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How To Write Perfect Product Review Articles : By Amechi Okoli / The Dog Attendant (T. D. A) [COUNTLESS Part 2]. A story By Darousmart Emmanuel. / Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Emmanuel Okoli by depumpin(m): 10:52am On Oct 03, 2018
God bless u mr.flow i luv ur stories.....i promise u wife from my area.......if u know u know
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by tojahh(m): 11:20am On Oct 03, 2018

Kala police station, Rumueme. Chai flow why you include am here na. Those popo use cutlass slap one old man like that because him do Uturn for rumokwuta/NTA road roundabout. That day I weak.

Back then na my hood be rumuigbo by everyday supermarket. Still dey flow, I dey with Man wey dey Reason
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 12:14pm On Oct 03, 2018
God bless u mr.flow i luv ur stories.....i promise u wife from my area.......if u know u know

Ehen! How many wives? Give them my number.
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 1:11pm On Oct 03, 2018
Alaska is indeed home to all. A city that lies along the East-West road of Port Harcourt yet it inhabits the Easterners and the Westerners in large quantity. A small city yet it is large at heart. A place to be indeed.

A place to be. Home for all; the good, the bad, the ugly. I have indeed seen good times in that city, but ugly times outshines the good and the bad times put together. Alaska! They call it Alakahia, we call it Alaska. Alaska home for all.

Alaska that comfortably accommodates the University of Port Harcourt and shelters most of her students. Alaska the home of drinking bars and restaurants. The land that houses a radio station along its corridors.

Oh I remember when my relationship with Chinwe was going smoothly and all rosy. She called Today FM to wish me happy birthday, I blushed for about two weeks. That was in the era when our love was like Bee and Nectar; how time flies and our love can now be likened to Bread and Tea from Mai-Shai.- One so hot, the other stale.

Alaska; the river where the Police always launches into the deep for net breaking catch.

“What did we do wrong Officer?” I was on my knees
“shut up! Your hands on your head! You yahoo boys!”

“sir we are not yahoo boys ooh!” Snow cried.
“search them!” One of the officers ordered.
“search wetin? Igboh dey my pocket ooh!” I confessed.
“Really!” One of the officers heard me “That means you are in soup!”

“But who tell this SARS people say we dey here? and say we be yahoo boys?” my head was close to Flow’s dirty leg as I lied down.
“Where Man go?” I looked up.

“Emma you bad sha! Because of Brainbox you betray all of us” That statement resounded.

Man has taken his pound on flesh from me and the rest.

“Oga we no be yahoo boys ooh! We are hardworking Nigerians!” I said.
“Hardworking Nigerians and you are found in the bar with Indian Hemp in you pockets?”

Sleeping on the bare urine flooded floor of the cell early the next morning, I was thinking deeply. How dare Man?

“Yahoo boys! All of you Mr. Chinonso is here to free you!”

Stepping out of the cell, I heard a sermon from a nearby church, that was when it dawned on me that it was Sunday and that I was to resume work at Top bond the following day.
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 1:12pm On Oct 03, 2018

Kala police station, Rumueme. Chai flow why you include am here na. Those popo use cutlass slap one old man like that because him do Uturn for rumokwuta/NTA road roundabout. That day I weak.

Back then na my hood be rumuigbo by everyday supermarket. Still dey flow, I dey with Man wey dey Reason

Na man you be.
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by precidope(m): 3:11pm On Oct 03, 2018

Not forgetting Brainbox
okay I won't wink
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by tojahh(m): 3:56pm On Oct 03, 2018

Na man you be.

This is one writer apart from MaziOme*** that always complete their stories

Kudos Wene
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by Bebson007(m): 9:35pm On Oct 03, 2018

I finished Na Man you be, but it didn't end how you expected
you didn't finish the story
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 10:41pm On Oct 03, 2018
I tilted and chamfered the sole of my old fashion black shoe, wishing the sole wouldn’t stay behind when I stood up like the other day.

“But Abu help me sew the shoe well na!” I assured myself.

On the wall in the reception hung so many beautiful portraits; The Monalisa, The Madonna of the Rock, Christ the Redeemer and one that caught my attention was the picture of an old model Cadillac painted beautifully.
“ooh! How Flow so love Cadillac!” He told us that there are three things he must own before leaving this world, One is a Cadillac car, the Other is another Cadillac car, and the Third is yet another Cadillac car.

