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Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 7:44pm On Aug 23, 2018
Only when they both reached the old man's place did Jamal see the other people rise from their kneeling positions. As part of his intensive training, he learnt a lot about Japanese culture. Everything seemed to be ruled by honour, meiyo.
The old man talked about life obstacles and how many people tend to fall into patterns. He believed patterns led to ignorance. Jamal listened in silence, only speaking when necessary until the old master finished. He sipped a cup of what Jamal assumed to be herbal tea and called for one to be made for Jamal too.
"Strong essence," the old man explained, "and very difficult to get." He took another sip. "The Chinese believe it to be 'mystic'. We believe it calms the nerves and energizes the body. Also good against poisoning."
Jamal received his own cup with a nodded thanks. The tea smelt like garlic. He took a few more sips. "Sensei, what is the history of this place?"
The old man let out a dry laugh. "This place -like the forest itself- is filled with folklore and myths. My ancestors found it, trained in it, lived in it, and also died in it."
"Sensei, what kind of training?" Jamal asked.
"The arts of the old; hunting and self defense." The master replied. "We are the silent assassins of the mountains."
Jamal was about to talk when a girl dressed in white overalls burst in. He would've been alerted but he saw that nobody reacted to her behaviour.
"Father!" she exclaimed, "what are you doing? You are supposed to be resting."
"I'm fine my dearest," the old man replied feebly. "You should be training harder."
After a brief back and forth between father and daughter, the old man finally threw in the towel. "Okay, okay. I'll rest. Give the young man a tour and a place to stay."
Jamal and the girl walked in silence. He couldn't help taking another look at her. She was about five-two, her black hair shone in the early morning sun, pronouncing her olive skin. Her hourglass figure was a sight to behold. Her voice was silvery.
"You are too slow," she called over her shoulder.
But all Jamal saw was a pretty face.
Re: The Torpedo by devilmaycry1(m): 10:21pm On Aug 23, 2018
wow is too short make it long pls na beg i dy beg thank for the update
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 10:11pm On Aug 24, 2018
Kelvin checked his watch as he crossed the empty road overlooking the C.T Securities building: 20:25. Bang on time. He adjusted his suit and gripped the woodgrain handle of his briefcase as he approached the building. He proceeded to tap his right ear twice with his index finger. "Check, over."
There was static then a voice rang, "loud and clear, over."
By 20:45 Kelvin was seated in the General's office with Faruk standing guard as usual.
"A hardened criminal was carted out of this building," General David explained, "the assumed-to-be most secured location in this country."
Silence across the room.
"Under our damn noses!" Using his fist to pound the desk to emphasize his point.
"We'll establish links across surrounding areas. They wouldn't have gone very far," Kelvin proposed.
"Where have you been since morning, Kelv?" Faruk asked without taking his eyes off the files in his hands.
Kelvin slid a glance at Faruk. Many possibilities crossed his mind in the fraction of a second. "I went to pay a visit to a friend." He said while slowly reaching for his phone. He pressed the power button and the screen lit, showing a small notification. Kelvin smiled. Things were going as planned.
"What 'friend' took the whole day?" David boomed.
"My girlfriend," Kelvin replied quickly. Lying was second nature to Kelvin. Having been hardened in the military, one could expect no better than a lying and calculating mind. At first it seemed avoidable, but he soon came to realize that sometimes one had to be the villain of the story. Of course, in reality, the hero doesn't always win.
Freddy paced back and forth in his small apartment. Kelvin promised him certain bonuses for capturing Lopo, but he's yet to receive "the call". He jumped with a start as he heard footsteps at the entrance. He was half-drunk but conscious enough to know the intruders were trying -unsuccessfully- to conceal their footsteps. He instinctively reached for the lights and his pump action shotgun and some shells along. There was a slight pause as the intruders took position at his door. Freddy crouched behind the fridge located two metres away from the door, providing him an excellent view and cover. The door clicked and it was slowly pushed open. There were two of them, dressed in civvies. They were so unprofessional that even their entrance was a mess; the first tried clearing the space on his left and his companion did the same, leaving the right side unprotected. Their backs faced Freddy, who didn't hesitate to squeeze the trigger. The blast hit the second one square on the back, sending him flying forward and crashing into the wall in front of him. The first guy was luckier, he dived in the nick of time. But his dive sent him directly into Freddy's aim for the next shot. Another gentle squeeze of the trigger.
