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Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 6:37pm On Jan 21
Tanks for the update
Thanks for reading, sir
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 8:25pm On Jan 22
Benjamin didn't feel anything. He opened one eye, then the other. He was still kneeling on the wet tarmac. The agony was still up in the air. That was enough to tell him he wasn't dead. But how?
A cloaked person was standing in front of him, arm extended. Benjamin immediately identified the man as Origin -Charles.
A protection sphere wrapped around the two men, deflecting the barrage of energy blasts directed at them.
With a thrust of his other hand, Charles projected the protection sphere towards the elder, who had to maneuver out of the way.
"Get as far away from here as you can," Charles said.
Benjamin didn't need it being said twice. He scrambled to his feet and was about to leave when two more people appeared out of nowhere; Red and Blue.
He heard Edward chuckle behind him. "It's good you brought the cavalry. I'm not being underestimated, I see." He went down on a knee and placed both hands on the ground. It was like the whole world moved; everything shook violently. Benjamin had had his fair share of earthquake experiences but they never came close to what was happening this time. Buildings crumbled in a matter of seconds. A gust of energy filled the air. It was so powerful Benjamin felt it up his spine. It sent shockwaves across the whole perimeter, destroying all that was within reach, blowing away objects like they were pieces of paper. The wind came along with a thick layer of dust, almost blinding Benjamin. It was like a sandstorm.
Red and Blue gathered around him and erected a protection sphere.
"It's not going to hold for long!" Blue had to shout through the storm to be heard.
Benjamin looked at the darkness behind them. It was like an open mouth, waiting to swallow them into oblivion.
The strength of the wind increased, evident by the shifting of the sphere a few inches towards death.
Benjamin saw a flash of blue and red ahead. Charles was taking on the elder on his own.
"What's he doing?" He yelled at the two guys.
"Both of us have to keep the protection sphere in place or else you'll be blown away," Blue explained.
"WE would be blown away," Benjamin corrected. "Go and help him, leave the sphere."
Red shook his head. "We don't leave--"
"Spare me the brotherhood bullsh!t," Benjamin interfered. "We all have to die some other day. It's my turn today."
As he said that, a black bolt of energy struck the sphere and the brothers lost control. They were shifted back several feet towards their ends.
"Go already, dammit!" Benjamin yelled again.
With a short nod, Red pulled out of the bubble. As soon as Blue did the same, the sphere started moving backwards. Benjamin kept his eyes on the fight that ensued. The three brothers were obviously no match for an elder at full power. They were being tossed around like a group of amateurs.
Katrina rose from the pile of rubble that littered the floor. Her clothes were torn and ragged but at least she had survived. Instead of wasting her power fighting an elder head on, she had used it to command the chiefs chambers to make a copy of herself. The copy fought purposely to weaken Isaac enough for Paul to use the power of the staff to defeat him. It was a leap, convincing a brother to betray the other, but Paul didn't have a choice. Katrina had found a chink in his armour and had used it to her advantage: Paul was an ignorant. He had never even bothered to know the history of his familial ties.
The offer she made was quite irresistible. She had told him that the power of the staff would be his after her death if he marks his blood on it. He did as predicted, without thinking. She chuckled at her cunning. With one more thing she had to do, she disappeared down the tunnels, towards the prison, knowing as Paul consumed the power of the staff to fight his brother, the spear would take compensation at the end. It would absorb him. Her father had told her how much powerful his ancestors became after absorbing just a fraction of the energy released after the death of the Two Siblings. She felt a kind of exhilaration pass through her. Her goals were coming to fruition.


Re: The Torpedo by LightQueen(f): 8:43pm On Jan 22
Well done Op
Re: The Torpedo by Evold: 9:54pm On Jan 22
The twist here got me laughing. After mourning for Katrina then it turns out that she is still alive.
