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Re: The Hole In The Wall by dimssy(m): 8:36am On Jun 10
We are finally the hole in the wall. But we can always wait.
Re: The Hole In The Wall by kennybelle: 9:13am On Jun 10
It's been over a week since we last saw Mr Soul here, I hope everything is well with him.

... Still I wait... wink
Re: The Hole In The Wall by queenitee(f): 9:44am On Jun 10
you never quit nairaland abi?
You too o
Re: The Hole In The Wall by pcicero(m): 12:13am On Jun 12
Hello soulho, been awhile since you updated.
Re: The Hole In The Wall by amseeingthings(f): 11:28am On Jun 12
souloho 19, please don't starve me to death..... still waiting for update, you just wanna kill me with suspence[color=#006600][/color] kiss
Re: The Hole In The Wall by blazebaba(m): 12:12am On Jun 15
embarassed undecided oyaa ah abii where is this man now..gbe soul ehh ..
Re: The Hole In The Wall by Mynet11(m): 12:14am On Jun 20
Please has anybody reach out to Souloho? Its been almost 2weeks since he promised us update. Can someone help me with his contact? I'll be grateful.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by PoliticalThuG(m): 11:42pm On Jun 21
Boring story
Re: The Hole In The Wall by Oluwasaeon(m): 3:49pm On Jun 22
Wonderful update, keep up with the good work.
You're beautiful wink

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by akvocalz: 10:40pm On Jun 22
souloho16.... please ohh, where art thou? I have missed you I swear������
Re: The Hole In The Wall by HelenBee(f): 11:27am On Jun 23
cry Where are you? I really hope all is well with you? Please try to write to us so we'll put our minds to rest. We miss you. We miss the story. embarassed


Re: The Hole In The Wall by mitchelljnr(m): 5:33pm On Jun 23
souloho19 what's happening, hope all is well?
Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 2:05am On Jun 24
The sad thing is... I don't even have his contact to call him... I can't even remember his mail address..
I hope you're good bro..
Re: The Hole In The Wall by dimssy(m): 4:49pm On Jun 24
Souloho19, I hope all is good sad sad
Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 5:49pm On Jun 24
Dedicated to
Helenbee Oloolorun chibestjerry EkosparoAyara Mynet11 imoortalvoices crowd mitchelljnr queenitee kennybelle vulcanheph charminee UncleSnr deview light4life plus1one do4luv14 dimssy pcicero akvocalz switkera iamloyalty Ann2012 Evold amseeingthings blazebaba kimmiebabie emmyN wizsolzy solly1 Teehsticckz Kaycee9242 jumizie13 kawo9ze dammykrone honorable356 mikano001 rattyo3 Ebonyqueen001 thanks for sticking with the story...Jah bless!

Around that same time, while BROTA was under attack, Big Foot parked his car and strolled into the lobby of the Apapa general hospital. He had a brown envelope tucked carefully under his arm, which gave him a conspicuous look because his arm was held stiffly and at an awkward angle (to hold the envelope (bomb) in place
He had on a cap which was engraved with the infamous double cannons belonging to Arsenal f.c.
He adjusted the cap, pulling it a bit lower to shade his eyes partially. Big foot was a big man, taller than most men. But he was cleanly shaved. It seemed the lack of facial hair on his face was what finally made him pull of his look, which was not worth more than a second glance - or at most, a third. But in his business that was good news.

Still, Big Foot didn't like bomb deliveries or to be candid, he didn't like mixing with people. However he wasn't socially handicapped and could flow seamlessly with people...enough experience had been gained in the field, years of scoping out possible bomb location sites, and planting the explosive itself...although he always planned most of his drops at night, just like he had with the reporter's car. It was just pure badluck/luck that the fool had survived. He would have naturally waited till a few more days, then when things settled down a bit drop the bomb wherever the Andy guy would have been, whether in the hospital or in his home....Big foot would have found a way.

But the powers that be were in a kind of crazed frenzy and wanted blood immediately. Making him rush through a plan. And now here he was, letter bomb tucked under his arm.

He observed the faces scattered around, sitting in different waiting corners. All eyes drifted briefly from the African magic literally happening on the television. Big foot met each face as he scanned the lobby, he didn't flinch or smile, neither did he scowl or frown. His face was impassive. He was a man on a mission and that's the only important thing.

