haste.

"And he tried to force himself on you"

Sara continued.

"Jeez girl easy easy ok.. I believe you"

The sleep was clear from Tori's eyes as she beckoned in a whisper.

She sat up staring at Sara, thinking of the best word to say.

"Ok this is the part where I freak out right?".

She suggested.

Sara shrugged

" I think so"

Moon Walker

Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by Toyin223(f): 11:09am On Oct 24, 2017
Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by itsandi(m): 12:38pm On Oct 24, 2017
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Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by uchihaclassiq(m): 8:03pm On Oct 24, 2017
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Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by Toyin223(f): 9:03pm On Oct 25, 2017
Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 7:25am On Oct 26, 2017
Moon Walker

Chapter 5
"You are so pathetic Sara"

Sara scoffed at Tori's response, something else caught her thoughts.

"Tori, Archer tried to harass you? We should tell mum. He has to be arrested"

Tori shot an inimical look at Sara before she squeezed the words out.

"And tell her what? That I went to a night party? And don't forget we are talking about your new sidekicks, evil powers. Not mine, which would mum, pay attention too?

Sara should have known Tori would do anything to protect her night parties.

"Ok, ok. Chill ok? Am just looking out for you, we stand together remember? I will do anything when it comes to you. You are my sister. And I love you"

Tori initial restrain softened at Sara's words.

"When did you get these powers, like when did it start? The only place I know stuffs like these exist is in the movies"

Tori digressed to the issue at hand.

"I was 7 when I started getting these dreams. I was 12 when I could actually see people's thoughts, their past and intimate future just by touch. I recently got the mind control stuff"

Tori gasped.

"Mind control? Like you can move objects with your mind?"

Her expectations were high, if Sara could actually do that, then all her enemies would get it hot.

"Not really, I can only suggest a thought in a person's mind. It wares off the moment such person actually does what I request. And I can hear thoughts."

Sara paused to listen to Tori's mind before she continued.

"Like I can hear you saying *Jeez, she is a total freak*"

Tori frowned.

"Hey, if we are gonna do this, no sneaking up on me. Like for God sake my thoughts are mine. They are my private stuff. You have to promise not to pry. Sara promise now!"

Sara hushed her, she was becoming too loud.

"Ok, ok. I promise. There is something I wanted to talk to you about. Actually its someone"

Tori gesticulated at the time first.

It was past 12 in the morning.

"Ok let's hear"

She adjusted herself and crossed her legs and fingers.

"I think he is a seer too, I can't read him"

Tori eyed went wide.

"Ooohh it's a *HE* nice one. Nice one. What's his name?"

Sara paused when she remembered Tori telling her about one Arthur she was crushing on.

"Are you telling me? Remember I value my sleep?"

Tori warned when Sara wasn't speaking up.

"Emm, its Barry"

She had to lie to be on a safer side.

"Why do I have a feeling that you just lied to me?"

Tori knew Sara well. And for Sara, she knew telling a lie wasn't the best for a seer. She got that sharp headache as blood dropped from her nose.

Tori rushed to her in fear.

"God, are you OK?"
"Am fine am fine... It happens when I tell a lie"

Tori frowned now with both hands on her waist.

"His name is Arthur"

Tori hands dropped. Her eyes went wide again

"My Arthur, Like my Ar...?"

Sara could not afford to let her finish. She brought her to quickly lie back to bed.

"Mum would come in here, in the next 2minutes."

She whispered as she covered up with a thick blanket.

"How did you..?"

Tori tried to question in a whisper when she remembered the tales Sara had revealed.

The door opened as Katherine walked in to check on her girls. They were sound asleep. With a satisfied sigh she carefully walked out.

"Is mum up to something?"

Tori whispered when Katherine was out.

"She is planning to sneak out to dinner night"

Sara exposed. She had read her mum thoughts the moment she entered.

"What the…? Mum?"

Tori gasped in shock.

"Like mother like daughter huh? Tori let's sleep now, we would talk about this tomorrow"


Marcus was shivering while he faced Gaza to deliver Arthur's message.

