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Re: Medicine by famopompy(m): 1:14pm On Nov 19, 2018
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 11:28am On Nov 20, 2018
she got back home that night she sat on her bed trying to figure out what could have happened to him that he was arrested she wanted to see him that night but it was practically impossible since it was already late and she wouldn't even be allowed to enter not to talk of seeing him she had lost her appetite so she just went to sleep..

the next day she woke up with an headache she yawned and stretched on the bed she looked at the time and was alarmed by the time it was already 11am she must have slept for a long time she quickly stood up and removed her clothes and went into the bathroom in fifteen minutes she was done she put on her clothes and did a light makeup she looked for her car keys and saw on it on the floor she picked it up and went out..

he sat on the floor of the cell room and looked everywhere it was stinking like a pigsty he was appalled by the environment but he had no choice since he was paying for his foolishness there was definitely no way out for him he was told that all his properties would be sold and he would lose everything he had been preparing his mind for the worst possible scenario he did a short prayer to God to help him but it was more of a prayer done in feebleness but he had no choice since God was his only was out the door to his cell opened and the cell warden came in he looked up at him and wondered what he wanted

"a lady is here to see you "

"tell her I don't want any visitors"

"she said her name is Michelle she says she had something to say to you"on hearing her name he was even more shocked she must have heard the whole thing he was embarrassed to see her

"tell her that I will see her "
the man took out the handcuffs and handcuffed him and led him to the visitors room there he met her waiting for him on seeing him she stood immediately and walked close to him he couldn't bear to look at her so he looked away

"look at me Micheal "she turned his face to her and there eyeballs met

"am sorry Michelle"

"what exactly are you sorry for?"

"everything"she took by the hand and they both sat down she knew there was a story behind all this

"can you tell me what really happened I want to know everything "

"it's not worth telling you just know that am paying for my sins for trusting too much" there was more to his statements but he was not telling him getting him to say it was going to be a bit difficult since it was something that hurts him so much

"Micheal what it is that you don't want to talk about I just want you to know that we all have our own stories to tell we shouldn't let it become a weakness for us we should let to share it with others who can offer you some advise on it"
it was not a bad idea telling her

"alright it seems you want to know the whole story I will tell you if that will make you to worry less about me"

"thank you "

"well it all started when I met her "

"met who?"

"grace the girl you saw her picture in my house I met her when I went to a restaurant she was the one that attended to me that day and she was very friendly and she smiled a lot she was beautiful and adorable because I liked seeing her u frequent that restaurant from time to time just to see her and it got her into trouble with the owner she told me about it and I decided to get a job for her I asked her if she could work as my secretary and she said yes like that we became very close after a few months I asked her out and she agreed and we started dating we were so much I love and everyone in the office knew about our love for each other it was overwhelming that they jealoused us but I ignored their rumours and we continued after we court for a few years we decided to get married I proposed to her and she said yes little did I know she was planning something behind me my best friend warned me but I didn't listen I was blinded by my love for her
few months to our wedding I got a very big contract a contract of 500million naira to contrust an hospital I was very happy because my level was about to change I told her about it she was very happy"
she listened with rapt attention as he continued to let everything out

"then one day I came back from work and didn't met her at home I thought she went outside to buy something so I waited for her when it was taking longer I decided to call her number but it was switched off I went inside the bedroom and what i saw shocked me"

"what did you see ?'

"the whole room was scattered and her clothes were gone I didn't believe it "
he was becoming very emotional now as she could see as tears welled up in his eyes it was really painful to him

"I saw a letter on the bed I opened it and read the content I dropped the letter on the ground and sat down I didn't know what to do as I sat there crying like a baby it was the most heartbreaking thing a lady would ever do to her she was heartless it was as if we never shared anything together it was like I had been living with a stranger all this while after crying my eyes out I went and started to walk I had no destination so I continued walking until I came to a bridge then a nasty thought came to my mind the thought of committing suicide and ending everything right there so I sat on the edge with a bottle of alcohol which I had carried from home "
she now got everything that day was the first day they met she also trying to commit suicide after finding Mark her fiancee had been cheating on her all this while

"that was the first time I met you "

"and funny enough today was the day fixed for out wedding before I cancelled the whole thing "

"does your family and hers know about the whole incident"

"yeah they know I had to tell them when they were asking for a genuine reason to cancel the wedding they didn't even know that their daughter had disappeared until I told them the whole story"
she covered her mouth with her hands as she gasped how can someone be that cruel to do such a monstrous thing she definitely be couldn't believe it

"that's so sad am so sorry"

"why are you sorry none of this is not your fault I was the foolish one I guess that answered the questions you had "
it did but she was very sad the door opened and the cell warden came in

"your time is up madam I have to return him back to his cell"

"just give me a few minutes "
"so what do you intend to do now ?"

