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HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by Oyinprince(m): 4:33pm On Aug 14, 2019

My name's Jared Zimba. My father is a wealthy colonel in Zambia. I've got everything I want, I can do anything I want... Wait... What? No, that isn't completely true.

Yea, yea, we're rich but I am not an happy child!

I can't be happy now and that's because my parents are not going to let me do this one thing that brings me joy. DANCING! Yea, I wanna dance!

Well well, I can't give up now, I'll have to keep following my heart, and since Dancing defines me, I'm going to stick to it...

Jared Zimba never knew that this HIDDEN DREAM has a lot in store for him. Calm down, as this Romance story narrates herself making you smile, laugh, cry and love all at the same time.....



My name's Jared Zimba. My father is a wealthy colonel in Zambia. I've got everything I want, I can do anything I want... Wait... What? No, that isn't completely true.

Yea, yea, we're rich but I am not an happy child!

I can't be happy now and that's because my parents are not going to let me do this one thing that brings me joy. DANCING! Yea, I wanna dance!

Well well, I can't give up now, I'll have to keep following my heart, and since Dancing defines me, I'm going to stick to it...

Jared Zimba never knew that this HIDDEN DREAM has a lot in store for him. Calm down, as this Romance story narrates herself making you smile, laugh, cry and love all at the same time.....


Tisa Phiri[/b]HIDDEN DREAM

My name's Jared Zimba. My father is a wealthy colonel in Zambia. I've got everything I want, I can do anything I want... Wait... What? No, that isn't completely true.

Yea, yea, we're rich but I am not an happy child!

I can't be happy now and that's because my parents are not going to let me do this one thing that brings me joy. DANCING! Yea, I wanna dance!

Well well, I can't give up now, I'll have to keep following my heart, and since Dancing defines me, I'm going to stick to it...

Jared Zimba never knew that this HIDDEN DREAM has a lot in store for him. Calm down, as this Romance story narrates herself making you smile, laugh, cry and love all at the same time.....

Written by

Tisa Phiri

Starts here soon

You can read the already completed story here - www.youngicee.com/category/hidden-dream

Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by DivineSpecial(f): 6:50pm On Aug 14, 2019

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Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by Ann2012(f): 9:06pm On Aug 14, 2019
Oya.....let the update start


Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by Oyinprince(m): 8:34am On Aug 15, 2019
Hidden Dream - Episode 1

A Story By Tisa Phiri

I looked at the books laying in front of me.. I really wished I could feel even a slight inch of desire to read what was in them but I just couldn't.. how do I get to read the books when whatever was written in them didn't make any sense to me. In fact I sometimes thought the words written inside those pages danced around in my eyes every time I tried to focus and read them.

Giving up, I stood up and grabbed a Music player before me on the other side of the table.. I plugged the head sets into my ears and tuned on the volume as i stood.

Now this is the feeling... I smiled to myself as I raised my hands up and did some slow moves following the beats of the song playing softly in my ears..

I danced around my room like my life was complete. It was the best feeling ever, to always do what I loved the most. In the moment I was being my true self. Nothing hidden, nothing fake, the real me and I loved the feeling.

Humming to the lyrics, I moved about extending my arms and holding my imaginary girl dancing with me. She smiled as she slid down and did her moves and i followed suit. It felt home...

I was lost in my own world dancing gracefully with my eyes shut and my lips mimicking the song, that I didn't realise that my mother was watching me. .the next thing I felt was a hot slap on my chick which made me jump.

As I turned to face where the interruption came from, I froze when I came face to face with my angry woman who starred at me with so much diappointment. I felt my knees go weak.

Here we go again, I thought to myself as I carefully removed the headsets and placed them back on the table as my mother's gaze kept on me.

"Jared", she started calmly, "my son". She paused making sure her first words got deep inside me. I was sure she was wishing I wasn't her son and the words were a consolation to herself hoping if she said it so many times she would come to terms with the fact that she gave birth to me, Her dull and unreasonable non dreamer of a child.

"How many times have we warned you to stop that stupid dancing of yours and concentrate on your studies?" she yeld, and I knew it had begun again.

I slowly sat back at my chair and looked down. Hoping that she would at least understand me. But I was wrong. Even after looking like an apologetic lunatic, she still went ahead and started yelling telling me how I was a disappointing child who couldn't study and pass like my sisters.

She scolded me and told me all the failing I had gone through.. clearly stating how I failed grade 9 more than 2 times and how she had fought hard to make sure I only managed to get a certificate to grade 10 after she practically bought leakages for me, just to make sure my father never kept his threat of throwing me out of the house if i failed again.

She reminded me of how she and my father spent a lot of money to ensure that I went to a good school. She ranted about so many things so much that her voice pierced my eye drums and got to my nerves.

I couldn't talk back so I decided to hum some song in my mind to avoid hearing the rest.

Not that I didn't want to hear it but because she had told me the same words over and over again. I could even say them back word by word.

She frowned as she stopped and looked at me.

"If you fail your grade 12 this time.. theres nothing left for you in this house. We won't spend any more dime on you. You better think about this cause we are tired Jared," she added before storming out angrily.

I looked at the door she left open and saw my little sisters laughing and making faces at me. "Woohoo" Nina whispered at me and made a face." Dull" She shouted and ran back before I could stand to slap her stupid face.

My sisters where very inteligent. Nina was in her 11th grade a year behind me and she was doing so much better in her studies. Sometimes she even helped me with my homework, of course after I paid her to.

She was very brilliant and it hurt that my parents clearly favoured her and my other sister Tina who was in her 9 th grade.

The two were so different. They easily passed even with little effort and I didn't just understand how they did that. I tried all I could to study, I paid attention in class. But for me at the end of the day, all I got where 9s and I had over time lost all hope of ever passing.

What I loved the most, no one seemed to understand nor accept.

I was a dancer.. I loved to dance with everything I got. The sounds of music was my very drive. But everyone i tired to tell that would clearly display displeasure and remind me that, that wasn't to take me any where in life.

"It is a damb thing for a man to love dancing," my friends would tell me. "Just get yourself to study man, Its your best chance at life especially in out country they would say."

So I decided to keep my mouth shut and never bought up the issue again.

I could only dance when I was alone in my room or hiding in the school abolition Block when everyone was in class.

I had not realised I had been staring at the biology text book in front of me for moŕe than 2 hours. not really studying, but lots of thoughts running in my mind, my own thoughts tormenting me to the core.

I pushed back the chair as I noticed that it was past 22 hours. Slowly I walked out of my room to the kitchen. I just realised I had not eaten my meals that evening and the stings of hunger started having an effect in my stomach.

I passed through the living room ignoring my father who was plugged in the couch, his legs on the coffee table as he watched the soccer game.

One look at the screen, I could tell it was his team, Arsenal playing with some team I didn't want to know.

He stopped me just as I by passed him.

"Jared!" He called out making me to freeze in my steps. The thing with my father was that, he was a very strict man and had a certain way of life he wanted me to adopt. He was a colonel in Zambia Air Force and most of the times I noticed how he brought his military thing home.

To say the least, I feared the man more than I loved him. He was exceptionally harsh with me. Stating his reasons of me being a man and so expected to lead by example to my sister's.

"I asked you a question boy!" I heard my father speak up.

Um am sorry dad, I quickly apologised and I could see his eyes looking sharply at me.

"What is wrong with you boy? " He asked firmly..

"You are always upset minded and never pay attention to anything. Am talking to you and you are busy day dreaming!" he shouted.

Am sorry sir, I starttered.

"There you go again." He frowned.

"You are always sorry, But you always end up doing the same thing, tell me son," he continued. " What are you sorry for?"

I slowly sat down knowing if I didn't do so another ballock of why i was so disrespectful would follow.

Am sorry for not paying attention I responded, almost in a whisper..

From the corner of my eyes I saw him move in his seat and I knew I wasn't going to have my meal which I so much desired any time sooner.

I saw the game on TV going on half time and I prayed to God that time could Fly so that the game would begin and I would be saved.

"You are turning 19 this year, mind you" my father continued.

" this year you are sitting for your grade 12 exams and I don't want anything to do with failing, you have to work hard at school like your sisters. Put in your best and pass and then I can assure you, you will go to whatever university in this country and I will get you that car you want" he added..

" make sure you make me proud son. You are growing and we won't be happy seeing you play around instead of working hard at school. We grabbed the phone from you so that you can conctrate in studying. Am I being clear? " he asked me.

Yes father I nodded.

" Now I will pretend I didn't hear stories of you doing some stupid dance in this house and always playing some music. That is no way for a Zimba." He warned sternly.

"You can go" he indicated with his hands as the game was starting again.

I smiled in my heart. Wow, thank God I thought, now I can finally eat.

I quickly warmed the food from the refrigerator and walked back to my room making sure I was as silent so as not to disturb my father.

Slumming the door to my room and almost regretting as I waited to hear my name called out for another rebuke for making noise.

I stood with my plate waiting to hear " Jared!" But when a couple of minutes passed I did a quick way of the cross thanking God for saving me that minute.

My name is Jared Zimba, son of Colonel Jared Zimba Sr. The first born in a family of 3. My mother is a banker and my sister Nina is the second born doing her 11th grade at Rodes Park school.. Our last born is Tina in grade 9 also at Rodes Park. I am a grade 12 pupil at Lusaka West School in Lusaka.

My family has everything we need. The best looking vehicles, our house which lots of people refer to as a mansion is in Lusaka West.

We have maids and garden workers so I barely get to do any work around the house.

We are the envy of a lot of people. But dispite having all that around, am a very unhappy child.

If I say am sad it's an understatement, Am deeply saddened and depressed.

This is my life story and you will know why am unhappy...

Is there chance for me to make It? Is there anything like achieving your dreams in this life or its just a metaphor people use to wish for the best in their lives?

How can you be happy doing what everyone expects and neglect your true dreams and passions..

Well, follow my journey of life and answer the questions for yourself..

Episode 1 to the end can be found here - www.youngicee.com/category/hidden-dream

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Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by Ann2012(f): 9:38pm On Aug 15, 2019
Thanks OP
Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by Oyinprince(m): 9:23am On Aug 16, 2019
Hidden Dream - Episode 2

A Story By Tisa Phiri

I woke up with a start as the alarm clocked 06 am. I slowly turned it off and lay on my bad facing the ceiling.

I heard the rain failing from outside the window. From the sound of the water falling from the roof to the paved small drainage outside, I could tell it was a heavy rainfall.

For a minute I thought of not getting off my comfortable bed. I held on to the smooth blanket on top of me and placed my hands in the warmth of my inside between my thighs.

"Oh God!" I whispered wishing I could be left to rest and out of the struggle that I was yet to face in school..

It was a Monday, adding salt to the wound, I had a first class with my biology teacher who evidently hated me. Well maybe cause I never got to pass his subject. But it was clear the man had a thing for rich kids and I was unfortunate to be from a rich family at the same time not a good performer in his subject..

I was lost in thoughts when I heard the maid call out my name from the other side of the door.

"Am coming aunty Nelly!" I shouted back. She knew I would take long to do as I told her so she opened the door and came in.

"I said am up and coming" i winned when she went straight to open the curtains and the wide windows.

"Uhhhh!" I hissed..

" come on Jared" aunty Nelly rebuked. " you are going to school and if you dont get up any minute soon....."

"Yeah I know," I cut her.

" my father will be mad that am delaying the driver," I finished her sentence..

" Yeah" she chuckled standing straight at me.

"I hate school" I whispered covering my face..

I was so free with aunty Nelly. The woman practically raised us. She was employed as a maid years back when I was only 7. We were more close to her than mother. Well.. especially myself.

To say the least, I loved her so much. It was the fact that she understood me and never judged me that caused me to get so close to her. She was easy to talk to and a good listener too.

"Get up lazy boy" she shouted pulling off the blanket.

"If your father heard that statement of you hating school, God help us" she let a laugh.

I jumped out of bed. I was just in my boxers and wasn't bothered she was there. She watched me as I stretched myself and yawned loudly..

"What? Am up now.. Happy?" I smiled at her.

" am super happy" she smiled back widely.

" let me prepare breakfast for you guys. Be in the dinning room soon. You have about 10 minutes to finish bathing and dressing up" she added and slowly walked out closing the door behind her.

After some minutes I held my bag and walked to the dinning table.

"Good morning dad!" I called out to my father who was seated already going through the newspaper.

"Good morning" he responded without taking off his eyes from the paper.

My mother and sisters all walked in at once. Everyone was ready. My sister's in their uniforms and my mum in a perfect black suit and heels making her look like a model. My mother had that sense of perfection. Everything starting from her head to toes was always in order. She loved to look her best and my father always looked at her with admiration. Even though I never heard him recommend her in our presence.

"So honey, have you told your children you are going out of the country" mum spoke up as we ate.

Dad cleared his throat, " well you all heard your mum am going out for a couple of months. I have some work to do in the US"

"Daddy bring me something nice!" Nina shouted. " I would love a new iPhone and some catchy clothes" she added.

I looked at everyone make their demands. I couldn't help feel sorry for myself. I was the oldest among the children in the house but I had no phone. According to my parents I would get a phone when I completed my school since they thought a phone got my attention from school. Which wasn't the case with my sister's.

I hated being around their cheering and shouting when I was heating up inside. What hurt the most, was that my parents didn't even bother to ask if I wanted something too.

" what about you Jared? , what do you want dad to bring for you? " Nina asked looking at me as I nibbled on my food.

"Nothing," I answered calmly. Looking up from my plate.

I saw my parents exchange glances.

" You can tell your father what you want son. Everyone has made their demands. Am sure you want something," my mom spoke up.

"The boy said nothing, so it means he doesn't want anything.. why are you forcing him" my father responded harshly.

I looked at them straight up. I almost said something but dropped back my eyes.

I slowly pushed the chair back and excused myself.

"Jared! My father called me back as I just got to the other room.

"Sir!" I answered and walked back my head down.

"You are so rude You know that? Your stubbornness is so evident, It's no wonder you never do anything right because you don't want to be as expected. How dare you walk out on us when we are talking as a family?" He snapped.

"You have not even touched your food and yet someone had to work hard to put that food on your plate."

I almost apologised but I recalled his words the previous night when he rebuked me for always apologising so instead I decided to give an excuse for walking out on them.

"I am not hungry father, and I had to check on something before the driver comes to pick me," I explained without looking up at him.

" sonny! Is there anything you want to say to me or your mother here?. It's either you are not hungry or busy doing something. It's like you avoid being around any of us in this house." Dad talked calmly but in a way that told me he was displeased yet again with me.

I was a cheerful boy before all this begun. I used to ran around the house and shout excitedly.

I used to ran to my father whenever he came back home from work.

Sometimes he took me alone out to some games and he would ask me to join him as he went to play golf with his friends.

But now I couldn't stand him.

The first time I failed grade 9 exams I recall how angry my father was with me. I tried to work hard the following year but I still failed and he now turned his back at me . He would rebuke me for almost any thing and I lost my freedom and my joy over time.

I was becoming accustomed to being treated as an outcast just because I wasn't the son they expected. I one day tried to talk to my father about my desire to dance and it made everything worse.

He scolded me for being a fool who didn't value his life and had shallow dreams.

He told me he wanted me to make it big since I had everything I needed.

My parents made every thing seem so hard. The more they pushed me to work hard at school the further I felt draged away. Now I was just a living being with no sense of belonging. I felt like a stranger in my own home.

"Jared!" My mother raised her voice at me.

"Here we go again," my sister Tina shrugged biting the piece of sandwich.

I gave her a stare. "Mind your own business" I whispered firmly.

"Mom and dad are talking to you and you have zoomed out on them. What's your problem Jay?"

" your sister is right.." Dad answered. " you don't regard anyone in this house. You have decided to live in your own world."

"The driver is here" aunty Nelly called out saving the moment.

"Excuse me," I whispered and walked out as quickly as I could.

I heard my mother say something to dad but I didn't bother to pay attention.

"Have you got your lunch box? " aunty Nelly asked as i stood outside waiting for the driver to reverse the car so that he parked closer to the verander from the garage. It was still raining.

"No aunty, I am not taking it am not hungry" I said looking out. .

" Listen my son, you have to eat something, you haven't had your breakfast and you won't stay the whole day without food. Come on now do it for me" she held my hand.

I looked at her and I felt a strip of water in my eyes.

" it's Okey, every thing will be Okey" she whispered tightening her hold on my hand. She looked sad and I was sure she felt for me. She always looked out for me more especially when everyone threw their insults and rebuked me.

"They hate me" I whispered back.

" I feel like an outcast." I added.

"Don't say that Jay, your parents love you. They just want what's best for you. They want you to be happy"

I knew she was just saying it to comfort me. But her words didnt give me any comfort at all.

" and I love you too my handsome boy, you are the most handsome teenager I know" she smiled widely.

I could feel her love and I knew her smile was genuine.

"I love you too aunty Nelly " I responded and let her hand go as the car stopped in front of us.