“Mister Emmanuel Okoli please come with me” The lively Human resources manager Mark gesture.

“Sir will I be resuming duties today?” I could still feel the hurt from the slap I received from the SARS officer the other day.
“No, you will resume tomorrow, I just need to show you around!” Mark winked, “And introduce you to members of staff in your department too”

At the junction that led to the IT section where I was suppose to work, it was going down. The heel of my sole was of or almost of, then the pace at which I was walking reduced.

Mack turned abruptly and said; “Mister Emmanuel why are you lagging behind?”
“Nothing ooh! Its just that I am having running stomach!”
“Common Mister Emmanuel!” He walked towards me, “today should be one of your happiest day for you, not a day running stomach should spoil for you”
“You are right, I think I will visit the toilet after I see my office!”
“that’s the spirit Mister Emmanuel Okoli! that’s the spirit!” He tapped me.

I limped into the office as all the members of staff stood to greet a great legend that entered.

“Everybody meet Mister Emmanuel Okoli, he will be working with you in this department” Mark announced.

“My eyes quickly caught the only lady in the room; the same that beat the hell out of Man the other day – Mrs. Ugly.
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 10:43pm On Oct 03, 2018

you didn't finish the story

I did, i finished it hastily because i was tied up.

Oga i dey finish wetin i start ooh
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by depumpin(m): 10:56pm On Oct 03, 2018

Ehen! How many wives? Give them my number.
i go give u 3 igbo,yoruba and hausa or fulani
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 10:59pm On Oct 03, 2018

i go give u 3 igbo,yoruba and hausa or fulani

Yoruba babes anytime mehn

Not forgetting "igbo amaka"
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by depumpin(m): 10:32am On Oct 04, 2018

Yoruba babes anytime mehn
Not forgetting "igbo amaka"
Dis guy u lyk beta tin hahahaha bt amaka fit disappoint oooo
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by Bebson007(m): 2:29pm On Oct 04, 2018

I did, i finished it hastily because i was tied up.

Oga i dey finish wetin i start ooh
welcome back boss na your joke dey make me laff I stay up @ night to read it because its constructive and very sensible. good job bro
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by Wonderz1(m): 4:06pm On Oct 04, 2018
Baba flow welcome back
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 6:33pm On Oct 04, 2018
2nd August 2015, 8am.

“Emma! Flow! Brainbox! Snow! All of you hurry up the bus is waiting outside!” I was still in the bathroom.

“Ahhhhh! My egg dey pain me!” I counted the balls in between my legs, “e be like say one don break ooh!”

“I know its Emma that like wasting time, he always waste time in everything he does, except when he wants to c’um when having sex” Chinwe was nailing me in the Living room.

“Hahahahahahaha!” Flow laughed the loudest.

“I fit don be impotent ooh!” I felt pain badly, “Useless Chinwe!! If I impotent ehh, I go barren you!”

Chinwe had while we were having sex Two days ago at Spadob Hotel kicked my balls hard when my phone rang and it was Nse calling.

“And why are you walking like this?” Chinwe asked as I walked into the Living room.

“How am I walking? I am walking normal oh!” I answered, “Just that I broke one egg!”

“which egg you break?” Snow asked.

“You dey mad! I break your Papa egg!”

“Hahahahahaha!” Chinwe laughed, “Fly wey no dey hear word dey follow dead body enter grave”

“Driver move, I go hang as no space for me to sidon!” Man was standing by the door of the bus, he really looked like a bus conductor; and he was dressed like one too.

Of we went to “Libration from Sin International Church” Chinwe’s father church – He was the General Overseers.

The bus was stuffy and I was profusely sweating.

“hmm! Who mess here?” Snow said.
Like bubble, the smell of my fart bounced left to right.
“e no go betta for the person wey mess! Him nyash go tear!” Flow cursed.

“Brainbox, this mess dey smell like your mess ooh!” Snow accused.
“You dey craze there! How you take know the smell of my mess!” Brainbox returned.
“Okay make I smell your nyash!”

“Look at how adults are disgracing themselves with fart” Chinwe spoke from the front seat of the bus, “Are you people sure it’s not Emma that pollute the air?”

Soon the bus came to a stop at the Church entrance.
“Everybody get down lets go to the church to praise the Lord!” Chinwe was glad she had won souls.

“wetin carry me come this church sef!”

The Ushers were so insensitive not knowing that I was no way sitting next to Omowunmi a.k.a Mrs. Ugly.

