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The Fate Of The Twins (dedicated To The Sexually Abused, The Adopted And Twins) / Twins Of Torment (a Mysterious And Horror Story) / The Agony Of An Identical Twins By Ajiboye Seyi Samson (2) (3) (4)

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Twins by Oyinprince(m): 12:27am On Dec 18, 2018
TWINS - Episode 1

© Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

The splashing sound of the water touched his ears. He was enjoying the feel of the cold soft beach sand on his feet as he stood watching the mighty Zambezi River. His thoughts clear but frightening at the same time, the phone call he just received had spoiled his wonderful first anniversary. It was the 5th of August, exactly a year after Mike had married his beautiful woman, Isabel, she was the woman of his dreams and he wouldn’t ask for anything more. She was beautiful, loving, funny, a good cook, romantic and so caring, he knew whatever may come the woman he married would stand by him and support him.

5th of august was not just Mike’s wedding anniversary date, it was his birthday, he and his twin brother, were born 32 years back on the same day him coming a few minutes after his elder brother Jake. Even though it was hard for him to think of his brother and stay with clear thoughts. Mike did not have the best story to tell about his brother, in fact the only secret about himself that he had held from Isabel was the fact of him having a twin brother. She was aware of most of his life story but never came to know that Mike had a brother.

“Hey my sunshine, you have been quiet for a while, what is wrong? Are you feeling okay?” Isa asked her husband holding him from his back as her bare stomach touched his back. She was clad in a blue bikini letting her long weave loose she pushed it back a little before kissing his soft back skin. She lifted her short self a little bit to reach his neck and kissed it gently.

“Babe, I have to go” Mike spoke turning to look at her, “what? Have to go? Where? What happened Mike?” she asked feeling something was wrong with him.

“Well, I have received a very important call and I need to get back to Kitwe today.

“Well, well, easy Mike. Tell me what’s going on you freaking me out. Please calm down my love” she held his hand talking him away from the water.

“Listen my love, am sorry, I know I promised we would spent the whole week here but you have to understand. This needs my urgent attention and we have to leave now” Mike looked at his wife his gaze serious and his eyes filled with what Isa could not ascertain. He looked terrified more that worried.

“Babe, you always tell me what’s up with you. Please tell me what the `it` is please, is it something with work? “She asked still refusing to take a step to leave as he pulled her off the shores.

“I know this is sudden and its unfair, am truly sorry my love but I cannot tell you. This I have to sort out on my own” Mike tried to make Isa understand but she even become more worried and confused. She had never seen him that petrified before.

“No!” she bellowed stopping him from moving.

“ No Mike, don’t you dare do this to us, am 3 months pregnant and this is our day, don’t take this away from me please, don’t do this my love” she cried holding on to his hand.

“I am so, so sorry my love, I truly am. The last thing I wanted was to hurt you. I promise I will make it up to you some other time. For now I want you to trust me and please come with me, we have to drive back before it gets back, we can make it to Kitwe by morning. When everything is done and settled I will be able to explain everything to you. All I ask is this last time chance for you to trust me. “Mike pleaded with his wife holding both her hands in his.

“Please” he exhaled deeply

“I don’t…” she almost spoke but he cut her short.

“Please, please Isa, can we go now?” He nodded his head.

They walked back to the room they had booked in and Mike silently packed the bags as his wife stared at him without a word. She had changed into a short dress and put pumps on her feet.

He led her outside after he was done loading everything in the car outside.

‘’ put on a seat belt Isa” he spoke in a soft pleading voice.

She obeyed without looking at him, her face towards the window she watched the River as they drove out the shores of the Zambezi River in Siavonga. She had no way of explaining how disappointed she was feeling, her loving and caring man has of late been treating her with less of regard. She was feeling his love less everyday even when he kept assuring her he still loved her. “What the hell is going on?” she asked herself pushing back the tears in her eyes.

Mike`s phone rung a fifth time and she looked at him seeing he kept driving and totally ignored it.

“Is it a woman? “She asked giving him a deep look.

“What?” he quickly looked at her “oh my God Isa, is that what you think this is all about? Come on, you know I can never cheat on you, I love you and you know that. “He tried to touch her hand but she pushed him away.

Mike shook his head wishing there was a way he would make her understand how much he loved her and would never think of another woman, how was he going to tell her his own twin brother was out to haunt him and he had to find a way of keeping both of her and his unborn child well and alive.

He just received a call which made him shiver. His brother’s deep voice came through the ear piece.

“Hey twinny! Missed me?” he had asked and Mike had looked at his phone just to try confirm he was talking to a human being

“Jake? “He had almost chocked on his voice.

“yeah sure, how can you forget my voice brother, you and I speak exactly the same” came Jake`s laugh making Mike`s hand sweaty.

‘’ how did you escape prison you devil? “Mike responded almost in a whisper as he looked back at Isa who was swimming to make sure she wasn’t getting him.

“I need to see you now brother, come meet me now” Jake had told him

“You are out of your mind if you think am coming to see you. I know you just escaped and the police will find you soon and take you back to prison where you belong” Mike scoffed angrily

“I know you took that your wife on a trip and I want you back right away or you will regret. Start driving that your car and meet me here tomorrow or she dies” Jake had warned him and cut the line. Knowing the kind of person his brother was, he knew he was not to take him casually. His main priority would be to make sure Isa was unharmed.

Mike was lost in thoughts thinking about what had happened back at the beach, when the phone rang again, this time he picked it.

“Am on my way damnmit!” he yelled and cut the call turning his phone off instantly. Isa looked at him and shook her head without saying another word, she closed her eyes trying to get herself to sleep.

Twins continues...

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Re: Twins by Oyinprince(m): 12:28am On Dec 18, 2018
TWINS - Episode 2

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

Mike looked at the stretched road ahead of him as the beaming lights of the vehicle lit the way. He was driving at a speed beyond what he had always considered normal. His mind lost in thoughts he could not give himself chance to take a look at his wife who was now fast asleep in the seat next to him. Wishing he could change the hands of time and do more to help his deranged brother, he sighed deeply at such tormenting thoughts.

Growing up, Mike and Jake had different childhood experiences with Mike having a life that Jake consider better than what he himself had. Although mike always argued that wasn’t the case, he could never get to convince his brother that he had to fight hard to get through his own hardships unlike Jake who gave up and resorted to play a blame game for every person in his life.

Jake even blamed mike for being born after him, claiming if he was the only child born from his mother, she could have lived longer to take care of him. Now that she had to struggle with raising two children alone after their father abandoned them. Mike was different from Jake though, instead of drowning himself in self-pity, he decided to look for his father at the age of 12 and moved in with him, getting an education and a much better life than his brother.

Jake had refused to have anything to do with his father he chose to stay on with his mother until she died of Malaria when he was only 17 years old.

Being identical twins was the only thing the two had in common, everything else was different. Mike was a calm and collected sensible person who always stayed optimistic and hard working. He took every chance he got to better his life even at the slavery treatment he had to receive from his step mother and step sisters and brothers.

On the other hand, Jake was so outgoing and mostly unreasonable, he acted on impulse and was never ready to work his butt out for a better life. He found it easy to blame others for his letdowns and took every opportunity to benefit from those around him. The more reason he always found himself in a lot of trouble.

Seeing the twins together, most people found it very hard to tell one from the other. They spoke the same way, they had the same physical appearances and people said even their gestures were similar. The two were always mistaken by those who met them at different places. Mike had to get used to hear people call him Jake and sometimes even some girls Jake used to play around with would confront him over some silly affairs he had to struggle to settle the issues. He had to suffer some degradation in public for the crocked ways of his brother, especially after their mother died and Jake started doing some sloppy and con businesses.

Mike recalled a day when he was coming out of a mall and a woman hauled him by the shirt asking him to pay him what he was due to her. “Woman I don’t know who you are and what you talking about,” he tried to defend himself.

“you are so stupid if you think you can play dumb and pretend you don’t know me when you got money from me!” the loud woman yelled attracting people’s attention.

“Am sorry, but…” he couldn’t finish his sentence and realized what that was all about.

“Jake” he shook his head breathing deeply.

“ listen lady, am sorry for your money but trust me I may look like him but am not the person you are thinking I am, I have a twin brother Jake, am sure he got your money “ he explained trying to calm her down.

“hahhahaha that’s a good one Jake, you suddenly have a twin brother huh? Well you will give me my money today twin or not. I swear I will humiliate you in this place” she gnawed angrily.

Mike looked at her undone hair, her face covered in anger and her mouth moving fast as she spoke, he knew he had no chance at all, so he sighed knowing what he was to do. Pay for his brother`s sins again.

“Okey mama, let go of my shirt you are embarrassing me, now tell me, how much my brother owes you?” he asked calmly.

“You are something else Jake, anyway, its K1000 “She looked at his face mockingly.

“What? Okey” he quickly stopped himself.

“Let’s get to the ATM machine I withdraw it for you cause I have no money on me right now” he told her.