I was glad my sister's where going with my father. Otherwise I could have had the longest drive to school.

I was fastening my seat belt when Aunty Nelly came to the window and handed me some money.

" at least get something to eat at school"she smiled.

I almost turned down her offer but she wouldn't take a no for an answer..

Reluctantly I got the money and thanked her before the driver drove out the gate.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/hidden-dream


Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by Oyinprince(m): 9:15am On Aug 17, 2019
Hidden Dream - Episode 3

A Story By Tisa Phiri

"Hey Jay!" My friend Ben called me out as we walked to the biology laboratory.

" Hey !" I shouted back.

"Didn't see you in the school hall for assembly. Late again?" I asked him as he caught up with me.

"Yeah man, you know how it is. My Pops got issues with his car and I had to get on a bus to school for the past weeks."

"Oh am sorry Ben, I thought the issue with your father was over. How did the court session go? "

Ben sighed, "it's tough man, I just thank God they paid my fees in advance otherwise I could have found myself out of this school. I see how my pops is being affected by the court issues. Being accused of embezzling funds for the company. I don't know how to take it Jay, it's pretty too much for the big man you know"

I stopped and looked at my friend. He looked sad, I had seen his father on several occasions and I would agree the man was good with his parenting skills.

I recalled how he one day invited us to some time out with him. I couldn't stop admiring how easy he was with Ben. He treated him so much like an adult and gave him the freedom to express himself. I chuckled when at some point they started arguing about some things. I couldn't recall what about, but they looked so relaxed and good together I felt jealousy.

It had been years since I felt that close to my father. And he lately never really talked to me.

" sorry to hear that man, am sure things will iron out for your Pops soon" I said finally.

" Yeah I hope so man" Ben shrugged.

" So how is you and your parents? Getting good now?" He asked

" lets not even go there man, I would rather not talk about them" I sighed.

"Oh here he comes!" Someone in class announced as Mr Muguma walked in.

We all went quite as the man stood in front of the white board.

He was silent for a while scanning the room. Then he cleared his throat.

" Good morning girls and boys" He greeted in his usual firm voice.

" Good morning Sir" we all responded and he indicated us to remain standing.

" So today I want us to recall what we learnt on Thursday last week, I will ask you some questions and you would only sit if you give an answer.

"Oh no.. not that again, " I thought to myself.

"This man is out to punish me again."

I didn't hear the rest of the things he said so I was startled when he called out my name.

"Jared Zimba"! He shouted and everyone turned to look at me.

"Yes sir!" I answered looking up.

Everyone started laughing. It was evident I wasn't paying attention again.

"What the hell is wrong with You? pay attention boy" I screamed to myself .

"Sorry I didn't hear you sir" i responded.

Mr Muguma frowned as he walked towards me.

"You know what the problem is with boys like You?" He said not really asking.

"You always think you will always feed from your parent's hands like little babies. You have to learn to fight for your own life and stop being too comfortable. There are children of your age out there and are dying to be in your place and here you are playing around and acting up on your parent's money, lets see how far your daddy's riches will take you. " he added sacastically stressing the word "daddy"

" look at you," he went on.

"You think you have it all, the looks, the money and the swag as you boys call it. Well I got news for you. That is nothing if it doesn't come from your own hard work. Get yourself out of school if you feel you have it and stop giving us a hard time to push education into you when you are here to just show off and not learn. You are a disgrace to manhood and I pity your parents for working off their lives to provide for dull kids like you. What a waste " he added sacastically.

I looked at the man as he went on rebuking me in front of everyone and I couldn't take it anymore. He was wasting time, not that I was looking forward to his lesson but i felt for those guys who liked school. He was wasting their time.

" am sorry sir your father never worked so hard to give you a life that I have,"i started without giving it a second thought.

" am sorry you had to end up being a teacher instead of a Doctor as you always dreamed of because your parents were poor, but don't you dare throw that on me. I didn't chose to be born in a rich family. Don't always bring up your anger on me cause honestly you have to get over it man, get over yourself and be proud of who you are" i added and the whole class murmered.

"Wooooboooo! " Some guys shouted and the whole class went AWOL. As the the teacher stared at me angrily.

" You can't even pronounce the word 'ribosomes' you an't so intelligent yourself you know." I added being motivated by the shouting.

I saw him grab his board makers and stormed out of the room like a mad person.

" woo! Jay what was that about man, you practically finished that poor teacher" my class mate Mwelwa shouted.

" well someone had to speak up that teacher is always out of line guys" I said and grabbed my book walking out of the lab.

I ran to the ablution block and panted in front of the mirrow.

"Shit!" I cursed wiping the sweat from my forehead.

I knew I just signed my own death sentence and if my parents were summoned, of which I was sure would happen, I was dead meat.

Our class teacher came to call me out after an hour.

"Here it goes", I sighed as I lifted my books and placed them in my bag. I knew I would not be going back to class so I had to pack up and prepare for the worst. I found my mother in the head teachers office.

She shot some angry look at me and I kept down like a wet dog .

" So, Jared I bet you know why we called you and your mother here. This school will not condon anyone behaving the way you did and embarrass the teacher in front of the whole class." The head teacher explained.

" do you have anything to say, sonny? " he asked.

" am sorry Sir" I apologised to him. " i didnt mean to its just that Mr Muguma seems to have something personal against me and he blames his poverty and past life on me. He's always......."

" stop it now! " my mother responded loudly.

" You, you even have the guts to say all that in front of us all. How dare you.? I can't believe you turning this on your teacher, so you mean your teacher can not control you because what? You feel you know it all huh?" She quickly added.

I couldn't say anymore. I waited as my mom and the head teacher talked after talking to me and sending me to wait outside.. later on they called me and made me to go back to class and apologise to Mr Muguma in front of everyone. I was purnished the whole day for my indiscipline.

Well, from that day on I decided to not care anymore. I started fighting anyone who would talk ill of me. I was always noisy in class and all the teachers started complaining.

At home I stopped every effort to study and never even stayed in the same room with my parents nor siblings.

My unruly behaviour became so famous and my mother was becaming tired of being called at my school.

It was like every thing I had heated up inside was coming out in a bad way. The noise, the fighting, the issue of talking back at my teachers was all a scape goat from what was the real problem inside.

I stopped dancing, well even when I was alone. I just got so angry at everyone and everything, I was so mad..

One day as I lay in my bedroom staring at nothing. Aunty Nelly walked in and sat on my bed.

"Jay, my boy. What is going on with You?" She asked in her calm voice. I turned to look at her and she frowned.

"What is it Aunty Nelly? I didn't say anything is wrong with me." I smiled sheepishly.

" You have become this naughty boy all of a sudden. You used to be a good boy. You never answered back at your parents. But now you don't regard your mother. You always come late and is always running away from your father. I hear You even skip school these days. The driver told me he drops you at school everyday but reports from your school say you are absent most of the days. You can talk to me son" she patted my hand.

" Well, am just tired of everything Aunty Nelly, I hate every thing about my life and sometimes I just wish I could vanish into thin air. I feel suffocated here and at school am tired of always being looked at as this dull boy who can't pass even a simple subject. I got suspended indefinitely and am here stuck at home.." I raised my hands.

"My father won't even talk to me. You know what though", I sighed sitting up. ."am actually glad they suspended me. I feel relieved I don't have to face those people at that school. And for my father. I really think I stopped existing to him since the day he discovered he gave birth to a son who can never pass a single exam." I expressed myself to the woman before me.

I expected her to tell me off but I was shocked she smiled at me.

" come here, lets take a walk to the garden" she told me and held my hand to stand up.

I stood and walked with her past the living room where my sister's sat watching some movies.

" I had a son like you," she started.

" You did" I asked surprised. How come we never see him around and you have never bothered to bring him here?

" Well, it's a long story. My child" my son should have been 30 years old this year. "

" what happened? You said should have?" I asked impatiently.

Aunty Nelly smiled calmly but in a way that I sensed she was hiding some deep pain.

" Yeah, he died about 12 years ago before I came to work for your parents. Back in my village" she started and I stood frozen.

" oh God what happened to him.? Am sorry aunty Nelly I never knew you had to go through that all these years. How come you never said anything to me?" I asked her as we sat down on the bench in the garden.

It was a cold afternoon but the surrounding in the garden looked amazing as the small flowers were sprout and the green onions the gardener had planted where green.

I watched aunty Nelly relax as she evidently pushed back her tears. Her face now getting a little older and some two lines forming down her eyes.

" my son was 2 years younger than you when he died. He was a very strong boy. A good fisherman. Him and my husband where always out fishing and he loved it so much. He however had another deep desire. He always wanted to dance and sing."

"What! I sat up. Dance? " I asked. I had not expected it. I mean hearing another man had a passion to dance. I sometimes thought here in Zambia i was the only one with a crazy dream.

" Yeah," she smiled."My son just like you loved dancing so much. Of course not the kind of dance you do. What do you call It? She asked with a laugh.

" Ballroom dance" I smiled raising my hand.

" mnmmm yeah not that one. He was a traditional dancer and back in our village in Luapula a man was defined by his ability to either hunt or fish. Not the stupid dancing. My husband back then and I tried all we could to talk him out of it but it all fall on deaf eyes.

He one day ran away from home and joined a dancing group in the city and that was the last I saw of my beautiful boy."

I saw aunty Nelly shed a tear and I moved closer and hugged her. She was indeed hurting and I felt bad I had to insist she told me more.

" So so what happened to him?" I asked when she was calm.

She stood up and walked to the small orange tree, twisting the leaves. " he was found dead along the road. We just saw some police officers at our village. They came to give us that sad news and told us our son was killed by some gang members who wanted the money he had made that night dancing in the show. You know what hurt the most.? I wished I had a chance to accept his dream and let him do as he desired. Maybe he wouldn't have ran away and got killed. Up to date I still can't forgive myself for his death.

I contributed to his dying cause I couldn't accept my son's passion. My husband and I always fought about it. We blamed each other day and night and he become unbareable when he started drinking a lot. I ran away from the village and that's how I found myself here. My friend helped me get this job." She sighed...

"Well, Aunty Nelly I didn't know. It's so sad am truly sorry for that. It's really a sad story and I dont know what to tell you really," I whispered to her.

she wiped her tears and smiled. " you remind me of my son so much Jay. I know you love dancing and am sad to see that over the days You have even stopped dancing. You are killing your dream and thats why you are so angry. You need to let yourself out my son, not everyone will understand but you have to accept who you really are."

" who am I Aunty? " I asked weakly. " i I don't think I know that now. For starters my parents will never understand me. You see how they rebuke me over this dancing. They used to allow me dance when I was a kid but now they won't hear the word " dance" from my lips without getting mad at me" I complained as I sat back in the chair.

" follow your heart my boy, I don't want you to end up like my son. If you don't let it out you will kill yourself slowly and by the time you realise it, it will be too late. Don't let the world define you. You have a heart of your own and it will guide you. Try to get your parents understand" she added and kissed my forehead before walking back to the house leaving me staring at the green onions.

For some hour or so I stayed in the garden. Aunty Nelly's words ringing in my mind. But I couldn't figure out the way of telling my parents I wanted to dance . I just couldn't.

I walked back to the house defeated. I totally lost hope of being happy. Even when the words of aunty Nelly kept banging on my heart. I still felt confined.

A week past and my parents weren't talking to me. I decided to stay in my room and do nothing. When I got out I would walk down the road aimlessly and watch people walk or drive by.

One evening I came back from my usual walks and my father followed me in my room.

I stood up and looked at him, he looked around the room and frowned indicating for me to sit down.

" Jared" , be begun. " i have tried everything I could as a father to make you into a man. I took you to one of the best schools in town and you repaid me with insults by becoming so unruly and getting yourself suspended more than I can recall. The only reason you stayed in that school is because your mother knows the principle there. Otherwise they could have expelled you a long time ago.

Now tell me, what do you want my son? What is it that you lucky in this house that has led you to your current behaviour?" He asked me

I shifted uncomfortably on my bed.

I watched my father who didn't move his eyes from me. He's stare getting to me.

I cleared my throat and got courage looking at how calm he was. I thought of the words of aunty Nelly " try to let your parents understand you"

" well father," I started. " i... I don't like school. I don't seem to understand anything at all no matter how much I try. I swear I tried studying but I couldn't just get it. Sometimes I feel I heard every thing the teacher says but in the end when it comes to write I don't seem to remember a thing. It's like I can't match the questions with the things I study or hear.

" I paused to look at dad, who's face didn't show any emotions. He was quite and I jumped in my heart. Glad that I got him to understand me finally.

I sat up encouraged as I poured my heart out.

" what I love the most and find it so easy to do is ball room dancing, you know," I shrugged. " Salsa, waltz, ....." I went on metioning the dances to him and I couldn't finish my list when I felt my head turn round in circles.

I fall on my back in the bed holding my cheek where dad's slap had landed.

Shocked in the moment as I saw my father's eyes turn red with anger.

" now, listen to me you good for nothing boy, this is the last time you will ever say that to my face. How dare You?. Here I am trying to get you to reason like a man and you go about spitting in my face you hate school and love that, that , stupid dancing thing," he stammered in his last words.

" not in my house, you hear. Not under my roof with that bulshit. Now let me warn you. If I hear anything about your unruly behaviour and you dancing around. Tstststst" he clicked his tongue.

" that is the day you will stop being my son." He snapped and walked out..

" pack your clothes you are going to a boarding school tomorrow" he shouted back at me before slamming the door making me jump.

" boarding school? Seriously?" I cried shutting my eyes as the effect of the slap was still making me feel dizzy.

I cramped myself to sleep that night and wished I wouldn't wake up. Aunty Nelly was wrong. My parents would never understand and now they are sending me away to some boarding school I didn't even know.

"How ironic" I thought aloud.

"What a better way of pushing me out of their lives."

To be continued

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If I catch that foolish man he will know himself
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Hidden Dream - Episode 4

A Story By Tisa Phiri

I didn't bother to look outside as my father drove me to his so-called boarding school. I had barely slept the previous night. I did all the packing in the night.

The following morning my mother asked me to go with her as she went to pick my groceries and other staff for my school. I barely said a word to her. I could only nod or murmer an answer whenever she would ask me a question. I let her pick the groceries as I pushed the trolleys. she picked all the basics. The bathing soaps, lotions, washing powder, tinned foods, rolls of tissue, some expensive perfumes and lots of other staff I wondered if she was that excited for me or was glad I was finally leaving their house.

Back at home, Aunty Nelly had grilled some chickens and strips of beef, she even packed some other things I didn't pay attention to.

" well you people are determined to send me away", I told aunty Nelly.

" I bet you all can't wait to see me out" I added sadly as I sat on the kitchen table waiting for my father who was to take me to the boarding school. I had not bothered to ask where or what school it was.

" don't say that Jay, you know we love you. Am sad that you had to go that far, but I ask you to please not despair. Do what your parents want and you will be okey."

" whatever," I snapped and walked out of the kitchen leaving aunty Nelly shaking her head sadly.

Now in the car I sat quietly in the back seat as my parents sat in front, dad driving us in his Fortune runner. I cared less how rich he was. To me everything around me was just vogue.

" So Jared, don't you care to know which boarding school you are going to?" My mother asked turning to look at me as I kept my head leaning on the window.

" no" I answered blankly without looking up my hands twisting a bottle of coke I was drinking.

She sighed loudly. " this is for your own good son, your father and I just want whats best for you. A boarding environment is what you need. There are little distractions there. Am sure you will make new friends and will start catching up. Even though you are going to start in grade 11 since you have missed a lot from last term . You can not write your exams." She added.

"Okey," I thought to myself.

"Now they are taking me back. Instead of letting me do away with secondary school, they had to take me back to grade 11 and I was already 19. Oh how great!" I shouted inside.

" sure mom, whatever you guys say" I faked a smile. " grade 11 it is" I added and drunk the coke heavily before putting down the bottle.

Mom stared at me for a minute. " we have found you a place at Luangwa boys secondary school" she announced unexpectedly.

For the first time I raised my eyes to look at her.

"Okey, so now am going to a government school. Now that is proper rejection I thought" to myself. I had never been to a government school since baby class, and I heard stories of how poor their food was and lots of other unpleasant things. Now I was going to one. A boarding school in the bush.

My parents dropped me off after having me registered and see me to my hostel. One of the workers we came with helped me carry my bags to the room and afterwards I walked outside where my parents said their good byes.

"Be a good boy", dad patted my back. And mom, hugged me tightly." Will see you soon Jared, please make us proud this time around. We expect you to behave and you can ask the boarding master to give us a call in case of anything. Will miss you" she added and patted my hands.

I just nodded without saying a word. I felt my eyes get wet and I quickly turned away to avoid breaking down in front of them.

I heard the car engine start as I walked in the passage to my room.

" hey, am John" a guy on the down bunker called out to me as i stood in the room. I had not paid attention to him since I got in. I had no intentions of making any new friends.

