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Caught In His Own Trap / Caught In Their Own Trap / The Mouse Trap - Short Story (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Dead Trap by Johnsown1(m): 4:03pm On Oct 17, 2018
D way u update dis story is synonymous to every NL writers.. but I hope u dont be like dem at d long run.. bcus after una done get fanbase for una story.. una go dey use d update dey play.. or even forget abt d story.. I pray u end it.. more grease to ur elb .. Johnsown1 and ikombe come and see something...

I think am here
Re: Dead Trap by Mavikolo2020: 4:12pm On Oct 17, 2018
Ops this one is short o
Re: Dead Trap by anyimpro(m): 8:15am On Oct 18, 2018
solidly following, ride on.
Re: Dead Trap by izaray(f): 9:59am On Oct 18, 2018
I can't forget to invite this guys


















Thanks for the invite boss mi
Re: Dead Trap by Evold: 10:56am On Oct 18, 2018
Still observing. Brad deserves a serious chase
Re: Dead Trap by oyoni(m): 4:02pm On Oct 18, 2018
Brad... Control yasef o... Silver I hail o
Re: Dead Trap by purity23(f): 6:48pm On Oct 18, 2018

Brad is right though, the name is hard to pronounce
i tire for the name self
Re: Dead Trap by purity23(f): 6:48pm On Oct 18, 2018

Brad is right though, the name is hard to pronounce
i tire for the name self
Re: Dead Trap by Silver1996(m): 8:49pm On Oct 18, 2018

QETSIYAH FELT HERSELF slipping down Brad back and once again tried to maneuver herself higher, squeezing her thigh tighter around his body as he trotted through the long grass.. But he was big between her legs and the strain of holding on was making her musles burn..
The back of his shirt was damp from exertion and his neck smelled very faintly of aftershave.. It made her wonder about him.. Who he really was...

Thunder grumbled again and the wind felt hotter, she peered into the darkness trying to get her bearings, but there was nothing to orient her, just shadowed shapes of trees, scrub, rocky outcrops..

He stop suddenly breathing hard...

"What is it? She whisper near his ear

"Elephants... "he said as he set her gently down to the ground.... "Over there"he pointed

Qetsiyah heard the crack of a branch and a crunch, then a monstrous, ghostly shape seemed to materialized out of the darkness itself. More followed big hulking forms moving slowly across the land, ears silently flapping, curved tusks gleaming ghostly white.. A sense of awe washed over her skin and she rubbed her arms.. Moving closer to Brad...

Neither of them spoke, they just watched in humble silence as the ghostly gray goliaths moved quietly in a single file...

"Whatever happens, dont run... "He whisper to her.. Breathe warm against her skin.... "Out here only food runs, there is nothing here that you can outrun... "

She swallowed hard.. Heart banging against her ribs...

He gave her hand a squeeze,reading her fear, just letting her know he was there..

She moved closer to him, his air of confidence made her feel safe..
Heartpounding.... They watch until the animals passed.. The darkness of the night swallowing them up...
"Wow"She exhale....

"See how all the mapani trees here are short and squat"Brad whispered.... "They are eaten like that by the elephants... "

Qetsiyah immediately realised she was still holding his hand tight.. She awkwardly extracted herself but stayed closed.. Her body almost touching his.. She was suddenly acutely aware that any number of creatures were probably watching them from the darkness right now.. Assessing threat, waiting for opportunity ..mistake..

"You ready to move again? He ask.. His voice a little kinder.. Gentler.... "Come hop on"

"I'm walking Brad"

"You'll hurt your feet, then we are done for"

"Forget it.... You can't carry me all the way.. "She was about to move... When Brad quickly grasped her by the hips and swooped her round into his back.. As he did, his fingers caught on the thread of her G-string...

She felt him stall, it made her suddenly conscious of the intimacy of her position on his back....

He started to move again.. This time faster.. His small flashlight bobbing in a little yellow circle on the ground...

After several miles he was breathing hard. His body wet with exertion...

"Brad put me down. "

He ignored her and kept going...

"Am going to hurt you if you don't put me down, you cant keep going like this... "

He gave a snort...

"I mean it"

He trotted forward not minding her words

She grip his hair.. Then she pulled it hard...."Put me down"

He dumped her to the ground hard and sudden.... "Damn it woman, I should leave you out here for the bloody jackals"

"Give me that machete... "She demanded

"What for?

