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KINGS 2(battleground) / Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). / Poetry: Where Death Dwells And Give Us Hope (A Beggar's Burden) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Saheed69(m): 5:28pm On Jun 08, 2018
@Op I hope you won't stop after a while? More ink to your pen
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by skubido(m): 11:22pm On Jun 08, 2018
Tanks a lot for the update. Sha plz don't change

God will help
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by John944: 7:25am On Jun 09, 2018
Nice & captivating.. more updates bro!

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 5:51pm On Jun 09, 2018
@Op I hope you won't stop after a while? More ink to your pen
Dont worry, i wont stop
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 7:49pm On Jun 10, 2018

Cleopatra drag him from the door.. She look back, when she notice no one was watching, she turn back to face him..
"Are you crazy,how can you insinuate such a thing?Cleopatra retorted
Raphael doesn't know what to believe, what if what his instincts tells him was true, is she really sleeping with the prince, she has heard about her detriments from the other guards, some claimed they had slept with her...
"But you were...
"I was what? Cleopatra jump in
Raphael sigh, he doesn't have any proof so there was no need jumping to conclusions...
"'never mind"He said shabbily
"I hope you dont go around spreading this rumour like the virus that you are.. "Cleopatra retorted
"I may be many things Cleo, but am not a gossip, i say what am sure of"He replied with a bit of anger in his tone, then he walk away thinking of the possibility of his thoughts..
Cleopatra inhaled deeply..
"That was a close one"She muttered to herself

"Odumodu the tiger, The one no one can trample on"Chief Mayo said as Odumodu joined him in the vip bar...
Odumodu sat on a chair opposite him
"This hotel of yours have really grown bigger than what we imagined"Chief Mayo said
Odumodu chulkled"And it will continue to grow no Matter what the haters will say"
"To great heights"Chief Mayo said raising his glass of wine
"Mayo, whose side are you on? Odumodu ask
"What do you mean?Mayo said after he gulp down the wine
"Aren't you the one who told me that if Carlos eventually becomes king, we will be doomed,you said we need to start making our own plans"
"But Carlos didn't become the king, his son did"
"You and i know it is Carlos who is rulling"Odumodu said
"Well, we can still make our own plans"Chief Mayo said impetuously
"I can see you made yours by giving out your daughter to his son"Odumodu blared out
"Odumodu, giving out my daughter for marriage doesn't have anything to do with our plans.. "Mayo said in defence
"I see, so what are plans exactly?Odumodu ask curiously
Mayo grin"I plan on becoming the chairman of the elite club"
"Carlos has always be the chairman"
"That is because no one has dared to challenge him"
"The bourgeoisie from all the elite groups has always supported him, your votes can never beat his"Odumodu said
"That is why he will always be richer than us, dont you have any ambition Odumodu?
"I do but....
"carlos and Buzo will take everything the late king left away right under our nose, for example, how did you Buzo became the prime minister?Mayo ask
"You were there, the people chorus his name"
Mayo gigled"What people, those useless elders that are against the king or the lazy youths that were bribed?
"He volunteer...
"And exactly why did he volunteered?Mayo ask
When no answer came from Odumodu, he continued
"because he knows he will surely become the prime minister"he added
ODUMODU nodded to the possibility of it
"Now is the time we need to start making our move"
"Competing with Carlos over chairmanship of the elite club, thats is going too far.. "
"Dont be a fool Odumodu, you have grown soft, you are no longer the powerful man i use to know, where do you think the late king companies has gone to..?
"His son"
"Which son, the dead one! Mayo said then he gritted his teeth, those companies are under Carlos name now"
"Carlos cant possibly do that without telling us, we have shares in those companies,we are shareholders just the way he is,he will only be inviting trouble if he does that, and trust me am willing to give him double"
"Spoken like the Odumodu i use to know, that trouble you just said, you better start putting it to practice because he has done it"
"He wouldn't dare... "

Francis breathe heavily as he sit on the floor..
"And there goes the last one"Levi said as he drop the last block
Francis look at the blocks and then at the distance they pass just to get the blocks here, though the distance wasn't really much but to him, been his first time of doing such a hard labour, it was a long distance...
Levi sat beside him..
"So what now"Francis ask curiously
"I dont know, we just wait for Zed to come.... Or probably the prima"Levi replied
Francis gritted his teeth, the thought of the princess invades his head, he try to wave the thought away but it was stuck there, stuck in his head....
"The world you came from, what are the people like? Levu ask curiously
"Like me... "Francis replied shabbily
"You mean lazy like you.. "Levi said jokingly
"Am not lazy, i just carried tons of blocks"
Levi chuckled"How many did you carry, ten or nine, you almost collapsed if i hadn't took that one from you"
Francis felt a bit embarrassed"I was hungry and sweaty and really tasty of water... "
levi wink at him...
Francis grin"The people there are good"Francis added
"Are there kings there? Levi ask
Francis nodded,then the thought of his father dying creep into his head, he was almost at the verge of crying.. "There are good kings there and good princes"He added as he force a smile in his face
"Are there slave hunters? Levi ask
"No, slave hunting has been long abolished there"
"So what were you back there in your world?
Francis sniff,will he believe him if he said he was a prince... "I was just a simple person trying to make a living"
"dead or alive parent? Levi ask
Francis wipe his eyes with the back of his wrist to stop the tear that was about to fall from his eyes..
"Dead... "he said faintly
"Mine too"Levi said wishing his father was dead, but what difference does ut make, his father abandoned them, he was dead to him..
"But am not feeling sad anymore, i have learn to survive without them and i suggest you do the same"Levi added
Francis if he is ever going to forget that, he lost his entire family in a day, those men will surely pay, no matter the barriers he face in his journey,he knew for a fact, he will survive all hurdles and life threatening disasters and he will make those chiefs pay ten times his suffering, his fathers, brother and mother even if that is the last thing he do on earth...
Levu sigh as a bell ring..
"What is the bell for? Francis ask curiously
"You mean you dont know what it means when a bell is ring in a slave camp? Levi ask
Francis shook his head
"It means your greatest wish has been fulfilled.. "Levi replied as he stood up
"My greatest wish, which is...?
"Its time to eat"
Francis immediately stood up, he watch as slaves began to troop out to another arena...
"Lets go eat before someone else dies"Levi said as he begin to walk away following the trail of the rest slaves
"Are you referring to me? Francis ask as he rush after him...
Levi wink"I was talking to the hungry one.. "
"Who turns out to be me"Francis said
Levi shrugged"You said it not me"..
They both gigled...
They walk into the arena, the slaves who has gotten there first formed three lines...
Levi joined the third line and Francis stood behind him
"I think the lady in the other line serves faster"Levi said
"So you want me to go there?
"Yas, you know just in case i dont get mine on time, we can eat yours..."Levi said
"And when yours come?
Levi grin"I eat it alone.. "
"Fair bargain.... "

The guards immediately stood as they got to the threshold of the temple, the king bow his head and went in...
"What troubles the great Dafuda? Dasari the priestess said as she serve water from a pot made of dry wood with a calabash..
"Priestess i need to know what the gods think about the forthcoming war"king Dafuda said
"What can you possibly understand from what the gods think? Dasari said
King Dafuda snort as the heat of the fire begin go affect him"I want go know if the gods supports my decision"
"Your decision to go to war?
"Yes Dasari"
"I will listen to my son if i were you"Dasari said
King Dafuda wonder how she knew then it struck him, she was a priestess, a representative of ogini...
"Jafar has threw sand in our faces, if it is war he wants, war he shall get"King Dafuda blared out
"So i have to know,does the gods support me or not? He added anxiously
"I only speak what the gods says to me"Dasari said
"Then consult them, isn't that the reason am here"
The gods are not men that can be consulted because some king is in need of answers"Dasari said
"Am the reason why the people still worship the gods, without me there will be no gods, so you will shut up and.....
"If i were you i will choose my words carefully,you are standing in the temple of ogini, even kings are not exempted from his fierce anger"Dasari said cutting him short
"Knowing if the gods are on my side is not a big thing to ask, is it? King Dafuda said
"I shall do as you have said not because you have said it but because you seek from the gods before rushing into actions...."
"Go home now great king, you dont want to be here when the gods show their faces"
King Dafuda grunts, then he turn around and left...