His eyes immediately zoomed in on the heavy set woman in the corner, she sat behind a stand and had some folders overspilling with information, scattered on her desk.

"Hello, please I'm looking for Mr Andy...Andy Tinkan, is his full name, he's my brother in law..." He had mentioned the full name purposely, the fact that he knew the name which wasn't made public would surely register,

however she replied, "who is that....?"

"I said he's my brother in law"

"okay, please do you have any identification with you?"

"Hello? Did I step into a bank?." He said it smoothly, not raising his voice, maintaining his poker face, the look wasn't an act, it was his normal expression. "I've been with my sister through out the day, trying to encourage her and convince her that her husband is fine, so at least let me know what's going on...let me see him."

"He's okay, he's just recuperating, visitors are not allowed at this stage...or even by this time...but the ID request was an instruction from the police."

One major rule in Big Foot's code was; never to give explanations, ignore anything that required an explanation. "If he'll not be receiving any visitors let me just leave this on the bedside table, when he wakes up he'll see it. Can I get balloons anywhere around here?"

It worked. She looked at the parcel. The envelope was A4 size, sealed and signed, she glanced at the television and sighed. "Ok sir, I'll leave it on the table."

The envelope seal was like a wall switch carefully balanced by an inquisitive child, trying to discover the line between off and on. The only difference was, it wasn't just a bulb waiting to go off in this case.

Whoever opened the letter, would break the circuit and trigger the carefully spread plastic. It could blow half the face of the person if it were opened close to the face. Either way, there'll be impact with the body, but the distance and position of the letter during the discharge would determine the....impact of the blast.

In this case, the added fact that the target was most likely returning from limbo tilted the odds against the weak and was the major reason Big foot had gone ahead with the idea. There's no way Andy will be able to survive the blast, whatever injuries he suffered earlier which are still too sore to begin to heal would crumble from the explosion. All the scenarios Big foot imagined made sense to him; if he was lying on his back, boom! Sitting down with the letter on his laps, boom! Hunched over the letter, boom!

He watched as the nurse came round the partition. She was a busty woman. "Thank you, please just take it to him now and leave it on the table. I'll try and come with his wife when he's much better, hopefully that'll be soon."

Jimoh's Playlist was already on the third shuffle, the earphones were dug firmly into his ears, but the volume was turned low. The television was also switched off, he had since gotten tired of the movie which mostly was about people disappearing and reappearing and calling down thunder like Thor. His eyes were closed as Tracy Chapman crooned in his ears.

Every now and then he would open his eye and crane his neck till he saw Andy's feet through the blinds. So far, two doctors had seen him to update him...some medical jargon he couldn't remember, but the breakdown was that he was responding well and recovering. The worst was over.

The nurse from the front desk emerged from the corridor. Jimoh jerked out of his doze as he heard the footsteps approach. She seemed to be heading straight to the room, where another nurse was performing a routine pulse read on Andy. She hesitated when she saw Jimoh, who was sitting up and blinking rapidly, then she headed towards him.

"Hello, someone left a card for your boss."

Jimoh sat up immediately, "who is the person?"

"his brother in law"

"brother in law..." Jimoh's voice trailed off... "but he's not married...let me see it, what kind of card?"

The TV in the room was switched off, so the Nurse was keeping the conversation very short. Her movie was wasting away downstairs.
"ATM card," she replied sarcastically as she handed the envelope to Rex's assistant.

"it's sealed.." Jimoh announced unnecessarily, ignoring her comment. The nurse was already out the door anyway.

He felt the envelope. It was surprisingly heavy and still impossible to see what's inside, the words 'get well soon' were scribbled across the envelope. He observed the seal, like an inquisitive child.

Big foot was backing out of the parking lot when he felt/heard the familiar vibration/sound. He eased his leg from the throttle for a second as he did his calculations.
He really hoped the target had been awake and triggered the bomb himself. Still he couldn't help but curse, "fucking nosy nurse!"


"Oh Lord....once they blow up the glass we'll be sitting ducks...they have overwhelming force on their side."

"Just the two of us....."

"what-" Dagnet noticed his frown.

"There's someone down in the holding cell, He works here but Bami told me he assisted the kidnapper."

"We might as well die together...three guns are better than two."

"And if he's working for these same people nko? He'll just shoot us in the back."