Choir ministration was on and I saw my Chinwe dancing and shaking her behind like no other. “Holy in church! Wicked outside!”

I did the best I could to present eye contact with Omowunmi seated by my left. She was trampling on my well polished shoe, yet I worried not. The sweat on her communicated with my body, I cared not. After all she was my boss.

Sermon was on.
Chinwe’s father was really vibrating, hitting me on the right spot.

“…………the devil is really wicked, we must chase the devil out of our lives”
“Sir the devil I must chase out of my life is your daughter” I whispered.

“………………………Now let us break the head of the devil……………turn to your neighbor and say…… Let us break the head of the devil”
I dared not turn to Mrs. Ugly, I dared not.

“let us break the head of the devil” Omawunmi was looking for my trouble holding my head, “Was I the devil?”

“………………………..Ushers share the Coconut!” The Pastor said.

“Coco wetin??” I wasn't confortable, "Which kin church be this?"

“……………. Now the coconut you are holding is the head of the devil, as you break it, you are breaking the head of the devil”
Omowunmi was still looking for my trouble, she hit the coconut on my head slightly.

“Hmmm! I dey warn you ooh!” I cried, “You dey fin my trouble oh!”
“you think say I be like Man wey you beat that day of interview?” I saw Man smiled for the beautiful girl by his side.

“……………………..Now you can break the Coconut!”

While I was struggling hard to break my Coconut on the floor, Mrs. Ugly Omowunmi was also struggling to break hers.

She finished before me, intentionally pouring out the liquid it contained on my trouser.

“Hahahaha! Emma you piss for body?” Flow laughed

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Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 6:34pm On Oct 04, 2018
Baba flow welcome back

God bless you
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by Kirgyakos(m): 9:20pm On Oct 04, 2018
200K! nna that Emmy doh blow o!

anyway, baba flow I twale 4 u once again...kari on
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 10:04pm On Oct 04, 2018
200K! nna that Emmy doh blow o!

anyway, baba flow I twale 4 u once again...kari on

Twale my man

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Re: Emmanuel Okoli by ChemicalReaction(f): 11:04pm On Oct 04, 2018
This chapter funny me scarra!
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 7:26am On Oct 05, 2018
This chapter funny me scarra!

You never chichunchin
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 8:24pm On Oct 05, 2018
September 11, 2015, Friday, 5pm.

At OK Republic.

I closed from work early because it was Friday.

I was smoking away my pain wishing Monday never came for me to complete networking the systems and CCTV installation of the office of the CEO Mr. Henry Okonkwo – Chinwe’s Dad.

“Oboy I remember wetin happen to us that evening” I flashed back.

“wetin be that?” I saw Brainbox puffing so high.
“Oboy Man you be wicked boy ooh! How you tell those SARS officers say we be yahoo boys wey make them arrested us”

“Forget that thing jor! no be me cuase am, na my oga cause am”
“Your oga! who be your oga?” Snow asked
“My oga?”

“Yes! Who be your oga!” We all yelled at the same time.
“Man tell us this your oga, who him be?” Time for truth.
“Tell us him name!”

“Okay! Make una wait, I go tell una” Man was mean now, “My Oga na really big man ooh!”
“Ehen we know say him na big man!”
“My Oga name na na na OK, Henry Okonkwo, but we call him OK” My blew it.

“wait! wait! which of the Henry Okonkwo you dey talk? Shey na the one wey be Pastor of Libration From Sin Church?” I was shocked.
“the one wey be Chinwe Papa, pastor Henry?” Snow added.
“Which kin pastor? OK na drug baron, in fact, him be drug Lord” Man informed, the Okoli that evening was truth revealing i could tell.
“You mean am?” I needed to know more.
“Yes na!” Man nodded, “That day wey SARS come arrest una, na all of us the SARS come to arrest”

I said it! Man had a hand in the arrest.

“OK tell the SARS officers make them come arrest me and my friends because I tell am say I no go work for am again”

“So why you com leave us run? How you com take know say them the SARS officers dey come wey you com discharge leave us!” Flow spoke my mind.
“I been tell una say Onyinye my Uncle wife call me for phone wey make me leave una?” That was what he told us “That na lie I lie”

“If that na lie, wetin com be the truth?” Brainbox asked.
“The truth be say my Offor tell me 30 minutes before the officers come say them dey come, nahim make me discharge” Truth revealing.

