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The Undesired Bride / Chimamanda Adichie: Bride Price Should Be Abolished, I'm Not A Fan Of It / A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Child Bride by Gloryejims(f): 10:38pm On Dec 12, 2017

Don't lemme use force
Be a lady and stand up
Evajael comman see her ooo
It's first come first serve ohhhhh
Evajael come and settle this ohhh
Cbella and pearl05 come and help me see something ohhhh...
Cyber5 Hmmmn Hmmmn Hmmmn
Re: The Child Bride by cyber5(m): 10:48pm On Dec 12, 2017
It's first come first serve ohhhhh Evajael come and settle this ohhh Cbella and pearl05 come and help me see something ohhhh... Cyber5 Hmmmn Hmmmn Hmmmn

this one that you're calling people on me; lemme also call my bro
Cyberrex ooo
Re: The Child Bride by Pearl05(f): 6:18am On Dec 13, 2017
Aryember, your story is unfolding well, ve some observations;

** You need to to give more description of your characters. When you first talked about Ayister , I was picturing her to be about 13 yrs and the husband around 35yrs since you said that the man is about 2 decades older. Then you mentioned that Ayister had written WAEC 2 times, I started looking at her age to be around 17-20 yrs. The average northern doesn't start school early, there, you see 24 yrs this in secondary school unlike eastern and western Nigeria where you see 15yrs in ss3.
A little description on them will solve all this.

There are too much of short flash backs and presents; it poses difficulty knowing when last episode of present to continue ones reading.

Weldon. More inspirations and strength.

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Re: The Child Bride by favch(f): 8:41am On Dec 13, 2017
Aryember, your story is unfolding well, ve some observations;

** You need to to give more description of your characters. When you first talked about Ayister , I was picturing her to be about 13 yrs and the husband around 35yrs since you said that the man is about 2 decades older. Then you mentioned that Ayister had written WAEC 2 times, I started looking at her age to be around 17-20 yrs. The average northern doesn't start school early, there, you see 24 yrs this in secondary school unlike eastern and western Nigeria where you see 15yrs in ss3.
A little description on them will solve all this.

There are too much of short flash backs and presents; it poses difficulty knowing when last episode of present to continue ones reading.

Weldon. More inspirations and strength.

she took us back to Ayisat's past and her present let's say" 18 months AGO*
About the "two decades" it was Ayisat's thought when her husband smiled
Y not re_read to understand better
Hope no offences taken
Re: The Child Bride by AryEmber(f): 10:22am On Dec 13, 2017
Thank you pearl for your observations. Let me start with the age, you're right about how northern education is. To be honest, when I started, I didn't put that into consideration and when I later realised it, I couldn't do much as I had typed a couple of pages already. I was even going to change everything from names to age and location but I thought, in all the northern region, there has be a girl or boy who graduated at age fifteen right? I decided to paint Ayi as one of those rare northern girls who finished her school early. To the number of times she wrote and failed her SSCE, it was once only and this was shortly after her parents demise. Lastly, about the flashbacks and the present, my brother also made similar comment and I think you're both right, will do something about that. Thanks again, I really appreciate your comment and to the people saying something, a big THANK YOU to you all!