"Damn it...!" Bigelow sounded super frustrated.

"We're sitting ducks here..no strategy...see the guns they're holding...what will a 9mm and a glock do against those kind of guns?!" Death was on the other side of the glass and she was freaking out.

"we get to the armour room...Bami showed me around earlier..I saw lots of grenades and flash bangs and better guns."

He was interrupted by the red light which began blinking, at the middle of the glass. The bomb had begun it's countdown.


Less than 2 minutes.

"okay here's what we do....you run to the room and get as many weapons as you can while I'll go hit the lights....we have less than 1 minute..." As she spoke, Dagnet was already heading towards the kitchen where the circuit box was in a cage on the opposite wall.

Meanwhile Bigelow ran to the pantry, desperately trying to remember the code he had seen Bami enter when the latter had been showing him the firearms like a proud father.

Old man Rosco had done his part. Now he was going to get in his truck and drive home like nothing happened. Continue living his life normally, finally retire and stop making deliveries. There was enough money to enjoy his retirement.

The tragedy would not in anyway link to him. There would be no video feed, all the videos from the cameras would be destroyed. There'll be nothing for the authorities but the dead bodies.

He loaded the cartons of bottle water back into his pickup. The people here had been nothing but wonderful to him, patronizing his business and never delaying the monthly payment for deliveries. And yet he had betrayed them...It was fear....yeah....He was afraid....these men were dangerous, they would have hurt him if he didn't go through with the plan..."

He shook his head, there was no need lying to himself, the 2million naira payment was what made him agree to the break-in.

He watcheed the man in the middle as he attached the c4 to the door. That's it...he was out of there. Approximately 12 mercenaries were scattered in strategic positions, apart from the last two who were at the main gate which was still wide open.

The only reason Bami hadn't returned to BROTA immediately wasbecause of Ada. She had continued the troubling wail, refusing to answer his calls. After a while, he realized she wasn't even hearing him, she seemed to be in another realm.

Armed with the insight, he approached her gingerly, she still sat on the floor, stained with an insane amount of blood. She no longer stabbed the body of 3F continuously, maybe cause the glass in her fist had been reduced to half a shard.

Bami reholstered his gun, then turned a wide arc, avoiding the dead bodies. He crossed over the torso of the woman. Her face was gone now....carved away by Short stabs from the Piece of glass in quick succession.

He helped her to her feet and her knees seemed to turn to jelly. The little glass fell from her hand and he could see her palm was badly blistered and bleeding from the friction. She no longer wailed but stared up at him with glassy, gassed out eyes.

Bami practically carried her to the rest room. He thought for a minute then quickly went through the two bedroom apartment. He came back 22 seconds later, with a couple of T-shirts, a towel and a bottle of spirit. He spent a couple.of minutes, running the water over the towel then wiping the blood off her face, fore-arms and arms. Then squeezing the blood from the towel while keeping it under the running tap. He wondered idly about the polo shirts he had had seen in the wardrobe. The shirts were definitely masculine and Bami wondered who they belonged to. He repeated the process until her face and neck wasn't all bloody anymore. He helped her wear the polo shirt, over her gown which was now ripped in some places and had some bloody stains too. Thankfully the shirt fell to her knees.

Whoever 3f's lover was, he must be very tall.
After dressing her up as best as he could, he held her hand and led her outside. Ada hadn't said any word since she stopped the peculiar noise and Bami just knew they couldn't wait on the road for a bus or taxi or even enter one till they got to the place he had left the car earlier during the traffic.

An idea occurred to him and he had the unpleasant task of digging through 3f's pockets. He emerged with the car keys to the blue audii which was parked outside. Ada who watched him without saying anything, turned and left the house when he got the keys. She seemed to be a lot more stable already but her eyes still had that look in them. The look lacked genuine innocence and was replaced with something raw...like a fire had just been lit but the flames were yet to be stoked.

Old man Rosco was in a hurry to drive off before the bomb went off and the door was blown out. He had seen and done a lot of evil tonight but he didn't have to witness more. He started his pickup and the mercs let him through. He recognized one of the men standing by the gate as the young man who had made contact with him and broken in, pretending to be his subordinate. The young man gave him an insolent stare and Old man Rosco returned the grimace. The old man only had his attention off the road for two seconds and as he returned his eyes to the road, he let a shout and gripped the steering. But it was too late.
The van rammed straight into the pickup. Stopping it in its tracks. The collision was so much more than a fender bender...more like a fender carnage. Old man Rosco hadn't been wearing his seatbelt, he had slowed down to about 5km/h and the van had come flying in at about 180km/h.