She took off her shoe.... "Please just give me that blade... "She said holding her hand out..

He met her gaze, the paleness of her eyes unnerving in the touch light.... Slowly he gave her the blade...

Irritation spiked in her when she noticed his gaze... He was probably humoring her, waiting to see what she was going to do with the blade.... She'd show him...
She crouched, balancing her stiletto heels against a rock.. She quickly raised the blade into the air, as she brought it down, he caught her wrist midmotion...

"Don't be a fool"he growled.... "You are going to slice off your goddamn fingers like that... "He pushed her aside and lopped off the heel in a clean swipe....
"The other one"he said holding out his hand...

She gave him the other shoe...... She watch as he quickly cut off the heel

Qetsiyah put the decapitated sandals back onto her feet, gritting her jaw in determination.. She stood, the shoes were uncomfortable.. But she could walk with it... It was better than having lopsided stiletto heels pinning her into the ground with each step....

Brad resheathed the blade.. "Fine walk then, but there are three rules.. One, we walk single file, you stay right behind me... Two, i give an order, you jump..... Three, you keep pace or you are back on my shoulder... Got it?

Before she could answer, he strode off, his flashlight shinning on the ground... "And it's a panga, not a machete ..."he called over his shoulder

She hobbled after him, immediately strugglingto match his pace.... "You are going faster to spite me, aren't you? She said after a few minutes already breathless

"Believe me if i want to spite you, I'd do a lot more than walk fast... "he grumbled

"Look i didn't ask to be rescued "she retorted... "especially by some pigheaded brute with a massive chip on his shoulder "

"I didn't ask to rescue you either.. Sweetheart "

"What's your problem... You don't like women?, where did you earn that chip on your shoulder anyway?

He didn't bother to reply...

"What did Ayura did for you that you owe him?

He exhales... "If it wasn't for your brother... I'd be dead"

Surprise chased through her.. "What do you mean?

"Save your breathe woman, you'll move faster"

"Qetsiyah! My name is Qetsiyah... "Tears of frustration pricked at her eyes and she try to run faster behind him... Fear crackling at the corners of her mind

He picked up more speed as the clouds seemed to lower even farther....

She felt a bullet of rain hit her shoulder.. Big marbles of water suddenly began to bomb into the dry dusty earth...

"Run.. "he called out.. Breaking into a trot himself... "This is going to be a mother of a storm.. We need to get gear and make for that river"

Gathering up what was left of her dress, feet sending spark of pain up her legs, she ran as fast as she could...

Raindrops were attacking them now, crashing into the earth, slamming into her head ..onto her shoulders.. Wetting her hair.. Wind gusted, thick with smoke from a bush fire.. Her hair was completely plastered to her face

Brad reached a slope of smooth stone and began to descend rapidly ahead of her...

The rock was slick with water.. With no grip on her soles.. She went down hard, smacking onto rocks as her shoes slid out from under her.. Her arm caught in a small crevice and torqued against her weight as she slid... She cried out in pain...

Brad spun around instantly.... Qetsiyah couldn't hold back the tears of pain that pooled in her eyes and ran with rainwater down her face...

Frustration licked through Brad as he aimed his flashlight to her face.... quickly he panned the light over the rest of her body.... "You should have let me carry you"he said crouching beside her..

"You were getting tired... "she snapped...

"That's not for you to decide, let me see your arm... "

She kept her arm held against her stomach.... "it's fine"
Rain pelleted down and thunder crashed right above them...

"Persia, give me your arm"

She glanced sharply up at him at the wrong pronunciation of her name...

"let me see"he said softly taking her arm in his hands...
Her skin was skick with water as his hand roam carefully around her bone.. She suck in air when he neared her wrist...

"It hurts there?

She nodded biting her lip

Brad concentrated on the area.. Detecting a slight grinding feeling under her skin.. Crepitation... He notice she had a fraction.... "Can you wiggle your fingers.. Move your hand?

She wiggled but not without obvious pain..

"Am pretty sure you have fractured it"

"I'm sorry"she whispered

His tone grew gentle... "hey it's okay, we will get you somewhere we can splint and bandage you up properly.. There should be some first aid kit stuff at the camp.. If we are lucky.. Pain killers could be there.... See that cluster of baobabs down there, below the cliff.. ?

