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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Solly1(m): 4:43pm On May 08
Thanks boss, for the update

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by dview001(m): 4:56pm On May 08

Just face your front before trailer jam you

Did you contact him to know why he has not updated
you are not in his shoe,
you are not paying him,
if you can't wait i think the unfollow button is still available

I can still vouch for him, Souloho19 has never start a story and did not finish it
Its his life and his story,

(in Kizz daniel voice) See boy if you want to leave biko leave no do shakara, no body dey beg afterall

Mr man you have no moral impetus to ask me to click the "unfollow" button just because i made public my grievances

in case you're ignorant and allergic to glaring truths, let me quickly school you then...souloho is a celebrity and we're all his fans and that gives each and every one of us some sense of entitlement, as his fan I'm entitled to his time also , I'm entitled to voice my thought in respect to this story ..so neither you or souloho can rob me of that .

if you've ever been left alone on a cross road then you'll know how I feel ,and you won't come here spewing gibberish just to garner likes and shares
Re: The Hole In The Wall by tillaman(m): 5:16pm On May 08

First of all thank you for airing your grievances. I appreciate that, I can only think you're enjoying the story so far hence the irritation for lack of updates.

Now let me be very blunt. I am not going to end this story. I am not going to abandon this story. I do not need your money. I do not even need your praises.

I wrote delayed diagnosis stuck on 30 views for over 10 pages and I still updated twice a day because firstly, I write for myself, not for you. Writing is my own method of self therapy and I'm not going to abandon what brings me peace. Never.

I'm not going to start explaining the reason for my absence because everyone has their life to live, but then again, life comes indifferent phases. I'm not at the place I was 2-3 years ago right now. Do you think if it was possible I wouldn't update more regularly? Or do you think I couldn't rush this story and end it prematurely? I thought of it, even had an update scripted since December, all it would take is less than 2,000 words and "The End"
But I can't do that, everyday I imagine loopholes that could have been avoided earlier in the story or more dots that could have been connected, twists that could have been created and the last thing I would do is give it a premature ending to crown it all.

Dview I can remember you following from delayed diagnosis till TDWO, why are you having selective memory right now? Don't ask me "why start what i can't finish." It's very annoying. Especially when a couple of posts up I pleaded for patience, come on!

UncleSnr thanks for your advice, but I'll pass on closing the thread. This is not a waste of energy, time and resources but rather an outlet of the aforementioned.

Writing is what keeps me grounded so if you feel I'm deliberately not updating because I now feel "too big" (in ygritte's voice) "You know nothing!"

On a lighter note, the next update isn't as long as I wanted but it's just like a prologue before the main action.

Jah bless!
Souloho still remains my favorite writer here on NL, he doesn’t even get paid for this, lets all stay guided everyone you see has one or two things they are preoccupied with or going through, just cause they don’t say doesn’t mean everything is fine with them, souloho my niqqa keep up the good work!!bless you brother

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Chevrolet076(m): 5:57pm On May 08
thank you bro soul, it means a lot that you posted an update today, that still shows your commitment to this story,... but you should be guided about this your suspense now, i mean, how will you stop there now...? , ehn?

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Oroolorun(m): 8:27pm On May 08
Mmm... I never doubted you and never would. Thanks for the update. Poor Andy, that is all I can say for now.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by chibestjerry(m): 8:39pm On May 08

Mr man you have no moral impetus to ask me to click the "unfollow" button just because i made public my grievances

in case you're ignorant and allergic to glaring truths, let me quickly school you then...souloho is a celebrity and we're all his fans and that gives each and every one of us some sense of entitlement, as his fan I'm entitled to his time also , I'm entitled to voice my thought in respect to this story ..so neither you or souloho can rob me of that .

if you've ever been left alone on a cross road then you'll know how I feel ,and you won't come here spewing gibberish just to garner likes and shares

Wait first did you say you are Entitle to His time!!
Haba bros

just Because you view and read his story does not i mean DOES NOT MAKE YOU OWN ANYBODY TIMES
and nobody is robbing you of your entitlement to the story rather you are the one trying to rob the Author of his entitlement to his time... Time is one of the most precious thing a man has got

so next time you try to sound intelligent better consult a good English dictionary for advices

biko lets not derail the thread any further


Re: The Hole In The Wall by Kaycee9242(m): 9:24pm On May 08
souloho thanks for the update, I'm having problems with remembering all these ppl names and their roles pls be regular with ur updates so dt we don't find it difficult to comprehend the story. thanks all d same