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 9:30pm On Jan 24
Benjamin stared at impending death for the second time that night. Something told him there was no escaping this one so he kept watching his friends get battered at the hands of the elder. The three brothers were barely half of Shin, but Shin wasn't even half of an elder. Benjamin wondered if maybe one or -all- of the brothers wished they were in his shoes, spared from the beating and humiliation. He felt the consuming darkness behind him but didn't dare look back. As prepared as he pretended to be a few minutes ago when he ordered Blue and Red to leave, a part of him -just a part- wanted to call out for help. To kick and scream until someone came. The better part of him, though, knew it was too late.
They say when people were about to die they start regretting their pasts. But Benjamin felt a welcoming warmth around him. The chaos around him seemed to move in slow motion and soon all he could see were his parents beckoning at him, with smiles on their faces. He didn't feel it when his body crashed against a tree, rupturing his spine. Or as the wind blew shards of glass and stones at him. He didn't even know when his eyes shut and his system shut down. Everything he heard were how proud his parents were, and how he had lived a noble life.
The last thing he saw was the light of dawn, and a different kind of breeze. Was it the cold embrace of death? He wondered. No, he quickly decided. This wasn't the same kind of air that had been around him earlier. This was different, this was hope.
Jamal felt a cold shudder run through his body as he woke up sweating. For a moment he could not see a thing until his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He saw the rays of the early morning sun reflect on the windows, but the curtains were drawn, preventing any light from penetrating. It took him a few seconds to remember where he was and what events brought him here. He remembered the cold chambers, the fear in his heart. He remembered the blood and the piercing screams that filled the air last night. They were all in contrast to the perfect morning. He rose up and walked to the window. As he drew the curtains back, he inhaled the fresh air. It was indefinable. His body suddenly felt revitalized and ready. The hopelessness had left his body. He walked around the room and found his cloak folded neatly and packed by the bedside. As he wore it he could feel it was different from the one Shin had left for him.
He was right.
The material this cloak was made from was different. A layer of kevlar covered the shoulders and chest and the back of his head. A speaker and mouthpiece was integrated in the hood along with a thin wire running through the right sleeve. He realized it was a high wave frequency radio using the cloak as the receiver thus the use of a different material. While he was at it, Jamal couldn't explain the panic he felt. Something just told him things were about to go from bad to worse, but he couldn't place it. Things were already worse, how much more can it get? He laced his boots and flashed out of the room in a cloud of black smoke.
Chris trotted down the rough roads. Collapsed buildings littered the ground and an unsettling air blew across the city. As he headed deeper into the city, the smell of decay became stronger. Nobody had spell it out to him that it was the smell of the victims of the chaos that erupted the previous night. He felt a cold shiver when he remembered the dismembered corpses and the rotten smell of those infected creatures the elders used.
The elders. A sudden rush of fury flowed through his body and it was all he could do to keep himself yelling and kicking a wall till his feet hurt. He had to conceive to himself that he had been used. The Monarchy was a bigger scam than his life had been. In his quest to find answers, he had brought more questions upon himself. Talking about the ghosts scam, Jamal's people were much more hospitable; even to him, a sworn enemy.
Or maybe, he thought, that was what they wanted him to think. Get him comfortable then squeeze life out of him. Make him an example. He had seen the way the Asian guy kept looking at him when he brought him clothes. Maybe it was his mind playing games, but he was happy to have left that place. He'll have ended up in a bad way, or worse still, woken up with a slit throat.
An array of military vehicles sped past him, bringing him back to reality. They carelessly drove through the rubble on the road and soon enough a thick layer of dust rose. Chris cursed.
He entered the next turn on the left and continued down the road. The cold metal pressing against his back reminded him that he was armed. The sun direction was talking to him in a language only he understood. It was pointing him in the right direction. He'll soon be at a destination where it all began, where he had a score to settle.
He'll soon arrive at the Monarchy headquarters.

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Re: The Torpedo by iamgprince(m): 7:22am On Jan 26
Thanks 4 de update
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 8:42pm On Jan 27
Edward parried one kick, blocked another, and slammed his fist into the nearest face he could reach. He head-butted the remaining two in quick succession then blasted the three men away. Two stayed down but one managed to stagger to his feet.