“Offor? wetin be Offor? Shey na the Offor wey them dey mix with Egusi for soup?” Brainbox asked a stupid question.

“Brianbox you be Mumu Oh! Offor na him jaz!” Flow translated.

“So Man get jaz?” I said to myself.

“Nawa oo!”

“So as you tell us say you raise money come bail us, shebi that one sef na lie?” I knew Man well enough to know he can never bail his friends with his money. Never!

“Me? Bail una? I get money for bail?” Man gestured, “Na OK I go beg say make him no vex, say I go continue the Coco business for am if him go free una, before him come tell me make I go the cell wey una dey go tell sergeant Rogers make him free una, before I reach the cell, him don already call Rogers for phone”

“Nawa ooh!!”

“make una no vex for me, I still be una man na, isn't it?” He tapped me.

“Yes you still be our man but you need to stop this Coco business oh” I advised.

“I go stop am when I get better job like Emma get” He never knew the hell I was passing through.

With a strange look, all of sudden, Man stood up and was leaving.

“where you dey go?” Snow asked.

“my Offor say make I comot for here now!”

“for where? who you wan leave here!” The rest of us stood up like we were remote controlled following Man.


Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 1:06pm On Oct 06, 2018
“In the beginning of the dream they don’t know about you, back then they don’t about what you went through, them go call you mugu, some of them go call you mumu………... If nobody talk about you, then you are nobody” MI featuring Tuface was jamming in the loud speaker by my side in 17:59 that evening. I was recalling what Brainbox told me about the gossips on the lips of the rest of them.

“why una dey gossip me say I wan marry oyinbo woman for our company!” I said, “shey na because the oyinbo woman wey dey work for our company drop me for house with her car?”

“Emma no be say we dey gossip, we just dey reason weda you don leave Chinwe” Was his Offor telling him I had dumped Chinwe. Or so I thought.

“Me? Leave Chinwe, I dey craze?” I swore.

If I dumped Chinwe, it simple meant I might lose any of these two; it is either I lose my job at Top Bond or I lose my life, or I lose both.

“But the Oyinbo woman no fine at all, she ugly” Flow reminded me.

The Pilipino Vido Velareal was born and baptized Ugly; she was the head of Accounts yet she could not account for her ugliness. Her smile melt the world with bad breath and rotten teeth as additives.

“Udeme! Serve us one more bottle of 17:59, I go pay” Man Ordered.

Man was becoming extravagant, it amazed me.
“Guy you don dey spend money this days ooh! wetin happen? you thief?” Snow said.
“Na your papa go thief" Man attacked, "I dey spend money because money don dey enter my hand na!”
“Money for Coco business abi” Flow said.

“But make una wait ooh! No be say because I don tell una say OK na my boss for Coco business, una go go dey announce am for CNN oh!”
“Guy why you dey talk like this na? We be small pekin?” I cautioned, “abi you don hear am for anybody mouth?”
“No, I never hear am” He affirmed.

We were drinking from the third bottle each when Man said; “I wan tell una something oh”

“wetin be that?” Snow said.

“when una go join this my business?” He said, “OK don dey recruit new intake now”

“You be bad friend ooh, na Coco business you know say you go introduce to us”
“But the business dey pay na!” Man reminded.
“Which kin yeye pay be that, you wey dey borrow money up and down, and you dey do Coco!”
“That na before na” Man said, “I dey under recruitment process that time, now I don be full staff!”

Full staff indeed. Full staff of Coco and associates Limited.

“But guy, you no dey fear your life ooh, what if Police catch you?” Brainbox was keenly listening.
“Police? Them never born that police wey go arrest us OK boys well! In short OK nahim be commissioner of Police for this state!” He swore.

The way Brainbox was nodding, I could tell he was really impressed.
“Brainbox no join this thing ooh!” I almost said.
As for me, they was no way I was gonna join OK boys. No way! Not me!
Or so I thought.

Then Flow’s Phone rang.
“Wetin dey make this Diva dey call me? Shebi I don tell her say I no dey do again!”
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 3:13pm On Oct 06, 2018
November 22nd, 2015 Sunday: Just me and Man at the Basilica.

“Oboy how church today?” I wished I never asked Man that question.

“Me? I no dey go church, sorry jor, I dey go church” Man corrected, “The name of my church na St. Bottles and Okoli Cathedral Alaska, and na me be pastor!”


“Yes na! I be real pastor, no be like some other pastors wey be Coco men and still be pastor!”

