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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by cyber5(m): 11:33am On Dec 27, 2017
Seems life is starting to get quizzical.
I've missed you guys so. Bimberry1307, cyber5, iamdaquin01, EvaJael and the others. Merry Christmas once more.

Merry Xmas

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by cyber5(m): 11:37am On Dec 27, 2017
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Another update coming up
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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 12:08pm On Dec 27, 2017

Missed ya a lot
My internet arms has been cut off

PS: Rice and Chicken has finished. your order came late
Ah it's not fair oo will miss you. All is well sha since you decided to deprive me of Xmas food
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by cyber5(m): 12:14pm On Dec 27, 2017

Ah it's not fair oo will miss you. All is well sha since you decided to deprive me of Xmas food

Don't binu si mi

All will be well

I'll fix everything soon
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 8:11pm On Dec 28, 2017
M sorry for not updating frequently.
I really need ya'all support, you can help me tag some of nairaland literature lovers.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by EvaJael(f): 10:35pm On Dec 28, 2017
EvaJael I'm. Hooked with hidden diamonds o...
I'm rushing to reach d last page so I can have my own personal space there. Thumbs up honey
Aww thank you shuga
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Olabantu(m): 12:02pm On Dec 29, 2017
Like seriously you rock gal.... Couldn't drop the phone since I started
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 6:10pm On Dec 29, 2017

Aww thank you shuga

Yw hon... M expecting new year gft o
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 6:10pm On Dec 29, 2017
Like seriously you rock gal.... Couldn't drop the phone since I started

Thanks hon I'm blushing
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 6:11pm On Dec 29, 2017
Oya oo bimberry1307, xtranoble, iamdaquin01, EvaJael, where una dey, another update coming up. Cyber5 has decided to run away.

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 6:16pm On Dec 29, 2017
Chapter twenty
That was close
Linda's face lit up with joy when the doctor announced that Jess Could go home already. Dylan beamed with joy, the guilt he was feeling, wearing off totally. He grabbed her bags while Linda helped her change into her clothes from the hospital gown. Jessica couldn't hide her smile, she hugged her friend with tears streaming down her cheeks, she was grateful.

Dylan whistled as he carried the bags to the back of the car. Linda walked with Jessica hand in hand as she kept asking questions about school. A car was reversing out of the parking lot, about to zoom out of the compound. Dylan had a bad feeling about the car but he couldn't place it.

Jess walked towards where Dylan was, she wanted to ask him what was wrong or what he was thinking about, she didn't see it coming but he was fast enough to pull her behind him, using the the thick leather bag he was holding to obstruct the bullet from hitting any of them. The bullet bounced back to the ground but the car zoomed off immediately. Linda gripped the door of the car very hard because she couldn't believe what just happened. Jessica couldn't say anything, she just stared at their awkward position, her mouth trembling. He thought she wasn't comfortable with their awkward position so he straightened up nd held her away from the body of the car holding her hands.

"well that was close. Phew we should start going " He led her to the car, still too stunned to say anything, she tried to stammer a 'thank you'. He smiled and drove out of the hospital compound buh he decided to pay his mother a visit after dropping them off.
" Correla!!! Where the hell are you?? " Dylan screamed as he stormed his way into his mother's boutique. The receptionist stammered greetings to him which he didn't bother to reply, she watched in fright. All sales attendants and purchasers now concentrated on a raged Dylan, confronting his mother.

"Son, let's talk in my office, we shouldn't hang out our dirty linens" Correla said through clenched teeth and dragged him into her office. She tried to put on a calm expression but she was disturbed within.

"why are you after her life? Why mom why? " He demanded an answer but he got nothing, so he continued. " Firstly, you wanted her dead in the toilet in which the problem will be on the school authorities. Secondly, you almost got her shot in which I had to prevent. Oh I made a mistake, I should have accepted the bullet maybe you would feel the pain her parents would have gone through. "

Correla held her son's hand, tears in her eyes, she didn't want to tell him, he would think lowly of her and his father. He couldn't know the truth yet even though she had stopped giving him the drugs. She thought of it for a while, she would lie low for some time and find the perfect time to strike. She commended her self internally.

