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The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by D9ty7(m): 10:45pm On Feb 09, 2016
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You can contact the author via; durodolad9ty7@gmail.com
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Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by D9ty7(m): 10:50pm On Feb 09, 2016

The time was 8:30pm and everywhere was dark and silent. Several blocks of
houses away, a black SUV was parked in front of the only private secondary
school in the estate. Three heavily built men sat in the car. The driver who
spotted a low hair cut, light in complexion, the passenger seat in front was
vacant, while on the backseat were two men with the same physique as the
driver. The only thing differentiating them is their hairstyles and skin color.
While the one behind the driver is dark skinned and had a total shave of his
head, the last of the trio who is neither light nor dark skinned had a bald
head, devoid of hair and obvious that hair would never grow on his head.
“Wetin dey happen now?” The dark skinned dude behind the driver asked.
“E be like say Roland don enter wahala o. Why him never comot?” The driver
“Make we go check am na.” The neither light nor dark skinned guy
“You dey craze o. Go check on who? What if we go and we were caught? Abi
you think sey Anderson na mumu? The man get rifle for house.” The driver
“Bone that thing jor. Nothing fit do us. And morseo, it’s just a suggestion.”
Silence took over as the only sound that could be heard was the sound of
generating plants in each of the houses in the estate.
“Someone is coming.” The driver alerted the others who held their guns
Moments later, a young man dressed in a white long sleeve shirt and black
trouser over a pair of black shoes came to where the car was parked.
“Good evening sirs.” He greeted, but got no response, except for the deadly
stares they shot him.
After he had walked past the car, the driver continued to look at him
the rear mirror, with the hope of finding out which of the houses he is going
to enter, just then, a man ran out of Barrister Joe’s compound.
“Here he comes.” The driver muttered as he took his face off the mirror and
switched on the car ignition.


“The time was 7:55pm when I entered the residence of a top class Lawyer in
the country. Barrister Olukunle Joe is arguably one of the best constitutional
lawyers in the country. His love for the rule of law can be seen in the upright
manner with which he handles court cases. As a senior advocate, every
politician wants him as their counsel, every criminal wants him on their
cases. It was said that, Barrister Joe is yet to loose a court case. Provided
his client is not guilty of the offense he or she is charged with, Barrister Joe
is bound to get the case dismissed. Even though his exploits have made him
step on a lot of toes, he had on different occasions counselled for the
Economic financial crime commission where it is known that the indicted
politician will be jailed. Such was the name Barrister Joe made for himself.
And with the forthcoming general election, a lot of politicians wanted Joe out
of the way, which was why myself and my gang were contacted and the
reason why I am inside his living room. My job is simple; KILL BARRISTER
Footsteps could be heard from the hallway, and moments later, the man
himself came into view. Clad in his white and blue dotted night robe, one
could tell that the old man was getting ready for sleep. Well, in the actual
sense, he is. Only that he would never wake up.
“Good evening sir.” I stood up and bowed.
“Good evening gentleman. How may I be of help?” The old man asked. One
could tell from the way he looked at me that he was suspicious of my
presence. I have always been of the opinion that lawyers are better
detectives than trained detectives, and tonight, I wasn’t disappointed. Only
that the old man will detect, but he won’t be able to do a thing to avert
what he is likely to detect.
“Please sit.” He said pointing to the couch where I previously sat before he
came out.
“Thank you.” I sat down on the suede couch which is even more comfortable
than my bed.
“Your face is not familiar, so I guess you are a first time visitor.” He laughed
as he spoke. “How may I help you?”
There is one thing about this old man. He seemed smart and judging from
the way he was looking at me, I know it won’t take time before he saw my
mission through my eyes.
“So, you receive a lot of visitors? Well, I am the last you will ever receive.” I
“Do you have a case? Please be quick, I should be in bed already.” He said,
this time impatiently.
From what I have seen so far, I could tell that the man has the lawyer blood
in his vein. He came out gently and addressed me in the same manner. At a
point, he was suspicious of my moves and was asking questions, now he
wants me to be fast with whatever I came for. Just like lawyers do in the
court of law; there is a time to smile to the opposition lawyer, there is a
to plead with the judge, there is a time to ask your opponent questions he
won’t be able to answer.
“I can see you are not ready to talk. Let’s meet in my office tomorrow,” he
said rudely and turned to walk away. I instantly moved into position behind
him, grabbed him on the neck and pulled him to the ground. As expected, the
old lawyer tried to wriggle himself free from my hold, but as a man who
rarely gives up, I focused my attention on getting him dead in few minutes.
With the way things are going, one could tell that Barrister Joe is planning a
defensive attack, probably screaming or anything to foil his attack. To avoid
such scenario, I quickly removed a white hankie from my back pocket and
placed it over his nose. The hankie which has been laced with a deadly gas
which weakens the body cells, tissues and organs. That moment, I
my grip and twenty two seconds later, Barrister Joe breathe his last.
Mission accomplished, I said as I removed the gloves on my hand.
Immediately, I made for the exit door in the quietness of the compound. As I
ran out of the gate, I bumped into some broad shoulder dude who could
for a club bouncer.