Re: The Child Bride by AryEmber(f): 5:15pm On Dec 13, 2017
“Easy mom, that hurts!” she cried out.
Her mother, Mrs Katsina, laughed when her husband complained.
“Take it easy with her hair fa. If you can’t plait her hair properly without hurting her, then let me take my angel to a hair salon. There are plenty professionals outside oh.”
“Yes daddy!” Ayisat smirked.
Mrs Katsina intentionally tightened her hold on Ayisat’s hair and she yelped the more, ”serves you right, ask your father if he is paying me and as for you, dear daddy, maybe I should run to my father too.”
“You are not going anywhere and I already paid you everything this morning so be gentle on her please,” her father replied.
Rasak and Musa came out.
“Mommy, take us to a barber’s shop too!” Musa said.
Ayisat frowned and snapped,” silly thing! Who called you both out?”
Rasak defended his twin brother,” leave us oh, if father loves you more us then mother loves us more than you.”
Their father stood up, he walked towards the twins and patted their shoulder each.
“Father loves no one more than another, I love all of you the same okay?”
“But you both are mommy’s boys !” their mother said and they all burst into laughter.
She was sobbing before she could stop herself, her husband had just saw her mother-in-law off after she glared at her and promised her hell if she failed to get pregnant by the time she visit again.
Earlier, she had been so happy but now her joy had turned sour. She was reminded once more why she married Khalid, She knelt down and cried in anguish.
Why had her life turned like this? She was once a member of a small but comfortable family, they were not wealthy but they were content with what they had. Her father had always joked he would collect a lot of things from her fiancé as her bride price when it was time for her to get married. He was no more now, taken away cruelly from this world by a drunk driver who is nowhere to be found till date. Her mother followed shortly after series of illness, all their father left was spent to cure her but all this to no avail, she died anyways.
She was purchased for her husband to only bare children for him, whatever bride price her only surviving relative could have collected was been used to send her brothers to school.
What was she going to do? How could she get pregnant when Khalid had just touched her once after days of begging? What if he wasn’t satisfied with her performance of last night and he would not touch her again?
“Oh! What will I do?” she cried harder.
Khalid was surprised when he came and saw that she was no longer in the dinning room and also not in the parlour, he went to look for her and found her in his study room. Whatever relief he felt for having found her was replaced by worry when he heard her crying.
“Ayisat, what is the problem?”
She was clearly taken aback and this made her wiped her tears in hurry. ”Nothing,”
He moved nearer and helped her to her feet, he touched her cheeks affectionately.” You are lying, nothing makes you cry or are you going to tell me you were not crying too?”
It was pointless lying to him and unable to so any longer, she burst into the fresh tears.
“She is driving me out, isn’t she?” she asked amidst tears.
He shook his head, “no, that is not happening.”
“But she will stop funding my brothers’ schooling right?”
Again he shook his head and told her she didn’t mention anything like that, he might have told her the truth but he knew deep down in him that it would eventually happen if and when she fault her for his curse.
Ayisat didn’t believe him and she voiced this out, “you are lying! She will and I will be chased out soon!”
He calmed her down, “listen to me Ayi, you are mine and anyone who has a problem with you also has with me. If my mother do as you fear, then I will continue the payment myself just as I plan to pay yours too. All I need you to do is continue to read harder so that you can get into a good institution.”
“She would never agree to it once she learns about all you want to do for me and what about the children I’m to bear you? We have only done it once and I _ _ _”
Khalid smiled at her choice of word and further calmed her down, “let me worry about my mother and as for having babies, we will surely work towards that and if Allah wishes, we will one day have our own.”
She felt relieved a bit and smiled weakly, she was surprised and shocked when he leaned down and kissed her. This made her not to respond at first but she eventually did.
He kissed her passionately longer than he had ever done, he had to stop when it seemed like he was suffocating her. When he embraced her, she felt her trembled but he didn’t let go of her.
If only she knew what he was feeling, he had not even admit it to himself yet but he knew better.
Who could ever thought he would fall in love with her? A girl he was old enough to father!


Re: The Child Bride by Cyberrex(m): 2:09pm On Dec 14, 2017

this one that you're calling people on me; lemme also call my bro
Cyberrex ooo
Hope I'm not too late
na d fuel palava cause ham, and please share "chin chin" reach my side ooo