"I don't know Michelle it's only God that can save me "

"what about your family members?"

"none of them have come out to even visit me since the whole thing happened and more importantly I and my family are not that close "


"that's another story entirely which is for another day "

"alright I guess I will have to come back tomorrow and I almost forgot I brought something for you to eat I bought on my way here am sure you must be hungry"

"I really don't have any appetite"

"you must eat at least a small quantity you have to be strong until you get out of here "

"what makes you so sure am going to get out of here"

"I believe that God will make a way "she opened the bag and brought out the food she also gave him a spoon and he began to eat he ate few and dropped it she put it back into the bag and stood up

"thank you so much Michelle for coming to see me I really appreciate you "

" I will be back tomorrow to discuss some things further "she gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheeks she waved him goodbye and went out the warden came and took him back to his cell...TBC

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Re: Medicine by famopompy(m): 11:51am On Nov 20, 2018
This is very emotional. I feel bad for him.
Re: Medicine by Ann2012(f): 12:20pm On Nov 20, 2018
Too bad cry

Well done OP
Re: Medicine by skubido(m): 1:48pm On Nov 20, 2018
Tanks for the update...

Did grace go with the 500M or what?

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Re: Medicine by abubakarbabang7(m): 3:13pm On Nov 20, 2018
Women! Women!!Women!!! These people are to be feared
Re: Medicine by Nobody: 3:15pm On Nov 20, 2018
Ehya. sad
Re: Medicine by aprilwise(m): 6:15pm On Nov 20, 2018
The first lesson I learned in life in hard way is don't put much trust on someone

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Re: Medicine by Nobody: 6:32pm On Nov 20, 2018
The first lesson I learned in life in hard way is don't put much trust on someone
So true
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 10:57pm On Nov 20, 2018
she got into her car and sat there without Starting the car she was very grieved in her heart for him he had really gone through so much but one thing that always baffled her was how he always smiled even though he was in deep trouble with the short time they had been together she had no clue something as huge as this had happened until now she wondered where the lady would be she wished she could see her and ask the reason she did something as cruel as this she had to do something to get him out of this mess perhaps contacting his family members should be the next thing to do and talk some sense into them she turned the ignition and drove off ....

the next day she prepared a sumptuous meal for him she parked it in a basket and put it at the back seat of her car she into the car and drove off when she got to the hospital she was told he was in a session with his lawyer so she had to wait for him
after waiting for an hour she was getting impatient as she didn't want the food she brought to get cold just as she was looking around the door opened and the lawyer came out he was carrying a brief case she looked at him as he went outside she went in almost immediately she entered with the basket in her hand she took a chair and sat close to him

"good morning Micheal"

"morning Michelle "

"hope you weren't rough handled here"

"of course not "he brought forward the basket and opened it

"here I brought breakfast"

"Michelle you really shouldn't have bothered yourself am not worth going through all this "

"that's your own opinion mine is different from yours so stop nagging and eat you need strength am going to keep bringing it every day until you are out of here"

"you don't even know when I will get out or worse still I won't even be able to get out"

"am very optimistic that you are going to get out of here trust me "

"you ladies are so hard to persuade once you set your mind to do something "

"am glad you know that"
she brought out the food and placed it on the table he opened it the aroma that greeted his nose was overwhelming that he couldn't resist eating it he began to eat

"so what did your lawyer say,?"

"he said there is no way out unless I pay back the money and he also said he can prevent me from going to jail but there is a condition"

"what condition ?"

"by promising to pay back the money at time from the court decides on and If I fail to pay even after the time frame elapsed I will be arrested and jailed "

"i think it's still okay "

"what ?"

"I mean the time frame"

"am very scared to take that option "

"why ?"

"because where am I going to get the money?"

