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Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 10:17pm On Mar 16, 2018
Title: Heart of a Lucifer

Author: Akhigbe Godsgift


Oh God, how can I be so stupid? I don't even know if the child is mine or not, she never told me she was pregnant before traveling abroad, all she said is that her dad want her in America, she never told me it was because of the pregnancy she traveled, now am confused because I don't know how to contact her, even if I have her number she will never answer me again after everything I have done….

18 years later I got visa to travel abroad, I didnt know my long lost girlfriend is still in abroad, but all I know is that I have seen a beautiful girl of 18 am going to marry, I won't be single forever, it is time I move on with my life with this beautiful angel who is also a Nigerian.


Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 10:20pm On Mar 16, 2018
Chapter One:

I was chatting with my friends on WhatsApp when I receive a message “Hi”  from an unknown number, I look at the dp but I can't recognize the person, so I replied.


“Good evening ozila” the person replied.

I know that only my story fans know me as Ozila so I concluded that the person got my number from the internet.

“Good evening, I guess you got my number from nairaland” I said knowing that's the only place I post my number at that time.

“No I got it from Facebook, a story group” the person replied.

“Okay, so who am I chatting with?” I ask.

“Oh sorry, my name is Joy but you can call me joie” she said.

“Oh okay, so which of the story did you read?” I ask.

“Adanna the mysterious aba girl” she said.

“And how do you see it?” I ask.

“Oh well, the story is okay it was like I was watching a movie, you really know how to capture your readers and am really impress” she said.

“Thank you very much” I said.

I started the story “Adanna” last year and it got so many views, almost all bloggers want the story and it was posted on Nigeria top story websites, so many people love the story and they wanted it to continue so I included two final parts, so many comment on the story and am glad I started it that day when I was bored, I was bored so I decided to share my story with people that's how the story “Adanna” started.

So many people message me about the story, some wanted to know if the story is real or not, some want me to be sending them my other stories through WhatsApp so I decided to create a WhatsApp group where I will be sharing my stories, immediately I create it I add some of my fans that want more of my story, the group was very lively and enjoyable and I post story every morning,  but there was trouble so many people can't stand the many messages so they started leaving the group, there was commotion because of the working class and ones schooling, they always have different views and they want it their way, there was commotion so I decided to divide the group into three parts, the first one is a quiet one with no comments but story post every morning, the second contain working class that want to chat every evening after they return from work, just minor chat and the last one is were you will see the young ones that always want to chat and explore, some are student while others are workers, you can be added to any one of your choice, the last is better because they do play games there and other competition.

My name is Ozila and am a story writter, am base in Port Harcourt and this is my story

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Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by exynos(m): 1:34am On Mar 17, 2018
I shall pitch my tent here .. this must be another blockbuster from ozila.
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by freak33: 8:01am On Mar 17, 2018
oya let's go
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by Realzikkist(m): 12:15pm On Mar 17, 2018
Hopefully we won't experience any kinda hiccups just like "sex and the city" undecided
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ceecane2(m): 9:46pm On Mar 17, 2018
Following closely
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by lord3plex(m): 10:59am On Mar 18, 2018
E done set
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 8:59am On Mar 20, 2018
Chapter two:

I work at bitterleaf junction as a lab technician, I go to work every morning and return around four to sell drugs for my elder sister working at Okrika as a nurse, she do return every weekend and return back on Sunday evening. Am always alone selling drugs during the week and to tell you the truth I love it, don't get over yourself when I say I love it.

The next day I dress up and went to work, when I get there I clean every where and sat down waiting for my colleague to come to work, her name is onyinyeche meaning Godsgift (my real name) she's over than me so I don't even think about getting closer. I respect myself and I don't want to cross any boundary, our Boss Mr John always come to work in the evening after he close from his government work as a laboratory technician.

As I wait for my colleague and customer I on my data and saw some messages, one from Joie.

“So can you be sending me some stories?” She sent it yesterday immediately I went offline.

“I can't send it personally but I have a group I send stories every morning” I replied even though she wasn't online, but immediately the two line show then I know her data is on, after few minutes she came online and replied.

