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Re: Perfection by skubido(m): 10:39pm On Aug 22, 2018
tanks a lot for the update ooo
Re: Perfection by pweetymhi(f): 8:44am On Aug 23, 2018
Been long we've waited.... Welcome back op
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 9:17am On Aug 23, 2018
Really...Hayden??,she asked in disbelief

Really, he replied walking away

Well I sensed Hayden didn’t fancy me so I had to leave before things got out of hand. Jackson said

Well he is just jealous, you really don’t have to worry about him, he don’t just know I would get married soon

talking of marriage, have you found the one? He asked her smiling
smiles…….maybe she replied catching the jokes

I want us to go on a date tomorrow, can you make it ? he asked

I don’t know for now….. you know my niece and nephew takes all my time….she replied

come on, just for a night, let them give you space he said pissed at her reply

don’t worry, tomorrow night then, she replied sensing he was already getting pissed. I can’t let hayden get in the way of my happiness if he doesn't want me another do, she said in thoughts

next day

mum can you tie this ribbon on my head, you see I have trying to but I just won’t settle on my head. Daisy’alvador said

okay love, just stop talking ,i will tie it for you, peculiar replied disgusted

and why is your face like this mom, hello...smile a little or you won’t be able to tie my ribbon properly

who told you…that miss, peculiar replied

jayden said if I don’t smile the ribbon would look like a piece of crap on my head, she answered

and since you have been smiling how come you couldn’t tie it yourself

mom…..don’t you get, the reason I haven’t been able to tie it is because I have been smiling too much,okay...go back to what you were doing jayden would help me

Would you come back here don’t you know, you are not suppose to play with him

but he gave me some ice cream today, she argued

what if I give you more ice cream, would you stop playing with him? She asked half pleading

how many bucket of ice cream? She asked

three… she replied

no he gave me three am promised to give me more

stop…...that nonsense….peculiar stop inciting y children against each other,Hayden barked

dad….whats inciting? Daisy’alvador asked

forget it darling come I can help you with your ribbon, he replied

no….you and mum are hiding something from me until jayden checks the word inciting on his dictionary am #team jayden, she said walking away

sharonese where are you mom?? jayden called

son, since when did you begin to address me with my first name?, sharonese asked visibly upset

well mom, no need for frown and raising your brow you know, daisy’alvador told me her mom calls her grandma by her first name,and do you know she wants to start it with her mom, and I said to myself’ Jayden your kid sister can’t be more civiliz
ed than you, so I decided to start it with you first

look here my boy she isn’t your sister,okay and it’s wrong to address me your mother with my first name in africa, they are spoilt brats ok

hello…. Mum,i too am a spoilt brat too. Jayden said

who told you that? Sharonese asked

I overhead sandra telling her bitchy fancy that I am a spoilt brat, Jayden said battling with his shoe lace

seriously she would hear from me tonight,….ehmmmm jay where are you off to
ohhhh I didn’t tell you mom,i am going to the ice cream hut at the front of the estate with daisy’alvador

what...no you going no where near that arrogant selfish daughter of a bitch

really…...arrogant selfish daughter of a bitch only for one person, why not fucking get out of my way, jayden replied pissed

what’s wrong I see the environment has gotten to you,she said giving him a knock

you know you could go to jail for that mom,he replied half in tears

well my love welcome to africa not america

shit no wonder you did that, look I hate you sharonese and just for the note I can go for a date with the devil lucifer morning star for a bucket of icecream

nooo,it isn’t my son who is speaking,but he is my son jayden since when what has this girl done to him, I would kill someone in this house today