Ojo’s point of view

My name is Ojo. I am a driver and I love what I do. I worked with Barrister
Joe for five years until his demise.As a graduate of Information science, I
found it difficult to blend into the robust labour market. Therefore I had to
take whatever offer I have to make ends meet.
I am a native of Ondo state, Akure to be precise. My father is a large scale
cocoa farmer and his farms are all over Akure and beyond, yet he didn’t
contribute a kobo towards my education , neither did he make moves to
assist me when I was jobless. Not even to employ me as one of his laborers
or give me an interest loan to start a business. A lot of people said some
dark forces are behind the neglect, but I refused to believe them. Even
for three years now, he has stopped being my father, so, to hell with dark
My boss, Barrister Joe, a top class lawyer clocks fifty eight years today and
him(Joe) being a society man treated his friends to a small, but classy party
inside his living room. The categories of his friends includes, fellow lawyers,
businessmen and women and some of his clients. The party was fun and
short. It started at exactly 4pm and by 5pm, some of the guests were
already, and by 7pm, one can only see a few people left. As at 7:30pm when
quickly went to meet my girlfriend who had a very disturbing news for me, no
one was left in the living room nor anywhere in the compound.
My girlfriend, Lola. A dark skinned, tall, elegant and a wondrous beauty is a
final year student in one of the best polytechnics in the south west.
Regardless of my poor financial status, she still stayed with me because she
believed in me. Her parents were quite rich, and have tried to make her see
reasons why a richer suitor is best for her, but she still wanted me, leaving
her parents with no other choice than to accept me.
She came back from school yesterday, even though school is not yet on
break as her final exams begins in few weeks time. What would she be
at home was the question on my mind as I pushed their gate open.
“I missed my period.” She informed me, and I could feel my heart shatter
pieces. “Which means I am pregnant.” She added.
I tried all I could to make her see reasons why the baby should not be kept,
but she stood her ground.
“It is called murder and I won’t indulge in that. And more so, we are not
kids, we should be planning our wedding. I will graduate in few months from
now and a family should start in earnest.” She said.
“But you know my financial status. Lola , why now?” I pleaded.
“Stop giving excuses about your financial status. The beginning may be little,
but we have a great future. I can see your bright future. Can’t I be the
woman behind your successful man?”
I was deeply touched by her words that I ended up agreeing with her, even
though my mind keeps telling me, it is a bad idea. Why will it be? I love her,
she loves me. We both believe in each other’s dreams.
My mind was battling with my thought as I made my way back to
house when I saw a black SUV, I slowed down and greeted the occupants of
the car, but I got no response. Out of anger, I walked briskly towards
Barrister Joe’s house which was five blocks away and just outside the gate,
a heavily built man came out and I bumped into him.
“Sorry.” I quickly apologized thinking he was one of Barrister’s guests and
without another word, I pushed the gate open and walked in.
Barrister Joe’s living room
This is not happening. I held my boss who laid lifeless on the floor, as cold
as ice.
“Somebody help!!!!” I cried at the top of my voice and moments later, my
other colleagues came rushing. I could see the expression of shock on their
faces as they saw a lifeless Barrister.
One after the other, they left. And in ten seconds, I was all alone. It seemed
like forever, but ten minutes later, I heard the sound of sirens and moments
later, a voice came on through a speakerphone.
“Your game is up. You are surrounded by the police. Come out now.” The
voice said.
I looked around with the hope of seeing the criminal who was so stupid not
to have left a crime scene, but seven minutes later, I was seated on the
backseat of the police vehicle.
“Am I being arrested?” I asked myself when the realization hit me.
“Nooooooo!!!!!” I screamed.” I didn’t kill him.” “He was like a father to me.”
Were my rants as they put a lock to my cell.
“God! Why?”
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Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by LogoDWhiz(m): 10:58pm On Feb 09, 2016
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Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by D9ty7(m): 11:06pm On Feb 09, 2016
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Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by D9ty7(m): 11:13pm On Feb 09, 2016
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Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by D9ty7(m): 11:14pm On Feb 09, 2016
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Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by Osman1996(m): 11:17pm On Feb 09, 2016
Oga dee am I welcome
Well I take maa seat
Chill wit Nutri milk nd gala
Ride on
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by LogoDWhiz(m): 12:18am On Feb 10, 2016
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Na u o
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by oppsyij: 12:32am On Feb 10, 2016
Oga d9ty7 na u sabi ooooo¤¤¤if u like no mention me¤¤¤¤ma own beach chair don de ground nd I don sidon till dis movie go end
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by D9ty7(m): 12:37am On Feb 10, 2016
Oga d9ty7 na u sabi ooooo¤¤¤if u like no mention me¤¤¤¤ma own beach chair don de ground nd I don sidon till dis movie go end
Lol No be so o. The guys I mentioned followed my previous works here
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by Chubbiehills(f): 9:30am On Feb 10, 2016
Even thou u neva call me..i will stil take 1st seat on d left...niz piece
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by saraphina(f): 11:15am On Feb 10, 2016
nice story sir.
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by D9ty7(m): 11:34am On Feb 10, 2016
nice story sir.
Thanks ma'am
Even thou u neva call me..i will stil take 1st seat on d left...niz piece
Its nice to have you here.
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by joanee20(f): 11:35am On Feb 10, 2016
Wow! NYC story, following jejely
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by Skimpledawg(m): 11:40am On Feb 10, 2016
*arrives in mah Lambrogini interconvertible double exhaust milk coloured car*.....