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Re: The Child Bride by martiegold(f): 7:15pm On Dec 14, 2017
Yas! All of you sitting in that front row clear out AryEmber is my personal person so I'm taking over no quarrel, no story. nice story
Re: The Child Bride by AryEmber(f): 4:40pm On Dec 15, 2017
He was going insane, what was happening?
“Who is the father of that bastard? Answer me!” he roared.
She shouted back, “don’t you, in your miserable life, call my son a bastard! I did you a huge favour and instead of you to thank me, you are barking. What rights do you have to call my son a bastard? You that cannot produce a miscarriage or a single still birth, not to even talk of a child yet you are calling a boy bastard, better accept him like that.”
He gaped at her. “How dare you? I married you because of that boy and you still have the guts to tell to accept him like that? Knowing full well he’s not mine?”
“So? Haven’t you heard that beggars don’t get to choose? Well my dear, you are like a beggar here_ _ _” she stopped quickly and moved far away from him.
Khalid was going to strike her, he probably would have if she had not move backwards.
“You would have slapped me? Ah! We both would have die here today! You would have seen your creator you madman!”
“It is your entire family that is mad you shameless hag! You’d better start packing and get out of my house with that bastard before I come back because I don’t want either of you in my house any longer!”
He left her but could still hear her rants, she was insulting and cursing him.
He looked at the paper again and smiled, he was not surprised. In fact, he expected the result to be just brilliant, she had read like her life depended on it and her grades attest to that. He was so proud of her.
Khalid thought of what she would be doing right now, probably just having her breakfast. She sometimes forget to eat when engrossed in reading and most times refused to touch her food until she was through with the house choirs. He, in those times, had to force to leave the chores.
No, she was an early raiser and would have long eaten her food by now. He could recite her daily work routine by heart an anthem, a smile played on his lips on remembering he was the reason she got up late the past few days ago.
“I miss you my sweet Ayi, how I wish you are here with me,” he muttered.
He was acting like a love sick teenager, here he was thinking about his wife when he should concentrate on the work that made him travelled and that needed finishing before today ended.
“I can’t help myself, I love you and no body _ _ _ _” he stopped singing suddenly.
What if she didn’t feel the same towards him? She had married him because of her situation and certainly not because of love, how could she ever love him? Their age difference was glaring and she does everything for him as a duty, not because she really had a choice.
Khalid reminded himself he also married for a reason far from love and he had no rights to judge her. Only he loved her now, more than he could have ever dreamed of and it hurt him to think she didn’t and may never feel the same.
She probably was in love with that boy of her age. He was good looking and obviously would be the fantasy boy of a lot of teenage girls, she had been so happy on the day he was them together.
And if she was with him now, doing more than talking? He shook off the thought, she would never do that to him. She was different, certainly not like Khodijat.
Ayisat may not love him now but he was determined to win her heart forever, he went back to work with the determination.

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Re: The Child Bride by cyber5(m): 5:15pm On Dec 15, 2017

I need to know how old is Khalid
Re: The Child Bride by cyber5(m): 5:16pm On Dec 15, 2017
Re: The Child Bride by AryEmber(f): 7:04pm On Dec 15, 2017

I need to know how old is Khalid
He's in his late thirties
Re: The Child Bride by Nobody: 7:33pm On Dec 15, 2017
Re: The Child Bride by Nobody: 7:34pm On Dec 15, 2017
Nice update.. Thanks wink
Re: The Child Bride by cyber5(m): 8:17pm On Dec 15, 2017
I have epp you grin cheesy

Thanks Ma'am

I appreciate your EPP very much
Re: The Child Bride by Nobody: 8:21pm On Dec 15, 2017