Sharonese would there ever be a day without your problems,who do you intend to kill today, grandma asked

am not here for your talks mami please leave me alone, Sharonese replied rudely

I blame my son for bringing an uncultured woman into the Acheron’s family,look here woman its because you have a son for my child, or I would have thrown you into the streets okay

tell her granny I haven’t seen a person as troublesome as sharonese, sandra said

and who called are you even better than her what can a woman who runs after people’s father have to say, if you don’t know you are nothing but an upgraded mistress
Re: Perfection by Nobody: 12:02pm On Aug 23, 2018
#Laughing More pls.. Thanks for the update
Re: Perfection by skubido(m): 3:05pm On Aug 23, 2018
OP tanks a lot for the update
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 5:16pm On Aug 23, 2018
fancy I dont really know what I have done to this family Hayden dosen’t look my way his mother thinks am a home wrecker even the mannerless sharonese always flaunts how her son would inherit all jayden’s wealth since I don’t have a child yt I feel I should be packing out, I can stand this at all

I told you before, but my dear you are already in it and if you leave you would be a subject of mockery for even the children, Fancy replied

I don’t know what to do am just confused, Sandra said dejected

look here babe shine your eyes see if you want to be recognized in this house you have to fight them back oo

you are talking as if you don’t know who sharonese is again , she go just beat me hands down na

haba you be mumu ooo shaiii, who they talk about physical fight I mean spiritual fihjting,come closer, you see I know one baba like that once we go to him your problems are over,fancy said

ahhhh heiiii I can’t ooo babalawo,me I no fit oo, Sandra said

oya dey there na, me I want to help you and you are forming jagaban abi, fancy said angrily

ok… no vex I go think about am,sandra said

okay make I de move na,[ in her mind I would let her have Hayden and have a portion in his wealth lets see how he won’t dump you]
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 5:17pm On Aug 23, 2018
SORRY THat the update is short its not easy writing two stories at the same time, check for my new story .....crystal of astrel
Re: Perfection by skubido(m): 11:09pm On Aug 23, 2018
SORRY THat the update is short its not easy writing two stories at the same time, check for my new story .....crystal of astrel

Weldon ooo, the lord is your strength..

check tinz,, waoh I like ur picture, you are looking like take away..
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 3:09pm On Aug 24, 2018
fancy I dont really know what I have done to this family Hayden dosen’t look my way his mother thinks am a home wrecker even the mannerless sharonese always flaunts how her son would inherit all jayden’s wealth since I don’t have a child yt I feel I should be packing out, I can stand this at all

I told you before, but my dear you are already in it and if you leave you would be a subject of mockery for even the children, Fancy replied

I don’t know what to do am just confused, Sandra said dejected

look here babe shine your eyes see if you want to be recognized in this house you have to fight them back oo

you are talking as if you don’t know who sharonese is again , she go just beat me hands down na

haba you be mumu ooo shaiii, who they talk about physical fight I mean spiritual fihjting,come closer, you see I know one baba like that once we go to him your problems are over,fancy said

ahhhh heiiii I can’t ooo babalawo,me I no fit oo, Sandra said

oya dey there na, me I want to help you and you are forming jagaban abi, fancy said angrily

ok… no vex I go think about am,sandra said

okay make I de move na,[ in her mind I would let her have Hayden and have a portion in his wealth lets see how he won’t dump you]

oya babe am ready make we de go that your baba place. Sandra said

okay now that you have agreed to see reasons with me let’s go, Fancy said

Baba’s place

you will have to wait here let me inform him of our visit he don’t really like strangers bumping on him
fancy said

ehnnnn okay na, sandra agreed

baba I don bring the girl come ooo, but I want you make you give am the wrong charm then you go give me the right one, here is your money

my daughter what you have asked is a very easy task but this is a change of destinyand by so doing you have upset the balance of nature and as keeper of the balance I need to warn you that there would be consequences, are you ready for it, Baba warned

am ready, I can’t be a second fiddle all my life ehn,just do it, Fancy said

then bring her in, baba said

sandra come in, he is ready to see you, sandra said
Re: Perfection by skubido(m): 4:32pm On Aug 24, 2018
nawa ooo,
Op Weldon oo
Re: Perfection by wizsolzy(m): 10:42pm On Aug 24, 2018
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Ok I yaf come
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 3:26pm On Aug 28, 2018
my daughter I know why you are here but you must state your wish because I believe in the power of the tongue , baba said

baba I wan’t my boyfriend and his family to adore me I wan’t them to cherish me, each time they see me, they should see their only daughter in law
sandra said