She nodded..

"I'm going to leave you down there with my rifle while i run the rest of the way to the camp... Those trees there are over a thousand years old.. They will protect you from the worst of the storm.. You will be safe there okay... "

"Brad... "

"What is it?

"I've been difficult, am sorry.. Thank you for coming... For saving me... "she sounded suddenly beaten...

He nodded with grunt...

He began to.move to the rock slope, carefully this time.. He holding her by the hand and steadily her around her waist...

"Do you think there will be people at the camp?she ask

"It's a satellite bush camp.... I know the outfit that runs it.. I've flown for them before ...they might be having a party... If there is no party, there must be someone guarding the place...

"They could help us"

"No they can't.. We don't know who's heard of the bounty on your head. And this is a hungry country.. Life is cheap.. Am not trusting anyone.. We've got to look after ourselves "

"How much is the bounty on me?

"One million dollars for your head, five million if you are brought to Amal alive.... "

A spark of shock ran through her... "My head.....

"Yes... "

She swallowed, staring at him
"How can he promise so much?

"Ayura expects that Amal will try to extract a large ransom from your family.. He will be intending to use this to pay the bounty if need be"

"They won't do it, my brothers will not pay that bastard.. They will not negotiate with the devil... "a sudden defiant anger crackled through her

"I know your brother Persia, Ayura will do anything to save you..... "he gave a dry laugh"including trusting me"

"You say that like it was a mistake.... "

"His options were limited... Come we need to get you onto that fork between the trees.. Off the ground out of the worst of the rain"

He lifted her by the hips and set her into the crook where two baobabs meet.. He chambered a round into the rifle and held the gun out to her"You know how to use one of these?

"Probably better than you do"

"How so?

"There is a lot you don't know about me... Brad"

He laugh... "Any other surprises up your sleeve?

She gave a weak smile...

He gave her the touchlight... "Use the touch only when necessary... We might need to conserve the battery.. "

She nodded..

"Sit tight, i won't be long"as he withdrew his hand, the back of his fingers brushed against her ring... He look down at the rock...
"Engagement....? "he said... Couldn't help himself..

Her mouth flattered and she nodded...

A look in her face made him hesitate.... "You'll be fine..... "he said.. More for his own benefit than hers..

He quickly turned and disappeared into the storm...

Qetsiyah watch the darkness swallow him... Thunder exploded right above her head and she wince...she stood stiff, fear began to sink into her chest... The night seem to grow more darker..she thought of Amal wanting her head and her pulse quickened...
What would she do if Brad doesn't come back... She wave the thought away... She had no where to go.. With a bounty on her head..anyone would turn on her....

Just then she heard a noise, somewhere above in the trees... Her nerves twitched and she peered up into the darkness.. She couldn't see anything but she could feel it.. A presence.. Something close watching her...

She quickly flicked on the flashlight.. Shone it into the branches above... A pair of green eyes glowed back.. The forward facing eyes if a predator..

Heart jackhammering,she point the touchlight further to the left ...
Ice slid through her as she registered what was staring at her from the tree.....



Re: Dead Trap by Risingstar2020(f): 9:53pm On Oct 18, 2018
Nice 1
Re: Dead Trap by anyimpro(m): 7:28am On Oct 19, 2018
good job. just like oliver twist, I want more
Re: Dead Trap by egwolopretty: 7:41am On Oct 19, 2018
Nice 1
Re: Dead Trap by oyoni(m): 7:46pm On Oct 19, 2018
very terrible suspense... you can't leave us like this... I love this update
Re: Dead Trap by Pinkberry5(f): 7:49pm On Oct 19, 2018
I too dey your side my guy. Thanks for the mention :DI
Re: Dead Trap by Mavikolo2020: 9:55pm On Oct 19, 2018

i tire for the name self
Abi oo, i nor know where Silver carry that kind name from o
Re: Dead Trap by Mavikolo2020: 9:55pm On Oct 19, 2018
Nice update
Re: Dead Trap by genius43(m): 9:52am On Oct 20, 2018
ChemicalReaction, join the train
Re: Dead Trap by Mrintegrity247: 8:44pm On Oct 20, 2018
M loving ds
Re: Dead Trap by genius43(m): 11:41am On Oct 22, 2018
As usual, Silver1996 never disappoints. Keep up the good work bro
Re: Dead Trap by Silver1996(m): 2:21pm On Oct 22, 2018
As usual, Silver1996 never disappoints. Keep up the good work bro
correct bro
Re: Dead Trap by Silver1996(m): 5:26pm On Oct 22, 2018