"Dylan baby, I'm so sorry, I just don't want you with that girl. I promise I won't do anything of what happened the last time again, please son, it won't repeat itself. I hate it when you are mad at me" She told him, faking tears and shaky voice.

He couldn't stand it, her tears were his weakness. He couldn't stand it anytime she was this close to tears but the guilt and hurt tugging at his heart built a little courage in him to still reply her with a harsh tone.

"I know you are sorry but you shouldn't be mean if she has done nothing to you, you are indirectly hurting me. You can't choose who I roll with mom" he turned to leave but stopped in his track to give her a last notice. "I won't be home for a while but I will surely come to check you all the time."

"No problem honey, just be safe, mom loves you okay" He smiled back at her but he didn't miss the mischief in her voice, she might not do anything but he won't let his guard down. He stormed out of the boutique the same way he stormed in, oblivious to the stares he got.

He called Linda to ask after Jess, and promised to be there in a couple of minutes after grabbing packs of pizza and sodas. He smiled at the thought of seeing Jessica again and smiled before driving off.

Sarah and Linda filled Jess in on what has been going on at school and of course Dylan didn't miss the part of his small talk with Derek. She was so excited that she faked annoyance and scrunch her nose after saying she should have been there. Dylan felt awkward again. "please girls could you excuse I and Jess? We need to talk" They nodded and stood up to leave the room.

He stood up from the armchair in the room to sit beside her on the bed. She moved away a little bit but etched closer when she saw the hurt in his eyes, he meant no harm. "I'm sorry jess" were the words that came out of his mouth, his head buried in his hands.

"You know why I'm going through all these right? You know it's been your mom yet you still feel guilty and responsible even if you don't know the reason behind it. You don't need to feel guilty, we are in this together and we will surely get the truth out. " She put her hand on his arm but he only nodded.

" I should rest a little, then we would talk tomorrow at school about Friday's presentation" Slowly, she closed her eyes, the medication Linda gave her were just starting to have effect. Soon she was fast asleep. He covered her with the duvet and stared hard at her face. He put a stray hair lurked on her forehead behind her ear.

A shiver ran down his spine, his head aching, he had done this same thing for a little girl when he was young but he couldn't put the piece together. He gathered himself and headed towards the door, he couldn't pass out again, he needed air.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by EvaJael(f): 7:22pm On Dec 29, 2017
Oya oo bimberry1307, xtranoble, iamdaquin01, EvaJael, where una dey, another update coming up. Cyber5 has decided to run away.
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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by cyber5(m): 10:51pm On Dec 30, 2017
Oya oo bimberry1307, xtranoble, iamdaquin01, EvaJael, where una dey, another update coming up. Cyber5 has decided to run away.
Am back bae
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 4:17pm On Dec 31, 2017

Am back bae

Yayy new year will b superb
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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 4:17pm On Dec 31, 2017
Chapter twenty-one
Jessica inhaled deeply, relishing the flowery scent and cologne of different students. How she had missed school so much. She strolled to her locker and was surprised at how she met it, arranged and neatly cleaned up it even had a fresh smell. She recognised the scent, it was Sarah's. She turned back to face a grinning Sarah holding two packs of burger.

"I'm really sorry Jess, for not being there for you, it's not like I meant it but you know I just hate hospitals and I know I really don't deserve you but I feel awful coming to terms with the fact that I wasn't there to see you recover. I couldn't even come over to Linda's house, I was ashamed" Sarah rambled on, fluttering her eyes and twiddling with her fingers nervously.

Jess let out a weird laughter which put a smile on Sarah's face before talking and putting an arm round her neck. "You know I'm not mad at you, in fact I'm grateful for the meals and snacks you always send over because I don't think Linda was in the right state to cook anything. Now let's hurry we have Mr Parker's presentation today. I hope you studied your pair well" They stroll off to class munching their burger.

Mr Parker was sure having a good time, the old man had been laughing really hard, clutching his stomach after and during every presentation. The whole class couldn't hold their laughter too, it was more like a pair comedy series instead of a psychological presentation.

Some came up to the front of the class and couldn't say anything, Mr Parker bit his lip and blamed the numbers for pairing two shy introverts together. A pair came up and they ended up fighting as the guy kept complaining about her bad habits of eating and low fashion sense, she cried back to her seat. Uh uh that didn't come off well. Another pair came up and they succeeded in keeping the class silent throughout their presentation of what we would call a love story because it actually ended romantically.