The snap forward plus push back from the air bag was too much and Old man Rosco broke his neck immediately.

The van waxed to a stop, smoke seeping from the edge of the bonnet, which had caved in as well. There was a full second of silence, and then came the rain of bullets. More than five assault rifles were trained on the van and shooting round after round, puncturing the vehicle at an alarming rate. The windscreen, side mirrors, got shot out, the body of the car even the tires were shut out...all these happened in less than 5 seconds, then - the floodlights at the end of each wall (which illuminated the compound) went out immediately. And every light in the building went off. It was as black as a lifeless painting, the only other colour, being the red light on the countdown timer attached to the bomb.

Even that stopped now, and there was a loud explosion as the bright flare of the combustion reaction blew out a great portion of the doubled sliding glass and the remaining portion of the door slid open.

The mercs had broken down into three groups of four, the plan was to storm the building with overwhelming force, behind tear gas and flash grenades. However the unexpected entry of the van made half of them get on their knees and open fire. The two men who had been on either side of the open gate stepped back as they opened fire to the sides of the van. Whoever was in it would surely be dead or fatally wounded by now.

The bullets were cutting through the body of the van like paper.

Unknown to them, shadow wasn't in the van. After gunning the engine and jumping out of the moving vehicle, he had rolled on the dusty terrain to break his fall and was on his feet in less than a second, walking briskly to the guard house. The mercenary by the other side, had backed out of the guard room, the moment he shot Cornelius in the head, and now was outside focused on emptying his bullets into the driver side of the van. Sparrow was as stealthy as an inanimate shadow.

He slid into the guard house and stood still till his eyes adjusted to the darkness fully. The bullets were still firing nonstop and the noise would certainly be to his advantage. He slid open the door...(without electricity, everything was manual now) and raised the colt.45 he had found in the van. He fired two bullets into his head and stepped back once more as the man fell noiselessly to the ground.

Bami tried making small talk with Ada as he drove back to Brota. He was currently having an internal debate if he should take her to headquarters or not.

But where else? There was no other place as safe as BRota..at least for now.

"are you hungry...?"

No reply
"Do you want to talk about it?"

Just the hum of the air conditioner.

He got to an intersection and after a second's hesitation, turned left towards Brota, maybe he should call Bigelow to find out what was happening, and Rex too...he should also call him and tell him Ada was safe
....or sort of anyway. He glanced at her with his side eye. She was staring straight ahead, occasionally glancing at billboards and buildings as they passed.
He kept his eye on the road, as he activated the fingerprint sensor. His thumb was scanned and he began to scroll through his contacts.

When his phone rang, he picked it automatically...a reflex action and noticed the number was farmiliar.. it was his work desk...from his office in Brota. "Hello.."

"help...we're under attack they brought guns, bombs, and rockets, they're like a 100!"

"Hello....Sam? Sam...hold on...I'm on my way...listen carefully...take your family and everyone else to the kitchen...there's a microwave on the counter...can you hear me?"

There was a sudden loud noise and S.s gasped, "Oh my God...they've blown the glass"

The line went off...Bami hit the brakes immediately. He had taken a longer route just so he could pick up his car. Now, he made a 180 de gree turn almost colliding with a bike at the last minute cos he didn't check his mirror. He heard the curses immediately, even got one on his father's behalf. Nigerians.
Ada still hadn't looked at him but she glanced at him as the car gained speed.

After 11 seconds approximately, he slapped his steering in annoyance and swore. "bloody stupid!"

She understood perfectly. His was the farmiliar voice of self disgust.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Vulcanheph(m): 7:01pm On Jun 24
Awesome update as usual soul......But life has not been fair to Andy at all, first his wife died, then the reporter even the lab attendant he had some sort of Chemistry (pun intended) with turned out to be evil..............thanks For the mentions.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 7:03pm On Jun 24
Bami had cut the call because he was running out of time. His eyes were glued to the depleting bar on the screen that was showing he had about 15 seconds before the signal was lost again. He immediately dialed in a number..he had planned to call Rex but then remembered he was still in Benue.