"Let him come, it would be my greatest pleasure to tear out his limbs"

That was no grievance to Gaza. He could kill Arthur with ease.

"And the seer…? She should be in my grasp now"

Marcus thought about it for a minute, before he spoke out.

"Arthur has her"

Gaza eyes raged red. The palace could hear his voice shake the foundation when he screamed

"Kill the bastard and bring her too me!! Else it would be your head on a stake"


Sara had promised not to interfere with Tori's issue with Archer and the tornadoes. But they should know she wouldn't sit back and let the issue by. Her sister can't be harassed and then the perpetrators walk free.


She screamed his name the next day at school. She had searched for him and finally found him and his gang in the basketball court.

"My Queen"

She broadened his shoulders and smiled like a king he was.

"Don't Queen me you son of a bitch!"

His crew booed from behind him. No one, in the entire school dared to face him. Now Sara insulted him in front of his gang. It infuriated him but for a minute there he compelled himself to keep calm

"Easy now my queen, you tell your King what bothers you"

Sara was face to face with him now when she questioned.

"You harassed my sister? No one gave you the right to touch her. Or forcefully kiss her. And then you hit her because she pushed you away? How dare you?"

Archer laughed now till tears fell from his eyes. Sara found it so disgusting that she felt like pulling his tooth out.

"She deserves it.. No one refuses Archer"

He raised his shoulders once more and threw winks to his gang who cheered in response.

His response infuriated the last resort of peace she had. She slapped his dark spec of his face.

It was like the moment stopped. Archer burned. He knew quite well that his refusal to retaliate would spike the rumour round the school, telling of how weak he is.

"How dare you!"

He raged and swung his fist at her. Sara shut her eyes to take the impact. Seconds later she opened her eyes when she noticed his fist had not made an impact.

Arthur was before her, she could hear Archer groaning in pain. She came forward to see Arthur holding his arm.

"It's not a nice way to treat a lady"

Arthur said and tapped Archer's fat cheek with a smile.

"What the…?! Beat this brat!"