Mike sighed deeply at the memories from his past, he realized they were just getting to Lusaka and it was morning. Slowing down he parked at an eating place and looked at his wife who had slept almost the entire trip.

“Love, hey Isabel” he shook her touching her shoulder.

“Let’s get something to eat love, we are in Lusaka” he tried to smile at her sleepy face as she stretched out.

“Am not hungry” she frowned looking away.

“Isa come on, we both know how hungry you are always especially with the pregnancy, come on now don’t do this to me. Let’s go” he pleaded holding her hands.

“I know you are upset with me but do it for our baby, I love you Isa and am sorry please listen to me my love. I cannot afford having you mad at me like this. Whatever am doing am doing it for you and our child, you have to trust me” he pleaded his face somber.

“Please” he looked into her eyes as she turned to look at her.

“I love you, but you are acting bizarre and I hate it Mike” she looked at his eyes.

“I know and I promise I will explain everything soon enough.” He smiled holding her chin and lifting her face towards him. He planted a soft kiss on her lips and she held on to him.

“I need ….“

“I know” he cut her, “bacon or lamp steak and fries” he smiled still holding her.

“Yeah” Isa smiled broadly.

“And icy coke too” she added

They walked to the restaurant hand in hand. Isa knew mike loved her and he always found a way to make her feel good about everything. He would be so silent and thoughtful sometimes, but she knew he had his own way of showing her what she meant to him. She was the outgoing type of a woman and she had always tried to get him to be more social and take him out for outings. She had to drag him off his office desk sometimes just to get him take some time off work. But she still loved him.

“Babe!’ mike called out bringing her back to the moment.

“What is Mike?” she asked gathering she was not paying attention.

“I was asking how many bottles of coke i should order for you.” Mike asked her.

“Just get me as many, its daylight and I know I will need more as we drive home” she replied shrugging.

She watched as mike made the order and paid with his card. They sat down waiting for their order to be ready and she noticed Mike checking his phone again.

“poo!” he cursed his face turning into a frown again.

She almost opened her mouth to ask what it was but recalling the last night argument, she decided to pass it. She shook her head as she watched him read what was sent to his phone and noticed his fist was almost shaking.

“Excuse me love, let me make a quick call” he looked at her and she nodded her head.

“Go ahead love” she smiled approvingly.

“How dare you go to my house you jerk? I told you am on my way” Mike whispered in the mouth piece immediately he got out the restaurant.

“Well, bro, I tried to call you and you switched off the line. Guess what? Your maid just served me a nice meal and am relaxing on this beautiful couch enjoying myself.” Jake mocked him.

“ Oh, I almost forgot, your sister in law is such a cute little thing, she just walked in and looks so sexy, sad she doesn’t seem to like you so much cause she didn’t even notice you are in the house” Jake added making Mike shiver in rage.

“Get out of my house Jake, I swear……”

“What?” Jake challenged him.

“Please don’t mess my life Jake. What do you want?” mike sank his voice

“I want your life dummy! You took everything and left me with nothing man, this time in want the good life too and you will get to experience my life too.” Jake smiled proudly as he took a bite on the sausage he had been served.

“What is that supposed to mean Jake?” Mike asked ignoring the irritating sound of his brother chewing loudly.

“Get over here brother! We got a lot to talk about. For now I will sleep in your bed and rest. You know the cops are everywhere looking for me and I cannot risks hovering around” Jake sighed.

“You cannot be at my house Jake, am on my way and my wife….” He almost spoke but Jake cut him.

“When I do my nap, I will leave before you come. But bear in mind that if you don’t show up before evening, you will lose everything Mike and am damn serious!” Jake scolded and cut the line leaving Mike stoned in one place.

H looked around and back seeing his wife watching him from inside.

‘’ calm down Mike, calm down you can do this.” He told himself and turned to walk back in to join his wife

‘’ not yet?” he asked her faking an okey smile, but Isa could see through his lie.

“Nearly I guess” she shrugged holding his hand firmly.

“I hope you get better soon my love. I don’t like that you look worked up” she smiled at him and he smiled back.

“Yeah I hope so too my darling, I really hope so” he frowned sitting back in his chair.

Twins continues...

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Re: Twins by emperorblog21(m): 6:44am On Dec 18, 2018
Interesting Read more,cool,and interesting story on

Re: Twins by emperorblog21(m): 6:47am On Dec 18, 2018
Interesting Read more,cool,and interesting story on

Re: Twins by skubido(m): 11:56am On Dec 18, 2018

Following, Mike suppose to have told isa. Don't like that act of him keeping it to himself
Re: Twins by queenitee(f): 10:13pm On Dec 18, 2018
But why are there siblings like Jake? Btw, I think Mike should have told Isa
Re: Twins by Oyinprince(m): 11:13pm On Dec 19, 2018
TWINS - Episode 3

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

Jake looked around the well-furnished house belonging to his brother, he smiled to himself liking the idea that was packed in the back of his head.

“Good job Mike, good job” he whispered to himself throwing himself on the king size bed enjoying the fresh scent of the sheets. He looked around the room, a spacious cubed room with a big wardrobe inbuilt on his right. He turned to look at the wide windows the cool breeze from outside touching his face. The windows were widely opened and a thin net was a bridge between the inside and the outside as the large plain curtains fall down to the floor from the round gold rods were they hang.

His eyes landed on a big wedding photo, he smiled almost visualizing himself seating in his brother`s palace. “Beautiful woman brother” he chuckled walking towards the frame and taking down the phot happy seeing his own image in the picture.

“I could have been the only one with this face brother, you had to choose to be born after me. “He made a face drawing his fingers across his brother’s face.

He moved away after placing back the frame and stood in front of the mirror, taking a long stare at his image. He notice his moustache was growing and he looked a bit rough as compared to the pic of his brother. Opening the closet, he took out a bottle of shaving cream and walked to the next day leading to a bathroom.

He took his time making himself clean, brushing his teeth with the first toothbrush he could find and shaving his face, after which he went to take a long cold bubble bath.

Jake felt so fresh and relaxed as he went to lay down the bed, allowing himself to take a break from the years he was meant to serve in prison. He spent most of his 10 years in trying to plan how he was to live when he finally escaped.

From the inside, he had grown so much bitter and stronger. He did a lot of work outs and joined an inside gang making deals with other inmates. He had befriended a female prison wader who he deceived to have fallen in love with. He gave her some money to have his brother watched for years, what he did and almost everything about her. With people outside to help him, Jake had succeeded in his plan and managed to stage a prison break, killing the wardress he used to cover his tracks. The police were out to hunt him down but he had everything played out so well.

“Am not going back to prison” Jake whispered extending his legs taking most of the space still clad in his bath suit.

“I got to live too “he grinned to himself closing his eyes to sleep.

Mike and Isabel, had just gotten to Kitwe and to their home. Mike as always, moved to the other side opening the door for his dear wife. He lifted her instead and led her inside as she giggled happily.

“You so heavy! My God! “He exclaimed putting her down as he reached the couch.

“Sir, madam welcome back!” the house worker cheerfully greeted them both

“hello how are you Mwanida!” mike looked at her letting his wife`s hand go.

“Hey Mwani!” Isa followed suit.

“Can I offer you anything boss?” she asked with a wide stupid smile that read trouble but the two love birds could not tell it.

“I need very cold water my dear and a fruit” Isa smiled at her.

“Am okey just take care of my woman for me Mwanida. Give her whatever she asks for and make sure she`s well feed. I want a healthy baby” mike responded his eyes on his wife who was laying down the couch.

“Babe, am only pregnant not sick, besides I want to do something around the house as soon as I feel rested from this trip. Don’t stress yourself about it” Isa held her husband.

“You are still here” she asked Mwanida when she noticed she kept grinning at them instead of going to get what she had asked for.

“Sorry ma” Mwanida bowed a little walking away.

“Come on take me to take a bath before you leave” she caressed her man when he sat to tell her he was leaving.

“Besides, you owe me a nice time after yesterday” she added making a sad face.

“But love I have to…”

“ shshshshsh ! Take me to our room and take care of me” she spoke pointing at herself down the thighs.

“Ohm please come on not now”

“Yes now Mike!” she ordered getting upset.

“Well, let’s get it down then need to leave as soon as possible” Mike lifted her up.

He removed her dress gently exposing her underwear. Isa smiled at him seductively as he took her to take a bath.

“Babe this place is wet, it’s like someone was bathing from here. Its awkward cause we have been out for a couple of days” Isa bemoaned touching the bath tub.

‘’ no, it’s probably the maid who was cleaning the place love forget it” Mike spoke quickly trying to cover his knowing face.

“Mike, the soap is wet too” she held the bar to his face.

“You tell me she was using soap to clean the tub?” she asked worried.

“Come on my love, soap is on the holder, you expect it to be wet after someone opened the water to clean this thing?” he shrugged dismissing her thoughts.