Claude pace around her room, she wonder why Rick wasn't picking his calls, this was the fifteenth time she was calling him but he wasn't picking, she wonder if he is alright or could it be her father's thugs have caught him, no they couldn't have, if the have, her father would have throw the news in her face..
She call the number again, it was the same, he didn't pick.. She was fed up and scared at the same time..
Just then a knock came on her door...
She wasn't in the mood to see or talk to anyone..
The knock came again, then she furiously open the door...
"What! She blared at the maid knocking
"Am sorry princess, someone is looking for you"
"He refused to tell us his identity, he just said he wants to see you"
"Are you nuts, someone came to see me and he refuse to give his identity and you let him in"
"Sorry princess, i can tell the guards to send him away if that is what you wish.. "
"Yes that is what i wish,send whoever that nobody is away. "
"Yes princess"The maid said and turn to walk away..
Claude thought of who the person might be, she was curious...
"Wait... "She said and the maid turn to face her..
"Where is he? She ask
"Outside princess"
She exhales, still debating on the fact if she should gi or not....
She follows the maid outside, there she saw a young man with a face cap that almost covered his face, he has an awful beards, he was wearing a faded jean and a white T-shirt....
His awful mustache and unkept beards irritates her the moment she saw him,how can someone keeps so much beards, she wonder whi he is, she drew closer to him,shock race through her as she saw hus eyes, those same eyes that has swept her off het feet the very day she first saw them...
"My love.. "he whisper to her ears..
Her heart skip, she stood motionless staring at him, she couldn't believe it, with shaking mouth she muttered.... "RICK"



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by skubido(m): 8:43pm On Jun 10, 2018
Tanks a lot for the update, God bless

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 6:42am On Jun 11, 2018

Claude drag him to a corner... She look around and make sure no one was watching.. "What are you doing here? She ask anxiously
"I came to see you"Rick replied with a smile in his face..
"Are you crazy, what if my father's thugs saw you"
"Relax girl, am disguised,no one will recognize me this way, even you my love, it took you a while before you recognize me"
She sigh"Still am scared, i will die if anything happens to you"
"Nothing of such is going to happen my love, our love is forever... "
"Forever.... "she repeated
"So how is my love doing"He said holding her face..
she blush as the soft touch of his palm in her chin, her heart gladen that he was here but she was scared that his presence here may put him in danger.. or worse..
Fear prick her spines as she thought of the possibility of it.."My love you should go before someone sees you here"
"Who cares if someone sees me"
"I care my love, my father might have spies here that i may not know of"
"But i just got here, and i really want to spend a lot of time with you"
"I understand my love, but the situation we are now won't allow us to do that"
"You should leave now my love,very soon we will leave togerther to a place where no one will ever find us"
Rick nodded, he hug her tightly then he released his grip from her....
"What are you scared of? He ask when he saw her expression...
She force a smile on her face"Am scared of you getting caught by my father's thugs"
"That will never happen"He said
Claude nodded shabbily..
"The next time we see, we will both be leaving"She said
Claude frown when a guard started heading their way..
"Lets go"She said as she drag him and begin to walk with him...
"Princess"The guard said when they met..
"Save it"She shut him off as they walk pass him...
She hug and wave him goodbye when they got to the gate, she took a deep breath when he was gone...
Then she begin to walk back to her room....
Then she saw the guard she has shut off earlier running towards her...
"Princess"He shouted after her..
She stood curious of what he has to tell her...
"Princess, the king ask for you"The guard said
Claude hissed"Where is he?
"In the inner chamber"
Claude nodded and sent him away, he wonder what that idiot have to say to her...
She headed for the inner chamber.., it was few seconds later when she got there...
She grunts when she saw him sitting on the throne
"I heard you had a visitor"Desmond said
"News spread fast around here"She replied
"So its true then"Desmond said feeling a bit of anger
"Every gossip here turns out to be true doesn't it? She ask back
"I see you love answering questions with questions"
"And i see you love knowing things what doesn't concern you"she retorted
Desmond knew he should be pissed off but he wasn't....
"What you should be thinking is getting married to your new bride, i heard she is beautiful"she added
Desmond wonder if that was sarcasm in her tone..
"Beautiful and well endowed than you will ever be"He said
"That i also heard"she said with clenched teeth
"I see you are jealous.. "Desmond said with a smile
Claude shrugged, she grin at him, then turn to walk away..
"Am not done princess.. "Desmond said after her
"Well am done king"She said as she walk away
Desmond chulkled..
"I will have you princess, like it or not, am your husband"he muttered

Francis exhales as he watch some slaves running around, he laugh as one hit the other on the head..
"Whats funny, you want to join them?Levi ask as he saw his expression..
"Dont you? Francis ask back
"If you want to join them, am not stopping you"Levi said
Francis chulkled...
"I wonder what outside here look like"Francis said
"You mean outside the palace? Levi ask
"Yes, aren't you curious?Francis ask
"There is really nothing amazing about the outside"
Francis glance at him"Still i want to see it, at least is better than sitting here doing nothing but staring at grown up guys jumping around like little children"
"Even if you want to go out, you can't do it, slaves are not allowed to leave the perimeter of the palace"
"What if we sneak out"Francis said impetuously
"what if you are caught?Levi ask
"What happens if we are caught? Francis ask curiously
"Well best case scenario, we move this blocks back to where we took them from"
"And worse case scenario?Francis ask
"We are probably use for sacrifice to ogini"Levi said
"I take worse case scenario"Francis said standing up
"Well because, am a KA-RU, a beloved devotee, how can ogini accept his beloved devotee"
"Well, am not a KA-RU,and am totally not ready to die now"
"Come on, who will kill you?
"That is exactly what will happen if we are caught"
"We won't be caught"
"Do you even have any idea of how many guards that stand at the gate? Levi ask
Francis shrug as he try to remember how many guards he saw on their way to the palace... "No idea, but that is why we call what we are about to do sneaking out"
"We,!,there is no we, you are totally on your own"Levi said
"Come on, don't act like a scared kid, it will be fun"
Levi chuckled"Seriously i don't want to be involved in this your sneaking out and fun game, am fine here"
"Suit yourself"Francis said, he look at him again, when he realise he wasn't ready to move, he turn around and begin to walk away..
"Are you really serious"Levi said after him
"I hope you have a nice boring day"Francis blared out
"What is wrong with this boy"Levi muttered, then he ran after him..

Rick groan and furiously threw his phone on the bed, the phone bounce and clatters on the floor..
"I dont see any reason why you should be angry, you saw her today right"William said
"Do you know how it feels to see the one you love and not be able to spend time with her"Rick blared out
"Am really sorry you are in this situation, if there is something i can do to help to ease your pains, i will gladly do it.. "
"Yes there is something you can do if you really want to help me.."
"Tell me, what can i do?
"Find those bastards who held me captive, she is scared they will find me again,those bastards held me for days, they treated me like an animal, do you know how it felt to be locked up in a dark room, i received blows and beatings for breakfast,Catch them Because i will like to return the favour to them... "

