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Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 4:14pm On Mar 11, 2018
hey guys I would try to make this one more interesting
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 5:04pm On Mar 11, 2018

if you don't get up now,you would regret ever knowing me,Karen ranted. she looked at his face to see if he was awake but Hayden had no expression on his face. she sighed in frustration and resolved to beg him. please Hayden I know you can hear me,just get up I want to have a chat with you. OK I promise it won't exceed 10... ... no ..15minutes then you can go back to your sleep. she whined, still there was no response. she marched angrily to the kitchen,her mind set up to pour cold water in him. As she smiled back to the room with a cup in her hand,she discovered the bed was empty. Hayden where are you....? she paused when she heard water running in the washroom. she looked at the cup in her hand and dropped it with a smirk.
He came out looking refreshed, Hayden I have been meaning to ask you this for a very long time, Karen started.
A good morning to you my darling,he replied sarcastically
she blushed when she realized she didn't greet him,but who could blame her, she was pregnant for a man she knows is not ready to settle down. Am sorry about that ,its the problem on my mind that distracted me.

You better come out with it,he warned sternly sighing in the process. I would really want to go back to my marvelous dream,care to hear some part.

hmmmmmn,who was Hayden actually, one minute he was warning her and the other he was trying to joke around, could she really understand this Adonis before her?. OK.......Hayden am pregnant, she said bluntly. she watched to see his reaction.
uhmmmmm is that all,congratulations you would soon be a mother or should I say baby mama,so who is it for??, because I know Hayden here he said pointing to himself is not old enough to get a woman pregnant. he replied
his words tore at her heart like hot coal on a cloth. so he wasn't even planning to marry her,, " baby mama ""the word rang a bell in her head, she remembered how she bragged she won't be anyone's baby mama, now he was about to enlist her among his baby mama,worse he didn't believe the baby was his ,what am I going to do??. she asked herself


Re: Perfection by crislyn(f): 10:44pm On Mar 11, 2018
Ok following
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 11:03pm On Mar 11, 2018
Hayden _--------

deep down in me,I knew Karen's baby was mine,how did it happen?? I asked myself. I already have two children outside wedlock for two different women,I love Karen or should I say i loved Karen, I just don't want to settle with someone now, I got much girls to mingle with, I m still young, we this is me.
sorry,I bothered you with my problems without formal introduction.
My name is Hayden Adrison, am from legend city,I own one of the most promising make up studio in this city, I am proudly among the top five youngest CEOs in legend city,I don't womanize but I love women a lot, yes I love women but I don't chase them around they come to me, I don't really believe in love,meet my baby mamas. I would start the introduction from my first to my soon to be . I have a daughter crystal with sharonese

she is 26 and the oldest among my baby mamas, but she's the most troublesome among them. if I had my way I would have gotten crystal from her king ago and discharge her, she is ebony, average in height and she is from Nigeria, a place I heard is not decent to come from.much talk about her already my next is

she is 24 and she has a son jayden for me, she is simple but very dangerous, I like her still but am not sure what I have for her can be called love. she is a successful hairstylist and that's my problem I hate independent women, she is pure black in complexion, she recently returned to sun city where she is undergoing treatment due to some injuries she sustained from her last fight with sharonese. and the last is Karen

I won't say she is independent,she is a nurse but she behaves more like an over grown baby, and she is the only woman in my life that is light skinned and she is the only one that have the guts to flog me out of bed,I think I love her, but this baby thing,I don't think I can love her much,she is tall, slim and annoying generally, I wonder so much a time why she hasn't gotten into problems with the female fighter sharonese.

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Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 11:03pm On Mar 11, 2018
Fortunate B evajeal
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 5:46pm On Mar 13, 2018

deep down in me, I knew Hayden didn't want this baby, I knew he would soon dump Me and get a new girl since "marriage is not his thing" as he always says. I can't abort my baby,the only gift I can keep forever. but won't he hate me for this??she asked herself repeatedly.
she moved from the mirror, which had become her companion since she landed herself into this. she walked to the room and met him shirtless, the only thing registering in her mind was sex,but she got a grip on herself as she knew where sex had landed her. she sat next to him, but he pulled away leaving her heartbroken but she quickly masked it with a smile, this was not the time to cry,she consoled herself.

we need to talk, Hayden

talk about what, I guess this is not about your baby, he replied sarcastically

our baby,you mean??,she asked

so you said Karen please am not ready for another child

all your girlfriend kept theirs why can't I keep mine?,, she asked I'm tears

clear those tears,princess, he said coming closer to her. you are not like them, I want to be ready before I have a baby for you, OK please do this for me Karen, he pleaded.

if she had not really wanted this baby she would have given in to his pleads, but here was the Karen with a firm resolve. Hayden....

