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HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel / Somewhere in Nigeria: The hidden secret by ¤¤¤¤¤¤ Johnson. / HIDDEN DARKNESS By Jon Doe (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by NNature(m): 12:28pm On Dec 18, 2017
Brain and beauty kheriee...well done.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by pweetyz(f): 12:34pm On Dec 18, 2017
Way to go girl.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by cyber5(m): 1:01pm On Dec 18, 2017

Kheriee come and update already
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 9:28pm On Dec 18, 2017
you really doing great for a first... Weldon ma'am

Thanks hon... I feel encouraged

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 9:29pm On Dec 18, 2017
Brain and beauty kheriee...well done.

I probably blushing tomato red right now grin
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 9:30pm On Dec 18, 2017

Kheriee come and update already

Oya @cyber5, comma n type, I will be dictating for you.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by cyber5(m): 9:50pm On Dec 18, 2017

Oya @cyber5, comma n type, I will be dictating for you.


Typing ain't a problem I enjoy it

ps: I'm a man of many talents
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 10:46pm On Dec 19, 2017
Chapter fifteen
Dylan opened his eyes, his head was throbbing, he felt a kind of weight fast asleep beside him. He switched on the side lamp, it's was five o'clock in the morning and his curtains were down, everywhere was still dark. He turned his face to his right and was relieved to see Shania fast asleep beside him but he was shocked as he bent down to take a closer look at her. Even in her sleep, her eyes were bulged, he discovered she had been crying ever since when he passed out and he felt angry with himself.

She stired in her sleep and tried to open her eyes slowly as she traced her hand towards the position where he was sleeping but she felt nothing there, this made her open her eyes wide. She smiled as he walked towards her from the window, he laid back on the bed and took her by the arm.

"babe I'm so sorry I made you worry. Each time I try to control it, it just happens, I don't know why I pass out everytime" He tried explaining to her.

"it's okay sweetheart, things happen. And your mom allowed me to stay over when she sensed how worried I was, she's obviously a very awesome mom, she even gave me a new pyjama."

Dylan stared at her with admiration and was happy his mom accepted and loved her too. He put his arm around her and motioned her to move closer to him. Her head was on his shoulder and he stroked her hair with his finger, mouthing sweet words to her. "babe, you know I love you right? I'm so sorry for ruining your fun at the party. I will make it up to you". She raised her head and put it down back before replying him. "I told you not to worry about it anymore. Besides, you can start making it up to me starting from now" She winked at him and he smiled.

He shifted her upwards so he could perfect their position before taking her mouth into his. At first, she didn't respond but later she welcomed his kiss. He was so gentle as he has always been and she couldn't wish for anything else. He kept making desire rise in her and she would always want him but she could control her hormones. This morning seemed different as the kiss deepened and became a hungry one. Passion rose within him and this time, his hands were under her pyjama top, tracing the line at he middle of her back. She traced her fingers through his hair and held him closer. The top found its way to the other side of the bed and the kiss continued with his hands moulding her smooth but moderate sized breast. She moaned and continue pulling at his hair, his hands still roaming her body, designing her face nd lips with kisses.

Correla opened the door and said a quick apology. "oh sorry, i didn't mean to disrupt your baby making session, I just wanted to check on dylan" He groaned as he buried his head in the crook of shania's neck. Luckily for them, the blanket was covering shania's upper part so it wasn't visible she was bare there.

"alright mom, I will meet you in your room in a minute. Correla left the room. He got out of the bed and gave Shania another kiss." I'm sorry baby, would be back". She only nodded as a reply.

"arrrgh mom, you just embarrassed me back there and I'm sure Shania won't even be able to look at your face " Dylan complained as he sat beside his mom on her bed. She laughed as she replied him." it was all your fault honey, you should have locked the door ". He shrugged. " it was unexpected. Let's forget about that. Dad didn't come? Or he didn't know I passed out again? ". He asked his mother.

