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HIDDEN DARKNESS By Jon Doe / Hidden Diamonds / Hidden Desire By Blair (2) (3) (4)

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Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 11:29am On Dec 07, 2017
Hi, this is my first time on this forum, I'm a novel lover and aspiring young writer.
I'm posting my first novel here and I hope my work hits a good spot.
Fragments of hidden memories.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 11:47am On Dec 07, 2017
Disclaimer : Names and characters used in this form of fiction are products of the writer's imagination.
They neither exist nor are they real.

Copyright ©. Kheriee 2017
All rights reserved. No part or whole of this book may be pirated or copied in any form without permission from the author.

chapter one
The Nightmare
It was the spring season of the year in the southern state, one season my family considered to be very harmful to kids health because of the windy nature. But I, Jessica Wilson thinks life is all about risk. Playing with dry sticks and brown leaves in the field made other kids think I was weird but I had a partner, Dylan Perkins.

Laughing and tossing on the dry leaves was fun, throwing sticks at each other and forming lines on the dry sand. Not until the unexpected happened, then I knew the spring season could be really harmful. He didn't let me feel it, I wanted to see it, it was approaching real fast and there was no where to run to, he shielded me with his body, his weight pressed against my tiny frame, pinning me to the ground.

He was just nine years old but he was well built and gorgeous, I didn't have much time to fantasise about his features before the unexpected happened.

He shielded me from the light but harmful tornado, he risked his life for me, the sight was horrible, I perceived dust and dry leaves but the sight before me when I pushed him to get up after the incident haunted me till now, it was horrible and I'm still screaming just like how I screamed at the horrific sight. The same nightmare again.

I woke up screaming with beads of sweats on my forehead, chest rising and falling, my heart beat at an absurd rate. I grabbed the bottle of water on my lampstand and took a quick gulp before I could calm down. "will I have to face this every morning?" I had to prepare for school, checking the time, I had two hours to prepare. Walking round the house, as usual my parents had left for work, I called my friends to let them know I was going to be their ride for today.
* * * * * * *
"did you see Brad shaw's new ad about his new designs? Oh how I love them so much especially the flair designer skirt. Jess, you should try checking it out ". Sarah was one dramatic freak when it comes to designer clothes, and bags but like the kind of world my group of three revolves around, the whole high school students of JKF knows we were the most respected rich kids in school and Sarah won't stop squealing about Brad shaw's new design.

Linda at the back sit with her head phone intact is an Rhythm and Blues freak, well I like her that way, she could be boring sometimes but she's an extremely good cook and party planner.

What should I say about myself? I'm the prettiest of course, I'm effortlessly pretty but give me all the time in the world and I will still forget to either put a lip gloss on my lips or an eyeliner to complete my makeover. But we just cool that way.

My everyday nightmare graced my sight as he walked through the school gate as usual. I don't know who he is anymore, I don't know what had happened but the Dylan I once knew was a rich kid but now we don't even talk, he doesn't even glance my way like he never knew me. I could be in trance forever watching Dylan walk into the school compound every morning.

"jess we aren't going to make it to history class if you keep staring at him. It's probably no use, you really suck at that subject ". Linda screamed.

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 11:49am On Dec 07, 2017
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 3:44pm On Dec 07, 2017
Chapter Two
Storage Room
Sarah's screams can make you bolt out of a moving car. Sure I was absent mindly staring at Dylan but I still wonder if he remembers anything about our childhood. We are like total strangers now, and of course I'm an intelligent girl but my grades in history is nothing to write home about and that's because it's the only class I take with Dylan.

He now walks to school everyday and after school, I catch no sight of him anywhere, he's so weird. He's the hot nerd guys seems to be jealous of at school and they think he is middle class, though that's what I think too. I don't know if it's a crush I have on him or still what I feel about him since childhood. He never talks to me and I never tried to again after the Hallway embarrassment he gave me when I tried to catch his attention.

Yes these are all what goes through my mind in history class whenever I look at Dylan and I'm only brought back to my senses with a painful tap at the back of my head from Linda. My crazy friends know about my journey to the dreamland when it comes to Dylan but they never think he's hot, and he's not on our level. After class I packed my stuffs and hurried past Dylan, I can't spend another tormenting moment in that class.

