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The Fate Of The Twins (dedicated To The Sexually Abused, The Adopted And Twins) / Twins Of Torment (a Mysterious And Horror Story) / The Agony Of An Identical Twins By Ajiboye Seyi Samson (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Twins by jbtobsyn(m): 8:23pm On Dec 28, 2018
When will you update the rest on your website? She must not choose Jake oo.

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Re: Twins by Oyinprince(m): 11:24pm On Dec 28, 2018
TWINS - Episode 11

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

Mike was laying down his cell bed, he was taking the much needed rest after a day’s work. It was the 9 months since his brother switched him. The noise that was coming from the back of the building of some guys who were playing some inside games and others working in the prison workshop made it impossible for him to take some sleep. He therefore kept his eyes staring at the roof of the cell.

Watching the words painted on the wall of his cell “the lord is my shepherd, I shall not want” he whispered the words and sighed. The words that followed where faint and he could not read them but surely knew how the verse was completed. He hoped indeed the Lord will lead him out of the prison he was tied in and give him back his life. He allowed himself get back in time thinking of the days when he had a talk with Esther.

He had visited her after Jake was imprisoned to tell her what had happened.

“The moment your mother died and Jake refused to come live with you or your father I knew he was going to lose it. You boys are twins yes, but you are the exact opposite of each other. Since you were months old, I could see that stubbornness in your brother and you on the other hand, was always composed and quiet. Am sad that even in growing up Jake has chosen a wrong path of life” she had complained shaking her head.

“But how is he coping in there?” Esther asked him

“Well, he blames me for everything and won’t answer me when I ask how he is whenever I go to see him, so I guess he is not so well” Mike sighed shaking his head.

“My son, I know you, do not beat yourself over what your brother has done, his own actions took him to jail, and what he was doing with gangsters in the first place if I may ask”

“I have no idea aunty Esther, he never says anything sensible to me, except that it was self defence” Mike complained.

“Be careful my son, Jake has always seen you as an adversary and now he is filled with hatred, God knows what he is planning in there” she shrugged in worry.

Mike had always been visiting Esther briefing her about what was going on in his life till she was taken to stay with her daughter when she found a job outside the country. Mike sighed deeply wishing Esther would miraculously return and maybe decide to pay him a visit so he tells her what was going on. The guys Ken had promised to help him sort the issue had seemed to vanish in thin air and never returned to see him, he assumed they needed an immediate payment instead if what he had offered them after he managed to get his freedom back.

Mike was now starting to feel sleep take him when he heard a loud bang on the bars. Someone was coming his way and he quickly sat up.

“Hey move it, you have a visitor” the guard shouted indicating for Mike to move,

“A visitor? “He asked himself in particular. He had not received a visitor in 9 months not even Jake of course for obvious reasons, Jake would never risk going near prison.

“Who could it be?” he asked himself as he was lead out.

He looked up the visiting tables and his heart skipped seeing Esther seated her face to the table.

“Aunty Esther? “He asked in surprise his eyes wide open.

“Oh Jesus! You came, what a surprise” he spoke almost running to hug her.

“I knew it, I knew you were not him the moment I saw that cold face of his” Esther responded as Mike held her in a hug.

“What? You know who I am?” Mike asked stepping back to look at her face.

“Of course you are Mike, your brother would never be this excited to see me.” She laughed looking at him from head to tall analyzing the uniform he had on.

“Tell me what the hell is going on Mike? When did you get in here and why is your brother using your name out there?” she asked one question after the other.

Mike looked at her worried face and sighed feeling tears building up in his eyes.

“It’s a long story aunty Esther.” He shook his head now shedding tears.

“Calm down my son and tell me everything from the beginning. I came back last year when my daughter moved back to Zambia and I met your brother with a pregnant woman…” she went on telling him what she had encountered with Jake.

“So now I want to know the whole truth my son, tell me” she leaned forward to close up the gap between them

Mike started explaining how it all started and how Jake switched him. Esther was wordless by the time Mike finished his story. She wiped a tear that was threating to spill off her eyes and looked at poor Mike who looked pale and thinner that his usual self.

“am so sorry you are going through this Mike, it’s hard enough to know your own blood brother has put you in such a state and he is enjoying life taking over your house, your work, your wife, he as basically taken your life and made it his while you are here … oh God he is a devil” she whined sadly.

“You have to help me aunty. I have to get back to my life. My family is in danger with Jake, I have no idea what he is doing there and how my child is. The cops will not believe my story.” Mike panicked holding Esther`s hands.

“I know, he moves around with your wife, she probably doesn’t know it’s not you and the last time I mentioned twins she looked lost. About the police though, we need to be careful telling them. We have to find a way that will not put your family in danger. “

“Yeah my faulty too aunty, the thing is that I never told her that I have a twin brother, for some reason I felt embarrassed with what Jake deed and I never wanted to bring him up. The time I was to tell her it was too late and now she is going through whatever because I was never honesty with her. It will break her when the truth comes out and I have no idea how to mend that “Mike cried

“I know how hard this is on you but you cannot afford to think about all that now, if your wife loves you she will understand and probably forgive you. But that will not be easy, you two have both cheated her and have slept with her. She will not take that lightly.

Another thing, I met her yesterday the more reason I thought of coming here first to confirm my suspicions before having to meet with her. I need to find a way of telling her the truth now that you say she never knew about Jake, it will not be easy at all. For her you are still there with her” Esther went on telling him as he looked on

“Here is what we are to do,” Mike sighed looking at her.

Back at home, Jake woke up early and as he had promised went to see Mwanida. He had a hard time the previous day explaining a lie of why he did not want to get the issue of his kidnapping to the police. Stating he was afraid the man and his friends would haunt them.

“ I don’t want any trouble with those people my love, am safe now and that’s what is important right?” he smile at her as she and her sister watched him. He had told them how he escaped but hid the fact that he murdered the man who had him kidnapped before his friends would escape.

“ it doesn’t make any sense Mike, if you say they would come on to your family, that’s the more reason to inform the authorities so that they find a way of catching them” Jane argued

“ I said it’s over and I will not involve them so forget it “ he yelled at her before he could realise it.

“Am sorry love I have had a rough night and day, can I get to the bathroom now?” he looked at Isabel

“Yeah sure love, let’s go I help you” she responded giving her sister a shut up look.

He slowly opened the door to Mwanida`s room blushing the thoughts aside.

“Finally you show up here” she looked at him standing up straight displaying her nude body she had deliberately left herself that way.

“Cover up am not here to have sex with you Mwanida” Jake spoke in his cold voice she stepped back seeing he seemed different.

“What do you want Mwanida. I have paid you as per agreement and if I had wanted, you would be out of this house. You have no one to run to knowing your family abandoned you after you went to prison. Don’t forget the wardress picked you when you were released and gave you this job, so stop messing around and do as we agreed upon, be my ears and eyes in this house or else I will act “ he warned seriously.

“Are you threatening me right now Jake, if not for me to tell you all about your brother and his life here you would have not made it this far. Like it or not am stuck with you and its high time you treated me with respect” she chuckled proudly

“Do not taste my patience Mwanida. I am not your equal, I will not accept to be dictated by you. What is all this anyway? Why are you acting like a jealous wife? It’s not like we agreed to anything more than you being the watch woman in this house “he frowned angrily.

“ I will not take lightly a man sleeping with me and later treat me like trash Jake, I want you to myself or you too loose everything” she made a face and before she knew it, Jake rushed out on her gripping her neck in his hand as she shoved her to the wall.

“Do not threaten me woman, you have no idea what am capable of. I am not going to let you ruin my life now, this in here is all mine and that woman sleeping in the other room with her child belong to me. She will never know the truth about me or you either. Be careful what you do from now on for I will not hesitate to take you down like I did that wardress” he gnarled

“What? You killed her? I though you said she went away on transfer” Mwanida grasped trying to get herself loose as he increased the grip on her neck.

“Yeah, now you know and so be careful what you do you pathetic maid” he whispered in her ears and tossed her down the floor she cried as she inhaled heavily.

“You will to get away with this Jake, you made me some promises and now you acting up on me just because you think you are in love, well I got news for you. You can be anything but your brother, he is a good gentle man not a crazy bastard with tantrums like a teenager. Soon enough Isabel will discover the truth one way or the other. I cannot wait to see your arrogant face when the woman you have come to love leave you and goes back to her husband” she spoke back at him raising her hands to her face seeing how he raised his hand to slap her,

“You will not dare lay your filthy hand on me or I will scream “she threatened standing up.

“You are warned Mwanida, stay away from me and careful what you wish for” he snarled and walked out furious.

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Re: Twins by Oyinprince(m): 5:31pm On Dec 29, 2018
TWINS - Episode 12

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

" can you first of all tell me how your baby is?" Esther started, after ushering Isabel into the house. She had called her a couple of days after Esther came back from seeing Mike from jail.

" She's fine mam thank you for asking" Isabel responded with a calm smile settling herself into a brown couch with some soft forms. She's let her chitenge cover her feet as she sat in a respectful way before an elderly woman.

" mmmm, I thought it was a boy . Well, it's a blessing to have a child and am proud of you and Mike both" she giggled

" thank you "

" can i see her? I mean do you have phots of her on your phone?"

" yeah sure" Isabel took here hand bag taking off the phone as Esther watched her in silence as she waited for her to slid the phone and later on handed it to her.

" that's her. Her name is Elizabeth" Isabel added and Esther smiled.

" I know, Mike's mother " she handed her phone back and took a glass of water pouring some water from the small container served on the table.

" yes it is" Isabel gave a knowing look .

" how is your husband my child? " Esther made a serious face.

" oh he's okey, I know I acted up last time but it's over now. His okey, he left for work this morning" Is a spoke with a tone of relief.

" mmmhmhmh that's good. Tell me about Mike Isabel, can i call you that? She paused

" sure mama it's definately okey with me. " she responded

Esther searched inside herself for better words to use as she thought of the plan Mike had suggested. He caustioned her to be careful lest Jake knew they were on him and did something crazy.

" I hope you did not tell him you are coming to see me" she asked before starting.

" not that am being impatient mama, but just get to the point already. You and Mike both behave awkward regarding each other. You seem to know more than you have mentioned to me on both occasions we have met, asking Mike he too gives me a different story concerning you of which I will not say simply because that is not the reason am here" Isabel spoke out with honesty.

" Well, I wish i had a better way of telling you this but I have limited options. I want you to first of all promise me, whatever I will tell you here you will dare not repeat it to anyone, not even your relative or anyone for that matter." She started.

" okey, not even my husband? " she stared at her in a questioning manner.

" especially not your husband my child " she nodded clearly.

" I will judge by what you will tell me mama, I can not guarrantee that I will keep a secret from my husband. I do not hide things from him. So tell what this is all about. I have stayed away from work today just to follow up on this and honestly I hope it was worthy it" she spoke calmly.

" I understand am a stranger to you, you are probabaly wondering why I asked to speak to you.

I don't know if your husband told you about me or what he said but I raised them myself till they were old enough to take care of themselves. Their mother died a few years after I stopped working for her. We were close so much that it was no longer a work relationship between us but she was like my young sister. Elizabeth gave birth to twins and the man who was to marry her banadoned her before she could give birth. She took care of herslef till she gave birth and later on hired me to help her as she had to go for work. So I was always like the second mother to the twins"

Esther paused to allow her story sink in Isabel as she looked at her paying attention to every detail.

" Twins?" She asked her with a deep look.

" yes twins, identical twins for that matter it was hard for us to tell them apart. Sometimes even their mother found it hard to do so until after later in their lives. " Esther smiled.

" what are you telling me ? My husband had a twin brother?" Isa sat up now wanting to hear it all.

" has, not had" Esther smiled.

" and he never told me this why?" Isabel questioned her.

" that my child you will have to ask him. My concern is about your wellbeing. You know, the thing is Mike's twin is the exact opposite of him. I wouldn't be surprised to hear he has killed someone before. He is so iresponsible and they have never been on good terms with your husband. Mike always worked hard and fought through life's challenges but Jake always wants to reap where he did not sow" she continued.

Isabel was quite for a while, not knowing what to say or take from what she was just told. She tried to recall anything about Mike having a twin brother but nothing came up. She looked at the woman before her and could see she was not jcoking, her face was as serious as her words and she had a feeling there was more where that came from. So she rubbed her hands and cleared her throat before speaking.

" may I know why you telling me all this mama? The thing is, I will not judge Mike for hiding that so big thing from me. I will have to hear him out first. My own concern right now is to know why you took the trouble to reveal this to me"

" you are right. I will not tell you everything just now. I want you like I said to be careful. Jake was in prison and now is no longer there. So go home and find out who it is you are living with, try to figure things out by yourself when you think you are ready, let me know I will help you.. " she looked at Isabel who had now made a face trying to get her point.

" owoo, slow down mama, you telling me that man, my husband's twin is out of jail and now is threatening us? Why?" She stood up now sweat bulding up on her forehead..

" because that is what Jake does, he has always made his brother's life hell. I don't know how, but go home and from tonight, observe anything unfamiliar about your husband, take time to see what he really is after and if you discover the truth call me"

" you are freaking me out right now mama, are you telling me there is a possibility that Jake is pretending to be my husband. What is wrong with you ? I don't know what sounds crazy here, the story you have just told me or the fact that it's coming from the woman who is old enough to know the difference between joking and being serious" she paced around holding her head her mind playing the scenes with her husband for the past months.

" do I look like am joking ? " Esther asked.

" no no no no, this cannot be true mmmm, it cant. I cannot be possibly be living with a killer in my house pretending to be my husband. I know him, we have been together for a period long enough for me not to tell my husband from another man. " she cried tears falling her face she was failing to hold herself her whole body shaking..

" I know it's a lot to take in my child but you have to be strong. Jake cannot know you are aware of this or he will harm you and your child." Esther spoke almost in whisper.

" stop it now mama, mmmmm just stop saying that. How on earth am I going to... oh my God I can't take this anymore I have to go" she panicked grabbing her bag.

" Isabel please come back here you cannot go home like that it's too risky" Esther tried to stop her but Isabel rushed out to her car. She could not take it any more and her heart was racing she was failing to start the cat the moment she was inside.

" come out you calm yourself before driving that car Isabel, think of your child and your husband and stay strong for them" Esther knocked on the window to the car but she did not open for her.

Isabel was devasted crying as she tried to recall all the reasons Esther could be right. She wanted to ask what happened to her husband if Jake was faking being him but she had no courage to hear it.

" this is too much my God" she cried sniffing in the tears .