Dylan's dad had his source of information, anytime Dylan passes out, he comes over to bully correla, sometimes give her thorough beatings and shout at her before leaving. He believes she had been to careless for him to have passed out, he was scared he would start remembering stuffs little by little. But he didn't know correla had stopped the medication she gives Dylan to forget everything. The stunt Dylan had pulled in front of him the other day made him stay on his lane, he was scared Dylan would beat him up and his mom will eventually spill the truth so he preferred to stay away.

Correla sighed and told him his father wouldn't come to threaten her anymore. She hugged him tight and told him she loved him so much for standing up for her and saving her from any more torture. He smiled and hugged her back trying to bring up the conversation again, he wanted a clear reason but his mother changed the topic immediately.

"by the way, I love that Shania of a girl, she's just the kind of girl I knew you would go for. What I saw in her eyes the night you were brought in was pure love, I hope you feel the same way about her. " She told him.

"I'm glad you like her mom and yeah I love her too. So can I go now? " " Oh yes you can head back to your room". Just as he was about to turn the door knob, she said another thing.

"and thanks for staying away from Jessica for me." He smiled at her and left the room because he knew staying away from jess forever wasn't possible, he has to find out what that strange thing was about her and her speech that knocks him out every now and then.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 10:53pm On Dec 19, 2017
I'm sorry if this chapter isn't what you are kind of expecting but I just had to put them together.

Enjoy. Xoxo
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by miqos02(m): 6:56am On Dec 20, 2017
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by bimberry1307(f): 9:30am On Dec 20, 2017
kheriee sweetheart, I love your work and the story is dope. Did you say this is your first story? Damn! captivating, thumbs up dear.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by cyber5(m): 11:55am On Dec 20, 2017
Correla opened the door and said a quick apology. "oh sorry, i didn't mean to disrupt your baby making session, I just wanted to check on dylan"
If its a Nigerian mother
Jesu no lemme talk
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 10:01pm On Dec 20, 2017
kheriee sweetheart, I love your work and the story is dope. Did you say this is your first story? Damn! captivating, thumbs up dear.

Yeah it's my first.
Thanks alot dear
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 9:52am On Dec 21, 2017
Chapter sixteen
Can school be anymore fun? Sarah didn't have to hide from her friends all because of Mike anymore, she drove and talked with them all the way to school. There was nothing better.

The trio walked down from their car laughing, grabing their backpacks and about to head to class when Derek and Jason showed up. Derek took jess by the arm, she had began to feel more comfortable being with him. Jason took Linda by the arm too, walking to class, leaving Sarah all alone. They faced back to laugh at her and she only smiled. She was Happy, at least her friends were having fun.

Sarah got to her locker and sighed, she replayed the events that has been happening these few weeks and all she did was smile. She was happy about how her life was turning out to be. She faced her locker, picking some of her books, she saw her pack of expensive bubble gums and threw one into her mouth. Her day was really going to b awesome.
Just then she turned at the sounds of heels clicks on the ground, walking towards her. Here comes Mike's blonde chic. She stopped right in front of Sarah.

"you bitch, how dare you huh? How dare you inflict injury on Mike? You have been making your presence a terror for him so I came to warn you" Blonde chic scowled, Sarah didn't evn care to know her name, she replied her.

"I never knew Mike was so weak, he had to report me to you. And what are you? His superman? So funny. If you don't mind, I have things to do."

"you dare not turn away from me when I'm talking, you..... "

Sarah didn't allow her finish her speech before sticking a piece of paper with gum on the blonde's fore head. "if you still have any complaints, you could put them down on that shit stuck on your forehead". With that she slammed her locker shut and walked away.
Laughter Could be heard from students watching the whole scene, words like 'gross, eww' were mentioned by them and the cute blonde was so embarrassed she put her face down running out of the hall way.
The cafeteria was bubbling with laughter and gist as usual from different tables. Cute blonde was sulking all through Mike and his friend's chat. He didn't understand why she was like that with her lower lips stucked out. He decided to ask. "Mia, what's wrong with you?" Replying his question, she broke down into tears sniffing.

