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Had I Know 18+ by Lifeixgoodd: 4:57pm On Jan 08
Episode 1
Queen was by every meaning of the word a slay
queen. She was of average height, light skinned
complexioned, with a face that could pass for that
of a model. She was curvy with bums that was
flattered by her petite body and boobs that looked
like they would pop out of the push up bra that
she always wore. She was never caught off
guard, as her face was always made up with her
dress to kill attitude. At 300 level in the university,
Queen had slept with most of the randy lecturers
on campus and for boyfriends, she had most of
the deadly male cultist as her toys. It was a
wonder that she had not joined any cult group
and that was because her father had threatened
to place a curse on her if she ever joined any
illegal group on campus.
Queen and her clique of friends were known as
the happening babes on campus. They had the
latest wears, hair extensions and frequented the
most expensive restaurants in town. Her
university was located in the federal capital
territory of Nigeria and so she had politicians as
boyfriends and sugar daddies.
She had a two bedroom well furnished apartment
in Maitama without the knowledge of her parents
who thought that their daughter was living in the
university hostel.
Her friend Asha was also a slay queen and the
two girls because of their similar life styles lived
together in the same apartment. Queen although
24 years old had phobia for sleeping alone in a
room. That was the reason why she had asked
her cousin whose parents could hardly afford to
pay her fees to come and live with her. Mercy for
that was her cousin’s name was more than glad
when Queen invited her over. Mercy was a quiet
and studious girl who didn’t joke with the things
of God. She was finding life on campus very
difficult because her parents were the poorest of
the poor who couldn’t even afford to pay her fees.
Mercy who had never had a space of her own for
lack of money to pay hostel fees was squatting
with one friend or the other until Queen invited her
over. As a mark of her appreciation, Mercy
cleaned the house and washed the dishes every
day. A first glance at her in the house and one
would think that Mercy was a maid in Queen’s
Mercy who did not approve of her cousin’s way of
life wondered how her cousin had become that
rich on campus when she was from an average
home. Several times, she had thought of opening
up to Queen’s parents about the kind of life that
their daughter was living in the city but the fear of
being thrown out by Queen and the dread of the
embarrassment associated with squatting with
different girls in the hostel kept her shut. So,
whenever Queen’s parents called Mercy to ask
after their daughter, she would put in good words
for her and tell them how hard she was studying.
Afterwards, she will go on her knees and with
tears ask God for pardon and mercy for lying.
It was on a Saturday morning and Queen woke up
early as usual to take her bath and make up her
face. Asha who was also awake was busy
ordering things online.
Asha: “Queen, did you see this Kim Kardashian
gown I saw in one online store in Instagram” she
asked her friend when she came out of the
Queen: “no, let me see” she said and collected
Asha’s gold iPhone 7 which was a gift from one
of her sugar daddies on her birthday.
Queen: “wow, it is fine o, I like the neck line. This
one will just bring out my boobs ehn” she said
touching her boobs fondly.
Asha: “I tell you o, this gown will make men cum
in their trousers. I am getting it” she said.
Queen: “How many days does it take for them to
deliver it and how much is the gown?” she asked
cleaning her body with her hand towel.
Asha: “the dress is N90 thousand and if we want
express delivery, we will pay extra N10, 000 so
that it can be delivered in two days”
Queen: “Okay. That is N100, 000 all together,
place an order for me too. I want the dress. There
is this dinner I have to attend with alhaji, this is
what I will wear there. By the time I package my
breast and bums inside the dress ehn, alhaji will
almost eat me with his eyes”
Asha: “Yes o, pepper them things. Them go hear
am for this town, with this front and back wey we
carry, omo na die!” she said and the two girls
clasped their hands together.
“Lord have mercy”, Mercy who had just finished
praying said.
Asha: “Na wetin be that one? Abeg who talk?” she
asked turning around sarcastically.
Queen: “who else but my holy cousin?” she asked
in a mocking tone.
The two girls laughed out loud and long. Mercy
was not moved, she was already used to their
Mercy: “Queen, are you going out? I thought we
are supposed to go for tutorials today? Exams
start on Monday o” she said for emphasis.
Queen: “So what if exams start on Monday? Is
this the first time I would be writing exams in my
life? So I should not enjoy myself again because
exams start on Monday abi? Babe abeg free me, if
you don’t have any better thing to say, just go
back to that your mattress and continue talking to
God” she said cleaning her face with her cleanser.
Asha: “Mercy sha, you funny o. Tutorial ko,
tutorial ni. Even when I was in 100 level I didn’t
go for tutorial, is it now that I will start attending?
Ehen babe” she said addressing Queen. “When
are we going to the salon? It is that N150, 000
Peruvian hair that I want to fix this time around”
Queen: “Let us go today now, after all today is
Saturday. I need to fix my nails and eye lashes,
seff. Then my pink lips balm has finished, I need
to get another one. I will buy the Peruvian hair
and fix too, you and I will be twinning this week”
Asha smiled. “You see why I love you? You too
soji abeg. We are just the perfect match, on to
twin bad gang levels” she said and hugged her
Mercy: “Queen, 150 thousand just for weavon in
this reception? Haba, remember that your parents
are struggling to feed and pay the fees of your
younger ones o, won’t it be better if you send this
money to them? Or better still, I think you should
invest this money in something that can yield
profit in the future. All the money that you have
been spending on clothes and weavons and
cosmetics is more than enough to buy a plot of
land. Please think about this” she said gently,
afraid of annoying her cousin who was her
benefactor on campus.
Queen: “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! How many times
did I call you? Free me o, what is your business
with how I live my life. In fact what is your own
with how I spend my money? Is it your own
money? No, tell me now. Why should I send
money to my parents? Are they not the ones who
are supposed to be sending money to me?”
Asha: “I don’t blame Mercy o, shebi it is because
we are staying in the same room with her, that is
why she has the guts to talk trash” she said
Queen: “It’s you that caused it, now. You know
that I cannot sleep alone in a room and yet you
will be sleeping out every night. I had no option
than to bring her in to live with me” she said
adjusting the strap of her push up bra.
