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The Mess-age (hilarious True Story) / Dont Mess With The Lucifer By mikaelanay / Nigeria’s Publishing Giant, Macmillan, In Copyright Mess (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Beautiful Mess by emperorblog21(m): 5:27pm On Mar 12
The Memory Of That Day
Kim Jong Wan
I follow them, (sorry Benedicta, your wish was
not granted, hehe) I need closure.
My heart ached, longed for this woman for
seven years and now she is right in front of me
but with another man.
It can’t be.
She promised to wait for me, she promised she
will be mine for ever, she has to wait.
She has no other option.
I drive after them, I clench my fist around the
steering wheel, my hand goes to the necklace
on my chess t and I clench at it.
I follow them until they pull up into a Mcmasion
in an estate, away from the rest of the world.
So this is where she thought she could hide
from me? Can’t say I am angry my mom
conned me into staying for dinner with her.
I watch her get out of the car with the help of
the man, my fist clench again.
If she is married, I don’t know what I will do, I
really don’t know.
My chest gives a pang and I acknowledge that
for the first time I am in pain and I need my
I need Kismet.
I begin to get out of my car but I freeze when I
see Mimi and a little girl step out of the house.
The girl runs to Kismet who gives her a kiss on
the head before lifting her hands up for the
man who carried her in.
I take a broken step back when I feel pain like
fire lance through my chest.
I cry out, and immediately I see Mimi turn
around, I clasp my hand around my mouth as I
stand still in the shadows.
My heart aches so much I feel my eyes water.
Read ” Forever, Mitchell ” by the same author
( Bebe Ernest )
. I stand still and wait until Mimi enters the
I don’t know how I drive back to my house, I
don’t know how I make it to the elevator or how
I get into my room.
But I do know that I break down, I break down
so hard that I feel a fever come up on my
I lie on my bed in pain in the darkness of my
room and I close my eyes as the pain washes
over me.
The sun rises, it sets it rises again and I have
no idea what the time is.
I shiver, I writh, I roll, turn, curl and finally I get
up before padding to my bathroom to throw up.
I glance at my reflection on the mirror and I
give a tired, slow smirk.
So this is what defeat tastes like?
I go back to my bed and I lie still, taking a look
at my life so far.
I don’t regret what I have done so far, the only
thing I regret is not meeting Kismet earlier in
my life.
I lie for a while, I feel the fever wash over me
and still I lie.
I have lost the will to live.
I groan and roll away form the cold towel.
“Don’t do that”
I say, swiping at Mimi’s hand.
She sighs, exasperated.
“Just like you to return from a date with a
“I was totally fine before.
All episodes of this story can be found here >>
. It started as soon as I got to the hotel”
“Yeah, yeah, shut up and let me get a read on
your temperature”
I quiet as she places the thermometer in my
“Wow, this is pretty high”
She says as she removes it to look at Its
After she makes me force down some pills and
porridge I lie down.
The pills makes me groggy and I feel myself
“I don’t even know why I am sick”
I say softly.
“Aww, my poor baby”
I hear Mimi say and I smile slowly.
“You know something Mimi?”
“Hmm mm, am sure you will tell me”
“I love you a lot”
“I love you too baby girl”
She says and I nod before continuing.
“I love Jasmin very much…. I also love papa,
sometimes… I like Honey,.. She’s a doll, a
pretty lovely doll”
I say and I take a deep breath, she strokes my
head and I close my eyes.
“You know who I love the most?…”
I ask but I don’t let her answer before i
“I love Garrett, yeah, I really do, I know you
never liked him,…. I know I was a naive little
idiot….” I laugh humorlessly… “I really..really
liked him.. I even slept with him after our
second date.. That’s how madly in love I was
with him…”
I take a deep breath.
“I guess all I am trying to say is that…. I miss
him, I really miss him Mimi, I miss his smell, his
touch, his taste, every thing… I miss him Mimi”
I say and even though my eyes are closed I
feel the tears seep out and I turn around, my
back to her.
She doesn’t say anything but I feel her get into
bed with me, cuddling me, I still don’t turn.
I don’t cry, I feel so tired.
I open my eyes to stare at the wall.
I feel defeated.
So this is what defeat tastes like?
I close my eyes as I try to find the will to live.
Heya, howdy?
Hope you like this episode.
Tell me what you think.
Re: Beautiful Mess by emperorblog21(m): 5:28pm On Mar 12
Say Yes Loco Kismet. I shuffle down stairs in
my jeans and off the shoulder sweater. “Are
you going out?” Honey asks me and I nod.
“Can you? Aren’t you still sick?” “Geez, thanks
for the vote of confidence” I say and she
laughs, Mimi raises her head from some paper
work. “Where are you going to?” Mimi asks .
“The super market, we need groceries, since
you decided to eat us out of the house, I have
to restock”