"Sarah embarrasses me in the hallway just because I tried to defend you. She's a witch" She completed her sentence still sniffing. Mike stood up immediately with fury and walked up to Sarahs table silently saying a 'how dare you Sarah ".

Sarah stood up immediately he approached the table to confront her." You Bitch!! You should have said you were jealous I chose Mia over you or you were hurt I turned down your offer to be my girlfriend. What's it with the embarrassment you are giving the poor girl huh? "

She scoffed after hearing his speech. She won't let him wash her this way because everyone was watching now and it was expected of her to give him double of what she gave Mia. " excuse me!! Why would I be hurt by you scum, you slime? Ewwww you irritate my guts, your criticism stinks and guess what, you stink. You affect my expensive deodorant negatively and you pollute the environment. If you don't mind, I expect you to leave before I throw up on you. Sorry that your destiny is tied to a clingy blonde. " Her speech made everyone gasp in the cafeteria, it left him dumbstruck. Mia cried more on her seat as she blamed herself for the whole mess, Mike was never going to forgive her. He left the cafeteria for God knows where and was only seen later in psychology class.

Mr Parker entered the class and adjusted his glasses below his eyes. That was his usual habit before replying the class greetings. He wasn't with his textbook and little pipe, definitely he wasn't teaching today. The whole class wondered what he was up to this time around. He always believed everyone had one psychological problem or the other.

"Good morning class, and of course, your suspicions are confirmed. I'm not here to teach today or solve any depression causing suicidal thinking of any students. Today, it's your turn to help each other. Everyone of you here has different characteristics, way of thinking, speech, the way you adapt to situations and your brainy assimilation. Therefore, I will pair you, in this box, are little balls with numbers on them a number appears on two balls, when I call any number, whoever has the ball with that number would stand up. That's your pair. "

He waited a little bit to see his students reaction or if anyone had anything so say before he continued." it's psychoacoustic and therapy, you study your partner, draft the differences between you two, how you affect each other positively or negatively. At the end of the day if two of you with different personality can comprehend each other or you can't even withstand each other.

The whole class became rowdy and whispers could be heard here and there as they picked their balls and were paired by Mr Parker. Unfortunately, Dylan was paired with Jessica and it only made Shania very furious as she was paired with a no fun nerd . She was never going to cope till the day of presentation. Dylan on the other hand was extremely happy, he felt lucky, this was a great opportunity to get to know Jessica and he might even know the reason why she affects him so much.

Shania and Jessica decided to convince Mr Parker about changing their pairs, they could exchange pairs if possible but he dismissed them saying the numbers will be in disarray. He bluntly refused and walked them out of his office.

Shania won't stop kicking and crying as Dylan tried to console her. He held in his laughter because he felt she was making too much fuss over everything. Jessica walked sluggishly towards her car, tears stung her eyes, she had forgotten about the threat till now, she would be with Dylan frequently from now on, in return facing constant life threatening calls and messages from an unknown identity.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by bimberry1307(f): 10:59am On Dec 21, 2017
wow! jess should open up to her friends about the threats already, Who knows, they might have a solution. well done, kheriee. mention me when you drop an update.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 7:47pm On Dec 23, 2017
Chapter seventeen
The girls sat on Linda's Bed, talking about their pairs. Linda's pair was a very adventurous guy that loved touring round the world during the holidays. He's fun to be with and doesn't let other problems of his life weigh him down. His parents are divorced and Linda has been like his only friend since the pair. Their closeness had gotten to Jason causing argument everytime Linda's pair comes by.

Sarah's pair was a carefree girl Trish. She had a band and a low fashion sense. Doesn't think designers and makeovers are what makes her pretty. They get into fights regularly as Sarah is always ashamed to walk with her but either way they are stuck together and Trish cools the atmosphere with her ravishing delicacies. She's a good cook.

Jessica has been having a weird but fun time with Dylan. She hardly has any time for Derek, well it's not like they were dating. Shania's call keeps coming in anytime she and Dylan are out together especially to their favourite cafe. She has been feeling safe as she no longer got texts or unknown calls anymore. She felt relieved and Dylan thought her to be the coolest girl he has ever met.

