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Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by Wordsmithpraise(m): 3:33pm On Sep 22, 2017

Chapter One

She passed me a note in class. Her number scrawled across it in bold red letters, with the inscription "call me maybe."
Damn! She had been my crush for two years straight now. I called. She picked.
She asked me, "I see the way you look at me. Wanna have fun?"
My voice shakes like China in an earthquake. My hands refuse to grab the phone. My body floods with sweat.
I replied: "dare me!" trying to play the cool guy.
She sets a date. I mark my calendar.
What she doesn't know is that I'm a virgin. My stomach turns at the thought. It's college for Christ's sake. Virg... What's that?
I practice my moves. I watch porn. A lot of porn.

What if my thing's not big enough for her? God forbid I fizzle out early. What if she's had better men?

And the day came. She walked into my dorm, roommate was out. I go over the moves in my head. We kiss. I let my hands roam. Smoothly like in my practice, I pull out a condom. And then she paused.
"Baby please go gentle on me. It's my first time."


We were the last virgins standing at Northwestern University.

Written by Ayomide O'tega
Re: Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by Wordsmithpraise(m): 3:35pm On Sep 22, 2017
Chapter Two

She pulled me closer. Damn! My hands start to sweat. God! I expected her to be experienced. She should know better, I thought to myself. But no!

She pulls me closer. Our lips touch, my breath ceases.

She's a virgin! God! A freaking virgin! What if I don't slide in well on the first try. What if there's blood. Everywhere.

I closed my eyes. "Go with the flow! Just go with the flow" I heard my brain screaming at me!

I did. She leaned in for a kiss. I kissed back.
I always thought noses collided during kisses. No! This was different. Damn! I was such a prude. I took in the smell of her perfume. It had a tinge of rose. It filled me with longing.

Her hands roamed to where my trouser zip was. Damn! I was so hard. She pressed against me harder.

My body responded harder. She ran her hands through my hair and pulled me over her on the single bed.

Her soft voice came cascading out. "Dave, be gentle"
And then she slid off her thongs.
Thongs! God! Thongs!

She was prepared. What the hell am I gonna do next?

written by Ayomide O'tega
Re: Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by Wordsmithpraise(m): 3:36pm On Sep 22, 2017
Chapter Three

"Dave be gentle! Dave be gentle!" It kept on ringing in my head.

Damn! She really thinks I know what I'm doing.

I'll just pretend I do. She was looking up to me.

My hands found way between her legs as my lips touched hers. Her thighs came flailing apart. I fumbled with my hands. She pulsed shortly.

That had to be her spot! Her clitoris? Maybe.

'Idiot! You didn't cut your nails! You're gonna injure her. You're gonna injure her.'

My mind was running a marathon around one spot. God! She's moaning! Is that pleasure or pain? I can't even tell.

I follow the tutorials as the porn video replays in my head.

The next thing would be to insert. I slide in perfectly. This doesn't feel weird at all. The warmth and sensitivity sends me off to space. Gosh! I never want to come out. The feeling's amazing! I thrust in and out.

My throat make a guttural sound that was foreign to me. Gosh! I never want this to stop. Never! It gets hotter, her vagina tightens around me. The pleasure's heightened. I go deeper. Deeper. Faster! faster!

She arches her back and lifts her head off the bed. She claws at my back. Her body makes seismic movements. She twists and contorts.

And then I shoot!
And then the spray!
I watched as she went limp and collapsed into bed.
I drop off too. Damn! This feels way better than all the years of self-servicing.

And then she asks: "baby, what are we now?"
I ignore. Wait! She was a virgin! There was no blood!

written by Ayomide O'tega
Re: Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by Wordsmithpraise(m): 3:38pm On Sep 22, 2017
Chapter Four

"No blood! No blood!" my consciousness yelled at me. Didn't I hit her hard enough? Or was I too small down there? Gosh! So much for all the expertise and experience I promised. But was she really a virgin? The question piqued me.

Screw! I knew I messed up. First time and there was no blood. She's going to tell all her friends. That's for sure! My social rep's gone. Damn! I wouldn't even be able to look at her in class. I'll become the topic of small gossip among sophomore college girls! And there goes my crush!