"Red, Blue, get out of here," he said while he removed his shirt.
Edward saw the other two nod grimly before stumbling up and turned around to run.
But he'll none of it. It was an insult to Edward's battle prowess to have his opponents escape when they wanted to. He dashed at the two but was blocked in his path by the third, who gathered energy in his arm and threw a punch at Edward.
"You'll need to hit harder than that," Edward said. He ducked under the attack, grabbed the hand then spun the guy a few times before throwing him crashing at his two fleeing teammates. They landed on the ground in one big heap.
One of them tried to gather energy in one hand but Edward was there to step on his fingers. His scream was music to Edward's ears.
"You never learn, do you?" Edward chuckled. He gathered a little amount of energy and slammed it on the back of one who was lying facedown.
The guy arched his back, shrieking, hands reaching, trying to sooth the scar left by the attack.
"You b@stard," the third said under his breath. He was writhing away from the other two. Edward went up to him and pulled him to his feet by the collar of his filthy cloak.
"What was that?"
"I said…" the guy said with a defiant look in his eyes that almost convinced Edward he was for real. "I said you b@stard."
Edward grinned. Well, what looked like a grin. On the half turn, he threw the guy in the opposite direction then dashed at him. When he arrived ahead of him he punched him back in the direction he came from then dashed again, arriving at his back and hit him with an overhead punch. He heard the guy cough as he slammed into the ground, creating a small crater.
Edward looked at the sky. He hadn't even notice the sun rise until now. And something about the air has changed. He shrugged, what the hell. Might be what winning feels like.
Sirens blared from all directions and soon enough he was surrounded by eight police cars, two in four directions. They stopped at about a 15 metre radius and all alighted. About 32 of them. One had a handheld speaker.
Edward just stood there looking at them. The officer nodded at his men and they all pulled out their pistols.
He raised his left hand and pointed it at the cars on the left. Black energy radiated and a loud bang hit the air. The other officers opened fire but their bullets were ineffective against the energy shield. This was boring stuff to Edward. He let them empty their guns on him before gathering another huge energy and swiping it at the policemen. Some managed to escape unharmed while most got caught in the blast that ensued.
He dashed at one surviving officer and immediately roasted him. The last one was crawling away.
Trying to crawl away.
Edward stepped on his back and pointed a finger at the man's head. A loud bang told him his shot had hit its target. A headless corpse lay beneath his foot.
He saw a half burnt officer grasping for breath; in other words, begging to be killed.
Edward placed his palm on the man's forehead and gathered energy. He had to use an energy shield to prevent the blood from spraying on his body. Another headless corpse.
He looked around and spotted the three ghosts stumbling down the street.
"I'm not done with you guys!" He yelled, sending an energy beam after them.
An explosion erupted. It almost carried him off his feet but he maintained his balance. A thick layer of dust rose from the explosion. He had to use his arms to protect his eyes.
It took 20 seconds for the dust to completely settle. A huge crater was left where the guys were standing.
But someone else was there.
3 of them.
They wore the same cloaks as that of those guys but one had a different pattern to his -or hers.
Edward squinted and identified the female in the middle. The one with a different cloak was on her left, while another, an Asian guy, was on the other side.
The one with unique pattern stepped forward. He said something to the others and they stepped backwards. Edward saw them pick up their injured comrades and moved down the street. How they survived his attack, he can't say. He was sure he had put a little bit of power in the last attack. Or did he?
"Why don't you run along with them?" Edward scoffed. "You have a death wish or something?"
The person pulled of the hood. "Why don't you find out."
Edward recognized the face. That prisoner. The same one who escaped with that Chris.
But, Edward noted, something was quite different in him this time. Was he the one who blocked his last attack? No, Edward decided. It was just a weak attack. This nobody didn't know what he was dealing with. Edward has decided he wouldn't have the smallest bit of mercy in dealing with him.