"don't worry about that God is in control trust me"he looked at her in awe and continued eating when he finished the whole food she parked the plates into the basket he drank some juice and he was refreshed they chatted for a while before she said goodbye and went home ..TBC

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Re: Medicine by nastynic(m): 11:10pm On Nov 20, 2018
Re: Medicine by famopompy(m): 6:54am On Nov 21, 2018
The story is getting interesting.
Re: Medicine by jattopeter(m): 9:30am On Nov 21, 2018
Marvis you are trying, Quodus

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Re: Medicine by Akinwale14(m): 3:13pm On Nov 21, 2018
Nice story
Re: Medicine by izaray(f): 1:38pm On Nov 22, 2018
Keep it coming marvel
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 3:02pm On Nov 22, 2018
she looked at the address of the chief that jailed him his name bodly written on his business card chief adesina she looked at the skycrapper which beared the address of where she was going to she wasn't sure she was in the right place since she had never met the man she didn't know his worth but if he was the one that own this building then he must be stinkingly rich she had decided not to drive her car and she was now regretting not taking her car it was going to be difficult to cross to the other side she looked around and saw a pedestrian bridge she was very relieved she walked majestically for a while before she noticed someone following her she looked back and saw a man who was light in complexion she quickened her step and noticed the man did likewise he caught up with her and stood in front of her

"please can you move?"

"am afraid I can't am sorry for stopping you like this I admit it was very rude of me to obstrust you like this am sorry"

"am glad you realize it but it's okay I need to go I have a very important place to be so if you will please excuse me "she continued walking but he came and blocked her again
"what is it ?"

"am sorry but I promise I won't take much of your time I have been watching you for the five minutes the moment I saw you I liked you and I will really like it if you can give me your contact I want to be your friend and am sure you will not regret meeting me"

"am sorry I don't give my contact to strangers"

"all of us are sojourners on this Earth so it's one day we get to meet and make friends with one another "

"nice try but am really not interested so please move "she walked past him and went her way..TBC

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Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 3:02pm On Nov 22, 2018
more updates coming when I charge my phone
Re: Medicine by skubido(m): 4:23pm On Nov 22, 2018
U too much OP
Re: Medicine by famopompy(m): 7:58pm On Nov 22, 2018
This is evening already bro. Kindly assist with an update.
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 8:48pm On Nov 22, 2018
she entered into the building and looked around then she saw the receptionist she walked up to her

"good afternoon "she tried to smile

"good afternoon ma'am please what can I do for you?"

"please call me Michelle am here to see chief adesina "

"do you have an appointment with him?"

"yes "she lied because it was very imperative she saw him that day

she dialed some numbers on the landline and put a call through to the office it rang a few times before he finally picked it

"hello what is it?"didn't I tell you not to call me that I want to rest "

"am sorry sir but a lady by the name Michelle is here to see you she said it's very important"

"a lady "he tried to think of who that might be but he had no idea

"yes sir she said she is here on extremely important business"

"alright send her in"

"alright sir"she dropped the call and faced her

"ride the elevator to the tenth Floor the first
office by the Right"

"alright"she winked at her and entered into the elevator she rode the elevator to the tenth floor and came out she located the office and knocked on the door before she was told to come in she opened the door slowly and entered the office the office was a very large one it was beautifully decorated and there was a large set of chairs which was used to house visitors she looked at him he wasn't that impressive he was wearing a well starched native dress

"good afternoon sir"

"good afternoon young lady am not so sure I have seen this face before"

"that's right this is my first time of meeting you sir my name is MICHELLE "she stretched her hand for an handshake he looked at her before he took it

"please forgive me I haven't offered you a seat please sit down"

"thank you sir "she sat down and relaxed "

"please what can I do for you?"

"I have come in regards to the matter of Mr Micheal "on hearing his name his face turned immediately he was definitely pissed

"you mean that thief called Micheal if this matter is about him please don't talk about it"

"I know you think he stole your money but I want to tell you thats not the case "

"then what is the case am listening"

"if you would allow me"she told him the whole story about The unfortunate incident that happened to him as she talking she noticed he wasn't moved at all

"how is that my problem?that's his problem to solve not mine"

"I know but I want you to put yourself in his shoes it wasn't is fault that all this happened"

"so what do want me to do now?"