yes Karen

my baby lives,she replied shocking him

OK,If you say so,but don't come for money for its up keep,she replied walking out

all I need is a surname for my baby, she called after him

whatever!!! he replied

I knew he was walking out of my life,but I needed to do this
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 11:57am On Mar 18, 2018

my pregnancy was three months old now,since the last time we talked Hayden had practically kept his distance, I heard from Chico my friend that he has a new girl, he was planing to marry, it hurt at first, but I got over it. with the help of chico my best friend, she had really helped me a lot, I rubbed my baby bump,though it wasn't that obvious, smiles surrounded my face,at last I was happy I made the right choice.


getting over Karen was hard,I really don't know if she's okay. my mom has been on my neck, I had to get married soon but I could not get married to any of my baby mamas, that was the family rule, sandra my new girl has tried all to keep my heart away from my baby mamas and my children, yes I am an irresponsible father, but the only time I got to spend with them,mostly jayden am satisfied, but his mother I don't want to talk about it.


Re: Perfection by Chigold121(f): 1:59pm On Mar 18, 2018
This is going to be very interesting, ride on
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 3:52pm On Mar 22, 2018

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Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 4:34pm On Mar 22, 2018

Some people had already told me that Hayden was a womanizer ,but it wasn't really their business i have made up my mind, it's Hayden or no one else. but...,come to think of it, Hayden has been behaving so wild today, i just pray that it's everything is okay with him. She walked around the building,greeted a few neighbors before her phone rang,she stare into the screen which displayed 'FANCY"

Fancy was her best friend since her university days,but recently she has been pestering her to break up with hayden,bringing up all sorts of accusations. She sighed and picked,at least let me hear what she has to say,she told herself

hellooo!! she screamed into the speaker

please sandra before you drop the call,hear me out. Fancy replied from the other end

Who said anything about dropping the call?? Sandra asked

Okay...can i speak now?

yes...and please make it snappy,my boyfriend would soon be home, she said stressing the 'boyfriend'

Okay there, do you know Hayden has babymamas with two children?? she dropped the bomb

so where is this lie coming from?? sandra asked

It would also interest you to know he got his previous girlfriend pregnant and dumped her, see sandra i love you so much, i dont want you to go through all this. And as the for the doubts. ask him when he comes home. she ends the call

hello.......... sandra backed into the speaker

she looked around her, could this be true?, if it was true how come she did'nt see the signs
surely, Hayden you have a lot of explanation to make tonight


so much is happening how can sharonese choose today to come to Legend city, i was not like i did'nt want to see my son Jayden, but sandra is at home and i have'nt told her about my past. ohhhhhh my God am really in a big fix.

he puts a call across to sharonese

hello sharon dear am not home can you guys come over to my office? he asked

no we are home already met your new house girl but she is really sweetheart. she replied

he immediately drops the call, got to be home before a fight starts, he said aloud

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Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 7:32pm On Mar 23, 2018

Re: Perfection by cyndy1000(f): 10:47pm On Mar 23, 2018
am enjoying it. mention me on the next chapter
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 9:37pm On Mar 24, 2018




I really don't understand this sister of his, she thinks she can order me around like I was some house girl??, who does this anymore, well in three months I would be married into their family,then I would mark my territory, she thought smiling,
why didn't I see her the other time Hayden took me to his parents,?? she wondered. but the child is his carbon copy,I must say handsomeness runs in their family.


I don't know why the house girl dresses like the madam of the house,moreover where is Karen, she wondered with disgust,she looked at little Jayden, smiled and patted him on his back,the little one did not understand but smiled at his mother.
I need something to drink, where is this girl?? what's that her name..... Sandra... Sandra, get me something chilled am thirsty


not again the fridge was just behind her at the kitchen, what's her own problem she dragged herself up to get the drink, placing it before her,sharonese requested for biscuits, that was the height of the madness she flared up.

don't you know your way around here again??,if you need anything that's the door madam, please if you would excuse me am busy.


I stood up surprised, who the hell was she to talk back at me,my god....a common house help,my friend do you know who you are talking to she asked

my dear who are you?? Sandra replied

just then the door opened

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Re: Perfection by OlufemiWhit(m): 7:48am On Mar 25, 2018
Lmao.....i dhy feel dis story
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 12:36pm On Mar 25, 2018

I opened the door to see my two "ladies" staring at each other with daggers in their eyes,if only looks can kill,bit that was not for the Nigerian wrestler I got pregnant "sharonese" . I quickly excused my self to freshen up,but that turned out the worst decision I ever made.As Sandra moved to take my suitcase in.

where the hell are you going to woman,drop the suitcase now,whoever you are I don't care to know am here now,sharonese said.