Re: The Hole In The Wall by Ann2012(f): 10:02pm On May 08
Thanks for the update Souloho19, as usual always on point

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by cerowo(f): 11:20pm On May 08
tanks for d update souloho

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Jumizie13(f): 11:43pm On May 08
well done bro I lur you bro


Re: The Hole In The Wall by mitchelljnr(m): 12:28am On May 09
Superb cheesy but short sha, souloho19 keep it up God bless you.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by queenitee(f): 12:47pm On May 10
Eh eh eh

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 3:38pm On May 10
So Andy isn't going to survive?? That's going to be a big blow to BROTA.. Big foot might meet his doom soon,too..

The First Minister could pass for a pervert.. He's idea of s*x is really weird... Well, who am I to judge..

A truck of Mercenaries...That's a huge one... There's sure going to be a lot of casualties,starting from Old Man Rosco..BROTA on fire..

SOULOHO19, my man dia..Welcome back boss..


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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Kawo9ze(m): 9:02pm On May 10
Brota has fallen! title for next post! souloho I hail o! Tuale Gee! bless you!

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Mynet11(m): 8:29pm On May 11
Mr. Souloho u ar really a genius, pls keep it up. I really like the way u respond to some issues here. Back to the story, I thought u were joking when u said i might not like the character you'll create for me. Though its far from my kind of person, but for the sake of this story i like it. I can see the story rounding up pretty soon, but who am i when the great twister is on the steering? Anticipating an update sooner or later. One love

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Dammykrone(m): 4:09am On May 12
cheesy Op, Welldone. I Really Love This Story

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by honourable356(m): 10:02am On May 13
It has been long...I am back.
So the story is still going on and hot?
Good job souloho19.
Morning ladies and gents!!

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by mikano001: 12:42pm On May 13
Bro u too much more grace to u.... abeg update

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by rattyo3(m): 10:09am On May 14
Oga souloho19

Well-done o, more ink to your pen and more grace and wisdom.
I have a request to make sir, if it's possible can you allow Andy to live so as to release the extra copy of the journalist write-up to the press and reveal the activities of The Hole.
I'm very sure you have different angles to the story but the hidden truth must be revealed and the people will know about The Hole. Thanks

Looking forward to updates.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 6:04am On May 16
souloho thanks for the update, I'm having problems with remembering all these ppl names and their roles pls be regular with ur updates so dt we don't find it difficult to comprehend the story. thanks all d same

I understand bro, i also have to read back most times. I'll definitely do better. But in the meantime;

Beatrice the lesbian - Emma's kidnapper, Fome's lover, Rex hater, Niece to Betran who was right hand man to the late Mr. x, Fome's father. He (Betran is currently receiving dialysis In L.U.T.H) the doctors say he won't last much longer.

She also has a cousin Christie, who beat Andy's ass once upon a time and usually pleads to the little humanity in Beatrice.

Rex is in a 'safe house' provided by his father, to interrogate junior, the driver of his inlaw Sam who happens to be the first minister.

Tonye left him, drove the ambulance to the airport to head to Lagos when they found out from a phone call that the first minister lodged in a hotel in Lagos.

The Obasis are in a bit of a confusion, Olivia is still on meds but recovering well, the kids ar being kids playing, Paul, Utebos husband and.the major (or lt colonel?) and Alli no joy as well as Clyde the agent are strategizing leaving the house because of the attack they fear is imminent.

Cynthia, Rex other sister and Kirsten, the gem and sharpest mind of BROTA is also indoors.

In Lagos, Bami went on a rescue mission to save Ada but she had already killed her captors. They should be bound to Brota by now.