Mr Parker hadn't laughed for some minutes until Shania and the nerd came up. She kept smacking the back of his head and he blinked everytime he tried to stutter a word. It didn't end well when he got tired and had to insult her to her face, this time his head wasn't hung low, and surprisingly, he declared his love for her before leaving the front of the class. She flared up running after him as the whole class burst out laughing again.

Everyone scrambled out of the class eagerly, shouting, happy that the pairing section had ended. Some made scary and sickly faces at worst pairs but all the same it was fun.
Dylan tapped Jessica on the shoulder. "hey" She turned to him and he gave her a kitkat chocolate. "want to walk together to the cafeteria?" She just nodded and they made their way to the cafeteria past the crowd of students.

Derek shot Dylan death glares as he traced his eyes on Dylan's hands holding Jess. Jason noticed this and put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. "Bro you caused it so you just have to calm down OK" He sighed and let what his friend told him sink in.

Dylan released Jess hand when she got to her table. Immediately missing the warmth of his smooth fingers intertwined with hers. He whispered in her ears before leaving. "We would probably see each other tonight, it seems Jason is throwing a party tonight to celebrate the end of the pairing" Funny though. He strolled off to his table and she touched her ear, feeling his breath which still lingered on her ears. Linda snapped her finger in her face to bring her out of the trance.

Jason stood up at his table and gave the announcement that turned the cafeteria to a place meant for irritating girls screams and guys whooos. "Guys I will be throwing a very big party only for senior classes, I meant pairing involves. Thank you" He gave a mocking bow as many whooos came up and applause.

Shania waited for Jessica beside her car, she needed to clear her conscience and apologise. Jess wore a puzzled look, seeing Shania rest on her car. It only made the girl more nervous as she stammered not knowing how to begin. Jessica made her take a lot of her time before she started with what she thought was the best.

"you uhmm probably hate me now right? See I'm very sorry, I was jealous that's why, I wasn't thinking. I didn't know the whole thing will get back at me and I eventually loose Dylan. I should have confirmed, I thought he was cheating on me with you so I thought hurting was if I did it with Derek but I was stupid and ever since then he made me feel like dirt" This time, she was crying, her eyeliner and mascara smeared. She really looked like joker.

Jessica put a hand on her shoulder feeling sorry for her. "yeah I know you ruined all the friendship and love you got but believe me I wasn't mad at you, Derek wasn't my boyfriend, you probably took the wrong turn. C'mere, we should get you home, you don't look good." She gave her a small smile and Shania only blinked in a thankful manner turning to enter the car.

Dylan's thick voice stopped them from entering the car, he narrowed his eyes at Shania and she felt like shrinking into Jessica's embrace, she felt uncomfortable with dylan's presence. "Humm I was thinking we would grab pizza and ice-cream today after school. Anyways we could still go if Shania doesn't mind" He scratched the back of his neck.

She was about to give him a reply when her gaze fell on a black rover in the parking lot, the window glass, whined down. She could see a guy with red hair staring at her, when he was certain, her gaze met his, he made a finger sign by pointing to his eyes then towards her eyes which literary meant he got his eyes on her. She didn't even know him. She shoved Shania into the car and replied Dylan without looking at him. "I don't think going out with you would be a good idea" She zoomed off.

He couldn't process what just happened until he saw Linda and Sarah running towards him. "did you see Jess?" Sarah asked panting. "Yes, she just left with Shania, what happened?" He irked an eyebrow. "we saw a red haired guy staring at her picture on his fone, making his way towards this area. He was looking weird, not our student at all".

Dylan didn't waste time as he immediately ran to his car to hit the road. No correla won't pull up another trick while he's still here. He saw the black rover Jess had been staring at right behind her car. He increased his speed and muttered under his breath. "shit!!".