is that all? He asked

yes baba

go it is done, just make sure you add lime water to their food, baba said

and for your protective spell fancy just give them orange they would forget the reality of your mission when they see you

okay baba

but fancy you never told me you had problems ok why are you taking a protective charm na
just mind your business na, everyone has problems

okay, sandra replied suspecting foul play

I called you all here to tell you am sorry for all the troubles I have started in this house, that’s why as a peace offering am offered to cook tonight for you guys, sandra said in the kitchen

you know I don’t trust your peace offering sandra , jayden said
you are still little boy what do you know
a lot sandra, a lot to know you have been lying to everyone about peace, just don’t hurt my little sister and my parents

jayden I have changed actually

we all changed, sandra just as I can’t leave without ice cream for day you can’t leave without evil you know
is that an insult
no a compliment, jayden replied
I know you might all be wondering why I called this meeting,well I want to inform you guys that I have a new girl, you might have seen her before her name is fancy. Hayden said
I was expecting that, you know. Jayden said while laughing
watch your tongue young man, Hayden said
and if he don’t grandma said
fancy how could you, you never told me you had interest for my man, Sandra said in tears

well he is our man now, fancy said smiling wickedly
I trusted you fancy, sandra cried
well I couldn’t let you use black magic on my man, I don’t trust you
what!!!!, whose is using charms in my house? Grandma asked
jayden did I miss any part of the superstory? Daisy’alvador asked
Re: Perfection by Nobody: 7:16pm On Aug 28, 2018
Thanks for the update
Re: Perfection by Ann2012(f): 8:49pm On Aug 28, 2018
Thanks for the update OP
Re: Perfection by skubido(m): 9:39pm On Aug 28, 2018

OP tanks a lot for the update. till when @next update
Re: Perfection by pweetymhi(f): 7:28am On Aug 29, 2018
Oga o make una manage the husband together nh
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 12:34pm On Sep 02, 2018
No my dear puppy head you are just in time for the video, Jayden said

she went to a babalawo’s house and got a love portion so that she can make hayden hate all his wives and drive them out with their children
eeeya….eh, I go so beat you today, Sharonese said rushing towards sandra
not so fast lady…. Grandma june said to sharonese, for your information they are his girlfriends not wives or should I say babymamas she said looking at fancy with a smirk

Well…..Jayden do you think your mom can beat the new girl? Daisy’alvador asked

for sure…….,shes so lanky and I know she gat no brains too, Jayden replied
And how do you know that? She asked
omg… daisy must you ask questions I mean what woman cling on a man with children if not a dumb ass woman, little puppy seat back and enjoy the show… he said smiling that he for once got to play the role of an adult brother
come here woman we got a lot to chat about, Grandma june barked from her room.

What’s your mission here child?? she asked
ma,,,, I have no mission I really love your son. She replied
well I guess you have to take your love elsewhere, as you can see no vacancy… the house is full. Walk out ow. She commanded

gosh……. Your mom is so rude, she said to hayden in getting to the sitting room
in as much as I don’t fancy grandma june, she’s well better than a fucking backstabbing gold digger like you fancy, Jayden said and daisy giggled