Andy is still in intensive care in the hospital, being guarded by Rex's assistant Jimoh, who is not a foot soldier. Big foot has a letter bomb he plans to deliver. On the envelope are the words; Get well soon

Sparrow is somewhere...(as usual)

Short Sam and family is in BROTA

So is (ex) Detective Dagnet and Bigelow

I hope this helps


Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 6:11am On May 16
Thanks for your comments fam, I really appreciate. God bless.
Mynet, I warned you didn't I...but trust me, the guy got bad skills wink
Ratty0 don't worry about the flash....maybe the landlord or the fresh tenants would find it in the cookie tin, Helen hid it.

Ok, tbh I don't even know Andy's fate but we'll know soon enough....in the next episode I think.
Honorable welcome back boss!

Ekopsparrow...Brota is really on fire...quite playing with the birds and go do something tongue

Jumizie I lor you too grin

Cerowo Ann queenitee thanks

Mitchelljnr solly chibestjerry mikano dammykrone kawoze mitchelljnr oroolorun Jah bless you all bosses!


Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 6:46am On May 16
Obasi Residence

"You don't need to worry...try and sleep Olivia, I'm sure by the time you wake up Rex would be here."
Utebo sat on the edge of the bed, stroking the brow of her sister in law. Olivia was still a bit muddled from all the drugs she had been pumped with in the last 48 hours and indeed she needed a lot of rest. However, she refused to drift of to sleep again, or to be more succinct, she couldn't.
She had been asking for her husband for the last 4 hours, ever since he kissed her on the forehead and rushed out of the room, she hadn't been able to shake off a certain gloomy feeling. She had managed to doze off a bit but then she had woken up again, asking for Rex. He was not yet back, but definitely on his way, she had been told.

Okay, satisfied, she had tried to surrender to the lull of the sedatives but she couldn't quite. A certain moribund foreboding seemed to fill the room and she had found herself feeling suddenly depressed and on the edge of tears. When the twin boys had dashed into the room, caught up in their shooting game, she had felt a relief so astounding, she might have shouted - if her lips hadn't been too heavy or still on the verge of quivering. When Kirsten had rushed in to whisk the boys away and caution them from disturbing her, she had insisted she leave them be.

The young lady seemed to have understood perfectly, nodded and exited the room with a compassionate look in her eyes. But boys would always be boys, few minutes later and the boys were darting out of the room, shooting audio 'clips' from imaginary guns. Olivia strained her ears as their voices faded away and she found herself thinking of Rex yet again. Where was he? Why wasn't he with her? What was he up to? Hope he was safe?

She was saved from thinking (or questioning?) herself to death when the door opened and Martha came in with Emma in her arms. The warmth swelled from deep within and washed her, immediately she saw her daughter smiling at her, all dimples and big brown eyes. For a second, Olivia almost got up from the bed and walked to her daughter....love was that powerful. She however managed to sit up and stretched her arms as Martha placed Emma (who was giggling mischieviously) in hers.

"Any word from him?" She asked, glancing at her mother in law for a second.

"Al said he spoke with him just now..."


"You know what? I'll go get my phone and call him right now so we can all speak to him."

"Oh thank you..." Olivia watched her leave and focused on her daughter who was smiling up at her and framing her face....with both hands on her cheeks.

She began to tickle her sides....Emma loved that. "Would you speak to daddy? You'll tell him you love him....Yes you...."

Martha left the room, her grand daughters' laughter ringing in her ears. It took a great deal for her to mask her worry and smile with Olivia like everything was going to be alright....but she wasn't so sure. It was a terrible cycle of false assurance going on in the Obasi residence that evening, she thought to herself. Her husband had looked her in the eye less than an hour ago and lied to her that everything was fine, but she had seen beneath the facade, which was why she had tried to do better, lest Olivia see through hers as well.

She heard Cynthia and Utebo talking in the kitchen as they prepared dinner. It was supposed to be groundnut soup, but maybe it was her nosetrils cause all Martha could smell was fear....fear and doom.

She went to the parlour, her phone was charging on the other end, but she stopped when she heard her husband's voice from outside.
She parted the curtain a little bit and peeked outside. He stood before her son in law, Paul and the other agent who worked with Rex...Clyde something....

Her husband was on the phone, talking a little too loudly, his left hand was constantly scratching the bald patch in the middle of his head...a clear sign that he was nervous.

He ended the call and looked in her direction.

That's it! Enough was enough!

She marched outside, forgetting her phone and the call she had been about to make. Things were starting to feel like events from two years ago yet again....