She pokes her tongue out at me
and I shake my head. I turn to shout up the
stairs at Jasmin. “Baby girl, am about to leave,
let’s go” “You are taking jazz?” Mimi ask and I
nod. Jasmin runs down the stair and I almost
get an heart attack. “Baby, never run down the
stairs again ok?” “Yes Maman, can we go
now?” I roll my eyes, I don’t know where she
got that version of mother. “See you later Mimi”
Jasmin says and Mimi waves her on. We walk
outside and get In my convertible before
driving to the local store. “Moooom” Jasmin
starts and I sigh before answering. “You don’t
have to whine jazz, I can hear you just fine”
“You said we were gonna go to the big store”
“Well we are going to the local store, you know
I am not too fine, I can’t drive for long”
“Mommy..” She starts and I know I have lost
the game. “Fine” I say and I pull out of the
local store’s parking lot and we go on a drive
All episodes of this story can be found here >>
. “You are the best mom” “I know, you should
know that too” I say, flicking her nose and she
When we get there I pull into the last spot in the
parking lot and we step out, I put on my
sunglasses and Jasmin does so too. I hold her
hand as we walk towards the entrance of the
mall. I try not to think of the last time I was
here and how good the memories where. I
shake my head when they threaten to
overwhelm me. I grab a shopping cart and we
begin to walk down the aisle. “Maman can i get
some oreos?” “Sure baby” I say as I peruse a
brand of mints, it says on the label that it gives
all day freshest goodness. Am sure Mimi will
appreciate the irony, I add it to the rapidly
growing pile before I turn to Jasmin. “Jazz
baby, you can’t have 9 packets of chocolates,
put them back” I say to her and she pouts but
does as I say. We go to the meat section and I
get some beef, I am craving a little bit of suya,
maybe I will barbecue some when I get home.
We get some ice cream and cheese before we
go to check out. Am standing behind a couple
when Jasmin tugs on my sweater telling me
that she just must have some s’mores, I nod
and she runs away. I keep my eyes on her and
I see her grab a packet, my vision is blocked
by a chest and I try to look past but stop when
I feel that familiar ache in my chest region. I
dread lifting my eyes but I do and my world tilts
on its angle. So. He is staring at me like he
has seen a ghost, I can’t help but try to take
him all in at once. He looks so good, a little
pale but very good. “Kis..” He starts in a
broken whisper. I turn when the checkout lady
asks if I wanted to do a card or cash
transaction. I hand her my card as I try to
make my self forget what I just saw.
Jasmin comes to stand beside me and she
hands me the smores, I take it and pass it to
the checkout lady. She swipes my card and
bags my groceries, I take them and pull Jasmin
with me. “Careful Maman” She says but I don’t
slow down, I don’t even make it to the exit
when his voice stops me. It’s official, I am a
loser, a big bleeping loser, and yes I just used a
cuss word. I can’t believe even after all these
years his voice still has the power to render me
motionless. “Maman? Why are we stopping?”
Jazz asks and I pull her behind me as I turn, I
see his eyes on jazz and I see pain lance
through them and I immediately feel the urge to
calm him. Tell him everything was OK, I stop
my self. It’s no longer my right. “Kismet..” He
starts and I open my mouth to speak but he
falters before my eyes. I frown, what’s wrong?
Is he sick? “Baby, please let me..” He starts
again but stops and he staggers, I drop my
groceries on the floor and I run to him when he
almost drops to his knees.
The moment I make skin contact I feel at
home, the pain in my chest goes away. I lift my
head when he tugs on my braid, I look into his
eyes and he smiles a slow sad smile. “Heaven
baby, you touching me, it’s heaven” He says
before passing out, I can’t hold him up and we
go down together. I begin to panic when I see
the paper bag of drugs slip from his grip. Is he
sick? Is it serious? I hope..
Read ” The Homecoming ” by the same author
( Bebe Ernest )
. I can’t bear.. Not once did I think that he
might be married and that I had no right to
worry over him. I try to get his phone from his
pocket but there’s none inside. By now we’ve
been surrounded by store goers. “Please,
somebody, call an ambulance!” “I already did
Maman, with your phone” Jasmin says and I
nod, I turn to Garrett on the ground and I
stroke his hair off his face. Before whispering.
“Please stay with me babe” I say as I hear the
sirens from the distance. AN. What do you
think? Sweet right? Have a great day. Don’t
forget to like, rate and comment. Wish me well,

source: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=BEAUTIFUL+MESS
Re: Beautiful Mess by emperorblog21(m): 5:07pm On Mar 13
Smile For Me
I feel soft hands in my hair, it’s soothing so I
continue to close my eyes as I savor this
moment of silence.
I try to remember what happened but I can’t, I
just remember that I was close to her.
To my Kismet.
My eyes flies open and I groan silently at the
harsh light, I am In my room.
Wait? My room?
I turn slowly and my eyes blur at the pounding
headache in my head.
It’s Kismet, she’s the one stroking my head.
I watch her as she unconsciously does it, I
don’t want to make a noise, I don’t want to
loose this moment.
She hums a tune, it’s a familiar tune, I close
my eyes to savor it.
“Maman, I think the man is awake”
I freeze and so does the hand in my hair.
So it’s true, my Kismet actually got married and
had a child.
I sit up slowly and she watches me the way a
sheep would watch a lion.
With a lot of fear and a mix of fire.
I groan when I feel my head bang and she
reaches out to touch me but I pull away.
Hurt flashes through her eyes and it kills me
but I can’t let her, she is someone else’s.
My fist clench around the sheets and
venomous thoughts pass through my head.
If it was another time I would have killed off the
man and make her love me again.
“You don’t have to look like you’ve seen a
ghost Garrett”
Her voice immediately soothes the beast in me
burn her words gets me riled again.
“What are you doing here?”
I ask her, albeit a little harshly.
“So you didn’t switch apartments? You still live
here?, thank God, it came in handy when I
decided not to call your brothers, I knew you
would hate that”
She says ignoring my question so ask my
question again.
“What are you doing here?”
“I know you don’t want to see me but you don’t
have to be so rude”
I raise a brow and although it costs me a little
bit of my strength I don’t let it show.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
She rolls her eyes and I stiffen, immediately
going into gage mode.
“Did you just roll your eyes at me?”
She freezes, she knows how much I hate it.
“I don’t know, did I?”
She responds and I vaguely see her child
looking from me to her almost comically.
“Kismet, behave”
That seems to get into her brain because she
drops her sassy behavior and immediately
adopts her ice cold persona.
I don’t like that very much.
“How have you been Garrett?”
“What do you think?”