“Okay please add me to the group” she replied and our chat continue simultaneously.

“Okay, which one do you want, quiet or noisy one?”

“Add me to all of them?”

“No, you can only be added to one group” I said.

“Okay add me to the noisy one please” she replied.

“Okay, but when I add you get ready to introduce yourself and answer the questions they will ask you” I said.

“No wahala”

I add her to the group and then my admin started initiating her, she said she's from Edo state and from owan east but base in Ibadan. I immediately quote her inside the group.

“So you are from the my local government?” I said.

“Oh cool, didn't know you are from that side too” she quoted.

Our chat continue to flow like that, she had not even step inside her local government, she's just know she's from Afuze my own place.

From there on she continue to flow on the group and she always online to reply new comers, I fell for her confidence and high morale, and also I feel physically attach to anybody from my community.

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Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 9:00am On Mar 20, 2018
Chapter three

“You are always online to welcome new comers, would you like to be admin?”  I send a private chat to her.

“No, the wahala is too much, don't have the time” she replied.

“But you are even more regular in the group than our admin, so how come you don't want it?” I ask.

“Too much commitment, I saw the admin rules and I can't stand it, maybe another time but not now when am preparing for my jamb” she said.

“Oh okay then, I wish you goodluck” I said.

“Thank you, but you too you are always online Na” she said.

“Yeah, being online limit me to type new stories” I said.

“Okay then, after my exam then” she said.


The next day, there was commotion in the group because of their competition but she settled it amicably even more than the admins so from there on they started calling her Mrs Ozila,

She became more popular than the admin and everybody want to chat with her, me seeing that if I can keep her by my side she can improve the group because she's very jovial and friendly so I device a plan to befriend her more than our friendship.

“Hello Mrs Ozila” I send her a message.

I send her the message around twelve in the afternoon and she replied around six, seems like she was busy and she confirm it when she said her parents took her to Lagos for verification.

“Ha, abeg no let your wife catch me” she replied.

“Ha, and who told you am married?” I said.

“Nobody, I just assume” she said.

“Abeg no kill me, am a single guy” I said.

“Single? Like no girlfriend?”

“Yeah, am singuuuuular” i said drawing the word.

“Why Na, wetin happen? Fine bobo like you suppose get girlfriend Na” she said.

“Oh well, my girlfriend left me after” I said.


“According to her she said I don't have her time again” I said.

“And is it true?”

“Yes, I guess” I said.

“Why don't you have her time again?” She continue her question.


Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 5:12am On Apr 01, 2018

Chapter four
“I don’t know maybe because am too focus with writing now” I
“That doesn’t mean you should ignore her Na, you know girls
need attention” she said.
“Yeah I know, she don’t understand me abeg, maybe am fed up
because shes too far away that’s why I just shun her” I said.
“Too far? How did you guys start?” She ask.
“In school, by then we were closer to each other, am not really a
fan of distance relationship unless the girl will understand me like
you” I said.
“ I just start knowing you how can I understand?” She ask.
“At least you know why I don’t have her attention because of my
stories and since you’ve read all my stories you will understand
me better” I said.
“That’s a fallacy abeg, I will try to bring you guys back together, I
will make her understand” she said.
“I don’t need her again abeg, I need someone that won’t disturb
me, beside she’s not a baby and she always talk about marriage
which am not ready for now, I need someone younger like you” I
“Why do you always say like me?” She ask.
“I feel a strong bond with people from my area, when you said
you from my area I feel a kind of connection with you, and also
you anytime am bored you are always there to cheer me up,
honestly you posses all the quality I need in a woman and it will
be sacrament if you turn me down” I said.
“Turn you down? How because you are not asking for anything?”
She said.
“Of course am asking you to be my girlfriend” I said.
“Am a kid do you know am seventeen and too young for you” she
“But that’s exactly what I need, a young girl that won’t pressurize
me for marriage beside I only senior you with three years.” I said.
“That’s too old for me Na, I don’t need a boyfriend now please”
she said.
“Oh come what are afraid of? three years older is normal Na or you
need someone that you can bully?” I ask.
“Thank God you know me well, see I can’t be your girlfriend am
sorry” she said

Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 5:13am On Apr 01, 2018

Chapter five
“But you always act like my girlfriend, even in the group, you
behave like a girlfriend to me how do you expect me not to feel
connected?” I ask.
“I can continue doing that, we can be online lovers but not in
reality” she said.
“Okay I will be okay with that so far you are always in line with
me and keep behaving like a girlfriend no problem” I said.
“I will, so honey have you eaten anything today” she ask.
I smile, Step 1 achieved, Step 2 loading…..
Everything continued smoothly like before and shes now even
more caring and loving, every morning and evening we do greet
each other using IMO video chat, she knows my daily activities
and i know hers too, we chat like husband and wife inside the
group, it was fun and very interesting, but there is something
missing, we are only lovers online not in reality, so you mean am
going to lose this fine girl with good character? I can’t take it and
I need her by my side when I finally plan to settle down, so I
engage with her through video call again around seven in the
evening when I return from work.
“Hello babe, how are you doing?” I ask her.
“Am doing okay sweetie, why is your face like that? And you
know I don’t like seeing your face like that.
“Nothing dear, just thinking” I said.
“Thinking what, tell me and you know I don’t like suspense” she
“Okay, I just feel bad knowing that all we are doing is not real
just a fallacy, a replica of the real one and now am in love with
you and I can’t even look at other girls without seeing your face”
I said and pause.
“Oh come on Ozila but we had a deal now” she said.
“Yeah, I know and anytime I remember it I feel bad, can’t you see
am in love with you already?” I said.
She pause for sometime and then go offline, I was afraid maybe
she’s angry with me and then suddenly her picture disappear from
my WhatsApp chat, I thought she has block me and then I sent
another message which didn’t deliver, I was angry with myself
for opening up so I just go offline and continue selling my drugs
till the next morning.
The next morning I saw her message.

Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 5:14am On Apr 01, 2018

Chapter six
“See ozila not that I don’t like you I really really do but I just feel
like you can’t wait for me because am going for medicine and you
know how long it will take, I honestly feel you can’t wait because
you are done with school, and I don’t like heart break” she said.
I quickly reply her.
“From the beginning you know why I broke up with my ex because
she want to settle down and me I wasn’t ready that’s why I came
to you because I feel you are the kind of person that won’t
pressurize me for marriage because you are just starting school,
that’s the reason I came to you so for you saying I can’t wait is
definitely not fair because I can wait no matter the time, am
already in love with you and I can wait forever just to be with you
please don’t deny my heart” I said
“She wasn’t online till in the evening when i return from work, I
sent her a message “hello”
Few minutes later she replied
“Sweetie whats up?” She said.
I feel happy knowing that’s she’s still with me.
“How are you doing?” I said.
“Am okay, have been having headache lately” she said.
“Sorry dear, hope you have taken your drugs?” I enquired.
“No I don’t like taking drugs” she said.
“Come on dear, please go and take panadol and boska”
“I don’t like drugs, beside we don’t any drugs at home” she said.
“Then tell mommy to give you money to and buy”
“Mommy is not at home, she will return later” she said.
“Then who is at home?”
“Just me” she said.
I didn’t know what to do, she’s sick and there is no one at home
to give her money for drugs what do I do now?.
“Okay please give me your account number let me transfer money
for you” I pleaded.
“I don’t have an account number” she said.
“Then what do we do?” I ask
“i really don’t know, no worry I will be okay and also my mum will
soon come” she said.
“no now, we can’t just stay like this when you are sick, okay if I
send you one thousand naira airtime can you sell it there and buy
drugs?” I ask.
“Yes I can,” she replied.
“Okay, give me a sec” I said and since we do sell card I just
collect mtn and type the pin to her, after few minutes she said no
that I should load the card she don’t need it.
“Why?” I enquired.
“I have money to buy drugs, am just testing you and am sorry”
she said.
“Hmmmm, so you just testing me?”
“Yes” she said.
“Did I pass?”
“I guess so, okay I will agree to be your girlfriend but you should
be patient with me you know am still a kid” she said.
“Thanks love, trust me you won’t regret it” I said
“I hope so” she said and went offline.
Our loving loving continue and our chats become more intense,
romance and heart breaking, it was like we were closer to each
other even though we are far apart, she introduced some of her
friends to me like “Keji” she even add her to the group,

Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by frbona: 5:51am On Apr 01, 2018
Ozila you dey yarn o
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by Humulity: 5:19pm On Apr 01, 2018
So far so good................
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ritababe(f): 10:02pm On Apr 01, 2018
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by frbona: 10:40am On Apr 07, 2018
Oga ozila,
Your Mb finish?
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by freak33: 12:53pm On Apr 07, 2018
Oga ozila, Your Mb finish?
Oga ozila, Your Mb finish?
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by freak33: 12:53pm On Apr 07, 2018
come and update na
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 6:41pm On Apr 09, 2018
Oga ozila, Your Mb finish?
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by slawomir: 6:59am On Apr 10, 2018
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by hadjipapiey(m): 7:01am On Apr 10, 2018
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 7:37am On Apr 10, 2018
Chapter seven

“Good morning dear, how are you?” I asked her one morning.

“Am fine hone, how you doing?” She replied.

“Am good, what happened to you, I was texting you yesterday you didn't reply?” I asked.

“Am really sorry I left my data on and slept off, I didnt know honestly am really sorry” she said.

“It's alright, so what's up this morning?” I ask.

“Nothing much, will be going to lagos for my school stuff, they said they need some documents so mum will take us to lag today” she said.

“Okay, so mum will drive”

“No, mummy don't like driving far, we will call a driver” she said.

“Can't your elder brother drive?”

“Mum won't let him oh” she said.

“Okay, let me know when you are on the way” I said.

“Alright, when are you going to work?” She asked.

“Am going to take my bath now” I said.

“Alright, call me to clean your body” she tease.

“Will definitely” I said and excuse myself.

I walk out from the store to take my bath, after taking my bath I dress up and walk out from the store and onto work things, everything went normal in work till around ten after I finished tidying things, I sat on the cushion chair and as I wanted to open my phone I remember that I have some MP to view on microscope, I went inside the room and switch on the microscope, I took the slide and stain and then started viewing on microscope.

While I was viewing my phone started ringing, I look at the screen and saw Joie, I believe maybe she's on her way that's why she want to let me know, I removed my handglove and pick the call putting it on speaker.

“Hello dear” I said.

“I guess you are busy that's why u can't come online” she said.

“Yes dear, am into something, are you on your way already?” I asked.

“Nope, am in Lagos already” she answered.

“Waoh, so quick?”
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 7:37am On Apr 10, 2018

“Yeah, Lagos is not really far from ibadan, I messaged you on WhatsApp but no response that's why am calling, I will soon get to my turn so when am my way I will call you again” she said.

“Alright dear, I will login when am through with what am doing” I said.

“Alright dear, I love you plenty plenty” she said.

“Love you too dear, becareful and I hope you have eaten?” I asked.

“No, after the summission we will all go to Mr Biggs to eat something” she said.

“And don't forget to keep my own”

“Of course, she assured me” she said and cut the call.

I continue my observation on the malaria parasite, I write down the result, I viewed many MP and then around twelve I took a break, all my colleagues do is to collect blood and give me to examine, though they do other test but that's where am specialize.

I took a break around twelve and login to WhatsApp, I saw her messages and then reply immediately, she came online Immediately and then she told me they are on their way already, I wish her safe mercy, we talk about other things before network started disturbing, she told me we will continue when she reach Ibadan, I log out and then went out to buy somethings to eat.

I came back and then continue my work, when it's getting to four I round things up and take Keke back home, I called Joie when I got home and she told me that she's ill.

“What! How manage? What happened?” I reacted.

“I don't know when we return I decided to sleep and now that I wake up my head is spinning me and my body is hot” she said with a low voice.

“Have you taken drugs?” I asked her.

“No! There is no drug at home” she replied

“Then get up and go and buy drugs” I commanded.

“I already called mum and she said she will buy drugs on her way back from meeting” she replied.

