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Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 7:25am On Mar 09
Everything here is all fictional

Episode 1

You can do anything but not everything
(David Allen)
A story of love, betrayal, lust, hope, regret, crime, in fact everything you can name

Two shadows of people could be seen under one of the many mango trees in the village.
The two is known as joy and chinedu the popular love birds in the village.

(Joy is a fair beautiful young girl of Ovurade village, in Nigeria, she is currently eighteen years old and just finished writing her waec exam. She had being orphaned from birth after loosing her parents in a ghastly motor accident.)

( Chinedu is a dark handsome guy,he also hails from Ovurade village. He is currently twenty years old and just finished writing his waec exam in Ovurade secondary school same school with joy.)

Chinedu sadsinging) So I say a little prayer and hope my dreams will take me there, when the skies are blue see you once again my love.......

Joysad Blushing] wow baby I didn't know you can sing so well.

Chinedu : I guess you always bring out the best in me. (Suddenly turns serious) Tell me dear after the waec results are released what will be your next step.

Joy sadthinking) I don't really know, you know my grand mom is poor, I think is better I look for a work or do some mini jobs and do for sometime to save up money to enter school, from then on God will handle the rest.

Chinedu sadthoughtfully) Is ok, I will be entering university next year.

Joy sadjokingly) so u want to leave me ehhh.?

Chinedu : No na how can l leave my love,(holding his chest) you will always be here with me.

Joy: Are you sure you won't be snatched away from me by another high class girl?

Chinedu :That's impossible.

Joy: (flirting) ok prove it.

As he goes forward to kiss her they both heard an angry voice near them

Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 5:51pm On Mar 09
Episode 2

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, But when there is nothing left to.
(Antoine de. Saint Expupery)

Voice : Who are those whispering in the dark?

Joy and chinedu almost ran for fear of the sudden voice close to them.

Chika : ( feigning seriousness) Hey two of u get back here where are you going to?

Chinedu started laughing when he got closer and found out that it was his best friend chika that was trying to scare them.

Chinedu : Guy why you dey do like this na, you just sounded like my father.

Chika ; no mind me jor, I won just scare you small.

Joy : abeg no play that kind play again,.

Chikasadlaughing) ok madam. But why una fear like that like say una dey commit serious crime?

Chinedu ; no mind us, d truth is that it hasn't being up to two weeks back when my father caught us at this place and at a time like this, and you know my parents don't approve of our relationship.

Chika : Then why still come to the same place your father caught you to meet up,e be like say something nor dey teach you sense.

Chinedu sad feigning anger) You suppose understand say na this place dey close to joy dem house.

Chika : dat 1 na your heacache, mah warn u say your papa go soon reach here, I see am for madam jug bar and him dey he last cup of palm...
**he was still talking when they heard someone coming and singing merrily**

Chinedu ;(urgent tone) That's my father's voice

Chika:I don dey go house

Chinedu :joy we go see tomorrow goodnight and be careful.

Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 7:54am On Mar 10
Episode 3

A friend is one who has the same enemies as you have.
By : Abraham Lincoln,


In pa James (chinedu's father) sitting room, a family meeting was taking place. Pa James and his wife was seated at one side of the room facing their two sons chinedu and Ike who were sitting at the other side of the four cushion chairs in the sitting room. Ike just got back from the overseas where he lives and works, it seems that their discussion was all about his decision to take his brother chinedu back with him.

Pa James : My son Ike, is good that you brought up this , cause I was even intending to do so

Ike : Papa, no need for all this formalities, chinedu is my little brother, so where ever I go I would love to have him there with me.

Mama chinedu : (facing chinedu) Chinedu you have heard all we said, I hope you don't have any objection.

Chinedu ; ( with low voice) I have no objection, is alright with me.

Ike : ok then get prepared we will be going to Lagos on Monday, then from there to abroad.

Chinedu sadalert) which Monday?

Ike: This coming Monday of course.

Chinedu : next tomorrow?

Ike; (baffled) Yes any problem with that?

Chinedu :no problem, just that I think its too soon at least I need to say goodbye to my friends.

Ike : Understand that I don't have much free time and I need to get back to work, well you have today and tomorrow to say your goodbyes.

Mama chinedu : You don't even need to say goodbye to anybody, cause I don't trust all these our people they will always try to step down on any one who is progressing in life.

Ike,: (laughing) mama all those are just your fear playing with you.

under a mango tree close to joy house, chinedu and chika could be seen talking.

Chika sadsmiling) so like play, like play next week you go leave us.

Chinedu ; see as you dey talk like say I won die, beside while e be like say you dey happy say I won commot?

Chikasadjoking) E be like say you never know say I don tire to dey see your ugly face.

