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Re: Dead Trap by Napoleonsammy(m): 11:12am On Dec 10, 2018
Walking is a really bad idea Brad, but you've got no choice. Just pray that bull doesn't come again.

Your stories jxt get more interesting after every episode. Kip up d nice work Silver.
Re: Dead Trap by Mavikolo2020: 11:42am On Dec 10, 2018
Thanks for the update
Re: Dead Trap by Silver1996(m): 11:51am On Dec 12, 2018

BRAD STUDIED THE SKY WISHING FOR ANOTHER STORM THAT MIGHT THEIR TRACKS, instead the sun hammered down relentlessly, baking their tracks into the earth, best he could do for now was keep moving fast toward the rift wall and get up onto the plateau.....

"Keep up Persia...!, We need to get to the cliff before dark... "

"I'm trying, the boots are too big... "

He paused waiting for her to catch up, but she was tiring, her gait shortening and she was stumbling repeatedly in the oversized man's boot...
Again he cursed himself for loosing the jeep, for letting her get under his skin and pry into his life..

When Qetsiyah reached him, she was sweating and breathing hard, she bend over, bracing her hand on her knees..

Brad uncapped the water bottle and held it to her.... "Drink... "He said brusquely

"There are nicer ways to order people about... "She snapped snatching the water bottle from him.., she drank it thirstily..

He stopped her, taking it back.... "Got to ration it... "He said capping it back..

"You're not having any...?

"Not until we find a new source..., see up there...." He pointed to a dark line bisecting the looming cliff face.... "That could be a small waterfall, especially after the rains lastnight "

She squinted up, trying to catch her breathe.... "I need to sit for a minute.. "

His jaw tightened

"Please... "she said crisply..., molding on an innocent face..

Brad snort.... "Just for a second okay..., it's not a good place.. "

She lowered herself onto a rock, taking her hat off and dragging her hand over her hair...

Brad bit his lips when his eyes brushed over her skin.., her skin was glowing from exertion and it was driving him mad..., she was more beautiful to him by the second....

"What are you thinking... ?she ask looking up to him..

He nibbed his lips... "Nothing... "

He unhook the GPS from his belt rechecking their route....

"If you've got satellite coverage for that... "She jerked her chin at his GPS.... "A satelite phone could have worked out here... "

"Too bad i lost mine while saving your ass at the lodge... "

She said nothing, instead she got to her feet....

Brad set a slightly lower pace so she could keep up..

"You said you own a farm.... "Qetsiyah said from behind him..

He didn't reply, he just kept moving...

She puff... "What do you farm, how much land do you have...?

He just wished she just stop poking her cute nose on his personal life.. "Big enough... "He replied grudgingly.....,he wanted to remain silent, to concentrate but something pushed him to continue.... "My land forms part of a privately held game conservation area... ...,it's a block of ten kilometers by twenty.... "

So... "She jogged a little to keep up.... "You offer game viewing... ?

"Not in my segment... "

"But your neighbors do..?

"I never see them... "

"I mean do your neighbors run safari... "

Irritation sliced through him.... "Yeah.. "

"Do you ever plan to....?

He stopped, spun round to face her.... "No, because i don't like people Persia, running camps for idiot tourists who ask many questions would drive me crazy..... "

She had the audacity to smile.... "You're already crazy... "

He glared at her... "I'm thinking postal.. "

She met his glare... "I bet you weren't always like this.. "

"Like what...?

"Bitter and twisted.."

He wiped sweat from his brow... "And what makes you so sure...?

"I also bet you're trying to grow things on your land... "

"So now you're a psychic...?

"You called it a farm.. "

He moistened his lips..

"So what are you trying to farm....?

He snort... "Have you forgotten we've got killers on our ass.....?,Come on, we need to move... "

For a while they continue walking, as they reach the red rift wall of rocks, she said..... "When did you come to live in Botswana, how long have you actually been here...?

"Ten years... "

"The length of your vow not to kill...?

His stomach tightened and a warning buzz started in his brain...