He entered the next number that came to his mind. The emergency number that had been released a year ago, the direct line to the police. Publicly referred to as 'police secretary' by the people. Even though it was manned by tens of.people.

"Hello, goodevening and welcome to the Metro rapid response dispatch, how may I -"

"There's an attack at Brota's headquarters...hired killers attacked the building few minutes ago, there are vulnerable women and children in danger...I repeat women and children...we need help immediately.."

"Sir you're calling from (rattles off an address) please hold on, I am forwarding the details.."

"Can you.hear that? That's gunfire...we need-" The line went off." Fuc_k!" he shouted.

When Rex had requested he dig into the Counselor Mark, one of the vice directors of Dss, internal operations, Short Sam had found a couple of correspondence between the director of the police station. Still he couldn't do anything but hope that his call wouldn't be manipulated and deleted. Hopefully the dispatcher was someone with honour who would do the right thing.

He was still on his feet...Still hunched over the desk, the phone pressed to the side of his head, while his eyes narrowed at the monitor.

The bar had run down completely and network was scrambled yet again. The attackers had really come prepared with the right kind of equipments.

He got tired of the dial tone and replaced the phone slowly. His wife was on the floor on the corner. Crying and touching the side of the metal file cabinet. She wanted nothing more than to hold her baby right now, but it had been her idea that Junior hide in the cabinet. It was roomy enough for junior who was apparently going to be a late bloomer physically. The reason behind her suggestion was a possibility too painful to imagine.

Maybe when the killers came to kill them, they wouldn't check around and their baby will survive.

"I'm so sorry.." S.s whispered then glanced at the heavy iron in his palm. He was going to die protecting his family.

Dagnet ran back down the corridor the moment she pulled the lever and plunged the whole Brota into darkness. She was tempted to bring out her pen light but she didn't, she just reduced speed to a quick trot.

She was almost at the corner where they had perched earlier and watched the assembly. The gunshots were ringing and she desperately wanted to see what they were shooting at. Maybe they were turning on each other...or maybe had arrived. Real help....the kind of help that could contain the.attack... And then the explosive went off. She felt the impact the most, as she was close to the edge and the narrow corridors seemed to bring the sound waves straight to her ears.

The first wave flowed into the building, guns trained and moving in a zig zag order, a flash bang grenade sailed far into the lobby, then another, then another...each going farther than the last. The third frag grenade rolled past the wall where she was standing, rubbing her temple slowly and holding her gun gingerly. She saw it and managed to scuttle towards the other end. The impact had her stumbling forward in her blind haste and she fell into Bigelow's hands.

He was with someone else, Buzz. He had freed him from the interrogation room and both men had located the armour room and were armed to their teeth. Their rifles had flashlights under the nozzle.

"you're alright....it's okay...they've breached us...they've fucking breached us!" He shouted at Buzz...."you better be.sure about the microwave thing ."

"it is there, we had the drills for over a month." Buzz replied

Bigelow looked frantically forward, there was no movement yet...he shook Dagnet gently by the shoulders.

"it's alright...stop that.." she said slowly, placing her hand on her temple.

"Dagnet I need you to run and bring Sam and his family downstairs...you'll follow Buzz to the kitchen..there's a panic room...are you with me?" (more shaking) "he'll show you the entrance to the panic room...you stay with the family and protect them..."

He released her, "This is not the time to be fragile...you have to be strong...not for you but for that family sake."

She gripped her gun tightly and hurried up the stairs.

"announce yourself first," Bigelow advised. "I gave Short Sam a gun."

He trained his eye back to the empty space ahead. "you should go help them"

"I can hold the fort with you." Buzz replied.

"Get them to safety first."

He ran up the stairs, tripping in the darkness while
Bigelow switched off the flashlight so he was in the dark, he listened out, leaning on the wall so he had a ready shield available.

A flashbang, sailed into the foyer at the mouth of the corridor, then he could see the moving lights, three lights blinking...no not three...four.Probably fixed under the nozzle of their rifles. Bigelow could also hear movement from the stairs, the family was making its way down the steps and the enemy was getting closer.