“Okay that's assuring, I hope u have eaten?” I pressed further.

“Yeah, and you?”

“Am about to, am just coming back from back, can you come online let's chat?” I asked.
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 7:38am On Apr 10, 2018

“Alright dear” she cut the call and then tidy things up and come out from the shop to sit down, waiting for customers.

I login and we started chatting, we also chat in the group and play games, there is another admin called temihsmart, she's very lively and fun to be with, she's the first admin and very loyal, if am a boss in a company she will be my first recruit, though I believe she will go far in life because of her ability to adapt to things around her.

Our love continue for many days then she chat me up one day.

“Hello boo, next week is my brithday I hope u are aware?”.

“Of course I know, I can never forget something like that” I said.

“Okay boo, by the way a friend of mine is coming to take me out” she said.

“Who is the friend?” I asked.

“Just a friend in Ibadan here though he lives far off” she said.

“A He?”

“Yeah, don't worry boo, we are just friend okay nothing serious” she said.

“Okay if you say so sha, what happened to your post utme?” I asked

“It went well dear, am just praying and waiting for my name oh” she said.

“It will come out okay” I assure.

“I pray so”.

We chatted till night and then we enter IMO and started video calling, she will sing for me and I will sing for her, there is one song she sing that I love so much, one Barbie song, her voice was so melodious and charming, I fall in love with the song that I save in my system, I still have it up till now.

Our love grow everyday, even though we are not close we don't seem to feel it at all, I fall deeply for her and her for me too or so I thought.

On her birthday I make sure I was chatting with her all the time, she snaps some pics from her outing with her not so serious friend, she said the guy took her to Cinema and then to Mr Biggs, they eat and shop alot, though I was jealous but I just decided to hide it, if a guy can travel to meet her and be with her on her birthday there is nothing I can do since I can't travel to visit her on her birthday.
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by whytevardy(m): 7:38am On Apr 10, 2018
better come and finish what you started more power to your elbow
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 7:38am On Apr 10, 2018

A day after her birthday things change, she don't come online like before and she always busy anytime I called, I was worried so I sent her a message apologizing if I did anything that I don't know of, she replied me telling me to come online.

“Hey what's up” I sent her a message on WhatsApp.

“Am cool, am sorry I know I have been acting weird there is nothing wrong just that my dad return and things have been so tight” she said.

“Really, but you didn't tell me that your dad is coming na” I said.

“I know but it was unexpected, he just came unannounced” she said.

Her dad lives in America and he works there too, he return home occasionally to see his family.

“Oh I see, is he staying long?” I asked.

“I don't think so, he will be going back next week” she replied.

“Okay, am planning to come visit you, maybe after your dad travel back” I said.


“Yeah, I hope you don't mind?” I asked.

“I can't wait to see you Ozila” she said, and I can see that she's happy that am coming to visit her.

I want to visit her because I think it will bond us and make our relationship tight and stronger, I plan to visit her a week after her dad leave, on a weekend so that I can return on Sunday, but where am I going to stay in Ibadan, probably in a hotel.

I continue my work and wait patiently for her dad to leave, and finally her dad return back to US, her dad even bought new phone for her.

I started planning on how to visit her, I know it will cost alot, I will visit my people in Benin then from there I will enter iyare motor to Ibadan.

I chat her up one day.

“Hello honey, how you doing?” I asked.

“Am doing alright patiently waiting for your coming like the second coming of Jesus Christ” she replied.

“Lol, am coming this weekend” I said.

“Waoh, and what did you tell then in work?” She enquired.

“I told them I want to visit my people, they gave me two days break that is Friday and Saturday” I answered.

“That's okay na, where will you Lodge here?” She asked..

“Probably in a hotel or did you build a castle for me there?” I asked jokingly.
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 7:39am On Apr 10, 2018

“hahahaha, don't worry I know the right hotel to Lodge you since you love castle so much, it is called Davies castle” She said.

“Where is it located?”

“Even if I tell you you won't know it since you have not been to Ibadan before, so I will take you there and the next day I will come visit you” she said.