He squeezed again and the gun clicked. "Damn it!" Freddy cursed as he ducked out of a barrage of shots fired. He reached behind the fridge, careful not to crash into the debris falling. He opened the fridge and pulled out a pistol. But someone moved faster behind him. There was a third. Freddy was too late; the blow hit him in the back of his head. The last thing he saw was a sharp bright light as he fell heavily on his face.

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Re: The Torpedo by devilmaycry1(m): 10:18pm On Aug 24, 2018
wow is nice feed me more is short
Re: The Torpedo by skubido(m): 4:40pm On Aug 25, 2018
tanks the update
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 8:50pm On Aug 25, 2018
I apologize, guys. No update tonight. I'm planning to post a long chapter by 11 tomorrow morning. Thank you
Re: The Torpedo by devilmaycry1(m): 8:55pm On Aug 25, 2018
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 3:56am On Aug 26, 2018
"You sleep here," the girl told Jamal after they reached one of the numerous compartments in the wall. She jerked her head in a random direction, "mine is over there."
"Where?" Jamal immediately felt stupid for asking. The girl was of the strange variety. She barely talked to him or explained things in detail unless necessary. "You didn't tell me your name."
"I don't need to," she said, turning to walk away. Jamal's eyes were fixed on the sight he saw. He had to force his body to resist the movement in his trousers.
"Damn as* she got, yes?" Someone said behind Jamal. He looked over and saw a huge guy appear. His head was bald, almost lacking hair anywhere on his face. He was about six foot four. His skin was also olive. The golden overall he wore was unbuttoned, showcasing a chiseled body. "How about you stop staring at what's mine," the guy said as he approached Jamal.
Jamal raised both arms in the air, "hey. I meant no harm. Calm down."
The guy left with a sneer. He walked towards her direction confidently. Her face lit up as she saw him.
Jamal didn't understand why he felt his stomach lurch. Maybe it was hunger, he thought. Pictures of the girl framed his mind. He didn't know what he felt. Confusion, to say the least. Suddenly he heard movement behind him. This one also wore golden overalls but had his own buttoned from the chin downwards, then splitting at the waist. He was much shorter than the first guy and younger, too.
"The Sensei seeks you," the guy said in perfect English.
Jamal packed his things back into his backpack and followed the guy to the Master's room. On their way, Jamal noticed the ones stationed as guards were those wearing the golden overalls while others were dressed in white overalls or casual wear. There wasn't a single female among them except the Sensei's daughter.
They reached the Master's place in no time. The old man sat feebly on the ground, his legs crossed beneath him. He was slowly fidgeting with the staff he held in his left hand. His back faced the entrance so Jamal couldn't see his face. "The place, do you like it?" He asked as he waved his free hand in the air. The guard took the cue and left immediately.
"Yes, I do," Jamal replied. "Better than most places I've been."
The old man chuckled, "you'll be to more places. In due time."
Jamal strode and sat near the old man. He glanced at the staff. It looked ordinary except for the engravings around it's length.
"My master's staff," sensei said, "made from a special kind of wood that does not break or wear overtime."
"Then what are those writings on it?" Jamal asked curiously.
"The history of the stick and how to make it," was sensei's reply. "Or so I was told."
"Why is that?" Jamal asked.
"Nobody understands the language."
"So I take it's not just a walking stick?"
"No, it's not. In the right hands, it's a combat staff."
"But in the wrong hands…"
"It's chaos for the user," the master laid the staff horizontally in front of them. "A weapon is only as good as it's wielder."

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Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 3:58am On Aug 26, 2018
"Dift. Vigad. Kih," Chris stammered. He sighed, "I can't do this. It's pretty much nonsense."