"Do you even have any idea of where we are going to? Levi ask as they headed to a narrow road
"Honestly i dont, i actually thought you do"Francis said shabbily
"So what would you have done if i havent tag along ?Levi added
"I knew you were going to follow me"
Levi scoffs"You know what, lets just go back"
"Come on, we have come a long way to go back"
"Are you insane, we are lost"Levi blared out
"This is the road Zed pass us through"Francis said
Levi look at the road, it was quiet, awfully quiet...
"This is nothing like the road"
Francis sigh as he saw a bright light coming from the end of the road..
"I think that is our way out"Francis said and begins to walk towards the light..
"You think that is the sun shining from there? Levi ask
"Yes, and probably our way out of here.. "Francis answer as he walk speedily towards the light..
Levi was furious but he had no choice, as much he hates what he was doing he didn't want to be alone..
Francis keep walking.., he was so in a haste that he didn't know when he step on a plank.. the plank turned over...
Francis scream as he begin to fall down....
"Francis"Levi shouted
Francis clatters hard on the baskets on the floor, he grimace as he roll over then he heard his name.. He quickly stood up, stare up at where he has fell from..
"Am alright"He replied when Levi called out his name again...
"Am coming.. "Levi said from the top..
Before he could complete his sentence, Levi fell in the basket hitting him on the face, he staggered to a corner..
"I told you not to jump"Francis said as he try to regain his balance..
"When did you say that? Levi said standing erect on his toes
"I was about to before.......
"What a hole"Levi muttered cutting him short
"Do you think is a trap? Francis ask anxiously
"How would i know, such turnovers cant be there for no purpose... "
"So it was a trap then"Francis said feeling a bit scared
"If you had listen to me, we wouldn't be in a hole"Levi blared out
Francis look around"This isn't a hole"
"Its a tunnel"Levi added
"A tunnel to what? Francis ask anxiously
"To our graves stupid, what was i even thinking that made me follow you here, this will be the last time i will follow you to anywhere"Levi blared out
"Even to line up for food? Francis said jokingly
"I said anywhere"he said and begin to walk away
The more they walk in, the more the light that shines inside goes off
"Do you know where we are going to, because the way it seems we are walking blind"Francis said
"And all thanks to you we are going to die"Levi blared out
"What is your problem with death? Francis said
"Look i know..
"Quiet"Levi said cutting him short..
Levi lean his ears on the wall, Francis was curious, he lean his on the wall.. Shock swept through him as he heard voices from the other side of the wall..
The voices and the discussion became clearer..
Great fear prick Francis and he quickly move from the wall...
"Did you hear that? Francis ask anxiously...
"Shut up"Levi said
"They are planning to assassinate the king"Francis blared out..
Just then they heard a growling sound.. Great fear engulfed them both...
Their hearts began to beat rapidly.. Without hesitation Francis scream...
"Who is there"A voice sounded from the other side of the wall.
Levi quickly gagged Francis mouth...
"Your big fat mouth is going to get us killed"Levi muttered



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by hidhrhis(m): 7:13am On Jun 11, 2018
bro u are one of d best writer have ever seen on nl
thanks for d timely update

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by cyndy1000(f): 8:04am On Jun 11, 2018
Wao please update 2 or more today please. it getting interesting especially The Fransis part

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 9:13am On Jun 11, 2018
bro u are one of d best writer have ever seen on nl
thanks for d timely update
You welcome...
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 12:52pm On Jun 11, 2018

Francis was scared to dead, he begin to mumble words in Levi hand that gag his mouth..
"Who is there? The voice came again
"Shut up, dont try to say a word or worse scream and in the name of the gods dont bite me"Levi said as he remove his hand from his mouth...
Francis gasp for breathe......
Levi lean his ears on the wall but the voices never came again nor the growling sound..
"What do you think was that? Francis ask still feeling scared..
"How would i know, is a dark tunnel, dangerous things live here... "
"Dangerous.... "Francis muttered as the word ring in his head...
"We should call for help"Francis said with shaking mouth
"Are you crazy,if anyone find out we are here, that will be our end"
"We will still die if we remain here, i dont want my skin to be shred to pieces by a tiger"Francis blared out
"You think that was a tiger,tigers dont live in Mogula especially not in a tunnel"
"Well one lives here because i just heard a spine tinkling roar"
"Whatever that is, we should find our way out if this hole you drag me into before it comes back"Levi said
"Are we just going to move into the darkness,take my suggestion lets call for help"
"I followed your suggestion and look where it brought me, am not listening to you again KA-RU, Your suggestions will get me killed or save for yourself"Levi said and then he began to drool his hands in the ground..
"And what exactly are you looking for? Francis ask looking around
Levi didn't reply he just keep searching until he found two sharp stones on the floor, he took three baskets placing them on each other and began to move forward into the thin darkness...
Francis had no choice than to follow him..
"Will you stop walking fast, i can barely see you"Francis said from behind him
Levi didn't reply, he just continue walking...
"Are we still in the palace or we are outside?Francis ask curiously
"Just shut up and keep up"Levi blared out
"Look am sorry, i was just curious, i wanted to know how the people live, i wanted to know their way of life"Francis said shabbily as he noticed Levi was infuriated
"I have told you once that your curiosity was going to put you in trouble.. "Levi said
"But we are not in any trouble"
"No, your stupid curiosity got us trapped in a tunnel where we might probably die and no one will find our bodies until it is rotten and becomes dust"
Francis grunts, now he was beginning to regret his decision, if he had know he would have stayed with the rest slaves....

HE rolled over to the other side of the bed, he was unsettled, he stood and sat on the bed, leaning his back on the wall... He wonder why the thought of her gives him so much boner...he was throbbing hard and he needed someone to take the load..
He stood and preen himself in the mirror,he wink at his hard erection burging out in his pant
It was very obvious the gentleman within his groin wanted sex.. Since he came all the girls who had seem have find one or two ways to avoid him, he was once a star, a guy any girl will want to drool over, but now he was nothing but a masquerade that scared people away and all thanks to that stupid dead girl who has reported him to the king..
He felt the inchy growth in his boner as the of the girl he has seen in the palace begin to creep into his head, her elegant naked body lying on top him and banging him senseless...
He began to rub his fingertips round his burging d**k, he let out a low moan as he felt the slippery gleet in his pant..
"Shit"He muttered...
He sigh as a knock came on the door, he quickly opened the door...
He smile as he saw the housekeeper standing there with a tray of food..
Tracy the housekeeper grunts at the sight of his body, he wasn't that heavily built, she try to avert her eyes from going down there but the sight was tempting...
"You like what you see? Jacob ask with clenched teeth
She quickly realise what she was doing, she shake off the silly thought that was pumping up in her head..
"I brought you your food"She said shabbily..
Jacob smile and pace the way for her to come in..
She went in then he close the door..
She knew what was going on in his head but she wasn't ready for it.. She drop the food and turn to walk away but he block her..
"I should go sir"She said, what kind of girl would she be if she starts sleeping with her boss son..
"I know you want it"Jacob whisper in her ears, he drew closer to her so she could feel his bulge but she shift aback..
"Am sorry sir but i cant do this, am really sorry"She pleaded
"I hate to say this but am very Hot right now, so please just this once and i will never trouble you again.... "he said as he drew near her making sure she feel every inch of his body..
She lost her balance and fell into the bed...
jacob smile as he begin to caress her legs...
He frown when a knock came on the door..., who would be knocking in his intimate moment..
"Who is there? He blared out
"Its your father idiot.."
Before Jacob could reach the door, his father opened it, Tracy quickly rushed out of the room...
Chief Buzo watch as the girl run out, then he stare at Jacob and his gaze met his growing bulge, without hesitation he slap him hard on his right cheek
"Are you crazy, raping that girl didn't teach you any lesson"Chief Buzo yelled
Jacob grimace to the effect of the slap...
"You dont have to hit me so hard to remind me of a dead girl"
"That girl is dead because you couldn't keep your pen*s in your pant, and now you stoop so low to bed to common housekeeper, are you insane?
Jacob didn't reply, he just walk to the window..
"Now i see why you came back, you came back to continue with your detriments so you can disgrace me one more time, i haven't recover frol the last shame you gave to me, one more shame to that and i will kill you myself"Chief Buzo blared out
Buzo took a deep breathe, he wonder why God gave him such a useless son..
"Your friend the king is getting married and here you are acting like a lunatic when you should be searching for a wife and give me grandchildren"
"So is grandchildren you want,i can give you many of that"Jacob said
"Get a life Jacob, get a life, and put on something decent other than this pant displaying your asset, it makes you look stupid"Buzo said, he glare at him and left the room..
"Well am in my room Dad, and thanks for the lecture"