“Come here my love “he changed the subject pulling her into the tab after getting out of his own clothes.

She looked at his erect man and smiled at how sexy he was. She had not bought the idea of Mwanida cleaning the tab though, she made a mental note to confront her and warn her to stop using her bathroom to clean herself.

Pushing the thoughts away, she let her husband kiss her and make love to her. Even though she could not appreciate the outcome of the love making, she was glad he made an effort to please her which he mostly did. He was so much good at love making, but Isa knew he tried his best to make her feel good.

What more could she ask for? She had a man who loved and cared for her, he gave her the life of a princess with everything she needed materially. Isa smiled as she remained in the water letting Mike get out and dress up before leaving.

Unknown to her that was the last time of her good life. What lay ahead of her was something she had never anticipated.

Mike grabbed the car keys and rushed out to his car, his phone kept beeping but he ignored it knowing who was calling. He sighed deeply upon getting to the place he was to meet his twin brother. He was relieved to have not found him back at his house, otherwise he could have had no way of explaining things to his wife.

Looking around some abandoned building, he shook his head before turning of the ignition and stepping out the car. He searched around again but there was no sign of his brother. Hating the game Jake was playing, he took some steps around looking inside the building.

“Wow! Looking good brother and I love this posh car” came the voice of his brother from behind startling him.

“Jake,” he sighed turning around to face him.

“Hey brother!” Jake shouted smiling widely.

“It’s been what? 10 years?” he asked nodding his head.

“Oh no I forgot you paid me some courtesy visits years ago when I was first put in that filthy place” Jake chuckled his hands in the pockets. Mike looked at him clad in his own clothes from head to toe.

“Hey, hope you don’t mind I got into your clothes, goodness of being twins right?” Jake mocked seeing his brother eyeing him.

“I stopped visiting you because every time I did you blamed me for you misfortune Jake, I have always looked out for you but how do you pay me back? Trouble after the other” mike frowned sadly.

“Well you looted me out to the cops Mike, all I needed was a place to hide and you couldn’t do that for me. We are brother1s for crying out loud, how could you? I only wanted a few days to hide at your house and what, you threw me out to the dark like I was some criminal” Jake burst out.

“You were a criminal Jake, I never wanted anything bad to happen to you and I knew hiding you would not only jeopardize my life but yours too. The person you killed belonged to a gang Jake and had you escaped prison at that time you could have been killed too.” Mike rises his voice trying to reason with his brother.

“Oh oh oh… whoops! So now you claiming to have saved my life by throwing me in jail huh?” Jake snarled angrily.

“You know what enough of this talking nonsense, I took the opportunity in jail to plan my life today. I had to be patient and now it’s time to gain from all that I have lost in the past. “Jake smiled

“What do you want? Is it money?” Mike humbly asked seeing he would never get his brother to reason.

“Well what do I want? That’s the right question Mike my dear brother, that’s the right question” Jake smiled closing in to Mike.

Twins continues...

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Re: Twins by Oyinprince(m): 11:14pm On Dec 19, 2018
TWINS - Episode 4

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

Mike kept his gaze at his brother shocked at what he was just from telling him. “What do you mean you want to take over my life Jake? Is this some kind of a joke to you? Do you have any idea how much work and how long I have worked hard to have the kind of life I have today? “Mike scolded him now losing his patience.

“ yeah it doesn’t matter how long or how much you have worked my brother, the point is whether you like it or not am getting your life and you mine” he smiled widely making Mike more confused and angry. Jake paced around as he went on explaining how he had his brother`s life studied. Telling him he knew what he did in the university. And the kind of work he was doing.

“I know you Mike, I know that old man you partnered with to make that company after working for him for years. I was told the man trusts you and made you partner a few years ago. What else? “He chuckled teasingly.

“Oh yeah, your wife is a beautiful woman you met at a friend’s party two years ago and you have been married for a year. I know she is a Human Resource Manager at some security firm here in town…”

Shut up Jake! Just shut up! No matter how much you think you know about me, you will never fit in my life. We may look and talk the same but never will you ever fit my profile you low life looser, you are just a criminal that has always found pleasure in taking advantage of other people. You know what? I have never told you the truth over the years but here it is,” mike bawled his eyes watery as he felt his temper rise.

‘’ you my dear twin brother is a total failure, you are the reason for your misfortune and you always find someone to point your fingers at even when every bad that has ever happened to you is your fault, your own Jake! So piss off! You hear me? Go to hell and leave me alone. I did not chose to be born with you and I will never be you neither will you. Get that through your sick head brother!” he added his voice still raised making Jake shiver in anger hearing the truth.

Mike had always tried to be gentle with him and never got so pissed with him and Jake knew he meant every word he had just told him. Now furious, Jake without warning raised his fist and started hitting his brother making him stagger and fall to the ground as he was caught off guard.

“you piece of poo! How dare you claim you better than me? You took what I was supposed to have and I wish you were dead. But no” he smiled wickedly.

‘” no, dear smart ass, death will be too easy for you” he spoke kicking Mike again as he tried to rise from the ground.

“I want you to suffer terribly Mike, I want to stay alive and face the hell that I went through in prison. “ he added and grabbed the car keys from his hands giving him another blow to the head that knocked him out.

“Now,” he breathed heavily looking at the keys and back at Mike. ‘’ am going to take over yours and you will take my place in jail” he smiled and got a small phone from his pockets. He dialed some number and spoke something.

Taking everything Mike had in his pockets, his phone, his wallet and hand kerchief, Jake walked to the car and drove away leaving the unconscious Mike laying in dust.

Mike shook at the sound of loud sirens. He slowly opened his eyes just to be met by police cars surrounding him. He moaned as he tried to sit up holding his head as he felt sharp pains where Jake had him hit.

“Jake Chibende stay put! You are surrounded, raise your hands in the air and slowly stand up” came the voice from the loud speaker.

In confusion Mike stood up and did as ordered. “What have I done?” he tried to ask as one of the cops handcuffed his hands from the back.

“You will pay dearly for escaping Prison Jake, now you will face the law with harshness” the officer in charge told him as they lead him to the car.

“Am no Jake officer, his my brother and he has gone with my car. You have to believe me please” he tried to explain himself but the officers laughed loudly thinking he was mocking them.

“Shut up Jake! Just shut up you criminal. You killed an officer on your escape and this is the end of you my friend. “The cop kicked him in the stomach making Mike wince in pain.

His effort to defend himself completely failed as the cops hit him one after the other before throwing him in the car. Mike realized Jake was serious about taking over his life, he had no idea how he was going to get put the situation. No one would ever believe him and the fact that he and Jake looked the same, most people would not realis Mike was gone. He wished he had told his wife about his brother. Just maybe she could have noticed a different person living with his brother. He cried like a child the police vehicle drove on.

“Am sorry Isa, am so sorry I hope you are strong enough to bear a life with Jake” he whispered to himself. Mike knew Jake was no dumb, if he wanted to take over his life it meant he surely had it all planned out and Mike felt hopeless.

Back at home, Isa has just finished preparing a meal for her husband, he had just called her to say he was on his way and she wanted to welcome him to a nice Zambian meal, nshima served with pumpkin leaves and fresh nicely boiled fish. She added his favorite, okra.

Isa smiled hearing the sound of the vehicle driving in and she peeped through the window smiling.

“Hey love! Welcome back” she walked to the door to hug him. “

Jake smiled too liking the idea that Isa could not tell him apart from his brother.

“ hey beautiful, what’s up! You so breathe taking I had no idea you felt this good and smell so sweet” Jake squeezed her hard making Isa look up his face in wonder.

“ Mike, what’s this all about, you never address me like that and you sound like you are seeing me for the first time. Are you feeling okey? She asked touching his head.

“ and what’s this? I thought you never liked this shirt and said it was too bright for you. Why are you putting it on today? “she asked him

“ um.. Come on lady, this shirt is a blow and I love it. Listen, forget all this and lets go you give me a treat, its been ages you know “ he smiled kissing her but she looked at him shocked.

“Mike, lady? Are you crazy? You never call me that and what is with the language, treat? What the hell is going on? “she questioned him stepping back.

“ am sorry Isa, it’s just that am excited to see you and I missed you. I guess am trying to be romantic here you know, no big deal. Now can we get inside? “he smiled at her and she shook her head.

“ anyway, I prepared your favorite meal. Let’s sit and eat and tell me how it went wherever it is you were rushing to” she spoke as she sat in the chair waiting for Jake to sit.

“ well it was all sorted out and perfect too” Jake smiled knowingly..

“ okey, no more freaking me out and strange calls right?” she looked at him.

“ no more of all that, it’s gone and am here to stay and enjoy this life with everything in it” he smiled widely his words yet again surprising Isa.

“Will you sit down and eat? “she asked him

“ oh yeah, sure thing am famished” he sighed sitting down.

“oh God this ?” Jake whispered in his heart seeing the relish served. He wanted to speak out but recalling Isa called it his favorite, he knew that was what his brother loved so he had to play along.