"Where in South Africa were you born...?

"Neispruit... "He said crisply... "Small African town founded by Boers along the crocodile river, it was renamed Mbombela after apartheid.... "

"So you grew up there...?..

He grunted...

"So why did you become a mercenary in the first place...? She ask circling back to how he knew Ayura and how exactly, Ayura saved him ten years ago...

His head startrd to throb and his chest went tight, Carla was not her business, his failed marriage, his son, his farm, his old life in South Africa...not her damn business either...., he'd blocked that part of his history right out of his consciousness, he didn't want to go back thete, he's no longer that man...

"Hello......."She snapped her fingers...

He snort.... "Persia please do me a favour.., just stop talking, just for a while..."

Her jaw dropped...."I don't usually have to work this hard to get people to be civil with me.... "

Frustration flared across his chest.... "Then don't.., save your breathe and mine.. "

"Look... "She snapped.... "If I'm going to spend the amount of time with you that it takes to get up that cliff and over the plateau ontop, then across another of Botswana, we might as well be civil, get to know each other... "

"I know all i need to know about you Persia... "He said quietly.... "You're Ayura's kid sister and you're a princess, a precious commodity to your kingdom and you're about to become queen of almighty Sa'ud, people want you back, a desperate man wants you dead, I'm the lackey in the middle... "

"You know nothing about me..... "She spat the words out in exasperation..... "I'm more than someone else's princess, someone's fiancee, someone's commodity, I'm my own damn person too...... "She fisted her hand and beat against it her chest..... "I worked hard to get where i am and i pay my own way, I'm a foreign investment consultant with a solid legal background, in my spare time, i volunteer for Clearwater and if i do spend my family fortune, it's always for volunteer work, if i do use my family's name, it's to raise funds for impoverished villages so they can get access to Clearwater, and yes, i attend a ton of glitzy charity events but it's to raise funds so i can come here, to Africa,to places like Zimbabwe, and do good work,works that makes a difference in people's lives Brad., and i might live in plush Manhattan penthouse but i paid for it and i have friends there who like me for who i am.... "Her voice hitched and she swore turning away, her eyes bright with tears...

She spun back, calming her voice but when she spoke, it was shaky..... "The only reason am in this position now is because my brothers weren't open with me and i couldn't take adequate safety precautions because of it..... "She sniff and took off her hat.... "How do you think that makes me feel, my controlling brothers taking over my life again and then lump me in with someone like you.... "She rammed the hat back onto her head.....

Surprise ripped through Brad.., then he said, very quietly.... "Are you going to keep doing this charity work, keep your nice Manhattan apartment when you marry in nineteen months?

She stare at him, the pulse of her neck racing....

"Well, will you..?

Her hand went to her stomach, pressed, as if she suddenly felt sick, and he could see her searching for an answer...

"No..."She said after much beats of silence..... "I will work, though, for the kingdom of Sa'ud, Haroun's diplomatic functions, I'm sure I'll find some charities.... "

He took a step closer...... "And that makes you happy, that's what you want...?

She met his gaze... "Why are you asking me this....?

"Because you sound pretty passionate about the other stuffs you were just telling at me about, so you were so darn motivated to get me to take you to Harare to ink that water deal that you weren't even thinking about the attackers on your tail..... "

She swallowed, glanced away...... "It's because this is my last opportunity to do something with my Clearwater work...... "She inhaled deeply..... "I wanted to leave some kind of legacy, show that my freedom was worth something apart from...... "She faded, her eyes gleaming with emotion....

"Freedom.... "He said... "Versus marriage..., is that how you see it...?

She moistened her lips...

"Yeah... "He said.., his eyes going to her ring....... "Give it all up for some dude who owns most of the world's oil..., for a moment back there in Zimbabwe, i was really impressed but i read you wrong.... "

"You'd respect me more..., be impressed if i wasn't going to marry..., marriage takes compromise.... "

"And what's Haroun giving up, what's his compromise....?

