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INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon / Yoruba Demon | Yoruba Angel | A Short Story (sexual Imagery) / Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by sheikshegetto(m): 3:56pm On Dec 31, 2017
chevalier joislim enonche85 uniquejames AyoSammyTunde biadefolar temmydayoslimsy dickroman sunflow unearthed labiodun48 RockyEyo......make una manage this till new year Ooo

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by sheikshegetto(m): 4:01pm On Dec 31, 2017
My exams went by without a hitch, I guess I can now call myself hardcore unlike before when I allowed my emotions to get the better of me.
Roll on to after my last paper, the boys and I headed off to the campus recreation center to chill out. From there I became the topic of discussion, smiling sheepishly as they laughed about my triangular tussle with omotola, her cousin and best friend.

I literally zoned out of the discussion as I fiddled with my phone, torn about calling priscilla to know how she was faring. I finally sent her a text message and was surprised when she replied a minute later, I quickly texted her that I needed to see her, her reply came a little bit longer, she agreed to meet me at the rc in the evening.

I was still smiling when I heard pascal mentioned my name. As usual, they were still talking about women, and it looks like their center of discussion just walked into the rc building.

Pascal: I dey tell you, that babe too hardcore. I no fit count how many guys she don slap.

Nurudeen: she’s fine and she knows it that’s why, but her snobbishness is a turnoff for me abeg, who she think say she be…otedola pikin?

Curious, I scanned the crowded hall to check out the chic they were gossiping about and oh my, I raised one eye brow in approval, she was drop dead gorgeous. According to lati the informant, her name was Karen (her name even tussh join) 4th year law student. She sat cross legged, boorishly poking through her iphone with one hand while twirling a car key absentmindedly with the other. You need no spiritual intuition to tell you “baba respect yasef, this one pass you.” She wore the usual law students black and white garb, her tight fitting black pant trousers hugged all her curves, her cleavage threatened to erupt out of her cotton white shirt as she was unable to button all the way up. She had this porcelain skinned complexion commonly placed with half caste kids of nigerian and oyinbo parents.

“what do you think Bj?” lati asked breathlessly as the boys salivated and gushed over her beauty.

“She aiiite, I just think you guys hyped her way to much cos now my expectation has been exaggerated.” I shrugged.

They all glared at me as if I have insulted her by comparing her to a goat.

Lati: Guy did you just said she was aiiite?

“Of course she’s okay, but I just can’t see her as the goddess you all thought her to be.” I answered.

Pascal: you’re an idiot

Lati: add blind fool join

Nurudeen: na the hottest babe for campus you just use ur big mouth take aiiite like that.

“Come o, why una dey crucify me…cos say una dey fear to go follow am talk no mean say she be the real deal, abeg…even Rhianna get person wey don tire of her sh*t sote he no dey pick her calls, I no talk say she no fine, I just tink say una too dey hype am.” I fired back defensively.

Pascal: so you’re telling me you can collect her number right about now, and succeed where others have failed.

“I did not said that.” I stammered quickly as I began to suspect where the argument was leading.

Pascal: then keep your opinion to yourself then, you be local champion.

Lati: haha haba pascal wetin you mean by that, you mean to tell me say na local local food like fufu and akpu be bioye delicacy, say he no get liver sample food wey do b.sc for abroad?

Nurudeen: hahaha my belle o...so bj nah for our local league hin dey play so, ibile fc.

Their taunts and laughs annoyed me so much I didn’t realize I uttered a word until they stopped to stare at me. “What did you just say? Lati asked with a bemused expression on his face.


Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by sheikshegetto(m): 4:03pm On Dec 31, 2017
“I said 5k each says I’ll walk up to her and get her number.” I calmly replied, but my mind wasn’t calm.
(What have I gotten myself into, see where pride has led me, should have kept my big mouth shut and take the jibes like a man, now I’m in deep debt, choi!)

My friends looked at each other. “Guy you know we were just fooling around, no need to take it personal.” nurudeen said.