“You look good, you look more than ok”
“Well that makes one of us”
I say leaning to extend my hand to the little
girl, Kismet holds her back when she steps
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
She asked, clearly in a tizz.
“Do you really want to do this?”
“I don’t care if you are sick, I want you to
explain what you meant by that”
“I am not sick”
I deny, with conviction.
“Yes you are, the doctor said you had an high
fever, Maman had an high fever too recently”
The kid says and my eyes goes to hers, it’s as
green as her mother’s.
“The ambulance gave you an emergency
procedure and brought you home, they say
you should be better in a while”
She continues and I reply.
“If you say so then baby cheeks”
I see Kismet look between us before turning to
“Explain Garrett”
“Don’t you think we should say this without
your child present?”
“Jazz, go to the sitting room and wait for me,
don’t touch anything”
“Now, jasmine”
“Don’t talk to her like that”
I state, she was being too harsh on the little
kid, wait.
When did I loose my man card and started
caring about kids?
Kismet doesn’t say anything just throw the kid
a look who exits the room quite quickly if you
ask me.
“Are you a cruel mom? Does your husband
I ask and she stiffens.
“I don’t think you have the right to ask that
Garrett, considering you didn’t care seven
years ago, I see no reason why you should be
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t care to repeat my self”
“I didn’t peg you for a flake hazel eyes”
“Don’t call me that”
“Why? Do you miss it?”
She tenses and take a deep breath.
“I absolutely despise you”
She says and my hand goes to my chest
where a pain suddenly develops, her eyes
follow the gesture and I make an effort to drop
my hand.
“Thanks for bringing me home Kismet, thank
you for being here and not calling my brothers,
I hope we don’t meet like this again”
I say and she tenses.
“Are you asking me to leave your house?”
I don’t reply, just concentrate on trying to
She stands and picks up her bag from the
The farther she gets away the harder it is to
breath, I didn’t think she would call my bluff.
But she is someone else’s, I should let her go.
I walk behind her until she gets to the door of
my bedroom where she stops.
I ask.
“You are an a-hole”
She says and I can hear the tears in her
“Hazel eyes….”
Her tears totally kills me.
“I waited for you, you promised me you would
always come back, I waited, I even tried to
make it easier on you so I tried to find you and
still you didn’t want me”
“What are you talking about Kismet..”
She turns and I can see the rage in her eyes.
“You didn’t want me, you threw me away, I
needed you but I couldn’t have you, you didn’t
let me have you
You were mine Garrett! Mine!”
“I was all yours Kismet, but when I really
needed you to trust me you threw me away
first, I really need you Kis, I needed you like I
needed my next breath”
“I was young, I was being threatened!”
I ask? Calming down even as the headache in
my head fights to take me down.
“It’s all in the past now”
She says, cleaning her face, drying her tears.
“Good bye Garrett, let’s never meet again”
She says, her hand going to the door knob.
“Hazel eyes, won’t you stay?”
I ask, using the line from her favorite
“You don’t get to use that line Garrett, I miss
you and I still love you but you don’t get to use
that line”.
“You miss me? You love me?”
Finally the ache in my head recedes.
“I missed you too, I missed you very much, so
much that my heart ached when I was away
from you”
“Mine too”
She admits, finally turning fully to take a step
towards me.
I close the distance.
“Please Kismet, for the sake of my sanity,
please tell me I made a mistake the other night
and you are not actually married”
“Other night?”
She asks in confusion.
“What ever gave you the thought that I was
I didn’t let her finish before I bend down to kiss
For the first time in 7 years I feel at peace.
This woman is my home.
I break the kiss, resting my head on hers.
“I missed you, I f-cking missed you so much
baby girl”
“I missed you too big guy”
I kiss her head, placing it on my chest and she
wraps her hand around me.
We stay like that for a while before I ask.
“Who is Jasmin?”.
She tenses and I think that I won’t like her
Re: Beautiful Mess by emperorblog21(m): 5:07pm On Mar 13

