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Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 6:23am On Mar 07, 2016
This is a work of fiction. Names and characters used are fictitious and are in no way related to anyone who exists or have existed in real life. This work is protected by the copyright laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and therefore No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permission from the author ©. Rapmike 2015
Email: ugospur@gmail.com
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 7:11am On Mar 07, 2016
The walls of Wazobia University stood tall, as if it was in testament to the achievements that have been birthed in through this school. After all, here was an institution that had the knack for producing the most unusual set of graduates in the country. Moreover, the high walls, which are unusual of the varsity, were a result of constant clashes between the students and communal youths.

Adebola Soyeye entered into the varsity premises with brimming confidence. He had written TIB exams just once and he aced the exams, scoring enough points to enter this university. Not that it mattered to his guardian anyway. He had learned that in order to succeed, you have to pick responsibility for your life.

That's what brought him here.

As soon as he got into the campus shuttle inside the gate, he sat down comfortably at the back, his luggage lounging comfortable on his laps. This was despite the fact that there were spaces which was made for luggages. Not that he did not notice, only that his luggages was too much for it.

A lady soon came and sat besides him, her luggage seemly petty to his. She looked at him in an awkward manner, drinking in his five foot plus height and his lean frame, black skin, bright eyes, his faded jeans and simple red polo shirt with a sandal which was definitely made by a local shoe-maker. He also stared at her little bag with her nice make-up and obviously dyed hair. She had a blue cloth which covered her luscious body well enough. Coupled with her brown skin, she looked miles ahead of him in finances.

They stared at each other for a while like they were the only persons in the shuttle. It was until she got to her bus-stop that he tried to make an attempt to speak to her.

"Hello, ......"

She alighted from the bus like she was not aware of his attempt, then turned just in time to see him turn his face away before the shuttle left. She then smiled and walked towards her destination.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 12:22pm On Mar 07, 2016
Debola on the other hand, was mentally kicking himself for not starting a conversation with her. He did not know what happened, but he found himself so stunned by her beauty that he could not speak.

It did not take that long for him to forget about that, however as he found himself in his hostel in no time. As he alighted from the shuttle and paid the driver, he bumped into another student.

"Sorry." He mumbled as he tried to apologize but the other student just waved it away. Debola, now looking at the building in front of him was awestruck, obviously it was clear that he was in for a new experience.

Shehu Yar'adua Hostel is a majestic hall, comparable with some of the hotels in Nigeria. Its structure contained main rooms, and was built in a way that it could be mistaken for a national edifice.

"Hope you know that you can't keep staring at the hall forever. I guess that you are a fresher."

Debola suddenly turned to see a person who seemed to be in his mid-twenties, was of unremarkable height but imposing physique, like he had been hitting the gym regularly. He was quite fair skinned, like someone who traveled frequently.

"Hello, I am Marcus." The fellow stretched his hand.
"I am Adebola. Pleased to meet you." Debola took his hand.

"You have to register over there." Marcus pointed to a certain 'office', which seemed to be hastily created. "Don't worry, the registration process is a short one."

"Are you not registering?" Debola asked.

"Don't take everyone who comes into the hall as a fresher. Marcus said. Though I am one." Debola stared at him. "I had been in this school for a while before I got admission, so I came earlier and registered." Marcus said, helping him with his load. "Follow me."

Debola had hardly taken three steps when two young guys moved towards him, inviting him to their respective churches. Marcus had to wait for them to finish their advertisement before he and Debola could move forward.

Debola soon got to the office and duly registered, before he went to his room, which Marcus observed was two rooms ahead of his.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 10:04pm On Mar 07, 2016
It took a week before he had a glimpse of the lady who he failed to strike a conversation with, a week in which he sorted himself and registration in all levels.

Debola was attending his first class, CHM 101 with Marcus, who incidentally was in the same department with him- psychology, when he saw her rush into the lecture theatre with her colleagues, all looking prim and agile.

Marcus followed his eyes as their trailed the lady before she sat down and looked back, their eyes meeting themselves for the first time that day.

While Debola's eyes shifted his gaze, Marcus intensified his, forcing her to sit down.

"Na the chic you dey eye be that, abi?" Marcus said in clear pidgin English. Debola just nodded his head in agreement. Before Marcus could comment further, the lecturer came and the class commenced.

As soon as the class ended, Debola moved swiftly and hastily,causing discomfort to other students.

"Hello miss." He started when he got to where she was. "My name is Debola."

She rolled her eyes before saying Nice to meet you in a disrespectful manner.