Maybe she wasnt a virgin afterall! But who lies when they're about to have sex? I quickly wave the thought aside as I feel her hands upon my back.

"Babe, what are we now?" She asks, this time more persistent.

'Friends? Friends with benefits?' Dave no! Are you crazy, why on earth would you say that? My mind ran over another option. 'Sex partners?' Anything was cool with me, girlfriend was just not in the picture.

I reached for her and laid a kiss on her forehead, and made my way to the bathroom. Yes! I did just ignore the question.

* * *

I let the cold water cascade down my back as I reflected over the sheer perfection that was Gina. Her boobs! Lord no! They were succulent.

They had been the subject of my imagination since freshman year, but right across me, less than 2 metres away, there they lay on my bed. One of Northwestern's most beautiful girls sprawled across my bed. I tapped my face to be sure I wasn't dreaming.

The door creaked open behind me, I wiped the soap off my face and watched as she approached me slowly and stealthily.

I didn't quite see her cleavage in all glory earlier. Damn! They were soft though! I watched her twin glands jiggle up and down. I was starting to get hard down there. I could swear that thing had a mind of it's own.

She knelt down before me and held me by the waist. In a flash, she pulled me in between her breasts. Gosh! It was pure bliss!

I felt the warmth and closed my eyes.
Next thing I know, I was in her mouth.

The water washed over the both of us. The lights reflected off her breasts and her hair shone in the yellows and whites that made my bathroom.

And then I noticed it. A drop. A trickle.
Wait how's that even possible? Is that blood?

Written by
Ayomide O'tega and Praise Osawaru.
Re: Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by Wordsmithpraise(m): 3:39pm On Sep 22, 2017
Chapter Five

Hell! I couldn't stop thinking about our little fling, our moment. Even while at class I'd notice her steal a peek at me. Still unsure though. Was the sex really worth it?
Gosh! she was a distraction. I couldn't focus, our moment was on replay in my head like pornography tapes rolling off a VR tape. I used to be a virgin, now I guess I'm no longer one. Anyway, its not like virginity even applies to males to think about it. Whatever. At least the sex was great-to me.
In no time, we start hanging out together. At times, time just stops all of a sudden and the whole word stares at me. At US! We'd stroll along class hallways, and often I'd see groups of girls, huddled together giggling. I'm pretty sure she's told half of Northwestern about our time. Pretty sure they all think we're dating. If only she knows. Wait are we dating? At least not to me anyway...
I never categorised her as a girl friend. I never did answer her question that day. She never did bring it up again.

And there was that moment. That moment I'll never forget. The night before the college bonfire!
I remember. I remember it all now. Clearly.
I stayed overnight at her place, we watched movies and made out. It was just another one of many, our special routine. She fell sleep on the couch, and I carried her in my arms into the bedroom, her phone in my pocket.
Her phone rung. I wanted to wake her. On a second thought, I didn't. Why wake her when its probably Sarah, her best friend and the most annoying person I know, calling.
It spelt 'My Number'. Definitely not Sarah. I dropped the phone on the bedside table. I walked out.
Wait wait! how would ones number call itself?
It rang again. I picked the call, unfortunately the connection was bad.
I dropped the phone thinking and then it vibrated, a pop up message from 'My Number'. I clicked on it.
I staggered a little... What the hell?! A picture of a guy's dick with a message below.
"Babe, I'm Hot. Where are you? "
Surely, that wasn't her number. Who the hell was that?
Written by:
Ayomide O'tega and Praise Osawaru
Re: Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by Wordsmithpraise(m): 3:42pm On Sep 22, 2017
Chapter Six

The Billion dollar question, 'Who the hell was that? ' I wanted to scream hit her hard across the face and yell like they do in one of those Taylor Swift music videos but I let it slide.
"Hey babe," she blinked her eye.

"I'm here, " I responded as I hid her phone in my pocket. I laid beside her and wrapped my hands around her body. She reclined upon me and slept off once more.