Asha: “Babe, the girl stay for here favour us. At
least she cleans the house, washes our clothes
and does the cooking. We are already used to her
talk jare, allow her stay after all we will soon
graduate by next year”
Queen: “Abi o, that is my dear”
Mercy shook her head and went to the kitchen to
tidy it up, if only she could afford a space in the
hostel, she wouldn’t have had to put up with this
can I Continue?? you response is very important

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Re: Had I Know 18+ by Lifeixgoodd: 5:15pm On Jan 08
Re: Had I Know 18+ by Lifeixgoodd: 7:58pm On Jan 08
Re: Had I Know 18+ by LightQueen(f): 10:21pm On Jan 08
Well done dear
Re: Had I Know 18+ by Lifeixgoodd: 8:44am On Jan 09
HAD_I_KNOW * Episode 2 * Queen and Asha took hours to dress and make up their face. They had a dinner at Sheraton Hotel to attend with their sugar daddies and they knew that it was an opportunity for them to attract other richer men. Queen: “Babe how far with my eye brow” she asked Asha who was busy applying her face primer. Asha: “It is nice, just use your concealer to sharpen it a little” she replied. Mercy was in a corner of the room studying; she had trained up herself to study irrespective of the distractions by the girls. She would have loved to go to school to study in the evenings but she couldn’t afford the transportation fare. Asha: “Mercy, abeg where that my black Marks and Spencer bra?” Mercy: “I washed it yesterday, it is not dry yet” she replied not looking up from the hand out she was reading. Asha: “ooooh, why did you choose to wash it today now? Didn’t you know that I would need it this evening?” Mercy: “I saw it in the laundry basket so I assumed that it was dirty” ever since she started living with the girls, she would wash their undies because the girls were too lazy to wash it themselves after giving out their clothes to the laundry man down their street. Queen: “Mercy sha, won’t you ask before you wash something? Na so to dey wash dey sweet you? Shuu” Mercy: “I would have asked but you girls didn’t sleep at home yesterday, I had to wash it early this morning so that it would get dried before you come back. I didn’t know that today was going to be a rainy day” she explained. Asha: “Okay o, madam explanation. Abeg help me look for another bra among my things make I wear” Mercy got up reluctantly. She knew that the only time she could have time for herself was when the girls had gone out. Queen: “And me too o, help me check that my big box, under it I have a pack of new pants there. Help me bring out the black j-string in it” she said moving to pick her phone from where she was charging it. Asha: “Babe, you wan wear pant under the Kim Kardashian dress?” Queen: “Yes or what do you think?” asha: “I think you should not wear any pant. I won’t wear any too. You know how sexy it is when you wear a tight dress without panties under it. Besides, who knows, you may hit a jack pot and panties can slow down quickie process” she said in a code language that they thought Mercy would not understand. Queen: “That is true o. Ah, this girl your head dey there. You are so smart, I don’t know why you don’t know book sha” she teased. Asha: “See who is talking? You too do you know book? All of us are odes when it comes to book. The only thing we know how to do is handle men. You know now” The two girls smiled. Asha: “maybe we should take Mercy along with us to the dinner. What do you think?” Queen: “I think it is a nice idea but you know her now, she would prefer to sit at home or sleep” Asha: “Mercy, we are going out with you today o” she said to the girl who was busy searching for what they had asked her to get for them. Mercy: “eh?” Asha: “I said we are going out with you today. In fact, let me come and look for a dress for you. Shey you know that you are a very fine girl? You are just here wasting your ukwu and boobs, allow us to package you and make you up and you will be surprised at the image you will see in the mirror” Mercy: “Sorry o but I am not interested” she said and resumed her chat. Queen: “What exactly is it that you are not interested in? Is it a sin for you to follow me out? Remember that I am your cousin o” Mercy: “I cannot go out o, I want to stay back and read. I have a course to write on Monday” Asha: “That is no excuse. We are also writing the same course at the same time with you so what are you saying?” Mercy: “okay, I know that you are attending the parties with men after which you will go to their various hotel rooms with them. I don’t want that” Queen: “so what is wrong with that?” Mercy: “Everything is wrong with it. As a single lady, you are not supposed to indulge in any act of fornication. Do you know that some of these men are married? Now think of the agonies that your going out with them will cause their wives. Will you be happy if you get married and another woman keeps your husband away from you all night? What goes around comes around” she said. Asha: “There she goes. Preach on, virgin Mary. Queen, I give up on this your cousin. Her matter tire me. I have never seen where a girl is this dumb in this our generation. The most painful thing is that she is beautiful, see enough front and back” Queen: “don’t mind the silly thing. She doesn’t know that this is the right time for us to enjoy ourselves. If we don’t enjoy men now, is it when we get married that we will enjoy? So at this age you still think that going out with married men will make your own husband to cheat on you when you are married, don’t you know it is in men’s DNA to cheat on their wives? My sister, receive sense” she threw at Mercy. After they had finished dressing, they stood up to leave. Mercy: “Ah-ah, are you people going out like this?” she asked with awe in her eyes. “Yes, don’t we look good?” the two friends chorused simultaneously and looked at each other. Mercy: “no now, this dress is too revealing. I can see your inner wears and your thighs and boobs are exposed. Haba, now” Queen: “Mercy, mind yourself o. It’s like you are pushing me to the wall just to see my reaction right? You won’t like it o, I am warning you, toh” Mercy: “I am sorry. It’s just that my conscience will not let me be if I don’t say the truth. Queen: “Sorry for yourself o, anyway, make sure you lock the door before you sleep. We are not coming back this night” Asha: “Queen abeg let us go, we are already running late. This your cousin can so spoil somebody’s mood. If not for the house maid chores that she is doing for us, we would have thrown her out this minute. Mumu girl” Queen: “No vex na, after all she has apologized. Your blood too dey hot, any how it is, she is my cousin and I have no choice than to tolerate her excesses” Mercy: “Queen, erm…er…” she said twitching her fingers. Queen: “Talk jor! What is it? We are already running late” Mercy: “I wanted to say that gas has finished and there is no cooked food in the house. Since you won’t come back today…” Queen: “Okay, I get the gist, no need for too much English. Check that my red Chanel bag, there is N10, 000 there. Use it to refill the gas and make stew for yourself” she interrupted her. Mercy: “Thanks a lot” she said. That was one thing that Mercy loved about her cousin, she would always make sure there was food in the house even though she hardly ate at home. As soon as they got into Queen’s car, Asha tapped her. Asha: “I know how we can get your cousin to start following us out and do what we do” she said excitedly. Queen: “Mercy, follow us out and do what we do? Just forget it, that one is mission impossible” she said putting on the ignition. Asha: “All we need do is starve her. By the time she stays hungry for days, she will have no option than to join us. Did you see the look in her eyes when she told you about the gas? I saw fear and uncertainty in her eyes, a sign that she is at your mercy considering the fact that her parents do not have money to send to her. Come to think of it, is she wiser than us? We will go out, sleep with men and then feed, clothe and accommodate her with the money we make from men. Monkey dey work, baboon dey chop” Queen: “Hmmn, you kind of have a point there” she said shaking her head. * * * To be continued