" hey", I responded carelessly. I saw the guy sigh reluctantly.

" your name is?" He asked when he saw I didn't bother to talk to him.

"Jay" I announced casually.

"Jay, just that?" John asked further.

"Yeah, just Jay man do you have a problem with that? " I asked rudely.

I noticed the guy frown.

From the look of his beddings and his skin tone, I could tell the guy was from a poor back ground. I felt bad at the way I was taking out my anger on him. He wasn't the reason I was all heated up so I stopped packing my luxury staff in the Locker and walked to him. Sitting down next to him as he eyed me quietly.

" look, am sorry man, its just that this whole boarding thing got to me and coming to this school was so unexpected. My parents just dragged me here and..."

"I get it man, don't worry" John sighed.

" I mean, I can tell you are from a wealthy family and probably you have never been to such a school before. But not to worry you will be cool here man, I mean we have some guys from your class and sometimes life is great here" he added with a smile.

" thanks man, I held my hand to him. Let's start afresh," I told him." Am Jared Zimba. Grade 11c", I added calmly.

John took my hand and shook it gently." John Kabuswe" , he giggled " and am glad to hear that you are in 11 c. What a coincidence, am in the same class too" he smiled.

" Oh great then," I sighed as we sat down. At least I wont be such a stranger here I smiled.

I discovered John was a cool guy. He talked more than I did but he was a good company. He told me lots about the school.telling me that we had girls too even when most of them where day schoolers. He told me some interesting clubs at school and some of the does and donts.

We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting as he took me around the surroundings. .I could see a lot of glances as we passed around.

" a new kid huh?" one of the guys in a funny swag shouted.

" ignore him man, that boy has issues and he's known for his bad manners, watch out for him and his group. He thinks he owns this place" John told me.

I looked back at the group and sighed.

" well, he better not mess with me am in no mood for his outburst and I don't think I will accept anyone getting me on my bad side" I added calmly

John looked at Me, he was a shoulder shorter than me and I could see a smile on the corner of his mouth. I looked built up and tough too and am sure he liked being around me. I could see how proud he looked and waved at other kids around, more like announcing " am with a rich and tough guy for a friend"

Later that evening we walked to the dinning hall for our dinner. Some faces turned towards us. I wore blue pants and a V- neck tshirt and some sneakers, I bet I looked hot and expensive too. My head was well shaved and I had my side beards well trimmed.

I flashed a smile at one of the boys John introduced to me earlier as the head boy for the school.

Grabbing our food I walked to find a sit near John and the head boy called me out to go sit on their table.

I shrugged and called John to join us too.

" hey man! Am Oswald " the head boy shouted as I sat opposite him.

" hey" I quickly answered and smiled.

Thanks for letting me join you guys I added.

" You welcome my man, you look like you belong here," Oswald shrugged.

I felt good, having to get recognition at the first day in school was actually cool.i guess having some rich family had its benefits after all. My looks added to the good reception.

Well, the day went on well as the head boy and other guys chatted with me. We sat outside the hostels as they told me staff and i listened smiling and laughing through it all.

By the time I got to my hostel with John I felt a sense of belonging. And for the first time in months I had laughed and smiled.

" so what time is class tomorrow?" I asked John as we lay in our beds. The whole hostel was quiet now as the others where probably sleeping. Luckily the rooms where divided by some walls and there where two people in each room. The top part was open and we could hear others clearly.

" Class starts at 7: 15, but we are all expected to be up by 05:30 to clean up the rooms and have our breakfast."

I see, I sighed. Well I have prepared my uniform already and am sure I will make it up at that time. But I don't think I will go for breakfast. I mean, the food we ate this evening is still making my stomac jump . Is that how they cook.?" I asked

John laughed." Welcome, to Lubo", he giggled.

" don't worry though, with time you will start running to go have that food man, I mean, this is just the beginning of term two am sure by the end of the 3rd week all the food you came with will have finished and you will be forced to eat in the dinning" he added.

" oh I forgot, am sure your parents will bring some more for you. Lucky you man, some of us its harsh. We don't see any good food around here except the one we carry for the first week. My mother can't afford it. By the way your parents look cool man. They seem to love you so much. I wish we had such a car too" John said calmly.

I smiled at John, "come on, let's sleep now you talk too much. You have no clue about me." I whispered and got back in my blanket.

A week passed and I begun to get used to being in school. My interest wasn't so much with learning though. I found myself happy around the guys. I always looked forward to getting out of class and even during prep time, I just stared at my books as usual.

John realised I was not so good with school work and he started trying to help me. I should admit the guy had brains. I didn't undersrand how he didn't put in much effort but was always answering questions in class and performed so well in the class exercises.

On a Friday, we were told to go to our various clubs.

" what type of clubs do we have here?" I asked John as we walked out.

" well, am in the JETS club, but there are other clubs too. There's drama, commerce club, mathematics, scripture union and others. The least attended of all though is a dance club that is lead by this hot teacher" John giggled.

" dance club? " I asked with a Grin

" Yeah dance, can you imagine that nonsense? I hear guys who go there just want to take a look at that hot Madam's perfect shape" he laughed.

I stopped walking, looking at John. He shook his head.

" don't tell me you are interested in going to check out this music teacher?" John teased giving me a push.

I staggered back a bit and smiled. " Yeah, I actually want to entertain my eyes" I lied smiling.

I couldn't get to tell my new friend how I loved dancing. I knew from his expression dancing wasn't for people like him. His opinion was clear evidence.

I walked him to his club and slowly escaped to the class where I could hear some music playing.

Without getting inside I stood by the window and watched as the music teacher showed some moves to the group. Most of the pupils there were girls. There were only three guys present and I understood why. They kept on eyeing the teachers curves and barely paid attention to her teaching.

The teacher was indeed great looking, she looked young if not for the fact she was in her clothes and not uniform I could have thought she was one of the grade 12 girls.

I was gazing inside when someone patted my back.

" wanna dance?" A soft voice asked making me turn to the direction of a sweet voice.

" hey" I sighed shyly.

" not really, actually am new here so was just checking out some clubs in this school" I faked a smile.

The girls lips curved into a beautiful smile. She wore her school skirt but had removed her shirt leaving her in a white silk vest making her small round breasts fitting in it perfectly.

" well, so?" She asked almost in a whisper.

" I'm um am." I stammeredu

" think I have seen enough" I told her shrugging.

She smiled again." Am Tracy, and I love dancing, this is my club" she announced proudly.

" Jared" , I shook her hand, "you can call me Jay, most people call me that" I smiled widely.

She turned her head inside. " I better be going now" she chuckled.

"Am missing out on the new steps. Nice to meet you Jay", she smiled and walked in.

I stood there watching as she joined the group and started following the hot teacher's moves.

I smiled and walked away lest the guys saw me drooling over a dance class.

To be continued

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Jay stop hiding your talent 'cause of what people will say.
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Hidden Dream - Episode 5

A Story By Tisa Phiri


I was hurrying to the classes. I just finished doing my punishment during break time. " oh I hate this guy," I sighed breathing heavily as i stood by the door waiting for the teacher to allow me in.

Oswald always found something to punish me for. It's either I didn't wear my neck tie properly , or had wrong socks on. I was getting tired of his evidently silly behaviour, it's like he enjoyed seeing me all worked out and tired. And he's thing making sure I worked during break really got to me.

" Tracy, you are late."The English teacher called me in.

"Sorry sir, I was purnished by the head boy" I explained.

"Go on sit down" he smiled.

I went and sat sighing as I searched through my books for an exercise book for English.

Later in the day I went to sit under the tree waiting for the afternoon prep. My best friend Chama had gone to see our grade teacher and I had told her to catch up with me when she was done..

Someone cleared their throught behind me and I turned to face him.

"Helo!" He beamed exposing his perfect smile.

" Helo new guy" i responded cheerfully.

I had seen Jay twice after I last caught him staring at the dance club. Something told me he was dying to get in and join in the dancing but I noticed he seemed reluctant.

I had bumped into him 2 days later and I should agree the guy was a hottie. He's school uniform fitted him perfectly and I knew some girls where already making themselves available for him. What amazed me though was that he seemed unconcerned about girls. He was always with the guys and mostly in the company of the head boy. I came to learn he was coming from some good school in Lusaka city and that his family was loaded too which explained why the head boy was all over him.

" Well I was out of league for him" I thought to myself. I was just a girl from a humble background. My mother was a teacher right at my school and my father a business man. We lived within the school compounds.

I was in my 11th grade and I never used to announce about my mother. I thank God she never taught my class so I had it well covered.

Not that I wasn't in good terms with her, but I liked keeping it cool. I didn't want people to talk about me like I was getting favours from teachers because of my mom and staff like that. So from the time I joined the school in grade 10 I never announced my parents except for those who quickly matched father's surname to mom and i.

" I thought we are off the page of new and old" Jay shrugged standing in front of me.

" well it's just been what? Two weeks? I bet you are still new to me" i said looking up at him.

" mind I sit next to you?" He asked pointing at the bench besides me.

" not at all" I told him moving my bag and placing it on my laps.

" So, what are you doing here alone?" He asked me.

" waiting for my friend, She went to see our grade teacher."

" I see," he sighed.

" I can't get used to the food at the dining and the fact that am not so good with eating, I decided to stay away a bit and wait for my friend out here"

" mnmmm " i murmered nodding my head. " the rich kid doesn't eat from the dingo" I shrugged with a laugh.

" oh no, not you too with the rich kid thing, come on. Who even told people am from a wealthy family?" He asked shaking his head. Clearly not pleased with his identity.

" well, it's not difficult to tell. Your swag, the way you carry yourself and even accent says it all." I told him.

" Okey," he frowned. "But please whatever it is. Can you guys stop calling me that? I hate it" he said honestly. " i just want to be like any other guy in this school. Am trying to fit in and it will be much easier if people like yourself just looked at me as me and not my back ground" he added.

I smiled at him. And I saw him relax. Watching my face like he was seeing me for the first time.

" what?" I asked him shapply.

" you are a dancer? " He asked unexpectedly.

" yeah, i mean I try and am sure will get there. I love it even though sometimes people criticise the club. Dancing just keeps me alive. I feel powerful, beautiful and belonging" I said looking up the tree.

I saw him smile, it was like he understood me so well. His smile faded quickly and he sank back.

" Jay, are you Okey?" I asked concerned at his sudden turn of his expression.

" I really admire you. I wish I had it in me to express myself like that without hesitation." He said sadly.

" why not? I mean if there's something you love doing why not get yourself to enjoy and be free with it?" I questioned him.

" do you have a thing for dancing too?" I asked and regretted almost immediately as Jay stood up abruptly and started walking away.

" am sorry I got to Go."he announced without looking back and took some quick steps away.

" what did I say to upset this guy?" I spoke to myself loudly.

"Since when do you talk to yourself like an old woman?" I heard Chama ask as she joined me.

" it's nothing girl am just surprised by that guy Jay, he just stormed out of here when we were just talking calmly. I wonder what I said wrong."

Any way, tell me how it went with Mrs Banda I asked her instead, trying to push the thoughts of Jay away.

" well she told me to see her later for some notes so that we can write during prep. But stop deviting the story. You said something about that new guy. What's up with you two? I saw how he looked at you the other day in the hallway. "

" come on girl, it's not that. I think the boy is just trying to blend in. And I noticed he's got this sad look in his eyes. It's like he's hiding something. I don't know" I shrugged..

" Okey," Chama raised her neck to look at my face. " now you can even see through his eyes. Wow! That surely doesn't sound like my girlfriend. I just hope this guy doesn't get you in trouble with your mother. Besides Oswald will not let him win you over."

" now you are way out of line girl." I responded shocked.

" I don't have any intention of having a boyfriend in this school and that Oswald can go to hell. I don't care if his the Head boy or the president himself. I will never accept his proposal. Am not here for any relationships but for school" I burst out making a sad face.

" well I give up" Chama raised her hands in surrender .

" don't come complaining if i scoop that hot Jay from you. I have told you oooh!" She shouted in a Nigerian tone and we all laughed.

" all the best in your hunt." I chuckled and stood up.

" lets get going prep time is almost starting I pulled her up bring her to her feet as she tried to pull herself back to the bench.

" we haven't had our lunch" she complained loudly.

" come on I will give you a fruit on our way, no eating today since you refused carrying food " I scolded her as she followed me to the classes.

Friday came and the Music teacher walked in dressed in her jeggings and a tight body top showing off her contours. I would agree she had the body. I loved her so much she inspired me.

She was a great dancer and when she came to campaign for the dance club in our class the previous year, I had instantly fallen in love with her voice and gestures. She was good at dancing and that made me not to want to miss any of the dance meetings.

My mother had first objected to my joining the group but after she saw how happy it made me. She had given up and even came to watch us perform sometimes..

We always performed at the first Monday of the month in the school assembly hall and whenever we had some important functions. Everyone was amazed at our moves. Which really helped get me to be amongst the most recognised girls in school. I was only in grade 11 but the attention the guys where always trying to give me made me look like I was part of the grade 12s.

" come on people, let's get to it already. Today we have to continue working on our salsa dance for that upcoming district competition" Ms Jere announced clapping her hands.

"Everyone get into your positions with your partner's and get started" she added as she walked to switch on the radio player.

I was getting ready with my partner Ken, when I saw him standing by the window again. His face with pure desire to want to dance. Something told me Jay was intrested in dancing but was somewhat shy.

I whispered something to Ms Jere and she turned to look at the direction of Jay.

"Go on and start the dance" she told me and walked towards the door....


I was almost running away, I saw Tracy whisper to her dance teacher and when she turned to face me I quickly took off.

"Hey !" I heard her call me.

I pretended not to have heard her and walked on but when she me mentioned my name I froze instantly.

I slowly turned back and came face to face with Ms Jere's beaming face. She had this bright smile it almost knocked me off my feet.

I sighed looking at her. " how are you madam?" I greeted her instead.

"Come on, come join us" she smiled further.

" what? Oh no I didn't intend to come join you guys. I mean I can't even dance" i stammered almost getting chocked by my own lies.

Ms Jere nodded, "okey," she sighed

"Come in, anyway. We wouldn't mind having someone watching us" she giggled.

I was speechless. I couldn't say no cause my inside was screaming loudly at me to go in and join the dance already. But thoughts of my parent' s warnings and the furious eyes of my father when I told him about my passion to dance scared me.

" I can't am sorry" I managed to say at last.

"I will just go now" I staggered uneasily.

She stopped smiling and came closer to me.

" listen to me my dear, I can tell someone is a dancer when I see them. And am not wrong to say, you are dying to dance inside yourself. Don't take so long to take a step towards dancing. Dancing is like boiling water, if you cover it up as it boils inside it will eventually spill over. You cannot hide from your true self. You have to learn to harness the power inside you. Grab it and enjoy it as it lasts. You will not be young forever" she added and patted my shoulder gently before walking away.

I remained standing my mouth dry.

" Jay! Come on. Let's go!" John called me out. I had sneaked out on him running to the dance class before he pulled me to go with him to his club.

" where did you disappear to? I was looking all over for you" John scolded as I walked with him to the labs for JETS.

" no where I was just moving about" I coughed nervously. When he didn't bring up the dance teacher I relaxed knowing he had not seen her talk with me.

" So what's up with that babe? I heard boys talking man, be careful she's being eyed by the Head boy I don't think it's a good idea to cross him"

"Which one?" I asked surprised.

" that Tracy man, don't pretend. I saw you two the other day talking and people are talking as well "

" mnmmm I see people like gossiping in this school huh.. not to worry my friend though, i got nothing with that girl shes just a girl I met outside the dance class the other day and...."

I couldn't finish my sentence and John stopped , eyeing me suspiciously.

" dance class?" He asked surprised " what the hell was a dude like you doing at that class for girls man?" He asked looking straight at me.

' I, I was just am um" I stammered.

" I know! " He shouted loudly. " you went checking out girls right?" He asked hitting my shoulder.

" yeah! That's what happened man I breathed heavily. " and that teacher, you said it Wow, she's so damn hot!" I stagged an act raising my hands.

" you are unbelievable man, so soon you have started looking out for girls" John laughed out. .

I shrugged casually not wanting to argue his perception. I was cool with him thinking I went for girls than knowing my true intentions. .

That Friday passed and I was still fighting my inner desire to join the dance class.

To be continued

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Hidden Dream - Episode 6

A Story By Tisa Phiri


" Jared Zimba , come to my office I want to talk to you." The commerce teacher called out as she walked outside of our classroom. She had given us a second test after the end of the topics and I failed them both.

It was now evident that I wasn't a bright pupil in my class. I practically failed all the mid term tests and slowly I started withdrawing.

My friend John noticed how I was finding it difficult to catch up on my studies but I wasn't willing to open up to him.

I walked to the business studies department to see the teacher for commerce.

After knocking softly, I heard her soft voice calling me in.

" Jared," she sighed looking up from the file in front of her.