Chinedu sadlaughing) me and you who ugly pass?

Chika :You don tell joy your girl about it.

Chinedu : Sense u nor get , why you think say we dey here?

Chika :idiot here be there house.

Chinedu : You know Wetin go happen, you go go there house, the grandma no go talk anything you know say your mama and her na friend so she know you very well. Just use style confirm whether the grandma dey house ok.

Chika :No p u na my guy.

( he left for joy's house few minutes later he comes back to)

Chinedu : How far na she dey?

Chika : calm down na, yes the grandma dey house she even sit down for outside.

Chinedu : ooh which kind bad luck b this. , intact I nor send whether she dey house or not I dey go there now.

Chika : that one na your headache, I dey go house
Chinedu : ok we go see later.

** As chinedu was approaching joy's house he could see joy from afar washing clothes but he couldn't sight her grandma anywhere. **

Chinedu : hey dear.

Joy: (startled) you scared me when did you get here.

Chinedu ; Just now, where's your grandma?

Joy: she's not around.

Chinedu : But chika that just came here said she was around.

Joy : I haven't seen Chika through out today.

Chinedu : ehh that's strange.

Re: Twins Adventures by silverlinen(m): 10:26pm On Mar 10
Pls more update
Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 7:36am On Mar 11
Episode 4

The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.
By : Confucius

At pa James compound, a taxi was neatly parked, with the boot open. Chika and chinedu were busy carrying bags into the boot of the taxi.

Chika : That's the last one.

Chinedu : (closing the car boot) chika please help me to look after my girl, make sure you chase away any wolf in form of a guy coming after her.

Chika sadsmiling) ah you don't even need to tell me, that's my duty as your friend.

Chinedu : Thank you and make sure you perform your duty very well as your friend, you know I love that girl and would like to ma.....

Pa James ; (shouting to chinedu) idiot come and enter inside car.

Chinedu sadhugging chika) ok guy we see later.

Chika : no p bro.

Chinedu enters inside the car and the driver drove away, surprising after passing the gate of the compound, joy was standing within some distance away from the gate. Their eyes caught each other, seconds became like minutes. Even after the car has driven away joy was still staring at it and kept waving goodbye to it with tears in her eyes. Chinedu was forced to turn back and looked through the back glass of the car. Ike his brother watched in silence as the drama was being played between the two lovers.

Ike :who is she?

Chinedu sad with a drop of tear dropping from his eye) some one special.

Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 8:14am On Mar 12
Episode 5

The more you let yourself go, the less others let you go.
By : Friedrich Nietzsche


(At joy's house chika came by to visit, joy was sitting down on a bench chair under a tree)

Chika : How far na joy?

Joy : chika am fine, sit down na, u stand abi u be stranger for here.

Chika : (sitting down.) So how are you doing?

Joy : am doing fine. Did your mother send you?, mama nor dey o.

Chika : I know she dey our house.

Joy: ok.

Chika sadcalmly) Joy have being meaning to tell you something.

Joy: go on am listening.

Chika : ehhm, the thing is that, for a very long time now have always admired and loved you. Even before you and chinedu started I already told him my intention to woo you but Chinedu betrayed me and took you away from me. But out of the value I place on our friendship I had to endure it, but I cannot hide it anymore, I love you and I want to make you mine, please accept my humble request.

Joy saddumbfounded) Are you serious or you are joking.

Chika : (serious face) am being very serious here.

Joy sadTaking a deep breath) If all you said is the truth, I think is already too late for that . First am already dating your best friend and I love him, secondly even if I and him break up I can't possibly date his best Friend.

Chika : those two reasons you gave can be bended .

Joy : What do you mean?

Chika ; First chinedu is gone, who knows when he will come back if he will want to come back, plus even if he comes back you cannot be 100% sure that he will come back to you. Secondly you said you cannot date me his best friend, but I tell you now that am the most suitable person for you, cause you already know a lot about me nothing to hide and above all I love you very much.

Joy: Ok, the truth is that

Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 6:52am On Mar 13
Episode 6

Women can form a friendship with a man very well; but to preserve it, a slight physical antipathy most probably helps.
By : Friedrich Nietzsche

Joy : ok the truth is that I don't want you and don't love you.

Chika : just give me a chance I pro...

Joy sadangrily) that's enough now leave here this instant.

Chika ; You are chasing me away?

Joy ; jamb question , oya alele leave here.

Chika : (getting up and leaving) just think about it ok.