He had to do something. He pulled the pin from one of the grenade he had taken from the armour room, then waited. Counting the seconds slowly. The M67 fragmentation grenade had a fuse that took 4.5 seconds to burn. The Dss had really put them through all classes of training, and now he was glad for it.

Three breathless seconds later, he straightened from the wall, guaged the distance the flashlight was shinning from in a micro second and let the grenade sail. The grenade exploded one second later, a little distance above the ground.

Some physics specialist of the sort had been invited to give them a special class years ago. After a lot of mumbo jumbo and technical jargon, the bottom line was that the explosion usually achieved it's best Shockwave a couple of feet from the ground. And so the intense training had began although they used fake grenades which just explode a can of paint, the goal had been to find the perfect timing the grenade would take to explode and make contact.

All the weapons Bigelow had seen in the armour were government issued which meant he was farmiliar with all of them. So the grenade toss had been just like another training for him. When it exploded, Bigelow could hear a lot of shrapnel fly about and agonized shouts. He quickly hurried to the mouth of the Stairs, where Short Sam and his family were waiting, paralyzed with fear. "Go go! Dagnet you stay with them through out...Buzz when you get them in, you come back me up."

"why don't we all go in," Dagnet said, "Buzz said it could hold a dozen people and is impenetrable."

"We have to mount a defense...fight back" Bigelow replied.

"oh-oh" Buzz muttered

"what is it?" Bigelow said and held his breath.

"electricity...the microwave has to be on before we can activate the door."

"Ooooh...And you didn't mention it since...why didn't we think of it!" Bigelow echoed in disbelief.

"The circuit box is just outside the kitchen!" Dagnet recalled fiercely, snapping her fingers. All this while, they had been talking in a kind of loud whisper.

As they spoke, a canister landed few feet from them. For a second they all feared the worst, it was a grenade. Although, Dagnet, still reeling from the flash bang earlier, feared it was another flash grenade. But it began to emit thick gas instead. "Tear gas...go go!"

Dagnet switched on her flashlight and led the way, with the family in the middle and Buzz bringing up the rear. He was tired and his limbs felt heavy, but he managed to carry the little boy.

"Bleep!" Bigelow exclaimed. There had been gas masks, but he had been been in a haste, more interested in the night goggles, and grenades and guns, all attack and no defense.

The moment Dagnet's flash light came on, even though she shielded it with her palm, gunshots were fired, the good news was, the corridor branched of to the kitchen path, with the circuit box in a corner on the wall. But still, Bigelow heard one of them shout in pain before they went completely out of sight. The shout had been masculine, which meant it was either Short Sam or Buzz that had been hit.

"Shit!" Bigelow was pressed to the corner of the wall leading to the stairs as the guns continued to release round after round of lead. The gas from the canister was already filling the hallway and impairing vision.

Bigelow could feel his eyes water and his throat begin to itch in irritation. Without risking to look behind the wall, he stretched his arm, till the nozzle was pointed past the wall's edge and pulled the trigger.

Outside, Sparrow was under heavy fire, his presence was the reason the mercs hadn't stormed into Brota with the kind of force they intended, he had been discovered after he had killed the second man by the gate. While the first four men team had broken into Brota, behind heavy flash grenades which they tossed in.the double.
About 6 guns were trained in his position, He couldn't shoot back because that would enable them narrow in on his exact location and he'll be a sitting duck where he ducked.

Then the explosion from inside sounded and the gunmen outside didn't pause. Even Sparrow found himself wishing the grenade hadn't hurt the young family or any of the agents, Dagnet flashed in his mind.
But few seconds later and the crazed shout of one of the men rang out and he ran out, screaming in pain and on fire.

One of the mercs shot the burning man in the head, then he hurried to the truck and began to toss gas masks to the others. Bigelow enjoyed a little reprieve and darted to another pillar while a handful of the men had rushed through the broken glass.

Now, the mechanical gate which ironically had been made by the Sunrise steel company, was completely open. Which meant there was enough space for three cars. The two trucks were at the center of the gate, completely riddled with bullets, if old man Rosco hadn't died after impact, he now had a dozen bullet holes in his torso. His pickup truck had veered to the side a bit, after impact. Which left just a little space, shy of a lane.

Headlights began to approach with the light getting brighter and more focused quickly which meant the approaching car was way above the average average speed.

The trio of mercs who remained outside immediately opened fire.