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 4:18pm On Dec 31, 2017
It's a cliffhanger, I know and I'm promising another update tomorrow. Xoxo
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by itsandi(m): 4:45pm On Dec 31, 2017
Interesting update! Can't wait! Enjoy new Christmas themed stories, poems, etc in this season of love on Tushstories via


Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 12:28pm On Jan 01, 2018
Happy new year erryone.
May this year bring abundant joy and blessings.
I wish you all a prosperous and fulfilled new year.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 12:29pm On Jan 01, 2018
Chapter twenty two
I'm sorry
Dylan drove very fast to ride side by side with the strange red haired guy. They locked gaze as he muttered 'shit' under his breath. "Back off ass wipe" Yelled Dylan from the window, his eyes still on the road. The guy made a snorting sound not wanting to reverse or slow down. "tell correla I'm taking her down" Dylan yelled again at the guy. This time his eyes widen at the mention of correla's name, he slowed down and made a left turn away from Jessica's car. Dylan sighed as he continued trailing behind her.

Jessica felt relieved seeing dylan's car behind her instead of the weird guy. Shania was clueless to what was happening but she didn't bother to intrude because she was having slight headache although she also sensed danger earlier on.

On getting to shania's house, she hopped out of the car after thanking Jess. She turned to see Dylan getting out of his car. "umm I should head upstairs, I'm having headache. Thanks once again I'm very grateful" Jessica gave her a heart warming smile asking more like telling her what friends were for. Shania quickened her steps till she got into the house.

"Dylan, you should stop stalking me already, after all the pairing is over, you won't be the one to cause my death would you? " She didn't allow him utter any word before getting into her car. She drove off, rage building inside her. She was getting angry, scared for her life, in as much as she wanted to stay away from him, she wanted to know the whole truth.

Jessica pulled up in the driveway in her compound only to find dylan's car there. He waited beside his car waiting for her to alight from her car. Arm crossed over her chest. She wore a frown but that didn't deter him, he moved closer to her

"See Jessica I'm sorry, I know my mom is behind all these but you should know I mean no harm, I just want to protect you. Guilt is eating me up already on what I know nothing about. Please just give me the chance to protect you till we find this whole thing out which I'm sure we would. I know it's really hard to trust me but I know correla, she can't be doing this without a reason, she isn't as dangerous as she poses".

She sighed. "it's not like I don't want to figure this out too but I'm tired, and it seems staying away from you is the only way I can be safe, at least the pairing is over" She was close to tears this time. "I'm sorry but we should really stay away from each other. There are lots of things I thought you should know but it baffles me the way you have no idea about them. You need to know who you really were before. Didn't you ever give it a thorough thinking that you actually can't remember anything about your childhood? Why must correla always be the one to lie to you? Just think this over". She turned to walk away with tears in her eyes but he held her arm, pulling her to him.

"I don't want to think about all that, I know I had a perfect childhood even though I can't remember. It's not like I haven't tried but I end up passing out each time I try. I know one day they will come flushing in, but for now let me just protect you" He hugged her very close to him and she buried her head in the crook of his neck sobbing.

"I think you lost your memory" She said amidst tears without looking up to face him.

He raised her head so he could see her face, brushing off a stray tear running down her cheeks. "in as much as I think of the possibility, I don't want to come to terms with it. You shouldn't cry anymore, it hurts me badly" He released her from his tight grip. "I should see you at the party, please be safe. I will be your ride, it's not too much to do for you".

They said their byes and she watched his car zoom out of the driveway. She was clueless of what to do but she knew she could trust him. She locked her car and proceeded into the house.
Correla got home after work grinning widely at her son, he engulfed her in a bear hug, his arms covering her small frame, he produced a fake smile which made her happier. He wasn't going to talk about the incident or argue with her like the last time, he would take things slow to really know her plan.

"I came to see you because I missed you. Mom I'm so sorry for the way I acted the last time, I know you want the best for me" Dylan said, putting up his best act.

"my baby boy you should know mom means no arm, although I knew you were with her today but I forgive you" She said to him with a bright smile illuminating her face. She turned to step into the bathroom when he asked for something.

"mom, can I stay in your room till I get ready for the party, I really miss being in your room you know " She gave him an approving nod before she stepped into the bathroom. After minutes of staying idle on the bed, a message came in on correla's phone. He took it up to read the message from an unknown number. 'operation failed, plan B, tonight'.