"Sorry, have I offended you by greeting you first?" He said, obviously offended by her behavior. She simply hissed and walked away, causing some students who were still smarting from his aggressive movements earlier on to laugh.

As he stared at her in anger, Marcus sneaked to his back and whispered to him.

"That girl is off limits." He told Debola.

"How do you know? Have you asked her out before?"

"Well, I do know a bit here and there." Marcus said. "For example, her father was a lecturer here until he died, she is in Medicine and she has a boyfriend."

"So? I am not thinking of dating her, at least not immediately."

"Don't lie to yourself, you must be thinking about her in that manner." Marcus said. "I am not naïve."

"Never said you were, but I just wanted to say hello and at least get to know her as a person before anything else. She just behaved arrogantly, like she owned the world."

"Hmn, well things are going on well for her, that's for sure. Let's go to the hostel, don't waste your time getting upset at a lady that doesn't care a bit about you."
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 9:01pm On Mar 08, 2016
Debola soon forgot about the snub, however he decided not to give her his attention any longer.

Weeks passed by and Debola had got used to the activities around the campus, though running for classes each day and entering lecture rooms that are so far from each other that they could be assigned different time zones was exhausting. His solace was in the fact that it was only going to get better each session, at least that what Marcus said.

One day, while he, Marcus and Oluwatobi, a bespectacled plump guy with massive hair and flabby muscles were discussing a topic on economics, his disrespectful mystery lady showed up in front of them.

"Good evening, please can I speak to one of you?"

"Who among us are you asking about?" Marcus asked in a curtly manner while Debola removed his nose from the question.

"Him." She pointed to Debola.

Debola lifted his head and looked at her suspiciously.

"How can I help you?"

"Please I heard that you have the chemistry handout Mr Soriyan gave out. Can I buy a copy?"

"It has finished, besides you have a class representative as well. Collect it from him."

"He does not have again. Please can I photocopy your own copy?"

"No. Its not here with me. If that's all, I would like to return to my friends."

Once Debola returned to where Marcus and Tobi were seated, Marcus dragged him towards himself.

"Why are you being so obnoxious?"
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by OluwabuqqyYOLO(m): 8:41am On Mar 10, 2016
Bring it on, bro. Read few of your stories, you're good. Come and continue. Been long I read a story here.

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Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 9:55pm On Mar 19, 2016
Bring it on, bro. Read few of your stories, you're good. Come and continue. Been long I read a story here.

Thanks. You may have to bear with me as my BIS subscription has ended and i won't be able to continue until its back.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by abubakarbabang7(m): 10:29pm On Mar 21, 2016
oga rapmike where u dey o?
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Jumizie13(f): 10:25am On Mar 22, 2016
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 5:33pm On Apr 02, 2016
"What's obnoxious about my answer to her? It not as if I had the hand-out anyway." Debola said, shaking his head.

"Debola, I have noticed you for a while now and I know when you do things out of spite and your answer to her, right there is spite!"

"Guys, guys, you can't fault him you know. She started it." Tobi said. "Anyway, you have to behave like a gentleman to ladies. You can't afford that."

"Okay, okay. Debola said. But am not going to be 'nice' overnight, you know."

"We get. I have to work on my mass-circuit juggler." Marcus said.

"Your circuit 'what'?" Tobi asked like someone just suggested space travel.

"Its simply some remote that will allow him to access major electrical installations in a locality, either switching them on or off." Debola replied.

"Who bothers with such thing? Is it a project?"

"No, its his life work, a personal project, a......."

"Its simply an invention, Tobi. Don't mind this none science student who can't see the significance of this massive invention! You can literally give this to the military. In fact, this can be the next big invention."

"Ermm, I don't see the possibilities here." Tobi said.

"Imagine been able to shut out everything from an armored vehicle to a supersonic jet. And since it can be controlled, you can avoid destroying your country's installations."

"Wow, that's cool. But I don't think creating it in this school will be that easy, especially if others like your lecturer gets to know about it. The potentials are enormous." Tobi answered.

"I know, but that can't deter me from going on with it." Marcus said with smile.

"Good luck then." Tobi said, smiling.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by abubakarbabang7(m): 6:07pm On Apr 02, 2016
Welcome back
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 8:59am On Apr 04, 2016
Am sorry for the delay in writing. I am finding it hard to continue, especially as I can't find the necessary motivation to write. I can't continue writing this story at a snail pace and I am bereft of ideas.

Please I will have to stop the story here.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Frei(m): 9:12am On Apr 04, 2016
Am sorry for the delay in writing. I am finding it hard to continue, especially as I can't find the necessary motivation to write. I can't continue writing this story at a snail pace and I am bereft of ideas.