©onyeneke Abel .October 2017 all rights reserved

Moon Walker


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Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by Toyin223(f): 1:19pm On Oct 26, 2017
Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by chrisbaby24(m): 2:40pm On Oct 26, 2017
More ooooo...nice one
Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 11:13pm On Oct 27, 2017
Moon Walker
Chapter 6
Arthur released his arm and made a stop sign.
"Hey! Easy boys, Let's do it this way, I take the beating. You let her go unharmed"
Archer chuckled with a gesture.
"You wanna be the hero huh?"
He questioned, folding up his sweater to prepare a fist.
Sara couldn't believe what she heard. She held his arm and stood on her toes to reach for his ears.
"What are you doing?"
She questioned. She just witnessed Archer groaning in pain at Arthur's touch. Now, he won't at least put up a fight?
"Go, I got this"
He whispered back and gave her a little push. She started towards the door but was forced to hurry back.
"Let him go!"
Archer had a hidden inimical agenda against Arthur, so making sure he gets a massacre, wasn't all that difficult.
"Arthur, fight back! I know you can. Hit them back!"
He was bleeding already, yet, there he lay with his head bowed.
She had to do something. She picked the basketball and threw it with all the force she had in her.
It didn't help either.
"Let him go!"
The sympathy she had gradually turned into tears, and then anger, seething thru her veins. She channeled her anger to her brain and took hold of Archer with her mind. He choked and bled out thru his eyes and nose.
Arthur muttered when he saw Archer fall to the ground, gasping for air.
Her eyes were turning red.
With her mind, she picked each of them into the air and scattered them in different directions.
The foundation of the entire school began to tremble at her wrath as cracks appeared on every wall.
She was not in control of herself. Arthur tried to stop time but her powers were let loosed, it countered his attempts.
He sped towards her, but the force shield around her prevented him from getting to her.
She held each of the tornadoes against the wall, choking each of them at the same time as they all bled from their eyes.
Arthur could see things were getting out of hand. He couldnt believe Sara was capable of all these. In his entire sojourn on earth, He had never encountered any supernatural that surpasses his abilities.
The prophecy was indeed true.
"Sara, Sara! Listen to me, you have to calm down!" Sara, you can do this, am here, and am fine now. Am fine, am not hurt ok?"
He quickly healed up to cover all the wounds the tornadoes inflicted.
"See? Am fine, now let these kids go. You don't want blood on your hands"
She heard his words in a whisper. And slowly her adrenaline cooled off. Her brown eyes were restored. The boys she had almost drained fell to the ground unconscious. Her legs could no longer carry her.
Without wasting anymore time Arthur sped her out, into the woods, to his secluded duplex. He placed her on his bed and sped back to the basketball court.
The whole school was dispatched already as the ambulance hurried in to pick up the boys.
He stopped time and reaches for every one of them, held their head with his arms and compelled them.
"You all had a fight with yourselves. That's all"
Sara was awake now; she was still trying to understand her environment when Arthur entered.
"Lie still"
He instructed and went in search of the canvan bracelet.
"What happened to me? I'm a monster?"
She took hold of her hands and let the tears drop.
"You are not?"
He was paying little attention to her.
"I am cursed. I could have killed them Arthur"
She gasped as she held her mouth.
"The whole school knows am a freak. Archer knows, now he is gonna tell everyone. My high school life is over"
She was ranting her plight, Shedding painful tears.
He went to her and sat with her.
"No, no. stay away from me, I could hurt you!"
She requested but he held her and brought her shivering hands to his chest. And then, he slowly brought her head to his chest.
"You are not a monster Sara, and you are not alone"
He said and picked up a glass cup from his bar and an old scotch wine, poured it in and brought it to his grasp, all with his mind.
Sara eyes went wide.
"You are like me?"
He nodded.
"Are there are more like us?"
He nodded still, and extended the wine to her.
"What you have is a gift, thousands would kill for."
She disagreed.
"How do I get rid of these powers?"
Arthur was a bit disappointed at her request. He had to tell the bitter truth anyway.
"You can't"
She was about to let out a tear when he added
"But, you can suppress it, till you have better control of it, with this bracelet"
She quickly extended her hand. As he slit the bracelet into her finger, she could get the feeling of being human, a feeling she never had since her childhood at 7.
Arthur knew fully well that suppressing her powers would make her vulnerable, but he wouldn't want her to hurt anyone, because she would never forgive herself. And inevitably, she would never accept her powers. He promised himself to protect her no matter what.
"Why didn't you fight back? I was scared you might get hurt. I had to do something"
He brought her hands to his warms pink lips. It sent shivers down her spine, that she forgot her initial question.
"I don't use my powers on humans. It could kill them"
She was lost already; she shut her eyes expecting him to move further.
"Oh. Ok"
She realized herself and responded like she heard what he said.
She had lots of questions to ask. But the Paramount one kept popping in her mind.
"Have we met before?"
He thought about it before he chose to restore the memory he took.
Slowly he drew her close. She was shivering, burning with desires already as he reached for her lips. He paused halfway to have a second thought. She wasn't ready for the delay. She reached and touched his lips. It was a jerk to her passion. She grabbed his lips and made the best of it.
Arthur opened his mind and connected with hers, immediately the bracelet broke free from her hands as the passion let loosed her powers.
She remembered to the very spot where he said.
"You will not remember me or any of what you saw this evening. You had a beautiful dream. That's it"
Arthur attempted to let go now but she held him still and sooth his hair with her hands. Her world was spinning and she didn't want it to end. Her hormones were deriving pleasure when she made their skin touch. Arthur could no longer withhold his mind, she was in full control, and he let loose as she dived into his past
"Mum! No!"
She saw the pain, as Gaza struck his mum from behind with the same sword she pulled from his chest, and how he watched Gaza drain the life out of her for the 3days. Yet he could do nothing"
She was going too far, he attempted to break free but then she let loosed his shirt to gain full access to his body. He shone like the moon, a raw ecstasy to her passion. His body warm and soft, she couldn't get enough, she brought his hands to her waist so she could get a feel his whole body. She squeezed against him, and held him to herself, burning with desire to have more.
She saw how his mother dried out with the sun.
Arthur broke free.
They were both panting. Sara eyes glowed red.