Levi struck the stones together and fire came out, he lit the fire in the basket...the flames of the fire lighted where they were..
"How did you learn to do that? Francis ask curiously
"Simple logic"
"So what will we do if this fire goes off? Francis ask anxiously
"If this fire goes off, you are on your own"
Francis was a bit shocked by his reply..
"On my own, what do you mean?
"It means we are going to split up, you are dragging me back"
"Are you serious right now"
Francis sigh"It would have been better if phones were been use around here"
"A phone?Levi muttered shabbily..
"Haven't you seen a phone before?Francis ask curiously
"No i haven't"
Francis jump up as he saw something ran through a hole..
"Why do you keep doing that? Levi blared out
"I think i saw a mouse"He replied..
"Yes, we are in their territory, you are sure to see plenty of them"
Francis didn't mind his statement, he just walk up to the place the rat has pass through, he move his hand round the place...
"Oh no, its a door"He said
"A door"Levi interjects as he quickly stood up..
Levi begin to find the knob, he sigh when he found it, then he quickly turn the knob but the door didn't open..
"Its locked"He said with disappointment in his tone
Francis move his hand upwards, he quickly pulled down the bolt when he found it, then Levi turned the knob again and the door opened....
"Where is this place? Francis ask as he scan his eyes round the place, the only light shining in the room was the light penetrating from the holes in the roof...
"Its a basement"Levi said as he saw a wooden staircase..
"Where do you think it leads to?Francis ask anxiously
"Dont you know anything, basements are built in attachments to houses"
"An underground"Francis interjects
"More like that"
"So whose house is this? Francis ask, then he realise he just ask a stupid question..
Levi hissed"Probably the bad men house"
Francis stare at the staircase, he went towards it and place one leg on it
"What do you think you are doing? Levi hollered
"Well look at the bright side"Francis replied shabbily
"Which is? Levi ask curiously..
"Which is what? Francis said as he placed the second leg on the stairs
"The bright side idiot"
Francis wink, "I thought that was a figure of speech "
"Figure if what?
Francis didn't reply, instead he begin to climb, he was scared, his heart pumping fast than normal, but for what is worth, he knew it was worth the risk, whoever is there at the top, he will just have to cook up a story..
The door at the top was locked, he began to hit the door but no answer came, he hit it hard again still no answer came
"Come down idiot, you will get yourself killed"Levi hollered
Francis hit the door again but there was no reply, he took a deep breath, he wonders if anyone stays in the house...
Shock swept through when he heard the tinkling sound of the door, then light begin to shine in his eyes, he quickly close his eyes to avoid the bright light, then he felt someone hand grap his throat...
"You have one question to answer before i slit your throat,who are you? The voice said
Francis was scared to dead, with his legs shaking, he manage to open his eyes,it was a ferminine voice, her grip was soft in his neck but the knife she wad holding scares him...what was he going to explain,slowly he raise his head to meet hers.... He stood motionless with shock griping his spines
Was he dreaming, no it was definitely a reality, with the knife still held to his throat, with shaking mouth he muttered.... "PRINCESS"


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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by skubido(m): 3:12pm On Jun 11, 2018
Tanks a lot for the update. God bless

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 11:25am On Jun 12, 2018

"WHO ARE YOU"she ask again this time she drew the knife closer to his throat..
Francis gasp, he wonder if she recognize him...
"Dont you recognize me? He ask anxiously
She gave no reply, instead she threatened him with the knife..
"Am one of the slave you gave donough"he blared out
She took the knife from his neck, then he gasp for breathe..
"Are you alright?Levi ask
Francis nodded...
"Come inside"She said paving the way for him
Francis was a bit scared, with unsettled mind, he climbed and went inside the room...
"Are you going to come or you are just going to stand there"She said to Levi
Levi exhales shapily,then he climbs...
She quickly close the door when he entered the room..
Both boys look at the room, it was like something they have never seen before.. ..
The bed was wide, awfully big for one person...
"So what are you doing here, were you spying on me? She ask
"Spy! Francis exclaimed, he thought of something to tell her.. "We weren't spying,we were just lost"
"Lost.. and you expect me to believe that, what would a slave be doing on my basement?She blared out
"Princess, please forgive us, it wasn't our intention to be in your basement, we were just walking when we got lost"Levi said and glance at Francis
Francis inhaled, he doesn't know if he should tell her the truth, but for what is worth, the truth will eventually come out..
"I wanted to leave the palace.... Not leave permanently"he said when he notice the stare in her eyes...
"I just wanted to see how the people were living,so my friend here tag along, so we lost our way and found ourselves in a tunnel which led us to your basement"He sigh when the last words drip from his mouth
She drop the knife on the table and sat on the bed..
Francis couldn't take bis gaze off her, she was really am epitone of beauty..
"We will appreciate it if you show us the way back to the rest of the slaves"Francis said
"That is the door"She said with clenched teeth
Both boys stare at the door, Levi shook his head..
"Thank you"Francis said as he drag Levi and begin to walk to the door..
"If we pass through that door, we are dead,except you have a good explanation as to what you were doing in the princess room"Levi muttered to him
"Its our only shot"Francis replied
As they were about to open the knob, a knock came on the door..shock ripped their spines, they quickly turn around to face the princess who stood up from the bed..
"Come on, hide here"She said opening a small door.. Both boys quickly ran inside, inside was tight, it was a small space, they folded theirselves inside as their legs hit each other..
She close the door, took a deep breath and then opened the main door the knock came from..
"Greetings princess"The guard said
"What is it? She ask
"We heard voices coming from your room"
She look around"Am the only one here"
The guard look around"Sorry for bothering you princess"The guard said and left..
She sigh and close the door.."You can come out now"
Francis push the door open as they creep out...both boys gasp for breathe... "Thank you"Francis said
Francis turn around and began to walk towards the door
"What are you doing?She ask
Francis stopped"Trying to get out"
"You cant pass through there, the guards will catch you"She said
"So we just go back to the tunnel"He said
"You cant go back there either, you might never find your way out"She replied
Now Francis was scared, he wonder what will happen if someone sees him and Levi here, his herat skip when another knock came on the door..
"Go back there"She said as she walks towards the door
"Back to that tiny hole?
"Do you have another idea, unless except you want your head to be use for a feast"She replied
"The tunnel was better"Levi muttered
Francis open the door and they both rush back into the tiny space, Francis wonder why such a tiny space will have a door...
"Stop matching me"Levi said as Francis step on his toes
Princess Katherine open the door...
"Vuga"What are you doing here
"Seriously, do i need permission to see my twin sister"Prince Vuga said as he enters the room
He sniff at the scent of the room..
"If you are looking for Adesa, she is not here, u sent her on an errand"Katherine said
Vuga scoffs"Why would i be looking for a maid?
"Because you have a hidden feelings for her"
"Stop, there is no reason in the world why i will have feelings for a maid....."
"Are you going to deny you dont secretly stare at her whenever she is with me?
Vuga laugh"I have thousands of girls that are begging me to be theirs, thousands of princesses and merchants daughters to be precise, so why would i be staring at an ordinary maid"
"You keep saying that to yourself"
Francis was suffocating...
"We should have hidden in the basement"Levi muttered quietly
Francis grunts, why didn't he thought of that....
"We are going to suffocate to dead here, and thank you am going to die in a tiny cupboard"Levi said and march his feet..
"Ahhh! Francis grimace and exclaimed
Vuga turn to the direction of the door"Did you hear that?
Katherine bit her lips"Heard what?
"There is something in there.. "He said as he walk towards the door...
Both boys heartbeat increases as they the knob begin to turn...


Clarissa smile as she preened herself in the mirror, she cant believe she was going to become the queen of the most prestigious kingdom in three days time.. She will be addressed as Her Majesty..
She applied powder to her face, admire herself and walk out of the room..
"My queen"Chief Mayo hailed as Clarissa entered the Parlour..
"Father.. "She said with a smile on her face,she knelt before him and Chief Mayo tapped her on the back, she stood up and sat opposite him..
"This is like a dream come true father"She said
"I told you, i will make you the queen"
"But father, i heard the king was also getting married to Princess in the palace.. "
"You mean king Felix daughter?
"Yes father"
"I also heard that, but dont worry, that is never going to happen not when your father is alive, you will be the king only wife.. "
"Yes dad, because i won't want a second party sharing my matrimonial bed"
Chief Buzo chulkled"You and you alone will be the queen of Akpatu"
"Thank you Father.... "


UDA the minister of taxation pace around ...
"Uda, come down"His friend Kabino and a minister said..
"Aren't you worried that someone heard us"Uda said
"You are getting worried for nothing, Simeon heard us so what, whoever the person is, he/she didn't see our faces and neither did we see him or her,there is no evidence to prove we are planning the kings assassination "Kabina said
UDA grunts..
"If we kill the king now, we will be avoiding a war that will drag us to the mud, is a justified murder"
"There could be another way to stop the war"Uda said
"You know the king, once he set his mind on something, no one changes it not even his son, and King Jafar isn't someone to go to war with, he have the support of the lord, if they combine forces, they are indestructible... Is a war we cant win"
"Do you prefer we lose the goldmine"Uda said
"Thousands will die, What is a goldmine compared to lives, families that will be destroyed..., am trying to avoid a bloodbath"
"Then lets make a general appeal first"Uda said
"You think that will change his mind?
"For his sake, lets hope so"