Please I will have to stop the story here.
You don't have to stop here... You should complete what you started...... bereft of ideas? Cmon bro think deep.. ideas will come. The internet is there for you.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 10:06am On Apr 04, 2016
I previously thought of putting an end to this story because my writing mojo seemed to be offline. However, I feel that I will continue with the story (so I am continuing with it.. Yea!). I may just adjust the way I am writing so as to cover more ground and write more because that's my main grouse (I felt that I wrote too little).

Thanks for encouraging me @ Frei.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Frei(m): 10:14am On Apr 04, 2016
I previously thought of putting an end to this story because my writing mojo seemed to be offline. However, I feel that I will continue with the story (so I am continuing with it.. Yea!). I may just adjust the way I am writing so as to cover more ground and write more because that's my main grouse (I felt that I wrote too little).

Thanks for encouraging me @ Frei.
oh you welcome' that's what life is all about... encouraging one another... just do your thing' you don't know where it might get you tomorrow!
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 11:06am On Apr 04, 2016
"Imagine that boy! The rudeness of it! Just a simple question and he is talking like he is some big person!" Lucia said as she dropped her bags on her bed. Jumoke, her roommate shook her head.

"Lucy, its not his fault. I am sure that you must have spoken rudely to him." Jumoke said.

"Its not your concern. Jumoke! I did not remember asking for your opinion!" Lucia said hissing.

"Then don't disturb me with your lamentations jare! Are you the only person with rich parents? Please park yourself in that corner or go and meet that insolent idi0t of yours called a boyfriend."

"Don't insult Junior, he is far better than that Debola of a f00l!" Lucia said as she stormed out of her room.

Walking away from her room, she wondered why her parents dropped her in this God-forsaken school. Though they are not rich ( which was a perception she wrongly carried with pride), they could afford a better school. In fact, her mother wanted her to study overseas. It was her father, in his typical fashion that wanted a Nigerian University so that she will see what 'the real life' is about. Now she has to be in the same room with folks like Jumoke and get insulted by the like of Debola.

Debola! What the brat think he is not her concern, but what he made her go through. Turning her down that way was very damaging. Now she has no option but to wait for that her class rep, who is more eager in chasing down skirts around than doing his job.

"Lucia! What are you thinking?" Junior asked her. Junior is also a part one student like her but unlike Debola and his ilk, he is actually rich and high class. His mother is a member of the royal court in England and his dad owns one of the biggest companies in the country. As a result, he, the first born and only son has become the main target for their spending. Consequently, he is a spoilt brat, who goes to parties and spends cash like he owned it(actually he owns it, lol). It was not hard for him to woo her, after all he is driving a Range Rover and have even the sexiest girls in the campus swoon after him.

"Its nothing." She told him rather meekly, understanding that he won't bother asking for more information if she did not allow it.

Instead of backing off, Junior moved closer. Lucy, you know that you can tell......

"Its nothing jare!" She shouted this time, forcing him to retract slowly. Junior smiled and moved himself away.

Ugh! She sighed in her mind as she turned her attention to her books.

It was not only her that felt that way.


Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Blaqqcorleone(m): 4:28pm On Apr 04, 2016
grin following grin
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 5:47pm On Apr 04, 2016
grin following grin
Thanks cheesy
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 6:20pm On Apr 04, 2016
Junior looked at Lucia with contempt and disgust. She may be beautiful but her arrogance always negate any affection he tried to develop for her. He always wondered how she accepted his proposal to be a couple, as she was always forming like a buttered person that can't date.

He left her side and went to the other end of the library, where he had been before she showed up.

"Junior, can I get your chemistry note?" I want to photocopy it. Kemisola, his colleague in the college of Health Sciences asked him. Junior looked at her, admiring her stature and her face.

"Kemi, you know that you are beautiful?" He said in an honest manner, something that made her blush.

"Junior, please leave me alone. I know that already." She said, removing her hands. "Abeg gimme the note before you toast me."

"I am honest here, abi you don't like compliments?"

"Oshey! Give me your........"

Paw! A slap rang through the room, causing a massive stir among the students who were reading there. Yemi was holding her face in awe and fear, even as Junior could not understand what was happening.

Lucia was in front of both of them!

"How dare you! How dare you try to steal my man in front of me?" Lucia looked at her with beaming eyes.

Kemi was too stunned to speak, while Junior was angered.

"Lucy, are you mad? How dare you slap her like that? What's even wrong with you sef? Can't you see that you are in a library?"