I gushed for breath without waiting for my friends past the storage room. A strong hand gripped my arm and put a hand over my mouth so I couldn't scream. Being who I am, my mind had started to think of different things. I have always heard of horrible things that happens in the storage room but I never for once thought I would be a victim. At least I should see Dylan and tell my friends I love them for the last time before my death.

Just as I opened my eyes, what! "jake, how could you, I mean why would you?"

"shhh you shouldn't make anymore noise. Jess I still love you but give me another chance, I know I messed up ". Jake could ramble on for all I care but right now, I'm just mad at him, he could tell me this over a coffee, why here? I'm sure he has ulterior motives.

" Jake get your hands off me, why would you nap me inside here just to say poo? I mean I don't understand". I growled through gritted teeth.

"you know what? I knew you would prove stubborn. Do you think I will date the prettiest and richest girl in school without getting my hands on her? You won't even let me explore you and I guess now is the chance, you will come back for more when I get through you this once". He had an evil grin on his face and even though it was dark, I could see it.

Jake had been my first high school sweetheart in freshman' s year but he had cheated on me with several girls and still came begging. As naive as I was, I will always forgive him but restricted him from touching me. I broke the whole thing up in sophomore year when I couldn't bear it anymore. Jake could be a sweetheart but I have never seen him this fierce.

I can't believe I'm gonna loose my v card in a storage room to Jake. I've always dreamt of it with candles and roses, oh no I'm loosing it. Just at that time, I felt jake' a tongue all over my earlobe and nape, his hands going further under my shirt, I felt dirty. I was pinned to the wall, I couldn't breathe or scream, I could only feel tears streaming down my cheeks, Jake was gonna take advantage of me, I would probably commit suicide afterwards.

I thought I was imagining it until I heard a loud thud at the other end of the room, Jake was flung to the other side, away from me, I felt relieved but shocked when he cupped my wet face in his hands and mouthed a "are you okay?" to me. Oh my God, it's Dylan, he came to my rescue.

I thought he hated me. I could only manage a ragged thank you while nodding, I was choking on my own tears. He let me sit on the floor while he finished his business with Jake, he hit him several times and I could smell blood in the storage room, Dylan opened the door to lead me out, the hallway was empty, that was enough relief but I noticed something, his eyes were a charming bright blue instead of the grey I used to see in the nine year old eyes of his.


Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by EvaJael(f): 5:37pm On Dec 07, 2017
I'm in love with it. Continue please

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by RolaDiva(f): 6:10pm On Dec 07, 2017
Check this out...
I hope ya'll gonna enjoy the story...
She is new here....

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 6:47pm On Dec 07, 2017
Chapter three
Shopping therapy
"jess will you come out of the shower now? " Sarah sighed, jess has been in the shower for close to an hour Now. She explained her ordeal with jake to her friends and she said she felt dirty, thet understood her perfectly and the embarrassment of Dylan coming to save her sounds really ironic. They still don't believe the nightmare she keeps having is a memory from childhood, they just felt it's her crush on him that's causing it. Either which way she should leave the shower.

"Sarah, Linda, do I look neat, hope I don't have smug slippery saliva on my face". Jess said in a panicked tone.

Linda put an arm round her neck to calm her down. "baby you're fine, still pretty as ever, well it's not like you haven't kissed him before". Jess threw her fluffy slippers at her.

"I don't know I just feel so.... I feel dirty, girls his crazy tongue was licking my face up, and I just felt embarrassed when Dylan came to save me, how will I go to school tomorrow? Will he tell everyone I was assulted? It's going to spoil my reputation" jess broke down in tears again, she was confused, neither Sarah nor Linda knew what to say to console her.

"why don't we go for lunch?" Linda suggested.

"I'm not hungry".

"how about we go shopping? You know new outfits, makeover and all. It would give the whole school something to talk about instead of the incident" Sarah tried.

"you are right, let's try nikkride stores then, they have cool stuffs". At last, jess gave in.

The journey to the boutique was a silent one with Sarah driving, Linda trying to fix jess brooch properly. "you know girls, I think shopping is our therapy for curing boredom nd fraustration" Sarah said.

"yeah I agree. And there's this little cool party I would like to throw for a reason I don't know. I just feel we haven't thrown a party in months" Linda quipped.

"you know I won't take that as a jest, we need to blow of steam, a cool party is a good suggestion". Linda said walking briskly towards the boutique door while the other girls followed.