“Yes ma, I hope let me sleep on a black castle alone?” I joke.

“When you come we go know” she replied.

“Okay na, I will start preparing on Thursday but now I have to go to work” I said.

“Alright, by the way I told Keji you are coming, she's allowed to go out unlike me in case am restricted at home she will come get you”

Keji is her friend, the one she add to our group and yes shes noisy like her, I even chat her up and she's trying to enter University of Ibadan same with my girlfriend.

“Oh okay that's a nice idea, though I will still prefer you come pick me, with your mummy's car oh” I said.

“Hahahahahaha, just kill me na” she said.

On Thursday I took my bag and lock my store, I find my way to rivers state transport company (RTC), they have direct bus to Benin so I paid my money and enter the bus waiting for it to complete, twenty minutes later we are already on our way to Benin city the heart beat of the Nigeria.

It was a long Journey but Joie kept me busy because of her chat, she really knows how to spice someone up even if u are in sad mood she can ginger you up.

I enter Benin in the evening and went straight to Upper where I will pass the night and then then the next day I will travel to Oyo state.

My people welcome me in Benin like they always do anytime I visit, the next day I got up early and then Clement my brother escort me to iyare park where I will enter bus to Ibadan, before ten am already on my way to Oyo state.

I called Joie.

“Hello boo” she answered.

“Am on my way to Ibadan” I said.

“Hallelujah, safe journey honey” she said.

“Thanks hon”
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 7:39am On Apr 10, 2018

Ibadan is the capital of Oyo state and the most populous city in Oyo. It is the most populous city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano, Ibadan is the most populous city in Africa in 1960 after Cairo.

Around five in the evening our bus enter the big city of Ibadan, the city is really populated but not like Lagos, the roads looks good with nice stores on the side of  the road.

“Hello dear” I said.

“Sweetie where are you?” Joie ask.

“Am in Ibadan oh, I hope you are in bus stop sha?” I ask.

“No am still at home, let me quickly bath and enter road now” she said.

“okay be fast oh I can't fit wait oh” I said.

“Alright honey, be safe” she said.

I cut the call and then I continue chatting with others and also watching outside, our bus stop at one busy bus stop I believe they call it Iwo bus stop, everybody was going up and down honestly it is really confusing because I don't know anywhere to go, I just come down and walk to one mtn shade, a girl was selling card so I bought card from her and sat under her shade, I called Joie again telling her where I am, she said she will be here within twenty minutes, though its long but I have no choice.

The city was crowdy everybody was trying to get home from work, I keep looking at everybody thinking Joie will be one of them, my phone started ringing around past six, I pick it up.

“Hello dear” I answered.

“Where are you exactly? am at the park” Joie said.
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 7:41am On Apr 10, 2018

“i don't know the area am in front of first bank and am sitting under mtn shade” I said.

“Can you snap the location and send it to me now on WhatsApp?” She ask.

“Okay okay” I said and cut the call, I snap the location and send it to her on WhatsApp immediately, she received tje message and reply with “okay”.

Before five minutes I saw someone crossing the road to where I am, the person wear blue tight trouser and yellow singlet shirt, she look so beautiful and when I saw her crossing the road it was like an Angel coming to meet me, I started smiling and laughing, she saw me and started smiling too, she crossed the road and came to me.

“Instead of you to come and meet me you are the laughing as am a ghost” she said and collect my bag.

“You not a ghost but an Angel dear” I said and stand up.

“No time for talk now its late let's get going” she said.

I followed her from behind as she walk in front of me, she was walking so fast and after we cross the road I plead with her to walk slowly.

“Its dark if we don't walk fast we might miss keke and it takes time for bus to full” she said.

“So where are we going?” I ask.

“You are going to stay in a hotel close to my house, the hotel is okay” she said.

“So you won't let me stay with you?” I ask jokingly.

“Ha you want my mummy to kill me ni?” She said.

“hahahaha, how can your mummy kill big woman like you?” I ask.

“Am a small girl joor” she said.

I followed her till we reach where we will enter keke, we enter keke to another road and when we come down in front of us is a big hotel called “Davies castle”.
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 7:42am On Apr 10, 2018

“Waoh, this hotel is beautiful” I said.