Thanks Ma'am

I appreciate your EPP very much
You are welcome
Re: The Child Bride by bossy512(f): 8:58pm On Dec 15, 2017
Wow. I love the story. weldone more inspiration sister. pls more updates
Re: The Child Bride by Chigold121(f): 11:35pm On Dec 15, 2017
Wow, This is love in Tokyo
Re: The Child Bride by AryEmber(f): 4:21pm On Dec 17, 2017
“She is so young mother! Allah, how could you ever think that I would want a girl so young! She’s sixteen years old for the love of God!”
“Eighteen , not sixteen. She is of legal age to marry.” His mother corrected.
“I don’t care if she’s twenty! I won’t marry someone I’m two decades older than!
“I don’t see what is wrong with that really, what matters is her health. She was tested in one of the best hospital in this state and nothing was found to be wrong with her, besides, I married your father at that same age. Our marriage was a happy one until he left me alone in this world; I never regretted that I married him at that age”
He scoffed. ”Please mother. Father died not that he left, I’m quite sure he didn’t even wish to die! And you might have been eighteen when you married him; he was only two years older. I have a zero behind that two for the love of Allah!”
“You should have thought of that before you married that harlot because of her bastard despite my warnings or when you told to find you a wife who is more or less a slave with your description. She has to be obedient mother, she has to be submissive mother, she_ _ _ _”
“I see now that I made a terrible mistake but you are the one who wouldn’t stop reminding me what’s at stake! Left to me, I would rather let them have it all than to marry a child just for her to birth me a kid.”
She stood up. ”It seems like you don’t understand; I would rather be six feet under than to let those vultures get what’s mine! Father thought he was smart but I’m prepared to show everyone that I cannot be cheated out of what’s mine by rights. I already gave you more than enough time to get a wife and father a child but you were not able to do this and now, you have just 2 years which means that I have that same years to lose everything so do I care that you are old enough to father her? No!”
Khalid wished for a moment that her mother had not married his father but that was not the issue now. How he was going to get out of a fight he didn’t considered his, was the problem.
She touched her stomach and closed her eyes, could she be mistaken? No, it had to be it. What makes a girl not to see her flows for three consecutive months? It had got to be that it!
For a moment she thought something moved in her but she knew it was only her imagination or it was a naughty worm playing inside her, she smiled at her silliness but soon frowned. What would happen now?
Would he not send her out once she served her purpose? He had promised to help her but promises do get broken! Oh how she wished this was a different situation! She would have been the happiest girl on earth.
Wind blew softly through the window, making the curtains danced to different direction but stayed glue to the window. She was cold and shivered time to time because of this, she thought of putting on her night gown but decided against it, she had to be ready for when he’d come in
When he did come in, the low noise from the door announced his arrival. Ayisat sat up on the bed, using the bed sheet to cover herself. She wasn’t really naked, she still had her undies on but she felt as though she had nothing on.
Her plan was to wait for him wearing nothing, she had seen an actress did that in a movie she saw and her husband had appreciate it but she was not sure her new husband would want this. She didn’t know what he’d like, she barely knew him at all! Besides this, courage failed her and the cold wasn’t gentle on her.
She watched him took a chair and sat opposite to her.
“Should I lie down?”
He raised an eyebrow and asked instead,” How old are you again?”
Ayisat was surprised at the question and this made her stammered, “e_ e_ eighteen.”
“And you know how old I am, you know I’m old enough to be your father?”
She didn’t answer this time, why was he asking her all this? Was this how he does his own thing? Asking questions before the act? She hadn’t heard or read of this before, his voice interrupted her thoughts.
“I am no monster; I don’t take teenagers to bed. I married you because my hands are tied and I understand you did for your family. You don’t have to worry, they will be taken care of as promised but I won’t sleep with you.”
“But I’m to bear you children, how will that happen if you won’t touch me?”
“That won’t be happening….”
“But your mother…..”
He rose up suddenly,” if I were you, I’d think of the perfect lie to explain why there’s no pregnancy when she ask of it because you will never carry my child.” With that, he walked away ignoring her pleadings
“Oh what am I going to do now?” she bit her lips.
This was her fault, why did she have to look and act pathetic? Now, how exactly was she going to take in when he wouldn’t touch her?

“I’m pregnant,” she repeated countless time, pacing to and fro.
This pregnancy was due to their sleepless nights of pleasure; she should have known there were going to be consequences.
Consequences? Was this not the reason why he married you, a voice said in her head. It was all over now, once she gave birth, she would no longer be needed and surely would be tossed out. There would be no one to help them anymore.
“I may not be allowed to even see my baby,” she muttered to herself sadly.
The doorbell pulled her out of her trance and she stopped pacing. Ayisat hurried to the door, she would have to tell him any ways.
She took a deep breath and calmed herself even the doorbell kept on ringing. She forced a smile knowing he hate to see her worried, she then opened the door.

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Re: The Child Bride by Pearl05(f): 8:31pm On Dec 18, 2017
With this pregnancy, will she be allowed to further her studies as promised the husband? Ayisat's mother-in-law seems to be the one that say what happens in the family.

