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EREBUS -The Evil At Heart (Spy Thriller) / Poetry: Where Death Dwells And Give Us Hope (A Beggar's Burden) / National Troupe Stages Death And The Kings Horseman To Honour Wole Soyinka (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by skubido(m): 9:12am On Jun 16, 2018
Tanks for the update.
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by kelvincoke(m): 10:26am On Jun 16, 2018
this story is getting interesting. keep it up

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by baryour769(m): 9:37am On Jun 17, 2018
cumman update na
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 1:25pm On Jun 17, 2018

GAVI grimace and cough out blood after the punch landed in his face, he spit, then glare at him.. His finger was still bleeding, the blood flowing down from his face became like sweat....
"Just kill him"William said when he thought of the pains the guy was facing...
Rick scoffs"killing him will be too easy, he has to suffer the way i did"
"Kill me now or you will regret it"Gavi blared out
"Who said i won't grant you your wish"Rick replied


PRINCESS Katherine look outside from the window as Adesa weave her hair, the memory of Francis climbing out from the window hit her like a tornado, she smile as their discussion that day became afresh in her head..
"Princess"Adesa called out when she noticed her smile
Katherine fake cough, then she frowned..
"Are you done"Katherine ask
"Almost"Adesa replied wondering what could be making the princess smile to herself
The more Katherine try to wave the thought away, the more it keeps persisting,she knew for a fact she shouldn't be thinking of a slave like that.. She was inclined to see him but her instincts tells her it will be a stupid thing to do......
"Done"Adesa said as she remove her hands from her hair, Katherine stood up, walk up to the glassy mirror and preen at herself..
"Thank you"She muttered
"You dont need to princess, its my job"Adesa said
Katherine smile, though Adesa was her maid but she took her like a sister she never had, she doesn't ill treat her the way other masters treat their servants..... Adesa was her sister and a friend, and she feels comfortable telling her things a servant should never know...
Adesa watch her as she sit on the bed, the princess was the best thing that has ever happened to her, after her father's dead, the king has taken her in and given her to the princess as her personal maid, she has serve the princess with loyalty and honesty.....
"So whats your opinion on my father going to war with the east?Katherine ask trying to wave the thought of Francis from her head..
"The people are scared, they are saying if the king eventually goes to war, many lives will be lost"Adesa replied
"Do you think i should talk to my father?
"Princess, your father listens to you but it isn't a woman's place to meddle in thr affairs of men, war is for men"
Katherine sigh, if the war was a course for trouble in the kingdom, she was inclined to do anything she can to help..
She stood up from the bed and begin to pace around, why does the thought of him hunts her so much...
"Princess, you feel disturbed, is anything troubling you? Adesa ask curiously
"Nothing, nothing is troubling me"She replied with clenched
Adesa knew she was lying, she has spend a lot of time with her to know when something is troubling her, but she doesn't want to push the issue any further,instead she nodded..

Francis sniff as he smell his armpit..
"Awful"he muttered
He need to have a proper bath, since he came here,the kind of bath he has had was washing his face,groin and legs and sometimes he pour water in his body, no soap, no Sponge, just water with a group of boys who takes no pride in stripping Unclad and it feels so annoying..
He grin as he thought of going into the palace just like the last time...
He chuckled at the thought, the last time was disastrous, he quickle in his spines as he remenbers how the princess saved him and Levi, such a cheerful heart but can she possibly be the twin sister of that idiot..
His thoughts were disturb when a group of slaves started shouting... He stood up from where he was sitting and ran to where they were shouting from..
The slaves gathered around forming a circle, Francis push his way in..
He grunts as the slaves started shouting FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
Francis was inclined to separate the two boys from fighting..
He wink as one of the boys threw punch at the other who immediately rushed him and they clatter on the floor...the one on the floor who seem more stronger than the other push the other one from ontop him and then he climbed on him and begin to punch him mercilessly...
The weaker boy begin to bleed from his head,without hesitation Francis rushed for the rescue.. He try to get the stronger one from the weaker one top but the stronger one hit his nose with his elbow...
Francis grimace, then he touch his nose and realise he was bleeding, he became infuriated, he quickly pounce on the guy and they both rolled on the floor....he punch the guy then he begin to punch hard when the crowd yelling increases..
The stronger boy manage to throw him over and he hit his back on the floor but before the stronger boy could pounce on him, he elbowed his forehead and the stronger boy screamed, he stood up, climb on him again and continue punching him..
The stronger boy gasp for breathe as each punch landed in his face, Francis was so into the fight that he didn't notice when the rest of the slaves started dripping to a corner...
He punch him until he lost his strength, then he begin to breathe heavily,he stare at the guy bleeding face then he realise what he has done, he look around and saw the slaves looking at one direction, he look at the direction, shock swept through him as he saw her.., he look at the stronger boy, what has he done, what could have posses him to carry out such action, he took a deep breathe, stood up erect, he couldn't raise his head to face her, he must be a disappointment....
"I see you made a punching bag for yourself"She said
He sigh, the tone of her words really hurt him, she must think he is a monster
"To fight is a punishable offense, do you know that? She ask
Francis couldn't say a word, he was so ashamed...
Adesa ran to the the stronger boy on the floor,he was barely clinging to live..
"Princess he need help"Adesa shouted
"You better pray to any god you serve that he doesn't die, because if he does, even i can't guarantee your safety"She said
The words hit Francis like a tornado, it was more like his heart has been ripped out, he sniff as a tear drop from his eyes...
She walk close to him, Francis couldn't look at her face, he bow his head instead...
"I thought you were different, but you are the same, you are just like those street hooligans, and such people dont deserve my pity, you will face the consequences of what you have done"She said..
Francis watch as a few slaves carried the stronger boys with the princess and Adesa leading the way..
"What have you done Francis, the Prima will punish you for this"Zed said
Francis grunts, the prima was the least of his worries, the only person who cared for him since he arrived here has just walked out because he couldn't control his stupid anger..
He shrugs when Levi touch him on the shoulder
"Always, your big fat mouth and your ego keeps getting you in trouble, thank the gods you didn't drag me into this one"Levi muttered
"In the name of the gods, what were you thinking?Levi blared out
Francis sigh, he was so ashamed of himself..
"We can just pray he doesn't die"Zed said
"What happens if he eventually dies? Levi ask curiously
"When a slave kills his fellow slave, the punishment is death"Zed replied
"The punishment for everything here is death"Levi added