Her eyes flickered

He snorted.... "You're talking to the wrong man about marriage princess.., been there, done that, failed miserably, sometimes compromise is not what it's cracked up to be.... "

"So you were married once...? She ask shocked..

"That's none of your damn business... "

She blinked, then gave him a measuring look..

Brad swallowed,his gaze locked with hers..

"What does impress you Brad....?

"If you're following your passion Persia.... "He said quietly.... "I'm impressed, whether you marry or not, and Clearwater, your job, your independence, is obviously your passion.... "He shrugged..... "Trade it all off for a live behind palace walls....?, I'm not seeing a clear picture here....

"Yes it makes me happy.... "She snapped

Brad grunts and turn to walk away.... "You coming or what.... "

They neared the bottom of the cliff and it loomed higher than Qetsiyah anticipated...

Brad stopped, shaded his eyes, searching for a route up..

She heard a sneeze in the grass to her left and froze..

Brad spun around, lowered his rifle and clicked off safety, attention trained on the grass....

"What is it....? She whimpered..

He put his finger to his mouth....

Another sneeze

"Impala.... "He whimpered..... "Warning... "

A groum of antelope suddenly flew at them from the grass....,Qetsiyah shrieked and ducked as the buck leaped high and over her....

Brad ignored the Impala, aiming his gun at the vacated grass.....

Her gaze shot to him in fear...

"Wide dogs... ,We need to move now... "He said taking her hand

At the cliff base, she slulped onto a rock, put her face in her hand, she wanted to cry, just release everything inside but she also wanted to hold it, she began to shake..

Brad placed his hand, large, firm, calming on her shoulder..

Her tears welled...

As if making a decision, he lowered himself onto the hot rock next to her and tentatively put his arm around her, then he commited, pulling her tightly against his body..

She leaned into him, drawing comfort from his solid strength, his confidence, the steady beat of his heart and she let the tears come....

"Hey... "He whimpered.... "It's going to be okay.., i won't let anything happen to you..... "

She sniffed,met his eyes..... "No.. "she said very quietly........ "Am sure you'll do your best or Ayura will probably kill you..... "

He smiled, a soft light entering his eyes and he took her hat off, moving hair away from her face........ "And if Ayura doesn't kill me...., Haroun will.... "

She held his gaze.... "Brad thank you, i know am just a job, a package.... "

He smiled,sadly this time, a worry entering his eyes......... "No..., not just a package,not anymore....., you're too stubborn for that... "

Something growled from behind them, then a hard bark followed...

Heart throbbing,they shift to the direction...

Qetsiyah heart raced speedily....... "Wild dog..... "

The dog barked and growled again.., his dark eyes glaring at them..., his teeth, claws ready to attack....

"Oh God......, not again..... "

Without hesitation, the dog began to run towards them..

Brad aimed the gun......., slowly...,the dog closed the distance...........

"Come-on you bastard......"


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Re: Dead Trap by Fazemood(m): 12:40pm On Dec 12, 2018
Yeah common you fvcking bastard!
Nice one Silver.
Re: Dead Trap by egwolopretty: 12:56pm On Dec 12, 2018
Ride on
Re: Dead Trap by anyimpro(m): 4:12pm On Dec 12, 2018
one shot one kill
Re: Dead Trap by Mavikolo2020: 8:16pm On Dec 12, 2018
Nice 1
Re: Dead Trap by Risingstar2020(f): 8:16am On Dec 13, 2018
Rip dog
Re: Dead Trap by sly12345: 9:59am On Dec 13, 2018
Kill that fvcking dog
Re: Dead Trap by skubido(m): 10:42am On Dec 13, 2018
Adupe ooooo
Re: Dead Trap by petersononome: 5:37pm On Dec 13, 2018
shoot that dog
Re: Dead Trap by DahOne: 3:53pm On Dec 16, 2018
Silver1996 well done o... From d 1996, i guess u r 22 nw, i feel like a scientist alrdy grin grin
Re: Dead Trap by Silver1996(m): 2:14pm On Dec 18, 2018


Qetsiyah sigh heavily, she watch Brad as he walk towards the dog...