you can follow this link to read next episode

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Re: Had I Know 18+ by Ann2012(f): 9:02am On Jan 09
Re: Had I Know 18+ by Lifeixgoodd: 2:17pm On Jan 09
HAD_I_KNOW * So sorry guys we lost episode 3 we couldn't find it Please bear with us as we continue with episode 4 Episode 4 * Queen decided to call to inform her mother that she was visiting that weekend. Her mother who sounded very excited on the phone promised her that a surprise would be waiting for her upon her return. Queen ended the call and turned to Asha who was listening with apt attention to mother and daughter’s conversation on the phone. Queen: “I don’t understand my mum o. The other time we spoke on phone when my dad called, she asked that I come visit them because she had something very important to tell me. Now I just called to tell her that I will be coming this weekend and she said she has a surprise waiting for me. I don’t understand her at all” Asha: “Surprise ke? Are you sure that those people are not planning to marry you off?” she asked sipping her drink. Queen: “you cannot be serious o. Marry off indeed. Who does that at this age? Am I a kid that they will just bundle away? If I want a husband, I know where to get one” Asha: “Then what could be the surprise? Last time I checked you told me that you your parents are poor with the state government owing months of salaries bla, bla, bla. So where is the surprise coming from?” Queen: “the thing tire me my dear. Right now I regret telling her that I will be going to see them this weekend. I should have just lied that we are very busy in school so that I will just stay here and enjoy my life jeje” Asha: “abi now. Okay, let us do it this way. I will follow you home and then we return the next day. What do you think?” Queen: “That is a great idea but I don’t think you can spend the night in my house o. We usually don’t have electricity and Lokoja can be so hot ehn” she explained. Asha: “if you can sleep there, why can’t I? Babe forget, all of us na kpako o, it is just men that are helping us upgrade our lifestyles here. Outside men we are empty” The two girls laughed. Mercy who was listening to their conversation from the kitchen walked into the room. Queen: “how far with that rice now? Is it not ready? I am famished abeg” she said yawning. Asha: “I tire for this Mercy cooking o. The babe has been in that kitchen for more than 1 hour now. You said you are cooking fried rice, don’t come and serve us roasted rice o” she teased. Queen: “see who is talking. You who don’t know how to cook anything apart from boiling water and making noodles” Mercy: “the food is almost ready. Please, Queen. I heard you talking about travelling to see your parents. Can I come along with you? I want to see mine too” Asha: “what is this one now? Has it come to the level where you now eavesdrop on our conversation? What rubbish?” she screamed. Queen: “Ah-ah, relax jor. Your blood too dey hot. Why are you crying more than the bereaved? I am the one she was talking to, not you” Mercy: “please now, you know that transportation fare is high these days. I really don’t have the money to pay for transportation back home” Queen: “Mercy, I will only allow you follow us because of God o. I will go with my car and park it in a hotel in Lokoja city because I can’t take the car home since my parents do not know that I have a car here. If you go there and start running your mouth by telling my parents things about me, you will come back here and meet your things outside o, don’t say that I didn’t warn you” she said pulling her ears for emphasis. Mercy: “no now. Tell them things about you ke, when I am not crazy?” she said and ran back into the kitchen. ==== “mama, what was it that you said you wanted to discuss with me on phone?” Queen asked her mother after they had eaten the palm oil and dried fish jollof rice that her mother had prepared prior to their arrival. Mrs Ayo: “My daughter, you have just eaten, won’t you relax a little first?” she turned to her husband who nodded his head in approval. Queen: “no, I am so eager to hear it. You know I have tried to figure out what it is but I couldn’t. Just tell me” Just then Mercy got up and informed them that she was going to her family house. Mercy: “I have to go and see my parents now, ma. I actually came here because I thought it would be unfair for me to just go to my parents’ house without stopping by to greet you. Please ma and sir, help me thank your daughter for all that she has been doing for me in school. She accommodates and feeds me in Abuja and she treats me like her younger sister. I pray that God will give me the opportunity to pay her for her kindness and generosity” she said. Mr Ayo: “it is okay my dear. You are my brother’s daughter and my daughter is your sister, that is how it is in the African culture. Extend my regards to your father; tell him I will see him by next week” Mrs Ayo: “greet your mother for me o, tell her that we will meet in the market the day after tomorrow” Mercy thanked them and left, hugging Queen and Asha who had plastic smiles pasted on their faces. Mr Ayo cleared his throat and shifted uneasily on his seat. Mr Ayo: “my daughter, we think it is right about time for you to get married. Is there anyone on board to this effect?” he asked her. Queen was taken aback by her father’s question. Queen: “I don’t understand what you mean, sir” Mrs Ayo: “My daughter, the question your father asked is what I said I wanted to discuss with you. Are you engaged or in a serious relationship?” Queen: “I don’t understand you two. What sort of a question is that? I am just 24, still in the university because I didn’t secure admission on time and now you are talking about marriage? What kind of a useless marriage is that? What can married people do that I cannot do? In fact, where is this question coming from?” Mr Ayo: “my dear, we have been listening to lots of rumours about your lifestyle in Abuja” he paused for effect. Queen: “What!” she turned to stare at Asha who gave her a knowing look. “What do you mean by that?” she asked her father. Mr Ayo: “Someone…” Just then a knock came on the door and he fell silent. Queen went to answer the door and she stood rooted on the spot when she saw who it was. * * * To be continued read next episode on my blog
Re: Had I Know 18+ by Lifeixgoodd: 2:04pm On Jan 11