©onyeneke Abel. October 2017 all rights reserved.
Moon Walker


Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by adeniyi55: 7:03am On Oct 28, 2017
Rihanna show on my mind

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Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by chrisbaby24(m): 9:26am On Oct 28, 2017
Nice..ride on op
Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 9:37am On Oct 28, 2017
mention ur frnds to get more updates
Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by cyndy1000(f): 9:49am On Oct 28, 2017
mention ur frnds to get more updates

Just update people tends to like a more updated story. Am following tho more strength
Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by itsandi(m): 10:01am On Oct 28, 2017
Interesting story...powers everywhere shocked
Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by youngdabold(m): 10:24am On Oct 28, 2017
Hmmm.....nice one....following
Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by Cloud007: 11:19am On Oct 28, 2017
I love supernaturals.. cool
Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by Ayomicome(m): 12:56pm On Oct 28, 2017
Wow......this is super interesting......ride on please
Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by sholaypompon(m): 9:30pm On Oct 28, 2017
This is interesting... Nice one!
Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 11:23pm On Oct 28, 2017
Moon Walker

Chapter 7
An uncomfortable silence stood in between them as Arthur buttoned up his shirt. Sara thoughts were conflicted. First she didn't know if she hurt him by going too far into his mind. Second, she was scared he might not want to touch her again. Third, she wanted more. Her desires still burned.

"You should go home now, school is closed for now"

His response was just what she expected.

"And don't worry about Archer and the boys, I compelled them already. Your secret is safe"

He didn't look at her direction while he spoke. He couldn't bring himself too. She had seen his pain, his shame, that despite all the power he had. He couldn't save his mother. Not because he couldn't, but because he didn't want too. She must be thinking he is one heartless monster.

She started downstairs. The mansion was rather too big for just one person.


She turned back in haste.

"The bracelet"

He threw it downwards so she could reach for it.

But before her hands got to it, he sped and picked her up, and stopped few metres to her house.


He didn't wait when she called. He sped off.

She couldnt tell if it was because she pried into his past, or if there was a consequence to what they did. She counted her steps towards the house, thinking of what her mother might say. She would scold her for coming home late, or better still ground her for a week or two.
"Ok, this is it. Breathe Sara, breathe. You can do this"

She muttered just by the door, trying to summon courage to open up.

And finally she did.

"Mum, I can explain, I..."

Katherine didn't wait for an explanation; she hurried to Sara, Tori tailed from behind her.

"Sara! Thank goodness"

She drew Sara into her arms and hugged her tight.

"I've been so worried; I have sent the police in search of you already"

Sara was about to question why before she remembered the commotion she created at school.

"Am fine mum"

Katherine released her to take another look at her daughter. She brought Tori close

"You girls are all I have now. Martin is no more. I don't know what I'll do if I lose any of you".

Tori signaled Sara, Katherine was becoming sober again.

Come on mum, you won't lose any of us. We promise ok?"


Arthur had to cool off. He entered the club, secluded from town. It was a club for just supernatural beings.

"Hey pretty boy"

A slender, sexy lady, touch him from behind.

He could still see beyond her.

"Knock it off Gareth"

The shape shifter returned to his normal male form.

"For a minute there, I had you Arthur..."

Gareth chuckled and took a chair to sit close to him.

"Oh yeah, in your dreams"

Arthur wasn't responding to his jokes.

"What's wrong Arthur?"

Arthur ignored and took a sip from his beer.

"It's the seer right?"

Arthur wasn't surprised when he guessed right. His fame with the seer was every where in the supernatural world.

"Gaza is after her Arthur"
"I know. I'll protect her"

Arthur replied.

His vision was getting blur.

"Can you?"

Gareth chuckled, but then he noticed Arthur.

"What's wrong?"