GAVI groans as Rick blindfolded him, he was inclined to kill him right where he stands but his hands were tied, what can his legs do...
"What are you going to do to him?William ask as Rick pushed Gavi through the bush part
"You are walking to the road"William added wondering why his brother has suggested they bring Gavi out of where he was kept and bring him to the bush, now he was taking them to the roadside, what exactly is running through his brother mind..
Rick stood in a corner holding Gavi by the shoulder when they got to the road side..
"Exactly what is your plan? William ask
"You will find out soon enough"Rick replied
"Just kill me bastard"Gavi blared out..
Rick smile as the first car pass....
"We can just kill him here in the bush, what exactly are you going to do to him on the roadside? William ask
Rick grin as a big truck started driving speedily towards them, he held Gavi shoulders firmly...
Gavi could feel the rapid pounding of his heart, it shouldn't be what he is thinking....
"Dont tell me you are going to push him.... "
"Run bastard"RICK muttered when the truck was close by, then he pushed him on the road...
The driver tried to control the steering but he couldn't, the tyres smashed Gavi body and his blood splash on the road..
"Oh my God! William exclaimed in shock
"Lets get out of here"Rick said, drag William by the hand and disappear into the bush..
The truck driver stopped, and hurriedly came down..
Fear engulfed him when he saw Gavi smashed body with his intestines and blood filling the road, he cover his mouth with his hands, he hurries back into the driver seat and zoom off before anyone sees him...
"You are evil"William said as they walk along the bush path to where they parked their car..
"I gave him a painless dead"Rick said
"Yes after torturing him"William retorted infuriated..
"So what now smart one? William blared out
Rick took a deep breath, though he felt pity for Gavi but he deserves it, he deserves every bit of what he got....
"Now i elope with my princess"He muttered


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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by skubido(m): 6:44pm On Jun 17, 2018
Tanks a lot for the update jhor. Jah bless

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by peterafo: 8:55pm On Jun 17, 2018
nice job bro....more ink to pen

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by hidhrhis(m): 8:59pm On Jun 17, 2018
we are following bumper to bumper bro

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by John944: 2:22pm On Jun 18, 2018
Bro you're just too good! i'm loving the way this is going!
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by hidhrhis(m): 6:22pm On Jun 18, 2018
silver1996 we no see food today wetin happen
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 7:00pm On Jun 18, 2018


Francis was restless, he keeps pacing around.. He sat down in one of the blocks, then he stood up, he regrets his actions, what really came over him, what was he thinking.. The memory of his father and brother dying creep into his head, could his family death be what stir up his anger.. He should be furious at the chiefs, not slaves like him..when that guy elbowed him on the nose, his father's dead flash through his head and he grew furious.. That was certainly what stired up his anger.. He grunts and sat back again..
He wonder if the princess will ever talk to him again, if that boh dies, it means his quest for revenge will be vanquish...
"Still thinking of what happened?Levi ask as he sat beside him
Francis sigh"If he dies....
"Come on, you only punch him, punch dont kill people"Levi interjects
Francis sigh, a sigh of relief, just what he wanted to hear, it was just a punch, he will be fine..
"Dont you think we should go see him?Francis ask anxiously, he needed to see him,to know how he is doing and to apologize, apologize for his stupid mistake, why did he get involved in the first place.
Levi chulked"First of all, there is no we, second of all how do you know where he was taken to?
Francis grin"I think he was taken to the palace"
"We are in the palace, the question is where exactly?
"I dont know where, but i intend to find out"Francis said
Levi wink his eyeballs at him"How are you going to do that, have you forgotten slaves are not allowed to leave the working field"
"We will sneak out like we did before"Francis said with clenched teeth
"Stop saying we, there is no we, and if you want to sneak out, you are welcome"Levi blared out
"I really need to know how he is doing"Francis said shabbily
"You are getting worried for nothing, he is not going to die"Levi said
Francis took a deep breathe, he wanted to believe the slave is going to be fine but his instincts keeps telling him something might go wrong...