Joy ; (pushing him away) Am not thinking about anything leave here, idiot, ole

On a bright Sunday afternoon, a black Lexus jeep with tinted glasses, made it's way to Ovurade village, heading straight to joy's compound. Joy and her advanced grandma was busy having their lunch of porridge yam when the Lexus jeep pulled into the compound and parked under the tree in the compound.
The two were surprised of such unusual visit from a car. The driver of the car finally came down. It was a woman in her forties, but looked like she was still in her thirties. She was wearing flashing rings, bracelets, earrings. Her lips were fully glossed with red lipstick which complimented her red gown and red high heels she was putting on. Her dressing was finally completed by the big Gucci handbag she was carrying on her left arm.
Her name is Glory,Joy's late mother younger sister.

Joy: (abandoning her food rushed out and hugged her aunt in excitement) Aunty glory welcome!!.

Aunt Glory : (smiling) ha joy, you are now a big girl.

Joy: *smiles *

Aunt Glory : (bending a little) mama good afternoon.

Mama sadsmiles) good afternoon my daughter, please sit down you have traveled far.

Aunt Glory : (taking a seat) mama how have you people being.

Mama: As you can see we are managing.

Aunt Glory :hmmm, according to my calculations I presume joy might have finished her secondary education.

Mama : Yes she has.

Aunt: I came so as to take her to the city back with me so that she can proceed to the university.
Joy: (excited) Really aunty.!!!

Mama : (harshly) stop shouting

Joy : sorry mama.

Mama sadTo Glory) That's a good idea, but my daughter I hope I can hold you to your words.

Aunt Glory : (smiling slightly) No problem mama.

Mama : so when we you be going back.

Aunt Glory : Tomorrow mama, is because of joy that I rushed down here.

Mama sadsmiling sadly) No problem go in and rest.
Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 6:54am On Mar 14
Episode 7

Sometimes we owe a friend to the lucky circumstance that we give him no cause for envy.
By : Friedrich Nietzsche

The beautiful Lexus jeep moved slowly out of the village of Ovurade with joy boarding in it. Her mind was in s state of chaos with different thoughts racing up and down. How's the city gonna be?, how will mama fair alone? How will I see chinedu my heart again in case he comes back?
With all this thoughts only two things were comforting her ; First was that before leaving she told one of her female friend ngozi to tell chinedu when he comes that she is in the city still waiting for him. Secondly, finally she was going far away from that hateful chika who was still pestering her for a relationship .
At the thought of chika her heart grew bitter, and it was then she really believed that your friends can only be the ones that will betray you.

After hours of driving the car finally arrived at a black big gate. After horning twice the gate was opened by a young lady and the car pulled into the compound. parking the car in the compound garage joy and aunt glory came out from it. Joy was marveled at the wonderful sight of the mansion and compound .
Indeed it was a nice environment with two swimming pools, well lawn grasses and trimmed flowers beautifying everywhere. The walls of the full building well fully designed by a professional architecture. Indeed it was a place to be.
Joy was only bothered by the many girls on revealing clothes moving around the compound with some resting under the shades near the pool, some are gathered under the gateman post drinking and smoking.

Aunt Glory : ( calling out to a fair girl passing) hey you oyibo carry her go your room.

Oyibo: follow me.

Joy obediently followed the girl, thinking that it was inside the mansion she was going to she went towards there.

Oyibo sad shouting) where you dey go?

Joy sadTimidly) Inside house.

Oyibo : my friend follow me jor, good thing wey dey sweet rat and im no dey bath.

Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 7:50am On Mar 15
Episode 8

A friend should be a master at guessing and keeping still.
By : Friedrich Nietzsche

Oyibo took joy to the back of the mansion, where there is a small black gate which was opened. They made there way through it, joy discovered that the time place was a big contrast to the mansion she just passed. It was actually the boys quarter of the house, You with many little houses built in two rows facing each other.
The compound was cemented floor was littered around with drinks and refuses. Two rope lines were in the middle of the two rows of building , on which underwears and clothes of different colors were hanging on.
Different girls could be seen that on some of the frontage of the buildings gisting and laughing, what baffled joy was that some were only putting on bra and pants.
Oyibo led her to a room in the middle of the right hand side rows of building, which was numbered 12 on the door. The room contained a bed and some few clothes at the corner with wallpapers and pants of different color hanged near the wall adorning it. It wasn't too big and it wasn't too small either .

Oyibo :You can drop your bag at one corner.

Joy : Thank you.

Oyibo : Is nothing I dey outside if you need me.

Oyibo then left the room for joy, Joy dropped her bag and fell on the bed her mind running wild. She didn't know when sleep took her away from everything.
Joy woke up with a tap on her leg by oyibo,

Oyibo : come and eat o

A big plate of jollof was on the ground with two big meats resting on it and two spoons sticking out. Joy blessed the food with the mocking stares of oyibo on her before they started eating. It wasn't up to fifteen minutes when someone burst into the room.

Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 11:19am On Mar 16
Episode 9
A house divided against itself cannot stand.
By : Abraham Lincoln

Favor : see una, assume I nor rush come here una nor go fit wait for me abi.

Oyibo sadundisturbed) na you sabi.

She quickly rushed to a corner of the room and picked a spoon and joined them in eating. After they have all finished eating they all sat down at different sides with joy on the bed.

Favor: (to oyibo) She won stay with us.

Oyibo ; jamb question abi u nor dey see new bag for here.

Favor : u too get hot temper.

Favor : (to joy) My name's favor, what's yours?

Joy: Joy .

Favor : OK joy welcome to our little room, which side you come from.

Joy: From Ovurade.

Favor: I nor sabi the place, but how madam glow take find you.

Joy : Madam glow?

Oyibo : Yes na she nor tell you her name?

Joy: Na aunty glory I use know her, and she be my mother younger sis.

Favor /Oyibo : (surprised) Talk true?

Joy: (Alarmed) True, Wetin happen?

Oyibo ; (shaking her head) u go soon understand.
Favor : But that woman get heart o.

Oyibo : Sofri talk o I nor want problem, mah go prepare go work.

Favor : Long cue dey bathroom o

Oyibo : who wan bath for bathroom na outside I go bath.

Favor : ok o.

Oyibo : u nor dey go today?

Favor : No, today na my break.

Oyibo went out of the room to have her bath.

Joy : ehhm favor all of una wey dey here, na my aunty dey sponsor una for school.

Favor sadlaughing) Girl u dull, as u fine reach u never start to piece one or two together. See mah tell u some of us wey dey here like me and oyibo don graduate from school since, while some of us still dey school , some self nor Carry anything like school for mind. But unto say we won butter our future bread na Im make we dey here.

Joy : I nor understand dey do Wetin for here?

Favor : they hustle na.

Joy :Which kind hustle?

Favor : Mah just tell u nw make u nor go dey look madam glory like mumu if she call you tomorrow. All of us wey dey here we be commercial sex workers, prostitutes aka confirm ashawos.

Joy sadastonished) ewoh, are you serious?

Favor : u dey ask me, mah let you know na join u come join us so as to move the ministry further.

Joy : God forbid I nor fit o

Favor : (laughing) u too funny, just because you say I nor fit madam glory go come leave. Mah let u know u see that woman she and devil dey work hand to hand, she nor get conscience .

Joy : Na my aunty she be she nor go fit do me that kind thing.


**note henceforth aunty glory will be known as madam glow **
Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 11:22am On Mar 16
Y so many ghost readers �
Re: Twins Adventures by lahrra(f): 2:09pm On Mar 16
Thanks for the update.
Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 2:17pm On Mar 16
Guys I need more encouragement biko, and you guys should also try and point out my mistakes let me take correction
Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 6:54am On Mar 17
Episode 10
A woman is the only thing I am afraid of that I know will not hurt me.
By : Abraham Lincoln

Madam glow was watching a movie in her big sitting room while waiting for joy and which she sent for few minutes ago. She wasn't the only one in the room, there was also a man who was dressed like a tout picked from the street.
There's also another lady within the same age bracket with Madam glow, only that she was dark in complexion. Her name is Gift Edu popular known as madam Edu, she and Madam glow were partners in the business of handling prostitutes after which they settle the prostitute after completing there stipulated time agreement. They had strong backings and connections which they can use to get back their girls if they fall into the laws hands.
The man dressed roughly is known as sambo, a school dropout, after engaging in cult activities and murdering a lecturer who refused to pass his course, he was then deeply wanted by the police but before they could get to him his fellow cultist helped him escape. Out of chance he got involved with madam glow and Edu and later became their security head and order enforcer. The knife cut running from one side of his cheek to his nose made him look more dangerous.

Joy : Good morning ma, good morning ma, good morning sir (joy greeted everybody immediately she enters the sitting room)

Instead of replying madam edu and sambo were only looking at her from head to toe as if she was a meat for display or sale.

Madam Edu: (to madam glow) I nor fit lie, she make sense die.

Madam glow sadsmiling) I tell u .

Madam edu sadTo joy) I hope you understand Wetin u come do for here, make we arrange everything sharp sharp how many years you want do.

Joy: Ehhm I can't o.

Madam glow ; (angrily) Wetin be you can't no be just to open and close leg, see you come go university abi, na you go hustle the money wey I go use send you go. Plus na me go still dey feed you I try na, I nor go just allow other girls work money come out with their toto finish then allow you to just dey chop am clean mouth.

Joy: (begging in tears) Aunty glory abeg nor do me like this.

Madam glow : nor call me aunty again I nor like am, call me madam glow na im everybody use sabi me.