Arthur tried to stand up, but his legs wouldn't carry him.

He staggered but Gareth was quick to hold him still

"The beer..."

He sniffed it.

"Alixir, it's been poisoned with Alixir... Someone is after Sara"

Alixir was a deadly poison made by the Gazas wizards, it was capable of causing the death of a moon elite.
Arthur was able to detect it was poison before he passed out.

Gareth shape shifted to Arthur and made Arthur look in his form, to prevent an attack.

He scathed thru into the inn and placed Arthur on the bed.

Arthur's vein crept out to his eyes. He was turning white.

"Arthur! Arthur! poo"

He needed a Wolfsbane flower to create an antidote.

His fear was if Arthur could hold on till he gets the antidote prepared.

"Hang on Arthur. Hang in there for me"

He hurried out.

Arthur could sense the presence of the creptones. The moment Gareth stepped out.

He was guessing they came to finish the work they started.

"Moon Walker..."

He heard the whispers as they Rose from the shadows.

He groaned from within as they approached him with their fangs and claws.

He couldn't move a muscle. 

Creptones were ugly, monstrous creatures, who fed on blood. Their favorites were moon elites. Although they didn't have the powers to prey on the moon elites, they only had the rear opportunity if Gaza gives them the honor of poisoned moon elite, as a reward, when they carry out his biddings.

Arthur tightened his grip on the bed and winced in pain, when they dug their claws into his flesh

"Hmm, taste good... Taste good"

Arthur tightened his eyes, and with his last resort he opened his mind and picked them all, and held them up to the ceiling. He pushed further with a loud scream and radiated their cells till they exploded..

He gasped for air; the veins had gotten his heart.

He knew fully well more creptones would come.


Sara was still asleep.  School had been closed for renovations. The news had announced that an earthquake had caused the disaster.

Although Tori knew now that Sara was responsible.

"You…? You did that?"

She questioned when Sara woke her up to spill, the next morning.

She nodded.


Tori pushed further as she sat up

Sara was about to reply when she got this feeling of another supernatural being in the house.

"Someone is here"

She said as she stood up from the bed.

"Yes, we are *someone* Sara..."

Tori replied, trying to remind Sara that they weren't invisible.

"No I mean someone, someone not human, I can feel it"

Tori jumped down from the bed and led the way downstairs.

"Oh, those are my girls"

It was Katherine, ushering a young man in.

"Girls this is Peterson, my colleague at work"

Sara observed her distance, as her eyes went wide. She could still remember clearly.

It was Marcus. What was he doing in her house?

©onyeneke Abel .October 2017 all rights reserved.

Moon Walker



Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by sholaypompon(m): 8:13pm On Oct 29, 2017
Very interesting and captivating story,, but the updates is a big turn off.. Kindly give us more updates pls
Re: Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 9:19pm On Oct 30, 2017
Moon Walker

Chapter 8
"He is really nice Sara, he helped in treating Jade"

Katherine made sure Marcus didn't notice when she tightened her face and gave Sara that look.

Tori and greeted and shook hands with him. Sara remained by the staircase, contemplating on whom to adhere too, her mum or her instincts.

Finally she obliges and walked towards him. The canvan bracelet was on her so she couldn't use her powers to read him.

"Hi Sara, you are beautiful"

He flattered, but it didn't sound comfortable.

"Why not have time with the girls while I prepare dinner"

Katherine suggested and signaled the girls to behave.

"Mum likes him, she is blushing all over"

Tori whispered as they followed to the Garden.

"He's evil Tori, I've met him before"

Tori's heart missed a bit.

"He is after me, he wants me dead"

 Those were the words Tori couldn't withstand. She bounced to him.

"Hey mister"

Marcus could hear them; his hands were tucked in his pocket. The smiles he offered were of his mischievous act.

He froze time, leaving just Sara and himself in motion.

Sara was shivering to her legs. She tried to remove the bracelet but it was glued to her hand.

"Sara, I know you must think I am the evil one"

He said as he paced round her.

"Arthur would come for me"

She shot back, trying to encourage herself. Although she wasn't too sure about that, judging from the way their last encounter ended.