"You have been brooding over that book for days. Reading it as you see fit," Eric said.
"Why not throw the damned thing away?" Zapper suggested. "Probably the Peacemakers' bull-crap way of reading poems."
Chris ignored them. There was something missing, he didn't know what but he knew something was amiss. He found the book in the possession of the ghost they killed. Chris sensed that it was dear to the guy. He made it a priority to start a research about the book, taking advantage of their time at Mount Fuji.
Freddy felt dazed. The strain on his hands and legs alerted him that they were tied. He felt tired. His body was dehydrating slowly. He had no idea how long he had been left in the dark. He estimated twelve hours or more, due to the dehydration.
His ears caught the sound of a door creaking nearby. It sounded a lot like the one in his basement. The slight change in the temperature of the room told him that he wasn't alone.
Bingo, the light switch was flipped.
The first thing Freddy realized was that it was indeed his basement. His captor was behind him.
"Déjà vu, Freddy," he heard a familiar voice call. The footsteps inched nearer. "You remember this place? Days ago?"
That voice. His head still felt fuzzy. Too fuzzy for him to start thinking. He shook his head sharply.
The man tapped him on the shoulder. "Don't bother trying to think. I made sure you are on edge. Keep you on your toes a little. Yes?"
Freddy looked over his shoulder and caught a glimpse of his attacker. He shook his head again. As if reading his mind, the person moved and stood in front of him.
"Kelvin?" Freddy couldn't hide his surprise.
"Lopo gave us intel on the ghosts we're looking for," Kelvin stated, ignoring the perplexed look on Freddy's face.
Freddy's head bowed as reality hit him square on the face. He nodded. "I should have known. You sick son of a b*tch. Made it look like we're friends."
Kelvin laughed dryly. "Listen, Freddy. We ARE friends."
Freddy nodded at his hands, "that's how you treat your friends?"
"Think of it as us being business partners," Kelvin shrugged. "We had a mutual goal. But I couldn't risk you getting yourself caught and blabbing away MY hard work."
"So what? You keep me silent forever?" Freddy spat. "You saw things as you are. You are a twisted psycho."
Kelvin sighed heavily, then adjusted his suit. "It's one in the morning and I'm still in a suit. Say, Freddy. You got any clothes I could wear?"
"You know I got sources in the underground world, Kelvin," Freddy breathed. "I could use them to ruin you."
"Ha-ha. How very hilarious," Kelvin scoffed as he walked behind Freddy's chair. "It seems you don't know your position at the moment."
Freddy kept quiet. He heard Kelvin connect something and flipped switches.
"I do the threatening," Kelvin arrived, holding two big pegs in each hand; one black and the other red. "This got Lopo talking, didn't it?"
As much as Freddy tried, he couldn't help the shiver that ran through his body. He suddenly felt cold. He writhed in his chair as Kelvin slowly inched closer.
"Don't worry, Fred," Kelvin mocked. "Low current, medium voltage. Does the trick."
He clipped the black peg around Freddy's arm then stopped, swinging the red one in Freddy's face.
"I'm not going to beg you," Freddy shook, more in fear than in anger.
Kelvin stopped. His smile disappeared. "I'm not stupid, Freddy," he said while he removed the peg and returned them. He then pulled a chair and sat facing Freddy. "I want you to make a call. Your informants. I need to confirm a few things about the Torpedo."
"Stop kidding yourself, Kelvin," Freddy panted. "I'm doing you no favours."
"I wasn't asking, I was demanding. Offering you an opportunity," Kelvin's eyes suddenly shifted to the door. Someone knocked and opened without waiting for a reply. "Thank you, doctor."
It was a woman. About five-feet, late twenties, dressed in a blouse barely able to contain her big bre*sts and jeans revealing her average hip. Her hair was held up in a ponytail. She ignored the greeting and dropped her handbag at Freddy's feet, pulling out and wearing a pair of surgical gloves.
"B*tch. How much did the fool pay you?" Freddy asked. He was feeling lightheaded again. She looked rather abashed at his choice of words but said nothing.