She inhaled deeply and pushed the keys to start the vehicle slowly driving out, without looking back at Esther who kept calling her name.

" it is not possible, how can two people look exactly the same" she whispered to herself trying to focus her mind to drive properly.

She was replaying all the awkward times she had wondered why Mike would act in a way. The small details he had forgotten like where he kept his work briefcase. How he barely wore the suits that he so much liked before.

Her mind replayed the time she found a plan paper with a lot of signatures. She had asked him why it seeemed he was trying out his own signature and Jake had told her he was just playing around with a paper.

She sighed remembering his drastic turn in the love making. How so intrested he was in making love to her as compared to before. The very thought of laying with a man who is not her husband broke her apart she let tears run down her face.

She had no idea what she was going to do. " be careful Jake can do something crazy" the words of the Esther kept Ringing in her heard

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Re: Twins by iloezumanulika: 9:36pm On Dec 29, 2018
Interesting story,more update please

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Re: Twins by Oyinprince(m): 1:38pm On Dec 30, 2018
TWINS - Episode 13

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

Isabel parked outside the house scared of getting off the car not knowing how she was to face the man she asumed was her husband for months. Mike's car was parked in the garrage an indication that he was around.

Her heart was racing when she finally decided to walk to the house. She had cleaned up her face making sure she looked herself but that did not work so good. The fear and curiosity inside her was displayed all over her face.

" hey my love, welcome back. I came back for lunch. Mwanida just told me you drove out. Why didn't you go for work babe?" Jake asked with a smile hugging her but he felt her stiffen in his arms he quickly withdrew to look at her face.

" my love you look pale, are you okey?" He asked genuinely concerned.

" um aam " Isabel cleared her throat trying to find her voice..

" am not feeling too well my love, I feel sick no wonder I skipped work today" she lied moving away from him but he quickly closed in on her holding her hand back.

" oh dear, am sorry love, but why didn't you say anything this morning? Or better still you could have called me. What is the problem really?" He asked making her sit down in the couch and he sat behind her still wrapping his arms around her she sighed looking up at him.

" Mike" she calls him almost unaudible. It was as though she was trying to confirm who he was.

" yes my love talk to me. What is wrong?" He asked her looking deep into her eyes, his own eyes soft and gentle towards her she could not see the animal that Esther had mentioned earlier. The man before her had a gaze that she inside herself knew was filled with nothing but love for her.

There was this newnes and strenght to his passion towards her she immediately was tied in a dilema. " could it be true this man is not my husband? " she asked herself still looking at him without words.

" love, are you okey? The way you staring at me it's as though you are seeing me for the first time" he smiled kissing her hands as he held them both in his palms and gently rubbed his lips on her fingers.

" how am I looking at you Like?" She sighed accusingly without looking away.

" okey seriously tell me what is going on with you this behaviour is strange" Jake sat back wondering if she was on to him.

" nothing My love. Do you trully love me Mike? " she asked him this time tears threatening to spill off her eyes.

" Isabel come here" Jake stood up pulling her up. He led her to the bedroom and closed back the door behind him.

He sighed deeply and closed in to hold her as she remained standing without looking at him.

" Isabel, I know I acted in the past months. Trust me there is nothing I regret more than treating you badly. I love you and I have always done so. Since I met you at that wedding for my friend, you have been my woman and am not going anywhere. I want you to know that no matter what , you are mine am not giving you up for anything . You are mine now and forever. I would lie if I say am perfect but the only perfect and good thing about me is the love for you. So please never doubt that no matter what happens, I love you and that is the absolute truth" Jake gave his speech carefully picking each word. He deliberately mentioned where Mike met Isabel to try convince her. Isabel found it hard to trust Esther. She wondered if she was a genuine person given the history she had with her husband.

She could not see anything less of her husband at that moment and Jake knew he had her. She softened her eyes and let him rub her face stroking her chin.

" now tell me what is wrong love." He smiled looking at her..

" um am am... " she stammered not knowing what to say. She felt she had to give herself time to think through things before she could do anything she would regret.

" what?" He asked again.

" I have had a trrrible headach Mike. I went to see the Doctor and he told me it's stress. I bet I need to rest" she faked a smile .

" is it the baby? I always tell you to let me know when I could help you with Elizabeth mmmhmh. Stop working so hard okey. I want you to be healthy and stress free. Come here" he pulled here into a kiss and she leaned her head on him feeling his steady heart beat hitting her ear drum . Be it Jake or Mike , the man holding her that monent loved her and she could feel it in her heart.

Jake stroked Isabel to sleep and left her sleeping. He slowly moved down and pushed the hair coming on to her face aside displaying her deep and thick eye lashes. Her mouth closed still coloured in the purple dry lipstick she had on. He bent down kissing her forehead before walking out.

" what happened now?" Mwanida asked him upon seeing him walk out of the bedroom.

" none of your damn business Mwanida just take care of the baby and don't disturb my wife. She is not feeling well. " he spoke whilst moving.

" and one more thing, next time she goes out alone call me. Are we clear ?" Jake looked back at Mwanida.

" yes sir !" She teased with a laugh but he ignored her and walked outside. He sat in his car trying to recall what just happened.

" could it be that she knows?" He asked himself

" no she could have said something. Besides who could have told her?" He asked himself in a whisper .

Her tried to think but he could not find the answer. Comforting himself with the fact that his manifesto lead her to believe him instead of whoever had filled her with wrong ideas who ever that could be. He was not going to take anything lightly son He decided to get to his next plan .

" it's time I set the records straight here. I need to warn my brother to refrain from messing up my plans if he is the one behind all this" Jake whispered to himself .

He drove out at a great speed. Going through some shops. he was glad he found what he was looking for. He bought some clothes befitting the description of an old man. He dressed himself up and covered his face with a moustache according to his plan B.

He looked at himself in the mirrow and smiled.

" this is perfect father to Jake. Now you can go and see your son" he laughed and walked out the men's room he did his changing from.

An hour later he was ushered in and he sat waiting for his brother to come forth.

" who are you?" Mike asked after sitting down staring at an old man sitting before him.

" am your father Mike." Jake smiled.

" which father. My father died and as far as I know there is no brother of of his alive that I would call father. " Mike frowned staring deeply at the man and then he startled realising the disguised man was his brother.

" you bastard! " he climbed on top of the table to hit him but the guard rushed to them separating him from Jake.

" calm down Jake or we will take you inside and this will be the last time we allow a vistor to see you? The guard warned shaking Mike to calm him.

" this man is..."

" it's alright my son. I understand my child is just agitated seeing his father here. You know he has always hated me for trying to put him in the right path and it seems he cannot stand me now" Jake faked an old man voice and looked at the guard.

" it's okey father, we will be close by to watch this your estranged son" the guard smiled kindly at the asumed old man as he went back to his post.

" now listen you fool. I will not let you destroy my life like this you hear. I will die before i let that happen" Mike snarled angrily.

" calm down brother, calm down. Am taking care of your family now. You have nothing to worry about. " Jake smiled leaning forward.

" she's so beautiful, I mean your daughter she has eyes of my Isabel and our mother's face. How about that, perfect right?" Jake smiled proudly.

" you are a sick human being Jake I don't know why or how you became this cold blooded person. It's like you and me where born from different mothers. Well enjoy it while it lasts. When my time comes to laugh then we will compare whose laughter will be harder. God will reward us each according to our deeds. I might look a fool today but I will emmerge again and then, I have no words of describing the kind of punishment you will get you animal. " Mike shook his head with so much anger.

" mmmmhmhmh. I like that you have started giving youself some time to imagine things Mike. Well, let me not waste my time here I got a wife to rush to.

I came to warn you Mike. Who ever you sent out there to plant evil thoughts in my Isabel should be made to stop." He paused seriously looking at Mike's face.

" if not" he clicked his tongue.

" I will find the person and God help him or her what I will do. Secondly remember the life of your dear wife is in my hands. Mess me up and you will have nothing to fantise about. I will first kill the mother then leave your child in the streets to the dogs" He nodded his head his mouth patted as he confirmed his threats.

" I don't know what you are talking about. Isabel will soon know who you trully are. She will, I can assure you no matter how much of me you pretend to be Ja....." he couldn't finish his sentence and Jake cut him.

" I came to warn you and am not coming back this peaceful next time. You know am not playing, so better put your balls in one place and enjoy prison life. This is where you belong now brother and in here you will die" he smiled looking around the place and standing making Mike shake in anger and clenching his fist trying to control himself.

" she loves me more in bed. She tells me am so goooood! you have no idea what pleasure am having brother " he added in a whsiper and walked away. Mike wanted to rush to grab and hit him but the guards held him back.

" be gentle with my son please" he teased walking out of the visiting room as Mike screamed in anger.

" leave my family alone you bastard!" He yelled and kicked as they led him back inside.

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Re: Twins by skubido(m): 5:45pm On Dec 30, 2018
Tanks for the update
Re: Twins by Oyinprince(m): 1:12am On Jan 04
TWINS - Episode 14

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

“I rushed here this afternoon because I felt I was losing my mind in that house. I have been asking him one by one the things I know he definitely knows about us but that man will not remember the small and important details about us. Imagine he has forgotten where we first had our date. He remembers our wedding day, the venues and some other things but I didn’t expect him to forget where he took me out on our first date. I lied about some pastor and he went on agreeing to things he didn’t know” Isabel cried as she sat across Esther who kept shaking her head.

“I know what you are going through, its good now you have decided to take up the task I told you, that man in your house is definitely Jake. I say so because I know where your husband is” Esther told her and she looked up at her wiping her tears.

“Where is Mike?” she asked her

“ well, first of all I want you to know that Mike is not in a good place, secondly, whatever happened was not his fault, he is a good man you know that, he`s just unfortunate because his brother has decided to make his life miserable. He regrets that he never told you about his brother “Esther went on defending Mike.

Isabel was silent watching and listening to the woman before her explain things to her. Details of the twins growing up, how they have always behaved and other details that she thought were relevant. Esther showed her a few photos she had of the twins explaining to Isabel how she was easily able to identify them.

“Am sure you have noticed some mark on his ear and back, on his back that is a birth mark which Mike does not have. The small mark on his ear was from the cut he had as a boy and I personally had to take care of it until it healed. So whenever I had an issue knowing who it was I was with I would simply tell by that mark or just their character. “

“you know the funny truth about all this?” Isabel finally stopped crying and was smiling.

“ I love them both, I mean Mike is lovely, he is so sensitive and he strives to make me happy. He is a gentle and good man” she smiled at the thought and Esther could see there was something else coming and she somehow thought it wasn’t good at all

“okey, but?” she asked her seeing her pause.

“oh my God this is crazy. I mean the past year I have stayed with this new Mike, I could not help but fall in love with him all over again. He is sometimes rough yes, he has some temper and reacts on impulse but he is good with me. He makes me happy in the most awkward ways, the simple things he does just makes me want to have him around. He takes me out without me asking, he sometimes comes back from work or follows me to my office just to give me a special time and he says the most silly but romantic things “she sighed tears rolling down her cheeks.

“ I don’t know what to do mama Esther, I have fallen in love with both men and I swear as much as I hated to learn he has switched my husband, I still want him around with me. Why did it have to happen that way? Am so scared to even face the real Mike. What if I fail to love him as much as I have loved this man I have stayed with in his absence? I feel horrible “she sobbed uncontrollably.

Esther was silent she did not know what to tell the person crying before her. She could see the reality of her words in her eyes. She meant every word and Esther could not find the right words to comfort her with.

“Am I a bad person? I cheated on my husband, I feel so bad” Isa now stood up.

“Come on Isabel, we both know it’s not your fault, Jake deceived you and since you had no intention of being with him even Mike knows that it’s not your fault. Take heart and lets help your husband out of prison” she told her and Isabel turned to look at her.

“What? He is in Prison for what?” she asked surprised.

“I told you earlier that is where Jake was and he someone managed to escape and set up his brother to be thrown back in prison. So to answer your question yes, Mike is in prison serving a sentence for his brother. “

“you want to go and see him?” she asked. Isabel was quiet fighting her own dilemma. She had hoped all would turn out to be a lie that maybe Mike was pretending to have forgotten some things but seeing how serious everything had become gave her a scare.

“I don’t know if am ready to see him mama. I I… I don’t know what to say to him” she plainly responded.

“Isabel come on, Mike is your husband and you have been apart or over a year now, won’t you care to see him again?” Esther shook her head wondering if Isabel was acting sensible at that very moment. She couldn’t understand why Isabel was not feeling the rush to see her own husband.

“you have to understand me mama, yes it might be true Jake took his brother`s place. But how was I to know. For me he has always been with me. Am still with my husband and I didn’t miss him. You expect me to rush out to meet him. You have no idea how much I wish this whole thing was a dream.” she bowed her head sitting back down .

Esther looked at her, her hair combed nicely, she had a straight weave on her head and a nice yellow dress that went up to her knees, and she looked good even though her face was sad.

“Listen, lets go and see your husband, hear what he has to say and we can put our heads together to get the right way to solve this issue.” Esther suggested.

“No” Isa spoke bluntly.

“What? What is that supposed to mean Isabel? You do not want to see your husband?” the surprised Esther asked in a frown.

“Am not ready to see him, I am not sure what to tell him Esther, Jake will be back home soon and I need to get going. You said it yourself, he is not to know that I know the truth so I need to get home before he does.” She stood up grabbing her hand bag.”

“What about Mike? Are you even thinking about what he is going through right now? “Esther stood up to her holding her hand before she could leave.

“Mike is the cause of all this as much as is Jake. He could have told me the truth from the beginning and all this could not have happened. Like I said I have to go now, I will keep in touch and I will see Mike when I feel am ready. For now, things will remain as they are.” She added calmly and walked out.

“She is still confused and will soon come around” Esther`s daughter walked in to her mother seeing how shocked Esther looked.

“That Jake has got his grip on Isabel, he has made her see beyond his animosity and as long as she does not open her heart to see beyond that, her mind will deceive her into believing him more than her husband. This will kill Mike, letting him know his wife is in love with his brother will finish him off and am not sure how to break the news to him”

“ mmmmhm do not tell him that yet, Let Isa come around first and then you tell him for now keep it from him mother.” She suggested.

By the time Isabel got home Jake was already in. she had just passed through Esther`s place from work and so had no trouble explaining where she was. Jake was seated outside playing with the baby in the back. He stood afar watching them both. The baby was happy and laughing hard as he made her chase after a small ball. He would lift her and kiss her passionately. Isabel could not hold herself, she felt hot tears fall in her face. Not only had she fallen in love with him, she did not want him to go away. In her mind she knew it was the right thing to do, he cheated his way to her heart but he still felt right in her heart.