Picks megaphone and shouts *Oga d9ty7 is back wt a bomb*
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by ritababe(f): 12:56pm On Feb 10, 2016
Wow! NYC story, following jejely
please shift for me
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by D9ty7(m): 1:59pm On Feb 10, 2016
Inside the state police command, Ojo sat in the visitor’s room and his
girlfriend, Lola sat opposite him, a table between them.
“I love you.” Lola cried.
Ojo fought back the tears that threatened to spill. Even though he new his
tear gland would be almost empty as for the past 48hours, he has been
shedding tears.
“Who let you in?” He asked with a shaky voice.
“I had to bribe my way in.” Lola replied.
“You shouldn’t have bothered. I will be out of here in no distant time.” He
said, even though he knew the possibility of him getting out of the cell is
very high, because he has been made to understand that, the next time he
walked out of the police station, it will be into the vehicle conveying him to
court and from then, straight to prison.
“I will go anywhere just to assure you of my undying love. Come rain come
shine, I will be the woman you always dreamt about.” Lola replied amidst
Ojo was forced to bring out his hands from underneath the table where he
his them and held his girlfriend’s hands.
Immediately, Lola stopped crying and faced him. “Baby, you are cuffed?” She
asked as if to be sure of what she saw.
Ojo could only nod his head in affirmative. “Don’t worry, I will see inspector
Noah before I leave. They will uncuff you soonest.” Like a woman with faith,
she said. Silence prevailed between them. As they threw occasional glances
at each other.
Lola could see her once handsome boyfriend look ugly and tattered in his
blood stained shirt and torn trouser. Even though he has spent just forty
eight hours behind bars, to Lola, it felt like forty-eight years.
Ojo loved calling her; “my priceless jewel.” Truly, she was priceless. She is
the only woman who saw his future with him. Even his own mother lost
faith in him the moment he graduated from the University and thirteen
months later, he is still job hunting. Meaning that; it is safe to say she is the
only woman who believed in his dream, and even though the future looked
blurrier than ever and bleaker, she still believed in him. He could notice the
disappearance of the happiness in her eyes. The happiness in her eyes has
always been a driving force to him. Her happiness, smile and words of
encouragement are the reasons he is still alive because at some point, he
felt he was loosing it.
“You have to be strong, okay?” She advised. “For me, for our baby.” She
added reminding him of another problem he had gotten himself into. At
thirty, he knew it is high time he got married, but the expenses that comes
with even a sitting room wedding is on the high these days. And considering
the family Lola is from, one could tell that her wedding must be the talk of
the town.
“Are you keeping the baby?” He asked.
She raised her brows in anger. “What do you mean? I am keeping the baby
and in few days that I am sure of, we should start planning our wedding.”
He sighed. The least of his problems presently is the pregnancy, his major
concern is how to get out of the mosquito infested cells in the police station.
“It’s not like I don’t want the pregnancy. I’m only trying to be considerate.
Anything that will bring you stress, your final exam, my unlawful lockup and
accusations and now the pregnancy, it will be too much for you to bear.” He
held her hands tightly.
“I have no problem. So far I am doing them because of you, I won’t be
stressed.” She replied.
“Time up.” The constable who led Ojo out of his cell announced.
Ojo stood up and leaned forward to lock lips with his girlfriend, but the
officer probably out of jealousy dragged him violently towards the door.
“Officer please, one second.” Lola begged, but her plea fell on deaf ears.
“Stop dragging him like a criminal for he is not. Conduct your investigations
professionally and nab those behind the murder. Don’t just speculate by
charging a man who was just in a wrong place at the wrong time.” She
No one listened to her and, with little or no struggle from Ojo who is now
too tired to fight anymore. She sat returned to her seat and placed her head
on the table sobbing.
She knew she must have slept off or gone so deep into her thought that she