"shopping is the real gig girls" Sarah said through laughter picking up some colourful tops and wedges. Jess choose some dinner gown and heels. She spotted some designer bags and dragged Linda along with her, the bags were so amazing, Linda couldn't help but comment. "God bless our parents for being so rich. We need to shop all we want girls, we can't look like a clown at our own party. Our credit cards are loaded. I should go for the makeup nd jewelries, choose very nice bags dear". She ran off.

Poverty was something this girls never faced and the fact their parents were always busy travelling allover the world didn't help matters at all. They knew no parental love but they were happy they had all they wanted without interruption.

After picking several bags and shoes, jess decided to pack them up for payment, the cashier was very friendly but alarmed at the rate the girls shopped, she decided they should be given discount.

Calling upon the owner of the boutique wasn't a good idea as correla walked up to the girls to give the highest shoppers of the day their discount. Time stood still for a while as correla and Jessica engaged in a stare down.

Correla was Dylan's mother and she wondered what jess was doing in carlifonia. Jess couldn't fanthom what was happening as correla tried to be formal, oblivious to the fact that they knew each other. She gave them the discount and thank the girls.

Just as she was about to go, jess called out to her. "correla!"

she turned back with a stern face and said to jess "I'll appreciate if you don't stop by to shop here anymore". Jess was transfixed and couldn't move until her friends pulled her to move.

She was surprised, if correla had that kind of boutique, why does Dylan walk to school everyday? She also gave her cold shoulders, correla was a good woman who would tell Dylan to give her apple pies every weekend when they were still kids, so what happened? Maybe shopping wasn't a good therapy after all.

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by lonesome501(m): 7:47pm On Dec 07, 2017
well,,,let d good work kontinue..more long updates 2nite??

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by earthsync(f): 8:36pm On Dec 07, 2017
Lemme conman put my bed here.

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by earthsync(f): 8:42pm On Dec 07, 2017

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 9:29pm On Dec 07, 2017
I'm in love with it. Continue please

Thanks hon @EvaJael
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 9:31pm On Dec 07, 2017
well,,,let d good work kontinue..more long updates 2nite??

Sure wink
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 10:06pm On Dec 07, 2017
chapter four
Stay away
"mom I saw what just happened few minutes ago" Dylan said in an accusing tone facing correla.

"my baby boy do you know that girl?"

"of course but we don't talk, we only attend the same school " he replied.

"good, I don't want you making friends with her, Mike is enough of a friend for you OK. " Correla responded by giving Dylan a pat on his shoulder buh he shot back at her immediately.

"see mom you won't choose whoever I decide to be friends with, I feel isolated enough, don't u get it? " Correla knew she might loose this one just now so she put on her best puppy face to attract her son's sympathy. "mom you know how I hate it when your eyes are teary, alright I will do what you ask of me, I will stay away from her but I must know, I won't stop trying to find out why I didn't know my even my own name when we first got here and why that girl you hate so much keeps appearing in my nightmares."

With that he stormed off and left his mother to catch her breath, her son was coming up again, he was growing to become the Dylan she thought has been buried but he's beginning to remember and she felt insecure again.
* * * * * * *
Attending school the next day was like punishing Jessica, she had been in the hallway, standing by Dylan's locker. Her plan was to be the first to talk to him, persuade and beg him not to tell anyone about the storage room incident and probably thank him very well. But she was brought out of her perfect plan thought with Dylan hitting his locker door so hard, she almost jumped out of her shoes.

"good morning Dylan..... Humm thanks for the other day.... And I... Ummm.... Was... Did...".
"see, jess or whatever is your name, I'm not that kind of dude that spreads that kind of news just because I wanna be awarded superman and you are welcome it's my pleasure but stay out of my sight and never corner me into petty talks." with this, he walked out on her to his class for that morning.

She was dumbfounded, she couldn't imagine how love could turn to hate, it's so absurd. Without stopping it, she let the tears flow freely down her cheek, no this was the last time she will get herself embarrassed.

"Mike I feel bad for what I did to jess today, she only wanted to thank me and secure her reputation, but I can't go back to apologise " Dylan was punishing his salad with his fork at the cafeteria facing Mike.