Ever since the pairing, school has been fun. Series of drama unfolds everyday. Some pairs that don't match quarrel everyday, some looked awkwardly funny together while some pairs enjoy being bossy if their other pair is gullible and easy to order around.

Seems today's drama won't be about a pair but a couple. Linda sensed trouble as Shania walked past their table hissing and went to her new table. This past few days, she has been eating at the cheerleaders table and avoided the trio like a plague. Jessica had tried to know the reason but she would always wash her off. She also tried to confirm what was wrong from Dylan but he would always tell her not to worry, Shania is just being a kid.

Dylan approach their table, the table had become full as each pair now occupies a seat there. He was with two bottles of soda, and he gave one to Jessica. Shania stood up from where she was sitting, stormed to the table and poured Jessica's soda on the table. She was swelling with rage she pushed a finger at dylan's chest with her well manicured fingers nails.

"You asshole, you chose her over me, you left me to hang out with her all in the name of pairing. You wouldn't even touch me anymore and you will always have an excuse to end my call. Come on be man enough to tell me what is wrong to my face".

"Tch! You expect me to touch your slutty body? Expect me to waste my time on the call with you when you are obviously enjoying someone else's time? " He said nonchalantly. Gasps could be heard from students in the cafeteria. On seeing the shock on her face and stares from people, he grabbed her by the arm out of the cafeteria to a secluded place. He let go of her hand as she stared intently into his eyes, her eyes were watery.

"How did you know? How did you find out? She knows too right? " She asked questions she felt he should reply.
" Yeah she knows you had sex with him but she's still cool with you, and you are here acting all bitchy. I wanted you to realise that I know the truth already before I spill it out to you that it's over. Why Shania, why did you do it? I have always loved you but you had to hurt me this way". He said, his voice slightly raised but anger was written all over his face.

"I'm sorry, I wanted to spite you" She said amidst tears. "you were spending too much time with her, I felt jealous. I just wanted you to feel how I was feeling, to spite you. I just thought if it's with Derek too, it would be fair". She couldn't raise her head to look at him, she was crying. He took her hands in his, his anger fading. "I love you and you know that, that's why I'm letting you go. I can't be with you when I know you have been with another. I can't help it, it's over, I can't believe you did that to spite me. I really hate your gut, I don't want you anymore." With that he walked out on her, leaving her to cry out her mistakes all by herself.

Shania had been feeling uneasy seeing Dylan and Jessica together for the past few days because of the pairing. She disliked her partner. It wasn't like Dylan didn't have her time, they still went out on dates and spends time at his place but she still felt he spent more time with jess, even dropping her home at times. She never knew jess and Derek weren't an item, she confided in him and he felt the same as she felt but he shrugged it off with a smile. She didn't know that the reason he wasn't really bothered was because jess wasn't his girlfriend.

Shania and Derek went for a drink one night, they were super drunk and she had to crash at his place. She had been a little bit sober than he was because he took more alcohol. He looked like a Greek sex god as he sprawled on the couch. She couldn't resist him, she had her hands and mouth all over him, he didn't know what he was doing, he was so drunk he had to give in. All through their make out and sex escapade, Derek kept muttering Jessica's name till he passed out.

Shania had felt like dirt as Derek kicked her out of his house in annoyance and realisation of what she had made him do with her. He hated her gut that morning. Unfortunately for her, packing her stuff in a haste to scramble out of his house, Mike saw her rushing to call a cab when he dropped Mia of her at her spa center.

Shania dried her eyes and stood up to head for class after the bell was rung. She sniffed a little and still regretted the steps she took and the memories that spoilt her blossom relationship. She admitted she was stupid.

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 7:50pm On Dec 23, 2017
Bimberry1307, cyber5, iamdaquin01, EvaJael
Weekend update. Sorry for posting late guys I hope u enjoy ds update.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by cyber5(m): 9:26pm On Dec 23, 2017
Bimberry1307, cyber5, iamdaquin01, EvaJael
Weekend update. Sorry for posting late guys I hope u enjoy ds update.