didn’t know when a young police officer walked close to her.
“Madam.” He called as he tapped her.
She sprang up out of fear. The officer had to take few steps backward.
“Inspector Naoh is back.” He announced.
“I can see him now?” She asked.
“Yes.” The officer replied as he walked away.
Slowly, Lola grabbed her handbag and made for the door, after the officer
had exited.
Inspector Noah sat behind his desk in a white custom designed police shirt
which he had the sleeves rolled to his elbow. If he had known that his
transfer to Lagos will come with a lot of assignments and more cases to
handle, he would have worked his transfer to another South west state.
Having worked in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi state, he was upon
promotion to the post of an inspector, transferred to Lagos state. And in the
four months he has spent so far, there was no day he didn’t have to handle
a new case. The most popular of them was, cases of rape, car theft, and
cultists. Unlike Abakalili where criminal cases are less on the high. But Lagos
has given him more to do than he bargained for. Another thing he noticed
was everything is a police case in Lagos, from when the water stop running
as a result of a blocked pipe, instead of getting a plumber to fix it, the
tenants would rather report to the police than do the needful. And in the end,
the police will advice them to call a plumber. At times, he just couldn’t help
but laugh at times at the stupidity exhibited by the locals, because to him,
the phrase; POLICE IS YOUR FRIEND is being misunderstood.
The door into the office opened and an ebony beauty walked in with a sad
“Good afternoon sir.” She greeted.
“Afternoon.” He replied. “Have your seat.” He pointed to one of the chairs
opposite his desk.
“You asked to see me.” Lola said.
“Yeah. I demanded to see you when I was told that you are around. And
being the only relative of Ojo for now, I think you the one I can talk to.” Ojo
Lola adjusted herself, giving her full attention to the police boss.
“What’s your relationship with him?” He asked.
“He is my fiancee.” She replied.
“Fine. Ojo will be imprisoned.” Noah said.
“Officer please. Don’t let him go to prison, he is the one I live for, I am
carrying his baby. Please officer.” Lola went on her knees.
“Does that mean you know he is guilty?” He asked.
“Officer, no way. I trust Ojo so much, he can’t kill. Not even a cockroach. He
was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.” Lola explained.
“What proof do you have to back your claims?”
“Ojo has been working with Barrister Joe for years. Why would he decide to
kill him now? Even if he did, he won’t stay there with him, he would have
taken to his heels.” Lola explained.
“No one said he didn’t run away, he was nabbed outside the estate and not
inside the deceased’s house.”
Lola stared at the police boss in shock. “How do you mean?” She
“Our patrol team was on duty that fateful night and he was caught scaling
the fence. He was apprehended, and upon questioning him, a call came in,
demanding police presence in the Barrister’s residence. Your boyfriend tried
to run away, but he wasn’t given the chance.” Noah explained.
Hot tears rolled down her cheek as she remembered all the’lies’ Ojo had told
her. How he left her house that fateful night and on getting back to his
employer’s house, he found him dead. Not up to fifteen minutes later, the
police siren came on and the next thing he saw was a ‘man in black’ locking
up the door to a cell.
“I trust my Ojo. He is innocent.” Lola defended weakly. “I kniw you
policemen knew who committed the crime, but godfatherism won’t let
justice prevail. Therefore, any opportunity to make an innocent man pay for it
is what you seize.”
“I can see you want a court case as well. I can sue you for libel and forget
whatever beliefs you have, there is no way out of the case.” Noah said. “I
give you another opportunity to talk to him. Ask him all I told you.”
Angrily, she stood up, grabbed her handbag and made for the door.
“Get a competent lawyer, the court case is one week away, that’s the only
way you can help your boyfriend, anything short, you might never get to see
him again.” Were the officer’s last words.
Fear gripped her as she walked out of the gate, having refused to ask Ojo if
what the officer said was true. After all, she trust him.