"Well I guess your mom is moulding you into becoming a bad guy. Just kidding but I suggest you should move closer to that girl, find out why she's been clouding your nightmares and of course she could settle your doubt about how you once lived, though I feel you are crazy when you tell me it feels like this is the second time you are existing. Your mom won't get to know. " Mike offered.

He took the advice but went against it when he sighted Jessica and her friends telling her to toss something into the bin saying it's no use.

After their departure, he moved closer to take a look at what had been tossed but got more confused when he found a replica of the necklace he never took off. That moment, objects became blurry, he was dizzy buh voices were ringing in his head.' I will always be there for you', 'wear it everyday like it's my heart'. The necklace, it had a meaning, and it correlates with his past but he couldn't recognise the little girl holding the necklace before everything became blank, he passed out.


Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 9:38am On Dec 08, 2017
Morning ya all. I don't know if you guys like the story.
This is actually the first one I have written.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 9:49am On Dec 08, 2017
Chapter five
At the party
Dylan woke up in his room, beside him on his side stool beside his bed were drugs and syrups. He had passed out again trying to remember something. He couldn't understand why all these was happening and his mother keeps assuring him nothing is wrong, he was just hallucinating. He climbed out of bed, unlocked the door and stood at the top of the stairs, his parents were having a heated quarrel just like they used to anytime his father comes home, he could pick little out of their discussion trying to relate it with what has been happening to him.

"he passed out trying to remember something" his mother shouted.

"but something familiar would have initiated it, you are his mother, staying with him, see if anything goes wrongly, you will pay dearly. You will stay behind bars and I will watch you suffer" his father fired.

Before he could move any further, his mother talked again. "you should be ashamed of yourself, yeah are gonna hit me again? You only come home when he passes out, you are so awful. It's you that will rot behind bars".

Without hesitation, his father turned back to hit his mother but his hand was held by Dylan. "don't u dare try that. I'm not that little boy that would stand by doing nothing while u hit my mom. You know what? I hate you so much, I'm so ashamed of you I prefer to walk to school everyday other than taking your car to school with your signature, I would be so embarrassed if anyone knew you are my father. Next time you try it, I promise to do more to you. " he dragged his mother by the arm leaving his father awed. He had a party to catch up on later in the night.
* * * * * * *
Linda threw the best parties in JKF, all the rich kids, in fact everyone came except if you don't feel like it. She walked round the party making sure everyone was having Fun, nobody dare felt dull in her party. She was surprised to see Dylan and Mike walk in, this was the first time they were attending any high school party. He was sure hot as hell, now she saw why her friend was gushing over him. She walked up to them to thank them for coming after offering them beer.

Jessica wasn't having a good time at the party, she was still reminiscing about what happened at school and Dylan had passed out but she could do nothing, he warned her never to cross his path and she won't.

She decided to drink herself to stupor, it would help forget everything so she could have a good time, he wasn't worth it if all he would do is embarrass her. She mustered courage and drank the beer and wine that has alcohol above fifteen percent. Even though it burnt her throat, she only stopped when she knew she was high enough. She laughed hysterically at nothing and joined the guys in playing pool, she did more shots and was looking for the rest room before she stumbled against a stool and fell flat. She chuckled lightly as tears began to flow freely down her cheek.

Dylan was checking out the whole party, he wondered how a high school girl could throw such cool parties without her parents bothering.

Walking through the narrow part towards the rest room he saw Jessica sprawled on the floor, she was injured, blood was oozing out from her nose and the corner of her mouth. He pushed his way past the drunk nd Hot teenagers to where Linda was, he asked for her room key and she gave him without hesitation and watched him carry injured Jessica upstairs.

Of course, these two might have had a past together, if not why would he bother helping her after nagging her at school earlier today, he could have just informed one of her friends to help her out.

Dylan managed to open linda's room and placed jess on the bed, he got the first aid kit nd stopped the blood from rushing, applying ointment on the corner of her mouth, he was tempted to trace his fingers on her face. What was it about this girl that causes fight in his family, that makes him encounter nightmares, that makes him melt inside but yet he couldn't be close to her. He cleaned the blood and rested her head properly on the pillow before Leaving the room, he locked the door and went back to the party.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 9:56am On Dec 10, 2017
Chapter six
Even if it's just a minute
Jessica woke up on Linda's bed, head throbbing. So much for a hangover, her best friends were sitting at the end of the bed staring at her, dressed for the day and she could see some of the equipments used for the party right back in the room. She sat up to say something with a grin on her face.