Joy ; ok aun.. Sorry madam glory, you know say I be your niece how you go allow me do ashawo work na.

Madam glow : Y I nor go allow you do am, u be angel, see for your information na still the same ashawo work na im I take get this house before getting to the position I am now.

Madam Edu: abeg glow no be Wetin they dey shout put I go Sofri explain everything give am. Joy come follow me make we talk


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Re: Twins Adventures by femixyz(m): 10:49am On Mar 17
I'm enjoying the flow.
Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 7:32am On Mar 18
Episode 11
Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.
By : Abraham Lincoln

Joy and madam were sitting on same bed.

Madam edu sadsmiling) I know say as your aunty she nor suppose do you this kind thing, but e don happen e don happen, the aunt wey u get no be be better person she wicked pass wicked. But let's look at the positive side, u na orphan who has nobody except your old grandmother and aunt, your aunt has provided a part for to try and make it in life.

Joy : is this the so called part she is making for me to become a prostitute.

Madam edu: Don't interrupt me, let me finish. You see let me tell u the moment you stepped inside this house your were already in a cage and cannot get out. That man you saw there is there to deal with any girl who backs out. Nobody was forced inside this building but once u are in you cannot get out. Some of those girls you saw around came to us willingly and they loved it here, you know why cause no more police harrasment like when they we're doing the business alone.and all those girls has different agreements that they signed with us. Some sign for five years, you work give us the money, we may decide to give you some or not but after the completion of five years work we settle you with12 million naira, different time different money just like that.

Joy: Even if is 12 billion naira am not gonna do it

Madam edu : Don't be stubborn child, for stubborn people don't last long. Let me tell you something you don't know if you continue saying no and still resist I can't assure you your safety..

Joy : maybe I should just leave.

Madam edu sadlaughs) You can't, those high barbed electric fences are there for a reason and in the night sambo men are guarding everywhere.
Joy sad sobs) why can't you let me leave.

Madam ; let's just say business confidentiality.

Joy :whether you people let me leave or not am still not going to sell my body.

Madam : (frustrated) what's so hard in selling your body or are u a virgin?

Joy : ** **

Madam : You are a virgin

Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 6:43am On Mar 19
Episode 12
Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.
By : Abraham Lincoln

*D day chinedu came to tell joy of his impending journey of going overseas *

Chinedu : hey dear.

Joy: (startled) you scared me when did you get here.

Chinedu ; Just now, where's your grandma?

Joy: she's not around.

Chinedu : But chika that just came here said you were not around.

Joy : I haven't seen Chika through out today.

Chinedu : ehh that's strange

Joy: That's between you too. I hope am safe this one that u gather courage to visit me in my house.

Chinedu sadsitting down) Joy, there's something important that came up.

Joysadserious) what is it?

Chinedu ; hmmm the thing is that my elder brother that came from abroad wishes for me to go back with him.

Joy sad sad) when?

Chinedu : this coming Monday.

JoysadAlarmed) Jesus next tomorrow?

Chinedu : yes. What I want you to do is to promise to wait for me, when I come back I will then marry you.

Joysadbroke voice) on my part is no issue cause I really love you and will surely wait for you. Is you that am worried about won't your heart be stolen away from me?

Chinedu : my heart is always for you, now today and in the future. I love you.

Joy : I love you too.

Chinedu : There's one thing you have to give to me.


Chinedu : Any of your picture so that I can always gaze at it anytime I miss you and it will always remind me that there is someone waiting for my love.

Joysadsmiles) that's no problem, come inside my room with me let me give it to you.

Once they reached joy's room she immediately closed the door and hugged chinedu tightly .

Joy: There's also something I want to give you as the sign of my love for you.

She kissed him on his lips, caught off guard chinedu took some moments before he started replying to the kiss. Slowly they made their way to the miniature bed in the room. He located for her boobs and started massaging and squeezing it through her clothes.
Joy helped out and removed the blouse she was putting on, it remained only her bra obstructing the big towers. She turned her back to him and he wasted no time in unhooking the bra. She faced him and lo and behind two beautiful erect boobs were looking at him. He grabbed one and began to suck on it. Feeling that the other boob was not being properly treated he switched to the other using his hand to be squeezing the other.
As if to encourage his effort Joy started to moan out in pleasure, she helped and pull his polo and started to help pull out his belt .

Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 6:35am On Mar 20
Episode 13
I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.
By : Abraham Lincoln

*continues from flashback *

Chinedu helped her out to unlock the belt and pull the trouser quickly. He also got rid of the boxer he was on. She took a deep breath and used her hand to wrap around his dick and started stroking it. The more she did such the more it hardens, and he moaned softly. Seeing that time was going she helped and pull out her own pant.
He kissed her and slowly laid her on the bed, he tried to penetrate into the holy ground but it was almost like hitting a wall. He tried again adding a little more force, but instead it elicited a painful moan from joy.