Are you are deaf ?, please seat down,I would repeat what he just said, he wants to freshen up,and as always I need to help him do that, Sandra barked back

don't worry Sandra,I would be fine,Hayden pleaded

no no I won't take that, Hayden let's go, Sandra said visibly annoyed

I say you go nowhere, sharonese said blocking the stairs.just then the six year old jayden spoke

daddy,am hungry.....

ohhhh Jesus..!!! why now son,he mumbled. okay don't worry mom would fix you something to eat he said working away. while sharonese made her way to his kitchen.


I felt humiliated, suddenly,ohhh gosh, the resemblance, I was so dumb. he is married with a child,a male for that matter,all fancy said about him were true,but I have gone this far am not going to back out now,not at this point. she stood up and marched to the kitchen.

Hey what are you doing in my kitchen with my pots,Sandra asked prepared for war

legend shopping mail, 21st may 2043,sharonese replied sarcastically

and who asked for a date, or a mail madam, Sandra asked irritated

my dear,you met everything in this kitchen,I bought everything here on that date,I did the interior decor of this house gold digger you were so blinded to notice everything seems pinkish, which man use that colour Sandra said. move into the first guest room,you would notice purple colour everywhere,that was peculiar, his mistress with which he has a daughter, the other room,you would notice different colours,for Karen and she is pregnant. you have nothing here my dear,if I were you I would leave now that am not with child.

you all are his baby mamas but I would be his wife,Sandra said

my dear watch and see,let me make food for Hayden heir,sharonese said with pride
Re: Perfection by Pinkfeet: 2:30pm On Mar 26, 2018
unpredictedone ,veenessha, cbella, bimberry1307, vickyluvspices jegbams007 dupsai lonesome501 skubido wizsoly Deckline, pinkfeet aprilwise queenflourish jane1234 splendidiva mofy1 shurley22 pricelessangel0 Ephhay olatex25 TEMMYtpeadex
thanks for mention
Re: Perfection by Deckline(m): 4:05pm On Mar 26, 2018
"Drives in with a limozine"... Please clear road. Thanks for the mention Op. I will buy biscuit for you.
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 6:57pm On Mar 26, 2018









Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 7:03pm On Mar 26, 2018
"Drives in with a limozine"... Please clear road. Thanks for the mention Op. I will buy biscuit for you.

am waiting for d biscuits oo
Re: Perfection by marvin906(m): 7:14pm On Mar 26, 2018
let me balance here
Re: Perfection by clems93(m): 7:28pm On Mar 26, 2018










Re: Perfection by Pearl05(f): 7:30pm On Mar 26, 2018










Thanks for the mention. Let me call my other ladies; Evajael, Gloryejims, pinkfeet,

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Re: Perfection by purples25(f): 8:26pm On Mar 26, 2018










Thanks I got your mention
Re: Perfection by Deckline(m): 8:33pm On Mar 26, 2018

am waiting for d biscuits oo
My dear, it is not just any kind of biscuit... I am shipping in this one from spain specially for you.
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 9:00pm On Mar 26, 2018

i processed all she said, they are true,did i really have a place here?.but i am going nowhere until Hayden ask me to. she said in thoughts

Hayden we need to talk,sandra said

Am not in the mood to talk

like seriously?? i should be the one playing hurt here, young man.....when did you plan on telling me you had "baby mamas" sandra snapped

Anytime soon...sandra i really was going to tell you, how would i know she was going to show up today, Hayden replied visibly sad

well i dont........sandra was about talking but was interrupted by a knock

who do you think it is? Sandra asked

i dont think its sharonese,i can bet with my life that she won't ever knock softly in thisl ife or in death

see, if you don't open this door,i would break it with my fist. jayden said

you see i told you, he said to sandra giggling. son am waiting for you to break the door

that's arrant rubbish,look jayden go to your mother we are busy. Sandra barked

hey!!... it might interest you to know am not leaving anytime soon, i came to play with my daddy, you have yours right?,go play with him

see sandra please open the door,that dude is six years old and from the little i know about kids that age, they are restless and talk alot and you should know hi mother's influence wont help either,he can be really saucy you know he grew up in the states, Hayden said with pride

look here am going out there to give him a piece of my mind,he should be smart enough to know what privacy is... she said moving towards the door. she opened the door to see him with a smirk, he look just like his father,well such handsomeness with so much arrogance.

what is it,she asked him

what, please i have to meet my dad now,can you help me with my bag its pretty heavy,you know. he said dropping the bag at the door

did he really dropped the bag for me??,sandra asked herself


hello dad, jayden said

jayden...... at times i wonder i you are actually six years old.Hayden replied sitting up

dad.....i would be seven in 2 months time,jayden said jumping on the bed

hey..... jayden would you come down, do you think this is your room? sandra asked

its my daddy's room isn't it? dad i dont like her....mom said she is my nanny,but i pefer nanny dalia to her, jayden wined

no oooo,i can't take it ,Hayden am leaving this house, sandra said

dad she cant leave who would wash my clothes? Jayden asked obviously happy with the effet his words were making on sandra

son she is not your nanny, she is your second mother. Hayden replied, admist laughter