"How is he?Princess Katherine ask the physician as he drew closer to the slave on the bed...
"I gave him some pain killers and i treated his wounds, he will be fine if he rest well"The physician reply
Katherine felt relieved, she didn't believe the boy she always think of will stoop so low to do such a thing...
She gritted her teeth, for a moment she thought he was good and... what was she thinking, befriending a slave is certainly out of question, that will be degrading her status, he is a slave and that is what he will always be..
"But princess, i fear for his safety, if the king finds out..
"No one will find out"Katherine cut in
"As soon as he gets better, he will go back to the working field"She added
"What if the prima finds out that one of the slaves is missing"The physician
"I believe the prima has other things to worry about,he doesn't care if one slave goes missing"she replied
She touch the boy bandage forehead..
"I fear he may have a concussion if not properly taken care of"The physician said
She turn her gaze to him"Concussion,could that lead to memory lost?
"It might, whoever he got into fight with, the person's fist cause a lot of damage to his head"The physician said
Katherine exhales"We pray that never happens"She said


CHIEF Mayo grunts deep as he gulp down a glass of wine, he drop the glass, wipe the tiny drop from around his mouth...
"I cant believe Odumodu will try to turn the chiefs against me"Chief Carlos said
"Me either, after all you did for him in completion of his hotel, he still turned around and stab you in the back"Mayo said
"if you haven't told me about that meeting, i wouldn't have know what they were planning"Carlos said
"So what do you intend to do now? Mayo ask curiously
Carlos smile as he pick up the glass and drank a little from it"As for the company, everyone money is safe, as for Odumodu, i will deal with him, no one mess with me and go free, a little boy trying to play games with his master"he scoffs, then continue"I will surely put him in his place"
"You know you will always have my support, after we are becoming family tomorrow"Mayo said,he pour himself a glass of wine..
"Cheers to family"He said with a smile and raise his glass,he knew telling Carlos about Odumodu plan was the only way to drift them apart, and the more he drift the chiefs apart, the less supporters Carlos have for the elite club election, he will surely become the chairman..
"Oh foolish Carlos"He thought to himself...
When he becomes the chairman and his daughter the queen, the kingdom and all the wealth in it will be theirs...he has six more idiots to deceive, after that, then his ultimate accomplishment begins


Zed watch as the slaves mode the blocks and carry them to the roof and the building ....
"Put that there"He said to a slave who did as he has said
"Excuse me"Francis said from behind him
Zed turn around to face him"You should be working "
"i need your help"Francis said
Zed look at the slaves again then he face Francis
"What can i do for you, and i suggest you be fast about it and go back to work"
"I need to see the boy"Francis said
"What boy?
"The one i fought with"Francis muttered
"You can't see him"Zed said then he turn back to face the slaves
"I really need to see him"Francis said
"Go back to work Francis"Zed replied without looking at him
"You don't understand, i can't just see believing everything is going to be fine when..
"That is exactly what you should be doing"Zed interjects as he turn to face him
"And for your sake, he should come back in one piece.."Zed added
Francis took a deep breathe, no one understands how he feels,he doesn't know if he should go to the palace alone but finding where they took the boy will be difficult, should he go back to princess.. That will certainly be a bad idea..
"They must have taken him to a healer or doctor, whatever you have here"
Zed sigh"What if they have, there is no way you can get near there"
"I can ask around"
Zed exhales"If she took him to the physician am thinking, i know a way you get to him but it will be dangerous"
"Am willing to take the risk"
"This is the last time i will do you a favour, and if you are caught, don't mention my name"
Francis nodded

It was few minutes when Francis walked down the path Zed has describe for him, his mind was unsettled, until he sees him and he is sure he wasn't in any danger, only then will his mind be at rest...
fear engulfed whn he heard voices approaching his patg, he quickly hid in a corner, he cant risk anyone seeing him, he has taken a great risk leaving the working field..
He sigh after tge people has passed him, he came out from hiding and keeping walking speedily, then he came to a road that led to two paths, Zed didn't tell him anything about this two paths, which paths should he take now....
He wonder where the two paths leads to, the palace was so complicated....
"This way"Zed said from behind him..
"His heart gladen when he saw him"I thought you aren't coming?
"I know you will be confused as you are now"
"Thanks for coming"Francis said shabbily
"Just so we are clear, i didnt do this because of you, i did for myself, i wouldn't want to be the reason you are punished or probably beheaded when you are caught wandering and scooping around in the palace just the way you are doing now"
Francis grin"Still thank you"
"Lets be fast about this, the prima will soon be coming for inspection,we dont want to be here when he comes"
"Are you always scared of the prima? Francis ask
"Am not scared, the palace is a jungle, you either fight to survive or you die, its your choice, what am doing, its surviving"
Francis gritted his teeth, He is right though, the palace is a jungle...
"So how did you know where we are going?Francis ask
"When i was brought here, i was injured and the verge of death, the physician treated me, i visit regularly until i was stopped"
Francis inhale"He must be a good man"
"No one in Mogula is a good man"He replied
Francis sigh...

It was few minutes later when they got to the hallway that leads to the physician court..
"You think he was brought here? Francis ask
"Shut up, if you keep talking people will know we are up to something.. "Zed replied as they walk fast
Francis followed him without hesitation
"Is here"Zed said when they got to the door
"Should we knock? Francis ask anxiously
Zed look at him then he look away, he knocked on the door but no reply came, he knock again still no reply..
"No one is inside"Francis said
"Stay behind me"Zed said as he turn the knob and the door open.. He peep inside but there was no one in sight, they quickly rushed in and close the door
Francis walk around then he saw the boy at the extreme end of the wall
"He is here"He said as he ran towards him
Zed quickly ran after him..
Francis heart gladen as he saw he waw breathing...
"He is alive"He muttered
"Ya, now lets go before someone sees us"Zed said
Francis drew nearer to the boy, he loon at him, was he sleeping, he look at the bandage on his head... Shock swept through him when he look at his neck..
"Bruises"He muttered
"What bruises?Zed ask
"I only punch him, what are these bruises on his neck?He ask anxiously
Zed look at the bruises"Someone strangled him,if you didn't do it, who did?
Fear clouded his spines as he thought of who might have done it..
"Someone was trying to kill him"Francis muttered
"Who will want to kill a slave? Zed said
Francis thought of who but no one came to his mind..
"Could someone be trying to frame you? Zed ask
"Who? Francis muttered


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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 7:04pm On Jun 18, 2018
silver1996 we no see food today wetin happen
Nor mind me jor, i have post episode 37 now

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 7:37pm On Jun 18, 2018

Those are the few names that i know, you can also mention others to follow up..
A big thank you to all those wbo have been following this story, i really appreciate..
Together we will take this story to another dimension that will burst your spines and leave you mouth open..