“Who is this man that has come to make my life harder now? “ she asked herself inside. She was still stationed in one place when Jake saw her. He placed the baby down and smile widely as he approached Isabel. She quickly wiped the tears in her eyes and smiled at him too.

“Hey love, didn’t hear you come in, welcome back!” he rushed to her and lifted her softly placing a kiss on her lips. She looked at him. His dark face soft and calm, now that she knew the truth she could see the difference. Jake was a little bit dark as compared to Mike. Though not that much but she saw it. Her eyes moved to the scar in his eye and she smiled with tears in her eyes.

“I know you are not my husband, Mike does not have that mark on his eye and the one I saw on your back. I know you are twins and that you have put my husband in prison to take up your place. I know that fact but I don’t know why am still here holding you close and feeling so good” she cried still holding him and looking into his eyes. She had no planned it that way she just found herself telling him. The words just rushed out her mouth and she was not scared anymore.

“what are you talking about Isabel?” Jake asked stepping back and letting her go.

I know the whole truth Jake, I have known for almost a month now and I have proved it, the pastor story was a lie, there is no such pastor as I mentioned, you do not know the simple details like our first date and where we went. The time you saw me here after putting away my husband I could see it in your eyes. There was something strange and even though I could not put my finger to it I knew something had changed. Mike never made love to me more than three times in a night or day, I had to push him to stay away from work and have time with me. He was always on his laptop unless I told him to stop. But you are different, you pay less attention to work and you can take me for a night walk. You never carry work to the house anymore and you don’t like fish…” she went on mentioning all the details and Jake was lost of words. He kept staring her teary face and did not know how to react. He did not see it coming. The day he had feared and prevented so much from happening had come and now for the first time in his life he felt fear. The fear to lose the one person that had come to bring sanity in his life.

He sighed and turned away from her.

“Baby go inside to aunty okey?” Isabel whispered to her baby and she watched the baby walk to the house in her pink small dress her diaper showing behind her.

“why did you do it?” she finally asked him standing behind his back.

Jake was silent for another couple of minutes. By the time he turned to look at her she sighed deeply seeing his facial expression.

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TWINS - Episode 15

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

Jake`s face was wet, surprising Isabel. She flinched her eyes to see if she was seeing right. She had expected him to panic and react by hitting her or trying to scold her and threaten her for what she just told him but no, he simply shed tears.

“Mwanida has always been watching you. I hired someone to find her and tell me whatever I needed to know about you and Mike. It took me a lot of time planning and scheming how I was to come out and take over what my brother has. I have always envied him. I mean, “Jake sighed with a sad smile.

“he is everything am not. He is a gentle man, so calm and everyone always loved him including my mother. You know what? I stayed back when he decided to go and live with our father because I then thought well, I have the attention of my mother to myself. It was painful seeing her compare my every action to my brother. It was always, hey Jake be like Mike, Mike is this and that. You see that…?” he asked her chuckling and shaking his head tears in his eyes.

“she just wanted what was good for you am sure. No mother would hurt her own child deliberately “Isa shook her head.

“you have no idea how much I felt being compared to Mike, it was like I was living under his shadows. I have never told anyone this but I began to hate him long way back before we grew up. I hated the fact that I could not live my own life, everything I did was to be compared to him even my face and my body. He took away everything and I swear I hate him as much as I love him. I just wanted my own self and people to see me and accept me, as I am. It was not fair for them to want me to be like Mike even when I was a different person. I wanted to have a separate life from that of my twin, but people insisted on matching us. Wanting us to be one.” Jake laughed softly wiping his tears.

“ I understand your pain Jake, that must have been hard for you, but do you think your brother deserves what you did to him? He probably has no idea what you went through. Maybe you should have told someone instead of being bitter the whole time” she responded sitting on the lawn.

“Well I wanted to take over what is his especially after he sold me out to the cops. I only asked for his protection as my brother, telling him it was in self-defense I killed a man, he was a damn criminal for God`s sake, he used to do harm to society and when he came on to me wanting to kill me because of a simple misunderstanding i fought back and killed him. Am not so proud that I got myself dealing in drugs but I deserved a second chance. At least Mike could have defended me. It was simple, I could have stayed hidden with him for while till the cops stopped looking, I knew they would stop because the guy in question was a criminal. You have no idea how it felt to being betrayed by my own twin brother, he sold me out and I had to spend 10 years of my life in prison whilst he was out here making a good life for himself” he added raising his hands in anger.

“So what was your plan? To kill me and take over your brother`s life? Why did you stay up to this far and pretend to love me? Did everything a husband would do with me?” she sighed deeply looking at his face as Jake remained standing tall.

“ I know you might not believe me now, what I did to you was not out of revenge, yes I accept in the first place it was all about getting back at Mike, I wanted to take over his money and everything he had. I wanted to have you divorced so that I start my own thing without any interruptions. But when I noticed the kind of woman you were, I felt drawn to you Isabel, the baby too. That time at the hospital you recall I cried holding Elizabeth in my arms?” he looked at her and she nodded.

“Yeah that was the moment I felt so much in love with you both, I felt in my heart I was not giving up my newly found happiness, I wanted it all. Your love, the baby the house and everything else.” He smiled squatting before her and holding her knees as she stared at him in awe.

“I love you Isabel, trust me, every time I told you about those words I meant them, each and every word. I am only scared of one thing now” he giggled.

“What’s that? “She looked away not wanting to fall for him more than she already had.

“Losing you, I am so scared of losing you my love, I love you Isabel and I swear I have never loved anyone this much. I know I have no right to do this but I do not want to lose you. Every time you are `around my heart feels it, it just feels so right I forget how I came to know you. I love you and that`s the only true thing about me. I am fake, I am an imposter yes, but my love for you is so true and real you know that. You have looked into my eyes and you feel me whenever we are intimate. All that cannot be forged my love, it’s the truth and it is pure” he cried now leaning his head on her shoulder she raised her hand to touch him but dropped it quickly before she could get it on his back.

Isabel was quiet, she kept sobbing too not knowing what to do. How was she going to abandon a man so desperate? It was evident Jake had lived a not happy life for a while and for some reason she felt she understood his pain. ‘’ Maybe he is a man that needed a little bit of his own attention, he needed someone to accept him for who he was and not judge him. “She thought to herself feeling his heart beat as he kept sobbing on her.

“Jake come on that’s enough. What do you expect me to do? It`s not fair that Mike stays in prison for the crime he didn’t commit. He deserves to be out here and be with his family, but I cannot help feel bad for you too. I know the right thing to do is hand you over to the police and get you back to prison. But why does that feel so wrong inside myself. ?” she lifted his head up to face him.

“What are you going to do?” he asked her

“I don’t know Jake, I seriously do not know. I really wish all this was easier for me.

“Mmmm are you saying you have fallen in love with me too?” he asked the obvious question.

Isabel could not answer, she kept looking down ashamed of what her heart was telling her. “it`s not about that anymore Jake. You are not my husband.” She shrugged

“You have not answered the question my love. Do you love me?” he asked

“I love Mike, I married him and he is my husband” she answered instead.

“That does not answer my question Isabel. You loved Mike yes, that is why you were not even able to judge me cause I look like him , I treated you bad but you stayed on meaning you were ready to be with him no matter what. My question though still remains, was it because you are in love with me too that is why for a month you have known the truth, yet have not decided to sell me out to the cops or even tell your relatives?” he asked again this time sitting next to her closing the gap between them so much that his side touched hers and he could feel her breath softly.

“I … am ... I don’t know “she shook her head.

Jake smiled inside his heart, he knew the answer to that but he wanted her to say it still. Leaning forward he held her face in his hand and made her look at him. The backyard was now dark. It was past 20 pm the two did not realise they had been talking for over two hours.

He could not see her eyes now because the lights to the back were not switched on but her face was as gentle. He pulled her closer and she gasped as he landed his soft lips on her.

“Stop this Jake, we cannot continue” she whispered closing her eyes as he caressed her chin

“Why not. We have been together since Elizabeth was still 3 months inside and now she is 10 months old. I taught her to walk and she knows me and not the father. I know every part of you and I love it all. Why will I stop kissing the one woman that makes me feel like a man?” he whispered back rubbing his nose on her face. She breathed heavily trying to make herself stop enjoying his presence but the more she wanted ignore it to the intense the desire to hold him closer to herself.

Jake could read her dilemma and he went on touching her and making her more vulnerable. He took his time kissing her even though she was playing hard to get by resisting to kiss him back.

“Tell me you don’t love me and am going to go away, I will not go back to prison but I will go far away from here. You can have Mike out of prison now that you have proof of everything. Tell them everything and they will release him from there and you will have him back. All you need to do is tell me you feel nothing for me and I will leave” he breathed in her face making sure he kept her close.

“Don’t ask me this Mike, am sorry Jake,” she corrected herself.

“ I cannot do this please” she slightly pushed him away and stood up running inside. He shook his head and took long steps following her inside calling out her name.

“Isabel come on we need to talk about this” he shouted rushing towards her as she went to enter the bedroom.

“What is going on Jake?” Mwanida asked stopping Jake in the living room.

“Stay out of it Mwanida, stay out of it!”

“Well I know, I know she has known the truth weeks ago and guess what? I could not tell you” she smiled loving the pressure she was seeing in her face.

“You can go to hell Mwanida, I don’t care anymore, in fact you should leave this house, I do not need you anymore. “He scolded her

“Well that is easy, I will make sure I tell the cops what I know, you might manage to fool her with fake love and sweet words, but not me, and you will always be the heartless jerk you have always been. You use people to satisfy yourself and are so weak you cannot gain the courage to accept that your brother is better than you are. You do not have the right to fire me you imposter! The moment I leave this place will be the end of you too “she lifted her head to him in a whisper.

“Stay back and let me sort this issue with Isabel Mwanida, I beg you to stop getting in my way, I have no idea what I will end up doing to you if you push me to the wall, so leave me alone! I know what hurts you, you are pathetic woman who has failed to find love, you lost your job as a bank Teller because you stole money and now you have no life after jail. So live in your misery and stop comparing yourself to my love Isabel. You will never be her and I will never love you. Get that through you thick head you piece of poo!” he snored and walked passed her to join Isabel.

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TWINS - Episode 16

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Mwanida watched the main bedroom door. She shook her head hearing some soft giggles and whispers inside. Knowing so well Isabel was trapped in Jake's play. She felt she knew Jake better for a jerk and a con man he was. The urge to go to the door and knock it loudly tell Isabel what has happened between her and Jake was so strong but she refrained knowing so well Jake would go on with his threats.

"I have to find a better way of getting this man" she whispered to herself and looked down at the baby who was pulling her asking for water.

" okey baby let's get you some water, your father is a good man and I will try help him" she spoke to the baby as though she would respond to her.

A few days later, she decided to go and pay Mike a visit. After thinking through it she knew going to the police would be too risky. Aware Jake had some friends there ofcourse the ones who used to be Mike's friend but he made them his.

She recalled him telling her that if she tried anything funny his friend would tell him before she was even done reporting it. She had tried going against him and went to report and she could not even reach the reception and Jake showed up.

" what the hell are you doing here Mwanida!" He yelled at her.

" I was just.. am. How Did you know i was coming here?" She stammered panicking.

" I told you woman, I have friends at the police and everytime you decide to sell me out know that I have myself covered. Now this time I will pretend you did not try this. But next time this happens you will know better than you know already know about me. Get over it Mwanida"

Jake warned her and drove away leaving her speechless. She looked around trying to see who told him but she could not pin it to any person around the place everyone looked innocent and seemed to be going about their business.

Here she was now trying option two. Trying to get to Mike. She looked at the room around her seeing some other people who went to visit prisoners. She inhaled deeply as she waited for Mike to be brought forward.

" Mwani?" Mike spoke surprised seeing her. He had expected to see Esther or better still his wife.

" yeah, how are you boss?" She smiled at him.

" what ? you know who I am? How did you know am in here?" He asked still shocked.

" it's a long story Mike but am here to find a way of helping you. Partly it's for me to ease my conscious because you were good to me and I had not done you justice with my actions. Another part is because I know you are a good man and deserves to know the truth and get out of here" she responded seriously

" I don't understand" Mike shook his head.

" I know, I just want you to listen to me carefully Mike. Not that I need you to sympathise with me cause I have done a share of my own horrible things just like your brother. Am not what you think I am. Am an ex convict. My family, friends and the person I once loved abandoned me after I went to prison claiming I am a disgrace and threw away my banking career. I used to work as a nurse and later did banking ams worked in a bank. one day I wanted to make fast money getting a huge sum of some deposits for myself. That ended badly and I was given a 6 years jail sentence. " she smiled sadly at the thoughts.

" you telling me you are educated and yet came to work as a maid in my house?" Mike asked wondering about her revelation.

" yeah, it's crazy right?" She smiled wipping a tear in her eyes.

" I had no where to go after I was released from my 6 years jail sentence. Of course my family is there but they made it clear even before I was released they wanted nothing to do with me. So I wanted to start all over again by myself.

I was approached by a woman, a wardress from the prison, she offered me to do a job for her and her friend. They offered me a good pay of which I thought I could use to start over. I came to know of what I was to do after agreeing to do it. I was told I had to work as a domestic worker but my main job was to be an eye and ear. I was to learn as much as possible and report back to them on my findings. " she paused ensuring that Mike was listening on to her.

He sighed looking at her. " so you were an imposter all this time? Now I know how my brother knew so much about me and my wife. You heard our stories and our past lives and channelled that to the man who has destroyed me. Can you tell me what happened now for you to come out after almost three years of working in my house" he asked seriously glaring at her.

"That's true, I did all that. I knew who he was when he came to the house the time you and Isabel went for that vacation. Anyway, the point am trying to say here is I did all that becuse I was desperate, I lost everything after my sentence and the offer was good to make me start over. Now that I have come to know your brother too well, I started thinking of helping you out. I won't go to the police becuase he has put someone to watch me from there. My last attempt failed and he threatens to harm me. " she shrugged.

" if you want to help me now why not tell my wife about this. Let her take it up and report that jerk. She had to know the truth you know she has been living a lie for over a year" he told her.

" I am sorry about this Mike, I thought you knew." Mwanida shook her head.

" knew what?" He asked sternly.

" Well that your wife knows that Jake switched your places. She has known for quiet some time now, I thought someone or even she told you" she looked at him.