The Audi handled like a dream, it was a smallish car with a very mean engine...Bami thought it soothed 3f perfectly, as she was also small in stature but had a very wicked heart also.

He branched off the highway into the dirt road leading to Brota at top speed, he was easily past the 100km/h on the dashboard and the car bounced due to the change in terrain, Bami could swear they spent up to 3 seconds in the air and the car landed, bounced on its tires and continue to fire. "This car is crazy!" he exclaimed.
"Ada down, get down!" he shouted suddenly as they got closer and he saw the men train scary looking guns at the car.

He flinched instinctively and almost hit the brakes, but then the bullets began to sound like rain patter on a roof. There was no shattered windscreen or headlamps or dented bonnets, no head shot had dropped him on the steering wheel.

He looked at Ada, she hadn't gotten down like he instructed...the stubborn girl.

He began to laugh, slowly at first then, crazily and he gunned the pedal more, sending the car through the hailing bullets. "This motherfucker is bullet proof!"


In the Obasi residence, Kirsten received a call where she stood, over the kitchen sink, her hands soapy as she helped wash the early morning dishes. She rinsed her hands quickly but Utebo helped her remove the phone from her backpocket while she hurriedly dried her hands on the kitchen rag.

"Hello....good evening ma...no Ma, he's not around....he hasn't come back me, since the both of you left....oh...Hmmm....ok ma I'll inform them immediately. Yes ma...he's here...outside, ok ma....yes ma...in ten minutes tops."

Cynthia had paused and was staring at her, no longer interested in dishing the soup in bowls, Utebo was also looking at her and she was the one who spoke, "what's going on...who was that?"

"That was my boss, she saw somebody in the airport who we have Intel on as a very ruthless killer, and he's been linked to the ho....to ermm...the very same organization we're after."

"you mean the kidnapper?" Cynthia asked.

"No...no...this is bigger than the kidnapper..it's another case we were working on. We need to leave the house!"

Utebo began to look worried, "what of Rex? She hurried out of the kitchen, followed by Kirsten.

Cynthia switched off the gas in annoyance. "Can you guys just calm down and explain what is going on here first?"

But the women were already gone. Utebo, already calling for the children as her maternal instinct kicked in.

Cynthia heard her father's voice and walked out of the kitchen to see him with her mother, her farther was announcing that they'll be going for a short trip tonight and the kids were jumping about, ecstatic.

She stood beside Kirsten, "what did you tell them?"


Clyde opened his mouth as she narrated her call with Tonye to him. "Oh my God...that was over two hours ago...we can't afford to waste any more time."

He rushed to Alli no joy who was pacing round the parlour worriedly as his family moved in and out of rooms, parking. "Just take the necessities..toiletries and just a change of clothes..no need to pack much." He called out.
He was actually thinking of how they were all going to be transported. His ever reliant Volkswagen was in Lagos, left in the parking lot of Brota, while he, Rex and Emma had flown in the next morning.

The agency car, which Clyde and Buzz had been using for the shadow protection just a week ago, had been driven by Clyde with junior, the ministers driver, handcuffed and gagged in the booth, while Rex had driven the first minister's stretch and Tonye had gone with the ambulance. Now they had just the deep green, tinted glass, Peugeot 407, Paul's official car.

But how would they fit everyone in the car...it'll take atleast 3 trips to get everybody out of the house. Then there was Olivia too...Damn! the ambulance would have been the best option....!

"Sir, excuse me...we received a call from one of our agents that a well known hitman with links to the hole arrived in jos like 2 hours earlier."

Alli no joy went pale in the face thinking, not here for God's sake, not in his safe haven, Benue. "Let's hurry up." He began clapping his hands, "let's hurry, we have have about 5 minutes before the user gets here..." He lowered his voice to Clyde. "Book uber."

He brought out his phone and dialled Rex's number. The call kept forwarding or saying not reachable. He headed to Olivia's room. He had wanted Rex to speak to her, calm her fears but he didn't know what was up with his son's phone.

He put his phone away as he approached the room, the door was open , still he knocked before entering.

His wife was with Olivia, helping her to the wheelchair and for a second it felt like Alli had time traveled two years back.

The tension was back, fear was back, danger was back, even the bloody wheelchair was back.

He tried not to notice Olivia's wet eyes or the noiseless trail down her cheeks.