Thanks madam ooo grin
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by iamdaquin01(f): 9:51pm On Dec 23, 2017
Bimberry1307, cyber5, iamdaquin01, EvaJael Weekend update. Sorry for posting late guys I hope u enjoy ds update.
nice update..
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by bimberry1307(f): 10:01pm On Dec 23, 2017
Bimberry1307, cyber5, iamdaquin01, EvaJael Weekend update. Sorry for posting late guys I hope u enjoy ds update.
thanks, sweetie I'm loving this
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by EvaJael(f): 8:19am On Dec 24, 2017
Thanks darling. High school drama is totally hilarious
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 9:48am On Dec 25, 2017
Merry Christmas fam.
I wish you a prosperous new year in advance.
Xmas update coming up

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 10:03am On Dec 25, 2017
Chapter eighteen
Someone's after me
Dylan got home from the gym earlier than before, he met his mom at home instead of the boutique. He gave her a quick hug and peck before giving her a puzzled look.

"mom, why are you home by this time? So unusual of you" He said nonchalantly as he grabbed a bottled water from the fridge and downed it. She still didn't answer him, he took a seat on the arm of the chair and stroked her hair playfully. "so mom tell me, what is wrong?"

"You've been seeing that Jessica of a girl, haven't you? After I warned you severally, I don't want that girl anywhere near you, she's of no good at all" She gave him the normal puppy look she gives him in order for him to comply but it didn't work this time. He wasn't moved a bit.

His expression stoic, he stood up slowly from where he was sitting to face his mom, hands akimbo. "Now I'm sick and tired of you telling me what to do and who to move around with. You shouldn't have a problem with the few friends I roll with. I'm gonna keep meeting with jess because she's my pair in psychology, no you won't like my grades going down the drain would you? I don't even know what you have against the innocent lass" He scoffs and ran his hand through his hair.

Correla couldn't believe her son was standing up to her, she felt threatened because of Jessica. Dylan is growing to be someone who makes his own decisions. She must act fast, she must stop anything going on between them before the truth starts to unfold.
"Young man, listen to me or you would be putting her life in danger" She meant to threaten him but fails again.

He moved closer to her, staring at her intently. "if anything gets to happen to her, I will destroy whoever is given the assignment and push the fact aside that you are my mother, I will haunt you down and get to the root of this issue. I don't want to be behind the reason why her life is in danger. I don't want to live with that guilt all my life" He left the room angrily throwing away anything that comes his way as a form of obstruction.

Correla felt tears sting her eyes, she couldn't let them continue seeing each other. She hates to be a torture to another person's way of life but she's left with no choice, she has to stop Dylan from meeting jess. Either school pair or not.
Dylan took long strides to catch up with jess before the school bell rings. She was surprised as he grinned widely at her. "what will you be doing after school today?" He asked with a smile but a knot tightened in his stomach as guilt hit him. He stole a glimpse of her face, if anything bad should happen to this pretty girl he has grown to start loving because of his mother, he won't forgive himself. But wait did he just say love? Shit!! He's been feeling as though they have been together once in a past life before.

Jessica shook him out of his thoughts with her reply. "hum yes, I should be free" She said, and he didn't miss the smile on her face. He mouthed a thank you more like a whisper before going hand in hand to class. But if there's one thing they have to know, it's the fact that things don't always go the way it's been planned.

Calculus started ten minutes after the bell and Sarah couldn't wait to get out of the hell hole called Calculus class. Everyone looked bored asif nobody understood the magic that the teacher has been scribbling on the board. However, Linda couldn't help giggling from time to time anytime her pair threw her papers. The words in them must b very funny. Jessica was nervous and tense to the extent that she had to use the rest room. She leaned over to tell Linda where she was heading before asking for permission from the teacher. Dylan never took his eyes off her till she got outside the class door.

Jessica felt relieved as she set herself free. She looked up to face the mirror while washing her hands. Calculus could make you look like a vampire that hasn't drank blood in months. She decided to touch her makeover a little before heading back to class. Her lipstick fell down, she bent down to pick it up but what she saw made her stop.