I couldn't wave the thoughts running through my mind. Having seen that picture, I've felt this hole in my heart slowly eating me up like a tumor.

The next morning was awfully quiet as I sat down on the dining table eating and thinking about my next action.

"Hey babe, why are you awfully quiet this morning?"
I guess she didn't read me well enough to know how I was feeling. She came closer and snapped her fingers before my face to bring me back to reality.

I stared at her, what do i say to her? I thought.
Who the hell is my number? Why did he send you a dick pic?
Nah! I just smiled and kissed her forehead.
"Nothing's wrong, I'm just really hungry this morning," I responded, I lied as I took my leave from the dining table.

While she took her bathe, I went through her phone messages and found his address on her phone, I scribbled it down on my notepad. And quickly Slid her phone back into her bag.
It's time I paid this son of a bitch a visit. What the hell does he have to do with my girlfriend.

"My girlfriend?" I nearly said out loud. It was cringeworthy to think about. Whatever!

Written by Ayomide O'tega and Praise Osawaru
Re: Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by Wordsmithpraise(m): 3:43pm On Sep 22, 2017
Chapter Seven

I gazed at his apartment from across the street, it looked rather empty to me. Perhaps the window blinds. I shook my shoulder.

Phew! Second thoughts? I smiled and shook off the feeling, proceeding to the front door. Luckily, like all careless citizens, he left his key under the rug.

Boy, was I lucky! I opened the door and entered the house.
I wouldn't call that breaking and entering, At least I used a key.
I saw various photos on the wall of the both of them. Looks to me like they've been together a while. But I don't get why she came to me saying she was a virgin?

Anyways, I walked upstairs to the bed room and found nude pictures of her turned into wallpaper across the room. As if that wasn't insulting enough I found a tripod with a camera directly opposite the bed.

I took it and played the most recent film.
"Bleep!" I yelled.
They filmed their sex tape. I slammed the camera on the ground and stepped on it. I felt relieved a little.

I was so engrossed I didn't know someone was behind me coming out of the bathroom.
"What the Bleep?!" he shouted. I grabbed a lamp and hit him on the head. I ran out the room, walking down the stairs, I felt a hand pull me backwards.
It was him, we struggled, eventually I pushed him and he rolled down the stairs landing with his head as it bashed upon the ground, splashing blood everywhere.

You know how they say fear or flight? Bleep! Fear and flight weren't the only actions one took in danger. I froze. My feet stuck to the floorboards.

And then my phone rang! It was her! Shit!
And then there was a knock on the door!

Written by Praise Osawaru and Ayomide O'tega

Re: Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by ololadeking(m): 9:10pm On Oct 20, 2017
wonderful piece bro
Re: Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by imranMotunrayo(f): 1:23pm On Oct 24, 2017
Cool,nice one
Re: Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by Wordsmithpraise(m): 12:50pm On May 14, 2018
Chapter Eight

Shit! I stood there frozen until the next knock drew me back to reality. 'What the...? '
'What do i do?' I asked myself as my heart beat paced faster. I noticed a window in the kitchen.
"Hello, it's your neighbour James. I heard some noise while passing by. Is everything Okay?"
The door knob twisted. Shit! He was bout to come in.

I proceeded to the window and jumped through, landed outside but sprained my ankle in the process.
"Bloody Hell!" James screamed.
I began limping around gradually. Across the street, there was a cop was doing patrol. He flashes his light on me. Probably he noticed I was limping and wanted to know what happened to me.

I, However kept on walking, not looking towards him. He horned, in hopes to get my attention but I turned deaf years nonetheless. Eventually, he drove off.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Immediately I got home, I pulled off my shirt which had blood stains all over. Didn't want her to see it, it's raise suspicion.
Found her asleep at the couch, I didn't wanna wake up so I just walked by slowly, unfortunately her phone rang.
"Uhhh.. " she yawned.
"Hey babe, " I grinned in facade.
"Where Ya been? Wait I have a call."