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Akinwale14(m): 8:16pm On Jun 18, 2018
Nice Story

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by cyndy1000(f): 8:40pm On Jun 18, 2018
I think is Prisma that wants to frame Francis up.

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by skubido(m): 9:07am On Jun 19, 2018
OP Tanks for the update. Jah bless

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 9:31am On Jun 19, 2018


"SO you are saying someone who is obviously not you try to kill him by strangling his neck? Levi ask with skepticism in his tone
Francis could still feel the shock in his spines, who could be trying to frame him...
"You just arrived here, you probably have no enemies"Zed said
"How long has the boy been here?Levi ask
"I met him here, he was probably a slave long before i arrived here"Zed said
"He has stay a long time to make enemies"Francis interjects skeptical at the possibility of it..
"Could he have done it? Levi said staring at the weaker boy the stronger boy has gotten into a fight with.
Both Francis and Zed both look at the boy who reciprocated the look but turn his face away immediately..
"Zach! Zed said
"Is that his name? Levi ask with clenched teeth
"I think so, i have heard one or two people calling him that"Zed replied
"So why do you think he did it? Francis ask anxiously
"Well initially the fight was with him before you showed your big muscles"Levi said
"That doesn't prove anything"Zed interjects
"Have they fought or quarrelled before?Francis ask
Zed inhaled deeply"Well there was a time, Bullo committed a......
"Who is Bullo? Levi interjects
"Well i dont know his real name but i have heard the prima calling him that"Zed said
"You haven't even answer the question"Levi said
"What question?Zed blared out
"Who is Bullo? Levi ask again
"Bullo is the boy that your friend here punch so mercilessly,who is at the verge of death"Zed blared out
Francis exhales"Can you just continue with what you were about to say"
"So Bullo committed a crime but he framed Zach for it, and Zach was severely punish for what he claimed he didn't do"
"So Zach is trying to get even now"Levi said
"Nobody knows if that is even true, no one knows what really happened that day, it was just their words against each other"Zed said
"What if is true, what if Bullo really framed him and now he was trying to get even"Francis said having a liitle doubt..
"By killing him...."Zed said shabbily
"What happened was months ago, why wait so long to get back at him"Zed added
"maybe he was waiting for the right opportunity"Levi added
"There is no way Bullo would have gotten into the palace"Zed said
"So it was an inside job then"Levi said
"Why would anyone want to kill a slave, are you sure you didn't strangle him? Zed ask
"I didn't"Francis replied
"You weren't yourself that day, think carefully, are you sure you aren't the one?Levi ask
Francis grunts, the memory of what happened was very cleared in his head, he didn't strangle him, he knew that for a fact.. "I said i didn't"he blared out
"Are you sure? Levi ask again
"Look, are you guys helping me through this or not? Francis ask infuriated

CLAUDE couldn't hide the excitement in her face when Rick told her she don't have to worry about her father thugs though she was curious, what might have happened to them...
"What happened to them? She ask curiously clinging the phone to her ears
"I will tell you on our way"Rick said from the other end
Enthusiasm prick her spines, so she was finally free...
She took a deep breathe when the call ended with Rick saying, i love you, cant wait to see you..
She need to leave now, now was the perfect time, she needs to leave before anyone finds out where she has gone to..
She quickly open her wardrobe, took out a few clothes, if she takes everything people will suspect she was going somewhere and she wouldn't risk any suspicion..
She fold the cloths she has taken in her handbag, applied powder to her face... She prays everything goes well then she dash out of the room..
Her heart gladen as she walk to the gate though she was a bit scared, scared someone might catch her,she was inclined to drive but wouldn't that arouse attention, she decided to walk to the road,then she will take a cab...
She walk speedily to the gate with her handbag griply on her hand...
Shock swept through her when someone on suit, wearing a dark glass blocked her..
She wonder who he is and what he was up to...
"Get out of my way"She said in a harsh tone
"Am sorry princess, the king ordered me not to let you go anywhere"The guy on black suit said
Claude wonder which king, her father or the stupid idiot here."What useless order are you talking about?She blared out
She grunts when no answer came from him, she try to walk the other way but he blocked her..
"Let me go or you are going to regret it for the rest of your miserable live"Claude added infuriated
"No he wouldn't"Desmond said from behind her
Claude bit her lips as she turn around to face him..
"So you did this? She said
"I wouldn't want my wife to go anywhere without a personal guard"He said
"Am not your wife and i certainly didn't ask for a personal guard"She said
"Sure, you didn't, but i thought you needed it"He replied
"What exactly is your plan with me, we will never get married,so just let me go"
"To where exactly, to see that man with horrible beards"
He scoffs when She didn't reply"Your father was right, you are stubborn, now am beginning to see the reason why he advised me to give you a personal guard"
Claude was filled with rage, so her father did this...
"From now on, you are not allowed to leave the palace,wherever you go in the palace, Jerone will follow you, whoever visits, she will go through Jerone as i wouldn't want my wife gossiping with anyone , nobody with a joystick between his legs is allowed to visit you"
"You are getting married tomorrow, my father wouldn't want me to be a second wife"Claude said
"Actually he does and i dont mind marrying two wives"
"Stop fooling around, Am never getting married to you, not in this life and certainly not in the next, so please tell your guard here to get the hell out of my way"She blared out
"Where are you going to exactly?
"That is none of your beeswax"She retorted
"Okay, Jerone at your service"Desmond said, smile at her and begin to walk away....
Claude glare at him, then she turn to face Jerone"Have you no shame, acting like a puppet to a man who is probably your age mate"
Jerone didn't reply..
Claude took a deep breathe,then she took a step and Jerone followed..
"Can you please give me a breathing space"She yell
Her plans have been ruined, now she needs to find some other way to escape...