"Our previous encounters I let you live," Edward said. "Don't think you'll get away this time."
"Good," was the reply. "I don't expect to." The guy raised his hand and black energy surrounded him.
What was that heat signature? It felt exactly like that of his brothers. Edward's eyes narrowed. Could it be this boy had been hiding his true self all along? That was impossible, he thought, because when he experimented on him he was at the point of death.
Then what had happened?
"Don't waste time playing games, Edward," the guy said. "Bring out your trump card."
Chris thought he had felt a strong hot air come from behind him. But he shrugged it off. At this rate, he was only a few minutes to the HQ and couldn't afford any distractions. He crossed the street and entered the shop. It was a mess of blood and flowers as expected. He stepped over the disfigured human hand that lay on the floor and proceeded to the backyard where he was greeted by the nerve-wrecking smell of rotten flesh. His eyes shot at the dustbin where millions of flies buzzed dramatically. There was no doubting what had happened.
The elders, in their reckless usual show of power, had probably decided to slaughter everyone left alive. If his calculations were right, they've killed all the workers too.
That was why he had escaped in the first place. But why he took Jamal along, he can't make an excuse for that.
He opened the secret door and stepped into the tunnels where he headed straight for the light switch.

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Re: The Torpedo by patsm00re18: 6:48am On Jan 28
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Re: The Torpedo by Evold: 7:04am On Jan 28
Super action. Keep it coming
Re: The Torpedo by Abbamizy(m): 7:38pm On Jan 28
Bring it on
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 9:03am On Jan 30
He opened the secret door and stepped into the tunnels where he headed straight for the light switch.
The fluorescent lights flickered on then off. On again then off. The lights were enough for Chris to notice the crimson stains on the walls and floor. He pulled out his pistol and proceeded cautiously, ensuring the lights flickered on before taking each step.
If anything, negative expectations had been ingrained into Chris' mind during training. He always had it in mind that there was something waiting to jump him around the next corner, or the next. That mentality had kept him on his toes throughout his stay in the Monarch team. There were things he hadn't expected -like the Katrina affair- but he had predicted most of the rest. That's why the blood on the walls or the eerie feeling in the building did nothing to stir any emotions from him. Chris would have to agree with himself that his finding of those underground exits was a mistake at the start but that quickly turned into a stroke of genius. On normal days, he'll have pat himself on the back and feel high and proud, but these days nothing was normal anymore. He just felt more alert than ever; every step might be his last and he was ready for that possibility.
He turned left, but not before slightly leaning right to make sure he wasn't running himself into an ambush. This corridor had the lights on so he -on the contrary- raised his alert levels. He felt exposed in the lights as the enemy would see him long before Chris himself could do anything about it. So instead of moving in the middle of the corridor like he had done previously, he pressed his right side on the wall while using his left hand to aim. It wasn't as much as he had liked, but it was better than being blasted out in one attack.
Footsteps echoed on the other side of the corridor. They sounded sluggish, dragged. Chris had seen Kelvin before he was spotted. His trigger finger twitched. Kelvin stopped in his tracks, just staring.
"You look like hell," Chris muttered. He had noticed the blood on Kelvin's face and arms. His clothes were ragged but the eyes. What the hell… those eyes made Chris want to shoot. Red and sharp. Like those creatures.
Kelvin scoffed. "Come on. Stop the drama already. You're not gonna shoot." He moved past Chris and was headed probably to the exit when an enormous crash came from ahead. Chris ducked.
Two people wrestled into the corridor. One was Paul, looking much worse than he always had. His fists glowed red as he hammered punches into Isaac, who was obviously struggling to catch up. He was blocking here and there but taking a pounding all the same. Paul lifted Isaac off the ground and nailed him one last time. It was enough to send the elder hurtling past Chris.
From the corner of his eye, Chris had seen Kelvin stumble around a corner. The f#cker had bolted. At least he knew what was good for him.
A staff materialized in Paul's grip.