" are you playing with me now Mwanida? What do you mean she knows? Why has she not done anything or better still come here to see me?" He shivered puzzled.

" I hate you will have to hear this from me. But your wife is acting weird Mike. She looks confused quiet alright but somehow she seems reluctant to let your brother go. He has been telling her he loves her and he is sorry and from the look of things she likes him too. She seems to be enjoying being with him than she was with you, am sorry Mike. " she held his hand.

Mike sat back feeling his heart race faster. He did not know if he could believe what Mwanida was saying o not. But then he thought about it, if Meanida was telling him all that , what was she to gain by lying to him. Then it clicked, Jake was using her to manipulate him into thinking Isabel had turned against him. He wanted him to believe he had lost his wife to his brother.

" hahahahaha.. you are good you know that? You are so damn good you almost got me so worked out right now" Mike laughed clapping his hands.

" wow, Mwanida, who could have known, right? You are a very good actress and I give you five for that. How dare you!" He changed his facial expression from that of a laugh to anger.

" so you think you can play me and get me to think ill of my wife. Well I got news for you, go and tell your boyfriend am not buying it. His days are numbered and soon he will make a mistake. I will get out of here and have my family and life back. He cannot do this to me and get away with it, you included!" He scolded her pressing her hands hard making her wince in pain.

Mwanida shook her head... " you are mistaken Mike. Your brother does not even know am here right now. If he did he would probably kill me. I came here on my own accord and no one forced me to. I just wanted to help you believe me or not" she spoke with so much calmness and sincerity but Mike found it hard to believe.

" I don't know how but your wife received a call of which I suspect someone went to tell her about this. I stay in that house and I see it Mike. Your wife wants your brother. She is in a dilema to make a choice between the two of you. Take it or leave it, she has fallen for your brother too and if you are not lucky she will abandon you and stay on with him.

I know Jake, he made me sleep with him and promised me to be with him when he gets everything from you. The next day he comes to tell me he had fallen for Isabel and treats me like trash. I have nothing more to lose Mike, I thought a man would love me for me and chose me but I was wrong, that jerk used me all through and I was too blind to see it"

" yeah sure that's it, he used you and you are bitter, or you are still being manipulated by him and saying all this poo to kiss me off. Say you are right, why hasn't Isabel come to tell me that herself mmmm? " Mike leaned forward.

" you are so behind on this Mike. It's simple, she is ashamed period! She won't come because she wants your brother and not you. She cannot face her husband knowing she is cheating. Well that's what I call it cause she knows the truth yet at is still sleeping with him" Mwanida shrugged casully.

" get out of here Mwanida!, you will not succeed and i pray His reward and yours for helping in ruining my life. You deserve all that had happned to you and I hope you rot in hell!" Mike gnarled looking at her..

" am leaving but I know I have done my part. Believe me or not that is your problem don't say i never told you" she responded standing up.

Mike watched her leave his heart aching, for some reason he wanted to belive her but yet he knew his wife would not do that to him.

" no she is lying, Isabel loves me and cannot do that to me. She would have come here, she could have gone to the police to report him" he kept thinking as they led him back to his cell.

A couple of days later he was called to the vistors room again and this time he walked in to see Esther. The first thing he asked her was about Isabel.

" does she know?" He asked immediately he sat down

" what? " Esther responded

" I asked a question aunty Esther, does my wife know am here? "

" Mike what happened, did Jake come here?" She asked instead.

" answer my question please " he breathed deep shaking as he realise she was trying to dodge his question.

Esther knew someone must told him and the Sad look on his face was scaring her. She nodded without saying a word.

" Well, damnmit! " Mike stood holding his head.

" she knows huh! Well, that's just great. "

" Mike calm down and sit please" Esther tried to get him calm.

" Why didn't you tell me the last time you were here? Why didn't you tell me the woman I love, my wife is sleeping with my brother and she loves him more than she did me?" He cried sitting down defeatedly.

" who told you all that?" Esther asked

" does it matter now? It does not matter, am stuck here forever. My own wife will not come to my aid. She has fallen for that idiot and is letting him succeed in taking my place. " he shook his head crying.

" you have to calm down Mike. Now that we know Jake won't hurt your family, atleast not for now anyway, lets get to use another way of getting him back in here. I will personally take it up. I will inform the police about the truth and let them investigate this. You will have your freedom back my son, you have to stay strong and postive like you have always been" she comforted him.

" what for anyway, I am better off dieing in here than go out there to be a laughing stock, everyone will know that I was betrayed by my brother and my wife damped me for him. " he frowned.

" stop thinking about this Mike. Isabel is just confused, she will come to her senses soon and things will be okey "

" mmmmhmhmh she surely will, she has stayed out there for some time knowing am here and yet she cannot come to face me. Stop giving me false hope aunty Esther. Just stop please" he shook his head.

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TWINS - Episode 17

©Tisa Phiri
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A week later, Esther had kept her word to Mike, she had gone to the police to inform them about Jake. Even though she had a hard time convincing them about the twins, they finally believed her especially with the photos of the twins and the company records which Mike had instructed Esther to collect through Mwanida.

She had gone to Mike`s house one morning after she was sure Jake and Isabel had left for work.

“Who are you and who are you looking for? “ Mwanida asked her after opening the gate to allow her in.

“is this Mr. Mike Chibende`s house?” Esther had asked.

“Yes it is, who are you and who are you looking for?” Mwanida responded looking questioningly at an elderly woman before her.

“you must be Mwanida ”Esther sighed instead.

“um, yes it is, who are you again?” she looked at her surprised.

“Well, am Esther, I know Mike and he sent me here. He said I tell you that if you want to help him for sure, get me some things from the house. We need some work documents relating to the period from 5 to 6 years ago. And if you can get the recent one signed or written by Jake too that can really help them determine the difference.” she explaining looking around and back at the gate in case anyone comes in and finds her. She had assumed Jake was not yet aware of her involvement and she had to act fast before he could know.

“Of course I will help you and Mike, there is nothing more I want than to put Jake back in prison, imagine yesterday he told me to park out and leave or he will harm me. He said since his supposedly wife has not told him who told her, he is suspecting I did” she frowned.

“we have to act fast, we both know how he is, he will not let us free in case he finds out. Now get to it, search for the work papers and give them to me. If I can give some evidence of Mike working in the company whilst his brother was in prison, that would reduce their doubt and they will believe me”

Mwanida did as told, she rushed inside and 20 minutes later came back with the documents Esther asked for. Esther had taken them to the cops and they started looking into the issue. Comparing the signatures on the recent documents they were able to determine that Jake was faking his brother`s signature.

“ we are sorry for this Mr. Chibende, we will surely get your brother for this and he will pay a high price for impersonating you, forgery and other crimes on top of the already running charges against him” the Detective had told Mike.

“ We just hope he is still in your house we plan on paying him a visit this afternoon. “ they added.

Mike looked at Esther and smiled, “ I hope this night mare will be over soon, I cannot wait to get home and take a long rest. I long to see my daughter too” he added

“You will see them all soon, your wife and your daughter” Esther smiled back at him.

“ its been a week and she has not shown up here. I am not sure if I want to see her Esther, I mean, I don’t know how to look at her after she has betrayed me like this” he shook his head.

“ its not her fault entirely, Jake manipulated her and if you had told her the truth she could have had reasons to doubt Jake the first time he went to your house” Esther tried to defend Isabel but Mike would not buy it.

“ no aunty, she is not as innocent now is she? She knows the truth, tell me what the hell has kept her away for over a month? Oh please stop defending her already. “ he continuously shook his head.

“ well get out of here and put your life back to order is all I need for you my son, you will find and repair what that brother of yours has damaged” she encouraged him.

“I hope all is not lost, it will not be easy starting all over again, but I guess I have no choice now. “ he spoke with a tone of sadness.

Back at home, Jake was talking to Mwanida, asking why she had not packed to leave.

“You are causing too much trouble with your rantings Mwanida, I told you to leave and get all the money you earned. Isabel is questioning why am talking to you in secrecy and the last thing I need now is to tell her I slept with you under this roof. I need her to trust me and choose me, so leave already” he looked at her seriously.

“ well am not leaving anytime soon you know, you might be the one that connected me to start working here but you are not the one that hired me, Mike did and I will only leave If the person who hired me fires me “ she lifted her face at him.

“Just shut up and leave Mwanida I will……”

“what? Kill me, well I got news for you Jake very soon you will pay for your sins and none of this will matter anymore. I will be free from you and your manipulation. I know your plan, you want me to leave so that you can have me killed later on” she clicked her tongue shaking her heard.

“no way Jake, no way, am only leaving this place when am sure my life is safe.” She added and turned away to continue washing plates in the sink.

“What do you mean I will pay for my sins? What have you done you ungrateful bitch!” he held her hand shifting her to face him roughly.

“let go of my hand Jake, you will soon find out” she smiled at his face.

Jake looked at her for a couple of seconds, the look and confidence told him a lot. He left her side and rushed to the bedroom. Just as he was coming out a loud knock came from the door. He looked at Mwanida and she smiled.

“I got to get that” she smiled as she walked to the door.

Jake took the opportunity and used the back door escaping before he could see who was coming.

“am not going back to jail, never! and you will pay for this Mwanida” he spoke to himself as he placed the credit cards and the cash he got from the house in his wallet and left through the back door as soon as Mwanida disappeared outside to go and answer the knock.. He ran as fast as he could upon getting to the road outside the fence.

“my love, am just leaving home right now. Someone told the police and I suspect they have come for me. Though I could not stay to see them. I know it’s them. Mwanida is acting up and a couple of days ago someone told me an elderly woman came by when we were at work. Am sure its Esther. I know she told everything, even though you insist on covering her. ” he spoke on the phone as he rushed to get a taxi.

“ but where are you going? Maybe you are wrong I told you to let me Go and talk to your brother, he could have helped you “ she responded on the other end.

“no Isabel, we could have run away days ago. I told you Mike will never understand me.” He sighed standing near the road and waving his hand on the taxi.

“ I got to go Isabel, will contact you later. Just know whatever happens to me I still love you. You might be his wife but I love you more” he added before cutting the call.

Isabel was driving towards the house the time Jake called her. She looked at the police car parked outside and her heart beat increased. “ oh God “ she sighed as she walked towards the cops surrounding the house and one of them who was not in uniform standing looking on at her as she approached him.

“Madam, we are here for Jake Chibende, do you have any idea where he is?” the officer asked her.

“Well, um am no I don’t know” she stammered.

“Madam your husband told us you are aware that he was switched by his brother so don’t lie to us. We need to know where he has run to, the maid just told us he was inside and now he is nowhere to be found around here. Has he contacted you?” he asked as Isabel fidgeted.

“ yes he did, he told me he is running away, I don’t know where he is going to though, he didn’t tell me. “ she responded twisting the keys in her hands nervously.

“ well can you tell us why you have not reported back to us about him impersonating your husband? “ the detective asked

“ um am … why are you asking me all this officer, I have not done anything wrong ?” she asked panicking.

“since you were aware of his crime and kept it to yourself that is a crime too Madam. You have a duty to report any crimes to the relevant authorities. We are made to understand that you were not acting under duress. You were at liberty to report Jake but you did not. “he frowned

“so what now?” she asked this time with an altitude

“we are taking you with us Madam at least till Jake is caught. You will have to explain the main reason why you did not report him. Take her to the vehicle “the detective told the officer nearby.

“you cannot do this to me please, I was confused, you have to understand me. My daughter needs me here I cannot go with you” she pleaded trying to loose herself as they led her to the car.

“I will take care of Mike`s baby officer, I work here” Mwanida responded with a smile.

“We must be able to process Mr. Chibende out by noon tomorrow. For security, two officers will remain here. Don’t worry if Jake tries to come back here we will get him, his time is up” the detective added but instead of the maid, he kept his eyes at Isabel, recalling the statement Esther had given about her. He was aware of the fact that she knew the truth but he was to find out the reason behind it all.

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TWINS - Episode 18

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

NMike looked around the house, it was as he left it but felt so different. It was not what he was looking forward to. Things had changed and he felt his heart ache. The detective told him they would hold Isabel for a while till they find a clue to where Jake was. Esther had moved in to his house in fear of Jake going on to her.

“i know it`s hard for you Mike, just consider bailing your wife out. You and the baby both need her and you will not stay away from each other for good. You two have to come to some terms. You need to talk about what happened” came Esther’s voice bringing Mike back to the moment he sighed looking at her sitting on a garden chair.

“I know, I am not just sure how to start all this. I need to go and have her out today.” He shrugged

“Any news from your brother? It`s been over 24 hours. Has he tried to contact you at all?” she asked him.

“No he has not. He must be working on something, knowing Jake he will never give up that easily. Even though the cops say they are looking for him everywhere, am guessing he is close by and watching everything. But am not afraid of him aunty, actually am looking forward to see him” Mike frowned standing up.

He wore a black denim jeans and a stripped white and black t-shirt ending with a pair of black leather shoes. He was feeling rested and refreshed, the previous day was different. The time he walked into his house he was feeling exhausted. He tried to play around the with the baby but she looked at him like a stranger. She would look at his face and into his eyes and cry for Mwanida instead. It hurt Mike knowing his own child was able to tell them apart but his own wife wouldn’t. He had retired to bed early and got up with a new vibe, he told himself he had to get going.

“Will see you soon Aunty Esther, make sure no one goes anywhere out of this yard. The cops are here and sure you are all safe as long as you stay inside” he quickly told Esther as he walked to his car.

“He felt his heart race as he approached the police station his wife was being held.

“I will have her bailed out Detective, she will be home and if anything comes up I will inform you” he had explained to the detective upon meeting with him.

He stood at the counter waiting as Isabel signed the release documents. She was still the clothes she wore from work the day before he was released. She had a light blue suit with a white sleeveless silk top inside, he watched her as they handed her high heels.

“Thank you sir, “ He looked over to the detective as Isabel approached him. Mike ached for a moment to hold her close, he had longed to see her face over time, but she neither looked excited seeing him nor showed any kind of remorse, she walked past him and headed to the car outside without saying a word.

Isabel was filled with shame. Seeing her husband stand there to get her out of the police custody made her so ashamed she regretted her actions of not going to see him. However, had only one regret, not seeing him before and nothing else. She now felt what she was feeling for Mike was more of pity and not the love she had felt before.

She felt she cared so much about him, deep in her heart she was desiring to see his brother more. “Focus Isabel, he is not Jake and this is your husband, you love him and you have to forget Jake” she scolded herself inside as she sat in the front seat waiting for Mike who went round to get to his own seat.