WAIT"Katherine blared out
"There is nothing there"She added
"I heard voices coming from here"Vuga said
"There is something there but is something you dont want to see"She said as she remove his hand from the knob..
"Whats in there? He ask anxiously
"Is a girly thing"She said not knowing what to say
"A girly thing that huge to make such tickling sound, am curious, what might it be? He said
A knock came on the door..
Vuga keep staring at the door and Katherine keep staring at him
"Its Adesa Princess... "She said from outside the door..
Vuga heart skip when he heard Adesa voice.. He fake cough..
"Come in"Katherine said
Vuga stare at her as she opens the door... He quickly turn away his gaze when he caught his sisters eyes...
"Greetings my prince"Adesa said
Vuga was inclined to look at her but his sister presence was making him feel uncomfortable..
"Well i hope to see this huge girly thing next time"He said with a smile
"of course"She replied
Vuga glance at Adesa, then he walk out of the room not looking back..
He took a deep breathe when he got outside, why does he always feel that way whenever he sees her, she is a maid and he is a prince... Their differences is too much..
He try to wave the thought away as he walk away from the room..
"You can leave now Adesa, i will call when i need you"Katherine said
"Yes Princess"Adesa said and left the room..
Katherine quickly bolt the door when Adesa was gone..
She open the door to the tiny space and Both boys came out sweating profusely..
"You must leave now"She said
"To the tunnels?Francis ask
"To the working field"She replied
"We cant possibly leave through that door"francis said
"You will leave through the window"She said as she led them to the window..
Francis peep through the window, all he could was roofs and Zincs..
"What do we do? He ask anxiously
"Climb out and jump on the roof, from tge rooftop, you will see a road, jump down to the road, take your right, it will lead you straight back to the working field"
Without hesitation, Levu climbed out on the window and jumped on the roof as the princess has said..
"Thank you"Francis said
She nodded with a smile..
Francis smile back, then he climbed and jumped, he look at her from the roof until she close the window..
"Can you believe it, she is prince Vuga twin sister"Levi said as they walk on the roof
Francis gritted his teeth, he wonder why such a kindhearted girl will be a twin to a wicked and soulless being.
"What do you think would have happened if prince Vuga have seen us? Francis ask curiously
"By now we would be kneeling in front of the king kneeling begging for only our fingers to be cut off instead of our head"
They jump down from the roof to the road the princess has shown, they took their right as she has said...
It was few minutes later when they got to the working fields
"Have you noticed the slaves are staring at us? Francis ask
"We are in trouble"Levi said as he saw Zed heading their way..
"Where have you two been? Zed ask when he got to where they were
"Emmm... "Francis stammered
"The prima is looking for you two"Zed said
Shock engulf both boys..they drag their feet as Zed led them to the Prima....Francis felt something prick his spines as the Prima stared at them with dark eyes, his face looks wicked, they were marks all over his face..
"Take them to the pillars and tie them up"He told the two guards that were standing with him..
The guards quickly grap them and tie them to a pillar, they were tied opposite each other...
Francis gasp as he saw one of the guard took a whipping rope that was stuck to his trouser..
Levi could hear his own heartbeat as the guard flung the whipping rope in from of him..
"Whip them"The prima ordered
"The next time i agree to go anywhere with you, punch me hard in the face"Levi blared out



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great job silver

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by skubido(m): 12:35pm On Jun 12, 2018
Den do enter ham ooo,

Tanks for the update. God bless

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Princesstee(f): 4:11pm On Jun 12, 2018

"The prima is looking for you two"Zed said
Shock engulf both boys..they drag their feet as Zed led them to the Prima....Francis felt something prick his spines as the Prima stared at them with dark eyes, his face looks wicked, they were marks all over his face..
"Take them to the pillars and tie them up"He told the two guards that were standing with him..
The guards quickly grap them and tie them to a pillar, they were tied opposite each other...
Francis gasp as he saw one of the guard took a whipping rope that was stuck to his trouser..
Levi could hear his own heartbeat as the guard flung the whipping rope in from of him..
"Whip them"The prima ordered
"The next time i agree to go anywhere with you, punch me hard in the face"Levi blared out

Nice one, keep it up
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by John944: 6:10am On Jun 13, 2018
This piece gives me joy! hope you'll not abandon this great project? You sure knows how to make an interesting piece.. #thumbsup! more frequent updates bro!

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 9:55am On Jun 13, 2018

GREAT fear grip Francis as he stare at the whipping rope...he close his eyes waiting for the rope to land hard in his back...
STOP"A voice he was familiar with sounded, he quickly open his eyes,he felt relieved when he saw her..
"Princess"The prima said
"What are you doing here? He added
"Untie them"She said
"Stop!... This slaves has committed great offense"The prima said
"What offense exactly did they commit? She ask
"They left the working field without permission,we can let them go without being punished.. "
Princess Katherine gritted her teeth..she turn her gaze to the guards"I said untie them"She said again
"Free this slaves today and they will do the same thing tomorrow"The prima said
"This slaves were working for me"She said impetuously
"Exactly what kind of work were they doing for you? The prima ask
"You dare question me? She ask back
The prima sigh"I was just curious princess but am sorry i cant let this slaves go unpunished"
"Then i guess you will have to take it up with my father, i wouldn't be surprised if he cut off your head and hang it on a pile for everyone to spit on"She blared out
The prima was furious but he knew for a fact the issue will become worse if the king is notify of it"Release them"He said shabbily..
The guard quickly loosen the ropes,both boys gasp for breath..
She gaze at Francis then turn her gaze to the prima"And dont think i won't hear of it if you still go ahead and punish them"
"Be rest assured princess, this issue is close never to come up again"The prima said
She look at Francis one more time and then walk away..
"Thank you"Francis muttered with clenched teeth
The prima glare at both boys, then he furiously walk away
"Congratulation,you just earn yourselves number one in the Prima bad list"Zed said
Francis sniff, the thought of what the princess just did for them overcloud his head, now he wont be able to forget her...
"Where were you guys? Zed ask
"On an adventure, an adventure that almost got us killed"Levi replied
"Adventure,what do you mean, where did you go to? Zed ask curiously
"That's actually a long story"Francis said
"A long story that ended with a princess coming to save you, what exactly is going on here? Zed ask curiously
francis smile, he tap him on the shoulder and begin to walk to where the rest of the slaves were walking
"Does he know involving with the princess will bring forth his death? Zed ask Levi
Levi sigh, then he touch his stomach.. "When is the next time for food?
"Really, didn't you get food in your wild adventure?Zed ask,he grin at him and walk away..
Levi exhales shapily then he sat on the floor... "So much for one day"

Claude laugh as she continue with the phone call, she took one slice of the apple and begin to chew it,she stood up from the chair and hold one of the tree branch in the garden, then she giggled again as the person from the other end said something funny..
She was so into her call that she didn't realise when Desmond walk up to her..
"I see you are busy? He ask
Claude didn't mind what he was saying she just continue with her call..
Desmond sniff then he sat down, took a slice of the apple"Hope this isn't poisoned?He ask
When she gave no reply he immediately ate it, what exactly was wrong with, this girl shows no regards or respect for him still he cant get her off his mind..he wasn't only falling in love, he was falling hard..
It seems all he was saying was useless since she was so trapped on that phone call, he decided to wait for her...
He took another slice of apple and he chewed it hungrily...
He grin when she finally end the call and look at him..
"Speaking to your boyfriend?He ask impetuously
"What exactly is your problem?Claude retorted
"My problem is having my wife speak to so many people that i dont know, who were you talking to so long on the phone?
Claude sigh"That is certainly non of your beeswax"
He gritted his teeth"It will be the moment we marry"
Claude chulkled"Are you delusional, the sooner yoj get this marriage thing from your head, the better"
"My wedding with the Chief's daughter is in two days time, i plan on getting married to you then"
"You must be sick, and why the hell do you think i will want to be the second wife to anyone"
"Would you rather be the first or only? He ask with clenched teeth
She exhales, the king was really getting on her nerves..
"Your father called, he was curious to know when we are getting married, he was really furious when i told him his precious little and spoilt daughter isn't ready yet, then he said he was coming back"
Her heart skip, if her father comes back, all her plans to elope with Rick will be ruined..
"But i told him he doesn't have to come that i was setting things right"
She made a sigh of relief..
"Days are counting princess, decide sooner when our marriage will be before i run out of patience... "He said and stood up,he drew close to her and touch her chin..
"Things will go bad if i get tired of waiting so dong make me princess.. "He said, made a faint smile that disappeared within seconds.. then he took another slice of the apple and left her..
Claude knew for a fact she needs to act fast, eloping with Rick now is her only resort....