"Actually, Freddy," Kelvin shrugged. He had that smug look again that Freddy had come to loath so much. "I didn't pay her anything. Some people -unlike you, of course- have the desire to want to see the number of ways the human mind and or body could be used as a weapon."
"What the bloody hell are you talking about?" Freddy asked. He soon got his reply when he saw what she was doing: pulling out a hypodermic syringe and draining a bottle of purple substance in it. He almost pissed himself. Almost.
"That is a hydration fluid. It was invented to immediately rehydrate military troops," Kelvin explained, "therefore reducing the load they'll have to carry. But I got to warn you, mate. It's highly experimental."
The woman had finished the mixing and was waiting for the order to proceed.
"What the f*ck does that mean?" Freddy blurted. He was getting itchy.
"It means you are the first person to volunteer yourself being used for the experiment, Freddy." Kelvin's voice was flat. He nodded at the nurse.
Freddy felt the sharp pain of the syringe puncturing the skin near his elbow. Then the cooling that travelled in his veins as his blood transported the potent substance to his heart. He closed his eyes.

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Re: The Torpedo by devilmaycry1(m): 7:23am On Aug 26, 2018
Re: The Torpedo by skubido(m): 10:59am On Aug 27, 2018
op tanks for the update
Re: The Torpedo by pacifust058(m): 2:28pm On Aug 27, 2018
Thanks for the update, Zhayd
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 7:10am On Aug 28, 2018
Jamal braced his sore hands before punching the dummy in front of him. His vest and trouser were drenched in sweat and dirt. His heart rate increased as he continued landing clean and accurate punches on the training dummy. He was so busy he didn't hear the arrival of the sensei's daughter until she tapped him on the back.
"Go on," she gestured at the dummy. "Continue."
"I've been on it for days already," Jamal complained; "how much longer?"
"Father sent me to check your progress," she said, ignoring his question.
"He's a great man. I thank him," Jamal said. "When are you ever telling me your name?"
She had already turned to leave before looking over at Jamal. "When you earn it."
Jamal laughed and returned to his training. The master directly took Jamal's training as his own sole responsibility.
"His conditioning is improving," the girl said. "Drastically."
"Yes. He had the potential," the master replied her. "And the hunger."
"He's dangerous, father." She warned. "He might claim otherwise, but he is a ghost."
"Katrina, some people deserve a chance," he replied calmly. "I believe when the time comes, he'll make the right choices."
"You never gave me that chance," Katrina protested, "not once. Not even when mother begged you."
The old man sighed heavily. "You are my heiress. I had to make sure you were strong."
"And yet you give an enemy a chance?"
"He is not an enemy, dear."
"Then do to him what you did Gisei and I. Send him to the mountains for a year and see if he returns on his own," Katrina replied.
There was a long pause in the room as the old man contemplated the ultimatum. He gazed at his staff briefly before raising his head for a reply.
Kelvin sat in the hotel room -which served as his appointment location. He was dressed in a T-shirt and short joggers. He checked the time again: 22:34. He sighed.
Just then there was a light knock on the door. He clumsily walked over and opened it; there was no need for checking because it was an appointment he was expecting.
"Thirty minutes late," he said as he ushered the lady in. "How's he holding up?"
"His vitals are stable and he's taking it well," she replied, dropping her bag and coat on a chair.
Kelvin stared at the body seated in front of him. She wore a suit with a skirt just above the knees, revealing lush pairs of legs. She was saying something he wasn't listening to.
"Do you mind coffee?" He interrupted.
She paused, then, "no, thanks."
"Well…," Kelvin said as he stood up and took a seat near her, "I do hope you are working on brainwashing him. Making him my servant?"
"That would be if he passes the conditioning processes," she replied.
"You do know what's at stake, right?" Kelvin asked. "Your reputation."
After months of planning ahead, Kelvin realized he needed a medical person to help. He dug around a bit before finding Laura, a twenty-eight year old doctor from a state in the eastern part of the country. What got his attention, however, wasn't her qualification but her results: they were forged. Brilliantly. She now enjoyed the luxury of being a young, hardworking doctor without even working for it. Fortunately for her, Kelvin thought, her type were his favourites. He'll make them work. Not to earn, but to pay for what they earn.