"I want you to give him some time I assure he will pay back the money"

"how is he going to do that? I heard that his company has folded up recently so tell me how is he going to pay back"
it was really going to be difficult to convince the man to change his mind but she had to try her luck but it seems it wasn't working

"I can assure you that he will pay back but he can't do that if you keep him locked up "

"that's true let's wait for the court to decide on the time frame for him to pay back the money"

"but..."she stopped and reasoned it was futile talking to the man because he definitely wouldn't budge

"but I can reconsider if you can do me one favour "
she looked at him and saw lust in his eyes she could guess where she was definitely going to

"what is it sir?"

"you are a very beautiful lady and you need a man like me to take care of you what do you think about becoming my wife"
that was total crap she tried as much as possible to control her anger

"please sir with all due respect that won't be possible"

"of course I didn't expect you to accept at my first try but I must say that punk is really lucky to have you beside him but that will soon change "
she was definitely not going to sit there and let the man insult him so she stood and carried her bag

"I would like to be on my way sir and thanks for your time "she turned and began to walk away

"call me when you change your mind and you know where to find me"she didn't stop until she came out she closed the door and entered the elevator
once outside she looked around hoping to see a cab then she felt a gentle tap on her shoulders she looked back and saw the guy she met on her way to the chief office

"what exactly do you want from me ?"

"I just need your number "

"I told you already that am not interested so please leave me alone or else I will call the police "

"I don't mind getting arrested because of you "she waved down a cab and it stopped she was relieved as she quickly entered and the cab drove off....TBC

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Re: Medicine by Ann2012(f): 9:01pm On Nov 22, 2018
Thanks for the update

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Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 9:03pm On Nov 22, 2018
this chapter be is dedicated to my sweetheart who lost her dad recently I pray God puts him in good air and give the family the fortitude to bear the loss.....

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Re: Medicine by famopompy(m): 9:56pm On Nov 22, 2018
May his soul rest in peace. so sorry for the loss

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Re: Medicine by jattopeter(m): 5:45am On Nov 23, 2018
this chapter be is dedicated to my sweetheart who lost her dad recently I pray God puts him in good air and give the family the fortitude to bear the loss.....
Accept my commiserate.

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Re: Medicine by Nobody: 1:18pm On Nov 23, 2018
this chapter be is dedicated to my sweetheart who lost her dad recently I pray God puts him in good air and give the family the fortitude to bear the loss.....
Thanks for the dedication Marvel15

I appreciate


Re: Medicine by Nobody: 1:19pm On Nov 23, 2018
May his soul rest in peace. so sorry for the loss



Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 6:44pm On Nov 23, 2018
she prepared his food the usual way she does it had now been his Normal routine of bringing food to him everyday she had to make he was okay even though he was in prison she parked her car in the compound of the police station she carried the basket at the back seat and went inside she saluted the police officers at the counter and gave them a tip as usual she entered into the visitors room while she waited for them to bring him inside after some minutes the door opened and he was brought in she stood up and hugged him he was definitely surprised as he didn't expect that

"oh that was unexpected what's the occasion you mood seems great"

"of course because I get to see you everyday isn't that enough?"

"is that all?"

"of course more importantly I have a gist for you"
they both sat down

"what is it?"

"I went to see the chief that gave you the contract"
he was obviously surprised

"how did you get his address and contacts?"

"don't worry about that I went to see him and try to convince him to release you and that you will pay at your convenience but he said no"

"of course"

"I now told him about the whole cameo that happened between you and grace "

"why would you tell him something like that?that was something that hurts me very bad i didn't tell you to start telling everyone about it "

he was very angry he hated people pitying him because of a bad occurrence he turned to the other side

"am so sorry Micheal i did that because I had to try everything to get you out "
he noticed the sincerity in her voice and he felt very bad ever since he had been arrested she had made sure he didn't think about the whole situation one bit she didn't deserve all this

"I didn't mean to shout at you or get angry it's just that ......"

"it's okay don't worry about it I really shouldn't have done that "
he turned back to her and held her hand she felt a cold shrile down her spine it melted her heart

"don't say that I should be the one to apologize so am sorry....so did he accept?"

"he didn't he is such a hard headed man but he made me an offer which I refused"

"what kind of offer did he make ?"

"dont worry about it just one stupid offer"

"still I want to know tell me"

"okay he said he will release you if I agree to become his wife "

"what!!!!!!! that's totally outrageous how can he ask that kind of thing ?'