Common sense and wits told me to take the nurudeen’s comment as a plea and sooth my pride in the process and all would go back to the way it was, but I had no outa of wits anyway as my reply would have made my ancestral spirit face-palmed himself for shame.

“No can’t do bruh, unless you’all admit you’re chicken, I still stand by what I said, that chic was way too over hyped and I’m gonna prove it that she’s a woman like everyone else.”

Lati: okay nah…5k it is, prepare to trek home after exam bro.

Pascal: I get one 5k wey I no dey use, e no go hurt to increase am to 10

Nurudeen: it’s a bet then, guy if you pull this off mhen.. You get my respect for life.

“Good,” I replied calmly even though in my head I was cursing myself for getting me into the sh*t I just got dropped in. “get your atm cards ready for my 15k.”

I then got up and strolled calmly towards karen’s table.


Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by Joislim(f): 4:09pm On Dec 31, 2017
Happy new year sheiks... let's see how you will pull that

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by sheikshegetto(m): 4:10pm On Dec 31, 2017
All my bravado flew away when she looked up and glared at me, I’m telling y’all, her reputation precedes her cos she was as fierce as day.

With a prayer to my forefathers, I carelessly sat across her and got down to business. To hot chics like her, some dude walking up to them states only two things, you either bring your flirt on or you want to toost. They’re used to all the shenanigans we fellas could think of, from the ‘you look familiar and the have we met before?’ so she wasn’t expecting my approach and was caught by surprise when I opened up to her.

“Hello” I gushed as I made myself comfortable.

“can I help you?” she frowned, all defensive and ready to give me an earful.

“yes you can, cos I brought a deal and only you can make a broke dude’s day so please hear me out and then I’m out of here with my annoyance.”

She was mildly confused at this, my reply just wasn’t what she was expecting. “well this is new, she mumbled, “okay you’ve got 3minutes.’

“Thank you.” I blew out a relieved breath and continued. “see those guys over there, just peek at them cos they’re looking right at us, and it wouldn’t hurt to smile a little, you really are scary as they said.”

“people think I’m scary? She frowned at this, you guys are crazy, so you’re trying to tell me they dared you to come talk to me innit?”

“Exactly, you are not only gorgeous but smart as well so you’re right on point, it was a dare and money was involved and I really need your help here, it wont hurt to bring your act on a little; yunno like bassanio and portia.”

“Hmmn characters from the book; merchant of Venice. you cunny devil I’m interested.” She said as we both shared a cheeky grin.

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by SunFlow(m): 4:10pm On Dec 31, 2017
Thanks for the mention bro. More network to your glo sim

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by sheikshegetto(m): 4:16pm On Dec 31, 2017
I told her the stake was 15k to which she whistled.

“I can’t help but feel insulted, 15k to talk to me, come on I am pretty much more valued than that.

“Well it was impromptu and guys are broke cos its not like it’s the beginning of the semester anyway.” I gave her an apologetic grimace.

“Fine, I’ll like to see them lose anyway, they’re your friend, could have given you a little faith cos you aint badly proportioned yourself.”

“wait, did you just said I was handsome.” I said.

“Get your head back in the game… em”

“Bioye, my name is bioye.” I offered.

“okay bioye, I guess you know my name already so, what was the gambit to the stake.?

“Um err… your number?”

“that could be difficult, I don’t give out my number to some random guys I just met."

“well there’s this true caller app though, you can always block my ass at your leisure, and I also think I can keep your confidentiality private.” I answered trying to make my face as innocent as possible.

“You’re cut out from other guys bioye, and I like that so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, today has been boring anyway so I’ll get a bit of fun scamming your silly faithless buddies out of their money.” she said as she snatched my phone from my hand.

“Can you be dramatic while doing that? I offered hopefully. “yunno like giggling and fluttering your eyelids and stuff so they could think I’m performing superbly.”