I knew it was only a matter of time before the
truth of Jasmin’s father came out.
I always thought that it would be Jasmin asking
the question not Garrett.
Freaking Garret.
He watches me now wearily as if bracing his
self for a heart wrenching news.
And heart wrenching it would be.
I start and he interrupts me.
“Were you married? Did you have a child? You
can tell me baby”
He says and I blink the sudden rush of tears
In hindsight I could see I was selfish, keeping
the truth of my pregnancy away from him but I
was young and naive.
I was scared, I had no one, and the thrill of
having a first boyfriend and then finding out he
might be a potential armed robber was just too
I shake my head no to his earlier question
before I speak.
“Garret, you have to understand that I was
scared, I had no one, I had thought that you
had left me”
“What are you talking about Kis?”
He looks closely at me, waiting for me to say
something but am scared, he seems to come
to a realization.
“Is… Is Jasmin mine?”
He asks in a broken whisper and I sob a little
before nodding.
He takes a step away from me and I rock a
little at the sudden pain in my chest, he stops.
“I had..
All episodes of this story can be found here >>
. No.. I have a child?”
He asks and I nod.
He doesn’t reply, just opens the door and
walks to the sitting room.
This few moments of me waiting for his
reaction is killing me.
Am dying a slow death.
Jasmin looks up from the couch where she has
found a Rubik’s cube to keep her company.
“Are we going home now Maman? Am hungry,
there was nothing in his fridge”
She says, throwing an accusing look at
Garrett chuckles brokenly as If in awe and I
think how great a mistake it would have been if
this day didn’t happen.
“Can we go now?”
Jazz asks and I shake my head.
“I have something to tell you jazz girl”
I begin, preparing my self to shatter my
daughter’s world.
“No, it’s fine, she doesn’t have to know yet”
Garrett says, interrupting me.
“We can prepare lunch for you jazz, can I call
you Jazz?”
Garrett asks and my daughter.. No…our
daughter and she nods.
“Wait… Since am a guest can we order
She asks Garrett with a mischievous smile and
he smiles.
“You are a cheeky one aren’t you?… Sure,
let’s order pizza and cola, sounds great?”
Jazz nods and I beam, I send Garrett a
concerned look when he wavers.
His whole demeanor made me forget that he
was actually sick.
“Are you ok?”
I whisper to him
“We can go home and come back tomorrow”
He shakes his head.
“I missed seven years of you and my child, I
don’t want to miss a second more, I will be
He says and I nod.
He bends to kiss my lips when jazz turns away
and I am content.
It seems too easy right? Hold on, we are
getting to the good part, and also what do you
think of authors note like this? Seems like a
little bit of intermission, tell me what you think.
Also, hey zinny, when you eventually read this,
congratulations, I know you didn’t tell me but I
figured, saw the pics, have a wonderful
Much love sweetness.
The look on Mimi’s face was beyond comical, I
know she thought she had seen the last of me
but think again.
“What are you doing here?”
She immediately asks as I help Kismet bring in
her groceries the next morning.
Kismet had called her the previous night telling
her not to worry, that she was OK.
Am sure she never thought that Kismet would
be with me not to talk of show up with me
“Mimi, you know my new friend?”
Jazz asks and its looks a feat to see her
struggle to fake a smile.
“Yes baby, why don’t you go upstairs to honey
so that the both of you can get you ready for
piano lessons? Uh?”
I don’t take my eyes off her and Kismet begins
to look between us.
“You guys please, don’t start this nonsense
again guys, am too happy for you both to ruin
Kismet says and Mimi pulls up her fake smile,
Kismet nods before taking some groceries to
put away.
“Now tell me what the hell you are doing
“What? You didn’t miss me?”
“You broke my friend’s heart you f-cktard”
I smirk.
“Is that why you lied to her about contacting
“That’s besides the point,.. She was
heartbroken, she was going to move on… You
couldn’t come back and ruin it”
I feel rage settle on my skin like ice.
“Ruin it?”
I ask and she instinctively takes a step back,
good, am in a mood to break her f-cking neck.
“I would have been here to take care of my
woman if you didn’t f-cking lie to her, I would
have been with her through the many morning
sicknesses, through the labor, through the
baby shower and every other f-cking thing.
I missed my child’s birth, I missed her taking
her first step, I missed her saying her first
words, I missed her going to school for the first
time, she must have been bloody scared, I
missed her taking swim lessons, I missed her
taking piano lessons, I missed her first recital,
I missed her first laugh, her first smile, her first
tooth, I f-cking missed every thing so don’t you
stand there all high and mighty with your
judgemental bullsh-t and tell me how I ruined a
life, you Miranda, you ruined a life, you are the
most f-cking selfish b-tch I have bloody met, I
only leave you alive because my woman loves
you, don’t try to pull one over me again
because trust me I would kill you, I promise
you I will”
I say with all my pent up anger, it’s a miracle
that I am still speaking calmly.
“Don’t you f-cking try to tell me off Garrett
Gage Grayson, who do you think you effing
are? Are you mad? Do you think I know
nothing about your little spree in south Africa?
How bloody hypocritical can you be? You don’t
get to come here and act like you are dad of
the year, you are a killer Garrett, a f-cking
mercenary, you don’t deserve any of them, you
deserve to die alone ”
She says and I begin to understand how true
her words her.
I don’t deserve Kismet, but I will be damned if
I walk away from her again.
She has accepted me without even caring
about my secret and my flaws, I will be with her
if it’s the last thing I do.
“Get out”
I whip my head towards the kitchen and I see
kismet standing there.
Oh sh-t, how much of our conversation did she
I begin to take a step towards the exit when
she speaks.
“Not you Garr, Miranda, get the hell out”
“He deserves us, and he doesn’t deserve to
die alone so get out, am too angry to see you
right now”
She says before turning to walk back to the
I stand still.
But I can’t help being smug.
Garrett : 1 – Miranda ; 0
Re: Beautiful Mess by emperorblog21(m): 5:09pm On Mar 13
Suran Wine.
I feel him rather than see him enter the kitchen with me and I try to make my self look busy as can be. Am so angry right now that I could kill… No wait..
Hurt.. On second thought, never mind. I turn to Garrett before lightning into him. Am as angry at him as I am at Mimi. “Do you let her talk to you like that?” “Baby…”

“Ha… I am so speechless right now, I mean, I know she is my sister and all but you don’t let her walk all over you, no one gets to walk all over you Garrett”

“Am guessing you only entered for the last part of her speech, trust me baby girl, no one can walk over me, even your sister. I and her might have our misunderstandings but it’s between us, it doesn’t have anything to do with you. You have to go talk to her ” “No am not going to, you don’t have to be kind or anything ” “Trust me darling, am not being kind, am just looking out for you, I know you, I know you would regret your rash decision in approximately 3 minutes” “I won’t regret it, I won’t feel bad” I say but I know it’s a lie, I am already feeling bad. He just raises a brow and looks at me intently. “OK, fine, I will apologize but not yet, I want her to suffer a bit” “Ha, good, my baby has a bad side to her now” “Your baby is Badass now” I say with a cheeky smile. He strokes my hair as he comments. “My baby has a potty mouth too, she now uses cuss words” “I picked up a thing or two over the last few years” “Can’t wait to discover them” He says and I rest my head on his chest and we stay like that for a while. “Garrett?” “Hmm?”