Students had stopped reading and were staring at the three of them. Kemi, who noticed this, suddenly burst into tears.

"Mo gbe! Just because I want to borrow book from you, Junior, see the embarrassment you have put me through. Don't come near me again!" Kemi said, attempting to walk out, but Lucia dragged her back.

"Where do you think you are going to?" Kemi was shocked by the question but was more shocked as two slaps followed in quick succession.

"Lucia?! Are you mad? Can't you....."
Paw! Another slap came forth, this time to Junior. Lucia's eyes were burning, oblivious of the free show she was giving other students who came to read.

However, before anything else could happen, security officers came and took the three of them out of the library, gathering their books in haste. Kemi, who had suffered enough shame for the day, quickly walked out of the building and took a bike to her hostel. Lucia stormed out to her department while Junior gritted his teeth in anger.

All of them lost something that day


Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Frei(m): 9:10pm On Apr 04, 2016
Good. Following.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by OluwabuqqyYOLO(m): 7:22am On Apr 05, 2016
Good thing you continued, man. Following. I like girls with 'slappy' hands. Junior, I think, bleeped up. I'd have done same if it was me though.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 6:40pm On Apr 06, 2016
Lucia walked back into her hostel, brimming with anger when Christiana, her colleague and bestie came in.

"Lucia, what's wrong with you? You seem like you will slap someone. Abi you have already delivered the slap?" She said playfully, knowing well that she is the only person that can escape with that.

Lucy simply hissed and lay on her bed.

"Seriously, what's wrong?" Christiana sat down on her bed and placed her hand on Lucia's head.

"I don't understand why people act like I am wicked. I just want to be treated right."

Christiana mood changed suddenly. She knew what Lucia was about to do.

"Lucy, what happened again?" She took a serious look.

"I was reading with Junior, we had a little argument and he left my seat for a while. Kemi then came from nowhere and started chanting up Junior. In my presence! To make matters worse, Junior was now toasting her! The worse part was that she was laughing at him and was nodding sheepishly. I got angry and delivered some clear slaps to her and one to Junior. I don't know why I have to be cheated."

"Lucia, you are very jealous! What's the proof that she was chatting him up or that he was toasting her?"

Lucia scowled.

"Its the truth, Lucy! You are jealous and terribly insecure! I know that you love attention but this not the way to go about it! I hope your know that your are already gaining a negative reputation as someone who is not friendly."

"And so?"

"Its not good. The fact that you passed Jamb and Post-utme on your own does not mean that you won't need the help of people again. I understand that your parents are not trustworthy but you can't judge everyone with their standard."

"Besides you have your flaws as well. That's how you did not greet that Debola of a guy on the first day."

Lucia hissed.

"Its true. That guy just wanted to introduce himself and you disgraced him in that class. Its ironic that its the same Chemistry class handout you needed that you had to go back to him."

"Seriously, if you were not my friend eh, I would have...."

"You would do what, Lucy? What will you do? Everyone sees you as a tough lady would is proud and angry, they won't understand that your parents hurt you badly. That your dad....."

"Christiana! That's a family secret!"

"I know! And its hurting you badly! The worse part of this is that you now hurt others including me with your behavior."

By the time she was over with her talk, Lucy was already in tears. Christiana, knowing that she has passed her message across.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by OluwabuqqyYOLO(m): 8:04am On Apr 08, 2016
Some types of persons. Keep it up.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by dupsai(f): 10:09am On Apr 08, 2016
Nice story here, following.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 7:40pm On Apr 10, 2016
Sorry for the delay on updating. I have had one of the worst weeks last week. However, I will update this evening.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 9:04pm On Apr 10, 2016
The following week Lucy went about apologizing to those she offended and mending bridges. It was a tedious process and it was not 100 percent successful, but she managed to get some new friends, including Debola and Marcus.

The whole semester passed without much event, exams came and left and everyone went home.

Second semester started, with much ferocity as the university was a bit behind in schedule.

Debola was rushing to class one day when he crashed into someone.

"Am sorry." He started to apologize when he saw a small blade dangling from his pocket. Debola froze for a second, then apologized a bit more and left. The dude, who looked muscular and wore a shirt which emphasized his physique, looked at him from a corner of his eyes and walked away slowly.

Later in the evening, he, Marcus and Tobi were gisting about soccer, when Tijani, a student of Pharmacy ran in, looking agitated.

"Do you know that the Dean of Law has been killed?"

"Eh?! What happened?"

"I heard that he was killed in his office earlier today."