BRAD CRUNCHED IN THE SHADOWS, assessing the camp oblivious to rain washing over his face and soaking through his clothes....
A covered game viewing jeep had been backed in beside a stye tent.. That means there were guest here..a fully equipped camp.... He sigh.. A sigh of relief.. The weather has stuck whoever was here inside the tent...

His gaze went to the food storage shed.. It was constructed of metal, a padlock on the door and the padlock hung open......
He has already check out the jeep, the keys were inside and it was equipped with GPS, radio, first aid kit blankets for night games.... Also a spare tire...

He went further carefully not to wake anyone.. He saw a pair of hiking boots.. They look as if they might fit Qetsiyah...
Quickly he edged round the front of the shed, unhooked the padlock and push it open...
He moved fast filling a plastic cooler with food.... And stuffs that will last...
He carried the chest into the backseat of the jeep, the vehicle had three rows of pew style seats... The last one slightly higher than the others... It was far bigger than they needed but it could help alot... A good replacement for his cessna he was still bitter about...
He jogged quietly back.. Next to the tent.. He quickly carried the boots..he listened for sound and he heard someone snoring...

His eyes rolled.. Smile beeming in his cheeks when he saw a bag containing shirts, pants, socks and headlamps...
Gathering up the gear he jogged back through the rain to the jeep.. The rain more heavy than before...
He quickly climb into the drivers seat.. Geared into neutral.. Release the brakes. Got out and push...
It took three hefty attempts before the wheels release from the mud....
When the vehicle gathered speed. He jump into the drivers seat...
He drove fast... As soon as he felt he was far enough from the camp.. He reach for his whiskey.. Almost emptying it.. Good thing is.. He has a refill now...
Within minutes he could make out the dark of the cliff in the distance.. Then the baobab grove at the foot of the rocks... As the jeep drew closer... He swunged his headlights over towards the trees.. He saw a strange pile in the mud at the base..
It took a split second to realise what he was seeing....
"Persia.. Leopard"

His heart exploded into his throat as he slammed on the brakes.. Leaving the headlights shinning on the terrible sight.. He quickly jumped out of the jeep and raced through the mud toward the pile of animal and human tangled in the water.....

Mbogo shoved a wiry old man dressed in khaki bush gear toward Amal.... "He is the best tracker the lodge has.. The other staff said so"
Amal look at the man, his hair was frosted with white and his face was wizened and craggy... Slowly he walk around the man who lowered his head and stare at the floor......
Amal was using the lodge curio shop cum office as a temporary command centre.. The room was filled with racks of postcards.. Shirts. Hats.. Wood carvings and batik fabrics... Against one white washed wall stood a locked cabinet containing silver and copper jewelry.. On another wall hung photos of lions, elephants,rhinos,buffalo drinking from a water hole... Another shot show a leopard draped over a branch in front of a sinking sun.. The big five.. The most dangerous animals in Africa to hunt on foot....

But it was the hunt of human that excited Amal.. He had Qetsiyah Arif scent now and blood on his hands... Adrenaline coursed through his veins...
He was not a sophisticate like his father.. The billionaire industrialist who'd wanted to rule an empire... No.. On the other hand he was a hands-on fighter who like trenches.. The intimacy to kill... Seeing fear in his quarry eyes. He was fueled by simpler things than his father... Revenge, hatred.. A need for cold hard cash....

"Is that you?.... Amal pointed to one of the photos showing a guide standing behind a fat white hunter proundly holding up the dead head of a buffalo...

"Yes sir... "The old man said not meeting his eyes...

"It's a very dangerous animal. The buffalo"

"Yes sir"

"My man here, his name is Mbogo, it means big bull buffalo... He is dangerous like the buffalo.... "

The man said nothing..

"What's your name?


"How long you been tracking... ,Jacob?

"I hunted with my grandfather from when i could walk"

"You from around here?

"My village is near the Zambezi, you can hear the drums at night... "

"You work with the lodge a long time?