At eighteen, she isn't a child anymore considering that 12yrs and 13yrs were given out in marriage.

More inspirations to you and longer update to us.
Re: The Child Bride by AryEmber(f): 9:10am On Dec 21, 2017
Khalid smiled as he drove to his front gate, he honked twice and his gateman soon opened the gate. He drove in and carefully packed his car near a familiar one, he winced and cursed under his breath.
“Welcome sir!” his gateman greeted in their local dialect.
“Saliu, how have you been? Hope all is well?” he asked in the same language.
“I am doing fine, how was your trip sir?”
“We thank Allah it went well, Ayisat will bring you some things once I settle down”
The man bowed,” thank you so much sir!”
He smiled at him before heading in, he could hear voices once he approached the door and he recognised his wife’s. He need not wonder who the other voice belong to, who else if not the only other woman in his life.
“Oh my Khalid! Come, come and check all these out.” His mother said the moment he pushed the door opened.
He was tempted to look round to make sure he was in the right house but he was indeed in his house and the woman beaming at him was his mother. Hell must have ceased to exist for his mother to be in the same room with his wife and had not yet torn his poor Ayi to pieces.
“Good evening ma,” he greeted.
“And a wonderful evening it is indeed! Welcome back my dear, how was your trip?”
“It went as expected, when did you arrive?”
“Not so long ago….., you must be so tired.”
He shook his head and looked at scattered baby wears on the floor before turning to his mute wife with a concern look on his face.
“How are you Ayisat?” he asked.
The girl stammered out .” Fine, welcome my husband”
Khalid gave her a questioning look, when did they went back to that? He hated her calling him that and she knew it.
Ayisat made to collect his briefcase but stopped at her mother-in-law killer look.
“I seem to remember that I asked you to go inside and lie down, what are you still doing here?!”
The girl muttered sorry and ran up quick leaving him surprised and confused.
“Mother, what did Ayisat do now?”
“Don’t mind that silly girl; she has no idea that I’m not here to joke with her. Let me take your case now, you should go in and freshen up.” She stood up.
“You do not mean that, do you?” he moved back a little.
“And why not?” she asked instead
He wondered what had gotten into this women he called mother.” I would rather take it in myself if my wife is not allowed to!”
“Suit yourself, just go in and come back for your dinner.”
“Why are you going to be the one to serve me and not my wife?”
“Will you go in and freshen up already before you send me to my grave early with these questions.”
Khalid sighed and went up.
She looked at the question again and frowned.” This is what happens when you abandon your books,” she muttered to herself.
But this was physics, her subject! No topic scared her in this subject. She used to be the best in her class, no one could compete with her when it came physics. Chemistry might be a pain in her neck but not her Physics!
Only everything seemed like Latin to her now, even the dead language would make better sense to her now. She sighed and said a quick prayer, determined to start all over again. She hoped something would stick to her brain this time.
Khalid walked into the sitting room and saw the light on in the kitchen.
“Oh Allah! What is she doing at this time of the night now?”
He didn’t like staying in the same room with the girl even for a minute, he would let her get over with whatever she was doing before going in to make his tea. Sooner or later, this joke would come to an end because he’d be damned to continue living with a young girl for his wife. This was pure insanity for Allah’s sake!
She may be a pretty girl…..not your sexy beautiful model kind but quite pretty, if dark and lean is your type and she was a good cook. Oh yes! She managed to surprise him every time he tasted her food, he enjoyed her meal and he never failed to let her know.
She was also humble, although he reasoned that was because of their age difference and the circumstances that led to their marriage. He wondered if she found their union ridiculous as he did.
Khalid just didn’t relish the idea of having a teenager as a wife. He had always loved mature women right from his secondary school days, he didn’t even mind if a lady was older than him, hell! The first girl he dated/ slept with was 2 years older than him!
He had a code and that was staying far away from young girls. Some of his friends then had teenage girlfriends, they often told him that there was nothing like innocent anymore and if he didn’t, a lot of men would. One of their many excuses was that the girls were the ones throwing their selves at them and this may be true to an extent but he still blame them.
He called the wayward girls harlots and thought of his friends as perverts. He told himself that under no circumstances would he take to bed, a teenager but that was a long time ago. All of that was before he got himself into the problem he was in now, before his grandfather’s death, before Khodijah and her bastard son.
Now, he had a child bride and he couldn’t do much about it. His mother would lose everything no doubt, it was not only the question of his willingness to father a child, he couldn’t even if he wanted to. She didn’t know that, no one knew. It was a problem he would take with him to the grave, along with his father’s name.
It was only a pity this poor girl would face his mother’s wraths but it would only be for a while. Once his time to father a child ran out, this sham of marriage would be annulled and everybody would be glad….. Well, except his mother.
It suddenly occurred to him that he’d been waiting for a long time, what was she doing that was taking this long? He could even hear any movement and this worried him, what if…..