Francis mind was extremely unsettled, he keeps thinking of a person he have offended but nothing but blank keeps coming to his head...
"Your little brain is going to explode if you think too much"Levi said when he noticed Francis pacing around..
Francis took a deep breathe, then he sat close to Levi... "This isn't about me anymore, if someone wants him dead, that person is probably trying to frame me because he knew if the boy dies i will be....
"Killed"Levi cut in..
"You have said that like a thousand times now"Levi added
"well you cant blame for repeating over and over, this is a matter of dead and live"
"you should have thought about that before getting involved in what doesn't concern you, if you want to survive here, mind your business"
Francis inhale, minding his business is exactly what he should have done now he was in trouble, he wish he can turn back time....
"So guys"Zed said as he got to where they are
Both boys look at him..
"I did some investigation,i ask the slaves Zach mostly associates me, and they all said they didn't see him few hours after Bullo was taking to the physician..
"Could that mean, he did it? Francis ask anxiously
"I dont know"Zed said
"Even if he did which i still doubt,why wait till now to pay him back"Zed added
"He waited for the perfect opportunity"Levi said
"So you saying all this time he has been keeping grudges?Zed ask
"I think so"Levi muttered
"It doesn't make any sense, how did he even know where they took him? Zed ask
"How did you know? Levi ask back
"So what stopped him frol killing him?Zed ask
"Maybe he was caught"Francis interjects
"Or maybe he change his mind"Levi added
"If he was caught, he wouldn't be here with us"Zed said
"So he change his mind then"Levi said
The more they argue the more Francis was confused, whatever the truth may be, he was inclined to find out..
"I have to tell the princess"He said
"And tell her what exactly?Levi ask
"That someone tried to kill him"He said
"Wait, do you know how to get to the princess? Zed ask
Both boys look at each other
"Yes"Francis replied shabbily
"How? Zed ask
"Don't you think the princess already know that"Levi said
"Honestly i dont know"Francis muttered
His instincts tells him telling the princess was the right thing to do..
"What if Zach didn't do it?Francis ask anxiously
"Who exactly have you offended?Zed ask
"Or who have Bullo offended?Levi ask
"If Zach didn't do it, then who did?
They caught Zach gaze, then they watch him when he drop his working tools and started working towards them
"What is he coming to do here? Francis ask curiously
"To confess"Levi muttered
When he drew closer to them, Zed walk up to him
"I suggest you go back to work"Zed said
Zach glare at him"I know what you are doing, you think you are going get any information by asking questions about me"
"What do you mean? Francis jump in when he saw his expression..
Zach turn his gaze to Francis"I didn't ask you to fight for me, and wherever that bastard is, i wish he dies there"
Zach stare at them one more time, then he left them..
"He did it"Levi said
"Why would he kill him when he knows who is going to face the penalty"Zed said
"If he didn't do it, then who did, he just indirectly confessed"Levi blared out
"This is getting more complicated"Francis muttered



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by PaChukwudi44: 11:54am On Jun 19, 2018
Well done bro.Kudos!!!
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by baryour769(m): 12:09pm On Jun 19, 2018
really enjoying this....pls keep it coming
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by skubido(m): 12:11pm On Jun 19, 2018
Nawa ooo, tanks a lot for the update.
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Creamyebony2017(f): 6:50pm On Jun 19, 2018
Am really enjoying this....thanks 4 d update, keep 'em coming
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by hidhrhis(m): 7:15pm On Jun 19, 2018
well done bro
u are the main reason why I check my nl everyday
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by John944: 7:33am On Jun 20, 2018
This is more captivating! Keep it up bro! a nice story u got! I Believe you bro! you're covered!
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 10:15am On Jun 20, 2018

"WHAT HAPPENED?Princess Katherine ask when he saw the expression on the physician face..
"I was attacked? The physician said shabbily
Shock swept through Katherine, she quickly rush to Bullo side... She shiver when he saw the bruises in his neck...
"Who came here? She ask anxiously
"I dont know, i didn't see his face, he knocked me out from behind"The physician said
"When i woke up, i saw the boy like that, whoever knocked me out, i think he was trying to kill the boy"He added
"Why is still unconscious, he is suppose to regain consciousness by now"Katherine said wondering why someone will try to kill a slave..
"Princess whoever this boy is, someone wants him dead"
"What stopped him? She ask anxiously
"he must have heard footsteps, or see someone"
Katherine touch the bruises on his neck, who could have done this, what has the slave done to the person, or......
She sigh at the possibility of her thought...
"Princess, we cant keep the boy here any longer,his life is in danger"
Could her instincts be right...
"Whoever that wants him dead but didn't succeed will come back to finish whag he started"She said
"That is more reason we need to take him out of here"The physician said
Katherine exhales"No,he will remain here until am sure he is fine"
"Princess, that will be putting him in more danger"
"I know"She said with clenched teeth
The physician wonder why the princess was so stubborn, that demon had threatened him, if that boy hasn't showed up, he wonder what would have been the slave fate now, getting the boy out of here was the only way he can be safe......
"Excuse me"She said and left him there..