A pair of shoes, a male's obviously was standing behind her. She gasped nd turned around quickly but he was gone she was so scared. She rushed to the door but it was locked already. Who could have locked her in? Asif acting on impulse, she quickly messaged Linda. 'I'm trapped here, someone is after me'. Her phone dropped to d ground immediately a strong hand held her from the back, she screamed "somebody help, some....."

He didn't allow her scream further as he clamped his strong hands over her mouth. He pushed her towards the basin, she still couldn't see his face. He tried strangling her from behind and she could feel herself choking on her own air.

Jessica coughed so hard as she felt the strong grip loosen on her throat. Linda pushed the door open and ran to her. "are you okay? Did he hurt you?" Linda got her answers as jess lifted her head, her eyes were red and puffy and the grip caused bruises around her neck. "oh shit! I should get you to the hospital fast. I won't lay low till I find out who is behind this".

Before getting to where their car was parked at the parking space, jess recognised one of the pair of shoes her tormentor was wearing on the floor. She panicked "that's... That's his shoe... He's coming for me again" Linda tried to calm her down as they got into the car.

On their way to the hospital, they sighted Dylan on the way, his knuckles were blood stained, he flexed his muscle as he spat on a figure lying on the ground. He had beaten a man to a pulp. Jessica gasped again as she noticed the other pair of shoes on the feet of the man that was beaten. Linda answered the questions that were running through her mind "yeah, immediately he saw the text you sent to me, he ran out of the class before me, but I never knew he was coming for the scum that got you. Jess, Dylan has got you covered, I think the dots are starting to match now" .

Jess tried to say something but she felt drained and out of breath, she rolled her eyes and sticked her tongue out coughing, before she went unconscious on the passenger seat.

Linda swirled the car dangerously to the right, facing the hospital building, she cussed under her breath as she carried Jess inside the hospital. No she wouldn't forgive herself if anything happens to Jess, she should have gone there earlier to save her. Hot tears streamed down her cheeks as the nurses took Jess in a stretcher to an emergency room.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 10:06am On Dec 25, 2017
Seems life is starting to get quizzical.
I've missed you guys so. Bimberry1307, cyber5, iamdaquin01, EvaJael and the others. Merry Christmas once more.

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Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by EvaJael(f): 11:16am On Dec 25, 2017
Seems life is starting to get quizzical.
I've missed you guys so. Bimberry1307, cyber5, iamdaquin01, EvaJael and the others. Merry Christmas once more.
What is happening na. Kheriee I'm scared o. Merry Christmas darl
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 11:50am On Dec 25, 2017

What is happening na. Kheriee I'm scared o. Merry Christmas darl

Me I'm suspecting Corella o... Dah woman looks evil
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by bimberry1307(f): 12:20pm On Dec 26, 2017
Seems life is starting to get quizzical.
I've missed you guys so. Bimberry1307, cyber5, iamdaquin01, EvaJael and the others. Merry Christmas once more.
thanks baby, happy holidays.
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 10:11pm On Dec 26, 2017

thanks baby, happy holidays.

Same to you dear
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 9:49am On Dec 27, 2017
Morning everyone.
Una never finish Xmas ni, I'm. Expecting my rice and chicken o Cyber5 and Co

Another update coming up
Re: Fragments Of Hidden Memories by Kheriee(f): 9:51am On Dec 27, 2017
Chapter nineteen
Have we met before?
Dylan hasn't gone home after the incident that occurred three days ago. Correla has been bombarding him with calls but he didn't pick. He was to angry to pick her calls. He had crashed at Mike's house that day and didn't bother to go home. Just that morning, while he was preparing for school, he received a call from Linda. Jessica had woken up from her unconscious state after several treatment. He thanked God silently and told Linda's he would be there after school.

Linda had refused to leave Jessicas side till she wakes up, she kept crying, saying it was her fault but anytime Dylan goes to the hospital, he tries to calm her down telling her it's not her fault. Guilt tears him apart slowly anytime he sees Linda crying, knowing fully well that his mother was behind all. Sooner or later, he would find out the truth and the reason why Jessica must suffer so much if he's going to be with her.