But this time she wasn't just going to smile and swallow it all while the men kept details from her, all in the name of protecting the family. For God's sake, it was her family too and she wanted to protect it! She needed answers and God help her, Alli was going to give them to her.

"Al! tell me what's going on?"

"Oh dear, I was just coming to look for you....that was De' Omirida, he and the wife are expecting us...they basically forced me into agreeing to visit." He smiled, but she knew him better than that.

She looked at Paul and Clyde. The latter was focused intently on a lizard on the far wall, while the former was suddenly engrossed with his shoes.

"Alli Nicholas Obasi! you tell me what is going on and you tell me right now!"

He looked at her and sighed. "I think we're all in danger."

Few miles away...

The danger in question was being delayed for a little while. Branding his bullets with his signature digits '11'
He had it all timed. Once everywhere was fully dark, he was going to slaughter.


Tonye dallied at the reception a little bit. Trying to scope out the situation and plan her next move. She was tired, really tired. She had spent 30 minutes in the air and 21/2 hours stuck in Lagos traffic but finally she had made it to Victoria Island. But all she felt like doing was to lodge in the most expensive suite, have a long bath, order room service and konk out for the night.

But she couldn't, that wasn't the plan. The plan was to.....what was the plan again? Rex had said; run recconnaisance, investigate and find out what the first minister had planned, but don't make contact.
Easier said than done.

Well she wasn't an assassin but she could easily envision lodging in a room next to the first minister, drilling a hole in the wall and blowing his brains out with her gun.
Except; 1. She didn't know what room he was in. 2. She didn't have anything to drill a hole in the wall with. 3. She didn't even have her gun.

Her gun had been abandoned in the glove compartment in the ambulance, which was still in the parking lot in the hospital, unless the driver had regained consciousness and managed to drive it away.

She remained in the corner, with the water dispenser, looking round the classy foyer, at the receptionists, dressed in their fancy suits, tapping away at keyboards, looking intently at computer screens, as if they were in a bank and not a hotel for bleeps sake.
Well, the first step would be to get a room first. She had a hunch that if she used her badge to obtain the information, the minute she got on the elevator, the first minister would receive a call, alerting him of her presence. Somehow, she'll be able to find the room the first minister was lodged in. Then maybe she would wear a mask, pay him a visit and torture him by kicking him in the balls repeatedly till he confessed whatever agenda the hole had in store for BROTA.

Her husband crossed her mind immediately but she shoved him out. He was busy in the field, the last time they spoke he was with the Chief's daughter....she remembered the crazy wailing she had heard over the phone and she shivered.

She needed to focus. But how could she? She kept remembering the face she had seen in the airport, getting off the arrivals section, the same face she had comfirmed in page 873 of Kirsten's Shadow report. That couldn't be a coincindence. There wasn't much intel on the man but the scar alone on the side of his face could only mean bad news.

The worst thing was she had tried Rex's number but it kept turning up 'not reachable.'

She noticed one of the security had picked an interest in her so she put off trying his line again...maybe when she got a room she'll get through and if not, she'll try Kirsten. Maybe Rex had gone back home and they were together by now.

She took a deep breath and headed to the nearest hotel clerk when the elevator doors on the other end slid open. A busty lady of average height sauntered off the lift, she didn't seem to notice anyone and was talking animatedly into her phone. She seemed pissed. However, it wasn't the bright red lipstick or the eye liner, so thick it looked like a super hero's eye mask, nor was it the juicy cleavage spilling out off the short excuse of leather gown the lady had on that caught Tonye's attention. It was the glitter on the hand she held the phone to her ear that caught her attention. Even from far it was clear it was pure gold. And when the lady passed by Tonye, she confirmed it. She had spent the last 24 hours watching the first minister glance importantly at the damned rolex so much that it irritated her, and now she could tell it was the very same watch.

"trust me Pablo, I'm done with him. He received a call and threw me out yet again...didn't even pay extra....the selfish bastard...I took a little insurance for sure...I'm taking my profile down the website....."

Her voice trailed off as she sailed away and Tonye had turned a full 360 as she watched the Lady head for the exit.
Finally she closed her mouth which had formed a suprised 'O' and hurried after the woman.