" Yes madam," I responded standing a couple of steps from her.

" come on sit down" she smiled slightly showing me a chair across the table. .

" I have observed how you have performed in the last tests I have given to your class. Now I hear You have been through grade 11 before. I don't know why you find the contents so difficult. Do you have anything you want to tell me? Are you having any particular problems with my subject?" She asked calmly looking at me.

I shook my head.

" what is it then? Talk to me Jared are you having any problems settling in?" She went on.

I looked down without words. She wasn't the only teacher talking about my poor performance. I over head them talk one day when I was passing by the staff room.

"He seems like a good boy" one of the teachers had said.

" oh well what do you expect the boy is obviously a spoilt little boy who is used to having all the luxury and he doesn't even understand the importance of being in school" another one responded.

" he's probably a problem child no wonder they had to send him to this school. Far away from home and the luxury. Well they have not solved a thing as the boy is completely out of school league. He can't pass a single subject even if he speaks very fluent and good English he cant put his words on paper."

I had heard all the comments and I rushed back forgetting to go and ask for the teacher who told me to go and see him that day.

So here I was now in front of the commerce teacher and I felt she too had the same perception.

Deep in my heart I still felt confined and the fact that the past weeks I had avoided going near the dance club made it even worse. John had been dragging me to his club but I was always not getting used to being around them. Especially that all the guys in the club seemed so aquinted with what they were doing and all I could manage come up with was a simple box with a theory that it would kill a cockroach, as cockroaches would die when inclosed in a dark place.

Who ever gave me the idea, I couldn't recall but when I tried it, indeed after some minutes a cockroach had died and I called it a cockroach killer. I recall how some guys made fun of my small project. John encouraged me to continue and I only went ahead because he stood by me and helped me out.

" I don't know madam, I told her honestly."

She talked to me for a while and told me she would give me some remedial lessons as she expected me to pass the end of term exams.

That day I left her office more drained than encouraged. Even though she was trying to be polite, I could tell her words somehow connected with what everyone was saying about me.

The following day was Saturday, so I woke up early and took my clothes for washing.

I had just finished hanging them on the line when I saw Ms Jere walk to our hostels.

I tried to hide lest she asks about my decision to join her club.

I ducked pretending to be doing something on the ground but yet again I heard her voice calling my name.

With Shame I smiled like a child caught in the act of something forbidden and walked towards her.

" How have you been?" She asked when I stood with my bucket close to her.

" am fine thank you" I responded not taking my eyes off the ground.

" why do I have the feeling you are avoiding me.? She asked a question that shocked me.

I was always running away from her but I had not anticipated she had seen me. In fact I even avoided Tracy, for fear she could bring the issue of me dancing.

It was like I was running away from myself. Trying so hard to suppress the desire to do what I really wanted.

" am not madam" I answered

" okey. Listen, I have a few questions for you so why don't you go inside and put your bucket then join me in the Music class. I have some one am talking to but I want to see you before I go back home." She told me. More like an order.

I did as she told me and went to join her when she was just finishing her lesson with one of the female students.

I watched her as she stood towards the radio player turning on the Music.. I knew the song playing, it was one of the best songs for a dance called Waltz. A very passionate dance that involved a powerful and emotional way of dancing. A woman would have to do a lot of throwing up her hands and bending her head whilst a man was to follow her moves and hold her close ensuring he connected with her every move and touch.

I recalled how the dance teacher at one of the dance schools I used to sneak to would emphasis to the guys to have a strong hold and follow closely the lead of a woman and avoid her body slipping off your hands and holding the lady close by the waist.

I was lost in thoughts when I saw Ms Jere walk to the centre of the room. She had the curtains to the dance class drawn.

For a minute I developed shivers thinking negatively.

" you know this song" she said. It wasn't a question but more like a statement.

" what?" I asked surprised. How could she tell?.

" I have seen you dance before Jared Zimba."

Now I was completely numb.

I was sure I had not danced since I got to that school so I wondered what her words meant.

" look, am just trying to help you come out of the shell. I know for sure when you open up even your academic life will improve. You have been hiding and suppressing your true dream no wonder even your brain will not be free to do other things because the mind listens to your heart." She explained as though answering my questions.

I looked up at her amused. When she extended her hands towards me I was now practically shaking.

She walked towards me and whispered, " I was once a student at Shine dance school and I saw you several times. That's how come I know about you. The instructor there told me lots about you and when Tracy showed me and told me that it was like you were struggling to open up to dance. I remembered you.

Maybe you don't remember me but 2 years ago I used to go help at Shine dance school before I got this job here. "

She nooded her head when my eyes went to her face in wonder.

" if you know so much about me. Then why are you doing this? You must know that my parents won't approve of this." I told her almost in a whisper.

She smiled her red lips curving right in front of me.

"I think dancers can talk as they dance too " she responded avoiding my question.

Reluctantly I took her hand and followed her to the centre.

"Am sure you have not forgotten" she smiled again." Come on," .

I let myself free and allowed her to lead then i joined in dancing alongside her. Her black frayered dress moving from one side to the other.

I was lost in the moment dancing with Ms Jere forgetting I was with one of my supposed to be teachers, the dance was so intense and captivating I enjoyed every bit of it. When the Music finally stopped playing I was panting heavily as she did her last stance laying her head on my hand as my right hand remained on Her waist holding her still. Her face coming close to mine.

I gazed at her for some seconds and she cleared her throat to bring me back to the moment.

" you can let go now" she smiled

" oh yeah I sighed pulling her up."

" see Now, that wasn't bad at all" Ms Jere announced turning off the radio.

" how do you feel inside?" She asked indicating for me to sit on a chair as she sat on the opposite side. .

I actually feel relieved, I acknowledged honestly

" Good. Now I want, No, am asking you to join the group we can use someone like you. You are already accustomed to the dances. I need you to help me with the other students. There's a competition coming on in three weeks time and I want the group to go and participate. You too If you would accept."

" I I don't know," I shrugged. " am not sure I should do this. Besides I was told to start some remedial work for the subjects am not doing well so.."

" that's alright. I know your friend John can help you with your studies, Tracy is quite good academically too. I will ask her to help too then I will see if i can talk to some teachers. I need the whole group training everyday for the next week's after classes and the headteacher has given me a go ahead. I just need to talk to the class teachers and am sure they will understand" she explained.

" okey" I nodded my head and smiled for the first time since I got to the class.

She explained what needed to be done and I went back to the hostels just before dinner. I was almost jumping up and down with excitement. Everything just felt right.

Read more Episodes here - www.youngicee.com/category/hidden-dream

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Somebody tell me why this is happening to me. I literally ignored this story because I wanted to stop filling my head with romance stories and explore other things. Just one click and you've got me hooked oyin. Again. Its not fair. *crying* anyway great story. Nice work. cheesy
Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by DivineSpecial(f): 1:45pm On Aug 21, 2019
Yo Jared ride on
Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by Oyinprince(m): 8:53pm On Aug 21, 2019
Hidden Dream - Episode 7

A Story By Tisa Phiri

Two weeks had passed and I was getting excited. John was helping me with sciences and mathematics and Tracy with the instruction of Ms Jere was helping me with English and commerce. Surprisingly with the passing of days I started grasping some of the contents.

Some teachers even started congratulating me for the slight improvements and I started to feel at home.

I had not heard nor made an effort to talk to my family back home even when the boarding master would sometimes inform me they called to find out how I was doing. I cared less about knowing their well being knowing and assuming everyone was okey.

Besides, my greatest fear was if I tried calling them, it could slip my mouth and i could end up telling them I was happy cause I started dancing again. Avoiding them was the best option I had.

Ms Jere always found time to encourage me and I was in the dance class whenever I was free.

I walked to the dance class one day as was my trend. Oswald came towards my direction and stopped me.

"Hey Jay!"

" Hey" I i responded casually. I was trying to avoid his group because I knew most of the guys where against the dance class so I avoided anything negative.

Meeting him at that point implied he would talk about it as John had told me earlier that the head boy asked to see me that afternoon but I didn't bother to go see him.

" I told John to ask you to see me at the office, what happened?" He asked standing in my way.

" oh That!" I sighed reluctantly. " he told me but I have something to do so I couldn't make it. But since you are here already you can as well tell me why you wanted to see me" I responded calmly.

" mnmmm I see, I thought we are friends man, we welcomed you to this school and now you are behaving like a girl. Anyway, listen, I called you because I heard some guys talking."

" what about?" I asked hurriedly. I felt the urge to leave him there as I had to go and practice for the competition.

" I heard you are the one hanging around my girl Jay and I don't want to believe it's true."

" your girl?" I frowned " Which one Oswald?" I asked him looking straight in his face.

" as far as I know am not going out with any girl in this school so whoever told you must try find the correct information before making a fool out of you."

" well, you know the girl am talking about. That Tracy girl is mine. You came like yesterday man, you can't just start parading around the chicks in this school without asking around first. I don't want you to ruin what we started so am urging you, if you have any intentions towards that girl just back out Jay. Or else, "

" or else what?" I snapped " don't even dare to threaten me man, you know very well that am not scared of anyone in this school. I don't answer to you and am not going to let you intimidate my friend Tracy. Yeah, I hang around with her because she's my dance partner and friend that's all. She's just a friend but she told me how you punish her around just because she won't accept your proposal. Now let me warn you man, stay away from Tracy. She's not intrested in you and the next time you punish her unnecessarily you will have me to face " i added my stern eyes on his.

He shrugged and stepped back a bit.

Then I walked past him.

" what a clown!" Oswald shouted. " a dull rich guy who finds pleasure in dancing like a girl. !"

He could not finish his last words and I turned back towards him and grabbed him by the shirt. ." Come again? " i whispered squizing him.

I was about to land a blow at him when Ms Jere called out.

" enough boys break it off Now!" She shouted coming towards us.

I pushed Oswald forward and he staggered back before finding his balance.

" call me names again I swear am ready to leave this school and before I do I will make sure you spend some time in the hospital" I snapped angrily.

" i said enough Jared!" Ms Jere shouted holding my hand. .

" I don't expect such behaviour from you two. Now I will assume whatever the heat is about you two have it cooled or I will report to the head to have you expelled." She told us standing between us.

" Jared!, go join your friends and you", she looked at Oswald. " you are a leader and I expect you to act as such. Get going" she told him and I saw him shot some eyes at me before walking away.

"What was that about?" Ms Jere asked me as I walked ahead of her.

" nothing" I answered abruptly.

" nothing? You were almost engaged in a fist fighting and I heard you talk and you say nothing?"

" Yeah am sorry but that boy is a jerk. I just told him to stop calling me names. I swear I have had enough and am not going to take that from him or anyone else in this school. why can't people just leave me alone already. It's like everyone sees something wrong about my life. Jay is dull, he's a rich kid, he can't write properly, he likes dancing like a girl, bla bla bla..... Am so sick of all this bullshit! " I said almost yelling and all faces turned in on our direction as we just stepped in the dance class.

Ms Jere indicated for everyone to go on and asked me to join her at the table.

To be honest I was begining to feel more comfortable around her than anyone else in that school. She was always paying attention to me and it was like she knew exactly what i needed to hear at each point I was broken or with an issue.

" I understand your anger Jay, but please stop looking at the negative that people are pointing out in your life. Instead use them to build your life so that you can prove to them and more especially to yourself that you can be more than what they call you. I believe in you Jared and I know you can make it. It doesn't matter what others say Now, focus on what you believe in and if you have not yet decided what that is then, I suggest you start setting your standards and what you want to achieve in your life so that it guides your everyday activities."

I smiled slightly at her. " thank you" I said finally, " you always see the best in me madam and I appreciate it so much. I will do as you say especially for you" I added looking straight at her.

I saw her blush slightly. Her face turning into a soft laugh." For me? Why?" She asked politely

" oh No, maybe that didn't come out right" I chuckled. " what I meant was, you encourage me a lot and the past weeks have been great. I don't want to let you down so i promise to do my best so that your good words are not in vain" I eluded to her.

" you are a good person Jay and....."

She could not finish her sentence and Tracy came towards us.

" are you still sitting? I thought today we have to learn some new moves for the competition on the salsa dance" she said in a stern voice.

If I didn't know better I could have thought she was jealousy. But how? I thought to myself. Ms Jere was my teacher how can she be jealousy of her?.

Later after practice I told Tracy what Oswald had told me and she laughed. .

" what's funny?" I asked surprised

" well, if only Oswald knew who you are eyeing he wouldn't have said that to you. But not to worry I can handle him myself"

What is that supposed to mean?" I questioned her.

Instead of answering she got the text book and started helping me with the homwork we had.

I wanted to ask her what she really meant but then decided not to argue. Tracy was a very talkative person. So I assumed it was just one of those things she ranted about until later after we did our homework she sighed standing up.

" So whats with you and Ms Jere? " she asked unexpectedly

" Okey, I get it now" I chuckled. " she's the one you refered to earlier on right? Come on Tracy we are together in this group and Ms Jere is our teacher how can you even say That? "

" I have seen how you two are always talking and sometimes she just calls you alone to the dance class."

" so?" I asked challangingly.

Instead of answering my question she shrugged and turned to go..

" Tracy wait" , I stopped her holding her bag from behind. " I don't understand you. We are friends and you know how Ms Jere has been helping me with everything in this school. How can you imply that there's something going on. What does that even mean? "

" just let go of my bag Jay. Am going home now. Will see you tomorrow" she responded holding her bag closer.

I stood watching her walk away. I had not even thought of what she was telling me. For me it was outrageous. I would agree I felt comfortable with Ms Jere but for me it was just because she had shown she understood me and was helping me with my inner struggles.

Brushing off the thoughts, I walked to the hostels and found John laying on his bed.

" John!" I called out in greeting. " I didn't know you are here. Back from the club already?"

"I came back a few minutes ago. By the way do you know tomorrow will be visitation weekend.?"

" what? Does it mean parents are allowed to come here to visit us?" I asked him not wanting to hear the news cause I was scared of the possibility of my parents coming over. I had a dance practice that weekend since we only had a week to go. I didn't want them coming over when I was there.

I felt some panick and stayed quite thinking about what I was to do. Hoping they never decided to come over.

That evening I was quite trying to think of how I would do if they came. I didn't want to miss practice but again I wasn't sure what time they would come if they decided to.

Shrugging, I whispered to myself. " I know they cannot come here, they have not bothered to do so since they dropped me. The last time they sent the driver to bring me some pocket money and food he didn't mention anything about there coming and I was sure they wouldn't show up.

The rehearsals were going on well the following day. Tracy and I were paired together as usual and Ms Jere was directing us.

" you look a bit nervous today, is everything Okey? " Tracy asked as we danced.

" Yeah am fine," I told her.

She gave me a questioning look but I ignored her and kept on dancing.

We were just doing our last session when a familiar voice called out my name.

" Jared! What are you doing ?" Came the stern voice of my father. .

"No!" I whispered stopping instantly as I let go of Tracy's hand.

"I asked you a question" I heard him ask again and everyone in the room including Ms Jere stopped what we were doing and turned to face the direction of my father's voice.

My mouth went dry instantly as I saw him standing with my two sisters who smiled at me, Clearly enjoying the humiliation that was about to befall me in front of my friends and teacher.

To be continued

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Hidden Dream - Episode 8

A Story By Tisa Phiri

Ms Jere.....

I had seen him brighten up. He looked more peaceful the past weeks and was always present for dance practice. .

I could see how he made work easy for me by helping his friends with most of the dances. All I had to do was add up to smooth everything up.

With the coming of Jay, the whole group seemed live. The boy had a way of pulling everyone towards him and I just loved it.

I could see he was trying to fight his inner battles and tried all I could to put him in the right track. In fact I mostly didn't refer to him as a boy.

I recall one day when he came to the class which was practically my office.

Since I went to Luangwa secondary, I had not really made a friend. Most of the women were older than me and for some reason they all acted up around me. Someone even told me they feared I would grab their husbands because I was single and my looks where above theirs.

I couldn't understand them cause for me I always thought my dressing as a woman had to always be on point. I kept my appearances and I didn't really care If the so-called married women wanted to make themselves look old in their nakonde suits and long skirts and jackets. Besides I was a dancer, I had to keep my figure well defined to match up with what I did.

Overtime I found myself isolated and I found solace in helping the girls and boys realise their dancing skills and dreams. I saw the expression on the faces of happy girls and boys whenever they danced and that to me mattered most.

I was employed under music and arts and I specialised in dancing. Even when most people shot it down I was determined to achieve my dream of seeing the young ones develop their talent.

I recalled how a lot of debate had broke when I reported. Most people expected me to teach Music of which i didn't object since it was part of what I did. But I told the Head teacher I didn't go abroad to study dancing just to throw it away because people where displeased.

Lucky for me the head seemed to have a soft spot for me and he agreed and confirmed that if the ministry had sent me under arts then there was no reason to object it.