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Re: The Child Bride by Chigold121(f): 3:11pm On Dec 21, 2017
Hmm!! This pregnancy will change things in Ayisat marriage, weldone and more updates pls
Re: The Child Bride by Hantonia(f): 7:26pm On Dec 21, 2017
You are welcome
weldon O U Didnt Even Bother 2 Cal Me U Nd Evajael Take Time
Re: The Child Bride by Nobody: 7:59pm On Dec 21, 2017
weldon O U Didnt Even Bother 2 Cal Me U Nd Evajael Take Time
Ah! My dear no vex.. Lemme quickly mention you now.
Cc Hantonia grin
Re: The Child Bride by AryEmber(f): 8:17pm On Dec 21, 2017
To the people commenting, thank you so much! You have no idea how glad I am to see that someone out there reads and tell me how he/she feels. It is now that I know how writers here feels when no one comment, thank you all!
Re: The Child Bride by bossy512(f): 8:51pm On Dec 21, 2017
Re: The Child Bride by Hantonia(f): 10:27am On Dec 22, 2017
Ah! My dear no vex.. Lemme quickly mention you now.
Cc Hantonia grin
Smile Lol Tank Hun Shift Let Me Sit Down Beside U
Re: The Child Bride by Hantonia(f): 10:28am On Dec 22, 2017
To the people commenting, thank you so much! You have no idea how glad I am to see that someone out there reads and tell me how he/she feels. It is now that I know how writers here feels when no one comment, thank you all!
Weldon Keep It Comin
Re: The Child Bride by AryEmber(f): 2:03pm On Dec 24, 2017
Chapter four continued..... He tiptoed into the kitchen, expecting to find a body on the floor but what he saw was a girl deeply engrossed in a book she was reading. This surprised him, so engrossed was she that she had not even noticed she had company.
His surprise was quickly replaced by curiosity and he moved closer to see what she was reading that had taken her out of this world.
Ayisat felt a presence and looked up; a horror look crept to her face and she jumped up like the stool she sat on had suddenly started to burn.
“My husband! You’re awake,” she said and started to pack the notes on the worktop quick.
Khalid was surprised and curious at the same time, surprised at how quick her demeanour changed and curious about what she was reading.
“What are you doing?” he asked.
She stammered out.” I….I c…came to drink water, my husband.”
He gave her an incredulous look.” First, my name is not ‘my husband’. It is Khalid, I’m sure that isn’t hard to remember and pronounce so please, call me my name.”
She nodded quickly.” Okay, I’m sorry.”
“Now, what are you doing in here and tell me the truth because I do not believe you came to quench your thirst or what? You don’t drink with cups but books?”
Ayisat knew she was in trouble, she’d been caught red handled and nothing or no one could save her now. She fell to her knees and started begging.
“Please don’t tell mother, I beg in the name of almighty Allah, don’t tell her please.”
He was confused, what should he not tell his mother? He didn’t even know what she was doing really so why was she begging him and at the same time crying?
“Get up Ayisat,” he said and tried to pull her up.
“Oh no! Let me remain on my knees please, just don’t tell her I beg of you,” she kept on begging.
Khalid made to pull her up again but she wouldn’t allow, he was losing his patience and didn’t realise when he shouted at her. He, of course, regretted doing that.
She hurriedly got up and started to tremble, so much that all the books she was holding fell down. He sighed, calming himself down before bending to pack the books up.
Khalid checked the books and saw that one was a textbook. It looked old but clearly taken care of, the other two were notebooks. The first appeared old and was filled with writings while the second was still new and it seemed like she had just began some workings.
“You were reading this right?” he asked as he glanced through the books, he noticed she had a good handwriting.
He looked up when he got no reply and saw her nodding slowly; he smiled and continued checking the books.