“ mm mm not so bad “ he murmured upon taking a bite.

“what?” Isa asked him

“ I said this is yummy my love, its delicious as always” he smiled nodding his head.

“so tell me about yourself Isabel. “ he spoke with his mouth full.

“ I mean how was your day ?” he quickly changed the statement knowing it would give him up.

“it was okey. Still feeling a bit tired from the trip though this your child is weighing me down like am 7 months pregnant already” she laughed

“what? Pregnant” Jake chocked his voice coming out unexpectedly.

“Yes Mike, pregnant, baby?” she looked at him surprised.

“Don’t tell me you have developed amnesia all of the sudden Mike?” she shook her head disappointed.

“Um am.. No no how can I forget my own child” he sighed looking at Isa and holding her hand to assure her.

“I was just pulling your leg my love, it’s all good” he nodded feeling angry inside.

The thought of raising his brother`s child irritating him. He had not seen that coming and he hated it to the core. He pretended to be happy as he finished eating his food. It was not going to be easy for him but Jake was determined to make it through. Knowing there was no chance of Mike escaping prison he relaxed.

“After all I have all I need around me, what’s to worry about” he told himself and smiled at Isa who kept looking at him she somehow thought he was acting weird. She knew whatever it was to do with the meeting Mike had gone to but she could never have guessed his dear sweet husband had been switched with a jerk she will yet to experience.

Twins continues....

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Chai, Wahala dey ooooo. Mike fvck up
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Mike messed up big time

Thanks for the update
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Falling in love with Isabel already though. She's married.. Mike's is quite a duck head Sha..
Bro you're quite good with words... Keep it coming.

Oyinprince am with you back to back.
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TWINS - Episode 5

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

Mike looked at the walls of the prison cell he was locked in, tears in his eyes. He couldn’t get used to the harsh environment of the prison even after days of being there. He had completely given up trying to get someone hear him out about his brother.

“There is no way you will escape this Jake, you have come in here and your life will be lived inside these walls till you die” the warders had teased him.

“ I can give you an address so that you go and ask my wife, am Mike. My wife and I married last year, I have a decent life and have never killed nor hurt anyone before, you ought to go home and confirm what am telling you” he went on pleading for them to hear and understand him but it all fall on deaf ears as they just mocked him further and beat him up for trying to get smart with them.

Mike sat on the thin mattress lost in thoughts, he started recalling 10 years back when he was about 24 years old. He had started working for the company belong to a Mr Mulenga, a man who were friends he with his father. He was employed immediately he completed his economics course at the University of Zambia.

Mike had moved to stay alone the very year he stared working leaving his father`s house. He had rented a flat in Northmead area in Lusaka. Having a well-paying job made him start up and settle quickly making Jake jealousy and he made sure he always asked for money from his brother.

Mike was always helping as much as he could, but Jake still refused to get himself a good job with the marketing course he had done from NIPA College even though he never got to complete the course. Mike knocked off one evening and got to his house feeling tired. He was just getting to bed when he heard a loud knock on the door.

“ Jake what are you doing here and what’s the rush all about? “ he asked his brother seeing Jake panting and panicking looking like someone was after him.

“Can I come in?” he responded instead.

“Yeah sure thing” mike sighed giving him way in.

“Jake tell me what the hell is going on with you. You keep on looking outside and won’t even sit down. What have you done this time?” he went on persuading him to say something.

“Mike I messed up big time. I killed one of the guys belonging to a gang, the gang is after me and the cops too. I just escaped” Jake explained his eyes popped out.

“What have you done brother? How did you even kill someone? And the waste part is you run to me now that you are in trouble when I have been telling you to find yourself a decent job but you refused to listen. Now what? “Mike asked

“ I hide here for a while Mike, they will not suspect am here man please” Jake begged his brother.

“You mentioned a gang and you know how dangerous those people are. They will still find you and kill you. You are better off informing the cops and telling them what happed since you saying it was self defence,they might give you a lesser sentence for that brother, thing about this” mike tried to reason with him.

“No I cannot turn myself in Mike. Am not going to jail “he argued

A couple of days later Jake went out and came back running claiming the gang stars had mobilized and where everywhere looking for him. Mike knew any time they would get to him and that would be the end. On the other hand the police had even put a wanted post for Jake. For mike he thought the best was for his brother to get to the cops and explain himself instead of running his entire life.

So he asked one of his friends who was a cop to come end help out. Seeing the police officers going to Mike’s house, Jake took off running. He was in exile for two days until they found him and now his plea for self-defense was baseless. That was how Jake went to prison where he was held for 10 years.

In the period, mike worked hard and saved up some money. The owner of the company had issues with funds and he suggested for him to invest something from his stock exchange share earnings. The years back, mike become partner with the owner of the company he was working for. An elderly man who treated man with respect and so much regard.

He always told mike that he would go far with his hard work. Encouraging him to live his life and do his best from his family. Mike had tried visiting his brother in jail, but every time he did, Jake would throw it ion his face, mike was the cause of him being imprisoned. He would insult him and call him all sorts of thing till he decided to stay away. Jake since then always threatened to get back at his brother but Mike had never anticipated him to get that far. He thought Jake would ask for a ransom of a something equivalent but now it was clear Jake has always wanted to live his brother`s life.

Mike worried so much about his company. “How is he going to fit in? What will he do with the money and everything I have? What about my child and wife? “Mike shivered asking himself so many questions.

“Hey time to work!” shouted the guard bringing mike to the present. He stood up and slowly walked to the door feeling his back pains again he stretched out a bit.

Back at home, Jake was trying so hard to fit in what he was calling Mike`s boring life. He had hired someone to teach him basics about managing a company and he was doing pretty well deceiving everyone. Of course he would have lapses, like not recognizing some of his customers.

He had decided to get sick deliberately and hired a doctor who claimed for him to have partial amnesia.

Isa now understood why her husband seemed so lost in most of the things and over time, she tried to help him recall what Jake had claimed to have forgotten, such as his friends and the other people that mattered the most in his life.

“ hey my love, still awake?’ Isa held her husband as he sat watching a late night game.

Jake looked at her and back at the screen. “What do you want?” he asked without bothering to look at her.

“Mike, I understand you have been under a lot of stress with the memory loss, but this is no way to treat me. We have been living like total strangers for weeks now and you barely talk to me expect when you want to make love to me. What is really going on my love? I miss you so much mike, I need you back to the way you used to be. Please talk to me I want my husband back” she cried softly tears falling her face.

“Well am not your mike Isa leave me alone now!” he yelled angrily.

“What do you mean by that?” she asked him sobbing.

“You know what stop bothering me now, you know am no longer the same since the sickness and you keep on complaining. You need money, Mike take me out, Mike we have a hospital appointment, Mike, Mike, Mike! Oh God and so fade up Isa! Just leave me alone damnmit!” he scolded her making her cry even more.

“You see, you are never like that mike, you never yelled at me. i cannot take this anymore “ Isabel cried sitting down.

“Well that makes the two of us lady, I am tired of your rantings and crying like a baby. Now if you will, let me watch my game in peace” Jake sighed turning the volume button up.

Isa stood up watching Jake as he looked at the screen. She could not understand his anger. The man before was surely not her mike. She knew sometime was terribly wrong but how was she going to make things get back to normal. She was now suspecting him to be going out with another woman which was evident from his stained shirts with markup. She shook her head staring deep at the man before her.

“You are right Mike, you are no longer the man I married a year ago. You have changed and I can assure you we tow will not last with this your altitude. What happened to u love you Isa, I would never cheat on you. You and my baby are my world? What happened to all that mike? She asked patting his shoulder to get his attention as he kept on watching the soccer match.

“Well get used to it lady, this is the new mike you have to deal with “ he smiled turning to look at her face and back at the screen. Leaving Isa puzzled and broken.

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I'm inviting you all to join us here - officialola ( m ), Ice4jez , clumsydyna , lanre712 , leokinguch ( m ), udemesamuel8 , awesomershal ( m ), Chiprince007 , crownaayam17 ( m ), Osomalo( m ), Parollawd ( m ), abidex0z ( m ), nastynic( m ), AmaUwana ( f ), ayorwizz( m ), gemiclem( m ), AlfaAce ( m ), youngimporter, Gerardo88 ( m ), marvin906 ( m ), indodon ( m ), Dreamswayne , Treasure95 ( f ), Chacha029 , Simeonlyon, Yemluvkid( m ), Joao88 ( m ), Engrmustyboss( m ), itxstephen( m ), horlharthundhey ( m ), nafblondi (


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Mike has a fault, no matter how bad his brother is, he should have told his wife he has a brother.
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TWINS - Episode 6

© Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

Mr. kalaba looked at Jake seated in his office facing the window. He shook his head. Of late he had noticed some changes in his partner, according to him the Mike he knew had drastically changed. However he was trying to understand what he was going through and he had decided to give him to recover. Jake of course Mike as they all were assuming him to be, was always hard working and a determined man, he had noticed the new guy was a lot more outgoing and special too. Even though Mr. Kalaba had thought of him to be too social, he noticed that they guy was getting a lot of people in a good spirits with his charms.