HAD_I_KNOW * Episode 5 * Queen was surprised to see her neighbour who had once asked for her hand in marriage standing at the door. To complicate matters, he was with his parents; Queen couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing in her house with his parents. Queen: “Peter, what are you doing here?” she asked rudely. Peter: “can you just allow me come in? At least for the sake of my parents here” Queen left the way and they entered. Mr Ayo: “As we were saying my daughter. Peter here has been coming around to ask for your hand in marriage but I told him to hold on until you are around because like our people would always say, you don’t shave a man’s head behind his back” Queen: “dad, please go straight to the point, I don’t understand what you are saying” Peter’s father who was a dark husky man with grey hair that had seen better days cleared his throat and spoke up. Baba Peter: “My daughter, I am sorry that we came on you like this. When your parents called and said you will be around today, we decided to come and finish up this matter. My son here said he has been asking you to marry him even before you secured admission into the university. He is ready to settle down now and we thought we should see you and start the marriage process” he said quickly for he was a man of few words. Queen: “excuse me sir. Your son told you that he has been asking me to marry him. Did he also tell you that I refused?” Mrs Ayo: “Queen!” her mother screamed at her. Queen: “no mum, I need to ask questions because as far as I know, I asked Peter never to talk about marriage with me again” Mr Ayo: “I did not train you to be disrespectful and shout at elders. Why did you have to interrupt a man old enough to be your father while he was still talking? You should have allowed him to finish talking before making your point” he admonished her. Queen: “I am sorry, dad” she managed to swallow her pride and say. Mr Ayo: “as I was saying, you have come of marriageable age and it is my wish that you settle down with a good man. I have known Peter and his family right from when he was a little boy and I can vouch for his integrity. His parents are here to ask for a date for Introduction but I want to ask you first, do you want to marry him?” Queen: “hell no, daddy. I can never marry Peter” she dropped what sounded like a bombshell in their ears. Baba Peter: “my son, I thought you said Queen is willing to be your wife? Did you bring us here to embarrass us?” Peter: “She gave me the impression that she was interested in my proposal” Queen who was trying to control her anger flared up. Queen: “I gave you the impression that we could get married when I was in this village without admission in sight. Now I am in the university and all you have is your O’Level certificate as a secondary school graduate. You do not expect me to marry you with that, do you?” Peter: “Queen please” he stuttered. Queen: “don’t please me o. What is it? In fact what do you have to offer me? Can you afford to buy my cosmetics and makeups talk more of other things?” Mrs Ayo: “Will you shut up your mouth there? If you don’t want to marry him, do you have to be rude?” her mother said. Queen: “Peter, I think this meeting is over. Please use the door” she said getting up and pointing at the door. Peter: “Are you asking me to…to leave your house?” he asked with pain in his voice. Queen: “Peter! Peter! I don’t want to sound disrespectful because of your parents here o. Get up and leave my father’s house; your parents can remain behind and leave whenever they are tired. Just come and leave please, I cannot stand your presence, it irritates me” Before Peter could speak up, his parents got up. Baba Peter: “It is okay, my daughter. We can read the handwriting on the wall. We shall leave” he said. Mr Ayo: “I am so sorry about my daughter’s behavior. Please forgive her” Baba Peter: “it is okay my friend. You did not offend me, may God have mercy on the children of nowadays. I think we have overstayed our welcome in your house, it is best we leave now” he said and he walked out with his family. Asha was there watching the drama, not knowing what to say. Queen got up from where she was sitting after her parents returned back to the room from seeing off Peter and his family. Mrs Ayo: “what has come over you Queen? No answer me now. Do ladies run mad when they go to the university or something? If you don’t want to marry him, couldn’t you have said so without sounding very rude? No, answer me now. I am talking to you” Mr Ayo: “o ma shey o (what a pity). Queen is this how you chose to embarrass me in the presence of an outsider?” he asked rhetorically. Mrs Ayo: “papa Queen shey you have seen now? That is why I said we shouldn’t have bothered about sending her to the university. We should have just married her off after her secondary school. That would have saved us all these stress. Now see, apart from the fact that our daughter is now rude, we heard she is also into sugar daddies in school” Mr Ayo: “what crime did I commit by taking loan and sending my daughter to the university? I want a better life for all my children, a future that is far greater than mine. I know that I have not been sending money to you the way you would want it but God knows that it is not my fault. Are you the only undergraduate whose parents are poor? Look at Mercy for instance, her father my brother is very poor and yet she doesn’t go about talking to him anyhow talk more of doing so in the presence of guests. What is my offence, Queen” Queen: “Oooh, I get where this is coming from now. So Mercy who is squatting with me has been snitching right? It’s okay, no problem. If this is how she intends to repay me for all that I have done for her, then we shall see” Turning to Asha, she said. “Let us go” Asha: “Go where? It is getting late and you said its dangerous walking here in the night because of kidnappers” Queen: “Are you coming with me or not?” Asha stood up without saying a word. Mr Ayo: “Mercy is innocent o, she did not tell us anything. You forget that it is a small world. We have people from this village in your school whom you do not know. They told us about your waywardness but when we asked Mercy, she denied it. But with your behavior today, I am sure there is an atom of truth in what we heard. Better leave the poor girl out of it” he called after the girls who had picked their bags and gone out of the house. * * * To be continued
follow the link below and read episode 6
Re: Had I Know 18+ by Lifeixgoodd: 5:57pm On Jan 11