She caught up with her as the lady walked to a sleek Rav4.

"Excuse me, what room did you come out from?"

The lady turned around in shock. "pablo I'll call you later.....Sorry?" She looked guilty and a little bit scared, she looked at her car, just few feet away, like she wished she could just appear behind the wheel and drive away.

"What room?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Because a man, called our desk that we should give his lady friend some sum of money...You match her description."

The girl looked suspicious, and Tonye realized she should have come up with something better. This lady just stole a watch worth thousands of dollars after all, everything would seem like a trap to her.

But it seems she was also greedy, she looked thoughtfully at Tonye. "What room did he call from?"

"Oh no missy, that won't work...you tell me...if it corresponds then you'll have the cash immediately..." she had her hand in her purse like she was holding a bundle of money, she was actually holding her phone.

"You know what, its not me...I didn't see anyone...I'm not interested."
She turned and began to hurry away.

"At least tell me what floor....please?" Tonye called out.

The lady had gotten to her car but she stopped with the key in the lock. She turned and looked at Tonye cautiously. "Why?"

"The person you were with received a call and is going to make a couple more, if he hasn't started already. Innocent people are going to die if I don't stop him....please tell me."

The lady sighed, "room 146."


As a part security consulting firm, the very first project BROTA ever had, had been BROTA itself. Bami was the chief security expert, owing to his years of experience as a federal agent. He had spent extra time, and extra money had been hacked off the budget for the so called 'sophisticated defense system' which had been installed in BROTA. It involved an emergency lockdown mode, sealing the main building from the outside, by sliding shut the Magnetic glass 6000 bulletproof doors, and enabling the Panic room, a secret air conditioned room made of titanium steel, which Bami had cheekily had the panel installed in the Microwave in the kitchen.

The fancy microwave had a button inbetween 'bake' and 'grill' labelled "PANIC"
When the button was pushed, and a 5 digit secret code; 70891 was entered, a metal hatch popped out of the wall, just behind the 10 foot fridge. This lever was the only entrance to the panic room, which could hold 2 dozen people comfortably, with camp beds, a stocked fridge, toileteries and even a television with a ps4 console.

Now, the problem was; everyone who knew about the Panic room and the proceedure wasn't in the building at the moment.
Dagnet and Bigelow didn't know, they were recent additions to the teams and didn't even have offices yet. Short Sam didn't know, neither did his wife and son(come on now)

The only person who knew was Buzz the betrayer. And he had been abandoned in the interogation room by Bigelow when the alarm had began blasting.

The alarm had since stopped blaring now, and the voice shouting; 'we are under attack' had since stopped. Thanks to a shotgun bullet to Cornelius' head.

Short Sam dashed downstairs, his short legs flying the stairs 5 at a time. He shouted for his wife and son; "Meredith! Junior!"



His wife and son were in Olivia's office. Dagnet had turned the table on it's side to provide some kind of pathetic shield and when the hacker saw his family clinging together, trying to fit in the leg space of the giant oak desk, he felt a kind of dread he had never before felt in his entire life. He felt like a failure. He felt like less of a man, because he had endangered his family and failed them. But the worse thing was he felt, no.....he knew he couldn't protect them.

Bigelow ran to the office and shoved S.s (who had frozen at the entrance) inside. "Stay here with your family....here...take this!" He squeezed his Sig Sauer into the short man's hand. The gun almost fell from his grasp. S.s had never held a gun before in his life.
He rushed to his wife, who was hugging their little boy and trying to keep him from crying.

Dagnet looked at Bigelow and their eyes held.

"Is it going through?" He asked her.

She had the phone to her ear but all she could hear was the dial tone. It's all she had been hearing for the last 30 seconds, still she kept dialling.

Bigelow dug his mobile from his pocket but was greeted with the 'no signal'

"Shiit! They must have some kind of signal jam or something!" He shouted. There was no need for him to shout, they were all in the office, but adrenaline was very high.

"Is there nothing we can do....Do you have network on your phones?" Dagnet asked the family huddled behind the upturned table.
No...there was no network.

"I....I might be able to unjam the network for a small period of time....but...." His voice trailed off. He didn't need to say it. But he couldn't leave his family.