THE ministers and cabinet members gathered at the throne room, they were all dressed in their uniforms,though the ministers dress style was quite different from the elders..
The king was dress in a royal attire,he sat on his throne with his two sons standing besides him..
The royal guards surrounded them.
Gary knows whenever the ministers and the cabinet members were gathered together, the issue must be important....
"So to what do i owe this surprised gathering?King Dafuda ask
The ministers look at theirselves, then they all bowed down, only Kabina the minister of construction raised his head..
"Great king, we have come to make an appeal... "Kabina said
"What appeal? He ask anxiously
"Great king, we cannot go to war with the east, please Great king, listen to our pleads...
"Great king, please listen to our pleads"The others repeated
"The king sigh"Why do you suggest we shouldn't go to war?
"Great king, going to war will only bring more death to our doorstep..
"That is what war is all about, you kill until there is no last man standing from your rivals"King Dafuda interjects
"Great king, more of our men will fall if you proceed with your plans"Kabina said
"So you all prefer i give away our goldmine to that fool with a crown"King Dafuda blared out
"Great king, we should be embracing peace now not violence"Kabina said
"Jafar doesn't want peace, he want blood and i will give to him in full force, my name is the last thing he will call before i cut off his head"
"Many men will die if this foolish battle commence"Kabina blared out
"Great king please listen to our plead"The rest echoed
"You all should go home, what i need now is a strong man not some men whinning like little children,if you are scared of war then i suggest you cut off your manhoods because you dont deserve to be call men"King Dafuda said furiously
"Your ego will set this entire kingdom in flames"Kabina said impetuously
"Arrest him"The king ordered..
Kabina was immediately grab by the guards.., the rest of the ministers and cabinet members quickly stood up and begin to murmur words between themselves, they watch as Kabina was taken away, non of them utter a word..
"Any more nonsense from any of you and i will have your head, this war will commence"King Dafuda said with rage flushing through his eyes

They drove into the compound as soon as the gate was wide open, They drove into the car log and they park the car, he open the door and he came out from the car, he stare round the compound...
"Whoooh, is good to be home"He muttered
She close the door after she came out, she remove the eyeglass she was wearing...
They began to walk to the threshold of the house.....
Smile filled his cheeks when he saw his father..
"Dad"he shouted and ran towards him
"My boy"Chief Carlos said as DILLAN his second and youngest son hug him tightly
"And my beautiful wife"He said as Dillan release his grip from him
"Cassandra, when you told me you were coming today i thought you were kidding"Chief Carlos said
"You know i wouldn't miss my son's wedding for anything especially now that he is the king"She said with a smile
"You still look as beautiful as the morning sun.. "Chief Carlos said
"And you still exactly like the man i have always know, always finding a way to flatter a woman"
They both laugh and they went inside the house with the thugs bringing in their luggage..
She scan round the house.. "This house look more ravishing than i thought"
"Cassandra, you've been away for ten years, everything ought to look different to you and besides we really have alot to talk about "Chief Carlos said
"Why dont you start by telling me how my son miraculously became the king?


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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 9:57am On Jun 13, 2018
This piece gives me joy! hope you'll not abandon this great project?
You sure knows how to make an interesting piece..
#thumbsup! more frequent updates bro!
Dont worry i will not stop until it is finish

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by skubido(m): 6:18pm On Jun 13, 2018
OP tanks a lot for the update. Jah bless
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by John944: 7:50pm On Jun 13, 2018
Dont worry i will not stop until it is finish
I dey with you bro! I love your consistency..
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by PaChukwudi44(m): 11:57am On Jun 14, 2018
welll done silver
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 2:34pm On Jun 14, 2018

"Aren't you happy our son is the king? Carlos ask
She scoffs"When did we suddenly have royal blood?
"The late king died Cassandra"Carlos said
"I may have been away for so long"She said sitting opposite him"But i do know the late king has children"
"It is rumoured that his oldest son killed the father for the throne, when he realise what he did, he ran, probably killed himself"
"And the other child? She ask anxiously
"The other kid and the mother, no one knows where they are"
She grunts"Sounds like a murder to me"
"Dont start to insinuate nonsense.. "Carlos said
"Am not insinuating anything,am just been curious, what could have happened to them... "
Carlos grin"You need your rest now Cassandra.. "
"So dad, when am i seeing the king"Dillan ask
"Anytime you want son"
"Can i go see him now?
"of course"
Cassandra stare at Carlos, her instinct tell hers that Carlos was lying, she knew the man she married, he is the kind of man who will do anything to get what he wants, she needs to find out what happened to the royal family, an entire family dont just disappear in a day...something was fishy here and her husband is her number one suspect..


Dasari begin to make incantations as she move her hands in the water with her head high and her eyes close, the movement of her hands begin to make waves in the water..she keeps chanting in low tones, as the movement of her hands becomes speedy in the water so her chanting became loud... Her eyesballs turned blur brown when she was not herself again....
Her eyes took her beyond the human reasoning as she kept muttering words..
She immediately fell down and her eyeballs turned human again, she gasp for breathe,then she shiver in her spines as the vision she has seen came clearer in her head...
"Disasters.. "She muttered

francis groan as he drag the log of heavy wood, he let out a low moan, he was tired, stressed, he wanted to rest, he needed it if he still wants to continue but the prima was watching him, he knew the Prima was just been wicked on him... He look at Levi who was dragging his and in front of him.. The Prima dark eyes watch their every step..
Though he was exhausted, he gather momentum,he gasp and begin to walk faster dragging the wood..
"Hey Levi"He muttered
Levi gave him a deaf ear and continue to drag his..
"Levi"He called again but no reply came from him..
He felt relieved when the Prima turn his gaze from him and walk up to the rest of the slaves..
"Levi"He called again
"What? Levi blared out
Francis exhales"Do you think he punishing us for what we did?
"You mean for what you dragged me into?
Francis shrug"Yes,whatever"
"Are you that blind that you cant see that we are the only two doing this?
Francis look around as if he hasn't realise it before..
"Yes this is our punishment, and all thanks to you i couldn't have a good night sleep because i keep thinking of what the Prima will do us"Levi added
"I couldn't have a good night rest either because i slept on the ground"Francis said
"You are a slave not a prince,so yes you ought to sleep on the ground"
Francis was tired, he look at the distance they were dragging the wood to, they were almost half way there, he hasn't even taken a proper bath since he arrived in this strange world... "What if i tell you am a prince"He said and drag the wood with his strength as his muscles bulge out
Levi chuckled"What if i tell you am next in line to the throne of Mogula"
Francis sigh, he knew he wouldn't believe, no one will..
"What do you think the princess will do if she finds out he still punished us despite her warnings to him?
"That will only complicate things"he replied
"Can you just shut and do your work, you are slowing me down"Levi blared out cutting him short
Francis grin"So..
"Dont you know what shut up means"Levi interjects

PRINCE GARY took a deep breathe before he knocked on the door, he waited for a reply when none came he knocked again..
The door flung open..
"My prince"Uda said
"Minister"Gary said, Uda pace way for him to come in, when he was in, he look outside, when he saw no one coming, he close the door..
Gary gritted as he look round the house..
"Sit my prince"He said
Gary sat in one of the wooden chairs, then he reclined his back
Uda pick a bottle of alcohol with two cups crafted with woods...
"Dont worry thank you"Gary said when he handed him one cup
"What kind of man would i be if the future doesn't accept a drink from me"
Gary chulkled then he collected the cup, Uda poured the alcohol in the cup.. He move to the other chair opposite him and sat there...
"You must speak to your father my prince"Uda said
Gary exhales shapily, just what he was thinking... he knew the only reason the minister will invite him to his house was to ask him this...
"You know my father, once he sets his mind on something, only the gods can change it"
"You are his son, a father listens to his son"
"Not my father... "
"If we go to war, we will lose"Uda said
"I have tried to explain to him, my father is bend on going to war"
"King Jafar isn't a man to toy with.. "
"Neither my father"he interjects
"You are the only one who can reason with him"
"I will try and talk to him again but if he doesn't listen, we will have no choice but to go to war"
"If we go to war, we are doomed"