I remember how I started off with 3 pupils in the club. I didnt see it working but I was amazed when some grade 10s came and most of them joined. Though there was still a challenge with male students who were mostly hesitant to join.

Others would joined just for a day and then stopped coming and I laughed when I heard rumour that some boys especially the grade 11 and 12s went to the club to check out my figure.

I didn't really care about the rumours as I had no intention of befriending any of them nor getting close.

However, things started changing when I met Jay. I practically forced him to start dancing. I saw how his face lit up when he danced with me and my heart was glad.

I didn't think he would come back. Then I saw him walk to the class days later. He was still in his school uniform and he walked towards the class whilst I watched him through the window.

I smiled to myself not understanding myself, I didn't know whether it was the joy of seeing him opening up or the fact that he looked handsome in his perfect tailored uniform.

Wishing I was 2 years younger and not a teacher in that school. I knew Jared was 19 from the records I was keeping in the file meaning he was 2 years younger than me.

I had completed my school at 16 and before 19 I was done studying Music and the year that followed my mother sponsored me to go study dancing specificalising in ball room dances.

I had scolded myself avoiding the thoughts of admiring a person who was my pupil.

" you are just lonely in this place Angela, focus!" I cautioned myself that day and welcomed him to the class with a smile.

Seeing him dance on one of the dance sessions was as usual appealing and I was set glancing at them as he danced with Tracy who I deliberately paired with since I noticed how much she eyed him. The fact that dancing ballroom involved passions and a drive of emotions I knew pairing them would make things easier for them. And I was right, they easily connected which lead them to direct other dancers too.

Lost in thoughts watching the dancers I heard an angry voice call out Jay.

" what are you doing?" The man asked standing amid the door .

My eyes shifted to Jared and I saw how pale his face turned.

Recalling what the instructer from a dance school I first saw Jay told me, I knew the man was pissed seeing his son dancing.

I slowly stood up trying by all means to look as mature as possible and walked to him.

He was still focused his gaze at his son. I could tell because Jay had his father's looks and there was no mistaking that fact.

"Excuse me sir," I started calmly standing in between him and Jay.

There's a class here and I would appreciate If you asked for permission to come in before shouting at my students.

" your students? " he asked turning to face me.

" yes sir, as you can see this is a class and am their teacher ..."

I couldn't finish my explanation and he cut in.

" well am sorry madam I didn't know there was a teacher here I thought they are only students " he faked a smile.

I felt a bit offended by his luck of courtesy but I fought the urge to rebuke him.

" anyway I came to see my son but to my disapointment someone told me he's here dancing. Am sure he knows we do not approve of him doing this" he said extending his hand at the dance floor.

" in fact I had no idea this school has this I couldn't have...."

I raised my hand a little to stop him.

" am sorry sir I think we need not say all that in front of everyone please take a seat if you may then we can talk properly I indicated to him softly.

I showed him a seat and the two girls with him stood afar looking around the room.

I dismissed the students except for Jay and asked the two girls who I assumed where related to Jay to wait outside.

After pulling the chair and making myself comfortable I cleared my throat and looked at Jay and his father.

" Now," I sighed trying to find the words to tell the man before me. He just kept his gaze at me and I saw Jay bow his head without looking at either me or his father.

"So sir I got what you have said. But I have something to ask you." I started

" no listen to me young lady, no offence because I can see you are almost or can I say close to my son's age. I don't know what this boy told you or didnt tell you but he knows this dancing is completely forbidden in my house. No son of mine will degrade himself to such an inferior thing when he has all the things he needs to get the best education. Just look at him he was supposed to have completed school 2 years ago and should probably be in college , but here he is in grade 11 because of this stupid ambition. Tell me if it were your child what could you have done.?

You pay a lot of money to see your child go to the best schools and have the best in life and then he throws everything out the window and for what? A Stupid dream, that can not take him anywhere in life.?" He burst out angrily.

I let his questions sink and looked up at him. " God help me here" I said a little prayer before I opened my mouth.

" you are right sir, every parent's desire is to see their children achieve great in life. I don't have children yet but I believe when I finally do I will want the best for them.

I beg to differ however, on the issue of realisation of dreams. Tell me sir, have you ever had some dreams in your life?. That something that you so much wanted to do so much that you would sometimes close your eyes and smile at the vision of being that thing? " I paused looking up at him.

" of course every normal person must have some kind of dream or vision whatever its normal but...."

"Just there sir" I held him up.

" with all due respect sir, don't you think your son also has that right to have dreams of his own?. I see you are concerned about his well being but please you have to understand we are all not the same. Maybe its high time you took some moment to think of the reason why your son has not been performing well at school.

He's scared inside. He can't be free to express himself and that contributes to his weak performance. If you want to prove my words ask around and hear for yourself how he has improved over the weeks since he started dancing again. Why? " I asked looking at him and Jay.

" it's simple, he feels free and his mind is at peace. He can relate with his studies because his inner power is not being intimidated. Please sir am asking you to reconsider. Your son is no longer a kid you are right, but you have to understand every person reaches a stage of their lives where they too make up their own choices, the best we can do as teachers and Parents is to encourage them to develop positively so that they achieve their highest dreams and ambitions. Pushing him to the wall will only make things worse, please you have to let him free sir.

For some few minutes I saw him stay quiet like he was really giving my words a thought and when he raised his eyes at me I was almost running to the door. His deep stare scared me to death.

" you are now are telling me how to raise my own children. According to you his not performing as he should because am not doing what I ought to do as a father? May I remind you that am way older than you young lady and I have seen more than you have. This thing you call a passion or whatever has no future in this country.

Where is he going to work as a dancer? Tell me which institution is he going to get a job worthy talking about and live a life that is worthy while ? Stop being naive and unreasonable. I don't want him to continue with this. Right now am going to talk to the headteacher and if you will in any way coerce or encourage my son to do this then it's even better I withdraw him from this school. " he snapped standing up.

"No!" I saw Jay standing up to his father. He was speaking for the first time since we started the discussion and I turned towards him.

" what is That?" His father shot him a stare.

" I said No, dad. You are not going to do such a thing. Come on father, am tired of all this. What is your problem with me really? . Tell me the truth today because honestly I can't figure you out.

Why have you chosen to make my life difficult? I was doing okey until the time you decided to shoot down the only thing i always want to do. I have done all you ask and am not doing this anymore." Jay spoke up tears falling his face.

" have you even sat down to think of what I really want? What makes me happy? Do you even consider the posibility thay i have a heart and feelings too.?

We can't all be like you father. Am not as strong as you are, I can't be an officer nor can I pass like my sister's. Am my own person and am tired of everyone trying to make me into the kind of person they want.

I want to be free dad, I want to choose my own things and Ms Jere is right. Since I started dancing again I feel opened up and am doing well again.

Please let me be. Let me do something for myself as well father. I have always tried to squeeze myself in a life you have set for me. Please" he begged puting his palms together.

I was now quite watching father and son and in my heart I felt proud Jay was standing up for himself.

But shockingly I saw his father raise his hand to hit him. Before I could say a thing to stop him. Jay quickly held his father's hand and shouted, "don't do that again father! Don't cause I swear I will retaliate" he snapped his face showing off his anger.

" I will not allow you to disgrace me anymore if you want do what you want, disown me or whatever am not quiting dancing. Go on and leave with your intelligent children and leave me alone" he added before putting his hand down and stormed out without looking back. .

I was short of words as I watched col Zimba stare in the space without any words.

"Jay! " I called out trying to ask him to come back but I saw him ran towards the hostels without looking back.

I now turned back defeated, expecting the worst from his father who remained on the same position without shaking.

Fear building up in me as I regained my posture and walked back to my seat.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/hidden-dream

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Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by Oyinprince(m): 10:27am On Aug 23, 2019
Hidden Dream - Episode 9

A Story By Tisa Phiri


I could not look back as I rushed out of the class. Being any second more close to my father wasn't going to turn out well as I had felt the urge to fight him back. I wasn't going to allow myself get humiliated and slapped like a small boy anymore.

I had told my mind off and honestly I felt some relief. I saw his look but this time it didn't give me any shivers.

" Jay!" I heard my sisters call out but I completely ignored them.

Nina however, followed me to the hostels.

" stop I want to greet you please" she cried catching up with me.

My younger sister wasn't like Tina my immediate sister. We where mostly in good terms and she always found a way to me no matter how upset I was.

Her soft steps as she approach me made me stop by the entrance.

" what is it Nina?" I asked turning to face her.

" I missed you " she made a sad face and hugged me.

I hesitated a bit but felt bad I was taking it out on her. " I missed you too kiddo" i faked a smile holding her back.

"Why are you running? " she asked me as I held her hand and walked her to the bench.

" it's nothing Nina dont worry, now tell me how is everyone home? "

" they are fine and mom told me I should say hi. Aunty Nelly said she misses you and told me to ask if you have tried to do what she had said"

" oh she did," I sighed recalling how aunty Nelly asked me to take some time to think about myself.

For some minutes I talked to my little sister and later on Tina joined us. I was beginning to wonder what was keeping dad long. I had expected him to come out of the dance room and probably called the girls to go, but I was surprised by the amount of time that had passed.

" okey girls lets get to the vehicle now" I heard dad speak and indicated for my sister's to go on. Nina kissed me good bye and my other sister gave me a quick hug before leaving.

I looked at my father and he seemed calm but I had no intention of talking to him.

I stood there waiting for him to tell what was on his mind and I cared less what he was to say , my mind was made up I wasn't going to allow him dictate my life.

He cleared his throat and indicated for me to sit down as he did too.

Reluctantly I joined him and he spoke,

" well, I just talked to your teacher the young lady insists that I should give you a chance and see how you fair in your end of term exams" he paused.

I was still quite and my eyes kept on the small flower in front of us.

" so I want you to promise me that you will improve your grades. Prove what you said about you growing up and being matured enough to make your own choices. To tell you the truth I am not going to lie that I accept the fact that you should be dancing. All I want is to see you do okey with school."

I looked at him and my thoughts went wild.

"How can he say he hasn't accepted? Why on earth was he still talking to me then?" I asked myself.

" Thank you" I finally spoke not even knowing what I thanked him for really. It was evident the man would never accept me for who I was.

He sighed, " listen Jared I have always wanted...."

" what's best for me" I nodded finishing his sentence.

" do you even love me dad? " I asked without thinking through my words.

I saw him look up at me. " what? So you think I push you to work hard because I don't love you?" He responded with a question and I stood up.

" don't answer the question father" I giggled.

I mostly used the word " father" whenever I wanted to stress the point that he fathered me but didn't love me. Well that was my theory.

In a good mood and trying to talk normally with him I would refer to him as "dad" but at that moment his delidaling to tell me straight up he loved me or not I felt he didn't deserve the dad title.

" Thank you for coming father and please regards to mom and aunty Nelly. I have something to take care of now and I got to go" I added taking a step leaving him seated.

" I get it you are upset Jared but am sure one day you will understand that I have your best interest at heart" he talked calmly.

When he saw I was serious with leaving he stood up and removed some cash from his pocket. " here, for your expenses"

I looked at the money and back at his face. My other sense telling me to refuse it but I thought of how terrible that would make him feel so I got the money and thanked him leaving him immediately.

A week passed and we had a day before the final day for the competition in Lusaka which was to be held at Mulungushi Conference centre.

Ms Jere called us together as we waited with our packed bags waiting for the bus to take us to the city for the big day.

She had given us prio instructions and told us we would travel with another teacher who would help with the organising of things.

Tracy stood closer to me and I glanced at her small dress. I couldn't help admire her sweet looks but my major interest was with Ms Jere.

Over time I started enjoying being around her more. She just felt right and said the right words every time.

I didn't know if it was because she was the person that stood up and defended me from my father or it was the very fact that apart from her kind words she was so beautiful.

" Jay!" Come over and help me with something before the bus gets here" her soft gentle voice called me and I turned to look up at her instantly.

She wore a red blouse which was a see through. If not for the small white vest she had put inside, one would see her skin. A black jean in which she had the inside vest tucked in and a pair of white pumps.

" wow!" I screamed in my head. This woman is a indeed a hot cake, I swallowed hard.

"Am coming !" I responded almost jumping with excitment.

I saw Tracy shoot me some stare and I patted her back telling her to watch over my bag. She shrugged without saying a word but I ignored her and trotted towards the direction Ms Jere was heading.

"How are you feeling, " she asked me as she packed some papers in a small file .

" I don't know, excited, nervous at the same time" I chuckled

" me too " she laughed.

"I feel like am the one going to dance instead of you guys. Am so nervous I don't know how to hold it. The only thing is that I know you guys will do the best and make me proud."

I smiled widely, "what do you expect we have the best teacher "

I saw her relax as she smiled too. " So you clear with being watched on the Television?" She asked the most unexpected question.

" what do you mean madam?" I asked making wrinkles on my face.

" I didn't tell you earlier but the competition is being sponsored by Airtel and they will televise it on ZNBC. I hope that won't be a problem for you" she looked at me.

" am , I don't know, does everyone know about this?" I questioned her

" well they will know soon enough. What? Does that change anything? "

" no it doesn't but... I don't know if,..."

" don't worry your father already knows about it I was forced to tell him. You know, in case he sees it on TV."

For a few seconds I stayed quite not knowing how to make of the turn of the events but I comforted myself. I wasn't going to be afraid anymore so I told myself whether I will be seen dancing by the whole world or not won't matter. As long as I was doing what I wanted.

" okey then, get that bag for me. The bus is outside" she told me carrying her handbag.

" I never asked what you talked with my father but whatever it is stopped him from yelling at me and I appreciate you so much for that" I told her as we walked towards the bus. The others where getting inside already.

" you got it " she responded casually and kept going while I tagged behind her deliberately wanting to take in her behind.

"How stupid Jay" I heard my inner self scold me and I let a small smile.

We where booked in at a lodge near Mulungushi Conference centre that evening. Given a separate room from that of the girls with four other guys. Ms Jere and the other teacher had separate rooms too.

She called us out for dinner after we all settled in. Telling us we were to go round for some evening window shopping at Arcades after having our meal.

I kept eyeing her as we went round not wanting to take off my eyes from her now different outfit. She had changed into some shorts going up to her knees and a loose T-shirt.

" she's your teacher, you are way out of her league" Tracy whispered in my ears as we walked.

She had decided to walk besides me and two other guys who opted to walk with Ms Jere whilst the other group walked the other way with the other teacher.

" Tracy come on. What's with you?" I turned to her. " stop acting like a jealousy girlfriend. Am just looking around like anyone else and I honestly am getting tired of your insinuations."

" insinuations huh?" She asked rudely.

" Yeah stop that it's really not a good thing"

She looked at Ms Jere in front and back at me.

" well we will see " she sighed and moved closer to me when Ms Jere looked back at us.

I moved away unconsciously and I saw Tracy almost laughing.

She attempted to hold my hand but I pushed her hand away and walked ahead of her.

" she's out of your reach. It's high time you set your eyes on those that are within your reach Jared Zimba" she whispered and rushed ahead looking at some clothes through the window.

I shook my head and let a small laugh.

"Girls! " i whispered.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/hidden-dream

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Oyin yah the best

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Hidden Dream - Episode 10

A Story By Tisa Phiri


I ran to the front and walked closer to the Windows looking at some clothes. I couldn't stay any more close to him. " is he crazy? " I asked myself getting upset. I knew there was nothing going on between us but Jay was starting to get on my nerves.

He kept on eyeing our dance teacher and I started feeling irritated. I was sure I looked good. After we arrived at the lodge I had taken extra time bathing and dressing up.

I recall Ms Jere had called me to tell me that we would have our dinner at Arcades and later on walk around before returning to the lodge.

" you girls just freshen up and let's have some time out. I don't want you to be all groomy tommorow I want you relaxed" she added with her killer smile.

I just couldn't help feel jealousy. I used to like her so much and her beauty was evident. I always thought she was the most beautiful and good looking teacher in the school but now I wasn't liking it at all.

I was only 16 but I felt so much attracted to Jay. I tried my girlish gestures to have him notice me but ended up hurt when he only saw me as a friend.

I noticed how much I had been on him trying to raise some small fights so that I can just keep close but the guy completely ignored me.

My aunty at home even told it was just my teenage hormenes bulging up but I clearly denied her allegation.

" am not crazy aunty", I would tell her.

" I have not felt anything like I feel for Jay and I know he's my first love." I argued.

" well be careful cause if your mother was to know you have started having such thoughts she will skin you alive" my aunty would threaten me.

" I didn't say am going to give myself to him for sex Aunty, I just like him that's it" I stood my defence and she raised her hands in surrender.

" you are a little stubborn thing my friend and I hope you will be careful. Don't fantasize about a guy that doesn't even look at you. I have been there and it can drive people of your age crazy" she shrugged and kept on cleaning the house.

I wanted to ignore the urge to want Jay close to me but everytime I saw him I just couldn't resist.