Clarissa preen herself in the mirror as the makeup artist applied make up to her face,the big day she was waiting for has finally arrived, she smile as she look at the beads on her neck and wrist, she was going to become the queen, her dream was finally coming to pass....
"You look extremely beautiful"One of the girls said
"I know"She replied shabbily
"I bet the prince wouldn't be able to take his eyes off you"another girl said
"I know"She replied with a smile on her face...
She just cant wait to be queen....

INSPECTOR PHILIP quickly drop his legs from the table as Kess walked in...
Kess drop the newspaper he was holding on the table..
"You won't believe what we have here"Kess said as he tossed the newspaper to Philip side..
Philip pick the newspaper.. "What is the surprise?He ask curiously looking at the front page of the newspaper..
"Go to page two"Kess said
Philip did as Kess has said, shock swept through him,eyes open he look at the newspaper... then he read the headline aloud.. "CHIEF CARLOS ADIGWE IS A THIEF AND A MURDERER"
Kess gritted his teeth as saw the surprise in his partner's eyes.. "Someone other than us knows he is a murderer.. "Kess said
"But who could have print this,this is totally scandalous"Philip said as he drop the papers
"The publisher is anonymous"Kess replied
"The chief will be furious when he finds out about this"Philip said
"Yes he will, which is why we need to find whoever this anonymous publisher is, he or she might just give us the information we ve been looking for to apprehend the chief once and for all"
"So how do we find this anonymous publisher?Philip ask


francis keep thinking about Bullo, who could have tried to kill him still remains a mystery to him, one he was inclined to unravel, he thought of going to see the princess but his friends were solely against the idea but he really doesn't have any choice, he have to tell the princess someone has tried to kill him if she hasn't already found out, if she had she would have told him...
He sigh,pick the log wood he was carrying to the other side of the building...
He wonder if Zach was the culprit, if he was why would he try to frame him, all he did was help him out... He wonder how some people can be so inconsiderate..
He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't know when he stumbled on a stone which sent him staggering to the ground... With his right knee rubbing the floor hard...
He grimace as the he saw the injury in his knee..
"Your lack of concentration will kill you quickly than you think"Levi said as he gave him a hand up...
Francis exhales and placed his hand on his and Levi stood him up..
"Still thinking about it? Levi ask
"I can't stop thinking about it, i really need to see the princess"
"Are you still on that? Levi ask
"You don't understand, if someone has tried to kill that boy, the princess has to know the truth so she won't think it was me who did it"
"I understand perfectly well what you are driving out but seeing the princess is a great risk"
"I will take the tunnel"Francis interjects
"We were lucky the last time, what makes you think there are no dangerous things out there?
"Its a risk am willing to take"Francis replied
"Be careful KA-RU,one mistake might burn you to ashes"Levi said, then he turn and walk away..
"Thank you"Francis muttered...

Rick groan as he threw everything on the table away... After everything he thought she was finally his..
"You need to calm down, destroying things won't get her here"William said
"Calm down... How can i calm down when that useless king have made her a prisoner"RICK said infuriated
"The princess will find another way to get here"William said..he wonder if it is love or obsession his little brother has for the princess..
"I cant wait anymore,am going to the palace to get her myself"Rick said impetuously
"Are you crazy, you can't do that, you will get caught"WILLIAM SAID
Rick groan,then he punch the wall hard with his fist...
"First it was her father who was keeping us apart then the dead prince,now is this foolish king, am nit going let anyone keep her away from me anymore"
"Think with your brain, not your heart, You will get caught if you go the palace.. "
"No i wouldn't, the foolish king is getting married, everyone will be busy, no one will even notice am there"
"Didn't you hear what the princess said, that guard follows her wherever she goes, you go there,everything will go wrong"
"One man is no match for me"Rick said, he bit his lips as he notice the back of his fingers were bleeding as a result of the wall that he punch..
"You fight one man, and you become the center of attention ..."
"No one will recognize me, i will disguise myself like the last time"
"You were lucky the last time, luck don't always happen"
"I can't wait anymore brother,is now or never... "

Francis shiver as he got to the turn over, he carefully jump down as his legs hit the baskets, he doesn't know if what he was doing was the right thing but his instincts tells him it is right.
Fear prick his spines as he thought of the roaring sound they heard the last time... But he doesn't need to be afraid now, it was an issue of life and dead, if the person eventually succed in killing Bullo, his head will go for it and he knew that for a fact..
He shiver as he walks along the dark path,he prays that roaring tiger or whatever that was there doesn't come out this time.... everything was still exactly the way they left it, though the fire they set was out now, Luckily for him the door was still open which shone some light in the tunnel that made him see clearly,he quickly enter the basement wondering how the princess will react when she finds out he was in her basement.... He made a silent prayer then he began to climb, he wonder if she was in the room, what if she isn't, even if she is, what if her brother is there with her, he climbed to the top, not making a sound, he lean his ears to the top door but no sound came from the room...he decided to wait to see if he will hear a sound but non came...
He took a deep breathe, this certainly means she isn't in the room.. What a waste of time..
He was almost at the verge of loosing hope then he heard some tickling sound, someone was definitely in the room, should he knock, what if it was someone else, then another thought came to his head, what would someone else be doing in the princess room...
He exhales , slowly he knocked on the door, then he knocked harder and knocked again but the door was not forth opening.... Just then he realise he has made a stupid mistake, what if it was someone else...
He wanted to climb down then he saw the door slowly opening,he wasn't sure if he should hide himself... But it was too late as the door flung open, he raise his head to face the person.....
Shock race through him as he saw the person, what a blunder he has made...
"You... "Adesa blared out
He took a deep breathe..
"Please i need to see the princess... "He muttered praying she doesn't scream
He sigh, a sigh of relief when Katherine peep.....
"How dare you show your face here?Katherine blared out
Adesa shift aback but she keep staring at him
"I need to tell you something"Francis said hoping she listens to him
"Whatever you have to tell me, am not interested.. "She said as she try to close the door but Francis hold it...
"Someone tried to kill the slave i fought with"He said impetuously
"And how did you know that? She ask curiously
Francis gritted,he was here already, there was no need lying.. "I saw him, there were bruises in his neck which i certainly didn't give him"
"How did you know where he was taken to?
"A friend told me"he replied shabbily
"A friend, what friend?
"Princess we really have no time,someone is trying to frame me"
"I know he has bruises, whoever that gave him that also knocked the physician out,he was lying on the floor when i got there.. "
The memory of what he saw creep into his head, the physician wasn't there..
"The physician wasn't there when i got there, i only saw the boy"He said
"You must have seen him after he has regain consciousness.. "Katherine said
"No, that isn't possible, remenber you place a guard that is watching there after what happened.. "Adesa said
"If the guard had seen him, he would have told you immediately or probably drag him here"Adesa added
"There was no guard in sight when i got there"Francis said
"Are you saying the physician lied"Katherine said
"I will never make such assumptions but judging from what he just said, it can only be said that.....
"He lied"Katherine interjects cutting Adesa short..
"But why would he lie?she ask curiously..
"The person must have threatened him"Francis muttered