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Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by D9ty7(m): 2:03pm On Feb 10, 2016
Lola walked into her father’s study with every courage she had left and with
a fast beating heart, she approached the strict professor.
“Good evening dad.” She greeted curtly.
“Yeah. Good evening.” The professor replied without raising his head to look
at her.
“It’s me dad.” She said emphasizing the ME.
“I know.” Her father replied. “Take a seat.”
“Am okay like this.” She turned down his offer politely.
Like the Yorubas will say “a corpse of ten years is not a stranger to the
graveyard.” She had known the professor for decades and she has always
avoided his study all along, the few times she entered, she made sure she
didn’t make herself comfortable, because sitting comfortably with her father
will only result to one thing; political talks.
Her father is fond of discussing political matters with anybody, regardless of
age or tribe. As the old man would say; during Buhari’s regime, I queued to
buy milk then in the only supermarket inside the university of Ibadan. You
dare not jump qeue, for the fear of the fierce looking Buhari soldiers. Hence,
when the 2015 election came, it wasn’t surprising to see the prof campaign
for Buhari.
“Dad, it is you I came to see.” She said after standing for over a minute
without her father making a move.
“Go on.” Her father said in his usual nonchallant tone.
“Dad, I need your help.” She began slowly.
“Okay. Let me hear it.”
“Promise me you will help me.” She said forcing the old prof to look up with
surprise written on his face.
“I have no idea what help you need. I won’t tie myself to you with one
promise or the other.” Her father replied before giving her a second look.
“Wait! Is it about your boyfriend? The muderer? Am sorry, but that topic is
dead on arrival.” The old prof added.
Lola’s face fell in disappointment. Not because her father refused to hear her
out or promise to help, she was disappointed because her father knew what
she wanted even before she said it. And just like the old professor is fond of
saying; “If I see my wife in my study on Friday night, she came to remind me
of a wedding ceremony we planned to attend on Saturday.” “If I see my
beautiful princess, Lola. Either she came for money or her friend that I didn’t
know is getting married and she wants to help.” Meaning, all the prof had to
do was remember his last conversation with whoever is in front of him and
he automatically will figure out what his new mission is.
“But dad, he is not a murderer. Believe me. Ojo is an easy going person…..”
she tried explaining.
“Which was why you fell in love with him?” The prof cuts in.
“Yes dad! But he didn’t kill Barrister. I can bet my last kobo , he didn’t.” She
“Its all over the papers, remember.” Her father said.
“Dad, newspapers tells lies. We all know they add lies to their news to boost
sales. And did you know that Ojo was here the night Barrister Joe was
murdered? By the time he left here and got to Barrister’s residence, autopsy
report shows that the Barrister had died minutes earlier.” She explained.
Her father went silent for a moment giving Lola a false hope that her prayers
are about to be answered. The old man cleared his throat after thirty
seconds of silence.
“Listen to me Lola. I am your father, I want the best for you and your
happiness is my happiness.” He began.
Lola smiled. She couldn’t wait for him to call three top class lawyers and
asking them to defend Ojo in court.
“But, my name comes first.” He said and paused to see if she was at all
following him. “I have built my profile over the years on my integrity,
responsible parenting and discipline. I see no reason why you should destroy
that for me. By associating yourself with that boy, my name is being dragged
in. And for you to say he was here the night Barrister Joe was murdered is
the highest of them all. Can’t you forget about him? The boy is definitely
going to jail, or probably hanged. Why do you want to kill yourself because
of him?”
“But dad…..” She wanted to explain, but with a wave of hand from her father,
all she did was open her mouth and closed it.
“What I want you to do now is get out of here. Go to your room, get yourself
busy with your books. Remember, your final exam is in few weeks, forget
about Ojo or whatever his name is.”
“But dad. This could have happened to anybody. Being at a wrong place at a
wrong time. It could have happened to Sunkanmi.” She tried another
“I know the son I have. He doesn’t go to wrong places during wrong hours.
And even if it did happen to him, there is nothing I will do, unless I am
convinced of his innocence.”
Lola knew that moment that trying to convince her father to reason with her
is dead on arrival but something keeps telling her to try harder.
“But, I love him dad.” She cried.
“I know you do. But now that he isn’t coming back to you. Will you move
on? After all, you lived your life before you met. I don’t know how you met
him.” The prof replied.
“I can’t do without him.” Lola cried.
“You can my dear. You just have to forget about him. But if you are
adamant, its either he gets discharged or you move in wit him inside the
prison. You can’t do without him. Nonsense!”
“Not with his child.” Lola said.
“Lola, please excuse me.” The professor said calmly, and without another
word, she walked dejectedly out of the study filled with books.
Just as she made to open the door, her father’s voice came.
“And don’t think I didn’t hear the last thing you said. But we can always talk
about it later.”
It was more of a threat than a statement. She shrugged off the thoughts
and made for her room, crying silently.