Whenever he danced with me I took it so personal and I felt he belonged to me. Call me foolish or whatever I wanted him for myself and him eyeing my teacher wasn't so cool.

" Tracy!, can you call the others I think we should head back to the lodge now. The driver wants to go and rest and we all need to. We have a long day tommorow" Ms Jere told me

" sure Madam" I responded walking to the other side.

Back at the lodge she stood by the door and talked to us a bit before she turned to go I walked to the door.

" Ms Jere," I started patting my thighs as i stood near her .

" what is it dear?" She asked clamly smiling at me.

" I have something to ask you" I started figiting.

" yep!" She acknowledged looking at her phone.

" are we going to wear a little make up tomorrow?"

she stopped looking at her phone and looked up at me." I see you want to look good huh?" She let a laugh.

" Yeah I think so, you are ball room dancers and I want you all to look spectacular, no wonder I told you I will have to take you out to the saloon in the morning to do your hair, nails and make-up."

"But, be warned you will have to undo everything before you go to class on monday" she quickly added.

"Great!" I shouted rushing back to the girls. We were 4 in total so were the guys.

"Girls we will look great tomorrow and we gonna beat them I shouted throwing myself on the bed as the girls all laughed excited.

" I can bet my Jay will look so handsome in his suit and I can't wait for him to hold me in those perfect hands" I said closing my eyes and mimicking the dance extending my hands like I was dancing with him.

" he's just your dancing partner and not your boyfriend Tracy" my friend reminded me and I stood up to her.

" well , never say never right?" I blushed proudly.

The following morning I woke up early and as the girls started dressing up I first decided to take a walk out the lodge.

It was still early and we had awaken early because of the excitement. We still had hours before Ms Jere would take us to the saloon. The competition was starting at 18 hours that evening so we still had time.

Walking outside, I saw Jay seated in the garden chair leaning back and facing the sky like he was in deep thoughts

" hey early Bird!" I called out as I walked towards him.

He turned sharply looking my direction.

" Tracy" he said with a sigh like he was disappointed seeing me.

" yeah you expecting to see someone else?" I mocked him.

" No, am just surprised you are up. It's still early you should be with your friends inside."

Jay told me still in his same posture.

" well I couldn't sleep any more and needed to have some fresh air out here. Am just wondering why you are out here all alone " I paced around like a small girl seeking for attention.

" am mostly alone. That's me " he smiled and I kept my eyes at his face.

" no offence, but I need to be alone now" he murmered

" none taken Dear" I said feeling hurt by his not paying attention to me.

I went back inside to join the others fighting the urge to defile his request and stay outside with him.


I couldnt sleep. I kept on figiting in my bed that night and before 06 am I was up.

I took a quick bath and went to sit outside. I couldnt stay in anymore. I felt so nervous and the images of Ms Jere were not fading from my mind.

" what is wrong with me?" I asked myself as I leaned back in the chair.

" am not supposed to be thinking about a woman who was older than me even when I knew it was only by 2 years, she still was older and to make matters more complicated, my teacher."

I had never had any formal girlfriend as in some kind of relationship so I wouldnt say I was in love cause I surely didn't know what love was.

I was lost in thoughts when Tracy called me out.

For a moment my mind played me and I heard Ms Jere's voice, but when I turned to the direct ion of the voice I almost frowned seeing Tracy smiling as she got closer.

She somehow noticed my disappointment seeing her there but I didn't bother to act any better. instead I asked her to leave excusing myself for wanting some lone time.

I had hoped Ms Jere would come out at some point probably in her pyjamas but my dream didn't come true as I realised it was time for the barber shop after staying out for some time.

We were seated in the conference centre at 17: 30 after we were registered. The girls looked so good in their cocktail dresses and their hair done. My attention went to my partner Tracy who looked exceptionally stunning. Her pink silk dress falling on her body to her feet and a long slit in the front. An appropriate dress for the first dance which was called Paso Doble..

She smiled at me and I flashed back a smile at her but I instantly turned away my attention when Ms Jere emerged walking in her red heels towards us.

She wore a short velvet black dress with a silver neck chain that outlined her open chest above the cleavage. Her silver purse glittered on her right hand matching with the neck chain and the wrist watch on the other hand.

I couldn't hold it anymore, like an idiot I walked to her and welcomed her.

" wow! You look exceptionally beautiful this evening Ms." I recommended her bowing my head towards her and she flashed me her captivating smile.

" Thank you Mr Zimba" she bow her head a bit, teasing me back.

That evening we were called to the dance floor and we all did our best dancing gracefully pleasing the judges. We now had to wait until the following night when we were to do the last two dances which included salsa.

We were taken back to the lodge as the group was filled with excitment. Even when we knew we were to be awarded as couples we all remained optimistic one or two couples from our group was going to be picked.

Everyone left to their rooms but I walked out after removing my Jacket and remained with my shirt with loosened buttons.

I had to see her one more time and before I could talk myself out of it, I walked to her room knocking softly at her door without hesitation.

" hey, what are you doing here?" Ms Jere asked looking outside. I wasn't sure if she wanted to see if I was with someone or she was afraid of someone seeing me knocking at her door late at night.

" I, I, I came to see you for something can I come In?" I asked

" Yeah sure" she sighed opening the door to allow me in.

She had removed her shoes but was still in her dress, now I could see her a shoulder shorter than me.

" I came to ask what you discussed with my father since you didn't give me an answer yesterday, I started not knowing how to explain my going to see her.

"Mnmmm that's strange cause I don't recall saying I would tell you that" she answered standing in front of me as I held my hands nervously.

" yeah I know, but I thought you could tell me "

She let a laugh. "No I won't, forget it"

She was still laughing and I lost it, I went straight at her holding her by her shoulders and pulled her closer to me.

Without warning, I bent down and landed my lips on her crimson red lips.....

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/hidden-dream

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Hidden Dream - Episode 11

A Story By Tisa Phiri

Ms Jere....

I saw how he was nervous looking at me. I couldn't make any thing from his action thinking maybe something happened.

When he told me he wanted to talk about his father I knew he wasn't saying the truth.

I was laughing at his statement when he unexpectedly came closer holding my shoulders.

I was about to ask him what was happening, when I felt his wet lips on mine, kissing me as he held on to my shoulders.

For a moment, I was lost of action. I stayed put as he went on kissing my lips, his hands gently sliding to the back.

Coming back to my senses I pushed him back." Jay!" I screamed " stop!"

" I cant" , he whispered withdrawing and looking straight into my eyes.

" I can't stop thinking about you, I have tried to ignore the feelings I have for you and I swear if I didn't do anything about it I was going to go crazy " he said his eyes tearly.

I knew trying to scold or shout at him would make him feel worst of himself. He looked vulnerable.

" Jay, come on sit with me " I calmly told him holding his hand.

I indicated for him to sit down and he kept looking at me. His pure passion so vivid I felt my stomac melt.

" am sorry" he whispered now realising what he had done.

I smiled slightly. " are you?" I asked him and he turned to look at my face.

" no, actually am not, I have never really kissed someone like that before and I can't deny I felt so good. I know I should have not but I couldn't help it. The thing is, deep down my heart am happy am here with you. I don't know what you are thinking about me but I think am falling in love with you."

His last words got to me. I tried to open Mouth to say something but no words came out. I hated myself at that moment cause my body was beginning to betray me. If it was someone else I could not have allowed them even closer to me, worst still kiss my lips . But oh God this guy was really giving me a hard time.

" you are just confused Jay, you look at me as the person that understands you and with what has happened with your father and staff you feel comfortable around me. You are not in love with me but it's just a moment. it will soon pass and you will surely agree with me." I tried to explain swallowing some of my words as i struggled to speak.

" I get it, am just a stupid boy with a fantasy, I can't even tell my feelings apart right? " he asked looking hurt.

" no" I tried to speak but he stood up quickly.

" yes that's it. You were clear enough. But you are so wrong," he paused.

" I don't want to even call you madam because that makes me feel awkward" he went on.

" you can't look at me in any way different am just a dull child with lost ambitions. "

" stop that Jay you know that's not true. You are getting upset and that is not a good sign. You know I care about you but we can't be more than teacher and pupil. Am older than you for crying out loud. What do you want me to tell you? "

" am not going to be the first person to fall in love with an older woman. Besides it's not all that big a difference. " he shrugged.

" you are crazy. Please you have to think over this and understand this is impossible. What are people going to say? "

I saw him look away evidently hurt. He held my hands and looked down my eyes.

" I will prove you wrong Angela, I will come back to you one day and you will then know that am not just a small boy and that it's not my hormones that are making me confused. I love you and one day you will understand..." He whispered and bent down to kiss my forehead before walking out.

My strength was gone. I sighed as I sat back on the bed my mind wild with thoughts. " oh God help me, what is going on? " I asked myself holding my face as I pushed back the tears that threatened to spill over .

The look that I saw in his eyes sent shivers in my body. He looked so calm and serious about his last sentence I feared the worst.

" what will happen now and how am I going to get through this? I frowned putting down my head.

If It was was someone else, a man order than me and not my student I would have been jumping with excitment. I could have known that I found the love of my life. But , No, that wasn't the case. The reality was so complicated it made me want to cry.

Deep in my heart I wished Jay won't stop dancing on account of what just happened. He was doing so well I didn't want him going back to his sad old self.

My night was long as my mind kept on fighting different thoughts.


Early the following morning I woke up still feeling tired. I really couldnt sleep. I just kept on touching my lips and leaking the taste of her lips on them. Every time I closed my eyes I could see images of her beautiful face.

" she's wrong" I told myself.

" I not confused and I damn well know what I want. I am not just a boy with hormones but I feel like a man in love." I thought to myself.

from her reaction I knew she felt something for me and that for me, was good enough.

Instead of being discouraged I felt the urge to even do better and make sure I won her over. I was going to have her one way or another. I sat outside the lodge in the same spot as before and planned it all out. I was going to complete my secondary school and would go back for her.

Thoughts of her being taken by another man came to my mind but I was quick to push them away. " I will make it in life and she will accept me" I comforted myself.

Evening came and the dancing went on well. I saw her walk to the bus before we went to the competition and she looked calm. No one could tell something happened between us as she called me and asked me to carry her file as she did before. I tried to look at her but she was clearly avoiding my eyes and I smiled in my heart. " If she cannot look straight in your eyes it's because she's got feelings for you and is trying to hide the truth from you" I recalled my friend' s words.

After the awards were given of which Tracy and I got the first position and another couple from our group 4th position. We were awarded sums of money for the school and what really made me proud was that the guest of honour presented a special award. She was a white woman from Paris.

" now for our special award this evening we have selected 2 of our dancers and are rewarding them with a scholarship to go and study dancing in Paris. These two will be provided with transport , accommodation and all the necessary expenditure paid for during the period of their stay there."

" oh how lucky they are" , I spoke aloud. I was still talking when Tracy patted my hand.

" what?" I asked looking at her.

" it's you Jay!" She shouted excited.

" what! " I whispered not getting her point.

" Can we have Jared Zimba, from Luangwa secondary come to the front please!" I heard a man's voice from the loud speakers. Then it downed, I was the guy who won the scholarship.

Still shocked i stood up and looked around as everyone kept searching through the crowd to see who I was. I looked up at the TV hanging in the wall and saw myself on the screen. I felt like everything had has stopped moving.

" come on Jay! Go get it! " Came Ms Jere's sweet voice bringing me back from my shock.

She held my hand and led me to the front and I tagged along like a child.

I received the award after once again greeting the guest of honour who congratulated me. Turning to the cheering noise as people cheared on top of their voices. My friends came to the stage running and screaming!.

I felt great. The happiness in my heart was beyond what I had anticipated . It had always been my dream to find my way to the outside world to learn more about dancing and now my dream was coming true earlier than I had ever dreamt.

That night we didn't go straight to the lodge. Ms Jere offered us another night out and we had lots of funny.

I kept stealing glances at her but Tracy made it so difficult for me to have a close moment with her, but i was still happy being around her and everyone with me.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/hidden-dream

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Jared prove to her that you love her
Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by Oyinprince(m): 10:41am On Aug 27, 2019
Hidden Dream - Episode 12

A Story By Tisa Phiri


I was the talk of our school. Even my friends who laughed at my dancing were now admiring me. I was going to Paris the year after completing school and everyone envied me.

I had gone home and had a confrontation with my father who told me he didn't have time to watch the competition because like he always told me, he wasn't interested. My mother had however watched it and aunty Nelly told me she was so excited even though she didn't tell me to my face.

" you will have to go to the university after you complete school. For me that's settled. Your grades have improved am glad but that will not change my mind about this dancing thing. You won the competition and are going to study dancing? Then what? ?" My father glared at me.

" No way am going to sit here and watch you the son of colonel Zimba, become a clown to entertain people. There's no future in dancing my son you have to understand that. Tell Me how are you going to even earn your income? Or are you planning on going to college after the dance school?"

I wanted to leave his sight at that particular moment but I decided to take it easy. Recalling how Ms Jere had practically forced me to promise I wasn't going to have another confrontation with my father.

" don't go there and pick a quarrel with him. Let him speak his mind he's your father. Just know what you want and let it go" she had advised and I agreed to do as she asked.

That time after we got to school she went back to being my dance teacher and I didn't bring up the topic of my feelings again. Her eyes told me a million words and I needed not to push her. She wasn't going to tell me she loved me as long as I was her student and her, my teacher.

Even when I was dying to get close to her I talked myself out of it and kept my distance.

My days became better as I had the motivation to study harder. One was to prove my self worthy and make it through grade 12 with results that would make my family consider me as a part of them.

The second motive was to prove myself as a man to the woman I had deeply fallen in love with. I just had to man up and ensure I became what she derseved.

Tracy and I had become close and the only reason I allowed it that far, was to cover up my love for Ms Jere. She had accused me of having an affair with her claiming that someone told her I was seen coming from Ms Jere's room the night at the lodge. I couldn't let her go on announcing that news.

so I ensured I painted a picture that she was my girlfriend even though we were not really in any kind of relationship of intimacy. .with time the news faded and I was glad. I feared for my dear Mistress if people were to start talking about us.

That day my father was shouting I didn't respond. I let him say all he had and slowly walked away when he was done. But before I did I calmly told him,

" am sorry you feel that way father, but I will not let anyone else define my life now. I am 20 and am sure I can make my own decisions," I responded calmly looking at mom and dad who sat across the table.

My mother seemed more supportive even though it was evident she didn't want to go against her husband.

Months later.....

I was to write my final exams in a week' s time and I was determined to study harder. John who always stood by me helped me through the most difficult subjects and i was glad my mind was now acquainted with some contents.

Even though my father was behaving harsh with me. He still paid up my tuition fees whenever I was home so I was confident I was going to pass even if it meant getting credits in all the subjects, for me that was good enough.

" why lie to myself I would get 6 points man" I had told John one day as we did our studying.

" you can do it Jay, we all can let's just work hard" he encouraged me but I didn't want to set my standards higher than I could achieve.

" am okey with credits man, believe me I don't intend to do anything else apart from dancing. So why kill myself. 6 points is for you John and my own is making it through grade 12 as long as I pass." I exclaimed and John shook his head.

" you my friend are something else. But I know there's no point in trying to tell you otherwise. I have come to understand you and even when you are having some hard time getting on a good page with your old man, am sure he will one day appreciate you. You are a dreamer and with this kind of determination you will surely get what you want" He went on talking.

" mnmmm you surely have grown my man John I guess being 18 is really giving you some maturity" I teased him as I patted his back.

We both laughed before we started our studying.

" can I talk to you for a minute?" Tracy came over and I almost turned her down. The push on my shoe from John made me to stand up and follow her outside.

" what is it Tracy?" I asked not wanting to waste my studying time.

" Walk me to the other class I have something to ask you" she insisted.

I followed her as she walked close to me. She had been chosen head girl that year and so she had her own office. Instead of going to the class she had mentioned, she turned towards her small office and I sighed hating her hesitation to tell me what she called me for.

" Jay , we are completing school in a month's time and I want to ask the way forward since we have not really talked about us" she spoke up after we got to her office and she sat down whilst I remained standing leaning to the wall.

I almost burst out laughing, but I quickly stoped myself before the laugh could escape my mouth. For me it was funny cause as far as I knew we had nothing going on. The only thing I knew was the fact that we were friends and nothing more.

" are you trying to laugh at me Jay?" She scoffed

" oh no, no" I raised my hand to my face.

" oh God, Tracy, you are so beautiful and a damn hot girl. Sure you are the envy of most guys in this school."

" But?" She asked accusingly. Like she knew what I would say next wouldn't be what she expected.

" how do I put this?" I asked loudly.

" listen, I don't want to sound rude to you and ruin our friendship but I don't think we needed to talk about anything concerning us" I said pointing my hand at her and back at myself.

We cannot possibly have any plan if we never started anything.

" So you are saying you don't love me?" She said almost in a whisper.