"so what's the time?" she ask unsure of herself if that was the right thing to ask. "it's ten minutes past eleven for your information baby"
Sarah responded not feeling the atmosphere of the room. "how did I get into bed because I don't trust the both of you to carry your drunk friend up the stairs, or don't tell me you hired some guy to tuck me to sleep. And these, how did I get injured?" she touched the corner of her lower lip.

"oh jess could you stop ranting already? Dylan rescued you again. Oh my bad I would just say yes he tucked you to bed, he carried you all the way through the staircase" Linda replied sacarsticaly. None of them spoke for some minutes but they could see the embarrassment that spread across jess face. Matter was switched as none of them ventured into the matter again.

Applying makeover on her face and chatting the whole afternoon away with her best friends about the party, Jessica got a phone call from her mom.

"hey baby, I and your dad will be stopping by the house briefly, we have a flight to catch in two hours so we just thought we could see our little princess's face for some minutes before heading for the journey. See you at home in thirty minutes time" she hung the call without allowing her say a word.

"girls I have to go, catch you guys at church tomorrow morning, my mom will be home in thirty minutes" she gave her friends the same lovely smile they shared and didn't forget to say to Sarah before closing the door behind her. "I think you should move closer to Mike, he might feel the same way about you if you guys turn out to be great friends". She turned the doorknob and took quick steps down the staircase.

Mr and Mrs Wilson enveloped their daughter in a bear hug, she was turned around to receive two hearty pecks from the both of them. "aww my daughter is pretty as ever and she has grown more mature. You know what baby? Mommy missed you and she bought lots of goodies for you" she giggled at her daughter who seemed to be getting bored.

"oh not as much as daddy loves you honey" he grinned from ear to ear like a kid as he tossed the key of the new car he just bought for her in her fragile palm. He faced his wife who was now finding her way to the kitchen. "sweetheart I think we should be heading to the airport now, we have just one hour left". "right away dear, you know how much I've missed my vitamin juice".

Jessica walked up to her mom. "mama, I want to talk to you about something and it's been bothering me" without allowing her to complete her words, Mrs Wilson shouted over her shoulder after taking her bag of the couch. "honey we should have that discussion later, and if its about your new boyfriend, just ditch him if he's messing up, kidding. Mom will be back soon".

With that, they both left for the airport leaving their daughter all alone again. Jessica said, more like a whisper to herself. "even if it's for a minute mom, it's not about a new boyfriend mom, it's Dylan" she felt hot tears sting her eyes as her fone rang. She couldn't identify the voice on the other end but she was terrified. "you shouldn't discuss Dylan or correla with your parents or you will be in great danger, save yourself more heartache miss Jessica". With that the strange voice hung up. She was scared, her whole beautiful life is turning into a horror movie.

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Akinwale14(m): 1:56pm On Dec 10, 2017
Check this out...
I hope ya'll gonna enjoy the story...
She is new here....

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Thanks for the invitation

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by cyber5(m): 9:47pm On Dec 10, 2017
Check this out...
I hope ya'll gonna enjoy the story...
She is new here....

cyber5, davidflo, bibijay123, skarlett,
skarlett, SmartestPopQUEEN, NevetsIbot, Eniqurl, Ka52y, Missmossy, ROYH, Angelsss,
rachealfst, horllar007, Akinwale14, Gloryejims


it's been a while

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by cyber5(m): 9:55pm On Dec 10, 2017

I'm at your back gidigba since RolaDiva mentioned me. Just give us steady updates and we're yours

ps: When i checked your dp (don't mind me) you're a khreemat ( or something like that) on a particular whatsapp group. Am i right?

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 10:48pm On Dec 10, 2017

I'm at your back gidigba since RolaDiva mentioned me. Just give us steady updates and we're yours

ps: When i checked your dp (don't mind me) you're a khreemat ( or something like that) on a particular whatsapp group. Am i right?

Yeah u re... Thanks buddy

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 10:49pm On Dec 10, 2017
Chapter seven
I'm not middle class
Sundays were like days to showcase new designer brand of clothes, bags and shoes for the girls. The big St mattews church was well known and occupied by elites and the masses, there wasn't any discrimination and people felt free worshipping there.