“You can’t bring your brother and your friend close to my family again” He tenses and I wait for him to ask for and explanation but he just acquiesce.

“OK baby” He says and I want to ask why he doesn’t ask bug I don’t, I guess maybe he has his own suspicions too. “Garrett?” “Hmm?” “Am so glad to have you back”

“Yeah baby” We stay like that for a while and he strokes my hair for a while too. ***** Garrett. “You can’t open your eyes, okay?” She nods with a disgruntled look on her face. Kismet giggkrs beside me before commenting. “Jazz hates surprises” “She will love this one” “Really Garrett?” “Yes baby girl”

“Can I see it now?” “No darling, follow me” I say as I lead her towards the house. We’ve thought about this at length, getting a house for the two of us and finally we settled on the beach house. It’s every thing Kismet wants and Jasmin too. We want to start as a family, far away from my family and everything.

I would be the one facing the unholy side of things, I don’t want my family leaving me again. We are going to be together, forever. Trust me. I can make that happen. I remove the blind fold from jazz’s and she blinks. “What are we doing here?” “It’s our house” I say to her. “Really? She asks with all the excitement in the world”

“Yes darling” “Wow” She squeals before running inside and we laugh and follow. “No running jazz” Kismet says and I shake my head at her.

“Let her be, it’s childproofed” She turns to me and smiles. “You thought of everything didn’t you?” “Yes baby, everything for you and jazz” “I’m gonna tell her today”
“You sure?” I ask, a

m totally fine with jazz thinking I am her mom’s new boyfriend, no need to tip her life on a balance. “It’s fine, we gave birth to a strong girl” She says before standing on her tippy toes to kiss me. I kiss her back and things get hot pretty fast. I break the kiss before speaking in her ear. “We should probably find her and show her the music room” I say and we hear a squeal. “Uh? Seems she found it already” A flying body runs down the stairs and I catch it as it flies at me.

“You are the best ever Garrett!!!” “Can I get a kiss for being the best?” She kisses me smack on the lips and I laugh at Kismet wide eyes. “You are the best Garrett”. She repeats and I kiss her hair, i reach a hand out for Kismet and she comes, we stand in front of the bay windows and look out at the sea. Am content. AN.

source: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=BEAUTIFUL+MESS
Re: Beautiful Mess by emperorblog21(m): 9:13am On Mar 16
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Re: Beautiful Mess by emperorblog21(m): 5:33pm On Mar 16
Sean Paul
I wakeup to kisses trailing down my back, I
sigh and turn over.
“Good morning”
I sigh again into his mouth when he brings his
lips to mine.
We share a kiss and he nuzzles my neck, I
“Some one seems happy”
I say to him and he nods, pulling my front to
“Am very happy, I’m ecstatic, I have you, I
have our child, am more than happy”
When he says things like this, it makes me fall
deeper in love with me.
“You are a sweet talker you know that?”
“Only for you hazel eyes”
He says before kissing my shoulder then he
gets serious.
“How do you think she is handling it?”
“Handling what?”
I ask jokingly and he bites my shoulder and I
I settle back on his chest before getting
“I think she is perfectly okay with it, she loves
you, she loves me, she wants to make us
happy, so she is happy”
He asks, rubbing his stubble on my face and I
close my eyes before nodding.
We are quiet for a while before I say.
“You should really shave, you are giving me
beard burns”
“Uh uh, you want me to do it for you?”
“Can you?”
I turn to him.
“I can try”
He smiles and lifts me up, bedsheets and all to
the bathroom and I squeal.
He says before setting me on my feet and then
preparing the necessary things to shave.
He seats onto the jacuzzi and I stand between
his legs.
“My face is all yours”
He says and I poke my tongue at him.
I smear shaving cream on his face and I begin
to shave in the direction of his growing hair.
When am done I wipe his face with a warm
towel and he turns his face to look at the
“Wow, my baby got skills”
“I used by to watch papa shave every morning
when mom was still alive.”
I say and he tugs on my hair, bringing my lips
to his.