Mr. Kalaba walked in to talk to Jake seeing him swinging in his chair.

“Mike I need to talk to you man” He sighed sitting down on the chair opposite.

“Hey Mr. Kay what is going on now?” Jake sighed smiling at him.

“ I know you are not a lazy and so outgoing person Mike, since i employed you to this company years back, till the time I made you my partner, I have never seen you lag so much behind like you are doing now. Tell me my boy, is it the marriage life that is stressing you out such that you lose your focus?” you were never like this Mike, I trusted you with everything in this company and never have you let me down. Am just wondering if it was the minor amnesia that has caused this change or whatever it is. I just want you to know that your current behavior is affecting this business and that is not good for both of us.” He went on explaining and Jake kept looking at him his lips curved in a smile.

“Okey man, what do you want me to tell you? Am trying to work my ass out here. As it is, history has it your business was crumbling down that`s why Mike, I mean I , decided to invest all my other investments to pull you up. Bear in mind man that am no longer your employee but partner and its high time you treated me as equal” Jake bellowed with a smile.

“What? Since when do you talk to me like that Mike, you have no idea…”

“Hey that’s enough man, that’s enough, heeee what’s this now? I cannot go anywhere without people complaining and nagging about me. What the hell is wrong with all of you!” Jake raised his voice standing up and rubbing his mouth as he stood at the window.

“Am warning you Mike, you may be my partner but I have worked my ass off my entire life to get this company standing. I will not allow you with your stupid tantrums to come ruin everything just because I trusted you to be part of my legacy! Get yourself together Mike, do it soon enough or I will give you back the 30% you invested here and fire you. Let’s see how you get to raise your head at me like am your equal!” Mr. Kalaba shouted leaving the office very furious.

Jake shook his head. “Hey man am sorry i… oh damnmit this is bulshit! “He giggled

“Well Jake its time you started doing the right things. You cannot not head back to prison or the streets. “Jake spoke to himself sitting down.

He stayed quite for some time trying to think through things. After almost two hours of silence he decided he was going to change the game.

“Well these people need Mike, so I will bring him back to them” he smiled touching his chest and standing up.

“Hello, Jane, Mike here” Jake spoke on the phone as he walked out to the car park.

“ what do you want Mike, the last time you called me names and am out of your precious house. So why the hell are you calling me. Talk to your wife not me” Jane responded

“Am sorry Jane I was just drunk that day and I said a lot of crap” Jake made a silly face on the phone.

“That’s the point exactly Mike, since you knew my sister and later on married her. You never drink beer.” She added

“I know. Just been stressed of late and I acted insane, that’s why I called you Jane, I need your help. I got Isa so pissed last night but I want to make it up for her.” He smiled knowing the game he was playing.

“Okey so why are you calling me then? Go talk to your wife “Jane answered

“I know I will do that but I need a favor. Tell me what I can get for her to calm her down. I love Isa so much and I hate myself for treating her bad the past weeks. Will you help me get her something special as a way of apologizing? Am not really sure what she likes” he sighed

“Okey I hope you are serious about this Mike, you have been a Jake the past weeks and ….”

“I know I will try make it right you know” Jake frowned faking to be serious.

After talking to Jane, Jake decided to and get the things Jane had suggested. He drove back home just to find Isabel seated outside the house her bags packed up.

“Babe, what is going on here? “He asked her. She wouldn’t answer though as she kept crying.

“She said she wants to leave but I had to stop her getting her car keys boss” Mwanida responded looking at Jake.

“Okey leave us now Mwanida thank you for keeping her safe here” he smiled at the maid and watched her ass she walked away.

“Isa come back inside the house my wife. Am sorry for last night I was a jerk” Jake lowered his voice squatting next to her.

“Last night? Last night is all you are sorry for Mike. You have put me through hell the past weeks you don’t even care am carrying your child. You treat me like poo and won’t listen to me anymore, no Mike. I have had enough am not doing this with you anymore. Am moving out of this house” she shook her head not looking at him.

“Come on my love, I cannot let you go now” he spoke his mind recalling the document he had seen signed by his brother. Mike had made an agreement with Isabel that if he would ever get to die or even divorce his wife, she would get 80 % of his assets for the child. Though Jake never understood why his brother did that, he knew Isa leaving would be the end of him. He did not have it in him to work hard to get himself up again if she took away all that.

He talked her into getting to talk inside.

“Please Isa okey, let’s talk then you can decide later on what you want to do” he held her hand playing gentle.

“Mike i….”

“ shshshs don’t say anything now my love,” Jake responded before Isa could say a thing.

“ I want you to feel the love that I have denied you for weeks. I want to be that husband you married a year back the man you fall in love with. “he smiled taking her to bed.

“What are you doing mike? “She asked as he kissed her neck and forehead.

“Am trying to show my woman I love her and doesn’t want her to go “he smiled widely showing off all his teeth and Isabel looked at him surprised at his sudden change.

Jake pulled her up the bed making her lay on her back as he caressed her. He took up the dress she had on exposing her bare now bulging stomach and kissing the bump. Isabel closed her eyes letting him work his way to her body.

She wondered why her husband had never been that tender on her, she kept her eyes closed letting him take her to places she couldn’t really he had.

“You forgive me love?” he asked as he slowly and gently pressed himself in her she was finding it difficult to respond as all her concentration was taken away in the deep passion and pleasure. Something she had never experienced before.

“ I love you Mike and you know that, I just want us to be okey again, I missed you so much” she whispered holding his waist closer to herself making Jake smile with pride.

“ I love you too Babe and I promise it will be better from today on” he whispered back between moans of pleasure.

He looked at her soft wet eyes and smiled, “ I got you woman and now I will find a way to change those stupid documents before I dump you for good” he spoke to his inner self, summarizing the love making, getting Isa cry out in pleasure.

“What was that?” she asked looking at him as he lay next to her his face up.

“What, you have never felt that before?” he asked in a tone that was not indicating a joke.

“ no, Mike, I mean you are never that good in bed, am sorry to say this but that was the best sex you have ever made to me” she smiled rubbing her hands on his chest.

“Yeah? “ Jake smiled.

“Yeah sure” she rubbed his nipples letting a soft laugh.

“Well, I guess he is so bad in bed” he whispered almost audible.

“What?” Isa asked

“Nothing babe I said thank you” Jake chuckled

“What’s this here? I have never seen that before” she asked touching a round mark on Jake’s back as he gave her his back.

“Eeehhh what’s that? “he asked realizing he was the one between the two who had that birth mark. The mark that those who knew them when they were babies used to recognize them by.

“Mmm that’s a birth mark babe “he responded turning back up to hide his back.

“No mike I have never seen that on you before. We have been together for over two years now and married for a year. How come I never saw this love?” She shook her head sitting up.

“Maybe you never paid attention before Isa come on. What do you think? I have developed some mark in hours?” he laughed kissing her to get her distracted.

Isabel sighed trying to push back the debate in her head. She wondered why she had a feeling something was wrong with the man before her, but she had no idea what it was that her instincts were trying to warn her about.

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Chai, this is bad ooooo, very very bad..

No mata what Jake may do,, Mike is the cuz.

Pity isa
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Chai, this is bad ooooo, very very bad..

No mata what Jake may do,, Mike is the cuz.
Pity isa
Skubi skubi do
Where are u?
We gat sum Work to do now
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TWINS - Episode 7

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

Mike was busy pilling the blocks in the back yard of the prison walls where the where going to build new cell blocks for inmates. He wiped away the sweat on his forehead as the sun hit him. It was so hot all the guys around were heavily sweating and panting as they worked in the scorching sun.

Mike had decided to hope for God to rescue him, he kept counting days, weeks and then months.

“Hey Mike, you seem less effective today what’s going on?” his new friend asked him.

“Oh my friend it’s hard to work today, it’s the day my wife is going to give birth according to the auto sound she had months ago when I took her to see the doctor. I am so worried, I don’t know how Jake has been treating her and if they are both okey. I swear to God my brother will get the worst of me if he hurts my family” Mike shook his head stopping in his steps the block in his hands.

“Oh, your story is so crazy Mike, I mean who does that to their own brother. You my friend were so unlucky to be born a twin. “Ken shrugged placing his own block on top of the pile they had made.

“Yeah you have no idea what I have gone through having Jake as my brother. Here I am serving a jail sentence for him whilst he does God knows what with my life out there. “Mike sighed.

“But tell me this my friend, how has he managed to fool everyone back at home, your work place and to everyone who knew you? “ Ken shook his head.

“I told you before man, Jake is not a dull person, if there is anything Jake is cleverness. That guy is a Brainiac only he uses it to do wrong things. For him to manage all these months without any news from him, trust me, he has managed to work something out and unless a miracle happens, am stuck here forever.” He frowned.