Clearly looking at the phone, it was a call from "Her Number". But how come? I just murdered him now..
She picked the call however and busted into tears dropping the phone on the floor.
"What happened?" I asked in surprise.
"My uncle just died, The police just called me now to come he body .
Damn! She was an awesome liar. I acted as though I believed her änd she left.

I hurriedly rushed get my previous clothe, the one that got stained with blog. I went backyard, grabbed and set the clothes alit.

'Burn the evidence' I learnt that from many movies I've watched.
A warm smile descended upon my face, in that moment I felt joyous until....


Written by Praise Osawaru and Ayomide O'tega
Re: Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by Wordsmithpraise(m): 12:52pm On May 14, 2018
Chapter Nine

Until.... It struck me. My wristwatch! Where the hell is my wristwatch?!

I ran into the room, scattering everywhere in Search of it. Then I remembered, I wore it while going to that dick head house.

Shit! It must have fallen off during our struggle.
I began shivering, my thoughts escalating.
'What if the police found my wristwatch?'

They could trace it back to me. Gee, I bleeped up big time.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - -

I paced around for a while, brainstorming as to what actions to take. There was no other option, I couldn't let the police take me to court.

I hurriedly grabbed my travelling bag and began assembling my stuffs inside. I had to flee before she arrived.

I couldn't risk her telling the cops I murdered him. I took my diary from beneath the bed and shoved it in the bag, held it up to shoulders and walked out of the room.

As I opened the door, I found her out front.
"Bleep!" I yelled.
"You scared the crap out of me," I added
"So it was you?" she whimpered.
"Baby I swear I didn't mean to, it was a mistake," I reached for her.

She shoved my hands away. Walking into the living room slowly.
"But you caused it, How could you be sleeping with someone else behind my back?" I. Looked at in the face.
"Does that warrant you to kill him!" she smacked me.
I exhaled and moved closer to her.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to," I looked at her gorgeous eyes.

She had tears streaming down her cheeks. I held her face, and slowly pressed my lips against hers.

She pushed my back and brought a knife from her back. She swung it at me,
Slashing my face.

"Ah! I screamed.
"What the hell is wrong with you?"
She reached forward and swung the knife at me again, I moved backward hitting her left arm thus ripping the knife off her hands.

"Stay back I don't want to hurt you," I said.
"It's too late the cops are right outside," she responded.
Bleep! She came at me pushing me off my feet, she grabbed the knife and stabbed me.

I.... I...


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Re: Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by Wordsmithpraise(m): 12:52pm On May 14, 2018

She pulled out the knife and plunged it into my stomach once more. I pushed her off me, she hit her head on the table behind and collapsed.

I got up, pulled out the knife slowly. It hurt like hell. 'I've never been stabbed before'. I threw the knife away and tried to stop the bleeding. I could hear the police footsteps upon the stairs.

I looked around, I needed a fast exit then I noticed the wind blew open the window. I walked towards it, Damn! It was a long way down. I'd bled all over the perfectly waxed floor.

How was I gonna get down three storeys? The footsteps grew louder, My heart paced faster. I took a step backwards, was ready to jump. Suddenly I felt a force pull me back.

I staggered and fell flat to the ground. She was holding the knife firmly. I hit her knees and rolled sideways watching her fall upon the knife.

Blood began gushing out like a tap went on. I looked at the door, the door knob twisted.

I drew myself up and raced towards the window, jumping out and landing on a car. The alarm system went off upon my collision.

"Ahh," I groaned, feeling my bones crack as I got off the car and began walking.

I stared up the window. I could see flashlight, Surely the Cops have found her Corpse.
I didn't mean for things to end like that. This was one hell of a love story.
My name is Daniel, I used to think the world was black and white, now I realize it's filled with shades of Gray.

Written by Praise Osawaru
Re: Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by Wordsmithpraise(m): 12:53pm On May 14, 2018
Re: Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by sabbiboi: 11:56pm On May 14, 2018
shocked WOW.
Re: Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by Nobody: 12:14am On May 15, 2018
Re: Romance Story] Diary Of A Virgin Boy by Wordsmithpraise(m): 2:30pm On May 15, 2018
I guess you must love the story then. thanks for reading.

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