"I thought we're passed that?" She replied, her voice having a bit of trepidation in it.
"Yes, we are," Kelvin whispered. He reached over and placed a hand on her Unclad thighs. "I just need compensation."
She moaned in humiliation as his hands went higher and he started kissing her neck and earlobe. His other hand deftly started unbuttoning her blouse without missing a beat.

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Re: The Torpedo by pacifust058(m): 8:23am On Aug 28, 2018
Thanks for the update, keep it flowing
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 8:00pm On Aug 29, 2018
Sorry guys. I don't have enough battery to update tonight. I'm sorry.
Re: The Torpedo by skubido(m): 6:47pm On Aug 30, 2018
OP tanks a lot for the update,
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 8:38pm On Aug 30, 2018
"For f*ck sake, drop that damned book!" Zapper cursed. He was getting fed up of Chris doting over the book he found. "It's probably rubbish."
Chris ignored him, adjusted the oil lamp in his hands, and kept studying.
The sound of cutlery clattering on plates filled the cave for a moment. The torch illuminated the whole cave, sprawling shadows around the corners.
"Let him be," Eric muttered. "There's sense in every nonsense. He's a smart kid."
Zapper took one last glance at Chris, shook his head, and continued his eating.
The information Chris managed to gather from the locals -albeit in difficulty- was not as helpful as he thought. He noticed the book made mention of a certain hidden place in the forest. The writer thought his answers were there. It had been so emphasized that it was actually written in English in almost every five pages.
"Eric," Chris called, "where are the belongings of that ghost we killed?"
Zapper scoffed, "the book giving you instructions on corpses?"
Nobody laughed.
"I dropped them somewhere around there," Eric pointed to the far end of the room.
"Obviously, mate, they're not there anymore," Zapper said.
Chris shone his lamp at where Eric described. Surely enough, nothing there. "So where are they?"
"I burned them up," Zapper laughed. "Everything."
"What?" Jamal was abashed. He had just been told to start packing. Orders from above, he was told.
"We're told to escort you to the border," the guard repeated himself.
Jamal sighed. In a few minutes he was ready to go. He said his goodbyes to Master Oro -who looked rather emotional- and left with the two guards.
They had walked in silence for about twenty-five minutes before Jamal was left to fend for himself. What kept crossing his mind was why so sudden? He had a feeling someone didn't want him there. The old master was definitely fine with him, he could tell. But his daughter treated him like junk for no reason whatsoever.
With his oil lamp held high to provide a wider view of the road, Jamal headed deeper into the forest; making sure not to retrace the path he followed with Fujikashi. The night was awfully silent, making his skin crawl with fear.

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Re: The Torpedo by skubido(m): 9:57pm On Aug 30, 2018
OP tanks a lot for the update
Re: The Torpedo by pacifust058(m): 10:43pm On Aug 30, 2018
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Re: The Torpedo by devilmaycry1(m): 10:01pm On Aug 31, 2018
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Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 3:00pm On Sep 02, 2018
With his oil lamp held high to provide a wider view of the road, Jamal headed deeper into the forest; making sure not to retrace the path he followed with Fujikashi.
After hours of searching, Jamal finally found a small clearing in the forest to set up camp. The light on the oil lamp was already getting dimmer. He quickly put his things down and started pitching his tent.
Ten minutes later, the light was dying fast. The tent was ready and Jamal was sorting out the unneeded things in his backpack when a piece of paper dropped. He picked it up and was about to scan through it when the oil lamp died.
Kelvin drove into the parking lot -as has been the norm for some days going- and strode over to the entrance to the basement. Laura had called a few hours ago, saying there was breakthrough. He entered the room without knocking and was greeted with a sight of Freddy sprawled on the ground. He was breathing rapidly.
"What's wrong with him?" Kelvin asked.
"His brain is going through a memory cleansing sequence," Laura replied. She looked quite relaxed.