“Are you indirectly referring to Pastor Henry Okonkwo?”
“I no dey refer to anybody oh!” Man munched hard from the plate of 404 in front of him.

“Man! I wan tell you something ooh!” I said, “Can I confide in you?”
“Confide? Yes you can confident in me!” Man said, “I no dey run mouth any how na!”

“Okay, see ehnn! I no wan dey stay with Flow, Snow and Brainbox again” I announced, “I wan rent my own house”
“why na? Una quarrel?”
“we no quarrel ooh, I just wan move out” I said, “No be say I dey move out ooh, I wan rent that One room and parlour wey that Yoruba man park comot for our compound”

“Na Chinwe tell you make you park abi?” He guessed right.
“Yes ooh, na she, she say she like my friends ooh, but she like privacy”

“ehnnn, e make sense sha but you like am like that?”
“I like am as e be say na the same compound we go dey stay, but different house”

“Okay sha but always remember say woman na woman, and your mens na your mens! No let woman separate una oh!” Man advised.
“I no go let that one happen” I assured.

30 minutes later
My phone beeped, it was a text message from Flow.
“Oboy no come back house, me and Diva dey house, i wan do work!”

“Okay, see am, na” I showed Man the text message, “Flow and Diva dey house dey waya, him text me make I no come back house now!”
“Ehnn make we dey here dey drink Pammy till him finish work na!” Man said, “I go pay for all the drink wey we go drink!”

We were still on our first Ololo when someone ran into the bar pant abruptly.

I almost flee out of the bar when I saw Flow with boxers panting and fitgetty.

“Emma! no run! Na Flow!” Man stood up, “Flow wetin happen?”\

“Oboy! Oboy! Oboy! Oboy! Ehnnnnn Oboy!”
“Oboy wetin? Calm down!” Man yelled, “Why you wear only boxers? You don dey mad?”

It took 20 minutes for Flow to calm down and talk.
“As me and Diva dey for room dey waya, naso naso naso!” Flow's face was albino-ish. He had peed on his boxers already

“Naso wetin?” Man yelled, “Talk na!!!”
“Naso as I wan put my thing, the the the girl no come dey move again!”

“She no move? Eheen wetin come happen?”
“Naso as I come touch her, I come see say she no dey breathe!” Flow cried, “She die!”

“She wetin?”

“She she she die!”

“Yawa! Flow you don kill person pekin with your prick”

“I tell you say one day your prick go put you for trouble!”

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Re: Emmanuel Okoli by Tgold1(m): 5:45pm On Oct 06, 2018
Flow1759 na the gbola coz kasala
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by Snow87(m): 6:24pm On Oct 06, 2018
Flowy my Manchi, I no fit forget ur tori man wey dey reason, na man u be jare
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 6:46pm On Oct 06, 2018
Flowy my Manchi, I no fit forget ur tori man wey dey reason, na man u be jare

Na man you too be
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by Wonderz1(m): 8:04pm On Oct 06, 2018
Yawa don gas oooh
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by Alexgeneration(m): 11:45pm On Oct 06, 2018
Flow your cassava don put you for wahala.

Na now you go know the meaning of APC because Chinwe papa go change am for you.

Flow,just get ready to be "Depricked".
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 6:34am On Oct 07, 2018
Flow your cassava don put you for wahala.

Na now you go know the meaning of APC because Chinwe papa go change am for you.

Flow,just get ready to be "Depricked".

Haha! You funny Sha.
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by flow1759: 10:42pm On Oct 07, 2018
“Emma call Brother Wale quick na!” Flow was really worried and shattered, “before person go come see her dead body here”
“I dey call am na, him number no dey go!”

“And we no fit carry her dead body for any of this local boys taxi” Man cautioned, “Na Brother Wale go make sense! The guy na coded guy!”
“Him number no dey go na!”

“We need to carry her body comot for here before e go dey smell!” Man was high on cheap stuff. Cheap Okoli rather.
“How pesin wey just die go begin dey smell immediately?” I attacked.
“Eheeen! The person body go smell if the person na A’shawo before she die na!” I saw the look on Flow’s face when Man said that.

“Eheen! Him number don dey go!” I was able to reach Brother Wale the taxi driver.
“…………………. Ehen BW abeg come house now…………. come with your motor, e get where you go carry me go…………………. Come now ooh” I hung up.
“Him say him don dey come!”
“Eheen! Make him come fast jor” Flow was losing it gradually.