Ken was shaking his head in shock. He had become close to Mike and he had discovered the truth. Everyone else especially the guards would not believe his story but Ken who had come to meet Jake too before, was quick to realize the switch.

“ am sure we will try to find a way out my friend, you are a good person from what I have come to learn about you in the past months and I know you will soon get your freedom back. “ Ken spoke assuring him

“I will ask my guys when they come to visit me to help out from outside. Don’t worry we will get you out soon. Unlike some of us who have done some terrible things in the past and are paying for our crimes, you are innocent Mike” he added as they went on working.

“Thank you for believing me man, I was going crazy with everyone thinking I was nuts and faking a brother I never had” Mike smiled at last.

“You are good man” Ken patted his back and wiped his own sweat.

Mike and Jake`s nanny was now an old woman, she had worked for the twin’s mother for years when they were just some weeks old. She was hired to help her raise her kids as the woman had to work day and sometimes night times as a nurse.

Esther Mwangala was now almost 70 years old and she had not lay her eyes on the twins since they were about 24 years old. She looked at a couple walk to a car parked in the park at a shopping mall the woman heavily pregnant, seeing the way the couple was talking and the woman smiling, she knew that was Mike. She was one of the people that truly knew the twins and would easily tell them apart.

Esther assumed the guy she was now following to say hi to after so many years ought to be Mike because she knew Jake was still in jail and it was impossible for him to be out and with a pregnant woman.

“Hey Mike my son” she called out before Jake could start driving the car. Jake looked at her and rolled up the windows to avoid having a conversation with her knowing too well where that would lead. He hated the woman who always acted like his mother when he was growing up.

“Hey what is wrong with this boy” she shook her head trying to raise her hands to stop the car but it went on.

“mmmm what was that, mike wouldn’t behave like that am sure he has seen me “ she shrugged walking back to her daughter who had taken her out for shopping.

“What was that mother? “her daughter asked her

“Am shocked my child, that young man who just drove away is one of those twins I told you about. Mike I had presumed, but he has acted like the brother who is in jail, he has completely ignored me but am so convinced he saw me walking towards them” she shuddered her head.

“Okey mom forget about that man, he perhaps didn’t see you, why would a man ignore the person who helped raise him? It doesn’t make any sense.” Her daughter sighed.

“it actually does if he is Jake” she looked at her daughter.

“What now mother, you just said Jake or whatever his name is in jail, how come? “ she asked the old woman.

“I know my child but I cannot help feel that man ignored me completely and the only one between the two who always did that was Jake. Anyway let’s go home now” Esther sighed shrugging.

Days passed and Isa still had not given birth, she was now heavily pregnant she could barely walk. Thankfully Jake had been trying to be supportive, talking her for walks and shopping for the baby. Isa was glad her husband was becoming himself and even better. They spent time together and even though she noticed he never said a lot about the child like Mike always did, she was okey with him showing support. Isa noticed how all of a sudden her assumed husband became so comfortable chatting and talking to the maid. She always found them talking though they would stop upon seeing her.

Inquiring what that was all about, Jake would lie he was giving Mwanida instructions on how to take care of Isa and the pregnancy in his absence. One afternoon, Isabel asked Jake to take her out as she wanted to take some walks around as the doctor advised. She was feeling so heavy and tired that the baby had delayed.

“Hey my love, get me Ice cream from there I sit and rest a bit here” she told him and walked to sit at a bench at the mall.

She saw a familiar face walk by. “Yeah it’s her “she sighed recalling the day Jake drove away leaving a woman behind who seemed to have known him. She had tried to tell him to stop and talk to the old woman but Jake refused saying the woman was probably just a beggar and he didn’t want to have her waste their time.

Isabel stood up and walked to where the woman was, “hello mama how are you?” she greeted the old woman who turned to smile at her.

“Who are you my child? “ Esther asked her with a genuine smile as she looked down her pregnancy.

“Am the wife to Mike, am sure this will sound crazy but I think I saw you stopping our car the other day. My husband said he didn’t recognize you. Do you know who Mike is?” she asked calmly holding her waist.

“You say Mike? Oh my God you are the woman I saw the other day. Am so glad to meet you dear, I used to be the twin`s nanny” Esther smiled.

“What twins?” Isa asked the woman.

“Um…” Esther could not finish to answer and she heard a voice call out.

“Isabel! What the hell are you doing talking to that old woman?” Jake asked making both women look back at him, Esther immediately recognizing the twin as Jake.

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Thanks for the update
Re: Twins by skubido(m): 5:19pm On Dec 24, 2018

Tanks for the update
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thanks 4 invitation though i'm late but hav catch up
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TWINS - Episode 8

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

“Get in the car now!” Jake yelled at Isabel pointing at the car parked a few meters away.

“But my love….” Isa almost spoke but Jake pushed her shoulder.

“I said get to the car Isabel and stop talking” he frowned furious. Isa looked at his angry face and back at the woman before her who looked as shocked at Jake`s behavior. Slowly she walked away leaving the two standing still.

“Jake, I knew it I would never have missed recognizing some hilarious behavior at all, you have always been cracked. But what I don’t understand is why your wife called you Mike.” Esther shook her head.

“Because am Mike woman and don’t you ever come close to my family again” Jake scolded her.

“Listen Esther I appreciate you helped my mother raise us but we are grownups now, we don’t need you so stay away from us. “He added looking at the car were Isabel was watching from the window.

“Tell me Jake, how did you get out of prison? Uh no, the big question is where is your brother if you are out here?” She smiled a knowing smile making Jake almost shake with rage.

“Mmm you seem to know us better uh? Well I got news for you. Am Mike and will always be, Jake is in Prison and you can rest easy” he faked a smile.

“Well, I don’t understand why you are pretending to be your brother but you cannot fool me Jake, of all people in the world am the one who know you both better physically and behavior wise. I might be old and wrinkled but am no fool” Esther raised her face on him and walked away.

“Oh by the way, that mark on your back and the cut in the corner of your ear. Would never fade, you are marked and I for one can never forget the cut I washed and nursed myself for weeks. I remember a small stubborn boy playing with bottles and broke one cutting himself right near the left ear” she smiled and walked on

“Damnmit old hag!” he kicked the ground and composed himself walking to the vehicle. He knew he had to come up with a better idea to convince Isabel before she could start putting the pieces together.

Isabel held her hair twisting it round as Jake sunk in his seat. She shook her head seeing how mad her husband seemed after talking to an ordinary woman. She deliberately kept silent to allow him time to settle and give her an explanation.

“um that was some woman from years back, forget about her she is not important” he started, looking at Isabel.

“That old woman as you call her approached us last time and you completely pretended you have no idea who she was. I talk to her today and you come fuming like I was doing something terrible. You practically insulted that poor soul and now you sit here and call her Unimportant? Who is she Mike?” she asked him serious.

“I told you forget about her Isa, she’s no one important “ he frowned.

“No I won’t forget her Mike, before we leave this place I want the truth. What was that about being a nanny to some twins? What did she mean? “Isa insisted.

“ okay listen to me Isabel, that woman is my auntie, she stayed with us for a while when I was still a kid and she helped raise me and my cousin, her son, she called us twins because we were born on the same day. The reason I don’t want to have anything to do with her is because she and my mother had a big fight before my mother died and somehow I blame her for her death” Jake lied looking at Isabel to convince her.

“I don’t understand, but….” She almost spoke.

“But nothing Isabel, I don’t want to talk about her, full stop, can we talk about something else now?” he frowned handing her the ice-cream pack he got for her.

TheY drove back home in silence Isabel kept thinking about the woman, she wanted to have her million questions answered but Jake gave her no chance at all. She shook her head trying to figure his behavior out and whatever he said wasn’t making any sense. Her mind went back to reflect on one of the days she and Mike had gone out on their third date. She had looked at him and smiled.

“what is it Isabel?” Mike asked her.

“I want to know who Mike Chibende is. We have talked about so many things but I just realized you don’t say much about your family, do you have siblings? Brothers or sisters” she shrugged sipping on her drink.

“Well, my mother died years ago, my father died too a couple of years ago. I was partly raised by mom and spent most of my adolescence age with my father. He had other kids with my step mother, but she has always created a gap between us so we are not really in touch especially after dad passed on. What else, um .. I have no many close relatives, the only person close to a relative I know of is the woman who used to take care of me as a child, she was a great woman but she travelled to South Africa where her daughter took her. I last saw her when I was about 24 and since then I have not set my eyes on her” he smiled shrugging.

“ so that’s my family life. Am much of a loner now and the rest is not to be talked about. You know there are people and things that are better off left unsaid” Mike had told her.

“well, you are right, some family secrets are better off buried. “ she smiled at him.

Now she was wondering if what her husband has told her about the old woman was related to the story he had told her. Though it made no much sense. She decided to brush if off.