Rick shiver as he walk on the road,he look around but there was no sign of them, where could those idiots be..
"They are not coming"He muttered on the Bluetooth earpiece he was wearing..
"Just stay focus, if you keep talking they will suspect something is wrong..is you they want, they will surely come out"William said from the other end
He took a deep breathe and continue walking
"Where are you idiots"He muttered
He stare at his time,he shrugs and continue to walk....
He shiver in his spines wjen he heard the shimmering sound of the bushes,he smile when he felt something touch the back of his head..
"You are finally out of your hole"Boyo said pointing a gun to his head
Rick turned around, he felt disappointed when he saw only one of them, they are supposed to be two, where is the other one..
"You think you can kill our men and go free"Boyo said
"Is suppose your boss is dead also"Rick muttered wondering why his brother hasn't shot the bastard
Boyo look around still pointing the gun to his head...
"You must be a fool to come here alone"Boyo said..
Rick grin, he shuddered when he saw a vehicle speedily coming their way..
""We will enjoy killing you bastard"Boyo added
The car stopped when it got to where they are..
"Get in"Gavi said from inside the car
Rick knew any stupid move he makes might get him killed, where the hell is his brother..
"Get in now"Boyi said
Rick was adamant, he was inclined to punch him on the face but his instincts tells him it will be a wrong idea, they wont hesitate to shoot him right were he stands..
Boyo pushed him inside the car then he sat besides him still pointing the gun at him...
Rick groans when Gavi start the car, if his brother wasn't going to do anything, he has to act, with hesitation, he immediately tap the gun,and they started dragging, they mistakely pulled the trigger and the bullet hit the back seat right windscreen which broke immediately..
Rick punch Boyo on the face, who instantly punch him back sending another bullet from the muzzle that hit the top of the car...
Gavi pointed his gun at Rick and started handling the steering with one hand..
Just then a bullet hit the car tyres which sent the car into the bush...
They all scream as the car begin to tumble......
Gavi gasp as he struggle to match the brakes..
He grimaced in pains as the car tumble to a stop...
Rick grimace as he touch his bleeding head, he kick the other back seat windscreen hard,when it broke, he begin to creep out with his legs in the front..
Boyo held his hand with his right hand as he begin to search for the gun with his left..
Rick punch his face,Boyo shouted and let go of his hand, Rick finally got out from the car, he rolled into the grasses as he gasp for breathe, he struggle to stand up then he notice the fuel tank was leaking..
"Noo"he muttered
Boyo struggle to come out but his leg was stuck on the car..
Rick stood up and started shifting aback..
Boyo manage to grap hold of the gun and pointed it to Ricks direction..
"Brother noo"Rick shouted as William pulled the trigger sending the bullet straight to Boyo... The car immediately gave way to explosion sending the two brothers on the ground..........
Rick breathe heavily as he raise his face up, he look around but there was no sign of William...
He begin to shiver"William"He call with shaking mouth..
"You killed my boy"Gavi said from behind him
Rick turned to face him, he saw the rage in Gavi eyes..
Gavi pointed a gun to his head"Lets settle the scores"
William hit Gavi from behind with the back of the gun he was holding, Gavi fell to the ground and went unconscious...
"What is wrong with you? Rick blared out
"He wanted to kill you"William said
"Am not talking about him, am talking about you shooting the tyres"
"When only one of them came, i knew they were up to something.. So i decided to wait before i make any move"
"You almost got me killed"Rick blared out
"I didn't say it was going to be simple"
Rick sigh..
"So what do we do with him?William ask
"The other one has been scattered to pieces, lets take this one home"

Gavi roll as he try to open his eyes,his sight was blur, then he wipe his eyes with his hand, the place was dark, then he realise he was in a car trunk, he begin to kick the top of the car boot...
He close his eyes when the truck was open, then he opened them again but he was hit again with the gun, then he fell down..
"Its payback time idiot"Rick said and close the truck

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by hidhrhis(m): 2:53pm On Jun 14, 2018
thanks for the update bro
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by skubido(m): 3:08pm On Jun 14, 2018
Tanks a lot for the update. God bless
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by John944: 10:08pm On Jun 14, 2018
Nice one! The storyline is getting more and more intresting
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 6:25am On Jun 15, 2018

DILLAN look the compound from the car as they drove into the palace, this was his first time of coming here, the palace is just the way he has heard about it.. He quickly came down from the car when the driver parked, he has wanted to come with his mother but she said she needed to rest, his brother doesn't know he was coming, and he has told his father not to call him either, he wants to surprise him..
The driver came down from the car... "Let me show you the way in"
Dillan look around then he turn to face him, he remove the glasses he was wearing.. "How do you addressed my father? He ask
The driver was confused, he wonder what he mean by that"I dont understand"
"Are you that dull that you dont understand what am saying.. "
"The driver felt embarrassed, then he realise what the boy was saying.. "Your father is my boss, so i address him as my boss"
"Since am my father's son, how should you be addressing me?
"Boss"The driver said shabbily...
"So i will like you to rephrase what you first said"
The driver grunts.."Can i take you in boss"
"No slowpoke, i will find my way"Dillan said,he wear his glasses and begin to walk towards the main building..
The driver shook his head as he watch him walk away.. "Like father like sons"he muttered
Dillan keep admiring the beauty of the palace, it was a good thing his brother is king..
The guards standing in front of the main building block him...
"Am sorry young man but you need to stop here"One of the guard said
Dillan remove his glasses and clean it with a handkerchief..
"Are you here to see someone?The guard ask
Dillan scoffs"Do you know who i am?He ask
"This is the palace,no one cares who you are, just tell me who you are looking for and i will call him for you"The guard said
"If i were you i will control my tongue, with just a snap of my finger, your head will be cut off"Dillan said
"The guard bit his lip, he wonder who he is to make such a threat.. He was still so young, such a young boy with so much evil thoughts.... "If i were you, i wouldn't threaten people i dont know"The guard said
"You think am threatening you, wait till i make it a reality,tell the king his brother is here"He said furiously then he wore his glasses back
The guard shudder with fear in his spines, just then he knew his job was over


King Dafuda watch as Dasari and her servants enter the palace, her servants who were stripped from their neck to the waist, their faces were masked but their breast were exposed,no except Dasari has seen their faces... The servants stood at the door post, Dasari look around, then she made some incantations but she walked in..
The king waited patiently for her to finish whatever she was doing, when he felt she was done, he clear his throat..
"hope you have brought good news for me?King Dafuda ask anxiously
"What i have brought will rather be called a warning.. "Dasari replied
"A warning, what warning?
"I had a vision, it is nothing like i have seen before, it was disastrous"Dasari said
"If you are talking about the war, then i suggest you shouldn't bother spitting it out, i know it will disastrous"
"What i saw is far from the war, i saw the future..."
"A disastrous future, exactly what did you see?King Dafuda ask curiously
"A strange man with an unknown face sits on this great throne"
King Dafuda chulkled"That is never going to happen Dasari"
"What i saw is not something to joke over, the vision was clear, the gods are showing us the future,when or how it will happen, i dont know but i know something for sure, what i saw is inevitable"
"As long as am king, no man from another clan will dare sit on my fathers throne, never... "
"What you should be doing is praying to the gods it never come to pass, because we will all be doomed if what i saw should happen... There will be nowhere to hide,even the graves won't be safe.."She said, look around, muttered some words, then she turn around and left follow by her servants..
King laugh started laughing, he kept quiet and continue laughing hysterically.... Then he stopped and groan...

"My baby brother"Desmond said as the guard brought Dillan in..
Both brothers hug.. "Where is mum"Desmond ask when he freed himself from the embrace..
"She didn't come,she said she wants to rest"
Desmond smile"Always typical of mum.. "he sniff and realise the guard was still there.. "Leave"He said to the guard
"Not yet"Dillan interjects
Just then the guard bow down"I have wronged you your majesty, i spoke out of tone to your brother, i deserve punishment"The guard said
"Kill him brother"Dillan blared out
Fear engulfed the guard.
Desmond laugh"He apologize, let him go"
"He insulted your brother, he should be hanged for it"
"Dillan, things are not done here like that, he doesn't know you are my brother"
"Still doesn't change that he insulted me"He blared out
Desmond exhales"Just let this one go"
"If you aren't going to kill, at least cut off his hand or his tongue.. "
"Your majesty please forgive me, it wasn't my intention to speak to him in that manner, i know i deserve death but please spare me"The guard cried out
"You can leave"Desmond said
The guard thanked him and rushed out immediately
"Father will hear of this"Dillan said furiously
"Am the king Dillan,not father, You can't just kill people who has done absolutely nothing to you"
"Is insulting the kings brother not enough crime?
Desmond chulkled"You have so much to learn little brother.. "
Dillan groan, why would his brother be so soft... .