A few minutes later Freddy's breathing stabilized and he opened his eyes. He looked a bit dazed with his eyes repeatedly scanning the room. "Where am I?"
"Welcome, Subject Two," Laura answered.
"Sub…sub…" Freddy stammered. "Subject?"
"Yes. Subject Two. You are now under our care," Laura said as she went to a small table and picked up a syringe. She filled it with a clear liquid.
"What's that?" Kelvin whispered.
"It's a sedative," Laura explained. "His brain has gone through a lot in the past few days."
"Are you sure of this?" Kelvin asked again, sounding skeptical.
Laura didn't answer until she had injected the substance into Freddy's system. "You employed me. Remember?"
Kelvin decided to leave it at that. He saw Freddy's eyes flutter a few times before they closed. Then he saw Laura packing and decided to be a gentleman. "So…do you have plans for the evening?"
"No," she replied. "Why?"
"I was thinking we should have dinner?" Kelvin asked.
She eyed him suspiciously and smiled. "I'll think about it, Kelvin."

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Re: The Torpedo by devilmaycry1(m): 8:49am On Sep 03, 2018
guy give us new month give na this one short abeg any way thank
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 10:28am On Sep 03, 2018
guy give us new month give na this one short abeg any way thank
No problem.
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 6:37am On Sep 05, 2018
"A page is missing," Chris finally decided. He shook the book in the air. "No wonder the first page made no sense."
"You've finally mastered the language?" Zapper asked as he skinned the deer they caught for dinner.
"Of course," Chris shrugged. "With some cooperation from the locals."
"But you also need to sharpen your skills," Eric noted. "We'll be going back to the ship in a week."
"You've said that for the eighth time already today," Chris answered as he went to pack his things. They were going to relocate one last time before they leave the island.
Kelvin and Laura sat for dinner in a luxurious restaurant at the back of town. They are in silence for several minutes until he decided to break the ice.
"Tell me about yourself, Laura."
She looked up from her food and shrugged, "I thought you read my records?"
"Yeah I did. But records can lie." He proceeded to take a sip from his fruit juice. "I want to hear it from you."
She looked at him for a while then started narrating her story. For some reason, Kelvin found himself listening in all honesty. She told him how she was born with a silver spoon until her parents were assassinated by an organization when she was just 16. From there her life went downhill and she had run ins with a few men whom she had to render sexual services for. She finally raised enough to continue her education and climbing back up the corporate ladder.
Kelvin gazed at her for a moment then uttered an apology. "It's not an experience for the weak."
She chuckled. "It's nothing. I have lived to tell my story, at least."
He nodded in agreement.
"So what about you?" she asked.
"I'm just your normal guy. Lost my mum under mysterious circumstances in which my dad is yet to clarify with me. I think you already know the rest. The media loves it's 'The CT Prince' stories."
"I think they're more of controversy and rumour than what you really are. You are a nice person, kelv." Her voice had more sincerity in it than her words were letting on.
Kelvin shrugged and took another sip; a longer one.
She glanced at her watch and shook her head slightly. "I'm sorry, I have to get going. I have early morning traffic to worry about."
Kelvin escorted her to her car and went into his. There was no mistake that he had started having feelings for her.
A week had passed like a flash. Chris felt they should stay a bit longer but his companions suggested they go and return another day. "A new chapter will open in your life," they had told him.
He packed his things, including the book, and went off to catch up with his new friends.
After days of inconsistent sleep, Kelvin let his mind out to Laura, who was doing a great job with Freddy. She initially had doubts but as days passed, they realized they had more in common than they were letting on. Their bond grew stronger over months.

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Re: The Torpedo by pacifust058(m): 7:11am On Sep 05, 2018
Thanks for the update but I wish it could be coming quicker than this
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Re: The Torpedo by Fazemood(m): 2:26pm On Sep 05, 2018
This is good. I haven't been around NL for a while. Glad to be back and here. smiley
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 8:49pm On Sep 06, 2018
Sorry guys. I've been adjusting to ensure the story doesn't go out of proportion. Better characters would be introduced and also better storylines. Thanks for the support.