Jessica decided to update her friends about the new bad development in her life as they engage in a little chit chat after service, she thought telling them about the threat was a good idea. "girls, you won't believe someone I know not, threatened me over the phone all because of Dylan and my mom won't even listen to me. I'm so scared"

"see jess you should stop disturbing your heart or panicking over Dylan and your imaginary past and save yourself all these crises. Ever since you started all these nonsense about him, you haven't been yourself, let's forget about all and act like you never knew him, tch it's not like he isn't living a new life, he doesn't even know you" Linda chipped in getting bored already. Without taking her eyes off a particular direction.

Sarah got the girls attention. "speaking of which you should save yourself the stress of further explanation, I think Shania is the new catch and they would be gloriously happy".

They all faced the same direction, seeing Shania all over Dylan, there was a bright smile of satisfaction in his eyes and it was like he couldn't get his eyes off shania's lips. "awwww they look so cute together, but sorry to offend you jess" Sarah said nonchalantly.

"it's not like they are dating anyways" jess tried to make her inner mind happy. Linda swallowed her comments before she says something that would make Jessica's eyes teary till eternity.

They were still gazing at the happy Shania when Jessica caught Sarah drooling, over what? Mike was walking through the church garden towards them, oh no he must not see her friend in this state. She gave Sarah a sharp pinch on the but and whispered in her ears. "you are drooling and he's almost here" Sarah almost jumped out of her skin as she tried to compose herself. Linda couldn't stop laughing, holding her belly. There's nothing more fun than watching your stupid friends misbehave
* * * * * *
Going to school now felt like hard work for Jessica, she wished she could go back to the girl she was before meeting Dylan again, today could be different in school, after all she wasn't having history today and it's a bit of relief.

Walking sluggishly as usual to the bathroom, she wasn't feeling her fashion sense or she could just call the school and say she was having fever but no, she has to continue watching the new episode of Shania and Dylan in as much as she hates to admit she's jealous, she still wanted to know what is really going on with them. Thinking about that boosted her ego to go to school, even if she was going through a lot, she was still the same Jessica, no news must fly around school without her being the first to be informed. Shania is the leader of the cheerleaders so it's easy to get gists from her during practice where she gives design opinions and of course they were both rich kids.

Events that took place in the school didn't play as Jessica had planned, it seems Dylan wasn't in a good mood but who cares, he's a threat to her life. The cafeteria was lively as usual and lunch seemed more pleasant to to the ear today buh everyone had to stop halfway in their meal as the famous, most handsome Cole walks up to Dylan with his two friends who I call his bodyguards, tho too skinny but since I see them around him always, they could also be called that.

Cole has a thing for Shania but it's obvious she's not interested so he decided to pick her next centre of attraction which is Dylan. I think I'm giving out too much information, to cut the long explanation short, he held Dylan by the collar and said through gritted teeth.

"who the hell do you think you are? You middle class idiot" Phew that really hit Dylan as he shook cole's hand off, without pausing giving him a big punch on the nose, his two thin body guards Could do nothing as Dylan flexed his well worked out muscle, I can't be checking him out right now. He lifted Cole by d collar and said to him, loud enough for everyone to hear.

"I think it's high time you know who I am, I'm not middle class, and I'm the only heir to nikkisride boutique and the perkins company. I hope you are satisfied with that little piece of information". Loud gasps were heard from all corners of the cafeteria and shania's unnecessary squeals. Dylan sure knows how to introduce himself in the most sexy way. Oops I'm out of here.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by cyber5(m): 11:05pm On Dec 10, 2017

Yeah u re... Thanks buddy

Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by RolaDiva(f): 8:57am On Dec 11, 2017
Yeah...hope u good?


it's been a while
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by RolaDiva(f): 8:58am On Dec 11, 2017
You'r welcome

Thanks for the invitation
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 10:39am On Dec 11, 2017
chapter eight
I think you are looking for this?
After the incident that happened at the cafeteria, Cole had been gentle, thankfully he hadnt a broken nose but what happened made him know Shania wasn't worth the fight. After all he could be dead and she wouldn't care, it's Dylan she wanted.