" I love you Tracy but only as a friend am sorry if I gave you a different impression. I was even getting to think you are going out with Oswald before he went."

"That was to get you jealousy" she cut in.

" oh okay" I sighed slowly hitting my head on the wall as I picked my next words.

" well am sorry whatever the case I wasn't even jealousy because for me you have always been my good friend and I didn't think you expected something more." I told her honestly.

" is it because of Ms Jere? " she asked.

"here we go again" I snapped moving from the wall.

" am not doing this with you again Tracy. That woman has not done anything to you and for some reason you are always jealousy of her. Am leaving now if you don't mind I got to get to my books some of us are not naturally intelligent and we need to put in our best to pass" I stepped forward to go.

She quickly got in front of me and smiled.

" am sorry I brought her up I can't just help feel she's the reason you won't look at me in the way I want you to , I love you Jay and am tired of waiting for you to see me and ask me to be with you already. We will soon go out there and I want you as my boyfriend" she added holding my chest.

" am sorry I can't. I don't feel the same. You have to get over those feelings cause we are not going to have anything between us" I told her calmly and walked out.

Her insistence got to my nerves when she ran after me and when she caught up, she blocked my way and tried to have me kiss her.

At that moment I saw Angela (Ms Jere) passing along the corridors but I was sure she saw me even when she kept her eyes on her phone as she went forward.

" let me go!" I snapped feeling the urge to ran after Angela and explain the awkwardness Tracy was putting me in.

Stepping aside without a word, Tracy gave me way and I passed her without turning my eyes towards her angry gaze, I was sure was on me that moment.

The following day, I went to check on Ms Jere but was disappointed when I found she had left. Some teacher told me she had taken leave and would not be back until after we were done with the exams.

I tried her line on the phone I had sneaked in but it was off. " how can she go without saying goodbye to me?" I asked the question several times without giving myself an appropriate answer. I decided to put my thoughts of her aside as we went to the exams promising myself I would follow it up when I was done.

To be continued

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Angel Why
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Hidden Dream - Episode 13

A Story By Tisa Phiri


" what are you going to do now?" Aunty Nelly asked me as she hanged the clothes outside.

I had just been telling her how I had been looking for Angela a couple of months after completing school. I had tried to call her a million times, leaving texts but there was no response.

" I don't know aunty Nelly. Am really bothered, if only she knew how much I miss her and want to see her before I leave next week. " I complained.

She was the only person I had told my feelings for my teacher and as always Aunty Nelly gave me sound advice . She told me if I was able to have such persistence it meant I trully had fallen in love.

I had gone back to the school after we completed school but I didn't find her. They told me she was still on leave and won't be back until after a month. I had asked the teacher who I thought could be friends with her to give me the number she was using but she told me Angela never contacted her since she left and she also didn't know what other numbers she had.

She asked why I went looking for her and I lied she had not cleared me on the clearance forms and that she had to sign my scholarship. I knew I shouldn't have brought in the scholarship thing as her friend took it serious and asked me to talk to the head so that maybe he could find a way for my papers to be signed. I pretended to go the head teacher's office but turned away leaving the school premises.

" you surely love her" aunty Nelly sighed.

" I do love her and I know she must have something for me but she's hesitant. She should have given me a chance though, I won't forget her that easily. "

" since you can't find her and have tried your best to look for her, just give her some time. Am sure she's not comfortable with the fact that you are 2 years younger than her and the circumstances under which you met makes things some what complicated" she explanned.

"Seriously though, I don't think that's an issue " I kept on saying.

I was to leave the country after going through the whole procedure with the sponsors. My father insisted that I don't go and wait until I went to college. I had passed with 22 points and that was more than what I had expected. I could see my father trying to open up to me but never wanted to get closer to him. I feared if I did he would end up convincing me to drop my scholarship.

I knew having him otherwise was the best way so that I could avoid feeling bad if I let him down.

" do what you want", he clearly told me one day.

" But count me out. Am not going to support your dance career. And you can as well forget about me sponsoring you to the university if you leave for Paris. That will mark the end of you being my responsibility." He warned me.

I didn't care though. At that point in life i wasnt going to need so much of his help. The scholarship i had was to cater for all my expenses and so I was okey.

The weekend before I was to travel to Paris, I took one of the cars from home and drove into town.

It had been my 21st birthday the previous day and as was the trend in our home they had made a small party for me and my friends which also served as a farewell party.

I agree I had a lots of funny with my friends. I had invited John, Oswald, Ben and some other guys from school.

Tracy who heard the news from John also came over and I was surprised to see her. I had not really communicated with her since we completed school trying to stay clear from her.

She had acted out like my girl as usual and the guys envied me telling me how she and I made a perfect couple. Surprisingly she bonded well with my sister Tina who went on parading her in the house.

I could see aunty Nelly shooting glances at me and when I asked her why, she had laughed so hard.

" you my friend are in trouble with this girl. I see how she's all over you and your family. Imagine she had the guts to go and greet your parents" she laughed.

" what? She did? " I asked shocked.

" Yeah, your sister's took her and I over heard her telling them you where good friends from school. Your mother commended her beauty. I can tell she liked her daughter in law." She teased me

" forget it aunty Nelly am never going to marry that girl. She's too loud for me?" I shrugged leaving her laughing before joining my friends.

Surprisingly, my parents gave me the latest Samsung phone as a present. I even gave away the small Samsung duos I was using which I got from Pep.

So, I drove to town taking John who came all the way from Kafue for my birthday.

" I really wish I could also go out of the country man," he giggled. " so how are you feeling ?" John looked at me.

" am excited man, you have no idea but am just hurt I won't be saying bye to her. I have not seen her since we completed school. "

" Her?" John scoffed. " I thought your girl was there at the party yesterday man, who are you talking about?"

" Tracy is not my girl man, she's just a friend and you know how she likes dominating, I have never been with her and I dont plan on doing so. It's someone else" i told him shrugging as I held on in the steering sitting upright

" No way! , how come I wasn't told about this babe that has got my friend under her sleeves.? Its evident you are way crazy about this girl man and I need to know her. Who is She?" He questioned me now paying attention to me.

I smiled at the thought of Angela and without hesitation I mentioned her name.

" Angela" I announced smiling " her name is Angela and yes you know her. From LUBO" I told John who held his forehead trying to recall any Angela from school.

" Angela, Angela....." He repeated her name shaking his head.

" No man, tell me the truth I can't recall anyone by that name. Was she in grade 10 or 11? Cause we had no such name in our intake"

" it's because you are thinking of students John " I laughed.

" she wasn't a student" I added looking at him.

" Angela," he frowned thinking hard

" No ways, you don't say? Am I thinking about the right person?" He raised his eyes in surprise.

" Yeah," I sighed. " Ms Jere " I told him blantly and I saw him hold his face laughing.

" Jay, you are the most mysterious Human being I have ever known. How did you pull it out with that hot teacher man? come on, this is the news I would love to sit and listen to. It's so unbelievable. Come on tell me more! " he shouted sitting up as I drove him to Kafue.

" well, what can I tell you my friend, I fall in love with her but she turned me down you know how it was. I was just a student and her my teacher plus she was 21 when I was 19 so..." i shrugged.

" But you told her how you feel?" He asked.

" I did but she didn't seem to accept. I promised her I would get back to her and prove I loved her and not just crazy. But i have not seen her for the past 3 months. Her line has been off and I can't seem to find her. I really wish I could say bye to her and tell her to wait for me till I come back. Maybe keep in touch you know".

John was quite for a while and then he held my knee.

" you should have told me this man, we are friends." He complained.

" I know man. But you know how it was I couldnt tell anyone. It was complicated "

" anyway I get you man, now listen I love you my friend and from what you have told me I know you feel the hot teacher so I will help you. I know of a girl who was in the other class 12 B , I guess, she was the niece to Ms Jere and she can probably tell us about her whereabouts."

I almost lost control with excitement. " you do? And you sure this girl can lead us to my Angela?" I asked almost panicking.

" Yeah let me try call her man, she's my friend and am sure I can find something from her right now"

I watched as John talked to the Niece to Angela laughing and smiling as he talked.

" Yeah sure thing I can take note of it" I heard him say and extended his hand for me to hand him my phone.

" right, thank you so much sweetie, I owe you one. But please don't tell her I asked. We want to pay her a surprise visit and thank her for being a good teacher" he added before hanging up.

" what? " I asked turning my head from the road as the vehicle moved on..

" here you go, she in Lusaka. That's the address there" he smiled handing me the phone.

" wow! You have no idea how happy I am right now. Thanks man" I chuckled looking at the address and increasing the speed.

" you owe me one Jared!" He shouted whilst laughing.

" I surely do " I smiled. " let me drop you right here you get on a bus man," I teased him

" don't you dare you jerk! " He frowned and we both burst out laughing.

After dropping him I went straight to the address I was given. It indicated she was in Avondale. Instead of going to Lusaka West I took a turn and joined great east road. I had to see her. I only had that saturday and Sunday before leaving on a Monday. I was scheduled to Fly with the 14 Hours flight.

I came to a halt when I drove in front of a meroon gate. Taking in some deep breaths. I was so excited all along I didn't think of how I was going to reach her place that day. All I had thought of up until then was just seeing her again and didn't get to plan what I was going to do when there.

Pulling aside the inside mirrow I took a look at my anxious face and wiped it a bit before sighing deeply.

I walked to the gate not wanting to start hooting. Rubbing off the sweat from my hands.

To be continued

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Hidden Dream - Episode 14

A Story By Tisa Phiri

I waited after knocking on the gate twice making sure my knock wasn't so loud but audible . I couldn't have whoever was inside to have a bad impression of me.

I held my hands nervously waiting for the person who was opening the gate to come out. A gentle looking man walked out looking at me.

"Good afternoon," I greeted him ignoring the thoughts that rushed through my head.

"What if this gentle man was her lover or even Fiance? " I thought.

I decided to be brave. I was going to see her whatever was the case.

The man responded and told me to wait when I told him I was looking for Angela. I couldnt use Ms Jere knowing that would sell me out as a student of hers. I was a man now and I held my head high.

Taking one look at my blue jeans a bit ripped on the front pocket and a short sleeved black shirt, matching with a pair of black casual shoes and I recalled how much they had cost me and smiled, they were worthy it cause I knew they looked so good on my feet i felt my pride rise.

Lifting my arm to smell if i didn't forget to put on roll on and perfume. Satisfied I smelled good, I sighed as I heard the foot steps from inside. It was obvious she was the one coming cause the sound of the slippers Patting as she walked gave her away.

I was almost starting to imagine her smooth legs and medium sized feet when she stood right in front of me frozen. It was like she had seen a ghost.

Her lips patted as she gazed at me and for a moment I kept my eyes on set on them contemplating how they would taste on mine if i got them just to slid on them in a flash.

She had no makeup on, she looked even more beautiful. Obviously not expecting anyone important, her hair was a bit out of older too, like she just unbraided it as I could see the curls I used to see when my mother was done undoing her hair, Only hers was longer and fall to her shoulders. She had the small part in front dyed with a strip of Gold or Brown I wasn't sure.

My eyes went down her body taking in her jeggings and a loose T-shirt. I was right, she had slippers on her feet, I had to swallow hard. The sight of her well manicured nails was so appealing I felt I could in an instant rub them gently.

All this I visualized in a flash of some seconds, then quickly looked up her face smiling widely.

" hey!" I finally greeted her and she opened her eyes wide to look at me like my voice just confirmed it was me standing before her.

" hey! Am um um ," she stammered completely lost of words.

" what are you doing here? She finally uttered her words.

" well, I came to see you, I looked for you for months and now here I am," i raised my hands and dropped them on my thigh making a small sound as they patted on my jeans.

" but I don't understand, how did you find me? I mean who gave...."

" I found a way that's what matters right?" I asked her, cutting her short. "where there is a will, there is a way you know the saying" I giggled looking at her as she held her hand to the gate.

" are you going to allow me in or what?" I asked her making sure my manly voice came out.

" oh Yeah, sure please come in Jay. Am sorry I was just caught off guard" she frowned holding the gate to allow me in.

I waited for her to lock back the gate and followed her as she walked towards the house.

I looked around the back where they had a small garden and the rest of the yard had neat green glass. I saw the man who opened the gate for me seated outside the servants quarter relieving me of the negative thoughts I had earlier.

"Come in," she invited me into the house and I followed her passing through the kitchen before entering the living room with a wide mirrow on the side. Taking a quick look at myself before going to sit where she had offered me a seat.

" I like your house. It's so calm and peaceful " I smiled at her as she sat on the opposite couch facing Me.

" Thank you, but it's not mine, its for my elder brother and his wife both of them have gone out for the weekend with their kids" she responded with a soft laugh.

" I see" I smiled back. " it's beautiful anyway," I i shrugged and looked up and around. Our house was much bigger with more defined furniture and planty of some room too but I honestly loved the simplicity of her brother's house.

" so what brings you here Jay, and how are you? I hope there's no problem home" she started bring me back to the moment.

" oh yeah everyone is okey and like I promised you I never pick fights with my father, he's more calm now that I passed my grade 12."

"I heard and am proud of you" she smiled.

" Yeah thanks, but am not okey. I have not been okey since you left the school" I told her looking direct at her.

" oh no, what happened? Is anything the matter?" She asked, the sincerity of her concern clearly displayed in her eyes.

I shook my head and chose my next words,

" am not okey Angela," I said almost in a whisper.

She swallowed hard I saw her gullet move up and down at my courage to call her by her first name.

" I have not been okey because I missed you a lot and was sad you never said good bye to me. You know I would have loved to know your whereabouts. I have spent the last 3 months searching for you and trying your line but I never went through. Tell me why you decided to purnish me like this" I went on not looking away from her face.

She shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

"Jay stop talking like that you know my view on this" she responded uncomfortably.

" I can't because you told me I was confused before, are you sure after almost a year and now am 21 am still having some hormone break down? When are you going to understand that I love you and I want you for myself?" Moving to where she sat I held her hand.

Tell me you don't feel any thing for me. Look into my eyes Angela and tell me you don't have any feelings for me and I swear to God I will never bother you again"

She looked down avoiding my eyes and before she could say a word we heard the gate opening and the sound of a car outside.

I looked up the window and saw a man and woman seated in the front driving in.

" that should be my brother," she told me and I moved back to my previous seat and sank back as we saw them enter the house.

" helo!" The brother extended his hand towards me and I stood up shaking it gently but firmly.

"Hello! How are you sir?" I greeted him and turned to greet his wife and the two girls who I supposed were their kids.

" I saw a vehicle outside and was wondering who's visiting us" he let a laugh and Angela stood up.

" He's Jared, brother , he came to see me" she indicated looking at me and I nodded my head in agreement. Glad she didn't tell him I was her former student.

The man talked with us for a bit and I easied up realising how cool he was.

" let me leave you two to catch up am going to the other room" he announced and left us.

" feel at home Jared, and it was nice meeting you" he added as he reached the door.

" the pleasure is mine sir, and thank you for the warm welcome but I have to leave now" I told him looking at Angela who had talked less the entire time.

" okey then safe travel back to your home" he smiled and I stood up to go.

" will you see me out?" I asked Angela.

" Yeah of course I will" she chuckled a little. Standing up and walking me out to the car.

" get in," I ordered opening the car door for her the moment we were outside.

" what? No I can't I have to...."

" please ," i whispered, my eyes pleading.

She got in and sat down as I went round the car to join her inside.

" I still want to talk to you. You have not answered my question"

She looked at me and sighed, but before she said a word I started the car without warning.

" where are you taking me looking like this?" She asked me looking straight at my face.

I smiled, " you will see, and there is nothing wrong with the way you look. I actually like it. You look good."

I saw her shake her head but said nothing .

We both remained quite as I drove to the road down Chainda heading to twin palms and then stopped, after taking a small turn besides the main road and parked where there was a clearing.

" Jay, I seriously don't know what you are doing but I don't like where this is going. What's the meaning of this? " she asked, as usual in a calm voice. I wondered if she had ever yeld at anyone. She was way too calm and I loved the peace that surrounded her.

" I asked you a question and I need an answer. Listen, am going away on Monday and I am glad I found you today. I needed to see you and to answer your question of what am doing. It's simple, I want to know how you feel about me. Look at me and tell me you don't feel anything and like I told you earlier, I will leave you alone and will not bother you again. Look into my eyes and tell me the truth please" I pleaded holding her hands as I turned to look at her.

She kept her eyes on the dash board and I couldn't see that woman who was my teacher, all I could see was a woman who I loved so much but with the struggle to look at me.

I held her chin and turned her face towards me .

" am waiting, " i whispered.

She looked straight into my eyes and I took in the softness in them. They looked clouded with some gentle passion which I could cleary interprate.

" I can't do this Jay, please you have to let me be, we are......"

She couldn't get to finish her sentence and I held her mouth with my finger. Patting her lips gently.

" come with me, " I whispered still touching her lips.

" what do you mean," she murmered behind my finger.