“where Snow and Brianbox go sef!” Man asked.
“Snow call me say him go sleep for Angela Him girlfriend house, Brainbox travel go him village for Mbaise”
“Brainbox travel nahim him no com tell me, me wey me and him dey do the same business!” Man confirmed he had indoctrinated Brainbox into the OK boys. But what I could tell was that Brainbox would go into the business with his brain, all his brain, I was very sure of that.

“So you don introduce Brainbox to OK boys abi?” I managed to ask.
“No be me introduce am ooh, nahim say make I carry am go meet OK say him wan join”
As Man said that, I thought Flow would say something in attack, but he kept mute, so I turned towards him.

Flow with all the muscles was crying.
“Flow why you dey cry na?”
With heavy lips he said; “How How How I no go cry? When I don kill person pekin! I am a murderer”
“Guy no cry again, everything is gonna be alright” I held back my tears, “Nobody go see the girl dead body, we go just go dump her for that Boro-pit for Rumuagholu”

30 minutes later Brother Wale was honking outside.
“Man! Man! help me make I wrap her with this bed sheet” Flow struggled with the body of the love of his life crying a river.

He abruptly sat on the floor sobbing bitterly with both hands on his head.
“Flow stand up make we carry the dead body na!” I wiped away his tears.

Man had gone outside to hint Brother Wale about the ugly incident and they entered the room. We wrapped the body with the bedsheet and Man observed the environment to see if we would be caught, reporting back to us that a sack would be the best option to convey the body.
“No worry I get Garri bag for my motor!”

As Man and Brother Wale carried the body and swiftly inserted it into the sack, I saw Diva’s body moved; or was I high on Okoli? Yes i was.
Muscular Brother Wale easily lifted the body on his shoulder like it was a sack containing clothes.

The compound was quiet and deserted. Flow was still weeping, I joined in.

“Flow why you dey cry like this? Na man you be ooh!” Man was seated at the front seat of the cab. I and Flow was seated at the back, while Diva and a shovel was seated at the fender.

As we drove towards Rumuosi junction, all I was thinking was what will be said of me on the event of my demise.

I was lost in my thought addressing a LARGE crowd; and on the event of my demise:

If any of you happen to be around when I have to meet my dead, I don’t want a long funeral, and if you get somebody to ready the eulogy tell the person not talk too much.

It could be any of you here reading my eulogy that day; please don’t tell the people present at the funeral what you think they should know about me.

On that day don’t tell people I finished from University of Port Harcourt, that’s not important.

No, don’t tell anybody I graduated with second class upper or that I once lived in splendour.

No, No, don’t tell anybody I was born with a silver spoon or that I lost the spoon after secondary school, That’s not important.

No, No, No don’t tell them all that.

Tell them I sold Purewater in traffic to fend for myself in the University.

Tell them I wore one pair shoe for Four years in the University.

Tell them I never joined cult in the University.

Tell them I worked in building sites so I could eat beans and bread two times daily.

Don’t forget, tell them I worked three part time jobs so I could pay for Mama’s heart surgery.

Tell them I survived.

“Emma wetin we go do na, the motor don quench!” Man tapped me back to reality.

“wetin do the motor na?” I asked.

“Brother Wale say na the Cabrator!”

Brother Wale took of his vest and was sweating profusely as he tried finding out the problem with the vehicle.

A glance at my wrist watch, it was 11.01pm and we were at the enclosure at Obiri Ikwerre flyover.

Brother Wale left the fender of the vehicle open going there repeatedly to take what only God knows.

Soon the car jerked to a start and brother Wale quickly returned his working tools back to where he got them from.

We zoomed pass the scary Obiri Ikwerre flyover and from a distance I saw the flash of a light.

“Na Police be that?”

“No be Police ooh! Na street light” I was sure.

We drove closer to see three men on black.

Three men on black and with guns flashing their torchlights on our windscreen.

One of them flagged us down and said; “All of you come down!”

“I want to see your booth!”

That was the beginning of the end; or rather the end of the beginning.
Re: Emmanuel Okoli by Kirgyakos(m): 11:01pm On Oct 07, 2018

Twale my man
I see u my oga...how market?

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The Complete James Hardly Chase Novels In Epub, Pdf And Mobi Formats / A Poem For My Country @ 51 / Chimamanda Adichie At Johns Hopkins University For African Conference (Photos)

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