jayden did you see her face when she heard gold digger, like that from grandma june’s boring movie “willi willi” Daisy said
I guess I have to reach you guys some manners, she said advancing towards them while Hayden walked out
hello…….sorry, are you planning on laying a finger on my son, please that dude is an American citizen, selling you and your family can’t buy you that okay…. So watch your steps cheap slut
fancy retreated and made for daisy
miss watch those hands before you can touch me please….ewe I believe in hygiene, Daisy’alvador said with a scorn
I would catch you two. Fancy said gritting her teeth
really bitchy you bitchy that, got that ass grinding on the plate with no brains shes a slowpoke, they sang
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 12:34pm On Sep 02, 2018
sorry for the late update na nepa cause am
Re: Perfection by skubido(m): 10:47pm On Sep 02, 2018
OP tanks a lot for the update
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 10:49pm On Sep 03, 2018
how could you do this to me? Sandra asked
well….what did I even do?? you are not the only one who knows how to fall in love . Fancy replied nonchanlantly
how am I sure you didn’t used black magic on him? She asked
well lets say some are better than some….and now since we share the same guy…...she laughs a bit, keep to your lane or I would Make sure they all know the name of the baba and his location
then you would be implicating yourself, she said
you are funny my darling I got myself covered
I really don’t like the idea of going to school here, you know. Jayden said
you have no choice son…. Hayden said
would daisy be coming too? He asked
yea….but her mom may be against it son, he said
dad…. Can I ask you something he asked
yea…..anything son….
Why do you have many women in this house? He asked dumbly
you would be late for school, come on lets go Hayden said
Well is it cowardice I smell, he said running when he noticed the mood change in hayden’s face
wait for me…….jayden come help me carry my bag. Daisy called after him
as what….please just go back inside you won’t go with me in this car. He barked
like you have a choice, dad would you? She said stretching her bag
as you please my lady, Hayden said
jayden the new girl would come to join you if you don’t let me she said into his ears
dad she can join us now,we really don’t have much time left. Jayden barked
easy young man…..she’s not bite you know…. I heard you guys. hayden said

well daisy this would be your class,say hi to your new friends and teacher….the head teacher said
I really don’t think that is necessary,she replied rudely leaving the head teacher astounded
daisy princess...Courtesy please jayden chipped in
just shut up you….. so...where is my said she said
over there...the head teacher pointed
not bad….she replied bye jayden
well boy I must admit your sister is really rude...i hope you are better. The head teacher said
she isn’t always like that Hayden said ashamed
well am not rude….. maybe you might call me saucy...jayden replied smiling
the head teacher sighed,showed him to his class and told hayden to see her in her office

Mr Hayden though I don’t know you, i presume you should be a responsible man…,but your children’s behaviour today,got me thinking in the opposite
well those are effects of over pampering by their mothers, they just came from abroad and you should know disciplining children over there can be tagged child abuse. Hayden said
man up and train this children well, we are just teachers, real education starts from the home sir.she said
I have heard you madam head teacher, he said smiling
thank goodness you are here honey...i prepared your favorite, sandra said
ohhh thanks dear….am famished. Hayden said
well baby you won’t eat that I prepared a more befitting meal for you. Fancy said
really fancy love let’s try yours then...Hayden said trying to get up
hey!!!!!...not so fast seat there…. Fancy what’s the meaning of all this now?sandra asked
shoiiii, is it my fault that he wants to leave your food for mine… fancy fired back

son meet me in my private garden...grandma said

okay ma, hayden said leaving the two women who was at loggerheads
do you know that leaf over there? Grandma asked
no mum,i don’t, hayden said
well your grand father planted in there thats asell leaf. She said
why are you telling me all this? I have no need for it mom..he said getting pissed
do you know that you are hypnotized son? She asked
mom...see if you don’t have anything to say,am famished I need to go.. now
a mad man always thinks everyone around him is mad…. That leaf asell my son has the power to make you yourself but I won’t use it on you for now..because I need to get something clear first,you can go for now.she said
finally, thanks mom I love you

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Re: Perfection by skubido(m): 12:52pm On Sep 04, 2018
tanks a lot for the update
Re: Perfection by StellamiarisIII: 8:23pm On Oct 11, 2018
its a hello from me
Re: Perfection by skubido(m): 9:27pm On Oct 11, 2018
its a hello from me

Uno dey try oooo,, how you dey
Re: Perfection by Ann2012(f): 9:29pm On Oct 11, 2018
its a hello from me

Hi, from me

Update pls
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 8:14pm On Sep 11
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Re: Perfection by Nuel45(m): 11:39pm On Sep 11
No more update again
Re: Perfection by Maryanne11: 7:35am On Sep 12
No more update again
As from the 15th I'm gonna finish it