“Hey sister, welcome back home” Jane, her sister walked towards the car as Isabel stepped down holding her long dress.

“Thanks Jane, what time did you come?” she asked as the two walked inside.

“I thought of seeing you sis, it’s been a while. Mom sends her greetings and she insists she comes over to wait for the baby.” Jake giggled.

“ I know, but like I told you earlier, Mike said we have to wait till the baby is here before my mother could come. You know how he is these days it’s almost impossible to convince him otherwise, so we will wait till then” Isabel sighed as she sat in the couch.

“ mmmm this your husband sometimes gives me bad vibes, he acts kind of weird and I don’t know how you cope with him” Jane made a face.

“ uhhh mmmmhmh no Jane do not talk ill of my husband now, he’s been under a lot of stress Lately and I am sure he will be himself soon” she faked a smile.

“ mm Stress indeed, you know I have never liked the choice of the man you married but he used to be better than what he has become, from a boring workaholic, now is an outgoing talkative and insensitive man. Eish I have no idea how you manage it here sister” Jane added.

Mwanida who was listening in seeing the girls talking, cleared her throat.

“ excuse me madam, the boss said I give you this, he just drove out that he will come back later” she handed her a pack of ice cream she had left in the car with Jake.

“But why didn’t he come inside to tell me that himself? Besides he has not even said hi to my sister” she shook her head.

“I don’t know madam” Mwanida smiled her usual stupid smile.

“Boohoo! I said it” Jane frowned leaning back in the couch and grabbing the pack of ice-cream from the maid`s hands.

“Mwanida get me some spoons I dig in this yummy ice cream “she smiled

Mwanida walked back to the kitchen furious, she hated the sister to Isabel who always acted bossy, she was glad Jake pushed her out of the house. Getting the spoons, she went back and handed then to her and slowly withdrew back to continue doing the laundry.

Isabel narrated the story of the mall scene to her sister who told her something fishy was going on with Mike. “You have to woke up sister and open your eyes, I don’t want you to regret this marriage of yours. Find out what is going on with your husband and do it fast” she added warning her.

“ yeah you are right, something isn’t right I feel it in my bones, I love Mike no doubt but the kind of man he is becoming is giving me some creep[y feelings. I will have to find that woman again and this time I will do it alone. First I have to give birth because am in no condition to play detective with this heavy bump” she explained.

Twins continues...
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TWINS - Episode 9

© Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

Jake paced around the hospital passage as he waited for Isabel to give birth. He had to be around even when he felt didn’t want to. He saw a nurse walk out of the delivery room and rushed to her, surprised at his own reaction of wanting to know about a child he was trying to pretend he never cared about.

“How is it going sister? Is my wife okey?” he asked her

“Take is easy sir, I have good news for you, and your wife has just given birth to a bouncing baby girl. Congratulations you are a father now” she smiled at him.

“ oh that’s good am relieved. “Jake sighed deeply

“Can I see them now?” he questioned

“Sure thing sir, just go in there and cerebrate your bundle of joy” she jiggled her head

“Thank you “Jake looked at her.

He strolled inside his heart beating fast. Coming to the full view of the now smiling Isabel, he smiled back. The sight of the tiny baby in his arms after Isabel handed him the baby was so breath taking, he gently held her and smiled his honesty smile. She looked so serene and small he could feel emotions he had never felt before rising up.

“She is so beautiful my love, oh my God look at that face, she looks like my mother” he laughed softly his muscle hands wrapped around the baby. Jake sat next to Isabel who was laying down resting.

“ thank you for being strong and giving Mike this bundle of joy Isabel, I don’t know, I feel what I have never felt in a long time.” He spoke with sincerity.

“Well Mike, deserves it” she teased following the way Jake mentioned his brother’s name without comprehending he did, of course she assumed he was just referring to himself. Isabel noticed how silent Jake had become all of a sudden, he was staring at the baby in his arm like he didn’t want to let her go, and she wondered what had gotten into him. In a long time she noticed that face she knew of Mike, he looked so calm and composed, she took time checking him out. He was clad in a muscle t-shirt which displayed his masculine body, his face a bit messy but she liked it. Mike had always kept a clean shave but now she realized this Mike was somehow not so peculiar about shaving. She took her eyes up his cheek and noticed a small cut on the corner just before the ear, smiling to herself as she had never seen that before. She desired to say it but seeing how calm and peaceful he looked with the baby in his arms, she thought it wise to let it pass.

“Mike, are you okey?” she finally asked seeing some more minutes pass without him saying a word. He slowly turned to look at her and she noticed some water clouded in his eyes.

“What? You are crying? “She asked sitting up.

“Yeah, you know I have never felt this my whole life, it’s like something has just been lifted from my shoulders and my heart feels so much at peace it is hurting “he smiled allowing a tear fall his eyes.

Isabel smiled and pulled him closer planting a kiss on his lips. “I know right, I feel it too, I guess that’s what being a parent is all about. Remember how much we planned to have this child. All the dreams of seeing her have come true and am glad to see you happy Mike. “She told him leaning her head on his shoulder as they both looked at the child.

Jake sighed wiping the tear and looking at the woman before her. He recalled how he had planned to get rid of her after the child was born and he got all the papers of inheritance Mike had signed changed, but now he was not so sure. She was a good woman for sure.

Every time Mwanida briefed him about what Isabel was doing and saying with her friends, he had realized that somehow she always looked at the best in him. Other women could have taken the advice of her friends and sister to leave him or act worst. He smiled honestly as he felt drawn to her. Her messed hair covering part of her face he pushed it aside and gently stroked her face.

“I think I love you Isabel” he looked into her eyes.

She laughed shaking her head, the sound of the words were like someone had just realized it after a long while.

“I love you my husband” she whispered receiving a gentle kiss from him.

Three months later……

Jake was rushing to get home, he looked at a chain of vehicles ahead of him and sat back defeated. It was a Friday and as usual in Lusaka the roads where congested. He slowly drove following up the traffic in great east road as he thought about his life the past months. In his entire life he had never felt so contented. Isabel, was no longer talking about digging into his past according the maid.

Mwanida was just planted way before Jake escaped from prison, she was hired to be his eye in his brother’s house by the wardress he had killed afterwards. She would give him what he needed to know about Mike and his wife, telling him about her relatives and who he would come to face occasionary. Jake had come to learn that somehow Mwanida had a natural hatred for Isabel`s family. He started seeing how so comfortable she seemed around him but he had quickly put a stop to it, seeing how observant Isabel had become.

One day he came on to the sight of a well decorated bedroom, some rose petals sprinkled all around the room, Isabel had lit some scented candles and placed them one in the center of the room and for others in the corners. She had spread the bed with brand new sheets, white in color.

“My love what is this?’ he asked as she pulled in the bedroom as soon as he got in the house.

“Well I wanted to say I love you and thank you for being so good to us. I was worried of what was going on way before our baby was born but now am glad I have my husband back and this time he is far much better. “She smiled unfastening his shirt.

“But love, are you not supposed to be healing?” he asked looking at her lustful eyes.

“Am okey now that’s why I wanted this to be exceptional after 3 months of not being this close together. Today is our time and I asked Mwanida to stay with the baby” she shrugged kissing his chest lightly.

“ Mmmmm thanks this is so … I don’t know” he sighed with a smile.

“ just relax and let me take away the day`s stress” she pushed him to the bed and he let a soft laugh looking at her sexy lingerie, her stomach back to normal and her curves as perfect like he had never taken notice before.

“You are so beautiful” he whispered allowing her to caress his nipples as he watched, his hands spread.

“Oh my! Isabel you are killing me!” he gasped as she stroke his man with her tender hands and kissed him deeply making his breath grow deeper and intense.

She sat on him and worked her way to him driving him crazy. Without hesitation he joined her with all his heart making himself take all of her, for a moment he had forgotten he was an imposter. That his brother was taking his place suffering in prison.

“how can I let all this good go away now? am sorry brother it’s too late now, am going to get all this and am not letting go” he whispered to himself turning Isabel down and taking control, he smiled when she moaned in pleasure holding him closer.

“I love you “he said it genuinely and with all honesty looking deeper into her eyes. She knew he was saying the truth and felt glad she chose him. The heights to which he was driving her was so much sweet and pleasant she was glad he has taken a turn in his love making skills.

“I love you more Father to my baby, my love and my world, Mike Chibende.” She whispered

Jake felt loved and at home, something he had never anticipated feeling especially with his brother`s wife. Initially it was all about getting back with Mike but now he realized he had fallen into his won trap. Love had won over his heart and every time he looked at her, he felt good and was not willing to let go. He knew the words of Mwanida were coming true.

“I see how you look at her Jake, it’s no longer the same. You are falling in love with your brother`s wife and it’s not good for us” she warned him.

“Leave me alone Mwanida, it’s not that. Am just trying to be good to her and the baby, she is innocent’ Jake argued but Mwanida caught him in his own lie telling him it was his excuse and he knew it.