I kiss him hard before straddling him.
He lifts his head to bite my cheek and I close
my eyes.
“I love you”
He whispers in my ear and I smile.
“I know”
“Do you want to explore the new bed?”
He asks with a cheeky smile and I laugh.
“I thought you would never ask”
I say and he carries me back to the bed and
soon enough we begin our exploration.
“Where are you Garrett?”
“Is there a reason you are speaking to me
I ask the receiver on the other line and I hear
him take a deep breath.
“Gage you don’t understand, you are not done
with your job, how can you go incognito? The
Osei’s family will eat you alive”
“How is that your business Marcel?”
“You don’t get to do this Gage”
“You don’t get to tell me what to do and not to
do Marcellus”
He growls and I growl right back.
“Marcellus Grayson, so help me God if you do
not defer to me right now I will have your
He is silent for a while and a noise brings my
head up, Kismet is dancing with Jasmin by the
I lie back on the beach towel.
I feel peace run through me and I settle.
Marcel speaks again.
” You are with her aren’t you? ”
” Marcel… ”
” Gage, you fool, don’t do this”
I frown.
“Gage, let her go, her and her child, let them
go.. If you really want to protect them you have
to let them go”
I feel black come into my vision. I feel rage
course through me and I clench my fists.
“Marcel, you do not talk about child or my
woman, the next time you do, I will have your
I say to him before disconnecting.
I clench my fist more and I get the urge to hit
something but I lift my head and I see Kismet
waving and smiling at me.
I immediately fall back down.
I’m fine, I have my family, I am fine.
I say this to myself for a while and still I can’t
I know what I have to do, i know but I still deny
Kismet is walking towards me and she looks
marvelous in her sarong and bikini.
She is smiling when she sits between my legs
and kisses my chest.
“Hey babe”
She says and I kiss her temple and she settles
into my arm and we watch Jasmin build a
I Finally admit to my self that I know what I
have to do.
I have to complete my mission and then cut my
self off from that part of my life.
I have to do that to protect my family.
I have to be a monster again.
Re: Beautiful Mess by emperorblog21(m): 5:33pm On Mar 16
I Won’t Stop Chris Brown Garrett. “Faster daddy, faster!” Jasmin squeals at me as I run after Kismet. “She’s going to get away!” Jasmin laments. “Ha, you can’t catch me!” Kismet shouts at me and for the millionth time I wonder what brought me into this game of theirs. I throw more pillows at her and Kismet dodges every one of them. Tell me again please, which one of us is an assassin and is well versed in MMA? “Slow pokes, am gonna get upstairs and steal all the gems, muah ha ha ha” OK, she has the evil laugh down pat.. Apparently my daughter is rapunzel and Kismet is the evil witch, am trying to stop the witch from getting the gems that will free rapunzel from the tower. What am I supposed to be? Prince charming? “Kismet, hold on, just let me catch you” “It doesn’t work like that daddy, you have to catch her and slay her with your big shiny sword!” I have a big shiny sword? “Hahaha, you can never catch me.!” Kismet laughs evilly. I roll my eyes, fascinated albeit a little tired of this game. “Kismet baby…” “Who is this Kismet you are talking about?” Kismet asks me and I sigh, she continues.

“Show her to me so I can steal her beauty too, I’m the evil witch.. Haha haha” OK, that didn’t work. “Evil witch baby, come closer let the dashing prince give you a big shiny kiss” She falters and I know I have caught her. “Come on, you know you want it, come on” She takes a step close and I close the distance, kissing her deeply. “Eww, that’s gross, and secondly, Maman, you are a flake, and daddy! Am supposed to get the kiss!” “You want a kiss baby girl?” “Uh huh” She says nodding and I smile, letting go of Kismet to pick her up. I kiss her eyebrows first and then kiss her cheek and then her head before lastly pecking her lips. “Happy?” “I’m hungry” She says and I laugh. “Okay, come on, let’s have lunch, uh?” I ask and she nods again. I lead her and Kismet to the dinning where she already prepared lunch. “What’s for lunch?” It’s obvious that it’s beef stew and potatoes but my baby likes asking that? Apparently she watched a movie were the cat always asked, what’s for lunch? “It’s beef stew and potatoes baby, your favorite” “But I wanted noodles” Jasmin whines. “You can’t have noodles young lady, you had that this morning” Kismet responds. “But…” “That’s enough Jazz.” Kismet says again “Daddy!” “Eat your potatoes baby girl, we will have pizza for dinner okay?” “Really daddy?” “Yes baby” She stands up to kiss my cheek before whispering into my ear. “I love you more than mommy,” “I love you too” I whisper back and Kismet rolls her eyes. She heard. It’s something they do when they are angry at each other, they automatically stop loving each other more. We begin to eat and I slip forkfulls of beef into Jasmin’s mouth. When we are done Kismet produces ice-cream cakes and Jasmin squeals. “I love you mommy!” “I love you too baby girl” Kismet responds and jazz smiles, teeth stained with icing The door bell rings and I get up to get the door. “It’s alright, I will” Jasmin says before zooming away. I settle back into my chair and wait. She doesn’t show up for a while and I get a bad feeling. “Jazz dear, who is at the door?” Kismet shouts and no response comes, I feel dread run through me and I go to stand up. “It’s was just a man, he brought this” She says stepping into the dining, raising a package and I feel relief course through me. “It’s addressed to you daddy”. She says, climbing onto her chair before passing the envelope to me. I accept before turning to her. “On no account baby girl should you answer the door or open it to any stranger okay?” “Yes daddy” She says swinging her legs, licking her fork and I don’t think she gets it. “Do you understand me Jasmin?” “I understand you daddy” “Good” I lift my head to see Kismet watching me. “Who is the package from?”.. She asks and I just smile. “I’m sure it’s something from work, don’t bother your self” “You sure?” She asks and I nod. “OK baby” She says before dipping her fork into her cake and taking a bite. My eyes go to the package and I know, I just know it’s something bad.
Re: Beautiful Mess by emperorblog21(m): 5:35pm On Mar 16
Am I Wrong
Nico & Vinz
I put her to bed and I lean to kiss her head
distractedly, she frowns at me before snuggling
deeper into the pillow.
“Aren’t you coming to bed yet?”
Kismet asks and it brings me back to the

My thoughts have been plagued by what might
be in the package delivered.
I shake my head at her earlier question and
she let’s me go.
I turn around to leave but her voice stops me.
“You will tell me if something is wrong, right
“Yes baby”
I say, the lie smoothly rolling off my tongue.
She nods and then closes her eyes before
I wait until I am sure she is deep in sleep
before slipping out of the room.
I walk to the dining and sit on one of the
chairs, I rip open the envelope with a letter
Inside are photos of Kismet and Jasmin, many
different photos.
I go through all of them as I feel fear course
through me, the photos are so clear that it is
obvious the person who took them was in a
close distance to them.
I clench my fist.
Something more could have happened, he
could have done something more.
For the thousandth time I feel hate at Marcel
course through me.
Inside the envelope there is a note.
If you want to keep your family picture perfect,
finish your job.
There is no signature, no other mark and I