Just watch the video
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 8:42am On Sep 12
Jayden please come first...fast please… Sharonese called
am coming mom,i just have to finish his level first...oh my gosh...come have a seat mom this game is wow…
Jayden there is a reason why pause is in existence. Sharonese said
you don’t expect me to pause my game….that’s boring, he threw back
hey aren’t you done..i need to use the TV please...i need to keep up with the obamas TV show… Daisy’alvador said
did you guys have a plan to disturb me today…? He asked
get out you dick head...i don’t ever miss out on my show...she winned
really bitch I would make sure you miss this one. Jayden answered
hey…..i want to use the TV fancy said… looking at them scornfully
well am busy...jayden replied absentmindly
and I have to wait?? she asked
obviously….you can see my brother is busy and I have a show… that is ongoing. Daisy’alvador said
what guts...she said
ohh yea...my dear sister you aren’t a bitch after all. Jayden said
well you still a dick head, she said
I know…

hey all of you come down let’s go to church… Grandma said
grams are you really serious about this going to church..? Jayden asked
yea block head we need peace in this house and you can only get everlasting peace through Jesus christ… well it’s because I didn’t fully introduce Jesus and his rules to your father that’s why you were given birth to in the first place. She snapped

I hope no one is referring to me as a bastard, Jayden said
a mistake should be the appropriate word mi love...she said
well I wasn’t the one who failed woefully at the simplest task nature gave me . He said smiling
and what is that?? she asked
motherhood...he replied running away
maybe your mom and I are ten and ten pence, you are just a product of ill training…..she called after him.
Hey…..mom what’s up with this church stuff? Hayden asked
you have no manners son….don’t you greet??.i know I failed in some areas as a mother but you should know when it’s comes to greeting I got an A1. Grandma said angrily
hey….cool mum, it’s just a greeting...don’t bring the roof down mum. He pleaded
now you think am shouting right, nonsense. She said angrily
gosh…..dad your mom is an annoying bitch.. Daisy’alvador said
foul words is not allowed in here young lady. Hayden cautioned
not you too, well am going to church with grams. She said
that wouldn’t be a good idea trust me sissy. Jayden put in
and you aren’t different dickhead….your soul is stinky...she blasted
hey...enough karen would be coming tomorrow...anticipate
can this house be any worse? Daisy’alvador said visibly sad

I looked at the house I was supposed to be married into. I had good memories here. I never for once thought HAs I turned the door nob down, I could not help but feel the feelings I had for him come rushing back. Now that am here I would get my man back.
I opened the door to find the house in a mess. I smiled typical jayden’s work. At times I felt he was born for this.
As I picked up the pillows from the floor I felt eyes on me, I looked to see the love of my life.
Hey you came karen………….. he said obviously happy
yea………...i did. I replied
you see am sorry for all I did to you, if I can turn back the hands of time, I promise I would choose you. He said remorsefully
it’s okay…...how can I hold a grudge against the one guy I loved the most. I replied. I could see that he was happy when I said that.if only he knew that I no longer had interest to be with him.that I was here for revenge alone.
Where is Jayden? I asked almost immediately. Truth be told I truly missed that kid.
He should be in his room. He said placing his hands on my protruding stomach affectionately
This gesture I would have appreciated if only my heart was still in love. He helped me take my bags upstairs then I noticed that there was no one at home except Jayden.
I fixed my things in their appropriate places, sank myself in the bathtub for fifteen minutes.
Finally I behold my bed, memories came back flushing through my mind but I pushed them back where they belong. As I placed my head on the pillow I heard a knock in the most aggressive manner. My first guess was sharonese was she back? but I knew her to be patient but the person knocking wasn’t defeated I asked the intruder in. only for the seven year old prince of the house to throw himself on my bed as soon as he came in.
When did you come back Karen? He asked
Not to long ago mister…I replied
Hmm so when would you leave again..he asked straightforwardly.
You seem in a hurry to send me out Jayden….i said
You are fond of leaving the house , not my fault, I kinda took interest in your room. He said
Well am here to stay, so my baby take your eyes off my room.
Care for ice-cream? He asked
If it’s on you am in . I said all smiles
Am gonna take daisy’s ice-cream for our feast. He said
Don’t please I said
What’s my sister’s is mine…was the reply I got. Few minutes I held him call
Come and open this door, I took more than a handful
I didn’t ask you to so I won’t help I replied
Am in now so watch as I eat everything ,you won’t get a tiny scoop even. He replied
I Won’t beg I said proudly
Lets see about that he said pulling my favourite vanilla icecream.
Now I feel like I should take back my words I said
No we all have our chances, but I would give you this because you gonna have a baby,I won’t be badmouthed when you have the baby. He said
Who told you that am having a baby soon? I asked
Your stomach did,he said
You really still a kid. I said laughing when I noticed a girl at the door.
Who took my ice cream? She asked visibly angry
I swear I told him not to take your ice-cream. Karen said immediately
Jayden you had the guts to steal my ice-cream?
Yea, dad said what belongs to you belongs to me too. Jayden blurted out.
Fine then you can have it. She said smiling
You see I told you Karen Jayden said pleased
Jayden when did your father say that? Karen asked
Said what? He asked taking a mouthful of ice-cream.
What you just told her. Karen fired back
What did I tell her? He answered
Forget you are impossible you know….
I do…..finish the ice-cream since you had already started eating it. You wouldn’t want her accusing you of wastage. He said walking out.
What kind of child is this? She asked rhetorically
Ohh lord forgive me I know I got a big mouth. Jayden said laughing behind the door.