Chinedu sadamazed) Baby are you a virgin?

Joy : Yes and I want you to be the one to take it as a sign of my love and also a promise from me that I will always wait for you?

Chinedu : Are you sure about this? Is gonna be painful.

Joy : Don't worry just do it.

He spat on his palm and rubbed it in his dick, slowly he pushed in accompanied with low painful moans from her. At last his dick was able to enter and he stayed a while to allow her pussy to get used to the stuff in her. Slowly he started to go in out, he later quickened the pace a little after starting to hear pleasurable moans from her instead of the usual painful.
He leant over to suck her boobs while fucking her, that threw her into the sea of pleasures and she moaned louder . Due to the tight pussy walls contracting and massaging his dick he didn't waste time before pouring inside her.

Chinedu : (breathing heavily) I love you baby.

Joy : I love you more.


Madam : You are a virgin.

Joy : ( Deep breath) No am not.

Madam edu ; Then is more easy for you to do it, some of the girls that even came here were once virgins but they didn't put up any issue. Don't worry I promise to help you out and your stay here won't be with any difficulty, I promise to help you get few and influential customers.

Joy: Why do you want to help aren't you in the same business with my aunt.

Madam edu sadsighed) Cause I was once like you in some ways, taken to the city by my own elder sister to go into this business. But that's all in the past now, what I want you to do is to sleep over the whole thing and make up your mind on where you will stand. Good day.

Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 7:32am On Mar 21
Guys reduce the ghost reading and encourage the writer
Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 7:33am On Mar 21
Episode 14
Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right.
By : Abraham Lincoln

That night Joy kept turning on her bed thinking about her next line of action, she was fully aware that any decision she makes will be her next turning point in her life road.
Should she stick to her earlier decision and not prostitute, but that could be risky cause underneath madam edu's voice she could notice some threats in it. If she decides to prostitute would she be able to have the courage to let another man come close and touch her apart from her love chinedu . At long last she finally slept off in the early hours of the next day after concluding on the whole thing.


Under the mango tree in their compound, mama was discussing with joy while madam glow was inside sleeping.

Mama: joy my daughter do you really want to follow your aunt to the city?

Joy: of course mama.

Mama: Is not like I don't want you to go but you of all people should know the bad relationship her and your mother had when she was still alive . I advice you stay back here find something doing get married and raise your own children. If I was still young I would have personally used my own strength and train you in school.

Joy : I understand your concern mama, but the truth is what my aunty had was between her and my mother it doesn't concern me at all and I believe she has my welfare in her heart. I want to go to school to add more value to me and my future husband, I want him to be proud of me wherever he goes.

Mama : a dog meant to die won't heed to the whistle of the hunter. Since you have made up your mind I have no choice but to bless u. But I must tell you do not ever come back to this village again unless u have fully made it in school and established yourself.

JoysadBaffled) I don't know why you said that but I promise you that I will surely become successful before coming back here, I will really surprise you

Re: Twins Adventures by Gvnl(f): 2:24pm On Mar 21
I wish she doesn't give in and some how finds a way of escape.
Great story. Keep it up!
Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 6:55pm On Mar 22
Episode 15

There is nothing true anywhere, The true is nowhere to be seen; If you say you see the true, This seeing is not the true one.
By : Abraham Lincoln

After remembering what she and her grandma discussed on the eve of her departure to the city, She took a deep breath and finally took a decision.

In the same mansion sitting room, but only madam glow, madam edu and Joy were present.

Madam Edu : So have you come to a decision?

Joy: Yes.

Madam edu :Whats your answer then?

Joy : I agree, am ready to work for my own education and any other things.

Madam Glow: That's more like it my beautiful niece.

Joy: Madam glow Am not your niece we have no relation henceforth.

Madam glow sadsmiling mischievously) Yeah that's more like it, I like it better if you are like this. Ok we proceed to the next phase.

After that Madam glow stood up, signaled for joy to follow and went through a door in the left side of the sitting room. Joy looked worriedly at madam edu who assured her by nodding her head, then joy followed suite and went through the door followed closely by madam edu.
The door actually led to a average long way with only another door at the end. Reaching the door madam Glow took out a key and inserted and clicked on it two times which the door gave way and she walked inside. Taking a deep breath joy entered the door followed by madam edu.
Entering the room joy almost ran away out of fear if not of madam edu who was blocking the way to the door. The room was surrounded round with red and white materials, blood could be seen on the materials but it was more evident in the white materials in room.
A statue of a big oracle with protruding teeth was at the center of the room, dried and fresh bloods were all over it. In front of the oracle was a medium size statue of a mermaid holding a little pot on it's head, a average size living snake wrapped itself around the mermaid. Water was constantly sprinkling down from the mermaid head bathing it and the snake and then flows down to God knows where.