HAD_I_KNOW * Episode 6 * Queen and Asha returned to the hotel where she had packed her car and there they spent the night. As soon as it was morning the next day, the two girls drove back to Abuja. Asha: “can you imagine the audacity that that thing called Mercy has. So after all that we are doing for her, she still had to go and tell your parents about your lifestyle?” she asked shortly after they had passed Ganaja junction. Queen: “but now that I have slept over the matter, I think Mercy is innocent. Remember that my dad insisted that it wasn’t Mercy who told him about what I do in Abuja and I know that my father cannot lie about things like that” she explained. Asha: “so who told them if she wasn’t the one?” Queen: “you never call tell who. Remember that the university is a place where we have so many people, some of which we may even be related to without us knowing” she said quietly for she was beginning to regret walking out on her parents. Asha: “don’t tell me that you believe that story your father told you. Don’t you know that the old man was only trying to wash you? Remember that the person we are talking about here is his brother’s daughter and so he wouldn’t want anything to come in between you two for family’s sakes” Queen: “I am confused” she said trying to dodge a trailer that was coming in at top speed from on the one lane Abuja-Lokoja express way. Asha: “there is nothing to be confused about. All I know is that Mercy is leaving that house today. Oops, I forgot that she is still with her people. All I know is that as soon as she returns, we will throw her things out. I cannot take the risk of allowing her live with us, who knows one day she would call my parents and tell them about me and you know that my father is a retired old soldier, the man will just kill me and bury me with his hands” she said. Queen: “but where will she go if we throw her out?” Asha: “how that one take concern me? She should have thought of that before carrying tales about you to your parents. If not for the runs that you do in school, where will you get the money to rent and furnish the apartment that she is squatting in?” she asked rhetorically. “hmmn” Queen inhaled deeply and exhaled loudly. ==== Mercy left her parents’ house for the Ayo’s home so that she could meet up with Queen and Asha who had told her to met them early so that they could leave on time. She knew that the two girls would not hesitate to leave her behind if she wasted few minutes of their time. Leaving her behind was what she wanted to avoid at all cost because following them back to Abuja would save her the money of transporting herself back to school. She had already planned to buy textbooks with the little money her parents gave her. She got into the Ayo’s residence and knocked gently. The couple who were having their breakfast of pap and beans cake invited her in. Mr Ayo: “how are you my dear? We weren’t expecting you this early morning? How are your parents? Join us on the table” he said amidst mouth full of beans cake. Mrs Ayo: “come over here and eat, I know you o, next thing now you will say you are full” Mercy: “thank you very much ma and sir but I am not hungry. I already had something before I left the house” she said politely. Mrs Ayo: “I said it o, this one will never eat in somebody’s house” Mercy: “please ma, is Queen inside?” she said holding on to her bag. Mrs Ayo: “which Queen? The one that left the house since yesterday without saying a word to us?” Mercy: “What!” her heart flew to her mouth. Mr Ayo: “come o, Mercy. What is this news that we hear about my daughter, your cousin flirting with men in school?” There was a moment of awkward silence during which Mercy felt like the ground should open and swallow her up. Mr Ayo: “How true is it that my daughter us going out with men old enough to be her father in school?” he asked cutting through her chain of thoughts. Mercy who was struggling between saying the truth and betraying her cousin’s trust or lying and displeasing God decided to cover up for her cousin since she had already promised that she would not disclose her lifestyle to anyone. Mercy: “don’t mind those rumour mongers o, there are only trying to cause confusion in this family” she answered tactfully. Mr Ayo: “You have not answered my question. I said does she flirt in school or are you trying to hide her lifestyle from me? Wait a minute, are you into that too?” Mercy: “me? God forbid o. I am facing my studies in school and Queen is doing that too. She is a good girl, don’t pay heed to rumour mongers” Mr Ayo: “Oda, tell me. Do you advise your cousin at all? Do you know that she walked out on us simply because we talked about her marrying Peter who has been her childhood friend?” Mercy: “We always talk to ourselves o. Don’t mind Queen o, I am sure that with time she will bring a man home. It’s just that this pursuit of a good university degree leaves us with no time for other things. Please sir and ma, just give us more time” she said eager to leave them. Mrs Ayo: “God bless you my child. That is how a respectful child should talk to his or her parents. If Queen had spoken to us the way you did, we would have understood. Are you not somebody’s child and yet you are this respectful? Why should my own case be different?” she asked opening her palms for emphasis. Mercy: “It is okay, ma. I will talk to her when I get to school” she said and excused herself without giving the impression that she was supposed to follow Queen back to the university. Mercy took a car to the hotel in Lokoja city where Queen had packed her car the previous day. On making enquiries, she was told that Queen had picked the car early morning. Mercy needed no soothsayer to tell her that Queen and Asha had gone back to Abuja without waiting for her. Disappointed, she went to the park where she boarded a bus going to Abuja. Just as she was about to pay for her transportation fare, she was told that someone had already paid for her. She turned around to see someone smiling at her. When she looked at the smiling face properly, she realized that it was Peter. The same guy that had gone to ask for Queen’s hand in marriage the previous day. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him extend his hand to her for a handshake. * * * To be continued

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Episode 7
Mercy picked up her earpiece and lodged it in her
ears. It was all a ploy to discourage Peter from
talking to her after he had tried to start a
conversation with her to no avail. She was
listening to a sermon about marriage on the
phone when she felt a hand tap her. she turned
and it was Peter.
Peter: “sorry to disturb you, I only wanted to…” he
trailed off.
Mercy: “Its okay. I was just listening to Music,
nothing serious”
“Okay”, Peter said.
Mercy: “so, what are you going to do in Abuja?”
she asked out of curiosity.
Peter: “I secured a job in a private firm there.
They don’t pay much but I just feel I should start
from there. You know life has not been easy in
the village?” he said looking down on his feet.
Mercy: “Wow! Congratulations. So, where will you
be staying in Abuja? Accommodation can be very
expensive there you know”
Peter: “It’s a blogging job. I secured a job with achievers and free accommodation is attached
to it”
“Achievers? Wow! That is great. I am so in love with
that group” she said fondly.
Peter: “They are the best. No doubt about that.
Your cousin rejected my marriage proposal” he
said quickly.
Mercy: “ooh, I am so sorry about that. Don’t
worry, if God says she is your wife, He will bring
you two together” she consoled him.
Peter: Queen seems to have changed from the
quiet and unassuming girl that she was before
she secured admission. Tell me, what kind of life
is she living in Abuja?”
Mercy: “normal life now, what do you mean?” she
was beginning to get irritated with his questions.
Peter: “She doesn’t flirt, doesn’t sleep out?” he
prived deeper.
Mercy: “she doesn’t do all of that” she answered
Peter: “wow! What a great relief. I almost thought
that she had joined bad gang in school” the two
of them chuckled.
Peter: “Can I please get your house address? I will
like to visit you when I settle down to my job” he
Mercy: “I am not sure Queen will approve of this
o” she hesitated.
Peter: “Don’t worry, this will remain between you
and I. I won’t tell her I got the address from you.