" mom I need to shower and get ready so I could spend some minutes with you before leaving " He yelled at the top of his voice, dashing out of her room.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by cyber5(m): 1:30pm On Jan 01, 2018

Yayy new year will b superb
Welcome back

Happy New Year
2018 will sha pra pra
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by cyber5(m): 1:38pm On Jan 01, 2018
Time for Plan B
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Xtranoble: 2:22pm On Jan 01, 2018
happy new year dear Kheriee
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by itsandi(m): 6:43pm On Jan 01, 2018
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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 6:43pm On Jan 02, 2018
happy new year dear Kheriee

Same to u hon
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 6:44pm On Jan 02, 2018

Happy New Year
2018 will sha pra pra

Yes oo o maa sha pra pra
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 7:24pm On Jan 04, 2018
Chapter twenty-three
Dark night
Jessica and Sarah screamed in the car as Linda drove towards the party. Music was blaring through the large house with a lot of cars parked outside. Jess felt her phone ring identifying the caller as Dylan.

"hey Jess.... I can sense you're at the party already. Okay I will meet you there in a minute time. Just be good and stay with Linda or Sarah till I get there" Concern etched in his voice.

They entered the now crowded room, shape of you by Ed sheeran was playing in the room with some girls moving in sync with the song. Red disposable cups, some brownies in a tray which is known to be filled with pots and Hot teenagers in different corners. The party had just started and some were wasted already. Some were sulking each other faces in some corners. A typical high school teens party.

Dylan zoomed into the compound, found a good parking space and walked into the party after locking his car. He strolled towards the kitchen area to find Jess with Sarah. He went over to meet them, extended his greetings before taking Jess by the hand, the message he read on his mother's phone still fresh in his memory.

Jessica stood up to follow Dylan who held her by the hand, she was wearing a black strapless gown hugging her body from her chest to her waistline. It had a flair from her waist to her thigh just slightly above her knee. The dress was sprinkled with glitters and a matching black heels. The dress brought out her shape and he couldn't help himself from drinking in her appearance.

"Done checking me out charming?" She asked in a sacarstic tone which only made Sarah chuckle behind them, holding on to her coke drink. A smile tugged at his lips, more like a smirk, his lips forming an arc at the corner of his mouth. He still looked adorable in his white body hug shirt and black Jean with a white converse.

"we are even, I caught you checking me out too" Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment but hid it by bending her head. "Let's go, you have to stay with me throughout the night, I won't want anything to happen to you" They made their way through the kitchen inside the crowded room to the bar. Linda was with Jason, she had told the girls about her feelings for him earlier on and they had settled the differences between them.
Linda had walked through the whole party without a sign of Jason. She dialed his number several times but he didn't pick up, he even switched of his phone after the second call. She was scared, she thought something bad had happened to him. She couldn't find him anywhere so she thought of going to his room.

She ran up the stairs pushing aside some drunk teens obstructing her way. She turned to the right, heading for the third room. She sighed as she placed her hand on the door knob and turned It to open the door. Tears found its way down her cheeks rapidly when she found Jason on his bed with another girl, she was obviously drunk but he on the other hand was sober enough to know that someone entered his room. He disconnected his lips from the girl's and turn to face Linda muttering a low 'shit' to himself.

She rushed out of the room, running through the stair, she made her way to the backdoor that leads to the garden. She released the large sobs and tears she was holding in. She felt torn and hurt, he was the first person she would fall in love with and before anything even started between them, he had broke her heart.

After talking for some time, lots of laughter, drinks and joke between Jess and Dylan, she had to visit the ladies. "I think what I drank is beginning to affect me, I have to visit the ladies" She said uncomfortably. "maybe I should accompany you then" Dylan suggested but Sarah stopped him by intruding. "oh no, I don't think she would be comfortable, it would be fine if I just accompany her. I'm a girl too" Dylan shrugged and raised his hands giving up. "just make sure you are safe and call me if anything goes wrong". Jess gave him an affirmative wink.

Jason sat quietly beside Linda, he was screwed, he didn't mean to see her cry, he had thought she wouldn't find him, he just wanted to have fun with the other girl to clear his mind. He had been thinking too much lately and he thought that was the only way he could brace himself to face Linda, he was going to ask her out. As stupid as he thought he was, he even made the crazy mistake of not locking his door.