“how are you Isabel?” he finally asked sighing deeply sitting in the driver`s seat.

“am okey, thank you for getting me out Mike, that place is a mess” she sighed avoiding his gaze. It was like the two of them where strangers. The gap between them had surely grown and they both could sense it.

“well, I have been to the worst and I do not wish it on anyone. The more reason why I had to talk to the detective because I want to believe you are innocent and you have a good reason for not doing what you were supposed to do. I know you have always been a good person.” Mike spoke his eyes on her even when she could not look into his eyes. “Well I guess we need to get you home” he sighed starting the ignition and drive on without any further comments.

They remained silent till the time they got home. He sat in the vehicle watching as she stepped down and went to the front. Mike shook his head. It was like she had just met her, he could not recognize the woman he knew before.

He sat in the car lost in thoughts for another hour. He watched as the outside lights went on. It was now dark outside but he felt like he was still in prison. The fear of what she was going to tell him when he faced her again gripping his throat he felt powerless. He drove out instead of getting outside house. He felt he needed to drive out and have some air, against the warning of the detective for him to stay put. He parked a few yards away from his house and turned off the car engine.

“why did you have to do this to me brother, I was happy, my wife was always there for me and now she will not look into my eyes. “ he whispered sadly.

As though to answer his question, Mike heard a soft knock from the window. He turned to see who it was and was not shocked to see his brother smiling at him.

“ hello brother!” Jake smiled and to his surprise, Mike did not move an inch, it was like he knew his brother would be there and for the first time in his life he was not scared of what he would do to him.

“ I thought you will never come out of your guarded house especially in the night, I bet you are brave after all” Jake teased.

“yeah, I am not scared of you Jake, at least not any more. You have destroyed my life in ways I cannot explain.

“what, is this a trap? You want to get me caught huh? Why are you so calm brother?” Jake shook his head standing a step away from the window.

“you know what Jake, I realized Prison is not enough for you. You would go there and probably spend the rest of your life in there. But you know what? that is not enough, cause the only thing you will lose is your freedom.” Mike smiled looked out at him now.

“I want you to experience the most painful thing in your life, I want you to live out here, lose all that you hold dear as you watch and later on you will beg God to get you. You will try to get to the road so that they bash you dead. But you know what, God will not let you do that, he will let you live through the most painful moments. Just then will you realise that you cannot just get and control other people`s lives. You are not God my brother. No you are not” Mike frowned casually.

“I know partly why Isabel never came to see me. “he looked at him again. Jake looked up quickly not knowing what his brother meant.

“what ?, I know she loves me. That’s why you fool, am always better at things than you are. I know how to make her happy and she could not stand having a boring husband back” Jake added proudly. He nodded his head as he spoke.

“not that mostly.” Mike responded reluctantly.

“ Isabel is pregnant, she is carrying your child, I might not know why she never came to see me but that is definitely part of it. She is in a dilemma as to whether to tell me about her pregnancy and ask me to raise her child, or she will leave me and live in this fantancy you have created for her and decide to stick with a fugitive” Mike smiled knowing he had nailed him. He was sure Jake did not know about that fact. Mwanida had told him she found a pregnancy test which Isabel was trying to hide in the bathroom.

“Did Isa tell you about that?” Jake asked surprised.

“no, she didn’t, as a matter of fact I have not talked to her yet and I have not told anyone else. “ he shrugged.

“well so what’s your plan brother?” Jake asked concerned now at his brother`s calmness and patience.

“ mmmmmhmhmh, I do not play harsh and rough like you Jake soon you will know what am up to. If I were you I would chose the cops than being free” Mike added and started the car engine leaving Jake planted in one place shocked.

He had expected an outburst from his brother, or better still him to call the cops on him but the scene he just experienced left him puzzled and somehow frightened. He had never seen him that way and the kind of coldness around him was so tense.

Mike drove back home and one of the cops ran to him.

“Sir we were worried your brother might hurt you out there, will you tell us where you go next time so that we avoid anything bad from happening” the officer spoke to him.

“Noted officer, do not worry I was just outside the gate. Am going to rest now” he smiled at him and played with his car keys as he walked to the house.

“Any news or call from Jake?” he asked him

Mike looked back at him and smiles “nope, nothing sir.” He shook his head

“we will catch him soon do not worry” the officer indicated and Mike just shrugged going ahead.

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TWINS - Episode 19

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

She lay still in the bed, facing the wall and pretending to be asleep as her husband opened the door. She could hear him sighing and shifting as he took off his clothes. A few seconds later she heard the bathroom tap running.

Shifting around, she looked at the closed bathroom door, trying to get an understanding of what Mike was upto. She had thought and longed to have him say something to her since the day he got her out of the police holding but it was two days past and he had not said a word to her. In her heart she had hoped for Mike to ask her what happended or even apologise for not telling her about his brother but no, he never spoke a word on such.

The guilty inside was growing everyday, now realising the interpretations of what she did to other people.

She recalled Esther calling her the day before.

" I hope you feel better after what happend" Esther had started, after clearing her throat.

" yeah I have had enough rest thank you" Isabel responded sitting opposite her on the couch.

" where is Mike?" She asked looking around.

" I am supposed to ask you, aren't you his wife?" Esther let a laugh.

" I know mam, it's just that since he came back, he won't speak to me. " she frowned

" hmm, and?" Esther asked her leaning back and folding her hands.

"I don't know what his plan is but he should understand all this is not my fault. I..."

" ehehee.. Isabel stop there, honestly I don't want to hear it" Esther raised her hand to stop her.

" the truth is, I don't want you to speak to me, Mike is your husband and the reception you have given him in the days he's been out shows a very bad picture. He was in prison for the crimes he never committed for over a year, what kind of woman are you Isabel, you won't ask how he is, you won't say anything to him and you expect him to? Come on, we both know you do not need another person to spell out what you are supposed to do here. Get down your horse and talk to your husband. Or what? , you don't see him as a husband anymore? " Esther remarked disapointedly.

" he lied to me and..."

" that's your excuse for your shameful acts my dear child, that he never told you the truth and so you had to purnish him by not going to see him knowing he was in jail? Grow up!" Esther spat and walked away from her leaving Isabel holding her head in shame tears in her eyes.

She was still recalling the activities of the previous day when she heard the bathroom door open and Mike walked in clad in a towel. She slowly sat up looking at him.

"We need to talk" she's spoke after clearing her throat.

" okey" Mike sighed looking at her face. He took out a pair of pyjamas and dressed up before going to sit on the bed looking at her.

" um am, I don't know why you will not talk to me Mike " she started, her voice breaking

" I have been talking to you Isabel, from the first time we met at the police station I have been talking to you" he shrugged

" you know what I mean, not that greeting in the morning or around the house like we are strangers Mike, you have to tell me why you never told me about your brother. That was not something you had to hide. All this could have been avoided if I knew the truth. I could have known he was not you and...."

" and you could have not fallen for him" Mike cut her short looking up at her as initially he had his face looking down on the bed cover.

" I didn't say that Mike, I don't know why you're treating me like I was wrong here.I am a victim here too, I had no way of knowing the truth till Esther told me, so give me a break Mike. I don't derseve any of this" she added shaking her head.

" you know what? I feel like am wasting my time talking about this. You do not love me anymore, what I don't understand though my dear wife is how you can fall in love with a man just because he looks like me. What got into you, you told me time and again you loved me and all of the sudden the love is gone and you love my twin brother, someone who impersonated me and took my place in this house. I would understand if you told me you still didn't know it was not me. Yes, it's true many people find it hard to tell us apart but I thought you knew me, we were together for a long time you could have honestly noticed he was not me. We can not be the same at everything " Mike continuously shook his head looking at her as she shed tears.

" I was confused Mike, you have to understand, I noticed a differnt man that day you left, but how was I to know it was not you. For me I was looking at my husband and he suddenly developed a memory loss, I had to stay by him because I loved you Mike, I tried to stay by my husband as much as I could to support him. I understood him thinking you were having some moments and waited for you to come around. Then I realised you had changed, your were a differnt person and it never crossed my mind you were not here, I swear to God I had no clue whatsoever.

Yes I might be bad person for not coming to see you, but how was I to do tell you what I was feeling inside Mike" she wiped her tears sniffing in and staring at him her face wet.

" how was I to tell you I started liking the changed Mike, he was rough and all but he was so good to me. I thought my husband has changed, he wanted to spend more time with me, I didn't have to force him to be with me. He found time to be with our baby and I loved him even more. " she went on now seriously crying as she recalled every good times she had experienced with Jake.

" it hurts to say this Mike, believe me it does hurt, but I wanted my husband to be that man. I was happy and suddenly someone tells me he was not my husband that the change I so much loved was fake, but, I still wanted it" she paused now sobbing loudly.

Mike looked at her, he knew she meant every word and it hurt him to realise what he was missing from his relationship with her.

" Isabel, my God, why didn't you ever tell me you where not happy with me? You should have let me know. I swear I tried to make you happy. I had to go beyond my way to make you happy, you should have told me what you wanted, that I was not giving you enough of what you wanted" Mike too cried holding her hands..

" you do not misunderstand me Mike, I never anticipated nor wished for anything more. I was okay cause I had nothing to compare you to. The thing is I didn't want you to try so hard my love, I wanted it to come naturally. It was not supposed to be so much of a burden for you to make me happy. Am your wife and I deserved the true you. " she shook her head.

" I get it now, so that jerk of my brother came in and all of the sudden your eyes were opened and you saw what I never gave you. ?" He stated now standing up.

" I don't want to hurt you Mike. Am so sorry you have to go through pain. I feel it too. "

" yeah right. As though what I went through was not enough, I find my wife enjoying sleeping with my brother." He scoffed lookng away.

" you know, he just wanted recognition, he told me he had always felt he was leaving under your shadows. Sometimes it's good to understand what people go through so you can understand them try help them. it's ..."

" shut up Isabel, just shut up!. Jake is a manipulator that's what he was born for. He finds a way of conning everyone and he can do anything to make you fall for him. don't you see that? That is excatly what he wanted. To manipultae your mind into believing he is a victim here. Can't you see it Isabel?, Jake destroys everything around him."

Mike felt devasted his heart could not contain what he was feeling. He paced around angry. Angry at himself for not telling his wife the truth in the first place, so angry about his twin brother who had brought him that far.

" okey tell me now, what's your plan?" He looked at her seriously.

" I don't know Mike." She answers bluntly and that upset Mike even more.

" damnmit Isabel. You don't know? is all you can say. You know what?, this is pointless. Am sleeping in the other room I can't stand...., " he scoffed looking at her and holding his head.

" I can't stand this woman you have become. " he added and walked out without looking back.

Isabel folded herself holding her feet up her chest. She had never seen her husband that upset. She felt the urge to follow him and tell him she was sorry but then she shook her head.

" its not my fault, my God, i was just telling the truth and I never wished for any of this to happen. What will I do with this pregnancy?. I cannot tell Mike about it this will kill him. Oh God what am I going to do?" She thought to herself.

An hour later, she decided to go out and take some water. She felt her throat dry after some time of sobbing alone.

Wrapped in a lobe, she came to face Mwanida who was still watching some night movie in the TV room. She grabbed a cup from the kitchen got herself some water and walked to the TV room planting herslef in a couch.

" are you okey?" Mwanida asked seeing her looking so sad and sick.

" my life is over Mwanida. I cannot look at my husband in the same way, I can't say any words without hurting him and myself in the process. This is so hard.. I can't go on like this " she wiped a tear from her eyes looking down the cup in her hands.

" sorry to say this but i know Jake. Am sure you now know about me though we have not talked. Isabel, I know I am not so much of a good person for what I did, but one thing I know for sure. You are married to a good man, you might think you love Jake, trust me, He is a manipulator. He is capable of making you believe what he wants you to and he got no boundaries whatsoever . Tell me one thing, what do you think you would do the first time you try to impersonate someone.?" She asked her sitting up.

" will try win their trust i guess " she shrugged

" thats right. That's exactly what that man did. He knew your weaknesses Isabel. He knew exactly how to win your trust by working on your most vulnerable things about you. He got you exactly where he wanted you to so much that now you think he loves you and that you did not have enough of whatever from your husband." She explained making sure every word was precise.

" I know you, you were happy. You cannot tell me over night you fall in love with another man just because he has the same face as your husband. The very fact that Jake looks like Mike is what makes you think you love him my dear. Come to think of it, if Jake looked different, could you have loved him then?" She held her hand leaning forward straight at her.

Isabel lifted her eyes to look at Mwanida. She sighed realising her point. Shaking her head slowly as tears run down her face.

" you see, don't throw away what you have my dear. Immediately Jake is caught I will go away, that is if your husband will keep his word of not giving me to the cops. But I want you and Mike to get back whatever you have lost. That jerk no matter what he would tell you, be it he loves you or not, just know that he will never make you happy as much as Mike did. Never! you hear?, he will always be Jake and nothing, not even you will change that. What kind of life are you going to have with him hmm? Think through this my dear, sit down and think. " Mwanida chuckled and patted her shoulder before walking away leaving Isabel staring at the TV before her, her eyes blank.

Twins continues...

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TWINS - Episode 20

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

The following morning Mike woke up early. He felt a slight head ache, taking some pain killers, he went to sit outside still in his pajamas. Unknown to him Esther was watching from the window shaking her head. “He is suffering poor child” she frowned looking at Mwanida who was cleaning the house.

“Yeah I can see that too, it’s unfortunate what is happening. He will pull through, he just needs someone to help me through but the best person to do that is lost right now. I pity him.. “She shrugged getting back to what she was doing.

After some time thinking through things, Mike decided to take the step he had been planning, now sure that Isabel was still in a web, he decided not to continue baring the pain but make his brother get to his senses and Isabel to the right mind. . He dialed some number and when the person picked the call, he stood up paced away towards the wall to avoid anyone hearing the conversation.

“I want you to find him, I think I know where he is hiding out. I had him followed yesterday. Yes please, “he went on speaking.

“Just get him tonight and let me know, the other cops cannot find out about this my man, please. That brother of mine will get what he deserves all in due time. Just tell me when you have him and I will come through, tonight will be okey.” He frowned and murmured some good bye sliding the phone close.

He went back to the house and to his bedroom finding Isabel still in bed. “I want you to come with me somewhere “he feigned a smile looking at her.

“Okey, do the cops know we will leave this house? What time? “She asked looking at him and wondering what was with his calmness when he was so upset the other night.