Can I have it please”
Mercy sighed, opened her handbag, brought out
her pen and paper and wrote down the address
for him.
“Queen please you need to listen to me, please”
Mercy pleaded when she got to the house and
was thrown out by Asha and Queen.
Queen: “Keep your explanations to yourself. All I
know is that I trusted you and you betrayed my
trust. You have been telling my parents things
about me and I cannot take that anymore. Please,
leave my house”
Mercy: “I swear that I have never told your
parents anything about you. How can I do that
after I had given you my word that your secrets
are safe with me” she said wiping the tears that
was threatening to fall from her eyes.
Asha: “you should have asked yourself that
question before going to run your mouth anyhow.
In fact, why can’t you just leave? Somebody said
she doesn’t want you in her house again, is it by
Mercy: “please, help me plead with her on my
behalf. She cannot just throw me out like this”
Asha: “And why can’t she just throw you out?
Does she need to take permission from anyone
before throwing you out?” she asked
Mercy: “I..I mean I don’t have a place to stay, she
is my cousin, we are blood, where does she
expect me to get the money to rent an apartment
for myself?”
Asha: “The same place she got money to rent her
own; from men. She is a girl and you are a girl
too. You have what she has in between her legs,
use your own the way she is using hers”
Mercy: “you know I can’t. please Queen, just
allow me stay this semester and then I will sort
myself out before next semester” she tried to hold
on to Queen but she moved away.
Queen: “I don’t even know what you are talking
about. All I know is that when you finish talking,
just pick your things and leave here” she said and
walked back into the room.
Asha: “let me give you one advice; if you want us
to take you back, it is very easy. I know what to
tell Queen that will make her change her mind
about sending you away. All you need do is to
agree to start going out with us and bringing
goodies back home. Until then, OYO is your case”
she laughed and went back into the house.
Mercy: “God, what kind of problem is this? Where
do I go from here now? How can I cope in this
school without Queen’s support? God are you just
there watching and doing nothing? Can’t you
help me despite the fact that I am trying so hard
to keep myself pure for you? I wish I had collected
Peter’s number, at least I would have gone to
squat with him until I get a place to stay. I
remember him telling me that the job he secured
came with accommodation. What do I do now o”
she lamented.
Chief was in his room when his phone rang. He
checked the screen of the phone and discovered
that it was an unknown number calling. He picked
it and he felt the rod inbetween his legs harden
when he heard Queen’s sonorous voice.
Chief: “Hello, who is this please” he asked
Queen: “this is Queen. We met at a dinner
sometimes ago and you gave me your card. I was
the lady who came with her uncle whom you
thought was my sugar daddy” she said with Asha
giggling beside her.
Chief: “Oh my world. I thought you would never
call me. I am so glad you called. You see ever
since I saw you that day, I have not been myself”
he flattered.
Queen: “Well, I travelled with my mum to Paris for
shopping. I just returned today and when my
maid was cleaning up my bag, she saw this
complimentary card and then I thought of calling
just to say hi” she lied.
Chief: “Oh, that is so nice of you. Where are you?
Can we hook up tonight?”
Queen: “it depend on where you are” she said
Chief: “erm, security is tight around me right now
and you know how these media men follow
politicians around. I will like to disguise myself
and visit you in your house. Then we can drive to
anywhere you wish from there”
After some persuasion and conviction, Queen
accepted to see him and she sent her address to
him after they had ended the call.
Asha: “Babe, this one that the man is coming to
see you, are you sure it is a good idea?”
Queen: “Ah. It is o. when he comes and sees my
house, he will know that I am a big girl. From here
we will go out. You see this my room, that mugu
must change my furniture. In fact, na im go pay
my next rent”
Asha: “I trust you now. I will be in the other room.
I will not come out until he leaves”
The two girls gave each other a high five and
To be continued

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HAD_I_KNOW * Episode 8 * Queen rushed to the bathroom and had a quick shower with her perfumed shower gel. When she came out, she took her time to oil her body and sprayed on different body deodorants. Then she wore a nude colour crop top over a black push up bra that accentuated her boobs. She grabbed a tattered jean bikini and was glad at the image she saw in the mirror. She went to the room where Asha was having a sex chat on her phone with a foreigner that she had met online. Queen: “how do I look?” she asked turning around. Asha: “gosh you look hot, mehn. These your boobs can make a man forget his name o. If not that I am a lady just like you, I would have given anything up to Bleep the hell out of you” she said and they giggled. Queen ran out when she heard someone walk in to the compound. Queen was surprised to find out that Mercy was still lurking around the compound when she came out to usher chief into her room. Queen: “don’t tell me that you are still here o. Do you think staying here will make me change my mind? You better leave o, tor” Mercy: “Queen please, for the sake of our parents I beg you” “Who is this lady” chief who had just parked his car asked. Queen: “Oh, don’t mind her. She was my house help and after I discovered that she has been stealing from me, I sent her out yet she would not leave” ahw lied. Chief: “that is terrible. So you mean people still steal in this generation? Young lady, can’t you just leave this premises? Or do you want us to get you arrested?” Queen: “don’t bother your head about her. Come let’s go in” she said and led him by the hand into the room while flaunting her butts at him. Chief was impressed with the sexy body that ushered him into the room. As soon as they stepped into the living room, he grabbed her by the waist and drew her close but she stopped him. Queen: “hey, what is that? I am not a prostitute, you know” she said removing his hand from her waist. Chief: “I know, it’s just that your body is driving me crazy. I feel like I will cum in my trousers by merely staring at you” Queen: “Well, welcome to my humble apartment” she said moving over to the bar to get them wine. Chief: “It’s beautiful. But I thought you said you live with your parents? I was expecting to see your family and all the family house glamour you know” Queen: “Er…yes…no. Actually, my father got this apartment for me and it serves as a guest inn where I can entertain my friends especially school mates. Sometimes one needs to get away from all those family house stress. A girl needs her space you know” she lied. Chief: “I see. But, do you school in Nigeria?” Queen: “Hell no. Me school in Nigeria? My father would never allow that. I school in Cambridge. I like to stay here anytime I am in Nigeria, that is the only way I can entertain friends like you without becoming the topic of gossips of various media houses and bloggers” she bent down to pour him a glass of wine and chief smacked his lips when he saw her breasts threatening to fall down from the tight crop top she had on. He stretched forth