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Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 6:31am On Mar 23
Episode 16

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.
By : Abraham Lincoln

The all room had a foul scent to, joy was shaking all over like a tree being blown all over by the wind. A thoughts were in chaos.

Joy : (Trembling lips) W.. W.. What's th.. is?

Madam glow : Leverage.

Madam edu : Joy calm down , ours is a risky and illegal business so we take certain actions to ensure efficiency, obedience and some risk free. Igun here ensures all that, you will have to swear on Igun here your loyalty and obedience.

Joy : I can't do that am a christian.

Madam glow : ( laughs and waves her hand) We all here are Christians am even wearing my church bangle.

Madam edu : Joy there's no turning back now you can't come and see Igun and leave just like that without joining in its covenant, every single member of this household has a covenant with Igun.

Joy: (cries) Oh what is all this who have I offended.

Madam glow : Is too late to cry when the head has already being cut off, if you want to leave here alive you have to swear to Igun.

Joy: ( cleaning off her tears) ok I will do it.

Madam Glow: Good girl.

She takes a little calabash and took some water from the pot the mermaid statue was carrying and gave it to Joy instructing her to hold it with two hands and repeat after her

Madam glow : I Joy Uzu

Joy :I Joy uzu.

Madam glow : Hereby in the presence of Igun swear to abide and never go against any agreement that I have made here and if I do otherwise immediately kill me

Joy ;(repeats).

Madam : now drink the whole water.

Joy slowly carried the calabash to her lips and finished all the content

Re: Twins Adventures by Gvnl(f): 2:32pm On Mar 23
Re: Twins Adventures by lahrra(f): 11:55pm On Mar 23
Op...the updates is too short. Thanks for the updates.
Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 6:33am On Mar 24
Episode 17

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.
By : Abraham Lincoln

Oyibo was standing in front of madam Edu and glow with a less concerned look on her face.

Madam glow : How's the report coming from your new roommate

Oyibo : Everything is going fine she has being learning very well.

Madam glow : That's good, keep teaching her and keep an eye on her for me.

Oyibo : hmmmm

Madam glow sadvexed) what's hmmm answer me straight.

Oyibo : (sighs) I hear madam.

Madam glow : You are becoming more disrespectful in this house, I would have already gotten rid of to avoid unnecessary bad influence if not for the great profits you always bring back.

Oyibo : (scoffs)

Madam glow : Now leave my sight.

*oyibo leaves the sitting room **

Madam glow : (To madam edu) Did you see that?

Madam edu : What do you want me to say?

Madam glow : Frankly speaking i'm getting tired of this stupid attitudes from her and if care is not taken I might take a drastic action against it.

Madam edu : Just calm down let's talk about other important matters.

Madam glow : ok.

Madam edu : About our German friend.

Madam glow : Mr Smith.

Madam edu : Yes, remember his coming over next week Wednesday.

Madam glow : Yes, I almost forgot about that.

Madam edu : His coming this time is quite special for he personally asked that we should arrange a girl for him through out his stay in Nigeria.


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Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 6:39am On Mar 25
Episode 18
Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.
By : Albert Einstein

Madam glow : hmmm, which girl would be best for him, oyibo would have being the best candidate but due to her recent rude behaviors we can't possibly be congratulating her for it and give her this gold landmine.

Madam edu ; In my opinion I think Joy would be the best choice.

Madam glow sad laughs) Are you being serious or just joking with me?

Madam edu : I'm being fully serious.

Madam glow : Why did you choose her, I mean she is just a newbie in this.

Madam edu : That makes her the best choice, knowing Smith he doesn't really like people who are always business minded which many our girls has turned into after staying in this job for some time now. Also joy's hole is still well tight cause of few penetration.

Madam glow : You have a few points, but remember Smith is a white man and is not overly concerned about the tightness of the pussy, plus victoria can also fill up, cause she herself has only being here a year ago.

Madam edu : victoria is also a good choice but joy surpasses her in terms of beauty and well defined curves.

Madam glow : But...

.madam edu : (interrupts) Lets just leave it at that let me get to make this decision pls.

Madam glow ; (reluctantly) ok I hear.


Joy and oyibo were facing madam glow and edu in the sitting room, joy seems to have gain some maturity into her cute face, this did not lessen her beauty in any way but it looked like it blossomed. Her curves and body were well accentuated in the tight red gown she was wearing.

Madam edu ; Joy, how have you being faring?

Joy : As you can see madam am doing great.

Madam edu ; Good the reason we called you too over is because we have some real business for you two, mainly for you joy.