“No they won’t, I just want to show you something and we will be back before they know it. It’s something special I have planned for both of us outside this house. Just be ready this evening I will let you know when all is ready” he added and went to the bathroom leaving her wondering.

Jake kept twisting in his bed, trying to get some sleep but he could not. He kept thinking and panicking. The fear of being caught and taken back to Prison haunted him. He was pissed to the core and wished he had done more to keep his new life going.

“Damn just when life was getting better someone had to mess my plans, someone must surely pay for this” he snarled angrily. He had looked for Esther hoping he could take it out on her but was let down realizing she had moved in with Mike. He scowled upset of the thought.

Just a day before he escaped, he had managed to get Isabel on her soft side for him. Even though she could not tell it to his face, he knew she was feeling something for him and he had taken advantage of that.

“Give me time to figure out something and I will let you go and see your husband. I feel jealousy you are his wife because I love you and you know that for sure” he held her face.

“What is that you plan on doing Jake, Mike is innocent and I cannot endure siting here minus going to see him. What will he think of me” Isabel had queried him.

“Well, I asked for a few weeks so I can figure out a way my love, please do not send me back to prison. Please I beg you I swear I will kill myself inside that hell if I went back “he tried to play miserable and make Isabel feel for him

“This has to come to an end Jake, you cannot continue taking your brother`s place here. i don’t want any of you to get hurt” Isabel remarked and he knew she had a soft spot for him.

“I will show you that I love you my Isabel, you are mine now and I will not let my brother win you over again. I will not allow him raise my child “he shook his head whispering to himself.

He looked at the phone put on flight mode to avoid it being active, scared of dialing the number for Isabel in case the cops were tracking it. He felt irritated with the thoughts that Mike was with Isabel at that very moment. Looking at her snaps in the phone he smiled drawing his fore finger on her face.

“I miss you my woman, I will get you soon don’t worry” he sighed kissing her image and closing his eyes

Jake later on decided to remove the old sim and replaced it the following day, immediately calling Isabel. The first call went unanswered and the third was picked by a strange voice. He quickly cut it and turned of the phone Angry at that he tossed it on the bed holding his head. He looked outside and the sun was now overhead. He knew moving during the day like that would expose him so much so he decided to masquerade himself again. This time, with white moustache and a round head sock. He wore old clothing’s to play a poor old man.

He looked from side to side crossing the road and taking a cab to Mike`s place. By the time he got there, it was a few minutes past 14. He disembarked from the taxi two blocks away from Mike`s house and started walking imitating an old man with a walking stick and sun glasses on his face. He smiled seeing the detective walking out to the police car parked outside the house.

“You will not have me you fool. Am not going back to prison, not today not ever” he smiled and walked on reaching the house. The gate was wide open and he assumed someone was driving out seeing the detective move aside a little bit.

A few seconds alter Mikes car drove out. He noticed he was alone in the car. Instead of stopping to allow any suspicion, he walked past and greeted the cops in a calm elderly voice. They all watched him walk by without knowing who he was. He went round the houses and when he was sure they had left, he walked back to the house this time knocking softly.

“Good afternoon mam, am asking for water, am so thirty my child and hungry too. Be kind to the old man and give me something to eat” he spoke with a convincing voice at Mwanida who opened the gate to check who was there.

One of the officers walked to the gate asking who it was. “Do not allow any strangers in this gate madam, let him go away right this minute” the officer told Mwanida.

“Am sorry my son I just wanted something to eat. Be kind to your old man and help me please” Jake muffled.

“It’s okey, I will just give him water and find something for him to eat then he will leave, he does not have to enter the gate “Mwanida sighed looking at the cope with pleading eyes. She felt pity for the old man.

“Who was that?” Isabel asked seeing Mwanida enter the house after seeing her talk to someone at the gate.

“It’s an old man asking for food. He looks so old and hungry. Can I get him something?” Mwanida asked Isabel.

“Okey that’s okey give him” she nodded

Jake was disappointed seeing Mwanida walking back to him with a bowl of rice and chicken, he cursed inside. He had hoped for Isabel to show up at the gate so he would give her a signal it was him. Feeling let down he planned on trying to call her later and talk to her.

He took another taxi to his hide out and moved out of his old disguise clothes changing into his normal clothes. He decided to take a little nap and found himself waking up to the sound of a loud knock on the door.

“Who is there?” he moaned feeling sleep[y.

“Room service sir, we brought you the Dinner you ordered this afternoon” the voice of a female attendant reached him and he sighed. He had thought it was brought in earlier than he was told but he was too hungry to let the food pass.

“am coming ! He shouted lifting himself and staggered with sleep as he walked to the door. Surprised at the person standing their before him.

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TWINS - Episode 21

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

Mike looked at the figure of his brother seated uncomfortably in a chair his head leaning back on the stand of the chair. Mike sighed, before walking forward to him. He had left Isabel outside, deliberately wanting her in a position where she could hear everything going on inside.

He cleared his throat to get Jake`s attention and successfully, he made him look up at him.

“ I had no idea a couple of cops coming to my hide out and bringing me here in a locked room instead of going to the police station was my innocent brother`s move.” Jake spoke staring at his brother who stood across his hands tucked in his trousers.

“Yeah, I told you brother Jake, prison is not the best option for you. I want you outside, I want you to live” Mike smiled pacing to and from his hands still in his pockets his face serious, Jake had no idea what was going on in his mind.

“What’s your plan Mike, you want to create a prison out here instead huh? Just accept man, you have lost it. You might have come out of that prison for sure but one thing is certain. You are afraid of me and you have lost it all. Your wife chose me! How does that feel hmm?” he teased shaking his head.

Mike refrained from making an instant comment. He knew Jake was trying to get him pissed off. If he had to go by his plan, he thought and decided he had to keep a level head and stay calm. So instead of responding to the sarcasm his brother was bringing on, he sighed,

“Well Jake I have one important question for you, do you love Isabel?”

It was clear Jake did not see that coming especially as calm as it did, he sharply looked up at his brother.

“You see Jake, I know you, I know what you are capable of, I know your weakness and I still loved you as my own blood brother. I want to hear the truth from you tonight. Trust me the answer you will give me will save us both a great deal of pain” he added causally pulling a chair and seating next to him.

“She is a beautiful woman, she makes me happy and yes I wanted to get you through her but I think I like her more than I intended. I don’t get why you asking me all this casually like that Mike. What is going on?” Jake narrowed his eyes to stare at his brother closely.

“I want you to have her, no” he paused “ I want you to have my life Jake, you envy the kind of life I lead, you took away my wife, my work, my money. Now I want to give it to you. Yes, all of it take it and let it be yours” he smiled maintaining a serious gaze at him.

“What was that” Jake asked with a laugh, he was now smiling thinking his brother was an idiot or had gone mad.

“yeah you heard me, I will not go back to sleep with a woman who is pregnant with my brother’s child Jake” he paused making sure that was taken and heard clear by Isabel from the other side of the door. She held her mouth shocked he knew about her pregnancy.

“oh yeah, I know about that” Mike shrugged speaking loudly like to answer Isabel`s unasked question.

“She does not want to tell me because now she is not sure of me. You know what though, the two of you deserve each other. Am not going to stress over you both. I swear to God I have had it and it’s so exhausting. The past year and some months has been hell and not to talk of the last few weeks after I knew my own wife has fallen for my imposter brother and will not look at me the same anymore. Well the good news is that you guys have won.” He sighed standing up

“I want you two to have each other,” he spoke whilst walking to the door to open it for Isabel to get in. Isabel opened her eyes wide open to look at Mike, she was not believing her ears. What her husband was up to was apparently not so clear. Slowly whilst looking at the two identical men before her eyes, she walked in.

“Mike what you are doing? “She asked her husband

“My lovely Ex-wife Isabel,” he smiled walking towards her and touching her chin up.

“This is it. You are free to live with my brother. From today onwards I set you free, I want you to have what I was never to give you. Since you found it in him” he looked at Jake. “Well, here he is, you have your happiness my dear Isabel. And you brother, worry not. I have given you what you wanted. Take her and be happy. I will not let you take my daughter though. She is mine and I deserve her.” He smiled again shocking Isabel.

“In addition to the gift of my wife, am leaving you all that money in that bag in the corner” he pointed at a bag placed in the corner which he came with.

“In there are some of my life savings. Use it to start something for yourselves a business or whatever I don’t care. The house we live in is all yours too. Am leaving this very night.”

“No Mike please you cannot do this” Isabel pleaded crying as she tried to hold his hand.

“Don’t touch me Isabel, please don’t “he shook her off.

“Yes I can and I have done it already. Am giving my brother all of the things he store from me only this time on my terms” he smiled looking at Jake who now had his head bow down to the floor.

“What is that Mike? What are your terms? Jake asked expecting the worst but when Mike responded he felt a blow of guilty rush through his veins.

“That you give me your name. Yes” he nodded, “I am Jake from now onwards, and you are Mike. “He shrugged seriously.

“You are joking right?” Isabel looked at him vigorously shaking her head.

“I have never been this serious my entire life Isabel. Am going away. The cops will not know about this, in fact no one will know except for Esther and Mwanida, I will have a talk with them from here. You two will go home and start living normally, whilst I will go away before morning. Where to do not ask, prove to me that you are better than me Jake. Am giving you a chance to prove yourself this time. No more interruptions from me. Go and be yourself, live as you always wanted to” he spoke standing up.

He went through his idea of leaving making sure he emphasized that his brother ought to play his part to ensure the cops do not get to know the truth. Mike later on went back home and took time telling Mwanida and Esther what he was up to. Their objection did not change his mind. He asked Mwanida to go with him as he needed someone to help with Elizabeth and since the baby was already used to her, he thought she will not feel abandoned so much by her mother.

“No Mike you cannot throw everything away like that” Mwanida tried to talk him out of it.

“This is all yours you worked for it, get that brother of yours in jail and turn everything around. You have nothing to lose anymore” she argued.

“I know that Mwanida, I know that for a fact. But I have made up my mind. Taking back Jake in prison will not change him because he never changed the last time he was in there for 10 years. I want him out here and I will not say a thing now but soon you will understand this. Just accept this and come with me please. The baby will need you.” Mike held Mwanida`s hand pleading.

“Go with him my dear, you have nothing to lose too. He knows what he is doing am sure of that, trust him” Esther added.

“I will get on my feet again do not worry. I went to talk to my partner yesterday and we agreed to split up. In a week I will have my part of the company money and that will get me started. I have the skills and the brains to get myself up again. We will be just do fine you know” he smiled standing up.

“Now listen carefully, I left Isabel and Jake somewhere. I want us to leave this place before morning, those two will come here. I have made arrangements with some people to take us somewhere for a few days till I conclude the company thing with my partner then we will travel out” he quickly told them the plan.

“So get what you can for yourself and the baby too. I arranged for a another cop to get the officers off duty tonight so we will not have someone stopping us”

An hour later the three of them, Mike, Mwanida and Esther where ready to move. Esther refused to move though. She had decided to go back her her daughter and promised to help them in any way she could. They parked everything in the vehicle and drove out. By the time they came to where Jake and Isabel were, it was past midnight. He left them in the vehicle and walked into the room they were locked up.

“Well guys time to go? “He sighed.

“ you can go back home and forget I ever existed” he spoke ignoring Isabel who kept shedding tears he was not sure whether it was for pain he had left her of shame of what she had done.

“Why are you doing this Mike? “ Jake asked in a very calm unusual voice.

“Well, I told you I want to give you what you have always wanted” Mike chuckled casually.

“What if I refuse to do as you say?” he challenged him standing up to him.

“Well I know you won’t Jake, you love a good free life and that is what I have offered you. Besides that I can easily have you prison or better still dead. Remember you made me who I have become now and am sure if you can kill a person, so can I” he warned seriously without blinking an inch.

Jake shook his head pacing around the room. He looked at Isabel who kept her head to the floor and shook his head,.

“I don’t want your wife Mike, take her with you. You….”

“Shshshsh don’t say it Jake, this is your wife now, you have her and you will take care of her. You told he you loved her and she told me she did feel good with you than she did with me, so there you have it, you two deserve each other” he frowned trying not to show how pissed he was even when he was acting strong and tough.

Jake was now shaking, he had never heard of such an act, he was expecting a jail sentence or death for what he did but the free gift he was just offered was too good to be true. How possible, he kept asking himself.

Without saying another word, Mike looked at both of them, his anger boiling inside but he was smiling.

He knew they will not see it coming. The urge to take revenge was too intense against the advice by Esther to leave it to the lord. Mike had decide to work the rest of his life making sure the two people before him will learn it the hard way.

“If you two think I can give you all this for free, I swear to God you are so mistaken “he screamed in his head staring at them from the last time and leaving.

Isabel looked at Jake who was now standing by the window though he could not see anything from outside as it was dark.

“What now?” she asked wiping the tears away.

“Well, you heard him, let’s go home. “ Jake responded without looking at her face. He grabbed her hand lifting her from the ground and walked out to get a taxi outside carrying the bag full of some money his brother had left him.

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TWINS - Episode 22

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

She kept looking back as the vehicle moved. She had just been forced to start a new life with a man she now was not sure of. Well, in her Heart she convinced herself she loved him.

Jake, however had not given her so much of the courage to believe he loved her as much as she did.

She didn't have the courage to get to her parents and tell them what happned. Mike had turned the tables for her. He had sacrificed himself, his freedom and all just to give her away to his brother, even though she found it hard to believe he was serious about it. Her reason for continually checking behind her was filled with hope she mighty see him driving to them and telling them he was just prunking them.

Unfortunately they got to their destination, that is to her home. Well, the one which used to be her matrimonial home with Mike who now had gone away leaving her in a shock.

She turned to look at Jake seated next to her in a taxi they had booked. He was looking ahead without noticing her gaze.

Recalling the time she had met Mike...

She was seated in the front roll at a wedding for her friend. Isabel was one of the bride's maid on that wedding.

" look at that guy there, he looks so calm and mature" her friend had whsipered to her.

" yeah I know him, they are friends with Paul the brother to my husband" responded another friend who was the the bride at that wedding.

" i will introduce you two Isabel, you are the only one not taken here and the two of you would make a perfect match" her friend added making them all laugh in whispers.

Later that evening she was standing outside waiting for a car to pick them l, Mike walked to her. He smiled extending his hand to her.

" hey am Mike. I was just talking to the bride, she told me you need a lift home" he smiled and Isabel looked up at him. He was smartly dressed his suit and shining shoes all in the perfect match.