Chief Carlos adjust his dress as he prepared for his son's marriage, he stare at Cassandra who was extremely beautiful...
"If you keep applying makeup, you are going to be late to your own son's marriage"Carlos said
"A marriage that i dont even know the girl he is marrying"She replied
"I told you, the girl is my friend daughter.. "
"I see you did all the rites yourself, wouldn't it be better if you go to the marriage yourself"She retorted
"Quit be dramatic and smile when you attend that marriage, i wouldn't want people gossiping on how the chief wife frowned on her own son's marriage.. "he said and left her,h walk to the sitting room...
There he heard someone screaming his name.... He sigh as he realise it is Buzo...
"Buzo why are you screaming my name so loud like that and why are you running like a scared little girl... "
"Carlos,have you read todays paper, i bet you haven't see this"Chief Buzo said and tossed the newspaper in his hands....
Shock engulf Carlos when he saw the headline with a picture of himself"Who print this rubbish?He blared out furiously
"I dont know o,the publisher is unknown, i bought this paper from the roadside"
Carlos was infuriated... "Who will dare to ridicule me on my son's marriage day..?


AND guys today is my birthday......


Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by genius43(m): 10:57am On Jun 20, 2018
Happy Birthday to you OP, many more fruitful years ahead.
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OP happy birthday oooo, wish u LLNP in good health. Age with grace ooo. Jah bless your new age with what money can buy and can't buy IN JESUS NAME.

Enjoy ya day to the fullest.
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by baryour769(m): 1:18pm On Jun 20, 2018
happy birthday man, age with grace.
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by John944: 4:46pm On Jun 20, 2018
God bless your new age @ silver1996..More fruitful years to you with more innovations!
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Akinwale14(m): 7:05pm On Jun 20, 2018
Happy Birthday Bro,Wish U Long Life.
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by obijos(m): 8:25am On Jun 21, 2018
hbd op,your story is interesting pls try update us
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by PaChukwudi44: 9:21am On Jun 21, 2018
well done silver.Nice story
Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 12:28pm On Jun 21, 2018

SHE look around as she drove into the hotel, the hotel must have cost a fortune but she wasn't here for that, she drove into the parking log and stop the car, she look at the guy sitting opposite her and the guy smile at her...
"We are here"She said to him..
The guy placed his hands on her.. "Let do this"
They both came down from the car, took their luggage from the car boot and started walking to the reception.....
The potter ran towards them and quickly collected the luggage from them and led them in....
"You welcome ma... You welcome sir"The receptionist said with a smile on her face..
"How are you? She ask
"Am fine ma"The receptionist replied
"I made a reservation here"She said
"When did you make the reservation ma? The receptionist ask checking the computer system..
"Two weeks ago"she replied
"Your name ma? The receptionist ask
"Sonia Isaac"She replied..
"Yes its here, presidential suite"the receptionist said
Sonia nodded, then the key was handed to her and the potter carried her luggage and took her to the room....
"Thank you"Sonia said to the potter when they were in...
The potter nodded and was ready to leave but he was called back by the boy who check his wallet and gave hil some money, the potter left the room with a big smile in his face...
Sonia took a deep breathe as she around the room, the thought of her dead parents creep into her head, she sniff as a tear began to roll from her eyes...
The boy wrap his hands around her...
"Steve"She muttered his name, and lean her head on his chest as uncontrollable tears poured from her eyes
"Its ok, we are here now, this isn't the time to cry, you have shed enough tears, now its time for him to weep"Steve said

Carlos groan as he pace around....
"Could it be one of the chiefs who has done this? Buzo ask..
Carlos didn't reply, he just kept pacing about...
"You said it yourself that the chiefs were having a secret meeting to conspire against you, maybe one of them did this"Buzo added
"It wasn't the chiefs who conspired,it was Odumodu.. "Carlos replied
"Odumodu has been such a helping hand, why would he do such a thing to tarnish your reputation?Buzo said
"If he can set up a secret meeting to turn the chiefs against me, he can do anything.. "Carlos said
"I will crush him if i find out he did this"Carlos added