Joy : Me?


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Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 6:44am On Mar 26
Episode 19

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.
By : Albert Einstein

Madam edu : Yes, there is a European friend of ours precisely German who is coming to Nigeria next week, he requested for a girl to accompany him in his whole stay in Nigeria. That girl will be you.

Joy : Me have only just being here for just few months and from what you are saying this looks like a big deal, if so why pick me.

Madam edu : Let's say this is me helping you to climb higher.

Joy : I don't think I can d.... ( she suddenly stopped talking after she suddenly got pinched in the hand by oyibo.)

Oyibo : I think this is only a job for Joy, why did you call me too.

Madam edu : You will be responsible for joy for the next few days, teach her everything she ought to know, some money will be sent to your account which you will use to change joy's wardrobe.

Madam glow : You can two leave now. (After they both took there leave) I guess you already had everything planned out since start.

Madam edu sadsmiles)

Madam glow : But please thread carefully, she is my niece and I will be the best option to help her if I want.


Joy : what's with the pinch?

Oyibo : ehh God, y u Joy nor get sense?

Joy: I don't understand?

Oyibo : u still dey speak English, see girl u don hammer, u don hit jack pot.

Joy: Abeg explain well.

Oyibo : You see that German man wey madam edu talk about, I don hear the guy story for around here, the guy ehh he...


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Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 8:06pm On Mar 27
Episode 20

All my life I have tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower wherever the flower would grow in thought and mind.
By : Abraham Lincoln

Oyibo : You see that German man wey madam edu talk about, I don hear the guy story for around here, the guy ehh he owe pepper full pocket, him dey breathe in and breathe out money, infact money na him middle name.

Joy ; (unfazed) Really? Is that so what's so special about that, you too don come in contact with big men.

Oyibo : see this girl, u never still understand Wetin I mean, this level of money too go up, wait mah show u something , (she goes to one side of the room and brought a ceramic mug to joy which she took with a skeptical look on her face)

Joy : Wetin b this?

Oyibo : Na cup na abi u nor get eyes?

Joy : I know say na cup Wetin I won use am do?

Oyibo : Turn the under.
(Joy did as she was told and the name Smith written stylishly could be seen and also a writing of 'made in Germany' was written boldly under the name Smith)

Joy : (somewhat shocked) is the same person right?

Oyibo : (ignoring her question) That's not all, he also has a car production company that produces one of the most expensive cars in the world, his also involved in clothes manufacturing, paint infact anything you see where they write Smith na him get.

Joy : (shocked into stupid) Am I dreaming, tell me the truth?
Oyibo : I resemble basket mouth for your eye.

Joy: Such big figure na him I won accompany through out his whole stay in Nigeria. I don't think I can do this, I have to tell madam edu that I can't do it.

Oyibo ; (looking up) Abeg God give this girl sense, abeg na my request be that. Joy you dey fall my hand big time, I wish say na me get this opportunity God know say I go blow pass bomb. Joy listening to me carefully.

Joy sadshifting closer) Am listening.

Oyibo : I want u to grab this opportunity infact hug this opportunity, cause this opportunity can take you out of this business you are in, or more it can take you out of this country.


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Re: Twins Adventures by Pedrovibez777: 6:04pm On Mar 29
Episode 21

If you don't know how to live, why wonder about death?
By : Confucius

Joy: hmm Wetin u come suggest?

Oyibo : play your game way and everything go set.

Oyibo : You dull o. You na fyn girl make sure u try scatter this oyibo guy head, make all d cells wey dey him brain start to hot. Wetin I mean be say try make this guy make him love u, whites too like love, they fit do anything for it.

Joy: (thoughtful) You dey make sense but e be like say you dey forget something.

Oyibo : Wetin I dey forget?

Joy : First me na ashawo how rich man like that go leave beta people come love ashawo, two even if e happen how madam glow and Igun go leave me like that when contract neva finish.

Oyibo : let me solve those things for you, the first reason you gave, whites don't really send those things mostly when they dey inside love, two (pause for a while)

Joy : Y u stop talk na.

Oyibo : (mysteriously) The walls have ears I will tell you later.

Joy and oyibo were sitting down in the bar of one of the many hotels in Eden city. Two bottle water that weren't opened yesterday were in each front.

Joy: Why did you bring me here this early morning.

Oyibo : Relax, that's what I'm going to tell you, remember the answer that I said I will give you on a later date yesterday?

Joy: Yes I remember, am all ears.



Re: Twins Adventures by lahrra(f): 8:32pm On Mar 29
Thanks Op...But the suspense ooo.
Re: Twins Adventures by Gvnl(f): 8:32pm On Mar 29
The episodes are quite short. I am still following though.

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