" she did huh?" Isabel had smiled back knowingly.

" yeah she did. I will be pleased driving a beautiful woman to where ever she is going" Mike giggled

" thank you, I appreciate the gesture but I don't want to be any trouble. I can wait for the other vehicle to return so I go with the others." She shrugged

" I insist please. "

That day she got to know his names and what he did. She could tell he was a genuine person from the way he expressed himself. So much that when he asked for her number she felt compelled to give it to him. The days that followed they went on a few outsings till they finally started dating. Isabel recalled that she had never seen him doubt her not even once.

He had showed it time and again how much he wanted to please her. Isabel knew for that fact that the man now seated next to her in the that vehicle was never going to be like Mike. Although the way he treated her made her fall for him. Just that moment she realised their was more to love than sweet words and making love.

From the look of dispointment in Mike's eyes, Isabel had seen how much she had lost. He looked at her like she disgusted him. She swallowed hard at the thoughts of him. Realising how too late she was in thinking the right thoughts, wishing she had reacted better by refusing what Mike proposed, her silence seemingly meant concert and now she was forced to have to bare it all.

" thank you man" she startled as Jake spoke to the driver who just got to their house.

" Isabel are you coming or not?" Jake asked bending down the door to look at her.

" yes, am sorry didn't realise we are here" she sighed stepping out of the car.

" I know this will not be easy for a while but we are going to live together from now on. You love me I know that so I guess it won't be a problem right?" Jake spoke as soon as they got inside.

" I don't belive you are acting all calm after what has just happened Jake. Your bother has left you a huge sum of money and this house. He damped me and practically threw me on you and all you are talking about is stupid love here" she scolded feeling angry.

Jake chuckled a little bit and sat on the arm of the couch.

" first of all, am not sure what that brother of mine is upto, secondly he has given me what I have always wanted, so like it or not am starting over. I will prove to the world that am better than him" Jake smiled proudly.

" you are out of your mind. I know Mike very well, he does not do things without a concret reason , unlike you he is so thoughtful and believe me you, he has something up his sleeves and so instead of celebrating all this try to find out what it is before you touch that money" remarked Isabel.

" so now all of a sudden you know him hmm? When you were sleeping with me you never knew your husband. " Jake winced carelessly.

" you are so unbelievable you know that? How was I to know that......" she paused getting angry.

" forget it I have no time for this nosense" she spat walking away from him.

" am leaving this house tomorrow morning I dont see this working. Am married to Mike and so if my husband is not here then I better leave too."

" the bad news for you Isabel is that you are stuck with me. Your hear? You are not going anywhere and that is final" Jake raised his finger pointing at her.

" heheh will see about that, am not married to you and I regret ever hesitating to run to my husband the first time I knew you were an imposter!" She raised her voice tears threatening to spill out her eyes.

" I said you are not going anywhere Isabel. As it is am your husband. You are carrying my child too. I will not let you go crying to your relatives and telling them what happned. I will not go to prison again just beacuse you will not cope with your guilty conscious. You know I will not hesitate to do what I can to keep my freedom " he shrugged making her shake her head.

"I can't believe I was a fool to believe you loved me !" She shouted at him as he went past her and he stopped walking towards her.

" come here!" He ordered

" I want you to know that I love you and that is true. However, do not make a mistake of comparing me to my brother because as much as I love you, so I hate a person who compares me to that clown. Are we clear?" He held her close kissing her lips, she just nodded her head.

" good. " he smiled walking away.

Isabel whispered upon seeing him enter the bedroom... " what did I do?"

Sure she knew he was not going to let her tell anyone about anything, the fear of all the things she heard he had done before clouding her mind she felt her hands shake. Realising she was hungry, she walked to the kitchen to get herself something to eat.

Mike summarised the sharing of the company prospects with his partner. " I have a friend of mine in Kenya willing to connect me to some businesses. I will move there with the lady who used to work for us and my child. Don't worry sir I will be okey. Just do as we have agreed and I will apprecaite so much " his partner listened nodding his head as Mike concluded.

" don't worry all will go according to plan. " he assured him.

Mike stood outside the company taking a good look at it for the last time. He had a good feeling about what he was going to establish in Kenya. The plan though worked on in days was making a lot of sense.

He knew he would get back everything Jake had got in terms of money, double or even three times what he had sacrificed.

In an hour Mwanida, the baby and himself were at the airport waiting for Kenyan airways plane for them to board.

" How are you feeling? " Mike asked Mwanida seeing how silent she had become holding the baby in her arms.

" nervious, I have never gone out of this country and am scared of the unknown" she sighed a smile.

He smiled assuring her, touching her hand and squizzing it gently.. " you will do just fine. You and i both need a fresh start and there is no better place than away from home"

" yeah. Am sure it is" she looked in front of her watching the people walk by.

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TWINS - Episode 23

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

Jake and Isabel stayed on together. It was hard in the first days cause they had to convince everyone especially the police that he was Mike. With the defence of Isabel he managed to get away with it.

The other hard part was telling Isabel's family where they had taken the baby. She was coerced to mention that a relative of her husband had got the child owing to the formulated fact that she was pregnant and was finding it hard to take care of the child and work at the same time. Adding to the lie that her maid stopped working .

Well, with her defenceless against Jake's threats, she played along with his plans and all was going on well.

Her fear he would change against her was not fulfilled as he tried in his own way taking care of her and the baby she was carrying.

She walked home one afternoon after work and was greeted by a smiling Jake standing by the door.

He smiled upon seeing her drive in. " hey love" he extended his hands to welcome her.

" hey what's up this afternnon you look happy " she smiled falling into his arms, allowing him to cuddle her close.

" first of all, how's was your day my love" he held her face up slightly brushing her lips with his.

" well it was all good. The pregancy is growing and glad the morning sickness is subsiding by the day" she smiled looking at his face.

"Hm that makes me happy love. Now I have more reason to work hard cause I will have to take care of you and my kid here" he gently rubbed her stomac.

" I have made a deal of my life Isabel. I was contacted by one of the guys that am sure used to work with my brother. Of course he does not know am not Mike, he told me to meet him and I did today. So there is this project Mike and him had agreed to deal with before he I pushed him in Prison. I played being him so that we close it this time . If all goes well of which am positive it will, I will make it big my love" he smiled leading her inside to sit as he held her hand bag with the other hand.

" hm that is good though , it sounds too good to be true, that project, are you sure about this?" She frowned concerned with the sudden turn up of a big deal.

" yeah I am not dull my love, I took time checking out everything and a lawyer helped me confirm the documentations. This will be good I can assure you. Besides the guy thinks he is dealing with Mike so nothing is awkward here. " he added.

Jake was happy, in his heart he believed in the project and now he felt he could prove it to everyone that he could run things and succeed. Damping his innitial altitudes of flirting with women and other things that corrupted his mind, he had decided to dedicate his life to doing what he felt he was to do his whole life.

" am going to work hard and one day, I will have to pay back my brother for every money that he left me. I will prove to him that I can work and succeed too and that all I needed was a little push. He is no better than me" he whispered inside his head.

He smiled to himself, watching Isabel changing her work clothes and getting in a pair of loose slacks and body top.

Her curves and smooth skin tone making him feel proud, in his mind he considered his brother as a loser who failed to cope with what happned and decided to flee. After following up things a few days after Mike left, he managed to find out his brother had left for Kenya which made him conclude he was a coward.

" I love you, you know that right. I know you insist that Mike is planing things against me but I can assure you he is not coming back atleast not soon anyway. I want you to be free with me and let us be as we used to when he was in Prison. You have no reason to doubt me now, I am still the same person and in due time I will be able to prove myself to you " he stepped forward grabbing her by the waist.

" something about all this is not feeling right Jake. I feel it in my heart that your brother is out to play a big one on us and if we are not careful we will not see it coming" she shrugged patting his chest.

" do you love me Isabel?" He asked instead.

" I don't know, sometimes I feel good being with you that I won't deny, but again what is the reason behind me feeling this towards you? I ask myself and I somehow end up thinking it's because you look like Mike. Have you ever thought of that? " she raised her head at him.

" nope" he shrugged causally.

" no?" She shook her head questioningly.

" no, because here I am and am not the same as my brother. What people usually fall in love with is the inner person and not the outer fresh. Am almost certain you fall in love with me not beacuse of how I look like but something else. " he looked deep in her eyes to make sure she could read through his words.

" I love you, I know I was a jerk before and I may seem selfish right now but you know it was too late to refuse what MIke left me. He threatened to kill me or take me to prison. I had to take it all and am some how glad I have you here too. You the best gift my brother has given me " he smiled playing with her nose with his forefinger.

" am not a gift Jake, are you even listening yourself? Where on earth have you heard of such happenings, a man giving away his wife to another?" She argued.

" well, I have heard of such and the reason is simple. He never loved you as much as you thought he did Isabel, that you should know for sure. " he went on convicing her to get to his side.

" come now, I help you prepare our dinner my love. Today we have to retire to bed earlier than usual and celebrate our new beginning.

" do you think he will be okey?" She asked as he pulled her to the kitchen.

" who " her chuckled teasing her

" hm you know who " she breathed deeply making a face at him..

" he is fine don't worry. He is a hard guy and am sure he will do just fine " he responded.

" you know, I love Mike" he sighed stopping in his steps.

" mmm you have a good way of showing it huh?" She shook her head going past him to get the food to prepare from the refrigerator.

" believe it or not I do. He is my brother , the only family I have in this world and somehow I wanted him to see that too and try do right by me. I punished him basically for abandoning me and ofcourse for the insults people threw on me because of him. He has always been smart and all.." he snarled jeaslousy as he said the last words written all over his face.

Isabel laughed placing a pot on the stove,

" there it is, pure jealously ehe"

" it's not that" he cut her.

" oh sure, I know, you are obsessed with your brother Jake. I have done a bit of study on himan behaviour and from that I learnt that some people harm others not necessarycause they hate them but they could just be obsessed with them. Wanting to live their lives and all. Others tend to work hard to be like the other but others you know..., they become bitter and would sometimes try to harm the other " she explained folding her hands facing him as he stood to the wall across her.

" what do you mean by that?" His face turned serious.

" I mean just that Jake, you are twins and I hear twins are obssesed with each other. You want what is his, you want to be him" she shrugged turning away.

" I like your theory but it doesn't make sense, why is he not obsessed with me?"

" hm. Maybe thats why you hate him. You want that which he has but he does not want yours because you have not offered anything good or maybe better" she spoke casually not knowing he was getting upset.

" you know what? I don't like this talk at all. I came to help you prepare food but you are vent on spoiling my joy this evening. Am out of here!" He raised his hands walking away.

" what now, Jake ! Come back here!" She called out but he did not respond.

He threw himself on the couch feeling agitated.

" she always finds a way of bringing him up, what the crap!" He screamed in his head. Wanting to push away the thoughts and plan on how to start a company project suggested by the supposedly friend to Mike.

He had gone out one day trying to figure out what to do with the money left by Mike.

His phone rung ( he was still using his brothers phone) and he answered not identifying the number calling.

" Mike we need to meet and talk" he heard the other person respond.

" who is this?" He asked camly to avoid the other person getting a wrong impression.

" it's Tom, MIke man don't tell me you do not recognise my voice"

" yeah sorry man. So how ara you?" He sighed

" Am ready for that deal let's meet we talk" Tom had told him. Instead of asking a lot of questions he decided to go meet him in person.

Jake successfully meet Tom and by the end of their discussion, he was convinced about the project even though he had to play Mike all way through.

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TWINS - Episode 24

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

A year later…….

Mike marveled at the sight of his daughter playing in his yard with Mwanida, she was giggling happily as she ran around the well-kept green lawn. He had bought a house upon reaching Kenya and quickly settled down. Things were not as easy for him but now he was established and everything was falling in place. His informants in Zambia kept him updated on everything happening with his brother. Even though he felt hurt knowing Isabel and Jake seemed okey, he tried to comfort himself with the fact that they were doing exactly what he had wanted them to.

“Hey father to Elizabeth! “ Mwanida called out to him snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Hey mother to my baby” he teased walking towards them extending his hands to hug the girl running towards him.

“Daddy!” she screamed smiling happily her face and smile reminding him of Isabel. She had taken some of her facial features.. He lifted her up and she enclosed her hands around his neck.

“Mommy bought me some new toy” she smiled showing her father the little Barbie toy Mwanida had bought for her.

“Wow, it’s so cute, she is the best mommy ever!” he laughed looking at Mwanida who was smiling at them holding her hands akimbo.

“Did you tell mommy thank you?” he asked her placing her down the ground.

“yes” the girl smiled shyly looking back at Mwanida too.

“ that is so good baby now go and play with that inside I need to talk to mommy alone” he patted her shoulder and watched the girl as she hurried to the front of the house. Mike smiled turning to look at Mwanida. The woman who helped him cop with the hurt of what happened back in his home country.

“Thank a million times, for always being good to my daughter and of course to me. I never want to imagine how it could have been without you here in a strange land with a less than 2 years old baby. You are heaven sent you know that? “he sighed indicating for her to sit on the concrete built chair.

“It’s nothing dear, remember I betrayed you too and this has been a way of me paying for my crimes. Believe me this has eased my conscious overtime. “She smiled looking at him as he kept his eyes on her.

“Well, if you ask me you have done more than paying for that. Any way that aside, how was your day?” he shrugged.

“good, like Elizabeth mentioned we went out for shopping this being a weekend, we had a great time you know how she loves having funny’ “she remarked with a chuckle.

“yeah, sure wonder where she got that from, its definitely not me. You know, sometimes I fear I will not do a good job raising her, like I will regret taking her away from the mother even though that is the last thing ever wanted to do” he frowned.

“you are a good man and father Mike, don’t ever think that. You are a better man like I always tell you. She is better off with you and I see how much you try to be there for her. Don’t worry yourself so much you two will do just great” she smiled holding his hand unconsciously.

“yeah though we you have left out one person in that statement” he glanced at her.

“who?” she asked surprised her eyes on his face.

“Yourself, “he placed his hand on hers and smiled looking into her eyes.

Mwanida had notice the soft gestures from Mike but over the years she had pushed the thoughts that he liked her away. Her assumption was that he was a man who was hurting and sometimes would do something just to cover the pain of what happened. She had decided not to encourage his actions even when each day she was beginning to more than like him. She noticed how much Mike had changed.

His usual work commitment was there but this time he always found time to be home and just be with his daughter. His commitment to make a good father was overwhelming she felt proud of him.