We might not be as safe as I thought, I clench
my fist.
Where is that Osei brat hiding?
“I have no idea why you wanted us to end our
vacation early”
Kismet says as she buckles Jasmin in.
“I’m sorry baby, duty calls, promise to make it
up to you”
“Oh? Really?”
“Yeah, really”
I say and she goes on her toes to kiss me.
I return the kiss back, I just have this nasty
feeling in my stomach.
“Get in the car baby girl”
I say to her and she does so, I throw Jasmin a
wink and throws me a disgusted look.
She hates any form of PDA.
I get in the car and back out of the beach
house, we are on our way to the house Kismet
I need help in protecting them and I plan on
asking Mimi for said help.
Ha, how the mighty has fallen.
I have to know they are protected before I can
leave on finding the Osei vermin.
“When are we going to go back to the beach
house daddy?”
Jasmin asks from the back seat and I meet her
eyes in the rear view mirror.
“Very soon baby girl”
I respond.
“And we are going to go together? You,
mommy and I?”
“Yes baby”
“You promise?”
“With my heart soul and body”
“You are the best in the world daddy!”
“Don’t you forget that”
I look at Kismet and I see her smiling at us.
I clench my fist around the steering wheel, I
can’t get over how beautiful she looks.
She places her hand on my thigh and I rest my
hand on hers.
“I love you Garrett”
“I love you Kismet”
She smiles before looking out the window.
“So let me get this straight.., you are asking
me for my help?”
I answer plainly, it’s taking a lot of my restraint
to stand here and ask Miranda for help.
I will do anything for Kismet and my child,
loosing my pride is one of them.
“You want me to protect Kis and Jazz?”
“Yes again”
She asks dubiously.
“Please, just trust me? Yeah?”
“That’s a big request coming from you Garrett”
“Miranda, let’s set aside our differences and
ally now, we both want Kismet to be safe, let’s
do that, deal?”
She eyes me for a while before taking the hand
I have outstretched.
Footfalls on the stairs bring my head up and I
see a girl standing there with a mug.
She looks startled to see us there.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know any body was awake,
I just want some juice”
Mimi turns to her and asks.
“Can’t sleep Honey?”
“Yeah, insomnia is a vile thing”
She says, her eyes coming to me.
I watch her as she pours some juice and I try
to understand what about her looks so familiar.
“Well goodnight”.
She says, leaving Mimi and I standing there.
“What’s that look?”
Mimi asks and I shake my head.
“Where do you say the girl.. Honey is from
“Why? Why do you want to know?”
“She looks very familiar, s’all”
“Well am sure it’s because you’ve seen her
around the house, she is Kismet’s friend, a
very cool chick”
I nod my understanding and she rolls her
“Well goodnight”
She says, leaving me standing there.
I frown, trying to remember, I’m sure I have
never seen her before today.
And the look she gave me, what was that
I juggle my memory but nothing comes, I try to
forget by thinking about the Osei brat and
finally, finally I get it.
Oh poo.
I storm upstairs to her room.
I fling the door open and there she is, trying to
jump out the window.
I pull her back, staring into her eyes, the same
eyes I have seen in countless of different men
and women as they loose the life in them.
“Why are you here?”

source: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=BEAUTIFUL+MESS
Re: Beautiful Mess by emperorblog21(m): 11:23am On Mar 18
No song Today.
“Let me go you as-hole!”
She whisper yells at me and I can’t help but be
She was right in front of me all this while, here I
was searching for a girl that might as well
mean my salvation and she was here, bunking
with my wife.
“I won’t ask again, why are you here?”
“What do you think you buffoon? Yo killed my
family, don’t you think it’s right that I kill
I growl as my hand goes to her neck.
“It seems you didn’t get the memo, you girl are
going to die, sooner or later”
“Oh really? Do you think your darling naive
Kismet will be able to accept that the father of
her child is a murderer? An assassin? A
“You talk too much for a roadkill, girl”
“My name is not girl, my name is Stephanie”
“I don’t care, you are leaving this house here
and now”
“Trust me, you won’t want that”
She says with so much conviction that I frown.
“What’s that supposed to mean”
“A life for a life Grayson, a life for a life”
“You are mad”
I say as she spouts rubbish from her mouth.
“Am I? Am I really?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
I ask, the fear in my belly spreading.
I look into her eyes and I see nothing, no
emotion, no fear, no sadness, no remorse,
Normally when my victims find out who I am
they get scared, this… This girl is showing no
emotion, it’s.