“don’t push it guy.” She growled at me. I took the hint and quickly backed off.

Despite that she still smiled as she dialed her number through my phone, and giggled brazenly enough for my friend’s benefit.

“Okay my job’s done here, have a blast spending your winnings and don’t forget to send me a thank you text later.” She winked, stroked my chin with a manicured finger and catwalked out of the recreation center.

I got up and strutted towards my friends like a peacock amidst applause and hollering’s like a boss.

Lati: Guy you be hardcore, as you stand up go meet the babe na I know say my money don lost.

Nurudeen: I don add oga to your name bro, even though my 5k loss pain me…you earned it my guy.

Pascal: Chief wiper, I dey my knees bro, make you no vex over all the things wey I said, na small pikin dey worry me.

I soaked in all their praises as we headed out to the atm to collect my winnings, all is fair in love and war…I simply said as I promised them a bro night out later in the day at some club to celebrate the end of our examination.

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by sheikshegetto(m): 4:17pm On Dec 31, 2017
Happy new year sheiks... let's see how you will pull that
happy new year dear.... Don't get wasted tonight tho wink
Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by itsandi(m): 4:59pm On Dec 31, 2017
Interesting update! Enjoy new Christmas themed stories, poems, etc in this season of love on Tushstories via




Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by segundpundit: 6:54pm On Dec 31, 2017
More ink to your pen...........abeg no take long upload ooooo

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by okeyben10: 8:39pm On Dec 31, 2017
sweet and generous update sheikshegetto.
nice shot boiye...just don't forget to share some of da winnings my way


Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by chijioke17(m): 8:45pm On Dec 31, 2017
This stuff works all the time I swear, I chop 1k dollars ontop this Sam thing,sometimes honesty really dey pay

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by BiadeFolar(m): 7:55am On Jan 01
Bad ass! Sontin yis tellin me that Karen wil also taste the cucumba.. Great work bro, like u earned the 5ks, u earned my Kudos. Thanks for the mention

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by Uniquejames(m): 10:13am On Jan 01
boss happy new year.
Karen think say na here e go end...
More time for you to update us shieks

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by AyoSammyTunDe(m): 2:18pm On Jan 01
That honesty thingy works all the time

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by itsandi(m): 6:47pm On Jan 01
Interesting story...Enjoy other interesting stories on Tushstories via


Happy New Year cheesy
Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by Chevalier(m): 4:37am On Jan 02
That last update was awesome, kudos op

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by RockyEyo(m): 12:01pm On Jan 02
Twale for the man wen sabi, baba for you to still gain so much attention after all these time I call you the Don................ U gat the flow, more strength to you ................... I dey lookout for update o baba Don grin wink


Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by Sirme411(m): 5:14pm On Jan 02
Baba you be boss.....#DoubleTwale

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by Chrisvilgax(m): 10:31pm On Jan 02
First time commenting... You no doubt a badass

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by adontcare(f): 1:59am On Jan 03
What a liver bioye got. Nice write up
Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by kingin55(m): 10:31am On Jan 03
ride on bro
Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by dview001(m): 11:36am On Jan 03
sheikhs I go dump this story o... come and update nah
Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by RockyEyo(m): 1:28pm On Jan 04
Baba "D" Your goons them still Loyal for here oo..... Abeg nah do make u show

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by BiadeFolar(m): 7:19pm On Jan 04
Sheikshegetto how far? Hope all is well. I don't want to think yoruba demon don catch magun o
Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by AyoSammyTunDe(m): 7:42pm On Jan 04
How Far

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by sheikshegetto(m): 11:45pm On Jan 04
Update drops Tommorow folks...make una no vex

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Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by Chevalier(m): 8:11am On Jan 05
Update drops Tommorow folks...make una no vex

tomorrow have come o grin


Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by sheikshegetto(m): 4:46pm On Jan 05
Roll on to evening, same day. I stood waiting for Priscilla at the r.c building and didn’t have to wait too long. The silence after we both exchanged greetings was uncomfortable as I had not seen nor talked to her since the incident with simisola.