his hands to grab her boobs but she flung it away playfully. “So, tell me about yourself. You said you are a politician?” she asked him. Chief: “oh yes I am. You mean you don’t know me? Haven’t you been seeing me on your television screen?” Queen: “no, I hardly watch local television channels” she said sipping her drink. Chief: “Well, I am a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria” he said quickly. “wow, this one na big fish o” Queen muttered to herself. Chief: “What did you say?” he asked straining his ears to hear what she was saying. Queen: “nothing, I wasn’t talking to you. Wow, a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in my house. That is great! Now I have to be very careful o” Chief: “its okay my dear. Do you now understand why I didn’t want you to come and meet me in any hotel? All these media people will not allow us live out lives in peace. Any little thing and one is in the news. Do you know I had to disguise myself by dressing down and using a cab to get here?” Queen: “Are you serious?” Chief: “of course. Don’t you know me?” Queen: “I don’t o. How many senators do I know, seff. I am not that current jare” She drew close to him and planted a kiss on his lips. Chief dropped his glass and scouped her breasts in his hands. He brought his lips to her.... Queen: “not so fast, chief” Chief: “you are killing me baby. Can’t you see that I am so hard already?” he grabbed her hand and place it on his groin. Queen: “I need your help, chief. I need to change my furniture and buy a bigger TV” she said. Chief: “that is no problem. How much are we talking about?” Queen: “3 million naira will do” she said looking at him directly in the eyes. Chief: “I will transfer 5 million naira into your account as soon as we are done with this. The extra 2 million is for miscellaneous expenses” Queen’s face lit up with excitement. “Are you this generous?” Chief: “why shouldn’t I be? It is Nigerian money and you are a Nigerian so you have every right to enjoy the money” Queen: “thank you so much, chief. She dropped her wine carefully on the table and packed her hair up into a ponytail. Then she got on her knees and unzipped his trousers. After the sex, Chief could not contain the sensational feeling that act produced * * * To be continued

Read 10more episode from my blog click the link below
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HAD_I_KNOW * Episode 9 * Queen got up to clean herself in the bathroom leaving Chief behind in the sitting room. After a while, chief went in and saw her lying Unclad on bed, legs spread wide apart with her hardened nipples pointing at him. He joined her in the bed and attempted to touch her but she refused. Chief: “what is it again now, you are torturing me” Queen ignore him and scooped her breasts in her hands and brought it to her lips and kissed it. Chief: “Ah, awww!” he moaned. Lying on her back with her legs wide apart, she began to finger herself. Chief’s eyes bulged when he saw her pleasuring herself. Chief got on his knees and knelt down behind her. “Please let me enter you. No woman has ever tortured me this much” he pleaded with her, his hands shaking from suppressed desires. Queen opened her eyes and got up after few minutes. Queen: “You know why I did that?” she asked staring at him. Chief: “No” Queen: “I did it to prove to you that I actually don’t need a man to make myself happy. I can give myself so much pleasure, even more than a man can give me. I am sure by now you know that what a man can do, a vibrator can do better” Chief: “Yes, I know. But I cannot do without having you. I want to feel myself inside of you and I will do anything to make you mine” Queen: “I am not a prostitute. Like I told you earlier, my parents are rich and can afford to give me whatever I want. But I think I like you. No, I like your dick. I love strong, big and long dicks” she said and grabbed him, causing a loud moan to escape from his groin. Queen: “Before I allow you in, I need you to give me 10 million naira” Chief: “it is done, let me have your account details” She picked her phone and sent her details as text messages to him. Chief called someone on the phone. “hello, can you hear me? Good. I need you to make a transfer of 10 million naira into an account number that I will forward to you now. Yes, 10 million naira, you can make the transfer from my domiciliary account” he hung up and Queen went close to him. Queen: “Who did you call?” Chief: “My account officer. He is actually a branch manager in one of the banks I operate. You should receive the alert soon” he said. Queen flung her body on him and kissed him on the cheek. “In that case let us get down to business”, she said. Queen and chief made love like it was going to be their last. She had packs of condoms in her room and she gave to him. It was a wild love making session that saw them making loud moaning sounds. They tried out all the styles in Fifty Shades of Grey and she went out of her way to make him happy. After several rounds, they fell on the bed and fell into a deep sleep. ==== Peter tried to find his way to the residence as stated in the address sent to him but he couldn’t. That was his first time of going to Abuja and so navigating his way in the city was a difficult job. He tried to call the manager of the company that had given him a job but his battery had run down shortly after he alighted from the bus that brought him from Lokoja. After walking around aimlessly for some minutes, he decided to rest. He saw an eatery and entered inside. He scanned through with his eyes and saw a charging point at the edge of the eatery. He navigated his way to the table close to the charging point and sat down there. He plugged his phone and ordered for a can of Maltina, that was all he could afford even though he was very hungry. He was sipping his drink, taking his time so that his phone could charge well when a well dressed woman walked up to him. Woman: “I see that you are alone. Waiting for your date to arrive?” she asked taking the chair opposite him. Peter: “no, I am here all alone. As a matter of fact, I will soon be on my way” he replied casually. Woman: “you mean you are not waiting for your girlfriend?” Peter: “Girlfriend? I don’t have any. Well, I thought I did until she chased me and my parents out of her house simply because I am poor” he lamented. Woman: “I am so sorry! What woman in her right frame of mind will chase such a handsome guy like you away? Anyway, I like you and I am willing to make you rich if only you will cooperate with me” she said. Peter: “How do you mean, ma?” Woman: “oh please cut this ma thing. Who knows if you are even older than me. Forget the fat and the glamour around me. Anyway, I want you to be my sugar boy. You see, my husband is a workaholic who hardly has my time. I am a woman and I need a man to warm my bed always. That is why I want you to fill in the gap created by my ever busy husband. I will reward your effort by taking care of all your financial needs” Peter: “What! A married woman saying this? This Abuja must really be something else. I am sorry, madam. I am not interested. Try another person” he said and unplugged his phone. Woman: “But..I…can I at least get your digit…” Peter ignored her and walked out of the restaurant, shaking his head in disgust. ==== Chief woke up gently and got out of the bed, careful not to wake Queen. He wore his clothes and quietly picked his phone. The time was some minutes past 2am, he glanced towards her direction and saw that she was heavily asleep with her Unclad breasts moving up and down in sync with her breathing. He tiptoed to her side of the bed and picked her phones. He tiptoed to the sitting room and picked her Apple Mac Pro laptop and tablets. Gently he opened the main entrance door and slipped out into the compound. Mercy was fast asleep outside where she had spent the night when she heard the door to Queen’s room open, she was a light sleeper who would wake up at the slightest movement. She opened her eyes and saw that it was Queen’s guest trying to walk away, careful not to make any sound. A critical look and she saw him holding phones and a laptop which she recognized as Queen’s. “No, I must dreaming. This man cannot be a thief” she thought. She saw him trying to open the gate gently and she shouted. Mercy: “Where do you think you are going with those things?” She asked causing him to freeze on the spot. * * * To be continued