"don't worry I turned him down and blasted him outright "

"don't worry too much about it everything will be alright"

"i hope so"

"so what did you cook this morning?_

"today's breakfast is a surprise I decided to change the menu "

"that's nice so what is it?"

"yam and egg "

"that's good "
she began to unpack the content in the basket

"I decided to have a change so from now your menu will be full of surprises so be prepared so that you won't be blown off by my surprise"

"that's nice so have you eaten?"

"yes "she lied the truth was that every day she couldn't eat until after he had eaten just then he heard her growling stomach

"what the hell is that Michelle? I thought you have eaten"

"yes I don't really know what is wrong with me"

"Michelle am not a fool you have eaten this morning why would you that?"

"am satisfied once you are okay I can just eat some meat pies and take a bottle of soft drink on my way to work so don't worry about me"

"I will not take that from you it's either you eat here with me or you forget about me eating"
this is what she had been avoiding now she had no choice or else he wouldn't eat it and that would be a waste of her time in the kitchen

"alright" she took for him and for herself and they began to eat she found out that she was really hungry considering how she was devouring the food
after about thirty minutes they were done she was really satisfied as she found it very fun eating with him she packed the whole plated and put it in the basket they both gisted for a while before she made him goodbye she put the basket at the back seat and fasten her seatbelt as she was about to turn the ignition an idea came to her mind she smiled at the idea as she was very sure it will going to yield the desired results but she was sure Micheal would not approve of it but she was willing to do anything possible to get him out of that hell hole she smiled as she turned the ignition and drove away....TBC

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Re: Medicine by skubido(m): 7:45pm On Nov 23, 2018
Tanks for the update
Re: Medicine by famopompy(m): 8:25pm On Nov 23, 2018
Thank you bro. God bless you
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 11:11pm On Nov 23, 2018
amen thanks
Re: Medicine by Ann2012(f): 8:34am On Nov 24, 2018
Well done OP
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 4:19pm On Nov 24, 2018
she had made up her mind of what she was going to do she decided to tell him later she got dressed in a killer manner after she was done she looked at the mirror in front of her and was satisfied with what she saw she carried her handbag and headed out
as she drove out of the compound she hoped she would meet him in the office
after about fifteen minutes she got to the office she looked at the building as she parked her car in the company's garage and came down carried her handbag and went inside she met the same lady she met the other day she smiled at her as she got to the counter

"good afternoon"

"good afternoon ma'am what can I do for you?"

"tell chief that am here he is expecting me "
she placed a call through to his office after about ten seconds on the phone she dropped the call and looked at her

"he said that you should come in "

"alright"she went towards the elevator and rode to the tenth floor she came out when she reached the tenth floor and headed to his office she knocked the door gently

"please come in "
she opened the door and went inside she saw him smiling broadly the old crook was such a Casanova she quickly put on a fiegned anger as she sat down without been offered a seat

"what's wrong Michelle why are you frowning?"

"nothing am alright"

"did someone make you angry just tell me the person so that I can scold him"

"it's just this guy that has been disturbing me recently " he flared up immediately as he stood up totally angry

"who is that is he in this neighborhood or yours ?"

"this neighborhood"

he rolled his eyes as he was thinking if how to go about it

"dont worry i will take care of it "


"so have you thought about my proposal the ball is in your court just accept and i assure you that I will release him this instance and he won't have pay me back"
that was her aim but she had to be careful so as not to act in haste and the whole thing would blow up in her face the plan was definitely a tightrope and requires careful planning

"chief this is not fair if you want to help me it has to come from your heart and marrying you will be from my heart not giving me a condition"

"life is not fair and moreso there is no free favour in this world that we are in "

"then I guess i will have to another way "

"there is no other way my darling just do my bidding and I promise you that everything will be fine"

"alright I have heard but you will have to give me time to prepare myself and do other stuffs"

"I understand that it's not easy to do something against your will or do for something for someone you love "

"okay I think I should be on my way I have somewhere very important to be"

"will you just go like that?'

"what else do you want ?'

"like sitting on my lap or giving me a kiss"

"chief I just told you that am not yet ready for this things just give me little time "

"alright no problem"
he winked at her and she smiled as she went out as soon as she came out she heaved a sigh that wen well .she smiled as she entered the elevator....TBC

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