"Nice shoes” I started.

"Really.. Is that why you called me here? Compliment my shoes?” she said.

"give me a break, it’s not like you’re making things easy for me with the way you’re acting.”

"what do you want bioye.” She said as she got up.

“I know whatever apology I make now will never bring back things to the way it was but I sorry for the fact that I took advantage of you and I think wasn’t one of my proudest moments."

She angled her head to stare listless at me. “and the rest of your actions, omotola, simi.”

“I feel zero regrets over that but like I said, including you was the only part I mucked up.”

”Always the male chauvinist pig huh…having no regrets makes you justified in your use of women.” She snared, finally losing her infinite calmness.

“look Priscilla, I called you here to apologize for what I did, call me whatever you want, it can’t change the fact that it has happened, I want my friend back and I wish things back the way it was before my foolishness.”

She sighed as she flopped back on to her sit. “you and I know that is not possible.”

“I know.” I answered back morosely. “forgiving me is a start.
We sat in a comfortable silence for a while before I asked her about how things are with omotola. To my surprise she said the both of them mutually sat down and ironed out their issues which had gone long before my intrusion but they had decided to live separately come next session as they meld their friendship back.

We talked a little as the thick air seem to lessen around us just then my phone began to ring,…I silently cursed as I saw simi's name on the caller id. The timing of all time.

“It’s lati, I hastily lied in answer to Priscilla's questioning gaze. “we are hitting the peninsula tonight.”
We talked a but more until she got up to say her goodbyes, our hug lingered as she whispered into my ear, “why am I having this feeling that I might regret forgiving you so easily bj.”
My cheeky grin was my only answer as I finally released her.

That night, my friends and I strolled into the already busy peninsula club. It was filled with students who came to shed their last bit of wildness before heading home and pretend to be good boys and girls for the rest of the holiday. We forced our way through the gyrating sweating citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah to find us a spot but to our dismay, every sit had been taken by guys and their laps also taken by girls.

“Hey bj” I heard someone call my name. It was O'set sitting with a group of guys and ladies in a private lounge, she beckoned me over with a smile.
“Hey” she said again as I led my friends over. I noticed the others gaze briefly up at us with eyes lidded over in the various levels of how high as fvck they were at that moment.


Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by sheikshegetto(m): 4:54pm On Jan 05
She introduced me to the guy sitting besides her, I could barely see his face through the thick smoke he was puffing off his cigar(maybe weed) like his life depended on it.

“So you be the bj wey dey take care of my babe.” he drawled and then I realized that I was talking to O'set's rumored cultist boyfriend and I began to notice how tough looking the other dudes were as they all paused to glare up at me.
I started sweating, I could only mumble inaudible words in reply as my disloyal friends moved back a yard or two from me as if to avoid sharing his displeasure with me... And why was O'set smiling tori olorun.

The air around the lounge tensed for a full minute before the guy burst into laughter the others joined in.

“O’baby told me all about you man, how you dey help me protect my baby when I no dey una area, keep the wolves at bay, e don tey wey I don send man wey dey leer my babe go hospital, all thanks to you.. Join us cos you be one of us now.”

Finally releasing the breath I never knew I was holding, we joined them as they moved over to clear space for us.

These guys knew how to party I give them that, inhaling bottles upon bottle you’d have to be crazy to keep up with them as we got acquainted with the rest of the gang. I started chatting with a prim chic who introduced herself as Helen trying my best not to stare at O'set. She began to dance, rocking her behind on her boyfriends groin as the latter splayed lazily on the chair. I led helen towards the dance floor just as the dj hooked on a popular single, the crowd hooted and sang along as they wiggled away with abandon.


Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by seuncyber(m): 5:01pm On Jan 05
Nice One More Update Please


Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by Uniquejames(m): 5:02pm On Jan 05
op u finally remember us?
Nice sha but this wan too short for all the days we bn dea wait

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