Dylan's status had been upgraded and his popularity grew, girls that never glanced at him before now thought he was sexy and hot, other guys jealousy knew no bounds and of course Shania was on cloud nine and I couldn't understand why, it's not like they were dating already. He was no longer seen as the middle class guy and he now brings his car to school with his own signature, pft! Is that meant to be a show off? In as much as I want to stay away from him, there was this crazy magnet that always pulls me towards him, I wonder why that same magnet doesn't pull him towards me too. He has trampled upon my popularity but I'm not mad and I'm mad at myself that I can't be mad at him.

Linda snapped me out of my thinking state, I gripped my coffee cup harder and stared up at her with a fake smile, no thanks she ruined my thinking mood.

"good morning jess, what have you done to my pretty best friend who does nothing but to comment about fashion and party before class?" she raised a brow at Jessica that is now looking stunned.

"does that mean I'm vain? Oh I so much hate you Linda, ironically but your best friend is still here, she's just observing and by the way where is Sarah?" "uhm she's at the parking lot flirting with Mike of course " jess took her by the arm." let's go, we shouldn't be late for history".

Linda was amazed "wow, wow, and wow. when did you get all ecstatic about history? The Dylan stroke Shania stroke popularity effect is really doing a good job I guess" "oh Linda you can't improve ".

History class was going on well for jess, it was like the first history class she would concentrate and pick out something reasonable from the lesson and her friends were happy about it. Her eyes stopped roaming the whole class when she got Tired of the giddy stares Shania and Dylan were exchanging and of course she didn't miss out on the love letters Sarah and Mike kept exchanging. Was history that horrible of a class?
* * * * * *
Everyone sat down at their table in the cafeteria, hoping for another interesting scene but not the same case for the trio. Shania stopped at their table with her tray of Food.

"girls can I sit here?" she asked the trio. "of course you can sit, here". Sarah patted the chair beside her. Without settling down properly, Shania couldn't wait to spill all what has been happening between her and Dylan. "gosh girls I'm so happy right now, Dylan asked me to dinner earlier today, I know you guys are fashion pros so do you mind picking something nice for me to wear? I must look stunning for him this evening.

Before I forget , after that incident he had been so protective of me like cole's gonna nap me, I feel so loved. And have you seen the way he looks at me? People keep saying we would be a perfect match, I feel it already even before it starts, we are going to be great".

She beamed some more and Jessica felt irritated already, 'we' sounded like her worst word in the dictionary at this moment as Shania emphasised on the two lettered word.

Mike and Dylan's table was opposite ours and I felt irritated already with Shania's rantings. Something caught my eyes on dylan's shirt, my... My necklace, I already threw mine in the bin, he still had it, even though he knew not the significance. Our eyes met and I could see his eyes boring holes into mine already. 'oh jess, you are so stupid how could you have let him catch you staring, you're so in for it' a voice at the back of my mind kept nagging me. I mouthed a quick 'I'll be back to my girlfriends and noise making Shania, I'm sure she never noticed I didn't really pay attention to her.

I hurried past the cafeteria to the bin corner. "ohhh I don't know if I can still see it, it's almost a week now since I tossed it, oh no he still got his" she was interrupted by his thick but sexy voice, she knew instantly that it was him. The way her heart beat fast and the sensational feeling his voice gives her.

"I think you are looking for this" he held up her necklace, but this time he had tucked his properly inside his shirt. As if he was going to ask further questions, his mouth parted, and she could do nothing but stare at his lips. Shania's loud voice ringing from the hallway halted the tension and she found herself saying to him.

"I shouldn't cross your part anymore, thanks for helping me find my necklace, I should be going to the library". She mentally slapped herself for that cranky speech she gave as she walked faster than usual to the library. Shania could be so impossible when she pecked him and he slid his hand round her waist as they strolled back to the cafeteria.
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Yeah...hope u good?

coping with life

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Evajael Kimberlywest
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I don dey here since o. Thanks tho. Comman sit beside me
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I don dey here since o. Thanks tho. Comman sit beside me

surely am sitting beside you

meneski oooo comman take our order

Kheriee I love the flow
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surely am sitting beside you

meneski oooo comman take our order

Kheriee I love the flow
abeg my signature is the menu... So wetin una care for?
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abeg my signature is the menu... So wetin una care for?

Refnol and beer will be okay

Evajael you concur

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surely am sitting beside you

meneski oooo comman take our order

Kheriee I love the flow

Awwwwn thanks

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