"Al, how are we going...is the other car back?"

He lied, "yes there's a driver waiting outside already for us."

"Ok, let's go honey....it's alright don't cry.." Martha said to Olivia.

Alli hurried out of the room, Utebo, Cynthia and Paul along with the children where in the parlour already.

Utebo Was holding the girls Emma and soma, Cynthia holding the twin boys. Paul carried a small traveling bag which contained the children's clothes as well as the women's plus Utebo had taken some extra wrappers for her mum.

Paul drifted towards Alli . "How do we do it...I'm thinking the children sit at the back with Utebo and Cynthia while Olivia stays in front...While we wait for the driver to come back...I can drive."

"But it wouldn't be wise to drop them in a hotel without any protection...three women, with one in a wheelchair handling four children is just too vulnerable." He said shaking his head.

"I thought you were taking to your friend's house..the man you called."

""Now I'm not so sure...what if we're under surveillance and we don't know?"

Clyde opened the door and poked his head in....he had gone outside earlier to scope the neighbourhood. Now he sounded excited. "The uber is here!"

"Jeez that was really fast!" Alli.exclaimed. He hit send on the message he had composed for Rex

It read;
"Killer heading here...we're on the run. Call"

He followed the young agent outside and Paul announced they all wait for a few minutes while he drove his car to the front of the house.

The uber was a roomy Toyota and Alli was convinced it will do after checking it out. The neighborhood was well lit and all the houses had light bulbs in front of each gate. The downside was someone could still have a crystal view of them from far away. Kirsten went to fetch the the rest and soon enough, Paul (driving), Utebo and Cynthia, The twin boys and cousin girls were in the Peugeot. The passenger seat had been moved completely back and reclined a bit, still Olivia had cried out in pain when Alli lowered her into the chair. She had refused to take the painkillers, not wanting to be asleep when Rex came back and her legs were still sore. It was going to be a very uncomfortable ride.

Alli sat in front, beside the uber driver, while Clyde and Kirsten sat at the back with Martha. The plan was to move ahead of the other car and he gestured for the driver to get going.

"where to sir?"

"I don't know yet...just drive first."

"No challenge boss."

Kirsten had a nagging feeling of dejavu as she sat behind Alli, staring out the window but holding Martha's hand. She couldn't shake the feeling...like this had happened before...but how was that possible? Well maybe it was just one of those things...

But then the driver asked, "where to?" and said,"no challenge." Her ears perked up. That was something she had heard recently, sitting at this same spot, staring out the window like she was doing now. That night she and Tonye had just arrived from Lagos and were going through the house which was a fresh kidnapping crime scene when they found out about buzz's betrayal. They entered a car o some lonely alley to interrogate Buzz, with a driver who was suspiciously suggestive and unbothered about the violent interrogation...then he had driven her and Clyde to the hospital but the minute Tonye went down to settle him, he was already gone.

She was almost certain this was the same driver.

"Clyde you booked the driver?"

"Yes..it's crazy, he was the closest driving past our house that moment, I saw less than ten seconds away and he was parked outside when I got out."




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Souloho is back hurray
Re: The Hole In The Wall by paqman(m): 7:40pm On Jun 24
Souloho is back hurray
please souloho be consistent this time around

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by HelenBee(f): 11:44pm On Jun 24
Clyde? Hmm..I hope it's not what I'm thinking. With the way Ada has changed from an innocent lady to what she is now,she might joined BROTA later.

Thanks Souloho19 for the mention and for a long read like this. Jah bless!


Re: The Hole In The Wall by Oroolorun(m): 12:24am On Jun 25
The mysterious driver is back again. I hope he's a good guy.
Welcome back Oga Souloho19. You are super blessed.

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And He Is Back. Thanks 4 The Dedication And The Updates. More Ink To Ur Pen

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Souloho19, Welcome Back, Thanks 4 The Dedication And Updates

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Oluwa, I'm getting scared.
Thank you soul

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Wow I have really missed alot..........
Found a vacant space at the front seat ...........
Continue reading from where I stopped..........
Who this mysterious uber driver is got me thinking

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Welcome back Souloho19. It's a big hustle keeping up with all the agents' names plus Rex's family members.
Anyway keep it up as we wait to unravel the mystery of the uber driver. kiss

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Welcome back souloho19, thanks for the update.

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