“Our house is right at the back” she said.

“Not bad, so you will be coming to see every hour na” I said.

“I hope so too” she said.

We enter the hotel and then receptionist told us the price, we book a room and go inside the hotel, as she opened the door I grab her from behind and push her to the wall, I put my mouth on hers and started kissing her but she reject me.

“Come on ozila, you just come let's rest first and also my mummy will be looking for me now I will come tomorrow when everybody has gone back to work” she said amidst high tension.

“But you know how long I wait to touch you” I said.

“Come on tomorrow please, let me call for food and then I will go” she said.

I let her go and walk around the room, its nice I said loudly, I remove my dress and enter the bathroom to shower.

“I have ordered for food, I will come tomorrow okay am really sorry dear please bear with me okay” she said.

“Alright honey” I replied from the bathroom.

After the bath they around eight I walk down the restaurant in the hotel to relax, I request for red wine which they gave me, I was sitting alone in one soft sofa chair, my phone beep and then I open the message.

“Honey please come online”.

I on my data and saw countless messages, I only focus on my Joie.

“Honey how are you?” She ask.

“Am good just lonely and bored”

“Am truly sorry dear I know I suppose to be there with you”.

“come on I understand, I know you are still under your parent and I came here to see you, am okay with that for now” I said.
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 7:42am On Apr 10, 2018

“thank you for understanding honey, I hope you have eaten”

“Am in the bar just drinking wine”

“I hope you are not with any girl sha”

“Lol, do I know any girl here?”

“I don't know but I do you very well and you don't like being lonely” she replied.

“Calm down, am all alone you can come and verify by yourself”

“I wish I can come, everybody is back and they must surely know if I leave the house”

“Yeah I understand” I said.

“Don't worry dear, tomorrow I will be with you all through I promise” she said.

“I will be waiting for you oh because am really bored”

“I know honey, come on let me video call you self”

“You really think am with somebody right?” I ask.

“Not really just want to see  your face” she said.

“Okay love”.

We switch over to Instagram because whatsapp video is not that clear at that time, we talk for thirty minutes and she insist we keep talking even on my way to my room, I enter my room and lock the door, I switch on the small TV but I wasn't interested in watching any movie am just so tired because of the journey and I really want to sleep, we talk till sleep enter my eyes ontop bed, she called me the minutes I sleep telling me to switch off my data, I switch it off and plug my phone.
Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 7:43am On Apr 10, 2018

I woke up around six in the morning, there was nothing to do so I took my bath and order for food. They served rice and stew which I consume gently, I called Joie and she told me she will come around nine or ten.

I put on some clothes and walk downstair, I came out from the hotel and started strolling along the road with my earpiece on, the environment is cool and nice just like an estate, I saw a place they were playing basketball I sat on the field watching them, after some minutes I saw a beautiful girl jog pass me, she was wearing complete sport wear with earphone, I was tempted to jog with her but am not putting any sport wear, maybe I will see her again tomorrow.

Around nine I was in the hotel bar when Joie called me that she's coming,.

“What do you want me to buy for you?” She ask.

“Anything you buy I will take” I replied.

“Okay dear, hope you are ready to take me out?” She ask again.

“Sure, just come first” I replied.

“Are you inside or outside?” She ask again.

“Baby are you tense?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“Because it seems like you are afraid”

“Maybe I am, a little, I have never visit any guy in a hotel before” she said.

“Relax nothing will happen I promise” I said.

“Thanks love”.

I was drinking wine when she enter the bar, she look around and then saw me, she came over to me smiling.

“how are you honey?” She ask.

“Am good, just lonely and thank God you are here” I said.

She smile again and then took my cup, she poured some wine and sip.

“What did you eat this morning?” She ask.

“Rice, what about you?”

“Haven't eaten anything yet, just tidy up the house, took my bath and rush here because I know you are bored” she answered.

“Thank God you know, you look more beautiful in reality than I imagine” I said.

“Stop the flattering joor”.

“let's go in na” I said taking the wine.

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