Isaac flashed past Chris but was pummeled to the floor by a swipe from the staff. It was the final straw, literally. Isaac collapsed on the ground, barely moving. Well, except his lips.
"P-P-Paul," the stammered weakly. "We're brothers. Remember?"
Paul grunted, maybe in agreement. But Chris didn't see a flicker of emotions from those hollowed eyes. He was right.
Paul raised the staff. Something caught Chris' attention: those markings. He had seen them somewhere. Now they shone brightly under the light.
"The staff absorbs the Torpedo as foam does water," he muttered to himself. He squinted and continued reading. "Infused with proton and the powers of an elder, it shall kill all that exists in a single blow." The last words struck Chris like lightning.
So the staff was the end of it all. People had been playing themselves thinking it was Torpedo versus proton virus. But that meant nobody could read those inscriptions. Except a few. He remembered learning it years ago at that Fuji mountain. So that ghost knew about it. Who else?
Talking of the devil, Katrina appeared behind Paul.
"Paul, kill him," she said lightly. "And all the power in this world would be yours."
Paul raised the staff higher. He grunted again. Chris saw hesitation. Isaac saw it too, and took advantage. Everything happened so fast Chris couldn't see much.
Isaac's hand glowed blue, aiming at Paul. Paul stepped aside. Katrina grabbed Isaac's attack and hit him into the wall.
Paul used the staff again, this time trying to hit Katrina. But his body seized up. Katrina laughed brutally.
"Poor, poor Paul," still holding a weakened Isaac against the wall, she raised her free hand and the staff slipped out of Paul's grip into her hand.
Paul was obviously struggling to move but couldn't. Chris felt his body go stiff and sweaty. It had all been like watching a movie. He was totally ignored all through the sequence.
"Katrina, stop. Don't do it."
She gave him a withering look, as if to say 'who the heck are you?'
"I know about it," he said. "It'll kill you too."
She scoffed, took a stance, and stabbed the staff at Isaac. His eyes bulged and he gasped. That fair, flawless skin started to degenerate, turning black. The staff really did absorb energy as soon Isaac was turned into a black mass of bones. She turned to the immobile Paul. He was shivering. Pain? Fear? Both? Chris couldn't tell, but they all knew what was to come.
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 9:11am On Jan 30
I apologize for the break in consistency. Sometimes I write and I feel the standard is too low and I decide to rewrite but it'll take days. The story is coming to an end and I thank you all for following it... It's really encouraging. I'm working on two more stories but I want to be sure they'll not turn into a mess before I post. Thank you all. Have a loveley day
Re: The Torpedo by Evold: 9:38am On Jan 30
Ending so soon.
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 12:31pm On Jan 30
Ending so soon.
Not soon soon. Being my first attempt at a story, I've identified a few mistakes like killing characters off too early in my quest to keep it simple.

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Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 12:23am On Feb 02
She turned to the immobile Paul. He was shivering. Pain? Fear? Both? Chris couldn't tell, but they all knew what was to come.
"I gave you a chance to make things right," Katrina said. "I gave you power."
"Katrina stop!" Chris said. He had regained his composure and was aiming his gun right at her forehead. He could feel the sweat dripping under his shirt. "It doesn't have to end like this?"
She scoffed loudly. "End like what, Chris? Like what?" She made to stab Paul but Chris wasn't bluffing. Three shots rang off, echoing round the corridor.
Katrina waved her staff and slammed it on the floor. Dark energy erupted like larva, breaking the concrete roof and floor in equal measure. The force of the attack knocked Chris and Paul away, tumbling down the building.
As Chris tried controlling himself, Paul's body slammed into him and he soon found himself sandwiched between a wall and the elder. Paul grunted and started to move off him with great difficulty.
The pain in his side told Chris he had cracked a rib or two. His breaths came in wheezes, and his vision blurred. Combined with the thick blanket of dust in the air, he was rendered helpless. Sun light flowed through the large whole in the roof. Katrina was nowhere to be found.