“I will not let you harm my family Mwanida. Keep insisting on hurting them and I will personally take care of you. You know am not bluffing huh” he warned her and stormed out angrily.

“Maids!” he had spoken to himself stepping out of the kitchen.

Later after some rounds of love making like they just got married, Jake had walked out to see the baby, he had named her after his mother, Calling her Elizabeth.

He was lost in thoughts thinking about home, as he took a turn away from the main road going to Mean Wood where Mike`s, now his house was when he saw a man stop him. He looked at him through the side mirrors after passing him and realized the man had some kind of break down he had his vehicle parked aside the road.

“Okey this is a waste of time but maybe I can help” he sighed reversing seeing there was no other vehicle coming his way.

“Hey what happened sir, need help with anything?” he asked stepping down the car.

“Yeah I actually do” the man responded pulling a gun to his head.

“Woooo woooo hey man, what’s this? He lifted his hands stepping back.

“I know who you are Mike, you think you can fire me and get away with it?” the man with a deep voice spoke indicating for Jake to get into his vehicle.

“Do I know you man?” Jake shivered realizing he had no idea who the guy was. He was probably hired and fired by his brother and now he was caught instead.

“Calm down and tell me what you want bro” he pleaded as the man pushed him in the back seat of his car.

“You will soon know what I want Mike. Hey get his car let’s move” the man told his counterpart.

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Can isa forgive Mike?
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Thanks for the update
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Well done Oyinprince
Re: Twins by Oyinprince(m): 7:48pm On Dec 27, 2018
TWINS - Episode 10

© Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

Isabel looked at her phone the third time. Her husband just called her an hour back telling her he was in his way. She shoved the though of him delaying assuming he was stuck in traffic it being a Friday.

" Mwanida put that food in the warmer down the stove, it's seems Eliza's father will had delayed in traffic today. I want him to have warm food" she told the maid who stood in front of her as Isabel changed the baby's disposable nappy. She's had just gone home from her work place.

" sure madam" Mwanida responded. She went to do as told and stood by the sink feeling upset. She had just talked to Jake about what was going on. Hating that the man she had secretly fallen in love with was noonger paying attention to her. The time he went to the house I had sneaked into her room more than 3 times. It was just an attraction since Jake claimed he felt uncomfortable being with his brother's wife.

What he dodnt know however was that Mwanida had her hopes raised up, knowing if Jack could get rid of Isabel and her baby, she could take her place and becone the woman of the house.

She shook her head at Jake's last words to her on the phone.

" I h avee no idea what it is you want to come tell me Mwanida, I have told you time and again I dont want to hurt my family. So please let's keep it cool as always. I give you your money and you keep it shut" he told her.

" it's not your family Jake and you know that. Stop playing husband already " she scolded him and he cut her.

" am almost knocking off, let's talk when I come back. I will come to your room " Jake said.

Now here she was thinking his delay was his way of escaping the issue and she was pissed. She grabbed a cup and smacked it to the wall it fall down with a step breaking sound.

" Mwanida what is going on there. ? " Is a asked

" am sorry madam I dropped a cup " she made a face as she bent down to pick the broken pieces.

" be careful there" was all that Isabel said and Mwanida bit her lip in anger. Hating her boss for taking away what she had given herself as hers.

Jake was tied his hands on his back and made to sit on the floor of a room inside some house he was taken to.

" I know you must think ask being rude or something but I don't remember who you are man or what I did to dersve this." He spoke looking up at the man who was staying at him his eyes red with anger.

" so you have suddenly lost yours memory hub?" The man responded casually.

" as a matter of fact yes. I had some lkind of paryola amnesia and sometimes I forget people's faces " he went on telling the same lie he had told everyone at Mike's company.

" and you ecspecr me to buy that nonsense him?" He responded

" am not laying man, ask anyonee about me from work they wi confirm my words. I would not lie about sonething like that. " Jake tried to reason with the man.

" okey, memory loss of not, you will pay for what you did last year. I had pleased with you to consider me man. I begged you to give me another chance I had lots to sort out at home. What did you do you fired me because of a simple mistake. How do you think I manged to survive that? My family had to go without food whilst you say down in you poshy house enjoying yourself. People in that company work for you and you ought to respect them . But no, how would you know that when everything has always been provided for you on the silver platta " the man shook his head.

" am sorry for that man, I am and honestly not sure how kidnapping me Will pay up for what I did. " Jake shrugged this time with pride in his voice. He could see the anger in the man before him but knew his brother would have not fired him unless what he did was wrong and affected the business. He couldn't get to ask what really happened knowing the man would simply think he was teasing him.

" you will use that phone to call your wife. Tell her to get us some cash or you will die. " The man he had come to know as Simon told him seriously.

" I cant, Isabel can not give you that money because I will not let her do that. What is this? You are so lazy to find another job and you go about kidnapping people for money. The cops will catch you soon you will pay for this?"

Jake tried to get loosse but the ropes where fixed tied. It was almost 23 hours and he knew Isabel was sick worried about him.

After hours of being held in captive, Simon came back and handed him the phone.

" tell your wife what I told you. We need a K20 thousand before we let you go? "

" or what?" He challenged him.

" or I kill you" the man whispered.

" listen I have killed a man before man, and I can see it in your eyes. You are just an angry man but you have no guts to kill a human being. Get these things off my hands and let me go " he smiled teasingly.

Simon was puzzled, the Mike he knew was not that crazy. He wouldnt say such stupid things, so he wondered where he was getting the courage to challenge him even when he was tied up.

Without saying another word he grabbed the phone from Jake's pocket and slid it open scrolling through the dailed calls to see his wife's number.

" my love finally you call? Am sick worried...."

" woman listen carefully, right away start organizing yourself for some money. I have your husband and will have him killed if you don't have a K20, 000 by 9am tomorrow " Simon threatened

" who are you and why are you having my husband's phone. Please give it to him now " she cried.

Simon placed the phone on Jake's ear.

" Isabel don't listen to him love, I will be fine !" Jake yelled before Simon could withdraw the phone.

" you have up to tomorrow morning Mrs or else.." he cut the call throwing the phone on the bed furious.

" you are crazy if you think I will allow you to eat my money you fool" Jake shook his head.

The following morning Isabel prepared herself to get to the bank, she asked Mwanida to make sure the baby was kept inside and safe as she left worried the kidnappers would attempt to get to the house too.

" call me immediately you notice something out of the usual I will be back soon. I will have to get the money for those criminals before they harm my husband " she added.

She was lost in thoughts worrying about her husband as she got to Manda Hill mall to get the money when she saw Esther walking towards the same direction as her with a woman who she assumed was her daughter or someone close to her jugding by the way they were chatting and laughing as they walked.

" that woman again" she hurried wanting to speak to her. Her intention however was just to apologise for Her husband's behaviour the other time and greet her.

" am glad you stopped me my child. I have been meaning to talk to you but I never had a chance to see you again. Neither did I get your address" Esther started holding her by the hand leading her to sit.

" am sorry mama, I would really want to have this chat with you but I have to go, something happened with Mike and I am here to get the money to help him out" she looked at the old woman.

" what happened to that boy?" She asked not believing her words asuming Jake was probably pulling a fast one on his wife.

" okey I will not ask what this is about judging by your facial expression, But find time we talk my dear child. It's about Jake and if you want the truth do not tell him you met me here. Just make sure you call me so we meet. She told her giving her the phone so Isabel could get her line.

" take care of your child and yourself, I hope your husband is okey" she added when Isa gave her back the phone and started walking away to the bank.

She kept thinking about the name Esther had mentioned . " who is Jake? Why does that woman seem serious about talking to me?" She wondered as she waited for the teller to transact her request to withdraw thecmoney.

I have the money please don't harm him she quickly picked the call as she walked back to the car.

" my love its me. I managed to escape but I have to get my car back. Let me get back to you and don't report to the police yet" she heard him panicking on the other end.

" thank God you are alive and well Mike I couldn't sleep and I have just withdrawn the money. Now what is that about me not telling the cops about what happened ?" She asked

" just don't do it I will come sort it out soon. I have to go now !" He added and she looked at the phone in her hands surprised . Jake had used a different number, he sounded like he was running. She felt worried still but relieved he was no longer in the hands of the kidnappers.

She slowly drove back home her mind filled with different things now. " Why won't he involve the police after such a huge thing?" She asked herself in particular after narrating to her sister what happened to her husband.

" I don't know my dear sister, maybe he has a criminal record too" Jane teased with a laugh.

" don't even start with your bad mouthing my husband please, not today " she held her head.

" am sorry sis, dont worry he will be okey" she patted Isabel's hand seeing how worried she was.

They waited for another hour or so and finally she heard a loud knock on the door.

Mwanida went to check on the gate and Isabel startled seeing Jake walk to the door looking dirty and tired.

" Mike oh my God! You are back!" she ran to him hugging him closely.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/twins

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