"By who?" Marcus asked

"Don't know, but people suspect cultists. It was said that he was a tough person and had some run-ins with students. Moreover, he was stabbed several times on the chest and stomach."

"Any strange sign on him?!" Marcus asked.

"How am I suppose to know? I did not enter the faculty, I just heard what happened."

"Why asking him that kind of question?" Tobi asked Marcus.

"Cultists usually left signs in and around the person's body so as to claim responsibility for his death."

"I see. Which of the signs do you know?"

"Well, I don't know any." Marcus replied.

As the others were making discussions on the circumstances that surrounded the death, Debola kept looking in shock. He knew nothing of the incident, yet he seemed to think that he knew something others didn't know. He tried hard, scratching his head to remember what it was.

As Marcus was about tapping him back to reality, he then remembered what it was.

The knife!

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Re: Students Of Wazobia University by katerine7(f): 7:16pm On Apr 12, 2016
following, nice write up
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 1:33am On Apr 13, 2016
"Hey, wetin do you?" Marcus said, shaking Debola with his hands.

Debola, suddenly brought back to the present, then faced Marcus.

"While I was rushing to class today, I bumped into a guy who carried a pocket knife with him. The knife was small but very sharp."

"So? Tobi asked, unimpressed. What does it prove?"

"Tobi, don't talk like that." Marcus chided. "Debola just said something important. We know that the man was stabbed, abi Tijani?"

Tijani nodded his head.

"A pocket knife is easy to smuggle into the campus because nobody searches passengers and it can be easily hidden. Debola, when did you see this dude?"

"Around 10am."

"Tijani, when was the murder discovered?"

"11 am."

"So there is an hour window between Debola seeing this man and the murder. We have to report this to the authorities."

"Marcus, when did you become a detective?" Tobi, who was enjoying Marcus' eagerness asked.

"Just now."
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 11:53pm On Apr 15, 2016
Mrs Subomi walked quickly but with elegance. Her steps, much like that of a model. Yet her movement hid her inner glee. After all, it was her plan that Professor Adebanjo was murdered. Considering the relative gloom in the Faculty of Law, it was a surprise that she would put her Faculty in such a sad mood.

But Professor Adebanjo was the reason. The Prof, who was very principled, had a few run-ins with students and almost everyone that tried to break the law. Due to his strict nature, he never allowed any form of indiscretion or offenses to escape his sight. That was were she had a problem with him.

Students cheat, for various reasons. However her case was special as she was a masters student in her finals. She had studied for every course and did all other exams well. However, her friend had a party which she went for and when it was time for that last paper, she had forgotten even her matriculation number. So she 'padded' up with some short summaries and entered the hall.

However she was discovered, she never knew. What she knew was that one moment she was sitting down and reading her materials with no one in sight, the next minute she was standing up and Prof Adebanjo had seized her papers and materials, which she had already known the consequence- a failed paper and an extra session.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 10:53pm On Apr 17, 2016
She made her way to Prof Ilesanmi's office, knocked once and opted to open the door. Finding it locked, she rested her back on the wall besides the door and waited.

Exactly three minutes later, a female student who was roughly dressed, came out of the office and muttered a greeting before heading out.

"Hmph!" She sighed as she opened the door.

"Subomi! Why can't you come at a better time?" Dr Ilesanmi, asked profusely sweating. She wondered why a white-haired man of 45 years won't keep his eyes and prick off young ladies in his faculty.

"How will I know that you had one of your fishes here?" She asked sarcastically. I came here as pertains Prof Adebanjo.

Dr Ilesanmi quickly locked the door and faced her. "He is dead, isn't he?"

"Yes, but are you sure that nobody will get to know that its us?"

"Of course not, Mon Che." He said, beaming with smiles.

"And my case will be closed?"

"Certainly. Prof Adebanjo was the only hindrance, so expect it to be gone. Moreover, you will graduate."

He then moved close to her. "But I still need something from you." His eyes turned green with greed.

"Abeg! She slapped his hands which were at her waist away. So the one you did with that girl is not enough."

"Of course! Don't compare a naïve girl like her to you."

"Prof, Prof! Na girl go kill you. Okay but not today. You are already sweating, make I no kill you for your wife."

"Okay, tomorrow then."

"Okay, Royal Hotel, 2pm."

He nodded and then opened the door for her. Once she was out of the office, she shook her head.

I pity the woman that married him! She thought in her mind.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 11:18am On Apr 19, 2016
Nice story here, following.
Thanks for following.
Cc: Mzhorlah, Esixlove.

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