Edward vanished out of sight in a blur. Jamal took a step forward, senses at alert.
Edward appeared right in front of him, charged proton energy glowing off his left arm. Jamal blocked the punch and countered with a roundhouse kick which missed by millimeters because Edward was faster. Jamal also parried the next punch but this time caught the arm. Dark energy blazed around them as Jamal jumped, dragging the elder along, about 100 feet in the air. He twisted his body and landed an explosive punch that sent Edward bolting back towards the ground. His fall was like the detonation of a landmine; an explosion cracked along with blazing fire. Aiming to finish it early, Jamal gathered more black energy and charged downwards. He could hear the aftermath of his landing as a booming noise filled his ears. More dust rose followed by sparks.
With a wave of his hand, dark smoke formed around the area, pushing the dust as it drifted with the wind.
There lay Edward, 5 metres away. He was lying on his front, clothes torn with a few welts on his back. Jamal could see that he was still breathing albeit weakly. His left arm was blackened from finger to elbow.
Jamal pointed his right hand at his downed foe.
"I told you to summon your trump card," dark energy flicked around his pointed arm. It crackled like burning fire. "This is the end, Edward." The black energy travelled like a beam at its intended target. A violent boom rendered the air, creating a small shockwave strong enough to knock Jamal off balance and shatter all windows nearby. Weak buildings gave way and weaker ones fell along with them. Debris fell from the sky together with a light drizzle which helped control the dust.
Jamal rose to his feet. He could feel the drizzle getting heavier by the frequency of drops landing on his head. He pulled the hood back on and moved towards Edward's position, to ensure his attack landed.
The shockwave had hit him almost 15 metres away. He stopped after covering 5 metres. Something wasn't right: the attack wasn't supposed to do this much damage. It was a concentrated one, to reduce casualty rates in case there were people nearby. So why was the blast so big?
The dust settled and Edward was on his knees, his right hand across his face. Even though the weather was quickly getting damp, a certain kind of heat spread across the area. The energy was almost palpable in the atmosphere.
Steam rose from the ground, then a scorching fire appeared behind him, almost 300 feet in height. The heat emitted was so violent Jamal could see the land around them start to dry up. Light mist lingered around them.
Edward had decided to get serious.
The amount of energy coming off the Jamal boy was no joke at all. Edward sensed that it was so much so that electron energy overflows from his body, so he's always surrounded by it. Thereby, able to sense anything that enters his personal space.
To confirm this theory, Edward had risked putting himself in harms way with a careless attack. Taking advantage of his speed, he had tried catching the boy by surprise. But it ended with him being flung in the air. If he hadn't sacrificed his left hand to absorb the punch earlier, Edward was sure a few bones in his body would have been in serious doubt. He had also used an energy shield to cushion his fall, but it gave way after the boy released much more energy than he had expected.
Edward didn't see any point in holding back any longer. He had been saving much of his energy for when the time came to take the Torpedo but here he was struggling to keep up with a kid. A darn kid.
A 'trump card' was the form an individual's energy takes when it is released at maximum. Paul's body released much more electron energy than proton, so his trump card was the concentration of electron energy which strikes like lightning. Isaac released proton energy, which increased his capacity by almost 500%. Edward was also a proton energy one, but due to the numerous secret experiments he carried on himself, he had found a way to ingrain the proton virus in his body. It was a last resort thing. His trump card took the form of fire, also releasing the virus in the air, causing a very dangerous atmosphere even to humans.
The steam caused by the heat of his release was delaying the proton from spreading. Edward felt his body stiffen as more proton energy left his body. The temperature rose again. He knew his body couldn't take it for long so he had no choice but to finish the fight early. Using the 'other thing' was quite unnecessary. He still needed enough energy to deal with his left hand after the fight and also enough to be able to control the Torpedo.