. its different.
“As much as I love your wife and her child, I
love my life just as much, I don’t want to die,
you are blind that you don’t see what is right
in front of you”
“You priceless fool.. You think you know it all,
you think you have everything in control but
you don’t, there are powers greater than you”
I’m tired of this rubbish, I don’t want to hear
I pull her hand to get her to move and finally I
see the panic in her eyes.
“Don’t you want to know?”
“Know what?”
“Know how you or Kismet is going to die”
I squeeze her hand and she cries out.
“Kismet has my protection, nothing is going to
happen to her”
“Then will nothing happen to you?”
“What are you on about, speak plainly”
“First of all, you have to find out the traitor in
your camp”
“What do you know about that?”
I don’t know why I am asking her so many
questions but….
“It’s a smoke and mirror’s life you are living,
taking a risk, living on a dare, what seems
right is not how it is ad what seems wrong
might very well be a treasure to you”
I am getting tired of this.
“Just find out Garrett, I won’t be living, I will be
here, smiling into your face when it comes
crashing down”
I watch the malice in her face and I take a step
“Tell me what you have done”
“Oh, it isn’t me, it’s my guardians, they are
watching over me”
I shake my head whamen I feel a fog cover my
I feel my chest clench in that painful way and I
“It’s starting”
“What’s starting Tell me you….”
I cry out again.
“What you wished for the most, it’s starting…”
I look into her eyes and I see sympathy there
and I feel cold, so cold.
I stumble out of her room into the hall way and
I make my way to Kismet’s room.
I see her curled on the bed, sleeping, I nearly
breath a sigh of relief but stop.
She is whimpering, curling into herself, curling
into a ball.
“It hurts Garrett”
She says, still not opening her eyes.
I climb into bed with her and I feel the pain
She immediately breaths a sigh of relief before
curling into me.
“Better baby?”
“Hmm hm”
She mumbles and I kiss her head.
She drifts off and I don’t, I stay up thinking
how what I am thinking is impossible.
How I am going to have to kill one of Kismet’s
I sigh as I curl into her after a while.
It’s a hard life I’m living.
Re: Beautiful Mess by emperorblog21(m): 11:24am On Mar 18
I watch her as she makes breakfast, she wipes
a hand over her brows and for the fifth time this
morning I catch a wince
“Are you okay mom?”
Jasmin asks and that gets everyone at the
breakfast table’s attention.
“Yes sweetheart, am.just feeling feverish, I will
take a pill and feel better”
Jasmin nods before turning to me.
“Are you going to be around when I get back
today daddy?”
“I don’t think so baby, I have things to attend
to, but I will be around for dinner”
“OK, get me Popsicles when you are coming”
“Sure thing baby girl”
I smile at her before turning my attention to

I see her waver.
“Maybe you should seat down love? Yeah?”
“I don’t know why am suddenly feeling like
this, I was okay until last night”
She says.
“Maybe it’s something you ate”
Mimi says and Kismet nods.
“Maybe, I’m gonna rest up for a bit”
She says and I turn my attention to Honey to
see her already looking at me.
I just know she knows what this is about.
I pull Kismet to me and she comes willingly.
“Take care of yourself baby, will take care of
you when I get back”
“Where are you going to?”
“Promise to tell you when I return”
I say and she nods, I vaguely see Mimi’s
attention fly to me but I don’t turn.
I kiss Kismet on the lips before bending to kiss
I exit the room but not before throwing a look at
She stars back in defiance and I feel my fist
I will take care of her when I get back, first
things first.
I drive to my former base and I get out of my
car, making sure to cross check the glock in my
waist band and the pistol in my jacket.
I take a look around, trying to make sure that I
am not caught unawares by any surprises.
When I find none I make my way inside.
Marcel greets me.
“About damn time you showed up”
He says by way of greeting and I punch him
when he gets close enough.
“What the hell Gage?!! Sh-t man, that hurts!”
“I turned a blind eye to everything you were
doing Marcel, I f-cking let you off the hook
every single time! Then you go on to threaten
my family?”
“What are you talking about Garrett?”
He says, cleaning the blood from his nose.
“You made Kismet leave me 7 years ago, you
made me loose precious time with my child
and still I let you off because of maman and
you still go on to betray me?”
“You will regret everything Marcel, you have
been disowned by me!”
He starts and I pull him by his collar to punch
and he takes it.
I scoff.
“Weak, you are so f-cking weak..”
I say and still he doesn’t say anything, I tire of
“Fight! Fight! Marcel, fight like a man!”
“I don’t want to fight you Garrett”
He shouts and I still, Marcel has never
sounded this venomous.
He begins to laugh, staggering back, laughing
like a maniac.
“You fool, you priceless, useless fool!”
He says and that’s twice in one day, I tire of it.
“You think you know it all, you think you are so
well protected, you think that and yet you don’t
see what’s right in front of you, glaring at you!”
“Shut up and listen!!! Shut the bloody hell up!!”
He says before continuing.
“I am your brother, I would never betray you, I
would never hurt you, I love you, I f-cking love
you with all my heart and I will remain loyal to
you until I die but Garrett… F-cking see what is
in front of you”
When he says this I feel a terrible feeling in my
stomach, I feel cold.
“What do you mean Marc?”
“I protected you when you were injured in SA, I
protected you when Will, bloody Will tried to
see you to the Osei’s, I tried to protect Kismet
from him too, your child I found out and scare
her away.
All episodes of this story can be found here >>
. It was to make sure you weren’t hurt.
It was to make sure that you were OK… I tried
to tell you countless times but he held my girl
over me like a dark cloud.
Yes Garrett, I was in love too but gave it all up
for you.
Will is the traitor here, think about it.
He’s jealous of you, think about it, how’s he’s
always there when you don’t even know you
need him, how’s he’s always trying to piant me
in a bad light.
f-cking see the hand writing on the wall Garrett

I take a step back as he hits me with this
“He made a deal with the shaw’s, he was
going to make you their killing machine all that
he could take over your territory here in
Don’t you see it?!!”
He asks again but I don’t have time to
acquiesce when a voice calls from my back..
“He’s right Garrett.. And a good thing too, I am
soo tired of sucking up to you”
He says in a playful maniacal voice and I feel a
cold in my stomach.
How could I have been so stupid?
“So what will it be then? You first or your
brother dearest?”
He asks pointing his gun at me and I pull Marc
behind me.
“Well Will, I pick none of those options”

read full story here: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=BEAUTIFUL+MESS

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