Now would be the perfect time for the angel of death to come take her away, there was no way she would escape what was coming next. How could she have been so stupid? What she even thinking hiding and reading in the kitchen when he was home! Well, it was not her fault she got caught. It was past midnight for Allah’s sakes and how could she have thought he would wake up or come to the kitchen at all.
She had thought he would be deep asleep as usual after eating and few hours in his study room, hell! This was not even her first night! Why did he wake up this night? Only the almighty knew what he was thinking now….. What if?
Ayisat got down her knees again.” I didn’t use the food stuff money oh! Allah is my witness. It was the money you gave me to buy slippers I used the change to buy the notebook and a calculator, I bought the pairs cheap and I can take you the woman I swear!”
Khalid was amused at how fast she could talk within few seconds when nervous and to think she spent the money he gave her wisely to be able to purchase studying items, not new cloth, made him realise he knew almost nothing about his child bride.
Truly, he gave her a thousand naira to get new slippers because the sight of her old foot wear was so terrible he couldn’t bear to see those ugly pairs anywhere on the floors of his beautiful home. He never could have guessed she would buy a cheaper one to save money for other things; he had only been relieved to see that the slippers had been changed.
“Stand up Ayi,” he said calmly, not wanting to frighten her again.
She stood up slowly but burst into fresh tears suddenly with her head down like a child was been scolded, he had no idea what he did to have caused this and hated seeing her cry.
He decided to let her know how he felt.” You should be proud of yourself Ayisat and not crying like this.”
That clearly shocked her as she rose her head up and asked with a confused expression. ”I should?”
“Yes, what you were doing is something to be proud of. Not all your age mate can wake up in the night to study, a lot are actually snoring away right now and won’t feel bothered to read in the daylight when they’re less busy. I am, as a matter of fact, impressed and can’t get why you beg me not to tell mother.”
“S..s.. she would say that is not the reason I’m here and may_ _ _”
“I may not be an advocate of the law but I’m quite sure it is written in nowhere that reading is a crime, no one should make you feel scared and hide like it’s an abomination.”
She nodded although telling herself in the back of her mind that she was throwing everything away the moment the dawn breaks.
“So Physics uh? Equilibrium of forces I see.”
Ayisat couldn’t hide her shock, she didn’t write the topic she was working on and the textbook had already closed.
He laughed at her expression. “Well, don’t tell me you have no idea I did Physics back in school, I was not always an art student.”
How could she have an idea about that? She barely knew him at all!
“Did you like it?” she found herself asking.
“Not at all trust me! One of the reasons I changed to art class and went for architecture there but I’m guessing you do.”
“Are you kidding me? Like is so not the word, I super love it!”
He couldn’t hold back the laughter, there was no doubt she was passionate about the subject. “I can see that now, believe me.”
“Other subjects could be tough but not my physics, no one compete with me back when I was in school. Its textbook was the only thing I took before…..” her voice trailed off.
Khalid was not sure what suddenly happened but he watched as her smile disappeared.
“Did you want to get something before? I can help you with anything you want.” It was like her body programmed her back to the submissive wife role.
He sighed with disappointment, he hadn’t even realised he was beginning to enjoy their conversation until it ended.
“I wanted to make tea but don’t worry, I will drink water and leave you to your study.”

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Re: The Child Bride by rayvelez(m): 10:03pm On Dec 24, 2017
Nice one I'm living dis ayi girl.

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