Re: The Torpedo by iamgprince(m): 7:42am On Feb 03
Thanks for the update op
Re: The Torpedo by LightQueen(f): 8:55am On Feb 03
Thanks for the update
Re: The Torpedo by winie(f): 8:28pm On Feb 03
You are just wonderful! Thanks for updating. More please
Re: The Torpedo by yungbanks: 1:22am On Feb 04
Cool bro more am hungry
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 7:00pm On Feb 04
Thank you very much for all the support. Sorry for the delay. Wanna sort out phone issues and I'll be up and running in 24hrs. I'm sorry


Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 11:22am On Feb 07
Good day, all. I'm sorry for the unfulfilled promise. I'm currently writing from a cyber cafe; my phone got some problems and i don't know how soon I can get it back on track.
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 12:02pm On Feb 07
The next crumbling mass of debris missed his head by inches as Chris scampered down the corridor to the exit. Katrina must have passed there because it led to the underground chamber where the Torpedo was hidden. But with fractured -and probably broken- ribs, it proved to be a great challenge on Chris' body. Combined with the events of the previous night, it was hands down the most brutal experience in his life.
It was a necessary task, he told himself and that enough pushed him forward.
With the swing of a hand, the ground shattered and large chunks of earth were sent hurtling at Jamal. The energy shield wasn't enough to protect him from the attack, however, and he was blown away.
"What's wrong," Edward called, "you tired?"
Jamal rose to his feet. It was the fourth time his energy shield has failed in the space of twenty minutes. He wasn't just tired, he was losing more energy than he had anticipated. Edward had a completely different aura around him now. He was dead serious. But Jamal had seen something he wanted to check. Using his left hand to produce a black orb, he charged at the elder once again.
The blazing fire behind Edward roared, sparks emerged from the tip and rained down to earth like a small rain of meteor rocks. Edward raised his good hand again. It was obviously going to be a powerful attack. A rumble came from deep beneath Jamal's feet as he approached the elder. He kept charge. The rumbling was coming closer to the surface and he could almost feel it beneath his boots by now.
That was when he rolled to the left and a large volley of fire erupted from where he had been. He was fortunate to evade the blast, but his cloak wasn't fortunate enough. It was immediately set ablaze and Jamal had to remove it to avoid the scorching heat.
Another set of meteor fire rained down in his direction. He quickly estimated his distance to the elder: 7 metres.
With blue energy charging down his body, Jamal flashed. More roar from the fire and Edward raised his hand again. Jamal's bone-shattering punch was accurate, but not powerful enough to break the elder's energy shield.
Edward sniggered wickedly. The blaze started to rumble and tilt towards them.
Jamal pulled away, looking for an escape route. The ground rumbled again and he was soon surrounded by flames.
"You're about to experience the end of your city," Edward said coolly. "And you're going along with it."
The blaze was slowly inching closer towards Jamal. He realized Edward was surging upwards, floating away in midair in the safety of his protection orb.
"You asked for it, you'll get it."
Chris was inching closer to the chambers. He was almost there; he could see the broken door and the bright light of the Torpedo as it illuminated through the room.
He limped faster. Katrina had a heads up, but controlling the weapon took time, enough time for him to find a way to stop her.


Re: The Torpedo by hardeybhayour(m): 4:59pm On Feb 07
O.p Abeg the lens wey I dey take watch this awesome movie for my mind dey complain of low action
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 11:51am On Feb 08
O.p Abeg the lens wey I dey take watch this awesome movie for my mind dey complain of low action
Lol....I'm sorry, sir. I'll adjust.

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Re: The Torpedo by Josipov: 9:11pm On Feb 15
Ghost mode deactivated
Well-done OP.
you're too much, please take you're time to write. Don't let anyone rush you jare
Re: The Torpedo by Fazemood(m): 10:48am On Feb 16
Hello zhayy, it's been awhile, I see how far this story has progressed. Nice bro. I am enthrilled with the much action and activities you have imbibed in this action thriller.

Jamal have been really weakened by powers beyond his capacities. I am enjoying this bro. Feel good being back.

Keep bringing it the way we like it bro cool

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