“hm, about me Mike, I was thinking its high time I went back Zambia. I have stayed with you guys for 3 years now and Elizabeth is no longer a baby. Am sure with the lady you employed to help in the house work, you two will do just fine” she shrugged avoiding his stern gaze.

“no Mwanida, you cannot leave us here. We came together and if I will ever decide to go back that is the time we will all leave. Why do you want to go back anyway?” he asked worried she might leave. Mike knew in his heart he needed her for more than taking care of then child, she had become a part of his life, her character and good attitude towards the girl was amazing and he knew she was the perfect person to act as Elizabeth`s mother.

“ I have to Mike, I…”

“Please do not do this, I already told you can practice your accounting skills here even without having the professional certificates. Take up the job at the company and help me run it. Please don’t leave” he held her hand pleadingly.

“This is not a good idea Mike, you are still married to Isabel, and I feel like being here is taking her place. Elizabeth has to know who her real mom is. We cannot keep lying to her that she is my daughter. Let me go before this gets any harder” she shook her head.

“why do you insist so much about Isabel being my wife? I hate it when you do that seriously. Isabel is happy with Jake, they have a child together and probably Planning on having another one. Am not her husband and am a free man. Do not feel guilty about anything okey?” he comforted her.

“I still feel am over stepping my boundaries Mike, I …’

“I love you” he finally said cutting her without thinking through his words.

‘What was that?” she sharply looked at him.

“Yeah you heard me Mwanida, I love you. We have been together for the past 3 years and I never got the courage to say anything. First of all I was healing from what happened and was not so sure. Now I am sure because your words of leaving has made me realise I cannot live without you’” mike added looking her in the eyes with passion and tenderness, she swallowed hard.

“Mike, this is not right, I don’t know what to tell you but now I feel i have more reasons to leave. “she stood up feeling her heart racing.

“Am sorry if I have offended you. But I had to tell you. I have healed from my past pain and right now all I need is to start over, I am a man and have feelings and needs. I do not want any other woman but the one standing next to me. Please do not hate me for this, am not trying to take advantage of you”

“ I know that Mike, you are not like that, it`s just this whole thing is…. I don’t know...” she shook her head.

“I was with Jake before and now this, how different from Isabel am I going to be if I do that? Mmmmhmh no I can’t, am sorry “she looked at him and started going away from him.

“I will have to start preparing to leave” she added turning to look at him behind her back and walking on.

“Mwanida stop!” he shouted

“Please. “

“Am sorry for telling you that, but I want you to stay for my daughter then, Elizabeth needs you. She is innocent and does not need to know you are not her mother. I for one am not ready to break that news to her. How do I explain the person she has always known as her mother is not? Please help me am begging, do not do this to her” Mike pleaded calmly.

“Am sorry “She cried shaking her head and walking away before he could stop her.

Mike was stoned in one place, he felt the impact of her words, and how was he to live with his daughter now, she was so happy with her, he always saw it in her eyes. But then he realized he had no right to hold her back. She was at liberty to go and she already had sacrificed a lot being with them and taking care of them both especially Elizabeth. Now that the baby was almost five and had no idea who her real mother was, he wondered how he was to break the news to her.

He walked to the house too and before he could enter, he overheard Mwanida speaking with Elizabeth.

“Mommy, why are you sad”

“am not sad my baby “ Mwanida responded

“But you are crying, did dad hurt you? The girl questioned and Mike could not move an inch as he kept close to hear everything.

“no baby come here. am just sad that I might leave you and dad for a while” she started and before she could finish the girl`s voice came out almost like she was crying.

“Where are you going mommy? Will you take me with you? Please don’t leave me here, I want to go with you please mommy” she cried and Mike could hear Mwanida sniffing in her tears. He opened the door and stood in the door way watching the two talking from the small passage leading to the sitting room.

Mwanida turned to look at him, sighing deeply.

“its only for a whole baby okey, please don’t cry I will come back” she tried to calm the child but she cried even more running away.

“You lied that you love me mommy, you hate me and wants to leave me. !” she screamed storming away.

“oh God this is harder than I thought” she looked back at Mike wiping her own tears.

“ baby come back here!” she tried to call her back but the child banged the door to the bedroom.

“ I told you this is going to blow her, do me a favor, tell her you are not her mother before you go and tell her the truth that you will never come back. I don’t see myself hurting her that much” he shrugged his hands in the pockets and walked away leaving Mwanida holding her hands not knowing what to do. She slowly walked to the girl’s room and knocked softly.

“Elizabeth, come on my baby I was just joking, mommy will not leave. Open the door bay please” she spoke knocking continuously until the smiling girl opened the door standing in the door way.

“you were joking?” she asked looking at her.

“I will not leave my girl now can I? Come here “she smiled holding her in a hug.

“I love you mommy” the girl whispered

“I love you too my baby” she smiled tears in her eyes. She didn’t have to give birth to her to know she loved that girl she saw grow from a tiny little thing to a beautiful princess. She looked up seeing Mike watching with a smile at a distance and she noodled her head at him.

He smiled back knowing what that meant.

“Thank you” he talked with his lips at her.

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Re: Twins by skubido(m): 10:25am On Jan 17
OP tanks for the update
Re: Twins by Oyinprince(m): 12:08am On Jan 20
TWINS - Episode 25

©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

Isabel sat down on the carpet her mother and father were on the couches. They both looked down at her." Tell us where your child is Isabel, it's been over 3 years and we have not seen our grand child. " her father spoke up.

" I told you people she is with one of Mike's relatives. She will not come until after schools close" Isabel responded not daring to look at them in the eyes.

" no my child, this is not making any sense at all. We heard the story of your brother switching places with his twin. Your sister told us, now what we want to know is what happened after. Did the cops catch your brother in law or he is still out there? Is he the one who took your child? " her mother chipped in.

Isabel knew the lie was not going to hold up. She herself had not set her eyes on her daughter for years with no idea where Mike took her, only the small fact Jake told her about Mike going out of the country.

" no mom the cops never got him, he is still on the run " she strted swallowing hard seeing how stern her parents eyes were on her.

" and?" Here father inquired

" am sorry I never told you this dad and mom, but Jake took away my daughter. That is why we have not seen her for over 3 years now" she murmured.

" Jake took your daughter and you lied another relative of Mike took her for a while to help you take care of your pregnancy? What is going on Isabel, you are hiding something and your mother and I are worried. " came a disapointed voice from her father.

" I didn't want you to worry that's is why I lied dad, besides he loves Elizabeth and so sure she is okay. he will never hurt her I know that for sure" she tried to defend herself.

" you are out of your mind Isabel. You are talking about a man that impersonated his brother and we hear he even killed someone before. Why do you seem to trust him so much ehe ?"

Isabel found it hard to explain to her parents. She knew telling them what really happened would really get them worked out. They already seemed agitated. The other thing was what Jake had told her. He did not want her to tell them the truth knowing they would run to the cops. So she maintained her lie and convinced them the baby was okay. Of course she knew she was with her father who would do anything for her so she had no worries at all in that regard.

" well if you and your husband are okay with it then what can we do. Otherwise we needed to see our grand child grow. Consider puting in more effort to find that man and bring your daughter back home. It is not normal for you two to go on living like all is well. It is not my child, not even a bit. " the father concluded.

Jake was doing great, things were turning out well every day, he was working so hard to get the business going and now he was making good money out of it.

He arranged a meeting with Mike's former partner one evening wanting to ask him how he would send money to Mike knowing so well the man knew his whereabouts.

" so you telling me you succeeded in having your brother's life"

" yes I did. Um actually I did at first yes, but he gave me what was his on his own accord." Jake smiled at the man

" mmhm I wouldn't be proud of that if I were you. It's unfortunate you take pride in the works of another man Jake. " the man told him with a chuckle.

" so what can i do for you now? "

" the reason am here is because I want to maintain my pride like you said, I do not need to have pride in what belongs to another man, I want you to help me find Mike. I need to give him back what he gave me with interest. " he smiled widely.

" hm. Really? And what now, you going to give him back even his wife, the years you have wasted for him? " The man shook his head.

" I will not answer that because I already told you why am here. Just give me where or how I can give him back his money. I want to move on you know and I will not do that until am free of what belongs to him. " he pointed out serious.

" well if that will easy your conscious I will ask your brother, that is if I will manage to get hold of him. "

" well tell me when you do. Inform him that I will pay him for the house too sooner than later."

" I will deliver the message Jake" the man nodded his head with a fake smile. He watched Jake stand and pull down the checked shirt he had on top of a pair of black trousers. He smiled to himself seeing how well the guy was looking living off his brother's money.

" well I love this game you playing Mike" he called Mike afterwards.

" yeah am glad he is working hard. Let him start working even harder and his pride swell so that when I finally come on to him he will know that revenge is better served cold" Mike had responded

" he won't see it coming am sure of that, your brother is so confident you are gone for good" Mike's partner laughed on the phone.

Mike told him to go ahead and get the money asking him to get it and put it in his account.

" it is my money after all. Let him begin working for his now" he added calmly before cutting the line seeing Mwanida walk in.

" who is that ?" Mwanida walked in as Mike was just cuting a call from Zambia.

" that was my former Partner" he shrugged dismissingly, not wanting to tell her the details.

" are you ever going to tell me what your plan is. I know for sure you did not give away everything for nothing" she let a laugh standing across the table where Mike sat in his chair in his home office room.

" come here!" He smiled changing the subject.

" what, there?" She looked at him not really surprised cause he had been on her since the day she asked to leave and later on changed her mind. She noticed how comfortable with her he seemed and now she was no longer going to deny him the obvious.

" I asked you to come over here" he belowed calmly raising his arms to hold her.

She hesitated and he went round the table coming to where she was standing.

" I want you Mwanida. Will you have me?" He asked in a whisper drawing himself closer and noticing she was breathing unnormally.

He bend forward and landed his nose on hers not speaking another word.

Mike smiled seeing and hearing her fast heart beat." Will you answer me Mwanida? " he soflty whispered placing his hands on the table leaving her closed in his hands and closing in the space between his trousers and her silk short skirt she had on.

" Mike, I don't know what to say " she whispered back trying to get her head away from his face but he wouldn't allow her. He instead focused his eyes in hers wanting to see through her.

" say you want me cause you love me too. I know I was with Isabel for years too but I have never felt this drawn to a woman before. Call it whatever you want but it's true, everytime I try to forget about my feelings for you I feel even more drawn to you. Am in love with you please answer me " Mike spoke with so much passion she could see it in his eyes.

" I like you too Mike" she manged to find her shaky voice.

" just like?" He asked lifting her chin up.

" I don't know maybe it's more than that, can you stop making this harder for me " she let a laugh.

" you making it hard yourself, we are already a family. What are you scared of. My daughter knows you as her mother, I have fallen in love with you, so what now? That is not hard if you ask me " Mike insisted.

Mwanida knew there was no escaping anymore, her body was crying to have him too. Against her mind, her heart longed to have him as hers.

She looked up at him standing a head taller than her, searching for any inch of doubt or fakeness in them and when she realized none of that was evident,she relaxed opening her mouth invitingly.

Mike smiled at that, taking advantage of the moment and planting a deep kiss on her slightly patted lips.

He felt her flinch back a little bit and he opened his eyes to look at her. Holding her waist, lifting her up his body and moarned in pleasure as his man caught a touch of her thigh.

The excitement his body was feeling in his body making him go crazy. Everything seemed so good and prefect. Her face, her eyes filled with passion and the taste of her lips, he felt tears form in his eyes surprising himself.

He paused stopping the kiss and holding her face up in his palms.

" are you okey?" Mwanida asked seeing his eyes watery.

" am scared, I have just realised am scared Mwanida" he sniffed.

" scared of what?" Her facial expression changed into that of wonder.

" what I feel for you Mwanida, is more than what I had thought. Am scared I might lose you too. I will not survive another heart break. " he responded honestly.

" I don't know what to tell you Mike"

" it's not you but me, I have never in my life feared loosing what I have more than I am now. The kind of relationship we have had for the past years is so wonderful, the thought of having all that change is scaring me. What if I give in to my desire to be with you in this way then, everything else changes? " he shook his head.

" promise you will not change on me Mwanida please"

She looked at him for a few seconds without answering. She lifted her hands to his face too.

" I don't know about tomorrow that's for sure. But the truth is that I will never hurt you deliberately Mike. I have too been through some heart break and I wouldn't wish that on my enemy.

I know what you have just described is what love is, it's that inside fear of losing someone, you feel if you give in to them you might end up losing them or hurt yourself. But that is what love is, you ought to sacrifice yourself for the other , it is a risky that people get in without knowing what tomorrow will bring.

So tell me now, am I worthy the risk?" She asked curving her lips into a soft smile.

" you not only beautiful and hard-working, you are a thoughtful and wise woman too. Who in his right senses would fail to fall in love with you and laterr on risk it all." Mike kissed her.

" allow me to hold on to this feeling for as long as you will permit me. I will lose more if I don't give me to you cause it will drive me crazier than I already am. I love you my Charming woman, I love you more than I have ever loved any other woman.

Now that I feel this, I have reasons enough to believe, God allowed Isabel to go away from my life that I will be able to experience this deep love that I never imagined was possible."

She could not let him to on talking, him pressing himself hard of between her made it impossible to listen to his words.

This time she was the one that held his neck drawing him to kiss her. They tangled kissing their hands on each other like little teenagers Who just learnt about their feelings.

He lifted her onto the table as the tension between them grew. His hands planted and shoving in her curly weave whilst she went for his short buttons not breaking off.

She felt her lips go numb from yhe kisses but would not let herself draw away from the pleasure the man was giving to her body. There was no turning back , every fibre in her body wanted to have all of him. He made it harder pulling her blouse off and shoving his hands on the two hills on her chest. Their firmness in his hands making him moarn.

She let a scream as he patted her legs to clear access to her inner thighs pushing up the silk skirt that was preventing him to keep a close touch. Mike smiled after cutting the kiss and taking a look at her face, she was panting heavily her eyes calling on to him, half closed and deeply filled with passion.

" can i make you mine?" He murmured admiring her.

Mwanida nodded in agreement. " I thought we will never get to that" she teased pulling him closer to herself.

" what about the kid?" He moarned in question.

" going to pick her from school after an hour " she struggled to answer.

" good" he smiled.

" let me have the moment of my life then " he added going ahead to take what he had entitled himself to.

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Tanks man
Re: Twins by Ann2012(f): 7:53am On Jan 20
Well done OP
Re: Twins by itsmaoaom(f): 4:28pm On Jan 20
Well done

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