I walked to her side and opened the door holding her hand to allow her out.

I placed my phone to the radio in the car and turned the volume as the song I knew she loved cause I always heard it playing softly every time I went to her class back in school.

I increased the volume as I led her a couple of steps from the vehicle leaving the door open.

I bow my head slightly and asked her, " will you dance with me?"

She looked around and back at me.

" here?" She asked surprised.

" Yeah. A perfect place for a perfect dance" I chuckled and held her close as the gentle music played on.

She was a bit stiff at the beginning, but as I drew her closer I felt her relax and she slowly placed her head on my chest dancing slowly her hands now touching my shoulders.

I stepped back and threw her forward, turning her around and pulled her back into my embrace and I saw her lips curve into a smile.

I held her closer dancing slowly with her my heart at peace and my mind so calm I felt home.

Without talking, allowing the sound of the music take over our thoughts, we danced quietly. I didn't want to let her go, she belonged to me older than me or not, my heart had chosen.

She sighed and slid her hands on my chest stepping back and looked up at me.

" Jay," she begun the sound of her voice making my insides move....

" talk to me Angela, Am all ears"

To be continued

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Angel don't break my Jay's heart anyway I'm available
Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by Oyinprince(m): 4:09pm On Sep 02, 2019
Hidden Dream - Episode 15

A Story By Tisa Phiri

Ms Jere....

With his every step he led me deep into what I feared the most, falling in love with him. He held me so close as I felt his soft heart beat.

Closing my eyes I let the song take me, I felt comfortable and when I realised what was happening, I stepped back.

His soft eyes set on mine and I struggled to control what I was feeling.

I had taken leave when I noticed how he begun frequenting my office. I recalled how Tracy came to me one day and told me point blank how she felt for Jay.

" am going to tell him the truth tomorrow madam" she had told me.

" well, I don't know what to tell you Tracy. It's like you are not here for advice but to inform me of that your decision" I had told her. I knew she had something else planned not really wanting to ask my opinion. I knew at that point that she was suspecting something. She just wanted to make it clear I understood that she was aware of Jay' s feelings for me and I knew talking her out of it would trigger something else. She was obsessed with him.

I saw him standing as he talked something with her even though I could see he wasn't happy being around her, I ignored them that night and faked looking at something on my phone as I passed them.

The day after I signed for some leave days. Taking 3 months so that by the time my days would be over, the grade 12s would have finished writing their exams.

I didn't anticipate Jay coming to find me. Having changed my number and made sure I didn't give anyone from school my line so as to avoid him finding it.

" if you don't care about him, why are you so determined to hide from him? Why are you afraid of letting out your number if you know he wasn't serious about your feelings?" My friend had asked me.

"There can't be anything between us my friend do you even hear yourself. It's my student we are talking about here" I argued.

" Yeah, yeah a student that you won't stop talking about him. Just accept it you feel things for this so called student of yours. And from the photos you showed me at that dance competition he is a very charming and good looking man. " she responded

" well I really have not to worry now that am out of that place and since he will be going for his studies with that scholarship am sure I won't be seeing him any time soon. " I defended myself.

However I was shocked seeing him at my brother' s house. When the guy who is renting at the servant's quarter told me someone was by the gate I had thought maybe it was one of the people from the dance class I used to go help out in town. Seeing him there in his jeans and a dark shirt that made him look so grown up and handsome, I couldn't say any words. My mouth was dry.

"Talk to me, am all ears Angela" he smiled his stern voice close to my ears.

" I can't do this Jay, we talked about this already."

" exactly," he cut me. We have talked about this before and we are not going back to talk about it in the same way. Will you stop resisting me already, you know how you feel about me but I don't understand why you keep fighting it. Am I not man enough for you?" He asked not moving away from me his nice scent clouding my judgement.

" I don't know what to tell you then. What happens If you decide am too old for you? You fall in love with a younger girl where you are going? No, Jay please understand, us women we grow faster than men. You are just starting your life and there are a lot of things you have not yet experienced as a man. Am a woman and pretty soon I will start thinking of settling down. When you are still in the world of exploring. Please. I may be feeling something for you Yes, I agree you are driving me crazy right now holding me and standing so close to me but this can not last. Trust me I might be 2 years older than you but for me a woman that's lots of years. I have matured and you will find it difficult to catch up with me. " I took my time bringing out every word with so much gentleness.

He stood quite for some time and I felt glad he was getting my points.

I held his hand wanting to add on to my words to convince him.

" Listen, you will fall in love again. You are only 21, I can promise you you will find a woman who will love you and you will love her back. Then, you will understand that it's possible to forget someone. Am so greatful to have experienced this with you. You have made me realise and feel special and for that, I will forever be greatful. "

He was still quite and this time it scared me. The last thing I needed was him getting upset or discouraged. I wanted him to be okey and to have his mind free from any negativity.

" hey, are you not going to say anything?" I asked him looking up at him as he stood a shoulder taller than me.

He sighed and instead, moved me closer to the vehicle until my back was to the body of the RAV 4. Pressing himself against my body closing in every bit of space between us.

" No, you will not use that calmness and all matured words or whatever you are telling yourself your words are. Am not scared of all that. You being matured, me being just a 21 year old with some life to explore. You know why? " he asked his head on my forehead.

I looked up at him without saying a word.

" because I love you and I don't want to explore anything else. I will not let what I feel for you be just some history that I can refer to in future. I want you Angela to be my past, my present and my future." He frowned still keeping his forehead on mine.

" you have to understand I mean well for you Jay" I murmered my words.

He lifted his head and held my chin. " look at me" he commanded

I did and he slowly moved his mouth to mine hesitating as he brushed my lips slightly.

" Come on, kiss me" he whispered making my legs go numb as the desire to do so filled my body.

He moved his head to and from making his lips rub mine. " am waiting my love, please show me that you want me as much as I want you. You are mine Angela and am coming back for you. No matter how long it will take me, I still will find my way back to you because with you this close is how I wish to be forever.

I may have been your student before but now am ready to be the man that you would want me to be,if I will act like a child, I want you to be the one to remind me of who I should be and use your wisdom to bring me back to my senses. If at all i will go on those childish explorations for whatever reason, be the one to remind me of this day and I promise I will do as you will say.

All I want is for you to show me you love me and promise you will wait for me to come back from Paris. I know I don't have much to offer you now. You probably have a lot of guys lined up wanting you for themselves, I just want to know if you will choose me. Call me selfish or whatever but I love you.

I love you and I love you so much... be mine please" he gave his heart out it left me defenceless.

I wanted him too, I didn't want him to leave my side and I wanted to scream my joy out. He just made my mind go wild I didn't want to ever leave his side.

He sighed and almost said something but without any resistance, pulled him closer and kissed him.

He must have not expected it sooner so he was still for a while.

I stopped, breathing heavily looking at him and like a hungry man he came forward kissing me with so much passion moaning softly as he engulfed my small body in his arms.

I could feel his bottom rising and I knew I had to withdraw before the worst happened in the small bush we were in. But my body didn't want me to stop. I tried to loosen up from his grip but he wasn't willing to let me go.

For some long minutes we kissed and when his hands touched my skin inside the shirt I felt sharp and dense feelings shoot all over my body.

" No, stop Jay!" I stepped aside breathing heavily. His eyes now turned to some intense and deep teary way..

" we can't do this" I managed to say between my breaths.

" yeah I know," he smiled.

"I was just lost in the moment. See it's your fault now I won't be able to control it" he faked a sad face.

" come on, let's sit back in the car." He held my hand and lead me inside but instead of the front we sat in the back.

He moved my head down making me lay on his laps. He put my favourite song " I will always love you." By Whitney Houston.

Grabbing his phone he held it high and got a photo of me.

" No please not with my messed up hair" I complained laughing and he took more as I laughed.." Come on... stop that seriously. I look terrible" I winced.

" I love these photos I wouldn't ask for any other but these same ones" he laughed as he slid the phone showing me the photos.

He lifted me up and leaned his head on mine before getting a selfie.

We were in the same place for a long time i didn't realise it was getting dark.

He told me he would be travelling on the coming Monday and asked if I would see him to the airport of which I declined.

I had to convince him I needed not to go after making me pay by going on another episode of kisses before he could accept.

Outside my brother's house he parked the car and turned on the light.

" it's late I really need to go now, my brother will soon start calling me. He still thinks am a baby" I let a laugh.

" yeah I know, you told me how he's so particular with your way of life and I love him for that cause he will probably help looking out for me when I go. Besides I think he liked me" he teased.

" I hate to leave right now. Believe me if it were up to me I would sleep in this car provided you are here with me. But I have to go, you know, borrowed vehicles, someone might want to use it" He frowned.

He bent down and planted a kiss and pushed me a bit..

" go now, before I change my mind" he whispered still holding my hand as he stood by the door.

I slid down landing in him and let a small laugh.

" come on. Am not going to evaporate . Let go now" I smiled not really wanting him to leave.

I watched him drive away his face still facing me as I waved slightly .

He smiled widely and increased speed as though to escape being near me any longer.

I shook my head and walked inside.

" oh God! Someone is really in love, you look like someone from a romance movie!" My sister in law shouted as I walked in humming to the song Jay played over and over again' I will always love you.'

" oh don't start" i shouted back avoiding to look at her as my face gave away what I was feeling inside.

" He's so cute, and looks like a gentle man" she added coming to stand near me as I leaned on the sink in the kitchen.

" He's a dancer, ball room dancer for that matter. It's in his nature to be a gentle man" I blushed making my sister

-in-law laugh.

" mnmmm I see, someone is in love with a dancer. What a couple, am sure your kids will be dancers too and I can imagine a family full of dances" she teased laughing.

I stayed quite. I had not thought of all that, having a family with Jay? Oh God I thought to myself. "Is this even possible?" I asked myself and turned to walk away. I had to have my hair cleaned up. I just finished unplaiting before Jay came by.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/stories/hidden-dream


Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by DivineSpecial(f): 5:06am On Sep 03, 2019
Awwwn cute couples
Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by Oyinprince(m): 10:36pm On Sep 03, 2019
Hidden Dream - Episode 16

A Story By Tisa Phiri


I looked at the lights across the building, the entire city was lit, it was like there was no place that didnt have lights.

I sighed feeling the chilled breeze touch my skin. I didn't want to put on anything on me except for the long sleeved T shirt I had on top of some black pants.

It was one of the days I missed home so much. Home by that I meant Angela. Not that I didn't miss my family, but I felt I could do with just talking with them on the phone and video chatting a little too.

I have been communicating with Angela on a daily basis, at least up until 4 months back when I couldn't get through to her number. I tried to contact her but I never went through.

I felt tears threatening to spill from my eyes when thoughts of the last time I saw her came to my mind.

I had gone to her place on a Monday I was to travel. I woke up early finished parking my things and rushed out before anyone could see me. I drove to her place hoping she was awake. I was by her gate at exactly 07 am.

" am outside" I called her and cut the line before she could say anything.

I just loved her looks without make-up on and she looked so good in my eyes in her chitenge I could tell she was from her bed by the look on her face.

" Jay, are you not supposed to be preparing for the airport now?" She asked as she opened the car door as I didn't get down deliberately wanting her to come in.

" I know but I just couldn't go. I had to make sure I saw you first. Am going for 2 years and I don't know if I will find any chance to come back before that." I told her.

"I want to make you mine love" I told her making her turn to face me in an instance.

" what? What do you mean Jay?" She whispered avoiding my gaze.

" yeah you heard me, am 21 and still a virgin. I want you to be my first before I go to Paris." I spoke straight up.

I saw her turn her face down slowly playing with her hands. " Jay why are you so much in a rush? I mean we just started this a day ago and here you are talking about making love to me. What do you expect me to feel about all this?

" I know you might probably think I want to use you but look into my eyes and tell me am here for some kind of game" I glanced at her.

I saw her shift in her seat uncomfortably. "What is It?" I asked her.

" I have never had sex with anyone before too Jay and honestly I don't think am ready. Give me some time will you?"

I wanted her so bad even though I was a little scared. " okey I won't push you" I had told her,

"am sure when I come back we will have plenty of time to catch up and make all the love we can possibly do" I laughed as she did too.

She asked for me to give her a few minutes as she went back into the yard.

Coming back after about 8 minutes she had changed into a short dress and pamps. The smell of her lotion told me she took a bath or shower.

"Let's go " qshe looked at me as she fastened her seat belt.

" mnmmm where to?" I asked surprised.

"I will show you just follow my direction.its about 25 minutes passed 07, we have about 5 hours together then you can go back to pick your things for the airport" she smiled

I wanted to persist asking where we were going but I didn't want to ruin the look of excitement on her face.

We passed Avondale and had now joined great east road. She told me to turn as we got to a Catholic church across showing me some direction until she asked me to park inside a house in Chelstone with a round fence of flowers.

" who stays here? " I asked calmly as she led me to the front door. I thought she would knock but she surprised me again when she took out the keys from the small purse in her hands and opened the door.

" okey," I sighed shaking my head as followed her inside.

" easy up. This is my friend's house and she's out of town. I called her and she gave me permission to come over and spend some time with you" she chuckled holding my hand to the couch.

I felt my inside go wild as I imagined the time I would spend with her so close and alone in a house.

" I couldn't say anything for a couple of minutes not wanting to bring up the topic of making love to her when she was clear she needed time.

Before I could find my words I saw her stand in the door way with all her clothes off.

" Angela, oh my God! What are you doing I thought you said...."

" shshshshsh" she held her mouth and turned away invitingly.

I followed her to the other room like a zombie, all my senses shut down and my outside man ready to experience what I had only imagined.

After several minutes of love making. We both sat in the couch and stared at nothing in particular.

" Thank you" I finally spoke up.

" for what?" She asked leaning back in my chest.

" For making me a man, I didn't know that's how much I would enjoy my first time. Even when the first round was a bit painful. I think we both got it right in the end and the whatever rounds that followed I swear they were amazing."

She smiled her eyes closed. " I wanted to make sure we both had something to connect us and have something to remember each other by when apart. I love you Jared Zimba, and I hope you are the man of your words. Come back to me" she whispered.

I had made her my promise to go back for her.

" am going to make the most of this scholarship and I can assure you am not coming back the same. I want to make a difference and I will definitely make you part of whatever am going to achieve"

" Jay, the class is here. People are waiting for you" Beverly's voice called me out bringing me back to my senses.

" am coming, Bev just give me a couple of minutes okey" I asked her as she stood by the entrance to the building. We were at the 17th floor of the building and I stood at the balcon looking outside.

" she hasn't responded yet right?" I heard her join me touching the rails.

" nope" I shook my head.

" It's quite.i really wish i could know what's going on. Unfortunately I can't even ask my friend to go find out whats going on. He's in the university in a different town. "

"I have known you for 2 years Jay, and I know you are committed and faithful to this woman. But come on, how many women can wait for a man that long? She probably have moved on and couldn't tell you the truth" Beverly told me holding my hand.

" No she can't do that to me, she loves me and am sure of that, I have been communicating with her the past months and everything has been great. No she cant" I shook my head.

" you really don't know her Jay, you told me yourself how you met and I don't think the two times that you guys spent some time together you had managed to convince her otherwise."

I hated the fact that she had a point. I never really got to know Angela all I knew where the details she told me on phone whenever I would call her. But in my heart I still convinced myself it was just something serious going on and when she had things settled she would get back to me and I looked forward to that day.

After starting the dance lessons in Paris I was quickly taken up cause I was good. I completed the course within a year and when I was offered a job to teach dancing at a dance school I couldnt turn down the offer. I knew I could make enough money and planned to leave when I had made enough to have a good start over with my Angela.

What was even more encouraging is how much I made from performing at some shows which also got me lots of dollars.

I had thought of starting to send something to my love Angela before she went dark on me.

Everything was going on quite well in Paris only the void that I felt in my heart for not seeing nor talking to her.

" okey come on people get paired up we get started" I shouted clapping my hands as I got to the dance floor.

I gave some few demonstrations and watched as the couple's danced as I sat down on my chair.

My mind wild back and I recalled the last video chat I hard with Tracy. She had surprisingly called me and told me she was now good friends with my sister. We are even in the same university now and your family is really cool. I would say you exaggerated a little bit about your dad being harsh."

"Whatever Tracy, now tell me why you are calling me" I asked her holding my neck.

" what is it you tired or something? " She asked me avoiding to answer my question.

" Yeah I am, I had a night show and if you don't mind I really need to get some rest"

" okey, that's okey babe, I just missed you and I really wanted to see your face" she smiled

" am not your babe Tracy come on I have a girl friend now and I really don't want to have some drama with you" I told her off.

" who is She?" She frowned changing her facial expression.

" you will know her soon enough but I have to go now, i sighed turning off the phone.

"Could it be she found out and is making some crazy drama with Angela? " I asked myself

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/hidden-dream
Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by Doubra12(m): 10:03am On Sep 04, 2019
Nice story pls update

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