The computer which had been on the desk was now a broken mess on the floor, surrounded by scattered files and paperwork.

There was a full second of silence, then Bigelow took charge.
"Dagnet, you take them upstairs to the office Sam was working before, barricade them there then come give me some backup." He turned to S.s, "the minute you unscramble the network, place a call to everyone, tell them we're under attack!"

Bigelow watched Dagnet lead the small family upstairs then he walked slowly down the long corridor. His second pistol in his hand. When he got to the end of the hallway, he stood, breathing heavily, with his back to the wall. Everything was eerily quiet, it almost felt like the attack had been called off. Or maybe they.....
He finally took a quick peek round the edge. He saw two men on the other side of the glass doors. One of them was even smoking a ciggarette. He noticed he was a bit elderly. The second was on the phone, pacing infront of the entrance. Bigelow stole glances every now and then, his heart was beating madly and he noticed the intruders didn't seem to be in a hurry. He desperately hoped S.s would be able to crack the signal and send a call through.

He heard a loud gunshot suddenly and peeked again. The man had ended his call and fired his shotgun at point blank range into the glass, but there wasn't even a fracture or a crack. Next, the man struck the glass with the butt of his rifle but his gun just bounced off, Bigelow actually began to hope. Just two invaders? He alone could handle them, and they couldn't even get through the glass....

It was said the New Mettallic glass was 600 times stronget than steel. It had cost BROTA a fortune to install but now it just might be what would save all their lives.

He heard a noise and turned sharply. It was Dagnet. She held up her hand in a 'don't shoot' gesture and Bigelow lowered his gun, his nerves were frayed. He put his index finger to his lips and tilted his head for her to come closer.

"What's going on?"

"They can't get through the bullet proof."

His voice had a great deal more bass now and a kind of reassuring timbre.
He turned his head slowly once more and gasped in surprise.
He could count about half a dozen men, in his line of view, all dressed like real mercenaries. Even with his extensive knowledge in firearms and history with intelligence and counter terrorism, the only time he had handled the kind of weapons the men were armed with, was when he had played call of duty.
But that wasn't even what made him gasp.

The men all moved partially away from the entrance, which was why he could only see half of them, the reason they moved was because one of them was down on his knee, attaching a very wicked explosive....(Bigelow was almost certain it was C4) with ductape to the spot the sliding gates joined together.

"Big....what is it?" Dagnet whispered

"We're bleeped.."

To be Continued...

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by do4luv14(m): 8:30am On May 16
Chaiii, sparrow come quickly ooooo

nice one oga souloho19,
hope say you don return gbam...

aaahhh again FTC.......
Re: The Hole In The Wall by HisGrace0000001(m): 8:33am On May 16
Wow!!! Omo see suspense. Please come and continue o.
Re: The Hole In The Wall by Kaycee9242(m): 9:17am On May 16
this has really helped alot, thanks so much bro, I can always go back to this whenever I get confused
Re: The Hole In The Wall by Kaycee9242(m): 9:49am On May 16
nice update
Re: The Hole In The Wall by Ann2012(f): 11:48am On May 16
Sparrow!!!!! Where art thou shocked

Thanks for the update
Re: The Hole In The Wall by EbonyQueen001(f): 3:52pm On May 16

"We're bleeped.."

To be Continued...

Souloho19, I need to help this people. Plssssss.
Kai! The suspense too much o.

But wait first, is the hole so desperate that they are ready to draw attention to themselves?
Should they succeed, the coincidence will be noticed na and every probability of someone having something on them. They can't cover all loopholes jor.
Abeg, actor no de die, na boss dey fail.


Re: The Hole In The Wall by chibestjerry(m): 4:12pm On May 16
Thank you for this update Souloho19 las las it was very worth the wait
Hmmm Sparrow will turn the hero at the end of the day
i can smell the end drawing near already
Re: The Hole In The Wall by Oroolorun(m): 4:48pm On May 16
Who will save BROTA from crashing down like a pack of card? Thanks for the update.
Re: The Hole In The Wall by queenitee(f): 7:34am On May 17
OMG, please save us sad sad
Re: The Hole In The Wall by cerowo(f): 11:52am On May 17
souloho19, nothing should happen to them ooo

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