Wow… dinner is served!! Daisy’alvador exclaimed
Yes pumpkin I hope you would enjoy it. Hayden said
You certainly don’t know how much I have been waiting… she replied nonchalantly
I would sit here with you then. Peculiar said
No mum shift please, that seat is for my brother. She replied
Really…… peculiar asked surprised
Yea please move, Jayden come here. She called excitedly
I would seat with Karen, he replied
Don’t keep me waiting. She said
Okay….he said
Let’s share the grace then. Hayden
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 8:59am On Sep 12
drop your comments ooo

visit my other thread and watch the making of omalicha


i promise more updates
Re: Perfection by StellamarisIII(f): 9:36pm On Sep 12
God please bless our meal Amen. Hayden said

Amen they all replied except Karen who was long lost in thoughts.

So tell me what do you want to eat Jayden? Daisy'Alvador asked

Why are you being so nice to me today? Jayden asked.

You big fool, I'm trying to get into your good books must I spell everything in black and white? Daisy'Alvador whispered to Jayden.

But why?... You've always been a bitch, a cold blooded bitch.... Jayden said enjoying the game.

Dick head, Karen came with a lot of stuff, she likes you right?.... If you like me and she like you I'm gonna get stuff from her too... Daisy'Alvador said

So your brain is actually functioning too Jayden said

Beauty with brains. Daisy replied feeling proud

Your meat, Jayden commanded

Why? What for? Daisy'Alvador asked

Nothing's free even free town. Jayden said with a grin

Just this one, Daisy'Alvador said reluctantly.

My love I get to decide that from now on. Jayden replied

Why are you giving your meat to Jayden? Grandma June asked

People live longer when they mind their business. Jayden said

Yes my teacher told me that too. Daisy'Alvador supported

And what's that for, would you apologize now. Hayden commanded

Sorry, they both said

I'm tired, good night. Karen said

I could help you to your room, Hayden suggested

Hmm sorry ooo, sharonese said

And what was that for? Hayden asked

Did I say anything? Sharonese asked

Can't we just eat in peace, Hayden are you done come let's go to my room. Fancy said

Ok dear, Karen make sure you rest well. Hayden said leaving with fancy

Don't worry about me, Karen said pain obvious in her eyes....

Don't mind the slut. Jayden consoled Karen

Yes....she's just his sugar mummy right? Daisy'Alvador chipped in

I didn't tell you to contribute, do u want me to call off the deal? Jayden asked

Seriously.... I should be part of this, you ate my meat remember. Daisy'Alvador said

I can refund that, forget about the deal. Jayden threatened

What deal are you guys talking about ? Sharonese asked....

Nothing ma, they both replied

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Ezinne Ukoha: "I Don’t Write About Racism Because I Hate White People" / Is MMM Really Back (the Story Of A Participant) / Slay Queen

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