"Linda, I'm very sorry, see it wasn't..... " She didn't alow him complete his speech. "Shut up you person, I don't wanna hear a word from you" She said with a shaky and teary voice. "but I can explain" "shut up!! I don't want you explanation you piece of shit. I don't evn know why I'm still here, I'm going home" "don't go yet please Linda I'm begging you" She didn't hear his apologies, she quickly made her way to her car and drove home immediately.

Jess got a phone call from Linda on getting out of the bathroom. "Shit Linda what happened to you??..... You are crying, don't worry I will be there soon" Sarah had a questioned and frowning look on her face and Jess understood immediately, taking her clutch from her. "don't worry I know you care but you can't follow me, you might not be able to withstand her tears. I will just get going" Sarah nodded and Jess made her way to her car, forgetting to call Dylan.

Sarah went back into the party and accidentally bumped into dylan's rigid chest. He smiled, looking down at her. "sorry about that but where is Jess?" "ummm she left in her car after getting a call from Linda...." He scurried out of the party and made his way to his car.

Jessica was worried about her friend as she drove carefully into the night. Her car hit a bump and it halted, she heard a fussing sound below her car and she immediately knew something has deflated the tire. She got scared as she got down from the car to examine the tire. A strong hand held her two hands to her back and covered her mouth with his other hand dragging her into the dark alley in between the two buildings where her car stopped.

She bit his his hand, tasting blood she knew she injured him but he just groaned and tightened his grip on her mouth. Getting to a dirty open space, he pushed her to the ground, falling on her knees. Two other guys held her hands and shoulders, she couldn't see their faces well in the dark. The hefty one, checking his bruised palm where she had bitten him, ran a first into her stomach snarling.

She coughed out blood, never has she been hit so hard like that before, she felt pain rise from the pit of her stomach, tears finding his way down her cheeks. She felt her hand free and her shoulders, hearing groaning sounds behind her. The hefty guy in front of her tried to hit her on the face but a hand stopped him instead beating him to a pulp.

She recognised her saviour to be Dylan, she melted into his arms and cried on his chest. His eyes red with rage filling his inside, he hugged her close, leading her out of the dirty surrounding. "I'm sorry Jess, I'm very sorry, you shouldn't have left without me. Now that you are hurt, I will never forgive myself".
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 7:08pm On Jan 06, 2018
Chapter twenty four
"I should get you to the hospital already" Dylan told Jess when they got to his car, his voice shaking. "no, I think you should just take me home, it was just a fist, nothing serious. I will heal fast" She smiled at him and they both got into his car.

The drive to her house was silent until her mom called. Immediately she picked the call, her mom started ranting like she always does without allowing her daughter say anything, she just went on and on about the reason she called. "my baby I know you are doing fine. I have a very big surprise for you, I and your dad. It's not meant to be a surprise but over the years now you seem to forget it like it's not significant. Anyways, I won't tell you anything, just wait for the surprise. I love you my baby" and click, she hanged up.

"I actually don't understand what my mom is talking about, her own definition of surprise, is either getting me a new car or dresses" She said amidst chuckles. "well your mom, apart from the fact that she doesn't spend time with you, no offence. I like her a lot and I wish to meet her" Dylan said, focusing on the road. "you wouldn't wanna meet her because she has this wild assumption" They both laughed as he drove into her garage.

He helped her walk to her room. He sat on a small pink fluffy chair and took to admiring the room while she got her clothes changed in the bathroom. Her room was very spacious and neat, with an extra room for her closet. A king sized bed whit pink bedspread, hello kitty drawn on it. The paint colour of the room was blue with posters of fashionistas on the wall. A medium sized table and small chair by her mirror with different makeovers and body lotion. She had two big shoeracks for her shoes. Her room was well arranged, simple and neat for a girl.

She walked out of the bathroom in shorts and a mini top. Her hair was wet a little, she sat down on her bed with a little difficulty and discomfort. He quickly stood up to help her, handing her a container with pills in it. "you should take two of these, it's very effective and works fast, my mom uses it anytime.... Anytime she gets beaten by my dad.

"I'm so sorry about that, I consider any man that beat his wife a coward. But don't worry, I know who you are, you would never beat a woman, you won't turn out like that." He smiled at her while she used the drugs. "when would this thing kick in? Because I really want to take you around the house, there are things I want to show you. And I hope you are staying for the night."