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Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 9:03pm On Mar 26, 2018

My dear, it is not just any kind of biscuit... I am shipping in this one from spain specially for you.

wow!! just for me
Re: Perfection by Deckline(m): 9:36pm On Mar 26, 2018

wow!! just for me
Yeah. Just chill and let us enjoy your story.
Re: Perfection by purples25(f): 10:13pm On Mar 26, 2018
I got a lot to say. First, I hate that Hayden. And I hate Sharonese ! Reminds me of that girl that used to have tiffs with me, what's her name again.............. angry

Hayden his first son is so rude, that boy needs brain resetting slaps sha........but that wouldn't be wise of Sandra.

The only one I'm with is his most recent baby mama. Really Sandra should make way cuz all those women won't allow her to enjoy marriage. And what is so special that made him love Sandra anyway ? Na wa o, just waiting for the next entry.
Re: Perfection by cyndy1000(f): 10:17pm On Mar 26, 2018
hahahahahahhahahha can't stop laughing. The part little Jayden said dad Mum said she is my nanny. lol! I love the kid not just saucey but smart n bold.
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 11:01pm On Mar 26, 2018
Really, so you are my second mom,Jayden asked smiling,for him this means,more biscuits and ice cream.

yes am your second mom, Sandra said smiling, thinking they might soon be friends but she was in for a shocker.

Dad, how can she be my second mom, she don't look like mom Sharon or even aunty peculiar, Jayden whined

son,it don't matter you know, they are all your moms ,Hayden convinced

so where is my bag,second mom? Jayden asked

I left it outside,be a good boy and go pick it up now,she said enjoying the game

Naaaah...... you see dad,she can't be my second mom, she can't even help me with my bag.....Jayden said going and get his bag,

Sandra dear, you need to get into his good books,with him on our side, we can get rid of his mother,Hayden said

dad!!!!!, Jayden screamed,

they both ran to see what's wrong with him only to find him sitting on his bag in the sitting room,glued to the tom and jerry he was watching

I have always longed to see this episode you know, dad....second mom come sit here and watch with me.Jayden said with smiles all over his face.
Jayden sat down smiling, he was used to it,while Sandra hissed and walked to the kitchen.

get me a pack of fries and ice cream, vanilla flavour when you are coming back, second mom, Jayden said

son no ice cream and fries here at home,we might go out to get them,Hayden said

I can't watch this without my ice cream, Jayden shinned

suit your self, it was you who said you have waited to watch this episode, would you miss it because of a cup of ice cream??, Hayden asked

no I won't, I would come for the ice cream later dad, Jayden replied

where is your mom? Hayden asked

she went out maybe or I don't know but I know she would get me my chocolate candy when she's coming back,she never forgets that's what a real mommy does, Jayden replied

OK.......son I heard, my god.....Jayden sit on the couch, why sit on top of your bag? Hayden asked laughing

I have valuables in here,my toys,my clothes and mom's teddy bear and I don't want her to know its with me, he replied

so u stole mom's teddy bear, Hayden asked

no I took it, I would return it,after she buys me candy.....and....and what do I want again....... yea,dad you see tom couldn't get Jerry, when I grow up I would go visit jerry .he said

no....ooo,its not real ..dear son, he replied, afraid that before he came back from work one day Jayden might destroy the plasma in search of jerry,

it's real,I know you are just jealous of jerry,Jayden argued

son,grandmother would be here tomorrow, he informed Jayden

ohhh no,I don't like her,she doesn't give me toys, she always has one assignment for me, and......and..... dad, she always punish me,she calls me rude and saucy. Well dad am I rude? he asked

no,you are only too smart for your age, he replied

mom said grandmother told her you were like me at my age,I really want to be like you,dad ...Jayden said

yea,son you shall be like me

and that would be over my dead body, a voice said from the door

they both turned to see Hilda Acheron

mom.......you said tomorrow,Hayden said surprised

speaking of the devil,Jayden said

I choose today sons.....you little son,come greet grandma,she said smiling

wow!! grandma you do smile? Jayden said running into her open arms, you are not that bad after all,he said wanting to say more buy was hushed by grand ma's knock on his head

that should teach you some manners, grand ma said


Re: Perfection by Deckline(m): 7:28am On Mar 27, 2018
Lol, That Jayden is a spoilt brat. Next...
Re: Perfection by oly0511(f): 8:39am On Mar 27, 2018









thanks for the mentioning am right behind you

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