Desmond breathe heavily as the water from the shower clatters in his face, even in his own marriage day all he keeps thinking about was Claude, what kind of spell has she cast on him, he doesn't even feel anything to the girl he is getting married to, he is doing it just to make his father happy..
He off the shower, grab his towel and dried his wet body, then those dirty thoughts started invading his head...
He had an instant boner, he sigh and tied the towel to his waist, he step out of the bath tub and walk out of the bathroom, shock swept through him as he saw the person lying on his bed...
"What are you doing here? He blared out
"The door was open"Cleopatra said and begin to unzip her dress..
"Do you realise am getting married today? He ask
She stood up from the bed, walk straight to him,and begin to rub her fingers on his bare chest..
His boner increases and the towel loosened and fell to the floor ...
"Then consider this a wedding present"She said
He immediately lift her up and carried her into the bed...
In a fluid motion she pulled her bra over her head and without hesitation bent and tugged her panties to the floor, kicking them free with her foot.
She moan as he slid his fingers inside her.
"Shhh," he whispered softly, sliding his finger out of her, his actions still gentle. "I'll be inside you soon, and I'll Bleep you as hard as you need." He slid his finger—glistening with moisture--to rest on her lower lip. Cleopatra did as he wanted, sucking his finger clean. He growled, dragged her against him and kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth to taste the juices that she had licked from his fingers.

Cleopatra was whimpering as he kissed her. She was trying to control herself, but it just wasn't working. She moaned in pleasure as he slid his mouth to her throat and started to nuzzle.
"Oh you are sweet," she whispered as he continued to torment her...
He remove his mouth from hers and roughly slapped her naughty ass before finally guiding his d**k to her wet pu**y. Slowly pushing inside her tight, wet, canal, he grunted in carnal satisfaction.
"Oh, yes…”she seethed in immense pleasure.
He grasped her hips and immediately began pummeling her slick cunt.
“Oh! Yes, like that, Bleep me like that!” she wailed, arching her back upwards.
As he stared mesmerized by her gorgeous, jiggling, gelatinous ass, he felt a dynamic climax unlike any other begin to near its peak.
She burnt in sensation and moan in orgasmic euphoria..

Desmond gasped as the her pu**y squeezed and clenched around his d**k Thrown overboard himself, he squeezed her buttocks and groaned as his jizz filled her sweet cunt.
Tired and exhausted,he fell on top her, then he realise today was his marriage, he quickly stood up and walk up to the wardrobe..
"Give me this kind of wedding gift again and i will kill you"He said
Cleopatra chulkled, now she knows the king won't be able to resist her anymore, she has gotten him right where she wants, it was time for her to start making her own plans...
"Get out"Desmond said
"Yes my king"She said, stood up from the bed and begin to dress...
"Happy marriage day my king"She said when she was fully dressed then she left the room.....

The plate fell down and clatters as Rachel hand mistakely hit it...
She grunts as she stare at the broken pieces, if the king find out about this he will be furious, it was his marriage and she is ruining it breaking plates, she wipe off the sweat in her face as she bow down to pick the pieces...
Shock engulf when she felt a hand touch her, she quickly looked at the person, she exhales and gasp for breathe as she saw the person's face..
"Raphael you startled me"She said
"Am sorry, i thought you saw me when i walked in"He replied
"I didn't,i was too busy breaking plates"She said shabbily
"Come on, it wasn't your fault, you are tired, when one gets tired he is bound to make mistakes,no one will crucify you for breaking one plate.. "
She laugh, Raphael stared at her, she have a cheerful smile, he has been thinking about her alot recently and he doesn't know why, could it be he was beginning to like her..
She had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin. Her waist was tapered and she had a burnished complexion. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she laugh....
He bow down and begin to help her gather the broken pieces..
"So what do you think about the king soon to be wife? He ask striking a conversation
"I heard she is good, despite the fact that she is rich"She replied
"People say she is rude"he said
"I guess everyone has a different opinion of everyone"
They gaze at each other then their eyes met, they both felt a burning sensation to touch each other but what could be running in the others mind..
Rachel quickly look away, she pick all the broken pieces and stood up erect
"I have to continue with what i was doing"
Raphael nodded,he stood and watch her leave.. When she was out of sight, he touch his beating heart...



Francis keep thinking of what the princess has said, the physician lied, why would he lie, who threatened him, who is trying to kill Bullo...
"You are going to starve to dead if you dont eat"Levi said
Francis sigh and drop the plate of food in a corner, there are some things worth thinking about than a plate of food...
"So you saying the physician claimed to be knocked down by someone who is obviously not Zach? Zed ask
"Zach is just a slave, he couldn't have knock anyone down, the physician lied, someone must have threatened him"Francis said
"Zach doesn't have any leverage to threaten anyone, who will feel threatened by the words of a slave"Levi added
"if it is not Zach, who will have the power to compel a royal physician to lie...? Francis ask anxiously
"A powerful person? Zed replied
"And why would a powerful person want to kill a slave? Levi ask..
Just then they the rest slaves heading towards a particular direction...
"Whats happening?Zed ask
He begin to walk towards the direction, Francis and Levi followed him.
They pave their way to the front through the cloud....
Shock prick their spines as they saw who some group of men were carrying....
"Thats Bullo"Levi muttered
"He is dead"Zed said shabbily
Francis heart began to beat rapidly... "That can't be,the princess said he was okay"Francis said with shaking mouth
"If he was okay, then Who killed him? Levi ask
Francis stood motionless, he was speechless for a second... "What do i do now? He ask anxiously..
"Run"Zed muttered


A big thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, you all made my day.. I really appreciate...


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