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HAD_I_KNOW * Episode 10 * Chief tried to run out of the gate but Mercy grabbed his legs and screamed at the top of her voice wakng up the gate man who was dozing in his room. Mercy: “he is a thief” she said holding on to him tightly. Chief: “Are you out of your mind, young lady? How dare you look at me and accuse me of stealing?” Queen was fast asleep when she heard Mercy’s voice. She turned on her bed and was shocked to see that chief was not beside her. She thought that he had gone out to see who the thief was an so she grabbed a night robe, quickly wore it on and ran out. She was shocked to see her phones, tablet and laptop in chief’s hands. Queen: “what! Can somebody tell me what is happening here? What are you doing with my gadgets in your hands?” Chief: “you should be asking this your girl” he said pointing at Mercy. “I saw her trying to escape with these things and I caught her. Mercy: “Oh my God! You are such a pathetic liar” Security: “aunty this man is lying. Mercy here caught him trying to run away and when I woke up, he almost pushed me down to escape” Chief: “chief, I don’t understand this. Why would a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria steal from me?” Chief: “I did not steal from you. This is just a set up?” he lied. Security: “you did not steal abi? You still have the nerves to lie ba? Okay, by the time I call my fellow security men and area boys to bring trye and petrol then you will say the truth” Chief: “please don’t, I beg you in the name of God. I am sorry, I was actually trying to make away with these things when this girl saw me and shouted” Queen: “Jesu oba ogo! Chief, wanted to steal from me? Yeay! Mogbe! Mogbe! Mogbe!” “What is going on here” Asha who was coming in from the room asked rubbing her eyes. Queen: “It is chief o, he almost stole from me. Thank God for Mercy who saw him before he escaped” she shouted. Asha: “that is impossible. How can chief steal from you? Why will such a rich man steal?” she asked drawing near. Queen: “help me ask o, and to think that he even told me that he is a senator” Security: “Senator ke. Oga are you a senator? Will you answer me now or do you want to receive the beating of your life before you start talking?” he said slapping him hard on the face. Chief staggered on his feet before regaining balance. Chief: “I am not a senator. I am an impostor. I am not even a chief, it is my nick name” Queen: “You are such a wicked and senseless fellow. And to think that he has been fu…” Security: “he has been wetin madam?” he asked when Queen paused. Queen: “never mind. Just give me back my gadgets and kick the idiot out of this compound” She collected her things and went back into the room with Asha on her trail. Asha: “so you mean that man is a thief? How much did he give you before you allowed him into the promise land? Even from the other room where I was lying down, I could hear loud moans and screams, as if it were two dogs having sex” Queen: “shishi! The man no give me anything o and no man has ever bleeped me that much in my entire life” she said suppressing a sniffle. Asha: “Abeg, I don’t understand what you are saying” she said getting up. “you mean the man did not drop anything and you opened your legs for him?” Queen nodded in approval. Asha: “babe how can you be this gullible? No, like serious you need to answer me. How can you allow a man to touch you in your house without him giving you any good money? Since when did you become this cheap? Who gives free sex these days?” Queen: “You know I told him that my parents are rich so when he said he had called his account officer to transfer ten million naira into my account, I did not want to sound desperate, I just believed him because I know that politicians have more than enough money to throw around” Asha: “Ah, babe you fall hand big time. This is not the Queen that I know o. Abi the man use jazz on you? I mean it is just unbelievable men” Queen: “I feel so foolish and dirty right now. Oh how I feel like straggling him to death with my bare hands” she said gritting her teeth. Asha: “So why didn’t you do it? Why did you instruct the security man to set him free? Why did you not get him arrested?” Queen: “what do I tell the police? That I allowed a stranger sleep with me in my house or what? I can’t stand the shame. I had to send him away because I don’t want this estate people to find out what actually happened” Asha: “That is still not a good excuse. You could have framed him up for rape or something. How can someone just do you osho free and be allowed to go scot free? The thing dey pain me die” Queen: “let him just carry his bad luck and go. I don’t even want to set eyes on him ever again. the day I do will probably be his last day on earth because he will not live afterwards. Hey, thank God for Mercy o, if not that she was outside the house, this man would have gone away with my valuables after using me. What would I have done if I had sent Mercy away?” she asked rhetorically. She stood up and was making for the door when Asha stopped her. Asha: “where are you going by this time of the night dressed in a night wear? I hope that useless man did not steal your sense away o” Queen: “I am going to call Mercy to come inside. I won’t send her away. She has proven that she actually means well for me. In fact, now I believe that she didn’t gossip me to my father” Asha: “Are you crazy or something? Why would you ask her to come back after you have thrown her out? Do you want her to carry tales of what just happened to your family?” she tried to discourage her. Queen: “honestly, sometimes I don’t understand the kind of hatred you have for my cousin. Why shouldn’t I forgive her even if she has actually been carrying tales about me? Please, this is my house and I have decided that she is staying. If you are not comfortable with it, you know what to do” she said and walked out and beckoned at Mercy to come in with her things. Asha: “ehh…that is what you will tell me right? Okay now, no problem” she said and walked back into her room banging the door behind her. *
* To be continue
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nice update
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Chief chief lol,boys are nt smiling at all..chai imagin
Re: Had I Know 18+ by LightQueen(f): 8:04am On Jan 15
cheesy Lemme not talk grin Thanks for the update

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