"We need to go,the gunshot will attract others, we don't want that... "Brad said, he walk towards her...

Qetsiyah didn't hesitate before he followed him..

"It feels as if it has a presence... "Qetsiyah said looking up at the wall.... "Like it got eyes... "

"The Botswana calls it solomon's wall"Brad said..... "Sangomas.., the local witch others claim it's a place where evil spirits live and watch over the plains to the Tsholo... "

"Must be about seventy yards high.. "She whispered

"Around sixty meters of columnar basalt straight up, higher in other places the wall runs for maybe forty or fifty kilometers, a rift caused by volcanic upheaval thousands of years ago.. "

She look at him oldly, something shifting in her, Brad handed her water, she met his eyes as she drank, he still didn't take any but he felt tasty now...

"You going to be ok.. "He said

She forced a wry smile and cast another glance up the cliff face.... "Am scared of heights"

"Because you're afraid of falling and dying.. ?

She bit her lower lip.. "Am afraid that's what it boils down to.. "

He huff.... "You look at this two ways, if we stay down here, you probably will die at Amal's hands, or you could let me help you climb, and only stand a faint chance of dying at your own hand.. "

"Oh great.... "She said with clenched teeth.... "You do have a way of making someone feel they have some nice option, stay down here and get my head cut off or go up there and get smashed... "

He crouched in front of her and look up into her face, examining her, weighing how much mettle she had left..... "You can do this, you've shown me that you've got more grit than most men, you're a survivor, you have everything it takes and then some.. .......

She turn her face away...

"No, look at me.. "He took her hands in his... "I'm going to help you over this, once step, one rock at a time, we'll take it an angle instead of straight up, it'll be easier that way,and near the top, there's water... "He pointed... "That dark stain on the rock ,we'll rest on that ledge, up there by the water...., I'll build you a fire, we'll eat.., we're a team okay..

She gave a half laugh and her eyes flicked briefly to her finger with the ring.... "After everything I've been through so far, this suddenly feels like the biggest, insurmountable hurdle of all.. "

Brad had a feeling she wasn't just talking about the wall but about the argument they'd had over her marriage versus independence... He felt there was something deeper but he wasn't ready to dig further, right he have to make her focus on climbing..

"Listen here Persia, I'll make you a harness, and you'll be tied to me with rope, i won't let you fall, you've just got to keep looking up, never down, never backward "

He got to his feet, his body casting her in shadow..... "Tomorrow we'll make for a small village where we might find transport, from there, smooth sailing and we're home... "

"Home.... "She said softly as she stuided the wall...., she rubbed her brows.. "Am not sure i know where that is anymore.. "

He grunts, without hesitation, he looped the rope around her back and under her arm above her breast, securing it with knots but when the side of his hand brushed against her breast, her eyes tickled up to his and the memory of their kiss suddenly hung briefly in the heat between them.....

"There... "He cleared his throat and stepped back.... "Ready.. ?

She inhaled deeply, and nodded

Amal stared over the wide roiling Tsholo at the Botswana bank on the other side, rage as violent as the flood waters settled deep in him..
It was already afternoon and jeep tracks showed his quarry had crossed the river right now, before the waters had come down.., who was this bastard that had taken princess, how had this person know that he was coming for her...?

When he finds him, he was going to disemboweled the bastard, hang him from a tree for the jackals to tear at his innards while he was still alive, he'd make him watch what he was going to do to the Arif woman....

"There is a bridge... "Jacob said quietly at his side..

Amal spun to glare at him... "How far?

"North, maybe half a day or more in the jeeps, but sometimes the first flood of the wet season washes parts of the bridge out and there's border control there, on the Botswana side..... "

Amal glowered at Jacob, he hated his eyes, the way they seem to harbour a quiet secret knowledge, he didn't trust him but he needed him, once he sighted his quarry, he will kill the old man and that dog in a flash....

"Screw border patrol... "He snapped.... "It'll be sundown soon, we drive through the night, fast...."