Gavi gasp and cough as he stood up from the hard floor, he shook his head then he realise there was something in his head, he groan when he realise it was a hood, he try to free his hands but his hands and legs were tied, he wonder where he was, that bastard will pay...
He gasp for breathe as water splashed in the hood and his face, then the hood wad remove from his face...
Gavi shook the water from his hair and face,then he look up and glare at him..
"Hello sleeping beauty"Rick muttered
"I will kill you when i get out from here"Gavi blared out
Rick smile"Who said anything about you getting out, It pains me your friend died in that fire, he wont be here to see how you suffer, remember when you lock me in that dark room, i beg you for days to let me go, instead you gave me bruises upon bruises.. "
"You deserve every bit of what i gave you"Gavi said
"I told you then i will get back at you, is just how the world works, what you throw at the wall will bounce back at you.. "
"I should have killed you"Gavi said
"Yes, you should have killed me when you had the chance, i guess its too late now"He pick a plier from the bag on the floor and flung it in front of his face..
William who had been watching immediately hold Gavi hand as Rick place Gavi finger between the two edge of the plier..
"Lets have some fun"Rick said, then he press the Plier on Gavi finger who screamed loudly........
Gavi grimace and shudder when Rick finally remove the Plier, he breathe heavily as the injured finger begin to bleed..
"I will kill you bastard"Gavi yelled
"If i were you, i will save my breathe,because we are just getting started"



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by cyndy1000(f): 8:30am On Jun 15, 2018
Keep it up. still following
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Creamyebony2017(f): 3:04pm On Jun 15, 2018
Welldone sire, suspense will kill me hia o
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by skubido(m): 4:20pm On Jun 15, 2018
OP Tanks for the update. More ooo

God bless
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 12:18am On Jun 16, 2018

It was a sunny afternoon, people can be see walking in all parts of the hotel...,those at the bar dancing to the tune of the music that was been played...
Chief Odumodu, Chief Joseph, Chief Azuka, Chief Marcus,chief Ayo gathered at the conference hall, they sat round a table, with a bottle of water placed in their fronts...
Some of thr chiefs wonder why Odumodu has to call such an urgent meeting...
Odumodu look at their expression then he realised they were agitated to find out why he called the meeting...he wonder if some of them already knew what he was about to disclose..
He took a deep breathe, then he cleared his throat
"Some of you might be surprise why i called this meeting,the issue was rather urgent"
"What is it Odumodu that cant wait till am back from the office"Chief Ayo said
"Yes tell us Odumodu, what is so urgent that you have to call us from our various locations"Chief Joseph added
"I hope the content of this discussion is worth our coming here,because if it isn't i will be very angry with you"Chief Azuka said pointing fingers at him
Odumodu exhales, he wonder why Chief Mayo hasn't come yet, though Chief Mayo has given a flimsy excuse that somethings were holding him behind..
"You all know how we have invested in the companies the late king have, there comes a time when the company name was changed into another name because it wasn't a one man's business anymore, almost all of us here has squander millions of naira in those companies.. "Odumodu said
"Odumodu, what exactly are you trying to drive out? Chief Ayo ask curiously
"Someone is trying to turn those companies to his own"Odumodu said
"Those companies were initially started by the late king but with our support it grown into a large entity but the king is dead, who would dare turn a company we have laboured so hard for into his personal business"Chief Joseph said
"This is the reason i called for this meeting "Odumodu said
"Tell us who would dare to do such thing"chief Azuka said
Odumodu gritted his teeth,he wonder if the rest of the chiefs will do anything even if he tell them who is behind it..
"As the board of directors, we should know every move one takes before he takes it, tell us whi this person is and i shall put him in his place"Chief Ayo blared out
A moment of silence engulfed them,just them the conference was push open...
Shock swept through Odumodu when he saw a man with a gun, he became infuriated when he caught gaze of Chief Carlos..
The man with the gun one of chief Carlos thugs push out a chair from under the table, chief Carlos drop his walking stick, remove the cap he was wearing from his head, then he glance at them...
"Who started this meeting without me? He ask


KABINA hit himself as he felt something on his back, he look around the place, the place was filled with mosquitoes and flies, how can the king lock him up in a prison, him a prominent and a well known minister, the king has certainly bitten more than he can chew...he look at the barricade that was cemented to the wall, even if he wanted ti escape there was no way, the only way he can is with the keys to the gate... he felt relieved when he saw Uda with a guard heading towards the prison...
Uda stood outside the iron barricade since there was no way he can go in...
"I cant believe the king will still keep you here"Uda said
"I doubt he hasn't forgotten am here"Kabina replied...
"How are you coping in here? Uda ask
"You mean with rats and flies running and sucking out my blood.. "He sniff, walk to the wall rhen turn to face him again.. "You should be carrying out what we planned"
"Killing him wont be the solution.."Uda said and look around but the guard was out of earshot.. "I spoke to the prince, he promise to speak to him"
"The king is a zealot, he cant be reasoned with, the only way we can stop this war is killing him"
"It won't be easy"Uda said
"Think of the lives you will be saving, if this war eventually happens, your wives your children, they will all gi down for the kings foolishness including yours if you dont act now"Kabina said
"I cant do it alone"
"Am in prison, am helpless, a king that imprisoned his own Minister just because he pleaded with him is not the kind if king we deserve... "Kabina said
"I will talk to him to release you"
"Kabina scoffs"Dont be surprise when you end up here with me"
"Dont worry my friend"Uda said
"Whatever you do, always think of what our lives will be if we go to war"Kabina said
Uda nodded, then he turn and walk away

Odumodu glared at Carlos, he wonder how Carlos knew they were gathered here, could any of the chiefs have told him..
"You arrived just the right time, Odumodu here was just about to tell us who turn a company we laboured into his personal business"Chief Ayo said
Carlos stared at Odumodu who reciprocated the look
"I did"Carlos blarex out
The chiefs look at him shocked
"All i did was changing the name to the kings name, i didnt turn it into my personal business... "
"Why would you do that Carlos?Odumodu ask
"The late king change it from his name because it wasn't a one man's business, why would you change it? Chief Joseph ask
"Perhaps you people have forgotten the companies belong to the late king and as tradition demands, whatever the late king owns will be transferred to the present"Carlos said
"To the present means the late king son which is obviously not the situation "Odumodu said
"Perhaps you all have forgotten how the late king family died"Carlos said
He waitef for reply, when none came, he smiled then continue"Your money is safe if that is what you are so afraid of, the name might be changed, but the operations remains the same"
"Why would you do that without informing the board of directors?Chief Azuka ask
"Well i knew the truth will eventually come out as it seems now"Carlos said
"That is not an excuse Carlos, every shareholders in that company deserve to know everything happening there, you acted alone which is against the rule"Chief Odumodu said
"Are you going to penalize me?Carlos ask
The chiefs turn their faces away
"Lets drink and merry and forget this ever happen, we are good friends we shouldn't let little things spoil this fantastic friendship that we have"Carlis added
Some of the chiefs groan while the rest supported him, Odumodu was infuriated, he has called for the meeting hoping to get them to penalize Carlos but they are scared, they have always be scared... He stood up, glare at Carlos then he walked out..
"To good living"Carlos said as he raise a toast with a glass if water..
Some replied while others just ignore...

Odumodu groan as he got outside, he immediately took his phone from his pocket and dialed Chief Mayo number who pick after the second ring
"Am on my way"Mayo said from the other end
Odumodu exhales"Dont bother coming, the meeting has ended, it was a total let down"
"What happened?Mayo ask
"Carlos came"Odumodu said
"I thought you said you didn't invite him, how did he know? Mayo ask
"I dont know but i guess one of the chiefs must have informed him before coming.. You are right though, Carlos is going to take everything from us, if he keep playing smart with us, we will end up in the gutters, we need to take him down.. "
"Welcome to the club"Chief Mayo muttered from the other end



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