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Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 10:05pm On Sep 08, 2018
****Eight Months Later****
Jamal dived deep underwater, cleansing the sweat from hours of training. The early morning sun reflected off the water surface, with some rays penetrating and casting an ominous glow on the ground of the river.
Ten minutes later Jamal was out and drying his nak*d body when he heard sharp movements. He was suddenly on high alert, adrenaline pumping through his veins. He immediately regretted throwing the gun he had away. Cursing, he dove into the overgrowth nearby.
"Just come on off the ground," a female voice called in Japanese. "You are surrounded."
Jamal froze in his spot, unmoving. He scanned his environment looking for a makeshift weapon; there was none. He could hear the footsteps coming nearer.
"Goddammit!" Jamal cursed, his clothes were too far to be reached. He listened, the nearest footstep was approximately five metres away. Bracing himself, Jamal rose. A quick glance at his environment showed six hostiles: three in his ten, twelve, and one o'clock directions; three in his four, six, and seven o'clock. Moving swiftly, Jamal grabbed his opponent by the shoulders and sending a knee strike right into his chest. He felt the body shudder in his grasp at the same time felt the others quickly closing the distance. The one at his six stroke first; attempting a straight punch which Jamal parried with his left arm. A quick glance showed another opponent proceeding from his left. Jamal bent at the waist and spun to the left, evading the onrushing enemy and getting out of the two's striking range. There was no time to think, however, as another opponent quickly closed in on Jamal. He blocked and parried four consecutive punches before landing a kick of his own right on the kneecap, breaking the leg. The man screamed as his allies rushed to his aid.
"Stop!" the same female voice ordered from somewhere in the background. Jamal carefully looked around but couldn't pinpoint where the voice came from. A few seconds later he saw her emerge from the trees directly at his twelve o'clock. The henchmen quickly grabbed the injured and ran away.
"Who are you people?" Jamal asked in fluent Japanese, more out of curiosity than anything else.
The lady moved slowly, followed closely by two armed bodyguards. Armed with six foot spears. Her elegant steps were easily observable as that of royalty. She wore a red knee-length blouse which highlighted her slim yet curvy physique with trousers and shin-high leather boots. Her light skin glowed in the sun rays, giving the impression of an angel. "I must ask you who you are," she said softly in posh English as she approached him, "being that you are in our territory." She halted inches away from him, looking at him from head to toe.
"I can't exactly say I'm a stranger here," Jamal stated, staring right back at her. "I've been here for months."
She nodded slightly, "why? What are you hoping to accomplish?"
Jamal shook his head and walked past her to where he dropped his clothes. He was immediately blocked by two armed female guards. "Really?" He looked over his shoulder at her.
"I'm not done yet," she smiled. Then she flicked a finger at him then at herself, "WE are not done yet."
"Then at least let me get some f*cking clothes on!" Jamal cursed.
A pause, then she nodded at the ladies. They immediately got out of the way.
Kelvin took a drag from his cigarette. He puffed the smoke one last time to see it disappear into the air. He laughed at himself. The mansion he bought just a few weeks ago was of the latest technology and design. The most expensive being the air scrubbing technology which detected and removed all harmful gases around the interior of the building.
Questions were still asked about how Kelvin got the money to buy such an expensive place. The facts were straight enough: even the higher class were yet to get theirs. Though everybody knew the financial power of General David was no pushover, they also knew it still wasn't enough to get a mansion worth billions.
Kelvin always answered them in the same way: "It's a lovely house, by the way." And then a shrug.
"Babe, aren't you coming to bed?" He heard Laura call from behind him; he had been so engrossed in his usual self appraisal he didn't hear when she climbed down stairs.
"I'll be there in a few, love," Kelvin replied. He turned around to see her dressed in a see-through nightgown which only got s*xier as it stopped above the knees, revealing those lush pair of thighs. Kelvin swallowed and let out a sigh and a wolfish grin.
Re: The Torpedo by devilmaycry1(m): 11:59am On Sep 09, 2018
is too short thank for the update

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