He marched over to Mbogo..... "Mark that spot over the river bank on the Botswana side, if we make good speed, we can be there by dawn tomorrow, we'll pick up their tracks there, they won't get away..... "

Halfway up, Qetsiyah looked down, mistake, far below the plain streched, brown and gold, grasses, acacia, scrub, stunted mopani, dizziness swirled, heat and dehydration taking their toil, her muscles began to shake and sweat drip from under her hat....

She slipped, rope digging into her skin as she jerked out and crashed back into rock, breatge slamming out of her chest...

Above her, Brad braced, taking the brunt of her drop with the rope, he held stilk for a moment as she hung there, small stones skittering from under his boot heel as it began to slip, a shower of stones clattered down on top of her....

"Grab that branch near yout face.... "He yelled...... "Dig your toes into that crevice above your knees, just feel your way and don't look down... "

She groped for a piece of twisted old root, grasping it, she found purchase with her boots, dug her toes in and took some of the weight off Brad...

He hauled her up as she helped by pulling on bits of bush and roots, once over the ledge of the rock, Brad grabbed her and held her body tightly against his...

Qetsiyah heart jackhammered,she could feel his heart pounding against his ribs, thier bodies were drenched with perspiration....

"I got you... "He whispered, his breathe hot in her ears...... "Take it easy okay?, calm down, just relax, if anything kills a person out here it's panic, got that..?, you're in control of your own mind... "

She nodded, mouth tight, trying to tamp down the wide fear rampaging through her, blinding her focus, narrowing her vision, she didn't know how much more of this she could take....

"Did i mention... "She whispered against his neck.. "That i really do hate heights....?

"And did i mention.. "He whispered in return, his breathe feathering her cheek... "That you never cease to surprise me, princess?

"I hope you mean that in a good way.. "

He smiled and it made her feel better ,as if she had a partner

"We're a team remenber, no man left behind... "

She nodded and it felt good to know that this guy had her back, the kind of guy who could be hard on her wheb she needed to push herself, byt tender when she needed a soft touch... ,the kind if man who will push her to follow her dreams, her passion...

As she held on to him, she realized that's what she wanted out of a marriage, and it sunk like a cold knife deep into her chest, she will never get that with Haroun......

He held steady until her heart rate lowered, until she focused and think properly, then he cupped the side of her face and made her look into his eyes..

"Remenber... "He said firmly.... "Looking backwards serves zero purpose, understand...?, only think of the future.."

"Is that what you do Brad.. ?She muttered...."Never look back.. ?

Surprise flickered through his eyes, then his lips twisted into a slow wry smile... "Touche, princess.....,let's climb and save my past for later.. "

She held his gaze, his lips so close, his arms so strong a team suspended between the sky and earth and for an upside-down moment, She was oddly grateful to be here right now, with him, to have been afforded this tiny window of reprieve, even under this circumstances, a chance to rethink her future before she made a terrible mistake from which she could never turn back....

"Ready again....? He ask set...

She smile... "Yeah.... "

"Remenber the rules princess..... "

"No looking down, no looking back... Forward and upward only.... "

He threw her a smile and she smile back....



Re: Dead Trap by Silver1996(m): 2:15pm On Dec 18, 2018
grin grin
Silver1996 well done o... From d 1996, i guess u r 22 nw, i feel like a scientist alrdy grin grin

That isn't my age Bro....
Re: Dead Trap by punter9(m): 3:42pm On Dec 18, 2018
Silver1996 all l have to say to your literary prowess is woah!
Re: Dead Trap by Risingstar2020(f): 5:37pm On Dec 18, 2018
Tnks for the update
Re: Dead Trap by anyimpro(m): 5:56pm On Dec 18, 2018
this is good.
Re: Dead Trap by Mavikolo2020: 5:58pm On Dec 18, 2018
Ride on Ops
Re: Dead Trap by skubido(m): 6:35pm On Dec 19, 2018
OP u too much
Re: Dead Trap by LightQueen(f): 7:01pm On Dec 19, 2018
Well done Silver1996 wink

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