He laughed his eyes out.

"Arthur? Arthur? I am sure he is creptones meal by now"

He gave the news. Although Sara didn't know what he meant by creptones, but she was sure it wasn't something good.

"What I've you done to him? If you I've have done anything I'll..."
"You'll do what?!!!"

His thunderous voice and blue eyes made Sara lost balance and fell in fear.

"Listen Sara, I might seem evil but I can assure you that Arthur is the demon"

She was quiet. He can say all he wants but she isn't a fool to believe whatever he says.

"Sara, who are your parents…? Who are you?"

She didn't have to answer, he helped with the reply.

"You are moon elite, an alien. You think you are human? Or you think you have a family?"

His words were gaining weight in her ears.

"Yes Sara, your parents were moon elites, like how could you be so dumb? You think a human could have the powers you have? Or you think Arthur is out for your good. He wants to use you to killJust like he killed your parents!"

Sara held her mouth. She tried convincing herself to pay a deaf ear but it wasn't working..


Arthur was at the gates of death. His heart had stopped and the creptones had returned in a great number. They dug their fingers in his flesh and made way for their fangs.

Gareth lamented when he rushed in to see the whole club infested with creptones, the club was thrown into a war zone. He hurried to the room Arthur laid.


The creptones glared at him for obstructing their dinner.  He quickly shapes shifted to one of them and maneuvered to place the antidote in Arthur's mouth and made sure it went down his throat. A risk he had to take, because the creptones spotted him and charged to make sure they had every bit of his flesh.


He cried out. Yet, Arthur remained lifeless.

He had crossed to the other side. And there he stood at the gates when Sara called.

"Arthur, I need you. Marcus, he is gonna kill me Arthur. Arthur!!"

The inn began to vibrate from the foundation.

The creptones pursed their meal when they discovered the flesh they had taken from Arthur was rekindling.

Blue fire flies erupted and encompassed the whole inn.

"The moon Walker..."

They muttered as they withdrew and got ready to attack.

Every other creptone feeding on the aliens they had been able to subdue left their meal and hurried to the room Arthur lay.

He tightened his grip on the bed as the fire flies covered him up.

For a minute it all died down. The fire flies disappeared, Arthur remained still, and the creptones where about to return to their meal when Arthur shone bright blue, with a scream. His eyes went dark as he rose and floated on air. With speed he crushed every creptone with his fist, less than 2seconds.

The last unfortunate creptone winced in pain as Arthur held it with his mind, crushing every bone in its body, limb by limb.


Gareth muttered when Arthur reached for him.

"Am guessing it's rather too late for me"

He chuckled in pain.

"No Gareth, hold on. I can still save you"

Gareth knew it was all over. He held Arthur's arm and pleaded with his last strength.

"Protect the priestess, save us all"

The cool breeze blew on his face, he joined the other side.

Arthur let out a tear. And with dark eyes he sped out.


Marcus noticed the canvan bracelet on Sara's hand. He smiled to himself. Killing her now would be rather too easy. But then, Gaza wanted her alive. He walked to her and grabbed her hand

"So I see Arthur has given you the bracelet. The last item he needs to harness your powers. You fool! He wants your powers for himself"

She shook her head in disbelief.

"Arthur is not like that, you are forgetting that I am a seer Marcus. I dont need to read you to know your intentions, and if you've hurt Arthur in anyway, I would feed your flesh to the dogs.. It's a promise"

Marcus was preparing the portal to transport her to the moon. But her words gained weight in his ears. He let the words create the rage he needed.

He sped to her and grabbed her by her neck.

"You peasant"

He muttered thru his clenched teeth as he made her choke.

Thunder struck. The time Marcus stopped lost his hold. The clouds darkened. Tori could now see as Arthur raged with thunder erupting from his hands.


He glared, Marcus eyes went wide in fear.

Moon Walker

34 more chapters to read!

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Nice update cheesy Enjoy other cool stories on Tushstories via


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And here I am . So much fun.

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