Read more; www.penprimus.com


Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by joanee20(f): 5:00pm On Feb 10, 2016

please shift for me
***shifts*** Sit down Abeg, this movie will be interesting
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by alabig(m): 7:29pm On Feb 10, 2016
Nice work d9ty7. you have forgotten your promise.
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by oppsyij: 11:00pm On Feb 10, 2016

Lol No be so o. The guys I mentioned followed my previous works here
Baba all join, I don jerk all ur tori nd na d action nd suspense I love pass##i don de follow u sha##nyc update
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by ritababe(f): 6:56am On Feb 11, 2016

***shifts*** Sit down Abeg, this movie will be interesting

Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by ashacot: 7:12pm On Feb 11, 2016
Make no body block my view o. ;DMake no body block my view o.
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by arabaribiti(m): 7:29pm On Feb 14, 2016
Good story and am sure with just two more update we don hit from page so aja d9tv7 gbera for update
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by Olaide59(f): 12:59pm On Feb 15, 2016
Nice story bro
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by Melancholy(m): 8:27pm On Feb 16, 2016
Wow! Even though am just seeing my mention i had to quickly come here and alas! Intact as usual. The starting alone depicts more wonderful scenes ahead. D9ty7, u welcome back.

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Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by kennybelle: 7:52pm On Feb 17, 2016
I'm glad I did 'd early bird' ds time. This is also going to be mouth watering as usual
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by Ashraf123(f): 6:05pm On Feb 18, 2016
Nice write up
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by nerdfrost(m): 7:47pm On Feb 18, 2016
Op na sure boy ooo grin load me more abeg
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by bdabuwa(m): 10:39pm On Feb 18, 2016
Nice one bro.
Re: The Murderer: A story by d9ty7 by vickkydgreat(m): 1:41pm On Feb 20, 2016
Master d9ty7 why did u abadon bloodbond

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