"More than twenty years sir"

Amal nodded, he brought his own tracker but local knowledge was invaluable... He stood in front of the man..... "Look at me... "

The man's lifted slowly, wide and white with fear.. Sweat gleamed on his ebony skin....

"I want the woman who was with the guest... Do you know the woman am talking about...?

"There was only one woman in the delegates party, sir"

"Qetsiyah Arif... The princess.. We came all the way herr from Zambia for her.. But now... "He clicked his fingers under the old man's nose... "She is gone..Just Like that!,we have searched the lodge, the grounds,everywhere..how can a woman like her disappear, Jacob?, Do you think she ran into the bush by herself, in those shoes, in that dress....?

Jacob said nothing..

She had help.. That's what happened ! My tracker found sign in the dry sand under the trees next to the lapa.. A man was waiting there, a big man, do you know who he was, Jacob?

Sweat gleamed down Jacob's face.... "No"

"Are you certain?,because you do know what happened to the lodge owners when they didn't cooperate with us... They're all dead.. "

Jacob swallowed... "I don't know who he is sir"

"But you are the best tracker, you can help me find him"

"Sir....i have a wife"

Amal glance at Mbogo... "We know"

Sweat trickled down Jacob's brows and he began to shake.

"Now listen to me carefully, Jacob"Amal said leaning forward"You find this man and princess for us, and your wife will be safe.. You will be my lead tracker, my own guy will walk as your flanker, you will both go ahead of the horses and cars.. Understand..?
Thunder boomed overhead.. The lights inside the thactched bungalow flickered and the masks on the walls seemed to come alive in th shadows..outside monkeys screamed..

Before Jacob could answer, there was another sound right outside the door, a snarling and clacking of teeth... A human scream.. Yelling.. A thud.. A whimper.... Jacob's gaze fixated on the door...

Through the door came one of Amals men, his arm dripping with blood, with him he dragged a reddish brown dog by a rope tied tightly around its muzzle and neck....

The dog frothed at the jowls and it's tail was tucked in tight...

Jacob went wire tense.. His eyes narrowing....

"You know this dog Jacob? Amal ask

"Jock, he's the Master's dog, I've been using him to track for a long time now. "

"Kill it"

Jacob stormed his eyes at him... "No.. "

All stilled, pearls of sweat trickled down from Jacob's sideburns.... His face sheen of persipiration...

"That's is a good dog, he can track.. He's fought like a lion"Jacob added

"Are you lying to me Jacob?

"Jacob doesn't lie sir"

"Give him the animal"Amal said quietly to Mbogo while watching Jacob's face...."You start now.. Use the dog"


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Re: Dead Trap by LadyHal1(f): 6:55pm On Oct 22, 2018
getting breathe taking
Re: Dead Trap by Mavikolo2020: 9:01pm On Oct 22, 2018
Now the searh begin
Re: Dead Trap by Eyinimofeoluwa(f): 3:05pm On Oct 23, 2018
let me help you invite more people




Thanks for the invite�
Re: Dead Trap by Fazemood(m): 4:01pm On Oct 23, 2018
let me help you invite more people





Present! Hmmm, what is been served here? Let me have a look and take a bite. BrB!
Re: Dead Trap by queenitee(f): 10:18am On Oct 24, 2018
Re: Dead Trap by izaray(f): 12:47pm On Oct 24, 2018

i tire for the name self
The day i stormed on this story and saw those names ehn, i was immediately discouraged! I can't come and bite my tongue biko cheesy
Re: Dead Trap by Risingstar2020(f): 1:20pm On Oct 24, 2018
The day i stormed on this story and saw those names ehn, i was immedately discuouraged! I can't come and bite my tongue biko cheesy
grin grin grin Especially the one wen start with Q.. Quesi, abeg i nor fit spell
Re: Dead Trap by Risingstar2020(f): 1:21pm On Oct 24, 2018
But the story is interesting though
Re: Dead Trap by izaray(f): 1:54pm On Oct 24, 2018
grin grin grin Especially the one wen start with Q.. Quesi, abeg i nor fit spell
cheesy I dey tell you those names carry weight.
Re: Dead Trap by LadyHal1(f): 6:54pm On Oct 25, 2018
pls update o
Re: Dead Trap by Nobody: 9:34pm On Oct 28, 2018
carry on

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