With a little bit of relief, Dylan got into his car and drove to school, Mike left twenty minutes before so he could pick up Mia.
He got to school, on his way to the class, he stopped by Jessica's locker. He stared at it for up to ten minutes, he thought of her smile and how he would stop by her locker to give her bugger or her latte coffee. Guilt welled up from the pit of his stomach when he remembered he was the reason she was lying on a sick bed. He turned around to Leave but bumped into Derek.

"Hey you, what are you doing by her locker? After all, you succeeded in stealing her away from me all in the name of one crazy paring. You set your hoe girlfriend up with me just to make Jessica hate me huh! We aren't done yet, you will pay dearly" Derek told Dylan fiercely. To worn out to hurl at him he simply told him what he needed to know.

"See I don't have time for your bullshits, if you were responsible, you could have been on a date with Jess instead of drinking around with my ex girlfriend. Did you even notice she hasn't been in school for the past three days? Yeah right, you are going to be a very responsible boyfriend who won't know his girlfriend has been hospitalised for three days". Derek was dumbstruck at dylan's spills, he felt like a horrible person, he staggered and leaned on the opposite locker. Dylan scoffed and left him alone to unravel the misery he found himself in.
Dylan headed for the hospital immediately after school. His heart beating faster than normal as he approached Jessica's ward. She was still asleep, he walked into the room and found Linda dosing beside her. Sarah hadn't come visiting after the first day because she threw up every now and then saying she didn't like hospitals but she sent gifts and snacks everytime Linda stops by her place.

Linda opened her puffy sleep deprived eyes and gave Dylan a tired smile. "I'm glad that you are here" Dylan smiled back at her. "Yeah you could go home now, freshen up and rest a little. I will take over from here don't worry". Linda stood up to leave but stopped by the door when she remembered something.

"Errm.. Her mom called an hour ago, she would call again probably when Jessica is awake, she would be discharged tomorrow. You know presentation is this friday". She gave one last smile and left the room.

Dylan took a seat beside her bed, admiring her, even when she's asleep on sick bed she still looked lovely. Why hadn't he seen all these from the beginning plus he felt a connection between them anytime they were together. He stroked the side of her cheeks with his palm and he put a strand of hair behind her ear. She opened her eyes at his touch and blinked her eyes severally in order for it to adapt to the light in the room. She smiled at him, mouthing a thank you to him. Just as she was about to ask after Linda, her mom's call came in.

"Hello my princess, I'm glad you are awake, I heard about the attack. You should be more careful my love, mom will be home in a month's time and of course your dad sends his greetings. You should continue shuffling Linda's place and the house till when I'm home okay. I made arrangements for more security gadgets in the house, I sent more money for your medications and upkeep to Linda. Just be safe momma loves you". Without allowing Jess say anything, she cut the call after her long speech. Dylan studied the expression on her face and immediately knew she was used to it.

"Atleast thank God she called. Thanks for beating up that scum that tried to kill me" He raised his head and gave her a guilt ridden smile. "It's my pleasure, Atleast you are alright. I promise to do everything in my power to keep you safe" He assured her. She felt touched by what he said, she assumed he already knew she was going through all these because of him. But it's his mother, he can't beat her up, they could do nothing but keep themselves safe and wait for the truth to unfold. Her mother never told her anything about Dylan whenever she asked so she had dropped the topic since then.

Her eyes were watery, he didn't want to ever see her cry, he leaned forward to plant a kiss on her forehead. She felt Butterflies in her stomach as she felt sensational tingles and goosebumps form on her skin because of that little contact they made. She always felt that way whenever he holds her hands. She relaxed and closed her eyes but his next question brought them open immediately. "Have we met before?" She blinked continuously without answering. Finally he was connecting the dots , she thought to herself.
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EvaJael I'm. Hooked with hidden diamonds o...
I'm rushing to reach d last page so I can have my own personal space there. Thumbs up honey

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