"of course I'm staying, I can't leave you alone all by yourself after what just happened. The drugs will take just thirty minutes to dissolve and you won't feel anymore pain. You need to put an ointment on that purple bruise on your stomach. I think you should call Linda now"

She nodded and dialed Linda's contact. She picked up at the first ring. "oh Jess I'm so angry at you right now, Sarah is here with me when she learnt you didn't come by. It's.... It's.. Jason..." She broke down into uncontrollable tears at the other end of the call.

"Linda, you really should stop crying, Sarah will take good care of you. I got ambushed and was kind of beaten up but Dylan is here with me so don't cry. Whatever happened between you and Jason, it's going to be fine." Jessica tried to calm her friend but It wasn't working.

Linda burst into tears over the phone again. "I'm really a bad person, the odds wasn't in my favour tonight. I self conceitedly told you to come over without thinking you could be in danger. I'm feeling so awful right now" She sniffed harder but before she could say anything again, Sarah took the phone. "Jessica you should call her later, she's a mess right now. And sorry about your attack" She hung up.

Jess sighed, looking up to Dylan. "I guess it's time to show you around now, I want you to regain your memories." She took his hands while showing him around the house, the kitchen, her mom's fashion room, her dad's office, and other rooms in the house. Then she took him to another wing of the building, it smelt like dust. Everything in it looked on like an attic. Different pictures and portraits were placed on the wall and boxes were scattered everywhere.

He traced his hands over a picture of him. And Jess grinning and holding hands. He also saw another one of his family and her family smiling together on Jessica's birthday. "we really had a past together" She nodded in affirmation. "that's why it's surprising you don't remember any of them. Come on let's check the boxes." They bent down while she opened some boxes, different artworks and designs they both made together with their names on them, the thick paper and rubber bracelets they had made together when they were five, all were in the boxes and more pictures of the both of them playing and laughing in the garden.

He held his head in pain. "I think that is enough, we should go to bed before I pass out." She didn't argue with him, she packed up the boxes and they made their way back to her room. "do you have a sleeping bag? I should be okay on the floor" She frowned at him. "no I don't have any, you should sleep beside me on the bed, we both had a rough day and proper rest is needed." He smiled at her before getting under the sheet beside her.
They both had the same Nightmare that kept replaying itself every night. Jess screamed very loud waking up, only to find Dylan sweating profuriosly, wide awake beside her. He turned to face her, she was crying like she always does but he just stared at her crying too.

"Now I remember Jessica, I remember every fucking bit of our childhood. I'm so sorry, I'm very sorry, how could I have forgotten all of that. By not remembering, I've caused you only pains and nightmares which I also go through, I'm sorry. " This time he was sobbing and the tears were flowing freely down his cheeks. "you don't need to be sorry, it wasn't your....." He stopped her from talking, covering his lips over hers. She was shocked at first but later responded. The kiss was soft and gentle, it made her relax, it wasn't demanding. He drew away from her and stared at her again.

"Happy birthday Jessica, now I know what your mom was talking about. Ever since the incident, you always forget your birthday date. But I want you to know I didn't intentionally mean to hurt you. " As if acting on impulse, she threw her arms around him and hugged him very tight. "yeah you did remember, and I'm so glad you did."

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 7:10pm On Jan 06, 2018
Where did all of you run to na cry
Bimberry1307 NNature EvaJael cyber5 xtranoble
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by EvaJael(f): 7:45pm On Jan 06, 2018
Where did all of you run to na cry
Bimberry1307 NNature EvaJael cyber5 xtranoble
Baby I'm here. Sowi for being so silent. I owe u hugs for making Dylan remember
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by NNature(m): 8:02pm On Jan 06, 2018
Where did all of you run to na cry
Bimberry1307 NNature EvaJael cyber5 xtranoble
M here,inside the dark night without the moon...Waiting for your next update beautiful.Hope your day was radiant as your smiles?
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by cyber5(m): 9:36pm On Jan 06, 2018
Where did all of you run to na cry Bimberry1307 NNature EvaJael cyber5 xtranoble

busy making plans
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 3:53pm On Jan 08, 2018
Ehn ehn all of you went to hide before abi.
Sorry for no updates, na electricity dey do me manya here.

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